BridgeYear's Impact Report 2022-2023

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Collaborating for Change

2022-23 Impact Report

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Letter from the Executive Director




Collaborating for Change


By the Numbers

PART 1: Knowledge 07

Workforce Development Week


Postsecondary Pathways Conference

PART 2: Belief 09

Career Test Drive® Program


Career Accelerators

PART 3: Access 11



Certification Cohort Program


Our Financials & Our Donors

Plumber simulation at a Career Test Drive® Fair

Letter from the Executive Director Dear BridgeYear Community, We truly do more when we work together. To better prepare students for economically stable pathways after high school, BridgeYear collaborated with our district, corporate, and community partners this year to expand our reach, innovate our programs, and provide more comprehensive support to the students we serve. Some highlights include: Expanded employer partnerships through custom-built Career Test Drive® simulations and the creation of Career Accelerator Days which bring students to corporate workplaces to build crucial career ready skills needed for success; The first in-person Postsecondary Pathways Conference, co-hosted by BridgeYear in collaboration with UpSkill Houston (an initiative of the Greater Houston Partnership) which united over 150 educators and workforce training partners to learn of viable career and educational opportunities after high school beyond the four-year degree; Further investments in, including the creation of a partner portal which allows workforce training programs to update their data directly; and A pilot of a Certification Cohort Program with training partners which enabled students to complete a workforce certification to become eligible for employment immediately after high school graduation. Amidst these accomplishments, it is also with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of our co-founder, Victoria Doan, as the organization’s Chief Program Officer. After almost 7 years of leading the organization’s growth, Victoria Doan has stepped down from her staff role at BridgeYear. We are profoundly grateful for her vision that brought together so many of our partners to shape BridgeYear into what it is today and we are fortunate to have Doan continue her involvement as a member of our Board of Directors. As we move forward, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Fabeah Newton as BridgeYear’s new Chief Program Officer. Fabeah brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to our mission. She will continue in the spirit of collaboration in the education and workforce ecosystem, and we are confident in her ability to lead our organization into the future. Over the past 7 years, BridgeYear has been at the forefront of transforming the conversation around postsecondary options and we have been proud to have done so in partnership with so many of our friends and colleagues in this space. We’ve expanded horizons beyond the traditional four-year degree, ensuring that all students are aware of and have access to a variety of opportunities. This work remains vital, and we are incredibly grateful for your continued support. With deep gratitude,

Victoria Chen Co-Founder & Executive Director 2

Introduction Who We Are BridgeYear empowers youth to explore the range of opportunities that exist for economic mobility after high school. By partnering with schools, workforce training programs, corporate partners, and community organizations, BridgeYear helps students find high-growth, in-demand careers that align with their interests and skills. This enables students to graduate with the awareness and career identity needed to forge their path toward success. We elevate careers that provide ample employment opportunities and economic stability without the requirement of a four-year college degree. We believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to education and that multiple options must be made available for students to make informed decisions about their futures. We are committed to helping students discover the many paths to success.

Our Theory of Change Students are able to become economically stable and independent when they have the...


Our Impact This Year Because of our partners and generous supporters, we reached over 13,000 students in the 2022-2023 school year and implemented two new program offerings to help students thrive in their post high school journeys. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and donors for their invaluable support in helping students discover successful careers that do not require a four-year degree. Together, we are equipping students with the knowledge, belief, and access needed for a successful transition into the workforce.


about career opportunities that pay above a living wage


that those career opportunities are within their reach


to training and educational programs needed to start those careers

Our Mission To connect underserved youth to careers and educational pathways that provide economic stability and independence.

Our Vision For all students to graduate high school with a path to gainful employment.


Collaborating for Change At BridgeYear, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with educators, workforce training partners, corporate partners, and community members to achieve our mission of connecting Houston’s youth to high-growth, in-demand careers that do not require a fouryear degree. This year’s theme, “Collaborating for Change,” celebrates the importance of partnerships in driving positive change. Through strategic partnerships with OneGoal Houston and Houston ISD (HISD), we have crafted targeted initiatives to propel underserved students towards rewarding careers. At Carver High School, our partnership with OneGoal Houston provided a Workforce Development Week which gave students access to vital resources and guidance for nonfour-year postsecondary pathways. For HISD, we created Career Accelerator Days that were hosted at the corporate headquarters of Honeywell and The Friedkin Group to build the skills students need

Postsecondary Pathways Conference, co-hosted with UpSkill Houston, Ampersand, and The Ion

MorePathways at a Community Event


to successfully navigate the workforce: resume building, interview skills, and professional communication. Beyond direct student outreach, our collaborative efforts empower other organizations and adults to do more. BridgeYear’s now annual Postsecondary Pathways Conference provides valuable networking and insights for educators and workforce training partners. We also ensure the MorePathways website remains up to date with information on low-cost, short-term workforce training programs and actively participate in community events to introduce others in our community to this valuable resource. Collaborative efforts extend BridgeYear’s reach, creating a ripple effect of impact benefiting even more students. Together with our partners, we are creating more opportunities for Houston’s youth and future workforce.

