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03 NOW & THEN 1943: A Lockheed Lightning fighter aircraft is in the sky above the city during World War II. Brisbane was the base for General Douglas McArthur, who was in charge of the region’s USA forces. Brisbane will unite for Remembrance Day on Saturday, Nov 11, when a minute’s silence will be held at 11am in honour of service personnel killed fighting for their country. Also in the picture are the Howard Smith Wharves (lower left), which stretch under the Story Bridge. They are being revamped into an entertainment precinct (artist’s impression, below).

Courage comes in many forms. It takes buckets of it to follow your dreams, as the makers featured in our cover story this week (P10) show. They are creatives dedicated to bravely exploring their talents. In Life this week, Belinda Seeney is confronting her fears about scary movies, while Phil Brown has completely ditched his when it comes to being honest – always. Viewing the work of artist Lincoln Austin (P13) it is clear he can’t help but confess through art his internal life, which I imagine most of us would be reluctant to reveal. However, the most courageous people, I think, featured in the magazine this week are represented by the Now and Then image (right). Saturday is Remembrance Day, a day of tribute to all the service personnel who have lost their lives defending our country.

Picture: State Library of Queensland

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COVER: Photography: Ric Frearson Design: Anita McEwan.


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Uplifting vision Amanda Horswill It displays the cutting edge of modern, experimental works that challenge the very definition of art. But the building housing Metro Arts on Edward St, city, is anything but cutting edge. If all goes to plan, that will soon change, as work begins to transform the building into a modern masterpiece to match what it contains. It’s the biggest renovation there since it became an arts centre in the 1980s. Creative director Jo Thomas is ecstatic – the six-storey building’s only lift hasn’t lifted anything substantial in 20 years. It was finally retired as unfixable in July, which means artists have had to lug their work up multiple staircases. “It’s a beautiful elevator that is 77 years old and it doesn’t work,” Jo says. “There are 96 steps in the building, and some of the poor visual artists’ work weighs a ton. It’s really important (to fix it) for accessibility, too, for people with disabilities, or families with prams, the elderly. We can connect to everyone.” The elevator will become a new box office, in an updated foyer. Other planned work includes creating a courtyard at the rear of the building. A laneway running down the side of the building will be repurposed – it was used as a carriageway when the building was used as warehouse after construction in 1890. “It’s a challenge and balance is important. This building is owned by the Brisbane Community Arts Centre, a community trust. Everything we do has to consider artists first, but also to bring in other business streams so that income can be fed back into art and to artists.”

Around the renovations, the centre will remain open for the theatre production Spectate by Counterpilot (until Nov 18), about Houdini’s final performance; and visual art exhibition Disruptive (Ill) Logic by Robert Andrew (Nov 15-Dec 2), about “corruptions that colonialism has brought”. Jo has been at Metro Arts for eight years. She took on the creative director job last year, about the same time the building revamp was being planned and the same time she started her Masters of Fine Art through NIDA. “I must be a lunatic to take it on while all this is happening here,” she says. Jo, who lives at Teneriffe, grew up at Murphy’s Creek, outside Toowoomba, and studied journalism and drama at the University of Southern Queensland. She began her acting career with a graduate course in film and TV at QUT tucked under her arm, moving to Melbourne for stage and film productions. “I started creating my own work, and so I was exposed to different artforms and artists, and how they were responding to contemporary life,” Jo says. “I think I was a frustrated actor, being told what to say and do on the set ... and I had to create.” Curating and producing others’ work was a natural progression, she says. Her resume includes stints with the Brisbane Festival, Museum of Brisbane, and independent productions. “Curation is a form of art,” she says. “It’s about how you put everything together, to present it in the best way for people to experience it. That’s my driving philosophy and the passion behind what I do.”

LIFE CURATED … Creative director Jo Thomas. Picture: Ric Frearson







Grab a photo pawtrait of your pet with Santa Claus. Award-winning animal photographers Zoo Studio will take happy snaps to help the RSPCA look after all creatures great and small over the busy holiday season. Nov 11-12, at RSPCA Animal Care Campus, Wacol.

Now with more than 200 stallholders selling artisan fashion, gifts and homewares, The Finders Keepers has moved to a bigger venue at the Brisbane Showgrounds (Nov 10-12). Newcomers include Doops Designs, with colourful fashion and homewares.


The Voice finalist Ellen Reed (right) and sisters in song Alison St Ledger, Pearly Black and Carita Farrer Spencer are doing it for themselves – and others – at Brisbane Powerhouse (Nov 10-12) as Women in Voice celebrates its 25th year. They are joined on stage by MC comic actor and writer Bridget Boyle.

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Pizza bases made from cauliflower, organic miso, organic free-range turkeys, vine-ripened baby tomatoes: farmers’ delights at the Seasonal Harvest Spring Market are all locally grown. Fill your basket on Nov 12 at Pullenvale Hall, 302 Grandview Rd, Pullenvale.



African House, Balmoral Park, plays host to this inaugural festival on Nov 11 bringing together music, dance and arts and craft from different cultures. Groove to DJs Astro Black (Los Angeles) and Lion Paw International (Johannesburg) and Jamaican reggae singer Bushman and browse the stalls selling traditional crafts and food.

With diners part of the show and twothirds of the performance improvised, anything really can happen at Faulty Towers The Dining Experience at the Stamford Plaza on Dec 13. Enjoy a three-course Christmas feast served up by the accident-prone hotelier Basil, his long-suffering wife Sybil and bumbling waiter Manuel.



Broncos players swap the footy field for the racetrack with their Broncos Raceday at Doomben Racecourse on Nov 11. Trackside there will be pop-up sports games for the kids while bigger fans can win prizes for being the best dressed Broncos supporters.




A jumping castle, petting zoo, face painting, balloons, bratwurst and pretzels - what better way to spend a Saturday? Join us for four hours of free family fun and excitement as we celebrate the launch of the all new BMW X3 at Westside BMW! You will also be the ďŹ rst to check out the features and innovations of the newest member of the X Range family - the all new BMW X3.


Saturday, 11 November 2017 10am-2pm Westside BMW Free

We hope to see you there. Westside BMW 275 Monier Road, Darra. Tel: 3363 7522.


Phil Brown The older I get, the more honest I am about my likes and dislikes There comes a point in one’s life when one cares less and less about things that don’t matter. To say one is past caring sounds like defeatism but it’s not really. It just means you know what you care about and couldn’t give a stuff about anything else. When Jerry Seinfeld was in town a couple of months ago he talked about the fact that now that he is in his 60s he cares little about what people think. And because of that he feels free to speak his mind more freely and to be frank and honest. An example he gave was: he’s in a restaurant and he has just finished his meal and the waiter asks if he enjoyed it. “Not really,” Jerry will say. “It really wasn’t very good.” That’s liberating right? Or is it just plain rude? Maybe a bit of both but Seinfeld didn’t appear to be worried about that. Personally, I’m with him and the older

I get, the more honest I am about my likes and dislikes. And I’m not afraid to let people know about that, much to the chagrin of my wife and son who don’t always appreciate how candid I can be in public places. One thing I refuse to do nowadays in this more uninhibited stage of my life is to read a book that is longer than 400 pages. I simply won’t do it. Someone attempted to convince me to read a Booker Prize winner that was in that category a little while back, telling me how wonderful it was but nope, I simply refused. One of my colleagues, when confronted with a doorstop of a book recently, set it aside saying, “Life’s too short.” I respect that. There are only so many books that I will read between now and when I am pushing up daisies and they will all have to have a certain brevity. And if I start a book now and I don’t like it by about 15 pages in, I

ditch it and cut my losses. I see people soldiering on with books they hate because they have to finish them which is a kind of masochism really. Also, if people ask me to go somewhere and I don’t want to go, I simply say so. People sometimes phone and ask me if I’d be interested in some event and I will reply, “No, I am not interested.” I can’t say it any plainer than that, can I? There’s usually an awkward silence afterwards but what the hell. If a show is terrible I will leave at interval, if someone irks me I will simply steer clear of them ... you’re getting the picture? I guess you could say that I am past caring but it’s not that really. It’s just that we have a finite amount of time available on this planet and in that time I simply won’t do what I don’t want to do. And you can’t make me, so there.

Belinda Seeney Fear is not a feeling I enjoy. Not that cold pump of adrenalin that prickles the skin, elevates the heart beat and shallows the breathing. Not even the delicious thrill of all five senses on high alert, a shiver of nervous excitement flowing through the body as it snaps to attention. When it comes to scary movies, I am happy to confess I am a great, big scaredy-cat. Thrillers I can do – give me a plucky FBI agent hunting down a serial killer and I’m in heaven. Oddly enough, my tolerance for zombies and vampires is high too. But show me anything with a ghost, demon, vengeful spirit or otherwise otherworldly being and I light up the house like a Christmas tree, arm myself with a crucifix and prepare never to sleep again. It’s not an easy thing to admit, especially when the offending film is usually offensively bad. As for the origin of my aversion, there are

enough spooky signposts upon the creepy cinematic road that point to how I became the wimp I am today. A 10-year-old child can be incredibly insistent and seems to know intuitively when a parent is trying to snatch a moment alone. So it came to pass that my exasperated mother relented and let me watch Poltergeist with her one afternoon after school. I’ve no doubt she did so to teach me a lesson, something along the lines of “be careful what you wish for”. It worked. I was terrified for weeks afterwards, convinced every time the phone rang someone was about to die. As nightmarish as that first foray into film-induced fear was, it paled next to the residual terror that possessed me for months after I watched The Exorcist. By then I was 18 and had more or less shrugged off the childhood trauma of Poltergeist. I was home

alone and after packing my younger siblings off to bed and helping myself to some liquid courage from my parent’s drinks trolley, I settled in for a late night screening of The Exorcist. My facade of maturity gave way to sense of unease spiralling rapidly to dread, alarm then naked terror. It didn’t help that my family home was tucked onto a bush reserve and had floor-to-ceiling windows that ran the length of the living room. While I was on full show to whomever – or whatever – lurked in the bushes, the glass wall revealed only inky, allconsuming blackness. My parents arrived home to a house blazing with light and rudimentary booby traps safeguarding its occupants. I’ve never recovered so this Halloween I rejected The Ring, gave Saw a swerve and It the flick and kicked back to watch the scariest movie I could handle. Ghostbusters.


