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Kyle Brown, Executive Director

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding from all of us at the Kern County Bridal Association. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the exciting world of wedding planning in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. All of us at the Association look forward to helping you plan your dream wedding with the care and attention you deserve. In that spirit, we present The Wedding Book 2009, your local resource for wedding information. Kern County Bridal Association members created this book especially for brides and grooms in our area, so all of the information is specific to Kern County. Since our first edition in 1995, The Wedding Book has been dedicated to providing FREE information for couples in Bakersfield, Arvin, Delano, Shafter, Taft, Tehachapi and Wasco areas. Each section of the book contains tips and advice from our members, who will be excited to assist you with your wedding needs. At the back of the book there is a section (pages 58-66) with the names and contact information of participating members to use as a quick reference. We encourage you to contact these elite wedding professionals for more information on their products and services. If there's something you need that you haven't found in The Wedding Book, please feel free to contact the Association for information at (661) 633-9200. Register as a "VIB", Very Important Bride, for free at for the latest wedding news and invitations to special members-only events. There is no cost to register, and you will be removed from the list after your wedding. Brides may also register by telephone by calling (661) 633-9200; or 1-866-My-Wedding. We also invite you to attend the Association's upcoming bridal shows, including:

Platinum Weddings at Seven Oaks Country Club April 26,2009 from llam-3pm

Fairytale Bridal Event, Marriott at the Convention Center October 18,2009 from 12noon-3pm

Weddings 2010, January 31, 2010 at the Fairgrounds Wedding 5cok 2009 - Page 3

CaRfornia Highway (PatroCman 's Cfu6 of%ern County "TJie 420 Cfu6%^l


^-< 3910 jACfredHarretfHighway (RakersfieU, CJl 93308 (Perfectfor your smaller weddings ^parties

(661)871-5750 up to 250 people.

ItaCian Heritage (Dante Jfatf • • • • •

Capacity 215 inside /1,000 outside Complete Banquet Facilites Outdoor pavilion Tables / Chairs Kitchen

661-831-0867 *FullBar 4415 Wifson <Rpad

Have your wedding dreams come to life at the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will make your day not only special, but memorable. Call us today to reserve your Dream Experience.

Contact our Wedding Specialist


The Links at Overtakes (Ranch 'Your wedding day is a special moment in time, when everything has to be perfect and no detaiC forgotten. 'We wiClensure that your wedding day wiCCbe everything you've dreamed of. CaCt Cathy at

661-587-3801 5201 Overtakes (Drive, (BahersfieCd Wedding 5ook 2009 - «sl0

What is included in the price the of rental? How many guests will fit comfortably? Are there dressing areas available? Does the clergy come with the facility, or do we provide our own? Are there restrictions? Can we rehearse here? Is there an extra fee? Where are the parking areas? Will a staff person be here on my Wedding Day? How much time is allowed for set-up? Who is responsible for clean-up? How much time is allowed? Are there specific areas to use for photographs? Are there any restrictions on decorating, where photographs are allowed, use of sound system and/or musical instruments, etc.? How close is the ceremony site to the reception? Wedding 5cok 2009 - Page 11

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MยงouMttitokmakuttkllmj)tk5ik Many of these questions have been covered under the Ceremony sedion, but if you are moving from one sits to another, jou'fl need to be sure and ask about the Following: What is included in the price of the rental? Ask specifically about tables, chairs, linens, decorations, tableware, serving dishes, staff, dance floor, lights, etc. What are the menu or catering options? If food is not included, is there a kitchen or food preparation area? What equipment is available for my use? How much time is allowed for set-up and clean-up, and who is responsible? When can I allow my wedding professionals (cake, dj, etc.) to set up? Are there any requirements for insurance, sound permits, security officers, etc.? Are there any restrictions on alcohol? Do we need to provide a bartender? Where are the parking areas? Will they accommodate the limousine? Will a staff person be available on site during my wedding? What hours? Wedding 5cok 2009 - Page 13

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Halle Stars' Personal Wedding


661-343-1106 Wedding Book 2009 - Page 16


MENfWRAR Mon-Fri 12-6, Saturday 11-5, Sun by appt. only

I Brands include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and many more.

$ 2 5 . 0 0 off each tux rental and a FREE tie and vest upgrade when you book 3 months prior to wedding date. F R E E G r o o m ' s tUX rental with 6 paid rentals.



The experts agree that you can never start shopping too early for the perfect gown, but going out unprepared can leave you frustrated and dress-free right down to the wire. Here are some tips on avoiding the pitfalls and making your shopping experience easy and (almost) stress-free.

Start shopping early in the planning process. You don't have to venture out to the local bridal salon right away, but leaf through some magazines and search online to find styles that interest you. Order at least 6 months before the wedding. Bring along 1-2 trusted confidants who will give you an honest opinion about what looks best on you. Take into consideration the bridal consultant's advice, but temper that with the judgement of those who know you best. Don'tshop whenyou're tired or stressed out Be well-rested for your shopping trips, and if you get overwhelmed, take a break. You'll make better decisions. Bring along a digital camera to take pictures of the dresses you like so you can print them and keep them in a file with prices, and share them with people who may not be with you on every trip. This also helps with shopping for the best prices. Take anything you've already decided to wear with you. If you're definitely wearing your gramdmother's lucky pearls, you won't want to discover they clash with your dress just as you're putting it on. Set a budget with about $300 extra for alterations. If you don't need significant alterations, or they aren't that expesnive, you'll have a little cushion for accessories. Ask about the options for length, colors, necklines, sleeves, back and more. The bridal consultants are familiar with the product lines and the skills of the seamstress. Don't get discouraged - have fun! It can take awhile to find the perfect gown, but once you fall in love with it, there will be no other! Wedding Book 2009 - Page 19

We've got Stock! Register today and try on the tuxedo of your dreams. You will be impressed with our designer labels and personal service.

From 99 South Exit Stockdale Hwy East onStockdale

Brundage Ln.

Stockdale Hwy

From 99 North ExitWible East on Brundage

Groom's Tuxedo/Free Free shoes rental for everyone on 6 or more paid rentals ($250 value)





» - *

322-2306 • 2409 Brundage Lane Wedding Book 2009 - Page 20

That beautiful bridal gown will only look as sharp as the tuxedo beside it! Shopping for the guys is as important as picking therightdresses, but lucky for you it's a whole lot easier. Dead on fortipsfromKern County's suit and tuxedo experts for everything you'll need to know about finding the right look for the men in your wedding. Keep it local. Find someone in your area that has adequate stock to choose from. For the groom, be prepared to try on different styles to find what looks best with the bride's dress, then move on to the groomsmen, keeping the bridesmaids' color and style of dress in mindGet fitted early. Correct measurements are critical to the tuxedo's fit. Out-of-town groomsmen must befitted accurately as well - even if it means an extra trip. The tuxedos should be selected 2-3 months before to solve any last-minute fitting issues. Accessories count. Complete the look by ordering shoes, shirt studs and even cuff links to match. Order dress socks to match and include an extra pair or two just in case someone shows up with white ones, especially for the little guys. Assign someone with return duties if you're leaving for the honeymoon right after the wedding. He can return the groom's tux and follow up with the groomsmen.



