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Young Southern   Student  Writers    

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A Project  of  the   Southern  Lit  Alliance   +   The  Department  of  English   University  of  Tennessee  at   Chattanooga  


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This  year  marks  the  thirteenth  anniversary  of  the  Young  Southern  Student  Writers   (YSSW)  contest.    The  contest,  sponsored  by  the  Southern  Lit  Alliance  (formerly  the   Arts   &   Education   Council)   and   the   Department   of   English   at   the   University   of   Tennessee   at   Chattanooga,   grows   each   year   as   it   continues   to   highlight   the   outstanding  creativity  of  the  region's  best  young  writers  and  their  teachers.    Board   and  staff  members  from  the  Southern  Lit  Alliance,  under  the  guidance  of  Executive   Director,   Susan   Robinson,   deserve   our   thanks   for   their   generosity   and   for   their   efforts   in   supporting   this   year's   contest.     I   am   especially   grateful   to   this   year's   readers/judges   of   the   submissions.     It   is   true   that   every   entry   is   read   by   a   faculty   member  of  UTC's  Department  of  English.    In  fact,  our  faculty  serve  in  this  way  with   great   pleasure.     I   am   grateful   for   their   time,   their   enthusiasm,   and   the   care   with   which  they  read  the  YSSW  submissions.     I   would   also   like   to   thank   our   region's   dedicated   teachers,   K-­‐12,   who   encouraged  their  students  to  submit  entries.    More  than  that,  I  am  grateful  for  their   efforts   as   they   teach   young   authors   to   enjoy   the   craft   of   writing.     Without   our   elementary,   middle   grades,   and   high   school   teachers   and   parents,   we   would   not   have  such  fine  work  from  these  young  people.         Likewise,   I   thank   Ms.   Julia   Sharp,   a   senior   in   UTC's   undergraduate   English   program,   and   Ms.   Gabriela   Carvalho,   a   graduate   student   in   UTC's   MA   program   in   English.     They   both   spent   countless   hours   managing   the   contest   and   collecting   the   winning  entries  for  this  online  booklet.    Without  their  dedication  and  tireless  work,   this   booklet   simply   would   not   exist.     Finally,   I   should   thank   Bill   Ramsey   and   our   friends   at   The   Pulse.     They,   too,   are   great   partners   in   this   effort   to   showcase   our   finest  young  writers.     More   than   4,000   students   from   schools   in   the   Chattanooga   area,   as   well   as   schools  from  north  Georgia  and  Alabama,  submitted  entries  this  year.    This  was  an   especially   strong   year   of   quality   submissions   from   our   young   Southern   writers.     Keep  up  the  good  work—teachers  and  students  alike!    Now…  read  and  enjoy!         Joe  Wilferth,  Chair   2013  Young  Southern  Student  Writers   UC  Foundation  Professor  and  Department  Head   University  of  Tennessee  at  Chattanooga    



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Kindergarten Prose  (p.  5)   Kindergarten  Poetry  (p.  15)   Grade  1  Prose  (p.  16)   Grade  1  Poetry  (p.  21)   Grade  2  Prose  (p.  25)   Grade  2  Poetry  (p.  33)   Grade  3  Prose  (p.  39)   Grade  3  Poetry  (p.  69)   Grade  4  Prose  (p.  74)   Grade  4  Poetry  (p.  111)   Middle  School  Poetry  (p.  153)   Middle  School  Prose  (p.  178)     High  School  Poetry  (p.  236)   High  School  Prose  (p.  259)  


[Kindergarten Prose]     The  Beach     I  went  to  the  beach  in  Mexico  and  I  found  a  jewel.    The  jewel  was  blue.    I  kept   it  and  made  a  wish.       Michael  Benton   Kindergarten   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Lower   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Locke     Coco       I  was  playing  outside.    I  have  a  dog  named  Coco.    My  mom  thinks  she  is  a   Yorkie.    She  does  crazy  stuff.    She’s  a  pretty  funny  dog  because  she  humps  my   momma’s  leg.    She  tries  to  get  her  off  her  leg.    Then  she  starts  it  over  again.     Jaxson  Blevins   Grade  K   Lookout  Valley  Elementary  School   701  Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN    37419   Ms.  Ridge  and  Ms.  Tweed       The  Big  Bear  and  My  Mom       First,  there  was  a  bear  in  my  house!    Then,  my  mom  came  home,  and  the  bear   ate  her!    Then,  he  ran  off  to  find  more  people  to  eat.    He  ate  lots  of  people,  and  he   was  full.    Then,  he  stopped  and  went  to  rest.    My  dad  had  so  many  guns  and  knives.     He  let  me  have  one,  and  I  shot  him.    The  bear  was  dead.    I’ll  find  a  new  mom.     Kyle  Brown   Kindergarten   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Stanley     The  Haunted  House     I  went  to  the  haunted  house.    There  were  people  in  costumes  that  were  real   scary.    There  was  a  wagon.    I  went  to  get  it,  and  a  pumpkin  popped  out  in  my  face.    I   got  scared  for  a  minute.    Then,  near  me,  there  was  something  like  white-­‐clearish;  I  


could see  through  it,  and  it  touched  me.    I  turned  around  and  it  was  in  front  of  me.    It   was  a  ghost!    We  ran  to  the  car  and  then  went  Trick-­‐or-­‐Treating!     Trenton  Burton   Kindergarten   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Stanley     Sassy  and  Gizmo     While  I  was  outside  playing  one  day  on  my  swing  set,  my  two  dogs  Sassy  and   Gizmo  were  out  playing  with  me.    We  were  playing  ball  and  chasing  each  other.   Sassy  turned  into  a  pirate  and  Gizmo  was  Tinker  Bell  and  I  was  Peter  Pan.  My  play   set  was  the  big  ship  full  of  pirates  and  cookies.  We  sailed  the  big  milky  sea.  My  sister   came  outside  too,  and  she  turned  into  Hook  the  mean  pirate  with  a  patch  over  her   eye.  The  mean  pirate  wanted  to  eat  all  of  my  cookies  and  take  off  with  my  ship,  but   Tinker  Bell  turned  Hook  into  a  shark.  Tinker  Bell  is  very  tiny  and  hyper  you  don’t   want  to  make  Tinker  Bell  mad.  I  took  my  ship  to  Grandma’s  house  and  she  gave  me   more  cookies  and  Capri  Sun  drinks  and  a  kiss  on  my  cheek.  The  shark  started   following  the  ship,  it  could  smell  my  cookies  and  was  thirsty  for  a  Capri  Sun.  It  was  a   very  hot  day  and  the  sun  was  shining  on  my  cookies  and  melting  the  chocolate.   There  was  a  ship  coming  beside  my  ship  full  of  mean  dog  pirates.  They  were  barking   loud  and  scaring  Tinker  Bell  and  Sassy  the  pirate.  I  think  they  were  after  my  cookies   like  the  mean  shark.  I  had  to  slide  down  to  the  bottom  of  the  ship  and  swing  from   my  tire  and  jump  over  to  get  my  play  phone  so  I  could  call  my  pirate  mom  to  bring   me  my  American  Girl  doll  named  “Pat.”  Pat  is  a  nice  pirate  who  will  help  me  find  the   treasure  full  of  candy.  When  pirate  mom  came  to  bring  Pat,  all  the  pirates  started   getting  very  loud  and  hyper.  Our  ship  went  after  the  treasure  full  of  Sour  Nerds,   Reese  Cups,  M&M’s,  and  giant  marshmallows.  Our  ship  got  stuck  in  the  thick  sand   and  Tinker  Bell  had  to  sprinkle  magic  sprinkles  on  the  ship  to  help  it  get  out  of  the   sand.  It  took  a  lot  of  magic  sprinkles  because  the  ship  is  so  big  and  Tinker  Bell  is  so   little.  The  ship  started  going  again  and  then  the  big  mean  shark  was  back,  trying  to   eat  the  ship  and  the  tire  swing.  The  pirate  Sassy  was  a  big  pirate  with  long  brown   hair  and  very  tall  with  big  white  teeth.  Pirate  Sassy  scared  off  the  sister  shark  and   she  swam  away  leaving  us  alone.    It  took  a  long  time  to  find  the  candy  treasure  but   we  found  it  on  top  of  a  pile  of  rocks  and  dirt.  I  had  to  put  on  my  rain  boots  because  it   was  muddy  and  wet.  It  started  to  rain  and  my  hair  was  getting  wet  and  I  had  to  grab   the  treasure  and  throw  it  on  the  ship  before  the  candy  got  wet.  All  the  pirates  got   one  piece  of  candy  and  I  ate  the  rest.  The  candy  made  me  thirsty,  so  I  had  to  drink   more  Capri  Suns.  We  had  to  park  the  ship  and  go  on  land  so  I  could  use  the  potty,   and  all  the  pirates  had  to  go  too.    The  mom  pirate  told  me  that  Sassy  the  pirate  and   Tinker  Bell  needed  to  hurry  up  and  clean  the  ship  and  pick  up  the  candy  wrappers   and  get  ready  for  dinner.  Tinker  Bell  had  to  turn  the  shark  back  into  the  mean  pirate   Hook.  It  was  time  to  get  off  the  ship  and  go  inside  and  wash  our  hands  and  eat   dinner.  After  dinner,  Tinker  Bell  Gizmo  and  the  big  pirate  Sassy  fell  asleep  on  the   6  

couch. Me  and  my  sister  Hook  had  to  take  a  bath  because  we  smelled  like  dirty   pirates.  When  we  got  done  with  our  baths  we  watched  a  movie,  ate  some  popcorn   and  made  up  some  plays  and  did  them  in  front  of  our  family.  My  pirate  sister  always   makes  me  fly  in  the  air  like  Peter  Pan  and  she  slings  me  around  and  lets  me  do  tricks   and  flips.  My  Grandma,  Grandpa,  Mom  and  Dad  just  sit  on  the  couch  and  watch  us   pretend  and  makeup  things  and  laugh  at  us  because  we  are  funny.  We  believe  we   are  pirates  again  and  we  are  jumping  over  furniture  so  the  mean  shark  will  not  bite   our  feet  and  catch  us.  The  pirate  Sassy  and  Tinker  Bell  help  us  get  away  from  the   shark.  We  have  to  tell  Grandma  and  Grandpa  not  to  put  their  feet  on  the  floor  or  the   shark  will  bite  them.  We  throw  some  popcorn  down  at  the  shark,  but  the  pirate   Sassy  and  Tinker  Bell  start  eating  it  and  running  wild  and  getting  hyper  again.    We   have  to  put  pillows  down  on  the  floor  so  Grandma  and  Grandpa  can  walk  across  and   leave  without  the  shark  getting  them.  It  is  getting  late  and  pirate  mom  tells  us  to  go   get  ready  for  bed.  My  pirate  sister  brushes  her  teeth  and  I  brush  mine,  we  give  Sassy   the  pirate  and  Tinker  Bell  Gizmo  a  kiss  goodnight.  Pirate  mom  comes  upstairs  and   tucks  us  in  bed  and  we  tell  her  our  story  about  the  pirate  ship  and  how  we  found  the   candy  treasure.  We  told  her  about  how  Gizmo  was  Tinker  Bell  and  Sassy  was  a  huge   pirate  with  big  white  teeth  and  how  my  American  Girl  Doll  was  a  good  pirate  named   “Pat”.  My  sister  was  a  mean  pirate  named  Hook  with  a  patch  over  her  eye  and   Tinker  Bell  Gizmo  had  to  turn  her  into  a  shark  with  magic  sprinkles  so  she  would   not  eat  my  cookies  or  drink  any  of  my  Capri  Sun.  I  told  her  how  the  hot  sun  was   melting  my  chocolate  chips  on  the  cookies  and  about  us  looking  for  the  candy   treasure.  It  was  getting  late  and  mom  kissed  us  goodnight  and  went  down  stairs.  I   snuck  out  of  bed  and  went  into  my  sisters’  room  we  started  laughing  about  how   Grandma  and  Grandpa  walked  on  top  of  the  pillows  and  Grandpa  almost  fell  into  the   water.       Ella  Canter   Kindergarten   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Espy     The  Little  Dinosaur     Once  upon  a  time,  there  was  a  dinosaur.    He  was  a  little  dinosaur  and  he   wanted  to  go  on  an  adventure.    But  he  was  too  little  to  go  on  an  adventure.      When   he  turned  five  he  could  go  on  it,  but  he  was  just  three.    And  then  his  parents  came  to   him  and  then  they  said  to  him,  I  think  I  heard  you  say  that  you  wanted  to  go  on  an   adventure.    So  then  they  decided  to  let  him  go  even  though  he  was  three.    He  was  so   excited  that  since  he  was  so  good  he  got  a  souvenir  so  he  used  it  how  he  should.    And   then  ten  years  later  there  was  an  avalanche.    Water  was  after  the  avalanche.    And   then  there  was  a  bank  robber.    And  so  the  bank  robber  took  the  dinosaur’s  souvenir   away.    And  so  he  was  so  sad  that  when  he  went  to  bed  his  dad  went  out  and  got  the   souvenir  while  the  robber  was  asleep.    The  souvenir  was  a  Thomas  toy.    And  since   his  dad  got  it  back,  he  was  so  excited  that  he  exploded  and  his  parents  were   7  

surprised that  he  could  explode.    But  thankfully  his  pieces  came  back  together  and   he  zinged  because  he  was  so  happy  about  the  toy.     Gavin  Cason   Kindergarten   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mrs.  Espy     The  Portal       A  long  time  ago  a  man  fell  into  a  portal.    Then  he  fell  on  a  truck.    Then  the   truck  fell  into  a  lava  pit.     Porter  Clowers   Kindergarten   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga  TN,  37405   Mrs.  Wilsie     Friendly  Robots       There  was  one  robot.    He  was  going  to  the  space  on  the  moon.    His  other   robot  friend  came  to  play  and  what  happened  was  a  giant  red  crayon  crashed  into   one  of  the  robots  and  he  flew  to  Earth  and  then  a  giant  green  crayon  crashed  into   the  sun.    The  other  robot  was  real  lonely  and  he  decided  to  go  back  to  his  planet.     The  little  robot  with  a  space  helmet  followed  the  string  back  to  his  planet.    The   robots  were  friends  and  they  never  got  switched  again.    The  End.     Jordan  Combs   Kindergarten   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Tompkins     November  26th     When  my  cousins  played  with  me.  When  my  mom  was  wearing  a  fancy  dress.   When  my  grandmother  baked  me  a  cake.     Brianna  Davis   Kindergarten   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Lower   1009  Mississippi  Ave  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Randolph       8  

A Dog  Park  Party       Me,  Logan,  Lilly  and  my  daddy  went  to  my  house  to  eat.    Then,  we  picked  my   momma  up.    We  went  to  a  park,  and  we  played  on  the  bars.    We  jumped  off  and  went   to  the  slide.    We  were  sliding  down  the  slide.    After  that,  we  went  to  the  swings.    We   played  hide-­‐and-­‐go-­‐seek  and  tag.    Then,  we  to  a  dog  party  at  the  park.    It  was  my   dog’s  birthday.    We  celebrated!         Ashanti  Eddins   Kindergarten   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Oliver     The  Santa  I  Believe  In     I  am  sleeping.    I  dreamed  about  Christmas  time.    I  love  Santa;  that’s  why  I   believe  in  him.    I  saw  the  stars  and  the  moon.    I  saw  some  little  snowflakes.  (I  have  a   kitty  named  Snowflake.    She’s  not  made  out  of  snow.    She’s  a  real  cat  and  moves  all   by  herself.    She  lives  with  me.)    Santa  brought  me  some  presents  for  real.     Ashlyn  Fuchs   Kindergarten   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  McMahan     Werewolf     I  can  catch  animals.    I  am  a  werewolf.    At  night  I  catch  deer  and  lions.     Landon  Goeller   Kindergarten   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Lower   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Locke     The  Pink  Glove  Mystery     Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  little  girl,  a  teacher,  and  a  dad.    They  went  to   the  lost  and  found  to  try  to  find  a  glove  –  two,  actually.    They  met  a  boy  and  the  boy’s   father  told  the  girl,  teacher,  and  dad  that  he  found  a  pink  glove  outside.    But  actually   the  glove  was  in  the  classroom.    The  little  girl  grabbed  it.    Then  they  went  to  the   office  and  found  the  other  glove.    The  little  girl  grabbed  the  glove.    They  went  back   to  the  classroom  and  lived  happily  ever  after.     9  

Kaylie Hampton   Kindergarten   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Tompkins     Cowboys  Win     The  cowboys  were  sitting  down  and  they  saw  the  bandits.  The  bandits  and   the  cowboys  were  going  to  fight.  The  bandits  won.  But,  the  Indians  saw  the  cowboys   and  went  to  help.  The  Indians  and  the  cowboys  won…  together.     Eric  Jurkovic       Kindergarten   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive  Chattanooga,  TN  37421       The  Newest  Avenger     My  name  is  Christian  Lawhorn  and  I  am  the  newest  Avenger.  My  super   powers  is  me  turning  into  small  things,  I  can  climb  walls  and  turn  into  metal.    When   I  was  an  army  man,  a  guy  threw  a  needle  at  me  and  it  stuck  me  like  a  bee.  There  was   something  in  the  needle  that  gave  me  my  super  human  powers.    One  day  I  saw  a   man  taking  a  ladies  purse,  I  pushed  the  lady  over  and  I  got  the  man  down  on  his   back.  I  called  the  police  and  they  took  the  guy  to  jail.    The  super  villain  was  trying  to   sneak  on  me,  I  saw  him  and  kicked  him  to  the  side  he  hit  a  wall  and  the  police  got   him  too.    This  is  what  makes  me  the  city’s  newest  hero.  I  have  a  side  kick  Ant  Man  he   can  grow  as  big  as  Mount  Everest.  We  fight  city  crime  and  keep  the  city  safe.  The   End.     Christian  Lawhorn   Kindergarten   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Trogdon     My  Favorite  Part       My  sister  and  me  were  at  the  park  playing  tag.    It’s  my  favorite  game.    You   run,  and  the  other  people  tag  you.    I  run  fast.    We  like  to  play  tag.    Jada  usually  wins   because  she’s  my  big  sister.    Then,  we  went  home  and  got  some  ice  cream.    That  was   my  favorite  part.     Jordyn  McColley     Kindergarten   10  

Red Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Oliver     The  Kid  Who  Was  A  Hero     Long  ago  in  a  faraway  land,  there  was  a  little  boy  born  to  parents  who  lived   in  a  very  small  town.    His  name  was  Cooper.    He  knew  very  early  in  life  that  he  was   different  from  everyone  else.    He  began  to  notice  more  as  he  started  school  and   began  making  friends.    His  friends  enjoyed  playing  jump  rope  and  freeze  tag.     As  he  played  with  his  friends,  he  noticed  that  he  could  run  faster  than   everyone  could;  he  jumped  higher  than  everyone  did;  he  even  had  special  powers   that  made  him  turn  into  ice.    He  started  to  wonder  if  he  might  have  super  powers.     What  he  did  not  know  was  that  he  had  more  super  powers  than  any  other  super   hero  that  ever  lived.       One  day,  he  was  jumping  rope  with  his  friends  on  the  playground.    As  he   jumped  up,  he  did  not  come  back  down  as  his  friends  always  did.    He  realized  that  as   he  began  to  fall,  he  was  not  falling  at  all.    He  was  soaring  through  the  air.    He  was   afraid  his  friends  would  notice  something  different  about  him;  so,  he  decided  to   pretend  to  fall.    His  friends  laughed  at  him,  but  he  was  glad  because  that  meant  they   did  not  notice  he  was  flying.       There  was  another  day  that  he  was  playing  freeze  tag  while  he  was  at  recess.     He  was  chasing  one  of  his  friends,  named  Connor.    As  he  reached  to  tag  Connor,  his   entire  elbow  turned  into  ice.    This  scared  Cooper  and  his  friends.    He  was  upset  and   ran  to  the  swings  to  be  away  from  his  friends,  but  when  he  touched  the  swings,  they   lit  up  in  flames  of  fire.       He  ran  to  his  teacher,  Mrs.  Moosorrow,  and  begged  her  to  go  home  for  the   day  because  he  was  terrified  of  what  his  friends  would  think.    When  he  got  home,  he   went  straight  to  his  bed  and  began  to  cry.    His  mom  and  dad  came  to  check  on  him.     “Sweet,  Cooper,  what  is  wrong?”  his  mommy  said.    As  he  cried,  he  looked  up  at  his   mommy  and  said,  “Why  am  I  different  than  everyone  else?”    She  sat  on  the  bed  with   him  and  said,  “Cooper,  I  think  it  is  time  you  knew  the  truth.”   “You  are  very  special.    No  one  knows  why  you  have  these  powers,  but  you  are   beginning  to  become  a  super  hero.    You  were  born  with  amazing  powers.    Powers   that  no  other  super  hero  in  the  whole,  wide  world  has  ever  had,”  his  mommy   explained.   Cooper  began  to  tell  his  mommy  and  daddy  about  a  dream  he  had  that  he   thought  was  terrible.    “There  were  bad  guys  that  snuck  into  our  house  and  took  you   away  from  me.    One  of  the  bad  guys  started  to  take  me  with  him,  but  I  covered   myself  to  hide  from  him.    As  I  did,  my  super,  fire  power  shot  out  of  my  elbows  like   fireballs  into  the  bad  guys  tummy.    He  ran  away.    As  I  looked  around,  I  could  not  find   you  guys.”   Cooper’s  daddy  looked  at  him  and  said,  “That  was  not  a  dream,  Son,  it  was   real.    Those  were  your  real  parents,  and  they  were  taken  away  from  you  by  bad  guys   that  night.    We  have  taken  care  of  you  since  that  happened.    I  also  know  that  your   dream  was  not  over  that  night,  was  it?    You  flew  into  the  sky  to  find  your  parents,   11  

but you  were  not  able  to  find  them.    You  did  find  the  other  bad  guy.    You  saved  the   entire  world  from  that  bad  guy  by  tying  him  up  in  ropes  and  leaving  them  for  the   police  to  find  and  arrest  him.”   When  his  dad  finished  the  story  that  Cooper  had  always  thought  was  a  dream,   he  knew  he  was  a  real  super  hero.    This  was  the  beginning  of  the  adventures  of  the   most  amazing  of  all  superheroes  –  “Super  Cooper.”    Today,  this  super  hero  flies  all   around  the  world  in  his  mask  and  cape  with  help  from  God,  saving  the  world  from   bad  guys.     Cooper  J.  McLaughen   Kindergarten   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN    37421   Mrs.  Lusardo     Why  Sunflowers  Get  Wet       Fire  came  out  of  the  sky  onto  the  sunflowers.    Then,  some  water  was  on  the   ground.    The  sunflowers  got  wet  and  put  the  fire  out.    That  was  all!     Payton  Miller   Kindergarten   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  McMahan     My  First  Time  Riding  Without  Training  Wheels     Wee  I’m  glad  I  took  my  training  wheels  off.  Wa  wa  wa.  It’s  ok.     Ruth  Pack   Kindergarten   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Lower   1009  Mississippi  Ave  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Randolph       Rainbows       I’m  thankful  for  God  because  I  love  Him.    He  made  us  and  rainbows.     Rainbows  look  like  the  sky  when  it  turns  colors.    It  has  blue  in  it  just  like  water.     There’s  white,  red,  black,  purple,  and  yellow.    And  there’s  gray.     Parker  Saxon   Grade  K   Lookout  Valley  Elementary  School   12  

701 Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN    37419   Ms.  Ridge  and  Ms.  Tweed  

Spider  in  My  House     I  was  in  my  house,  and  then,  my  dad  heard  a  noise.  It  was  a  spider  because   the  door  was  open.  Nobody  closed  it.  The  spider  was  a  black  widow!  It  had  eight  legs   and  two  teeth.  They  can  climb  and  drink  blood  of  people!  My  dad  sprayed  something   on  the  spider.  It  ran  away  and  died.  I  put  on  some  gloves  and  threw  it  away  in  the   garbage.         Giovanni  Aleman  Solorio   Grade  K   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Eaton     Four  Wheeling       We  went  four  wheeling.  We  drove  through  quicksand.  We  went  up  and  down   hills.  My  dad  leapt  over  the  wheel!  I  screamed!     Tyler  Wiggins   Kindergarten   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga  TN,  37405   Mrs.  Wilsie     The  Magic  Nutcracker     Once  upon  a  time,  there  was  a  magical  land  and  there  was  once  a  nutcracker   that  lived  in  a  house  in  this  magical  land.  One  time  he  left  to  visit  another  land.    He   found  a  best  friend  named  Kylee.    They  played  and  had  fun  and  had  a  good  time   together.    They  did  lots  of  stuff  together  but  he  had  to  go  home  to  his  house.    The   Nutcracker  missed  Kylee  a  lot  so  he  went  back  to  visit  his  friend  Kylee.    They   became  best  friends.    Kylee  wanted  to  visit  the  Nutcrackers  magical  land.    So  one   day  they  went  to  visit  where  the  Nutcracker  lived.    They  played  a  lot.    They  went   outside  in  the  magical  land  on  an  adventure.    They  found  dragonsnapper  flowers   that  tickled.    There  were  lots  of  beautiful  flowers.    Bugs  that  wont  hurt  you.     Butterflies  were  made  of  candy.    Princesses  came  over  Jasmine,  Pocahontas,  Mulan,   Rapunzel,  Aurora,  Cinderella  and  Aerial  and  they  went  to  the  Creek  of  Mermaids.     They  played  with  all  the  mermaids  in  the  water.    The  water  was  rainbow  colored   and  then  it  rained  lollipops.    They  went  back  to  the  magic  house  and  played   hopscotch  on  candy.    They  rode  candy  bikes.    Then  Kylee  had  to  go  home  and  the   Nutcracker  was  really  sad.    And  then  Kylee  came  back  again  to  visit  a  lot  because  


they didn’t  want  to  be  apart.  And  they  wanted  to  spend  the  whole  week  together   and  go  on  another  adventure.   THE  END     Kaeley  Williams   Kindergarten   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Dr.  Chattanooga  TN    37421   Mrs.  McCrea     My  Cousin  is  a  Bully     When  Mommy  got  up,  she  put  her  high  heels  on.    She  got  in  the  car  and  drove   all  the  way  there.    My  mommy  was  driving  to  go  get  my  cousin.    I  was  in  my  bed   laying  down  with  my  grandma.       When  my  grandma  woke  up,  she  went  to  get  something  to  eat.    She  drunk  all   the  drinks!    Mommy  didn’t  know  that.       When  Mommy  got  back,  my  cousin  pushed  me,  and  I  hit  my  head  on  the  TV!       Mommy  said,  “You  better  not  do  that!”    My  cousin  did  the  mean  stuff  again.    I   told  my  mommy  that  my  cousin  was  mean  and  a  bully.       Mommy  said,  “If  you  do  that  again,  you’re  going  home!”    Mia  didn’t  listen  and   she  kicked  me  in  the  stomach,  and  punched  me  when  I  asked  for  a  fruit  cup.   I  told  my  mommy  that  she  did  it  again,  and  then,  Mommy  said,  “You’re  going   to  have  to  go  back  home  because  you  didn’t  listen.”    And  Mommy  took  her  home.     Destanee  Yokley   Kindergarten   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Eaton    



[Kindergarten Poetry]     Ice  Cream     Looks  like  a  giant  snowball   Tastes  like  candy   Feels  like  snow   Smells  like  cotton  candy   Colored  sprinkles   Different  flavors   I  like  ice  cream     Philip  Roberts   Grade  K   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail   Mrs.  Risley     My  House     Three  triangles   A  basement   Four  doors   A  garage   One  upstairs   A  family   My  house     Henry  Tuite   Grade  K   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail   Mrs.  Risley  


[Grade 1  Prose]    

The Lonely  Plunger     Once  there  was  this  plunger  and  his  name  was  Bob.    He  was  really  lonely.    He  had  no   friends  so  he  just  sat  in  the  store.    One  day  he  saw  a  man  walk  out  the  door  with   another  plunger.  He  was  really,  really  sad  that  the  man  didn’t  pick  him.       The  next  day  Bob  saw  a  lady  walk  out  with  a  different  plunger  and  he  cried,  “Why   won’t  anybody  take  me!”      A  day  or  two  later  a  little  girl  and  her  mom  walked  right   past  Bob.    He  yelled,  “hey,  come  back  and  buy  me.    I  work  really  well  so  buy  me,”  but   she  didn’t.       Three  weeks  later,  a  worker  was  scanning  to  help  a  man  find  a  plunger.    He  was   scanning  the  shelf.    He  stood  right  in  front  of  Bob  and  said,  “I  think  this  might  be  the   one.”    So  he  picked  up  Bob  and  went  to  check  out.       They  walked  out,  got  in  the  car  and  went  home  to  play  together.       Aida  Abello   Grade  1   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Kennedy     Levi’s  Story     If  I  were  a  Martian  I  would  be  on  the  moon  all  the  time.  I  would  come  to  Earth   sometimes.  I  would  drive  in  my  spaceship.     Levi  Adcock   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet     1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Alley/Mrs.  Lafferty  

The Pool     Once  upon  a  time  I  was  going  to  the  pool.  It  got  really  dark  so  we  went  back   home.  We  turned  the  tv  on  and  it  said  that  there  is  going  to  be  some  rain.  We  went   back  to  the  pool.  Then,  the  rain  came  just  as  they  said.  But  it  got  really  hard.  On  my   mom’s  phone  it  said  there  was  going  to  be  a  tornado  storm.  I  got  really  scared.  But   the  rain  stopped.     Jane  Becksvoort   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  37405   16  

Mrs. Zeigler  

My Night  as  a  Scarecrow       I  am  a  scarecrow  and  I  like  to  pretend  like  I  am  scared  and  I  like  to  watch  in   the  dark  and  I  like  to  hear  the  sounds  of  owls.     Tyler  Culver   Grade  1   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   701  Browns  Ferry  Rd,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Payne  

My Grandfather       My  grandfather  got  shot.    I  was  very  sad.    I  cannot  take  it.     Hunter  Dixon   Grade  1   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Kuehnel  

How to  Make  Soup       I  can  make  soup.    First,  open  the  can.    Next,  put  the  soup  in  the  bowl.    Then,   put  the  bowl  in  the  microwave  for  two  minutes.    Finally,  get  the  bowl  out  of  the   microwave,  and  eat  it!     Alayna  Griffin   Grade  1   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Sipula  

My Cats     I  have  two  cats  and  I  love  them  very  much.    One  is  black  and  one  is  black  and   white.    My  cats  like  having  milk  on  Fridays  or  Tuesdays.    Posha  drinks  most  of  the   milk.    My  cat  Teacup  likes  to  play  with  paper  balls.    He  goes  wacko  when  I  throw  it.       My  cat  Teacup  is  very  special.    He  is  like  my  best  friend  except  he  can  not  talk  with   me.    My  cat  Posha  is  a  whiney  brat.    She  will  not  be  quiet.         Maya  Halenar   Grade  1   17  

Normal Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  McCoy  

Footprints   Once  I  followed  some  footprints.  I  followed  and  followed  and  followed.  At  the   end,  I  saw  a  cheetah.  The  cheetah  chased  me  for  a  long.  But  in  no  time  at  all  I  got   home.  I  discovered  more  footprints.  I  followed  them.  I  saw  a  chick  at  the  end.  The   chick  did  not  have  a  mother.  So,  I  could  keep  it  as  a  pet.       Sophia  Kate  Jullienne   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  37405   Mrs.  Zeigler     Creatures     Werewolves  eat  people  and  they  can  bite  your  head  off.    Vampires  are  afraid   of  the  sun.    The  black  lagoon  lives  in  the  swamp.    Zombies  bite  people  to  death.    They   can  drive.    Ghosts  haunt  you  when  the  moon  is  full.     Holden  Mackey   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  McCoy     Paris     A  special  memory  I  have  was  when  I  went  to  Paris  with  my  Mimi.    We  had  a   lot  of  fun.    When  I  was  looking  at  a  picture,  a  painter  came  over  and  asked  if  he  could   paint  a  picture  of  me.    I  was  wearing  a  pretty  yellow  hat  and  a  dress.    In  Paris  we  got   to  eat  somewhere  special  for  breakfast.    While  we  were  eating,  I  pretended  to  see   Madeline.    She  and  her  classmates  were  in  two  straight  lines.    At  the  restaurant  I   ordered  a  croissant  and  then  I  tasted  it.    Well,  it  was  not  very  good.    Mimi  had  pasta,   so  I  traded  my  food  with  her.    When  we  met  Madeline,  I  asked  her  if  she  wanted  to   eat  with  us  and  she  said  that  Mrs.  Duffel  said  yes.    Now,  my  Mimi  is  making  a   memory  of  the  time  when  we  went  to  Paris.    Mimi  wrote  the  words  down.    She  is   making  the  book  right  now!     Kaitlyn  Melda   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  


1009 Mississippi  Ave,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  O’Brien       The  Lavawolf     If  I  could  invent  any  animal,  it  would  be  a  Lavawolf.    It  spits  hot  lava.    It  eats   fire.    It  lives  in  lava.    It  looks  like  a  dragon  and  a  dinosaur.    It  poops  lava.     Jonas  Michalke   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1008  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37401   Mrs.  Methvin     My  Night  as  a  Scarecrow       I  am  a  scarecrow.    I  am  in  a  garden  and  I  am  in  a  field.    My  mom  is  beside  me.     Kaylee  Scott   Grade  1   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   701  Browns  Ferry  Rd,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Payne     The  Best  Mom       I  love  my  mom  because  she  kisses  me.    She  lets  me  pour  my  own  milk  and   plays  with  me  so  much.    I  really  like  it.     Violet  Shaw   Grade  1   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Sipula     Angelina’s  Story       I  love  my  Dad.  My  dad  just  came  home  yesterday.  My  Mom  went  to  try  and   find  a  parking  place  and  I  said  Dad  and  Mom  said  where,  where?  I  screamed  there   and  I  got  out  of  the  car  and  I  ran  to  him.  He  picked  me  up  and  spun  me  around.  I   asked  him  if  he  would  sit  with  me  in  the  backseat  of  the  car  and  he  said  yes.  I  will   never  forget  about  my  Dad.     Angelina  Short   Grade  1   19  

Normal Park  Museum  Magnet     1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Alley/Mrs.  Lafferty    

Oops!     A  special  and  funny  memory  I  have  was  the  time  I  fell  into  the  sting  rays’  tank  at  the   aquarium  because  I  was  too  small  to  reach.    It  was  really  cool  in  the  tank  because   there  were  sting  rays  all  around  me.    Then,  someone  helped  me  out  of  the  tank   because  I  got  a  little  nauseous.     Maggie  Webb   Grade  1   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  O’Brien     The  Snowgirl     This  snowgirl  is  a  farmer.  She  tends  snow  corn.  Somebody  built  her.  She  has   eyes,  a  body,  charcoal  eyes,  mouth  and  nose.  She  has  stick  hands.  She  has  a  necklace.   She  has  blue  mittens.  It  is  cold  and  snowy  where  she  lives.  It  snows  gems  there.  She   collects  the  gems.  She  makes  snowgirl  angels.  She  has  wings.  She  can  fly  like  a  bird.   She  has  a  pet  snowbird.  She  has  a  black  belt.     Audrey  Zmaj   Grade  1   St.  Nicholas  School   7525  Min  Tom  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Marshall      



[Grade 1  Poetry]     Dog     Dog.   Black  and  white  greyhound.   Chasing  cats  around  my  yard.   Huh  –  huh  –  huh  –  huh.   Dog.     Gavin  Greeson   First  Grade   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN    37411   Mrs.  Cochran  

School Days     5  –  4  –  3  –  2  –  1     Count  down  with  me  ‘til  the  day  is  done.   6  –  7  –  8  –  9  –  10   Counting  up  now,  my  friend   A  –  B  –  C  –  D  –  E  –  F  –  G   Letters  are  fun,  don’t  you  see?   V  –  W  –  X  –  Y  –  Z   Letters  we  hear  at  a  spelling  bee.   Red  –  Orange  –  Yellow  –  and  Green   The  most  magnificent  colors  you’ve  ever  seen.   Blue  –  Indigo  –  and  Violet  too   The  colors  of  the  rainbow,  we  show  you.   Georgia  –  California  –  New  York  –  Tennessee   Four  big  states  in  our  country   Colorado  –  Arizona  –  Washington  too   So  many  states  –  this  is  just  a  few.   Monday  –  Tuesday  –  Wednesday   The  school  week  has  just  begun.   Thursday  –  Friday   Now  we  are  done  and  we  had  fun!     Lauren  Hays   Grade  1   Thrasher    Elementary   1301  James  Blvd.,  Signal  Mountain,  TN    37377   Mrs.  Williams     21  

Christmas     Christmas  is  exciting   Christmas  feels  silky   Christmas  sounds  crinkly   Christmas  looks  sparkly   Christmas  tastes  sweet   Christmas  smells  gingery     Selia  Jablonski   Grade  1   Boyd-­Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Butcher     Fall  Is     Fall  looks  like  leaves  falling  and  pinecones.   It  sounds  like  crunching  leaves.   Fall  feels  like  frosty  and  tastes  like  hot  chocolate.   It  smells  like  campfires.   Fall  is  fun!     Owen  Phillips   Grade  1   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   701  Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Lisa  Hill     Fields     Fields  are  long,  grassy  and  green.   Fields  are  not  so  many.   Fields  let  people  live  in  them.   Fields  have   Bees,  bugs,  flowers  and  green       Tyler  Shipley   Grade  1   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Kennedy         22  

Swimming   I  dash  through  the  water   and  dive  off  the  board.   Oh  swimming   Oh  swimming   Good  lordy!  Lordy!  Lord!     Molly  Sikes   Grade  1   Battle  Academy   1601  Market  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN,  37408   Mrs.  Painter     Clock     Clocks   Tick  at  night  and  day   Tell  the  time  at  night  and  day!     Make  a  sound   Tick,  tock,     Tick,  tock   Very  quiet     In  the  night  and  day   Makes  its  sound   Again   And     Again   And     Again.     Mia  Smith   Grade  1   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Blvd.,  Signal  Mtn.,  TN    37377   Mrs.  Walter     Halloween  Night     Halloween  night  is  a  scareful  fright!       With  terrifying  fights  of  1,000  royal  knights.   In  the  darknis  of  the  night.   With  vampire  bites.   With  gools  and  goblins  over  the  night.   23  

Out of  sight.   in  the  night.     Costumes  there,  costumes  there.   Costumes  everywhere  around  the  square!     Trick  or  treat,  that  is  neat  to  say,  Trick  or  Treat!     Halloween  is  over.  But  what  is  there?     People  with  candy  and  Halloween  cheer!     BOO!   The  End     Ben  Timblin   Grade  1   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Boulevard    Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Miss  Gardner    



[Grade 2  Prose]     One  Clumsy  Rabbit       One   clumsy   rabbit   was   hunting   for   his   food   and   his   name   was   Floppy.     When   he   was   hunting,   he   saw   a   snake.   The   snake   was   slithering   so   fast   that   the   bunny   did   not   have   enough   time   to   hop   away.     So   when   the   snake   got   really   close   up   to   the   bunny,  it  ate  him!    That  was  the  end  of  the  bunny.     Morgan  Adams   Grade  2     Soddy  Elementary   260  School  Street,  Soddy  Daisy,  TN  37379   Mrs.  Varner         The  Parrot  Who  Had  No  Friends       In  the  beautiful  rainforest,  mama  parrot  was  laying  her  eggs.    That  night   there  was  a  big  storm,  and  mama  parrot  was  almost  blown  out  of  her  nest.     Suddenly  one  of  her  eggs  fell  out  of  the  nest.    The  next  day  when  the  morning  was   calm,  mama  parrot  remembered  that  one  of  her  eggs  had  fallen  out.    She  was   incredibly  heartbroken.    That  very,  single  day  a  tiger  family  found  the  egg.    They   took  care  of  the  baby  that  hatched  and  named  her  Perry,  the  parrot.    Tiggy  the  tiger   baby  became  friends  with  Perry,  but  when  they  were  grown,  Perry  didn’t  have  a   friend.    She  was  lonely,  very  super  lonely.    Perry  had  been  so  lonely  that  Tiggy   decided  to  help  him  find  a  friend.    Even  though  Tiggy  was  orange,  white,  and  had   black  stripes,  and  Perry  had  rainbow  feathers,  they  were  very  close.    It  didn’t  matter   that  they  were  different,  they  were  still  best  buddies.      Perry  had  blue  eyes  but  Tigg   had  marble  sized  blue  eyes.    Tiggy  told  his  friends  that  Perry  needed  some  pals.     Perry  was  furious,  very  furious.    Why  would  I  need  help  finding  one  little  friend,  she   thought.    That  night  Tiggy  found  Perry  while  she  was  out  looking  for  a  friend.         “Woah!”    Perry  was  scared,  very  scared.    When  Perry  turned  around  to  go  home,   Perry  saw  glowing  eyes.     “Eeek!”  screamed  Perry.     “It’s  just  me,”  said  Tiggiey.   “Co…co…Come  into  th…the  light  please,”  said  Perry,  very  frightened  in  fearful   voice.      Tiggy  came  into  the  light.    Perry  was  so  amazed.    “Your  eyes  glow  in  the  dark,   he  said.    “Ha!    You’re  lucky,  very  lucky.”   “How  come  you  have  glowing  eyes  and  I  don’t?”  asked  Perry.       “I  don’t  know,”  said  Tiggy.     “Well,  how  come  you  don’t  know  that  one?”  asked  Perry.     “That’s  because  I’m  not  in  school  yet,  Perry!”  shouted  Tiggy.     “Oh!”  said  Perry,  “I  forgot  that.”  


The next  day  Perry  said  to  himself,  “I  can’t  find  a  friend  and  I’m  jealous  of   Tiggy.”    A  few  minutes  later  Tiggy  showed  up.     “Hi  Perry.    Perry?”  said  Tiggy.    Perry  had  flown  to  a  very  high  tree  branch.     She  was  mad,  very  mad.    “I  wish  I  was  not  even  born,  or  I  wish  that  I  was  Tiggy,”   moaned  Perry.     “Perry!”  shouted  Tiggy.         “I’m  not  coming  down!”  shouted  Perry.         “Oh!  Come  on,”  said  Tiggy.     “Never!”  shouted  Perry.     “Fine,”  said  Tiggy.    “I’m  leaving!”     “Wait!”  shouted  Perry.     “I’m  not  waiting,”  responded  Tiggy.    “If  you  are  going  to  act  that  way,  then  it   is  fair  for  me  to  act  this  way  too,”  shouted  Tiggy.     “Fine!  Make  a  friend  cry!”  shouted  Perry.    “Wha  wha  wha!”  cried  Pary,  and   she  flew  away.         The  next  day  Tiggy  said,  “You  know  what?    I  am  going  to  be  Perry’s  friend.     That’s  a  great  idea.”    Later  that  same  day,  Tiggy  found  Perry  and  this  is  what  Tiggy   said,  “I  found  you!    Perry,  I  have  found  you  a  friend!”  shouted  Tiggy.         “Really?”  said  Perry.     “Yes!”  shouted  Tiggy  with  excitement.         “Who  is  it?”  asked  Perry.     “It  is  me!”  said  Tiggy.     “Really?”  said  Perry  very  confused.     “Yes,”  said  Tiggy,    “It’s  true.”     “Okay,  okay,”  said  Perry,  “I  get  it.”     “Then  why  didn’t  you  just  say  so  in  the  first  place?”  asked  Perry.     “Hurrah!”  shouted  Perry  and  Tiggy  together.”     “Why  didn’t  I  think  that  you  could  be  my  friend?”  said  Perry.    “This  is  the  best   day  of  my  life!”     “Mine  too,”  said  Tiggy.         “Let’s  celebrate!”  shouted  Perry  and  Tiggy.    “Whee!  Whoa!”  They  said  as  they   danced  with  glee.       Caroline  Hargis   Grade  2   Snow  Hill  Elementary   9042  Career  Lane,  Ooltewah,  TN  37363   Mrs.  Diane  Hitchcock  

Monster High  

Once  upon  a  time  in  Monster  High  School,  the  monsters  were  doing  work  in  their   classroom.    They  were  bored.  Frankie  had  a  plan  to  get  out  of  the  classroom  work.     Frankie  told  her  friends  the  plan  to  get  out  of  the  classroom.    They  did  just  what  she   said  instead  they  got  into  trouble  and  to  go  detention.    They  did  not  like  it.    Then  


Frankie had  another  plan  to  get  out  of  detention,  and  they  said  I  guess.    They  did   what  she  said,  and  that  time  they  did  not  get  in  trouble.    They  were  glad  that  they   did  not  get  in  trouble  that  time.    They  cheer,  and  Frankie  was  new  at  that  school  and   they  loved  her  as  a  friend.    They  are  in  high  school.    They  were  friends  forever.     Abbey  Henshaw   Grade  2   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   601  Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Dinger  


The Perfect  Cookies     One  day  a  girl  name  lily  worked  in  the  bakery  store.  Evryone  loved  he  cookies   shaped  like  peace  signs  and  hearts.  Because  she  put  something  in  it,  and  it  tasted   like  candy.  But  she  needed  some  help.  She  couldn’t  bake  the  cookies  by  herself.  Just   thene  she  spoted  a  man  who  was  looking  for  a  job.  Just  thene  he  went  over  there  to   try  some  of  her  cookies  he  also  asked  her  were  he  could  find  a  job  and  she  said  he   could  work  wit  her  so  he  did  he  liked  working  with  her.  Soon  there  were  more  and   more  cookies.     The  end!     Sabrina  Hilies-­Moya   Grade  2   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Lauren  Odum  

The saber  tooth     There  was  a  old  castle.  Big  mean  tigers  were  garding  the  castle.  At  dawn  the   heumans  came!  The  sabers  were  not  scared  to  fight.  Even  thow  the  heumans  were   armed.  The  gards  said  you  may  not  come  in.  The  heumans  said  we  will  fight  if  we  haf   to.     Ok  said  the  saber  I’ll  ask  my  master.  Captin!  Take  him  to  the  master.  Yes  sir  said  the   captin.  Back  at  the  master’s  room,  the  master  said  “take  him  to  prisin”.  Yes  sir  said   captin.  Captin  took  him  to  the  prisin  gard.     At  jail  the  relly  big  gard  said  get  him  in  there  now!  Captin  put  him  in  said  the  gard.   Captin  put  heuman  in.  Comander  was  in  his  ofice  room.  Seeing  if  any  more  heumans   would  come.  The  arechers  sole  a  spick.  It  was  the  heumans…    


Big castle.  The  arechers  sole  another  spick  it  was  tanks.  They  had  reinforsments.  Let   out  the  airforce  said  master  yes  sir  said  the  airforce  drivers.  The  heumans  came   closer  and  closer.  The  huemans  master  said  let  the  men  out  and  the  men  did  come   out  and  were  off  at  war.  Comander  said  wow!  That  was  a  serise  attak!  I  don’t  know  if   we  can  hlod  them  said  sargent.  Get  out  the  artilry  said  a  tarified  troop.  Artilry   started  to  srawnd  the  land.  As  it  shot  down  plans.  The  sabers  were  wining  the  battle   big  time.  A  big  bionic  robot  came.  And  got  dshtroed  by  a  big  tank.  On  the  sabers  side.   What  now  said  the  master  we’ve  got  dshtroed.       Big  shoters  were  shoting  at  a  big  bionic  robot.  The  robot  was  tring  his  best  to   dishtrory  the  shoters.  The  people  at  the  big  castle  gard.  We  died  said  the  master.     The  End!     Jeb  Martin   Grade  2   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Tym  

A Party  for  Sara     Sara’s  birthday  was  today.  Sara  was  so  eksided  that  she  was  wanderen  what  her   friends  had  pland.  But  Leanie  and  Pet  did  not  know  what  to  do.  They  both  were  a   shamed  of  there  salffs.  They  though  it  would  be  good  to  go  to  the  woods.  But  it  was   to  scary.  They  also  wanted  to  have  it  at  her  house.  But  how  would  you  get  the   deackerrashin  and  to  boring  to.       Than  they  thought.  Leanie  said  “Hey  how  about  we  go  to  the  pon.  Sara  goes  there   evry  day  and  she  are  reaty  goun  today.”  Pet  said  “Yes  that  is  a  great  idea.  You  are  so   smart.”  So  they  started  too  put  up  the  dacerashon.  Leanie  and  Pet  tought  it  was  fun   becase  they  lised  to  music  wail  sating  evry  thing  up.  Now  they  were  finished  with   the  decourashon  and  the  last  thing  to  do  is  invit  Sara  and  have  a  party.     So  they  walked  up  the  steap  hill.  Ii  toke  them  an  hour  to  get  to  her  house.  They   finlley  got  there.  They  rang  the  door  bell  and  said  “Is  Sara  home?”  they  both  said  at   the  same  time.    Sara’s  mother  said  “She  is  up  in  her  room.  I  will  go  get  her.”  Tow   minutes  later  she  came  back  with  Sara.  Sara  was  very  excitied  to  see  Leanie  and  Pete.   Sara  asked  “Were  are  we  going?”  Her  friends  said  “Wait  and  see  Sara!”     It  toke  an  hour  again  to  up  the  hill  and  down.  Then  they  were  finially  there.  They   both  said  excitingly  “You  my  open  your  eyes  now  Sara.”  Sara  scremed  and  fated   soon  she  woke  up.  We  ate  cake  and  played  games  and  they  all  had  the  best  day  ever!       The  End!  


Juliana Medeiros   Grade  2   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Smithson  

The Turkey  Run       If  I  were  the  biggest,  juiciest,  plumpest  turkey  on  the  turkey  farm,  I  would  not   die.    Here  is  my  plan.    I  pretend  that  I  am  a  chicken,  but  when  the  farmer  catches  me,   I  dress  up  as  a  sheep.    Then  after  that  if  he  ever  spots  me,  I  pretend  to  be  a  tomato.     BUT  if  he  ever  finds  me  again,  I  will  be  a  pig.    If  he  STILL  finds  me,  I  will  dress  up  as  a   pizza  man  and  then  he  will  have  all  the  pizza  to  eat.    That  way  he  won’t  eat  me.     Jacob  Mills   Grade  2   Soddy  Elementary   260  School  Street,  Soddy-­Daisy,  TN    37379   Mrs.  Mercer     My  Favorite  Doll     One  afternoon  I  was  in  the  garden  helping  my  mother  plant  her  flowers.  Then   my  kitten  cupcake  came  running  near  the  garden.  I  tried  to  stop  her  but  she  was  to   fast.  I  yelled  stop  cupcake.  She  ran  into  the  daisies.  I  put  her  inside  so  she  would  not   run  into  any  more  flowers.  My  mom  was  upset  so  I  helped  her  plant  some  more.   When  we  were  fineshed  my  mom  told  me  I  could  get  a  little  reward  for  helping  her.   We  wemt  to  the  store  and  looked  around.  Then  I  found  this  beautiful  little  doll.  Can  I   have  that  doll  I  said.  My  mom  said  she  does  not  have  enough  money  for  it.  I  was   really  disapoined.  My  mom  said  you  could  save  up  enough  money  for  it.  I  looked  at   the  doll  for  a  long  time.       When  we  got  home  I  found  a  way  to  earn  money.  I  am  going  to  do  chores  around  the   house.  I  did  the  laundry,  made  the  bed,  and  sweeped  the  floors.  I  got  twenty-­‐five   dollers  but  the  doll  was  thirty  three.  So  I  knew  I  had  to  do  tow  more  things  to  get   thirty  three  dollers.  My  mom  gave  me  six  more  for  helping  in  the  garden.  Now  I  have   thirty  dollers.  When  I  was  fineshed  puting  my  books  on  my  bookshelf  my  mom  gave   me  three  more  dollers.  I  finally  had  enough  to  get  the  doll.  The  next  day  my  mom   and  me  went  to  the  store  to  get  the  doll.         We  got  there  the  doll  wasn’t  there.  Somebody  who  worked  there  told  us  a  little  girl   took  it.  I  asked  if  they  had  another  one  but  they  said  no.  So  me  and  my  mom  looked   for  something  else  but  there  was  nothing  else  I  wanted.  My  mom  said  let’s  go  to  the   toy  shop  because  they  make  toys  and  they  might  make  you  a  new  doll.  In  the  car  I  


drew what  the  doll  looked  like  and  it  looked  just  like  the  doll  in  real  life.  When  we   got  there  I  gave  the  drawing  to  the  girl  at  the  counter.  She  owned  this  place.  She  said   she  will  try  to  make  one.  We  had  to  come  tomorrow  to  see.  The  next  day  we  went   back  to  the  toy  shop  to  see  if  the  doll  is  ready.  When  the  girl  came  back  with  the  doll   she  had  blond  hair  and  pig  tails  and  a  light  green  dress  with  purple  shoes.  It’s  just   what  I  wanted.  She  looked  pretty.  I  loved  her  so  I  took  her  home  with  me.     When  I  got  home  I  took  her  to  my  bedroom  and  I  played  wit  her.  I  showed  all  of  my   stuffed  animals  and  my  toys  my  doll.  I  named  her  Olivia.  She  was  the  best  doll  ever.     Alexandra  Saldana   Grade  2   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Odum     Zombie  Park     Once  upon  a  time  in  Irlend  a  yong  boy  axadentaly  went  to  a  hanted  park.  No  one   new  about  the  park  and  any  person  who  was  in  the  part  wood  turn  into  a  zombie  if   they  heard  the  chime  strike  midnight.  The  zombies  had  made  a  huge  mistake  and   ruined  Earth  and  its  resources.  They  had  lived  at  the  part  forever  park.  So  the   people  bought  guns  and  shot  the  zombies’  heads  off.     McClain  Shaw   Grade  2   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Smithson  

The story  of  the  haunted  house     On  a  halowen  night  a  gost  uperd  with  a  botell  of  slime.  He  said  the  slim  is  a  majic   formula  that  can  tern  peopel  in  to  gost’s  and  hont  the  honid  manshan.  With   scellatons  and  gosts  and  goblans.  Thay  can  desiz  as  peopel  and  go  in  to  the  mugal   world  and  hunt  mor  peopel.  The  bad  gost  that  can  hont  peopel  and  to  destroy  the   haunted  manchan  becouse  thay  live  in  a  difrint  haunted  manchan  which  is  trying  to   conpeet  with  the  good  haunted  manchan.  What  I  am  wondering  if  the  good  hanted   manchan  got  destroyd.  Sudiley  a  monser  uperd!       Part  2:  the  fiting  monster  versis  gost   And  he  was  about  to  destoy  the  honted  house!  Thar  was  got  to  be  somting  to  do   about  it.  But  the  monster  relizd  that  the  gost  was  alraty  ded  so  the  gost  was  alretey   alive  wans.  The  monster  has  8  legs.  He  was  tarafiing.  The  gost  was  rety  to  figt  back.  


he was  hoping  to  win  but  he  did  not  win  he  destroyd  the  hontid  house.  But  all  the   hontid  tem  fitid  and  bilt  the  haunted  house  back.     Part  3:  the  trol  atak   When  a  troll  came  they  bowth  were  stif,  but  they  found  out  he  was  a  nice  trol.  And   he  was  sarounded  by  fier!  All  3  of  them  ran  to  find  shelter  and  they  becam  frends.   The  shelter  was  haunted  and  wen  they  found  out  that  it  was  honted  they   rememberd  that  they  were  not  at  the  honted  manchon  and  that  they  were  tousands   of  mials  away  from  it  the  gost  was  stil  holding  the  botel  of  slime.  They  pord  it  on  all   3  of  them  and  they  were  bak  at  the  honted  manchon.     Part  4:  destroy  and  fix   When  they  got  bak  to  the  honted  manchan  it  was  on  fier!  But  the  gost  put  the  slim   on  the  honted  manchon  and  it  fixt  it.  Then  they  went  in  side  to  see  wat  was  going   rong.  And  the  monster  from  the  other  honted  manchon  was  destroying  the  honted   manchon.  Then  they  destoyd  him  and  the  honted  manchon  was  bak  to  normal.     Part  5:   When  avrething  was  bak  to  normal  not  evrething  was  bak  to  normal.  Becouse  the   bad  crechors  were  turnd  in  to  good  krechers.  The  End.     Luke  Tarter   Grade  2   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Tym  

Hiccup—A Movie  Summary  of  How  to  Train  Your  Dragon     One  day  I  was  flying  really  fast  in  the  night.    All  of  the  Vikings  yelled  my  name   and  took  cover  so  they  would  not  get  blasted.    Then  Hiccup  shot  me  down  with  that   terrible  catapult.    He  started  screaming,  “I  did  it!”  and  then  got  chased  by  a   monsterous  nightmare.    He  went  down  to  the  cove.    He  cut  me  loose,  and  I  pounced   on  him.    It  was  scary.    I  almost  made  him  faint.     The  next  day,  he  brought  me  fish.    He  started  training  me.    He  made  me  a  fake   tail  that  day.    I  started  flying  then,  so  he  made  me  a  saddle  when  I  was  eating  my  fish.     We  were  flying  like  when  he  shot  me  down.    He  made  the  type  of  saddle  that  he   could  control  with  his  foot.     Astrid  came  and  saw  Toothless  and  shouted  then  ran  faster  and  wildly.    Then   Toothless  came  in  and  the  Vikings  got  on  top  of  Toothless  and  put  them  in  their  ship.     They  went  to  Dragon  Island.    The  ship  went  slowly  across  the  wild  ocean.    When   they  were  there,  they  hit  the  dragons.    The  Ultra  Dragon  came,  and  they  went  nuts.     The  boats  got  burned,  and  Toothless  sank  to  the  bottom.    Hiccup  tried  to  get   Toothless  out  of  the  water,  but  he  ran  out  of  breath.    His  dad  came  and  got  Toothless.  


