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Welcome to the November issue of BRINK!

The November issue features a fantastic spread from Dana Roquemore and her Other Peoples Property clothing line. We’ve featured OPP once or twice in the past, but were taking our love for the line to a new level with a full spread. The inspired OPP creations come to life in photographs taken by Jessica R. Bennett. Flip to page 26 for a closer look. Other Peoples Property was a catalyst for the rest of the November issue. When we all started writing pieces for this issue, we didn’t realize that OPP led most of us to create fashion inspired pieces and insight. One of the stand out moments in this issue has to be from our monthly “Get the Look” section. Check out what photographer Anastasia Garcia and her team has done this month with their limited edition t-shirt spread. We all have worked very hard to create another issue with local entertainment, insightful columns, risqué editorials and something different for you to be inspired by and enlightened with and we truly hope you enjoy!

Kyle M Menard


Caroline St. Clair is a marketing brand manager and spends the weekends scouring thrift stores, hanging out in the backyard with friends, and dj'ing at venues around town. A talented listener, she has earned the unofficial role of "therapist" to many of her friends by analyzing and offering frank advice on their relationship issues. Caroline St. Clair lives in downtown Orlando with her Chihuahua-mix, Gibby, four cats and two pet chickens. I’m Patrick Johnson and I live in Orlando, Florida. I enjoy the entertainment business, particularly the animation film aspect. Working on a degree in advertising from International Academy of Art & Design. Three words to describe myself - hardworking. Alphamale. Jackhammer. Shelika Baez is a vintage-loving, film obsessed fun hunter on the quest to show readers Orlando beyond the mouse trap. When she’s not working in the media industry, you can find her reading, blogging or uncovering Orlando’s best kept secrets. Orlando native, music snob, cat lady. Listen to her DJ during Poor, Illiterate Ramblings on WPRK 91.5 fm, Wednesday 5pm-7pm.



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Top OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY On him: Oscar de la Renta Pink Tie $22, On Her: Teal Party Dress $55 Bottom “Fashion for the Fearless” by STYLE NOIR

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Voci Dance's iMove_2.0: iCandy


Say this five times fast: for the best SODO froyo, go Yogo. YogoBerry, to be exact. Served amid jewel tone decor as bubbly bright as soda fizz, their flavorful assortment of creamy frozen yogurt pops on your taste buds. Pile on a plethora of toppings: feel-good fruit or something a little more indulgent (that’s code for candy goodness). For something different but just as refreshing, try a smoothie, parfait or my fave, Bubble Tea. If you can’t decide, they’re more than happy to share samples. YogoBerry changes its froyo flavors monthly, so make sure you try this fall’s special pumpkin before it’s gone! Better yet, check their Facebook page for various coupons or get 10% off with a “Buy Local” card! 25 W Crystal Lake St. Suite 172 Orlando, FL, 32806 Mon–Sat 10am – 10pm Sun 11am – 10pm


Pronounced like the “olv” in “evolve”, with a dynamic menu to match, OLV is the SODO café you’ll “LOV”. Equal parts casual and classy, the bar’s starlit ceiling sparkles against desert sand granite, warm woods, cobbled stone walls and sleek flat screen TVs. Offering free WiFi all day, owner Humberto Perez blends mouthwatering flavors with impeccable service, opening with fresh coffee at 7:30am, serving soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch, and finishing with a Tapas style dinner, best for sharing savory bites between friends. Explore an impressive wine and beer selection with Happy Hour from 11am–7pm, inviting nightly specials, weekend live music and Sunday Brunch. Don’t leave without sampling their unique dessert menu, like the pumpkin, carrot cake, red velvet and (ooh-la-la) keylime mini cupcake plate. Along with a 15% “Buy Local” discount on food, it’s the grand finale to a satisfying dining escape. 25 W Crystal Lake St. Suite 175 407-722-5060 Mon–Sat 7:30am – 10pm Sunday Brunch 10am – 4pm

F reshfields Farm

The sign on the door says “Celebrating 37 years, Thank You Orlando!”, yet my first foray into the rainbow of robust produce and choice meats and cheeses at Freshfields Farm still felt like Dorothy’s trip to Oz. From beef to chicken, apples to malanga lila, their staggering variety and low prices beat supermarkets any day of the week. Check the large chalkboard hung near the produce entrance for organic and local picks, or check their website for weekly specials and recipes. Salute your money saving savvy at the quaint ice cream window separating the meat and produce departments. If you need help finding anything, the Freshfields staff will assist you with a smile. It’s your one stop shop for living well (within your means)! Keep an eye out, healthy shoppers, Freshfields is looking to expand in the future! 400 East Compton Street Orlando, Florida 32806 Mon–Sat 9am – 7pm 5 is the easiest way to decide where to eat. Submit a dish photo from your fav place today!



