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Smart Home Defence System


Unlock on approach

You can set Ultion Smart to unlock as soon as

you enter the unlock zone without even touching

your phone.

Lock behind you

Never wonder if you locked the door again. You

can set how long Ultion Smart stays unlocked for

before securing the door again.

Send guest keys by phone

Not at home and need to let someone in? No

problem, you can send a digital key for timed or

permanent access straight to a guest’s phone

by text or email.

Voice control

Operate via Alexa and Siri.

Alexa, lock the door

Siri, lock the door

EASY Easy to use. Even easier to fit. Forget spending hours installing a

complex unit, you can be up and running

with Ultion Smart in a matter of minutes.

Fits all standard doors

Easily installed in minutes

No drilling required

Easy to replace batteries

SWEET Stylishly suited with Sweet.

The Sweet handle option will seemlessly suite your

door handle with a full range of door furniture.

Weather tested to 32x standard

Award-winning edgeless design No external electronics

Choice of 5 external colours


Ultion Smart uses an advanced

encryption method for transferring data

(AES 256), which is the same encryption

technology used by governments and the

military to keep information secure.

The digital keys that authenticate the

Smart lock are stored in a HSM chip that

ensures that all keys are exchanged

without any private information leaving

the chip.

Hidden attack lock

When Ultion detects an attack it

activates Lockdown Mode. A hidden

firing pin in Ultion’s core secures the central cam and stops the intruder

being able to open the door. The lock can still be operated from inside.

SECURE Hardened steel drill protection The Ultion core sits behind a number of

strategically placed hardened steel anti-drill

rods and plates.

Made from molybdenum

The core of the lock that houses the attack pins

is made from molybdenum which is 25% denser

than iron.

Snap safe handle design

Ultion Smart uses the Sweet curved edgeless

design. Door handles with edges are easy for

intruders to grip and snap.

Wireless keypad

The wireless keypad option connects to

Ultion Smart using bluetooth. You get all

the convenience of a keypad without fitting a ‘control panel’ to your front door.

Fitted and set up in minutes One touch lock

Set timed access for individual PIN You control up to 20 PIN numbers

Not available for Homekit version

Remote access bridge

Need to control your door locks whilst

away from home but don’t have a smart

home hub? The bridge adds this control.

Fitted and set up in minutes

Controlled from the same App USB or wall socket powered

Not available for Homekit version

Real keys

As well as bringing great functionality and convenience, every Ultion Smart comes

with 3 high security Ultion keys. Extra keys are readily available.

ÂŁ1000 security guarantee

Ultion and Ultion Smart locks give the highest

protection from the most common method of forced entry - lock snapping.


Lever handle

Salt spray 8056 hours

Durability 200,000 cycles

Connectivity Bluetooth Zigbee


Guarantee Finish 10 years Mechanical 10 years Electronics 2 years

Apple Homekit

Batteries 4 x CR123A

(Expected lifespan 1.5 years)

Handed No


Salt spray 8056 hours

Durability 200,000 cycles

Connectivity Bluetooth

Guarantee Finish 10 years Mechanical 10 years Electronics 2 years Handed No




Apple Homekit

Batteries 4 x CR123A

(Expected lifespan 1.5 years)

Accreditations Kitemarked TS007 3 star (grade 6) Sold Secure Diamond Secured By Design Durability 500,000+ cycles

Guarantee 5 years

Number of keys 3

Colour Dual colour

Long fixing

Short fixing


Controlling your door locks from your smartphone, your

watch, by voice command as well as a real key is clever.

Combining this with Kitemarked Police approved security and a £1000 security guarantee is smart. Ultion SMART.


“...nobody has yet perfected the

smart door lock, until perhaps now. The Ultion SMART...”

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Ultion SMART  

Ultion SMART