Hiccup and  I  started  flying  and  fighting  the  dragon,  and  we  put  fire  in  his   mouth.    He  died.    We  fell  and  Hiccup’s  foot  was  burned  off.    His  dad  found  him.     Gobber  made  him  a  fake  foot  that  he  could  barely  walk  on.    Then  they  had  dragons   for  pets.     Elijah  Turner   Grade  2   Soddy  Elementary  School   260  School  Street,  Soddy-­Daisy,  TN    37379     Mrs.  Mercer  

The Nutcracker’s  Christmas     Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  little  nutcracker.    It  was  in  a  store  wanting  to   be  bought.    Every  day  he  sat  in  the  store.    Then  one  day  a  little  girl  came  in  and  said   “Mommy,  I  want  to  buy  this  nut  cracker.    It’s  small  and  cute  and  I  want  him.    Please!   Please!  Please!  He  only  costs  $2.99.”  So  they  bought  him  and  said  “Thank  you”.  They   went  home  and  started  breaking  nuts.       Then  the  girl  started  to  get  older  and  then  nut  cracker  started  to  get  sad.     Then  when  the  little  girl  had  a  daughter  of  her  own,  she  found  him.    Then  she  said   “did  you  know  that  you  had  this?  Yes,  I  just  did  not  know  where  he  was.  It  looks  like   you  found  him.”  So  the  nutcracker  was  happy  again.         Then  10  years  past  and  the  little  girl  who  found  the  nutcracker  finally  said  “I   want  you  to  have  this  again  before  I  go  off  to  college.    Then  I  will  come  back,  say  hi   and  go  back  off  to  college  and  come  back  for  Christmas.”     Then  when  she  came  back  from  college  her  mother  gave  her  a  nutcracker  of   her  own.     Payton  Vaughn   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd.,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Simpson  


[Grade 2  Poetry]    

OUTSIDE IN  THE  WOODS     I  run,  I  jump,  I  play  on  logs   I  climb  on  trees  and  I  have  fun   I  like  to  play  outside   Outside  in  the  bright  sun.     I  look  at  a  tree,  I  look  for  awhile   Then  I  climb  it  once  more   I  go  to  a  place  I’ve  never  been   Never  been  before.     I  swing  on  a  vine,  I  swing  back  and  forth   I  could  swing  all  day  long.   I  feel  like  a  little  bird   Singing  a  quiet  song.     My  mom  calls  me  back  inside,   It  feels  so  so  wrong.     Luke  Alexander   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain  TN  37377   Mrs.  Bautista  

Jingle Jingle  Clang     On  Christmas  Eve  you  can  hear:   The  jingle  jingle  clang  of  Santa’s  reindeer   Sparks  from  the  fire  crackling  up  the  chimney,   And  snowy  blizzards  are  all  around   Christmas  carols  are  heard  around  town   In  a  land  covered  in  a  white  winter  blanket   There  are  snowmen  in  the  front  yards   As  children  are  snug  in  their  beds  with  warm  winter  blankets   Santa  greets  the  town  with  a  “ho,  ho,  ho!”   With  lots  of  colorful  presents  under  the  tree,   Another  wonderful  Christmas  will  come     Parker  Bartlett   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary  School   33  

1301 James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain  TN  37377   Mrs.  Simpson  

Grandpa   My  Grandpa  was  so,  so  nice.   He  played  with  me  so  much.   But  one  day  that  changed.   I  woke  up  and  dad  told  me  he  was  gone.     It’s  been  hard,   But  I’m  moving  on.   Even  though  I  don’t  see  him  he  whispers   “I  love  you  Lily.  I  love  you.”     Lily  Cecil   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Niedbala     Leaves  Fall     Leaves  Leaves  in  the  fall   They  fall  down  from  your  head  to  your  toes.   Leaves  leaves  are  falling  down  everywhere.   All  around  leaves  are  falling  from  the  trees  to  the  ground.   Of  all  the  colors  that  leaves  can  be,     I  will  name  these  colors.   The  colors  are  green,  yellow,  red  and  orange.   And  the  last  but  not  least  is  brown.   Green  is  in  the  summer.   Orange,  red,  yellow  and  brown  are  in  the  fall.     Brown  is  when  the  leaves  are  not  alive  at  all.   Leaves  leaves  are  fun   But  in  the  fall  to  have  fun  with  leaves   You  need  to  make  a  big  leaf  pile  for  everyone.   Leaves  can  be  fun  in  any  way.   Right  now  in  the  fall  you  can  get  out  and  play   And  play  all  day  you  may!!   Leaves  leaves  in  the  fall     Emma  Davis   Grade  2   Family  Christian  Academy/  Homeschool  


Mrs. Davis     Zack's  Haiku     One  plus  one  is  two   Add,  Subtract,  It's  up  to  you   Language  of  Numbers     Zack  Duncan   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boule.  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Niedbala  

My Pesky  Little  Sister     My  pesky  little  sister  drives  me  nuts   When  I  return  from  school,  the  door  she  shuts.   My  pesky  little  sister  can  be  as  mean  as  the  devil   When  she  is  around  there  is  a  rise  in  my  temper  level.   My  pesky  little  sister  hits  me  all  day   Then  she  begs  me  to  play.   My  pesky  little  sister  is  kind  of  cute   She  is  as  funny  as  a  hoot.   My  pesky  little  sister  is  sometimes  sweet   When  she  gets  hurt  my  heart  skips  a  beat.   My  pesky  little  sister,  I  guess  I  love  her   I  would  trade  her  for  no  other.     Carter  Giles   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Blvd.,  Signal  Mtn.,  TN    37377   Mrs.  Gooden  

Horse Dream     I  once  had  a  dream  about  a  horse   He  jumped  over  a  stream   And  he  made  it  of  course   His  legs  were  long   And  his  coat  was  white   He  had  a  long  mane   And  his  eyes  were  so  bright   The  next  thing  I  knew  


I was  up  on  his  back   As  we  started  to  run   I  heard  a  loud  flap   It  sounded  like   the  wings  of  a  bird   But  louder  of  course   Like  hooves  of  a  herd   Up  and  away   We  flew  to  the  sky   It  was  the  best  dream  ever   I  got  to  fly.     Zoe  Hale   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Blvd.    Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Bautista     The  Whale     Big  as  a  street,   With  fins  not  feet.   I’m  full  of  blubber,   With  skin  like  rubber.   When  I  breathe  out,   I  spew  a  spout.   I  swim  by  the  shore,   And  more  and  more   I’m  very,  very  hard  to  ignore.     Bradley  Kincaid   Grade  2   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Schonhoff     Daisies     Daises  are  yellow   I  wish  I  had  two.   Daisies  smell  sweet   Like  all  flowers  do.     Jacob  Lofty   Grade  2   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   36  

601 Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Dinger  

I  Am  Furry  White     I  am  fury  white.     I  live  in  a  rain  forest.   I  have  very  black  eyes.     Colin  Rice   Grade  2   Hixson  Elementary  School   5950  Winding  Lane,  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Brown     I  Love  the  Fall     I  love  the  Fall   With  leaves  so  bright   Colors  like  gold  and  orange  and  red     I  love  the  Fall   With  winds  so  soft   Sounds  that  whisper  over  my  head     I  love  the  Fall   With  frost  so  white   Cold  and  gray,  skies  like  lead     I  love  the  Fall   With  a  warm  cozy  fire   Snuggled  up  inside  my  bed     Kyle  Shoemaker   Grade  2   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Galyon     Being  A  Jedi     Being  a  Jedi  would  be  so  much  fun   I’d  carry  a  light  saber  instead  of  a  gun     I’d  fight  off  Count  Dooku   with  Anakin  beside  me  


we win  the  battle  and  yell  yippie!     I’d  fly  my  X-­‐Wing  all  through  space   and  challenge  anyone  that  wants  to  race     Being  a  Jedi  is  what  I  want  to  be   but  for  now,  I  will  have  to  settle  for  just  being  me!     Gavin  Walter   Grade  2   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Gooden    



[Grade 3  Prose]    

The Time  I  Stepped  on  a  Stingray     Splash!  I  jumped  into  the  water.  I  took  some  steps  into  the  ocean  and  then  I  saw   it.  It  was  a  stingray!  It  scared  me  to  death.  I  would  not  touch  the  ocean  for  a  long   time.  I   was  scared.  So  scared  that  my  heart  was  pounding.  And,  it  wasn’t  like  those   stingrays  at  the  Aquarium,  it  had  a  stinger.  Trust  me,  you  would  not  want  to  be  there.   I  went  on   shore  so  I  could  sit  down.   A  couple  of  minutes  later  I  went  back  in  the  ocean  with  caution.  I  looked  on   the   ocean  floor  until  I  got  to  my  grandfather  and  my  mom.  I  couldn’t  speak,  the  breath   was   choked  out  of  me.   The  stingray  was  gray.  It  was  about  a  foot  long  with  a  half  a  foot  tail.  The   wingspan   was  about  three  quarters  of  a  foot  across.  It  looked  like  it  had  gray  spots  under  the   water.  Then  I  said  to  my  mom,  “I’m  okay.”  Then  we  never  forgot  the  time  I  stepped   on   a  stingray.     Maddie  Avery   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Rd.  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Huseman     A  Day  of  Terror     Mom  had  called  the  principal  and  said  I  was  going  home  with  Caleb,  but  I  had   no  idea  why.  “Please  come  to  the  hallways.    There  is  a  big  storm  headed  our  way,  so   please  come  to  the  hallways.    I  repeat,  please  come  to  the  hallways.”  ZIZZLE!  ZAP!   The  power  was  out.  I  was  not  so  happy  to  hear  this  because  my  mom  had  said  that   the  mountains  kept  the  big  storms  away.  We  ran  downstairs  to  the  bottom  floor,  and   every  one  of  us  got  into  tornado  position.    After  a  while  they  let  us  get  up,  but  soon   we  were  in  tornado  position  again.  Finally  we  sat  up  again.  Miss  Levy  tried  to  make   things  fun  but  I  think  that  we  were  too  scared  to  appreciate  it.  Finally  when  we  were   dismissed,  the  office  said  I  was  to  come  home  with  Caleb  Janda  because  my  mom   couldn’t  come  get  me.  After  we  got  to  Caleb’s,  we  played  Monkey  in  the  Middle  with   Everett.  Finally  my  dad  zoomed  up  to  pick  me  up,  and  a  few  hours  later  my  mom  and   sitter  rode  home  with  a  police  man.    Soon  the  power  came  on,  and  everything  was   back  to  normal.  Well  not  quite.       39  

May Bankston   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Lawson         The  Popular  Girls     “The  popular  girls  at  my  school  are  pretty  and  perfect.  Their  names  are   Vanessa,  Paisley,  and  Emma.  My  name  is  Sophia  Druce  and  my  best  friend  is  my  only   friend.  Her  name  is  Jazminn  Malaz.  Her  family  is  from  India  and  China.    The  popular   girls  make  fun  of  the  two  of  us.  I  wish  they  would  stop.”   “Ring!  Ring!”    the  sound  of  the  bell  interrupted  Sophia’s  thoughts.    It  was  time  for  the   next  class.   When  Sophia  got  to  her  next  class,  math,  the  teacher  gave  back  the  math  test  the  day   before.  Sophia  saw  her  grade  and  thought,  “The  popular  girls  always  get  a  C;  I   always  get  a  B+.  It’s  not  the  best  grade,  but  it  is  a  good  grade.”   Sophia  could  hear  the  popular  girls  saying  things  about  her  and  the  test.   “So  maybe  she  got  a  better  grade  than  us,  but  look  at  her  hair!  Is  that  supposed  to  be   a  french  braid?  It  looks  like  a  loaf  of  french  bread!”    “And  what’s  with  her  friend,   Jazzmin?    Who  cares  about  an  A  in  math,  when  your  hair  is  sooo  long  and  sooo   straight!    What  is  that  style  supposed  to  be?  ”   When  Sophia  heard  what  the  popular  girls  were  saying  about  her  and  her  friend,  she   felt  sad,  but  she  knew  that  Vanessa,  Paisley  and  Emma  were  jealous.  She  and   Jazzmin  were  good  students,  and  their  hair  was  just  how  they  wanted  it  to  be.   “Ring!  Ring!    Ring!”    it  was  the  sound  of  the  bell  again.  It  was  time  for  Sophia’s   favorite  class,  drama.   Mr.    Pierre  was  a  great  teacher  and  always  made  his  class  fun.  He  wrote  the  scripts   from  the  books  the  kids  were  reading.    Right  now  they  were  reading  a  book  called   The  Popular  Girls.   After  studying  the  script,  Mr.  Pierre  yelled.    “Ready?  Action!”   The  classroom  lights  were  dimmed  and  on  the  stage  Sophia    screamed,  “Jazminn!   Jazzmin!  Where  are  you?”   Off  stage  she  could  see  Jazzmin  with  the  popular  girls.   “No  where,”  said  Vanessa.    Paisley  was  behind  her.  Jazzmin  was  struggling  to  get  by   the  girls  but  was  being  held  by  Emma.   “Sophia!  Help!”  screamed  Jazzmin.  She  was  afraid  and  thought  the  girls  were  trying   to  hurt  her.  They  were  pulling  her  hair  and  making  fun  of  her  clothes.   “Ring!  Ring!  Ring!”   “Cut!”  yelled  the  director,  Mr.  Pierre.  “Good  job,”  he  said.    You  girls  really  got  your   into  your  characters.  Go  to  your  next  class.”   It  was  all  part  of  the  play.    Or  was  it?     Kaylee  Bautista   40  

Grade 3   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mr.  Parker       The  Bad  Day       A  long  time  ago  I  went  to  sea  world.    I  went  with  my  great  Aunt  and  my  Uncle.     My  Uncle  and  I  rode  the  rollercoaster.    DJ  yelled,  “Jalen  I  am  scared!”    “I  like  it  a  lot.”   Jalen  said.    We  got  to  feed  the  dolphins.    It  was  fun  as  well.    We  went  into  a  room  full   of  rope.    I  asked  the  worker,  “hey  can  we  get  on  those?”  The  worker  said,  “sure  they   are  a  lot  of  fun.”    Once  I  reached  the  top,  I  started  to  climb  down,  but  my  leg  got   tangled  into  the  rope.    I  was  hanging  upside  down.    I  was  screaming  for  help.    “Help   me  someone,  help!”  Jalen  yelled.    The  worker  came  over  and  said  hang  on  tight,  I’ll   be  there  to  get    you.    He  came  up  and  got  me  down.         Jalen  Carter   Grade  3   Calvin  Donaldson  Environmental  Science  Academy   927  West  37th  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN  37410   Mrs.  Sahm     Secret  of  the  School     Julie   and   Catherine   huddled   in   the   classroom   closet.     Mr.   Ostroff,   their   last   period  teacher,  was  gathering  his  papers  and  things.  The  class  had  been  dismissed,   and   the   two   girls   had   snuck   into   the   classroom   closet   right   after   the   teacher   had   left   the   classroom   to   dismiss   the   students.   Two   minutes   later,   Mr.   Ostroff   had   left   the   classroom   and   shut   the   door.   The   two   girls   silently   climbed   out   of   the   closet,   and   shut  the  closet  door.   “At  least  he  didn’t  lock  the  classroom  door,”  Julie  whispered.     Peering  out  the  door,  Catherine  made  sure  nobody  was  coming  down  the   hallway.  “It’s  clear,”  Catherine  whispered.     They  snuck  down  the  hallways,  glancing  back  every  now  and  then,  BANG!   Something  crashed,  and  the  girls  quickly  hid.   “What  was  that?”  Catherine  asked  quietly.     “I  don’t  know,  but  that  could  be  a  clue  about  what  we  are  trying  to  find  out,”   Julie   said.   They   slipped   on   down   the   hallways.   Turning   the   last   corner,   the   girls   caught  their  breath.     Now   they   knew   the   first   part   of   the   school’s   secret.   A   door   that   said   TEACHERS  ONLY  had  a  big  round  hole  in  the  center.  The  girls  slipped  through  the   hole,  and  put  the  huge  stone  that  had  been  busted  out  of  the  door  into  place.  They   walked   down   the   aisle   to   another   door,   opened   it,   then   quietly   shut   it.   It   was   a   large   room.  They  realized  that  all  they  had  to  do  was  quietly  go  up  the  staircases.   41  

The girls   quietly   tiptoed   up   the   stairways.   At   the   top   was   an   old,   wooden   door.  Trusting  their  senses,  Julie  and  Catherine  peered  through  the  wooden  door.  A   sharp,  quiet  cry  was    coming  from  a  dark  corner  in  the  dark  room.  Then,  a  low,  dark   growl.  “The  secret  may  be  an  animal  or  creature,”  Catherine  breathed.   “I  have  a  small  candle  in  my  backpack,”  Julie  breathed  back.     “How  would  we  light  it?”  Catherine  breathed.  Julie  felt  the  floor.  A  stone  and   stick  closed  into  her  hand.     “A  stone  and  a  stick,”  Julie  replied.  Quietly  getting  the  candle,  she  quickly  and   quietly  lit  the  candle.   They   caught   their   breath.   There   was   a   ginormous   cage   with   a   bear-­‐like   creature   inside.   Another   bear-­‐like   growl   came   from   the   creature.   Frightened,   the   girls   stepped   back.   They   had   never   seen   this   part   of   the   school,   after   almost   their   first  year!     Julie   paused,   noticing   something   else.   There   was   a   girl   about   their   age   huddled  by  the  cage,  crying.  “That  girl  is  from  our  class,  and  the  principal  took  her   somewhere  this  morning  to  test  something,”  Julie  said,  pointing.     “That  is  Marissa,”  Catherine  whispered.  “Let’s  go  ask  her  what  that  creature   is.”  Julie  looked  frightened,  but  she  agreed.     Marissa  looked  up.  “You  are  probably  here  to  ask  about  Beast,  and  I  will  tell   you  this:  Beast  is  a  terrible  creature  the  school  has  captured,  and  uses  Beast  to  bite   kids   very   hard,   but   then   they   bandage   the   child   and   send   them   back   to   class,”   Marissa  said,  showing  a  light  blue  bandage  around  her  wrist.     “This  is  such  a  terrible  school,”  they  muttered  to  each  other.  They  all  agreed   to   let   Marissa   help   them   out.   Deciding   to   get   to   the   bottom   of   this,   the   three   girls   looked  around  for  clues.     They  all  decided  there  were  no  clues.  “Why  is  the  school  so  mean?”  Catherine   asked.   “Let’s   find   out,”   Julie   said.   They   all   thought   they   had   to   find   out   what   was   wrong.     Suddenly,  they  heard  footsteps  and  hid.  Mr.  Domes  was  walking  around  and   talked   to   Beast.   Julie   suddenly   remembered   the   candle.   A   box   labeled   newspapers   sat  beside  her.  Cleverly  she  opened  the  box  quietly.  Putting  the  newspapers  on  the   window,  she  lit  each  one  and  as  soon  as  Mr.  Domes  saw  the  smoke,  he  called  911.     The   girls   rejoiced   quietly.   Their   genius   plan   was   working!   Soon   they   heard   sirens   wailing.   Police   and   firemen   were   coming,   and   that   meant   that   the   evil   teachers  could  be  arrested.  A  new  school  with  incredible  teachers.  Just  what  all  the   kids  wanted!     Lights   came   on.   Firemen   and   police   burst   into   the   room.   The   girls   ran   out.   “This  school  has  terrible  teachers!”  they  yelled.     The  police  looked  at  them.  “Really?”  they  asked.     The   girls   replied,   “Yes,   they   make   that   terrible   beast   bite   us   if   we   are   bad,”   and  pointed    to  Beast.     “Beast?”  the  police  asked.     “It's  that  giant  creature  over  there,"  the  girls  replied  politely.     "Get  all  the  teachers  in  handcuffs,"  the  policeman  to  a  group  of  police.     The   chief   fireman   said   to   a   group   of   firemen:   "Take   out   that   newspaper-­‐ fire."Take  Beast  to  the  Zoo  and  make  a  sign  saying:  Unknown  Creature."     42  

"I can't  believe  we  are  doing  this  big  thing,"  Marissa  said,  laughing.     "We  are  getting  a  better  school,"  Julie  and  Catherine  said  together.     Thirty   minutes   later,   everything   was   cleared   up,   the   school   was   shut   down,   and   the   girls   were   awarded   for   their   smartness.   Everyone   was   so   happy   at   the   girls'   houses  and  their  parents  and  both  their  big  brothers  were  overjoyed  to  see  them.     The   families   were   sent   special   thank   you   letters.   Lots   of   the   other   children   stopped   by   to   say   thank   you.   The   girls   played   in   the   woods   for   the   rest   of   the   school   year.  For,  you  see,  a  new  school  was  being  built,  and  it  was  to  be  called:  Redwood   Middle  School.       Elanor  Cornett   Grade  3   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Ferguson     This  Is  Going  To  Be  Great     “This  is  going  to  be  great”!    My  friend  whispered  in  my  ear,  interrupting  my   daydreams  about  playing  the  guitar  on  stage.       “Yeah.”    I  whispered  back,  turning  to  face  Ms.  Hammett.    I  imagined  her  with  her   guitar,  singing  this  favorite  song  everybody  loved,  with  us  as  her  background  chorus.   I  heard  a  note  from  Ms.  Hammett’s  guitar.    “This  is  what  we’re  going  to  be  singing.”     Ms.  Hammett  said.    “Follow  along  after  me.”    She  continued.       High  notes  and  low  notes  started  coming  out  of  her  guitar.    Pretty  notes  and   beautiful  ones.    I  closed  my  eyes  and  let  the  music  wash  over  me.    Then,  It  seemed   out  of  nowhere,  Ms.  Hammett’s  beautiful  voice  filled  the  room.    “Cave,  forest,  river,   wet  land,  Tennessee,  our  big  back  yard.”     Soon,  the  whole  class  was  singing.    It  seemed  like  nobody  wanted  to  stop.    We   sang  on  round  of  the  song,  then  another,  and  another.    Ms.  Hammett  even  added   another  chorus  for  us  to  sing.    Music  was  everywhere.    Ms.  Hammett  had  changed   her  voice  so  much  when  she  had  started  singing.    It  was  like  listening  to  a  whole  new   person.    Then  her  voice  changed  back  to  normal.         “Final  verse”  she  said.    Everyone  groaned.    We  sang  that  last  verse,  the  last   strum  that  guitar  would  play,  then  all  was  silent.    Then,  Ms.  Hammett’s  voice  came   out  of  The  gloom.    “That  was  great!”  she  said,  “I’ll  have  to  show  the  other  teachers!”         “Let’s  video  it.”  Someone  piped  up.         “Maybe.”    Ms.  Hammett  said.       Oh  well,  I  wanted  to  sing  it  again,  but  then  I’d  get  tired  of  it!  And  what  fun  is   that  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!     Frances  Crowe   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Ms.  Hammett   43  

The Lip  Accident       “Ahhhhhhhh!”    That  was  my  sister’s  scream  you  just  heard.    I  didn’t  know   what  was  going  on  down  there.    Then  we  heard  a  big  thump.    Auren  had  gotten   seriously  hurt!    She  had  tripped  over  her  dress,  fallen  off  the  chair  she  was  standing   on,  and  had  cracked  open  her  lip  completely.    She  was  screaming  and  crying,  her  lip   was  cracked  all  the  way  open,  and  it  was  gushing  blood.    When  we  heard  screams   and  cries,  we  came  rushing  down  the  stairs  to  see  what  had  happened.       When  we  found  her,  we  were  shocked!  Then  we  called  my  parents  and  told   them  what  had  happened  to  Auren.    They  were  shocked,  too.      Dan  and  Aunt  Becka   came  and  gave  her  a  paper  towel  to  wipe  her  lip  off  with.       Then  as  soon  as  my  parents  got  home,  my  dad  took  her  to  the  emergency   room  to  get  stitches  for  her  lip.    It  took  quite  a  while  to  give  her  stitches.       The  rest  of  us  were  still  at  home.    She  was  really  brave,  so  when  she  got  home,   I  was  in  bed,  not  asleep.    I  heard  the  front  door  open,  and  I  knew  it  was  Auren  and   Dad.    When  they  came  to  my  room,  I  still  wasn’t  asleep.    Then  I  saw  her  in  the  dark,   and  I  was  scared  to  touch  Auren’s  lip  because  there  were  stitches  on  her  lip.    I  had   never  had  to  get  stitches  before,  so  I  was  scared.    Then  I  was  trying  to  hug  her  in  the   dark,  and  it  was  kind  of  hard  to  do  that.    I  didn’t  want  to  hurt  her  after  she  got   stitches.    Dad  said  it  was  OK  about  touching  her  lip  because  it  was  already  fixed.     Auren  was  all  better.     Mya  Federico   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Lawson     The  Christmas  Tree     Once  there  lived  a  little  girl  named  Mia  who  lived  with  her  mom.  When  her  mom   was  a  little  girl  she  didn’t  celebrate  Christmas  because  they  lived  in  a  country  where   they  didn’t  have  the  freedom  to  celebrate  Christmas  and  the  birth  of  Jesus.    Mia  did   not  know  that  until  her  mom  told  her  last  year.  They  never  talked  about  Christmas   in  their  house.  One  cold  day  in  December  when  Mia  was  walking  home  from  school   she  saw  a  Christmas  tree  in  a  store  window  and  she  thought  it  looked  so  beautiful.   She  ran  the  rest  of  the  way  home  and  ran  into  the  house  and  told  her  mom,  “Mamma   we  need  a  Christmas  tree!”  Her  mom  said,  “No  we  don’t  need  a  Christmas  tree!”  Mia   asked  “Why?  other  families  have  a  Christmas  tree”.  She  ran  into  her  room  crying  not   knowing  what  to  do.  Her  mom  called  Mia’s  dad  and  told  him  what  had  happened.     She  said,  “She’s  not  coming  out  of  her  room.”    Her  dad  said,  “Why  don’t  we  buy  a   Christmas  tree  this  year?    It  would  make  Mia  so  happy  and  just  because  you  grew  up   without  one  doesn’t  mean  we  have  to.  We     can  begin  a  new  tradition  in  our  home  right?”    Mia’s  mom  said  “I  guess  you  are  right.”     Her  dad  said,  “I  think  that  is  a  good  decision.”      Her  mom  said  “Ok,  we  will  buy  one”.   44  

So she  went  to  Mia’s  room  to  tell  her  that  it  was  time  for  dinner.    Mia  came  to  the   table  and  picked  at  her  food  looking  a  little  sad,  He  mom  said,  “Mia,  your  dad  and  I   have  decided  to  make  a  new  family  tradition.    We  are  going  to  have  a  Christmas  tree!”     Mia  was  so  excited  and  she  jumped  up  and  down  and  ran  all  around  the  house!    So   they  went  to  go  find  a  Christmas  tree.  They  found  short  trees,  tall  trees,  and  stubby   trees  but  they  couldn’t  find  the  one  that  they  wanted  but  after  a  lot  of  looking  they   finally  found  the  perfect  tree.  The  tree  was  kind  of  short  but  worked  perfect  so  they   bought  it.    Then  they  found  some  decorations  that  they  really  liked  so  they  bought   two  bags  full!    When  they  got  home  they  put  the  tree  in  a  stand  with  some  water  and   put  on  all  of  the  lights  and     decorations.    It  was  the  most  beautiful  tree  they  had  ever  seen.    Mia  looked  at  her   mom  and  said,       “thank  you  mom  for  letting  us  have  a  tree  this  year.”    And  her  mom  said,  “I  think  that   we  will  have  a  tree  every  year  from  now  on!”    Mia  gave  her  mom  a  big  hug  and  she   knew  that  this  was  going  to  be  the  most  wonderful  Christmas  ever!    And  it  was  all   because  of  one  beautiful  Christmas  tree.     Mackenzie  Fields   Grade  3   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mrs.  Whitted     The  Future     “Shckkk,   Schkkk,   Parker   to   the   office.”   I   was   walking   down   the   hallway.     I   knew  for  sure  I  was  in  trouble  I  marched  down  the  hallway  like  I  was  in  the  Calvalry.   I   got   to   the   office,   and   my   mom   and   dad   said   “Go   to   the   limo.”     “OK”,   I   went.   The   window  rolled  down.  It  was  me  from  the  future!  He  said,  “Get  in.”    We  went    to  the   airport.    We  soared  through  the  sky  to  Los  Angeles.  We  got  out  of  the  plan.  We  went   to   see   Jackie   Chan.   We   went   to   see   his   famous   movie.     It   was   awesome!   Then   we   went  to  see  another  movie  that  was  awesome  too.  We  started  to  play  a  video  game,   then  it  was  time  for  me  to  go  home.  I  said  “Bye”  to  Jackie  Chan,  and  I  went  home.  Me   and   Jackie   Chan   can   still   e-­‐mail   each   other   on   Facebook.     So,   when   we   got   home,   me   from   the   future   said   “What   do   we   do   now?”     I   said,   “Let’s   throw   the   football.”     He   said,  “OK,  let’s  go.”  I  threw  it  to  him.  He  threw  it  to  me.  When  he  threw  it  I  looked   away.    It  soared  through  the  sky  and  BAM!  It  hit  me!  I  got  knocked  out.  When  I  woke   up,   I   almost   erupted   with   anger!   After   that   I   went   inside   to   get   some   chocolate   milk.   I  went  upstairs  and  watched  TV,  and  then  I  finished  my  milk.  I  was  going  downstairs,   and   I   noticed   the   door   wasn’t   opening.   I   was   barricaded   in!   So,   I   used   a   technique   ramming  my  head  against  the  door.  He  finally  opened  the  door.  I  said,  “Next  time  it   is  not  going  to  be  pretty.”  So,  after  a  while,  I  thought  maybe  I  should  get  rid  of  me   from  the  future.  But  how  could  I?  I  found  the  limo  and  put  him  in  it.  And  then  I  put  it   in  reverse,  and  drove  him  back  into  the  future!     Parker  Graham   Grade  3   45  

Lookout Valley  Elementary   701  Browns  Ferry  Rd,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Baggett     The  Boy  Behind  Me     There’s  a  boy  that  sits  behind  me  in  class.  His  name  is  Fred.  He  breathes  on   the  back  of  my  neck  and  sneezes  on  me.  He  picks  his  nose  and  puts  it  on  my   homework.  I  don’t  know  how  he  does  it.  His  hair  spikes  up  like  the  thorns  on  a  thorn   bush.  His  face  looks  like  a  tree  with  no  bark.  His  eyes  look  like  black  holes  and  his   teeth  are  as  hard  as  brick.  His  nails  are  like  swords  being  fought  with.  His  legs  are  as   skinny  as  spaghetti  before  you  cook  it.  He  has  freckles  that  look  like  darts  being   thrown.  His  hands  are  as  big  as  pears!  He  has  a  dog  that  looks  like  a  purple  monster.   His  shoes  are  like  lollypops.  His  mom  is  a  smurf  and  his  dad  is  a  giant.  I  don’t  know   how  they  get  along.  The  clothes  he  wears  are  so  10  million  years  ago.  He  always  has   this  petrified  grin  on  his  face.  It’s  kind  of  creepy.       Samantha  Kate  Helton   Grade  3   Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Oakes     The  Stolen  Stallion     Once,  there  were  two  girls,  Avery  and  Carolyn.  They  loved  to  ride  horses.   They  rode  at  Bay  View  Farms.  One  day,  they  were  going  to  ride.  When  they  got  there,   Miss  Denise  told  them  that  a  one  hundred  dollar  champion  stallion  they  just  got   yesterday,  had  been  stolen!  So  the  girls  looked  around  for  clues.   “I  found  tire  tracks!”  said  Avery.   Carolyn  and  Miss  Denise  ran  over  to  see  what  she  had  found.  When  Carolyn   saw  them,  she  said,   “They  had  a  trailer  too.”   “How  do  you  know  that  they  were  not  just  going  to  go  to  a  horse  show  or   something  like  that?”   said  Avery.   “Because,  there  is  not  a  road  back  here,”  said  Miss  Denise.   “Then  that  must  be  the  person  who  took  the  stallion,”  said  Carolyn.   “Let’s  see  where  they  lead,”  said  Miss  Denise.   So  they  all  followed  the  trail.  The  trail  ended  in  front  of  a  big  barn.  So  Carolyn   said,  “I  will  go  in  and  see  what  it  looks  like.  If  you  see  my  hand  waving,  come  in,  OK?”   So,  Carolyn  went  in.  All  she  saw  were  horses.  Then  she  looked  ahead  and  saw   the  stallion.  She  waved  her  hand  and  Avery  and  MIss  Denise  came  in.  Then,  Carolyn   said,  “Is  that  the  stallion?”   “Yes,  but  how  are  we  going  to  get  him?”  said  Miss  Denise.  


“One of  us  will  come  here  tomorrow  and  ride  in  a  lesson.  Then,  when  you’re   done,  instead  of  putting  him  back  in  the  field,  you  will  bring  him  to  us.”  said  Carolyn.   So  the  next  day,  Avery  rode  him  and  instead  of  putting  him  in  the  field,  she  rode  him   to  the  barn.  When  she  came  back,  Carolyn  and  Miss  Denise  ran  out  and  started   petting  the  horse.  Then,  Miss  Denise  said,  “I  am  having  a  horse  show  tomorrow  to   show  how  thankful  I  am  for  you  bringing  back  my  horse.  I’ll  let  you  ride  in  it  for  free.”   So  the  next  day,  after  the  horse  show,  Avery  and  Carolyn  rode  the  stallion   and  both  won  first  place  because  the  horse  was  a  one  hundred  dollar  champion.   They  had  a  good  day.  The  next  day,  they  went  on  a  trail  ride.  Carolyn  went  on  a   brown  horse  named  Butter.  Avery  went  on  a  horse  with  spots  on  its  butt  named   Lucky.  Miss  Denise  went  on  a  horse  that  was  black  named  Black  Beauty,  the  one   hundred  dollar  champion  stallion.  When  they  got  back,  Carolyn  and  Avery  went   home  to  tell  their  parents  about  the  adventure.  They  told  them  about  the  one   hundred  dollar  champion  stallion.   So,  the  next  day,  they  went  to  Bay  View  Farms  and  showed  their  parents  the   one  hundred  dollar  stallion.  Then  they  asked  Miss  Denise  if  their  mom  and  dad   could  ride  the  stallion.   Then,  Miss  Denise  said,  “We  can  not  have  the  stallion  because  we  can  not  pay   for  him.  So  if  it’s  OK  with  your  parents,  we  are  giving  him  to  you  because  you  helped   us  get  him  back.”   So  Avery  and  Carolyn  kept  him  at  Bay  View  and  rode  him  every  day  because   they  loved  the  horse  so  much.     Carolyn  Henley   Grade  3   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mrs.  Whited       Football  at  Red  Bank       I  threw  a  deep  and  perfect  pass.  It  was  caught  with  one  hand.  He  kept  on   running  and  running.  Finally  he  made  a  touchdown.  When  they  had  the  ball  they   threw  a  thirteen-­‐yard  pass  and  it  was  tipped  and  caught.  “Oooo,  nice,”  I  said.  They   still  had  the  ball.  My  defense  stopped  them  so  they  had  to  kick  a  field  goal.   At  the  end  of  the  half  it  was  23  to  16.  They  made  four  safeties.  That  put  them   with  15  sacks.  On  the  seventh  down  they  went  for  it  but  didn’t  make  it.  We  scored  a   lot  of  points  in  the  4th  quarter.  They  held  us  at  42  and  we  held  them  at  28.  At  the  end   of  recess  I  ran  as  I  could.  I  was  dripping  with  sweat  but  happy  and  excited.       Nathan  Hess     Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School   Ashley  Thornton     Our  Nature  around  Us     47  

Do you  see  a  lot  of  things  around  you?    Everyday  we  see  new  things  all   around  us  like  trees,  grass,  roads,  and  dirt.      It  is  nature.    Nature  has  a  lot  of  things   that  help  us  in  life.  Trees  reproduce  oxygen  believe  it  or  not,  and  flowers  help  the   trees  reproduce  oxygen.    Flowers  are  important  things  they  help  trees,  and  bees   help  flowers,  and  flowers  help  bees  by  making  honey  because  that’s  what  they  do  in   life.    Then  after  the  bees  make  honey  people  get  the  honey  and  eat  it  but  if  look  all   around  you  what  do  you  see?    There  is  nature  in  the  ocean  and  in  the  sky.    If  you  did   not  know  it,  the  answer  is  yes.    There’s  stormy  rain,  and  hurricanes.      A  lot  of  people   know  that.       People  walk  and  drive  on  nature  every  day  some  people  don’t  notice  when   they  throw  trash  on  the  ground  their  not  helping  the  environment  their  trashing  the   environment  and  that’s  not  right  to  trash  the  environment  a  lot  of  people  live  in  the   environment  and  I  bet  other  people  don’t  want  to  live  were  people  throw  trash  on   the  ground  some  of  us  call  it  littering.    Why  do  a  lot  of  people  still  litter?    It’s  the  law   and  rule,  but  people  break  it  and  they  get  a  ticket  if  they  do  if  they  don’t  that  means   they  didn’t  litter  there’s  other  laws  too,  but  littering  happens  a  lot.    When  I’m  in  the   car  I  see  trash  all  around  me  and  I  think  to  myself  why  do  people  trash  the   environment?    And  why  do  they  think  it’s  ok  to  trash  the  environment?    That’s  what   I  ask  myself  because  if  you  go  to  the  mail  office  in  Dayton  you  see  trash  in  the   flowers  and  I  help  pick  the  trash  up  the  part  that  people  don’t  get.     Some  animals  eat  grass  and  some  animals  lay  in  grass  and  even  some  animals   need  grass  to  survive  people  don’t  think  of  that  when  they  throw  trash  on  the   ground.    What  I  think  is  if  people  throw  trash  on  the  ground  they  should  clean  it  up   and  also  if  people  see  them  litter  and  they  don’t  pick  it  up  and  other  people  have  to   pick  it  up  you  should  tell  the  law  all  you  properly  have  to  tell  them.    You  should  tell   them  what  the  tag  number  is,  what  the  color  of  the  car  is,  what  the  car  is,  and   properly  the  tag  number  that  is  really  hard  to  get  unless  you’re  right  beside  them   then  it  is  easier  to  get  it.    If  people  just  throw  one  piece  on  the  ground  and  they  think   that’s  not  breaking  the  law,  it  is.    They  just  don’t  get  it  that  if  you  even  throw  one   little  piece  on  the  ground  that  is  breaking  the  law  and  they  just  don’t  get  that  not   breaking  the  law  is  an  important  thing  and  some  people  do  understand  there  are   people  breaking  other  laws.    And  they  have  consequences  for  breaking  rules  that’s   sad  to  me,  but  it  was  their  choice  to  be  in  somewhere  for  not  doing  the  right  thing.     To  me  that’s  a  really  bad  place  to  go  and  a  lot  of  people  go  there  for  breaking  the   rules  even  in  the  newspaper  somewhere  you’ll  see  crime  on  it  for  littering  and  a  lot   of  it  because  of  littering.    Littering  is  like  throwing  trash  on  nature  if  we  work   together  we  can  make  a  big  difference.       Zoie  Keel   Grade  3   Rhea  Central  Elementary  School   1005  Delaware  Avenue,  Dayton,  TN  37321   Mrs.  Jenkins     The  Black  Limousine     48  

This morning  when  I  got  up  I  didn’t  feel  like  going  to  school.  I  got  dressed,   put  on  my  shoes,  and  “Oh  no!”  I  thought  to  myself  –  it  was  raining!  I  rushed  to  my   bus  stop  but  I  missed  the  bus,  so  I  had  to  walk  to  school  and  I  was  tardy  and  so  so   wet.  I  got  in  my  class  and  when  to  my  teacher’s  desk.  I  said,  “Can  I  go  to  the   restroom?”  When  I  go  in  the  restroom,  I  got  a  paper  towel  and  wrapped  it  around   my  arms.  I  went  back  to  class  and  as  soon  as  I  got  in  class  Mrs.  Brock  came  over  the   intercom  and  said,  “Mrs.  Baggett,  can  I  have  Hannah  Landolt  for  dismissal?”  Mrs.   Baggett  had  a  look  on  her  face  like  I  had  done  something  again.    It  was  a  terrifying   five  minutes  as  I  walked  down  the  hall.  I  saw  my  parents  in  the  office.  I  know  I  did   something  wrong  now,  I  was  so  terrified.  My  parents  said,  “Hannah,”  and  I  felt  like  I   was  being  yelled  at  by  my  teacher,  but  worse,  so  much  worse.  My  mom  told  me  to  go   outside  and  I  said  ok.  When  I  got  out  there  I  saw  a  limousine  and  it  had  dark   windows.  The  windows  rolled  down  and  it  was  my  dad.  “O.M.”  I  said,  then  he   interrupted  with  “Are  you  Hannah?”  “G!  Yes!”  I  shouted.  I  was  very  excited.  We  went   to  a  concert  and  a  carnival.  We  rode  the  bumper  cars,  ferris  wheel,  and  a  roller   coaster.  We  had  to  go  home  because  it  started  to  rain,  and  we  were  so  wet  when  we   got  back  to  the  limo.  He  took  me  home  and  said  bye.  I  had  the  best  time  in  the  whole   wide  word.  The  next  day,  I  got  called  back  to  the  office…..     Hannah  Landolt   Grade  3   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   701  Browns  Ferry  Rd,  Chattanooga,  TN  37419   Mrs.  Baggett     A  Good  Christmas       Hello  and  welcome  to  our  program,  “A  Good  Christmas.”  Today  we  will  talk  to   Santa  about  what  he  does  and  how  he  does  it.  We’re  also  going  to  learn  the  true   meaning  of  Christmas.  It’s  time  for  Santa  to  come  out  and  talk  to  us.  Ho,  ho,  ho,  Hi!   I’m  Santa  and  I’m  going  to  talk  to  you  about  what  I  do  and  how  I  do  it.  The  first  thing   I  do  is  make  toys  for  kids.  We  do  it  in  a  big  warehouse  down  in  the  North  Pole.  Me   and  my  elves  build  and  hammer  and  paint  all  day.  When  Christmas  comes  I  get  on   my  sleigh  and  I  fly  away  to  all  the  children  in  the  cities  and  towns.  I  land  on  their   houses  and  I  go  down  the  chimney.  They  should  have  a  Christmas  tree  up.  I  put  all   their  toys  in  little  sacks  down  under  the  tree.  When  they  wake  up  in  the  morning   they  open  all  their  presents  and  they  have  a  great  time.  So  that’s  it.  That’s  what  I  do   and  how  I  do  it.  Now,  back  to  you  Levi.  Well,  now  it’s  time  for  us  to  learn  the  true   meaning  of  Christmas.  Let  me  get  my  Bible  out.  Ok,  here  it  is,  Luke  2:1-­‐20.  This  is   what  it  says,  “Now  in  those  days  a  decree  went  out  from  Caesar  Augustus  to  register   all  the  empire  for  taxes…….”  Now,  there  were  two  people.  Mary  and  Joseph  were   their  names.  Mary  was  having  a  baby.  A  while  back  an  angel  come  to  Mary  and  told   her  she  would  have  a  baby  and  name  him  Jesus.  Joseph  and  Mary  travelled  to  a  town   called  Bethlehem.  Joseph  and  Mary  went  to  all  the  inns  but  there  were  no  rooms  for   them  there.  But,  one  of  the  inn  keepers  said  “I  have  a  stable  around  the  back  of  my   inn.  You  can  stay  there  and  have  your  baby.”  So,  Mary  had  her  baby  there  and  named   49  

him Jesus  as  the  angel  had  said  to  do.  This  baby  was  very  special  because  he  was  the   son  of  God.  So,  when  we  celebrate  Christmas  we  are  celebrating  Jesus’  birth.  Well,   now  you  know  what  Santa  does  and  how  he  does  it  and  most  importantly,  now  you   know  the  true  meaning  of  Christmas,  baby  Jesus!!  Well,  our  program  is  over  for  the   day  so  good-­‐bye  and  see  you  tomorrow.       Levi  Landrus   3rd  Grade   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mrs.  Williams     Swim  Meet     Vrroom  vrroom  as  the  car  went  to  the  swim  meet.  I  was  so  excited  and   pumped  up  for  it.     Once  we  found  a  parking  space  and  got  out  I  saw  so  many  teams.  We  went  to   find  our  team’s  tent.  We  finally  found  it.     Then  I  tried  getting  into  the  pool.  I  found  one  of  my  team  mates  and  he  led   me  to  the  pool.  I  went  to  my  coach  and  asked  what  to  do  he  said  "get  ready".  So  I  got   ready  and  I  swam  the  fifty  free  style.     After  that  I  swam  the  medley  relay.  Then  I  swam  the  butterfly  swim.  I  got  to   the  finals  for  it  to!   We  came  back  that  night  and  did  my  finals.  When  I  swam  the  butterfly  I  felt   so  good.  Once  came  out  I  came  out  second!     Next  I  went  home  and  to  the  swim  party  and  got  my  medals.    

Levi Lebovitz   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1005  Mississippi  Ave,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Hassler  

Christmas  Cookies     One  of  my  favorite  Christmas  traditions  is  baking  cookies  and  making  treats   with  my  family.    We  always  make  ginger-­‐spiced  molasses  cookies,  my  sister’s   favorite  chocolate  chip  cookies,  and  my  mom’s  famous  Christmas  bark.    We  usually   make  extra  batches  of  the  bark,  hide  it  in  the  freezer  (like  a  hamster  hides  food  in   the  burrow)  and  eat  it  during  the  year.    I  also  love  snickerdoodle  with  cinnamon  and   hot  tamale  candies  on  top.    Sometimes  we  make  our  own  caramel.    My  sister  and  I   wrap  them  in  wax  paper.    It  is  messy  but  delicious  and  sweet.    When  we  start  baking,   the  house  smells  warm,  cozy,  and  scrumptious.    It  makes  me  hungry  just  thinking   about  it!   We  wrap  the  treats  in  tin  boxes  and  share  them  with  our  family,  friends,   teachers,  and  neighbors.    We  do  that  to  show  them  love  and  thanks.    We  also  leave  


some on  a  plate  for  Santa.    His  favorite  is  chocolate  chip  with  strawberry  milk.    One   time,  when  we  still  lived  in  Indiana,  he  ate  them  all,  without  one  crumb  left!   This  year,  I  found  a  new  favorite:  eggnog  cookies!    My  teacher  loved  it  so   much  she  asked  for  the  recipe.    This  gave  me  an  idea.    I  am  going  to  write  down  our   recipes  and  collect  recipes  from  other  people  and  publish  a  cookbook  called  “The   Best  Recipes  in  the  World”.    I  will  sell  them  to  my  family  and  friends  and  donate  the   money  we  earn  to  the  animal  shelter  because  I  love  pets  and  pets  deserve  loving   families.    Maybe  I  will  even  find  a  puppy  to  take  home  when  I  am  there!     Eliana  Grace  Lin   Grade  3   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd.,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Ferguson     Caleb’s  Letter              One  day  I  saw  the  mailman  pull  up  in  my  driveway.    When  he  got  out  he  was   carrying  a  big  box.    He  tried  to  fit  it  in  the  mail  box  ,  but  it  wouldn’t  fit.    Even  though   everyone  that  passed  him  on  the  sidewalk  said  to  just  go  up  to  the  door,  he  never   did.    He  didn’t  want  to  be  chased  by  my  dogs  and  cats.    Just  when  he  was  going  to   give  up,  it  finally  fit  in  the  mailbox.    When  it  fit,  my  dogs  and  cats  got  out  and  the   mailman  ran  away.            By  the  time  I  got  to  the  door,  I  couldn’t  see  him.    I  shot  out  the  door  .    I  thought  it   was  my  new  Lego  set,  but  instead  of  my  new  Lego  set,  it  was  a  giant  dusty  old  rug.     When  I  unfolded  it,  I  noticed  a  note  in  the  right  hand  corner  of  the  rug  and  it  said:     Dear  Ben,  I  sent  you  a  magic  carpet  from  India.    I  hope  you  get  as  much  use  out  of  it   as  I  did.    From  your  best  friend  Caleb.    After  reading  that,  I  got  on  the  rug  and  flew   out  the  door.    When  it  got  dark,  I  fell  fast  asleep.                The  next  day,  I  woke  up  in  my  bed.    I  was  thinking  that  the  carpet  put  me  in  bed   and  then  I  saw  the  carpet  on  me.    I  said,  “You  really  are  magic.”    That  means  Caleb   was  right.       Hunter  Lowrance   Grade  3   Lookout  Valley  Elementary   701  Brownsferry  Road,  Chattanooga,  Tn  37419   Mrs.  Jenkins     Bark!  Bark!     Bark!    Bark!    My  grandparents  were  playing  ball  with  my  dog.    His  name  is   Sheldon.    It  was  in  the  middle  of  the  day  in  the  springtime.    One  of  my  grandparents   threw  the  ball  too  far.    Sheldon  ran  out  in  the  road  to  get  the  ball.    He  got  distracted   from  my  grandparents  screams.    He  looked  at  my  granddad  and  didn’t  see  what  was   51  

coming up  the  hill.    A  car  roared  up  the  hill  and  hit  Sheldon.    He  went  Thud!    The   sound  of  the  tires  sounded  like  65  girls  screaming  in  your  ear.    We  had  to  bury  him   outside.     Lochlain  Martin   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Ms.  Hammett  

A New  Friend       Once  upon  a  time,  in  a  minuscule  house,  lived  a  young  girl  named  Sinta.  Sinta   didn’t  know  it  but  in  a  few  years,  she  would  go  on  an  amazing  adventure.  As  the   years  past,  Elizabeth,  Sinta’s  mom  grew  very  ill  and  weak.  Finally  after  staying  in   bed  for  two  weeks,  she  died.  Sinta  felt  so  heartbroken.  Sinta’s  dad  worried  about  her.   Sinta  wouldn’t  eat,  talk,  or  sleep.  Sinta  only  played  with  her  best  friend  James.  When   James  was  around,  Sinta  was  back  to  her  old  self  again,  before  her  mom  died.  James   was  a  skillful  and  a  crafty  woodcutter.  So,  Sinta  would  help  James  cut  down  trees  or   would  help  him  rake  leaves  in  the  fall  in  the  fall.     Then,  one  terrible  day  came.  It  was  the  biggest  storm  in  Greek  history.  All  the   kids  had  to  vacate  the  village.  But  Sinta  didn’t  want  to  leave  her  father.  “I  won’t  leave   you”,  said  Sinta  in  a  sad  voice.  “You  have  to”,  replied  her  father.  Even  though  she   didn’t  want  to,  she  knew  it  was  the  right  thing  to  do  because  her  father  wanted  her   safe.  So  she  and  all  other  kids  vacated  the  trembling  village.  About  15  minutes  later,   she  looked  back,  at  what  used  to  be  a  village  was  a  bunch  of  cottages  piled  up  one  on   top  of  another.  Sinta  decided  to  lead  the  kids  into  the  Athens.  That  was  the  closet   city  nearby.  It  was  midnight  when  they  reached  the  Athens.  They  found  a  big  box  in   a  vacant  lot,  just  a  bit  of  space  to  hold  about  everybody.  Sinta  was  thinking  how   would  they  get  food?  Where  would  they  live?  When  she  fell  to  sleep,  she  had  a   terrifying  dream.  Sinta  was  all  alone.  No  friends  or  family  to  help  her.  Then,  she  felt   somebody  pushing  her  lightly.  It  was  James.  “James  where  is  everybody?”  asked   Sinta.  “I  don’t  know”,  answered  James.  They  were  the  only  people  in  the  lot.  With  no   sign  of  the  other  children,  they  went  into  town  to  find  something  to  ease  their   hunger.  Then  Sinta  noticed  something,  she  remembered  that  she  had  some  coins,   plus  a  few  bills  in  her  pocket.  Sinta  and  James  looked  for  a  place  to  eat.  But,  no   restaurant  was  opened.  There  was  no  person  in  sight.     Suddenly,  Sinta  and  James  heard  a  furious  loud  growl.  There  stood  a  dog  with   serpents  for  its  tail.  It  held  in  its  mouth,  King  Charles’s  golden  crown.  Sinta   whispered  to  James  “Chansel”.    Even  though  Chansel  looked  dangerous,  Sinta  could   tell  Chansel  was  indeed  hurt.  She  went  closer  to  Chansel  to  get  a  better  look.  There   was  an  arrow  stuck  in  Chansel’s  paw.  Sinta  went  closer  but  Chansel  backed  away.   Sinta  threw  a  rock  at  the  arrow.  The  arrow  came  out  a  bit,  then  James  threw  at  the   arrow  and  it  came  out.  Chansel  came  closer  to  both  of  them  then  bowed  down  to   them  and  told  why  he  had  to  get  a  golden  crown.  He  said  he  had  to  have  one  in  order  


to have  a  home  so  he  could  survive.  After  that  Chansel  offered  James  and  Sinta  to   stay  in  his  home.  “Thank  you,”  said  Sinta  and  James,  “My  pleasure,”  Chansel   answered.  “We  have  to  get  this  back  to  Sparta.”  Why  do  we  have  to  go  Sparta?”   asked  James.  “Well,  my  new  home  is  somewhere  close  to  Sparta”,  said  Chansel.  But   why  do  you  live  so  close  to  where  people  live?”  questioned  Sinta.  “There  is  a  magic   forest  there”,  answered  Chansel.  Get  on  my  back  and  I’ll  run  to  Sparta,  or  at  least  as   much  as  I  can  get  today”,  said  Chansel.  James  and  Sinta  hopped  on.  Sinta  took  one   last  glare  of  the  Athens  and  remembered  the  village  that  she  lived  in.  Then  Chansel   took  off  like  lightning  leaving  nothing  in  his  path.  It  was  dark  when  Chansel  finally   stopped  to  rest.  Chansel  curled  up  against  James  and  Sinta  like  a  big  fluffy  and  soft   blanket.     The  next  morning  Chansel  plopped  Sinta  and  James  on  his  back,  they  were   both  still  asleep.  The  sun  was  just  about  peeking  when  Chansel  set  off.  About  an   hour  later  Sinta  and  James  woke  up  from  their  slumber.  Sparta  was  just  in  an  eye   shot.  As  Sparta  was  just  a  bit  away,  James,  Sinta,  and  Chansel  stopped  for  breakfast.   There  were  apple  and  pear  trees  nearby.  Chansel  used  his  fire  breathing  power  to   roast  apples  and  pears.  It  was  the  only  meal  James  and  Sinta  had  in  two  days.  After   they  were  done,  Chansel  raced  all  the  way  to  Sparta  without  stopping.  As  he  got  to   Sparta,  he  let  James  and  Sinta  down.  ”We  need  to  find  a  dogwood  tree”,  said  Chansel.   “There’s  one”,  replied  Sinta.  Sinta  guided  James  and  Chansel  to  the  dogwood  tree.   There  stood  a  goat.  “Have  you  got  the  crown”,  said  Maze.  “Yes  sir  Maze”,  said   Chansel.  Then  Chansel  handed  Maze  the  crown.  “Good”,  said  Maze.  “Come,  I  have  a   room  for  you  and  your  friends,”  replied  Maze.  Chansel  and  friends  followed  Maze.   Then,  Maze  leaded  them  into  a  nice,  neat,  and  large  room.  “This  is  where  you  will   live”,  said  Maze.  “Thank  you”,  replied  Sinta,  as  the  bunch  gatherd  in  the  large  and   pretty  room.  “Wow”,  cried  James.”  Is  this  where  we  are  going  to  live?”  asked  Sinta.   She  couldn’t  imagine  that  she  would  live  in  a  house  again.  “How  long  are  we  allowed   to  stay  here?”  asked  Sinta,  “As  long  as  you  like”,  answered  Chansel.  Well,  Sinta  was   so  happy  that  she  cooked  dinner  for  everybody.  That  night  Sinta  had  a  good  rest.  So   did  James,  because  he  was  talking  in  his  sleep  and  it  sounded  smooth.     The  next  day,  the  people  of  the  magic  forest  held  a  banquet  in  honor  of  three   new  arrivals.  There  were  food  and  drink.  Sinta  was  so  flattered!  Sinta  ate  and  ate   until  she  couldn’t  consume  any  more  food.  “Would  they  hold  a  banquet  just  for  new   arrivals?”  questioned  James.  “Yes,  all  the  time”,  replied  Chansel.  It  was  late  afternoon.   Sinta  and  James  were  playing  tether  ball.  They  made  up  the  set  from  a  fallen  branch   and  some  string  they  found.  Their  neighbor,  Mrs.  Minsle  let  Sinta  and  James  borrow   a  ball.  Chansel  was  inside  taking  a  nap.  When  night  fell,  Sinta  would  cook  as  always.   As  everyone  fell  asleep,  Sinta  knew  this  was  the  life  that  she  wanted  to  live.  Have   you  ever  read  a  fairy  tale?  If  not,  you  should  read  one  sometime,  they  are  very  good   books.  As  I  was  saying  the  bunch  that  came  a  very  long  way,  from  the  Athens  to   Sparta,  and  like  in  most  fairy  tales,  they  lived  happily  ever  AFTER.   The  end….     Muntrinee  May  Mon   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School   53  

4435 Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Wilkerson  

The  Nature  Center     “WHAT!”  “Oh  this  will  be  so  fun”,  I  thought.    I  just  heard  that  I  get  to  go  to  the   Nature  Center  to  help  feed  the  animals.  I  could  not  stop  thinking  about  the  furry  red   wolves  that  my  sister  and  I  would  get  to  feed.  They  love  to  eat  mice  and  rats.  Ok,  I   admit.  That  does  not  sound  fun,  but  it  was  not  too  bad.  I  got  to  make  lunch  for  the   owls,  hawks,  groundhogs  and  other  amazing  animals  too!  I  had  been  waiting  a  long   time  for  the  chance  to  work  with  the  animals.  I  talked  the  whole  way  there.  Blah,   blah,  blah.  I  would  ignore  my  Dad  and  sister  when  they  said  I  talk  too  much.  I  was  so   excited  when  we  finally  got  there.  My  sister  and  I  were  the  only  ones  doing  it  so  I  felt   so  special.  We  all  went  inside  to  meet  Mrs.  Gailmard  who  was  the  lady  in  charge.   Then  it  was  time  to  go.  “Bye  Dad!    Bye  Isaac!”  We  first  went  into  the  clinic,  where   kids  are  usually  not  allowed  to  go.  They  took  a  little  groundhog  into  his  day  time   cage  and  we  prepared  his  food  which  was  broccoli,  carrots,  grapes,  and  other  tasty   things.  Then  came  the  wolves.  This  was  the  part  Jolie  and  I  were  waiting  for  most.   We  had  to  get  the  frozen  mice  and  rats  and  pour  warm  water  in  their  bags.  It  was   sad  at  first  because  the  wolves  did  not  come  out.  They  appeared  to  be  scared  of   these  new  girls.  When  I  threw  the  first  mouse  over  the  fence  it  was  amazing.  Boy!   Those  wolves  came  running.  They  were  so  beautiful.  That  split  second,  I  knew  what   I  wanted  to  be  when  I  grew  up.  After  the  wolves,  we  fed  hawks,  owls,  and  other   birds.  Next,  we  cleaned  out  the  animal’s  cages  with  the  workers  from  the  center.   This  experience  at  the  Nature  Center  was  one  of  my  most  favorite  adventures   because  I  got  to  be  close  to  one  of  my  favorite  things  in  the  world  –  animals.  I  was   proud  of  myself  because  I  did  many  of  the  jobs  there  at  the  center  myself  and  they   trusted  me.  I  will  never  forget  my  experience  at  the  Nature  Center.     Eliza  McGann   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Rd.  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Huseman     Saved  by  the  Mist   Poke  and  Dot  were  walking  in  the  middle  of  a  desert  in  Egypt.    They  were   looking  for  a  pyramid.    They  walked  for  many  miles  in  the  heat.    Dot  thought  it  was   at  least  100  degrees.    Dot  said,  “I’m  thirsty!”    Poke  said,  “I’m  hungry!”    They  kept   walking  along.   Then  Dot  said,  “Look!”    Poke  said,  “Where?”       “Right  there,”  Dot  cried  and  pointed  in  the  distance  at  two  triangular   buildings  rising  out  of  the  sand.    They  took  off  running.    They  ran  so  fast  it  looked   like  their  heads  were  falling  off!       When  they  got  to  the  pyramid,  the  pyramid  said,  “No  one  enters  here!”    Poke   and  Dot  were  frightened.    Dozens  of  men  with  weapons  jumped  out  and  surrounded   54  

them.  One  guy  who  must  have  been  the  chief  said,  “You  are  going  to  jail  for  at  least  a   year.    What  are  your  names?”    Poke  and  Dot  introduced  themselves  and  said,  “We   aren’t  afraid  of  you.    We  brought  our  own  weapons!”    The  chief  said,  “You’re   surrounded!    Look  around  you!    Now  drop  your  weapons!”    Poke  and  Dot  said,  “Ok,   ok,”  and  laid  down  their  weapons.  Three  men  stepped  forward  and  grabbed  them  by   the  arm.    They  hauled  Poke  and  Dot  off  to  jail.    When  they  got  to  the  jail  the  men   handed  them  one  small  basket  of  food.    Dot  said,  “Hey!    Where’s  the  water?”    One   really  strong  looking  man  stepped  up  and  said,  “Live  without  water.”    Poke  said,   “Where’s  the  bathroom?”    The  man  said,  “We  don’t  have  one.”    Poke  said,  “This  is   going  to  be  a  long  year!”       The  next  day  Poke  and  Dot  could  see  from  their  one  tiny  window  that  it  was   raining  outside.    One  man  came  to  their  cell  and  gave  them  each  a  cup  of  water.     Some  women  came  and  gave  them  a  blanket.    The  chief  gave  them  a  pillow.    The  next   day  was  really  cold  because  of  the  rain.    Poke  said,  “I  could  hardly  sleep.”    Dot  said,   “Really?    I  could  sleep  easily.”    Then  some  more  men  came  to  their  cell.    They  took   them  out  and  told  them  that  they  were  going  to  have  to  build  a  pyramid  if  they  ever   wanted  to  go  free.    Poke  and  Dot  were  carving  wood  and  stone  the  whole  rest  of  the   day.    Dot  was  hungry  but  he  didn’t  mention  it.    They  both  slept  like  rocks  that  night.   The  next  morning  there  was  a  thick  cloud  of  mist  on  the  ground.    The  mist   said,  “Let  Poke  and  Dot  out  of  jail!”    The  people  keeping  them  in  jail  were  not  afraid.     They  said,  “We’ll  give  them  even  less  food  now  that  you  are  going  to  boss  us  around!”     The  mist  started  swirling  around  and  said,  “They’d  better  be  out  by  tomorrow  or   you  will  be  really  sorry.”    The  next  day,  the  mist  was  back,  just  like  it  said  it  would  be.     The  mist  saw  that  they  were  still  in  jail,  so  it  said,  “You  won’t  have  any  water!    I  will   suck  it  all  up.”    It  sucked  up  all  of  the  rainwater  they  had  collected.    Then  it  left.    It   came  back  the  next  morning  to  see  if  the  people  had  let  Poke  and  Dot  out  yet.    Of   course  they  hadn’t.    It  sucked  up  more  of  their  rainwater.    Then  it  settled  down  over   the  top  of  the  pyramid  and  blocked  out  the  sun  so  that  all  of  the  jailers  were  cold.       Poke  and  Dot  said  they  were  cold  and  hungry  and  thirsty  too.    Poke  was   pretty  mad  at  Dot  for  wanting  to  see  pyramids  in  the  first  place.    All  of  the  other   people  started  running  around,  screaming  and  bumping  into  each  other  because  it   was  so  dark.    Their  kids  were  crying  and  asking  each  other  if  they  had  seen  their   families.    People  were  getting  hurt  all  over  the  place.    The  people  started  begging  the   chief  to  let  Poke  and  Dot  go  free.    They  were  tired  of  the  mist.    Finally,  the  chief   decided  to  make  a  deal.    He  said,  “Mist,  if  you  give  us  all  our  water  back,  stop   blocking  the  sun  and  help  us  find  all  our  children  we  will  let  them  go.”    The  mist   agreed.    Everyone  did  what  they  said  they  would  do,  and  then  Poke  and  Dot  got  to   go  free  on  one  condition.    They  were  never  to  come  back.       Poke  and  Dot  were  happy  to  be  free  again.    As  they  started  to  walk  away  Dot   turned  to  Poke  and  said,  “I  know!    Let’s  go  find  some  leprechauns  and  steal  their   gold!”           Trevor  McGhie   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School     4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Rd.  Signal  Mountain  TN  37377   55  

Mrs. Leary     The  Litter  Scooper       “Oh,  Annabelle!    Not  again!  Ugh!”  Louise  said  picking  up  the  shovel.    She   absently  petted  Annabelle  as  she  scooped  the  kitty  poop.    Dropping  it  in  the  bag,”   she,  “there  that’s  done.”     “Morrow,”  purred  Annabelle  pawing  at  Louise’s  pant  leg.     “Silly,”  Louise  scooped  up  the  tiny  orange  kitten  in  her  arms.     Clomp,  clomp,  clomp!    Louise  raced  downstairs.    “Finally  freedom!”  Louise   said.     “Not  just  yet.    It’s  dinner,”  Louise’s  mother  Olive  Lakewood  said.     “Ugh  Mom!    The  second  I  get  to  have  free  time.    I  can’t!”     “Oh,  c’mon  Louise!    It’s  your  favorite!    Spaghetti  and  meatballs.”     “Alright,  alright,”  Louise  tucked  her  frizzy  red  hair  behind  her  ear.    She  had   startling  green  eyes  and  freckles.     “Boys!  Dinner!”  said  Mrs.  Lakewood.     “Coming  Mom!”  Louise’s  five  year-­‐old  twin  brothers  Theo  and  Caleb  called.     They  were  busy  blowing  up  green  aliens  from  Mars.         “How  was  your  day  at  school,  Louise?”  asked  Mrs.  Lakewood.     “The  usual.    Ms.  Linden  got  mad  because  I  didn’t  get  square  roots,”  Louise   was  in  the  fifth  grade  and  thought  ten  olds  should  get  to  stay  home  more  often.     “Boys!!    Get  off  the  computer  now!!”  Mrs.  Lakewood  yelled  at  the  top  of  her   lungs.     “You  don’t  have  to  yell.    We  heard  you  the  first  time!”  moaned  Caleb.     If  you  heard  me  the  first  time  you’d  be  off  already!”    Thump,  thump,  thump.     “Where’s  our  dinner?”  whimpered  Theo.     “It’s  coming!    Be  patient!”    There  had  been  a  lot  of  yelling  the  past  few  months   in  the  Lakewood  house.         Mrs.  Lakewood  brought  their  plates  to  the  table,  and  they  sat  down  to  eat.     “The  cat  litter  was  extra  stinky  today,”  remarked  Louise.    Mrs.  Lakewood   sighed.    She  was  a  pretty  woman  with  long  red  hair,  dazzling  green  eyes  and  tons  of   freckles  just  like  her  children.     Ever  since  Louise,  Theo,  and  Caleb’s  dad  had  died  she  had  been  on  her  own   with  the  cooking,  cleaning,  and  working.    She  was  often  cranky  at  the  end  of  the  day.     “Look,  honey  I  know  you  hate  scooping  the  cat  litter,  but  we  have  no  one  else   to  do  it.”     “The  twins  could  do  it,”  pointed  out  Louise.         Caleb  and  Theo  had  been  happily  beaming  each  other  with  meatballs  but   stopped  immediately  and  stared  at  Louise  with  bug  eyes.    Dinner  was  over  soon  and   Louise  went  up  to  her  room.     If  her  mom  wouldn’t  let  her  stop  scooping  the  cat  litter,  then  she  would  make   a  device  to  help  her  with  it.    Louise  stayed  up  until  midnight  working  on  her   invention.    Finally  it  was  finished.    It  was  a  simple  machine,  but  it  just  might  make   her  life  better.    Louise  called  it  the  Litter  Scooper.    It  was  an  alarm  clock,  cardboard   tube,  box,  marble,  and  spatula  constructed  together.       56  

The next  day  she  tried  it  out.    Presto,  it  worked!    No  more  cat  poop  to  worry   about  for  a  long  time!     Willa  Mirmelstein   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Lail     The  Magic  of  Love     A  long,  long,  time  ago  a  miner  named  Mr.  James  and  his  wife,  Mrs.  James,  lived  in   Europe.    Miner  James  was  mining  one  early  morning.    He  dug  up  an  enormous  pile  of   gold.    Mr.  James  brought  home  the  gold  and  showed  it  to  Mrs.  James.    Mrs.  James   said  to  give  it  to  the  king  and  queen  but  he  did  not  know  which  king  and  queen  she   meant.    He  was  not  sure  who  was  his  king  and  queen  because  it  was  always   changing  because  the  kings  traded  land.    So  he  asked  all  the  kings  in  the  world  if   they  wanted  it  and  of  course  they  did.    All  of  them  begged  for  the  gold.    This  went  on   and  on  until  Mr.  James  said  if  you  cannot  decide  I  will  pick  who  gets  it.    You  have   until  tomorrow  to  decide.    All  the  queens  said,  “but  what  about  us,  the  queens?”  Mr.   James  said,  “I’m  going  to  let  the  kings  choose  this  time,  if  I  find  more  I’ll  let  you   decide  next  time.”    “Darn  it!”  said  all  the  queens,  “that’s  not  right!”    Miner  James  said   to  the  kings,  “I  will  come  back  tomorrow  and  you  will  have  to  know  which  one  of   you  gets  it.    If  you  do  not  know  I  will  choose  for  all  of  you.    So,  get  to  work!”    When   he  came  back  the  next  day  he  said,  “So  what  did  you  decide?”    One  of  the  kings  said,   “I  think  we  are  going  to  have  to  have  a  war.”    All  the  kings  and  queens  went  home  to   tell  their  soldiers.    The  King  of  Spain,  whose  name  was  King  John,  could  not  go  to   sleep  because  he  was  so  frightened  about  the  big  fight.    The  next  day  they  went  out   into  the  Big  Woods.    His  castle  was  surrounded  by  the  woods.    All  the  other  kings   and  queens  went  also,  but  the  queens  did  not  fight.    In  the  middle  of  the  battle  the   Queen  of  England,  whose  name  was  Queen  Claire,  ran  over  and  said  to  a  handsome,   young  king,  “I  need  someone  to  marry.”     “I  am  in  the  middle  of  a  battle!    Run  along  Miss  Queen!”  said  King  John.       “That’s  not  my  name,  Handsome!”  said  Queen  Claire.   “Hey,  that’s  not  my  name,  either!”  said  King  John.    “I  just  don’t  know  you  or  if  I  even   like  you.”     After  a  long,  long  time  she  found  him  again  and  said,  “Now,  are  you  done  with  the   war?”  asked  Queen  Claire.   “No!  I  am  not!”  said  King  John.   The  fight  went  on  and  on  but  she  saw  him  again  and  said,  “If  we  get  married  our   armies  can  get  together  and  win!”   “But  you  are  the  Queen  of  England  and  I  am  the  King  of  Spain.”   “Oh,  that  doesn’t  matter  a  bit,  we  can  marry  whomever  we  want!”  said  the  Queen.   The  king  said,  “I  think  I  like  you,  too.    Let’s  gather  our  armies  and  tell  them  the  good   news  that  we  are  joining  teams  and  we’ll  win  the  gold  and  that  you  and  I  are  getting   married!”       57  