The makers’

marques Meet three artisans who are pursuing their passions to live by design, creating bespoke handmade wares Leesa Maher NICOLETTE JOHNSON Ceramics artist

POTTER ABOUT … Nicolette Johnson at home in Bardon, with her work. Picture: AAP/Ric Frearson

A pastel drawing of mushrooms she did in grade four is Nicolette Johnson’s first “making” memory. Now, almost 20 years later, she has found her forte in ceramics and her contemporary takes on ancient pottery are attracting legions of fans, including 38,000 Instagram followers. “I like making work that I would want to have in my home. If you like your own work then there is a good chance that other people will like it too,” says Nicolette, 27, of Bardon. “I get a lot of inspiration from my peers, as well as from my travels and places I feel nostalgic about, like China and New Mexico, which both have long histories of pottery making.” Married to web designer Tom Dawson, 25, Nicolette is one of just 40 artists nationwide invited to sell her wares at The Design Files Open House 2017 – a curated pop-up in Melbourne (Nov 23-26) and a design community highlight event. Before moving to Brisbane at age 14, Nicolette lived with her family in London and Texas. She did a bachelor of photography at Queensland

College of Art – “I had nothing to do with ceramics or sculpture at all” – and worked as a photographer for several years before immersing herself in clay full-time. “I have collected ceramics for years, lurking around op shops and second-hand stores hoping to find beautiful pieces of studio pottery to add to my collection. The art of pottery always fascinated me and finally I decided that I wanted to be a part of it.” Every vessel starts and finishes in Nicolette’s hands, made in the home she shares with Tom and a “very spoiled” nine-year-old cat called Loki. Her focus is wheel-thrown forms. “While glazing and surface decoration is a hugely important part of the art form, it has always been secondary for me,” she says. “I love the throwing stage.” Success as an artist has not come easily and there has been a lot of figuring it out as she goes. “Although practising ceramics is physically demanding, and promoting your work is laborious, and when something fails it can be demoralising, I am just in love with the whole process, and that makes it feel easy.”

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AARON BARTON Furniture maker It was a simple need for furnishings that propelled Aaron Barton to go the DIY route. He and partner Genevieve Trace had just moved to a little bush cottage at Samford and were in need of items to fill it. “I just remember being bummed out at what was available. It was either designed in such a way that it was obvious it wasn’t going to maintain its integrity over time or it was that classic bland solid timber.” So Aaron sketched a few pieces, borrowed a mallet, chisel and saw from his grandfather, and got cracking. That was mid-2011 and by Christmas that year, Aaron’s Backwoods Original – a workshop in Dayboro producing handmade furniture, public exhibition installations and retail fit-outs – was up and running. “It’s been a self-apprenticed journey in both design and craftsmanship, each informing the other, and as I become a better craftsperson, I become a more considered designer,” says Aaron, 28, who grew up near Caboolture. Previously Aaron worked as a graphic designer in the music industry and for arts organisations. It’s an

SAW A NEED … Furniture created by Aaron Barton at his Backwoods Original workshop at Dayboro. Picture: AAP/Ric Frearson

industry he still supports through set design and building, with his work on 2016’s The Wider Earth, a Queensland Theatre and Dead Puppet Society production, earning him and codesigner David Morton a Helpmann Awards nomination. These days Aaron and Genevieve live in Dayboro with their daughter,

Scout, 1. Right now Aaron is designing fresh interiors for The Tivoli, the Fortitude Valley music venue; a fitout for Sandgate cafe Capulet & Co; and he just crafted a huge maypole for Brisbane’s 10th Oktoberfest. “The spruce tree was imported from Bavaria in three sections and I put it all together as an installation once it arrived. Along with 40 other folks we raised it by hand in King George Square to open the festival.” Aaron also creates one-off pieces for private clients. This year he salvaged sections of a root rotinfested mango tree in West End to create a daybed (left) for its owners. “I worked with the arborist and client to select the sections of tree we wanted to save then I saw the tree

through from milling to the kiln, design and construction. That was a really unique and fulfilling project.” Making is in the genes. Aaron’s father Christopher is a stonemason, grandfather Charlie was a carpenter and, on the other side of the family, grandfather Barry Lack was a naval engineer who makes puppets in retirement, and great-grandfather Norman was a blacksmith. “When (Norman) emigrated from England he shipped his anvil and all his tools over at, I’m sure, great expense. I still use three sets of pliers daily that are engraved with his initials – they are the only tools that I feel panicky about if I can’t locate.” Continued next page

modern and original jewellery

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ANGELA RICHARDSON Textile designer It’s not every day you meet an accountant who swaps a life of spreadsheets for screen printing, but that’s just what Angela Richardson did. The Sherwood mother of three had always had a creative streak – art was her favourite subject at school in Moree, NSW– but it was not until she enrolled in a couple of screen-printing courses while on maternity leave in 2009 that she realised textile design was her true calling. “I was absolutely hooked. The instant reward from printing a new design was exhilarating then, and still is,” she says. Angela, 41, launched Aqua Door Designs in 2011 and happily juggles the fast-growing business with home duties. She and Brisbane-born husband Luke, also an accountant, have children Olivia, 10, Tim, 8, and Georgiana, 6. Choosing a name for the company coincided with a renovation in which the family home’s front door was painted a zingy aqua shade. Bright hues are Angela’s signature. “My house is filled with colour, mainly blues and cool colours in an attempt to create a cooler feeling in the hot Brisbane summer. My NSW friends tell me that I have become

very ‘Queensland’ with my vibrant colours,” she says. HQ is Angela’s detached studio, where she designs and screen-prints by hand all her tablecloths, napkins, table runners, tea towels, cushions and children’s bedding. Also in the pipeline is a range of outdoor fabrics, The Long Weekend Fabric House, set to launch this year or early 2018. “I aim to produce unique things that are not available in chain stores. Why buy what everyone else has? I am also a keen cook and entertain at home often, so table linen was an obvious choice for me.”

LIVING COLOUR … Aqua Door Design’s Natural Lanterns tablecloth, $159; and (above) Angela Richardson at Aqua Door’s home in Sherwood. Main picture: AAP/Ric Frearson.

It’s an aesthetic that translates beautifully to modern Australian interiors and her products have appeared in Ben O’Donoghue’s cookbook, Ben’s Meat Bible, and magazines including Country Style,

The Sunday Mail’s Stellar magazine, and Brisbane News of course. “I get an enormous buzz seeing my work featured in magazines,” Angela says.

13 MOTHER LODE Nothing’s sacred as Bad Moms 2 goes festive

WOK STAR Hipster Chinese hits the spot in new happy place

Austin’s powers GALLERIES Phil Brown There’s a flashy virtuosity in Lincoln Austin’s work but don’t let that fool you. Despite the optical illusions, colour and fun there’s serious intent. And thoughtfulness. Lincoln’s latest exhibition at Andrew Baker Art Dealer is entitled Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a robot which does give us a hint as to where he’s coming from. Lincoln is an artist who works hard with a variety of materials and he is something of a machine with his studio process and prowess. But despite the rigours of what he does and the hard work that goes on in his Ipswich studio, there is a free spirit soaring within the templates of his work, a spirit that is sensitive to the human condition. The work My Fragile Little World hints at this. It’s an extraordinary piece, a gorgeous piece of Chillagoe marble as a plinth with a stack of microscope slides on top. I have never seen anything quite like this and it says much about Lincoln’s ability to find just the right material to create a sculptural metaphor, one that expresses the vulnerability of his own psyche. His art dealer, Andrew Baker,

WOW FACTOR … Lincoln Austin with his My Fragile Little World sculpture; and Idiot Love Will Spark The Fusion 2017.

is as impressed as I am, particularly with the “dynamism” of his works which often look different from various vantage points. “And the way he uses everyday materials and transforms them into something special is impressive,” Andrew says. There are Op Art and Pop Art influences, among others. One of the most extraordinary pieces is a rather chunky sculpture entitled Tying Myself in Knots Again. It features a piece of Huon pine the artist had in his studio for some time. It took him a while to get to it but when he did he liberated an

extraordinary sculpture from it, painstakingly. It was a kind of therapy that got him through a difficult time. As well as wood Austin uses wire, rock, glass, aluminium and Perspex (acrylic glass). A large interactive piece features flywire doors onto which are projected matrix-like images from the artist’s imagination. This piece is entitled Hang On To Yourself and is presented upstairs in the gallery where you can walk through it and see the projections emblazoning you as you meander. A few works use nylon tulle in a most attractive fashion. Rainbow Veil,

tulle on board, is a subtle statement in support of same sex marriage. That sort of work is contrasted with a piece such as Monkey Bars, a powder-coated aluminium and nylon work featuring square shapes that fit together and remind you of something children might play on. The diversity of materials and the virtuosic processes to which the materials Lincoln works with have been subjected is impressive. Very impressive. You will say “wow” a lot as you walk through this show.

