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Trend Funnel: ZONE 1 TREND IDENTITY TREND ONE: COMPUTERIZED GRAPHICS - Stripes - Pattern - Print - Digital - Floral - Screen printing - Navaho - Technology - “Brand specific” socialmedia - Computer generated - More risky consumer - Fashion forward - Edgy


- Delicate - Feminine - Light weight - Embroidery - Lace - Silk - Beading - Add-ons - Studs - Chiffon - For safer consumer

Trend Funnel: ZONE 2 TREND DRIVERS STORES WITH IN-STORE HANGOUT: The merging of shop and hangout has been becoming a bigger necessity for today’s shopper. As a trend forecaster, it is important to be able to notice developments such as this. CELEBRITIES/ STYLE ICONS (INNOVATORS): Most consumers look to celebrities and style icons for style advice/ inspiration. When these trendsetters are seen wearing Joe Fresh, the public will want to wear the trend and make it their own. MEDIA (SOCIAL AND PUBLISHED): Print and digital adds/ social media platforms will act as another way of exposing Joe Fresh to the consumer. POLITICS AND CULTURAL AWARENESS: Being a company that is politically aware will keep us up to date as a company and also aware of any social/ cultural news or changes. VISUALS AND MARKETING: Relaying brand message and making it clear to the public. PRICE AND COMPETITORS: Knowing how our competitors are pricing their merchandise will affect ours and also being sure the customer is getting what they paid for. TECHNOLOGY: The fashion world is becoming more and more influenced by technology and to stay on trend we believe it would be smart to hop on.


The company’s primary consumer ranges from mid twenties to early forties in age. The target consumer has evolved and the company now also attracts a younger, urban demographic as they have opened stand-alone locations with a lot of foot traffic. Young working men and women are another group that the brand targets. These career driven young men and women have busy schedules and since they are perhaps just starting off in their career, they may be frugal in terms of what they spend their money on. They also care about looking good on a daily basis. Joe Fresh is able to meet their needs in order to dress them well, at a low price, quickly. Joe Fresh offers H&M prices, with the service of Trader Joes, and the clean look and aesthetic of an Apple store.

Trend Funnel: ZONE 4 ASPIRATIONAL TOUCH POINTS Who does Joe Fresh want to be like?

What does Joe Fresh want to be thought of as?

- J. Crew - Club Monaco - GAP - C Wonder - Zara - American Apparel

- - -

Stylish and affordable Minimal and basic Business/ casual


Trend Funnel: ZONE 5 TREND LOCATION Where is the computerized graphics trend happening?

New York Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Tokyo Fashion Week

Trend Funnel: ZONE 6 BRAND/ PRODUCT/ RETAIL OPPORTUNITIES OFFENSIVE TREND: the computerized graphics trend still appeals to Innovators but will in the medium to long term because a viable product that can be used to target consumers over the next 2-5 years. Brand/ product concept: Young Professionals Concept description: “Reboot. Start Fresh. “ More focused summary of the target consumer group: The young professionals are effortlessly stylish and ready for fresh new look. They are technologically savvy and up to date with all things new and happening in fashion, politics, and culture.

Custom Fresh Print Gallery Samples

Product opportunities: Atlanta and Chicago exclusive “Custom Fresh” shop. The two new Joe Fresh locations will each have their own Custom Fresh shop for women. There will be a separate in-store shop where the customer will be able to go and create their own custom Joe Fresh tank top or tee shirt. Via iPads, the customer will be able to access the Custom Fresh Labs by tapping on our Joe Fresh ap. They will then choose from our library of digital prints and customize their tank top or tee shirt using our exclusive Joe Fresh color library. Once customized, the customer will be able to check out with a near by JF sales associate. Their customized JF tee or tank will be delivered to them within 5-7 business days. The prints in the Custom Fresh shop library are only accessible through the in store Custom Fresh shop and ap.

Amanda Al-Mahdi Bridget Walsh Chantelle Fandino Christhea Amanda Christine Fredericks Jenna Lefkoff


Joe Fresh Trend Funnel  

Joe Fresh Trend Funnel

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