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Your College Cook

Version:1.0 Story about a group of college kids who work for their college’s tv network. They produce a show called Your College Cook. It is a zany cooking show with a spread of crazy characters. All the characters on screen are also friends off screen. Alot of the conflicts in YCC reflect their real life tensions. End of the season they want to do a live cooking show at Manifest. Characters: Your College Cook MIKE The main host of the show, head chef, director of the show and our main protagonist. Mike is super serious about the production because he wants to use this for his reel for the food network. Very optimistic, driven by his big ideas. He values every opportunity that comes his way. Possibly putting YCC on back burn causing tension within his friends. Secretly has a thing for Natalia. Best friends with Andy, the Net chef, since highschool. They started their relationship by having logical arguments with eachother. They have the same sense of humor, puns. Mike hates Chad. He grew up in a family of cooks. His dad works for a high end restaurant in downtown Chicago. Mike has a part time job working as a bus boy. The Net Chef Andy In the show, the Net Chef solves all with the internet. He is our go to man on conversions, substitutions, general info, trivial fun fact, fan base poll results. Also throws audience to the website at the end of the show. He always has interesting facts about food science and other stuff. Andy is a tech genius. Smart and dry humor. Spends most of his time on the internet. Best friend of Mike since High School. He is pessimistic, seeing the worst possible side of things in the best way. This is a good thing, because he gives Mike a reality check on some of his crazier ideas. Southern Sweetness- Natalia The sweetest girl around, Natalia handles all the delicious things in the world. For the show she is in charge of desserts. Natalia is a sophomore and goes to school for theater. She loves animals in general, but could never own one because she wouldnt be able to handle the guilt of it dying. She was born in southern Kentucky, raised in a roman catholic family. Her parents sheltered her from the more gruesome things in life, such as drinking, drugs, porn, etc. Her parents are still a big part of her life. They support her schooling by paying for tuition, food, and even give her an allowance. She cant understand why other kids are so distant to their parents. She is on top of her homework and has never missed a day of class. She is always positive and uplifting. Love triangle between her, Mike, and Chad. Oblivious to love triangle that is going on around her and most everything else. Believes that all people are nice to everyone, but she doesnt understand that many people are so nice to her because of her bright personality and rocking bod. The Supply Guy - CHAD Whenever cook needs a gadget or a machine, he goes to the supply guy and gets the hook up. Chad is a dueshbag. Two sided, cocky, attractive suburban white kid. Money is easy for him so he does not appreciated it. Wants to bang Chloe. He is attractive, which is a problem for the main character. Grew up in the burbs of chicago with his mother. His parents got divorced when he was 10, and he has been milking the benefits ever since. (double birthday presents, borrowing money, pitting

