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BRINK 2013 Media Kit

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who we are

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BRINK is a bi-monthly magazine that maps out the blueprint for success from entrepreneurs who have paved a path. Our platform is entertainment, fashion, human interest and pop culture with a focus on entrepreneurship and emerging talents. With editorials on music, TV, film, new media, beauty and style, BRINK has its finger on the pulse of what’s next. Including features with global correspondent coverage from London, Scotland, New York, Los Angeles and Boston, BRINK reaches a wide demographic range with a global audience. BRINK strives to introduce an audience to original, moving, and ground breaking material from a fresh perspective. Mission Statement The intent of BRINK is to introduce an audience to emerging entrepreneurs and talent through groundbreaking features and material ranging from pop culture and fashion to human interest and entertainment. BRINK Magazine 2013 Media Kit Ad Contact: | 3

editorial CALENDAR 2013

December/January 2013 Holiday

February/March ones to watch

April/May mixed media issue

Diana Hardeman, gift guide CLOSE 11/21/12 // ON SALE 11/26/12

Frankmusik, VV Brown, Jamie Bamber CLOSE 1/21/13 // ON SALE 1/28/13

Elizabeth Mitchell, Jake Owen CLOSE 3/18/13 // ON SALE 3/25/13

June/July Best Brands

September/October the young, fresh and new

November/December tv/holiday issue

Reid Scott, Pressed Juicery CLOSE 5/20/13 // ON SALE 5/27/13

Alexa Vega, Jeremy Luke, Tim Pocock CLOSE 8/28/13 // ON SALE 9/4/13

TBD, gift guide CLOSE 10/14/13 // ON SALE 10/28/13

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editorial profile


22% 24%


20% 18%






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closing and publication dates insertion order newsstand issue and ad material close on-sale date *December/january november 28,2012 december 3, 2012


january 21, 2013

january 28, 2013

april/may march 18, 2013 march 25, 2013

june/july may 20, 2013 may 27, 2013


August 25, 2013

October 14, 2013 october 28, 2013


September 4, 2013

*Last Issue of 2012

BRINK has been fetaured on HP MagCloud,,,TV Guide,Yahoo TV, Hulu and more. Exposing the brand and its advertisers to more than 52 million visitors.

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READER PROFILE Total Audience Readers 82,000 Readers per Copy 5 Distribuated 14,000 Sell through 89% Online sales 2,400 Average Uniques per issue 115,600 Average page views per issue 225,545 minutes spent online 5:24 social media followers 15,200+ Readership Audience Total Adults Men 48% Women 52% Age Age 18-24 Age 25-34 Age 35-44 Age 45-54 Age 55+ 4% Education Attended College 53% Graduated College Occupation Employed Full Time Employed Professional Household Income HHI$50,000+ HHI$60,000+ HHI$70,000+

23% 46% 24% 7%

47% 3% 38% 31% 55% 29% 16%

Psychographic KEY EXPENDITURE ITEMS Multimedia, DVDS, tablets, clothing, air fares, photographic equipment, conventions, concerts/ festivals and literature. BRINK is a brand that is quickly developing as a top progressive cultural media source. BRINK perfectly blends online media and traditional print media into one cohesive and progressive platform. BRINK readers are distinguishable by various psychographic indicators. They are fun, playful, energetic, and culturally intelligent. They are mostly creative, or inspired by creative endeavors. They are highly brand savvy, and are conscious of labels, styles and fashion trends. Fans on BRINK: “Eclectic, modern, chic.” — Valerie Camilo “Creative, human, lifeaffirming.” — Giles Snyder

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editorial highlights THE INTERVIEWS Movies/Television Alexa Vega (Machete Kills) Tim Pocock (NBC’s Camp) Jeremy Luke (Don Jon, Jersey Boys) Reid Scott (HBO’s Veep) Jamie Bamber (TNT’s Monday Mornings) Elizabeth Mitchell (NBC’s Revolution) Ben Schwartz (Showtime’s House of Lies) Sally Golan and Rebecca Blumhagen (Cinemax’s The Girl’s Guide to Depravity) Lisa D’Amato, Winner (Americas Next Top Model: All Stars) Nadia G (Cooking Channel’s Bitchin’ Kitchen) THE INTERVIEWS Music Ed Sheeran Frankmusik Hoodie Allen VV Brown Jake Owen Passenger Danny Avila Lil’ Mo Jay Brannan Simon Curtis THE INTERVIEWS Social Tyra Banks Everlane Craft Coffee

WORLD CLASS Style EDITORIALS Tosh Yanez Style Noir K.Hendrix Yoanna House, winner of Americas Next Top Model Cycle 2 Drew Seeley, star of Another Cinderella Story Mandy Murphy PROGRESSIVE ART CULTURE Frank de la Mercedes Alex Loyola Trey Bryan Casey Brooks John Starr BRINK PARTNERSHIPS / ALLIANCES Ford Motors - Culture American Music Festival – Music Orlando Calling - Music Florida Film Festival – Film Central Florida Earth Day - Eco GLACEAU vitaminwater - Culture Yelp - Social Media Electric Daisy Carnival - Music

CORRESPONDENTS New York Los Angeles San Francisco Wilmington Miami PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM Benjo Arwas Tyler Shields Wolf189 Marianna Larochelle Matt Plunkett DISTRIBUTION BRINK is distributed to New York City news agents, available as a single-copy on the website, digitally and on the official BRINK Magazine iPad app. Also digitally available on HP MagCloud, Issuu. PUBLICATION REGULARITY BRINK is published bi-monthly in a high quality, glossy finished print.