King John  and  Queen  Claire  told  their  armies  and  they  started  fighting  as  one  big   army.      It  didn’t  take  long  for  the  war  to  be  over.    Miner  James  announced  that  they   were  the  winners.   They  invited  Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  to  their  wedding  which  was  the  very  next  day.     They  lived  happily  ever  after.     Mary  Claire  Nimon   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Wilkerson     The  Candy  Machine       Sabrina  Foxwood  wasn’t  like  any  other  girl.    She  was  an  inventor.  When  she   put  up  her  long  blonde  hair  she  used  an  invention  called  the  elastic  watcher.  You  see,   when  you  press  a  button  on  the  top  you  tell  it  who  you  want  to  spy  on  and  bingo!   Your  problems  are  solved.  When  she  sprinkled  invisible  powder  on  her  bright,  blue,   eyes  she  had  x-­‐ray  vision!  That  invention  was  called  x-­‐powder.       “I’m  so  mad,”  thought  Sabrina  Foxwood  as  she  sat  on  her  bed  looking  at  the   ceiling.  Just  then  beep,  beep,  beep.  Her  alarm  went  off.  Thump,  went  her  feet  as  she   jumped  out  of  bed.  She  quickly  pulled  on  her  clothes,  brushed  her  teeth  and  hair  and   went  downstairs  for  breakfast.       “Here’s  your  breakfast  sweetie,”  said  Sabrina’s  mom.       “Thanks  mom,”  said  Sabrina.       “Warm  oatmeal  with  a  cherry  on  top.  Just  how  you  like  it!”       Sabrina  was  walking  in  the  hallway  of  Blue  Bay  Elementary  School  as  her   best  friend  Rosetta  Stone  ran  up  to  her.  “How  are  you  doing  girl?”  She  asked  as  they   walked.       “I’m  not  doing  well,”  she  said.       “Why?”  asked  Rosetta.       “Because  my  mom  grounded  me  from  candy  and  now  I  can’t  go  trick  or   treating  on  Halloween!”       “Well  then  I  will  stay  at  your  house  on  Halloween,”  said  Rosetta       Later  on  Halloween  night,  the  girls  were  in  Sabrina’s  room  playing  twister.       “Right  foot  red!”  shouted  Rosetta  to  Sabrina.       As  Sabrina  fell,  Rosetta  said,  “Your  out!”       “Wow  this  is  hard,”  said  Sabrina.       “How  about  we  make  an  invention!”     “Like  what?”  asked  Rosetta       “Well  we  could  make  something  to  make  us  more  candy!”     “Yeah!  That  will  be  great!”  said  Rosetta.       “Come  on  let’s  get  started!”       When  they  finished  it  was  purple  with  candy  stickers.  The  girls  loved  it!       Sabrina  and  Rosetta  decided  to  test  the  machine  out.  So,  they  got  a  piece  of   Laffy  Taffy  out  of  her  secret  compartment  under  her  rug  and  popped  it  in  the  candy   58  

machine. On  the  screen,  buttons  popped  up.  They  said  5  pieces  of  candy,  10  pieces  of   candy,  20  pieces  of  candy  and  so  on.  She  pressed  5  pieces.  Immediately,  5  pieces  of   Laffy  Taffy  popped  out  of  the  machine.  “Yum!”  said  Sabrina  as  she  ate  a  piece.  Knock,   knock…”Oh  no  mom’s  home!”         “Where  are  we  going  to  hide  the  candy  machine?”  asked  Sabrina.         “Any  one  home?”  asked  Sabrina’s  mom.     “In  the  closet,  quick!”  Sabrina  said.  “Coming  mom!”       “I  need  you  two  girls  to  help  me  with  the  bags  of  candy,”  said  mom.       “Okay,  Mrs.  Foxwood,”  said  Rosetta       Later  in  Sabrina’s  room…     “Sabrina,  I  told  you  to  clean  up  your  room  while  I  was  gone,”  said  Sabrina’s   mom.       “Oh,  sorry  mom,  I  was  a  little  busy.    I  will  do  it  right  away,”  said  Sabrina  as   her  mom  walked  out  of  the  room.       “High  five!”  said  Rosetta.       “SLAP!”       “I  think  we  will  have  candy  for  life!”     Anna  Rogers   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Lail     The  Shrink  Ray       Bring!  My  alarm  clock  went  off.    Sally  yawned.    Sally  brushed  her  long,   straight,  blond  hair.    Sally  got  dressed  and  went  down  stairs.    When  Sally  was   making  breakfast  she  yelled,  “Mom  time  to  get  up.”         Mom  barged  in  and  said,  “Hey,  can  you  give  this  to  your  teacher.”     “Can  you?”  asked  Sally.     “No,  you  are  too  shy.    You  need  to  do  it,”  demanded  her  mom.     “Fine,”  said  Sally.     “Come  on  get  in  the  car,”  demanded  her  mom.     “Okay,”  said  Sally.     Sally  got  in  the  car.    “We’re  here,”  said  her  mom.    Sally  got  out  of  the  car.    Uh-­‐ oh  Sally  saw…     “Hey  Sally  can’t  wait  to  see  you  at  the  science  fair,”  said  Mark.     “You  will  never  win,”  said  Bobby     “You  don’t  have  a  chance,”  said  Joe.     “Oh  ya,  I  bet  you  haven’t  even  thought  of  anything  yet,”  said  Sally.    Sally   walked  away.     “Hey  Zoe,”  said  Sally  racing  up  to  her.         “Hey,  what’s  up?”  said  Zoe.     Sally  made  a  face.         “Let  me  guess,  bullies  again,”  said  Zoe.   59  

Sally made  a  face.    “Yes,”  said  Sally  wiping  her  tears.         “Don’t  worry.    You  will  be  great  at  the  science  fair,”  said  Zoe.     “Maybe  you’re  right,”  said  Sally.    Sally  went  to  class.    She  gave  the  note  from   her  mom  to  her  teacher.         I  was  wondering  if  Sally  was  doing  well  in  school.    She  has  been  acting  weird  for   the  past  two  weeks.    She’s  been  in  her  room.    Is  there  a  big  test  or  something?    Love,     Amy  Maggneseen.     My  teacher  wrote  back.       We  are  having  a  science  fair.      Love,     Barbra  Lail.       She  told  me  to  give  it  to  my  mother.           Sally  went  to  her  desk  and  sat  down.    It  was  time  for  Writer’s  Workshop.    Her   story  was  “Knock,  Knock,  Who’s  There?     Ding…Ding…Ding…  The  second  bell  was  ringing.    Sally  got  her  backpack  and   ran  out  the  door.    She  started  walking  home  with  Zoe.    She  got  to  her  house,  said  bye   to  Zoe,  and  walked  inside.     Sally  ran  in  her  room  like  a  race  car.    She  kept  pacing  around  her  room.    She   was  trying  to  think  what  to  make  for  the  science  fair.  It  was  taking  awhile,  but  she   knew  she  would  come  up  with  something.    She  started  thinking  about  the  bullies   picking  on  her.    “I  hate  Mark,  Joe,  and  Bobby,”  she  mumbled  to  herself.    Then  it  hit   her.    “OMG!  I  got  it!”  she  said  excitedly.    I  can  make  a  shrink  ray,  and  I  can   demonstrate  it  on  Mark,  Joe,  and  Bobby.    She  jumped  up  and  down  and  had  a  big   smile  on  her  face.    She  started  working  on  it  right  away.         “Time  for  dinner,”  her  mom  yelled.     “Shoot  I  really  want  to  get  started.”     “Okay,”  Sally  yelled.    Sally  ran  downstairs.         “Why  are  you  so  happy?”  asked  Sally’s  mom.     “I  know  what  I’m  going  to  make  for  the  science  fair.     “Well,  what  are  going  to  make?”  asked  her  mom.     “It’s  a  surprise,”  laughed  Sally.     “Why  are  you  laughing?”  asked  her  mom.     “No  reason,”  said  Sally.    “I’m  done  with  my  food,”  said  Sally.    She  ran  upstairs.     She  knew  she  needed  to  make  a  potion  to  put  in  a  bottle.    She  would  put  the  potion   in  the  Shrink  Ray.    It  would  shrink  Mark,  Joe,  and  Bobby.    She  knew  she  would  win   the  science  fair.    She  worked  for  three  hours,  and  she  was  done.    She  tested  it  on  a   colored  pencil,  but  it  kept  making  the  pencil  bigger.    She  put  some  hot  water  in  the   potion  and  tested  it  again.    It  made  the  pencil  bigger.    Then  she  put  warm  water  in   the  potion.    It  worked!    It  shank  the  pencil.    She  made  another  potion  to  make  the   pencil  go  back  to  normal  size.     Today  is  the  science  fair.    Sally  felt  nervous.    Her  tummy  felt  like  crazy   leprechauns  jumping  in  her  tummy.    Her  head  felt  like  a  bowling  ball.    She  felt  sick.     She  said,  “I  can  do  this.”    She  set  her  stuff  up  at  the  table.    She  looked  at  the  1st  place   ribbon  and  the  big,  gold  trophy.    “I’m  going  to  win!”  she  said.    Then  she  saw  Mark,   Joe,  and  Bobby.     “Hey  guys,”  said  Sally.    “Can  I  demonstrate  my  project  on  you?”   60  

“Fine, you  can,”  said  Joe.     “Time  for  the  science  fair,”  said  Ms.  Lail.    Mark,  Joe  and  Bobby  were  first.     They  had  super  pants  that  could  make  you  fly.    Then  it  was  Sally’s  turn.         “Please  stand  here,”  said  Sally.    She  aimed  at  Mark,  Joe  and  Bobby.  “Ready,   fire!”  said  Sally.    She  shot  them  and  right  away  she  won!    She  left  with  a  big  smile  on   her  face  leaving  Mark,  Joe  and  Bobby  behind.     Ellianna  Sawyer   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   1009  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Lail     Dog  Diary:  Tails  from  a  Pug     October  19,  2012   I  just  heard  this  Halloween  I’m  going  to  be  a…Minion  from  Despicable  Me   (like  I  know  what  that  this).    Well,  at  least  my  sister  Audrey  is  dressing  up  with  me.     Audrey  makes  me  think  she  is  a  dork.    Here  are  3  reasons…   1.  Her  head  is  too  big  for  her  body.   2. She’s  so  puny.   3. Her  bark  is  too  sharp  and  high  pitched.   She’s  too  dorky  for  me!  Then  while  I  was  thinking,  my  pet,  Reagan,  came  up  and  said   it  was  time  do  my  business.    So  I  obeyed.    I  went  and  thought  I  would  take  a  sniff   around.    Then  one  of  my  other  pets,  Maddy,  shook  my  treats.    Mmmmmmm,  beef   flavor!    I  couldn’t  refuse  so  I  started  running.    Since  it’s  Friday,  I  get  to  sleep  with  my   pets  upstairs.    I  went  up  with  a  yawn  and  got  in  my  bed.    It  was  warm  and  cozy.    My   pets  said  their  prayers  and  went  to  sleep.     October  20,  2012   Today  is  a  very  big  day.    Audrey  and  I  are  going  to  the  vet.    “What’s  a  vet?”   Audrey  asked  me  when  we  were  driving.    I  always  try  to  be  smart  and  let  everyone   think  I’m  not  a  dork.       “Well,  the  vet  is…um.”   “Well?”  Audrey  said  to  me.   “I’ll  tell  you  when  we  get  there,”  I  said   “Why?”  she  asked.   “So  it  can  be  a  surprise!”   In  about  30  minutes  we’d  be  having  something  called  a  checkup.         Then  some  random  lady  came  in  the  room.    I  started  barking  at  her,  I  don’t   really  know  why  I  do  that  sometimes.    She  led  Audrey,  my  pets,  and  I  into  a  room.     First,  the  lady  talked  to  my  pet,  Kelly.    A  doctor  came  in  and  I  barked  at  him  too,   oops,  I  did  it  again.    He  looked  at  Audrey.  Audrey  looked  very  excited.    He  picked  her   up  and  put  her  on  the  table.    He  looked  at  her  teeth,  eyes,  and  ears.    After  that  came  


the panicky  part.    Audrey  got  3  shots!    She  lived  through  the  first  two  but  yelped  on   the  last  one.         Then  he  looked  at  me.    He  looked  at  my  teeth,  ears,  eyes,  and  teeth  too.    But   then  he  tortured  me  and  shot  some  kind  of  water  up  my  nose.  “HEY!”  I  yelled.  Then  I   snorted  the  water  back  at  him.    Audrey  and  I  were  both  very  happy  to  leave.       October  22,  2012   Today  my  pet  Reagan  came  home  with  something  called  math  homework.     Hmmmm,  it  sounds  hard.    What  is  a  number?    I  have  to  get  a  look.    So  I  waited  for  a   time  when  Reagan  went  for  an  extra  snack.    I  got  up  on  my  hind  legs  and  looked.     While  I  was  looking  for  my  mystery  to  be  solved,  I  nibbled  a  little  on  Reagan  snack.     Mmmmm,  vanilla  cookies,  my  favorite.  Reagan  came  back.  “Armani,  down!”  she  said.     So  I  got  down.    “Hey!”  she  shouted,  you  ate  my  snack.    Armani,  you’re  so  silly.”    I  smiled.     “What’s  a  number?”  I  asked.    But  as  usual,  it  came  out  as  “Ruff!”   “What  wrong?”  asked  Reagan.    I  kept  on  barking.    I  knew  why  I  was  barking  this  time   though!   “Shhhh!”    said  Regan  with  her  finger  to  her  lips.    But  I  kept  on  barking.    I  had  to   know  what  a  number  was!    But  before  I  could  bark  one  more  time,  she  carried  me  to   the  porch.   Now  I’m  on  the  porch.    Humph.    I  just  wanted  to  see  what  a  number  was!     Then  the  door  opened  and  closed  again.    Audrey  walked  up  to  me  and  said,  “What   did  you  do  wrong?”   “I  ate  Reagan’s  snack,”  I  said.   “What  did  you  do?”  I  asked.   “I  had  an  accident  in  Maddy’s  room.”   “Oh,  I  thought  you’d  do  something  worse,”  I  said  to  her.  “Ruff!”    Audrey  was  barking.     “Stop!”  said  a  boy  in  our  yard,  and  then  I  barked  too.       “Be  quite”,  the  boy  snapped.   We  kept  on  barking.    “Armani,  Audrey!”  We  heard  someone  coming  to  the  door.    It   was  our  master,  Ian.    He  saw  the  boy  and  chased  him  out  of  the  yard.    “Good  girls   Audrey  and  Armani,”  he  said.    He  gave  us  a  treat  and  led  us  inside.  I  went  up  to   Maddy’s  room.    She  was  doing  her  homework.    It  was  MATH!    Yes!    I  hopped  up  on   her  bed  and  then  on  top  of  her  desk.  Ohhhhhh!      A  number  is  like  5,  9,  8,  0,  7  and  3.     So  now  that  my  mystery  is  solved,  I  wanted  some  water.    I  ran  out  of  Maddy’s  room   and  down  the  stairs.     October  24,  2012   Audrey  and  I  went  outside.    “Rrrrrrrr,”  I  growled.       “Hey  that’s  my  friend  Zach!    Hi,”  Audrey  said.   He  is  a  toy  poodle.    We  all  played  together.    Then  I  saw  something.    Wait,  what  is   that?    I  need    Zach.    I  have  another  mystery  to  solve.    Then  I  saw  what  it  was,  it  was  a   whatthemagiger.  “Look  at  it!  It’s  going  to  get  all  the  dogs!  Ahhhhhh!”    Then  it  spotted   me.    “I’m  dead,”  I  thought.    The  closer  it  came  the  more  it  looked  like  just  another   dog.       62  

“Wait, you’re  not  going  to  eat  me  are  you?  I  asked.       “Eat  you?”  he  said.    “Gross!    Dog  fur  taste  like,  like…grass.    Nasty,  nasty,  gross,”  it   replied.   “What  are  you  anyway?”  I  asked.   “I’m  a  cat,”  it  said.       “A  cat?  If  you’re  a  cat,  wait,  what  even  is  a  cat?”  I  asked.   “YOU  DON’T  KNOW  WHAT  A  CAT  IS?!  This  dog  needs  a  dictionary,”  the  cat  thing   said.  “I’ll  be  right  back.”   He  came  back  a  few  minutes  later  with  a  dictionary.     “So  what  page  do  I  flip  to?”  I  asked.   “Ok,  go  to  the  C’s”  Then  we  found  the  right  page.  It  said:  Cat-­‐a  creature  that  doesn’t   need  to  be  bothered.    And  be  careful  their  nails  are  sharp.    Fun  Fact-­‐dogs  LOVE   chasing  them.   October  25,  2012   I  can’t  wait  to  see  what  kind  of  adventure  I’ll  get  into  next…     Reagan  Shaw   Grade  3   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Harbin     The  Lonely  Star   Have  you  felt  lonely  before?    This  star  has  and  here  is  the  story.    One  night  I   walked  outside  I  only  saw  one  star  only  one.  It  was  sad  to  see  a  lonely  star.    I  wanted   to  give  her  some  friends.    So  I  made  some  paper  stars,  then,  I  laid  them  down  in  the   grass,  so  the  star  could  see  her  new  friends.    The  star  winked  at  me.    The  next   morning  the  stars  were  all  over  the  yard.    Then  I  asked  my  dad  if  he  had  some  scrap   metal.    He  did,  so  I  asked  him  to  make  some  metal  stars  for  me.    In  the  evening  I  put   the  metal  stars  in  the  grass  so  she  could  see  them.    The  next  morning  they  were  still   in  the  grass  and  the  lonely  star  became  unlovely,  and  the  star  winked  at  me.    That   night  I  dreamed  of  the  star.    The  next  day  the  star  was  asleep.    So  I  went  to  school,   but  when  I  got  home  I  could  almost  see  the  star.    School  was  not  good  because  I  kept   on  daydreaming  about  the  star  I  had  to  get  my  mind  off  of  it.    But  it  was  hard  to,  I   told  my  dad  so  he  let  me  take  a  nap  but  I  still  was  dreaming  about  the  star,  it  was   hard,  so  I  watched  TV,  but  that  did  not  help.    That  night,  I  looked  out  the  window  I   saw  the  star  it  was  shining  bright  like  it  always  does.    I  could  see  her  new  friends  too.     They  were  shining  bright  like  she  was,  and  the  sky  was  glowing  with  bright  lights.     Then,  my  dad  walked  in  and  said,  “Go  to  sleep.”    So  I  did,  and  I  thought  about  the  star.     Haylee  Shoffner   Grade  3   Rhea  Central  Elementary   1005  Delaware  Avenue,  Dayton,  TN  37321   Mrs.  Jenkins     63  

Hannah               Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  girl  named  Hannah.    Hannah  lived  in  New  York   City.    At  that  time  a  lot  of  people  were  capturing  kids  in  New  York.    Hannah’s  brother,   Jake,  had  already  been  captured  and  Hannah  was  very  sad.    She  loved  to  play  with   Jake  and  missed  him  everyday.    Her  parents  were  very  worried.    They  were  afraid   they  would  never  see  Jake  again.    Two  years  went  by  and  one  day  they  found  Jake   dead  in  the  bushes  near  their  house.    They  had  a  funeral  for  Jake.    The  next  day   Hannah  went  outside  and  went  to  the  bushes  where  they  found  Jake  and  prayed;   Dear  my  Lord  God,  why  did  you  do  this  to  me?  Amen.               A  week  went  by  and  when  Hannah  got  home  her  parents  said  to  her  that  they   had  someone  to  introduce  her  to.    They  introduced  Hannah’s  new  brother,  Jack,  and   her  new  sister,  Abby.    Hannah’s  parents  said  they  are  brother  and  sister  and  we  are   going  to  adopt  them  and  make  them  apart  of  our  family.    “Oh,  said  Hannah.  I  can’t   wait  to  show  them  my  room.”    Hannah  went  upstairs  and  showed  them  her  room.     Afterwards,  she  showed  them  their  new  room.    Hannah  then  said  she  had  to  do   homework  in  her  room  and  told  Jack  and  Abby  to  play  outside.    So  they  both  go   outside  and  ten  minutes  later  she  hears  screaming.    Hannah  races  downstairs  and   her  parents  had  heard  the  scream  too  and  were  worried.    Her  dad  picked  up  a  knife   and  all  three  of  them  go  outside.    They  see  Abby  screaming  and  see  a  man  capturing   Jack.    Hannah’s  dad  runs  and  stabs  the  man  in  the  leg.    The  man  dropped  Jack  and   started  running.    Abby  was  traumatized  and  Hannah  tried  to  make  Abby  feel  better.     Everyone  went  to  Jack  and  made  sure  he  was  safe  but  they  saw  he  had  a  big  bruise   on  his  leg.    That  night  when  they  were  having  dinner  they  realized  Abby  was  not   there  and  they  heard  a  gun  shot.    Hannah  ran  up  to  Abby’s  room  and  she  was  not   there.    Everyone  searched  everywhere  but  she  was  no  where  to  be  found.    Then  her   mom  said,  “Remember  the  gun  shot?  Could  someone  have  killed  Abby?”      So  they  all   went  out  in  search  for  Abby.    That  day  Abby  was  wearing  her  favorite  bracelet  and   while  they  were  out  looking,  Hannah  found  Abby’s  bracelet  about  a  mile  from  their   house.    They  searched  about  ten  miles  from  their  house  but  did  not  find  her.    They   were  on  their  way  back  when  they  passed  the  bushes  where  they  found  Jake,  and   Abby  was  dead  there  too!!!    They  had  a  funeral  for  her  too.                 The  next  day  Hannah’s  dad  hires,  Ben,  a  new  worker  at  his  jewelry  store.    A   week  later  Hannah’s  dad  came  home  saying,  “I  was  at  the  store  all  day  with  Ben  and   today  I  lost  ten  thousand  dollars  worth  of  jewelry.”    “Oh  dear”,  said  Hannah’s  mom.     Hannah  said,  “I  want  to  go  meet  Ben.    I  think  he  is  hiding  something.”    “Oh  NO!    Ben   is  totally  innocent,”  said  Hannah’s  dad.    “You  need  to  get  to  bed,  Hannah.  It’s  past   your  bedtime.    Jack  is  already  in  bed,”  said  Hannah’s  mom.    The  next  day  after   Hannah  had  come  back  from  school;  she  went  into  Jack’s  room  and  asked  how  his   first  day  of  kindergarten  was?  “It  was  so  good.    I  met  a  friend  and  his  name  is  Ken,”   said  Jack.    “That’s  great.    I  know  everyone  likes  to  have  friends,”  said  Hannah.     Hannah  went  downstairs  then  and  thought….I  wonder  if  Ben  has  a  child?    She  called   her  dad’s  jewelry  store  and  Ben  answered  the  phone.    Hannah  said,  “Is  this  Ben?”     “Yes  it  is,”  said  Ben.  “Can  I  ask  you  a  question?  Do  you  have  a  child,”  asked  Hannah?   “Why  yes  I  do.    His  name  is  Ken,”  said  Ben.    Hannah  then  asked  him  if  he  went  to   Yorkie  Elementary  and  to  her  surprise  he  did.    Hannah  went  back  upstairs  to  Jack’s   64  

room and  asked  Jack  to  have  Ken  over  for  a  play  date.    Ken  came  over  the  next  day   and  Hannah  tried  to  talk  to  Ken  about  his  dad  but  Jack  said  to  leave  them  alone.     Hannah  went  to  her  room  to  finish  up  her  homework  and  later  went  downstairs  to   help  clean  the  breakfast  plates.    An  hour  went  by  and  her  dad  said  he  had  to  take   Ken  back  to  Ben.    When  it  was  bedtime  she  went  up  to  her  room  and  there  was  a   man  and  a  boy!    OH  MY  GOODNESS…..Hannah  thought  and  ran  back  to  the  kitchen.     She  called  her  dad  to  come  to  her  room  and  asked  him  to  bring  a  knife.    Her  dad   came  in  her  room  but  no  one  was  there.    The  next  day  Hannah  had  stayed  home   from  school  and  she  asked  Jack  to  stay  home  too.    They  both  stayed  outside  and   made  a  lot  of  noise  so  if  the  kidnappers  came  by  they  would  hear  them.    Hannah  had   two  knives.    One  of  the  knives  was  close  to  her  and  the  other  one  was  by  the  house.     When  they  went  back  to  the  house  to  grab  a  jump  rope,  Hannah  noticed  that  the   knife  she  had  left  was  GONE!!!    Hannah  grabs  her  knife  that  was  close  to  here.    She   ran  down  to  where  she  and  Jack  were  playing.    There  was  no  sign  of  anyone  down   there.    Then  she  remembers  Jack  and  runs  back  to  the  house.    She  sees  a  man  and  a   boy  running  away  with  Jack!    Hannah  ran  faster  than  she  had  ever  run  before!     Finally  she  caught  up  with  them.    Hannah  stabbed  the  man  in  the  right  leg.    The  man   fell  to  the  ground  and  dropped  Jack.    The  boy  yelled,  “Dad!  Are  you  ok?”    The  dad   said,  “Keep  running  KEN!”    Hannah  yelled  “tackle  Ken,  Jack!”    Jack  tackled  Ken  with   all  his  might.    All  of  a  sudden  Hannah  sees  that  the  kidnapper  is  Ben.    Ben  sat  up  and   yanked  the  knife  out  of  his  leg  and  started  running  off.    “OH  NO  YOU  DON’T,”   screamed  Hannah.    She  started  chasing  Ben  and  Ken  when  all  of  a  sudden  she  sees  a   knife  coming  at  her.    Hannah  catches  it  and  keeps  it  with  her  just  incase  she  needs  it   later.    Hannah  sees  someone  else.    It  was  not  Ben  or  Ken  but  it  was  someone  familiar.     Her  dad  had  hired  a  manager  at  his  store  four  years  ago  and  this  was  the  man.    His   name  was  Eddy.    Quickly  another  knife  comes  at  her  and  Hannah  catches  it.  She   started  running  towards  Eddy  and  stabbed  him  in  the  leg.    Ben  came  running  up  to   try  to  help  Eddy  but  Hannah  turned  around  and  stabbed  him  in  his  arm.    Hannah   called  the  police  and  they  were  both  arrested.    Ken  was  not  arrested  because  he  was   only  six  years  old  and  he  was  just  listening  to  his  dad.    Eddy  and  Ben  were  both  put   in  jail  for  kidnapping  and  they  were  the  ones  that  stole  from  her  dad’s  jewelry  store.     Hannah’s  dad  finally  believed  her  when  he  read  the  article  in  the  newspaper  later.     That’s  the  story  of  Hannah.     India  Talwar       Grade  3   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mrs.  Williams         The  Dark  Night     It  was  raining  hard.    It  was  storming  hard.    A  little  house  in  the  middle  of  the   forest  was  in  the  middle  of  the  storm.    Mama  was  scared.    Papa  was  scared.    But   pour  little  Lily  was  in  her  room  all  alone.    Then  there  was  a  BOOM  and  a  CRASH.    Lily   was  so  scared  that  she  hid  under  her  covers  for  a  long,  long,  long,  time.    Until  a   CRASH  of  lightning  struck  the  window,  and  out  of  nowhere  a  bear  jumped  right  out   65  

at her  she  screamed  to  the  top  of  her  lungs.    AAAHHH!    The  bear  slung  its  paw  at  her.     The  hit  knocked  her  out  of  the  middle  of  the  window.    Her  parents  came  to  her  room   too  late.  “She’s  gone”  Mama  said.    “My  girls  gone”  Papa  said.  In  the  middle  of  the   night  two  parents  crying.    Lily  was  running  till  the  bear  was  gone.    She  was  wet  her   parents  are  gone  and  she  is  in  the  middle  of  nowhere  crying.    Finally  she  found  an   old  house.    So  she  went  inside.    There  is  still  a  chance  I  can  find  home.    The  house   was  so  still  and  quiet.  She  was  afraid  when  a  witch  popped  out  of  nowhere.    “Are  you   a  witch”  She  said.  “Well  yes  I  am  my  stranger  ha  ha  ha.”    Only  Lily  did  not  know  that   this  witch  was  a  girl  under  a  spell.  “You  are  welcome  to  stay  the  night”  the  witch  said.   I  guess  said  the  girl.    “Here  is  your  room”  the  witch  said.    Lily  woke  up  early  so  she   went  too  the  kitchen.  She  sat  down.  The  witch  put  a  plate  on  the  table.  “What  is  that”   said  Lily.    “Frog  legs  and  mice  tails”  she  said.  “I’m  not  hungry”  Lily  said.    After  Lily   left  the  witch  had  a  plan.  She  snapped  her  fingers  and  the  food  was  gone  then  she   snapped  her  fingers  again  and  the  big  book  of  spells  popped  up.    Then  she  found  the   right  one.  “This  is  it,  spiders  frogs  and  more  go  to  the  room  that  the  girl  stays  under”   She  said.    Lily  got  on  her  bed,  but  something  crawled  on  her  she  screamed  then  she   smashed  the  bug,  she  held  the  book  in  her  hand  and  pulled  down  her  sheets  and  a   sworn  of  bugs  was  there  and  she  ran  too  the  witch  grabbed  a  bucket  and  she  was  so   mad  that  she  hit  the  witch  with  the  bucket  of  water  and  the  spell  was  broken  and   the  body  of  the  witch  melted  and  there  stood  a  girl.    Lily  walked  up  to  her  and  said   “My  name  is  Lily  what’s  your  name?  My  name  is  Jamie.    Let’s  get  out  of  this  castle.     Jamie  said.  Yah  lets  go.    So  there  they  went.    When  it  got  dark  it  was  scary.  Jamie  said   “We  must  sleep  here  tonight.    Ok  said  Lily.    They  took  some  leaves  and  made  a  bed   so  they  could  sleep.  In  the  morning  they  found  a  big  house.  Lily  said  “Lets  not  forget   to  knock  this  time.    Right  I’ll  knock.  Jamie  said.  KNOCK,  KNOCK,  no  one  answered.     Jamie  said.    Well  a  peek  couldn’t  hurt.  The  door  cracked  as  they  opened  the  door.     CRACK.    Let’s  go  in,  said  Jamie  it’s  getting  dark.    STOP!    Said  Lily.    WITCH  The  witch   took  her  wand  and  shoot  out  lasers  at  them.    Run  Lily,  said  Jamie.    So  they  ran  into   the  forest.    And  they  spent  the  night  in  the  forest  for  two  nights  and  the  third  day   they  walked  around  and  picked  up  food  to  eat  and  drink.    Day  four  they  looked  for   home  and  they  did  the  same  thing  for  five  more  days  and  the  sixth  day  they  found  it   and  they  were  so  rejoiced.  Mama  and  Papa  were  happy  to.    And  all  was  good  from   now  on.     Ansley  Thedford   Grade  3   Rhea  Central  Elementary  School   1005  Delaware  Avenue,  Dayton,  TN  37321   Mrs.  Jenkins     Fishing  on  the  Kenai     Salmon  fishing  in  Alaska  is  very  hard,  well,  at  least  for  a  9  year  old.    The  Kenai   River  is  very  swift!    The  fishing  regulations  don’t  let  you  stand  on  the  bank  to  fish,   you  have  to  stand  in  the  water.    So,  I  had  to  be  very  careful  when  I  was  fishing  last   summer.     66  

When the   Sockeye   Salmon   are   “running”   they   swim   upstream   and   keep   their   mouth   open.     You   throw   your   hook   up   stream   and   let   it   drift   down   stream   and   hopefully,  it  gets  into  the  mouth  of  one  of  the  hundreds  of  salmon.  After  trying  for   several  days,  I  finally,  I  got  lucky  and  caught  one.      It  was  huge  and  so  awesome!   After  I  hooked  it  I  struggled  to  reel  it  in!  It  was  about  10  pounds  and  jumping   all   over   the   place!   Finally,   my   Dad   helped   me   get   it   in   a   net   and   I   got   to   hold   it   to   have  my  picture  taken.     I  think  fishing  in  Alaska  is  awesome  and  I’m  ready  to  do  it  again!!       Matthew  Thomas   Grade  3   Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750     Mrs.  George      

My First  Gymnastics  Meet         I  woke  up,  today  was  Saturday,  the  day  of  my  first  gymnastics  meet!  My  dad   was  not  awake,  my  mom  was.  I  put  my  leotard  on  and  went  to  the  kitchen  for   breakfast.  My  mom  went  and  woke  up  my  dad.  I  packed  my  bag  with:  my  hairbrush,   hair  bands,  hairclips,  my  water  bottle,  and  two  snacks.  Then  I  brush  my  teeth  and   got  in  the  car.  Since  we  didn't  have  time  to  do  my  hair,  my  mom  sat  in  the  back  seat   to  do  my  hair.  Since  I  didn't  go  to  gymnastics  practice  the  day  before,  they  were  glad   I  could  make  it.  I  was  riding  to  the  gym  in  Hendersonville  with  Ryan,  Lain,  and   Simon.  We  were  driving  there  in  Lain's  car.  Lains  car  had  a  TV  in  it.  We  watched  the   Muppets.  Finally  we  got  there.  We  got  out  of  the  car  ahead  of  Lain's  dad  and  sister,   and  went  inside.  It  was  cold  inside  and  we  didn't  know  where  to  go,  so  we  went   back  outside.  I  took  off  both  my  pants  and  shoes.  When  Lain's  dad  got  there,  we   went  inside,  and  waited.  Finally  Mrs.  Lean  came  and  told  us  where  to  go.  There  I  got   my  number  and  a  pink  slip  so  that  I  could  get  a  free  Score  book.  We  went  over  to  the   counter  and  turned  in  our  slips.  Then  I  looked  around  at  everything.  The  gym  wasn't   always  a  gym,  everything  could  be  moved.  The  floor  was  resting  on  springs.  The   vault  runway  was  a  strip  of  carpet  that  was  taped  down,  with  mats  at  the  end.  The   Bars  weren't  connected  and  neither  were  the  beams.  Then  I  went  to  the  bathroom.   Next  I  looked  at  what  was  for  sale.  They  had  a  place  where  you  could  design  your   own  leotard!  Next  we  waited  for  the  announcement  that  it  was  time  to  warm  up.   After  we  warmed  up  we  went  back  into  a  hallway  to  march  in.  When  it  was  our  turn   to  march  in  we  walked  proudly  in  and  stood  in  a  line  on  the  floor.  Next  we  sang  the   star  spangled  banner  and  then  we  sat  down  and  the  announcer  told  us  a  story  about   a  boy  who  really  helped  his  team.  Finally  we  were  dismissed  to  our  first  event.  Our   first  event  was  floor.  Our  second  event  was  vault.  Our  third  event  was  Bars  and  our   fourth  event  was  beam.  After  that  we  had  to  get  in  line  with  everyone  in  our  age   group.  I  didn't  get  a  medal  but,  Simon  got  five  medals  and  Gabby  got  one  medal.  For   all  around  everybody  got  a  trophy.  We  all  went  on  the  stage  for  all  around  too.  We   also  got  a  certificate.  Finally  i  found  my  parents  and  we  went  home.     67  

Emma Tuttle   Grade  3   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1005  Mississippi  Ave,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Hassler     The  Beach         One  summer  I  went  to  the  beach.  One  night  we  went  on  a  crab  hunt.  I  saw   thousand  of  crabs.  My  friends  and  I  walked  along  the  beach.  I  shined  my  flashlight   on  the  sand.  The  little  crabs  ran  across  the  sand.  Every  time  we  caught  a  crab  we  put   it  in  a  bucket.  After  the  bucket  was  full  we  went  back.  When  we  got  back  to  the   house  we  let  the  crabs  go.  I  said  to  my  friends,  “That  was  so  much  fun!”         Will  White   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School   Ashley  Thornton  



[Grade 3  Poetry]    

I Am     I  am  a  waterfall  falling  from  a  cliff.   I  am  a  puma  gliding  through  the  jungle  quickly.   I  am  blue  and  white,  strong  like  McCallie.   I  am  Ohio,  natural  and  open  like  acres  of  cornfields.   I  am  a  jet  gliding  in  the  air  like  a  long,  white  pelican.   I  am  happy,  just  happy.   I  am  Hunter.     Hunter  Bankes   Grade  3   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Howell     Football     Watch  the  game.   See  them  play.   Tackling,   Throwing,     Lateraling  the  football.   People  Cheering.   Players  running  to  the  goal.   Score!     Nicholas  Bowen   Grade  3   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Ferguson     Christmas     Christ's  Birthday   Happy  times   Refreshing  smell   Incredible  friends   So  much  laughter   Tight  hugs   Minty  candy  canes   Awesome  gifts   69  

Sweet love  for  everyone     Elanor  Cornett   Grade  3   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Ferguson     I  Am     I  am  a  day  lily,  as  delicate  and  as  white  as  paper.   I  am  a  sea  lion,  so  entertaining  and  rough.   I  am  green  like  flowers  popping  up  in  the  spring.   I  am  a  stage,  with  little  ballet  shoes  tip-­‐toeing  on  me.   I  am  an  American  Girl,  with  a  story  to  go  with  me.   I  am  peaceful,  like  quiet  little  snowflakes  falling  out  of  the  sky.   I  am  Mari.     Mari  Douglas   Grade  3   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Howell     Portuguese  Man-­Of-­War     Drifting,  drifting   Through  the  sea   What  is  that  blob?   What  could  it  be?   It’s  a  man-­‐of-­‐war   Moving  around   Stinging  fish   Without  a  sound   Fifty  meter  tentacles   Now  that’s  really  wide!   Some  are  swinging  down   Some  are  near  the  side   A  fish  swims  around   It  doesn’t  know  a  thing   BAM!   The  man-­‐of-­‐war  used  its  STING!     Owen  Eastman   Grade  3   Boyd  Buchanan  School   70  

4650 Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Holland  

Clouds     O  how  I  love  to  look  at  clouds   and  watch  the  elephants  run   and  watch  the  lions  have  fun   they  change  a  lot  through  time   and  give  many  surprises   white  and  puffy,  they  sit  in  the  air   while  I  sit  wondering  and  twirling  my  hair.   All  different  shapes  and  sizes   big,  long,  square,  and  tall   noises  don’t  distract  me.   I  am  so  enveloped  in  the  clouds     My  mom  is  talking  to  me.   I  don’t  have  a  clue.   We  are  always  traveling.   It’s  just  something  to  do.   Even  though  clouds  are  made  of  water,   They  look  like  clear  beauty  to  me.   I  only  hope  that…   I  get  to  touch  them  some  day.     Ella  Harrod   Grade  3   Chattanooga  School  of  the  Liberal  Arts   6579  East  Brainerd  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Hudson     Jack-­-­-o  Lanterns     Jack-­‐-­‐-­‐o  lanterns  glow   They  light  up  the  night  so  bright   Looking  like  the  moon.     Zac  Hogan   Grade  3   McConnell  Elementary   Mrs.  Thurman     Tiger  Shark     It  lurks  in  the  deep   Waiting  for  food   71  

It’s a  big  tiger  shark   What  about  you?   It  found  a  big  meal,   A  great  big  fish   You  better  run,   Or  you’ll  be  his  next  dish!   Now…I’m  not  joking,                        It’s          Right                                      Behind                                            You!     Lucas  Jessee   Grade  3   Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Holland     Haiku     A  tiny  striped  bee     Sipping  nectar  from  flowers   Returns  to  the  hive     Malyna  Kennedy   Grade  3   Hixson  Elementary  School   5950  Winding  Lane,  Hixson  TN  37343   Mary  Brown     Star  Gazer     I  gaze  at  the  stars   as  the  stars  shine  bright.   They  lead  me  through  the  maze   at  the  darkest  of  night.   They  also  show  symbols   to  people  who  look  high,   stars  are  constellation  maps   in  the  night  sky.     Kathryn  Lazenby   Grade  3   Chattanooga  School  of  the  Liberal  Arts   6579  East  Brainerd  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Hudson   72  

Snakes   Snakes  are  great.       My  favorite  one  is  green.   They  make  a  great  play  mate.   But  they  can  sometimes  be  a  little  mean.     My  snakes  are  fun.   I  have  a  twenty  one.   My  snakes  are  all  stuffed     So  that  they  don’t  cause  my  cat  to  get  puffed.       Daniel  Lewis   Grade  3   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Robin  Williams     Life     Happy   Jumping   Playing   Fun   Running   Screaming   Life     Maria  Lee   Grade  3   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mountain,  Tennessee  37377   Mrs.  Leary     Monsters     Monsters   Sinister,  terrifying   Killing,  prowling,  hunting   Vampire,  werewolf,  politician,  doctor   Fishing,  playing,  running   Lovable,  comical   People     Phillip  Reifinger   73  

Grade 3   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Leary  

Triggerfish     I  love  to  play   In  the  deep.   I’m  really  aggressive   With  sharp,  sharp  teeth!   I’m  really  colorful   So  don’t  mess  with  me!   I’m  the  most  amazing  fish   In  the  sea!   I’m  a  good  pet   But  beware   I  like  to  stare!     Colin  Richardson   Grade  3     Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  Tn  37411   Mrs.  Matherley     The  Manatee     Oh  manatee,  oh  Manatee   Resting,  resting   In  the  sea.   Go  away  then     Come  back.   With  a  little  seaweed  snack.   Oh  manatee,  oh  manatee   Won’t  you  come   And  play  with  me!     Josh  Sutton   Grade  3     Boyd  Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  Tn  37411   Mrs.  Matherley     The  Hawk  and  the  Owl     I’m  the  hawk  and  I  rule  the  forest  


I’m the  owl      I  need  to  keep  my  babies  safe.   That  looks  yummy   A  nest  full  of  birds   Don’t’  eat  my  babies!   I’m  going  to  eat  some  anyway   I  am  so  hungry   I’m  going  to  camouflage   my  babies   Hey!  I  thought  I  saw  some  birds  In  this  nest   I  don’t  have  any  birds   Not  in  this  nest   Man  I  just  know   I  saw  some  birds   I  guess  you  were  dreaming   Probably  they  flew  away   I’m  going  to  find  another  nest  full  of  birds   Because  I’m  really  hungry!   Bye,  Bye  now   yes!     I  tricked  him   Eat  that  sucker!     T’Andre  Tarvin   Grade  3   Calvin  Donaldson  Environmental  Science  Academy     927  West  37th  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN  37410   Mrs.  Starnes     Fall     Wind  blows  in  the  trees.   Colors  flying  through  the  air.   Breeze  by  breeze  leaves  fall.     Matthew  Thomas   Grade  3   Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Mrs.  George       If  I  were  in  charge  of  the  world     You  wouldn’t  boss  parents  around,   You  wouldn’t  boss  teachers  around,   You  wouldn’t  act  like  you’re  the  principal.  


If I  were  in  charge  of  the  world   There’d  be  more  workers  working,   Let  there  be  more  playgrounds,   Let  there  be  more  field  trips.     If  I  were  in  charge  of  the  world   I’d  keep  the  world  safe,   I’d  keep  dogs  from  getting  hurt,   I’d  let  there  be  more  snow!     If  I  were  in  charge  of  the  world.     Harley  Tucker   Grade  3   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Timmons    



[Grade 4  Prose]    

My World     So  you  know  how  everyone  has  an  imaginary  world?  Well,  what  if  you  could   go  into  it?  I  walk  into  soft  snow  that  tastes  sweet  a  kind  of  sugar  sweet.    I  look  into   distance  where  the  mountains  rest  like  strawberries.    The  crisp  air  smells  like   brownies  in  the  oven.  I  run  over  to  a  house  that  looks  like  a  gingerbread  house.  I   twist  the  doorknob.  I  put  the  door  ajar  and  peak  in  the  house.  I  open  the  door  even   more  and  take  a  step  into  the  room.  The  heat  made  me  feel  like  at  I  was  at  home.  A   small  little  bed  sat  in  the  corner  of  the  small  room.    A  table  for  four  was  nicely  placed   in  the  middle  of  the  room.  I  found  a  letter  that  sat  on  the  table  that  said:                Dear?                                            My  name  is  Lilly.  I  am  10  years  old,  and  I  live  in  this  house  by  myself.    I  am   glad  you  found  my  house  to  stay  in  and  keep  warm.  I  am  coming  back  at  night  from   getting  some  food  for  a  few  days.                                                                                                                                                  Love,                                                                                                                                                  Lilly     I  walked  back  outside  to  explore  some  more.    I  walked  for  a  while  and  then   came  to  a  bridge  made  out  of  ginger.  I  walked  into  the  middle  of  the  bridge.  I  looked   down  at  the  Jell-­‐o  water  with  sour  fish  jumping  out.    I  walked  over  to  the  forest  with   wind  blowing  slightly  through  my  hair.  Something  popped  out  at  me,  and  I  screamed.   I  started  to  run  back  for  the  gingerbread  house  when  I  ran  into  something  and  fell   over,    scared.  I  got  up  to  see  what  I  ran  into,  but  I  did  not  see  anything.    I  looked  at  the  ground  and  then  saw  a  girl.  I  held  out  my  hand  and  she  grabbed  it.  I   pulled  her  up  and  stared  at  her.  Her  bright  blue  eyes  stared  at  me,  her  cape  over  her   eyes  and  a  woven  basket  in  her  hand.  We  stared  at  each  other  for  a  while.  ‘’  Sorry,’’  I   said  in  a  quiet  voice.    ‘’It’s  ok;    why  were  you  running?’’  she  asked.    ‘’I  saw  something  in  the  woods.‘’    ‘’Probably  a  wild  cat.’’  she  said.  She  motioned  me  to  follow.  I  trailed  behind   her  to  the  gingerbread  house  I  had  seen  earlier  in  the  day.  ‘’My  names  Lilly.’’  she  said.    ‘’My  name’s  Una.’’  I  said.    ‘’Sit,  I  will  make  dinner.’’  She  said.  I  sat  down  without  a  word.    A  few  minutes   later  she  slid  a  plate  in  front  of  me,  and  sat  down  across  from  me.     ‘’So  where’s  your  family?’’  I  asked.    Her  face  turned  red  and  her  eyes  filled  with  sorrow.  She  replied  softly,  “I   don’t  know.”    We  were  silent  for  a  while  then  I  started  to  eat.    An  hour  latter  we   finished.  Tired  and  confused,  we  decided  to  sleep.    That  night  Lilly  shared  her  bed   with  me.     In  the  morning,  I  woke  up  and  saw  Lilly  already  awake  and  eating  breakfast.  I   got  up  and  sat  at  the  table  and  started  to  eat.  ‘’Time  to  go  on  an  adventure.’’  Lilly  said   to  me.    She  walked  out  of  the  door,  and  I  fallowed  right  behind  her.    “We’ll  have  to   run  some,  because  it  will  take  too  long  if  we  walk  there,”  she  said.    Lilly  started  to   run  and  so  did  I.     77  

After a  couple  of  minutes  we  got  there.    I  looked  up.  A  big  strawberry   mountain  was  sitting  right  in  front  of  me.  I  groaned,  but  gave  a  crooked  smile  to  her   like  I  was  excited.  We  started  to  climb.  ‘’How  did  you  get  here,  Una?’’  Lilly  asked.    ‘’I  don’t  really  know.’’  I  answered.       After  a  couple  of  hours  we  got  to  the  top.  ‘’Now  the  fun  part.’’  Lilly  said.  She   pointed  at  the  other  side.  I  looked  and  it  sort  of  looked  like  a  slide.  Lilly  held  onto  my   hand  and  pulled  me  over  to  the  other  side.  Then  we  both  slipped  down  the   mountain  together.  We  laughed  the  whole  way  down  and  hit  the  ground  hard.  We   then  went  over  to  a  valley  and  sat  on  a  grassy  hill.  The  only  thing  we  really  talked   about  was  if  I  would  ever  get  home  and  if  she  would  find  her  family.  My  stomach   started  to  growl  so  I  went  over  to  a  bush  and  picked  off  some  candy  raspberries  for   both  of  us.  I  started  to  grow  sleepy  and  then  closed  my  eyes.    I  woke  up  to  a  howl.  I  looked  around;  it  was  dark.  I  shook  Lilly  to  wake  her   up.  She  opened  her  eyes  and  looked  around.    ‘’Oh,  no!’’  Lilly  said.    ‘’What?’’  I  asked  with  my  voice  shaking.    ‘’We  have  to  get  home  now,  or  we  are  going  to  be  dinner  for  the  wild  cats.’’           My  face  went  white  with  fear.  Lilly  took  me  by  the  hand  and  started  to  run  so  fast   that  her  cape  was  flying  behind  her.  We  came  upon  a  wild  cat  growling  at  us.  We   both  screamed.  Lilly  pulled  out  a  knife.  I  closed  my  eyes  tight.  Then  poof,  purple   powdered  dust  peered  in  to  the  dark  cold  night.  Lilly  started  to  run  again  and  then   we  got  to  the  house.  We  walked  inside.  Everything  went  blurry  and  I  fell.  I  woke  up   in  the  bed  with  Lilly  in  a  chair  right  by  the  fire.  “Are  you  ok?”  Lilly  cried.     “Yes,”  I  said.  I  looked  out  the  window.  It  was  still  dark  outside.  She  got  in  bed   right  beside  me,  and  we  slept  until  the  late  morning.    I  woke  up  still  sleepy  and  walked  over  to  the  table.  The  food  was  placed   nicely.  I  sat  down,  ate,  and  waited  for  Lilly  to  wake  up.  She  soon  woke  up  and  joined   me  at  the  table.  After  she  finished,  we  both  walked  outside  smiling  at  each  other.  We   walked  to  the  valley  talking  away.  We  sat  down  and  I  said,  “I  think  I  will  stay  here   forever.”    “I  hope  you  do,”  Lilly  said  smiling.  We  hugged.  Things  started  to  disappear.   “Oh  no,  this  means  good  bye.”  We  hugged  for  one  last  time.  Then  poof!                                   Isabella  Allan   Grade  4   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Everett  and  Ms.  Jones     Who  ate  the  hamburger?     I  was  at  my  house  getting  ready  for  school,when  my  mom  yelled,  ’’hurry  up  we  have  to   go’’!  My  sisters  were  done  with  everything  but  I  wasn’t.  I  still  had  to  get  my  trombone.  But  it   was  too  big  .  So  Chynna,  my  sister,  helped  me  by  getting  the  trombone,  then  we  headed  out   the  door.By  the  time  I  got  to  the  school  the  bell  rang  “ring!’’.I  thought  the  tone  was  annoying   so  I  closed  my  ears  and  headed  to  my  locker  and  put  my  stuff  in  it.Then  I  ran  to  to  my  home   room  ‘’whoosh  screeeeek’’as  my  shoes  slid  across  the  floor.  I’m  here!  as  I  said  with  a  heavy   78  

breath slowly  I  felt  a  warm  figure  behind  me.  Before  I  looked  back  I  heard  the  figure  say   ‘’you're  late  you're  late’’  then    I  knew  the  figure  was  belle.Of  course  it  was  her  she  would   always  say  something  about  being  late.Anyway  the  day  took  forever  but  finally  when  I   thought  it  was  over  it  was  just  lunch.when  I  got  in  the  lunch  line  I  asked  the  the  lady  up  front   for  a  hamburger  she  carefully  handed  the  juicy  goodness  to  me.When  I  got  the  hamburger  I   was  going  to  ask  can  I  have  some  fries    with  that.But  it  wasn’t  a  good  time  because  right  at   that  moment  a  boy  pushed  me  and  everything  fell  off  like  it  was  disconnected.Then  it   splattered  like  paint  to  the  ground  I  knew  it  was  too  good  to  be  true    like  the  juicy  goodness   wouldn’t  go  in  my  mouth.  Picked  it  up  then  put  it  back  on  the  tray  after  that  I  quickly  sat  the   tray  down  and  left  to  get  another  one.when  I  went  back  in  the  line  I  asked  for  hamburger  they   said  sorry  we  don’t  have  any  more  hamburgers  ‘’what’’  I  mumbled  ‘’there  are  no  more   hamburgers’’!!!  when  I  came  back  with  the  horrible  news  to  tell  my  burger.I  found  the  tray  but   not  the  burger  I  was  shocked  with  disappointment.I  tried  to  find  the  but  it  was  too  late  I  only   had  5  minutes  left.Then  it  hit  me  my  burger  had  a  smiley  face  on  it  ketchup  with  .Then  I  yelled   across  the  room  Mrs.Seymour  did  it  because  I  can  see  the  smiley  face  from  here.She  walks   over  to  the  teacher  and  gave  her  a  smile  and  says  ‘’that  fell  on  the  floor’’.The  teacher  walks  me   out  off  the  lunch  room.     Kennedy  Bass   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1216  W.  Mississippi  Ave   Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Seymour     Monkey  and  Rhino  Save  the  Jungle       One  day  an  evil  lion  started  feeling  like  he  deserved  to  be  king  of  the  whole   world.    He  had  his  own  laboratory  underground.    He  started  making  a  machine  that   would  make  every  animal  in  the  whole  world  bow  down  to  him  by  taking  over  the   animal's  brains.    Lion  didn't  know  that  Monkey  and  Rhino  had  super  powers.     Monkey  could  get  very  small  and  run  super  fast.    Rhino  had  super  strength  and  laser   eyes.    They  heard  about  lion's  plan  and  knew  they  had  to  stop  him.    They  were  now   on  the  move.         Lion  had  security  cameras  everywhere  and  would  easily  see  them  snooping   around.    Monkey  and  Rhino  quickly  noticed  the  cameras  so  they  decided  to  dig  a   whole  away  from  his  laboratory  to  get  in.    Monkey  shrunk  down  and  snuck  in   through  the  hole  that  was  dug.    He  saw  that  Lion  was  trying  to  make  his  very  own   army  of  programmed  lions  that  looked  just  like  him!    Fortunately,  his  plan  for  the   army  wasn't  working  and  the  machine  was  having  problems.    Monkey  was  very   happy  to  see  this  so  he  rushed  back  to  let  Rhino  everything  he  had  seen.         Monkey  and  Rhino  went  back  to  the  Lion's  laboratory  and  Rhino  destroyed   his  machine  by  smashing  it  with  his  super  strength  and  then  blew  it  all  up  with  his   laser  eyes.    Lion  got  scared,  gave  up  and  didn't  get  any  revenge.    Instead,  he  decided   to  run  far,  far  away.    Monkey  and  Rhino  protected  the  whole  jungle  and  kept  the   animals  safe  from  other  evil  animals.     79  

Avery Butterworth.   Grade  4   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Glass     The  Trip     Inside  the  Museum  of  Modern  Science,  inside  a  lab  with  a  very  sleek  and  curvy   design,  a  new  breakthrough  of  magnets  is  made.  The  person  who  created  it  is   Howard  B.Johnsen.  a  very  over  worked,  over  tempered,  cheap  man  who  is  close  to   retiring  and  sits  in  his  office  counting  his  money  while  his  unpaid,  disgruntled  and   despised  assistant  Jimmy,  who  recently  had  an  expensive  surgery  done  needing  a   nickel  plate  over  his  wrist  injury  toils  away  in  the  lab.  Jimmy  and  Charles,  the  test   subject,  work  in  the  lab.   "Are  you  sure  this  will  work,Jimmy?"  said  Charles.   "For  the  last  time,  yes!"  yelled  Jimmy.   "If  I  didn't  believe  in  Mr.Johnsen's  work  you  wouldn’t  be  strapped  to  heavy  boots   and  gauntlets!"   Jimmy  tapped  a  screen  on  a  chrome  conroll  panel.  Charles  started  to  slowly  float  up   into  the  air.   "Ahhhhh!"  yelled  Charles.   "It's  OK!  It's  OK!  Stay  cautious!  OK,  OK!  When  you  get  close  to  the  ground  stamp   your  foot."   "Ok,  Charles,  now!"   Charles  stamped  his  foot  very  hard  and  he  went  flying!   "Ahhhhhhh!  Help!"   "It's  OK,  just  fall!"   "  Why?"   "  JUST  DO  IT!"   "  OK."  said  Charles.   He  fell  to  the  ground  and  suddenly  came  to  a  quick  stop.   "I  lowered  the  magnetic  field."  said  Jimmy.   "Is  that  possible?"  asked  Charles.   "Actually  yes,  thanks  to  Mr.Johnsen",  replied  Jimmy.   "I  would  like  to  test  this  for  awhile  myself."  said  Jimmy.   "  Well...  OK"  said  Mr.Johnsen,  "only  until  5:oo.  I'll  be  in  my  office."   "What  time  is  it  now?"  Jimmy  asked  Charles.   "4:30."   Charles  took  the  boots  and  gauntlets  off  and  Jimmy  put  them  on.   "OK  I  want  you  go  to  the  access  panel  and  increase  the  magnetic  field."  explained   jimmy.   Charles  went  to  the  access  panel  and  did  as  instructed.   "Ok  all  set."  said  Charles.  "Here  we  go."  Charles  watched  Jimmy  bounce  around  for  a  


while. "Ok,  Charles,  it's  5:oo.  I'll  let  you  use  it  for  a  while.  I  have  to  go  check  on  Mr.Johnsen."   Jimmy  left  in  a  hurry  and  he  seemed  to  to  put  his  hand  on  the  control  panel  for  a   second.  Charles  wasn't  sure  why.    He  vanished  into  another  room.  Suddenly,   Charles's  legs  couldn’t  move,  his  hands  shot  to  the  ground.    The  magnets  in  the   gauntlets  and  boots  held  him  to  the  ground.   "Jimmy!  Jimmy!"  Charles  screamed.   "Yes?"  Jimmy  answered.   "Oh  Jimmy,  get  me  out  of  here!"   "Oh  I  think  not."   "  Huh?"  questioned  Charles.   "When  I  tried  it  out  I  thought  someone  would  buy  this  for  a  high  price."   "  What!    You  betrayed  Mr.Johnsen!"   "  That  old  man  doesn’t  pay  me  squat!  Now  if  you'll  excuse  me  I  will  be  leaving  with   the  blueprints."   "Wahh!"  shouted  Jimmy.   Jimmy's  arm  was  stuck  tightly  to  the  floor.  During  the  half  hour  he  was  testing  the   new  devices  the  magnetic  gauntlets   had  rubbed  against  the  nickel  plate  in  his  arm  making  it  temporarily  magnetized   and  the  plate  was  attracted  to  the  same  magnetic  field  that  was  trapping  Charles.  He   wasn't  going  anywhere.   "Urrg!  you  have  got  to  be  kidding  me!"  wailed  Jimmy.   "What’s  going  on  out  there!"  complained  mr.  Johnsen.  "what  are  you  doing  stuck  to   the  floor!?"   "jimmy  was  going  to  steal  the  blueprints,  Mr.  Johnson."  said  Charles.   "I'll  take  that!"  said  Mr.  Johnson,  taking  the  blueprints  from  Jimmy.    "Call  the  cops,   Charles"  he  said.   The  cops  came  and  arrested  Jimmy.   "Do  you  want  a  job?"  said  Mr.  Johnsen,  watching  them  haul  Jimmy  away.   "How  much  does  it  pay?"  asked  Charles.   "Nothing!"     Charles  Cannon   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   Ms.  Tipton     Wonderful  Wonders  of  Ancient  Egypt       The  Wonders  of  Ancient  Egypt  are  incredibly  fascinating.    The  Egyptian   pyramids  towered  over  all  of  Egypt.    These  monuments  were  built  as  dusty  tombs.     Carefully,  pharaohs,  queens  and  nobles  were  buried.    All  pyramids  were  constructed   diligently  on  the  west  side  of  the  Nile’s  bank  in  the  scorching  desert.    The  Egyptians,   who  were  clever,  used  ropes  and  ascending  ramps  to  move  enormous  bricks.     Simple  machines  made  massive  monuments.    Underneath  the  ground,  the  chamber   might  be  hidden  inside.    The  workers  did  immense  work  trying  to  fool  robbers.     81  

They used  hidden  doors  and  false  chambers  to  distract  the  clever  crooks.    Although   the  graves  have  been  robbed,  we  still  have  thirty  pyramids  standing  in  Egypt.     The  sphinx,  which  was  fashioned  from  stone,  is  an  imaginary  creature.    It  had   the  body  of  a  lion  and  a  man’s  head.    The  monuments  were  constructed  to  honor  the   pharaohs.    Sphinxes  personified  power  and  protection.    Proudly,  the  Great  Sphinx   stood  240  feet  long  and  60  feet  high.    It  is  wearing  the  kingly  headdress  and  is   thought  to  be  King  Khafare.    Occasionally  it  has  been  buried  to  the  neck  in  stinging   sand.    Beyond,  the  Nile  River,  the  Great  Sphinx  has  continued  to  sit  close  to  Giza.     The  sphinx  is  one  of  the  many  imaginary  creatures  told  throughout  ancient  history.     In  Ancient  Egypt,  mummies  were  preserved  bodies  that  were  buried  in  dim   pyramids.    Egyptians  believed  that  the  mummified  bodies,  which  would  journey   casually  to  the  afterlife,  would  have  to  recognize  the  body  and  return  to  it.    When  a   king  died,  the  Egyptians  would  cut  open  his  body  and  take  the  organs  out  and  put   them  in  jars.    The  brain  was  extracted  through  the  nose  with  a  large  metal  rod.    After   they  pulled  the  brain  out,  beeswax  was  stuffed  in  the  nostrils  to  keep  its  shape.    That   is  disgusting!    Egyptians  put  charms  called  Amulets  in  the  linen  to  scare  evil  spirits   away.    Incredibly,  they  fit  the  mummy  into  seven  cases.    Egyptians  thought  if  a   person’s  heart  was  lighter  than  a  feather  they  would  progress  to  the  afterlife.    The   mummy  was  placed  in  the  tomb  inside  its  coffin.    Today,  bodies  of  the  mummies  are   still  persevered.    Towering  pyramids,  persevered  mummies,  and  sandy  sphinx  are   dedicated  to  the  superior  wonders  of  Ancient  Egypt.     Brennan  Cherry   Grade  4   Cherry  Homeschool  Academy   Mrs.  Cherry     The  Spirit  of  Bettno                                                                                         Once  upon  a  time,  a  little  girl  named  Kristin  lived  in  a  town  called  Bettno.  She  went   over  to  wishing  well  ever  since  she  could  walk.  One  day  she  went  after  school  and   saw  a  small  fire  that  led  to  a  forest  fire.  But  it  wasn’t  a  forest  fire.  Kristin  smelled   something...  it  was  gas,  someone  was  trying  to  destroy  the  town  of  Bettno.             Bettno  is  such  a  beautiful  town,  why  would  ANYONE  try  to  tear  it  down?   Kristin  was  determined  to  figure  out  who  would  try  to  destroy  Bettno.    She  was   right  next  to  a  wishing  well.    There  was  nothing  else  she  could  do  so  she  pulled  out  a   coin  out  of  her  pocket  and  wished  a  wish…….nothing  happened  until  she  heard  a   whisper.   “Kristin  Climith  you  will  find  the  best  thing  to  do,  just  remember  a  wish  is  a  wish   and  it  will  come  true.”  Kristin  was  wondering  what  she  could  do.  Then  she  rushed  to   the  fire  department.  Soon  she  got  there  and  rushed  quickly  to  Bettno.  They  put  out   the  fire,  but  there  still  was  a  mystery  waiting  to  be  solved.                She  couldn’t  just  watch  Bettno  fall  to  pieces.  She  decided  to  think  and  think   until  she  figured  who  he/she  was.  