Som«restrictionsapply. $ • • or store foi details. Wedding 5ook 2009 -


Shopping for attire that will keep the bride and her attendants happy is no small feat The dresses need to have something in common to be consistent with the wedding style and color; while the bridesmaids themselves may have veiy different body types, skin tones and personal preferences. Finding the perfect dresses requires a delicate balance between the bride's vision and the bridesmaids' tastes and budgets, but it IS possible. Begin with some research and the input of a single bridesmaid, usually the Maid (or Matron) of Honor, as soon as you've decided on your gown and the basic color scheme. Start with magazines, catalogs and the internet to get some ideas. Decide what's most important to you and be flexible on other details. Is it color or style that matters the most? Some brides opt for bridesmaids in different colors of the same style, creating a rainbow effect. Others keep the color consistent, but allow the style to vary. Another option is a gradient color approach, starting with one color and extending in graduating shades; i.e., the bridal gown in cream, maid of honor in champagne, and bridesmaids in gradually darker shades of taupe. Be very, very clear on your preferences. What is appropriately modest to one girl may be embarassing to another, particularly if they are different ages and body types. If you're allowing the bridesmaids to pick their own style, decide early what styles are accceptable; from strapless to full length sleeve and everything in between; floor length to mid-thigh. See the dress before they buy it. Choose a single salon and/or dress manufacturer to keep colors and/or styles consistent. What is "celedon"green to one may be a "celery" to another; or worse, the colors could completely clash with one another. Consider two-piece dresses to add some future-use flexibility for the bridesmaids. The top of a formal dress could be used later with pants for dressy party attire. The skirt could be paired with a more casual top for work. Consider the weather conditions and choose lighter fabrics for summer and shrugs or shawls for winter warmth. Be mindful of bridesmaids' budgets. Not everyone is financially prepared for a "27 Dresses" lifestyle. Try to keep the dresses and accessories to about $300 or less. If you think even that could create a financial strain, consider giving the bridesmaids their shoes, jewelry or accessory items as a thank-you gift. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 22

The Bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, so be sure to start early to make the best presentation! Skin takes 28 days to rejuvenate itself; and about 8 weeks to show visible signs of improvement from skin care and anti-aging products. Plan to start a healthy regimen 3-6 months before the wedding, including: Facial Care. For normal skin, cleanse and moisturize twice a day and exfoliate to remove dead skins cells once a week. Consult your skin care professional regarding facial peels or more aggressive tactics for any skin problems. Hair. Plan to meet with your stylist 3 months before the wedding to start working on your hair's health, style and color. Don't forget the impact your diet has on healthy skin and hair. Eat vitamin-rich foods with lots of fruit and vegetables and be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hands & Feet. The hands with those beautiful new rings will be the focus of lots of attention. Moisturize after showering and after EVERY time you wash your hands. Remember that your feet will only be under that dress for part of the time can bet those toes are going to be visible! Exfoliate rough, dry skin at least once a week, and moisturize twice a day. Put aside the flip-flops and wear socks with lots of moisturizer underneath, especially when you go to bed at night. Hire Professional help. Consult a beauty professional for product advice and schedule appointments as necessary using the time tables on the next page. Weddins Book 2009 - Page 23

fishily Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup Artist



Skin Care & Beauty by Kelley Allen Independent Sales Director


Every Bride's Advocate For Beauty That is more than skin deep

§588-5880 t- ^—X~~^

/'"l 4 /f~\


s'— yc~\

9l£k<&ieautmd..\ Me ty/e<w. IJk *-S y VJ^

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EUROP Wedding Book 2009 - Page 24


Written with the contributions of Keasha Brickell, Bridal Indulgence Carleen Forsythe, Hair by Carleen Kelley Allen, Mary Kay Independent Consultant

6 Months to a More Beautiful fou 6 months before the wedding - reserve stylist and makeup artist with deposit. 4 months before - schedule a consultation to discuss hairstyle and color. 3 months before - start coloring hair as desired for the wedding. 8-12 weeks before - decide on your skin care regimen and purchase products, including sunless tanning product, which can affect your foundation color. 6 weeks before - schedule hair stylist appointment for cut and color. 4 weeks before - schedule trial run of hairstyle, and bring along the headpiece. Schedule manicure and pedicue appointments for entire Wedding Party. 3 weeks before - schedule glamour appointment and discuss makeup application and touchup techniques. Purchase additional products as necessary. 1-2 weeks before - schedule waxing appointments to give your skin adequate time to calm down before the wedding. 1 week before - schedule final trial run of hair and makeup before the wedding. Have stylist touch up color or cut, if needed.

Hair Extensions Color, Cuts, Highlights Eyebrow Shaping Over tfr 1jearS

Bride Plus Five Others

Bride Plus Two Others |



$130 ÂŁLC/\ Oftl ^ 0 7 f l O O X %iJ\J X *Z)Z* I \J

Wedding Book 2009 - Page 25


* GUERRERO* *Event Planning and Catering Service* *Just a phone call away for all your party needs*

"Our Mission is Your SATISFACTION"

Sample food from our catering experts at Kern County Bridal Association Bridal Shows For a complete list of shows, visit us online at at Wedding Book 2009 - Page 26

Start with the facility to find out if the meal is part of the rental package. If so, you can focus just on the food and serving options. If not, you'll need to do some research of independent caterers as soon as possible. Research your options and establish a budget per person. If you're having kids at the reception, ask about children's meals which may be offered at a discount. Ask family, friends and other wedding professionals for referrals. Find out who people are recommending, and why. Call potential caterers and set appointments for tasting the foods you are interested in serving. If the facility is providing the caterer, set up an appointment to taste the menu options that are available in your budget. Once you've made your decision, get the details in writing in the contract. Be sure the contract outlines all of the details clearly, including price and what's included.

Catering InterviewQuestions 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.)

Given the time of day and style of the wedding, what menu would you suggest? Do you specialize in any particular foods? Can we serve a personalized special dish, like a family favorite? What are the serving options (buffet vs seated); and is there a price difference? How many events do you do in the same day, and who will be assigned to mine? What is included in your price? What is extra and how much is it? a) Do you supply linens, chafing dishes, plates, silverware, glasses, etc.? b) Do you decorate the serving tables? Are there different options? c) How many servers are included, and what will they wear? d) Is there a corkage fee if we bring our own wine or champagne? e) Is there a cake-cutting fee? f) Is the gratuity included? If not, how much is it and when is it due? 7.) Do you have a children's menu? How much is it? 8.) When do you need the retainer? Is it deducted from the total? 9.) When is the final guest count due? 10.) Are staff plates included for photographer, dj, etc.? 11.) What are your hours? Is there an overtime rate if the reception runs longer? 12.) How much time do you need for set-up and clean-up? 13.) Do you have all the necessary health permits & food service licenses? 14.) Do you have a liquor license? If so, what does it cover? 15.) Do you have any pictures of your work? 16.) Do you have a list of professional references I can check? Wedding Book 2009 - Page 28



OH ...