LINCOLN AUSTIN – SOMETIMES I LIKE TO PRETEND I’M A ROBOT until Nov 25 Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Bowen Hills

DAVID HENDERSON Recent paintings of Italy and Queensland 3rd − 12th November 2017

Porta della Carta Ink and watercolour

Graydon Gallery 29 Merthyr Road, New Farm

10am – 5pm or by appointment

0418 700 565


No regrets for rising star Fiona Purdon Canadian actor Jodelle Ferland never attended one day of school. She was too busy travelling the world making movies. Jodelle, now 23, was a two-yearold – a toddler still in nappies – when she started her career, in a television commercial. The actor has since gone on to feature in more than 60 film and television roles, including The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Instead of a regular classroom, she had an onset tutor or she was home-schooled. “I would not say I had a normal childhood – it was weird at times – but I have no regrets,’’ she says. “Most people I know hated school so I don’t think I was missing much.’’ Jodelle is one of the celebrities attending next week’s Brisbane Supanova pop culture expo, headlined by comic book genius and co-creator of Spider-Man Stan Lee, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. “I’ve been acting my whole life and I’ve never known anything else. On my latest show Dark Matter people teased me because I was the youngest in the cast but I had been acting the longest,’’ she says. “I feel lucky to have started early and to have been able to do it for so long … it’s not an easy industry to break into.’’ Jodelle, who is grateful to her mum Valerie for her support, secured her first role as four-year-old in the television series Cold Squad (1998)

before gaining her first lead for the television movie Mermaid (2000), costarring with Oscar-winning Ellen Burstyn and receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination.

She featured as Bree Tanner, a young vampire, in the blockbuster Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling books, and starred alongside Chris



Hemsworth in Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s cult horror film The Cabin in the Woods (2012). Jodelle, who still lives in her childhood city of Vancouver, came to Brisbane in 2011 for Supanova and remembers doing “cool things like holding a koala’’. She is looking forward to exploring the city again, as well as talking to fans about her latest role as the mysterious Five in the science-fiction series Dark Matter (2015-2017). “My character was the quirky one of the group. People often didn’t take her seriously at first, because of her green hair, but she proved herself to be part of the crew and saved the day as much as everyone else,’’ she says. Jodelle says that she has had a few doubts about whether to continue with her chosen profession. “I’ve always loved acting but there have definitely been ups and downs. A few years ago I took a break for a year. I really wasn’t sure that acting was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. “Acting is a job you have to be fully dedicated to, it has to be your number one priority,” she says. “I decided I missed acting a lot and it’s what I plan to keep doing for the rest of my life. “Looking back now I’m glad I didn’t give up on it. “There has always been some amazing role around the corner.’’ SUPANOVA POP CULTURE EXPO, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Nov 10-12.



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Mothers loaded JUNGLE (M) hhhkj

BAD MOMS 2 (MA15+)

Director: Greg McLean Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson Running time: 115 minutes

hhjjj Directors: Jon Lucas and Scott Moore Starring: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn Running time: 104 minutes Clingy mums, overbearing mums, incompetent mums, and even negligent mums. This scattergun comedy takes aim at a range of maternal stereotypes. It misses almost every one of them. Committed performances from a bunch of funny, vital, intelligent women still occasionally hit their target. But what a waste. Mila Kunis (Amy), Kristen Bell (Kiki) and Kathryn Hahn (Carla) reprise their respective roles as supermom, doormat mom and miscreant mom in the Bad Moms sequel, also written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (the men who penned The Hangover). Rounding out the strong ensemble cast are The Good Wife’s Christine Baranski, Oscar-winning actor Susan Sarandon and Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines. Set in the lead-up to Christmas, the film is as much about motherdaughter relationships as it is about socially inappropriate behaviour or maternal inadequacy. Baranski steals every one of her scenes as Amy’s domineering mother. When it comes to yuletide festivities, the domestic despot has always been competitive. In the wake of her daughter’s divorce, she is determined to outdo herself. Plans, to which Amy is not privy, include a Christmas Eve party featuring Grammy award-winning saxophonist Kenny G, and an overthe-top street display with real partridges. Sarandon is somewhat less comfortable in the role of Carla’s absent mum, a gambler who only turns up on her daughter’s doorstep when she has run out of money. But Cheryl Hines has an even tougher job as Kiki’s over-attached

mum. Her performance serves primarily to make Bell look good, since it underscores how much the comedian manages to achieve her with her relatively beige character. Kunis is solid as the overworked, underappreciated, loved-up single mum. But Hahn’s foul-mouthed, sexually aggressive, maternally challenged party animal was the best thing about the original film. And she’s just as good in the sequel. In terms of star vehicles, however, Bad Moms 2 might best be compared to an overloaded supermarket trolley. Much of the content has been prepackaged and it’s similarly awkward to steer. There a handful of decent jokes, but for the most part, the screenplay is excruciatingly obvious. Amy’s henpecked father (Peter Gallagher) represents everything that’s wrong with Bad Moms 2. The handbag husband barely says a word for most of the film, in which the male characters are relegated to sketchily drawn boyfriend roles. Then, towards the end of Bad Moms 2, he delivers an important dramatic monologue in which he mansplains his wife’s behaviour to his daughter. Even more offensive is his extraordinarily crude explanation for

said conduct: she’s the most insecure woman he has ever known. Bad Moms 2 sets itself up as a feminist rebellion against the social expectations surrounding Christmas. But the two lead characters are reconciled in their efforts to “rescue” the event for their respective families. VICKY ROACH

It’s a fair distance from Wolf Creek to the Amazon, but Australian director Greg McLean traverses those kilometres with relative ease. And the director would be hardpressed to find two more amiable travelling companions than Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Brisbane’s Alex Russell (Goldstone). And look out for local scenery – it was shot at Yatala and in the Gold Coast hinterland. Jungle is based on the true story of Yossi Ghinsberg (Radcliffe), an Israeli backpacker who travels to Bolivia in search of adventure. It finds him – in the form of a charismatic German expat Karl (Thomas Kretschmann), who offers to lead Yossi and his mates on an expedition deep into the jungle where few white men have ever been. Yossi’s mates are initially sceptical, but he goads them into action. “You want to go to Machu Picchu like everybody else?” As the group bashes through the dense rainforest, home to spectacular but often hostile wildlife, tempers fray and psyches unravel. Physically and mentally, Marcus (Joel Jackson) struggles. His close mate Kevin (Russell), an alpha male, views this “weakness” with contempt. Yossi plays the role of peacemaker, but there’s an element of opportunism to his endeavours. This section of the film plays like a taut psychological thriller. McLean keeps a tight rein on pacing, tension and character development. At this point, Jungle abruptly shifts gear. The four men decide to separate – two heading down river, the other two taking an overland route. Since the film is based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir, it’s his story we follow. In dangerous rapids, he is pitched headfirst into the raging river. From here, Jungle becomes a fairly straightforward survival story as Yossi battles predators, starvation, loneliness and a lack of navigation tools. VICKY ROACH


Wok ’n’ roll hits RESTAURANT Tony Harper Happy Boy made quite a statement in its original Spring Hill digs: savagely good, undoctored Chinese food in premises that was so bare bones it prompted a lot of happy ruckus. And there was the hipster wine list: small batch, quirky, constantly morphing. In some ways it was the most interesting thing we’d seen for years. Since then its creators have spread their wings a little, and moved Happy Boy into the Fortitude Valley room that previously housed the short-lived Aunty Oh’s/Uncle Ho. I don’t quite buy the transplanting of a minimalist ideal into a near-new building. The allure of the old site was its patina. Here, in a virtually new building, it’s a forced bareness that just looks unfinished. Minimalism with plasterboard and white paint doesn’t thrill like old bricks and oilstained concrete. And if a weekday lunch is any indication, it must be stupidly loud when full. But I am there, like everyone else, for the food and wine. And beer. It is clever Chinese, mainstream but also playing the rustic, street-food angle. And it’s done with detail and cunning. Even the little things – spring rolls for example ($12 for three) – are a cut above just about anything else you’ll find. These are prawn-filled – big, sweet, juicy prawns – with hits of coriander and fresh ginger. There’s a small bowl of mayonnaise that, when you think about the effort that has

HAPPY BOY Underneath the fairy-lit trees, East St, Fortitude Valley Ph: 0413 246 890 Chef: Dylan Cheung Lunch Tue-Fri, breakfast and dinner Tue-Sun On-street parking Vegetarian and gluten-free options SCORES OUT OF 10 Food: 8 Drinks: 7 Vibe: 6 Service: 7

HAPPY PLACE … Pork and prawn dumplings hit the spot. Pictures: AAP/Claudia Baxter

gone into the rolls themselves, seems like an afterthought. Prawn and pork wontons ($10) are decent, plump renditions made great by the fact they are swimming in a pool of chilli broth, heightened by a good handful of Sichuan peppercorns. There are bao-sliders ($4), duck pancakes ($16 for four), salt and pepper quail eggs ($10) and chicken wings ($7). Larger plates are sectioned into vegetables, seafood, meat and rice/noodles. From the early days of Happy Boy I have memories of a stellar eggplant

dish, and there’s one on the current menu, but it ain’t the same (and nor should it be): what was fish-fragrant eggplant is now eggplant with roast pork belly and preserved vegetables ($18). It’s good, terrific even, but leaves me with a hankering for the fragrant fish version. Red braised pork belly ($18) is terrific, but reading through the menu now I see the likes of lamb in Sichuan oil, and gong bao chicken that I’m keen to tackle next time. The drinks list has changed and grown considerably, but the concept

of small-production, quirky, inexpensive Australian wines has remained. And there’s a handful of decent beers – Belgian, Asian, Australian. It’s a clever concept, put together by clever people. For folk who live or work in the area it’s affordable enough to visit a couple of times each week, and interesting enough to keep the visits entertaining. It could exist quite happily with less exotic food, but it’s the smart, modern renditions of Chinese classics that make the place so good.