Get to know your local food bloggers! We asked some of OrlandoÕs most vocal foodies about when they Þrst got into the art of the bite write, how long theyÕve been at it and what their experience has been thus far, among other questions. TastyChompÕs RickyÕs favorite dish right is the shio butter ramen at Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant on International Drive. ItÕs only available during lunch time and Òthe broth is savory, hearty, and delicious and the noodles are divineÓ, he says. Mike from WatchMeEat suggests out-of-towners looking to try the Orlando food scene to try something new and not just visit the chains they have at home. Finally, Scott Joseph tells us his full-time job title is Restaurant Critic, and has been so for nearly 23 years. He loves travel writing as well, particulary his recent visits to New York, New Orleans, Chicago, London, Oxford, Stratford, Reims and Paris, and will add Vienna, Prague and Berlin by years end. For more interesting bits on these local foodies, visit

It’s T-Shirt time! Local Indie label, Broken Wallz and Savage Monsterz put the “Tee” in Community By: Shelika Baez

BRINK recently chatted with label designers and real-life couple, Gerry Rivera and Ariel Hernandez about their indie T-shirt label, Broken Wallz and Savage Monsterz and their campaign to change Orlando. Brink Mag: How did you get started with Broken Wallz and Savage Monsterz? Ariel Hernandez: “With all the crazy things going on around us, we wanted to find a way to give back. So we thought, ‘Why not T-Shirts?!” Not just some ordinary t-shirt with a catchphrase or an image but rather, something with a message. We wanted people to become love letters written to the world and so that’s where our adventure began.” BM: Where did you get the name Broken Wallz and Savage Monsterz? AH: “Your name can tell a lot about you so when it came to coming up with a name, I wanted something that was personal to Gerry [ Rivera, co-founder of the label] and I that was also unique. I wanted our name to be our mission statement, to reach those who are broken and lost. When I used to write as a teen, I created the alias Broken and Gerry used to go 11

by the alias Monster in her artwork so we combined the two and came up with Broken monster which was cool but, there was still something missing. Seeing that our goal is to break through the walls that have been created by society to keep us as prisoners to this world, that hold us back from being truly happy. One day, my wife [ Gerry Rivera] and I were talking and she mentioned the word “savage”. After looking it up, we realized it was exactly how we wanted to live our lives, as uncivilized, wild, brutal savages swimming against the current; Monsterz to those who don’t understand us and point fingers to judge. From this discovery came forth Broken Wallz & Savage Monsterz.” BM: What are your goals for the label? Expanding beyond T-Shirts? AH: “Our goal is to take this label as far as it wants to go. We have no idea how far this will go so we take it day by day. The T-shirts are stepping stones to where this label can take us. I would love to expand because, that would mean we would be reaching more people. Actually, our goal is to reach the world- Ha!...what a cliche. Honestly, for now we are starting in our local community of the Tymberscan Apartment community ( a low-income community in Orlando). Our proceeds go to help the under priveledged community as well as the homeless men, women, children in Downtown Orlando shelters. Not just with T-shirts but, with friendship and communication.” BM: What inspires your designs?

AH: “ We are inspired by many things: my journals, music, drawings, the bible, friends. If I am speaking with you and you tell me something that I feel is inspirational, it might just get put on our t-shirts. Words are powerful, you can speak life or death into someone so why not have words or a design that can give you hope on your shirt? I want the shirts to start up conversations about what it means and provoke communication between people.” BM: Describe your label in three words. AH: “Change, Love and God.” BM: How do you divide the roles in the company? AH: “Gerry is the brains and I am the slave. Ha ha. but, seriously, I [Ariel] make the designs for the men and Gerry for the women. We both have full-time jobs so it’s pretty even. When one of us can’t get something done, the other handles it. BM: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, what are three things that you are thankful for? AH: I love the spirit of Thanksgiving! We are thankful for friends and family that support us. You can take that for granted without realizing those who surround you and support you constantly. We are thankful for each other, whenever times get too heavy, the other picks up We’ve come along way and we have no idea how we got here and we thank God for that because, we know how it feels to be alone and hopeless and come out of it. That’s why our sole purpose is to have communication/friendship with people who need some light in their lives. If we don’t sell one t-shirt but, get the chance to truly have a relationship with someone who has been kicked to the ground , spit on or just someone who needs a hand, our goal has been met. For information on Broken Wallz and Savage Monsterz, visit their website,