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marketing highlights Social media influencer: Facebook: 3,000+ Likes Daily status updates on BRINK mnagzine fetaures, exclusive imagery, contests, giveaways and more. Twitter: 2,000+ Follows Daily updates on BRINK features, BRINK website features, breaking news, pop culture and more.

Foursquare: Capped at 1,000 Tips, outings and industry indier info on places, people and things.

Can’t wait to get my @BRINKmag with Ed on the front! @EdsheeranOH

Tumblr: 3,000+ Follows Image updates of BRINK features, news and reblogs of BRINK love and affection.

THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTY OF A MAGASINE :) @EdsheeranMega @BRINKmag Is the best cover ever!! IS AWESOME!! We Love @ edsheeran su much! @GlendalovesZayn

Instagram: 8,000+ follows Behind the scenes activity, fans, teams, quotes and daily updates.

If you haven’t go check out @ passengermusic’s Q&A in @ BRINKmag it’s quite enjoyable :) @passenger_fans

Social Media Love Twitter @EdSheeran’s on the cover of @BrinkMag! Check out the magazine cover and read for free @elektrarecords IM BUYING THAT MAGAZINE. @xomaddie8889 Tyra Banks feature on @brinkmag, Awesomesauce!! #cflblogcon @Kiran_

I have to say the article about @ edsheeran in @BRINKmag was well written #enjoyable @loving_teddy Got my @brinkmag with Ed on the cover!!! :D <3 @ RoseSheeranMars This is perfection @EdSheeran @ BrinkMag! @ashohbee @BRINKmag WHERE CAN I BUY THIS MAGAZINE I NEED IT IN MY POSSESION @LittleBirdsWW

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testimonials/ACCOLADES Each month BRINK focuses on a community photographer or designer and gives them the platform to show their work. How phenomenal is that? It truly focuses on talent and culture that is surrounding your neighborhood and most probably include some of your friends.There are also pop culture editorials on TV, film, new media, music, literature, beauty, style and fashion. It is a very fun, interesting read.The very first time I picked up a copy I was like,YES! These people know what’s up.

I feel blessed to be able to share my strength and courage to help motivate and set a tone of understanding when people come from rough beginnings.Thank you so much for giving me another outlet to express myself! BRINK rocks!

BRINK also includes contributor opinions on national and global events featuring articles from London, Scotland, New York and LA. There is a huge world out there and what we do in our community may have inspiration from the other amazing cities in our world so it’s cool to hear the contributor’s opinions.

You made my year with this. I cannot express how happy and flattered I am.

Lisa D’Amato Winner, America’s Next Top Model All Stars I am so beyond excited to share this with the world.

Sally Golan Star of Cinemax original series, The Girls Guide to Depravity

Winner: Best Magazine 2012 TheDailyCity.Com Winner: Favorite Orlando Instagrammer CultreClimax.Com HP Permanent fixture on welcome page of website Eight Front Page Featured Covers Sole magazine featured in web viewer video Featured on front shelf June 2012, February, March, April 2013 Featured cover, October/November 2011 Featured cover, August/September 2011 Featured cover, December 2010 Featured cover, April/May 2011

Colleen Burns Community Manager, 10 | BRINK Magazine 2013 Media Kit Ad Contact:

rate card/sell sheet

At a Glance:

RATES Full Page $1,404 (negotiable) Half Page $702 Double, First Half $1,800 Double, Second Half $1,650 Back Cover $1,700


Ask about special offers. IMAGES Visuals must be CMYK. All text and vector images should be CMYK. All art must be a minimum of 300 dpi. If there is a lot of line art (1-bit images) it is recommended that you deliver art at 600 dpi to prevent pixelation. Remember to keep important information like photo credits etc. away from the bleed or they may get cut off. All fonts should be embedded in your PDF. Don’t include printer marks in your PDF.

Print: New York City newsstands Print: Globally single-copy on demand Tablet: Apple Newsstand (BRINK Magazine app) Online: Digital available Contact: BRINK Magazine PO Box 2731 Orlando, FL 32802 (917) 283-2506

DIMENSIONS SINGLE PAGE SPREAD Trim Size: 8.25” x 10.75” Bleed: Inside 0”, Top .125”, Outside .25”, Bottom .125”

Kyle M Menard Editor in Chief Angie Rumpf Ad Sales Exec

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BRINK Magazine 2013 Media Kit  

The 2013 media kit has arrived. Featuring our six month editorial calendar, demographics, ad specs and much more.

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