BridgeYear 2021-2022 Impact Report

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bryant Black Victoria Chen Victoria Doan Tony Duran

Kate Fowler Veronica Frederick August Hamilton Dawn Hawley

STAFF Jessica Chavez Advising Manager Victoria Chen Co-Founder & Executive Director Victoria Doan Co-Founder & Chief Program Officer Allena Grant Program Coordinator Natalie Gomez Program Coordinator Marvelyne Lamy Advising Manager Evelyn Melgar Program Manager Carlee Morgan Strategy and Operations Director Tyler Rogers Program Coordinator Mel Seymour Program Manager Jocelyne Trevino Marketing and Communications Coordinator Alicia Vasquez Senior Program Manager Whitney Weathersby Director of Program Success Tanita Wiley Advising Manager

AN UPDATE FROM THE CO-FOUNDERS September 2022 Dear BridgeYear Friends, We’ve had yet another year of great change, uncertainty, and growth! This year we saw dramatic disruptions to education and overall economic uncertainty, both of which disproportionately affected low-income communities and youth of color. A report by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board found that for every 100 eighth-graders in 2008-2009 in the Houston region, only 23 earned a degree or credential by the time they were 25 years old. By focusing on those opportunities that do not require a four-year degree, BridgeYear is championing a more inclusive approach to supporting all students after high school to put them on a path to economic mobility. This past year, we’ve had much to celebrate. We were able to: • • • •

Restart our signature in-person Career Test Drive® program in 33 schools; Expand our advising services with more holistic support to 124 students and provide resources to advisors in partnership with Houston Independent School District; Launch, a community resource which highlights affordable workforce training programs that lead to real jobs in the Houston economy; Grow our team from 8 to 14 employees to meet the growing needs of our community.

At BridgeYear, we have remained steadfast in our mission to connect underserved youth to careers and educational opportunities that provide economic mobility and financial independence. BridgeYear’s success has been possible thanks to our supporters and hardworking staff. We are grateful to our philanthropic, corporate, and educational partners who share the passion and commitment of our mission. Stable employment leads to individual well-being and enhances overall community development and economic growth. With your support of BridgeYear, we are working together to provide long-lasting opportunities for young people in our greater Houston community. Thank you for your continued support,

Victoria Chen Executive Director

Victoria Doan Chief Program Officer

2021-2022 MISSION AND VISION....................3 CAREER TEST DRIVE® PROGRAM....5 ADVISING PROGRAM.....................7 MOREPATHWAYS.ORG.................9 WHO WE SERVE.............................11 THANK YOU & FINANCIALS............13

MISSION BridgeYear’s mission is to connect underserved youth to careers and educational pathways that provide economic stability and independence.

VISION Our vision is for all students to graduate high school with a path to stable employment.


BridgeYear | Knowledge, Access, & Belief

OUR THEORY OF CHANGE When students: 1) have the knowledge about careers that pay above a living wage; 2) have the belief that they will be successful in their chosen career pathway; and 3) have access to the training and education needed to start their career journeys, they can achieve economic stability and independence.

At BridgeYear, we help students discover the many pathways to success through our three distinct programs grounded in our Theory of Change.


Career Test Drive® Program

Provides students with the knowledge about available career and educational pathways through engaging and immersive simulations


Advising Program

Equips students with the belief that they have viable career and postsecondary opportunities after high school


Gives students access to workforce training programs, filtered to assess specific eligibility criteria and requirements

2021-22Impact ImpactReport Report

5 4

CAREER TEST DRIVE® PROGRAM Our Career Test Drive® Program reimagines career exploration by providing students with hands-on simulations in various high-growth, high-demand careers. Our dynamic program allows students to explore their interests and skills while learning about successful career pathways that require less than a four-year degree. BridgeYear returned to schools in Spring 2022 for inperson facilitation with students.


BridgeYear | Knowledge, Career Test Drive® Access,Program & Belief

Hands-On Simulation As an example, students who participate in the Phlebotomist simulation prepare their patient, identify the proper tests to run from a requisition form, and draw a total of four quality blood samples.

Non 4-Year Pathways

Industry-Aligned Careers

BridgeYear focuses on careers attainable without a four-year degree that pay above living wage, offer upward career trajectories, and are in-demand by employers.

BridgeYear uses workforce data and direct partnerships with employers to expose youth to in-demand careers, strengthening the labor market and helping students pursue successful career opportunities.

Career Test Drive® Program Impact

86% 6

of students stated that they have a better understanding of their career interests after participating in a Career Test Drive® experience.

.................................. Career Test Drive® modules available for students to try-out.

Auto Technician




Medical Lab Technician

Web Developer



students participated in a Career Test Drive® experience in the 2021-2022 School Year.



of students believe the career is a “good career” after completing the Career Test Drive® experience.

I am interested in being an EMT so I chose this station because it deals with medical needs that I would need to be aware of. This experience is proving to me that I am not grossed out by bodily fluids and could really help a patient in need!