He speaks through his music of the joy and pain of love and sex, the struggles of life, the issues of the world, injustice and true beauty. Winner of more W.C. Handy awards than any other artist in history, Guy moves through a catalogue of his hits. There are some we all know (or should know better, as he cusses us out for not singing “Hoochie Coochie Man” as loud as the German audience he’d just visited), and some that are newer to us. I would have said my favorite was “While You Were Steppin’ Out”, a direct call-you-on-the-carpet-for –your –dirt melody that provides a bass line that can almost physically pick up your body and move it elsewhere with it’s pounding and pleasure. But that was until he paid homage to his mother. Guy shares that his mother never had the chance to hear her son play, never knew that he would blaze trails for artists even in 2010. “Skindeep” has a gospel-feel, it is soulful and the organ work is haunting and elegant, a beautiful compliment to some of the most heartfelt blues I’ve heard.




Blues Great Buddy Guy Rocks the AMF


September in Daytona Beach can really only mean one thing, at least to me. The American Music Festival brought in several acclaimed musical acts ranging from The Jonas Brothers to Usher. But for Blues enthusiasts, the presence of Taj Mahal and The Phantom Blues Band sets the stage for a legend to enter. Closing their set with “Mr. Pitiful”, Taj shows he still has it with his dynamic Delta-Latin swagger. And the crowd is ready to hear those electric blues riffs from the electric blues founder. I can say this because it’s the truth. As the teacher of such blues guitar heroes as Jimi Hendrix (yes, he did play some blues), B.B. King and Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy has been a legend to me for the bulk of my life. He has a smile that is both grandfatherly and completely raucous. His technique is seamless and straight forward… play until it hurts. He even breaks a guitar string within the first 15 minutes! Guy’s song writing captivates anyone in any place in their life.

Guy concludes his show by getting in touch with his fans. It is so obvious how much he loves his fans. He connects with us from start to finish. As security gets in place, I watch from a backstage area, as Mr. Guy himself, walks right past me, still playing his guitar, into the crowd for one of his final numbers. Everyone is on their feet, trying to get closer, hoping to be close enough to absorb some of his talent, his greatness. As he walks past me, he gives a little nod and a half grin. It is obvious by my gaping mouth that I am in awe of his performance and his interaction. Mr. Guy makes his way around the entire venue and finishes the inspiring number back where he is a natural hit… on stage, in front of thousands, melting our faces with shredding unlike any other. I wiped a tear from my eye as this was a dream come true. For one instant in my life, I was in the presence of one of modern music’s most legendary architects. As he rocked on for an exciting encore, it appears that once he enters, the legacy of Buddy Guy will never exit and that gives me hope for the next generation of blues guitarists. Thank you, American Music Festival and Daytona Beach, for the indulgence of a one-of-a-kind showman.

[] For more on AMF visit: www.


fashion dreams & PARTY SEAMS

BY NICOLE GIRATA Fashion’s Night Out is the event that opens the fall season of Fashion Week. It was celebrated throughout many top cities in the hopes of boosting up the sales in retail. Au contraire, I don’t think it’s to bring shoppers to shop. It’s really just an excuse to have a giant party with celebrities and designers in well known retail stores. And how do I know this? Well, that’s because I have experienced the excitement and stress of Fashion’s Night Out. I currently work at a high end retail store on 5th Avenue in the heart of the fashion capital New York City. This day was highly anticipated and our store made sure to have us prepared for the shoppers entering the store and to be ready in the “aisle with a smile”. Throughout this crazy evening, I couldn’t help but notice a short blond lady pass right in front of me with a camera crew, security and a bunch of Emily’s walking behind her. Now if you’re reading this and you caught on then you know who I’m talking about. Yes, the ONE and only, the oh-so-serious, and never-caught-wearing-a-t-shirt Anna Wintour. I had never seen her before, so I didn’t recognize the short and cute Editor-in-Chief of the fashion Bible (Vogue) till one of the customers told me who it was. I was excited since I recently bought the new issue of Vogue, and one of the first pages I read had her name on it. And now here she was in the same air space as me and all the other fashionistas. It wasn’t long ‘til she decided to head out and move to the next store. She’s a very important woman. She had people to see and places to be seen at. Well, so did I. I had to go and check out the madness that was happening on the rest of 5thAvenue. When I stepped out on the avenue, it was fashion mayhem. Every store along the avenue had local DJs playing music with a celebrity taking pictures inside with all of their fans. I could barely walk on the sidewalks due to all of the fashion-crazed New Yorkers and tourists. Seriously, New York is on crack for fashion on Fashions Night Out. Would I want to experience this again? Nope. I’ll pass, unless I’m walking in with an entourage and I’m the reason for the party. []

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Peace of My Mind with LORI PARKS