The professional bartender does more than create wonderful cocktails, and it costs less than you think. Beverage service benefits can include:




ionrEÂŤY coui

Photograph courtesy of J. Andrew Photography

A more sophisticated look for your reception, regardless of location. Even the most casual backyard party looks better with uniformed staff serving beverages. Control over who is served, and how much is consumed. Bar staff will make sure the guests are of age, and cut off anyone who's had more than enough to drink A more enjoyable experience for guests with more drink variety and less work. An easier party for the Bride & Groom. You and your families can relax, knowing that everything is in the hands of more-than-competent professionals.

Providing A Professional Mobile Bar Service "Serving Spirits Responsibly" yijK^vJB

Professional Rar Professional Bartenders

J It


czzg bwjfd I T" |-SB| '

Manuel Gutierrez Bartender

Cocktail & Banquet Servers Bar Equipment Rental Full Bar Setup Margarita Machines Theme Bars Liquor License Liability Insurance

1 -877-356-6854

Wedding Book 2009 - Page 29

Office 661 -398-0319 Cell 661-301-4681

Photograph courtesy of Xpressions by Michelle

Your Wedding Cake is one of the most special desserts you will ever eat Whether you choose a traditional tiered cake, or a colorful and elaborate approach, you'll need to speak "cake" to the bakery. Here are the terms: Fondant is the smooth icing pictured above, laying flat over the top of a cake. It can be cut in shapes and layered (see above) or accented by other decorations, such as marzipan fruits and flowers. It retains its shape even in warm temperatures. Buttercream is the traditional icing. It is easily colored and flavored, adding to the depth of its taste. It can be used in basketweave design, bows, swags, dots, lattice, and flower shapes. Buttercream icing needs to be refrigerated, but it can be placed beneath a layer of fondant to avoid melting. Ganache is a chocolate and cream combination frequently used as a filling. Cake fillings can be made of fruit (lemon, raspberry, orange), flavored with ganache for chocolate, whipped cream, or another layer washing in a liquor. Marzipan is an Italian paste made of almonds, egg whites and sugar. It can be used as a filling, icing, or be made into decorative shapes like fruits and flowers. Be careful of weather conditions, particularly heat and humidity, which can affect the cake. Delivery and set-up should be included to avoid possible mishaps. Purchase decorations and accessory items, such as cake topper, additional flowers, napkins, and cake knife and server set for the cake table. Be sure to reserve an extra round table and linen specifically for the cake. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 30

Dentals can be an easy and stress-free way to reduce expenses while upgrading the decor. Most rental companies have optional set-up and teardown fees in the delivery price, which eases the strain on family members. Examples of party rentals could include: Tableware - Tables, chairs, table cloths, linen napkins, plates, glasses and silverware Food & Beverage Items - Chafing dishes, cake stands, champagne fountains, coffee makers, margarita machines, pitchers, platters, waiter trays, beverage service, etc. Decorations - Centerpieces, candleabras, dance and patio lights, trees, guest book stands, arches, umbrellas, etc. Weather Managers - Shade tents, fans, misters, heaters, etc. Other Equipment - Stages, dance floors, lighting, tents, bar & beverage service, podiums, PA systems, fog machine, bubble machine, confetti shooter, gazebos and even trash cans can be rented. Find out if you can rent before buying anything you don't want to keep forever. Make arrangements directly with the rental company to have the extra convenience of one company delivering and picking up everything at once. Wedding 5cok 2009 - Page 31




EVENT From weddings to special events, Walker-Lewis Rents has all your event needs covered! Be the toast of the town at your next event with Walker-Lewis Rents' cadre of event equipment.



Contact us today to start planning

the perfect


(661) 831 R E N T 4501 Ride Street, Bakersfield, California 93313 Wedding Book 2009 - Page 32

"Prcrfessicina/ Ssrvids. uiiith a Pe.rSonaJ "Touch" Of



P/70& â&#x2013; >Qt6y?i




661-472-1269 Wedding 5ook 2009 - Page 34

faMw fbsk0klii0Pkt(if(ipkfci'yMiiiยง Choosing the person who will capture and preserve the memories of your Wedding Day for a lifetime is a very important decision. The photographs are something you will look back on forever, and they have to live up to the magic of the day. The person you select has to be able to capture all those special moments while blending seamlessly with you and your guests. Here are tips on how to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding. Discover and develop your style. Art is subjective, meaning that beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder. What kind of wedding photograph style interests you? Look online at wedding albums to start, and see if anyone's work really resonates with you. Visit the photographer's booths at Wedding and Bridal Shows to get an idea of their general style and specialties without feeling pressured to commit. Make some phone calls. While you can't see anything on the phone, you can get an idea of the personalities and professionalism of the firm. It's also in your best interest to find out if they even have your date available before going any further. Keep in mind that the photographer will be as close to you as your family and friends during the wedding, so evaluate if you're comfortable over the phone first. Schedule consultation appointments with the Top 3-5 from your research. Look at complete wedding albums (not just a highlight here and there) to get a feel for how their style might match your expectations. Be sure to bring your fiance to these appointments so you can discuss it together. Set an informed photography budget. Yes, the budget is way down on this list and there is a very good reason for that: how much it costs should not be the first consideration in choosing the right wedding photographer. There are no second chances for photos - they either happen or they don't. The budget is always a concern, but there are other ways to approach that bottom line. Consider how to afford the photographer you want rather than hope that someone who costs less will understand how to please you. If the person you like the most is a little pricey, ask about how you might break it down into easier-to-afford pieces. Perhaps that beautiful wedding album could be a Rantastic First Anniversary Gift to each other if you can't afford it before the wedding. Finally, make a commitment and reserve your photographer with a deposit. Your photographer should be reserved at least 8-12 months in advance to ensure availability. Booking early also locks in the contract price, even if the rates go up before your wedding. Wedding 5ook 2009 - Page 35

Offering ' aomormt T




-TlML lNTLr(NATJ^IAL AWARP flfilftiU f£Vf PLACt 2 0 0 S






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Wedding Book 2009 - Page 36


OmsekKgk Photograph Photography is a highly specialized professional field. Asking the right questions during the interview will help you understand the details and make informed decisions. Don't be afraid to ask - there are no stupid questions. Here is a list to get you started on the interviews. How long have you been In business? Who will be assigned to my wedding? Will it be one photographer or a team? Can I see that person's work specifically? When can I meetwith them? What different packages do you offer, and what Is Included? Make sure the number of proofs, prints, hours and staff are clearly identified along with the cost. Do you Include an engagement session? If so, when should that be scheduled? What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backup cameras, lights, etc., in case something doesn't work correctly on the Wedding Day? How long will It take for me to receive proofs? How will you show me the pictures to choose from, i.e. an online gallery, electronic, physical proofs, etc.? Am I allowed to keep a copy of all my photos? If it's not included, but you really want them, ask how much more it would be to have a copy for yourself. What kind of policy do you have if my date changes? Considering my venue, do you have any ideas on where photographs will be taken? If your wedding location doesn't have everything you want, ask about where else the photographer would like to shoot, when, and about how long it will take. Wedding 5cok 2009 - Page 37