— Student, Northside High School 2021-22Impact ImpactReport Report


ENHANCED ADVISING PROGRAM This year, BridgeYear expanded its Advising services to include its original direct service model, as well as a comprehensive “Train the Trainer” model, piloted in partnership with HISD. Following high school graduation, BridgeYear Advisors continue to provide postsecondary enrollment and persistence support for students.

Direct Student Support BridgeYear Advisors met with high school seniors weekly to help them: • • •

Identify careers and training programs suited to their interests Apply for the BridgeYear-HISD Scholarship Apply for “fast-track” workforce training programs to be employed in the Fall

Advising Impact


Train-the-Trainer Model BridgeYear Advisors provided school-based staff with resources for students interested in workforce or community college pathways.


BridgeYear | Knowledge, Enhanced Advising Access,Program & Belief

Class of 2022 Houston ISD Graduates were selected to receive

the BridgeYear-HISD $500 Scholarship to pursue an education at Houston Community College. The scholarship is applicable for one of the following:

Chatting with a BridgeYear Student Tell me about yourself. Sure! My name is Michelle, I’m from Houston, and I am a Class of 2022 graduate from Chavez High School.


How did you learn about BridgeYear?

A BridgeYear Advisor [Jessica Chavez] came to my school and pulled me out of class. She asked me what my plans were for after graduation and then introduced me to the advising program. Beause I am not a school person, the main thing that got my attention was when she told me that training programs don’t take as much time as a university might and I was convinced to be a part of the BridgeYear Advising Program.


How often did you meet with your advisor and what resources did you receive? Ms. Chavez and I met once a week. I learned about how many paths I can choose from, which career(s) fit me best, and which programs take the longest. Ms. Chavez also used to show me how to find the length of a certain pathway, the cost, and how long the drive was from my house to the program. That was all very impressive and important to me in helping me make a decision about what I do after high school.

The BridgeYear Five

Students across


Continuing Education

five Houston ISD campuses

received direct advising from one of our BridgeYear Advisors, including:

Chavez High School Houston MSTC High School

Kashmere High School Madison High School Sterling High School



Associate’s Degree



workforce-bound high school students across the five campuses had an interaction with a BridgeYear Advisor

2021-22Impact ImpactReport Report

9 8

INTRODUCING MOREPATHWAYS.ORG Launched in February 2022, (powered by BridgeYear), is a public database free for the community. Featuring careers and Houston-area workforce training programs vetted for their affordability and employment outcomes, is a direct avenue to connect individuals to opportunities.

Visitors can evaluate training programs using filters based on cost, training length, and location. Each individual program displays eligibility requirements, outcomes, and application steps.

10 9

Website visitors can create a free profile that allows them to save favorite training programs or careers, schedule a meeting with a BridgeYear Advisor, and access applications.

BridgeYear | Knowledge, Introducing Access, & Belief

Visitors can search for careers requiring less than a four-year degree based on interest, activity level, industry, entry-level pay, training requirements, and work environment.

The Development of WINTER 2020 FALL 2019

Needs Identified BridgeYear and community leaders came together to identify a common need: a resource that lists up-to-date shortterm training programs.

An Idea is Formed BridgeYear determined the best way to share information is in the form of a public website that would be accessible to students, counselors, and the community at large.


Conducted Interviews

BridgeYear interviewed direct stakeholders - students and counselors - to understand what key features needed to be included in the website. Impact

2,000+ 200

FALL 2021

Website Drafted The website was designed to optimize what users most desired - the ability to filter based on training costs, program length, eligibility requirements, and more.

SPRING 2022 Goes Live!

Visitors can now find affordable training programs and careers all in one place (available on desktop and mobile).

unique website visitors in the first 6 months of launch

......................................... training programs posted to date,

featuring careers in the following fields:



Education and Health Services

Oil and Gas

Leisure and Hospitality

Information Technology

Professional Professionaland and BusinessServices Services Business Trade, Trade,Utilities, Utilities & Transportation Transportation



of user accounts on are current high school students

2021-22Impact ImpactReport Report

10 11



BridgeYear’s target student population is from underserved communities. Our Career Test Drive® experiences, Advising services, and help students build career awareness, form career identities, and mitigate enrollment barriers to postsecondary success.


83% of students receive free or reduced lunch (FRPL).

58% Hispanic / Latino

76% of students are firstgeneration college students.

American 10% White

98% of schools are Title 1 Schools.

23% Black / African


5% Asian 2% American Indian / Alaska Native 2% Multiracial

52% Male


46% Female 2% Non-Binary/

Gender Fluid/ Gender Queer

OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH HOUSTON ISD In the 2021-2022 school year, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) selected 19 high schools to participate in BridgeYear programming. These schools were selected to improve lower postsecondary enrollment rates as a result of the pandemic. Through the partnership, the schools received a Career Test Drive® experience, additional Advising services, and staff training on In addition, BridgeYear launched a scholarship for HISD Class of 2022 high school graduates attending Houston Community College.

12 11

BridgeYear | Knowledge, Who We Serve Access, & Belief



BridgeYear provided 41 Career Test Drive® experiences across the Greater Houston community, serving schools and community-based organizations targeting underserved populations.