AM Botanica Real Food

PM Creole Soul Kitchen

It’s rare to enter a takeaway store and think, “I could probably live here”. Yet, that’s what happens at Botanica. The interior of the gorgeous Red Hill store is bespoke and elegant – reinforced by the aesthetically pleasing salads. The counter is a splendid visual feast, with colourful edible delights available as takeaways all day. Salads change regularly (there are 17 or so varieties on rotation) and cost $12 for a small, $17 for a medium or $28.50 for the family box. But, if roasted cauliflower, date and parsley aren’t your bag, then choose from a selection of sweet treats. It’s cupcakes galore – strawberry, toasted coconut, passionfruit, Callebaut chocolate … take your pick ($5.50). And amazing cookies. The best part is they are gluten free. If you’re unfamiliar with the backstreets of Red Hill, you can

Anywhere that serves a dish titled Kitchen Sink Jambalaya is bound to give you your daily dose of culture; and that’s precisely what this restaurant serves up. Specialising in traditional Louisiana Creole cuisine, the Soul Kitchen truly is a kitchen with soul. Hankering for gumbo, andouille sausage or a big ol’ sub? Indulge as you take in surroundings that make you feel like you’ve been dropped into the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter. The warm and friendly staff will bring you your meal faster than you can say “Baton Rouge”. Get your creole fix with the dirty rice balls ($14) – made with traditional dirty rice, ground pork and served with a white barbecue sauce. The waffle fries ($6.50) are delicious, and with the slightest hint of spice, you won’t feel as though you’re betraying the Cajun menu. The vibe of the restaurant suits the

always pop into the Newstead store. Open Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm; Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm. 9/1 Enoggera Tce, Red Hill, ph: 3367 3334; 29 Doggett St, Newstead, ph: 3216 1218 KENDYL BAILEY

food: fun and so very cool. And who doesn’t enjoy dining alongside a portrait of the King of Rock and Roll? Open Mon-Fri 11.30am-11pm; Sat 6-11pm, 448 Boundary St, Spring Hill, ph: 3162 2085 KENDYL BAILEY




Top chef Matt Moran treated guests to a cooking demo at the launch of his new cookbook, Matt Moran’s Australian Food, at his Eagle St restaurant Aria. Guests dined on dishes from the book, including beef short rib and triple chocolate tartlet.


“Did you know that approximately 1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetime?“ “I know I need a mammogram but does it really matter where you go? I thought all mammograms are the same?” No – breast imaging is a subspecialty in radiology and some mammograms are better than others. difw has been the private breast imaging provider of choice in Brisbane since 1998, under the care of Dr Paula Sivyer, our founding radiologist. Dr Sivyer’s reputation in breast imaging is unsurpassed in Queensland and she has trained a team of dedicated imaging professionals who share her passion for providing breast imaging that is a cut above the industry standard. Our better breast imaging experience includes: • no waiting list • same day results • 3D mammography available • all referrals accepted • ave appointment time 1.5 to 2 hours (imaging only, assumes no biopsy).

We compare imaging year after year, thanks to our large digital data archive, so you know the subtlest changes in breast tissue are logged and assessed. We provide results on the day, so you don’t have to worry.

Pictures: Jared Vethaak

Leeanne and Jamie Whybrow

Matt Moran and Sarah McCulloch


Ilinca Solomon and Wolfgang Kelke

Bubbly, popcorn and a screening of sweeping romance Breathe, starring Andy Serkis and Claire Foy, marked the opening night of the British Film Festival at Palace Centro Cinemas. The film festival runs until Nov 15. Pictures: Supplied

Natalie Milina and Hamarana Pai

Don’t accept an average mammogram. Make the choice to experience better breast imaging at difw and book your mammogram with us today.

(07) 3839 8666 No waiting list - Same day results

Kendall Gilding and Tim Morgan

Jill and Sally Nicklin

Peter and Katherine Duke



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Kelly Cooper and Bill Deacon

Chad and Lumba Edrupt

Neville and Magdalen Whitecross

Pedrica and Stuart Bishop

Sam and Anita Vecchio

Jo and Marc Bryant

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Tony and Nicola Rahman

The charity that brings specialist medical care to remote areas of Australia held its annual fundraising dinner at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, where guests danced to music from Route 33. Pictures: Supplied

Hurry, ends 12 November Keely Mancini and Rebecca East

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre: (Near Terry White Chemist), 3720 1398. Brisbane - Albert Street: 197 Albert St (next to JB Hi-Fi), 3211 4355. Brisbane - Creek Street: Corner Creek St & Edison Lane (near Queen St), 3117 2700. Toowong Village: (Level 1, opposite Kmart), Sherwood Rd, 3371 0088.

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Robert and Bethan Perel

David Gillespie and Charlotte Gillespie

Kristina Foran and Barry O'Sullivan

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Ray of sunshine Brighten your day with boho-chic bolts of radiant amber and lipstick red with Annabel Falco

Spontaneous clog in honey, $229, Mimco

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Euler Siena bag, $1355, Lautem

Jackie denim pants, $169, Gorman Ursula sunglasses, $169, Gorman STOCKISTS:;;;;;;;;

Flatform universal retro, $99.95, Teva


brisbanenewsfinds ECCO Women’s Flash Lattice Sandal Lion $189.95

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22 BEAUTY CODE RED Unleash your inner vamp with MAC’s limited edition matte Lipstick ($36) in Lee Hi, a daring red if ever we saw one.

Pool winners Take your pick from a lucky dip of long-lasting potions and polish to perfect your poolside poise

TAKE COVER Beat the heat with Bondi Sands SPF 30 Coconut Beach Sunscreen Oil, $16.95. bondisands.

WATER CARRIER Cremorlab’s Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask ($59 for 5) tops up moisture levels of sun-kissed skin.

PAINT THE TOWN Get your party season red on with Love OPI XOXO’s 12 limited edition nail colours ($22.95) at David Jones, Myer and salons.

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COTTON ON Love the scent of clean laundry? This one is for you. Clean Reserve Warm Cotton eau de parfum ($140, 100ml) is a daisy-fresh drop that is the fragrant equivalent of a hug.

NEED IT NOW La Mer’s limited edition The Illuminating Powder ($175) is a lightweight pressed powder that infuses skin with a healthy glow.

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GO FOR GOLD From St Tropez’s clever tanning experts comes the new Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist ($49.95), a spray tan with 360degree nozzles than can be sprayed at any angle, even upside down.


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NAUTICAL BUT NICE All’s shipshape with cruisy combos


Savour the flavour of tender lamb with zest

At their

leisure A classic city-country blend gives a couple a fresh start in a modern apartment




compact By Tonya Turner

COOL COMFORT … Soft colours and plush surrounds define the Kangaroo Point apartment’s decor by interior designer Claire Stevens. Picture: Mindi Cooke

Libby and Hugh McIntosh were ready for a fresh start when they decided to move from their sprawling country house in Toowoomba, overlooking the beautiful Lockyer Valley, to a modern inner-city apartment with views of towering skyscrapers and the Brisbane River. “We loved the close proximity to the CBD and the river. The novelty of using river transport was enticing after years of being landlocked,” Libby says. The Kangaroo Point apartment’s single-level, open-plan living area and large outdoor space, perfect for their labrador Ella, were a huge drawcard for the semi-retired couple. But the interiors weren’t quite right. Enter interior designer Claire Stevens, who also happens to be Libby and Hugh’s daughter-in-law. Claire had previously worked with her in-laws on making their Toowoomba residence the classic country home they’d grown to love. “They have very much a classic style, but not too fussy,” Claire says. To make their new inner-city pad feel like home, Claire brought the same sense of style to the interiors while working with the characteristics of the apartment. “When we were searching for a place with them we were looking for something with good light, good space, a lovely location and

something that didn’t feel like you were too boxed in like you can in some apartments,” Claire says. The kitchen was the main area in need of renovation. “There wasn’t a huge amount we could do with the layout, but the kitchen needed to have a certain amount of style and personality to build the room and really give the sense of style and character … that flows to the other rooms,” Claire says. The existing timber cabinets made the space feel heavy and it wasn’t the look that Libby and Hugh had grown to love in their Toowoomba home. “We wanted to lighten up the space by having white cabinets but we also didn’t want it to look too stark,” Claire says. “By doing the island in a softer grey we were able to add a little bit more colour and just break up having

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their kitchen as a full white element.” Claire says while there isn’t anything wrong with an all-white kitchen, they wanted to use the island as a feature in the space and to tie the colour in with the furnishings and other elements around the home. The classic combination of blue and white is echoed throughout the home, from ceramics, pots and lamps to cushions and furnishings. Designing rooms to give purpose to individual areas around the apartment was also a priority. “When you have the luxury of redoing an apartment or house it’s nice to think about how you might use somewhere and design it to suit your needs. That’s what we were able to do with this apartment, going through room by room and making sure everything in the space really suited how they wanted to live,” Claire says. Tucking the TV into a corner away from the main lounge area and putting it on an arm allowing it to be swivelled around meant the TV didn’t dominate the living area. Libby couldn’t be happier with the results and the areas created for reading in the sun, spending time with friends around the large outdoor table, sitting at the kitchen island for family chats and a watching the river traffic go by with a glass of wine. “It was important that our home felt warm and welcoming and reflected our fresh start with a nod to our past history and experiences,” she says. Pictures: Mindi Cooke,

LIGHT TOUCH … White cabinets with a touch of grey open up the kitchen without being too stark. They tie in with furnishings in classic blue and white throughout the apartment that hark back to the owners’ previous country home. Pictures: Mindi Cooke






Just cruising Summertime … and the living is easy with a splash of nautical inspiration with Leesa Maher Sunnylife Andaman ice bucket, $60,

Norrie Kids Beach Towel, $49.95,

Shaped rose gold jug, $12, Copper cutlery, $49 for five-piece set,

The Aerin Collection of tableware by Aerin Lauder,

Amalfi outdoor scatter cushion, $135, cocorepublic.