the two against eachother) He is a manipulative jerk who, not by his choice, lives with Mark. Those underneath his bad facade, deep down he has redeaming qualities. Stoner roommate- Brett Always on the couch with Gamer and constantly high. His bong hit disrupts filming and Mike gets super pissed. Brett is not exactly sure what is going on in his life. He always is doing a ton of random things and doesnt finish most of the. I see him similar to Kramer from Seinfield or Charlie from It's Always Sunny. Gamer roommate- Ryan Everyone always makes fun of him and never take him seriously, he is always the butt end of jokes. They are constantly telling him is wasting his life away. He goes to a game tournament and dominates. This surprises everyone. He is ridiculously good at every single game that he touches. He is not very good with girls. They always tend to take the friend route with him. He is medium height, shaggy hair, skinny with not a lot of muscle, and square modern glasses. Quotes: This is one of our better ideas Lets count the cock bags. -beat- ONE The duesh bell. Beats: Episode one -Opens with actual cooking show shot in Mike's apartment. The theme is College Breakfast. A massive bong disrupts filming and Mike yells at Brett. -Introduce Mike's thing with Natalia, Chad comes in and messes everything up. -Cut to the net chef when ycc finds our measuring cup is in ML. Very dramatic, intense beat. The Net chef casually converts the figure in record time, just in time to save breakfast. -After the net chef tells ycc how to make waffles way better than. He gets the hook up, a waffel iron from the supply guy. Episode Two -YCC "Bakin' with Bacon." -During filming, a lamp starts something on fire, filling the room with smoke. The fire dept is called -Same time Brett and Ryan are smoking the bathroom. They freak out and think that they are the cause of the smoke alarm. They flush all of their stuff down the toliet in panic. -At end of episode hinting at how to growing your own Herbs. Episode Three -Pasta episode of YCC with a segment showing how to grow fresh basil and other herbs. -The accidental house party. In an attempt to get a studio audience and some extras, the gang sends out fliers. However by some freak mistake, people think that a house party is going on in Mike's apartment. The people just keep coming! They have no way to stop it. Things get out of control and things get broken. -Turns out that Chad was behind another set of fliers inviting everyone to the party of the month, no the party of the year. Episode Four -YCC titled "Oh Pun Season" where the main dish is gamey meat. The entire episode is saturated with puns. -Andy has a panic attack when he stands too close to the sink. He flips and runs out the room yelling something at the top of his lungs -Brett is a wing man for Ryan. They go out on the town, but Ryan fails misserably.

-We figure out that Andy almost drown as a child in a waterfall. Now he has anxiety attacks whenever something sounds like a waterfall, such as the faculty running too fast. Episdode Five -Natalia and Mark go on a date. They run into president Obama himself. They accidentally offend him with some funny black remark. ("What's up negra")(commenting on obama's black order of coffee) -Chad shows off his D-Bagness by txting mark from a random number telling him that he has a family emergency. This abruptly ends their first date. Episode Six -The team enters a cooking competition. -Mike argues with Chad about prices for appliances and other gadgets. Mike thinks he can find a better deal online. but finds it one for cheaper. The Net chef comes in at the end, flipping threw a stack of cash. Episode Seven -Natalia updates her facebook status. This causes great turmoil within the group as no one has heard anything about a boy she is seeing. She is completely oblivious when she comes over to Mark's place. She enters and everyone goes silent and looks at her. -Ryan goes to gaming tournament and destroys. Everyone comes to root him on. Episode Eight - A freak accident with steam singes half of Chad's face. Many two faced jokes ensue, possibly a batman or phantom of the opera themed YCC show. -Natalia has compassion for chad and cares for him. This pisses off Mike who tries to injure himself. Andy helps come up with ways to gain Natalia's compassion. Such as pressing his face into a panini press, slipping into the cheese grater. Mike ends up going to the hospital to treat his wounds. Episode Nine -Andy has a reputation for downloading movies, games and TV shows off the internet. One day the FBI show up at the door asking Andy. They go to his room but all of his stuff is gone! He had fled the apt earlier that day when his buddy at the CIA tipped him off. During that episode of YCC we bring him in via skype from buenos aires. -Brett is hired as a street activist. We follow his attempts to get random people to donate money to help stop animal cruelty. He ends up smoking out his entire team, getting them all fired. Episode Ten -Hold auditions for an episode of "Flavors of the street" (So you think you can cook) for a guest star. -The person they choose a normal dude, who during the interview sessions seems totally normal. While they are taping, he rips off his clothes and starts rubbing mayo on his body. Episode Eleven -The crew finds gin in the freezer. They all drink and film the BEST episode of YCC of their lives. -Natalia pukes into the dish that they are cooking. She is embarassed so she doesnt tell anyone. They all feast on the dish in their drunken mess, commenting how it's tastes like what they had for lunch. "Did anyone put ___ in there?" -In the morning they watch the footage and it's absolutely terrible. So they drink more to cover the pain. Episode Twelve -Live Manifest cooking show.

TV Pilot - Your College Cook  

Created by Brian Ciaccio