Practicing Rebounding

Life is a series of hills and valleys. Sometimes it seems to flow easily and at other times, it seems very difficult. One day we are getting along perfectly with our spouse or partner, the next day we are at war. One week we are doing a superb job at work, the next week we make a huge mistake. We experience ups and downs constantly in the areas of our lives that are important to us. Often these challenges or disappointments will cause us to feel an array of negative emotions. When we feel bad, it is common for us to get moody, anxious, depressed, tired or unmotivated. However, here are some steps to take to quickly recover and return to the positive flow of life. The goal is to process your emotions in a gentle way and then release them. To begin this process, sit quietly for a few moments and really feel what is going on in your inner planes. Acknowledge the emotions you are feeling. Are you angry, sad, scared, hurt, worried, or perhaps confused? Once you know what your feeling, just allow yourself to feel the emotions you are experiencing. We often stuff our feelings down, trying to ignore them and hoping they will go away. However, bringing awareness to and allowing our dark emotions, is the best way to start feeling better. Please know, regardless of what you are feeling, it is alright to feel this way. Give yourself permission to feel whatever is coming up and just allow it. It is very important to not judge your feelings by thinking they are wrong. Doing so prolongs feeling stuck in a negative state of being. To move into a state of acceptance, practice inner dialogue such as: “Yes, I feel angry and it is okay to feel this way, that was a frustrating thing that happened.” or “I am okay with feeling sad about this disappointment, it’s sad it did not turn out the way I had hoped and it really is alright to feel this way.” The final step is to release the feelings. By letting go of your negative emotions, you will notice their presence becomes smaller, creating a peaceful space within. This dialogue can sound like this “I am now releasing all my sadness in regards to ____ (whatever the situation is.)” It may help to visualize the emotion floating away. So remember, you have every right to feel the way you do. Once you have Acknowledged, Allowed, Accepted and Released what you have been feeling, you will be ready to write a new script. An example is “I have moved past my negative emotions, because I have allowed, accepted and released them, I feel at peace and ready to reclaim my joy.” You may want to set up a time each week for releasing emotions that are upsetting you. By checking in regularly you will be consistently releasing feelings that have become a burden, so you can feel your very best. You can think of it as a workout for your emotional well-being. Peace be with you. You may enjoy: The Heart of the Soul : Emotional Awareness, by Gary Zukav 11

poor illiterate ramblings with Lindsay Smith

Locally, there has been a fair amount written about Telethon. Their shows have been stellar and they recently got back from a month long tour of the east and mid-west. Given all these accolades, what I have to add is this: It’s about damn time. Matt Kamm deserves the recognition from the Orlando community he is currently receiving. For the better part of a decade, Mr. Kamm has been creating incredible works of pop wonder, starting with Dodger and now moving into Telethon. Kamm has worked long and hard to cultivate a catalogue of songs and albums that evoke a spirit of raucous good times and poignant pop lyricism. The atheistic of Telethon is impressive. They’ve got the masks, the outfits, the general look of strangeness, but it’s still all about the music. Some bands tend to get lost in “the look” of it, but not Telethon. They walk that line, and walk it with a freak spirit that’s admirable. As Telethon expands its current sound, Kamm has opened up the songwriting to other members of the band, like keyboardist Justin Luper whose contributions should not be over looked. There are many great things still to come from these fellows and I for one will be listening.


By Jonathan Woodard

Self-Injury Leaves More Than One Scarred


I understood the meaning of the word “cutter” after I saw long and red cuts on my friend Madeline’s thighs. My stomach swirled and turned like clothes in a washing machine. Madeline was getting out of her long black shorts when I saw the scars. While the rest of the girls giggled, changed their clothes, and put on make-up, I stood still in the girls’ locker room at Lake Howell high school and wondered why my friend hurt herself. We were just sophomores trying to pass Physical Education when Britney Spears released “Baby One More Time,” Napster was born and “Total Request Live” on MTV was the only show that matter. At the time, Madeline (not her real name) was the only person I had ever known struggling with self-injury. I thought she was an isolated case. Today, she would be one out an estimated four percent of the population that struggles with self-injury. In 2009, the Florida Youth Risk Behavior Survey determined that 13.9 percent of high school students in Florida purposely hurt themselves one or more times during the past 12 months. The survey also determined that approximately 11.6 percent seriously considered attempting suicide during the past 12 months and 6.5 percent attempted suicide. When I first discovered Madeline’s self-injuries, I didn’t confront her right away instead I asked myself why and how she could do that to herself. Madeline seemed happy. She always made me laugh with her silly comments and actions. I didn’t understand why she hurt herself nor knew who could help me understand it. Today, there are organizations such as To Write Love on Her Arms. This non-profit organization has been actively shedding light on self-injury, depression, addiction and suicide since 2006. According to TWLOHA, self-injury is often a physical manifestation of an internal pain. It’s a coping mechanism for those that are unable to