Byron Peg Game, $69.95, countryroad.

Point Casablanca armchair, from $1775,


the best care IMMACULATE HANDWASHING for lustre, softness and brightness

292 Cullen Ave East, Eagle Farm QLD & DELIVERY

3375 9896

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Whole in one Tonya Turner A pool or a lawn? It’s a dilemma many people face when it comes to deciding what to put in their backyard. Unless you have a large block, there is usually only room for one or the other. Queensland Cricketers’ Club CEO Lachlan Furnell and his wife Kimberley’s steep backyard in Paddington was dominated by an old above-ground pool and decking. While their three boys loved swimming, they didn’t have anywhere to kick a ball or, heaven forbid, play cricket at home. Before bringing Sam Pilkington from Well Grounded Landscaping and Construction on board to redesign their backyard, they thought they might have to go without a pool given the limited space, access and potential high cost. But Sam was able

to come up with a solution that allowed them to have both a big yard and a 3.75m-diameter, round plunge pool from North Coast Tanks. “We cut the block, put in retaining walls and created a large turf zone. The land above the wall was used to install the plunge pool and set it into the existing deck structure,” Sam says. The family couldn’t be happier

with the results. “The finish is superb, the lighting looks simply amazing and the kids absolutely love it,” Lachlan says. “It fits our lifestyle in so many ways including barbecues, evenings with friends listening to music and

casual Saturday and Sunday afternoons with the kids.” Well Grounded Landscaping and Construction, ph: 0414 081 761 Pictures: David Wicks, DMW Photography

SNAP HASHTAG SHARE Wednesday, 22 November is the day to #SnapBrisbane. Join the 24 hour social media celebration that captures what we love about where we live.

Head to for galleries, photography tips and everything you need to know to snap, hashtag and share your slice of Brisbane.



Zest friends With Alastair McLeod Rosemary and garlic are firm friends with lamb around these parts. Our stateside contemporaries would likely encrust it with spice and cook it low, slow and smoked. In Greece, oregano and lemon lend fragrance and zest, and in Italy anchovies and lamb are ardent amicis. I suspect for many this would be their least favoured partner. However, as they cook, the aggressive fishiness disappears like an obedient manservant. For a complex and deep savouriness, grasp the nettle and substitute half of the olive oil for the oil from the tin of anchovies.

NEW SEASON LAMB, DUTCH CREAMS, ANCHOVY BUTTER INGREDIENTS 4 x 3 point lamb racks 50ml extra virgin olive oil 1 garlic clove, minced 1tsp thyme, leaves 1tsp rosemary, leaves Sea salt and freshly milled pepper 500g Dutch cream potatoes, washed 125g butter 50g anchovy fillets 100g green shallots, finely chopped ½ bunch chives 3 bunches asparagus, trimmed and blanched in boiling salted water ANCHOVY BUTTER 80g butter 1 golden shallot, finely diced 20g anchovy fillets ½ lemon, zest and juice ½tsp Dijon mustard Freshly milled pepper

METHOD Preheat oven to 180C. Marinate the lamb by combining olive oil, garlic, thyme, rosemary and seasoning for 4 hours. Meanwhile, cover potatoes with cold, salted water, bring to a simmer and cook for 15 mins or until tender. Drain well and return potatoes to the pot over a low heat to dry out. Tip into a bowl and crush gently with a fork then stir in the butter, anchovies, shallots and chives. To make the anchovy butter, melt a little of the butter in a fry pan over medium heat. Add the shallot and saute until soft then add anchovies until they break down then remove from the heat. Add rest of ingredients and beat everything together. To cook lamb, bring racks to room temperature an hour before cooking. Preheat a heavy based, ovenproof fry pan over medium high heat. Place racks, fat side down and cook for 4 mins until crispy and golden. Turn to colour the other sides then place into preheated oven for 10 mins. Remove from oven, add half the anchovy butter, turn to coat then transfer racks to a plate, cover with foil and rest for 6 mins. Blanch asparagus in a large pot of boiling salted water, drain then toss in remaining anchovy butter. Carve lamb and arrange on plates with crushed potatoes and asparagus. Serves 4 Alastair McLeod is chef-owner of Al’Freshco.

STYLING & PHOTOGRAPHY: Miranda Porter. PROPS: Ceramic plate by Anna Markey,; Vase by Lisa Russell,


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Garden glamour Having plants healthy and lush will make any garden look amazing. Here are a few tips on how to keep a garden looking its best. 1 Fertilising a garden is necessary to give plants the food they need to develop new spring growth 2 Water will help the plant maintain its health and take up the required nutrients 3 Mulch will not only look great, but will also keep moisture with the root zone and break down and condition the soil 4 Replant where there are gaps and holes in the garden beds. This will help give a full and abundant garden. 5 Prune a garden well by contracting a professional garden maintenance person at least once a year. The end of winter is the ideal time to do a heavy prune, but a light prune in early spring is worth doing.

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Care for gutters A family-owned business operating in Queensland since 1995, Leafshield Gutter Protection installs quality gutter guards to suit most roof types, with its system designed to fit over any roof or gutter. Installing since 1995 Owner Sherrie Blundell says installing Leafshield’s gutter guard removes the hassle and danger of homeowners cleaning their gutters.

“We install a range of meshes, including fire-rated aluminium, stainless steel and our heavy duty polythene product is engineered to suit Australia’s harsh conditions,” she says. “Leafshield gutter meshes prevent leaf build-up and blocked gutters, stop birds and vermin entering your roof cavities, and keeps fine leaves like pine needles out.” Call the team at Leafshield Gutter Protection for a free measure and quote. PH: 1300 362 246 LEAFSHIELD.NET.AU



Stylish new look Shutters are the ultimate window covering that can be used inside and outside the home to offer privacy, control light and block out the summer heat, says sales administrator at Cosmopolitan Shutters, Belinda Wolfe. “They are also energy efficient,” Belinda says. “Whether you are building a new home or replacing existing window coverings, you won’t find a window treatment that looks better, lasts longer and insulates more efficiently than our internal Thermoshield shutters. “The shutters come in a range of colours and carry a lifetime warranty. “They are made from a 100 per cent poly-resin material that looks and feels like wood, never needs painting and will not fade, crack, peel or chip.” For outside areas, Cosmopolitan

Shutters recommends its Louvreshield range of aluminium shutters. “They are hard wearing, easy to clean and can be custom made to suit decks, patios and balconies,” Belinda says. 2/908 KINGSFORD SMITH DR, EAGLE FARM PH: 3268 5699 35/38 KENDOR ST, ARUNDEL PH: 5563 7440 1/10 PREMIER CCT, WARANA PH: 5493 8900 COSMOPOLITANSHUTTERS.COM.AU





Thermoshield is made from 100% polyresin material - NOT PVC. Created to look & feel like wood. It will not fade, crack, chip, or peel and will never need painting. Thermoshield Shutters are fire retardant, UV stabilized to avoid discolouration, durable, energy efficient to save money and will last longer than any other shutter

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Navy blue in vogue Creating an exciting Hamptonsinspired plantation-style interior design for your home is best achieved by a visit to the French Corner, says proprietor Gary Gardiner. “The Hamptons design is captured by contrasting soft alluring neutrals and if you love colour, adding dark elements, such as classic navy, dark chocolate with charcoal floors,” Gary says. “White contrasting metallic touches add a soft contemporary finish and lifestyle through the adaptation of beautiful Hampton Estate quality furniture pieces, especially designed and manufactured for the French Corner.” Gary says Hamptons style combines a simple balance of colour and space. “It’s easy to create that special Hamptons look through the

combination of beautiful furniture superbly complimented by rugs, cushions, edgy framed wall art, mirrors and classic and contemporary lighting and lamps,” he says. “It’s a stylish and welcoming interior for the home that family and friends will love” PH: 3856 4321 THEFRENCHCORNER.COM.AU

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33 33

Timeless timber Buywood Furniture’s solid timber benchtops are perfect for modern interior design, according to codirector Lee Kenny. He says the organic quality of the timber adds

warmth and texture to a room, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. “We offer a variety of solid timber benchtops, bathroom vanities, waterfall kitchen benchtops and builtin cabinetry, built to your or our design,” he says. “Our team can work with your cabinet maker or designer to create a custom benchtop.” PH: 3352 3485 BUYWOODFURNITURE.COM.AU

DINING IN STYLE Buywood Dining Tables and Chairs are handmade right here in Brisbane by 4th Generation Master Furniture Maker Lee Kenny.