She definitely  wanted  to  know  what  was  going  on.  Kristin  went  down  to   Bettno’s  wishing  well  to  talk  to  the  Whisper  again.  Kristin  pulled  a  coin  and  wished   another  wish.                              “  Investigation  is  how  you  figure  out  your  mystery,                                That’s  what  all  people  have  done  throughout  history.”   So  Kristin  went  down  the  hill  and  found  where  they  started  the  fire.  Soon  Kristin   found  herself  alone,  in  the  middle  of  the  forest.  She  heard  voices,  someone  was  there,   the  person  who  was  trying  to  destroy  Bettno.  She  followed  the  voices,  but  they   seemed  to  change  direction  frequently.  She  was,  very  confused,  what  was  going  on?   All  of  a  sudden  she  heard  the  Whisper:                                “You’re  scared,  confused,  and  feel  like  you’re  lost                                  This  is  hard  and  you  will  have  to  pay  the  cost.”   “My  town  is  suffering!”  said  Kristin.  “Your  town?”  said  the  Whisper,  in  a  deep  and   scary  way    “this  has  been  my  town  for  3,000  years!  Its  time  for  it  to  end!”  yelled   the  Whisper  It  was  you!?”  Asked  Kristin.”  I  can’t  just  give  up.”    “If  I  give  up  now,  my   friends,  my  family,  and  even  my  enemies  will  fall.  I’m  not  going  to  just  let  that   happen.”  Said  Kristin.  “Well  that’s  not  my  problem.”   snorted  the  Whisper,  “I  will  never  fall,  I  will  never  give  in,  and  most  certainly  will   never,  ever  lose  to  you.”                 The  Whisper  disappeared  before  Kristin  could  say  anything.  Kristin  knew  he   was  wrong,  but  she  was  scared.  She  had  no  idea  how  to  defeat  a  Whisper.   One  night  she  couldn’t  fall  asleep  so  she  went  out  to  the  wishing  well.     She  didn’t  talk  to  the  Whisper,  the  wishing  well  is  where  she  went  ever  since     she  could  walk.  She  feels  at  home  there.  “give  up”  said  a  voice     Behind  her,  but  it  wasn’t  the  Whisper.  It  was  a  girl  about  10  years  old.    The  Whisper   told  me  about  you  Kristin.”  “I’m  not  afraid  of  him”  said  Kristin  “who  are  you?”   “Anna,  the  Whispers  daughter,  and  why  do  you  care?”    “I  care  because  he’s  going  to   tear  down  Bettno,  and  I  can’t  stop  him  alone”  said  Kristin  “why  should  I  help  you?”   asked  Anna.  “because  after  he’s  done  with  Bettno  he  will  move  on,  and  once  he’s   done  with  that  he  is  going  to  go  after  you    because  he  is  greedy  for  power,  even  if   he’s  your  dad.  I  need  your  help  Anna,  please,”  said  Kristin   “He  will  do  what  I  want,  so  I’m  going  to  do  my  part,  or  he  will  kill  me  ”said  Anna   “Just  keep  it  a  secret”  replied  Kristin  “but  what  if  I  get  caught?”  asked  Anna  “He   won’t  figure  it  out.”  promised  Kristin.  The  next  day,  Kristin  was  there,  by  the   wishing  well.  Then,  out  of  nowhere,     Anna  popped  out,  with  a  stack  of  papers  in  her  hands.  She  showed  Kristin  a  big  plan.     Kristin  said,  “It  would  never  work,  its  way  to  complicated  and  impossible.”  “What   other  choice  do  we  have?”  asked  Anna.  “  I  guess  none,  wait  ‘til  its  dark  and  we’ll  try   it  out.”   That  night,  both  girls  where  at  the  wishing  well.  Kristin  got  in  the  well  and   Anna  tried  to  talk  to  the  Whisper,  so  far  are  plan  is  working,  “Have  you  captured  that   girl  yet,  I  don’t  have  all  week,”  said  the  Whisper                            “No  sir,”  Anna  responded  in  a  scared  way.  “Well-­‐“  Kristin  jumped  up  and  the   Whisper  turned  to  mist.  “Keep  going  he’s  turning  to  real  form!”  yelled  Anna.  Finally,   he  turned  to  a  thin,  short  form.  Then  we  put  him  into  the  closest  jail  cell.  “I’ve   forgotten  all  about  my  deal”  muttered  Anna.  “What  deal?”  I  asked.  “Oh  yes,  thanks   83  

for reminding  me  Anna.”  Shouted  out  the  Whisper.  “My  deal  was:  if  I  captured  you  I   would  get  what  I  wanted,  and  if  I  didn’t-­‐“  “She  would  die.”  interrupted  the  Whisper   “What  did  you  want?”  “I’ve  always  wanted  to  see  my  mother,”  said  Anna.  “You  have   never  seen  your  mother?”  asked  Kristin,  “No”  said  Anna.  “But  how  would  you  see   her?”  asked  Kristin.  “Well,  my  dad  has  her  soul,  so  he  can  bring  her  back,”  said  Anna.   But  she  knew  she  was  going  to  die.  Then  the  Whisper  snapped  his  fingers  and  she   disappeared.  Then  Kristin  remembered  that  the  Whisper  is  a  person  so  he  would  die   in  his  cell,  so  she  had  nothing  to  worry  about  unless  he  broke  out.  But  he  is  way  to   thin  and  could  never  gain  that  strength  back.  Fortunately  Bettno  built  back  to   beautiful  Bettno  and  everyone  lived  happily  ever  after  (except  the  Whisper).     Camille  Conley   Grade  4   Chattanooga  School  for  the  Arts  and  Sciences   865  E.  3rd  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN    37403   Mrs.  Palmer     An  Unexpected  Hero     “Order  up,”  yelled  Ace,  an  eighteen  year  old  boy.    “One  burger  and  large  fries,”   he  said.    Ace  was  a  normal  kid  with  big  dreams.    His  dream  was  to  become  a  general   in   the   army.     But   his   dad,   Joe,   wanted   him   to   become   the   number   one   cook   in   Stringwood,  Illinois.   “Ya’ll  hear  the  news?”  said  Bobby,  his  dad’s  best  friend.    “What  news?”  asked  Joe.   “Pearl   Harbor   has   been   invaded,   and   General   Eisenhower   is   recruiting   new   troops”.     Ace   stopped   in   his   tracks.     Did   he   just   say   recruiting   new   troops?     Ace   hopped   over   the   counter   and   rushed   out   the   door.     He   wasn’t   even   paying   attention   to  all  the  cars  rushing  by  him.    He  almost  got  run  over  a  few  times,  but  he  didn’t  care.   “This  is  my  chance,”  he  thought.    As  he  rounded  the  corner,  he  could  see  it.  A  big  red   sign   that   said  New  Recruits  Sign  Up  Here.     Ace   ran   inside.     He   waited   in   line   for   about   fifteen  minutes  and  finally,  he  got  to  the  front.   “What’s  your  name  son?”  said  the  recruiter.   “Ace.    Ace  Johnston,”  answered  Ace.   “Move  along,”  said  the  recruiter.   Suddenly   Ace   was   grabbed   and   someone   stuck   a   needle   into   his   arm.     “All   good,”  said  the  man  who  stuck  him.    “Go  sit  over  there,”  said  the  man.    Ace  walked   over  and  sat  down.   “Ace?”  said  someone.  “Ace  is  that  really  you?”    Ace  turned  around  and  he  saw   his  best  friend,  Josh.       “Josh!”  yelled  Ace.   Right  at  that  moment,  General  Eisenhower  came  in.    “Everyone  report  to  the   meeting   room.”     Ace   and   Josh   quickly   got   up   and   walked   to   the   meeting   room.     They   shuffled   their   way   into   two   empty   seats.     “As   you   all   know,”   said   the   General,   “the   enemy   has   invaded   many   places.     At   exactly   12:30   PM   tomorrow,   we   will   attack  


Germany, so   everyone   needs   to   get   a   good   night’s   sleep.”     After   the   General   finished   talking,  everyone  went  to  bed.   The   next   day,   Ace   woke   up   and   it   was   11:00   AM!     He   somehow   missed   the   trumpet   wakeup   call.     His   friend   Josh   was   on   guard   that   day   at   the   base,   so   Ace   was   by   himself.     Ace   rushed   across   the   room   and   opened   his   locker.     He   grabbed   his   uniform  and  put  it  on.    He  ran  out  to  the  port  and  barely  made  it  on  the  last  ship  out.     As  the  ship  neared  the  attack  site,  Ace  could  hear  the  explosions  and  bullets  flying   everywhere.    As  soon  as  the  ship  landed  on  the  shore,  Ace  dashed  for  cover.    Luckily   he  made  it  just  in  time  because  his  ship  blew  up.    The  only  cover  Ace  had  was  a  stack   of   hay,   so   he   looked   for   a   safer   cover.     He   looked   and   saw   an   opening   in   the   barbed-­‐ wire  fence.    No  one  was  guarding  it,  and  while  he  was  under  his  cover,  all  the  other   men   moved   the   battle   down   the   shore.     Ace   had   a   perfect   shot   to   get   through   the   fence.    He  rushed  across  and  made  it  safely.    He  looked  and  saw  a  road  going  down   the  path.    He  walked  far  enough  and  saw  the  Nazi  base!    But,  right  at  that  moment  he   heard  something.   “Halt!”     said   someone.     Before   Ace   knew   it,   he   was   being   dragged   to   the   prison  block  and  put  in  a  cell  in  the  Nazi  base.   “Help!”  screamed  Ace.   “No  use  callin’  for  help  down  here,”  said  a  voice.   “What’s  your  name?”  asked  Ace.   “Tommy.  Tommy  Johnston,”  said  the  man.   “What?”  said  Ace.   “My  name  is  Ace  Johnston!”  he  said.     “You’re   my   nephew!”   said   Tommy.     “Hey,   Ace,   I   was   looking   around   before   you   came   in   and   saw   a   little   red   flag   made   by   the   prisoner   that   was   in   your   cell   before  you.    A  red  flag  is  a  signal  to  fire  a  cannon  to  its  location!    Grab  it  and  wave  it!”     Ace   waved   the   flag   and   they   both   moved   for   cover.   The   cannonball   hit   the   wall   between  their  cells.   “Let’s  get  outta  here!”  said  Tommy.    Tommy  and  Ace  jumped  out  and  ran  all   the   way   to   the   shore.     “Look,   there’s   a   ship   leaving   over   there!”   said   Tommy.     Ace   and   Tommy   made   it   to   the   ship   and   got   back   home.     After   a   few   more   battles,   the   war  ended.    Ace  returned  home  with  his  uncle.    Ace  became  a  war  hero,  which  in  his   mind  was  better  than  being  a  general.    In  the  end,  they  all  lived  happily  ever  after   (except  for  the  Germans).     Spencer  Eaves   Grade  4   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Glass     The  Ghost  Of  Greenhall                                                                                                                               The  windowless  math  room  of  Greenhall  middle  school  was  filled  with  gasps   and  shrieks  as  Eve  whirled  around,  looking  for  the  problem.  A  blob  of  white  was   projected  onto  the  wall.  Panic  was  rising  among  Eve’s  classmates.    “It’s  a...  it’s  a....   85  

ghost!!” Stammered  one  boy,  shaking  his  red  hair  furiously.  The  children  murmured   in  agreement,  fleeing  towards  the  opposite  wall,  away  from  the  so-­‐called  ‘ghost’.   Scared  looks  were  the  only  emotion  that  occupied  their  faces.  “I  saw  this  in  a  movie   once!”  exclaimed  a  girl  with  a  cheerleader’s  ribbon  in  her  hair.  The  math  teacher  had   left  only  moments  before,  down  the  hallway.    It  was  a  wonder  he  didn’t  come   running  because  of  all  the  high-­‐pitched  yelling  and  shrieking.                 The  room  was  in  complete  chaos,  everyone  running  around,  panicking.   Except  one  boy,  Eve  noted  curiously.  Joey  Little,  a  not-­‐so-­‐nice  troublemaker,  was   sitting  calmly  at  his  messy  desk.  Panic  wasn’t  his  emotion,  unlike  the  others.  It  was  a   sort  of  mean  triumph.  Eve  blinked  and  noticed  a  smirk  on  Joey’s  face.  Her  first   suspect.                   The  ‘ghost’  vanished  and  the  math  teacher,  Mr.  Mirk,  returned  to  the  room.   No  one  spoke  of  what  happened,  not  a  word.  Eve  guessed  they  were  embarrassed  of   how  they  acted,  or  were  just  concealing    it  from  the  teacher.                While  Mr.  Mirk  was  talking  about  arrays,  on  and  on,  something  glimmered   and  caught  Eve’s  eye.  A  mirror  hung  on  the  wall,  in  the  corner  near  Mr.  Mirk’s  desk.   “Aha!”  Eve  thought  excitedly.  The  mirror  must  have  projected  the  image  of  the  ghost   or,  to  put  it  simply,  reflected  light  on  the  wall.  But,  Eve  wondered,  what  was  the   source  of  light?            Eve  was  still  pondering  this  as  she  walked  down  the  hall  after  class.  What   was  the  ‘ghost’?  Why  was  it  here?  A  ton  of  questions  crowded  her  head.  She  cleared   her  head  and  paid  closer  attention  to  her  surroundings.  The  chatter  of  the  hall  was   interrupted  by  music.  A  haunting  melody  filled  the  air  as  students  stopped  to  listen.   Suddenly,  Eve  was  alert.  The  song  struck  fear  into  her  heart.  She  had  a  sudden  urge   to  curl  up  into  a  ball  and  cower.    Did  this  song  have  something  to  do  with  the  ‘ghost’?   A  terrifying  thought  struck  her.  Maybe  the  ‘ghost’  was  really  real.  She  shivered.   Convinced,  she  leaned  on  the  wall  and  was  very  relieved  when  the  music  finally   stopped.                The  next  day,  the  ghost  appeared  again.  The  spooky  blob  swayed  and  the   chilling  music  began  to  play  once  more.  Eve  retreated  to  the  corner,  in  the  reading   nook.  Frightened,  Eve  began  to  get  goosebumps  on  her  arms.  She  could  barely  resist   the  urge  to  flee.  Screaming,  and  plenty  of  it,  echoed  all  around  creepily.  The  red-­‐ haired  boy  from  yesterday  was  having  a  fit  of  panic,  his  face  pale  and  shaking.  Eve   heard  a  very  unrealistic  “ooo”ing  sound  coming  from  behind  a  curtain  in  the  front  of   the  room.  This  snapped  her  back  to  her  senses.  What  was  she  thinking?  The  ghost   wasn’t  real!  Eve  bravely  strode  up  to  the  mirror  and  knocked  it  off  the  wall.  The   ghost  quickly  vanished  and  Eve  grinned  broadly.  She  knew  exactly  who  was   responsible  for  this!  Not  Joey,  he  was  just  smirking  because  he  knew  who  it  was.  As   her  classmates  gaped  at  her,  Eve  walked  up  to  the  curtain  and  pulled  it  right  off  of   the  wall.  Behind  it,  showing  a  toothy  smile,  was  Mr.Mirk.  Suddenly,  he  went  into  a  fit   of  giggles.  “Surprise!”  He  laughed  even  harder,  his  face  red  with  amusement.  The   class  laughed  right  along  with  him.                                                                                               Ava  Echard   Grade  4     Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   86  

1216 W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga  TN   Mrs.  McKeehan  

Thumpity-­Thump-­Thump       One  cold,  windy  Halloween  night,  a  girl  and  her  older  brother  were  in  their   rooms.    But  they  heard  a  sound  that  sounded  like  this:    Thumpity-­‐thump-­‐thump.    So   the  brother  woke  up  his  sister  and  said  that  he  heard  a  noise.    They  tip-­‐toed  through   the  hallway  and  saw  a  chair-­‐  a  chair  that  was  unordinary.    It  was  bouncing  up  and   down.    So  they  followed  it  to  the  cellar.     Once  they  got  down  there,  it  started  to  bounce  over  a  piece  of  medal  in  the   ground.    So  they  dug  up  the  medal,  and  it  had  “Help!”  on  it.    They  found  some  fresh   footprints.    Someone  had  been  down  there.    The  older  brother  heard  a  scream.    Then,   he  called  for  his  sister.    There  was  no  answer.  Soon,  he  was  gone,  too!     Grace  Fryar   Grade  4   Lookout  Valley  Elementary  School   701  Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,    TN    37419   Ms.  Baker     The  Wonder  Gun     “Ugh,...  where’s  my  hat?”  Bob  asked  to  himself  in  grief.  He  was  about  to  walk   out  of  the  door  when  suddenly  he  heard  a  “gurgle”  from  his  kitchen.  He  walked  into   his  kitchen  and  saw  a  little  baby  alien  feasting  on  a  potato.  “Aw”  he  said  as  the  alien   gave  him  a  broad  smile.  Boom.  BOOM.  The  noise  got  louder  and  louder.  CRSHHHH.  A   giant  hand  smashed  its  way  through  Bob’s  roof,  and  slowly  pulled  out.  It  came  in   again  causing  Bob’s  roof  to  collapse.  Bob  wiped  the  smoke  away  from  his  face  and   then  saw  a  GIANT  alien  looking  at  him.  The  giant  alien  shot  him  with  a  weird  kind  of   gun.  It  felt  weird  for  Bob.  It  was  really  hot  but  at  the  same  time,  he  could  not  move  at   all.  Then,  he  saw  bright,  colorful  lights,  and  in  a  flash  of  a  second,  he  fell  in  a  dark   alley.   He  looked  cautiously  around  him  and  hid  by  a  nearby  dumpster.  Bob  peeked   over  the  dumpster  and  saw  an  alien  with  one  eye  walk  by.  That’s  all  he  could  see   due  to  the  mist  around  him.  The  air  smelt  like  it  had  been  sitting  in  mold  for  days.   He  looked  up  and  saw  an  awkward,  yellow  sky.  UFOs  were  everywhere  too.  Bob   looked  beside  him  and  saw  a  little  alien  suit.  “Oh  thank  you  Lord.”  said  Bob  full  of   pleasure.     Bob  walked  out  like  any  other  alien.  He  walked  down  the  sidewalk  casually.   But  somehow,  he  smelt  regular,  old  chocolate.  He  tracked  down  the  smell  and  saw   the  chocolate.  He  walked  over  and  picked  it  up.  He  was  about  to  take  a  bite  when  he   heard  a  “gurgle”  behind  him.  The  figure  tackled  him  into  a  black  alley.     The  alien  took  off  Bob’s  mask  and  his  own.  “The  aliens  had  a  plan.”  The   person  said.  “What  are  you?”  asked  Bob.  “An  alien.”  The  person  said  sarcastically.   Bob  apparently  wasn’t  so  bright  to  him.  “I’m  a  human  and  my  name  is  Billy  Bob  Joe.   87  

Just call  me  Billy  Bob.”  Bob  smirked  at  the  sound  of  Billy  Bob  Joe’s  name.  “Oh  shut   up.”  Billy  Bob  said  disappointed.  “Ok  sorry,  it’s  a  funny  name.  Oh  and  my  name  is   Bob.”  Billy  Bob  smirked  back  at  Bob.  “Ok  I’m  sorry.  We  both  have  funny  names.”  Bob   confessed.  “So  we  are  even.  Let’s  get  moving.”     It  was  only  when  Bob  and  Billy  Bob  were  running  through  the  alleyways  is   when  Bob  actually  noticed  Billy  Bob.  He  had  a  cowlick  and  he  was  wearing  a  tuxedo.   He  looked  like  James  Bond  to  Bob.  They  were  both  running  through  the  alleys  when   suddenly,  Billy  Bob  came  to  a  sharp  stop  when  Bob  wasn’t  paying  attention.  Bob  ran   into  Billy  Bob  and  he  fell  out  in  the  open.  An  alien  noticed  Billy  Bob  and  Billy  Bob   scrambled  back  into  the  alley,  hoping  that  the  alien  thought  it  was  a  figment  of  his   imagination.  Billy  Bob  had  no  luck.  The  alien  peeked  in  the  alley  and  saw  2  nervous   faces  staring  at  him.  The  alien  made  a  weird  sound  that  sounded  like  “hublurub!”   One  hand  of  the  alien  was  pointing  at  them.  The  other  was  over  his  mouth.  Other   aliens  swarmed  around  the  alleys  and  did  the  same.  It  was  a  horrifying  sight  for  the   aliens.    Suddenly,  Billy  Bob  took  out  a  weird  looking  gun  and  fired  it  at  both  sides.    In   a  flash,  all  of  the  aliens  were  gone.    “What  is  that?”  Bob  asked.      Billy  Bob  responded,   “heck  I  honestly  I  don’t’  know.    I  stole  it  from  some  house”.    “How  long  have  you   been  here?”  Bob  asked.    “I  don’t    know,  maybe  a  year?”    “A  YEAR!”  Bob  yelled.    “Well,   yeah”  Billy  Bob  said  like  it  had  been  no  problem.    “Let’s  make  this  simper.    I  lived  in   South  America.    The  aliens  invaded  Earth  starting  with  South  America.    They  flew   back  to  their  galaxy  to  perfect  their  space  crafts.    Then,  when  they  perfected  them,   the  aliens  flew  back  down  to  Earth  with  their  space  crafts  and  invaded  North   America”  explained  Billy  Bob.    “What  was  the  alien  gun  thing  that  got  me  here?”   asked  Bob.      “Oh,  some  teleportation  device”  said  Billy  Bob.    “We  have  to  get  moving   and  try  not  to  run  into  me  next  time”  said  Billy  Bob.    “Sage  advice”,  said  Bob   sarcastically.   “I’m  pretty  sure  we’re  close”  Billy  Bob  said.    “That’s  what  you’ve  been  saying   for  the  last  fifteen  minutes  we’ve  been  running”  said  Bob  panting.    “I  mean  it  this   time,  and  I  was  saying  that  to  keep  you  quiet”  said  Billy  Bob.    “Ok,  now  we’re  here”   Billy  Bob  said  about  five  minutes  later.    Billy  Bob  was  not  even  tired  at  all.    Bob   collapsed  to  the  ground.    He  was  sweating  like  crazy.    “You  need  to  work  out  a  little   bit”  said  Billy  Bob.    “I  know  that,  now  just  be  quiet  and  spit  out  a  genius  plan”  said   Bob.    Billy  Bob  noticed  two  trashcans  beside  him.    “Got  one”  Billy  Bob  said.    “I  told   you  to  spit  it  out’  Bob  said  starting  to  regain  his  breath.    “Ok,  so  see  those  trashcans?”   Billy  Bob  asked.    “Yes”  Bob  replied.    “So  we  are  going”…  Bob  interrupted.    “I  think  I   know  what  you’re  thinking”    Bob  said.    “Just  let  me  finish.    We  are  going  to  roll   across  the  street  in  the  trashcans  and  roll  into  the  museum.”    “Just  what  I  had  in   mind”  Bob  said.   They  got  up  and  emptied  the  trashcans  so  they  could  get  inside  them.    Billy   Bob  was  the    leader,  so  he  went  first  and  broke  through  the  glass  museum  door.     Billy  Bob  launched  out  of  the  top  of  the  trashcan  and  shot  all  the  aliens  he  saw.    Billy   Bob  signaled  for  Bob  to  come  with  him.    Bob  rolled  into  the  street  and  hit  the  pole  of   the  door,  completely  missing  the  spot  where  Billy    the  Bob  hit.    Aliens  came  charging   at  Bob.    Bob  scrambled  out  of  the  trashcan,  pushing  on  the  door.    Of  course,  the  door   was  a  pull,  not  a  push.    Bob  pulled  and  closed  the  door  in  the  alien’s  face.    Billy  Bob   threw  the  key  to  him  and  Bob  locked  the  door.    Success  at  last,  Bob  thought.    Billy   88  

Bob went  through  the  museum  running  and  looking  for  the  wonder  gun.    “What’s   the  rush?”  Bob  asked.    “Duh,  the  museum  owner  has  a  key  and  there  is  that  hole  in   the  glass”  Billy  Bob  said  running  past  a  gun.    Bob  grabbed  a  gun  and  started  shooting   at  the  door.    The  door  exploded  along  with  the  aliens.    There  was  purple  blood   everywhere.    Bob  jumped  the  wrap-­‐around  counter  and  mounted  his  gun  on  the   mahogany  wood.    He  saw  green  and  blue  lights  and  saw  a  GIANT  explosion.    Just  as   that  happened,  Billy  Bob  came  running  in  with  a  giant  gun.    “This  is  home!”  Billy  Bob   cried.    He  shot  the  wonder  gun  for  what  it  seemed  to  Bob  in  reverse  mode  at  the   door.    There  was  a  medium-­‐sized  black  hole  that  sucked  out  most  of  the  debris  and   it  was  gone  in  an  instant.   “Now  we  need  to  discharge  it”  Billy  Bob  said.    “How?”  Bob  asked.    “Shoot  it   about  fifty  times  to  where  we  can  shoot  ourselves  into  the  correct  dimension”   explained  Billy  Bob.    Billy  Bob  was  so  overwhelmed,  he  shot  it  about  twenty  times   into  the  street.    It  cleared  about  one  hundred  of  the  aliens  trying  to  run  for  the   museum  and  take  cover  to  get  an  inside  look  at  a  human.    “Thirty  more!”  Billy  Bob   yelled.    He  shot  another  twenty  and  Bob  heard  a  slight  rumble.    “What  was  that?”   Bob  asked  Billy  Bob.    “What  was  what?”  Billy  Bob  asked.    “Oh,  never  mind”.    “Ten   more!”    He  shot  ten  times  into  the  street.    Bob  heard  another  rumble.    Suddenly,  Bob   was  on  his  own.    Billy  Bob  was  probably  in  South  America  by  now  .    Bob  had  to  be  on   his  own  to  figure  out  how  to  change  it.   Bob  ran  into  where  Billy  Bob  came  running  out  of  with  the  wonder  gun.    He   saw  a  display    where  a  plaque  said  “Wonder  Gun”.    To  Bob’s  luck,  there  was  a   display  that  said  “Wonder  Gun  Charger”.    He  smashed  the  glass  with  the  back  of  the   wonder  gun’s  stock.    He  ripped  away  the  charger  and  plugged  it  in  to  some  kind  of   outlet.    He  got  the  gun  he  was  shooting  at  the  door  before.    He  dove  into  the  room   and  jumped  on  the  counter.    To  Bob’s  surprise,  no  aliens  were  at  the  door.    He  ran  in   to  check  on  the  wonder  gun.    He  backed  away  ready  to  shoot  his  little  sidearm  he   had  in  his  pocket.    He  pulled  out  his  pistol  and  dove  to  the  left  and  shot  the  alien   right  in  his  forehead.    The  alien  had  blown  up  into  pieces.    Bob  ran  to  get  the  wonder   gun.    He  picked  it  up  and  he  went  back  to  put  it  on  the  charger.    He  walked  back  to   the  counter  and  saw  no  aliens  in  sight.   He  waited  for  about  twenty  minutes  and  the  wonder  gun  was  about  halfway   charged.    This  was  good  for  Bob  because  he  only  had  to  shoot  twenty-­‐five  times  now.     He  went  outside  and  shot  in  the  air  twenty-­‐five  times.    He  shot  in  front  of  him  and   walked  into  the  black  hole.    He  saw  black  for  about  five  seconds  and  then  he  fell  into   his  house  again.   He  sat  down  at  his  kitchen  table  and  thought  to  himself,  well  that  was  a  day!     Then  he  heard  a  CLACK.    Bob  heard  footsteps  coming  into  the  kitchen.    An  alien  his   size  looked  at  him.    Bob  ran  to  get  his  kitchen  knives.    He  got  one  thick  one  for   protection  and  three  small  ones  for  throwing.    He  turned  around  and  the  alien  was   on  the  other  side  of  the  kitchen  counter.    He  threw  his  first  knife  at  the  alien,  hit.    He   hit  him  right  in  the  middle  of  the  stomach.    He  aimed  the  second  knife  at  the  alien’s   head.    He  threw  it  and  it  missed.    It  opened  the  door  to  the  living  room  because  of  its   force.    He  threw  a  third  knife  again  at  the  stomach  and  hit  the  alien  again.    He  aimed   his  last  knife  at  his  head  and  hit  his  mark.    The  alien  died  on  Bob’s  kitchen  floor  and   thus  kept  the  aliens  from  invading  and  taking  over  Earth.       89  

Bryce Gratigny   Grade  4   Westview  Elementary  School   9629  East  Brainerd  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  A.  Nolen     The  Dragon  Gem     Once  upon  a  time  in  the  Smoky  Mountains  lived  a  group  of  dragons.  Their   leader,  Flamebreath,  recently  died.  Before  his  death,  he  turned  his  powers  into  a   dragon  gem.  After  Flamebreath’s  death,  the  dragons  couldn’t  decide  who  should  be   the  next  leader.  Little  did  they  know,  the  thing  closest  to  them  was  about  to  be   stolen…the  dragon  gem!   The  next  morning  they  woke  up  and  discovered  that  the  dragon  gem  was  missing.   There  were  no  footsteps  leading  out  of  the  cave,  so  they  thought  the  thief  must  have   flown  away.  In  fact,  the  thief  and  the  gem  were  still  in  the  cave.  The  dragons  voted   and  decided  to  send  four  young  dragons  to  search  for  the  gem.  Their  names  were   Little  Fang,  Star,  Blue  Flame,  and  Iceberg.  The  four  dragons  flew  out  of  the  cave  and   searched  through  the  mountains.  Suddenly,  Iceberg  turned  around  and  saw   something  flying  after  them.  It  was  Thunder,  the  strongest  dragon  from  their  group.   The  other  dragons  turned  around  and  saw  Thunder  just  as  he  was  about  to  attack.   With  Thunder  breathing  fire  on  them,  the  four  dragons  decided  to  fly  down  to  a   nearby  cave  to  get  away.   As  the  dragons  entered  the  cave,  Blue  Flame  noticed  a  piece  of  paper  on  a   rock.  As  she  came  closer  she  read  the  plans  left  there  by  Thunder.  She  realized   Thunder  was  the  thief  who  stole  the  dragon  gem.  Just  as  she  told  the  other  dragons,   Thunder  flew  in  the  cave.  Thunder  said,  “Now  that  you  know  my  plans,  you  have  to   be  eliminated!”     “You  fools,  you  didn’t  realize  I  was  following  you.”  “Prepare  to  die!”  The  other   dragons  yelled,  “Never!”  Thunder  breathed  fire  at  the  four  dragons.  They  split  up  to   surround  Thunder,  but  he  hit  Little  Fang  and  Star,  sending  them  flying  toward  Blue   Flame  and  Iceberg.  While  they  were  lying  on  the  ground,  Thunder  prepared  to  make   his  final  blow.  Suddenly,  Little  Fang  jumped  up  and  scratched  Thunder  on  his  chest,   which  is  the  dragon’s  weak  spot.  As  Thunder  hit  the  ground,  the  dragon  gem  flew   through  the  air.  Something  magical  happened…the  dragon  gem  started  shinning  and   sucking  the  life  force  out  of  Thunder.  Soon  Thunder  was  just  a  pile  of  dust.   The  four  young  dragons  grabbed  the  dragon  gem  and  flew  back  home.   Iceberg  explained  everything  that  had  happened  to  the  group  of  other  dragons.   They  all  came  to  an  agreement.  Iceberg  should  be  their  new  leader.  From   then  on,  Iceberg  vowed  to  use  the  powers  of  the  dragon  gem  for  good  only.  The   group  of  dragons  lived  in  peace….for  now.     Caroline  Holland   Grade  4   Boyd  Buchanan  School   90  

Mrs. Ringold     The  Skinny  Turkey     Once  upon  a  time  a  turkey  named  Ronald  lived  on  a    farm  with  some  chickens.     The  chickens  were  named  Turner,  Bobo,  and  Jojo.    It  was  getting  close  to   Thanksgiving  and  the  chickens  didn’t  want  Ronald  to  be  the  Thanksgiving  turkey.         Then  Turner  got  an  idea.    Turner  said,  “Maybe  you  can  use  Farmer  Joe’s   workout  system  to  lose  weight!    If  you  are  not  real  fat,  they  won’t  want  to  eat  you.  I   bet  Farmer  Joe  won’t  mind  you  using  his  stuff,  and  besides  you  could  use  a  little   working  out.    You’re  really  big!”    Of  course,  Ronald  was  offended  by  Turner’s   comment.    He  got  over  it  though,  and  they  all  agreed.    The  next  day  Ronald  tried  it   out.    Soon  Ronald  lost  10  pounds.    Ronald  and  the  chickens  were  so  happy!     When  it  was  the  night  before  Thanksgiving,  Farmer  Joe  made  his  way  to  the   barn.    It  was  time  for  him  to  pick  out  what  he  and  his  wife  Nancy  would  have  for   Thanksgiving  dinner.    All  the  animals  in  the  barn  were  so  nervous.    Farmer  Joe  was   looking  around  at  the  animals  and  heard  his  wife  shout  “I  want  chicken  for   Thanksgiving!    Get  me  a  chicken!”    The  chickens  said  “What?!”    Farmer  Joe  told   Nancy  it  was  getting  late,  so  he’d  choose  the  chicken  in  the  morning.       The  chickens  were  so  relieved,  but  they  still  didn’t  know  what  to  do.    Ronald   told  them  to  workout  all  night  long  so  they  could  get  skinny  like  him.    Then  maybe   Nancy  would  not  want  chicken.    So  that  is  what  they  did.      They  used  Farmer  Joe’s   workout  videos  all  night.    The  next  morning  Nancy  came  with  Farmer  Joe  into  the   barn  to  pick  out  the  chicken.    When  they  saw  how  skinny  their  animals  were,  they   decided  to  have  soup  instead!         Ashley  Holt   Grade  4   Nolan  Elementary   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mtn,  TN    37377   Mrs.  Johnston     Wipes       “Time  to  wake  up!”  yelled  Mom  from  the  kitchen.     “O.k.!  I’ll  be  out  in  a  minute,”  Dan  yelled  down  from  his  room.  Dan  was   writing  a  secret  love  letter  to  Kate.  Even  though  Mom  didn’t  know,  he  had  been  up   since  midnight,  writing  and  rewriting  love  letters.  Even  though  he  wasn’t  going  to   send  it,  Dan  wanted  his  letter  to  be  perfect.     Five  minutes  later,  Dan  came  down  the  stairs  for  breakfast,  fully  clothed  and   groomed.     “Good  bacon  Mom,”  said  Dan  as  he  ate  quickly,  “I  think  I’ll  walk  to  school  now,   and  thanks  for  waking  me  up  early  today.  You  know  what  they  say;  the  early  bird   catches  the  worm.”     Dan  stepped  out  of  the  open  back  door  and  started  to  walk  to  school.     “Hey,  pickle-­‐breath,  why  are  you  up  so  early?”  asked  Caleb.   91  

Caleb happened  to  be  the  reason  that  Dan  was  up  so  early,  every  morning  as   he  walked  to  school;  Dan  had  to  pass  by  Caleb’s  house  to  get  to  school.     Soon  Caleb  had  Dan’s  schedule  memorized  and  came  out  when  Dan  passed   by  to  steel  his  lunch  money.     This  morning,  Dan  tried  to  beat  Caleb  to  school.  Hoping,  to  not  lose  his  lunch   money.    But  Caleb  was  up  early  too,  waiting  for  his  new  D.S.  to  come  in  the  mail  and   saw  Dan  on  his  sway  to  school.     “Here,”  said  Dan  sadly,  knowing  that  trying  to  fight  Caleb  would  be  pointless   because  Caleb  was  much  bigger  and  stronger,  “It’s  one  dollar  and  fifty  cents.  I  know   you  can’t  count  money,  so  I  counted  it  for  you.”  Dan  walked  quickly  away  before   Caleb  could  work  out  what  he  had  said.     When  Dan  got  to  school  everyone  crowded  around  him,  trying  to  get  him  to   draw  something  for  them  or  trying  to  pay  Dan  for  already  drawing  them  a  picture.       “Guys…Ow!  Stop  stepping  on  my  foot!”  Dan  somehow  made  his  way  through   the  crowd  and  ran  to  his  locker.  RING!  The  school  bell  rang  and  everyone  hurried  of   to  get  to  class.     Dan  walked  to  the  math  room  and  tried  to  enter,  but  a  huge  body  was   blocking  his  path.     “  That  money  was  fake,”  yelled  Caleb,  spitting  all  over  Dan.       “  How  did  you  find  out?”  growled  Dan.     “My  friend  told  me.”     “  I  didn’t  know  you  had  friends,”  said  Dan  coolly,  then  ducked  under  Caleb’s   arm,  and  stepped  easily  into  the  math  room.     “Hello,  class.  Today  we  will  be  starting  Algebra  t  before  we  start,  let’s  share   our  home-­‐…  Yes?”  Mr.  River  (the  math  teacher)  had  to  stop  talking  because  a  little   kindergartener  stepped  into  the  classroom,  “Due  to  the  affects  of  a  fairly  big  fire  in   room,  um…three  hundred,  sixteen,  all  students  and  teachers  are  to  evacuate  the   building  before  the  whole  thing  explodes!”  he  yelled.     “Class  dismissed,”  said  Mr.  River,  “Now,  when  we  get  to  where  you  get  on   your  buses,  get  on  your  bus  and  ride  home.”     “  Um,  Mr.  River,  what  if  we  walk  home?”  Dan  asked,  “Because  none  of  the   buses  stop  at  my  stop.  Will  we  have  to  walk  home?  I  don’t  think  that  I  can  walk   home  fast  enough.”     “You  will  walk  home  just  like  you  normally  do,  your  not  that  far  from  the   school,”  was  Mr.  River’s  “brave”  response.     Everyone  got  in  a  strait  line  and  headed  out  the  door,  walking  silently  down   the  hall  to  the  sidewalk  outside  where  they  waited  for  the  buses.     When  they  got  there,  Frank  (the  class  clown)  bent  down  and  started  kissing   the  sidewalk  saying,  “I  love  you,  school.  Don’t  explode!”     Everyone  laughed  (because  everyone  knew  that  Frank  hated  school  and   would  rejoice  if  the  school  exploded),  and  then  got  on  their  buses.  Well,  everyone   other  than  Frank,  Kate,  Caleb,  and  Dan.     Dan  checked  his  watch,  and  then  started  running  as  fast  as  he  could  towards   the  secret  shortcut  to  his  house.  Not  because  he  was  afraid  of  an  exploding  school,   but  because  he  had  a  very  important  meeting  in  the  woods.  And  worse,  he  was  the   club  captain,  so  they  couldn’t  start  the  meeting  without  him.   92  

“Mom! I’m  home,”  yelled  Dan  as  he  walked  into  the  living  room.     “Good,  we’re  going  to  Mrs.  Franny’s  house,”  said  Mom     “But  I’ve  got  an  important  meeting  to  go  to!”       “Aw,  look  at  you.  You’re  growing  up  so  fast  that  now  you  have  important   meetings  too.  Well,  I’ll  be  really  quick;  all  we’re  doing  is  giving  Sweetie  to  Ms.   Franny  and  collecting  the  money,”  said  Mom.     “Fine  as  long  as  we’ll  be  as  quick  as  you  said,”  mumbled  Dan.     Mom  went  to  her  bedroom  slowly  and  came  back  with  a  wiggling  puppy  in   her  arms.       “Let’s  get  this  over  with,”  said  Mom  quietly  to  Sweetie,  our  dog,  as  she  walked   out  the  door.     Dan  followed,  on  his  way,  he  grabbed  his  backpack  full  of  Clorox  Wipes.     “Hello  Dan,  hello  Grace.  I  can’t  seem  to  remember  how  much  Amy  owes  you,”   said  Ms.  Franny  when  Dan  and  Mom  finally  walked  through  the  door.     “We  owe  you  twenty-­‐eight  dollars,”  said  Amy,  Ms.  Franny’s  twenty-­‐one  year   old  daughter.     “We!  I  believe  it’s  my  birthday,  you  know,”  said  Ms.  Franny  angrily.     Amy  walked  around  Ms.  Franny  and  gave  Mom  a  twenty-­‐dollar  bill,  one  five-­‐ dollar  bill,  and  three  one-­‐dollar  bills.  Mom  handed  Amy  Sweetie  and  Sweetie’s   schedule                                “Well,  we  should  go  now.  I  have  somewhere  important  to  be,  so,  um…by,”   said  Dan  as  he  ran  out  the  door.  He  was  already  twenty  minutes  late  for  the  most   important  meeting  so  far.  Dan  ran  as  hard  as  he  could  as  he  headed  strait  for  the   secret  entrance  to  the  part  of  the  woods  where  the  club  meetings  were  held.     “Well,  look  who  decided  to  show  up,”  said  Sallie,  a  club  member,  “we’ve  been   waiting  for  about  twenty  minutes.  What  took  you  so  long?”       “Mom  made  me  come  with  her  to  get  rid  of  Sweetie,”  said  Dan  as  he  moved   around  looking  for  something,  “Where  is  everybody,  Sallie?  Did  everyone  go  home?   Why  didn’t  they  wait?  It  was  only  twenty  minutes.  I  believe  in  a  stronger  club!”     We’re  over  here,  Dan,  and  great  speech!  I  think  we’re  ready  to  start.  Allie   brought  the  lighters.  Then  we  decided  that  we  should  set  up.  Sallie,  Carter,  Mia,  Gabe,   Abby,  Frank,  and  Lily  did  that.  Then  we  started  up  the  fire  (since  Allie  brought  the   lighters  and  Sallie  brought  the  safety  buckets  of  water).  Finally,  you  came  and  we   thought  that  you  were  an  intruder,  so  we  packed  up  our  things  the  way  we  practiced   and  hid.  Then  we  realized  that  it  was  you,  so  we  unpacked,  and,  well…  what  happens   next  remains  to  be  discovered”,  said  Jacob,  a  very  chatty  little  boy.     “Good  where  did  you  set  up?”  Dan  asked,  and  one  moment  he  was  standing   there,  looking  around.  And  the  next,  he  was  on  a  small  stage  in  front  of  a  flaming  fire.   A  crowd  of  cub  members  stood  in  a  circle  around  the  fire.       “Let  the  burning  begin”,  yelled  Jacob.     All  at  once,  everyone  in  the  club  (which  was  a  lot  of  people)  started   unloading  huge  amounts  of  Clorox  wipes  out  of  backpacks,  purses,  hoods,  baskets,   etc,  then  throwing  them  into  the  fire.     This  lasted  for  about  two  hours,  but  even  if  I  tried,  I  wouldn’t  be  able  to  make   those  two  hours  interesting  enough  for  you  to  like  this  book.    So,  anyway,  after  these   two  hours,  it  started  to  get  dark  and  Dan  had  heard  stories  of  people  who   93  

disappeared in  the  woods  at  night,  so  they  stopped  the  fire  and  left.    Shaking  and   muttering,  Dan  made  his  way  to  his  house.   The  next  day  Dan  woke  up  to  Mom  shaking  him  awake.    “Mom,  you  scared   me!”  yelled  Dan.  “We’re  going  to  Aunt  Berry’s  house,”  whispered  Mom.   “Okay,”  said  Dan,  getting  dressed  and  pulling  an  old  brush  through  his  bush-­‐ like  hair  as  he  rushed  out  the  door.   About  five  minutes  later,  Mom  pulled  into  a  rusty,  old  house.    Mom  knocked.     Nobody  answered.   “I  don’t  think  she’s  home,”  muttered  Mom.  “We  won’t  be  able  to  help  your   Aunt  Berry  today.”  So,  they  drove  back  home.   The  next  few  weeks  flew  by  and  soon  it  was  time  for  Dan’s  birthday.    Mom   was  in  the  kitchen  making  Dan  a  strawberry  birthday  cake  when  a  knock  on  the   door  startled  her  while  she  was  mixing  up  the  cake  batter  in  a  bowl.   Surprised,  Mom  dropped  the  bowl.    A  second  after  that,  Dan  ran  into  the   kitchen  to  see  what  happened  and  he  slipped.    Dan  was  caught  by  surprise  and  he   grabbed  his  mom  and  the  two  went  slipping  and  sliding  across  the  floor.   Mom  stood  up  and  picked  up  Dan  and  said,  “Can  you  help  me  wipe  this  batter   off  myself?”       “Ok”.    Should  I  use  Clorox  wipes?”  asked  Dan.       “Yes.”   “Okay,”  and  Dan  started  wiping  his  mom  down.   “Thanks,  suddenly  I  feel  really  tired.  I’m  going  to  take  a  nap,”  said  Mom.   Later,  around  eight  o’clock,  Dan  walked  into  the  room  where  Mom  was   supposed  to  be  sleeping.    Nobody  was  in  the  room.   The  next  day  after  school,  Dan  headed  over  to  the  art  supplies  store  to  buy   new  crayons.    No,  Dan  didn’t  break  his  crayons,  he  just  drew  so  much  that  he  wore   all  his  crayons  down.    Since  the  art  store  was  so  close,  Dan  rode  his  bicycle  through   the  neighborhood  then  turned  left  and  found  himself  at  the  locked  backdoor  of  the   store.    Dan  took  out  his  key  and  slid  it  into  the  lock  easily  (since  Dan  came  to  the   store  so  often,  he  was  friendly  with  the  owners  and  one  day  they  gave  him  a  key  to   the  back  door)  and  walked  into  the  store.    The  way  that  Dan  took  lead  him  to  the   counter.   “Hey,  Dan,  what’s  up?”  said  Otis,  the  worker  who  worked  only  on  Mondays,   Tuesdays  and  Fridays.    “Do  you  need  new  crayons?”   “Yeah.    Can  you  get  me  the  box  with  198  crayons  inside?    I  seem  to  use  up  the   ones  with  only  98  inside  too  quickly”,  said  Dan.   Otis  reached  down  into  a  plastic  bag  and  took  out  a  box  of  crayons  and   handed  them  to  Dan.    “You  owe  me  $5.83.”   “But  normally  the  box  that  has  198  crayons  is  $20”,  said  Dan.   “I  know,  but  you  get  discounts  for  drawing  pictures  for  our  store”,  Otis   replied.   “Thanks.    Well,  I’ll  see  you  Friday  with  your  weekly  drawing,”  said  Dan   walking  out  the  door,  locking  it,  then  hopping  on  this  bike  and  riding  home.    


Dan didn’t  know  how,  but  somehow  he  managed  to  get  through  the  rest  of   the  week.    Yep,  it  was  Saturday.    Dan  was  finally  free  to  go  to  the  library.    Once  again,   he  got  on  his  bike  and  rode  to  freedom.   After  Dan  got  to  the  library  and  went  in,  he  ran  straight  to  the  counter  to  ask   Annie  a  very  weird  question.    “Where  can  I  find  a  history  book  on  Clorox  wipes?”   Right  over  there,”  said  Annie,  pointing  at  a  row  of  old-­‐fashioned  books.   Dan  found  what  he  was  looking  for  and  took  it  off  the  shelf.   “Library  card!”  yelled  Annie  impatiently.   “Sorry.”  Dan  reached  into  this  pocket  and  took  out  his  library  card,  slid  it  into   the  machine,  then  walked  out  the  door.    Half  –mindedly,  Dan  rode  home.   Once  he  was  home,  Dan  opened  his  book  and  started  to  read.    The  book  read,   Throughout  many  centuries,  many,  many  people  have  disappeared  due  to  the   Clorox  wipes.    Clorox  wipes  have  been  wiping  people  away  since  1492.    The  only   known  cure  is  to  draw  back  the  person  erased.      Warning!    Do  not  add  more   features  than  before.    Also,  don’t  re-­build  the  person  that  was  erased.    Well,   have  fun,  and  stay  safe  (don’t  play  with  Wipes  and  don’t  erase  any  more   people)!       The  next  day  Dan  asked  Sallie,  Carter,  Lilly  and  Zeo  over  to  talk.    When  they   got  to  Dan’s  house,  they  all  got  cookies  out  of  the  pantry  and  ate  them  as  they  talked.   “My  mom  got  erased  by  Clorox  wipes  and  I  need  your  help  drawing  her  back.     We  have  to  get  her  back!    Think  about  a  world  without  moms!”  Dan  yelled.       “What,  How?”  Sallie  asked.   “No  time  to  explain.    Just  go  to  the  library  and  see  what  you  can  find,”  said   Dan  back.   Everyone  other  than  Dan  ran  toward  the  door,  got  on  their  bikes  and  rode   straight  to  the  library.     Later  that  day,  Dan  got  out  his  box  of  198  crayons  and  carefully  polished  each   one.    Just  as  Dan  was  finished  the  last  crayon  of  the  box,  the  mail  came  through  the   mail  slot.   It  was  a  letter  from  Aunt  Berry.    It  read,   Dear  Grace  and  Dan,   I  heard  you  when  you  came  to  my  house  on  Monday.    I  appreciate  you   wanting  to  help  at  my  house.    Therefore,  I  grant  you  my  money  in  my  Will  to   you  and  you  will  see  that  it  has  already  been  transferred  to  your  bank  account.   Love,   Aunt  Berry   Dan  sighed.    Nobody  had  ever  been  this  generous.   “Mom!”  yelled  Dan.   “What?”  yelled  Mom.   Dan  ran  to  the  bedroom  Mom’s  voice  had  come  from.    When  he  got  there,  he   saw  a  silver  see-­‐through  version  of  Mom.   Dan  drew  and  drew  and  drew  and  drew  until  mom  was  back.    Dan  sighed  in   relief.  His  mom  was  back.   About  two  weeks  later,  Dan  wrote  an  article  for  the  newspaper  about  what   happened  and  how  to  avoid  what  happened.  The  newspaper  editors  thought  that   95  

what Dan  wrote  was  useful  information  and  included  it  in  there  newspaper.  Soon   everyone  wanted  more  on  that  subject,  and  soon  there  was  a  new  book  out  with   more  details.  The  book  was  officially  published  in  the  summer  of  1953,  so  most  of   your  Grand  Parents  were  kids  when  that  book  was  starting  to  get  sold,  so  ask  them   if  they  have  a  copy  of  The  Twists  and  Turns  of  the  History  of  Clorox  Wipes,  and  I  bet   you  that  they  have  it…                   Holly  Jennings   Grade  4   Westview  Elementary  School   9629  East  Brainerd  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  A.  Nolen     How  the  moon  shines  at  night       Long,  long  ago  every  day  and  night  the  sun  was  out.  The  sun  thought  she   was  so  beautiful  and  wanted  everybody  to  see  how  beautiful  she  was.  So  every  day   and  every  night  she  would  shine.  But  one  day  the  moon  was  born.  The  moon  was   very  pretty  too  but  nobody  appreciated  her  because  she  was  not  as  pretty  as  the  sun.       One  day  the  moon  got  really  jealous  so  she  went  up  to  the  sun  and  said   “Can  I  shine  next  to  you?”  “Of  course  not!!!”  said  the  sun.  If  you  shine  next  to  me  I   won’t  be  as  pretty!  So  the  moon  walked  away  sadly.       The  next  week  the  moon  came  back  to  the  sun  and  said  “now  can  I  shine   next  to  you”  No!  Said  the  sun  “I  need  my  personal  space”!!  “Ok”  said  the  moon  “Then   can  I  shine  way  over  there?”  said  moon.  “I  need  a  lot  space!”  said  sun.  So  the  moon   walked  away  sadly.       This  went  on  for  a  few  weeks.  So  moon  asked  Saturn  (One  of  moons  best   friends)  what  she  should  do.  Saturn  said  that  moon  should  stand  up  for  her  self  and   moon  believed  Saturn.    So  moon  went  to  sun  and  said  “I  deserve  that  spot  next  to   you  shine  so  let  me  shine  there!”  “Oh,  you  think  I’m  going  to  say  yes  again  don’t  you?”   said  sun.  “You  are  ugly!!”  “I’m  not  going  to  let  you  shine  next  to  you  shine  there  or   anywhere!”       So  moon  went  back  to  Saturn  and  said  that  it  was  even  worse  so  Saturn   had  a  plan.  Every  night  push  the  sun  out  of  the  way  and  then  sun  will  probably  get   dirt  on  her  that  means  she  will  have  to  go  home  and  take  a  shower  and  change   cloths  and  do  all  that  stuff  will  probably  take  all  night  to  do  so  moon  can  shine  while   she  is  gone  !  So  that’s  what  moon  did  so  at  night  moon  came  up  to  sun  and  pushed   her.  The  sun  screamed  and  went  to  go  take  a  shower  and  get  changed  and  all  that   stuff.  It  worked!!!  The  moon  got  to  shine!!!!!!  So  that’s  how  the  moon  shine’s  every   night.       Carolina  Kelley   Grade  4   St.  Nicholas  School   7525  Min  Tom  Dr.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Chitty   96  

Where is  the  President?     One  day,  the  president  Frank  Donaldson  said,  “I  know  we  have  criminals...  but  we   can  stop  them  from  making  bad  choices...we  can  stop  them  from  ruining   America!”      That  happened  to  be  one  of  his  speech  days  and  everyone  in  America   was  listening.    But,  there  was  one  person  in  America  who  was  a  criminal  and   thought  that  he  was  making  America  easier  to  live  in,  definitely  not  ruining  the   country!  That  man  was  Nelson...Nelson  had  robbed  banks,  schools,  and  libraries.  But,   nothing  serious.  Nelson  thought  for  a  moment  and  finally  came  up  with  a  great  plan.   He  was  going  to  do  something  serious...  Nelson  was  going  to  kidnap  the  President...                            “  Hello,  I’m  News  Channel  9’s  famous  reporter  Nick  Scott.  We  have  a   bombshell  tonight!  The  President  (Frank  Donaldson)  has  been  kidnapped  earlier   today.  We  have  hired  Detective  MPI  for  the  case.  Wait  one  sec,  I’m  getting  a  call  from   Mary  in  the  back....What  is  that...he’s  here  right  now!  Hello  Det.  MPI,  how  are  you,   and  may  I  ask..  can  you  give  us  any  info  on  the  scene?”  finally  finished  Nick   Scott.                                                                “  Yes,  in  fact,  I  do!”  replied  Det.  MPI.  “  I  have  been   investigating  more  around  the  scene  and  now  have  2  suspects!”                                                            “  I  hate  to  ask  you  this,  but  can  you  tell  us  who  these  criminals  are?”  said   Nick  Scott.                                                  “Yes,  in  fact,  I  can,  but  may  I  remind  you  not  to  call  them  criminals  yet!   Remember  that  everyone  is  innocent  until  proven  guilty,”  said  Det.  MPI.  “  But,   yes  ...hmmmm,  oh!  The  suspects  are  Mark  Yellowfin  and  Nelson  Rodrigez.”                                Everyone  in  America  was  terrified.                                                  “Well  to  wrap  it  up...,”    yelled  Nick  Scott  to  end  the  awkward   silence.    “With  some  final  information  from  MPI.”       “Well  we  are  in  court  tomorrow  so  turn  on  Robin  News  and  watch!”   yelled  MPI.    And  as  he  pointed  his  finger  to  the  camera  he  said,  “So  you  make  sure   that  you  watch  Dora  the  Explorer  tomorrow  kids.    I’m  Det.  MPI  with  Nick  Scott  on   Robin  news!    See  ya  tomorrow!”    Then  with  a  snap  and  a  wink  he  shut  the  cameras   off!       “Hey,”  shouted  Nick  Scott  over  the  replay  of  the  show,  “That  was  my   part!”       When  Nelson  heard  this  he  bit  his  lip  and  screamed,  “First,  I  live  next   to  my  parents,  second,  I  robbed  the  Canyon  School  (and  other  places!)  but  now  I’m   about  to  go  to  jail  for  life!”       Boom!    Boom!    “Order  in  the  court!    Order  in  the  court!”    yelled  Judge   Oopearl.    “I  will  have  no  talking  just  silence!    Now,”  continued  the  Judge,  “I  am   hereby  told  that  someone  has  kidnapped  the  President  Donaldson.    If  someone   would  like  to  plead  guilty  now,  you  have  1  minute.    Starting  now!”         There  was  an  awkward  silence  and  the  guards  finally  broke  it,  “OK,   can  we  move  on  a  bit,  I  want  to  end  this.”       “Alright!    Alright!”    said  the  Judge.           Then  the  court  manager  handed  her  something...”Well  we  have  now   come  to  a  conclusion...,”  the  Judge’s  voice  slowly  trailed  off  “...that  Mark  Yellowfin   has  committed  this  crime.   97  

“Wait, what!?”  yelled  Mark.    “I  didn’t  do  that  or  this.    How  could  I,   Mark  Yellowfin,  (PhD  Student)  commit  this!    I  have  an  alibi.    I  have  an  al...i...b,”  his   voice  slowly  trailed  off  as  he  was  being  dragged  away.    “i!”  he  finished.       “Wait!    Wait!”    yelled  someone  from  the  suspect  table.    Whoa!    It  was   Nelson!    “I  did  it!    I  did  it!”    Suddenly  the  guards  stopped  dragging  Mark.    “You  did   what?!”  shouted  the  1st  guard!       “I  know  that  I  did  it!”    yelled  Nelson.    “I  did,  I  did!”       “But  it’s  not  possible!”    yelled  Judge  Oopearl.    “I  have  the  security  tape   right  here!”                                                    “I  know!”  replied  Nelson  over  the  hushed  crowd.  “  But,  I  made  that  tape   of   Mark!   I   took   some   footage   of   him   moving   around   and   downloaded   it   onto   the   security   video   system.   So   then   I   figured   I   could   not   be   accused   of   kidnapping   the   president!!!!    Look  in  my  tru-­‐”,  as  Judge  Oopearl  interrupted  Nelson  she  was  missing   some  important  info...    “  I  don’t  know  how  you  got  in  that  part  of  the  White   was  highly  locked.”                                      “Exactly!!!!   After   I   kidnapped   the   President   I   put   him   in   my   trunk   of   the   Honda.  The  President  was  in  my  possession.  He  was  under  my  control...he  gave  me   the  keys  so  that  I  could  get  in  there  and  not  go  to  jail.  Go  to  my  Honda  and  you  will   find  him  there!!!,”  yelled  Nelson  over  the  gasps  of  the  crowd.   “Boys!   Guards!   Go   look!!!,”   shouted   Oopearl.    They   did   and   when   they   came   back  they  had  the  President  tied  up  in  ropes  in  their  hands.  “Alright,  it  has  now  came   to   the   conclusion   that   Nelson   Rodrigez   has   pleaded   guilty.”   Everyone   fled   the   courtroom  as  Nelson  was  being  dragged  off  to  jail.     Sara  Jane  Landry   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Mrs.  Sue  Nelson     Winter  Weather     One  Morning  Papa  woke  me  up  and  said,  “Bailey,  it’s  snowing  outside!”    I   jumped  right  out  of  bed  and  looked  out  the  window.    It  looked  like  the  roads  were   completely  gone!    I  asked  if  we  could  go  outside  and  play  in  the  snow.    My  Papa   replied,  “Of  course  we  can!”    I  said  “What  are  we  waiting  for?    Let’s  go  get  ready  to   play  outside!”    “Okay!”  Papa  said.    We  went  and  got  dressed  to  go  outside.    We  went   outside  into  the  deep,  fluffy  snow.   A  small  set  of  the  shivers  went  down  my  spine  from  the  cold  breeze.    I  was   cold  and  Papa  was  too.    We  played  in  the  snow.    The  snow  was  all  the  way  up  to  my   knees.    We  retrieved  the  sled  from  the  garage.    I  slid  down  the  same  hill  about  seven   times.    The  list  time  I  climbed  the  huge  hill  I  fell  into  the  snow!    I  was  so  tired  of   walking  in  the  deep  snow!  I  made  a  snowman  and  then  made  a  snow  angel  too.    This   was  the  best  day  ever!   My  brother  Nicholas  came  to  play  in  the  snow  with  us.    We  took  a  couple  of   pictures.    Nicholas  cried  a  little  bit  at  first,  but  after  a  while  he  got  used  to  the  snow   98  

and quit  crying.    Papa  went  sledding  down  a  bigger  hill.    The  big  hill  made  my  sled   go  even  faster.    I  got  colder  and  colder  by  the  minute.     Snow  started  to  get  in  my  boots  and  in  my  snowsuit.    My  boots  got  slushy  and   watery.    I  was  miserable!    I  wanted  to  stay  outside  because  I  was  having  so  much  fun   but  I  had  to  go  inside!    Mommy  called  for  me  to  come  inside.    When  I  did,  there  was  a   nice  steaming  cup  of  hot  cocoa  with  marshmallows  in  it—just  the  way  I  like  it!   The  day  of  the  big  snow  was  one  of  the  best  days  of  my  life.    My  family  and  I   went  sledding,  made  a  snowman,  and  lots  of  memories!    I  cannot  wait  until  it  snows   again.     Bailey  Michele  Lantman   Grade  4   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN    37421   Mrs.  Holt     The  Science  Experiment       One  day,  I  was  doing  experiments.    One  went  really  wrong.    I  made  a  bear!     He  was  really  nice.    I  named  him  Bruce.    He  was  black  with  brown  eyes.    I  love  you.    I   felt  like  he  was  a  brother.    The  next  day,  me  and  him  went  to  the  park.    First,  we  ate   cooked  fish.    Then,  we  went  back  home.    We  watched  a  movie.    That  night,  I  built  a   cage  about  16  feet  tall.    He  loved  it.    I  said,  “Home,  sweet  home.”     After  that,  I  got  a  bow  for  him.    I  put  fish  in  there  for  him.    He’s  very  cute.    I   said,  “Would  you  like  to  go  to  an  outside  party?”    He  shook  his  head.    “There’s  cake!”     He  ate  half  of  the  cake.    “Look!  There’s  some  fish.    Good  fish.”    Man,  he  ate  40  fish  out   of  50.    He’s  good.         I  saw  him  crying.    He  told  me  he  misses  his  mom  and  dad.  I  told  him  I  would   take  him  to  Mommy.    So  we  went  to  the  forest.    He  smelled  their  scent.    But  when  we   found  his  mom  and  dad,  they  were  dead.    I  said,  “Where  are  you  going  to  stay?”     He  said,  “With  you.”     I  said,  “Ok.”     We  had  so  much  fun.    We  watched  movies,  had  Mello  Yello,  cooked  fish  and   went  to  the  park.    Every  day,  we  still  think  about  Mommy  Bear  and  Daddy  Bear.     That’s  one  thing  we  shall  not  forget.    Ever!    We  will  never  forget  you,  Mommy  and   Daddy  Bear.    They  lived  happily  every  after.     Gabe  Lofty   Grade  4   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  McKnight     Alexander’s  Adventure     One  morning  at  Alexander’s  house,  his  Mom  called  him  downstairs  for  breakfast.   99  

“I don’t  wanna”,  yelled  Alexander,  because  he  was  still  tired.   “Go  into  the  bathroom  and  brush  your  hair.”   “NO”,  said  Alexander.   “Please!”  said  Mom.   “Fine”,  groaned  Alexander.   As  he  was  walking  downstairs  he  saw  his  5-­‐year-­‐old  sister  sitting  on  the  couch   watching  Dora.  “Bubby”  said  Anny,  “Wash  your  hands!”   “Since  when  were  you  the  boss  of  me?”     “Since  yesterday”  said  Anny.     When  Alexander  sat  down  at  the  table  he  read  the  front  of  the  newspaper,  it  said   “CRYSTAL  BALL  STOLEN!”  in  big  black  letters.   “Hey  mom  you  know  that  crystal  ball?”  said  Alexander   “Yeah,”  said  Mom.   “It  got  stolen!”  exclaimed  Alexander.   “Man,  I  was  planning  on  taking  you  guys  there,”  sighed  Mom.   “Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!”    yelled  both  kids.  “We  mean  darn  it.”   When  they  got  to  the  museum  they  saw  tape  that  said  “DO  NOT  CROSS.”  Then  they   saw  a  man  coming  towards  them.  “Are  you  Alexander?”  the  man  asked.     “Yes,  I  am.”   “Come  here.”  said  the  man.   “Let  me  ask  my  Mom  first”,  answered  Alexander.     Just  then,  Anny  screamed.  They  saw  a  floating  cape.  “Cool!”  yelled  Alexander.   “Follow  it.”  said  the  man.  Suddenly,  the  cape  started  moving.  They  followed  it,  and   followed  it,  and  followed  it.  The  cape  led  them  outside  through  trees,  bushes  and   woods.  Finally  they  came  to  a  gate.  There  was  a  gatekeeper  there.  “Hello  can  you   open  this  gate?”    The  gatekeeper  tells  them  that  if  you  can  figure  out  how  to  use  this   key,  the  gate  will  open.  The  key  turned  out  to  be  a  giant  penny  with  weird  symbols   on  it.  They  searched  for  a  place  to  put  this  strange  key-­‐looking  thing.    Anny  pointed   to  a  strange  looking  slot  and  said  “Big  gumball.”  Alexander  shook  his  head  no,  but   then  noticed  it  was  the  right  size  for  the  giant  penny  and  put  it  in  the  slot.  The  gate   swung  open  automatically.     After  they  got  through  the  old  and  rusty  gate,  they  found  a  mine  cart  sitting  on  a   forgotten  track.    “Let’s  go!”    They  used  some  rope  to  tie  the  car  and  the  cape  together.   “Mush”  yelled  Anny.  They  soon  saw  a  castle  up  ahead.  “Cool  castle!”  exclaimed   everyone.  As  they  got  closer  to  the  castle,  they  saw  a  lot  of  wires  hanging  out  of  the   window  and  also  saw  lightning.  They  found  a  sword  next  to  the  castle  door  sticking   out  of  a  knight’s  skeleton.  Alexander  pulled  it  out  of  the  dead  guy  and  stabbed  the   door.  It  busted  into  little  pieces  with  a  loud  BOOM!     The  castle  was  dark  with  one  glowing  light  coming  from  the  corner  of  the  room.  It   was  the  missing  crystal  ball  sitting  on  a  stand.  “Cool!”  whispered  Alexander  as  he   took  it  down,  “Let’s  get  this  back  to  the  museum.”    The  cape  was  still  hovering   outside  where  they  had  left  it,  tied  to  the  mine  cart.  The  followed  the  path  the  same   100  

way they  had  come,  back  to  the  museum.  When  they  got  there,  the  guy  who  had  told   them  to  follow  the  floating  cape  came  running  out  to  them  and  said,  “Did  you  get  the   crystal  ball  back?  “Yes”  said  Alexander  proudly  pulling  the  crystal  ball  out  of  his   backpack.  “How  did  you  know  the  cape  would  lead  us  to  it?”  asked  Mom.  “I’m  the   museum  owner”,  said  the  guy  “I  got  the  crystal  ball  from  a  famous  fortune  teller  in   Colorado.  The  floating  cape  looked  familiar,  I  thought  it  was  worth  a  shot.”     Parker  Love   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Mrs.  Sue  Nelson     The  Time  I  Got  Braces   My  mom  and  I  were  going  to  the  orthodontist  so  I  could  get  braces.  I  was   scared  and  nervous  but  my  mom  said  to  not  be  scared  and  it  was  going  to  be  fine.   We  waited  for  a  while.  Soon  a  lady  called  my  name,  “Addie  Miles.”  I  said  bye  to  my   mom  and  went  back.   Ms.  Flower  told  me  to  sit  in  the  long  chair  farthest  away.  She  put  the  brackets   on  with  glue.  It  was  nasty  glue.  Next  she  put  the  wires  on  and  it  hurt  badly.  I  thought   in  my  head  braces  are  a  good  thing,  so  my  teeth  would  be  straighter  so  I  would  not   be  scared.  After  that  my  mom  and  I  watched  some  videos  about  braces.  The  videos   were  about  how  to  take  care  of  my  braces.     The  good  thing  was  I  looked  good  in  braces!  After  seeing  the  orthodontist,  my   mom  and  I  went  to  Subway  for  lunch.  We  did  a  lot  of  fun  stuff  after  lunch  but  that’s  a   different  story.  It’s  ok  to  get  braces.  I  learned  any  time  that  you  are  scared  things   may  not  turn  out  as  they  seem.  That’s  what  happened  when  I  got  braces!     Addie  Miles   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Upper  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Tipton     Lizards        We  had  everything  we  needed,  flightless  fruit-­‐flies  from  the  store  and  my  lizards.    I   had  four  new-­‐born  lizards,  and  I  had  to  feed  them  flies!    How  gross  is  that?    Then  we   fed  them  the  flies.    They  started  to  gobble  the  flies  like  you  eating  a  small  apple  in  on   bite!      The  lizards,  when  they  were  born,  were  about  two  inches,  including  the  tail.    I   named  them  George,  George  one,  George  two,  and  George  there.    They  were  born   sometime  in  July.    George  was  born  the  day  before  George  one,  George  two,  and   George  three  were  born.    So  George  is  actually  a  single  and  George  one,  George  two   and  George  three  are  triplets.   101  

The lizards  look  gray  and  sometimes  turn  darker.    We  had  four  lizards,  but  now  we   only  have  two.    One  died  of  starvation;  that  was  George  three.    One  died  of  shock,   that  was  George  two.    So  now  we  only  have  George  and  George  one.      Having  the  lizards  has  been  a  fun  experience,  not  that  they  play  or  anything.    We   used  to  feed  them  flightless  fruit-­‐flies,  but  now  we  feed  them  small  crickets  covered   in  calcium  powder.    They  used  to  be  about  two  inches  but  now  they  are  two  and  a   half  inches  long  including  the  tail.    They  have  grown  a  lot  during  the  four  months   we’ve  have  them.    Having  the  lizards  taught  me  lots  of  interesting  things  like  lizard   pee  is  white!    Having  them  made  me  more  responsible  for  taking  care  of  things.     Rachel  Min       Grade  4   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Mrs.  George     Four  Fingers  

‘’Aah!’’ screamed  Abigal,  as  she  ran  towards  her  bedroom  door.  There  was   a  man  in  a  black  suit  chasing  her.  Right  as  she  reached  the  doorknob  she  quickly   opened  the  door  and  ran  inside  not  knowing  her  laptop  was  on  the  ground  and  she   tripped  over  it.  Abigal’s  head  hit  the  corner  of  the  side  table  and  she  fell  onto  her   unmade  bed.  Using  a  feather  filled  pillow  Abigal  struggled  to  defend  herself  while   still  screaming.Outside  Caroline  and  Jane  could  here  Abigal  screaming  and  Caroline   got  worried  .  She  started  knocking  on  the  door  expecting  someone  to  answer.  Jane   heard  a  loud  crash  through  the  tinted  glass  window  on  Abigal’s  door.  ‘’Abigal’’  cried   Caroline  ,  and  the  screaming  stopped.   The  next  morning  the  F.B.I  was  shrouding  Abigal’s  apartment.Caroline   slapped  the  alarm  clock.  Jane  opened  her  curtain,  saw  the  F.B.I.  and  raced  to  the   phone.  Caroline’s  phone  rang  and  she  reached  for  it  and  picked  it  up.  Caroline  met   Jane  at  the  front  of  her  house  and  they  both  rushed  over  to  Abigal’s  building.   Caroline  was  the  first  to  speak  ‘’what  is  going  on!’’  She  yelled  in  a  fidgety   voice.    Catherine  turned  toward  Caroline  and  Jane.    The  light  reflected  off  of  her  light   brown  hair.    She  had  curved  hips  and  shiny  tan  skin.    She  wore  a  straight  face  and   her  light  blue  heals  brought  out  the  color  of  her  eyes.    Jane  and  Caroline  looked  at   her  in  surprise.    She  was  holding  a  clipboard  in  one  hand  and  a  purple  light  in  the   other.    “May  I  ask,  who  are  you?”,  Catherine  asked.    There  was  a  pause  between  their   conversation.    Until  Caroline  exclaimed,  “our  friend  lives  in  there!”    Jane  pulled   Caroline  back  softly.    Catherine  asked  out  of  curiosity,  “Who  is  your  friend?”    Jane   said  in  a  soft  voice,  very  slowly,  “Abigail”.    Catherine  had  a  surprised  look  on  her   face.    “What?”,  Caroline  shouted.    “Have  you  not  heard?”,  Catherine  asked.    “No”,  said   Jane  calmly.       Catherine  walked  them  inside  Abigail’s  apartment  and  into  her   bedroom.    There  lay  Abigail  on  her  bed  not  even  moving.    Without  a  word,  Caroline   was  on  the  floor  and  Catherine  called  in  two  other  women  into  the  room.    A  red  


haired woman  named  Mary,  walked  in  followed  by  a  blonde  named  Kate.    Kate  did   CPR  on  Caroline,  but  she  didn’t  budge.    They  took  Caroline  outside  and  quickly  put   her  in  the  ambulance.    In  five  seconds  they  were  at  the  hospital.    Worried  sick,  Jane   slowly  walked  out  of  the  ambulance.       No  more  than  one  hour  later,  Caroline  was  up  and  ready  to  go  back  to  the   crime  scene.    Catherine,  Mary,  Kate,  Caroline  and  Jane  all  walked  back  into  Abigail’s   apartment.    The  first  thing  Caroline  saw  was  the  washing  machine  wasn’t  on  it’s   side.    “Look!”,  Caroline  shouted.    The  other  women  all  looked  up  and  were   shocked.    Everyone  but  Catherine  looked  for  the  shoe  print  on  the   washer.    Catherine  searched  in  every  room  for  clues.    Finally  she  reached  Abigail’s   bedroom.    She  pulled  out  a  tiny  drawer  under  Abigail’s  bed  and  opened  it.    “Guys,   look!”,  Catherine  said  as  she  handed  them  a  glove  with  the  ring  finger  cut   off.    “Who’s  ever  this  is,  they  must  have  dropped  it  when  they  killed  Abigail.”,   Catherine  thought  aloud.    “Wow,  cool”,  thought  Caroline  as  she  grabbed  it  out  of   Catherine’s  hand  and  stuffed  it  into  a  bag.    “Let’s  go,”  yelled  Catherine.       They  went  to  Catherine’s  office  and  investigated  while  Mary  and  Kate  were   talking  to  two  men  who  lived  right  next  to  Abigail.    The  first  man  had  blonde  hare   with  a  black  tuxedo  and  a  blue  and  red  tie.    His  name  was  Lane.    “I  ain’t  done   noth’in!”,  shouted  Lane  before  anyone  accused  him  of  anything.    “That’s  a  clue,”   whispered  Mary.    Caroline  could  hear  every  syllable  when  she  couldn’t  go  any   longer,  she  slashed  the  door  open  and  the  room  was  silent.    The  rain  streamed  down   the  window  and  Caroline  exclaimed,  “Let’s  go!”    Mary  and  Kate  didn’t  know  what   she  meant  but,  they  left  Lane  in  the  same  room  with  Lake,  the  other  man.    All  of   them  went  to  Abigail’s  apartment  searching  for  more  clues.    “Nothing’s  here!”,   shouted  Catherine  in  a  struggling  voice.    They  went  back  to  the  lab  and  got  a  finger   print  on  the  glove.    They  didn’t  know  who’s  it  was,  so  they  got  both  Lane  and  Lake’s   DNA.    While  it  was  being  examined,  they  went  back  to  the  apartment  with  swabs   and  a  blood  scanner.    Catherine  scanned  the  whole  apartment.    She  only  found  a   little  bit  of  blood  on  the  side  table  and  swabbed  it.       They  ended  up  using  98  swabs  and  Catherine  found  another  finger  print  on  a   pillow.    They  brought  the  pillow  to  the  lab  and  all  three  finger  prints  matched   Lane’s.    They  asked  Lane  to  put  his  left  hand  on  the  table.    He  didn’t  move.    Catherine   looked  at  him  for  one  second  and  when  he  did,  they  saw  he  was  missing  his  left  hand   ring  finger.    “It’s  him.”,  stated  Catherine.    They  put  him  in  jail  and  walked   outside.    The  streaming  rain  had  turned  into  a  delicate  drizzle.    The  drizzle  of  the   rain  danced  upon  Catherine’s  shoulder  as  she  spun  around  with  her  arms  spread   wide.        