directly deal with the internal pain they experience. And, while not all self-injury leads to suicide, it can seriously hurt those struggling with it and can lead to worse physical and mental problems. Though I didn’t know the reason why Madeline hurt herself, I knew the first step to helping her was to find out why she did it. The next morning after loosing another tennis match during P.E., I decided to talk to Madeline in the locker room. “What happened?” I asked as I pointed to her thighs. “Nothing,” she whispered as she glanced at me through her glasses. I was ready to leave the subject alone but for some reason seeing my reflection in her glasses made me grow bolder. “Tell me, what happened?” I asked again. “You don’t understand,” she answered as she shook her head. Madeline sat down on a blue bench and rested her back against the lockers. She held her black make-up box on her lap and watched the girls in our class leave the locker room. I sat down next to Madeline waiting for her to say something. When the last girl left the locker room, she finally broke her silence. Madeline said she hated working at her uncle’s restaurant. She had to work long hours at little pay. Her family disapproved of her boyfriend. They worked together in her uncle’s restaurant and had to keep their relationship a secret from her family. Madeline saw Tommy as the only person that understood her. He was the only person she had known that had called her beautiful. To Mad-

eline, Tommy was her knight in shinning armor. The thought of losing Tommy was more than Madeline could handle. I told Madeline she didn’t have to hurt herself and that she needed to stop doing it. It wasn’t the way to solve things. I suggested that she should talk to her uncle about work and her family about her boyfriend. Madeline didn’t want to listen to me. She said she couldn’t talk to her family and that I didn’t understand. Madeline was right. I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand that self-injury is an often a symptom of emptiness, loneliness, fear, past abuse and depression. Today, there are several organizations that can help those struggling with self-injury. S.A.F.E. Alternatives is treatment approach, professional network, and educational resource for selfinjury. Self Mutilators Anonymous is an online group that uses the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to stop self-injury. There are also Meetup groups all over the U.S. for those suffering from depression and self-injury. After my talk with Madeline, she refused to talk about the subject again. When P.E. ended, I didn’t try to get in contact with her. We didn’t have any more classes together so we didn’t see each other again. I don’t know what became of Madeline after sophomore year. But, a part of me still feels that I failed Madeline by not being a supporting friend and not helping her find the help she needed. To Write Love On Her Arms S.A.F.E. Alternatives Self-Mutilators Anonymous

Tasty Chomps Blog Shows Orlando Has a Big Appetite BY: gretha MCCANDELE

Red crawfish at King Cajun Crawfish and slices of pepperoni pizza at Lazy Moon are just a few of the appetizing treats featured in Orlando food blog Tasty Chomps. The blog is a lense that captures the eclectic and delicious cuisine in Orlando. With one click, foodies can experience food from Moroccan to Vietnamese, and Peruvian offered in restaurants around Central Florida. Tasty Chomps was created by Ricky Ly in April 2009. Ly, who’s a graduate of the University of Central Florida, said he decided to begin the blog in order to record the different types of food he encountered and enjoyed every day. He said his “love affair with food” began when he was a baby. “I remember my very

first memory as a drooling toddler,[was being] taken by my parents to dim sum on Sunday mornings, and the sweet taste of the soy sauce on some wet and slurpy shrimp rice paste,” Ly said. Foodies of Orlando rapidly embraced Tasty Chomps. The blog was awarded the Best Food Blog by the Orlando Sentinel Orbbies Web Blog Awards for 2010 and No. 1 Orlando Food Blog by Urbanspoon. com. Ly said he enjoys exploring different cultures through food and hopes that by sharing his discoveries with people “they will venture outside of the normal chain restaurants and visit the lesser known places around town that serve amazing dishes.” www.tastychomps.blogspot. com

er twittnd arou do Orlan @katiebnyc In honor of Halloween, I’m writing a comparison paper on Euripides’s ‘Electra’ and Sophocles’ ‘Electra’. What fun! #happyhalloween @johnnyfiveblog Happy Halloweekend! Gonna take some time off but expect some hot and heavy updates when Monday arrives! Have fun, be safe. xx @YoAdriane ...and just read the entire October issue of @brinkmag :)

@Peter_Murphy Cartoon sandwiches always have too much lettuce.

@ CentralFLTop5 Have you checked out the Top 5 “Visual Arts” Events in November yet? pzeCG-o6

@jby789 Dear NYT copy editors, “stutter” and “stammer” are not the same thing. Thanks for screwing up today’s review of “The King’s Voice.”