Hastings Dining Table with Franklin Chair

78 Farrington St. Alderley (07) 3352 3485



311 - 319 GYMPIE ROAD, KEDRON, 4031 (Former Ellaways Piano Store) 07 3359 3952 OPEN 7 DAYS • ON STREET PARKING • IN HOUSE STYLISTS





perfection Impeccable design offers it all for residents When you step inside this pavilionstyle home it’s like you’re walking into a resort – faultless in design and finish, with an amazing sense of space, says agent Meaghan Bakker. “Designed by its current owners with their children in mind, the home is the epitome of luxury, acreage living on a grand scale,” she said.

The semirural property comprises three interconnecting pavilions and a separate guest pavilion, along with a gym pavilion, pool, fire pit, an outdoor area with a barbecue, wet bar and wine fridges, and an arbour with a wood fired pizza oven. The main pavilion has soaring timber ceilings, bespoke stone masonry, an extensive use of travertine and French oak timber floors. It houses an open-plan kitchen and dining space, family and living rooms, a media room and study.

40 Tiverton Pl Land: 1.04ha Inspect: By appointment Agent: Annette Richards and Meaghan Bakker, Ray White New Farm; ph: 3254 1022, 0433 100 433 (AR) or 0414 809 823 (MB) Auction: Gasometer, 76 Skyline Tce, Newstead, Thu, Nov 16, 6pm

To the right of the house is the pavilion containing the main bedroom, with a dressing room, an ensuite and a veranda, while the pavilion to the left contains four bedrooms with ensuites and patios. Other features include a 400bottle wine storage cabinet, sound system, solar panels, underground water tanks and a five-car garage.


Established Horse Property ‘Athol Lodge’, Beaudesert 40.25ha* (99.42ac*) improved pastures, minutes to Beaudesert. Renovated Queenslander + co‚age. 55 paddocks, vet shed, 16 stables, 8 horse walker & round yard. Irrigaঞon bore & stock bore.




Aucঞon Fri 17 Nov 2017 10:30am In-Rooms Luke Barber 0419 250 991 Andrew Thomson 0429 289 299 Ray White Rural Beaudesert



‘Kilto Park’ — First Class Equine Facility — Lifestyle and Passion 180* acres in the heart of the Brisbane — Sunshine Coast Growth Corridor. • A private and quiet environment where people and horses relax with nature • 100 paddocks, 1,200* metre sand track fringed by the pine forest of the Glasshouse Mountains area • Outstanding agistment, breeding and pre-training faciliঞes ‘Kilto Park’ is one of Australia’s pinnacle equine centres with a brand and reputaঞon built by Neville Bell. Acquire a successful, professionally managed lifestyle and passion.

Expressions of Interest Closing Thurs 14 Dec 2017 Jason Maমazzi 0419 650 343 Peter Douglas 0407 172 101 Ray White Rural Queenland


Rural Brisbane Valley Large Scale Breeding Property ‘Kokopelli’, Brisbane Valley • 1,386ha* (3,425* acres) nine freehold tles including 251* acres of forestry lease • 140km* to Brisbane CBD and Internaonal Airport • Ideal balance of highly improved pastures, undulang semi open country rising to sheltered mbered ridges — consistently carrying 300+ breeders • Double creek frontage, nine dams, two bores — water to every paddock • First class improvements including five bedroom Queenslander homestead, well designed yards, fencing and laneways, sheds and manager’s residence

Aucঞon Fri 8 Dec 10:30am Lvl 26, 111 Eagle St, Brisbane View by appointment David Mooney 0428 946 666 Wayne Jaenke 0438 231 634 Ray White Rural Esk / Toogoolawah *approx.

EXCEPTIONAL Arguably one of Brisbane’s best uninterrupted views, this grand Queenslander is situated on a private and elevated 1,110m2 block over two lots.

HAWTHORNE 10-12 Hawthorne Road

INSPECT Wednesday 6 – 6:30pm

This home boasts continous views of the CBD, Brisbane River, New Farm Park, Powerhouse and Hamilton from all three levels of living. This incomparable residence has been flawlessly designed for multigenerational families seeking a low maintenance lifestyle. A home that caters for the growing family, there are multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. Providing an amazing place for entertaining without compromising the practical and easy living floor plan. Three outdoor covered decks, four car lock-up accommodation, plus additional secure and off street parking. This must be seen to be believed, a home for all families.


and Saturday 1:30 – 2pm

FOR SALE Simon Caulfield 0437 935 912 Matthew O’Connor 0403 389 330 PLC-OP3793_BN_B

WYNDAMERE This grand 1916 Queenslander resides on 1,365m2, spread over three allotments of blue ribbon land in Laurel Avenue.

CHELMER 94 Laurel Avenue

INSPECT Wednesday 5:30 – 6pm and Saturday 2 – 2:45pm

Framed by camphor laurels in one of Brisbane’s most prestigious avenues, this home is steeped in rich history. Beyond the alluring frontage of this 1916 Queenslander are traditional features including VJ walls, soaring high ceilings, timber floors and original windows. The classic dining and living spaces once filled with elegant parties, are now ready for modern gatherings with the added comfort of ducted air conditioning. Spread over three allotments and featuring a huge 1,365m2 yard and in-ground pool, there is plenty of space for kids to play and enjoy the summer fun.

Peter May 0409 543 546


Brad Robson 0414 773 437

AUCTION Saturday 2 December at 10am, on-site

PLC-OP3820 _BN_A

SKYHOME Luxury, convenience and security. Genuine seller.

ST LUCIA 14/100 Macquarie Street

INSPECT Saturday 11 – 11:30am

Spanning the entire top two floors and capturing 360 degree views of the Brisbane River and CBD, this skyhome offers 600m2 of living space with house like proportions. The child and pet friendly outdoor rooftop terrace caters for the entire family with over 284m2 of space, 60m2 under roof. There is a rare opportunity to accommodate a fifth bedroom and third bathroom (subject to approval). A private marina berth and the complex gym and pool complete this magnificent skyhome.


FOR SALE Simon Caulfield 0437 935 912 Courtney Maguire 0401 031 668 PLC-OP3793_BN_C

FAIRHOLME A once in a lifetime opportunity to restore Brisbane history.

EAST BRISBANE 77 Mowbray Terrace Offered to the market for the first time since its construction in 1912 this historic, Heritage listed home occupies a premium location on 1,712m2. Only 3km from the CBD, ‘Fairholme’ is awaiting an astute buyer to breathe new life into its historical design. This striking federation Queenslander features expansive living areas including a grand formal dining area with fireplace and a wraparound verandah. Steeped in original features including timber flooring, high ceilings with ornate detailing and VJ walls. This historical Brisbane home has come to market by deceased estate and therefore needs to be sold.


AUCTION Saturday 18 November at 5pm, on-site

Shane Hicks 0409 594 629 Dion Tolley 0413 840 967 PLC-OP3793_BN_D


When superior vision meets attention to detail, exceptional things happen as evidenced by this extraordinary Queenslander on 2,655m2 in beautiful Taringa.

TARINGA 19 Goldsbrough Road

INSPECT Saturday 10:30 – 11:15am and Thursday 5:30 – 6pm

The original home, circa 1920, was fully renovated in 2011. The aim was to retain every classic feature while uplifting the home to meet the demands of modern day living. These generous north-east facing decks overlook beautiful established gardens and the bush surrounds. A full size tennis court and in-ground pool encourage family fun for all ages. The fully equipped kitchen features a collection of designer Miele, Ilve and Liebherr appliances and a butler’s pantry. There are six large bedrooms serviced by four immaculate bathrooms. Beyond the home, the spoils of this sought-after suburb are at your fingertips.


AUCTION Saturday 18 November at 2pm, onsite

Ann-Karyn Fraser 0419 708 094 PLC-OP3793_BN_E

HAWTHORNE 60 Malcolm Street

INSPECT Wednesday 5 – 5:30pm and Saturday 9:15 – 10am

Offering an unrivalled lifestyle in the prestigious river avenues of Hawthorne, this magnificent Queenslander showcases distinctive heritage charm on 810m2. This quintessential family home in the heart of the lifestyle precinct of Hawthorne offers the warm natural elements of the Queenslander era accompanied by modern conveniences. VJ walls and 3m high ceilings complemented by contemporary touches such as a lovely open plan kitchen with stunning granite benchtops and accompanying timber cabinetry. This grand property provides an abundance of space, security, front and rear uncompromised yard and play area.



17E/39 Castlebar Street

AUCTION This Saturday 11 November at 10am, on-site

Taylor Kleinberg 0447 466 177 Luke Batchelor 0432 448 147

INSPECT Saturday 12:30 – 1pm

This ninth level sub-penthouse is positioned with uninterrupted north-east, Brisbane River views. Adorned with beautiful marble tiles and cof fered ceilings finished with modern touches, the living and dining adjoin a stylish gourmet kitchen and entertainer’s balcony. Accommodating three generous bedrooms, the master includes a lavish ensuite with pristine marble tiles and benchtops, as well as custom-built walk-in robe. This apartment incorporates an executive home office, media room, powder room and a main bathroom. A three vehicle, side-by-side lock-up garage and a rare two storage rooms are also included.

Simon Caulfield 0437 935 912

3 + BED 2+ BATH 3 CAR + POOL

Courtney Maguire 0401 031 668




INSPECT Saturday 10:30 – 11am

Positioned on 1,086m2 of land and with unique private jetty access, this home will suit now and into the future. With a beautiful ensuited guest or parents suite, multiple living and dining areas and a study located on the entry level of the home. You can dine and entertain whilst watching the kids in the pool or on the river. Three further bedrooms and a rumpus or media room are downstairs with direct pool and backyard access, separation for the growing family is catered for. Walking distance to St Peters and within 10 minutes of BBC and Westfield Indooroopilly, this opportunity will not last!