Wedding Book 2009 - Page 38


mmmmml Your Wedding Day can last forever with a great Wedding Video! Videography is an art form, and nothing can replace the unique expertise of a professional videographer. It takes skill behind the camera, of course, to recognize and record the moments that create your memories. But it takes an even greater degree of talent in the editing room to save the best footage and then enhance it. Under the trained professional, what starts out as 2-6 hours of a wedding in real-time is transformed. Those key moments combined with words and music become a feature film that will be most-watched movie of your lives. When interviewing, ask about the equipment, staff assigned, hours covered and how long it will take to receive the video after the wedding. Keep in mind that a copy of the wedding video is a great thank-you gift. A DVD is large enough to hold a video and tons of pictures. Some videographers offer a photo montage as part of their packages, or may be able to include copies of your photos along with the video when it's duplicated, so ask for details.

Wedding Book 2009 - Page 39

You deserve a Fabulous


Wedding Day C oordination Package starts at $400. Call today ror your complimentary consultation. We specialize in Fabulous!

Tara Fernandez 661.


Coordinators or Bridal Consultants offer premium services before, during and even after the wedding that save busy brides time, money and stress. Before the wedding, coordinators offer the advice and experience that comes from planning many weddings. They know where to find the best products and services, and are often able to get things at a discount. They can be a personal shopper and a trusted advocate, putting the bride's wishes above all others. Their unique expertise allows them to anticipate possible pitfalls and avoid them, saving valuable time and alleviating stress. A Coordinator is PRICELESS on the Wedding Day. There are so many wedding details to oversee; and the bride, groom and their families should get to enjoy the day without worrying about them. The coordinator steps in and takes over as Project Manager, making sure deliveries arrive as scheduled, decorating is on time and according to your vision, and all the professionals are in place. With a coordinator, even your tiniest needs are anticipated and met accordingly; from as simple as handing out bottles of water in the dressing room, to as complicated as as replacing a key member of the wedding team if disaster strikes. After the wedding the coordinator makes sure the accessories and guest book are safely secured, the gifts are loaded into the proper vehicles, the disposable cameras at the reception are collected for developing, and all the guests are escorted safely to their vehicles or taxis, if needed. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 41

Let Exquisite Concierge orchestrate a symphony of vision and create one of the most memorable events of your life. * Assist you with setting up your personalized wedding website * Accompany you to view locations for your ceremony and reception. * Create a personalized calendar to keep you on track throughout the planning stages. * Assist in vendor selection and negotiations to fit your budget. * Create ideas that will personalize your wedding day. * Organize the rehearsal ceremony and dinner. * Provide our exclusive Wedding Day Concierge Services so that you don't lift a finger - except to toast!

Wedding Book 2009 - Page 42

Written with contribution* by Melissa Jolley, row Seasons Lacey Carter, Uniquely Chic

Flowers add color, fragrance and celebration to the wedding. From the aisle to the bouquet, the cake to the centerpieces, and everything in between, you have endless possibilities in floral expressions.

Big, Bold Colors and gem tones are in for Spring and Summer; green, purple and bright blue. Fall colors for this year are vibrant reds and oranges. Winter will will include seasonal reds, classic black and white combinations, and electric blues, greens and purples. Bring on the Bling in 2009 by adding jewelry. Try accenting with an antique-style broach to add a vintage look. Include bold costume jewelry in the decorations. Add small crystals, or diamantes, to the center of the flowers; or decorate the hand-wrap of your bouquet with a string of diamonds or pearls. Bejeweled Manzanita Branches are a hot new trend for weddings, bringing color and light to centerpieces and buffet tables. For added warmth, try adding votive candles, always in fire-safe votive cups, hanging from the branches. Festive feathers are a light and airy addition to bouquets and floral arrangements. They are available in almost any color regardless of the season, making it easy to add an accent color. It's a wrap! Finish offhand-wrapped bouquets with satin, ribbon and jewelry to complete your look.

Remember to book your florist at least 6 months or more before the wedding to ensure availability.

Sponsored by Four Seasons Floral and Design 661.472.4251 Uniquely Chic Florist Boutique 661.588.7997

Weddins Book 2009 - Pase 43

Save-the-Date a card or magnet sent 9 months or more in advance. Always includes names, dates, city and state with the notation "invitation to follow." Never includes time. Wedding Invitation the main stationery item sent 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Deception a card or folder that holds reception details. Not needed if ceremony and reception are at the same time and location, replaced by "reception to follow" on the wedding invitation. Desponse card or folder for confirmation ofguest's attendance that always includes the RSVP date. May also contain menu choices. Enclosure includes envelopes for return. Announceflient sent immediately following the wedding to those that did not attend. Used in place of invitations for private ceremonies, or for extended family unable to travel. Always includes date and city/state, but never includes time and location name. Thank You note sent 2-6 weeks after the wedding to guests, as well as to anyone else who sent a gift.

Send I Love


Q Wm ippi it! wยง %JMI\ i i


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TrbH!** <iiTr IrTr!)

How easy is that? SendOutCards will make your wedding a truly enjoyable experience and save you HOURS of time writing, stuffing, licking, addressing, and mailing your cards. (661)215-2901 Weddins Book 2009 - Page 44

I^v0i±€/ COWA/ Qjt M




Wedding & Social Invitations

tee531H Street Bafeasfidd Ca. 93304

(GGI)633-9222 ww.Weddin$nvitatioas.Be

Save~the~Dates Photograph Invitations Pockets & Self-Mailers Recycled & Plantables Original Artwork Custom Designs

Mention The Wedding Book for 50 Free Personalized Napkins plus 25-Free Invitations when you order 50 or more. A."

1 *&<^^-f£e~ Wedding Book 2009 - Pi

Mtyhrjfcft Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the wedding, so plan to order 3-4 months prior to allow time to address and mail them. Get Started by counting the number of addresses on your invite list. A general rule is that one address equals 2 or more guests, depending on whether or not you're including children. Order 25 more than you thinkyou'll need so thatyou'll have enough for returned mail and unanticipated invitation requests. If you have to order more invitations later, you'll start over at the beginning - including all the set-up fees. Wording. Traditional wording rules apply on written stationery. For example, before the wedding the bride's name is always before the groom's; but after the wedding it switches to Mr. and Mrs. new-last-name. If you don't know, don't be afraid to ask the invitation consultant for help; particularly if you have a delicate issue like divorced and/or remarried parents or children to include.

