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Dan Payne Interview

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The Iconic Rebel

On the Cover Dan Payne Photography/Styling Jason Vrolijk Assistant Shaun Fletcher Shirt $12.00 Walmart Jeans $21.99 Target

Letter from Editor Welcome to Hollywood. Steal this Look You can look like a star. Hollywood Romance Keeping warm this winter. Creating Fashion History These t.v. shows are responsible. Hollywood Blvd. Leslie Lopez reports. 10 Steps to being an Actor Helpful hints to land that role. Most Stylish Female Celebrity Classically modern. Most Stylisht Male Celebrity Bringing Sexy Back. Style Remix Silver Screen Siren edition. Interview with Dan Payne He tells all. 7 Stylish Questions with Dan Payne Dan on his style etc. Tracy N Africa Follow her journey. The Iconic Rebel Hollywood’s bad boy is back. Cover Model Year Book A look back at the past year. In & Out Boots edition.

Letter from the Editor


elcome to our “Hollywood Issue!” I can’t believe this issue is number twelve for us. It has been one amazing year. A lot has happened for Bridget Marie Magazine in such a short time. A fashion show, a window display, I’m even starting to meet strangers that have heard of us. This Magazine would not be possible without the genius knowledge of our Web Master Miguel Ocampo. He litterally brings my imagination to life month after month. His belief and dedication to Bridget Marie is an inspiration all in itself. Thank you Miguel!

To Joe Lyman, Rickie Bocanegra, Melissa Ulloa, Jennifer Veal and all the models... Thank you for your time, your commitment and your energy. Most of you I hardley knew but now I feel I have friends for life. Thank you to all of you readers out there because of you Bridget Marie lives on! Jason Vrolijk Editor-inChief


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So you want to be an actor? Step 1: Learn How to Act

By Phil Brennon/

Acting is first and foremost a craft. The best of the Hollywood actors understand this and no matt how far they have come in their careers, they are constantly looking to improve upon their craft. They take classes, work with acting and dialogue coaches, they study life experiences, etc.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location

New York and Los Angeles are where most of the casting directors work and live. So, many of the shows that are shot in Canada or other cities within the U.S. are still cast in LA or New York. So, ev though you don't necessarily need to move here, keep in mind that it is where most of the action

Step 3: Be Willing to do What it Takes

You must take the time to master your craft. If that means sacrificing a relationship or a few friend ships along the way, so be it. I know that sounds rather harsh, but acting is not a 9-5 job by any stretch.

Step 4: Commit Yourself

The best actors are those who are willing to let themselves be 100% consumed by the role they a playing. They physically become the person they portray.

Step 5: Be Nice

Hollywood is all about helping those you know because they might one day be in a position to h you as well. So, you need to remember this steadfast rule -- be nice to everyone. From agents' as tants to fellow cast members to whomever you meet in Hollywood. Remember, that assistant you treated poorly two years ago might one day become a casting director, film producer, talent agent or whatever. And trust me, they'll remember those who stomped on their toes on their way up the ladder.

Step 6: Focus On The Craft -- Not the Agent

Agents are a necessary evil, but they do not make you or break you (as much as they like to thin they do). As many actors will attest, simply because they have a powerful agent does not guara tee their success.

Step 7: Take Some Improv

Beyond a crisis situation, improv is one of the few styles of acting where you have absolute freed to discover what things you're good at, and which things could use some work.

Step 8: Know Your Range, Then Break Through It

Initially, it's somewhat important to find a range that works for you. It helps people (meaning, casting directors) know who you are and often when you're starting out, it's those memories that you paid work. But that doesn't mean you stop developing as an actor. Use the character traits you've discovered to get yourself working. But continue to learn new facets of your person.

Step 9: Be Persistent

The trick is, you have to get out there. Meet people and let them know what you are doing. It's absolutely essential to your success.

Step 10: Have Patience

Rare is the true "overnight success." Sure, there are those actors that seem completely unknown o day, only to dominate the limelight the next. But the reality is that there were years of hard work and preparation that led them to that "sudden discovery."

ter .

e ven n is.


If any agent makes you pay for their services up front than don't walk, RUN away from these guys. Legitimate talent agents only get paid when they get jobs for their clients. After all, what incentive do they have to find you a job if you've already given them their share in advance? No matter what they try to tell you, or however they try to validate charging you up front (e.g., personalized service, guaranteed jobs, headshots, etc.), do not under any circumstances pay these individuals a cent.