46/21 Byron Street

Construction has commenced at The Boatyard Bulimba! This top level two bedroom residence is one of only five terrace apartments remaining for sale in Brisbane’s most anticipated riverfront development. Featuring polished stainless steel, natural stone and timber surfaces throughout, this 106m2 apartment has been thoughtfully designed by award winning architect, BVN. Apartment 46 has only one neighbour, providing a private and exclusive lifestyle. The Boatyard Bulimba comprises only 26 apartments across four buildings; setting a new benchmark for luxurious waterfront living. Construction due for completion late 2018.


AUCTION Thursday 16 November at 6pm, Place Auction Rooms, 33 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane

Courtney Maguire 0401 031 668 Simon Caulfield 0437 935 912

INSPECT Display Suite, 145 Oxford St Bulimba open Saturday 10am – 1pm or by appointment

FOR SALE $825,000

Wes Press 0400 662 171 PLC-OP3793_BN_G


Tri-level luxury This tri-level riverside house offers tranquil water views while also being opposite Jacaranda Park. On the ground level is the main living hub, encompassing open-plan living, kitchen and dining areas orientated towards the river vistas. The living area has polished parquetry flooring, built-in display storage and timber and glass bi-fold doors to a waterfront deck. The deck includes a built-in barbecue, with steps descending to established gardens, a saltwater pool and a river pontoon with a jetty. Back inside, the kitchen has black and white flooring, a peaked roof and an island benchtop, while an adjacent meals area has a built-in window seat. Also on the ground level are a bathroom and four bedrooms, each

with built-in wardrobes. A study sits near the entrance and features builtin cabinetry. The main bedroom occupies the upper level of the house and epitomises luxury with an ensuite, dark carpet, a walk-in wardrobe, private waterfront balcony and a bay window with leafy street views. There’s also an open-plan rumpus area with tiled flooring and space for entertaining. Each office independently owned and operated

YERONGA 413 Brisbane Corso Land: 1057sq m Inspect: By appointment Agent: Christine Rudolph, Ray White New Farm; ph: 3254 1022 or 0400 943 984 Auction: Gasometer, 76 Skyring Tce, Newstead, Thu, Nov 16, 6pm

ADDRESS Shop 3, 622 Wynnum Road, Morningside OFFICE 3395 5777

ADDRESS Shop 3, 622 Wynnum Road, Morningside

Each office independently owned and operated

OFFICE 3395 5777


Riverside living Near the Brisbane River, this residence offers panoramic vistas, traditional features and generous indoor and outdoor spaces across its multi-level design. A stained-glass front door invites entry into the ground floor, featuring polished hardwood floors, VJ walls, decorative cornices and high ceilings. Four bedrooms occupy the front of the level, including two with bay windows and one with a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite. To the rear of the level is a rumpus room and a media room with a 3D surround sound system, projector screen and blackout curtains. Upstairs, the main bedroom has an ensuite and two walk-in wardrobes. It is near a study, an office and three more bedrooms, including two with bay windows and one with an ensuite.

The upper level of the house also features a living and dining room with a fireplace. Nearby is the kitchen, and bi-fold doors open to a balcony. Downstairs houses a workshop, gym, utility room, kitchenette and living area. Along with a 10,000L water tank and garden irrigation, the house has a saltwater pool, a back-to-base alarm and intercom system and an integrated Bose music system.

Inner Urban North East Riverfront Acreage One of Brisbane’s finest river allotments; 13,423m2 of botanic gardens style grounds, a coveted North East aspect, 83m river frontage plus 160m of creek frontage, flood free building platform, North South tennis court, swimming pool and pontoon. This together with a 1,000sqm+ architecturally designed home with quality fit out in immaculate condition. For more information:

HAWTHORNE 10 Hawthorne Rd Land: 1113sq m Inspect: By appointment Agent: Simon Caulfield and Taylor Kleinberg, Place Kangaroo Point; ph: 133 911, 0437 935 912 (SC) or 0447 466 177 (TK) For sale: By negotiation

5 Bed


5 Bath


4 Car

| 1.34 ha Land

Fig Tree Pocket | 17 Ningana Street Expressions of Interest | Close 15 November 5:00pm Inspect | Saturday 12:30pm – 1:30pm Patrick Dixon 0414 817 817

Jack Dixon 0408 756 694

Riverfront Flood Free Acreage – 6532m2

5 Bed


7 Bath


3 Car

| 6532m2 Land

A ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to own the largest private riverfront landholding in the premier Graceville/Chelmer residential precinct. Three level family home on 6532m (2 titles) and flood-free with a range of 2

options; restoration, demolish and rebuild or subdivide all or part of the

Graceville | 68 Molonga Terrace Auction On Site | Saturday 25 November 1:00pm Inspect | Saturday 2:00pm – 3:00pm

allotments*. A rare opportunity for a privileged purchaser. To be sold to finalise the Estate of Burt and Melda Peterson *subject to council’s development code, local plans and overlays *borders are indicative only

For more information:

Patrick Dixon 0414 817 817

Jack Dixon 0408 756 694


Old world beauty This five-bedroom Queenslander showcases classic beauty and modern comforts. A wraparound veranda with a butterfly staircase invites entry into the first floor, with the front door framed by leadlight windows. Inside, VJ walls, decorative cornices, original timber flooring and ornate archways deliver grandeur. Living and dining rooms have access to the veranda, while black granite benchtops contrast beautifully with timber cabinetry in the kitchen. The first floor of the house also includes three bedrooms, including the main bedroom with additional living space, a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite with a claw foot bath tub. Downstairs is centred on a rumpus room with a custom-built bar. Two bedrooms are off the rumpus room. Outside, a patio overlooks an

established back yard with a pool. Other features of the north-facing property include a single-car garage and two covered parking spaces. Agent Taylor Kleinberg said the residence promised family living and an unrivalled lifestyle. “Quality character homes on large blocks are becoming increasingly rare, with this elegant home promising peace, privacy and unsurpassed family living,” Mr Kleinberg said.

HAWTHORNE 60 Malcolm St Land: 810sq m Inspect: By appointment Agent: Taylor Kleinberg and Luke Batchelor, Place Kangaroo Point; ph: 133 911, 0447 466 177 (TK) or 0432 448 147 (LB) Auction: On site, Sat, Nov 11, 10am




1300 180 018 LARRY @ MCQUIE . COM . AU WWW . MCQUIE . COM . AU

Newport 14 Constance Court







Exquisite, Monumental, Canal Home Must Sell On Or Before 24th Nov This grand scale, luxury property boasts an array of features including multiple living areas, king size bedrooms, professional kitchen, complete guest suite and an 8m pontoon. This masterpiece is everything you have been searching for.

Auction Fri 24th Nov 6pm Held On Site View Contact Agent For Inspection Time

Danny Mailer - 0417 739 811 Kylie Loof - 0481 179 863 Redcliffe 3897 5000 45 Redcliffe Parade

All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided. Interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries.


Riverside perfection On the Brisbane River, this stylish sub-penthouse offers uninterrupted river and Story Bridge views from its ninth-floor position. Newly painted and in immaculate condition, it has polished marble tiles, coffered ceilings, full-length windows letting in the vistas and a covered balcony with a built-in barbecue. An entry foyer divides the residence into two sections, with the main living hub at the front of the floor and the bedrooms beyond. Neutral tones adorn an open-plan dining and living room, with the living area including a fireplace and the kitchen and lounge room nearby. Two bedrooms have built-in wardrobes and shared access to a balcony and bathroom. Generously proportioned, the main bedroom has a private balcony, walk-in wardrobe

with a built-in safe and a marble ensuite. Other features of the residence include a study with built-in desks, ducted airconditioning and three sideby-side parking spaces. Part of the Castlebar Cove complex, the sub-penthouse has access to a heated swimming pool, gym, spa, two plunge pools and two saunas. There is also a barbecue area with established gardens.

KANGAROO POINT 17E/39 Castlebar St Unit: 303sq m Inspect: By appointment Agent: Simon Caulfield and Courtney Maquire, Place Kangaroo Point; ph: 133 911, 0437 935 912 (SC) or 0401 031 668 (CM) For sale: By negotiation

Opportunity 82 Park Parade, Shorncliffe This Grandiose, Stately, Iconic and Simply Stunning Dress Circle Shorncliffe home was built in the 1890’s, has been wonderfully restored and modernized to offer a grandeur Queenslander full of character with all the mod-cons – live the life of luxury with panoramic views of the wonderfully picturesque Moreton Bay. Its size and location, on the corner of Eagle Terrace and Park Parade, at the top of Shorncliffe, gives this property incredible street appeal and it’s situated just down the road from sought after schools Shorncliffe State Primary and St Patrick’s College.. From the moment you enter the welcoming grand hallway you feel like you are entering a stately home.

This 3 storey Queenslander offers; 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 large lounge / living areas, massive media room, 2 x dining rooms (1 formal and 1 informal), gourmet kitchen with double stove, wrap-around balcony entertainment areas, 2 additional outdoor entertaining areas, large 2 car garage with internal access, carport for 2 more vehicles, pool with spa, aircon, ceiling fans and high ceilings throughout. Whatever takes your fancy this property has it all, summer days & evenings bbq’ing by the pool and spa or on the massive wrap around deck overlooking the ocean, entertaining friends and family with a multitude of dining and living options. Plus the location of this home

provides a great place to relax, enjoy the local environment, frequent the local cafes and dine out at the local restaurants.