Sarah Moore   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1216  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  McKeehan  

Here  I  Go  


I was  so  sad  and  joyful  to  drop  from  the  tree.    It  feels  like  floating  on  the   water.    It  will  feel  like  a  piece  of  paper  falling  from  an  airplane.    People  are  watching   me  falling  from  the  sky.    I  feel  so  happy  to  be  back  on  the  ground  again.         It  feels  good  to  be  back  on  the  ground  again.    I  was  feeling  so  happy  to  be   with  my  friends  that  are  the  leaves!     Jacob  Pace   Grade  4   Lookout  Valley  Elementary  School   701  Browns  Ferry  Road,  Chattanooga,    TN    37419   Ms.  Baker     My  Volleyball  Surprise     Have  you  ever  had  a  day  that  you  were  so  excited  that  you  couldn’t  go  to   sleep  at  night?  I  have!  It  was  the  day  I  found  out  I  made  121s  Choo  Choo  volleyball   team!   It  was  a  Sunday  night.  I  was  getting  home  from  the  store  when  my  mom  said,   “  I  have  something  that  will  make  you  happy!”  I  ran  over  to  her  and  she  said,  “  You   made  121s!”   I  was  so  happy!  I  even  found  out  my  coaches  name  was  Dan.  He  also  coaches   the  CCS  high  school  team.  I  also  found  out  that  AJ  and  Larkain  would  be  on  my  team   also.  I  was  just  so  happy,  excited,  surprised,  and  just  full  of  joy!  It  took  me  forever  to   go  to  sleep  that  night.         Elaine  Redman   Grade  4   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road   Mrs.  Daniel     Prism-­Ville            Once  there  was  a  small  town  that  went  by  the  name  Prism-­‐Ville.    The  people  of   Prism-­‐Ville  had  never  seen  a  rainbow  but  they  wanted  to.    The  only  thing  that  could   make  the  rainbow  for  the  people  was  a  prism.    The  only  man  that  could  make  a   prism  was  Glass  Man,  GM  for  short.  GM  lived  on  the  very  top  floor  of  the  tallest   apartment  building  in  the  entire  city.  There  was  a  little  boy  in  the  town  named   Carter  who  would  not  stop  crying  unless  he  saw  a  rainbow.  So,  his  big  sister,  Sadie,   went  on  an  adventure  to  find  GM.              Sadie  looked  everywhere  in  Prism-­‐Ville  for  GM,  then  she  noticed  a  huge   building.    She  asked  the  doorman  if  GM  lived  in  this  building  and  he  said,  “Yes,  he   lives  on  the  top  floor.    It  takes  awhile  to  get  there  on  the  elevator.    But,  oh  well,  it  will   be  o.k.    It  has  music.”    When  she  stepped  onto  the  elevator,  the  doors  closed  and  a   dance  floor  appeared.    The  doorman  said,  “You  have  to  dance  to  get  to  GM’s   104  

floor.”  Loud  Katie  Perry  music  began  playing  and  Sadie  danced  as  hard  as  she   could.    She  did  the  running  man  and  the  jerk.    That  was  enough  to  get  to  Glass  Man’s   floor.    She  reached  the  top  floor  and  saw  a  beautiful  pent  house.    After  knocking  on   the  door,  Glass  Man  opened  it  and  said,  “What  do  you  want?”          “I  want  you  to  make  a  prism  because  the  only  thing  that  will  make  my  brother   stop  crying  is  a  rainbow,”  said  Sadie.    “I’ll  do  it  if  you  teach  me  that  awesome   running  man  dance,”  answered  GM.    “O.k.,”  said  Sadie  and  she  taught  GM  the   dance.    He  quickly  made  a  prism,  polished  it,  and  put  it  right  under  the  sun.    It  was  a   miracle  because  there  was  a  giant,  brilliant  double  rainbow  across  Prism-­‐Ville’s   sky.    Somewhere  across  town  Carter  stopped  crying  and  the  entire  town   rejoiced.    This  day  was  known  as  Rainbow  Day  and  every  Rainbow  Day  GM  would   shine  his  prism  under  the  sun  and  a  gleaming,  giant  double  rainbow  would  beam   across  the  sky.       Belle  Roden   Grade  4   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School             1216  W.  Mississippi  Ave.  Chattanooga  TN  37405     Mrs.  Seymour     Avari     Avari  is  the  best/evilest  sister  in  the  world.    Believe  me,  I  should  know.    She   is  an  evil  master  mind.    Every  time  you  clean  up,  she  messes  up.    She  even  shoots   whipped  cream  across  the  room  at  you.    Watch  out  for  Avari  Rose!    On  the  other   hand,  she  is  a  good  sister.    Avari  is  my  favorite  person  because  she  is  funny,  playful   and  crazy.       Avari  is  very  funny.    She  has  the  funniest,  screwed  up  thinking  face.    Also  she   sings  mixed  up  worded  songs.    She  dances  to  this  little  white  bear.    She  dances  like  a   bird  trying  to  fly.    She  also  tends  to  eat  Mac  and  Cheese  every  meal.    These  are  just   some  of  the  reasons  Avari  is  funny.   Avari  is  very  playful.    She  always  wants  to  play  this  game  called  “Bees”.    We   run  from  room  to  room.    She  also  wants  to  play  “a-­‐eat”.    This  game  is  where  we   pretend  to  bake  different  pastries  and  treats.    We  eat  them  with  glee.    She  insists  to   play  sing  every  hour  of  the  day.    She  goes  into  her  room  with  me  and  starts  singing.     She  sings  songs  like  “Doh-­‐Ray,  Doh-­‐  Ray,  Moo!    Moo!  Moo!    That  is  why  Avari  is   playful.   Avari  is  super  crazy!    If  she  gets  a  crumb  on  any  part  of  her  body  she  goes   ballistic.    She  spins  around  and  falls  down.    She  also  gets  up  from  a  nap  saying,   “watch  ya-­‐ya,  watch  ya-­‐ya!”      Which  really  means,  “Watch  Dora,  watch  Dora”.    She   absolutely  loves  one  piece  of  clothing…  her  “abie  cadies  shews”  which  means  her   Abbie  Cadabbie  shoes.    She  uses  a  pacifier  to  shoot  like  a  bullet.    She  also  likes  the   idea  of  football  practice  because  she  thinks  she  can  catch  a  football.    She  just  puts   down  her  arms  and  lets  it  hit  her  in  the  face.    That  is  why  my  sister  Avari  is  crazy!   Avari  is  my  favorite  because  she  is  funny,  playful,  and  crazy!    Avari  is  really   different  from  any  other  baby  sister.    She  doesn’t  call  you  dada  or  mama.      She  skips   105  

straight to  the  real  way,  mom  and  dad.    She  also  claims  everything  is  hers.    As  you’ve   read  in  these  paragraphs  you’ve  learned  about  a  little  girl  that  is  funny,  playful  and   crazy!    You  have  read  about  the  wonder  of  the  world.    You  have  read  about  my  sister   Avari.      Brock  Shipley   Grade  4   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd.   Mrs.  Newton     The  Story  of  Annie  and  Dory     “Are  you  ready?’’  my  dad  asked.     “Yeah  ‘’  I  replied.  We  were  on  our  way  to  get  our  new  puppy  in  my  mom’s   golden  Toyota  Seqouia.  Pumping  with  fear  of  the  puppies  not  liking  me,  we  passed   cows,  calves,  and  chicken  on  the  drive  over.  Then  we  went  through  a  gate  and  up  as   big  hill,  as  big  as  the  floor  to  the  roof  x  2  to  a  log  cabin.     Mom  turned  the  keys  to  stop  the  car  and  we  got  out  and  saw  the  puppies’   golden  retriever  father.  Then  Ms.  Jeanie  walked  out  with  the  puppies.  So  I  sat  down   with  the  puppies  and  they  tackled  me  and  chased  me  for  an  hour.     After  I  played  with  the  puppies,  I  asked  my  dad,  “Which  one  are  we  getting?’’     “Both’’  my  dad  replied.       Bursting  with  excitement  I  ran  and  hugged  my  parents  and  threw  my   puppies  in  the  air  with  a  smile  driving  all  over  my  face  and  told  the  puppies  they   were  mine.      I  didn’t  stop  being  exited  so  we  got  the    puppies  and  left.  Then  we   stopped  to  let  my  Dad’s  side  of  the  family  meet  them.  This  day  was  better  than   Christmas.     Nick  Skonberg   Grade  4   Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane   Mrs.  Annetta  Crawford     Me  And  the  Fish       Have  you  ever  caught  a  fish  as  big  as  you  are?  Well  I  did  and  here  is  my  story.   One  day  my  brother,  my  dad,  and  I  went  fishing  at  one  of  our  friend’s  pond.  We   drove  down  the  gravel  road  to  the  pond.  Once  we  got  there  I  put  a  piece  of  bread  on   my  hook  and  threw  it  in  the  pond.    Suddenly  I  got  a  bite!  I  reeled  it  in  only  to  realize  it  was  a  small  brim.  I  baited   my  hook  again  and  threw  it  in.  BAM!  Something  grabbed  onto  my  hook  and   whatever  it  was,  it  almost  pulled  me  off  the  dock!  My  rod  tip  was  bending  as  if  there   was  a  whale  on  the  end  of  it!  I  yelled  for  my  dad,  and  he  came  rushing  over  to  help   me!   106  

Dad helped  me  reel  in  the  Monster.  Excitement  was  building  in  me  until  I   thought  I  would  explode!  We  got  it  on  the  bank  so  we  could  really  see  what  it  looked   like.  It  was  so  huge!  It  was  about  as  big  as  my  dad!  We  took  loads  of  pictures  of  the   fish.  We  released  it,  packed  up,  and  drove  home  with  an  astonishing  tale  to  tell.           Brayden  Smith   Grade  4   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road   Mrs.  Poe     Tooth  Fairy     Once  upon  a  time,  the  Tooth  Fairy  was  mad.  She  did  not  have  her  own   holiday  Like  Santa  Claus.  She  was  jealous  of  the  Easter  Bunny.  So  she  found  the   Easter  Bunny’s  hideout,  captured  him,  and  put  him  in  a  cage.  She  would  be  the   Easter  Fairy.  She  was  happy,  very  happy,  that  she  had  her  own  holiday.  In  the  next   month  or  so,  all  the  children  didn’t  get  their  money  for  their  teeth.  They  complained   to  their  parents.  So,  the  parents  had  to  do  the  Tooth  Fairy’s  job.  When  Christmas   time  came,  she  heard  about  the  Grinch  trying  to  steal  Christmas.  Something  inside   her  changed,  but  she  wasn’t  exactly  sure  what  it  was.  Then,  Santa  Claus  wrote  to  the   Tooth  Fairy  about  how  important  he  thought  her  job  was.  It  was  about  to  be  Easter.   She  thought  she  would  be  more  excited  than  she  was.  She  began  to  feel  guilty,  so  she   decided  to  let  the  Easter  Bunny  go  free.  When  she  went  to  let  him  go,  he  wasn’t   there.  How  did  he  escape?  Where  did  he  go?  So,  she  called  Santa  for  help.  She   needed  to  find  the  Easter  Bunny  so  she  could  apologize  and  make  things  right.  Santa   let  Tooth  Fairy  borrow  his  sleigh  so  she  could  find  him  quick.  She  took  off  at  blazing   speeds  and  went  on  the  search.  When  she  made  near  Jack  Frost’s  house,  she  saw  the   Easter  Bunny  hopping  towards  it.  When  the  Tooth  Fairy  landed,  the  Easter  Bunny   hopped  away.  She  fluttered  as  fast  as  she  could,  and  finally  she  caught  up  with  him.   She  wanted  to  explain  to  the  Easter  Bunny  how  sorry  she  was.  At  first,  he  wasn’t  so   sure  if  she  was  telling  the  truth.  Finally,  the  Easter  Bunny  decided  to  forgive  her.  The   Tooth  Fairy  learned  two  lessons.  One,  don’t  be  jealous  of  others.  Two,  just  be   yourself.     Carson  Templeton   Grade  4   Boyd  Buchanan  School   Mrs.  Ringold     The  Snowball  Dance  Party   Everyone  was  getting  ready  for  the  Snowball  Dance  Party.  It  was  a  lot  for   everyone  to  handle.  The  town  was  buzzing  with  excitement.  Finally  everyone  was   finished  with  everything,  but  someone  was  missing!  It  was  Teacup,  one  of  the  panda   family's  daughters.  Millions  of  posters  were  suddenly  sent  out.  Everyone  started   looking  instantly.  They  searched  high  and  low.  No  one  found  her.     107  

It was  almost  time  for  the  party  to  start  and  everyone  was  worried  about  Teacup.   They  thought  they  wouldn't  find  her  in  time.  There  was  still  no  sign  of  her.   When  it  was  time  for  the  Snowball  Dance  Party,  everyone  was  excited,  but  they  still   needed  to  look  for  Teacup.  They  went  into  the  ballroom  and  there  she  was!  She  was   all  cuddled  up  in  a  blanket  and  had  her  purple  toy  in  her  paws.     "There  you  are!"  said  Bamboo,  Teacup's  mom.   "Mommy!"  cried  Teacup.   "I  was  worried  I  would  never  find  you!"  said  Bamboo.  "Why  are  you  even  here?"   "I  thought  the  party  was  yesterday,"  said  Teacup.  "But  when  I  came,  no  one  was  here.   Then  it  got  dark,  so  I  stayed."   "Oh,  thank  goodness  you  are  all  right!"  said  Bamboo.   They  started  dancing  to  the  music  at  the  party.  Everyone  had  fun,  especially  the   panda  family.  Now  they  were  all  happy!     Brooke  Tin   Grade  4   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Glass     Living  on  a  Power  Line     Hi  my  name  is  Megan.  I  am  a  shoe.  I  use  to  live  in  a  nice,  warm  house  with  my   owner.  Now  I  live  on  a  power  line  with  my  brother.  It  is  really  hard  to  get  food  up   here.  You  smell  good  food,  but  you  can’t  have  any.  It  is  good  living  up  here  and  it  is   bad  living  up  here.  It  is  good  because  I  don’t  have  to  walk  on  the  cold  ground,  step  in   gum,  and  walk  in  puddles.  The  bad  thing  about  living  here  is  you  can’t  eat,  you  can’t   be  free,  and  it  gets  cold  in  the  winter.     The  reason  why  I  am  up  here  is  because  my  owner  thought  I  was  worn  out   and  threw  me  up  here.  I  meet  new  bird  friend  and  I  get  to  have  conflict  with  my   brother.  That  is  kind  of  fun.  I  am  in  pain  a  lot  because  my  strings  are  tied  with  my   brothers.  I  have  conflict  everyday,  all  day,  all  the  time.  I  am  a  bright  pink  shoe  with   dark  gray.  I  stand  out  because  I  am  so  bright!  People  stop  and  stare  at  me.  It  is  really   cool  looking  at  all  the  people  staring  at  me.  Everyday  I  meet  birds.  Also  my  bright   pink  shoestrings  bring  people  to  stop  and  stare.  Sometimes  my  picture  is  taken.  It  is   a  good  life  and  a  bad  life.  I  do  the  same  things  everyday.  I  wanted  to  live  with  my   owner  but  no,  her  mom  said  no.  My  owner  Makayla  wanted  to  keep  me.  This  is  my   new  life  and  it  always  will  be.       Madison  Vandergriff   Grade  4   North  Hamilton  County  Elementary  School   601  Industrial  Boulevard,  Sale  Creek,  TN  37373   Mrs.  Hennessey       108  

Jaka and  the  Haunted  House     One  spooky,  spectacular,  Halloween  night,  the  stars  were  up  and  the  moon   was  bright.  I  dressed  up  as  Jaka,  the  male  vampire  of  dusk  (Jaka  wears  a  maroon   button  down  with  a  black  suit).  I  met  up  with  some  friends,  one  of  them  my  crush.   She  wore  a  dress.   She  was  my  girlfriend  friend  from  dusk.  We  went  to  a  haunted  house.  Then  we  all   hushed.  A  fake  ghost  popped  out,  we  gushed.  Then  someone  came  out.  It  was  the   1990’s  Frankenstein.  He  gave  us  a  gumdrop.   He  gave  us  all  the  candy  you  could  ever  imagine.  When  we  got  home,  my   mom  checked  our  candy  and  said  we  could  eat  it.  The  next  day  I  felt  sick.  I  went  to   the  toilet  and  barfed  a  peach  color.  I  went  to  see  my  friends.  They  also  said  they  had   thrown  up.  We  said  we’d  never  go  to  that  haunted  house  again.     Je’lyn  Yates   Grade  4   Calvin  Donaldson  Environmental  Science  Academy   927  West  37th  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN  37410   Mr.  Ruhling     A  Lesson  Learned       I  am  the  size  of  a  Jolly  Rancher.    I  am  what  you  call  a  very  small  person  who   lives  in  a  rose.    That’s  why  I’m  called  Sarah  Petals.    I’m  not  allowed  to  leave  my  rose   bush  because  my  parents  say  it’s  too  dangerous.    My  parents  worry  all  the  time  and  I   wanted  to  go  somewhere  new.    So  last  weekend,  I  found  some  carrots  in  a  garden  on   a  sunny  morning.  The  carrots  felt  nice  and  warm  when  suddenly,  I  was  thrown  onto   something  hard.  I  landed  on  a  zucchini  and  saw  other  vegetables  around  me.        I  felt   like  my  stomach  was  doing  cartwheels  because  soon,  I  was  being  bounced  around.    I   screamed  for  help.    Soon,  I  saw  chocolate  fur  and  huge  blue  eyes  looking  right  at  me.     “Oh,  good  gracious.  What  are  you  doing  in  my  basket?,”  asked  Mr.  Rabbit.     “Mr.  Rabbit,  is  that  you?  ”  I  shouted.    I  was  very  surprised  that  he  was  the  one  who   plucked  me  when  I  was  resting  peacefully  on  the  carrots.    “Well  I  need  to  get  back  to   my  house,  Mr.  Rabbit,”  I  said.    My  parents  had  warned  me  not  to  rest  on  carrots   because  something  like  this  would  happen.    But  I  never  believed  them  until  now.     “So  if  you  would  please  hop  me  back  to  my  house,  I  would  be  very  grateful,”  I   bravely  asked.    But  Mr.  Rabbit  had  other  plans.    Mr.  Rabbit  said,  “Oh,  Sarah  Petals,   won’t  you  stay  with  me?      I  have  always  wanted  to  have  a  friend  to  talk  to  around  the   house.”      I  started  to  have  a  terrible  feeling.    I  knew  my  parents  would  be  worried   about  me  and  mad  that  I  had  disobeyed  them.    I  told  Mr.  Rabbit  how  much  I  had  to   go  home.  Mr.  Rabbit  looked  sad  when  he  heard  this  but  suddenly  had  a  mean  look  in   his  eyes.    He  said,  “I  am  sorry  but  you  can  not  go  Sarah.”    I  felt  like  I  would  be  sick.   “You  must  have  dinner  with  me,  my  dear,”  replied  Mr.  Rabbit.    I  thought  I  would   faint.    My  head  hurt  with  questions.  “What  will  I  eat?    Wait.      Is  he  going  to  eat  me?    


Are my  parents  worried?    How  will  I  get  out  of  here?    “    My  head  felt  like  a  highway   with  cars  zooming  by.     I  heard  the  sound  of  click  and  saw  Mr.  Rabbit  lock  the  door  to  his  house.     “There,”  replied  Mr.  Rabbit,  “Now  you  can’t  go  anywhere.”    I  had  to  come  up  with  a   plan  to  escape.    I  looked  around  Mr.  Rabbit’s  house  and  saw  how  big  it  was.    I  also   tried  to  see  where  he  hid  the  key  but  saw  that  the  keyhole  was  bigger  than  I  was.    I   now  had  a  plan.    After  a  dinner  of  carrots  and  salad,  I  was  so  glad  he  did  not  eat  me.    I   pretended  I  was  sleeping.    When  Mr.  Rabbit  went  to  sleep  I  quietly  tiptoed  to  the   door  and  looked  up  at  the  keyhole.  It  looked  like  a  mile  away.    I  went  to  his  kitchen   and  pushed  the  basket  he  had  used  to  collect  vegetables  with.    It  was  empty  and  was   perfect  to  climb  up.    It  almost  reached  the  key  hole,  so  I  stood  on  my  tippy-­‐toes  and   jumped  up  to  grab  the  key  hole.    I  pulled  myself  up  and  couldn’t  believe  I  made  it.    I   was  free!      I  quickly  jumped  down  and  hit  the  ground  hard.    “Sarah.    Is  that  you?”    I   turned  around  and  saw  my  father.    “Papa,  I’m  so  sorry  I  disobeyed  you.”    My  father   grabbed  me  and  gave  me  a  hug.    “We  don’t  have  time.    Let’s  go  home  before  Mr.   Rabbit  wakes  up.”    We  ran  home  and  saw  my  mother  waiting  for  me.    She  looked  so   worried  and  happy.   “Mama,  Papa.  I’m  so  sorry  I  rested  on  the  carrots  when  you  told  me  not  to.     I’ll  never  do  it  again.”    My  parents  looked  more  happy  than  mad.    I  had  learned  my   lesson  to  always  listen  to  my  parents.     Lauren  Yim   Grade  4   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37404   Mrs.  Kemp    



[Grade 4  Poetry]     My  Many-­Colored  Days     On  my  blue  days,   I  feel  excited   Like  a  shark  in  the  ocean   That  just  got  fed.     On  my  purple  days,   I  feel  bored   Like  a  bear  who  just  fell  asleep   In  his  den.     On  my  red  days,   I  feel  loud     Like  a  baby  trying  to  sing     To  his  mommy.     On  my  green  days,   I  feel  sick     Like  a  boy  who  just  threw  up   And  who  needs  to  go  home.     On  my  black  days,   I  feel  confident   Like  a  cat  chasing  a  mouse   In  his  owner’s  house.     James  Adams   Grade  4   Nolan  Elementary   4425  Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mtn.,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Willingham     Rock  Climbing     The  sun  shines  on  the  wall.   Uneven  rocks  dull  my  grip,   I  start  to  climb  again.   Oh,  how  beautiful  it  is-­‐-­‐     Uneven  rocks  dull  my  grip.   Trees  grow  from  the  wall  shading  me.   Oh  how  beautiful  it  is!   111  

My hands  bleed  from  the  rocks.     Trees  grow  from  the  wall  shading  me.   I  climb  high,  look  over  the  world.   My  hands  bleed  from  the  rocks.   The  forest  stretches  for  miles.     I  climb  high,  look  over  the  world.   The  sun  shines  on  the  wall.   Uneven  rocks  dull  my  grip,   I  start  to  climb  again.     Isabella  Allan   Grade  4   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Everett  and  Ms.  Jones     The  Man  Who  Cooked  Curry     There  once  was  a  man  named  Murray.   Who  always  cooked  way  too  much  curry.   His  curry  was  divine   And  he  was  kind.   So  we  never  ate  in  a  hurry.     Alexander  Bastnagel   Grade  4   Hilger  Higher  learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750     Mrs.  George     Purple       Purple  is  the  color  you  think  of  when   you  feel  lucky  or  good.   Purple  looks  like  three  best  friends   sharing  grapes  while  picking  flowers   at  night  with  fireflies  everywhere.   Purple  feels  like  a  soothing  massage   that  never  stops.   Purple  lives  wildly  so  it  can’t  be  locked   up.   Purple  dies  when  the  sun  rises  and   night  goes  down  and  is  no  more.     112  

Moniest Cardell   Grade  4   Chattanooga  School  for  the  Arts  and  Sciences   865  E.  3rd  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN    37403   Ms.  Palmer     Samuel’s  Poem     When  the  willows  sway…the  comfort   Of  the  trees  make  you  stay.  The  apple   Holds  the  sweet  color  of  red.  The  wind   Whistles  through  the  forest…the  rustling   Leaves.  When  you  feel  the  wind  you  know   You  will  want  to  spin  and  you  know  you   Are  welcome  in.  When  the  leaves  fall  you   know  now  it  is  autumn.  The  brown   Crisp  leaves  crunching  before  your   Own  feet.  The  trees  keep  your     Warmth  in  the  FALL.     Samuel  Fehr   Grade  4   Chattanooga  School  for  the  Arts  and  Sciences   865  E.  3rd  Street,  Chattanooga,  TN  37403   Ms.  Palmer       I  am     I  am  a  tree  swaying  in  the  wind   I  am  a  caveman  looking  for  thoughts   I  am  lost  looking  for  a  path   I  am  a  kid  with  fun  in  my  body   I  am  a  child  being  watched  by  God   I  am  not  alone   I  am  Kistler     Kistler  Hampton   Grade  4   Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane   Mrs.  Crawford    

The Alley     The  alley  is  black   113  

I run  to  find  my  way   I  remember  the  woman  being  chased   In  a  movie  I  have  seen.   I  run  to  find  my  way   Horns  speak  to  each  other   In  the  black  night   Strangers  look  out  the  windows.   Horns  speak  to  each  other   I  can’t  find  my  way   Strangers  look  out  windows   Help  me,  please.   I  can’t  find  my  way   The  alley  is  black   Help  me,  please   I  remember  the  women  being  chased.     Jessica  Little   Grade  4   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Ln.  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Smith         Snow     Snow  falling  down,   From  the  sky  to  the  ground.   The  blowing  of  wind,   Has  no  sound.   Snow  is  falling  down.   No  leaves  on  trees,   Or  anything  to  see.   Snow  is  falling  down.   Ice  all  around,   The  sun  can’t  be  found.   The  only  thing  to  see,   Is  the  snow  falling  down.     Marlea  Maddox   Grade  4   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Blvd.  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Johnson     The  Great  Flood   114  

The rain  is  whirling  and  swirling.   The  lightning  is  lashing  and  flashing.   The  thunder  is  rumbling  and  vibrating  the  ark.   The  wind  is  howling,  and  it  feels  like  it  might  burst  through  the  sides.   The  water  is  crashing  against  the  sides  of  our  poor  ark.   We  hear  the  men,  women  and  children  shrieking,  yelling  and  pleading,     But  I  shall  not  let  them  inside  the  ark.   I  think  I  am  leaving  part  of  my  heart  behind  with  the  land,     Even  though  those  men  and  women  were  wicked.   Inside  the  ark,  my  family  and  I  kneel  and  pray.   My  family  is  trembling,  but  God  is  comforting  us.   As  I  write  this,  I  can  hear  the  animals  croaking,  squawking,  and  roaring.   The  rain  slowly  subsides.   Now  my  family  and  I  sing  joyful  praises  to  the  Lord.   My  eyes  gaze  upon  the  land  and  I  am  speechless.     My  head  turns  to  the  Lord  and  I  raise  my  hands  toward  Him.     And  my  heart  wonders  at  the  power  of  the  Lord.           Anna  Roberts     Grade  4   Roberts  Christian  Academy   Mrs.  Roberts     Where  I’m  From     I  am  from  old  apartment  buildings,  from  Fresca  and  Béchamel   I  am  from  the  little  apartment  in  Cairo,  Egypt,  with  mosques  and  dust,  hot  as  a  stove.   I  am  from  the  bumpy  streets,  dusty  grounds  and  the  fresh  wind  all  of  the  time.   I  am  from  going  to  Mosque  every  Eid  but  also  family  fun!   I  am  from  Ahmed,  Farid  and  Amira,  watching  t.v.  together  and  hanging  out,  from   being  warned,  “Don’t  stand  on  the  chair  in  the  balcony!”     I  am  from  a  family  that  believes  in  an  one  and  only  God  and  prays  five  times  a  day,   from  Cairo,  Egypt  all  cuddled  up  with  cats  and  dogs  on  the  road,  macaroni  béchamel   and  tilapia  fish.   I  am  from  a  grandfather  that  worked  very  hard  and  made  something  big,  a  family   that  is  loving  and  understanding.   I  am  Laila  Siyam.     Laila  Siyam   Grade  4   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Ln.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Kemp     115  

My Brother     He  could  hear  his  heart   He  can  go  on  forever   He  is  my  brother   My  deadly  brother   He  can  go  on  forever   When  in  the  pale  of  moonlight   Yearning  to  live  of  cold   It  is  nearly  impossible   When  in  the  pale  of  moonlight   He  is  frightened  of  the  full  moon   Bullied  so  much   He  frightens  me   He  is  scared  of  the  full  moon   He  is  in  the  forest   He  is  a  werewolf   A  deadly  one  at  that     Nick  Skonberg   Grade  4   Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane   Mrs.  Crawford      

[Grade 5  Prose]  

Trevor’s  Story     I  felt  nauseous  one  troublesome  afternoon,  and  the  arithmetic  teacher  told   me  to  sit  and  lie  down  on  a  soft  pillow  in  the  back  of  class.    A  while  later,  I  woke  up   and  saw  that  no  one  was  there.    That  was  because  it  was  10:00  PM  at  night!    I  tried   to  pry  the  windows  open,  but  they  wouldn’t  budge.    Same  with  every  door  that  goes   outside.    I  tried  to  call  someone,  but  they  turned  off  the  power.    I  couldn’t  believe   how  much  his  stomach  still  ached  and  grumbled  until  I  came  to  a  sudden  halt.    Could   it  be  that  I’d  be  stuck  there  until  morning?    Or  am  I  still  asleep?    Maybe  school  hasn’t   started  yet?     Next  thing  I  knew,  my  mom  announced,  “You’ll  be  late  for  school!”     I  said  to  myself,  “Phew,  it  was  just  a  dream.”    That’s  what  I  thought  happened   when  I  got  to  school  and  was  sick.    Or  is  this  a  dream…     Trevor  Adams   Grade  5   Lookout  Valley  Elementary  School  


701 Browns  Ferry  Road  Chattanooga,  TN    37419   Ms.  MacDonald  

Pumpkin  Vanisher       Once  upon  a  time,  a  girl  named  Lucy  walked  into  the  pumpkin  patch.    She   walked  around  for  hours  trying  to  find  the  perfect  pumpkin.    She  saw  something  in   the  background.    Was  it?    It  was  the  perfect  pumpkin.     She  picked  it  up,  and  as  soon  as  she  did,  a  little  girl  said  to  her,  “Thank  you  for   finding  me  a  pumpkin,  kind  lady.”    Lucy  seemed  confused,  and  then,  she  realized  she   still  was  wearing  her  name  tag.    So  she  set  off  for  the  perfect  pumpkin  again.     Then,  she  saw  something  green  in  the  background.    She  picked  it  up.    It  was   an  unripe  pumpkin.      She  thought  and  thought  about  if  she  should  buy  it,  and  she  did.       When  she  got  to  the  cash  register,  the  lady  said,  “You  know,  dear,  you  should   never  buy  a  pumpkin  that  is  not  ripe  before  Halloween.”    But  Lucy  didn’t  care  and   bought  it  anyways.   When  she  got  home,  she  started  to  get  everything  ready  to  make  pumpkin  pie.     She  started  to  reach  for  the  knife  to  cut  the  pumpkin.    When  she  looked  at  the   pumpkin,  it  was  ripe  and  ready.    She  took  the  knife  and  touched  the  pumpkin.    It   started  to  glow  purple,  and  she  screamed  as  loud  as  a  screaming  two-­‐year-­‐old.       When  she  got  done,  she  took  the  pumpkin  back  to  the  store,  but  they  were   gone.    So  she  threw  it  away.       When  she  got  home,  there  it  was  on  the  kitchen  table!    She  threw  it  in  the   yard,  and  there  it  was  again.    So  she  decided  just  to  make  the  pie.   When  it  was  finished,  it  was  perfect-­‐  not  any  color  but  burnt  orange.    She   took  a  bite  of  the  pie,  and  nothing  happened…until  five  minutes  later  as  she  was   watching  TV.    She  vanished  and  was  never  seen  again.     Kes  Burnett   Grade  5   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Russell     Touchdown     This  is  the  story  of  Andrew  Calbaugh,  the  world’s  best  football  player.   Andrew  went  to  UTK  college  in  Knoxville,  Tennessee.  The  Vols  were  losing  badly.   They  lost  every  game!  The  coach  of  the  team  asked  Andrew  to  try  out.  The  reason  he   chose  Andrew  is  because  he  was  eight  feet  tall!  His  muscles  were  bigger  than  a  car!   Andrew  said  yes,  so  they  tried  quarterback,  but  he  did  not  like  that.  They  tried   running  back,  but  he  wasn’t  good  at  that.  Then  they  tried  receiver  and  he  was  great   at  that!  He  never  got  tackled!  He  made  the  team!   The  Vols  first  game  was  in  a  week.  He  practiced  and  practiced,  he  went   through  every  play.  The  game  was  in  one  day.  “  Tonight  is  going  to  be  awesome!”   Andrew  said  excitedly  the  day  of  the  game.  “You’re  going  to  do  great”  said  the   117  

quarterback Billy  Bob  Joe.  Andrew  got  his  uniform  on  and  the  Vols  ran  out  on  to  the   field.           The  Vols  were  playing  NC  State.  NC  State  got  to  kick  off.  They  kicked  it   and….Andrew  catches  the  ball!  He  ran  down  the  field,  and  at  least  five  players  tried   to  tackle  him  and  one  of  them  fell  and  said,  “Holy  moly  quacamole!”   Then..touchdown!  Andrew  got  a  touchdown!  NC  State  had  the   ball  ..down….set…..HUT!  The  player  caught  the  ball  and  Andrew  was  close  behind,   but  they  scored  a  touchdown.    Andrew  did  well  for  the  next  two  quarters  of  the   game.  It’s  the  fourth  quarter  Tennessee  kicks  the  ball  and  NC  State  catches  the  ball   and  another  player  tackeld  him.  NC  State  had  the  ball  down..  Set…  HUT!  He  passes   the  ball  and  interception!    Andrew  caught  it  ran  down  the  field  and  a  player  from  NC   State  was  close  behind,  but  Andrew  made  a  touchdown.    The  score  is  36  to  6  ant  the   Vols  are  winning.  Tennessee  had  the  ball,  and  it  was  passed  to  Andrew.  Then  he  ran   down  the  field  and  touchdown!  The  Vols  win!    NC  State  is  sad.    Andrew  is  the  best   football  player  in  history,  but  how  will  the  Vols  do  against  Georgia?   The  Vols  play  Georgia  in  one  day.    Andrew  is  excited!  He  is  the  most  popular   person  at  UTK.  It’s  the  day  of  the  game  and  the  Vols  get  there  uniforms  on  and  run   on  to  the  field.  Georgia  gets  to  kick  off  another  player  of  the  team  cathes  it  and   passes  it  to  Andrew.    He  runs  and,  touhdown!  Georgia  has  the  ball.    Andrew  tries  to   tackle  the  player  but  he  made  a  touchdown!    The  score  is  6  to  6.  It’s  tied.  The  Vols   play  good  for  the  first  half  of  the  game.  The  score  is  24  to  12,  Tennessee  is  winning.   It’s  the  fourth  quarter  and  Tennessee  has  the  ball.  Andrew  cathes  it  and  runs,     TOUCHDOWN!  Tennessee  wins!  Andrew  is  the  best  at  football.  But  how  will  they  do   against  Alabama?     Andrew  Calbaugh   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN    37343   Mrs.  Todd     The  Secret  of  a  Gummy  Bear         ‘Just  keep  pushing’  I  said  to  Andrew  my  best  friend,  we’re  almost  there!  As   we  pushed  a  huge  book  shelf“.  It  was  a  dark  room  we  could  barely  see  anything  but   we  did  not  give  up.  “Push  harder;  I  see  something  behind  the  shelf”.  “I  see  it  too”,  my   other  friend  Sammy  shouted  in  excitement.  “Oh,  it’s  …a  big  one.  Said  Andrew  “We   are  rich!”  exclaimed  Kael”.  Yes!!!Got  it.  Let’s  take  it  out  side,  I  told  my  friends.      Earlier  that  day,  Andrew,  Sammy,  Kael  and  I  were  hanging  out  in  the  park  as  usual.   It  was  a  summer  time  and  we  were  extremely  bored  because  we  had  nothing  to  do.   We  wanted  some  excitement  and  adventure.  As  we  sat  there  aimlessly,  complaining,   how  bored  we  were.  We  saw  a  suspicious  looking  tall  man  in  a  long  black  over  coat   and  a  hat.  We  couldn’t  see  his  face  because  his  hat  was  covering  his  face.  He  first   looked  around  and  then  hides  a  brown  manila  envelope  down  behind  the  bushes.  He   did  not  know  that  my  friends  and  I  were  watching  him.  When  he  left.  We  got  up  and   picked  up  that  envelope  and  opened  it.  We  were  surprised  to  notice  that  it  was  a  just   118  

a crumbled  up  reciept  of  a  neighborhood  barber  store.  I  told  my  friends  that  my  dad   usually  gets  a  hair  cut  from  that  place.  Then  Andrew  noticed  that  there  was   something  drawn  at  the  back  of  it.  When  we  looked  closer  it  was  some  kind  of  map   with  the  very  specific  directions.  According  to  the  map,  there  was  treasure  hidden  in   the  abandon  mansion  on  Elmer  Street  not  too  far  from  our  neighbor  hood.  We  all  got   excited  and  headed  for  “the  treasure  hunt”.   We  all  rode  our  bicycles  to  the  mansion.  At  first  we  were  all  scared  to  enter   because  it  was  known  to  be  haunted.  Sammy  was  the  bravest  of  all  four  of  us.   Sammy  led  the  way  as  we  entered  the  mansion.  We  look  around  and  noticed  the   place  all  trashed  and  all  the  windows  were  shattered.  It  was  dark  in  side  so  we   pulled  out  our  flashlights.  We  had  no  idea  in  which  room  treasure  was  hidden.  So  we   decided  to  split  up  in  two  groups.  Sammy  and  Kael  went  up  stairs  and  Andrew  and  I   decided  to  stay  down  stairs  and  look  around  for  the  clues.  According  to  the  map  the   treasure  was  in  a  small  room  hidden  behind  a  bookshelf.  Andrew  and  I  were  the   first  to  find  the  bookshelf;  I  used  the  walkie-­‐talkie  that  I  got  as  a  gift  last  Christmas   to  call  rest  of  the  gang.  As  soon  as  they  met  with  us  we  started  moving  the  bookshelf   together.  Although  it  was  very  heavy  but  we  somehow  managed  to  move  it.  We   entered  the  small  dark  room  behind  the  shelf.  We  saw  a  huge  treasure  chest,  right   there  lying  in  the  middle  of  the  room.  It  was  an  old  wooden  chest  with  gold  plating.   We  carefully  carried  it  outside  into  the  light.  As  we  opened  it  up  we  saw  a  pile  of   gummy  bears  with  a  piece  of  paper  saying,  “It  seems  you  have  found  your  treasure  I   hope  you  enjoy!  Dad.    It  did  not  took  us  long  to  figure  out  that  tall  man  that  we  saw  earlier  at  the   park  was  my  Dad.  He  saw  us  at  the  park  on  his  way  to  the  barber  store  and  decided   to  pull  this  prank  on  us.     Jonathan  Cecil   Grade  5   Silverdale  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421     Mrs.Westcott       Bat  Boy     I  am  the  best  little  league  baseball  player  ever!  I  am  Babe  Ruth  Jr..    I  am  as   good  as  an  old  ring  tailed  coon  tricking  two  little  hound  dogs.  There  were  120  teams,   no  I’m  kidding  there  were  only  119  teams  down  at  the  World  Series  in  Orlando,  FL.   There  were  so  many  colors  I  could  faint!  All  the  teams  participating  were   undefeated.  The  teams  were  as  good  as  a  dog  saving  his  owner  from  a  mountain  lion.   All  of  a  sudden,  everybody  lost  his  or  her  skills  to  play  baseball,  except  me.  I  had  to   teach  all  119  teams  how  to  play  again,  or  we  would  have  to  stop  the  tournament  and   start  over.  I  was  so  good  at  teaching  them  their  baseball  skills;  I  was  like  Elmo   saying  his  line  a  million  times!  I  taught  103  teams  in  19  exhausting  hours  and  had  4   more  exhausting  hours  to  teach  16  more  teams  how  to  play  again.  After  I  finished   teaching  each  team  the  best  baseball  skills  that  I  knew,  I  had  to  whack  them  with  a   119  

Rawlings baseball  bat  to  get  the  teams  to  absorb  all  of  their  skills.  WHACK  went  the   baseball  bat  swinging  ferociously  through  air  hitting  each  baseball  player.  We   started  playing  baseball  as  fast  as  a  Bald  Eagle.  Unfortunately,  everyone  couldn’t  win,   but  because  I’m  Babe  Ruth  Jr.,  I  was  able  to  help  bring  home  a  win  for  my  team!  A   celebration  began  at  Dave  and  Busters  and  we  got  10k  gold  rings,  a  watch  and   jackets.  The  best  part?  Signing  autographs  for  everyone  and  all  the  girls  crowding   around  us!  We  drank  root  beer  floats  until  we  felt  like  we  were  floating  in  a  river  of   root  beer  and  ice  cream.  This  was  the  best  day  recorded  in  Little  League  baseball   history.     Dalton  Chuba   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Todd     The  Garden       It  was  a  dark,  gusty  night  while  Jimmy  was  in  a  deep  sleep.    He  woke  up  to   the  sound  of  footsteps  in  the  attic.    Then,  the  footsteps  were  in  his  small  room!    He   heard  a  little  peep  mutter,  “Is  he  the  one?”     He  jumped  up  and  looked  out  the  window  and  a  small  object  told  him  to   come.    They  got  out  of  his  house  and  the  object  took  him  in  a  deep,  dark  woods.    He   looked  up  at  a  figure  that  looked  like  a  cave.    He  stumbled  on  a  boulder  when  he   looked  in  the  cave.         The  figure  exclaimed,  “You  need  the  diamond  eye  gemstone!”  Just  as  Jimmy   was  about  to  ask  a  question,  he  tripped  on  a  boulder  and  a  button  popped  out.    He   pushed  it  and  the  huge  boulder  slowly  moved  out  of  the  path.       He  saw  the  bright  red  stone  and  open  doorway  to  a  wonderful  garden.    His   big  brown  eyes  flashed  when  he  saw  a  short  gray  figure  ripping  the  garden  all  up.    A   siren  went  off  and  the  object  named  Sarah  yelled,  “The  city  clown  is  here!”    A  bush   stopped  him  in  his  tracks  when  thorns  stuck  into  him.       The  object  started  to  appear.    It  was  a  little  girl!    While  she  was  growing,  the   city  clown  was  getting  smaller  and  smaller.    She  was  thanking  him  all  the  way  home.     When  they  got  there,  his  parents  looked  stunned.    They  said,  “Jimmy…That  is  your   SISTER!”     Anthony  D’Amico   Grade  5   North  Hamilton  County  Elementary   601  Industrial  Blvd.    Sale  Creek,  TN  37373   Mrs.  Mallory     What  Happened  to  the  Money     “  Just  keep  digging,“  I  said  to  my  friend.  “We’re  almost  there!”   120  

One month  earlier.  We  had  just  gotten  home  from  visiting  our  wealthy   grandfather  at  his  house.  The  next  day  mom  got  off  the  phone  and  said,  “Grandfather   has  been  shot.”  The  police  had  not  found  the  man  who  had  shot  him.  We  went  to  the   hospital  and  the  doctor  said,  “I  am  sorry,  he  did  not  make  it.”  The  next  day  we  went   to  the  funeral.  The  whole  day  was  full  of  sorrow.  On  the  tombstone  it  read,  loving   father  and  grandfather,  Eli  Peyton,  1950-­‐2010.    The  next  day  we  went  to  his  house   and  looked  around.  When  I  went  downstairs  in  grandfather’s  secret  room  where  he   had  his  safe,  I  remembered  that  once  he  had  told  me  the  combination  to  open  it.    So  I   opened  the  safe  and  found  two  briefcases,  one  with  diamonds  and  the  other  with   cash  money.    So  I  ran  upstairs  and  showed  them  to  my  Mom  and  Dad.    I  said,  “Do  you   know  what  those  are?”  Well  yes  those  are  your  grand  fathers  riches  he  left  us.  I   knew  the  combination  to  both  the  cases.  I  took  a  big  breath  and  opened  them.  To  my   worst  fear  the  riches  were  gone.    I  screamed,  “Mom  and  dad  the  money  is  not  here!”   While  they  examined  the  cases  I  ran  down  stairs  and  looked  at  the  bottom  of  the   safe  and  saw  another  combination  at  the  bottom  of  the  safe.  Except  that  the   combination  was  in  letters  and  you  could  only  use  four.  First,  I  put  in  moms  name,   Emma,  and  that  didn’t  work.  Then,  I  put  in  my  name,  Reed,  and  I  heard  a  pop.    I  had   figured  out  the  combination!  I  lifted  up  the  flap  and  found  a  note  that  said,   Dear  Reed,                        If  you  have  opened  the  briefcases,  the  riches  are  gone.  I  have  hidden                  them   six  feet  under  the  ground  somewhere  outside  the  house.  Since  I  have  been  shot,  I   will  have  left  little  drops  of  blood.  I  know  you  can  find  it.    You  are  a  smart  boy.     Love,     Grandfather   I  ran  the  note  up  to  mom  and  dad.  Dad  thought  he  probably  didn’t  make  it  out  of  the   house  to  bury  it.  The  robber  probably  hid  it  himself  to  hide  it  from  the  police.     “There  is  no  use  of  looking,”  said  Dad.    Two  days  later  my  friend  Miller  came  over   and  said,  “Are  you  okay?”    I  said,  “Yeah,  I  am  okay  but  my  parents  don’t  believe  this   note,  I  found  that  my  grandfather  left  me.”    “Here  let  me  look  at  it.”    Miller  looked  at   for  a  little  bit  and  said,”  I  believe  you.    I  think  the  treasure  might  be  out  there.  “  We   made  a  plan  to  sneak  up  my  grandfather’s  house  that  was  18  blocks  away  on  our   bikes.  That  night,  we  were  on  our  bikes;  we  were  coming  around  the  corner  with   our  shovels,  flashlight  and  my  watch.    When  we  got  there  we  went  where  the  safe   was  and  turned  and  saw  the  drop  of  blood.    We  looked  beyond  the  drop  of  blood  and   there  was  more.    We  followed  the  blood  out  the  door  to  a  pile  of  dirt.    I  said,  “This  is   the  place.”    We  started  digging.    As  we  were  digging  it  started  to  rain.    Then,  it   stopped.    We  were  very  tired.    I  looked  at  my  watch  and  it  was  fifty  minutes  till   sunrise.    “  Just  keep  digging.  We’re  almost  there.”    After  two  more  scoops  we  found   the  sack  of  money.    As  we  were  going  home  the  sun  came  up.    We  walked  in  the  door   and  there  stood  mom  and  dad.    They  asked,  “  Where  have  you  been?  We  have  been   looking  for  you  and  what  is  that  sack  in  your  hand?”    We  explained  what  we  had   done  and  we  forgave  them  for  not  believing  the  note.       Reed  Eslinger     Grade  5   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   121  

7236 Bonny  Oaks  Dr.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Westcott  

  Are  These  Paws?  

            I  woke  up,  stretched,  jumped  off  my  comfortable  bed  and  landed  lightly  on   my  paws,  wait…paws?!    Okay,  I’m  just  imagining  things.    I  close  my  eyes  and  open   them  again  and  the  paws  are  still  there!  So  quickly  I  jump  back  on  my  bed  and  look   into  the  mirror.    I  was  a  pretty  cat.  My  coat  gleamed  in  the  sunlight  and  looked  silky   and  smooth.    I  was  white  with  a  bushy  tail.    I  wasn’t  going  to  get  distracted  too  easily.     I  had  to  get  to  the  garage  fast.    I  wanted  to  follow  Sam  to  wherever  he  runs  off  to   when  we  leave  for  school.    I  got  to  the  garage  just  in  the  nick  of  time.    Sam  was   turning  around  the  corner  where  he  always  goes  to  wait.    After  the  van  left,  Sam   went  into  the  woods  at  the  edge  of  our  backyard.    I  started  following  from  a  distance.     Sam  jumped  over  a  streambed  and  landed  successfully  on  the  other  side.    I  wasn’t  so   lucky.  I  landed  right  in  the  water  and  heard  a  voice.    My  Mother  was  telling  me   something  and  kept  repeating  it  louder  and  louder  until  I  woke  up.  Yes,  it  had  only   been  a  dream.    Quickly  I  looked  at  my  hands…I  was  still  a  human.     Riley  L.  Evans   Grade  5   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Mrs.  Alosi     The  Mighty  Titans       It  is  football  season  in  Tennessee.  The  name  of  our  team  is  the  Tennessee   Titians.  We  are  the  toughest,  roughest,  meanest  boys  around.  We  are  ready  to  get   down  and  dirty  playing  some  football  and  winning  some  games.       My  name  is  Bob.  My  position  is  quarterback.  We  had  been  training  and   working  hard  for  our  first  game  that  we  played  last  Saturday.  We  beat  the  Green  Bay   Packers  24-­‐21.  It  was  an  awesome  day  in  Tennessee  for  the  Titians!     In  the  first  quarter  I  threw  the  ball  to  Larry.  He  went  running  through  the   middle  of  the  opposing  team  knocking  over  people  like  a  tornado  coming  through.  It   was  so  awesome  he  just  kept  running  until  he  scored  the  first  touchdown.  The   crowd  went  crazy!     The  second  quarter  I  handed  the  ball  off  to  Billy  Bob.  He  ran  down  the  field   and  got  tackled  at  the  20  yard  line.  We  got  back  in  position,  when  I  threw  the  ball  to   Brandon  the  other  team  intercepted  it  and  ran  it  back  for  a  touchdown.       The  beginning  of  the  third  quarter  it  started  to  rain.  The  field  was  like  a  slick   sheet  of  ice.  People  were  slipping  and  sliding  everywhere.  I  handed  the  ball  off  to   Sam  and  he  was  running  so  fast  that  he  fell  and  slide  on  his  belly  like  a  penguin.  He   got  up  and  ran  it  in  for  another  touchdown.  We  were  all  amazed  it  was  like  a  circus   act  on  the  field.  


At the  end  of  the  fourth  quarter  the  game  was  tied.  It  was  up  to  the  kicker  to   pull  us  through.  He  kicked  the  ball  so  high  in  the  air  that  it  took  everyone’s  breath   away.  It  was  miraculous.  The  kicker  did  it.  The  kick  was  good.  The  crowd  went  crazy,   it  was  like  a  heard  of  buffalo  stampeding  through  the  stadium.   After  the  game  we  all  went  out  for  pizza  to  celebrate  our  victory.  We  had  too   much  pizza  and  ice  cream.  We  all  had  a  stomach  ache  for  the  rest  of  the  night.  It  was   an  awesome  day!  We  can’t  wait  to  do  it  again  next  week.     Ethan  Hyde   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary  School   1609  Thrasher  Pike  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Todd     The  Missing  Key     Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  girl  named  Mavis.  Mavis  was  creative  ,  and   sometimes  curios,  but  she  was  also  very  smart.  well  one  day  she  was  on  her  way  to   school  with  her  brother  Dannie  ,and  all  of  the  sudden,  her  friend  Niki  jumped  up   from  behind  her  and  screamed  in  her  ear,  and  she  jumped  with  excitement.  OH!   What  was  that  for?  She  said.  Hey  what  are  you  doing  after  school?  I  thought  we   could  play  at  my  house.  Sorry  !  I  have  to  go  to  my  grandma’s  house.  She’s  sick  ,and  I   have  to  take  care  of  her.  Ok  that’s  fine  .they  sat  down  when  they  got  to  school.  It   seemed  like  forever  before  they  went  to  lunch.  For  lunch  Dannie  and  Mavis  had   chicken  strips  ,  and  niki  had  a  corndog.  After  lunch  they  went  to  4th  period  and   almost  everyone  was  ready  to  go  home.  School  was  almost  over  though.  After  school   mavis  walked  to  her  grandma’s  house.  Mavis  steped  in  remembering  her  last  step   outside.  She  saw  her  grandma  lying  down  on  the  couch.  She  went  to  the  couch  and   said”  could  I  get  you  anything?  No  I’m  fine.  she  said  weekly.  When  Dannie  and  I  were   walking  to  school  niki  scared  the  living  day  lights  out  of  me.  she  said.  Scared  the   living  day  lights  out  of  me  what  am  I  thinking  that  sounds  like  something  an  old   person  would  say.  she  thought  to  herself.  Oh  really.  her  grandma  said  as  she  started   to  raise  up.  Mavis  I  have  something  for  you  up  in  the  bedroom.  let  me  go  and  get  it.   Her  grandma  said  quietly.  She  brought  it  back  to  mavis  it  was  a  small  glass  box  with   a  dark  blue  glass  stripe  around  it.  it  ‘s  so  pretty  she  said  with  a  smile.  She  picked  it   up  very  carefully  as  if  it  were  the  prettiest  thing  she  had  ever  seen.  Thank  you  she   said.  your  welcome.  Mavis  was  heeded  home.  when  she  got  home  she  ran  as  fast  as   she  could  without  breaking  the  box  in  to  her  mother  heather’s  room.  Hey  mom,   grandma  gave  me  a  box.  She  handed  her  the  box.  It’s  very  pretty  she  said.  Why  don’t   you  go  do  your  home  work?  Ok.  after  homework  It  was  6:03  pm.  so  she  asked  her   mom  if  she  could  go  show  Niki  who  just  lives  across  the  street  the  box.  She  said  “that   would  be  fine.  So  she  went  to  her  house  and  showed  her  the  box  ,and  she  loved  it.   The  next  morning  she  woke  up  and  the  box  was  glowing  and  the  bedroom  lights   dimed  as  she  focused  on  the  bright  purple  light.  she  wasn’t  sure  at  first  if  she  heard  a   whisper  or  not  but  then  she  knew  she  heard  something.  The  box!  She  carefully  and   slowly  opened  the  box  she  saw  three  little  things  that  moved.  THEY  WERE  GHOSTS!   123  

The ghosts  spoke  in  weak  voices  and  said  “you  can’t  leave  yet  so  listen  carefully.”   You  have  to  find  the  key  to  this  box.  Now  you  have  to  remember  this  box  is  more   than  400  years  old  so  it  will  be  hard.  If  you  do  not  find  this  key  within  2  days  we  will   take  your  parents  and  trap  them  forever.  once  you  find  the  key  give  it  to  us  and  we   will  give  you  something  in  return.  You  will  never  be  able  to  lock  the  box,  but  it  will   stay  unlocked.  Ok.  She  got  up  and  tried  to  open  the  door  but  it  was  locked  from  the   outside.  Oh  I  forgot  to  unlock  the  door.  Mavis  couldn’t  tell  anyone  so  she  skiped   school  so  she  would  have  more  time  to  look  for  the  key.  she  went  to  her  grandma’s   house  and  asked  her  If  knew  were  the  key  was.  I  know  where  the  key  is,  but  I  can’t   tell  you.  You  ran  in  to  the  three  ghosts  and  they  will  take  your  parents  if  I  tell  you.   How  did  you  know  about  the  three  ghosts?  I  knew  way  before  you  did.  I  can  give  you   a  clue.  Listen  very  carefully.  Close  inside  but  don’t  look  to  close.  she  said.  she  went   down  to  her  favorite  waterfall  over  at  the  creek  to  think  about  it.  She  went  to  her   special  spot  that  she  had  had  since  she  was  4years  old  .  The  waterfall  had  a  spot   where  you  can  go  behind  it.  The  next  day  was  her  last  dayto  look  for  the  box  and  she   was  ready  to  find  it.  She  skiped  school  again.  She  went  behind  the  waterfall.  that  was   it!  she  had  an  Idea.  She  thought  she  knew  were  the  key  was.  she  ran  to  it.the  key  was   small  and  it  had  a  pretty  wavey  edge.  She  had  had  her  father  carve  a  drawer  in  rock   and  she  looked.  The  key  was  in  there,  and  she  ran  as  fast  as  she  could  and  got  home.   She  ran  inside  and  opened  the  box  and  the  ghosts  took  the  key  and  gave  her  a   golden  chain  with  a  glass  painting  inside.  Thank  you.  We  will  leave  now  if  you  need   us  just  say  so  and  we  will  appear  in  the  box.  Ok.  she  said.  In  return  of  the  box  she   gave  the  necklace  to  her  grandmother  and  she  loved  it.  Thank  you  very  much.     Raven  Jackson   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary  School   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN    37343   Mrs.  Todd       Constitution     The  Constitution  is  an  amazing  document.  You  know  it  works  well  because   after  225  years  it  still  helps  us  run  our  government.  The  Constitution  says  that  there   are  3  branches  of  government:  Executive,  which  runs  the  nation,  and  consists  of  the   president  and  his  cabinet;  Legislative,  which  consists  of  Congress  and  makes  the   laws,  and  Judicial,  which  consists  of  the  Supreme  Court,  and  enforces  the  laws.  Each   branch  has  some  power,  but  cannot  make  full  use  of  it  unless  the  other  branches   agree.  Also,  each  branch  can  check,  or  halt,  the  power  of  the  other  branches.  This   system  is  called  checks  and  balances.  The  federal  and  state  governments  have  their   own  powers,  but  also  have  shared  powers.  Some  examples  of  shared  powers  are  the   power  to  impose  taxes,  establish  courts,  and  regulate  banks.  The  Constitution  is  also   able  to  change.  Our  founding  fathers  designed  it  that  way  because  as  times  changed,   the  Constitution  would  have  to  do  the  same  thing.  Changing  the  Constitution  is   called  amending.  The  attempted  change,  or  amendment,  has  to  be  ratified,  or   124  

approved by  Congress.  There  are  27  amendments  so  far,  but  over  200,000  have   been  attempted.  The  first  ten  amendments  are  called  the  'Bill  of  Rights'.    It  lists  our   basic  rights.  At  the  Constitutional  Convention,  one  group  of  people,  the  Federalists,   had  to  agree  to  add  a  Bill  of  Rights  to  the  Constitution  to  get  another  group  of  people,   the  Anti-­‐Federalists,  to  sign  it.  Another  reason  the  constitution  is  a  amazing   document  is  that  is  it  stored  in  the  archives.  The  archives  are  fireproof,  floodproof,   bombproof,  and  foolproof.  Only  a  really  important  document  would  need  that  much   protection.  Flash  photography  is  not  allowed  in  the  Archives-­‐-­‐someone  might  take  a   picture  of  one  of  the  documents  and  copy  it.  The  Archives  are  in  Washington  D.C.   And  that  is  why  the  Constitution  is  an  amazing  document.   Thomas  Kiser   Grade  5   St.  Nicholas  School     7525  Min  Tom  Dr.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421     Orphan  Girls         It  all  started  with  Ashley  walking  along  the  shore.  There  was  no  food  that  night.   “I’ll  try  a  little  longer,”  she  whispered  to  herself.  As  she  was  walking  along  the  shore,   she  saw  a  fish  washed  up  on  the  lonely  beach  shore.  It  will  have  to  do.  She  picked  up   the  fish  and  carried  it  to  her  shelter  under  the  bridge.  She  got  two  rocks  and  scraped   them  together  to  start  a  fire.  She  laid  the  fish  over  the  fire  to  let  it  cook.  A  few   minutes  later  the  fish  was  cooked  and  she  ate  the  fire-­‐cooked  fish.     Ashley  sat  on  the  calm  shore  and  watched  the  sunset  while  listening  to  the   sound  of  the  ocean.  When  the  sunset,  she  laid  on  her  sleeping  bag  and  fell  sound   asleep.   An  hour  later  she  heard  something  in  the  night  and  sat  straight  up  in  alert.  She   looked  around  and  saw  it  was  just  a  raccoon  going  through  the  bushes.  She  decided   she  was  going  to  go  for  a  walk  along  the  shore.  After  walking  for  a  while,  Ashley   came  upon  a  green  bottle  that  had  washed  up  on  the  soft  shoreline.  She  picked  it  up   and  ran  back  to  her  spot  under  the  bridge.  When  she  got  there  she  opened  the  bottle   hurriedly.  The  note  said,  “Hi,  my  name  is  Amanda.  I’m  homeless  too  and  live  about  a   mile  away  from  you.  I’ve  been  watching  you  for  about  three  months  now.  Write  an   answer  if  you  want  to  hang  out  and  put  it  at  the  big  rock,  From  Amanda.”     Ashley  immediately  wrote  down  “yes”  and  ran  as  fast  as  she  could  and  put  the   bottle  down  at  the  big  rock.  She  looked  up  and  Amanda  was  walking  her  way.  Ashley   greeted  her  and  they  talked  for  a  while.  They  decided  to  live  together  under  the   bridge.   Since  they  needed  some  money,  they  decided  to  look  for  jobs  the  next  morning.  They   went  to  the  grocery  store.  The  manager  had  high  aspirations  and  would  only  hire   people  who  needed  money.  The  pay  was  outstanding.  The  two  girls  got  high  paying   jobs.   A  few  years  went  by  and  the  two  girls  were  working  in  the  shop  when  a  six-­‐year-­‐old   homeless  girl  walked  in  the  door.  She  had  no  money  and  was  starving.  Ashely  and   Amanda  decided  to  buy  the  homeless  girl  some  food.  The  homeless  girl  smiled  and   125  

said “thank  you.”  The  two  girls  nodded  and  felt  good  about  what  they  had  done.     A  few  years  passed  and  Ashley  and  Amanda  had  been  able  to  live  in  a  condo   paid  for  by  their  manager.  The  pair  had  a  lot  of  money  but  the  manager  was  very   considerate  and  paid  the  rent  for  them  anyway.  The  girls  were  sitting  in  the  condo   one  day,  and  thinking  back  to  when  they  were  homeless.  A  random  thought  popped   into  Amanda’s  mind...”they  could  make  a  homeless  kid  orphanage.”  They  found  a   building  and  bought  it.     The  girls  bought  and  moved  in  everything  needed  for  classrooms  and   bedrooms.  They  would  find  homeless  kids  and  take  them  in  and  care  for  them.   When  they  got  to  ten  kids,  they  started  hiring  many  people  to  care  for  the  orphaned   children.     Twenty  years  later  the  orphanage  was  famous.  Lots  of  people  were  donating   money  and  many  children  were  getting  an  education  thanks  to  the  efforts  of  Ashley   and  Amanda.     McKenzie  Manning   Grade  5   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Marcus     Annie  B’s  Diary     April  21  1987   Dear  diary,   My  new  teacher  at  school  is  extraordinarily  strict.  I  wish  I  had  Mr.  Lincoln  as  my   teacher  instead  of  Mrs.  Jill.  When  I  came  home  from  school  all  I  could  think  about  is   that  my  birthday  is  on  April  25  at  least  that  kept  my  mind  off  of  school.   April  22  1987   Dear  diary,   Today  at  school  was  worse  than  yesterday.  I  ended  up  in  detention  for  forgetting  my   homework  at  home;  really  I  didn’t  do  it  any  of  it.  So  I  got  a  zero  on  every  homework   assignment.  My  mom  saw  that  when  I  went  home,  so  I  got  in  trouble  at  home  too.   My  mom  made  me  sit  in  front  of  her  and  do  every  bit  of  my  homework.  She  would   not  let  me  do  anything  until  it  was  done.   April  25  1987     Dear  diary,   Today  is  my  birthday.  I  had  the  same  old  day  at  school  today;  nothing  was  different   just  because  it  was  my  birthday.  I  am  now  the  oldest  one  in  Mrs.  Jill’s  fifth  grade   class.  I  am  now  a  wonderful  11  years  old.  I  came  home  and  my  mom  had  a  pile  of   presents  waiting  for  me  in  the  living  room.  Then  I  headed  up  stairs  and  I  saw  one   little  box  on  my  bed.  I  opened  the  box  up  it  was  a  locket,  I  opened  up  the  locket  part.   My  best  friend  had  died  last  year  on  my  birthday  of  cancer.  The  locket  was  of  her   and  me…   ***  