Brady Gallardo



help ssisu


nk an-


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t get

Shaun Fletcher


Bridget Marie Magazine’s Most Stylish Female Celebrity


Whether Katie is Walking do red carpet she always looks simple yet classic. From h not following the trend,

Congradulations Katie Holmes f first ever “Most Stylish Fem

y of 2010


own a sidewalk or the s amazing. Her style is head to toe Katie is , she is the trend!

for being Bridget Marie’s male Celebrity.�


With his classic tast Timberlake know and bad-boy in j comes inspiring m “S

Congradulations first ever “Mos

Bridget Marie Magazine’s Most Stylish Male Celebrity of 2010


te but modern punch Justin ws how to mix professional just the right way. When it menswear he really did bring Sexy Back.”

J.T. for being Bridget Marie’s st Stylish Male Celebrity.”

STYLE REMIX “Hollywood Edition” Kristen Shelby is a fan of Bridget Marie Magazine and emailed us asking if we can turn her into someone from “Old Hollywood.” So we did. Using a dress that cost $2.00 from Rewear Warehouse and some pearls that were $3.00 from L.A.’s fashion district we were able to transform her on a budget. Once the wig came on she morphed into a classic starlet.


Photography & Styling Jason Vrolijk Assistant Shaun Fletcher

Shirt $12.00 Walmart Jeans $21.99 Target

Dan Payne Interview

“You control your destiny if you are always willing to get up one mor How did you get into acting?

Fell face first! ...sort of! I had been an athlete for quite a while and enjoyed playing in front of crowds but that career ran it's course ...ok, ok, my body quit wanting the punishment! At any rate, I called my brother in Australia and we decided to fulfill our childhood dream of making movies together. The road took some turns but began there. Before taking me all the way home via a 5 year stop in London, England. Hmmmm, that didn't really answer the question did it! I fell--on purpose.

When you are no

I would be hangin lot as well as play in who has more fun! playing hockey! ...

Tell us where you

Is this a 'birds and b ahead to being bo British Columbia, C

Can you tell us what we might have seen you in?

I am currently filming an amazing web series called Divine. There is a Hallmark movie called 'A Family Thanksgiving' playing right now that I did with Faye Dunaway and Daphne Zuniga. I recently did a movie called Mulligans which I am very proud of, which can be seen on movie channels or rented from a Blockbuster type thing.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

It would be hard to pick just one person! My family has always been there. My wife, brother, sister and parents! They have been amazing at helping eachother find success in whatever it is we are pursuing. I also have a brilliant circle of friends who are always there for me!

If you can co-star with anyone who would it be and why?

That is a tough call... I would be honored to work with Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Connelly... each of them seems to honor the craft and give everything to their work. As far as comedy, I would love to work with Ryan Reynolds and have the chance to work with my best friend Dave Coulier. They all seem to have a self awareness that allows them to be confident and humble all at the same time.

Where do you liv

After visiting and liv am very happy to

What is the best

To be a part of the in stories that are n playing pretend/m

What is the wors

Sometime, only som away from your fam

What do you thin

Hmmmm, I am not hollywood’. There much towards the gain fame and cel and who's to say w crazy society dema

“It is an amazing feeling to have people support wh

re time than they knock you down.”

ot on set what would we find you doing?

ng out with my wife and son! We go swimming a n this great big indoor playground... I'm not sure ! And if I am not with them, I would probably be .yup, I am addicted to that sport.

u are originally from.

bees' type originally or?!--I'm just going to skip orn in Victoria on Vancouver Island in beautiful Canada.

ve now?

ving in many beautiful places around the world, I call Vancouver “home”.

part of being an actor?

e creative process and try to reveal universal truths not my real life... I think kids call it - pretend! It is make believe on a massive scale for adults!

st part of being an actor?

metimes, there are long hours and long periods mily.

nk of “young hollywood” today?

t sure if we are talking about the same 'young are those whom, I feel, are leaning a little too fame and celebrity versus the reasons why you lebrity... but there is unbelievable talent there-whether that fame hunger isn't a by-product of our anding it!!!

hat you do.” continued ---->

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Interview continued

Many of your roles involve intense costumes an you handle hours in the makeup chair and the Fortunately, from the get-go, I have been with the top names in prosthetics and ma makes the ordeal less of an ordeal from t result has always made the effort to get t would love to say I suffer for the art but I w punch myself in the mouth and the truth a different part of the industry that I get to many don't! I love to work! You were also a regular on Stargate: Atlantis how did you go about getting that? I started on SG-1 by simply going through the audition process. Through the roles and hard work I put in I built the relationships that got me more work on Atlantis. Have you ever had a crazy fan? I have had ...very enthusiastic fans! ...I’ll leave it at that! ;) How does it feel to have an actual “ Dan Payne Fan Club?” In a word: surreal! It is an amazing feeling to have people support what you do on that scale and follow your career with such passion and kindness. How can you not love it!?