Wonderfully positioned just a short walk from Shorncliffe station, Queensland Cruising Yacht Club and Sandgate Golf Club or take a leisurely walk along the foreshore to Sandgate village, stroll along the recently-restored Shorncliffe pier to take in the fresh air and / or enjoy a BBQ beside the safe beach across the road. The current owners are selling due to personal circumstances and viewings are by private inspection only. All interest over $1.49m invited

JOEL HUDSON - Your Mate in Real Estate - 0455 331 125






174 Venner Road, Yeronga


Annie Hayes

0402 859 467


Kathy Harrison

0499 112 262



Bold and beautiful Bold, contemporary luxury is on offer at this five-level residence with a plunge pool and leafy outlook. From the street the house has impressive appeal, with a modern glass mural and expansive balconies rising over three levels. Inside, an entrance foyer with polished marble tiles and a chandelier leads to an office, a bathroom and triple garage. An elevator and timber stairs ascend to the upper levels, including the second floor which houses a home theatre with cinema lighting, a surround sound system, projector screen and wet bar. An entertainment room takes over the third level, alongside a kitchen. This level also has a bedroom and bathroom, while the entertainment room opens to the balcony featuring the plunge pool.

Up another floor is an open-plan kitchen, living and dining space. Three bedrooms also occupy the fourth level. Two have ensuites, while the other is serviced by a bathroom. At the rear of the level is a courtyard with bench seating. Taking over the top floor is the lavish main bedroom, with a raised sleeping area, marble ensuite, an office space and a partially-covered balcony.

Alderley 177 Banks Street • • • • •

One of Brisbane´s most architecturally awarded homes Fully restored art deco home with an expansive extension Flexible layout with dedicated home office and pool Elevated position, across from the 30ha Banks St Reserve 180 degree uninterrupted views, awaits a second story

HAMILTON 69 Queens Rd Inspect: Thursday, 5.30-6pm Agent: Alexander Shean and Dwight Ferguson, Ray White Ascot; ph: 3868 7500, 0414 841 085 (AS) or 0412 385 720 (DF) Auction: Level 26, 111 Eagle St, Brisbane City, Fri, Nov 10, 10am

3 B 2 C 2 F 756 J




Spacious, stylish and beautifully secluded, recommended. this inviting family home combines For your further consideration; 6 generous proportions with light flled bedrooms, 4 large living areas, 3.5 modern dimensions. bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 car garage, 4 This is your opportunity to secure a outdoor living areas, heated pool & spa commanding residence with spectacular and comprehensive audio/internet options. city views. If a substantial quality home boasting resort style living is on your Cleverly designed, the floor plan is both list then an inspection here is highly practical for families or can be flexible if

Contact Andrew Keogh on 0427 110 671 for inspection times.



dual living and separation is called upon. The family can live, swim and sleep on various levels - it’s highly sought after and rare. Master built, the level of quality in the build and inclusions is second to none. No expense has been spared. Close to Brisbane’s CBD, Rosalie Village, prestigious Brisbane schools, The Wesley Private Hospital and Suncorp Stadium.



0427 110 671


Elegant living This Cape Cod-style residence exudes old-world elegance with its doublegable facade and traditional features throughout. Framed by established gardens, it has a multi-level design with views to Mt Coot-tha and the city. A grassy lawn precedes the middle level’s timber door entry, which leads into an open-plan living and dining room with VJ walls, polished timber floors, decorative cornices, an open wood fireplace and antique chandelier. Polished tiles adorn the adjoining kitchen, which has timber shutters and European appliances. Bi-fold doors open from the dining room to a patio and pool. Along with double and tandem garages, the middle level includes an outdoor storage shed, two bedrooms

and a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tiles, a claw foot bath and rain shower. Upstairs, the main bedroom has built-in wardrobes and an ensuite, while the second bedroom has a builtin wardrobe. With its own access, the lower level of the residence has a self-contained living space with a timber-floored family room, kitchenette, modern bathroom and two multipurpose rooms with built-in storage.

ST LUCIA 122 Central Ave Land: 751sq m Inspect: By appointment Agent: Charlie Sandstrom, Ray White Toowong; ph: 3870 0088 or 0421 155 788 Price: $1.9 million+

Stunning Contemporary Architect Design 63 Dobson Street, ASCOT


OFFERS OVER $1,399,000



Open for Inspection: Saturday 11th November 11:00-11:30am

Located in one of Ascot’s highly sought after streets on a spacious 405m² block and flowing over two expansive levels, sits this architecturally designed home which features a fabulous contemporary makeover with classic elements which offers a stylish, sophisticated, and elegant lifestyle. The north facing, light filled, open plan living, kitchen and dining area meld beautifully with the finest of finishes. Your luxurious chef’s kitchen is light and airy in design and offers an abundance of storage and bench space, stainless steel Miele appliances, fully integrated dishwasher and range hood, breakfast bar and large butler’s pantry. Like any executive home, it has been designed for entertaining and a busy family lifestyle. Call today to arrange your inspection! Patrick McKinnon 0431 430 760

Aimee Carr 07 3828 2088

Coronis Hamilton | 4/39 Hercules Street, Hamilton 07 3828 2088 | | All Here



• Kitchen features black granite benchtops, double butler sink, double oven, European appliances

View 10:30 - 11:00am Saturday 11th NovemberNovember Offers from $1,980,000

• Large living rooms over two levels with marble gas fireplaces • Master bedroom retreat features ensuite & walk in robe • Wine cellar/4th bedroom, large laundry & powder room on ground level • Gym/recreation area, library & work space, family bathroom on second level • Attic on third level offers additional storage & spectacular views over Brisbane • Traditional features include Cedar staircase, Stained glass windows, High ceilings with ornate cornices • Security, Back to base alarm system, Crimsafe, Reverse cycle air conditioning • Land 778m2 fully fenced, indoor/outdoor pool, terrace entertainment area



Richardson & Wrench Clayfield Tel 1300 250 235 Kim Olsen 0413 539 865


Country grandeur Historic Vera in the Samford Valley is the combination of a traditionallybuilt homestead and an additional restored three-bedroom cottage, built around 1920. The five-bedroom homestead has a symmetrical roofline but it was the owners’ access to original and antique building materials that made the difference. Ceiling heights rise to almost 4m. Timber and antique coloured glass are featured throughout, most notably with seven sets of 100-year-old french doors. Other features include red cedar joinery, heritage-tessellated tiles in the main bathroom and two cast iron fireplaces, while the house’s locks, light switches and most of its light fittings are original. Attention to detail and inspiration from a historical colonial property in

New Farm were the guiding lights for the 1998-built, large family homestead. Owners Julie and Michael Stevens say there is a 100-year-old fig tree on the property and 16 usable hectares. Vera was designed by the current owners to their own brief. Their design was inspired by the historic colonial property, Vera, in New Farm, to reinstate the memory and grandeur of the original Vera and a bygone era.

MT SAMSON 132 Foggs Rd Land: 16.41ha Inspect: By appointment Agent: Andrew Goodall, Ray White Rural Brisbane; ph: 3231 2222 or 0412 093 551 Price: $1.95 million+

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Alexander the Great ordered his entire army to shave their faces and heads. He believed beards and long hair were too easy for an enemy to grab and cut off the head.

Boy George was once quoted as saying, “In the early ’80s, I was pretty innocent and confused. I was like Marie Osmond, only with bigger eyelashes.”

In 1980 a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die.

Brisbane City Child Care Brisbane City Child Care’s state-of-the-art facilities Enjoying an inner city location doesn’t mean compromising on space. Brisbane City Child Care is located in a wholly dedicated and secure four-storey building which features an amazing rooftop playground, six separate playgrounds, twelve classrooms and an undercover car park with barista service.


Brisbane City Child Care learning experiences Every day all age groups at Brisbane City Child Care enjoy new and exciting learning experiences.

Our massive rooftop playground includes a running creek for the children to walk in, swings, slides and bridges and many large fig trees. Your children will also discover a sustainable vegetable garden, a mammoth sized sandpit, a Balinese hut and a hidden rainforest garden. Why don’t you come and see for yourself?

Brisbane City Child Care’s EGGVIHMXIHcGYVVMGYPYQ Brisbane City Child Care educators treat every child as unique because each child develops at their own rate. That’s why Brisbane City Child Care has created a flexible approach to child grouping with children placed in small groups with peers at a similar stage and complimenting routines. Our curriculum combines all aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework as the children participate in events, activities and routines in both planned and unplanned experiences. These occur in specially prepared environments to foster your child’s learning and development.

We all love being outdoors right in the city, and enjoying our many and varied huge natural spaces. We wander through creeks and gardens, and run around during our sports classes.

;L]SYVJEQMPMIWGLSSWI &VMWFERIc'MX]c'LMPH'EVI In every way we put your child first. As we are a family owned and operated business, we know and care for each child at our centre personally. Brisbane City Child Care have a tried and tested industry leading evacuation procedure which guarantees all children are outside in under two minutes. We practice this evacuation regularly. Children who are not yet walking are cared for on the ground floor to ensure ease of evacuation via special evacuation cots.

Who doesn’t enjoy making music every week with Miss Simone?

We were very interested to watch the chickens hatching from their eggs and learn about their lifecycles.

We have proudly achieved the highest level of quality child care accreditation each and every year since opening in 2004 and in 2016 have just been awarded again.


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