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Eco-friendly Printing Combining experience and quality with environmental responsibility


Introduction This booklet aims to explain how Brightsea works sustainably on a daily and long-term basis, by implementing many industry standard measures to help protect our environment. Consumers can actively make a positive difference by buying products that inflict less damage on our planet. Our experienced team are here to help you decide on a solution that is best for both you and the environment.

Brightsea are committed to eco-friendly printing, and have achieved FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFCTM (the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest CertificationTM) certifications. This achievement demonstrates our environmentally conscious outlook, something that all staff have bought into and are very passionate about.

“Here at the Brightsea Print Group we have always been conscious of the impact our industry has on the community and the environment as a whole. We have now transformed our working practices and our approach to all environmental issues.” Managing Director, Mark Commins

Become carbon free with Brightsea! What does this mean? You and your business can become carbon free by choosing to print on eligible products at Brightsea. The carbon emissions made from creating your product can then be offset, through the help of the Forest Carbon Program.

What is the Forest Carbon Program? The Forest Carbon Program supports the creation of new woodlands in the UK for organisations wanting to mitigate the impact of their greenhouse gas emissions. All woodlands created by the Forest Carbon initiative are certified by the UK government and backed by the Woodland Carbon Code.

The forest Carbon Program have planted 7.5 million new trees in the UK since 2006 and removed 2 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.




every trees planted will capture the CO2 of

1.5 tonnes

of paper made.

Receive this certificate for your business when you print with Brightsea.

at no extra cost.

Your business name will be printed here This certificate shows how many kg’s of CO2e have been captured and how many trees have been planted as a result of your print purchase with us Watch this video online to see more! FYVLCXZcIKI

Help your business and help the planet! What are the benefits FOR YOU?

What are the benefits FOR THE PLANET?

• You can use the Forest Carbon logo on your own marketing collateral

• Provides a habitat for biodiversity • Provides recreational space • Reduce of flood risk • Enhanced landscape • Cleaner rivers • Reduce the need for flood defences • Less pollutants in the atmosphere

• Advertise your business as Carbon Free • Demonstrate your commitment to reducing your carbon impact • Enhance your own brand and reputation

Join us on the Forest Carbon programme. It’s a simple way to make a big difference.

How is Brightsea eco-friendly? We recycle as much as possible, including plastic wraps, ink cartridges, wooden pallets, printing plates and excess paper. As well as recycling we also: • Have saved 1,760 litres of chemical waste • Only use (soya-based) vegetable inks on our litho presses • Use recycled and sustainably sourced paper • Have reduced our landfill waste to 0% • Have reduced alcohol levels used on presses by 50% • Have eliminated the need for plate developer • Reduced our transport pollution by 30% • Use sustainable packaging for deliveries • Use FSC® and PEFCTM certified paper • Only order the paper quantities we need

How can Brightsea help your business? We can discuss your requirements and advise the most environmentally responsible way of printing, consulting you throughout the whole process at no extra cost. We can: • Reduce your waste • Advise paper stocks and grades • Gain approval for printing your job from the FSC® and PEFCTM Certification body •C ollect surplus boxes and/or out of date printed material from you, for recycling at Brightsea • Supply you with certified logos to use on your products •S upply your finished product in a PDF format for you to upload onto your own website • Advise on designing to reduce excess paper Please specify at quotation stage if you require an FSC ® or PEFCTM logo printing on your product, then we can tailor the quote to ensure a suitable material is used.

We have an extensive range of certified paper stock available

We have reduced the alcohol levels used on our presses by 50%

Eco-friendly printing at

We recycle all of our litho printing plates and offcuts

We only transport goods when our delivery van is full, and combine deliveries to reduce fuel consumption

All of our ink cartridges are collected and recycled

We recycle all of our plastic and paper waste

We save energy by switching off lights and electronics in rooms that are not in constant use

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on how to print sustainably

Brightsea are proud to be FSCÂŽ and PEFCTM certified

We only use vegetable inks on our litho presses

Our plastic wrap is recyclable and only used when necessary

Our spare wooden palettes all get re-homed to up-cyclers!