Eisenhower High School

Eisenhower 9th Grade Campus

Patrick Henry Middle School

North Forest High School

Houston Academy Scarborough High School Northbrook High School

Sam Houston MSTC High School

MC Williams Middle School

Booker T. Washington High School

Waltrip High School

Wisdom High School

Kashmere High School

Northside High School Urban Enrichment Institute

Wesley Community Center

Wheatley High School

Lamar High School

Harmony Science Academy Houston

YES Prep Gulfton Secondary Jane Long Academy

Milby High School

Austin High School

Yates High School

Cesar Chavez High School Hartman Middle School

Sharpstown High School Westbury High School

Edison Middle School

Worthing High School Sterling High School Madison High School

ADDITIONAL U.S. LOCATIONS SERVED BridgeYear provided materials and curriculum for teacher-led Career Test Drive® experiences across the United States.

• • • • •

Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Creswell, OR Dallas, TX

• • • • •

Denver, CO Homer, AK Lake Charles, LA Lubbock, TX Shreveport, LA

1. Brazoswood High School (Brazosport ISD) 2. Campo High School (El Campo ISD) 3. Clear Springs High School (Clear Creek ISD) 4. Collaborative Learning Center (Pasadena ISD) 5. Deer Park High School South Campus (Deer Park ISD) 6. Dulles High School (Fort Bend ISD) 7. Cypress Ridge High School (CypressFairbanks ISD) 8. Education Support Complex (Katy ISD) 9. The Guthrie Center (Spring Branch ISD) 10. Klein High School (Klein ISD) 11. Klein Instruction Center (Klein ISD) 12. Klein Multipurpose Center (Klein ISD) 13. Memorial Parkway Elementary (Katy ISD) 14. Northside Elementary (El Campo ISD) 15. Taylor High School (Katy ISD) 16. T.H. Rogers School (Houston ISD)

2021-22Impact ImpactReport Report

12 13

THANK YOU $100,000+

The Cullen Foundation The Friedkin Group / Gulf States Toyota General Motors The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Powell Foundation


Bank of America Charitable Foundation CenterPoint Energy Foundation Honeywell Jerry C. Dearing Family Foundation The William Stamps Farish Fund

$25,000-$49,999 Karen Arnold KKR Covid Response Fund


Albert & Ethel Herstein Charitable Foundation Capital One The Clayton Fund Community Ventures Dawn & Robert Hawley Family Fund H-E-B Janet Clark Lynn DesPrez Posey-Glickert Foundation River and Pines Fund Texas Instruments Foundation VELA Education Fund



American First National Bank Champ Warren Christine and Minh Tran Claudia Vassar Dave, Cathy & Meredith Bouchein Edith H. and C. Hastings Johnson Family Fund Georgia Hsieh Hurwitz-Kucera Fund Jonathan Luk Joseph Kelley Nicole Chen Project 88 Foundation Rachael Morgan Stephanie Langenstein Stephanie Larsen Veronica Frederick YenTung Luan


Alan Carniol August and Liz Hamilton Barbara Bennett Ostdiek Bryant and Lauren Black Cathleen Chang and Jiha Ko Chen Joseph Family Dana Sutton Danielle Brown Duc Nguyen Karen Fowler Kate and Stephen Fowler Matt Bosch Steve Doan

George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Harry S. & Isabel C. Cameron Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase The Tapeats Fund Union Pacific Foundation

14 13


BridgeYear | Knowledge, Thank You &Access, Financials & Belief

$250-$499 Barrett Sides The Boston Consulting Group Caroline Doan and Stanley Lo Catherine Wu Eric Yen Honglin Chen and Lee Chen Hwung Imicuk Loyuk Kathleen Li Lisa Pilkington Mark McMeans Monika Spoor Sharon Lester Sidney Dilgren Victoria Chen and Victoria Doan


Albert Wei Alicia Vasquez Ashley Willett Baiba Gillard Barbara and Brad Howard Barbara Schaffer Brenda Sheets Brett Primack Cindy Dinh and Thao Nguyen Danielle and Justin Amoah Dariana Resendez David Nguyen Diane Swan Elizabeth Harrison Emily Haines Emily Todd Emma Oliver Evan Wildstein Gerui Li Huy Mai and Suzanne Le James and Mary Doan

FINANCIALS Jean Chen Jennifer Doan and Joseph Bedell Jill Brlansky Jonathon Thiessen Kerry Incavo Kevin McLaughlin Kim Sheets Laura and Hannah Paynebinder Li Li Chen Lucas Sheets Luna Nguyen and Peter Pham Lynne Bealke Margaret Sherrod Mark Rafail Matt Gerlach Melissa Mauter Merin Guthrie Mira Shah and Isham Khan Paul-Renaud Raymond Raphael Gang Tony Jetwatana Tung-Mei Pan and Tai-Chun Pan Tyson Stewart Vivian and Jonathan Browalski Vivian Gallegos Vivian Lin William Porter Yanin Morgan

BridgeYear is grateful to all of our supporters who make our mission possible. Through your gracious donations, we were able to connect underserved youth to affordable, successful career and educational pathways.





Corporate Fees


Service Fees


Individual Donors





Management & General



2021-22Impact ImpactReport Report

15 14

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