Career Accelerator Day at The Friedkin Group

Workforce Development Week with OneGoal Houston at Carver HS

By the Numbers


Students served in 2022-23 school year


Corporate Career Test Drive® Partners


Educators reached with resources and training



Districts Reached

Community Events



High School Events

Middle School Events

Student Demographics

80% Qualify for free or


Students of Color 65% 19% 8% 4%

Hispanic or Latino Black/African American White Asian

reduced price lunch

2% Multiracial 1.5% American Indian/ Alaska Native

0.5% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander

73% First generation

college students

Workforce Development Week KNOW about career opportunities that pay above a living wage

For years, the singular focus on four-year college degrees has left students uninformed about the wide range of career opportunities that exist outside this path. As interest in pathways beyond the four-year increases among students, BridgeYear and OneGoal Houston have partnered to provide comprehensive support and resources to help students navigate non-four-year degree pathways toward their desired careers. As a part of our collaborative effort, BridgeYear plays a crucial role in conducting two Workforce Development Weeks each school year. These in-classroom experiences equip students with the KNOWLEDGE and skills to identify and pursue non-four-year opportunities that align with their individual interests and goals. Furthermore, BridgeYear connects students to invaluable resources, including our MorePathways website, and invites local workforce training programs to meet with students. Our programming offers students first hand exposure to diverse career and educational opportunities that do not require a four-year college degree.

Did You Know?

BridgeYear invited The Alliance and Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) during Workforce Development Week to introduce Carver High School students to diverse educational opportunities, empowering them to make more informed decisions about their future postsecondary paths.

Student Spotlight “The guest speakers were beneficial because they provided information that can help us apply for jobs or get our license and I think it’s very useful for us in the long-run mainly because the majority of us are struggling with our personal lives.” - Student from Carver High School

Because of Workforce Development Week, students showed the following changes in beliefs:



(28 Percentage Point Increase) “If I wanted to pursue a shortterm workforce training after high school I know where to start researching and applying.” 7



(18 Percentage Point Increase) “ I am interested in pursuing short-term training after high school graduation.”



(12 Percentage Point Increase) “If I choose to do short-term workforce training, I could work in a career that could provide for my family and me.”


Postsecondary Pathways Conference In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, it is vital that educators have comprehensive knowledge of viable and affordable career pathways that extend beyond a four-year college degree. To address this need, BridgeYear collaborated with UpSkill Houston, Ampersand, and The Ion to host an in-person Postsecondary Pathways Conference. The immersive conference provided educators from the Greater Houston area with a deep understanding of Houston’s dynamic labor market trends and postsecondary credentials that hold significant value in today’s workforce. Through facilitated networking and collaboration, the conference became a catalyst for educators to directly connect with local workforce development trainings, equipping them with the KNOWLEDGE and resources to guide their students towards successful career pathways.

Peter Beard, Senior Vice President for Regional Workforce Development at the Greater Houston Partnership, addresses participants at the conference’s opening session

Impact from the Postsecondary Pathways Conference (2023):

100% 80% 78%

of Training Partners responded, “After attending PPC 2023, I have a network of K-12 educators and/or youth serving organizations I can connect with to recruit for my training programs.” of Conference Attendees responded, “I have a strong understanding of existing and emerging pathways into the workforce after attending PPC 2023.” of Educators & Navigators responded, “After attending PPC 2023, I have a network of short-term workforce training providers I can connect my students/clients to.”

Attendee Spotlight “The opening session was very informative to learn about growing industries in Houston and the breakout sessions were great for a deep dive into a concrete pathway for development.” - Anonymous Attendee

Of the 164 Attendees... 4% K-12 Educator


(Workforce) Nonprofit




Community/ Unknown (K-12) Nonprofit


Higher Education/ Foundation Corporate Representative 8

Career Test Drive® Program Many students have limited exposure to opportunities that help them define their personal career goals. Recognizing this gap, BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive® Program is vital for students to assess their career fit and personal interests. Our hands-on Career Test Drive® modules give students the opportunity to delve into high-growth, in-demand career pathways that do not require a traditional four-year degree. By offering meaningful experiences aligned with industry demands, we instill a BELIEF in students that there are diverse and rewarding career options beyond the conventional four-year degree.

BELIEVE career opportunities are within reach

Of students who participated in a Career Test Drive® Fair...