In the Indie movie “Mulligans” you play Natha husband and father that is battling with his sex mance was amazing. What made you decide to serious role? First of all, thank you. I am very proud of t one of the first characters I had been offe awesome character arc! The obstacles N deal with and the depth that character p such an opportunity for an actor to take

nd makeup. How do heat of the costumes? n blessed to work ake-up which the outset. The end there worthwhile... I would have to is--I kinda like it! It is o experience that

What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now? Teaching my son how to play hockey! What advice do you have for anyone that is pursuing their dream? You control your destiny. As long as you are always willing to get up one more time then they knock you down. Hollywood decides to make a movie of your life, what should the title be? Buckle Up and Live Large!

Dan in costume Photos courtesy of

an Davidson, a xuality. Your perforo take on such a

that film. It was ered that had an Nathan had to possessed were on.

Shoes Dan’s own Jeans $24.99 Old Navy T-shirt $7.00 Ross Hat $14.99 H&M

“Live every moment to the fullest and leave a legacy of love behind!” -Dan Payne

We ask Dan what some of his favorites are. Movie- Legends of the Fall Song- At the moment 'I Gave You All' Mumford and Sons Actor and Actress- Johnny Depp and Jennifer Connelly Ice cream flavor- Chocolate! Television Show- Modern Family Quote- 'Live, Laugh, Love' - not sure who said it but it is on my wall amidst photos of family and friends! Book- The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo Place- Home! If I am away from home I love the coast of Far North Queensland Australia! Dan says the first thing that comes to mind when he hears the following words. Lindsey Lohan- sex tape Mulligans- sequel Muppets- Animal Baby- boy Love- life Hate- be gone Hollywood- bound Fame- the song ...I wanna live forever...I wanna learn how to fly- FAME! Bridget Marie Magazine- rockstar

For more on Dan Payane go to Describe your style in 3 words Ask my wife! What is the one thing in your wardrobe you can’t seem to get rid of? T-shirts with goofy sayings on them like 'Department of Redundancy Department' Where do you find your clothes? In my wife's shopping bags...sad but true! Boxers or Briefs? Boxer briefs! What is something that every man should have in this closet? An escape tunnel. Just Kidding, the perfect suit because you can always afford to look sharp! Oh, and your Team Canada jersey! What does Dan Payne sleep in? Have you heard of the movie 'Free Willy? Kidding - boxer briefs!


When is the last time you wore a tuxedo? My awesome friend Dave got married recently and I was honored to be his best man!

Stylish Questions with...


Tracy N Africa One woman’s journey to following her passion

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hanging with the kids I am sitting at the Watoto Wa Baraka with Beatrice, Joyce, Erick, Simon, and Albert. We finished dinner about 9:00pm and are now playing on the computer. Beatrice is 14 yrs old, and wants to work with computers as well as run her own orphanage. She hopes to take care of HUNDREDS of kids who are vulnerable and in need. She prays to God that all the kids at WWB have food, love and peace. She also prays for internally displaced persons who were misplaced during post-election violence. Erick is a staff member of the orphanage who works in the field for the sponsored kids of WWB. He does school and home visitation to find out what the children need. Most kids live in the village but he still has to walk 10 to 15 miles a day. Simon is a crazy silly boy who doesn't know if is 10, 11, 12 or 13 years old. He can't remember :) Simon wants to be a sweeper when he grows - up, which is good because he sweeps everyday at the orphanage. Just now he changed his mind and wants to be a pilot. Now he wants to be a football player. He has a lot of decisions to make! Even though it is past their bed time, the kids are still watching football. Well everyone but Simon, he is still sweeping! The kids say hello and GOOD MORNING! God Bless all of you and we send this message with much love. Tracy, Beatrice, Simon Erick

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Bridget Marie Magazine December 2010  
Bridget Marie Magazine December 2010  

Dan Payne lends us his classic charm in our Hollywood Issue!