2009 Invitation Trends Beautiful, bold colors are the trend in papers and inks. Spring colors feature bright looks with seasonal favorites like apple green and tangerine. Fall will focus on warm coffee shades including mocha, cappuccino, caramel and latte. Winter whites and classic gem colors will round out the 2009 season; i.e., formal black and white combinations, or electric blue paired with extravagant amethyst. Innovative Envelopes are very hot this year. Pocket designs and self-mailers, where the invitation is enclosed in a bright folding envelope finished with a seal, are the most popular designs of the season. Going Green with eco-friendly papers is a big hit for the earth-conscious bride; replacing standard paper with 100% recycled paper and accenting the tables with plantable guest favors. This year, plantable favors include traditional seed packets and pressed-seed papers that can be personalized with ink and later planted into flower beds by your guests. Opulent layers never go out of style! Translucent overlays, ribbon ties, innovative clasps and beaded mettalic cords make an ecclectic fashion statement. Jeweled invitations are also in, creating a vintage look. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 47


Written with contributions by Amanda A/ala, OccasionOgraphy LceAnn Drown, 25-Free Invitations

Personalized favors are great for the guest tables, but they can also be used throughout the wedding to express yourself with style! Personalized ribbon is available with your names and dates to use on favors and floral arrangements. Candy and cake boxes with names and date make sweet treats. Try a tealight wrap to give guests a warm reminder of your special day. Wrap bottles of water for the dressing rooms to keep the wedding party and parents happy and hydrated before the ceremony. Personalized candy wrappers are not just for tables any more! Brides are using them in gift baskets for the wedding party, invitations to the bridal shower, to hold little fun facts about the newlyweds at the reception, and as little decorations on the guest book and gift tables.

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When interviewing for transportation services, be sure to cover these key areas: Licenses, permits & insurance may be required to provide the service. Be sure all requirements are met before signing any paperwork. Limousines should have TCP or public transportaton licenses; carriages may need permits to operate on public roads. Extent of Service Package including what hours service is to be provided, the number of people included, overtime and cancellation policies should be covered. Conduct a visual inspection of the car or carriage to be used prior to signing on the dotted line. Ask to meet the driver that will be assigned to you, if possible. Required deposits, balance due dates, bar stock (if applicable) and gratuity amount should be covered in detail on the contract. If it isn't outlined, be sure to ask that whatever is included in the service package be clearly stated in writing to eliminate possible misunderstandings. Ask for a list of Referrals and Professional Reccomendations.

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Music from Ceremony to Celebration The people that you hire for music are much more than the life of the parly; they become your emcee or Master of Ceremies, and will play a crucial role in directing your wedding event Music cues action - from the moment the seating music begins through the end of pur very last dance.

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Sponsored by Good Time Entertainment 661.633.1949 Non-Stop Sound 661.398.0319 Valley Entertainment 661.589.5356


The Valley's premier source for live

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"Make y o u r special day memorable with live performance!"

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**GoodcTime Entertainment

'ECegant! tMemoraBfe! iJnforgettabCel This is what your guests wifC say after your wedding with Good Time as your <DJ/MC Custom First <Dance, Custom Grand'Entrance, and a one of a kind-party. Caftnow foryourfree no ohtigation consuCtation. Mention the Wedding (Booh^andget $100.00 doCCars toward your Wedding Invitations w/6oof{ing


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What you needfromyour Music Pmiderisl Weddings have specific sound requirements for the ceremony and reception. Dead on for information on what to look for in a musician or entertainer, key questions to ask when interviewing, and tips on hiring the best sound support for pur wedding and reception.

The Ceremony The ambience created by your music selection sets the tone for the wedding. Pianist, organ player, harpist, flute, even classic guitar can set a beautiful tone. Begin music at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony as guests are seated. Sound support will be needed for the bride, groom and officiant to be heard at the back of the room; which can be accomplished with the addition of a lapel microphone on the officiant and another on the groom. Music is used to cue the procession (walk down the aisle) and recession (walk back up the aisle) for the wedding party.

The Reception Meet & Greet. Your emcee will start the reception by arriving before you to greet and welcome your guests, setting the tone with appropriate music while you, your parents and the rest of the Wedding Party complete pictures. Grand Entrance of the wedding party and the bride and groom is cued by music. A great entertainer will customize the music and his/her introductions to fit your preferences and the personalities of the wedding party members. Meal Service relies as much on the entertainer as it does on the catering staff, checking to see that everyone is in place and dismissing tables for buffet service. The Best Man's Toast relies on the DJ to make sure the champagne is poured, and the best man and the rest of the toasters have a problem-free microphone. Cutting the Cake calls for the MC to gather bride, groom, photographer, guests, videographer, catering staff and dessert plates at the cake table; while providing a break to clear plates and break down tables to create the dance floor or area. Bouquet toss and Garter throw announced and accompanied by music. Speciality Dances including father/daughter, mother/son and wedding party are all cued with preselected music. Bride & Groom's First Dance to a preselected song. Some entertainers also include a pre-recorded message from the bride and groom to one another spliced into their first dance selection, creating a unique song for each couple to share with their guests. The Last Song of the night gives your guests a lasting impression of the event. You can choose to go out with a loud, victorious theme; or opt for a more poignant ending like the 'circle of love' with family and friends. Whatever you choose, the end of the music lets everyone know in the nicest way possible when it's time to go. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 53

Hiring Questions & Criteria Insurance is required by most facilities at a minimum of$l million liability Professional Equipment should be standard, but check for sound quality and general appearance of system and lights before signing a contract. Backup Equipment. Ask about contingency plans in case of equipment failure. Is there backup equipment? If hiring a band, ask about backups in case one member is sick or otherwise unavailable.

Attire. Appropriate dress is a must when it comes to your wedding, so don't be afraid to ask what type of clothing will be worn by musicians, dj's and mc's. If you aren't comfortable with their answer, ask if you can specify 'working wedding' attire, like black pants and a collared shirt. Get everything in writing on the contract. Only the kind of bands and dj's you see on judge...' aren't prepared togiveyou a written contract in which all the details are specified. Be sure the contract includes starting and ending times as well as the overtime rate in case your party goes later than planned. Also be sure to note set-up and tear-down time requirements as that can affect the facility use times. Professional Memberships & Affiliations can be great pre-qualifiers during phone calls. Ask what groups they belong to, and look for national and regional associations that require members to meet ethical, professional and customer care standards.