@YelpOrlando PUMPED for #YelpHelps @orlandoscience Nov 5th - Have you RSVPed for this FREE #Orlando Event? http://tinyurl. com/29ylsdf @amandasixx roommate’s dog is snoring so loudly i can hear it across the condo w the door shut. how can such a loud noise come out of such a small dog?

30 SECOND shorts with Kris Gilpin

The new version of The Killer Inside Me (it was first filmed in 1976 with Stacy Keach) is more faithful to the bleak Jim Thompson 50s novel, so the film got very “little U.S theatrical play” due to its shocking violence against women. Casey Affleck (Assassination of Jesse James...), who’s a better actor than his brother, Ben (although Ben is a damn good director )--is a crazy/ ice cold-blooded opportunistic smalltown sheriff who steals money and murders people. Then, kills some more folks while trying to cover his tracks, but only digging himself deeper into it all-classic Noir stuff, as was Thompson’s genre. Casey is aided with typically fine support by Elias (Let Me In) Koteas, Bill Pullman, and Michael Winterbottom, an incredibly eclectic, usually fine director (Butterfly Kiss, Jude), as he is again here. If you like hard-boiled noir and if you can take it (the film gets better as it goes along, since the main character is Low Scum and as such hard to stomach at first), rent this one. I wonder if the great Philip Seymour Hoffman loves John Cassavetes’s (Husbands, Faces) cinema. PSH’s directorial debut, Jack Goes Boating, feels a bit like that to me, which is a compliment in my book. Hoffman and Amy Ryan, who was so brilliant in Gone Baby Gone, are one of two NYC working-class couples & as in J.C.’s films, it all basically comes down to love (is it gestating? Is it dying?, etc.). Based on a stage play, the acting and likable characters carry the talky script (though a couple impatient folks walked out on it--which happened with Cassavetes’s movies, too) and again like J.C.’s films, sometimes people in Boating do stupid, desperate, tragic things--just like in real life. If you really like PSH/Amy Ryan/indie films, check it out sometime. 15

Buried stars Ryan Reynolds (who usually does comedies)-and almost no one else (there are a few other actors doing voice-overs for the film, you’ll recognize one voice if you see a lot of movies). R.R. plays a supply-truck driver whose convoy is attacked one day in Iraq and the next thing he’s aware of is waking up in a coffin, buried alive with basically just a dying cell phone, a dying flashlight and his lighter. His captor is asking the U.S. for ransom. The actor is very good here and the most impressive thing is how the director and editor keep it all from becoming deadly boring. Though, of course, it might be hard to sit through for the extremely claustrophobic, as the film, from first frame to last, takes place entirely within the coffin. There are some truths about how our government would handle a situation like this and the last 20 minutes are very intense. See it for something different but very good.

For more on Kris, check out his FREE, online movie crosswords (NO personal info required!) Google: “BestCrosswords Gilpin Movie Puzzle” for dozens of fun film puzzles!


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“I’m really excited about doing this collection with Fred Perry. We’ve been working on it for a while and it’s great to see it finally come to fruition.” – Amy Winehouse


Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala have nurtured their william rast brand into luxury and accessibility. images shown are from fall 10 fashion show.

With the release of her much anticipated debut album called “Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans”, what else could pop sensation Uffie think about doing, but a worldwide partnership with denim supremo Diesel? The ‘DIESEL + Uffie’ label will grace 12 exclusive pieces combining leather and denim with intriguing cuts and mixed materials. - DIESEL


images by Natahalie Canguilhem

AF: So what are some similarities and differences in the culture? M: In general it’s just a completely different mentality, even though Israel is probably the most American influenced country on the planet. We have McDonald’s and Burger King. It’s a very cohesive situation between Israel specifically and America specifically, like we have American flags and you guys have Israeli flags in certain places. So we grew up with American movies, American TV, American music, so culturally there are a lot of similarities.

almost famous with amanda sixx

This month’s Almost Famous band truly embodies commitment, drive, and passion that is inspiring. They have left everything behind to embark on their journey to be rock n roll’s next top band. With a heavy yet melodic sound their first single “Vaporize” is rising up the rock charts across the country. I got the chance to catch up with Meir on their recent tour with Nonpoint .He showed me why world domination is in Abused Romance’s near future, and how dedicated they are to giving people the gift of music. Almost Famous: What is it you love about music?

my life, and my life is music. AF: How did Abused Romance come together?