Did You Know? BridgeYear partnered with experts at Gulf States Toyota to introduce the new brake simulation within the auto technician module in the Fall 2022 semester. This innovative simulation gives students the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge in automotive mechanics while addressing the industry’s need for skilled professionals and opening doors to rewarding careers.

Hear from a College Advisor Joy Maguire, Westside High School 9

93% 92%

indicated they had a positive attitude towards one or more of the presented careers.


indicated that they had a high interest in pursuing one of the presented careers. This percentage underscores the vital role of career exploration, revealing both interests and non-interests for a more informed career decision-making process.

indicated they were confident in their ability to do well in careers with training.

In the 2022-23 academic year, students explored the following career paths: Automotive Technician Customer Service Representative Electrician Health Information Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician Network Technician Pharmacy Technician Phlebotomist Plumber

“The Career Test Drive® Fair is a great opportunity for students to get hands-on experiences to feel for whether these careers are a match for them or not. We see that kids tend to be more experiential and visual, so if they can actually do the things that their job would include, then it’s going to help them get to the right career.”


Career Accelerators Employability skills play a critical role in securing meaningful employment. To provide students relevant instruction and practice in employability skills, BridgeYear invited students to Career Accelerators, which are immersive miniconference events designed exclusively for graduating seniors interested in short-term training programs or two-year postsecondary options. Hosted at the corporate headquarters of The Friedkin Group and Honeywell, Career Accelerators offered students a unique platform to develop essential soft skills, gain exposure to real-world work environments, and foster a BELIEF in their own potential. Through interactive sessions that included a mock interview with industry professionals, resume writing, and professional communications, students were given the foundation for the soft skills needed to thrive in their chosen careers.

Volunteers from Honeywell conduct mock interviews with students at Career Accelerators

Student Spotlight Of students who attended a Career Accelerator...


indicated they were aware of pathways to secure an entry-level career with the company or within the industry.


indicated they learned about potential workforce development pathways that they can take after high school.


indicated they felt more prepared to pursue their career and/or academic plans after high school graduation.

“The mock interview wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. The two people I talked to were very nice and gave me good feedback after we were done with my interview! ... Now I feel like I can answer questions a lot better when asked ‘tell me about yourself’ thanks to the tips they gave me.” - Student from Wisdom High School


Certification Cohort Program ACCESS training and educational programs needed to start a career

Unlike colleges, workforce certification training programs have widely variable recruitment processes, applications, and enrollment timelines that can be difficult for a recent high school graduate to navigate. In response, BridgeYear addresses this ACCESS gap through its Certification Cohorts Program. By partnering with local workforce training programs, BridgeYear provides students with free and accessible certification training opportunities immediately after high school graduation. BridgeYear staff work with training program providers to secure spots for students and recruit students directly while they are still in high school to support them through the application and interview processes. Students then enter into these programs alongside their peers with shared goals to embark on successful careers.

ry Sto ght hli Hig

Meet Jamarius Burns Jamarius embarked on his journey during a Spring 2023 Career Accelerator at Honeywell, where he connected with Texas Technical Trade (TTT) School, a valued partner in our Certification Cohort Program. He eagerly joined their summer cohort upon graduating from Worthing High School. Jamarius’s unwavering passion for hands-on work was evident as he completed his electrician training at TTT School and shared, “I really enjoy the hands-on work I get to do!” The supportive cohort environment, alongside his peers, fostered a positive and enriching learning experience. Notably, within a week of completing the program, Jamarius secured employment in his chosen field, showcasing the real-world impact of his determination and the Certification Cohort Program.

Students were able to join a Certification Cohort Program with the following partners: CNA Program EKG/Telemetry Program CNA and Phlebotomy Program

Of students who enrolled in a Certification Cohort Program...


of students who completed a training passed the state exams to receive their respective certifications.


completed a training program. The other 13% are actively participating in a training.


of students who completed a training are either employed or continued their education within 1 month of completion.

EKG/Telemetry Program

Electrician Program 11


MorePathways, a BridgeYear website, serves as a comprehensive solution designed to provide equitable ACCESS to low-cost, short-term career training programs. Prior to the launch of MorePathways, students frequently relied on word-of-mouth referrals or Google searches to research workforce certification opportunities. BridgeYear gathers and publicizes data from workforce training partners across the Greater Houston area on MorePathways to ensure students have access to a diverse range of quality options. Programs are vetted for affordability as well as certification and employment outcomes.

Did You Know? The BridgeYear team participated in 20 community events to spread awareness of the resources and benefits offered by MorePathways, engaging with over 775 individuals that included...

School-Based Educators Community-Based Educators Students and/or Youth (13-24) Adult Learners (25+)

Hear from a Senior CTE Program Specialist Caroline Barbosa, Houston ISD

Between July 2022 to June 2023, MorePathways saw...