I ripped  that  page  out  of  the  diary  that  I  had  found  in  my  mother’s  memory   box  in  the  attic.  She  had  died  a  year  ago  on  May  23.  My  mother’s  name  is  Annie  B.   Jefferson.  My  mom  had  the  same  last  name  as  me.  I  hate  thinking  about  it.    I  sat  on   my  bed  trying  to  read  more  of  the  diary.  I  put  the  page  I  had  ripped  out  into  my   diary.  My  name  is  Jenna  Ann  Jefferson.  “Jenna,”  my  father  called,  “What  are  you   doing?”  I  replied,  “Nothing,  just  being  as  bored  as  a  key  hanging  from  a  door  nob   that  never  gets  used.”    I  had  flipped  to  the  next  page,  there  was  a  key  taped  to  the   page.    It  said  something.    I  picked  it  up  and  read  it;  it  said  the  secret  would  unlock   your  love.  I  thought  all  day  trying  to  figure  out  w  hat  it  meant.  Then  I  realized  that   my  love  was  my  mom.    My  eyes  got  teary.    So  what  was  the  key  for?  I  thought  and   thought  through  the  night  and  all  day  long.  I  wondered,  did  dad  know  about  this?   The  next  day  I  felt  like  a  bee  in  a  bee  hive  with  homework  and  much  more  things  to   do.  The  next  day  I  found  a  hidden  door  behind  a  box  in  the  attic  trying  to  find  some   paint  brushes.    I  remembered  the  key  then  I  ran  and  got  it.  I  stuck  the  key  in  the   whole,  it  was  a  perfect  fit.  I  crawled  in  the  tiny  hidden  door.  It  was  a  room  filled  with   pictures  of  many  different  people.  Then  I  found  a  note  on  the  floor;  it  said  the  ones   you  love  are  with  you  right  now.  I  thought  about  what  that  meant.  Then  I  realized   these  where  all  my  family  that  has  passed  away.  I  ran  to  my  dad  and  asked  him  if  he   knew  about  Annie  B’s  or  mom’s  diary  and  the  hidden  room.  He  said  maybe.  I  asked   him  why  he  did  not  tell  me.  He  said  mom  told  him  he  wanted  you  to  have  the   mystery.  We  both  ate  dinner  and  went  to  bed.  I  still  and  always  will  read  Dear   Diary…     Aubry  Matthews   Grade  5   Snow  Hill  Elementary   9042  Career  Lane;  Ooltewah,  TN  37363   Mrs.  Burdette     The  PB  &  P       My  cousin  Millie  has  the  strangest  taste  ever.    She  actually  likes  the   combination  of  peanut  butter  and  pickles.    I  know  this  because  we  went  on  a   vacation  to  their  house.    It  was  during  their  school  time,  so  I  learned  that  she  takes  it   to  school.    She  eats  the  PB  &  P  like  most  people  would  eat  peanut  butter  and  jelly,   but  I  even  think  that  the  good  ole’  PB  &  J  is  disgusting!     Part  of  the  reason  I  don’t  like  PB  &  P  is  just  the  plain  peanut  butter.    I  think  it   is  disgusting  because  I’m  allergic  to  it.    No,  I  don’t  break  out  in  hives,  and  no,  my   throat  does  not  swell  up.    All  I  do  is  puke.    For  example,  when  I  was  3  I  had  a  PB  &  J   for  a  snack.    When  we  went  on  a  car  trip,  I  barfed  on  the  back  seat.    Since  then,  we   found  soy  nut  butter  to  be  my  favorite  substitute  for  peanut  butter.    But  still,  the   vinegary  snap  of  the  pickles  and  the  sweet  and  savoryness  of  the  soy  nut  butter  does   not  mix  with  my  taste.     After  learning  about  my  cousin’s  strange  tastes,  I  found  an  article  about  this   strange  sandwich  mixture  by  Dwight  Garner  of  the  New  York  Times.    After  I  read  the   article,  I  asked  myself,  “What  will  this  taste  like  with  soy  nut  butter?”    So  I  took  some   127  

cornichons (core-­‐Knee-­‐shons),  which  are  small  pickles,  and  sliced  them  up.    Then  I   spread  soy  nut  butter  on  a  bun  and  added  the  pickles.    I  took  a  bite.    “Well,  that  was  a   waste  of  time!”  I  thought.    It  was  disgusting!     According  to  Dwight  Garner,  those  strange  sandwiches  appeared  on  the   counter  menus  during  the  Great  Depression.    They  appeared  here  because  people   had  little  money,  so  they  had  to  find  what  was  left  in  the  pantry!    Those  two  items   were  Number  1:  peanut  butter  and  Number  2:  pickles.    How  they  decided  to  mix   those,  the  world  will  never  know,  but  people  like  my  cousin  are  still  eating  and   selling  them  today.    For  example,  at  the  New  York  Peanut  Butter  and  Co.  they  call  the   PB  &  P  the  “Pregnant  Lady”!     I  was  doing  some  thinking,  and  I  thought,  “What  if  my  cousin  and  Dwight   Garner  met?”    Maybe  it  would  be  like  he  put  it:    they  would  be  “the  last  two   survivors  of  a  Zombie  apocalypse.”    I’ve  made  MY  choice.    I’m  NOT  going  to  live   through  that  apocalypse!     Max  Montague   Grade  5   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Blake     The  Life  of  My  Shoe                 I  saw  it  coming  and  I  yelled,  “HELP”  and  my  owner  saw  me  being  chewed  by   his  dog.    I  then  heard  a  smack  then,  “bad  dog  these  are  brand  new  shoes!”    He  took   me  to  the  couch  and  said,  “alright  I  have  to  put  you  on  my  foot  then  tie  your  arms  up   so  you  can’t  fly  off  or  get  attacked  by  a  dog  again.”                 He  started  walking  on  the  carpet  but  it  smelled  really  bad  from  the  house  and   …you  know.    The  hard  wood  hurt,  but  it  smelled  better  than  the  carpet.    He  rushed   out  of  the  house,  he  ran  through  gravel  and  on  asphalt  and  jumped  in  the  car,  but  he   put  me  in  gum  that  was  on  the  floor.    When  we  got  out  we  were  at  school  and  he   scraped  me  on  the  asphalt,  then  we  walked  into  school  and  we  were  in  before-­‐care,   were  I  got  stepped  on  a  lot  and  then  later  after  a  lot  of  boring  stuff  in  math  class,  we   were  in  P.E.    It  hurt  a  lot  and  I  never  want  to  go  to  P.E.  AGAIN!    But  he  loves  it.    After   that  we  were  in  the  cafeteria  and  he  steps  in  tons  of  gross  stuff  then  he  goes  and   cleans  the  cafeteria  and  I  have  to  step  in  more  gross  stuff  again!    Next  he  is  in   reading  and  social  studies  and  then  the  day  is  ending  and  he  goes  to  after-­‐care  and   helps  a  really  nice  teacher  around  her  classroom.    Finally  he’s  back  home  and  he   throws  me  in  some  random  place.    The  dog  chews  on  me  while  I’m  screaming  for   help,  but  he  ignores  me  and  goes  to  sleep.               The  cycle  continues  the  next  day,  except  on  weekends.    On  Saturday  I  usually   just  relax  like  he  does.    On  Sunday  he  gets  out  his  “way  fancier  than  me”  shoes  and   goes  to  church.    I’m  usually  a  pretty  active  shoe,  if  you  were  thinking  I  was  lazy.     Devin  Patton   Grade  5   128  

North Hamilton  County  Elementary  School   601  Industrial  Blvd.    Sale  Creek,  TN    37373   Mrs.  Hennessey     Thanksgiving       I  dabbed  at  the  corners  of  my  mouth  as  I  rubbed  my  bulging  stomach,  licking   the  savory  aftertaste  of  the  juicy  ham  from  my  teeth  while  anticipating  the  sweet,   smooth  taste  of  the  pumpkin  pie,  garnished  with  strong  spices  and  washed  down   with  a  chilly  glass  of  milk.  Thanksgiving  dinners  were  always  quite  delicious  in  my   household,  everything  was  always  covered  with  herbs  or  spices  like  cinnamon  and   nutmeg.  Every  Thanksgiving  it’s  just  me,  my  Mom,  my  Dad,  and  my  little  sister,  all  in   peace,  just  eating.  Every  Thanksgiving.  Just  us.  Guaranteed.  But  then  again,  every   guarantee  has  its  exceptions,  like  this  particular  evening.  Just  as  my  Mother  had  laid   out  the  pumpkin  pie,  there  came  a  brisk  knock  upon  the  door.  My  Mother  frowned,   and  without  a  word,  walked  over  to  the  door.  She  opened  the  door  to  find  a  strange   man  in  the  doorway.  He  was  about  five  foot  four,  and  had  wavy  black  hair  that  was   combed  neatly  over  his  forehead.  He  had  a  sharp  moustache  and  a  slender  build,  and   that  combined  with  two  sparkling  green  eyes  and  a  sincere  smile  added  up  to  a  very   odd  character.  His  eyes  twinkled  with  glee  and  the  moonlight  made  a  bright  spot   upon  his  pitch-­‐black  suit  and  hat  as  he  said  in  a  jolly  voice,  "Good  evening."  He   casually  strolled  inside  and  hung  his  hat  and  coat  upon  the  coat  hook.  My  mother   stood  for  a  second,  emotions  bubbling  up  in  her  like  she  was  a  cauldron,  all  of  the   emotions  mixing.  Finally  anger  took  over.  "You  leave  this  house,  stranger!"  she  spat.   "You  terrible,  rude  old  beggar!  Scram!"  He  looked  at  her  in  mock  sadness  as  he  said   "Why,  you  wouldn't  refuse  a  guest  on  Thanksgiving,  would  you?"  He  reached  for  the   pumpkin  pie.  "Get  out  of  my  house  before  I  call  the  police!  Scum!"  The  twinkle  in  his   eye  fizzled  and  went  out,  and  he  hung  his  head.  "Well,  I  suppose  that  it  is  only  fair   that  I  leave.  Goodbye."  He  slipped  something  into  his  shirt,  took  his  coat  from  the   coat  hook,  and  with  a  tip  of  his  hat,  he  was  gone.  When  my  mother  had  finally   gathered  herself,  she  sat  down  for  some  pie,  only  to  find  that  there  was  a  piece   missing.  In  its  place  there  was  a  crisp,  new  ten  dollar  bill  and  a  few  crumbs.  While   my  mother  stormed  around  the  room,  I  just  sat-­‐stared-­‐and  smiled.     Franklin  Pezzuti-­  Dyer     Grade  5   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet     1219  W.  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405     Mrs.  Lammert         Spelling  Bee     “Mom,  I’m  very  nervous  about  the  spelling  bee  today,”  I  said,  as  I  was  shaking.  “What   if  I  embarrass  myself  in  front  of  all  these  people?”  


“I’m sure  you’ll  do  fine,”  she  said  like  nothing  was  happening.  “Come  on,  get  in  the   car,  it’s  time  for  school.”  I  got  all  my  school  things  and  my  spelling  sheet  so  I  could   practice.  I  walked  like  a  sloth  to  the  car  with  a  nervous,  frightened,  and  horrified   face.  My  mom  patted  me  on  my  back  and  kissed  me  on  my  forehead.  I’m  sure  she   could  feel  the  moist  sweat  that  gathered  on  my  face.    I  will  be  fine,  I  thought,   completely  lying  to  myself.    I  shut  the  heavy  car  door  and  soon  enough  we  were  off   to  school.   I  could  see  all  the  people  sitting  in  metal  chairs  staring  at  the  nervous  spelling  bee   participants  as  I  walked  in.    I  walked  to  the  stage  and  grabbed  my  spelling  number.     Number  five,  I  thought,  hope  it’s  lucky.    I  went  to  my  chair  and  sat  down.    I  thought   about  words,  letters,  and  how  to  spell  things.    Then  my  mind  went  blank  on  that   stuff.    My  entire  mind  welled  up  with  questions  about  what  was  going  to  happen   today.    Am  I  going  to  get  last?    Am  I  going  to  get  first?    Or  was  I  going  to  embarrass   myself  in  front  of  all  these  fourth  graders?    I  truly  do  hope  not!   Finally,  the  principal  started  her  speech,  “Wow,  I’m  so  proud  of  all  these  fourth   graders…”    How  do  you  spell  consonant,  I  thought,  c-­‐o-­‐n-­‐s-­‐o-­‐n-­‐a-­‐n-­‐t.    Okay,  how  do   you  spell  envoy?    E-­‐n-­‐v-­‐o-­‐y.    Well,  at  least  I  remember  some  things,  I  thought.   As  the  principal  finished  her  speech,  all  the  spellers  got  ready  to  go.    Sweat  trickled   down  my  face,  and  my  face  looked  like  I  was  about  to  sing  in  front  of  the  whole   world.    The  judges  told  us  the  rules  and  that  we  were  going  to  have  a  practice  round   first.    They  told  us  that  we  were  going  to  spell  our  name.    The  first  spellers  spelled   their  name  and  did  fine,  and  then  it  was  my  turn.    I  walked  to  the  loud  microphone   like  a  turtle.    I  said,  “Meg,  M-­‐e-­‐g,  Meg.”    I  walked  back  to  my  chair  and  sat  down.    The   other  contestants  spelled  their  names,  and  then  came  the  real  round.    The  first,   second,  third,  and  fourth  participants  spelled.    Okay,  now  it’s  my  turn  for  the  real   round.    I  can’t  get  one  wrong,  or  I’ll  get  out,  I  thought.    I  walked  to  the  microphone   slower  than  the  time  before.    I  took  a  deep  breath,  and  then  the  announcer  said,   “Please  spell  destination.”    I  fidgeted  around  thinking  about  the  word  “destination.”     I  put  the  word  into  syllables  and  spelled  it  five  times  in  my  head.    I  finally  said,   “Destination,  d-­‐e-­‐s-­‐t-­‐i-­‐n-­‐a-­‐t-­‐i-­‐o-­‐n,  destination.”    I  waited  anxiously  and  impatiently   to  see  if  I  got  the  word  correct.    Finally,  the  judges  said,  “Correct.”     Meg  Priest   Grade  5   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Boulevard   Mrs.  Garvich     The  Super  Reader          IN  THE  BUSY  AND  ADVENTURE-­‐FILLED  CITY  OF  CHATTANOOGA  THERE   WAS  A  GIRL  NAMED  MARY  BETH,  IN  OTHER  WORDS,  ME.    I  AM  ONLY  TEN  YEARS   OLD,  AND  I  LIVE  WITH  MY  FAMILY  IN  A  SMALL,  QUIET  NEIGHBORHOOD.    THIS  IS   THE  PERFECT  SETTING  FOR  ME  BECAUSE  I  LOVE  BOOKS!    A  FAVORITE  PASS  TIME   FOR  ME  IS  READING.    TO  MY  FAMILY  AND  CLOSEST  FRIENDS  I  AM  KNOWN  AS  THE   USANE  BOLT  OF  READERS  OR  MORE  COMMONLY  STATED,  SUPER  READER.   130  

One morning  while  I  was  reading  my  usual  skyscraper  stack  of  books,  the   head  librarian  of  the  Chattanooga  Public  Libraries  called  me  in  extreme  distress.     She  said,  “I  need  your  help  please!  Wait  you  are  Mary  Beth,  The  Super  Reader,    right?”     “Yes  I  am.    What  do  you  need?”  I  asked.    She  cried  in  her  most  desperate  librarian   hush,    “Mayor  Ron  Littlefield  is  going  to  close  all  the  libraries  in  Chattanooga!”    I  said   “O.K.    I  have  a  guaranteed,  fool-­‐proof,  outstanding  plan  to  save  Chattanooga's   libraries!    I  will  challenge  the  mayor  to  a  read  off.”    I  jumped  out  of  my  beanbag  as   quick  as  a  wink  so  I  could  call  the  mayor.    When  I  called  no  one  answered  so  I  left  a   message.    This  is  what  it  said.    Mr.  Mayor  this  is  Mary  Beth  Propes,  Super  Reader,   and  I  challenge  you  to  a  read  off.      If  I  win  all  libraries  will  stay  open.    If  you  win  you   can  continue  with  the  plan  that  will  doom  and  devastate  all  the  readers  in   Chattanooga.    Meet  me  at  the  downtown  library  at  three  o'clock  tomorrow.    The   book  I  had  in  mind  for  us  to  read  was  as  thick  as  a  tree  trunk!      The  next  day  I  got  to  the  library  at  two  thirty,  and  was  pacing  like  a  caged   animal.    The  mayor  got  there  at  exactly  three  o'clock.  I  wasn't  nervous  at  all,  O.K.,   maybe  a  little.    The  librarian  got  out  her  stop  watch,  ”On  your  mark,  get  set,  read!”   she  yelled.  “Shhhhh!”  said  everybody  else.    We  were  off!    I  was  reading  so  fast  that   steam  billowed  out  of  my  book.    I  had  been  going  for  two  whole  hours!  “Done!”  I  said.     I  finished  all  twelve  chapters  before  the  mayor  had  read  half  the  book.  “Well  looks   like  you're  the  real  deal  kid,”  said  the  mayor.    All  the  librarians  cheered  until  the   building  shook  like  an  earthquake.    After  the  read  off  we  had  a  huge  celebration!    At   the  celebration  we  had  cake  that  looked  like  an  open  book,  it  said  congratulations   Mary  Beth.    Even  the  mayor  came  to  encourage  me!    We  were  as  loud  as  a  siren  and   as  busy  as  bees,  but  it  was  really  fun.    Also  the  librarians  named  the  new  library   after  me,  it's  called  the  Mary  Beth  Propes  Library  of  Chattanooga.                   The  next  day  I  received  a  call  from  the  President  of  the  United  States!    He   wanted  me  to  come  to  Washington,  D.C.    I  was  so  excited  I  almost  exploded  like  a   firecracker.    We  packed  our  suitcases  and  were  on  our  way.    It  seemed  we  got  there   as  fast  as  a  bullet  train.    We  were  ushered  into  a  gleaming  white  limo  and  taken  to   the  best  hotel  in  Washington.    An  hour  later  we  were  invited  to  the  White  House   where  I  received  a  dazzling  award.    It  was  called  The  Best  Reader  In  The  World   Award.    As  I  held  the  award  in  my  hands  I  beamed  as  big  as  Jupiter.    That  is  the  story   of  how  I  saved  all  the  libraries  in  Chattanooga.     Mary  Beth  Propes   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary  School   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN    37343   Mrs.  Todd       The  Blue  Kid     One  rainy  day,  in  the  great  country  of  Jerusalem,  Chet  Bradford,  Slick  Libone,   and  Bobby  Thursday  were  hiding.    The  year  was  1895  during  Germany’s  reign,  ruled  


by Adolf  Hitler,  the  tyrant.    We  all  know  that  Hitler  loved  power,  but  what  about  his   other  interests….like  the  Atlantis?       That  rainy,  gloomy  day  was  like  no  other,  for  on  that  day,  the  three  children   unlocked  the  key  that  Adolf  had  been  looking  for  his  entire  life…the  key  to  the   Atlantis.    Chet,  Slick,  and  Bobby  were  hiding  from  two  German  soldiers  and  five   tanks  that  were  led  by  soldiers.    There  was  one  more  person  hiding  with  the  three   kids.    I  forgot  to  tell  you  about  that.    But  before  I  tell  you  that  story,  let  me  tell  you   this  one.    Chet,  Bobby,  and  Slick  were  taking  a  swim  in  the  year  of  1891,  before  Adolf.     Slick  recognized  something  that  looked  like  a  blue  log,  but  as  it  came  closer,  it   appeared  to  be  a  blue  kid  about  their  age!    His  name  was  Kai.       Kai  said  in  a  tired,  but  alarmed  voice,  “WHO  ARE  YOU?!!  What  do  you  want   with  my  people?”   “We  don’t  want  to  hurt  you!”  Bobby  exclaimed.   Kai  started  to  calm  down,  but  still  shocked,  he  said,  “Where  am  I?”   Slick  assumed  this  was  a  prank  set  up  by  his  friends.    Slick  said,  “It  looks  like   you’re  from  the  Atlantis!”   Kai  said,  not  knowing  it  was  a  joke,  “How  did  you  know?”   Chet,  Bobby,  and  Slick  shuddered  at  this  sentence.    That  one  sentence   changed  their  very  lives.    Now  back  to  Chet,  Bobby,  and  Slick  hiding.    While  the   soldiers  patrolled  the  streets,  they  caught  a  glance  at  the  four  kids  running  to  the   clock  shop  where  Corrie  Ten  Boom  lived.    Maybe  this  very  strange,  blue  kid  was   from  the  underwater  world  of  the  Atlantis!     Grant  Rice   Grade  5   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,    Chattanooga,  TN    37421   Mrs.  Alosi     The  Hill     “Are  we  there  yet?”  I  asked.       “Almost,”  Micah  said,  exhausted.    We  had  been  walking  our  bikes  up  the   biggest  hill  we  could  find.    “Okay,  we’re  here,”  Micah  celebrated.       “Who’s  going  first?”  I  asked.   “I’m  not!”   “Well,  I’m  not  either!”   “Here,  I  know  what  to  do.”   “What?”   “Rock,  paper,  scissors.”   “Okay,  that’s  fair.”   I  won,  so  he  had  to  go  first.    “Ha!    You  have  to  go  first!”   “Alright,  alright,  I’ll  go,”  he  said.   “Well,  what  are  you  waiting  for?    Go!”   “1,  2,  3!”  we  said  together.    ZOOOOOM!    He  went  flying  down  the  tyrant  hill.  


“Alright, Nolan,  your  turn!”  he  yelled  from  the  bottom  of  the  hill.    There  had   been  an  intersection  a  the  bottom  of  the  hill,  so  he  would  watch  out  for  cars.       “Here  I  go,”  I  whispered  to  my  scared  self.    I  put  pressure  on  the  pedal  ever  so   lightly.    “Oh,  this  isn’t  so  baaaAAAAD!!!”  I  felt  like  I  was  going  at  light  speed.    Then,   the  scariest  words  I  ever  heard:    “STOP  NOLAN,  CAR!”    Micah  was  going  nuts.    I  was   too,  but  in  my  head.    All  I  could  think  to  do  was  pedal  faster,  you  know,  to  try  to  beat   the  car.    When  I  finally  made  it  to  the  intersection  the  car  was  two  feet  away  from   me…       Nolan  Rodriguez   Grade  5   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Blake     Toro's  Wish       There  once  was  a  cat  named  Toro  Inoue.  Toro  was  a  very  strange  cat.  He   walked  like  a  human,  he  acted  like  a  human,  and  he  played  with  a  humans  toys.  This   all  happened  because  he  had  a  very  special  wish.  Toro  had  a  dream  that  one  day  he   will  become  a  human.  One  day  he  was  searching  for  old  stuff  in  his  room.  He   sneezed  as  the  dust  bunnies  flouted  around  the  room.  He  peeked  in  the  shelf  that  the   dust  had  came  from.  His  eyes  grew  wide  as  his  body  shook  with  excitement.  He   found  a  notebook,  but  not  just  any  old  notebook.  The  notebook  had  said  something   about  humans.  That  made  him  excited.  His  furry  fingers  flipped  through  the  old   wrinkly  pages  and  his  eyes  wandered  through  the  text.  The  book  stated  that  one  of   your  biggest  wishes  may  come  true  if  you  fill  out  the  entire  notebook  with  new   things  you  learn  that  relate  to  your  wish.  Toro,  now  feeling  courageous,  grabbed  his   friend  Kuro  and  ran  to  the  outside  world  to  find  out  everything  he  could  about   humans.     "Toro,  you  don't  have  any  human  friends.  What  is  there  to  find  out  about   humans  if  you  don't  know  any?"  Kuro  questioned.     "I  know,  let's  ask  Pierre!  He's  been  around  lots  of  humans.  His  owner  is  a   punk!"  Toro  answered.  Pierre  is  one  of  Toro's  greatest  friends,  even  though  he  is  a   dog  and  Toro  is  a  cat.  Toro  and  Kuro  scampered  to  Pierre's  dog  house.  Toro  waited   for  Pierre.  Pierre  looked  at  Toro.       "What's  up,  Toro?"  Pierre  barked.    Toro  showed  him  the  notebook.       "I  want  to  learn  about  humans,  so  we  thought  you  might  tell  us  a  little  bit   about  your  owner."  Toro  told  him.  Pierre  sat  there  for  a  while.  Kuro  started  to  get  a   little  impatient.  Pierre  finally  looked  up  and  smiled.       "I  think  I  know  the  place  for  you!"  Pierre  barked.  Pierre  lead  Toro  and  Kuro   to  a  park.  Humans  were  everywhere!  They  were  spray  painting  walls,  trees,  and   benches!  They  were  listening  to  heavy  metal  music  that  made  Kuro  feel  like  he  was   deaf.     "What  kind  of  park  is  this?  The  music  is  terrible!"  Kuro  groaned.   133  

"Don't worry,  it'll  be  over  before  you  know  it,"  Toro  cheered.  The  group   ambled  around  the  park  and  asked  many  questions  to  all  the  punks  there.  A  few   minutes  later,  Toro  finally  found  the  last  person  in  the  park  and  questioned  him.     "What  do  you  like  to  do  when  you're  bored?"  Toro  asked.     "I  like  to  smash  all  of  the  valuable  things  in  my  house  when  my  parents  aren't   home!  Rock  on!"  He  shouted.     "What  is  your  favorite  childhood  memory?"  Toro  continued.     "Definitely  smashing  things  and  blaming  it  on  my  little  brother,"  the  Punk   howled.  This  dialogue  continued,  and  it  eventually  got  to  the  point  where  the  Punk   was  bored  and  left  the  park.     "What  do  we  do  now?  The  notebook  is  almost  full!  What  should  we  put  for   the  last  line?"  Toro  asked.  The  group  contemplated.     "I  got  it!"  Kuro  cheered.  "Humans  can  make  wishes  just  like  cats  do!"     "That's  a  crazy  idea,  but  it  just  might  work,"  Toro  declared.  Toro  gripped  his   pencil  and  filled  out  the  last  line  in  the  book.  As  he  wrote  the  period  to  the  sentence,   the  book  started  to  glow  a  bright  orange.  Toro  and  Kuro  both  flinched  in  amazement.     "Make  you  wish,"  a  deep  voice  commanded.     Toro  closed  his  eyes  and  whispered,  "I  wish  to  become  a  human."  Suddenly,   the  environment  around  him  started  to  glow,  but  Toro  still  kept  his  eyes  closed.   After  about  a  minute,  Toro  cautiously  opened  his  eyes.  To  his  amazement,  he  was   back  in  his  house.  Toro  looked  at  himself,  but  noticed  something  was  wrong.     "Hey!"  Kuro  whined.  "You're  not  a  human!"     "What  a  rip-­‐off!"  Toro  cried.  He  turned  around  and  noticed  the  notebook  on   his  desk.  He  picked  it  up  and  the  notebook  began  to  speak.     "It  does  not  matter  whether  you  are  a  cat  or  a  human,"  the  book  bellowed.  "It   matters  what  you  are  inside.  On  the  inside,  you're  a  human.  However,  on  the  outside,   you  will  forever  remain  a  cat,  and  there  is  absolutely  nothing  wrong  with  that."  A   smile  began  to  sprout  across  Toro's  face.     "Right,"  Toro  nodded.  "Maybe  being  a  cat  isn't  so  bad."     Kailey  Rowin   Grade  5   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard   Mrs.  Crosby     Broken     Bam!  All  I  saw  was  mulch  for  a  second  as  a  surge  of  pain  ran  up  my  arm.  I  had   just  fallen  at  a  park  in  Colorado  that  my  cousin  had  shown  me.  My  mom  hadn’t  seen   me  fall  because  she  was  helping  my  sister  on  the  monkey  bars.  I  looked  at  my  arms   to  see  if  there  were  any  scrapes,  but  what  I  saw  was  way  worse  than  a  scrape.  It   looked  like  someone  had  taken  my  arm  and  bent  it  like  a  bendy  straw.  I  walked  over   to  my  mom  to  tell  her  I  broke  my  arm.   The  next  thing  I  knew  I  was  in  the  car  going  to  pick  up  my  dad.  “Which  hospital  are   you  going  to?”  he  asked  as  soon  as  he  got  in  the  car.   134  

“I don’t  know,”  my  mom  replied.   “How  about  calling  Uncle  Brad?  I  added,  “He’s  a  doctor.”   “I  called  him,”  my  dad  replied.    “He  said  to  go  to  Poudre  Valley  Hospital.”   My  dad  typed  it  into  the  GPS  and  in  a  couple  of  minutes  I  standing  at  the  front  desk   of  the  Poudre  Valley  Hospital.    They  put  me  in  a  wheelchair,  placed  a  bracelet  on  my   wrist  with  my  name  on  it  and  pointed  me  to  a  “non-­‐sick”  area.    A  few  minutes  later  I   heard  my  name  called.    I  was  rolled  back  to  an  all  white  room  and  helped  into  a  bed   in  the  middle  of  the  room.   “Do  you  want  me  to  try  and  take  your  shirt  off  or  cut  your  shirt  off?”  the  nurse  asked   me.  I  told  her  to  cut  it  off  because  I  was  in  enough  pain  already.   After  that  she  hooked  me  up  to  a  bunch  of  wires  and  took  my  blood  pressure.    A   doctor  cam  in  and  asked  me  what  happened.    I  told  him  how  I’d  fallen  off  a  piece  of   playground  equipment.    A  little  later  another  doctor  came  in  and  asked  me  what   happened.    I  told  him  the  same  story.    Then  a  nurse  came  in  and  asked  me  what   happened.    I  told  her  the  story.    Then  another  doctor  came  in  and  said,  “What   happened?”   Tired  of  relaying  the  same  story  over  and  over,  I  replied,  “I  broke  my  arm.”   “I  can  see  that,  but  how  did  it  happen?”  he  asked.   “I  fell,”  I  said.    My  arm  was  killing  me  and  I  had  already  answered  that   question  several  times.    After  he  left  my  dad  explained  that  they  were  making  sure   the  story  was  true  and  than  I  hadn’t  been  hit  by  my  parents  or  in  some  sort  of  other   accident.   After  that  doctor  left,  a  nurse  came  in  and  said  she  was  going  to  give  me  some   medicine  that  would  put  me  to  sleep.   I  woke  up  to  my  own  cries.  “Ow!    Stop!    Please  stop!”    I  opened  my  eyes  and   saw  4  doctors  and  1  nurse.    They  were  holding  me  down  and  squeezing  my  broken   arm  which  was  in  a  temporary  cast.    It  hurt  so  bad.    My  mom  came  in  while  my  dad   went  to  buy  me  a  shirt  to  wear  out  of  the  hospital.    He  came  back  holding  a  white   and  green  fabric.    He  held  the  cloth  out  to  me  and  I  noticed  it  was  a  shirt.    He  held  it   up  and  I  saw  that  it  said,  “Colorado  State”  across  the  front.   “Thanks,”  I  replied  as  a  doctor  walked  in.  He  handed  the  X-­‐rays  to  my  dad   and  told  me  I  could  go.    My  mom  helped  me  slip  into  the  shirt.    With  a  broken  arm,  it   was  difficult.    I  slid  out  of  the  white  bed  and  into  a  wheelchair.    A  nurse  rolled  me  out   of  the  hospital.    My  dad  ran  to  get  the  car  and  we  rode  away.   That  is  how  I  broke  my  arm.     Henry  Sisson   Grade  5   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Garvich       The  Third  World  Harp    


Peter is  just  a  normal  boy  in  a  boring  place  like  always.    He  was  never  really   happy;  he  was  mostly  a  negative  child.    All  he  really  wanted  was  a  guitar  with  a   silver  base,  flames  on  the  side,  and  a  golden  handle.    He  was  only  fourteen  years  old,   but  he  acted  like  the  devil’s  son.     One  foggy,  yucky  morning,  Peter  opened  his  light  baby  blue  eyes,  sat  up,  and   huffed  like  a  bull.    He  wouldn’t  usually  talk  much.    He  would  just  give  you  a  snarling   look  on  his  face.    He  slowly  got  out  of  bed,  when  he  heard  his  parents  call  him  to  the   dinner  table.    Once  he  arrived  at  the  table,  his  parents  said  they  had  some  news  for   him.    His  mom  exclaimed,  “We  bought  you…”  Peter  became  excited.    “A  harp!”     Peter  was  now  a  bit  upset,  because  he  didn’t  get  the  guitar  he  wanted.    He   had  clearly  told  his  parents  that  he  wanted  a  guitar  and  not  a  stupid  harp.    He   yanked  the  harp  out  of  their  hands  and  took  it  upstairs  to  his  room.    Peter  sat  down   on  his  bed  and  played  a  soft  tune  like  a  cool  breeze  in  the  summer  to  calm  him.    He   closed  his  eyes  for  at  least  a  minute  and  then  opened  them.    He  now  realized  that  he   was  in  the  jungle!     Peter  was  a  bit  nervous  to  be  out  alone.    He  didn’t  know  what  to  do.    Peter   realized  that  he  didn’t  pack  any  food,  because  he  wasn’t  expecting  to  be  there.    Peter   went  searching  in  the  jungle  for  food.    He  slowly  turned  around  and  their  dangling   from  a  tree  was  a  banana.    Peter  snatched  the  banana  off  the  tree  and  ate  it.       After  that,  he  headed  back  for  the  harp.    He  had  to  cut  through  bushes  and   swing  on  vines.    Then,  he  finally  made  it  to  the  harp.    He  tried  playing  a  perfect  tune,   but  couldn’t  get  it  right.    He  thought  hard  and  remembered  the  tune  he  played  to   calm  him.    Peter  played  the  tune  and  closed  his  wet,  blue  eyes.           Once  he  opened  them,  he  was  in  his  room  at  home.    He  opened  his  door  and   ran  downstairs.    His  mom  asked  where  he  went  all  that  time.    Peter  answere,  “IT  is  a   long  story.”     Devin  Smith   Grade  5   North  Hamilton  County  Elementary   601  Industrial  Blvd.    Sale  Creek,  TN  37373   Mrs.  Mallory       What  Did  Rod  Find?                            Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  I  smashed  down  as  hard  as  I  could  on  my  dreadful  alarm   clock.  I  walked  down  our  cold  hard  wooden  stairs  to  the  kitchen.  I  saw  something   delicious  sitting  on  the  counter.  I  walked  over  to  see  pancakes  with  butter  drizzled   in  syrup.  I  was  about  to  eat  my  delicious  breakfast  when  Quack!  Quack!  Quack!  I   picked  up  our  duck  phone  that  my  mom  found  at  a  garage  sale.  At  first  I  couldn’t   understand  what  the  person  was  saying  he  was  talking  so  fast.  I  realized  it  was  Rod   telling  me  I  needed  to  come  quick  and  see  what  he  had  found.  Without  asking  my   mom  I  took  off  running  as  fast  as  I  could.  While  I  was  sprinting  I  thought  to  myself.   What  if  he  didn’t  find  anything  and  he  was  playing  a  trick  on  me,  or  he  found   something  amazing  like  an  alien  or  something?  Well  I  will  just  have  to  find  out  when   I  get  there.   136  

When I  got  to  Rod’s  house  I  couldn’t  find  him.  I  was  looking  around  when  I   found  Rod  starring  at  something  that  looked  like  a  nest.  I  walked  over  to  see  some   type  of  eggs.  Rod  and  I  didn’t  know  what  kind  they  were.  We  put  on  gloves  and   brought  the  eggs  inside.  We  went  to  the  computer  and  started  looking  up  pictures  of   eggs.  It  took  us  an  hour  and  we  still  couldn’t  find  a  picture  that  looked  the  same.  We   decided  to  take  a  break.  After  about  3  hours  we  went  back  to  our  search.                          I  was  looking  at  this  one  egg  and  it  looked  exactly  like  the  one  we  have.  The   information  told  me  that  it  was  a  multi  –  colored  parrot.  Its  population  was  about   250.  I  told  Rod  how  we  should  keep  the  eggs  and  raise  multi  –  colored  parrots.  Rod   wasn’t  on  board  with  the  plan.  I  told  him  how  we  would  get  popular,  how  it  would   be  cool,  and  how  it  would  help  us  with  our  parenting  and  babysitting  skills.                            The  multi  –  colored  parrot  would  help  us  get  popular  at  school.  No  one  in  the   world  of  children  would  have  one  except  us.  They  would  want  to  know  what  it  was   like  having  a  multi  –  colored  parrot  and  if  it’s  a  good  pet.  Everybody  would  want  to   know  and  we  would  have  so  much  attention.  With  that  attention  we  would  become   popular.  The  multi  –  colored  parrot  would  be  cool  to  have.  Just  think  you  get  a   colorful  parrot  that  can  speak  to  you  and  looks  awesome.  It  is  endangered  so  I   would  kind  of  be  scared  because  if  it  died  everybody  would  hate  us.  There  are  some   negatives  from  having  this  colorful  parrot.  It  would  still  be  cool  to  have  and  fun  to   play  with.  The  colorful  parrot  would  help  us  at  parenting  and  babysitting  skills.  We   would  have  to  provide  it  with  what  it  needs,  food,  water,  and  shelter.  We  would  also   have  to  clean  up  messes  and  make  sure  everything  is  in  good  shape  for  them.  There   are  negatives  to  this  one  to.  If  you  have  a  cat  or  dog  they  might  try  to  kill  the  colorful   parrot  and  make  it  even  more  endangered.                            We  started  taking  care  of  them.  At  first  it  wasn’t  so  bad,  but  it  got  worse  and   worse  every  day.  We  looked  online  for  more  information  and  it  told  us  they  act  very   strange  when  they  can’t  be  free.  Rod  and  I  had  a  long  talk  about  whether  we  should   keep  the  parrots  or  not.  After  1  hour  we  decided  to  let  them  go.                            Rod  and  I  didn’t  want  to  let  them  go,  but  we  had  to  so  we  took  them  outside.   We  both  told  our  parrots  to  be  free.  We  let  them  go  and  started  waving  good-­‐bye.   We  went  back  inside.  I  told  Rod  I  had  to  go  home  and  my  mom  is  probably  worried   sick.  Boy,  did  I  have  an  unpleasant  surprise  when  I  got  home.                          She  asked  me  where  have  you  been  and  I  told  her  that  I  was  at  Rod’s.  She  told   me  never  to  do  that  again.  I  got  5  spankings.  Baamm!  1  spanking,  Baamm!  2   spankings,  Baamm!  3  spankings,  Baamm!  4  spankings,  Baamm!  5  spankings,  and  on   that  fifth  spanking  I  woke  up.  Oh  gosh  my  bottom  hurts.  I  looked  up  to  see  my  mom   and  she  had  the  eyes  of  the  devil                         Aidan  Sowell   Thrasher  Elementary   1311  James  Blvd.  Signal  Mtn.,  TN  37377   Mr.  Wood       Talent  Show       When  I  found  out  my  school,  Hilger,  was  having  a  talent  show,    I  pushed  the   137  

idea aside  completely  and  ignored  it.  Even  though  my  last  name  is  Tallent,  it  doesn’t   mean  I  have  any,    I  remember  thinking.  Athough,  when  my  mom  said,  “Sydnee,  don’t   forget  you  could  play  the  piano,”  I  reconsidered.    That  night,  I  decided  I  would  be  in   the  talent  show.         On  the  night  of  the  talent  show,  I  walked  into  Hilger  and  smiled  when  I  saw   my  name  written  on  a  gold  star.    Besides  being  excited,  I  was  also  nervous.    “Next  is   Sydnee  Tallent!”  the  announcer’s  voice  boomed.    My  whole  body  was  shaking  as  I  sat   down  to  play  the  piano.    All  eyes  were  on  me.  As  I  started  to  play  the  “Chattanooga   Choo  Choo”,    I  got  lost  in  the  music.    My  nervousness  went  away  and  I  started   smiling.    When  I  was  done  people  clapped  and  whistled.  To  my  surprise,  I  actually   got  a  trophy.    Today,  it  sits  on  my  piano  so  I  can  look  at  it  whenever  I  play.     Even  if  I  didn’t  get  a  trophy,  I  would’ve  still  been  happy.    It  was  one  of  the   best  experiences  ever.    I  have  done  other  talent  shows,  but  this  one  felt  more  special   than  the  rest.    Later  on  in  my  life,  I’m  going  to  become  a  musician  and  learn  to  play   many  other  instruments,  specifically  the  drums.         Sydnee  Tallent   Grade  5   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Mrs.  George     My  Dad’s  Visit       My   dad   came   to   visit   me   for   Halloween.     He   dressed   up   as   a   clown   and   we   went   Trick-­‐or-­‐Treating   together.     He   looked   scary   in   the   clown   mask.     My   dad’s   mask  was  itchy  to  his  face  and  it  was  too  big.    I  was  dressed  as  a  demon  of  war.    It   had  glowing  eyes,  horns,  a  robe,  and  a  face  cover.    Afterwards,  we  went  to  eat  and   then  I  went  to  sleep.       The  next  day  I  played  with  my  friends,  worked  out  and  put  together  a  lego  set.     While  I  was  with  my  dad,  I  was  sick  for  a  while  but  later  we  got  an  air  swimmer  and   blew  it  up.    I  love  my  dad  and  his  visits.     Damon  Tinker   Grade  5   Scenic  Land  School   1200  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Mrs.  Higley     Corps  of  Discovery       Given  the  opportunity,  I  would  have  gone  on  the  Corps  of  Discovery.  One  of   the  reasons  I  would  have  gone  is  they  discovered  new  things.  They  discovered  new   flora  and  fauna.  Flora  and  fauna  is  plants  and  animals.  They  found  such  plants  and   animals  like  the  Gray  Rabbitbush  and  the  prairie  dog,  of  barking  squirrel  as  some   people  call  it.  They  discovered  new  waterways  to  the  Pacific  Ocean,  like  the   138  

Northwest Passage.  Also,  they  found  new  land  such  as  the  Oregon  Country,  which   the  United  States  of  America  claimed  later.  They  learned  about  new  people,  like  the   Native  Americans.  Some  examples  of  Native  Americans  are  the  Shoshone,  Sioux,   Mandan,  Clatsop,  and  many  more.   Another  reason  is  one  of  the  many  people  on  the  trip  was  a  woman  named   Sacagawea.  Lewis  and  Clark  found  Sacagawea,  and  her  tribe  the  Shoshone,  on  the   Corps  of  Discovery.  They  found  her  husband,  Charbonneau,  and  wanted  to  use  him   as  an  interpreter  for  the  Native  Americans,  and  had  to  bring  Sacagawea  along  with   them.  Later  Sacagawea  gave  birth  to  a  baby  boy  named  Jean  Baptiste  Charbonneau.   Sacagawea  was  the  only  woman  on  the  expedition  to  travel  the  8,000-­‐mile  trek.  She   helped  Lewis  and  Clark  discover  flora  and  fauna.  She  was  a  sign  of  peace  to  the   Indian  tribes.  Sacagawea  also  convinced  the  Shoshone,  her  own  tribe,  to  let  the   Corps  of  Discovery  borrow  their  horses.   I  think  going  on  the  Corps  of  Discovery  would  be  a  very  good  learning   experience.  They  learned  a  lot  about  the  Native  Americans.  Some  of  what  they   learned  about  the  Native  Americans  is  their  language  and  their  skin  color,  which   they  tried  to  rub  off  because  they  thought  their  skin  color  was  fake.  They  also   learned  about  different  plants,  animals,  people,  waterways,  land,  and  a  lot  more.   They  learned  about  what  they  do  and  where  they  are.  Lewis  and  Clark  spent  time   mapping  out  the  land.  They  learned  a  lot  by  mapping  out  the  land  and  discovering   where  things  in  the  land  where.   The  last  reason  is  the  Corps  of  Discovery  was  a  great  adventure.  They  went  to  the   Great  Falls,  saw  the  beauty,  and  have  the  adventure  of  traveling  and  being  there.   They  had  plenty  of  narrow  escapes  from  grizzly  bears.  Grizzly  bears  are  very   dangerous  animals,  but  Lewis  and  Clark  were  not  afraid  of  them,  because  they  had   rifles  by  their  side.  The  Corps  of  Discovery  did  not  know  what  was  out  there.  They   might  have  thought  that  everything  was  sunshine  and  rainbows,  but  a  grizzly  bear   could  be  sitting  right  beside  them.  They  could  have  thought  that  something  wild  and   ferocious  was  going  to  jump  out  from  behind  the  bushes  and  attack  them,  but  really,   they  were  about  to  find  a  new  species  of  animal  that  was  very  friendly.  These  are   some  reasons  why  given  the  opportunity,  I  would  have  gone  on  the  Corps  of   Discovery.     Isabelle  Torrence   Grade  5   St.  Nicholas  School   7525  Min  Tom  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mr.  Webb     Pharaoh       Let  me  tell  you  a  story  about  a  young  Egyptian  boy  who  turned  into  a  hero  by   crossing  the  desert  in  a  chariot  eating  only  grasshoppers  and  insects  that  flew  into   his  mouth.  But  that  is  not  really  true.  He  was  young  but  he  did  not  have  a  chariot.  He   only  had  the  clothes  on  his  back  and  one  little  piece  of  honeycomb  for  food.  He  did   not  eat  grasshoppers  or  insects  because  that  was  not  how  he  was  taught.  Of  course,   139  

he would  have  eaten  them  if  the  Roman  Empire  had  not  taken  him  away  from  the   small  Egyptian  civilization  where  he  was  born.       It  all  starts  when  the  boy,  Kai,  leaves  the  small  Roman  town  in  which  he  grew   up.  He  finds  the  small  Egyptian  town  where  he  was  born  but  it  is  now  a  giant  city  full   of  stone  columns  with  dancing  and  laughing  people  around  every  corner.  He   searches  around  the  town  asking  people  if  they’ve  seen  his  family.  A  young  woman   tells  him  to  check  the  fishing  market  and  gives  him  a  gold  piece.       At  the  fishing  market,  he  discovers  an  old  man  with  one  eye  missing.  The   man  stares  at  him  with  his  one  eye  while  Kai  asks  him  if  he  has  seen  his  family.  The   man  says  he  knew  Kai’s  family  very  well  and  that  they  have  been  taken  to  the  palace   to  work  because  they  could  not  pay  their  taxes.       Kai  goes  to  the  palace  right  away  to  try  and  find  them.  He  does  get  to  see  the   Pharaoh,  but  he  gets  angry  and  throws  Kai  into  a  pit  full  of  scorpions  in  the  desert.   Kai  can’t  believe  it  but  the  scorpions  don’t  sting  him.  Instead,  they  point  out  a  path   for  him  to  travel  and  lead  him  into  a  long  corridor.  He  notices  the  floor  becomes   stone  tile  and  not  sand.    He  lights  a  torch  and  continues  on  until  he  can  just  make  out   hieroglyphics  in  the  torch  light  on  the  wall.  Kai  notices  the  hieroglyphics  that  show   Cleopatra  being  taken  away  by  the  Roman  Empire.  Cleopatra  is  holding  a  tiny  baby.   Then  he  sees  a  village  which  he  recognizes  as  his  own  from  a  faint  memory.  He   wonders  what  it  all  means.     Kai  ends  up  finding  a  way  back  up  to  the  palace  where  he  finds  the  Pharaoh   on  the  roof.  He  asks  him  about  the  meaning  of  the  hieroglyphics  and  where  his   family  is,  but  the  Pharaoh  grabs  him  and  tries  to  push  him  off  the  palace  roof.  Kai   might  have  gone  over  but  a  scorpion  stings  Pharaoh  on  the  foot.  Pharaoh  gets  a   blank  expression  and  then  falls  off  the  roof  and  dies.       Kai  finds  his  family  and  releases  them  from  enslavement.  He  asks  his  family   about  the  meaning  of  the  hieroglyphics.  They  tell  him  that  Cleopatra  came  to  them   and  asked  them  to  take  good  care  of  him  because  she  couldn’t  anymore.  She  gave   you  to  us  and  asked  us  to  take  care  of  you  his  family  said.         Kai  became  the  next  Pharaoh.     Seth  Whitaker   Grade  5   Thrasher  Elementary  School   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Crosby     The  Drummer  Boy  That  Went  Behind  Enemy  Lines                                    POW!  BANG!  WHIZZ!  Was  all  I  heard  as  I  took  shelter  in  a  ditch.  I  was   supposed  to  be  out  in  battle  supporting  the  soldiers.    I  was  only  a  drummer  boy   what  was  I  supposed  to  do?  I  saw  a  man  next  to  me  except  he  was  dead.    I  wanted  to   cry  but  I  didn’t  have  time.  I  quickly  grabbed  his  musket  and  ran  back  towards  the   camp.      As  I  slowly  crept  into  the  camp  I  saw  some  people  dressed  in  gray.    My  heart   stopped  for  a  moment.    I  wasn’t  in  our  camp  I  was  in  the  enemy’s  camp!           140  

I slowly  backed  out  of  the  camp  praying  they  wouldn’t  see  me.    As  I  was   walking  out  I  thought:  A  drummer  boy  behind  enemy  lines?    The  general  would  be   proud  of  that.    I  hid  behind  a  tree  and  didn’t  look  back  for  what  seemed  like  an  hour.     Finally  I  decided  to  go  back  into  camp.  As  I  went  in  I  noticed  that  the  gray  coated   soldiers  were  gone.    My  heart  stopped…  what  if  they  were  sneaking  up  on  me?!?    I   dove  into  the  leaves  to  hide.    A  little  bit  later  I  came  out  and  I  didn’t  see  anyone  so  I   pressed  on.    But  to  myself  I  thought:  I’m  finally  behind  enemy  lines.     The  sound  of  gunfire  faded  away  as  I  went  deeper  and  deeper  into  the  camp.     Maybe  there  was  some  crucial  intel  to  their  strategies  in  the  battle.    At  first  I  didn’t   know  where  to  look  but  I  saw  someone  come  out  of  a  big  tent  carrying  a  form  of   some  sort.    I  automatically  knew  that’s  where  all  of  the  papers  were.    As  stealthy  as  I   could  I  slipped  into  the  tent.    I  would  need  a  disguise  to  just  walk  off  with  the  papers.     I  found  some  gray  coats  on  the  wall  and  felt  ashamed  when  I  put  one  on.    After  I  put   on  the  horrid  coat  I  found  some  papers  down  by  a  desk.  I  looked  through  them  and   found  some  plans  for:  attack,  strategies,  and  retreat.    I  heard  some  people  coming  so   I  quickly  acted  as  is  I  was  guarding  the  entrance.    I  couldn’t  believe  my  eyes!  It  was   General  Robert  E.  Lee!!!    If  he  noticed  that  the  papers  where  gone  I  would  be  dead  in   seconds!    Luckily  a  colonel  instructed  me  to  go  guard  the  prisoners.   With  a  sigh  of  relief  I  went  to  the  jail  cells.    Maybe  I  could  free  some  soldiers   while  I  was  there!    This  was  a  great  plan.    I  walked  up  to  the  bars  of  the  cell  and   whispered  “Pppssstt…  Hey  I’m  a  union  soldier,  I’m  gonna  set  you  guys  free!”       With  shocked  looks,  the  soldiers  replied  “Really!?!”     “Yeah,  I  got  the  key  right  here.”  With  a  quick  turn  the  door  flew  open.  “Ok   let’s  go,  this  way  c’mon”  I  said.     A  guard  shouted,  “HEY  PRISONER  ESCAPE!!!”     Oh  no…  I  looked  back  and  saw  about  15-­‐20  people  running  after  us.    I   thought  in  my  mind  “we’re  done  for”  as  I  saw  a  big  stack  of  gunpowder  barrels.    I   thought  of  my  musket  and  immediately  shot  at  the  powder.    With  a  big  explosion  all   of  the  men  chasing  us  fell  to  the  ground.    I  told  the  prisoners  to  find  some  guns.     They  found  some  rifles  in  the  armory.    We  were  about  to  have  a  big  showdown…   POW  POW  POW  went  the  rifles.    I  decided  we  were  outnumbered  by  a  lot  so  I  called   for  retreat  into  a  little  tunnel  running  through  the  hillside.    I  was  lucky  to  find  a   cannon  in  the  entrance  to  the  tunnel  and  I  fired  it  at  one  of  the  entrance  walls.    It   closed  off  the  entrance  and  we  ran  through  the  tunnel  to  the  other  side  of  the  hill.     Pant,  pant,  pant.    “I  think  we  lost  them.  Ok  let’s  get  back  to  camp  guys…”  I   said.    A  rebel  scout  saw  us  and  shouted,  “They’re  going  to  the  union  camp!!!!”     “RUN  GUYS,  RUN!”  I  screamed  as  we  sprinted  down  the  hill.    I  saw  at  least  2   or  3  soldiers  fall  and  thought  they  had  been  shot,  but  when  I  looked  back  at  them  I   saw  they  had  just  fallen.  Thank  gosh  they  weren’t  shot.  We  finally  lost  the  rebels  in  a   thick  forest  near  camp.    We  were  about  to  enter  the  camp  but  luckily  I  noticed  my   gray  coat.    I  took  it  off  to  put  on  my  blue  coat.  When  we  finally  walked  into  our  camp,   a  guard  shouted,  “Hey  where  have  you  guys  been?”  I  told  him  my  story  and  word   quickly  got  back  to  the  General  and  he  called  me  to  his  tent.      “So  you’re  that  drummer  boy  that  went  behind  enemy  lines?”       “Yes  sir,  I  am,  and  here  is  some  intel  I  found  in  General  Lee’s  tent.”       “I  hear  you  also  rescued  some  prisoners”  he  said.       141  

“Yes sir,  and  they  are  fit  for  battle.”       Then  he  gave  me  a  medal  and  said  “Wicks  S.  Woodard,  I  award  you  this  for   your  bravery  and  courage  while  gathering  intel  and  rescuing  imprisoned  soldiers.”     From  then  on,  I  was  known  as  the  “Drummer  Boy  who  wbent  Behind  Enemy   Lines.”                     Wicks  Woodard   Grade  5   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Blvd,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mr.  Wood           Hostile  Takedown       “What  did  you  say?”  Ryan  tried  to  yell  over  the  crowd.     “I  didn’t  say  anything,”  I  replied.    “It  was  probably  someone  else!    They’re  too   loud!”     “Next  class,  aboard!”  the  conductor  yelled  in  a  deep  voice.    Then  the  class  in   front  of  us  started  onto  the  trolley.    The  trolley  started  up  the  mountain.    SNAP!  We   heard  as  we  started  tumbling  down  the  hill!     “The  cable  snapped!”  someone  yelled  at  almost  the  same  time  the  trolley   took  off  the  roof  of  the  gift  shop.    Then,  then  other  one  crashed  into  the  boarding   part…where  we  were  at…then  everything  went  blank.     “Logan!    Logan!    Get  up!    The  trolley  is  going  to  explode!”    Ryan  yells  as  I   awake.  Then  suddenly,  he  grabs  my  arm  and  hoists  me  up.     “Come  on!  Ru…”  he  almost  finishes  as  the  trolley  explodes  sending  us  both   flying.    Me,  into  a  pole,  and  him,  into  the  bushes.    “Owww…”  I  try  to  muffle  through   the  pole.     “Uhhh,  Logan?”    Ryan  yelled  from  the  bushes.    “I  found  a  really  long  and  big   pipe,”  he  says  as  I  shuffle  to  him.    When  I  get  there,  I  was  kinda  disappointed  in  what   he  found.    A  sewage  pipe.    Which  leads  all  the  way  to  the  top  of  the  mountain.         “Wh..,”  I  start,  but  I’m  interrupted  by  a  shrill,  chilling  scream  from  the   mountain.     “We  have  to  get  up  there!    There  are  survivors!”  I  say  shoving  myself  into  the   pipe.         “Whatever  you  say,”  he  replies  sarcastically,  following  my  through  the  pipe.     We  spent  about  five  minutes  until  we  reached  the  top…then,  we  stopped  in   our  tracks…     “Go  get  the  explosives!    We  are  taking  over  this  place!”    Someone  ordered.     “Yes  sir!”  five  others  replied,  heading  toward  a  shack.     “1,2,3…we  run,  OK?”  I  informed.    “Ok,”  he  replies.  