Mobile Disc Jockey & Video Jockey Service Specializing in Pro Sound, Lighting, Videos & Music for All Occasions

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i â&#x201E;˘ Office 6 6 1 - 3 9 8 - 0 3 1 9 Cell 6 6 1 - 3 0 1 - 4 6 8 1 1-877-356-6854 Wedding Book 2009 - Page 54

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In the state of California every marriage must be performed by a licensed clergy; a.k.a. a pastor, reverend, priest, rabbi, officiant or celebrant. You may use the the church or hire the services of a licensed non-denominational officiant (one without specific church ties). Any person who solemnizes a marriage must have official authorization by the State of California to conduct the marriage ceremony. Please note that the County of Kern no longer solemnizes marriages in the court house (effective 2008). For a current list of non-denominational officiants, visit Legal information on licenses, passports and name changes are on pages 56-57. Sponsored by Reverend Albert M. Haywood, Ceremonies with Grace Reverend Belinda Singleton Weddings on Wings, Reverend Y. Brassfield

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Obtaining a US. Passport U.S. Passport - required to enter by land, sea or air effective 06-01-09 WHERE TO GO: United States Post Office - Bakersfield Passports 3400 Pegasus, Bakersfield 93308 No appointment necessary. Hours Mon-Fri 9a-3:45pm, closed weekends & holidays What to Bring: Official birth certificate with raised seal Driver's License or Identification card & Social Security Card Two 2" x 2" photographs with white or off-white background (Available there for $15 each) What it Costs: Passport Book $100; Card $45 - land & sea only Passports take about 5-6 weeks to receive, or add $60 for 3-week processing Passports are good for 10 years (unless revoked)

Changing Your Name LEGAL NAME CHANGES If you are taking your spouse's name, please be aware that you must file for a legal name change on government-issued i.d.'s including passport, social security, driver's license and identification cards. Legal name changes are also advisable on all property titles (vehicle, home, etc.); insurance policies, bank accounts, etc. You can begin by indicating your intent to file a new name on the application for marriage license, then complete by filing with each relevant agency.

Social Security Name Changes Social Security Administration Office 5300 Office Park Drive, Suite 100 Hours Mon-Fri 7a- 7p, closed weekends and holidays Request application online at Legal documents showing old and new names required Cost is -0-

Driver's License, I.D. Cards & Vehicle Titles Department of Motor Vehicles (any office) Hours vary by location Get forms online at Marriage License and old identification and titles required Cost $28 for Driver's License, $24 for I.D. Vehicle transfer -0- unless requesting duplicate title

Visit the Bridal Association online for links to official forms Wedding Book 2009 - Page 56


County of Kern, Office of the County Clerk 1115 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield 93301 Telephone (661) 868-3588 Hours Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:00p, closed weekends & holidays


Bride & Groom must be at least 18 years of age or older Bride & Groom must appear together Each must have 2 forms of government-issue ID, one with photo If divorced within 90 days, bring copy of final dissolution



Must be used in Kern County (or county of purchase) within 90 days Bride and Groom must be living together as Husband & Wife at the time of application No witnesses or blood tests are required Record of the marriage is kept sealed, not accessible to the public Cost is $80 Can be used in any county within the State of California Marriage is recorded in the County of Purchase One witness is required, no age stipulation on witness Adult couples must meet basic requirements above Juvenile couples may be eligible, subject to approval by Probation Cost is $67 in Kern County


All persons under the age of 18 years must apply through: County of Kern, Probation Department 1813 Ridge Road, Bakersfield, Ca. 93305 Telephone (661) 868-4313


Complete application forms are available online at

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Wedding Services Directory



Kern County Bridal Association - your local wedding resource (661) 6 3 3 - 9 2 0 0 "Wedding Services for the Bride & Groom; networking and support for "Wedding Professionals. Degister online for FREE information on local wedding services, upcoming bridal shows, discounts, workshops, newsletters and invitations to special events. 531 H Street, Bakersfield, Ca. 93304

BANqJMIMFACILITO Hodel's Country Dining (661) 399-3341 Hodel's catering and banquet facilities will fulfill your expectations. "With exceptional service and menu options suited to your individual taste, Hodel's will make your special day one to remember. 5917 Knudsen Drive, Bakersfield, Ca. 93308 Italian Heritage Dante Hall (661) 8 3 1 - 0 8 6 7 Capacity 215 indoors / 1,000 outdoors. Indoor club house with kitchen will accommodate 215 guests comfortably. Beautiful outdoor pavilion, surrounded by trees can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. Complete banquet facilities, full bar. 4415 Wilson Road, Bakersfield, Ca. Contact: Julie Kern Law Enforcement Association (661) 3 9 2 - 4 4 3 0 Capacity 110 plus additional 70 in bar area. Beautiful indoor facility conveniently located off Freeway 99. Warming kitchen, tables & chairs included. Need not be law enforcement to rent we have great rates. 3417 Pegasus Drive, Bakersfield, Ca. Contact: Alex Bernard Marriott Bakersfield at the Convention Center (661) 3 2 3 - 1 9 0 0 Have your wedding dreams come to life at the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will make your day not only special, but memorable. Call us today to reserve your dream experience. 801 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, Ca. Noriega House (661)633-9016 Garden Capacity 350. Noriega House is a lovely location for weddings and any special event Noriega House is dedicated to providing you with quality service and custom design. 1325 Baker Street Bakersfield, Ca. Sycamore Canyon Golf Course (661) 8 5 4 - 4 4 7 8 Set in the midst of lush and fragrant gardens, forest mountains and meadows, Sycamore Canyon Golf is the ideal place to exchange vows and a perfect place for an intimate Ceremony and Deception.

Contact: Nieves Carrera

The 4 2 0 Club (661) 8 7 1 - 5 7 5 0 The 420 Club is a rental hall located north of Bakersfield on Alfred Harrell Highway. The club may be rented for many types of events such as weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, engagements, etc. 3910 Alfred Harrell Highway, Bakersfield, Ca. 93308

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C^^^5 Wedding Services Directory ( ^ ^ ^ )

BANQUET HAL16 0 FAOTI&Uttaed The Links at Riverlakes Ranch (661) 587-3801 Your wedding day is a special moment in time, when everything has to be perfect and no detail forgotten. We will ensure that your wedding day will be everything you've dreamed of. Call Cathy at 587-3801. 5201 Riverlakes Drive, Bakersfield, Ca. Contact: Cathy Frampton The Petroleum Club (661) 324-6561 Bakersfield's Premier event destination! Stunning views, incredible food and the finest service available. Groups up to 320 guests. Ml inclusive. 5060 California Avenue, 12th Floor of the Stockdale Tower Contact: Lili Marsh VFW Hall - "The Post" (661) 8 3 4 - 3 6 5 6 Capacity 200. Includes access the day before, tables, chairs & gated picnic area. On-site catering only, fully stocked bar and 2 bartenders. VFW Member discount ask Facility Coordinator for details. 5350 South Union (between Pacheco & Fairview Drive) Contact: Martin Guerrero

BAOTDING Bartender Express

(661)398-0319 Providing A Professional Mobile Bar Service "Serving Spirits Responsibly". P.O. Box 12166 Bakersfield, CA. 93389 Contact: Manuel Gutierrez