Meir:I love the way I feel after I write a song the most. That’s my favorite feel- M: Me and Amit, the guitar player, we ing in life honestly. There’s not a higher wrote songs and played in bands since rush for me, once a song is done, and we were 12. So we grew up together I get all my ideas out and I sit doing this for many, many back and listen to it, and when years and slowly the dream it hits my emotion spot, my enHit single formed and became this huge ergy spot, and my power spot, “Vaporize” wish to become the biggest that’s just like the best feeling is avaialble band. About 4 years ago we in my life. Music in general is on iTunes decided to put it together and just magical. It’s so beautiful now to go to battle. So we started it brings people together and writing songs, we met Roy and makes moments in your life Aetam and they were just the memorable. It was never a choice for perfect brothers for this trip, crazy trip. me to do music, I grew up and when I So we just started playing together and was 12 I already was doing it, I didn’t performing. It just became real and we chose a career to go in this path or an- are very happy to experience it. other, music was always my life. That’s the way I was built, I guess. I never re- AF: So I read that some of you guys ally looked at it for an outside perspec- came over from Israel? tive. What do I like about my life? I love M: Actually all of us.

In general Israel is very different part of the planet, so naturally everything is different when it comes to person to person interaction; what’s rude, what’s not rude. In Israel you can be more aggressive and it’s normal when, here, people get offended. Small things, like, you know when you wake up and go to Starbucks and there’s a formed line and it’s beautiful and it’s all across the mall. You stand in the end and wait patiently, in Israel everybody’s on the counter like elbows in the face, it’s very, very fast paced. I would say that Israel is a combination between New York and Miami. It looks a lot like Miami cause it’s humid and it’s on the water all across the country and it’s on the Mediterranean Sea and the vibe is very, very New York- fast placed, action and it’s awesome. I’m actually American and Israeli so I decided to come here and make it happen with everybody else. It all depends on where you grow up with. We grew up listening to Metallica Nirvana and Soundgarden so for us it was natural to write that kind of music and that’s why we feel that we fit here. With America it welcomed us with open arms and we love the people and we love the country and touring it so we feel home. I came here when I was 19, so for me I spent most of my adult life here, and most of the band did as well. It feels like home, sometimes I go back to Israel to visit and I feel out of place, it really depends, I think. This is definitely the best place for us. We live in LA and we are a part of everything that is happening in Hollywood, we know everybody, we are friends with everybody. We feel at home, this is our life.

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stylenoir officially launched their fashion label “on the one night of the year when good and evil are at their most prominent, “ October 31st. With their first collaboration alongside Elena Gallen we die to see more.

The Fear of Losing Beauty Unisex vest Limited Edition run vest, designed by Elena Gallen. (t-shirt also available)

£14.00 (Roughly $28.00 USD) 21




peter murphy

photo: kelley sorrel

be a basketball game going on.

Where is Orlando? I don’t mean geographically, we all know where the sun shines. The more important questions are “where is Orlando progressively?” and “where is Orlando in your head?” Well Orlando is everywhere and that is why we are all distracted. Take, for instance, the new Amway Center - everyone knows how great it is, the number of jobs it provides, and how it will help intimidate opposing basketball teams. However, once you are inside it’s as if you are in a circus of elation … and oh, there just so happens to

Oh, you live on the East end of town, near UCF? Well, there just so happens to be one of the best NBA basketball teams in the country playing twenty minutes away at a brand new arena. Oh, you’re eating a burrito bowl from that chain Mexican restaurant located next to your gym? Well, there just so happens to be some “Crazy Americans” that can whip you up a prodigious portion of your favorite Mexican dish just down the road off Orange Ave.

The problem is you are not connecting to Orlando. What is your Orlando? Well here is the trouble“You’re Orlando.” There is no one here to tell you how deep rooted our history is (like in cities such as Angeles, New York), we do not have one overwhelming export (Chicago – Improv, Lincoln, NE - Corn), our weather is much to be desired during most of the rainy months and most of

us are from somewhere elsewhere. Some say that the majority of Floridians want to be told something, and for the most part, are shy about embarking on their own ideas. Next time you are walking down Orange Ave stare at the people walking in the opposite direction directly in the eyes- 9.5 times out of 10 their immediate reaction is to dart their eyes elsewhere. Why? Because their mental frame is frail. We stand now, on the precipice of a cultural BOOM in Orlando, FL. Once home to Nickelodeon, the city can now be the home of variety- if you take advantage of it. From here forth I will be challenging you, monthly, to see Orlando and to shape your city. What we create now will mean so much more moving forward, and in ten years time I believe we will look back at 2010 as the beginning of the complete cultivation of Orlando. After all, you’re Orlando- at least for now. Keep Orlando Awesome.

E-mail Peter Murphy of Orlando LIVE at with your questions, pictures, and suggestions on what part of Orlando he should feature next.