We have an extensive range of paper sourced from sustainable forests

Did you know? All of our used aluminium litho printing plates and offcuts are collected from Brightsea, recycled and made back into aluminium rolls and aluminium ingots.

What are the advantages for customers? By producing sustainable print we will help you to reduce your carbon footprint too! There are many other advantages of choosing to print sustainably. As a Brightsea customer you can: • Get the best advice on how to print sustainably • Benefit from placing the FSC® or PEFCTM logo onto your printed items • Green your supply chain We can prove chain of custody from the forest to the printed product • Improve the sustainability of your business • Gain a new angle on sales • Improve brand image • Build a good environmental reputation • Attract new like minded customers •A ttract and retain employees

Brightsea are proud to be FSC® Certified This ensures that the paper we use is sourced from certified mills, originating from well-managed forests.

What is FSC®?

FSC® stands for ‘Forest Stewardship Council®’ and is an independent non-profit organisation which helps to take care of our forests and the people and wildlife that call them home. Brightsea customers are able to use the logo on their printed material, giving the user confidence that the end product has not harmed the world’s forests.

FSC速 Labels What do they mean?

FSC速 100%

FSC速 Mixed Sources

FSC速 Recycled

The wood within the product comes completely from FSC-certified wellmanaged forests.

The wood within the product is from FSC-certified forests, recycled material, or controlled wood.

All the wood or paper in the product comes from reclaimed material.

Brightsea are proud to be PEFC Certified TM

This provides an assurance to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

What is PEFC ? TM

PEFCTM stands for ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’ and is an independent, non-profit organisation which promotes sustainably managed forests. Brightsea customers are able to use the logo on their printed material, giving the end user confidence in the source of the material.

PEFC Labels What do they mean? TM

PEFCTM Cerfified At least 70% of the material is certified or recycled. Any remaining material must be from controlled sources. The overall content of recycled material shall not be higher than 85%.

PEFCTM Recycled At least 70% of the material must be from recycled sources. Any remaining material must be certified or from controlled sources.

We can guarantee your product is entirely made from wood originating from certified forests

Chain of Custody Chain of Custody certification is the unbroken path which products take from the forest to the consumer. It provides evidence that the product originates from certified, well-managed forests and verifies that the raw material used is not mixed with raw material from uncertified forests at any point in the supply chain.

Brightsea is one of a small number of printers in the UK to have achieved Chain of Custody certification.


Log/Paper Mill




Did you know? All of our plastics, used ink cartridges, shrink wrap etc are collected from Brightsea, recycled and made back into building materials such as drainage pipes and guttering.


Q Will this cost me any more money? A No. However, paper costs vary according to selection, please talk to us about paper choices. Q Is there a full range of paper available? A Yes, with more and more papers becoming certified every month. Please contact us for details and swatches. Q Why Brightsea? A Brightsea offers environmentally friendly print solutions as part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility. FSCÂŽ and PEFCTM papers are offered as part of our service to customers at no additional cost. Q Can I have the logos? A Brightsea has to control logo placement and gain final approval before going to print. We send a final PDF to you and whilst this is happening, we gain a quick approval from FSCÂŽ. Q Why should I bother? A End users are reassured that you have considered environmental issues in the production of your printing. This shows your clients that you are environmentally aware.

We’re always on the lookout for more great environmental initiatives to bring into Brightsea! We often find out about new initiatives from our customers and love to look at how we can implement new ideas. If you would like to know more about our commitment to the environment, or if you would like to inquire about our eco-friendly printing service, please contact us and a member of our friendly customer service team will be happy to help. Make the right choice and choose a green and environmentally-friendly company to work with. 01392 360616

Three quarters of UK citizens believe it is important for the products they purchase to have been responsibly sourced. (TNS 2018)

Exceptional print doesn’t have to cost the earth.


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This booklet has been printed on certified paper originating from well-managed forests. Design and illustration by Brightsea Creative, Printed by Brightsea Print Group.