BEAUTY PIÂťDUCT6@<fflCK Bridal Indulgence (661)301-8509 Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist at your location. With 13 years of experience working with bridal parties and photographers, you can trust your wedding day hair and makeup to Bridal Indulgence. 8200 Stockdale Hwy Ste # M-4 Bakersfield, Ca. 93311 Contact: Keasha Brickell Europhoria Medical & Personal Spa, Eurotan & Club Tan (661) 8 4 7 - 4 7 7 2 On your wedding day, be at your best! Clear your complexion, shed a few pounds, add a bronze glow to your skin, have your make-up masterfully applied! Europhoria ... where beauty meets science! Hair By Carleen (661) 2 0 1 - 3 2 7 0 Specializing in bridal hair for 14 years. Let me pamper you and your bridal party on your big day. Packages for every budget On location available. Specializing in updo's, tv, models, fashion shows and extensions. 7420 District Blvd., Suite B, Bakersfield, Ca 93313 Mary Kay Cosmetics (661)588-5880 "took your radiant best on the 'Big Day' and every day!" I specialize in skin care & color application that brings out your best features. Enjoy a complimentary personal consultation as well as wedding day services. Contact: Kelley Allen Wedding Book 2009 - Page 59

C ^ ^ ^ i Wedding Services Directory


BRIDAL GOWNS & ACCESSORIES Ladies and Gents Bridal (661) 325-7911 For over 15 years, Ladies and Gents Bridal has been dressing brides for their special day. Our staff is ready to assist you with ideas for the bride and the whole wedding party. Take time to make an appointment or just stop in, our extended weekday hours make it convenient for everyone. 124 Oak Street, Bakersfield, Ca. 93304 Lyndiak (661)343-1106 Custom Jewelry. Contact: Lyndia Krausgrill

CATERING Hacienda Guerrero Catering & Event Planning (661) 2 0 3 - 5 2 6 6 Let our staff assist you in organizing your special occasion. We offer a wide variety of services. "We specialize in weddings, Quinceaneras and Anniversaries. Let us make your dreams come true. The Catering Specialist (661)398-0319 Specializing in: Deep-Pit, Chicken, Steaks, Tri-Tip and Mexican Entrees. P.O. Box 12166, Bakersfield, Ca. 93389 Contact: Manuel Gutierrez

COORDINATORS 8EVENT PLANNING Bella Noche Events (661) 301 - 0 9 6 3 "You deserve a fabulous wedding, we specialize in fabulous!" With our main emphasis on "Wedding Day Coordination, you can be assured that you and your guests will enjoy your Wedding Day to the fullest! Contact: Tara Fernandez Exquisite Conciege (661)377-2955 Let Exquisite Concierge orchestrate a symphony of vision and create one of the most memorable events of your life. 4900 California Avenue, Suite B-210, Bakersfield, Ca. 93309 Contact: John M. Dunn My Sorted Affair (661) 549-2274 We create an expression of you, and an experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come. We understand the stress of creating a party, that's why we say "let us worry about the details". Contact: Therese Dozier

FAVORS OccasionOgraphy by CuddleBug Ink (661) 7 0 3 - 3 7 6 8 Let us help you create sweet memories that will last a lifetime! We provide personalized candy bar wrappers, bottle labels, and more, to make your wedding day event sweeter! OccasionOgraphy by CuddleBug Ink, creating sweet memories from life's sweetest moments. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 60

G ^ @ 2 Wedding Services Directory C^^@5 FICTO Four Seasons Floral and Design (661) 4 72-42 51 Specializing in personalized service and unique floral designs to reflect each couples' tastes. Vases, backdrops, arches and linens are available for rent Bridal Packages starting at $499!! Contact: Melissa Jolley Uniquely Chic Florist Boutique (661) 588- 799 7 A floral design studio specializing in custom, chicfloraldesigns for weddings & events. We turn jour wedding dreams into a fabulous floral masterpiece! Complimentary consultations available UniquelyChicfloristcom. 9500 Brimhall Rd #701, Bakersfield, Ca. 93312 Contact: Lacey Carter

HORSE-DRAW CARRIAGE Riding Down Memory Lane (661)589-4435 Percheron Draft Horse drawn carriages and wagons for jour special events. Show-quality horses with harnesses. Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage for the Princess of the Daj. White doves and butterflies, too!!! Contact: MaryAnn

INVITATIONS CARDS 25-FREE Wedding Invitations - Be Our GuestI (661) 6 3 3 - 9 2 2 2 Beautiful wedding invitations and announcements to suit every taste and budget 25-Free with everj order of 50 or more. Traditional, contemporary, pockets, photo-style, self-mailers and more. Mention The Wedding Book and get 50-free personalized napkins with your order. 531 H Street, Bakersfield, Ca. 93304 ww.Weddinglnvitations.Be Contact: LeeAnn Brown I Love My (661)215-2901 You write it, WE print it, we stuff it, we stamp it, add a gift card or gift basket, WE mail it, they get it A real card for any occasion with a real stamp, in your handwriting with your signature. Contact: Wes Bartell

LIMOUSINES Bakersfield Vintage Limousine

(661)326-8130 Vintage limousine is locally owned and operated, allowing us to personally oversee the details that make our limousine service exceptional. From extraordinary design and style to the latest technology. Double R Limousine (661) 6 6 4 - 5 8 0 5 Double P limousine fine transportation at your service. The new '08 Cadillac Escalade 16-passenger with lots of upgrades like AM Padio, Ipod ready, 20-inch plasma TV. Please call to preview the limo you will love it! 9216 Coney Island Drive, Bakersfield, Ca. 93311 Contact: RudyVasquez

MUSIC速 ENTERTAINMENT Good Time Entertainment (661) 6 3 3 - 1 9 4 9 Elegant! Memorable! Unforgettable! This is what your guests will say after your wedding with Good Time as your DJ/MC. Custom First Dance, Custom Grand Entrance, and a one-of-a-kind party. Call now for your free no obligation consultation. Mention The Wedding Book and get $100 towards your wedding invitations with booking. www.GoodTime.Ca Contact: Kyle Brown Wedding Book 2009 - Page 61

G ^ @ 2 Wedding Services Directory C ^ ^ @ 5 MUSIC ^MraMMEcoottocd Non-Stop Sound (661)398-0319 Mobile Disc Jockey Š Video Jockey Service. Specializing in Pro Sound, Lighting Videos and Music for ALL Occasions. Contact: Manuel Gutierrez Valley Entertainment (661) 8 0 9 - 8 6 6 4 or 5 8 9 - 5 3 5 6 Whether planning a wedding or special celebration, take your event to the next level with live music. Whatever your dream day commands, we can deliver. Valley Entertainment has access to over 250 professional musicians and theatrical talent from Fresno to Los Angeles. Contact: Ken Bausano

