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Residential Sales

To w n & Co u n t r y P ro p e r t i e s S i n c e 1 8 6 5 ESTATE AGENTS, LETTING AGENTS AND CHARTERED SURVEYORS

Yo u r G u i d e t o R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s

Town & Countr y Proper ties Since 1865 We have years of experience in the K ent proper t y mark et. We understand what mak es each proper t y special and we can unlock the secrets of what buyers are look ing for. We are exper ts in proper t y mark eting; bringing clarit y to mark et values and cer taint y to sales progression. Read our recent, verified testimonials on our website to see how our traditional approach to client care delivers a contemporar y, professional ser vice that our clients return to when they are ready to mak e their nex t move. We look for ward to work ing with you. Valuing your proper ty The first step on the road to selling is to have your proper t y valued. One of our exper t valuers will meet with you to assess its condition, location and its place in the mark et.

We will also be listening closely to your needs and expec tations so that we can create a sales strategy shaped to achieve your personal goals for your sale. Our sales team is on hand with their years of experience and exper tise to guide you through ever y step of the sales process, from the initial mark eting, through to completion. Presentation exper tise We will advise you on staging your proper t y most effec tively for photographs. Our sales team use high qualit y digital SLR cameras and for some proper ties we recommend appointing a professional photographer. Your buyer will review these images throughout the sales process so we tak e plent y of care to maximise your proper t y ’s appeal from day one.

ASHWOOD FARMHOUSE, Mill Lane, Preston, Canterbury, CT3 1HG

Yo u r G u i d e t o R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s

Boost your ‘kerb appeal’ Ever y second counts when it comes to generating positive ‘k erb appeal’. A mown lawn and a tidy driveway are just t wo quick fixes that give potential buyers a good first impression of your proper t y. Our sales team will give you the feedback you need to mak e the most of those first vital moments of viewing your proper t y. Putting your proper ty into print We create accurate, attrac tive sales details and brochures that will help your proper t y stand out from the crowd. As well as being the basis for online listings, there are plent y of potential buyers who will love having your proper t y ’s details in their hand instead of on a computer or phone screen.

Plan to succeed Floor plans help buyers to imagine living in your proper t y. When buyers have viewed a number of proper ties, it ’s often the floor plan that enables them to recall proper t y details with greater accurac y. We k now that listings with floor plans attrac t more attention and more viewings than those without. We can also include overall square footage to help international buyers assess which proper ties meet their criteria for viewing.

Yo u r G u i d e t o R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s

An eye for detail As we go through the process of creating your sales details, you will discover that we have an experienced eye for detail and design. We help smooth the path to the mark et including arranging, if necessar y, for an EPC Assessment and the deliver y of a valid Energy Per formance Cer tificate as required by current legislation. Selling by the board Finn’s distinc tive yellow and black For Sale boards capture the attention of passing buyers. They are a sales device that works around the clock to generate online searches and telephone requests for viewings from buyers who just happen to be passing your proper t y. Online promotion We will list your proper t y (photographs, floor plans, location maps and relevant local information) on our website, as well as on R ightmove and other leading proper t y por tals. Your proper t y will be found by the largest mark et possible as soon as it goes live, and because we collate comprehensive, accurate proper t y details, our listings generate genuine interest.

Finn’s network of buyers As a leading, professional estate agenc y, we have established a net work of potential buyers who have ask ed us to suppor t them in finding their nex t home. We have repeated success in matching proper ties to their requirements. We will contac t relevant buyers with details about your home in ways that suit them best, via phone, email or Royal Mail.

Yo u r G u i d e t o R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s

Red Oast COttage Brickfield Road, Barham, Canterbury, Kent

I ntroducing London buyers

Verified buyers

We are members of The Mayfair O ffice, in the hear t of central London, that assists buyers and sellers seek ing to move either within the countr y or overseas. From its Thayer Street premises, The Mayfair O ffice promotes our proper ties to London, national and international buyers and generates editorial coverage in national publications, significantly increasing our print and digital reach.