“1…2…3!” I  quietly  order  as  we  speed  behind  the  guard  into  a  small  building.     As  soon  as  we  get  into  the  building,  I  spot  a  tranquilizer  gun  with  a  box  of  ammo   next  to  it.     “Nice,”  Ryan  whispers  to  himself.     “This  will  come  in  handy,”  I  reply.    Quietly,  I  grab  the  gun  and  an  ammo  belt   than,  I  search  for  an  exit.    I  spot  a  fire  escape  door  with  a  fire  alarm  next  to  it.  I  pull   the  alarm  and  dash  out  the  door  with  Ryan  following.    I  duck  behind  some  ammo   crates  and  hide.     Soon  crowds  of  soldiers  start  flooding  into  the  small  building.     “Head  toward  that  house,”  I  whisper,  pointing  to  an  old  looking  house.     “Ok,”  Ryan  replies,  heading  toward  the  house  going  around  to  the  back.     When  we  got  there,  Ryan  creeps  the  back  door  open  .    We  see  a  guard.    The  guard   was  tying  up  more  survivors.    I  creeped  the  door  far  enough  so  that  I  had  a  good   shot  with  my  gun.     “PPhht”  is  all  I  heard  as  the  dart  landed  in  the  center  of  his  back.     “Let’s  help  the  survivors!”  Ryan  yells  trying  to  untie  them.     Before  he  could,  all  the  doors  opened  with  white  light  emanating  from  them.     Men  in  white,  radiation  suits  barged  in…   …to  be  continued     Logan  Younce   Grade  5   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Worley     Why  Not  Let  Kids  Be  Green?     Downtown  Chattanooga  has  started  a  bike  program  called  Bike  Chattanooga.   I  enjoy  being  outside,  and    I  think  Bike  Chattanooga  should  be  available  to  kids  ten   and  up  as  long  as  you  are  with  a  parent.  Some  of  the  positives  of  the  Bike   Chattanooga  are  it  saves  gas,  it  is  quicker  than  walking,  is  good  exercise,  is  eco   friendly  and  available  twenty  four/seven.  Why  are  these  available  for  only  adults   eighteen  and  over?   Kids  should  be  a  part  of  this  program  if  supervised  by  parents,  because  we  should   share  in  saving  gas,  exercising,  and  helping  to  save  the  environment.  I  had  a  friend   from  North  Carolina  visit  recently,  and  we  went  downtown  to  eat  at  Blue  Grass  Grill   with  my  parents  and  thought  a  bike  ride  around  Chattanooga  would  be  fun  and  a   good  way  to  show  him  around.  We  could  not  ride  because  of  the  no  kid  rule.  There   are  so  many  kid  activities  and  places  to  explore  downtown;  such  as  Coolidge,   Lookouts,  Discovery  Museum,  and  many  others  and  bikes  would  be  an  easy  way  to   get  there.   I  am  really  not  sure  why  kids  cannot  use  the  bikes  except  for  the  risk  of   injury  for  kids.  If  kids  are  with  parents  it  makes  no  sense  not  to  let  them  participate.   You  have  to  pay  with  a  credit  card  and  since  kids  do  not  have  credit  cards,  kids   cannot  ride.  There  is  a  one  thousand  dollar  fine  if  you  break,  misplace,  or  lose  the   143  

bike, and  they  have  your  credit  card  number.  You  will  be  charged  if  any  of  these   things  happen,  so  they  are  protected  from  losing  their  property.  If  they  can  trust   eighteen  year  olds  without  adults,  I  think  they  can  trust  kids  ten  to  fourteen  years   old  since  they  cannot  drive,  and  they  will  be  with  their  parents.   Biking  downtown  is  a  fun  way  to  enjoy  and  explore  all  the  kid  and  family   activities  offered  in  downtown  Chattanooga.  Kids  my  age  should  be  able  to  enjoy  the   bikes  as  well,  not  just  adults!  We  can  also  help  save  gas  and  the  environment,  put   more  money  in  the  Bike  Chattanooga  business  by  paying  to  participate,  and  we  need   exercise  just  as  much  as  anyone  else.  That  is  why  I  am  asking  “Why  Not  Let  Kids  Be   Green?”     Jack  Young   Grade:  5   7525  Min  Tom  Dr.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mr.  Webb        

    [Grade  5  Poetry]     The  Tall  Man  

He  was  in  the  war   Where  he  heard  the  booms   He  jumped  up  and  saw  two  tanks   Get  back  they’re  about  to  shoot   The  tall  man  stood  still   He  protected  the  small  men  behind  him   He  was  very  brave   And  we  thanked  him     Ashton  Aguilar   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Todd     Day  at  the  Beach     A  beautiful  sight  to  see,   Beach  balls  being  tossed  thru  the  air,   144  

Conch shells  washing  up  onto  shore,   Dunes  of  white  sand  piled  high,   Everyone  is  happy  and  smiling,   Flying  seagulls  hovering  over  the  water,   Gathering  sea  shells  from  the  sand,   Hot,  smoldering  temperatures,   Ice  in  everyone’s  coolers,   Jelly  fish  swarming  in  the  sea,   Kids  playing  in  the  waves,   Light  houses  along  the  shore  line,   Minnows  swimming  in  schools,   No  sharks  spotted  in  the  water,   Off  the  pier  people  are  fishing,   Parasailers  over  the  clear  water,   Quickly  moving  crabs  with  red  claws,   Red  sun  burns  on  people’s  faces,   Sea  turtles  laying  their  eggs,   Toys  for  playing  and  digging  in  the  soft  sand,   Ultimate  Frisbee  being  played  on  the  beach,   Vicious  moving  currents,   Wakeboarding  all  day  long,   X-­‐tra  large  towels  for  laying  on  the  beach,   Yellow  polka  dotted  bikinis,   Zesty  soda  pop  drinks.     Kaden  Branum   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Todd     Water     Falling  to  the  ground   Relentless,  rushing  through  the  sky   Coming  down  calmly     Justin  Cox   Grade  5   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Ms.  Huffstutler     The  Classroom  is  as  Loud  as  the  Freeway     The  classroom  is  as  loud  as  the  freeway   145  

To stay  forever  is  a  nightmare   My  words  sometimes  confuse  people   I,  of  course,  hear  people  talking     To  stay  forever  is  a  nightmare   Why  won't  the  bell  ring?   I,  of  course,  hear  people  talking   What  to  write?     Why  won't  the  bell  ring?   I  don't  even  know  where  my  own  cat  sleeps   What  to  write?   A  story  or  a  poem?     I  don't  even  know  where  my  own  cat  sleeps   My  words  sometimes  confuse  people   A  story  or  a  poem?   The  classroom  is  as  loud  as  the  freeway.     Kaitlyn  Cunningham   Grade  5   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Everett  and  Ms.  Jones     Fireworks     Fireworks   crackling  in  the  sky     Fireworks   make  the  ooo’s     and  aaa’s  come  from   mouths  in  the  audience     Fireworks   are  the  exploding  stars   closest  to  Earth     Fireworks                     zig          zag       across          the     sky       146  

Alex Dwyer   Grade  5   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   1219  West  Mississippi  Ave.,  Chattanooga,  TN,  37405.     Mrs.  Agee       By:  Lauren  Hoffman     Cold  nights  turn  to  day.  Dusk  to  dawn.   On  this  hill,  Bethlehem’s  stars  are  like  diamonds  in  the  sky.   A  brush  of  air  blows  to  a  cold  shiver  down  my  back,   And  through  my  hair.   As  my  eyes  gaze  throughout  the  night,   I  find  myself  in  the  north  stars’  presence.   I  lay  down,   Focused  on  its  beauty,   I  tire  of  gazing,   And  white  flakes  of  icy  snow  on  my   Sleeping  cheek  fall.   When  I  awaken,  Bethlehem’s  stars  are  already  burnt  out,   My  joy  for  the  great  Bethlehem’s  stars  has  also   Burnt  out.  As  I  feel  a  light  happiness  inside  of  me   And  I  let  out  a  short,  happy  laugh  and  a  little  smile.     Lauren  Olivia  Hoffman   Grade  5   St.  Nicholas  School   7525  Min  Tom  Dr.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mr.  Webb     The  Life  of  a  Gymnast     Glittery  leotards,   Wrist  guards,   Train  hard,   Uneven  bars,   Sticky  chalk,   Bar  grips,   Middle  splits,   Floor  music,   Fierce  competition,   Difficult  decisions,   Lots  of  deductions,   Strict  coaches,   Pointed  toes,   147  

Painful stretching,   Back  handsprings,   Sticking  the  landing,   Gold  medals,   Tight  ponytails,   Vault  table,   Giving  it  all  you  got,   Lots  of  pressure,   Back  walkovers,   Rips  the  size  of  quarters,   Handstands,   Tumble  track,   Don’t  ever  look  back,   Heart  beating  a  mile  a  minute,   Front  tucks,   Back  twists,   Breath-­‐taking  layouts,   Balance  beams,   Floor  exercise,   Staying  tight,   Scary  looking  judges,   Perfect  ten  routines,   There  is  no  stopping  us  now,   Be  brave,     Be  strong,   That’s  the  life  of  a  gymnast     Grace  Hogue   Grade  5   Nolan  Elementary  School   4435  Shackleford  Ridge  Road,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Wood     Blue     Blue  is  the  sky   As  blue  as  the  ocean  waves   Crashing  on  the  shore   A  thrashing  bird  stuck  in  a  net   By  the  crashing  shore  line   Under  the  big  blue  sky   A  blue  towel  under  the  bird   A  bird  stuck  in  a  net   By  the  crashing  shore  that  lay  under  the  big  blue  sky.     Keeling  Kennedy   148  

Grade 5   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Boulevard,  Signal  Mountain,  TN  37377   Mrs.  Garvich    

Fall     Fall  is  as  chilly  as  playing  in  a  refrigerator   Fall  is  like  as  colorful  as  a  rainbow   In  Fall,  you  can  hear  crickets  alerting  you  that  summer  is  ending   In  Fall,  you  can  see  a  catalog  of  plants  and  animals.     Fall  is  as  beautiful  as  the  starry  night   You  feel  sadness,  deep  in  your  heart   Summer  is  ending   But  there  are  more  beautiful  memories  ahead     Fall  is  the  beginning  of  a  beautiful,  white  wonderland   You  excuse  to  throw  a  snowball   You  can  play  without  getting  stung   You  can  taste  the  Thanksgiving  feast  in  your  mouth     Halie  Lindeman   Grade  5   Red  Bank  Elementary  School   1100  Mountain  Creek  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Ms.  Russell     A  Box  of  Chocolates     A  box  of  chocolates     that  has  never  been  opened   is  a  world  of  opportunities     waiting  to  be  found     Take  one  out     close  your  eyes     open  wide   and  take  a  bite   it  might  not  be  your  favorite   but  it’s  the  path  you  chose     Don’t  give  up   keep  on  trying   because  life  is  a  mystery   and  so  is  a  box  of  chocolates     149  

Maya Johnson  McCauley   Grade  5   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Blake     Noah’s  Poem     I  know  you  know  I  love  you  so   So  please  don't  tell  anyone  you  know   I  feel  like  my  head  is  spinning   But  please  don't  tell  me  that  I  am  trembling   I  know  you  know  I  love  you  so   But  please  don't  tell  me  that  you  know     Noah  Martin     Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Todd       Rivers  I  Have  Known     The  Nile  so  hot,  so  brown  from  the  mud,     of  the  deep,  deep  ground  floating  through  the  villages.     Shaman  walk  around,  hippos  roar,  all   drink  your  wet  potion.    When  you  are  not  careful  enough,     a  crocodile  snaps  its  teeth.   Amazon,  your  creatures  float  under  boats,  creatures   whose  shadows,  whose  names  are  unknown  for  you.   There  a  kingdom  of  such  beauty,  it  takes  the  breath.   Oh,  Mississippi  even  wider   than  the  Tennessee,  you  both  float  through  factories.   Their  waste  kills  your  fish;  bridges  of  smoke  rise  everywhere.   Only  I  can  see  into  the  depths  of  such  grey  water.     Gesa  Nestler   Grade  5   The  Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Mrs.  Everett  and  Ms.  Jones     Creek     150  

Cold rushing  water  falling  into  a  pool,  swimming  and  swimming  until  it  gets  cool.   Making  sure  no  snakes  are  in  sight,  hoping  and  hoping  we  can  swim  all  night.   Laughing  and  playing  as  the  moon  shines  bright,  not  thinking  about  the  morning   light.   I  love  this  creek  more  than  I  can  think,  I  might  as  well  come  back  every  week.     Meg  Priest   Grade  5   Thrasher  Elementary   1301  James  Boulevard   Mrs.  Garvich     A  Bird's  Flight     Birds  fly  through  the  sky  with  speed  and  grace,   Tracing  their  course  brings  a  smile  to  my  face.   Their  colors  are  like  a  rainbow,   And  their  pretty  feathers  flow.   I  watch  them  fly  to  and  fro.   It  always  seems  like  they  are  in  a  race.     Mary  Beth  Propes   Grade  5   Ganns  Middle  Valley  Elementary  School   1609  Thrasher  Pike,  Hixson,  TN    37343   Mrs.  Todd       The  Molecular  World  of  Atoms     I  look  at  something.   Nothing  is  the  same.   I  see  a  giant  E  =  mc2  flying  toward  me.   Uh  oh!    An  atom  is  splitting.     Nothing  is  the  same.   The  blast  destroys.   Uh  oh!  An  atom  is  splitting.   Now  a  black  hole  is  starting.     The  blast  destroys.   Falling,  spinning  toward  the  black  hole.   Boom!   Nothing  is  the  same.     Mark  Wilson   Grade  5   151  

The Bright  School   1950  McDade  Lane,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Mrs.  Everett  and  Ms.  Jones      


[Middle School  Poetry]   The  Real  World       The  life  of  a  girl  is  supposed  to  be  easy.     Pop  stars,  boys,  and  everything  sleazy.     But  I  am  alive,  and  I  am  a  girl,     And  my  life  lies  inside  the  real  world.     Where  children  die,  some  at  their  own  hand,     And  not  everyone  lives  in  the  Promised  Land.     So  hike  up  your  skirt  and  take  a  long  look     At  the  world  where  most  happiness  stays  in  the  books.       Jaden  Akins     Grade  7     Ringgold  Middle  School     217  Tiger  Trail,  Ringgold,  GA  30736     Mrs.  Shirley  McDonald    

    Heartbroken     The  horses’  manes  glisten  as  they  gallop  along  the  gentle  slope.   Their  eyes  overflow  with  the  shimmer  of  everlasting  hope.   They  could  go  on  and  on  forever,  or  so  it  may  seem,   As  their  rugged  muscles  stretch  and  flex  confidently  as  they  lope.     They  move  swiftly  as  a  pair,  working  perfect  as  a  team.   The  water  flows  placidly  by  with  a  perfect  gleam.   The  trees  succumb  to  the  breeze  and  pleasantly  sway,   While  the  sun  shines  down  beam  by  beam.     The  duo  enjoy  this  Unblemished  and  flawless  day,   Making  an  exquisite  and  elegant  display.   It  is  a  natural  beauty  that  can’t  be  broken,   Yet  in  the  future  the  grandeur  will  decay.     There  is  no  interpretation  for  this  moment  that  can  be  spoken.   From  this  view  exhilarating  feelings  are  awoken.   ‘Tis  a  magnificent  portrayal  of  heaven,  yet  it  is  only  a  foretoken.   Departing  from  this  duet  of  placid  tranquility,  to  go  on  with  life,  will  leave  you…     Heartbroken.     Allison  Anders   Grade  8  Grade   Hilger  Higher  Learning   153  

1121 Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George  

Four  Seasons  at  the  Creek     In  the  season  of  many  colors,   I  kick  the  rotting  leaves  off  the  running  water   to  see  the  rain  water  flow  in  to  the  trees     where  it  disappears  to  nothing.   The  water  rushes  over  many  rocks,   as  mud  splashes  on  the  dying  grass.   The  smell  of  rotting  leaves   gives  me  the  sensation  that  fall  is  finally  here.   I  listen  to  the  sound  of  rustling  leaves,   as  animals  run  through  the  piles  of  colorful  leaflets  getting  ready  for  winter.     In  the  season  of  frost  and  icicles,   I  slide  down  the  hill  to  the  creek,     and  stop  right  before  my  snow  boots  touch  the  frigid  water.   A  blast  of  piercing  cold  air  numbs  my  skin,   as  my  nose  begins  to  change  from  white  to  red.   All  I  can  hear  is  snow  crunching  under  my  feet,   and  sticks  snapping  with  every  move.   Bursts  of  chills  go  through  my  body   when  pinch  of  snow  slips  in  to  my  boot,   to  make  me  wish  spring  would  come  quicker.     In  the  season  of  blooms,   I  walk  along  the  creek  hoping  to  find  the  end   knowing  I  never  will.   As  I  walk  through  the  creek  barefoot     the  mud  at  the  bottom  oozes  between  my  toes.   The  smell  of  blooming  flowers  and  freshly  cut  grass   fills  my  nose     letting  me  relax  for  just  a  moment.   The  feel  of  the  prickly  grass     is  almost  like  a  cure  to  all  the  problems  in  my  head.   I  dream  of  the  days  of  summer     when  I  can  attain  to  the  creek     and  let  my  thought  out  every  day.     In  the  season  of  sunshine,   I  sit  in  a  cool  puddle  below  a  showering  waterfall   hoping  it  will  hide  me  from  the  piercing  hot  sun,   yet,  I  already  feel  the  ball  of  fire’s  light  beams  hitting  my  face.   I  can  almost  smell  the  water,   154  

of leaves  and  pine.   I  hear  the  birds  calling  to  each  other,   as  I  fall  back  into  the  water,   and  a  wet  blanket  covers  my  ears,   while  the  whole  world  becomes  silent.     In  all  four  seasons,  the  creek  brings  me  back  to  the  days  of  my  childhood,   that  little  strip  of  water  brings  me  back  to  the  days  of  no  worries,   it  brings  me  back  to  the  days  that  were  full  of  play.   It  takes  me  back  to  yesterday.     Olivia  Bettis   Sixth  Grade     Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Amy  Cohen       Art     Painting  is  like  dancing  in  a  sea  of  wild  daisies.   It  expresses  who  you  are  and  where  you  come  from.   It  is  like  a  dream;   a  dream  that  reaches  beyond  anything  else  in  the  world.   It  is  where  people  find  happiness,  sorrow,  and  madness.   This  is  Art.     Dawson  Brown-­Ezell   Grade  7   CSLA   6579  East  Brainerd  Road  Chattanooga,TN  37421   Mrs.  Blentlinger     Truth     I’m  weak  in  this  moment   Festered  by  the  wound  in  my  mind   Believing  all  who  speak   Whose  words  my  flesh  always  finds   My  friends  are  beautiful   Aching  with  flawless  physiques   Contorted  by  marvelous  passions   While  I  lie,  craving  the  truth  in  being  unique   Their  accomplishments  glow  with  zeal.   I  fade  in  the  back,  cowardly.   I  hide  the  way  I  feel.   155  

They compliment  each  other     With  all  their  thoughts  alike.   I  reminisce  in  my  faults   They  laugh  rejoicingly  out  of  spite   I  am  not  jealous     Of  the  lives  they  presume  to  live   I  am  disgusted  by  their  oblivion   To  the  hell  most  of  us  live  in.   We  each  have  a  darkness   That  consumes  our  thoughts.   It  takes  control  of  our  emotions   And  if  allowed,  molds  us  with  every  shot.   Deliberately  we  push  it   Aside  to  grow  and  grow   How  long  will  we  let  it  sit  there   None  of  us  know   Our  depressions,  anorexics,  cutters,   A  more   Try  to  shadow  their  feelings   Why  aren’t  we  face  first  on  the  floor?   Help  them!  Help  them!     Carry  their  burdens  home.   Take  the  pride  off  your  chest   None  of  us  should  feel  alone.     Caleb  Burger   Grade  8   Heritage  Middle  School   19  West  Sims  Dr.,  Ringgold,  Ga,  30736   Mrs.  Parham     Verbalicious     Verbs  are  amazing!     Verbs  are  the  hustle  for  the  goal,  the  screaming  for  your  team.     Without  verbs,  we  couldn't  write.     Let's  be  honest,  verbs  are  the  base  of  the  world.     Without  verbs  like  scream  or  yell  or  shriek,     We'd  be  limited  to  mere  whispers  when  we  wrote.     Books  wouldn't  be  interesting,     Journalists  couldn't  journal.     Verbs  like  run  and  jog  and  bolt  show  that  we  run.     What  if  we  didn't  run?     Books  would  be  slow  and  no  one  would  read.     A  reporter  couldn't  report  what  had  happened.     156  

Words such  as  sit  and  lay  show  that  you're  on  the  floor.     And  what  would  happen  if  those  words  weren't  here?     We'd  have  to  say  stuff  like,  "I  sight  you  on  the  floor!"     See  is  a  verb,  too.     Slap,  punch,  and  hit  are  violent  verbs.     They  express  violence  and  without  them,  there'd  be  no  action!     In  books,  at  least.     And  what  would  we  say  out  loud?     Verbs  are  verbalicious!     They're  less  confusing  than  adverbs,     Because  adverbs  have  tons  of  different  forms     And  verbs  are  just  actions.     But  verbs  are  more  complicated  than  pronouns,     A  thing  many  people  don't  understand  themselves.     But  verbs  are  on  the  same  level  as     Adjectives.  And  I  like  adjectives.     Stretch,  smell,  act,  bounce.     They're  all  verbs.     A  world  without  verbs  would  be  a  pointless  world!     So  that's  why  I  say  this  world  is  a  Verbalicious  world.       Allison  Cook     Grade  7     Baylor  School     171  Baylor  School  Road     Chattanooga,  TN  37405     Ms.  Collins       Weeping  Willow     Draping  Willow  Tree   A  veil  of  hidden  secrets     Shields  what  hides  beneath     Kaylee  Cook   Grade  7   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George   What  is  a  poem?       A  poem  is  not  forced  upon.     A  poem  is  a  free  writing.     A  poem  is  not  what  someone  wants  you  to  write.     157  

It’s what  YOUR  heart  desires.     A  poem  should  not  be  graded.     A  poem  isn’t  a  test.     Poems  are  emotions  on  paper,     and  should  be  nothing  less.     So  is  this  a  poem?       Jack  Cutt     Grade  7     Ringgold  Middle  School     217  Tiger  Trail,  Ringgold,  GA  30736     Ms.  Brenda  Love       Candle  Dancing       She  dances  in  glory.     The  luminous  tendrils     of  warmth  extend  off  of  her  body,     and  she  stands  out  from  the  conformist  night.     Her  flickering  presence     frightens  me.     Her  fascinating  swaying  with  the  wind     comforts  me.     She  reaches  her  arms  out  and  dances.     Her  twirls  enrapture  the  modern  world,     creating  beauty  and  peace,     but  destroying  it  all  with  just  a  little  touch.     Who  could  have  known  such  delicate  beauty     could  be  so  very  dangerous?     Who's  sunny  arms  and  laughing  manner     could  destroy  us  all?     She  is  a  cold-­‐blooded  murderer     and  a  gracious  savior.     She  is  death  itself,     and  she  is  life.     Her  burning  tongues  lick  the  sweet  night,     and  she  keeps  the  world  safe.     She  destroys  our  homes  and  our  families,     and  she  helps  the  world  die.     She  is  Prometheus's  burden,     and  Humanity's  treasure.     A  metaphor  for  love;     so  beautiful  but  so  dangerous.     Why  so  violent?     Why  so  bright?     Your  beauty  never  fades  in  the  darkest  night.     158  

To me,  to  you,  everlasting  light.       Rose  Dallimore     Grade  7     Baylor  School     171  Baylor  School  Rd     Chattanooga,  TN  37405     Ms.  Collins       Love  Conquers  All     Her  golden  hair  flutters  through  the  wind,   Glittering  in  the  moonlight.   Her  lips  like  the  pedals  of  the  reddest  rose,   Sink  into  a  sad  frown.     His  eyes  like  chocolate  with  a  caramel  center,   Shift  to  his  brown  skin.   For  whom  could  a  girl  like  her  ever  be  able  to  love  him,   A  slave,  bound  to  chains,  by  her  white  father.     Her  porcelain  skin  with  her  sky  blue  eyes,   Could  never  love  a  slave.   But  oh,  she  did,  but  dare  not  tell,   Her  father  would  kill  him  in  an  instant.     Forbidden  and  torn,   Lost  without  love,   He  sank  to  his  knees,   In  the  soft  yellow  hay.     She  was  conflicted,   What  could  she  do?   She  couldn’t  turn  back  her  heart,   But  then,  she  knew,  there  was  something  she  could  do.     She  raced  to  the  barn,   He  sat  up  in  alarm,   She  unlocked  his  chains,   But  it  was  all  in  vain.     “What  are  you  doing,  Miss?”   He  said  with  surprise,   “Helping  you,”   Was  her  only  reply.   159  

His chains  fell  with  a  “clack!”   He  stood  tall,  on  his  feet,   He  said,  “Don’t  do  that.”   “Forever  a  slave  I  am  to  be,”   “I  cannot  be  free.”     She  started  to  cry,   As  tears  filled  her  eyes,   He  gave  her  a  quick  kiss.   She  whispered,  “Please  don’t  do  this.”     But  you  can’t  cheat  death,   And  you  can’t  cheat  fate.   What  is  can’t  be  changed,   And  what’s  done  cannot  be  taken  back.     The  girl’s  father  was  there,   Standing  at  the  barn  door.   Anger  traced  his  face,   And  she  sank  to  the  floor.     The  day  the  boy  was  killed,   Was  a  day  filled  with  despair,   A  day  filled  with  regret,   And  a  day  filled  with  guilt.     The  girl,  drenched  in  sorrow,   The  white  girl  who  loved  a  slave,   Cried  throughout  that  day,   But  she  knew  he  was  in  a  better  place.     For  you  can’t  cheat  death,     And  you  can’t  cheat  fate.   What  is  can’t  be  changed,   Unless  you  hope,  hope  and  pray.     Her  golden  hair  flutters  through  the  wind,   Glittering  in  the  moonlight.   Her  lips  like  pedals  of  the  reddest  rose,   Curl  into  a  crooked  smile.     His  eyes,  chocolate  with  a  caramel  center,   Shift  to  meet  her  blue  ones.   Love,  at  last,  is  found  again.   For  love  conquers  all.   160  

Grace Driskell   Grade  8   Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Poplar  Springs  Rd.   Ringgold,  GA  30736   Mrs.  Carlock  

  Sun  and  the  Wind     Oh  how  the  sun  shines  bright  in  the  wind.   Oh  how  the  sun  makes  the  grass  as  green  as  could  be.   The  wind  slithers  in  the  edges  of  the  grass,   Like  the  suns  rays  wiggle  in  the  sky.   The  wind  blows  across  my  face  like  a  blanket  of  water.   Oh  how  the  sun  is  a  soothing  site  in  the  morning.   How  the  wind  feels  through  my  hair,   And  the  sun  on  my  cheeks.   I  collapse  as  the  happiness  courses  through  me.   I  lay  in  the  grass  and  the  winds  comfort  me,   And  the  sun  warms  my  whole  body.   And  as  I  lay  thinking  to  myself,   Why   How   I  must  be…   Blessed!     Noah  Fernandez   Grade  6   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   Dina  Couch     Silent  Knocking     Someone  came  knocking     At  my  wee,  small  door;     Someone  came  knocking,     I’m  sure-­‐sure-­‐sure;     I  listened,  I  opened,     I  looked  left  and  right,     But  yet  to  be  stirring     In  the  still  dark  night;     Only  the  busy  beetle     Tap-­‐tap-­‐tapping  on  the  wall,     161  

Only from  the  forest     The  screech  of  the  owl’s  call     Only  the  crickets  talking     While  the  dewdrops  fall,     So  I  know  not  who  came  knocking     At  all,  at  all,  at  all.       Max  Gray     Grade  7     Signal  Mountain  Middle  High  School     2650  Sam  Powell  Trail  Chattanooga,  TN  37377     Ms.  Jennifer  McGann       Sorry   I  didn’t  know     I  thought  she  was  just  mean     That  she  all  of  a  sudden     Just  hated  me     I  was  too  young     To  know  what  happened     Why  she  stopped     Hanging  out  with  me     Or  talking  to  me     Or  started  being  mean     I  didn’t  know     Her  father  committed  suicide     I  thought  I  was  just     Not  cool  enough  for  her     I  didn’t  know     Why  her  brothers     Had  so  many  problems     I  thought  they  were  just  brutal     I  didn’t  know     They  were  all  there     When  he  did  it     I  didn’t  know     Why  she  started  shunning  me     Or  making  fun  of  me     I  didn’t  know     They  had  to  break  in  the  bathroom     And  find  him  dead     But  now  I  know     When  I’m  400  miles  away     With  no  way  of  contacting  her     162  

And telling  her     I’m  sorry.       Katharine  Gruber     Grade  8     Signal  Mountain  Middle  School     2950  Sam  Powell  Trail,  Signal  Mountain  TN  37377     Mrs.  Harwood         Not  There       I  watch  as  he  flutters  his  eyes     Dimmer,  Dimmer  he  seems     I  watched  him  pick  up  the  phone     Clammy  hands  shaking     He  isn’t  doing  well  I  thought     Why  bother  with  his  welfare     If  he  was  not  there     Without  thinking  a  tear  rolls  down  my  cheek     I  quickly  wipe  it  off     No  reason  to  feel  sorry     After  all,  He  was  never  there     On  the  floor  he  lays     And  he  goes  limp     Why  bother  though     He  was  never  there  anyway     Not  there,  Not  there       Savannah  Jackson     Heritage  Middle  School     4005  Poplar  Springs  Rd.     Ringgold,  GA  30736     Mrs.  Kim  Reeves       Dance     Ballet   Express  your  words   Move  your  steps   Feel  the  music     Be  yourself   Dance     Jazz     163  

Speak a  different  language     Through  movement   Dance     Pointe     Feel  strong   Straight  lines   Extension  of  movement   Dance   Dance       Erin  Knocke   Grade  6   Silverdale  Baptist    Academy   Dina  Couch         Cat  Kisses       Sandpaper  silk  striking  your  cheek     Leaving  wet,  loving,  goo  oozing  down  to  your  chin.     A  rumbling  machine  with  the  sticky,  ruff  tongue     Purrs  against  your  arm     A  trail  of  fur  and  a  sneaky,  whipping  tail,     Sharp,  young  whiskers  jabbing  your  neck     A  wet  pink  nose,     The  kind  grandmas  want  to  pinch.     Out  of  the  blue  comes  the  sweetest  kind  of  sound     One  that  no  sane  human  can  resist     A  quick  peep,     twirled  with  a  confident  roar     Trailing  leather  paws     Strutting  in  a  circular  path.     The  syrup  like  tongue  returns,     Spit  dampening  your  hair,     Its  rough  terrain  tugging  your  scalp     With  a  nip  on  your  chin,     The  predator  waddles  the  other  direction.       Virginia  McEvoy     Grade  7     Baylor  School     171  Baylor  School  Drive     164  

Chattanooga, TN  37405     Ms.  Conway       The  Water  under  the  Bridge   Flowers  bloom,  water  freezes     Birds  sing,  deer  run   Trees  die,  birds  fly     In  spring  the  flowers  bloom  on  the  bank  and  pebbles  slide  down  it   I  walk  down  with  a  book  and  a  notebook   Trying  to  read,  but  I  am  distracted  by  its  beauty     I  lie  by  it  wondering  what  other  places  I  will  have  like  this   I  hear  the  birds  sing     In  summer  the  water  is  still  freezing  and  the  sea  breeze  is  rubbing  against  my  cheek     I  dive  into  the  frigid  water     Pretending  I  am  a  mermaid  and  then  a  scuba  diver   I  play  with  the  fishes  and  crabs   The  only  thing  I  hear  under  water  is  the  water  rushing  against  the  rocks     In  fall  leaves  flow  down  it  and  there  are  no  fish  in  it   Trotting  down    slipping  on  every  leaf  that  is  on  the  ground   I  see  how  far  I  can  go  in  without  water  getting  into  my  rain  boots   I  hear  the  wind  whistle  and  the  tree  branches  hitting  each  other   his  is  the  last  time   I  say  goodbye  to  all  the  birds,  the  bridge,   And  most  of  all  the  stream  that  will  keep  my  memories  like  the  boulders  in  it.   This  place  you  hear  about  is  a  home  to  me,   Near  the  woods,  far  from  cities  on  the  ocean,  with  the  water  cold,   this  is  the  paradise  which  I  call  'the  water  under  the  bridge.     Colette  McMahon   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga  TN  37405   Mr.Stover       My  feet  sink  into  the  sand   As  the  water   Runs  across  my  feet.   I  hear  the  waves   Crashing  on  the  shore   165  

And feel  peaceful.   I  see  a  bright  pink  sun   As  it  sets  and  feel  as   I  once  did  when  I  was  a  youngster.  

Madalyn Mills   Grade  6   Hunter  Middle  School   6810  Teal  Lane   Ms.  Standridge       It’s  Not  the  End  of  the  World     My  mood  was  grumpy,   When  I  got  out  of  bed,   Today  was  the  big  day,   I  realized  with  dread.   Nothing  could  make  me  feel  better,   Or  calm  me  down,   That’s  what  I  told  my  mom,   As  we  drove  across  town.   Sitting  in  the  waiting  room,   My  heart  began  to  pound,   And  when  I  thought  of  all  the  scary  possibilities,   The  world  spun  around.   Suddenly  I  realized,   It  wouldn’t  be  so  bad,   There  was  no  reason  to  be  worried,   No  reason  to  be  sad.   When  my  name  was  called,   I  saw  all  the  smiling  faces,   It  wouldn’t  be  a  big  disaster,   I  was  just  getting  my  braces.     Arianna  O’Guinn   Grade  6   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George       The  Feeling  of  Winter     The  feeling  of  putting  on  your  fleece  clothes,   The  feeling  of  stepping  outside  into  the  freezing  snow,   166  

The feeling  of  snow  softly  melting  on  your  tongue,   The  feeling  of  putting  on  the  carrot  nose  of  your  family’s  snowman,   The  feeling  of  the  wind  whipping  your  hair  as  you  ride  the  sled,   The  feeling  of  the  freezing  snowball  attacking  your  face,   The  feeling  of  snuggling  with  family  under  big  blankets,   The  feeling  of  the  hot  chocolate  hitting  your  taste  buds,   The  feeling  of  that  warm  fireplace  warming  up  your  numb  toes,   The  feeling  of  Winter.     Genna  Parker   Grade  8   Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Poplar  Springs  Rd.,  Ringgold,  GA  30736   Mrs.  Parham     Dreams  Can  Change       I  thought  I  knew     Where  the  softer  bird  flew,     But  deep  inside  I  knew  how  I  was     I  wanted  to  change  my  dream     But  first  my  dream  changed  me     I  first  learned  how     When  my  dream  changed  me     I  couldn’t  change  it     When  I  wanted  to     Because  I  knew     Where  my  bird  flew     My  bird  flew  without  any  companions     My  bird  flew  in  the  fiery  deaths  and  gorges  of  the  Sun     Of  our  Earth  they  could  reach  me,     But  alone  in  the  Sun  I  was  crippled  by  the  heat,     And  could  not  reach  to  others  below.     I  believed  what  I  was  told     I  was  mislead  by  Earth     What  I  felt  on  my  skin  was  chill     Earth  is  the  Beast     But  I  stayed  because  it  was  guarded  and  free  from  harm     Unlike  the  Beast  we  call  home.     How  could  I  change  my  dream?     There  were  so  many  trying  to  be  my  dream,     Or  hand  it  to  my  wing.     But  my  real  dream  you  ask?     To  sing  with  great  altitude,     To  fly  with  great  range,     To  give  back  what  was  not  taken,     And  to  survive  by  those  who  can’t  dream  themselves.       Meg  Parry     Grade  8     Signal  Mountain  Middle  School    


2650 Sam  Powell  Trail,  Signal  Mountain  TN  37377     Mrs.  Harwood         If  I  Were  a  Cloud       If  I  were  a  cloud  I  would  be  grey  and  fluffy,     I  would  be  full  of  water  and  a  lit  bit  lumpy.     If  I  were  a  cloud…a  peaceful  little  cloud…     Would  I  be…GRUMPY?     Would  I  be  grumpy,  would  I  be  lumpy?     Would  I  have  a  slump  of  grey  humpy  bumpeys?     All  these  strange  questions,  all  the  complaints     I  think  my  cloud  should  just  walk  the  cloud  plank.     My  mind  is  so  blank,  would  my  cloud  smell  rank?     Could  I  have  made  a  mistake?     Mistakes,  mistakes,  little  mistakes  everyone  makes     So  is  that  why  everything  is  up  in  the  sky?     Yes,  that  is  the  answer  a  big,  big  relief.     No  need  to  worry,  no  need  to  blink.     Blink,  wait,  no  don’t  blink!     Don’t  blink  your  little  eyes  across  the  big  sky!     Just  be  you,  an  innocent  cloud,  no  lying  around…     If  I  were  a  cloud.       Veronica  Parton     Grade  6     Hixson  Middle     5681  Old  Hixson  Pike     Hixson,  TN  37343     Mrs.  Jessica  Holloway       Swimming  with  the  Dolphins     I  see  him  swim  in  the  saltwater  sea;     I’m  looking  at  him  as  he’s  looking  at  me.     He  glides  through  the  water  with  his  baby  soft  skin;     He  kisses  my  cheek,  and  he  waves  with  his  fin.     He  jets  through  the  water  like  a  high-­‐speed  missile;     Then  he  flips  in  the  air  at  the  whine  of  a  whistle.     He  returns  to  my  side  and  gives  me  a  stare,     As  if  he  has  several  secrets  to  share.     Then  he  circles  my  body  and  tickles  my  toes;     And  he  somehow  ends  up  with  my  feet  on  his  nose.     With  a  lightning  quick  flip  of  his  tail,  we  are  flying;     He  shoots  me  out  of  the  water  without  even  trying.     He  lowers  me  gently  then  gives  me  a  tug;     He  lowers  me  gently,  so  I  give  him  a  hug.     When  his  tricks  are  all  finished,  and  his  job  is  complete,     He  returns  to  his  trainer  for  a  yummy  fish  treat.     What  a  wonderful  creature,  so  gentle  but  strong;     When  he  speaks,  it  sounds  like  he  is  laughing  a  song.     In  a  watery  make  believe  world,  I’d  pretend,     That  I,  too,  am  a  dolphin,  and  he  is  my  friend.      


Bay Patten     Grade  8     Signal  Mountain  Middle  High  School     2650  Sam  Powell  Trail     Ms.  Harwood    

Adrift   In  a  shell  of  thick  green  glass     From  crest  to  crest  a  message  did  pass     Written  by  one  in  desperate  need     A  purpose  to  find  someone  to  heed     A  plea  for  help     A  call  for  aid     Another  helpless  soul  to  save     Then  came  along  a  vicious  storm     It  smashed  into  the  rocks  and  the  bottle  was  torn     Leaving  the  sender  to  an  undesired  fate     So  when  the  remains  were  found,  it  was  far  too  late       Tatiana  Poggi     Grade:  7     School:  Girls  Preparatory  School     School  address:  205  Island  Avenue,  Chattanooga  TN  37405     Teacher:  Ms.  Bullard      

Ode to  Snow     I  dash  to  peel  the  curtain  open   I  gaze  out  the  window  watching  it  fall   As  soon  as  the  snow  piles  up  high  enough,  I  run  to  it   I  jump  in  it,  then  reform  it  to  show  I  care   It's  winter's  favorite  daughter   Structure  of  the  snowman   Shovelers  worst  enemy   Tender  and  white   A  fluffy  sensation  that  makes  children  happy   Brings  smiles  to  little  faces   A  cold,  wet  precipitation  that  creates  joy   Keeps  family  together  during  holidays   Shows  family  times  expands  the  heart   Worst  of  blizzards  are  nail  biters   Dainty  snow  is  best   Stretching  your  tongue  out  to  capture  the  frosty,moist  snowflakes   Every  single  one  has  its  own  unique  design   Splashing  down  on  a  pile  of  other  snowflakes   Children  mold  them  to  make  snowballs  


Catapulting it  around,  busting  it  apart   Too  fragile  to  be  thrown  around   Too  meaningful,  too  valuable     Children  still  break  its  beautiful  formation  when  they  sled   They  swing  their  arms  and  legs  around   Creating  the  most  beautiful  snow  angel   The  delicate  snow  used  in  so  many  ways   For  me  it's  knitted  my  family  together   Displayed  to  me  that  family  is  most  important   Snow  has  brought  my  family  closer  by  trapping  us     Bailey  Priddy   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,Chattanooga,TN,  37405   Mr.  Fleissner       Imagination                                                                                                                       It  swirls  around  the  sky     Like  sparkles  on  a  drawing.   It  fills  your  heart  with  joy  and  happiness.     The  thinking  pops  here  and  there.     The  wonder  of  fantasy  of  a  child     Fills  the  world  with  joy.   Just  think  of  all  the  amazing  things     Beyond  or  around  you   That  is  one  thing  you’ll  have  to  find  out.   By  taking  a  step  forward  into  the  excitement.     Keny  Rafael-­Velasquez   Grade  6   The  Chattanooga  Girl’s  Leadership  Academy   1802  Bailey  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37402                     Ms.  Clear       Ode  to  Jacqueline     Oh  technology   lets  me  communicate  with  my  best  friend     Our  friendship   like  the  center  of  the  Earth   170  

it's strong  and  forever  lasting   you  cannot  see  it   you  can  feel  it     Our  sisterly  love  for  each  other   like  the  rotation  of  the  sun  and  moon   it  will  never  stop     Our  feelings   like  the  waves  on  the  beach   they're  good   they're  bad   we  can  always  share  feelings   we  know  the  other  will  always  help     Our  passions   like  the  various  types  of  pasta   different,  but  some  way  the  same     Our  reactions   like  the  opposite  of  a  disguise   we  always  know  what  the  other's  feeling   especially  when  were  talking  to  each  other     Our  fights   like  a  little  storm,  with  a  rainbow  at  he  end   we  fight  like  sisters   we  act  like  sisters   I  love  her  more  than  a  sister     Our  sports   like  the  way  an  art  teacher  loves  art   sports  are  our  biggest  passions   one  may  be  better  than  the  other   we  don't  care     She  is....   the  peanut  to  my  butter   the  water  to  my  melon   the  words  to  my  page   the  page  to  my  book   the  sweet  to  my  tea     Mostly....   Jacqueline  is   The  Best   171  

to my  Friend     The  person  I  am  today   is  half  because  of  her   Love  you  Jacqueline     Maddie  Reap   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Fleissner       El  Invierno/The  Winter       El  invierno  esta  aqui     y  yo  estay  muy  feliz     El  invierno  esta  aqui     lleno  de  felizidad     El  invierno  esta  aqui     sonriendo  para  to  y  para  mi     El  invierno  esta  aqui     porque  quiere  concer  al  mundo     El  invierno  esta  aqui     y  tralle  la  nieve  con  el     El  invierno  esta  aqui       The  winter  is  here     And  I  am  so  happy     The  winter  is  here     Filled  with  happiness     The  winter  is  here     Smiling  for  you  and  for  me     The  winter  is  here     Because  it  wants  to  meet  the  world     The  winter  is  here     And  he  brings  the  snow  with  him     The  winter  is  here.       Wendy  Reynoso     Grade  7     The  Chattanooga  Girl’s  Leadership  Academy     1802  Bailey  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37402     Mrs.  Reed    

Ode  to  the  color  yellow                                                         Oh,  bright  color  glistering    yellow,     You  bring  me  joy  and  laughter     172  

I see  you  you  when  I  rise  and     when  I  lay  for  a  good  nights  sleep.                                            How  would  I  cope  without  your  beautiful  light     No  other  color  could  suffice   In  many  different  shades  you  shine     But  to  me  no  shade  rises  above  the  rest     they  are  all  yellow     And  thats  what  matters  to  me                                                  If  you  were  parted  from  the  world.       There  would  be  no  color  to  separate     the  gloomy  day  from  the  joyful  ones   There  would  be  no  color  in  my  lemonade     Oh  how  tragic  that  would  be!   Lemons  wouldn't  be  lemony  anymore  just  plan  bitter     they  would  be                                                                                                                                        Stay  here  don't  leave  the  lemons  tasting  bitter   Or  the  sky  without  a  sun     This  shows  that  you  truly      are  the  best  color  shinning  high  in  the  sky   Overpowering  all  colors  doodling  by!           Tess  Rolleston   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Fleissner               Fast  Food  Drive-­Thru     Your  stomach  grumbling  like  a  roll  of  thunder,   Your  mouth  watering  like  a  newly  sprung  leak,   Your  body  trembling  in  anticipation,   Your  eyes  searching  for  a  drive-­‐thru,   You  cannot  wait  to  get  the  hamburger  you  so  desperately  want!   The  Hunger  clouding  your  mind,   You  pull  into  the  drive-­‐thru  lane,   Doing  your  best  to  be  patient.   It  is  a  struggle  to  keep  yourself  still,   To  keep  yourself  from  yelling,  “Hurry  up!”  to  the  driver  in  front  of  you.   Finally  you  pull  up  to  the  window,   Collecting  the  money  you  need  to  pay.   When  the  window  is  opened  you  push  the  money  towards  the  cashier,   173  

In a  desperate  attempt  to  speed  the  process.   After  you  collect  your  change,  you  slide  forward,   Salivating  at  the  thought  of  fresh  lettuce  and  tomatoes.   You  can  see  the  bag  with  your  food  in  it.   It’s  almost  too  much  to  resist;  waiting  that  close  to  your  goal.   Then  they  hand  you’re  your  bag  and  drink.   Not  having  the  will  power  to  wait  any  longer,  you  pull  over.   It  matters  not  that  the  space  is  merely  a  parking  spot,   Only  that  you  have  your  precious  food.   Unwrapping  the  hamburger,  the  smell  makes  your  stomach  grumble.   As  you  take  your  first  bite,  the  Hunger  is  barely  abated,   Growing  smaller  with  each  bite,  the  Hunger  is  finally  defeated.   When  your  hamburger  is  gone,  you  take  a  long  drink,   The  cold  liquid  just  watering  the  flowers  over  the  grave  of  Hunger.   Not  much  is  left  as  evidence  the  hamburger  existed  at  all,   Just  a  wrapper,  the  smell  in  your  car,  and  the  grease  on  your  face.   You  know  this  victory  will  be  short  lived,   That  you  will  come  back  to  fight  this  battle  again,   To  wait  in  the  fast  food  drive-­‐thru  lane.     Georgia  Kate  Sammons   Grade  8   Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Poplar  Springs  Road,  Ringgold,  GA  30736   Mrs.Carlock       Disturbances       They  say  it’s  not  normal  to  be  disturbed   That  it’s  unhealthy  to  be  different     Being  insane  or  dysfunctional  is  frowned  upon   But  with  the  world  as  twisted  as  it  is,  how  can  we  not  help  this?   How  can  we  save  ourselves  from  the  insanity?   Yes  they  have  therapy,  and  doctors,  and  medication   But  all  it  does  is  cover  it  up   It’s  all  still  there,  somewhere     And  you  can’t  get  rid  of  it   It’s  not  wrong  in  my  eyes  to  be  different     Then  why  are  we  living  at  all?   The  ones  that  are  insane  are  the  ones  that  truly  understand   They  know  what  it’s  like  to  deal  with  anything     They  can  actually  handle  it  well   They’re  not  stupid  like  everyone  thinks  they  are   But  we  lock  them  up  and  throw  away  the  key   Why  do  we  do  that?   174  

There are  so  many  people  in  this  world  that  treat  others  like  they  don’t  matter   And  we  wonder  why  so  many  just  give  up     The  world  is  a  lot  worse  now  than  it  used  to  be   And  it  scares  me  that  it  might  get  worse  than  this   I  have  hope  for  the  future     That  someday,  someone  will  change  something     And  suddenly  it  will  get  better   We  can  fix  the  world  one  step  at  a  time     But  we  need  to  fix  ourselves  first   We  need  to  realize  that  no  one  is  perfect     And  mistakes  will  be  made   And  I  believe  it  will  help  us  to  live     In  a  better  world  than  there  is  today     Danielle  Shropshire   Grade  6   The  Chattanooga  Girl’s  Leadership  Academy   1802  Bailey  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37402                     Ms.  Clear         Tableland       When  the  Canadian  geese  flew  south     I  hid  in  the  oak  leaves  that  gathered  in  my  yard.   Especially,   in  the  deep  impression  that  had  a  flat,  rocky  bottom,   halfway  covered  in  grass  and  moss.   I  called  it  Tableland.   I  looked  down  into  the  vast  ravine   That  I  pretended  was  there   But  really  was  not   The  yellow  oak  leaves  made  me  itch  and  scratch   From  the  pollen  on  their  golden  foliage   But  I  did  not  care   I  wished  I  could  stay  in  Tableland  forever.     When  the  maple  trees  were  barren  and  the  world  was  frozen   I  jumped  into  the  fresh  snow  that  collected  in  Tableland.   The  delicious  smell  of  sugar  cookies   wafted  from  the  other  side  of  the  house   I  stayed  in  the  snow.   The  artic  wind  felt  glacial.   But  I  did  not  care   I  wished  I  could  stay  in  Tableland  forever.   175  

When the  world  was  bright  and  the  sun  shined  once  more   I  picked  wildflowers,  like  clover   That  I  would  make  into  a  daisy  chain   and  wear  the  flowers  like  a  crown   as  I  sat  on  the  soft  baby  grass   pretending  to  be  a  princess.   My  mom  called  me  inside   but  I  did  not  care   I  wished  I  could  stay  in  Tableland  forever.     When  the  hot  weather  arrived  and  the  air  was  thick   I  would  read  my  favorite  books   that  had  been  read  many  times  before   in  the  shade  of  the  oak  trees.   It  was  cooler  there   Than  it  was  in  the  sun   But  not  by  much   I  would  sit  and  read  my  books     With  a  glass  of  lemonade   The  blazing  sun  felt  scorching.   But  I  did  not  care   I  did  not  feel  like  leaving     Now,   When  the  chestnut  leaves  change  their  color   I  am  sitting  inside  doing  homework   When  heavy  snow  falls   It  is  not  considered  cool  to  jump  into  snow  piles   So  I  try  not  to  be  seen   When  the  clover  blooms   I  pick  flowers  in  the  garden   Even  though  I  like  the  wildflowers  better   Everyone  at  school  likes  tulips   When  it  becomes  hot  again   I  still  sit  in  the  shade  reading  my  books   Wondering  what  the  people  at  school  would  think   About  the  childish  habits  I  have  kept   Instead  of  growing  up   Then  I  remember,     That,  no  matter  how  many  years  have  passed   Since  I  was  eight   I  am  almost  twelve  now   I  still  do  not  care   I  do  not  want  to  leave   The  carefree  world  of  my  childhood.   176  

Sydney Anne  Sutherland   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Amy  Cohen     Beautiful  Setting  Sun     You  want  to  catch  a  glimpse  of  it  before  bed   Stare  up,  you  will  see   The  red,  yellowish  glow   It’s  beautiful,  your  eyes  stare  in  wonder   It’s  almost  over   Watch  it  set  behind  mountains   Just  like  that  it’s  gone   Now  it’s  dark   Time  to  lie  down   Relax,  remember  what  you  just  saw   You  saw,  a  beautiful  setting  sun     Kellel  Ware   Grade  6   The  Chattanooga  Girl’s  Leadership  Academy   1802  Bailey  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37402                     Ms.  Clear                



[Middle School  Prose]     Paradise       “Hurry  up!”  yelled  Michael,  encouraging  me  to  follow  him.     “Where  are  we  going?”  I  screeched  in  reply,  wishing  he  would  tell  me  where   we  were  going.  My  name  is  Jack,  I’m  not  the  most  popular  person,  in  fact,  Michael  is   my  is  my  only  true  friend,  but  I  guess  it’s  alright,  I  never  was  much  of  a  social  guy   anyway.     “You’ll  see!  Just  keep  up!”  He  shouted  back.  The  anxiety  of  wanting  to  know   what  was  waiting  for  me  ahead  was  all  too  strong.  Right  when  I  was  about  to  stop   and  force  Michael  to  tell  me  where  he  was  taking  me,  we  broke  into  a  large  opening   with  a  small  house  in  the  center  of  it.     “Where—“     “I  found  it  when  I  was  hiking.”  He  cut  me  off  with  the  answer.  This  was  one  of   the  most  astonishing  things  I  had  ever  seen.  It  was  like  a  small  paradise,  in  a  world   of  its  own.     “Isn’t  it  wonderful?  It’s  the  perfect  place  to  come  when  you  need  to  get  away   from—“,  He  paused  on  the  last  word,  something  he  has  never  done  before.  “—from   life,  you  know  what  I  mean?”     “Yeah—“  I  lied,  ”—I  do.”  Michael  began  showing  me  around  some  more  when   we  came  to  a  small  sitting  area  on  the  porch  of  the  house.     “So,  what  should  we  do  with  this  place?”  I  questioned,  already  with  many   ambitions  in  my  head  of  what  I  wanted  to  do.     “I  think  we  should  leave  it  alone,  let’s  just  use  it  as  a  getaway,  for  special   occasions  only.”  He  stated.  This  was  not  like  Michael;  he  always  was  one  to  change   things.     “Like  what?”  I  wondered  what  he  had  in  mind  that  would  require  him  not  to   change  anything.     “I’m  not  sure;  I  guess  we  will  know  when  the  time  comes.”  He  mumbled.  The   way  he  has  been  acting  made  me  worry  about  what  could  possibly  go  wrong  next.     “Jack.”  He  quietly  murmured,  with  a  worried  tone  in  his  voice.     “Yes?”  I  replied.  I’m  not  sure,  but  most  likely,  I  also  had  a  worrying  tone  to  my   words.     “This  is  where  I’m  going  to  do  it.”  He  stated,  with  close  to  no  emotion  at  all  to   his  voice.       “Do  what?”  I  wanted  to  know.     “You  will  see  eventually.”  He  answered  as  he  stood  up  and  walked  back  into   the  woods.     The  next  morning  when  I  woke  up,  Michael  was  standing  in  my  doorway,   which  surprised  me,  knowing  that  he  always  slept  until  at  least  eleven.     “What  are  you  doing  up  so  early,  sunshine?”  I  asked,  hoping  he  would  also   take  it  as  a  joke.  Surprisingly,  he  didn’t.     “And  what  is  that  supposed  to  mean?”  he  shouted  in  response,  with  and   aggravated  tone  to  his  voice.   178  

“Calm down  dude,  it’s  just  a  joke.”  I  whispered,  hoping  he  wouldn’t  shout   again.  “All  I  meant  by  that  was  the  fact  that  you’re  up  so  early.     “Well  you  didn’t  say  that.”  He  mumbled,  still  a  bit  aggravated.     “I  thought  it  was  implied  with  the  world  ‘sunshine’”  I  responded,  also  a  bit   annoyed.  “Why  are  you  up  this  early  anyway?”  I  asked,  going  back  to  the  original   topic.     “Well,  you  know  what  they  say:  ‘live  everyday  like  it’s  your  last!’”  he  sung,   with  a  smile  on  his  face     “Yeah,  but  you  still  have  like,  seventy  years,  why  start  now?”  I  joked,  but   clearly  Michael  is  not  in  a  joking  mood  today.     “I  just  wanted  to  say  hello,  that’s  all.”  He  mumbled,  still  aggravated.     “Well,  hello,  now  get  out  so  I  can  sleep!”  This  finally  got  a  laugh  out  of  him  as   he  walked  out  the  door  to  my  room.  I  took  that  as  a  “He’s  alright”,  rolled  over,  and   tried  to  fall  asleep  again.     Before  I  went  into  a  deep  sleep,  my  mom  shook  me  awake  shouting   something  that  I  couldn’t  quite  understand  at  first.     “Jack,  answer  me  now.  Jack!”  she  repeated  that  phrase  multiple  times  before  I   was  awake  enough  to  respond.     “What?  What’s  the  question?”  I  also  repeated  that  phrase,  hoping  my  mom   would  come  to  her  senses  enough  to  answer  me.     “Where  is  Michael?”  she  shouted,  clearly  upset  and  scared  at  the  same  time.  I   hopped  up  and  started  getting  dressed  as  she  continued  her  rant.     “He  left  a  note  in  his  room,  a  goodbye  note.”  She  stopped  talking.     “A  goodbye  note,  why  would  he  write  that?  I  wondered.  He  had  been  acting   very  strange,  and  this  is  just  straight  up  wacky.     “Jack…they  think  he  is  going  to  kill  himself.”  She  whispered,  her  voice  trailing   off  at  the  end.  “They  have  no  idea  where  he—“     “Paradise.”  I  shouted  out.     “Paradise?  What’s—“  before  she  could  finish  I  bolted  out  the  door  and  ran   into  the  woods.  I  tripped  several  times  and  even  broke  a  toe,  but  nothing  stopped   me  from  running  to  that  place  we  called  paradise.     As  soon  as  I  broke  into  the  clearing  I  knew  it  was  too  late.  I  ran  through  the   already  open  door  of  the  house,  I  had  to  close  my  eyes  to  keep  me  from  losing  my   head.  I  ran  outside  of  the  house  just  in  time  to  see  mine,  and  Michaels  parents  break   into  the  clearing.  They  looked  at  me  and  I  sluggishly  shook  my  head.  It  hurt  me  to   watch  their  faces  fall,  and  their  tears  drop  to  the  ground.     The  next  few  weeks  were  tough  for  me.  I  hated  myself  for  not  seeing  this   coming.  All  the  signs  he  gave  me.  I  have  been  alone  since  that  day,  but  I  have  learned   one  thing;  Paradise  isn’t  all  it’s  cut  out  to  be     Brant  Ackerson   Grade  8   Signal  Mountain  Middle  High  School   2650  Sam  Powell  Drive,  Signal  Mountain,  TN    37377   Mrs.  Heather  Harwood     179  

Time to  Take  Action            In  2009,  nearly  37,000  people  in  the  U.S.  committed  suicide.  Suicide  was  the  tenth   leading  cause  of  death  in  the  U.S.  in  that  year.  Suicide  is  the  third  leading  cause  of   death  among  those  15-­‐24  years  old.  Suicide  is  clearly  a  real  and  serious  issue.  It  is   tragic  when  someone  feels  so  bad  about  herself  that  she  decides  to  end  her  life.   Suicide  can  be  caused  by  severe  depression  or  sometimes  bullying.  Potential  suicide   victims  feel  cut  off,  alone,  helpless.  What  would  happen  if  one  person  finally  noticed   something  was  wrong?  How  many  lives  would  be  saved  if  people  could  recognize   the  signs  of  suicide  and  help?  I  believe  every  high  school  in  the  U.S.  should  offer  an   instructive  workshop  in  suicide  prevention.                          First  of  all,  high  school  students  can  be  taught  to  recognize  the  signs  of  a  potential   suicide  victim.  If  they  noticed  someone  at  school  behaving  strangely,  they  could  take   immediate  action.  For  example,  if  a  girl  begins  to  talk  constantly  about  death  or   loses  interest  in  things  that  she  used  to  love,  an  observant  peer  would  be  able  to   recognize  these  potential  suicide  signs.  The  peer  could  talk  to  the  troubled  person   and  meanwhile  notify  a  trusted  teacher  or  counselor.  An  advantage  of  students   recognizing  suicide  signs  is  that  they  could  head  them  off  early,  and  that  could   prevent  the  person  from  killing  himself.  Since  some  suicide  cases  begin  with   bullying,  observant  students  can  also  stop  that  early  on.  If  high  schoolers  knew  the   suicide  signs  and  took  action,  they  could  lower  the  suicide  death  count  significantly.                            Secondly,  students  can  be  taught  how  respond  in  a  situation  where  someone   states  through  social  media  that  she  is  going  to  kill  herself.  For  example,  if  a   teenager  posts  on  Facebook  that  she  intends  to  kill  herself,  a  knowledgable  online   reader  can  respond  quickly.  Instead  of  panicking,  the  responder  can  call  the   emergency  911  number  and  notify  professionals  of  the  person's  intentions.  Trained   adults  know  how  to  respond  in  these  types  of  situations,  but  young  people  tend  to   listen  more  carefully  to  a  peer  than  to  their  parents.  However,  if  a  high  school   student  attempts  to  respond  to  suicide  threat  and  doesn't  know  how  to  do  it  in  a   safe  manner,  the  situation  can  be  made  worse  instead  of  better.  High  schoolers  have   a  better  chance  of  preventing  a  peer's  suicide  than  many  adults.                          Finally,  it  is  also  possible  if  a  potential  victim  takes  the  suicide  prevention  course,   she  might  understand  that  killing  herself  is  the  worst  action  she  can  take.  She  would   learn  that  instead  of  committing  suicide,  she  should  confront  her  problems  and  get   help  to  do  so.  One  method  of  suicide  is  swallowing  an  entire  bottle  of  pills.   Teenagers  think  that  overdosing  is  a  painless  way  to  die,  but  what  they  don't  know   is  that  in  the  time  it  takes  for  the  pills  to  kill  them,  they  will  suffer  pain.  It  is  possible   that  the  fear  of  pain  will  scare  potential  suicides  and  keep  them  from  taking  the  final   step.  There  are  also  cases  like  that  of  Amanda  Todd,  a  teenager  who  committed   suicide,  where  suicide  methods  don't  always  work.  Amanda  tried  to  kill  herself  by   drinking  bleach,  but  it  didn't  have  the  desired  effect.  She  tried  numerous  other   180  

methods, which  all  failed.  Finally,  Amanda  succeeded  by  hanging  herself.  People   might  have  to  take  their  lives  repeatedly,  and  that  could  cause  a  considerable   amount  of  pain  and  serious  health  issues  until  they  finally  succeed.                          Now  is  the  time  to  offer  a  suicide  prevention  class  in  all  U.S.  high  schools.  I  used  to   think  that  suicide  occurred  only  in  rare  cases,  but  now  I  realize  it  happens  every  day,   and  it  could  happen  to  the  person  sitting  next  to  me  in  class.  Now  that  I  know  it  is   possible  to  respond  effectively,  I  could  save  a  life.  Some  people  say  that  when   suicide  happens  to  someone  else  it  isn't  their  problem,  but  I  strongly  disagree.  One   suicide  can  affect  hundreds  of  people.  Suicide  happens  all  around  us,  and  it  is  our   responsibility  to  help  the  vulnerable  as  much  as  we  can.         Rileigh  H.  Arrington   Grade  8   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Rd.,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Loftin  

  Mapping  the  Landscape  of  Plot:  Ender’s  Game  by  Scott  Orson  Card       In  his  exposition,  Orson  Scott  Card  introduces  the  character  Ender  Wiggin,   the  protagonist  of  the  science-­‐fiction  book,  Ender’s  Game.    The  story  of  this  book  is   presented  in  third-­‐person  omniscient  point  of  view,  only  occasionally  presenting   any  other  characters’  thoughts  and  feelings.    Ender  can  be  very  perceptive  of  others’   feelings,  so  it  makes  sense  for  Ender’s  Game  to  be  told  in  that  particular  point  of   view.     While  the  exposition  occurs  mostly  on  Earth,  the  main  setting  of  the  book  is   the  Battle  School,  a  space  station  that  orbits  Earth  sometime  in  the  future.    Having  to   leave  Earth  for  a  new  place  contributes  to  the  fact  that  ender  feels  isolated  and   lonely,  much  like  Rob’s  predicament  in  The  Tiger  rising  by  Kate  Dicamillo.    Card   often  emphasizes  that  Ender  is  an  outcast.    For  example,  when  Card  writes,  “…even   though  his  secret  enemies  called  him  names,  the  method  of  delivery  praised  him”   (5).    Or  when  Card  writes,  “We’re  people,  not  Thirds,  turd  face”  (7).     In  the  story,  the  main  conflict  is  between  Ender  and  the  hostile   extraterrestrial  beings  called  buggers.    Yet,  while  this  conflict  is  occurring,  another   one  is  also  being  fought.    Ender  is  constantly  trying  to  fit  in  and  be  accepted.    Even   though  Ender  is  very  independent,  he  still  wants  to  have  support.     In  the  exposition  of  Orson  Scott  Card’s  novel,  Ender’s  Game,  Card  creates  a   conflict  for  the  protagonist,  Ender.    Through  much  of  the  story  Ender  is  very  isolated   and  lonely,  longing  to  be  accepted,  rather  like  Rob  in  The  Tiger  Rising.    While  this  is   not  the  main  or  single-­‐most  important  conflict  in  the  book,  it  does  temporarily  keep   Ender  from  progressing  through  the  story.     Near  the  end  of  Card’s  exposition,  a  very  important  step  towards  the   resolution  of  said  conflict,  the  inciting  incident,  occurs.    Ender  is  confronted  by  a   181  

man named  Graff.    Graff  tells  Ender  that  he  has  been  chosen  for  a  special  honor:     Ender  is  going  to  be  admitted  to  the  Battle  School,  a  government  institution  that   trains  children  into  military  geniuses.    At  the  Battle  School,  Ender  feels  that  the  fits   in  more  than  he  did  on  Earth  (the  Battle  School  is  a  space  station).      Card  is  able  to   convey  this  through  the  way  Ender  thinks  and  says  things;  “‘I  can  handle  this,’   thought  Ender”  (45).   In  the  inciting  incident  of  Ender’s  Game,  by  Orson  Scott  Card,  the  protagonist,   Ender,  is  taken  away  to  the  Battle  School.    This  school  is  a  space  station  where   children  are  trained  to  become  military  geniuses.    Ender  is  chosen  to  eventually   become  a  commander  in  the  ongoing  war  against  the  alien  buggers.   Throughout  the  rising  action,  all  Ender  wants  is  to  return  home  to  his  sister,   Valentine,  but  the  bugger  threat  keeps  him  from  his  goal.    The  first  event  that   complicates  the  rising  action  occurs  shortly  after  the  inciting  incident.    When  Ender   arrives  at  the  Battle  School,  he  is  isolated  and  often  bullied;  yet,  he  soon  overcomes   this  challenge.    Card  writes,  “Ender’s  isolation  was  over,”  and  “‘I  can  handle  this,’  he   thought”  (53,  83).     The  second  complicating  even  occurs  well  into  the  rising  action.    After  weeks   of  training  under  a  commander,  he  becomes  a  commander  himself  with  his  own   army.    While  this  can  be  viewed  a  s  an  event  that  helps  Ender  progress,  it  also  begins   to  isolate  him  again;  “Alai  is  a  stranger  now”  (171).     Finally,  nearing  the  climax,  Ender  is  taken  away  from  the  Battle  School  and  is   transferred  to  command  School  and  is  on  his  own  now,  no  friends.     Climax     In  the  climax  of  Ender’s  Game,  Ender’s  conflict  of  him  versus  the  buggers   reaches  the  most  suspenseful  moment.    In  Ender’s  final  training  simulation  at  the   Command  School,  the  protagonist  is  pitted  against  the  enemy  in  an  unwinnable   battle:    “Eighty  fighters,  against  at  least  five  thousand,  perhaps  ten  thousand  enemy   ships”  (292).    Yet,  against  all  odds,  Ender  succeeds  at  the  cost  of  all  his  starships.    He   is  then  told  he  had  been  commanding  a  real  fleet  in  the  final  battle  of  the  Bugger   Invasion.    Distraught  at  having  killed  every  last  bugger,  woman  and  child,  in  cold   blood,  he  leaves  the  school  and  Earth  behind.    When  he  leaves  with  Valentine,  his   sister,  to  colonize  on  the  bugger  worlds  he  finally  achieves  his  goal  of  becoming   reunited  with  her.     In  the  falling  action  of  Ender’s  Game,  all  of  Ender’s  conflicts  are  mostly   resolved;  but,  he  endures  some  hardship  after  the  climax  before  that  resolution  fully   occurs.    After  solving  his  conflict  with  the  buggers  by  defeating  them  in  an  outer-­‐ space  battle,  he  feels  resentful  at  having  killed  so  many  beings:    “’I  didn’t  want  to  kill   them  all!’  he  shouted”  (297).    So  when  he  is  reunited  with  his  sister,  Valentine,  they   leave  Earth  behind  to  colonize  on  the  dead  buggers’  worlds.    While  there,  he   discovers  a  single  surviving  bugger  egg.    Ender  realizes  that  the  buggers  forgave   him:    “We  could  live  with  you  in  peace”  (302).    This  is  the  denouement,  when  Ender   is  finally  at  peace.   In  the  sci-­‐fi  novel  Ender’s  Game  by  Orson  Scott  Card,  the  protagonist,  Ender,   is  being  trained  to  become  a  military  genius  to  fight  the  alien  threat  of  the  “buggers”.   In  the  climax  of  this  main  conflict,  Ender  is  running  his  final  training  simulation,  a   182  

one hundred   to   one   battle,   yet   he   wins,   at   the   cost   of   every   life   in   the   battle.   Afterwards,  Ender  is  told  that  the  entire  time,  he  had  been  fighting  the  buggers,  not   simulations.   He   becomes   resentful   at   having   killed   so   many   people   -­‐   even   the   buggers  –  and  leaves  Earth  behind  to  colonize  on  the  dead  buggers’  world  with  his   sister.   On   the   bugger   world,   Ender   discovers   a   single   surviving   egg,   and   he   learns   that   the   buggers   forgave   him   for   his   actions.   I   think   the   life   lesson   that   Ender   learned  is  that  sometimes  you  must  sacrifice  yourself  for  others.   Having  stood  in  Ender’s  shoes,  I  learned  the  same  life  lesson  and  am  able  to   apply   this   lesson   to   my   own   life   by   participating   in   volunteer   work   at   my   church.   Although  I  do  not  have  to  fight  off  an  alien  threat,  I  do  understand  the  importance  of   giving  one’s  time  and  energy  for  others.     Jonah  Bird   Grade  7   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Picone       New  Vision       I   was   watching   my   favorite   TV   show   one   day,   when   I   noticed   all   the   characters  were  blurry.    I  could  hardly  see  them  anymore.         A  few  days  later,  my  mom  called  the  eye  doctor  at  Pearl  Vision.    She  said,  “My   son  is  squinting  a  lot.    Can  I  make  an  appointment?”    I  heard  a  long  pause,  and  then   my  mom  said,  “Great!”     A  couple  of  days  later,  we  drove  there.    We  walked  in,  and  I  was  amazed  by   how  many  different  pairs  of  glasses  there  were.    The  look  on  my  face  was,  wow!     I  spent  a  few  minutes  looking  around,  but  I  couldn’t  find  any  I  liked.    Then  I   walked  over  to  this  certain  spot,  and  I  saw  the  most  sparkling  azure  blue  and  murky   green  pair.    I  put  them  on  and  looked  in  the  mirror.    The  glasses  brought  out  my  eyes   in  a  perfect  way.     After   a   quick   eye   exam,   I   had   to   take   the   glasses   off   so   they   could   put   my   prescription  lenses  in.    Later,  I  got  them  back  and  put  them  on  again.         Everything  was  crystal  clear!    I  couldn’t  believe  my  eyes!    After  my  mom  paid,   we  left  the  store.         I   will   never   forget   that   moment   when   I   was   walking   back   to   the   car   and   seeing  the  buildings,  signs,  and  people’s  faces  clearly  again.         Briley  Bledsoe   Grade  6   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Brown     183  