DADTYDENTM6 Walker-Lewis Rents (661)831-7368 From weddings to special events, the dedicated staff at Walker-Lewis Gents has all your rental needs covered. Tables, chairs, linens,flatware,tents and more are just a call away contact us today to plan the perfect event! 4501 Ride Street, Bakersfield, Ca. 93313

DtlOTOGDAPHEDS Allan Kuykendall Photography (661) 3 9 6 - 1 8 0 2 Thanks for choosing Allan Kuykendall to share in your special day. It's our goal to insure that your cherished memories are captured in a way that brings you a lifetime of joyful remembrances. Artisan Photography (661)747-0937 We are dedicated to capturing all that you have spent a lifetime envisioning. Invite Artisan Photography to help you forever relive the day that you celebrated your love. Capture Photography "Capture the Moment" (661) 4 3 1 - 4 3 4 0 Capture Photography offers both Traditional portraits and Photojournalistic shots. Leather albums or liardboard "Coffee Table" Memory Books. Wedding packages to suit your needs. Hourly Pates. Contact: Nicole Raymond Desi Vega Photography (661) 8 7 3 - 1 6 8 2 We capture the events, emotions and excitement as they unfold to reflect your style and create your wedding story. Our posed images are traditional and up to date. Contact: Desi Vega Freeze Frame Photography (661) 4 2 7 - 6 7 5 7 Locally based. Over 20 years experience. We are family owned Š operated. Specializing in Weddings & portraits all services are in-house to provide a personal touch for your special day. Contact: Thomas Morgan Glimpses of Life Photography (661) 2 0 5 - 5 5 6 7 A Mother / Daughter team specializing in all occasion photography... More Than A Portrait... More Than A Memory... A Glimpse Into Your Life ... Contact: Terri J. Andrew Photography (661) 5 8 9 - 5 8 7 8 Specializing in fun and adventurous local and destination photography with a bold, chic, photojournalistic approach. We offer exclusive availability, personalized customer service, and premium quality products. info(5) Wedding Book 2009 - Page 62

G ^ @ 2 Wedding Services Directory C^^@5 DHOlDGDADlffiDS.ooottacd Juli Feller Photography (661) 7 0 3 - 7 6 3 6 We specialize in photographic weddings, engagements, families, seniors, children, babies, and maternity Call us for any photographic need! Kandid Kamera (661)832-4440 Kandid Kamera is proud to have photographed 400 weddings in 10 years. We have two teams of photographers who specialize in capturing the candid moments that make your day unforgettable. Our prices are reasonable and our enthusiasm unmatched!!! Contact: Bobby Sherrill Lacey's Photography (661)747-4102 I'd love to have the opportunity to document your wedding. I'm sure you'll love your photos and love the Flush Mount Album I will custom design for you. Shoot us an email! We'd love to hear from you! Photographic Unlimited (661) 201 -0 74 7 At photographic unlimited we're dedicated to creating timeless moments on your special day with a unique twist, we specialize in Green Screen Production Photography Se liabla Espanol. Contact: Steve Ortega Valdophye Photography (661) 3 2 7 - 2 6 4 2 Offering today what others will offer tomorrow! Watts Photography (661) 9 0 0 - 2 1 3 7 At Watts Photography we combine our visual and artistic talents with excellent personal service. When photographing weddings we focus on the beauty, intimacy and emotion of the day. We would be honored to be your photographer for your special day. Contact: Pati With Love Photography (661) 322-LOVE (5683) With love Photography is a Sixteen-Time International Award-Winning Studio, and 2009 First Place International Award Winner. Comefindout what the excitement is about! Beyond what Others See. 4642-D California Ave., Bakersfield, Ca. 93309 Xpressions by Michelle (661) 3 0 1 - 5 2 4 3 Xpressions by Michelle gives you fun, edgy photos with a sexy twist Weddings, Engagements, boudoir. Call 661-301-5243. 2005 Eye Street #5, Bakersfield, Ca. 93301

DEVEDENM Reverend Albert M. Haywood, Ceremonies with Grace (661) 6 6 3 - 8 8 2 9 Service in any location. Non-denomination. When you want more than to just say "I Do" allow me to work with you to create the perfect wedding ceremony; one that is special, unique and just for you! Serving Kern County Families since 1980. Cell (661) 333-1004 Reverend Belinda Singleton (661) 4 7 7 - 6 6 4 3 There are many choices for Wedding Officiants in Bakersfield. I would be honored to officiate your wedding. I am a non-denominational Reverend and will accommodate the needs of religious or civil weddings. Serving the Bakersfield area. Reverend Belinda Singleton Weddings on Wings (661) 2 0 3 - 4 3 2 4 Vows performed where you are. Services provided for couples who do not have an affiliation with a church, and want more than a sterile civil ceremony or that drive-thru feeling of Las Vegas. Reverend Yvonne Brassfield Wedding Book 2009 - Page 63

( ยง l ^ > Wedding Services Directory ( ยง l ^ > TU3DOS Fino's Menswear & Tuxedo (661) 588-3344 Here at Finos we pride ourselves in offering the latest styles, the sharpest fit at the best prices in town. Our prices won't be beat! Ask about our FDEE Groom's Tux program. Can't come to us? No Problem, Fino's will go to you. Call today for your appointment 3900 Coffee Road, Suite 14, Bakersfield, Ca. 93308 Friar Tux Shop (661) 831 -4400 Free Groom's Dental, Special Ding Bearer Package "Wedding Offers at 600 Coffee Road Bakersfield, Ca. Mr. Tuxedo (661)322-2306 We are Bakersfield's finest formalwear specialist, our professional staff is ready to serve you. Our complete in-stock selection will allow you to try on the tuxedos of your choice. Don't be fooled by the out-of-town chain store or that place where you choose from a catalog! 2409 Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, Ca. 93304

wfeemms Bob West's Legacy Video (661) 706-3002 Whether you reside in San Diego or Sacramento ... or are planning a destination wedding from Yosemite to Disneyland Let legacy Video tell the story of your hearts. Contact: Bob West Higher Definition Media (661) 3 0 2 - 4 4 4 4 By employing the same skills, techniques, and equipment used in the film industry, HDM produces wedding films that are truly worthy of Hollywood. With a prior background in shooting commercials and independent films, HDM brings a fresh, sophisticated, cinematic look to each of the weddings we capture. 1527 19th Street, Suite 305, Bakersfield, Ca. Multi Video Productions (661) 4 72-1269 If you're looking for an innovative wedding video experience, a unique style of photography, reasonable packages and a business you can trust will do the job right the first time ... then you've found it! Contact: Joseph Hernandez

ADDING DKDDMODS PartyTimel Balloons and Event Decorating (661)330-3926 Balloon Arches, Columns, lighted heart sculptures, table centerpieces, fabric canopies with twinkle lights. "Our passion is to create the wedding of your dreams!" Contact: Kate Roemmich

For information on being in The Wedding Book 2010, contact the Bridal Association at (661) 633-9200. Wedding Book 2009 - Page 64

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The Wedding Book 2009  

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