Prior to ever y viewing, we verify all buyers to ensure that they have the potential to be serious and successful buyers of your proper t y. Tak ing time to identify genuine buyers means that all par ties can move for ward in a shared feeling of trust and confidence in the sales process.

Going live

B y this stage, we hope you will have discovered how much we care about selling your proper t y and you can ask us to conduc t viewings on your behalf from Monday to Sunday. I n our experience, buyers will be direc t and honest in giving us feedback during viewings. This gives us great insight into what they are look ing for and we are always matching buyers to specific proper ties, sometimes even delivering off-mark et proper t y sales.

When you have approved your proper t y details, we move quick ly to launch to the mark et. Buyers are searching for their nex t proper t y at all hours of the day and can respond instantly to seeing your proper t y details go live on our website and leading por tals. We are ready for a prompt response to your proper t y and will be k een to generate early viewing oppor tunities.

Viewing exper tise

I f you prefer to conduc t viewings yourself, we will always follow up with the buyers after wards so that you can be cer tain of how the mark et is responding to your proper t y.


Yo u r G u i d e t o R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s

No stone unturned We are constantly talk ing with vendors and buyers. Ever ything we do, is designed to star t a conversation about buying and selling proper t y from sale boards and internet adver tising to sponsoring events, mailshots and leaflet drops. We love receiving telephone enquiries and word of mouth recommendations. Conversations with other professionals and local businesses in person and on social media always have the potential to lead us to a buyer for our clients’ proper ties. We contac t potential buyers direc tly as well as tak ing calls from those who reach out to us. Experience has taught us to listen closely because ever yone matters. We tak e ever y oppor tunit y to build relationships so that we can deliver the best ser vice possible to our clients. Social media You will find us on Facebook , I nstagram, Twitter and Link edI n talk ing about life in K ent and the homes that we are selling or letting. You can expec t to see us sharing and adver tising details of your proper t y on our social media pages. You are welcome to share our posts to your own net work of friends and family. Just as in real life, our connec tions are genuine, and we look for ward to seeing you online.

High street presence We are proud of our high street offices in Canterbur y and Sandwich. Our offices are in prominent positions and have illuminated window displays showcasing our proper ties for sale. Please call in and meet our team at any stage of the sales process. I t ’s always good to see clients returning to us and discovering we have the same team in place, ready to work with them on their nex t move.

Yo u r G u i d e t o R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s

Suppor t in negotiations Our sales team will give you all the suppor t you need for a successful negotiation strategy. We will pass on all offers that are made on your proper t y and we will give you additional information about the potential buyer so that you can understand the strength of their offer in terms of the mark et and their abilit y to complete on the purchase. Accepting an offer, achieving a sale Accepting an offer is a k ey milestone. Our excellent reputation is earned in suppor ting our vendors through to an exchange of contrac ts and a successful completion as underlined by verified client reviews. The way we identify and resolve issues early on reaps benefits for buyers and sellers, easing your sale to a prompt conclusion.

Our insight and exper tise enables us to k eep your sale moving for ward, speak ing with solicitors, agents and brok ers at ever y link in a chain. We will k eep you fully informed ever y step of the way because we k now good communication is vital to a stress-free move, right up to the moment we hand you the k eys to your new home.

Finn’s Canterbur y Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm Sat: 9am – 4pm Sun: 10am – 4pm Finn’s Sandwich Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm Sat: 9am – 1pm Finn’s St N icholas At Wade Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm

To w n & Co u n t r y P ro p e r t i e s S i n c e 1 8 6 5

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82 Castle Street Canterbury Kent CT1 2QD Sales: 01227 454111 Lettings: 01227 452111 Commercial: 01227 454111 Email:

1-3 King Street Sandwich Kent CT13 9BY Sales: 01304 612147 Lettings: 01304 614471 Commercial: 01304 612147 Email:

The Packhouse, Wantsum Way, St Nicholas at Wade, Kent CT7 0NE Commercial: 01843 848230 Email:

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