H&M has nestled right into the Florida lifestyle for the past year with grace and ease. Check out what you might be missing and why gray is marking its territory for must have fall color. Florida Mall | Seminole Towne Center


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making it work Other Peoples Property alters the fashion lines.

Photographed by: Jessica R. Bennett Hair/MUA: Jesse Yeager at Shag’d Jewelry: Dead Lady Accessories Stylist: Dana Marie Roquemore 26

On him: Oscar de la Renta Pink Tie $22, On Her: Teal Party Dress $55

Right page side: Pink & Pearl Layered Necklace $40, Cheetah Belt $15, Brilliant Blue 50’s Evening Dress $65 Suede Hat with Orange Feather $35, Dual Blue Wool Scarf $30, Knit Cream Cardigan $38 Black Silky Top with Lace $35 Left page: 1950’s Pink Silk Robe $50, Pink Bow Slip $18

Left page: 1950’s Pink Silk Robe $50, Pink Bow Slip $18 Right page: 940’s One Shoulder Dress $65


70’s Yellow Floral Dress $40



Dear Caroline,

“The bright and vivacious Marina Diamandis has an album filled with smart and spectacular, self-penned, should-be hits.” THE FADER “…she’s redefining songs about coming of age, and the aftermath, with bluntness and crafty intelligence.” THE NEW YORK TIMES

The Family Jewels Featuring HOLLYWOOD & I AM NOT A ROBOT Available Now

A good friend of mine—we’ll call her Amanda--has recently started dating a guy she met at her gym. She seems pretty into him so this should be a good thing…except, well, me and most of our friends can’t STAND this guy. He is a total douchebag in every way: he’s critical of Amanda and manages to say offensive things to her and us when he is in our company. When she is with him she acts like a completely different person which just makes everyone uncomfortable. Amanda is the most honest, sweet person you will ever meet but this guy is always accusing her of being flirtatious with other men (she’s not flirting, she’s just being friendly) and he has told her he doesn’t like the way she dresses. We all love Amanda and feel that she (and we!) deserve so much better but it doesn’t look like she will be breaking up with him anytime soon. Should we plan a “boyfriend intervention” to get her away from this jerk? --Love the Friend, Hate the Boyfirend Dear Love the Friend, Hate the Boyfriend, It is absolutely impossible to live in our ultra-intermingled society without having to rub shoulders with someone you hate. And when that person is the significant other of a close friend it can be brutal. Aside from going the whole kidnapping-deprogramming route (which while quite effective can be messy, expensive, and is probably illegal) there’s no way to really force a break up. You don’t want your friend to get offended by your criticisms and start thinking of YOU as the enemy to her/his happiness—even if it is totally obvious that said relationship is doomed to fail in the long run. At this point Amanda is still probably in the early throes of rose-colored romance, and those pink lenses can really make someone blind to their paramour’s true character. But those roses will eventually start to fade…and unless your friend is a masochist she will start to realize that her boyfriend really is, well, a douchebag. Chances are good that she will then give him the boot and everyone will be happy—the evil creep is gone you will have your beloved friend back! However if you harangue Amanda about how awful you and 35 the rest of the group think boyfriend is you will only make her protective of him…and that will slow the natural process of her figuring all this out on her own. Just give it some time, still try to be a good friend, and let douchebag do the job of getting his own butt kicked to the curb. Got a question only Caroline would know how to answer? Write her at 34

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Hooray elections are over! The ad’s and phone calls have never been more over the top. But the question is: did you vote?

Betty White comic book. Betty White oversaturation would be an understatement, but with a portion of proceeds going to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association who could resist? $3.99 http://amzn. to/aBoLc3 “Lights. Camera. Banking. All Central Florida customers who begin a new Trustco Bank Relationship will receive a FlipUltraHD video camera to capture life’s special moments.” Sweet!

Yelp Helps November 5th! The event brings together the Orlando community and focuses on non-profit recognition. See you there!

Facebook Besties application. Taking bff’s to new levels. www.

Glee overexposure. The Parents Television Council made a bigger deal about the photo spread than anyone else. That’s a problem. Project Runway upset!

College Park in a tizzy over Dollar Tree. Did anyone really think Trader Joes was coming to town?


Not cool.

we can’t promise inner peace. but inner purity? yeah, every bottle comes with that.



we can’t promise inner peace. but inner purity? yeah, every with that. webottle can’tcomes promise inner peace. but inner purity? yeah, every bottle comes with that.

©2009 glacéau, glacéau®, smartwater®, bottle design and label are registered trademarks of glacéau.

©2009 glacéau, glacéau®, smartwater®, bottle design and label are registered trademarks of glacéa


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