Training sessions posted to the website

2,500+ 3,900+ Views of training sessions posted to the website

Unique visitors to the MorePathways website

“It’s almost seems too good to be true! I often advise my students to use this resource because they can complete a program for a low-cost or for free and walk away with a certificate in just a few weeks or months. Especially for my students who are not sure whether they want to enter a two or four-year college, or are just not ready to take that big step, MorePathways is a great opportunity to enter a short-term program and to begin preparing for the workforce.”


Our Financials

Our Donors

FY 2022-2023


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated donors. Your generous contributions help BridgeYear connect students to high-growth, in-demand careers. Together, we’re making a meaningful difference in the educational landscape and unlocking the potential of our future workforce.

Anonymous Bank of America Charitable Foundation The Friedkin Group General Motors Jerry C. Dearing Family Foundation Phillips 66 Powell Foundation

$50,000+ ConocoPhillips John and Laura Arnold Memorial Hermann Health Systems Stanley Black & Decker The William Stamps Farish Fund


Corporate Service Fees Foundation




Programs Management & General Fundraising



Anonymous CenterPoint Energy Foundation Dawn & Robert Hawley Family Fund Janet Clark TDECU








Capital One CenterPoint Energy Foundation The Clayton Fund EQT Foundation H-E-B Posey-Glickert Foundation River Pines Fund Whalley Foundation

9% 11%


$5,000+ Bradley & Kimberly Dennison CRC Family Charitable Foundation George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation JP Morgan Chase Karen Arnold Quorum Software The Tapeats Fund Tony & Stephanie Duran Union Pacific Foundation

$2,000+ American First National Bank Champ Warren Christine & Minh Tran Harry S. & Isabel C. Cameron Foundation Henry Niles Foundation James C. & Teresa K. Day Foundation Jonathan Luk Stephanie Langenstein Stephanie Larsen Sumitomo Veronica Frederick

$1,000+ Bryant & Lauren Black Georgia Hsieh Joe Greenberg Kao Family Charitable Fund Karen & Joe Kelley Kimberly Sterling Leslie A Schmidt Nicole Chen & Tate Tabtieng Rachael Morgan Virginia Clark

$500+ Andrew Pohly Ann Srubar Anne Hurwitz Audrey & Keith Glickert Carlee & Jon Morgan Carolyn Watson Chen Joseph Family Diana Dao Diana Dao Realty LLC Didi Garza & Peter McLaughlin Douglas Perley Isham Khan & Mira Shah Jennifer & Chris Laporte Family Fund Jiha Ko & Cathleen Chang Karen Fowler Kate & Steve Fowler Kaitlin Necas Kiona Meade Lisa Marre Madeleine Slator Megan Steckly Mollie & Andrew Steele Sarah & Craig Stone

Sarah & Rebecca Adams Selman Family Foundation Victor Mondragón

$1-$499 Albert Wei Alex Ruchte Alicia Vasquez Alison and Luke Caldarera Allyssa Abacan Andrew Steele Anonymous Ashley Willett August Hamilton Avery Bullock Baiba and Charlie Gillard Barbara Mills Ben & Hilary Gibson Benefit Concepts, Inc. Bevyn Howard Bradley Hamilton Carlos Perrett Caroline Doan & Stanley Lo Cecilia Nguyen Christine LaFollette Cindy Dinh & Thao Nguyen Dana Sutton Daniel Marin Danielle & Justin Amoah Donald Thinschmidt Elizabeth Harrison Elizabeth Shafer Emily Haines Evan Wildstein Freddy Guerra Frost Murphy Gail Garza Geoffrey K Walker Grace Kim Gwynn Goble Helen Leeke Hoang Lan Le Imicuk Loyuk Jakira Lewis James Gregory Jasmine Kavazovich Jenna Laird Jennifer Doan Jennifer Necas Josephine Smith Karen Twitchell

Kathryn Boehme Kelly Guynns Ken and Tracy Janda Kenneth Thompson Kevin & Linda Kevin McLaughlin Lee Chen Hwung & Hong-Lin Chen Lena Silva Lili Chen Lindsey Mikael Lisa Pilkington Louise Symmes Luna Nguyen & Peter Pham Mariela Poleo Mark McMeans Meggan Walsh Melissa Mauter Mollie Steele Monika Spoor Nancy Manderson Nina Masterson Patty Williams Downs Regina Romano Shalonda Stephenson Sharon Chasteen Stephanie Nguyen Steve Doan Suzanne Le Twyla Scott Victoria Chen and Victoria Doan Vivian & Jonathan Browalski Wendy Bart


3414 Eastside St. Houston, TX 77098

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