Raise the  Diving  Age                    More  than  3,000  teenagers  between  the  ages  of  15  and  19  die  every  year  as  a   result  of  driving  under  the  influence,  and  over  5,870  teens  die  each  year  from   distracted  driving.  Clearly,  car  accidents  are  the  most  common  death  among   teenagers  today,  and  this  problem  can  be  solved  if    the  age  at  which  teens  are   allowed  to  drive  is  raised.  I  believe  that  the  driving  age  should  be  increased  to   eighteen.                    First  of  all,  scientists  say  that  the  human  brain  isn't  fully  developed  until  age  26.   However,  society  accepts  that  eighteen  is  the  beginning  of  adulthood,  with  some   exceptions.  In  a  study  aimed  at  identifying  how  and  when  a  person's  brain  reaches   full  maturity,  scientists  have  learned    significant  changes  in  brain  structure  continue   after  age  sixteen,  which  means  that  the  brain  still  isn't  fully  matured  ten  years  after   teens  are  allowed  to  drive.                      Secondly,  teens  are  also  more  likely  to  text  and  drive  than  adults  are.  No  wonder   the  main  cause  of  death  for  teens  is  driving  accidents.  Teenagers  don't  have  enough   self  control  to  avoid  looking  at  their  cellphones  when  they  beep.  Most  adults,  on  the   other  hand,  do.  Being  more  likely  to  text  and  drive  obviously  means  more  accidents.   Teens  think  that  they  can  multitask  when  mentally  they  can't.  Therefore,  teens   cannot  text  and  drive  safely.  Their  brains  need  to  be  focused  on  the  road.  If  teens  are   just  a  little  bit  off  focus,  then  crashes  are  much  more  likely.  On  Dec.  29,  2005,  four   teenage  boys  from  Chicago  went  out  for  a  late-­‐night  drive  and  had  a  terrible   accident.  Their  car  spun  out  of  control  and  struck  several  objects,  including  a  giant   light  pole.  This  boy  had  been  texting.  Two  of  the  boys,  a  16-­‐year-­‐old  and  a  17-­‐year-­‐ old,  were  killed.  The  driver  of  the  car  was  just  16.  I  used  to  think  that  16  was  the   perfect  age  to  start  driving  but  now  I  realize  that  highway  deaths  could  be   prevented  if  children  are  more  mature  when  they  get  behind  the  wheel.                      Lastly,  the  current  driving  age  is  five  years  younger  than  the  legal  drinking  age.   Teens  can  do  more  damage  behind  the  wheel  under  the  influence  than  they  can   drinking  without  being  behind  the  wheel.  Teenage  drunk  driving  can  be  prevented  if   teen's  brains  are  more  developed  when  teens  get  behind  the  wheel.  Changing  the   legal  driving  age  to  18  would  create  a  smaller  window  for  teens  to  make  poor   decisions  while  behind  the  wheel.  My  22  year  old  cousin  has  gotten  into  several  car   crashes  since  she  got  her  license.  From  the  beginning  it  was  obvious  that  she  wasn't   ready  to  drive.  She  still  has  a  bunch  of  maturing  to  do.  Even  to  this  day  she  gets  into   crashes  due  to  distracted  driving  because  she  is  not  mature  enough  to  resist   checking  her  phone.                                      In  conclusion,  the  best  way  to  reduce  road  deaths  is  to  change  the  driving  age  to   18.  Roadway  deaths  increase  every  year,  and  roads  need  to  be  safer.  Therefore  it   would  be  in  everybody's  best  interest  if  teens  were  older  before  they  get  behind  the   wheel.     184  

Elliott Brakebill     Grade  8     Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Loftin       Adventures  With  Baxter     “I’m  sorry  sir,  but  we  ask  that  you  never  set  foot  in  this  store,  again  with  that   dog!”   Those  were  the  words  spoken  to  my  Dad  by  a  Pet  Smart  employee.    Baxter,   our  golden  retriever  had  been  kicked  out  of  obedience  school!       We  should  have  known  the  training  would  be  a  disaster.    From  day  one   Baxter  brought  trouble.    We  had  purchased  him  in  Alabama  when  he  was  only   twelve  weeks  old.    He  looked  so  sweet  and  adorable,  but  he  was  a  handful!  On  our   way  down  the  mountain  things  went  a  little  downhill.    Baxter  became  sick  in  our   brand  new  car.    Thankfully,  we  had  a  towel!    This  was  just  the  first  of  many  bad   experiences  surrounding  our  pet.    As  Baxter  grew,  he  ate  the  siding  off  our  house,   destroyed  countless  outside  toys,  and  even  ate  my  swing  set.   Once  we  were  on  vacation,  and  my  aunt  was  supposed  to  feed  him  and  give   him  water  every  day.    This  did  not  go  very  well.    Baxter  attacked  her.    She  took  her   shoe  off  to  whip  him  but  he  ran  off  with  her  flip-­‐flop.    My  cousin  had  to  retrieve  it.     My  aunt  refused  to  feed  him  again  so  my  cousin  took  over.    Thank  goodness  he  likes   dogs!    Obedience  school  sounded  like  the  perfect  solution.      Baxter  needed  training,   and  a  whole  lot  of  it.    It  was  a  chore  just  getting  Baxter  in  the  car.    The  first  session   we  ended  up  leaving  early  because  Baxter  caused  so  many  problems!    He  continually   barked,  distracted  other  puppies,  and  tried  to  jump  on  the  Pet  Smart  trainer.    A   week  later  we  thought  he  might  be  up  for  another  lesson,  but  it  was  an  even  bigger   nightmare.  Baxter  broke  loose  and  was  running  through  the  store.  He  refused  to  sit,   stay  or  shake.    Finally,  we  were  told  that  Baxter  needed  a  personal  trainer.    He  did   not  work  well  with  others,  and  Pet  Smart  could  not  meet  his  needs.   Shortly  after  Baxter  was  expelled  from  Obedience  school,  he  escaped  from   our  back  yard.    He  had  never  been  out  by  himself  so  he  wondered  off  and  was   missing  for  almost  two  weeks.    Even  though  Baxter  caused  so  much  trouble  we   missed  him.    We  made  posters,  called  local  radio  stations,  and  searched  the   neighborhood.    We  finally  got  a  call  from  a  sweet  lady  that  had  found  him.    The  kind   lady  had  purchased  a  dog  house  for  him,  kept  him  in  her  basement  and  even  said   she  was  sad  to  see  him  go.    She  even  refused  the  reward  money.    We  knew  it  was  our   Baxter  when  we  drove  up  and  he  practically  attacked  us.  We  were  happy  to  have   him  back.       Through  the  years  he  has  settled  down  and  has  become  a  great  pet   regardless  of  how  our  relationship  began.  He  can  ride  in  the  car;  he  doesn’t  steal   people’s  shoes,  or  go  ballistic  in  Pet  Smart.  He  has  even  learned  a  few  tricks  from  his  


personal trainer.  Though  he  has  lead  us  on  many  adventures,  I’m  glad  we  choose   Baxter  as  our  pet.     Brandon  Bryant   Grade  6   Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Popular  Springs  Road   Mrs.  Reeves     Lemonade  with  Suzy                  On  an  especially  warm  Monday  in  the  year  2006,  I  got  the  excitement  of  going  to   spend  the  day  with  my  grandma,  Suzy  as  we  have  always  called  her.  I  had  a  feeling  I   knew  what  we  were  going  to  do.    We  had  a  special  secret  that  only  we  knew,  what   we  always  did  when  I  went  to  spend  the  day  with  Suzy.              Suzy  lived  in  Hixson,  Tennessee  in  a  small,  one  story  house  with  a  screened  back   porch  and  a  huge  backyard  that  seemed  to  be  miles  long.  She  lived  up  on  a  hill  that   made  it  seem  like  the  world  revolved  only  around  that  little  cream  house  with  the   bushes  around  it.  In  my  mind,  it  was  the  house  of  Suzy,  with  comfy  couches,  bouncy   beds,  deep  bathtubs,  and  sour  lemonade.     One  summer,  Suzy  had  bought  single  serving  lemonade  packets  from  Minute   Maid.  When  I  was  five,  I  had  the  attention  span  of  a  fly,  so  I  got  bored  easily.  That   summer  day,  I  had  become  bored.  We  decided  to  make  some  lemonade.  We  picked   up  the  pitchers  from  the  cabinet,  the  lemonade  packets,  and  the  measuring  cups  and   arranged  them  out  on  the  kitchen  counter.  Suzy  began  to  read  out  the  directions   while  trying  to  see  through  her  thick  glasses.  She  asked  me  to  pick  up  the  cup  and   bring  it  to  her.  I  obeyed.  She  held  my  hands  in  hers  and  put  water  in  the  pitcher  until   it  reached  the  desired  amount.  She  told  me  to  pour  the  water  into  the  pitcher.  She   opened  the  lemonade  packets  and  poured  the  contents  into  the  pitcher.  She  let  me   smell  the  inside  of  the  pitcher  after  she  had  poured  it  in.  The  lemonade  powder   smelled  sour.  I  was  not  too  fond  of  the  smell,  but  Suzy  loved  it.  She  got  out  one  of  her   big  wooden  spoons  and  handed  it  to  me.  She  told  me  to  stir.  I  stirred  for  what   seemed  like  hours,  but  it  was  actually  only  thirty  seconds.  Suzy  told  me  I  could  rest   for  a  second,  and  I  was  grateful.  She  tasted  the  lemonade.  She  smiled  big  and  told  me   that  my  stirring  had  gotten  it  just  right.  She  picked  up  the  pitcher  and  poured  two   cups  full  of  lemonade.  She  handed  one  to  me  and  we  sat  out  on  her  porch  for  hours,   sipping  lemonade  and  talking  about  my  projects  in  art,  how  I  can  spell  almost  all  of   the  farm  animals,  and  how  it  was  especially  warm  outside  that  day.          Every  time  it  was  warm  enough,  we  would  always  sit  on  her  back  porch  and   drink  lemonade  until  our  mouths  were  raw.    At  the  time,  I  never  imagined  it  to  be   anything  special.  In  2008,  I  realized  how  special  it  really  was  when  Suzy  became  sick.   She  would  not  eat  anything  and  laid  on  the  couch  for  hours,  reading  the  paper,  doing   the  Sunday  paper  crossword  puzzle,  and  drinking  my  aunt’s  special  banana   smoothies.  She  stayed  in  my  aunt’s  house  for  months,  just  laying  on  the  couch  while   my  aunt  desperately  tried  to  coax  her  into  eating  some  food.  I  watched  helplessly  


from the  other  side  of  the  room,  not  exactly  knowing  what  was  happening,  but  I   knew  it  was  not  going  good  and  that  made  me  miserable.        In  September,  Suzy  passed  away,  peacefully,  surrounded  by  her  loving   family  and  friends.  Today,  I  cannot  drink  lemonade  without  thinking  about  that  do-­‐   nothing  days  in  those  blazing  summers,  and  how  special  those  days  really  were.       Taegan  Bunch   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Amy  Cohen           Rescuing  Jews  in  Poland  during  the  Holocaust     During  the  Holocaust,  over  six-­‐million  innocent  men,  women,  and  children   were  murdered.  The  Holocaust  was  the  systematic  attempt  by  Nazi  Germany  to  rid   Europe  of  the  Jewish  race.  Adolf  Hitler,  the  leader  of  Nazi  Germany,  considered  the   Jews  to  be  racially  inferior  and  a  threat  to  the  racial  purity  of  Nazi  Germany.  The   Holocaust  happened  throughout  Europe,  but  most  of  the  Jews  were  murdered  in   Poland.  Only  a  small  minority  of  Christian  Poles  risked  their  lives  to  save  Polish  Jews   while  the  vast  majority  of  Polish  Christians  stood  by  and  did  nothing.  Because  of  the   lack  of  Jewish  assimilation  and  the  amount  of  anti-­‐Semitism,  Poland  was  the  most   difficult  country  in  which  to  rescue  Jews.       Because  of  the  lack  of  Jewish  assimilation  in  Poland  it  made  rescuing  Jews   during  the  Holocaust  very  difficult.  Most  Polish  Jews  didn't  blend  into  the  Polish   Christian  society.  They  didn't  blend  in  because  the  Jews  and  Polish  Christians  had   been  segregated  for  centuries.  It  was  particularly  difficult  to  hide  Jews  because  the   didn't  look,  act,  or  speak  like  Christians.  The  easiest  way  for  a  Jew  to  hide  was  to   pretend  to  be  a  Christian.  This  was  often  hard  because  of  the  physical  differences   between  the  Jews  and  Polish  Christians.  Most  Polish  Jews  didn't  look  like  Polish   Christians.  Nechama  Tec,  the  author  of  "Altruism  and  the  Holocaust,"  writes,  "...The   easier  it  was  for  Jews  to  physically  blend  in  with  the  rest  of  the  population,  the  less   dangerous  it  was  to  shield  them"  (Tec  348).  The  cultural  differences  between  the   two  cultures  also  made  it  very  difficult  to  blend  in  with  the  population.  Most  Polish   Jews  didn't  know  how  to  act  like  Christians.    Tec  states,  "...[F]or  centuries  Poles  and   Jews  had  lived  apart  in  two  distinct  cultural  worlds.  Each  felt  like  a  stranger  in  the   world  of  the  other,  and  distinctions  between  them  permeated  all  aspects  of  life"  (Tec   350).  Language  differences  also  made  hiding  Jews  very  difficult.  Most  Polish  Jews   didn't  speak  fluent  Polish.    Tec  says,  "In  the  last  pre-­‐war  census  of  1931,  only  12   percent  of  the  Jewish  population  identified  Polish  as  their  native  tongue;  the  other   79  percent  chose  Yiddish,  and  the  rest  Hebrew.  Most  Jews  could  be  identified  by   their  faulty  speech"  (Tec  350).   187  

Anti-­‐Semitism was  the  second  obstacle  that  made  rescuing  Jews  in  Poland   more  difficult.    Anti-­‐Semitism  is  commonly  defined  as  the  hatred  of  Jews.    This   hatred  was  particularly  strong,  wide  spread,  and  long  standing  in  Poland.    High   levels  of  anti-­‐Semitism  led  to  these  three  obstacles,  the  anti-­‐Semitism  of  the   rescuers,  the  possibility  of  becoming  social  outcasts,  or  being  denounced.    Hitler   used  the  anti-­‐Semitism  to  his  advantage  throughout  the  Holocaust.  Frequently,   rescuers  became  social  outcasts  because  they  were  helping  Jews.    Tec  states,   "...Christian  rescuers  were  likely  to  experience  disapproval,  if  not  outright  censure   from  local  countrymen"  (Tec  350).  Helping  Jews  meant  that  the  rescuer  had  to   overcome  not  only  their  own  diffuse  cultural  anti-­‐Semitism  but  also  the  diffuse   cultural  anti-­‐Semitism  of  those  in  Poland.  Diffuse  cultural  anti-­‐Semitism  is  the  sub   conscious  anti-­‐Semitism  by  the  Poles.    Tec  writes,  "People  tended  to  accept  this  form   of  anti-­‐Semitism  without  much  thought  or  awareness,  and  it  was  expressed  in  such   widely  used  utterances  as  'Be  a  good  boy  or  the  Jew  will  get  you!'  'You  are  dirty  like   a  Jew,'  'Don't  be  a  calculating  Jew!'  and  many,  many  others"  (Tec  350).    Tec  explains,   "...The  explicit  anti-­‐Jewish  ideologies  and  pervasive  anti-­‐Semitism  that  made  helping   Jews  both  a  highly  dangerous  and  disapproved  activity[discouraged  the  rescuers]..."   (Tec  350).  Often  Jewish  rescuers  would  be  turned  in  by  a  fellow  Pole.    Tec  states,  "In   an  environment  with  a  strong  anti-­‐Semitic  tradition,  denunciations  of  Jews  and  their   Christian  protectors  were  more  common..."  (Tec  350).  In  areas  of  Poland  with  anti-­‐ Semitism,  even  some  of  the  Christian  rescuers  found  themselves  influenced  by  long-­‐ taught  anti-­‐Jewish  thoughts  and  believes.  For  all  of  these  reasons  the  Poles  were   reluctant  to  save  the  Jews.         Poland  was  the  most  difficult  country  in  which  to  rescue  Jews  during  the   Holocaust.    Because  of  the  two  main  obstacles  discussed  above  Poland  proved  to  be   the  most  difficult  country  in  Europe  in  which  to  rescue  Jews.    The  first  was  the  lack   of  Jewish  assimilation.    Most  Jews  in  Poland  had  a  hard  time  pretending  to  be   Christians  because  they  didn't  look,  act,  or  speak  like  Polish  Christians.  Because  of   the  anti-­‐Semitic  culture  which  existed  in  Poland,  Polish  rescuers  are  often   overlooked  in  discussions  about  the  Holocaust.    Most  people  think  only  of  the  six   million  Jews  that  were  murdered,  or  Hitler  and  Nazi  Germany.    The  rescuers  played   an  important  role  in  the  Holocaust,  but  for  their  efforts,  countless  additional  Jews   would've  been  murdered.    Polish  rescuers  had  to  be  brave,  courageous,  and  willing   to  risk  everything  to  save  people  that  their  culture  taught  them  not  to  like.    Polish   rescuers  had  to  find  a  way  to  hide  the  Jews,  and  keep  this  from  the  Germans  for  as   long  as  needed.  Polish  rescuers  need  some  credit,  what  they  did  was  remarkable,   they  saved  or  attempted  to  save  Jews  in  the  most  difficult  country  in  Europe  to  save   Jews.       WORK  CITED   Tec,  Nechama.  "Altruism  and  the  Holocaust."  Social  Education  October  1995:  348-­‐ 353.     Hails  Burnette   188  

Grade 8   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Loftin  

  Caught  in  the  Middle  

“Give  it  back,”  I  shouted  at  my  older  sister.  My  name  is  Kelly  Noel  and   Heather,  my  older  sister,  had  my  homework  dangling  from  her  finger  and  Lily,  my   younger  sister,  just  happen  to  wander  into  our  room  with  our  dog,  Snowball.  “Lily,”   Heather  started,  “Would  you  like  to  color  Kelly’s  homework?”  Lily  snatched  the   homework  from  Heather’s  hand  and  began  to  color  on  it.  Wonderful,  maybe  my   math  teacher  will  understand  what  happened,  not  really.   During  math  class,  my  math  teacher  called  me  to  his  desk  and  asked,  “Do  you   understand  that  this  is  math  class  correct?”  “Yes  sir,”  I  replied,  “See,  my  sister  Lily   grabbed  it  and  began  to  color  on  it.”  As  our  conversation  went  on,  I  received  two   demerits.  Demerits  are  like  tickets  you  are  given,  except  there’s  a  limit  to  how  many   you  get  and  so  far,  I  have  four.  They  were  gifts  given  to  me  by  my  sisters.  If  I  ever  get   ten,  I  must  go  to  Saturday  School  which  is  detention.  That’s  not  the  worst  part   though.  Heather  made  my  day  worse  because  she  forgot  to  drive  me  home,  and  I   knew  she  meant  to  do  that  because  we  are  educated  at  the  same  school.  My  mom   finally  drove  me  home  at  five.  Honestly,  I  try  to  isolate  myself  from  my  sisters  at   once  after  school.  Luckily,  my  sisters  didn’t  even  attempt  to  draw  on  my  homework.     Dinner  time  is  the  worst  time  to  be  with  siblings  in  my  opinion.  One  Friday   afternoon,  mom  made  us  hot  chicken  noodle  soup.  I  have  nothing  against  my  mom’s   cooking,  just  my  siblings.  Lily  didn’t  like  the  soup  because  it  was  too  hot.  After  a   while,  our  parents  went  for  a  walk  because  Lily  was  taking  too  long  to  eat.   Afterwards,  she  tried  her  soup,  but  it  was  too  cold  for  her  to  eat.  I  needed  a  refill  of   water  so  when  I  came  back,  my  soup  and  Lily’s  soup  was  gone.  Suddenly,  out  of   nowhere,  my  sisters  tossed  Lily’s  bowl  at  me,  so  I  grabbed  two  forks  and  threw  it  at   them.  “Ah!”  Lily  shouted.  Luckily,  the  fork  missed  both  of  them.  However,  the  soup   and  bowl  didn’t  miss  me.  When  mom  and  dad  came  home  they  noticed  the  mess.  We   were  grounded.  By  “we”  I  mean  Heather  and  I.  Mom  protected  her  and  said,  “She’s   only  four.”     Soon  the  holidays  arrived.  Our  family  drove  out  to  the  nearest  tree  venders   and  bought  a  Christmas  tree.  My  obstinate  little  sister  always  gets  to  put  the  first   ornament  on  the  tree.  I  wish  I  could  do  that.  Heather  doesn’t  even  care  about   Christmas.  Every  year,  she  goes  to  the  Ninety-­‐Nine  Cent  Store  to  buy  Lilly  and  I  gifts.   Last  year,  she  bought  Lily  a  coloring  book  and  me  a  pencil  with  a  snowman  eraser.   Whenever  she  goes  to  get  presents  for  mom  and  dad,  she  goes  to  the  mall   downtown.  Last  year,  she  bought  mom  a  jewelry  set  and  dad  a  gift  card  of  fifty   dollars  to  his  favorite  suite  store.  Every  Christmas,  Lily  draws  everyone  a  Christmas   tree  with  ornaments.  However,  the  presents  from  mom  and  dad  are  a  lot  better!  I   usually  just  buy  something  from  the  school  bookstore  with  my  allowance.    


On the  last  day  of  school,  my  sister  was  in  a  jubilant  mood.  She  constantly   kept  telling  Lily  and  me  about  how  she’s  going  to  spend  her  winter  break  driving  to   the  mall  to  shop  for  shoes  with  her  friends.  Lily  is  just  going  to  play  with  mom  and   annoy  Heather  and  me.  As  for  me,  I  have  no  major  plans  at  all.  All  of  my  friends  are   traveling  somewhere.  However,  I’m  just  going  to  sit  back  and  relax  this  break,  even   if  my  sisters  annoy  me.  At  dinner  time  (the  worst  time  of  the  day),  mom  made  us   lasagna  before  she  and  dad  left  for  Candlelight.  After  dinner,  I  walked  into  my  room   (that  I  share  with  Heather)  and  just  fell  on  the  bed.  “Hey,”  Heather  said,  “Do  you   have  any  plans  tonight?”  “No.  We’re  still  grounded  because  of  Lily,”  I  replied.   Heather  began  to  walk  towards  me  and  announced,  “Kelly,  mom  and  dad  had  to  go   to  a  Candlelight  remember?”  “Of  course.  Why?”  I  asked.  She  made  sure  no  one  was   watching  and  replied,  “We’re  going  to  get  back  at  Lily.”  Finally!  Time  for  revenge,  yet   it  would  be  risky.  “What  if  we  got  caught  again?”  I  shouted  at  her.  Heather  replied,   “We  aren’t.”  How  could  be  not  get  caught?  Lily’s  very  sneaky  and  smart  for  her  age.   “What’s  the  plan?”  I  asked.  Heather  laid  out  a  huge  piece  of  paper  and  replied,  “We   are  going  to  pamper  Lily.  However,  it’s  going  to  make  her  sick  of  herself.  She  can’t   get  us  into  trouble  because  we’re  doing  things  she  likes  us  or  herself  to  do.”  That   plan  is  fool  proof!  “Heather…  let’s  do  this!”  I  replied.   We  did  everything  Lily  liked  like  Heather’s  plan  said  to  do.  Soon,  Lily  became   sick  of  the  things  that  she  liked  to  do.  When  mom  and  dad  arrived  back  home,  Lily   explained  all  of  the  things  that  we  did.  Mom  kept  saying,  “But  you  like  to  watch  Dora   the  Explorer,”  or,  “But  you  like  to  eat  ice  cream.”  Soon,  Lily  couldn’t  say  anything.  We   put  her  to  bed  and  she  said,  “By  the  way,  I  know  what  you  wanted  me  to  do.  I  can   take  a  hint!  You  both  could  have  just  told  me  anyway.”  Wow.  After  a  few  days,  Lily   grew  tired  of  annoying  us.  She  grew  up.  Well,  every  now  and  then,  she’ll  give  us  a   nasty  little  prank,  but  other  than  that,  she  and  Heather  have  all  became  great  sisters.   This  year,  Christmas  was  fun.  We  all  learned  things  that  we  didn’t  know  about  each   other.  In  conclusion,  now  my  sisters  and  I  are  all  friends.         Julia  Butler   Grade  6   Girls’  Preparatory  School  (GPS).     205  Island  Avenue  Chattanooga  TN,  37405  P.O.  Box  4736   Mrs.  McKenna       Aliens:  They  aren't  that  scary     I  had  just  woken  up,  and  I  was  still  lying  in  my  bed.  I  hadn’t  opened  my  eyes   yet,  because  I  was  too  lazy  to  actually  get  up  and  walk  around.  It  was  the  day  after  I   had  seen  the  space  ship  and  I  felt  no  different.  It  might’ve  been  a  daydream,  or,  I   might  be  going  crazy.  I  still  think  that  it  was  weird  how  the  aliens  let  out  that  pulsing   light.  Hopping  it  was  just  a  hallucination,  I  put  my  foot  over  the  edge  of  my  bed,  but   my  foot  somehow  couldn't  reach  the  floor.  I  opened  my  green  eyes,  and  saw  that  my   nose  was  right  next  to  the  ceiling.  I  was  so  surprised,  that  I  fell  onto  the  floor  with  a   190  

thump, my  red  hair  flowing  behind  me.  I  was  in  a  daze,  since  most  people  don't   wake  up  floating  in  the  air!  I  was  wondering  what  would  have  done  this  to  me,  and   then  it  hit  me  -­‐  it  must  have  been  radiation  that  the  aliens  put  out!  Haha,  see,  hit  me?   Get  it?  The  radiation!  It  hit  me!  Hahaha…  that  was  supposed  to  be  funny…   Anyways,  I  finally  came  out  of  my  shocked  state  when  my  mom  said,   "Kimmie,  time  to  go  to  school!"   I  looked  over  at  the  clock  and  it  said,  7:45.  I  had  to  be  at  school  by  8:01!  Oh   man!  I  thought.  I'm  not  even  dressed!     "Ummm,  Ok!  I'll  be  down  in  a  sec!!!!"  I  hurriedly  put  my  school  clothes  on,   and  rushed  downstairs.   I  rushed  into  the  living  room,  grabbed  my  iPack,  (a  fancy  backpack  that  looked  like  a   disc  and  whenever  you  wanted  something  you  just  spoke  it  and  it  would  just  appear   in  front  of  you)  and  said  a  hurriedly  said  a  goodbye  to  my  mother.   I  ran  outside  and  jumped  on  my  hover  board.  I  went  full  blast  all  the  way  to   school,  and  I  got  in  my  seat  a  second  before  the  bell  rang.  As  we  got  to  our  seats  the   teacher  started  to  talk  about  levitation.  We  all  groaned  because  we  had  heard  the   topic  a  million  billion  times.  I  started  to  wonder  off  in  to  lala  land  to  think  about   what  had  happened  that  morning.  I  came  back  down  to  earth  when  the  teacher  said,   "Kimmie,  what  is  then  secret  to  levitation?"     "Well,  flying  duh!"  I  responded.  The  class  giggled  as  the  teacher  reddened  in   the  face.     "No,  uhh,  I-­‐I  mean,  how  do  you  actually  levitate?”  He  stuttered,  embarrassed.   "Oh,  well,  you  need  to  have  a  open  mind  and  a  loving  heart."  I  said,  happy   with  my  response.   "Very  good!  I  didn't  know  that  you  were  paying  attention!"  He  says,  and  I   smile  proudly,  showing  off  my  pride.   The  teacher  then  says,  "Now,  everyone,  try  it!"     Wait  what?  Seriously?  I  think  to  myself,  He  expects  us  to  do  this!  Well  I  don't   want  to  be  considered  a  freak,  so  I'll  wait  till  someone  else  does  it.  If  somebody  else   does.  A  raven  haired  girl  suddenly  rises  above  the  room,  and  so  do  I.  The  teacher   looked  astonished.     "In  all  my  years  I  never-­‐"  He  is  interrupted  by  a  loud  bell.  It  was  the  sound  of   a  siren.  All  of  the  kids  in  my  class  exchanged  worried  glances,  and  all  at  once  we  ran   for  the  door.  We  saw  a  ton  of  space  ships  in  the  sky,  and  once  everyone  was  out,  a   voice  emanating  from  the  space  ships  said,  "No  formal  customs  are  necessary,  but  I   do  need  two  of  your  humans  in  this  pathetic  city  of  yours.  We  need  the  one  from  the   city  Shamina,  and  the  one  from  the  city  Zotiqua.  I  gasped  wondering  how  they  knew   I  was  from  Zotiqua.  I  nervously  stepped  forward,  and  saw  the  other  raven  haired   girl  step  forward  too.  She  must  be  from  Shamina,   "Wow."  She  said  softly.  "I  haven’t  seen  a  Zotiqian  in  years."   "Umm,  thanks."  I  said.  "I'm  Kimmie."     "Nice  to  meet  you,  I'm  Rachel."  She  replied.   We  both  turned  our  attention  back  to  the  aliens  as  they  said,  "Good!  Give   yourselves  up  to  us,  and  no  one  will  get  hurt.  Fight  back,  and  there  will  be  dire   consequences."  


They put  down  some  weird  lights  that  are  about  to  immerse  Rachel  and  I.  We   get  caught  in  the  weird  light,  and  we  both  maneuver  through  the  lights,  bending  the   air  at  our  will.  I  look  down  to  see  the  people  looking  up  at  us  astonished.  The   booming  voice  of  the  alien  is  heard  again  as  it  says,     "You  foolish  mortals!  You  have  endangered  your  tire  race!  Now  I  will  destroy   this  planet!"   As  Rachel  and  I  heard  it,  we  locked  eyes.  We  had  only  just  met,  but  the  two  of   us  knew  this  was  a  burden  we  had  to  share  together.  As  the  aliens  suddenly  stopped   putting  out  the  energy,  the  space  ships  were  perfectly  still.  Controlling  the  air,  I  flew   over  to  Rachel.     "A  trap?"  I  asked.   "Probably,"  she  answered.     "What  do  you  think  we  should  do?"  I  inquired.   "The  most  unlikely  thing  to  do,  spring  it."  she  said.  Rachel  and  I  flew  toward  it   cautiously,  and  all  of  a  sudden,  the  space  ships  did  the  most  unlikely  thing,  they  just   disappeared!     I  was  broken  out  of  my  mystified  trance  when  I  heard  cheering!  I  turned   around  and  saw  the  crowd  cheering  wildly  for  us.  I  was  so  amazed,  I  almost  fell  out   of  the  air.  I  thought  that  the  government  would  take  us  away  to  experiment  on  us!  I   thought  people  would  think  we  were  freaks!  I  landed  on  the  ground  and  Rachel   followed  me.  We  were  instantly  hoisted  onto  people’s  shoulders.  We  paraded   around  town  and  everyone  was  having  a  great  time.  The  general  came  up  to  us  and   thanked  us.     He  said,     "Thank  you,  girls!  They  had  entered  our  galaxy  a  while  ago,  and  we  thought   we  would  just  see  if  they  were  peaceful,  but  now  you  girls  got  rid  of  them,  we’re   going  on  a  vacation  to  Hawaii!  WOOHOO!”   “Okay…that  was  very  awkward.”  I  said.  After  that,  everyone  had  a  big  party,   and  there  was  lots  of  cake.    I  was  so  happy  about  everything,  so  I  leaned  over  and  hugged  Rachel.     "Quit  hugging  me!"  She  said  pushing  me  away.  I  smiled  embarrassed.   "Oops.  Sorry.  I'm  just  so  happy  people  aren't  mad  at  us!!!"  I  replied  as  I   smiled  and  laughed.  This,  was  going  to  be  a  great  day.  I  just  hope  my  mom  isn't   watching  the  news...     Sydney  Cansler   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Fleissner       The  Musical  Box       One  cool  and  crisp  October  morning,  I  woke  up  to  a  strange  dream...or  so  I   thought.    You  see  I  was  the  new  girl  in  a  small  town  and  didn't  have  many  friends  yet.     192  

My family  had  just  moved  into  the  beautiful,  small  town  of  Hickory  Creek.    At  school   I  was  considered  the  “new  girl”  until  one  day  I  helped  solve  an  ongoing  murder   investigation.     My  dream  begins  with  me  going  on  a  walk  one  damp,  foggy  evening.    I   wanted  to  get  out  and  discover  my  new  neighborhood.    I  came  upon  a  lonely  old   farm  house  on  top  of  the  hill  just  down  from  my  house.    I  walked  up  the  hill  and  onto   the  rickety  front  porch.    I  looked  in  the  windows  and  it  didn’t  look  like  there  was   anyone  that  lived  there.    I  opened  the  squeaky  screen  door  and  knocked  on  the  door.     When  I  did,  the  door  opened.    Me,  being  my  curious  self,  I  went  in.     The  house  appeared  to  be  abandoned.    It  seemed  like  no  one  had  lived  in  it   for  several  years.    The  furniture  was  covered  with  old  sheets  and  there  were   cobwebs  everywhere.    There  was  very  little  light  coming  in  from  the  full  moon  that   was  out  that  night  because  the  windows  were  so  dirty  and  the  drapes  were  so  heavy.     The  staircase  in  the  house  looked  a  little  dangerous,  but  I  was  drawn  to  the  upstairs.     So,  I  carefully  made  my  way  up  the  stairs.    I  checked  out  several  of  the  bedrooms   and  in  the  last  one  that  I  went  into,  I  found  a  beautiful  jewelry  box.    I  opened  it  and   realized  that  it  was  a  music  box  as  well.    Suddenly    I  heard  a  noise  downstairs.    I  got   very  nervous  because  time  had  gotten  away  from  me  and  it  was  getting  dark  very   quickly.    I  picked  up  the  jewelry  box  and  headed  down  the  stairs.    I  saw  a  shadow   cross  the  in  front  of  a  side  window  on  the  porch.    Hoping  it  was  a  cat  or  a  tree  in  the   wind,    I  ran  out  of  the  house,  down  the  hill  and  straight  to  my  house.     As  soon  as  I  got  home,  I  went  straight  to  my  room.    I  opened  the  jewelry  box   and  began  to  look  at  the  costume  jewelry  that  was  inside.    There  were  a  couple  of   small  drawers  on  the  jewelry  box  and  the  second  one  I  opened  had  a  note  in  it.    I   was  hoping  for  a  romantic  note  from  a  special  love  but  what  I  found  was  a  murder   confession.    Then  I  woke  up.     I  was  freaked  out  by  my  dream.    It  had  seemed  so  real.    I  got  up  and  started   making  my  bed  before  I  went  downstairs  for  breakfast.    Something  on  my  dresser   caught  my  eye.    It  was  the  musical  jewelry  box  from  my  dream!    I  walked  over  to  my   dresser  and  slowly  opened  the  drawer  where  I  had  found  the  note  in  my  dream.     The  note  was  there!    Had  I  actually  found  a  real  murder  confession?     I  went  downstairs  to  the  kitchen  where  my  mother  was  cooking  breakfast   and  told  her  about  my  dream,  the  note  and  the  box  that  was  actually  on  my  dresser.     She  said  that  we  should  call  the  police  so  they  could  take  a  look  at  it  and  see  what   they  thought.    A  detective  came  to  our  house  looked  at  the  note  and  said  he  thought   it  was  real!    Three  years  before  we  moved  to  Hickory  Creek,  a  man  in  our  town   named  Thomas  Whitfield  had  been  murdered.    The  note  I  found  had  been  written  by   his  wife  Mandy.    The  detective  told  us  that  his  wife  had  disappeared  without  a  trace   shortly  after  Thomas'  murder!     Maggie  Card   Grade  7   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Woodson     193  

They Want  My  Gold!   Until  she  got  sucked  out  of  her  backyard  by  what  looked  like  a  swirly  hole  in   the  wall,  Maya  thought  her  day  couldn't  get  any  worse.    As  you  could  guess,  it   started  out  horrible.  Her  brother  had  cut  up  her  big  history  project  due  on  Monday.   Her  sister  had  poured  all  the  cereal  out  of  the  box  and  was  walking  around  the   house  with  a  pot  on  her  head  banging  on  her  plastic  drum  screaming  “wake  up!"         Unlike  most  kids  she  loathed  the  weekends,  because  she  had  to  be  around   the  most  annoying  creatures  on  the  planet  for  a  whole  48  hours!  So  she  went   outside  to  her  back  yard  to  kick  a  soccer  ball  and  blow  off  some  steam.   She  was  punting  and  heading  the  ball  against  the  wall  of  her  shed  and  all  of  a  sudden   a  great  big  green  and  black  swirly  hole  appeared  in  the  wall  and  she  was  sucked  into   it.         The  next  thing  she  knew  she  was  standing  in  the  middle  of  an  old  mining   town.    She  stood  up,  dusted  herself  off,  and  started  to  explore  the  tiny  town.  She  was   admiring  a  gorgeous  black  stallion  by  the  name  of  king  thunder  when  a  very  tall  guy   walked  up  to  her  and  with  a  very  country  accent  said  his  name  was  Dusty.  Maya   thought  that  was  a  very  appropriate  name  because  every  time  he  took  a  step  a   tornado  of  dust  appeared  at  his  feet.  He  asked  her  if  she  had  heard  about  “them   aliens  on  the  wall  of  the  town  hall  who  wanted  his  gold”.      She  said  no  and  asked  to  see  the  town  hall,  because  the  “aliens”  might   actually  be  what  she  had  decided  was  the  time  warp  that  brought  her  there.  Dusty   showed  her  the  the  very  crowded  building  and  within  seconds  the  hole  appeared,   ladies  screamed  and  fled  and  in  the  middle  of  the  chaos  she  was  sucked  in  and  was   back  at  her  house.  She  went  inside  wrestled  a  pencil  from  her  brothers  fingers  and   rewrote  her  history  paper  on  an  ancient  mining  town.               Zoe  Chamberlain   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mr.  Fleissner         The  Gladiator   Jonathan  squinted  as  the  large  iron  doors  opened.  He  grasped  his  sword   tightly  and  felt  a  bead  of  sweat  trickle  down  his  brow.  This  was  going  to  be  his  first   time  fighting  in  the  arena.  After  six  months  of  training  he  was  told  by  Caleb,  his   trainer,  that  he  was  ready.  Jonathan  didn’t  feel  ready,  he  was  sure  he  was  going  to   die.  He  wanted  to  run  away  and  hide.  He  was  not  a  warrior,  he  was  a  farmer.  He   missed  his  home  in  Ephesus.  Once  he  got  his  thoughts  back  in  order  and  on  the  fight,   a  large  club  came  towards  his  head.  Jonathan  ducked  and  dodged  the  blow  just  in   time.  He  heard  the  blood  thirsty  crowd  scream  while  he  pierced  the  man’s  heart.  He   hated  the  noise  and  the  blood.  He  kept  fighting  and  killing.  He  was  going  to  earn  his   freedom.  He  had  to.  Jonathan  wanted  to  see  his  loving  mother  and  beautiful  sister   194  

again. He  suddenly  heard  the  crowd  scream  his  name.  Jonathan  looked  around  him   and  only  saw  one  man  standing.  He  had  heard  about  him.  He  was  the  best  gladiator   in  all  of  Rome.  Maybe  he  wasn’t  going  to  earn  his  freedom  after  all.  The  man  slowly   walked  toward  him  as  if  stalking  his  prey.  Jonathan  lunged  at  him  and  tried  jabbing   him  in  the  leg.  The  man  jumped  and  dodged  the  sword,  going  around  Jonathan  and   behind  him.  He  felt  a  sting  in  his  left  leg.  It  was  the  most  painful  feeling  he  had  ever   experienced.  He  fell  on  one  knee  and  when  the  man  stood  up,  Jonathan  saw  his   opportunity.  He  stabbed  the  man’s  thigh,  and  while  he  fell,  Jonathan  ran  his  sword   right  through  the  large  man’s  neck.  Jonathan  felt  faint  from  the  blood  loss  and   started  to  sway.  Two  soldiers  came  up  behind  and  carried  him  off  the  blood-­‐stained   sand.  Before  he  lost  total  consciousness  he  heard  the  crowd  scream  his  name.  When   Jonathan  woke  up,  he  was  very  confused.  He  thought  he  was  at  home,  but  then  felt   the  cold  stone  against  his  cheek  and  was  sure  he  was  not  at  home.  He  opened  his   eyes  and  tried  to  get  out  of  bed,  but  felt  an  awful  pain  in  his  leg.  He  fell  back  in  the   bed  and  heard  the  door  open.  A  tall  guard  came  in  and  brought  him  to  Caleb.  When   Caleb  gave  him  slap  of  pride  on  the  back,  he  nearly  fell  over,  but  the  guard  held  him   up.  “I  am  proud  of  you,  slave.”  Caleb  said.  “In  one  game  you  killed  the  best  fighter  in   Rome  and  you  will  fight  again  next  week.”  Jonathan  was  confused.  He  was  wounded,   and  he  has  killed  so  many  men.  How  could  anyone  like  him?  Jonathan  said,  “Are  you   serious?  In  one  week?  I  cannot  fight  that  soon  with  an  injured  leg!”  “You  will.”  Caleb   said,  again  in  authority.  “I  will  teach  you  how  to  ignore  your  pain  and  give  you   special  medicine  to  heal  quickly.”  So  this  was  it,  this  was  Jonathan’s  life.     Two  years  later  Jonathan  was  becoming  the  most  famous  man  in  all  of  Italy.   People  from  all  around  the  world  were  coming  to  watch  him  compete  in  the  games.   Caleb  was  sitting  in  his  office  when  a  guard  came  in  the  door.  “What  is  it?”  Caleb  said.   “There  is  a  woman  waiting  outside  and  she  wants  to  talk  with  you,  sir.”  The  guard   told  him.  “Tell  her  to  come  in.”  Five  minutes  later  a  woman  entered  the  door.  She   had  long  wavy  black  hair  and  reminded  Caleb  of  someone.  He  could  not  figure  it  out.   “My  name  is  Leah,  and  I  have  come  to  request  a  visit  with  one  of  your  gladiators.”   The  woman  said.  Caleb  said,  “I  will  have  to  know  who  you  need  to  speak  with,  if  you   don’t  mind.”  “The  man’s  named  Jonathan,  and  I  really  need  to  speak  with  him.”  She   said.  “Guard!”  He  yelled.  “I  need  you  to  get  Jonathan  out  of  his  cell  and  for  you  to   bring  him  here  at  once.”  When  the  door  opened  and  Jonathan  walked  into  the  room   a  flash  of  recognition  crossed  his  face.  He  smiled  radiantly  and  ran  to  the  women   and  picked  her  up  in  a  large  hug.  She  joyfully  laughed  and  said  “Oh  Jonathan!  We   have  missed  you  so  much!  Mother  and  I  have  thought  you  died  in  the  attack.”  “No,   my  sister.  But  I  have  become  the  best  fighter  in  Rome.”  He  said  with  a  smile.  “Why   are  you  here?”  “I  came  here  to  watch  you  compete  in  the  games.  From  what  I  hear   this  is  your  last  game  until  you  can  earn  your  freedom.  I  have  come  to  take  you   home.”  She  said  happily.  Caleb  then  realized  that  it  was  Jonathan  that  she  reminded   him  of.  They  had  the  same  nose  and  the  same  color  of  eyes.  Then  he  said  “Now  that   you  guys  have  had  your  little  reunion,  maybe  Jonathan  can  start  practicing  for  his   big  game  tomorrow.”  Leah  nodded,  and  after  another  brief  hug,  left  the  room.   Jonathan  had  a  hard  time  sleeping  that  night,  he  was  so  anxious  to  win  the  game  and   go  home.  He  woke  up  in  a  daze  and  slowly  got  his  armor  on.  The  iron  doors  opened,   and  even  though  this  happened  every  week,  he  felt  nervous.  He  was  almost  never   195  

nervous for  a  little  game  in  the  arena.  He  fought  his  hardest  and  for  a  split  second   looked  at  where  his  sister  sat.  She  had  a  nervous  look  herself.  That  split  second  was   the  mistake  of  his  life.  For  the  man  he  was  fighting  wacked  him  in  the  face  with  the   back  of  his  hand.  It  was  such  a  shock  that  he  fell  onto  the  ground.  The  man  that   threw  him  down  took  his  sword  and  pierced  Jonathan’s  heart.  Just  before  he  took   his  last  breath  he  looked  in  his  sister’s  direction.  She  was  in  tears  screaming.  He   would  not  be  a  free  man,  but  die  a  slave.       Kayla  Chupp     Grade  8     Silverdale  Baptist  Academy     7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421     Mrs.  Woodson       The  Butterfly  that  Landed  in  My  Waffles       As  I  rubbed  my  eyes  after  I  awoke  form  my  deep  slumber,  I  took  in  a  huge  breath  of   air.  At  first  I  was  confused  about  what  the  air  smelled  like,  then  I  realized  it  smelled   like  my  mother  had  cooked  me  some  waffles.  I  could  smell  all  the  syrup,  the  light   fluffy  waffles,  and  even  the  butter  sitting  on  top  of  the  waffles  melting.  I  couldn’t  wait   to  run  into  the  kitchen  and  stab  my  fork  into  the  stack  of  deliciousness.  The  smile  on   my  face  as  I  ran  into  the  kitchen  was  the  size  of  Texas.  My  smile  grew  bigger  as  soon   as  my  eyes  landed  on  the  stack  of  waffles.  They  were  golden  brown,  just  the  way  I   like  them.  The  little  scoop  of  butter  on  top  had  been  smothered  with  the  heavy   drizzle  of  syrup  over  and  over  again  to  make  a  pool  of  perfection.  Every  single  hole   on  my  waffle  had  been  filled  with  the  sweet  and  delicious  Mrs.  Butterworth’s  syrup.  I   couldn’t  find  my  fork  soon  enough.  I  scrambled  around  the  kitchen  to  find  a  fork  and   when  I  had  finally  found  one,  I  sat  in  my  chair  and  added  a  tad  more  syrup.  I  stuck  my   fork  into  the  waffles  and  gave  a  little  tug  and  a  skinny  string  of  syrup  trailed  close   behind.  I  shoved  the  corner  of  my  waffle  into  my  mouth  and  it  took  me  on  a  fieldtrip   to  heaven.  A  light  tingling  sensation  ran  throughout  my  body.  I  closed  my  eyes  for  a   second  to  just  enjoy  the  yummy,  sugary  waffles.  Then  I  swallowed  and  my  life  went   back  to  normal.    I  opened  my  eyes  to  find  that  a  butterfly  had  flown  in  the  window,  which  my   mom  had  left  open  to  let  in  the  fresh  summer  air.  The  butterfly  made  its  way  to  my   waffles  and  landed  in  the  pool  of  syrup.  The  butterfly  squirmed  and  flipped  and   flopped  and  had  gotten  tangled  in  the  swamp-­‐like  syrup.  There  was  no  way  the   butterfly  would  be  able  to  get  out  all  by  herself.  I  had  to  do  something,  but  what   could  I  do  to  help  the  butterfly  and  not  be  hurting  it  at  the  same  time?    I  stood  up  to   pace  back  and  forth.  Maybe  I  could  think  of  something  to  do  that  would  help  save  the   poor,  trapped  creature.  Finally,  I  came  up  with  the  idea  to  find  a  fly  swatter  and   scoop  up  the  butterfly.  I  then  decided  to  go  a  scavenger  hunt  to  find  a  fly  swatter.   After  looking  through  seven  drawers  and  four  cabinets,  I  found  the  bright  pink  fly   swatter  with  the  slightly  bent  handle.  I  slid  the  swatter  underneath  the  butterfly  and  


lifted up.  The  syrup,  slowly  but  surely,  dripped  off  the  butterfly  and  landed  in  the   sink.     After  about  ten  minutes  of  watching  syrup  drip  from  the  butterfly,  I  turned   the  water  on  to  a  light  trickle.  I  placed  her  directly  under  the  water  and  held  her   there  until  all  the  leftover  syrup  that  didn’t  drip  off,  rinsed  off.  I  turned  the  water  off   and  sat  the  wet  butterfly  on  the  paper  towel.  As  she  flapped  around  you  could  see  the   paper  towel  soaking  up  the  water  that  continued  to  fall  off  the  butterfly.  When  the   butterfly  had  finished  prancing  around  the  paper  towel,  she  began  to  flap  her  wings.   Her  wings  would  open  wide  to  show  the  beautiful  design  on  the  back,  then  they   would  close  tightly  back  together.  She  repeated  this  pattern  at  a  faster  speed  with   each  flap  until  she  had  reached  the  window  sill.  When  her  little,  black  feet  reached   the  cold,  white  window  sill  she  quit  flapping  her  wings.  She  stared  out  the  window   then  turned  back  and  to  look  at  me.  The  butterfly  gave  me  a  smile.  It  was  the  smallest   smile  I’ve  ever  seen,  but  probably  the  largest  smile  she’d  ever  given.     She  turned  around  and  fluttered  out  the  window.  From  what  I  could  tell,  she   never  once  looked  back.  I  stood  looking  out  the  window  until  she  had  flown  out  of   site.  I  shut  the  window  so  I  wouldn’t  get  anymore  unexpected  visitors  then  I  headed   back  to  my  seat  where  my  waffles  had  been  waiting  for  me.  I  wanted  to  dig  into  my   waffles  but  before  I  could,  I  had  to  add  another  scoop  of  butter,  one  more  waffle,  and   a  few  more  drizzles  of  syrup.  Now  my  waffles  were  once  again  perfect.       Joy  Clark     Grade  8     Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Poplar  Springs  Road,  Ringgold,  GA  30736   Mrs.  Carlock       The  Illness   It  was  quick,  strong,  and  compact.  It  traveled  in  a  group;  its  companions  were   those  in  the  air.  They  twirled  and  danced,  laughing  manically  at  our  fear.  We  had  to   escape  the  illness.   I  walked  briskly,  carelessly  letting  my  silky  dress  flood  the  ground,  magically  lifting   away,  then  flooding  again.  I  held  on  tight  to  my  half-­‐sister’s  hand-­‐  my  father’s  child.   Her  light  brown  curls  bouncing  with  each  step.  A  half  skip-­‐half  run  to  match  my   hasty  gait  with  her  stubby  legs.  “Come  Isabeal,”  I  mouthed  to  her.  My  family   followed-­‐  one  sister,  twin  brothers,  step-­‐mother,  father.     I  turned  back-­‐  my  house.  It  was  a  steel  red,  equivalent  to  stale  blood.  It  was   my  home.  It  was  a  sanctuary.  The  stone  walls  dripped  with  sadness  and  longing.  The   illness  demolished  everything.  Not  only  you;  your  feelings,  your  mind,  your  love.  It   also  infects  abiotic  themes.  The  house  I  lived  in  for  all  17  years  of  my  life  suddenly   crumbled.  Everything  gave  way.  I  watched  my  father’s  face.  He  had  built  the  house.   Every  stone  was  placed  by  him.  We  had  to  keep  on.  Like  a  soldier’s  march,  I  will  not   gaze  at  the  past,  but  be  set  on  the  future.  My  family  and  I  will  go  to  Promised.  


Refugees were  already  there.  I  picked  up  Isabeal,  easing  her  of  stress.  She  wrapped   her  strong  arms  around  me.  Even  if  she  was  seven-­‐  she  was  light.   If  I  slowed  down  even  for  a  second  again,  I  would  forget  Isabelal’s  tight  hold.  Or  my   brothers’  strong  companionship.  Eliza  and  her  red  hair,  all  would  be  forgotten.  Like   the  house,  I  would  crumble;  to  never  recall  why  I  ever  wanted  to  walk,  run,  or  even   breath.  So  many  have  been  taken  already.  My  real  mother  was  kind  and  generous.   She  was  shown  love  by  everyone,  and  she  showed  love  to  everyone.  It  wasn’t  an   opinion,  but  fact.  She  was  one  of  the  first  to  know  what  the  illness  felt  like.  How  it   spread  through  your  body,  slowly;  ever  so  slowly.  But  to  those  around  you  it  was   minutes,  no-­‐  seconds.  I  saw  the  tragedy.  Her  dark  brown  hair  suddenly  turning  a   white-­‐gray  from  the  roots.  Her  hazel  eyes  echoed  fear.  I  was  reading  a  book  to  her.  It   was  her  favorite:  If  Oly.  It  was  about  a  boy,  brave  as  anyone,  who  traveled  the  world   with  only  a  compass.  Is  it  true?  She  believes  so.   “Crimson!  It’s  spreading  faster!”  I  didn’t  want  to  smile,  but  I  did.  Of  course  it  was.  Of   course  it  wasn’t  going  to  just  give  up  on  us.  It  would  want  to  catch  us,  but  first  only   play  with  my  family.  “Sister!”   I  turned  around,  seeing  Eliza  fall  behind.  My  father  grabbed  her  waist,  pulling  her   with  us.  She  threw  him  off  hastily.  She  screamed  at  us.  Only  gibberish  was  flooding   out  of  her  mouth.  Our  neighbors  thought  she  is  strange,  her  red  hair  contrasting   against  the  strong  background  of  dark  brown  curls.  But  how  is  she  strange?  Her  fear   is  just  like  mine,  and  my  father’s.  It  spreads  throughout  the  fingertips,  down  to  the   last  nerves.  Fear  makes  us  survive.  Not  always  in  the  way  we  expect.  Survive  is  a   word  of  strong  independence,  yet  you  can  share  it  with  others.     Eliza’s  eyes  are  like  Mothers’.  Even  though  she  is  fifteen,  gray  is  sprouting  in  her  hair.   I  feel  myself  overcomed  with  a  sick  sort  of  sorrow.  It’s  a  complicated  sorrow.  Eliza   suddenly  throws  herself  to  the  ground.  By  now,  all  of  my  family  has  stopped  to   watch  my  beautiful  and  young  sister  stare  up  at  us  with  terrifying  eyes.  She  has  no   pupil.  She  stares  at  us.  I  feel  like  she  has  grabbed  our  thoughts,  then  claimed  them  as   her  own.     “We  must...”  Step-­‐Mother  whispers.  For  once,  I  agree  with  her.  We  must  go.  We  need   to  get  away  from  this  terrible  scene.  Eliza’s  fate  is  concealing  us  in  a  tiny  bubble.  We   all  have  seen  the  destruction,  but  maybe  she  is  different.  We  all  are  hoping.     “Run!  Run,  Crimson!”  Someone  is  tugging  my  arm.  I  can’t  run,  though.  My  legs   don’t  seem  to  work.  All  my  energy  is  spent.  I  open  my  eyes  to  see  the  darkness.  I   welcome  it.  I  can’t  stand  it.  I  don’t  want  to  fight  anymore.  I  feel  arms  picking  me  up.   They  carry  me  away.       I  find  myself  awake.  In  an  area  of  supreme  comfort.  There’s  a  window,  giving  light  to   the  room.  There’s  a  mystical  trance  to  the  area.  I’m  in  a  bed  of  soft  cushions.   Embroidered  quilts  cover  me.  I  fold  them  over,  and  stand  up.  My  dress  is  replaced   with  an  orange  skirt,  with  a  white  shirt.  I  walk  over  to  the  only  door  in  the  room.  I   walk  out,  and  realize  I’m  in  Promised.  I  see  my  family.  They  run  to  me,  enveloping   and  embracing  me  tightly.  I  realize  there  is  one  soul  missing.   “Where  is  Eliza?”  I  ask,  confused.  My  father  takes  me  hand,  then  explains.  First   simply,  but  I  don’t  understand.  I  can’t  bring  back  anything.  Only  names.  And  little   details.  A  house.  My  dress.  The  land  Promised.   198  

I lock  myself  in  my  room,  struggling  to  figure  out  what  happened  based  on  my   father’s  story.  As  I  go  on  with  life,  as  in  sleeping,  eating  and  drinking,  and  showers,  I   realize  I’m  starting  to  forget  even  more  memories.  I  forget  who  died  that  die.  My  real   mother  is  now  just  a  dream.  I’m  thinking  of  life.  Is  the  illness  alive?   “Hello?”  There’s  a  knock  on  the  door.  Haggard,  I  walk  to  the  door  and  it  slowly  opens.   A  little  girl  comes  into  my  room.  “What’s  wrong,  Crimson?”   Crimson.  It  sounds  so  familiar  to  me.  Then  I  realize.  I’m  Crimson.  I  gaze  at  the...  the...  I   don’t  know  how  old  she  is.  I  think  she’s  my...  sister?  No-­‐  half-­‐sister.   Didn’t  I  have  another  sister?  I  felt  my  conscious  slipping.  I  felt  loose  and  inanimate.  I   let  go  of  the  strings  of  my  puppet-­‐body.       Cyan  Cox   Grade  7   CSLA   6579  East  Brainerd  Rd.  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Blentlinger       Put  it  Together   How  to  create  a  good  volleyball  play                                    Every  coach  wants  to  see  a  good  play  on  the  volleyball  court.    But  how  do   you  accomplish  that  goal?    First  of  all,  you  need  to  know  the  basics;  how  to  bump   pass,  how  to  set,  and  how  to  spike.    Then,  once  you’ve  got  all  those  moves  down,  you   can  put  them  together  to  make  a  play.                                  The  first  move  you  need  to  know  is  how  to  bump  pass.    Good  form  is   important  for  getting  the  ball  up  and  high  for  the  setter  to  set.    A  strong  platform  is   key.    To  create  one,  make  one  hand  into  a  fist  and  cover  it  with  the  other.    KEEP   YOUR  THUMBS  DOWN!!!    If  you  catch  a  ball  on  your  thumbs  while  they  are  up,  you   can  easily  hyperextend  or  jam  one  of  your  thumbs.    Do  not  bend  your  elbows  when   passing,  this  is  the  main  part  of  a  strong  platform.    To  add  power  and  height  to  your   pass,  use  your  legs,  your  arms  should  make  little  movement.    To  direct  your  pass,   point  your  platform  in  the  direction  you  want  it  to  go,  which  is  usually  towards  the   setter.    If  you  are  facing  sideways  to  your  target,  drop  the  shoulder  closest  to  it  to   angle  your  pass.    If  the  ball  that  is  coming  to  you  is  at  shoulder  level  or  above,  set  the   ball,  do  not  bump  pass  it.    Let’s  move  onto  setting.                                  Setting  is  important  because  it  gets  the  ball  up  for  the  hitters  to   spike.    Strong  hands  are  a  key  to  a  good  set.    First,  shape  your  hands  so  that  they  will   curve  around  the  ball.    Make  sure  your  fingers  are  spread  apart  and  that  your   thumbs  are  back,  or  you  could  hurt  them  the  same  as  you  could  in  passing.    Raise   your  hands  right  above  your  forehead,  that’s  where  you  should  receive  the  ball   when  setting.    Your  arms  should  only  be  extended  after  you  set  the  ball,  not   before.    Use  your  legs  to  help  gain  power  and  height  for  your  set,  just  like  in  passing.   Now,  for  spiking.                                  Spiking  can  get  points  for  your  team.       199  

Samantha Dove   Grade  8   Hixson  Middle  School   5681  Old  Hixson  Pike,  Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Carrie  Bishop       Emma  Takes  a  Stand       Long  Ago  in  the  faraway  kingdom  of  Astro-­‐plain  lived  a  beautiful  princess   named  Emma.  Her  kingdom  had  golden  brick  roads,  crystal  towers,  and  clear  blue   skies  all  year  long  as  the  people  rejoiced.  The  kingdom  was  ruled  by  Prince  Rick  and   Princess  Emma.  They  both  rule  their  kingdom  with  loving  hearts  and  Astro-­‐plain   lived  in  peace  for  many  years  until  one  dark  and  stormy  day  an  evil  wizard  named   Icey  cast  a  curse  on  the  land.  Trees  became  ill  and  as  the  sky  filled  with  darkness,the   people’s  rejoicingstopped.  The  only  sign  of  hope  left  is  the  old  maple  tree  on  the  hill.   That  very  day  war  was  declared  on  Icey,  and  it  has  been  that  way  for  many  years   until  now.     It  is  the  princess’  21th  birthday  and  she  has  been  distant  from  her  kingdom   ever  since  the  war  was  started.  She  stays  under  the  maple  hoping  that  the  war  will   end  soon  in  the  favor  of  the  kingdom.     “Princess  Emma,  your  ball  is  starting  in  one  hour.”  cried  maid  Daisy  as  she   ran  towards  the  tree.  “Where  have  you  been,  everyone  is  looking  for  you!”     “How  can  I  celebrate  this  occasion  when  my  people  are  suffering?”  asked   Emma.  “I  truly  wish  to  help  my  people,  but  how  can  I  when  I  don’t  know  how?”   Boom!  Crash!  Pow!     As  fast  as  lightning  Emma  ran  towards  the  large,  grey  cloud  in  front  of  her   castle  with  tears  streaking  down  her  cheeks.     “No!”  she  cried  at  the  sight  of  ten  of  her  servants  dead,  crushedby  sheet  rock.   “Icey  will  pay!”  screamed  Emma.  Suddenly  a  low  whimper  came  through  the  sheet   rock.  Swiftly  she  began  to  dig  through  the  rubble.     At  last  she  found  a  small  wolf  pup  with  a  silver  grey  coat  and  ocean  blue  eyes.   It  whimpered  in  pain.     “It’s  alright  now,  your  safe  with  me.”    Emma  whispered  to  the  pup.  “I’ll  call   you  Rocky.”     As  Emma  slowly  took  Rocky  to  her  room  she  began  to  think.  “Icey  must  pay   for  the  loss  of  my  people.”  She  finally  reached  her  room  and  laid  Rocky  on  her   golden  tapestry  bed  to  rest.       Slowly  she  walked  to  her  white  vanity  dresser  and  set  her  hair  into  a  ponytail.   Next  she  walked  to  her  closet  and  put  on  a  suit  of  bronze  armor  and  grabbed  her   lucky,  silver  bracelets.  “If  my  army  can’t  end  the  war,  I  will!”  shouted  Emma.     At  exactly  midnight  she  woke  Rocky  and  ran  into  the  stables  to  unlock   Thunder,  the  black  stallion.  With  Thunder,  they  charged  to  the  maple  tree.  Emma  set   a  small  note  on  the  highest  branch  she  could  reach  that  stated:     Dear  Daisy,    I  have  left  to  end  the  war;  don’t  look  for  me  I’ll  be  alright.   200  

Sincerely,           Emma     Swiftly  Thunder  galloped  over  the  cinder  block  wall  and  into  the  army’s   camp.  By  then  it  was  sunrise  and  the  soldiers  were  up  storming  Icey’s  castle  at  the   front  gate.  As  stealthy  as  a  mouse,  they  creped  through  the  camp  until  they  reached   a  thin  rope  bridge  on  the  side  of  the  castle.  The  rope  bridgecrossed  a  river  of  molten   lava  that  suddenly  ended  in  the  distance.  Roar!  Roar!  Boom!  Out  of  nowhere  popped   a  ferocious  dragon.It  had  forest  green  scales,  glowing  red  eyes,  and  a  firey  dragon   breath.    Roar!     Suddenly  it  shot  out  a  breath  of  fire  at  the  wooden  bridge  in  front  of  Emma.   Clang!  It  hit  a  striking,  silver  sword.  Quickly  Emma  grabbed  the  sword  and  charged   at  the  dragon.  Thud!     The  ferocious  dragon  let  out  a  painful  sigh  as  it  fell  down  and  disappeared   into  a  yellow  mist.     Carefully  Emma  and  Rocky  walked  over  the  bridge  and  through  the  silver   plated  gate,  into  Icey’s  castle.     The  castle  had  mossy  dragon  statues  at  the  corners  of  the  walls  that  were  so   life  like  that  it  felt  like  they  would  have  come  alive  any  second  and  attack.  Suddenly   a  thick  grey  mist  rolled  into  the  castle  covering  everything  in  sight.     “I’ve  been  expecting  you  for  day’s  now,Emma.”  bellowed  Icey  out  of  the   center  of  the  mist.     “Your  reign  of  terror  is  over  Icey.”  Shouted  Emma  as  she  ran  towards  Icey   with  her  silver  sword.  Clang!     Emma  missed  and  her  sword  was  now  stuck  in  the  dreary  walls  of  the  castle.     Swiftly  Icey  ran  out  of  the  room  to  try  to  make  her  escape  saying  “This  isn’t   the  last  of  me,  I’ll  be  back!”     Without  missing  a  beat  Emma  chanted  “U  Rama  king  tum,”  a  spell  she   learned  in  her  studies.  Icey  was  frozen  and  the  castle  began  to  crumble  beneath   their  feet.  As  they  swiftly  ran  out  they  noticed  that  the  castle  was  falling  into  the   freezing  cold  lake  water,  and  that  Icey  was  going  to  fall  in  too.     With  her  kind  heart  shinning  through  Emma  grabbed  Icey’s  hand  and  pulled   her  onto  safer  ground  as  the  rest  of  the  castle  plummeted  into  the  lake.     Icey  began  to  shimmer  and  float  in  the  air.  Boom!    A  rainbow  mist  showered   Icey  and  suddenly  Emma  saw  who  she  really  was.  “Thank  you  for  saving  me,  I  was   trapped  by  an  evil  witch’s  spell  and  now  it  is  broken  for  only  someone  with  a  true   hero’s  heart  could  save  me.”  Icey  was  actually  the  long  lost  princess  of  Astro-­‐plain,   Emma’s  twin  sister  Wendy.      Suddenly  a  large  rainbow  swept  over  the  land  breaking  the  curse.  The   people  began  to  rejoice  as  the  trees  sparkled  with  life  and  the  sky  filled  with   sunshine.  Emma,  Wendy  and  Rocky  hopped  onto  Thunder  as  they  dashed  back   through  the  camp  and  over  the  wall  to  celebrate  the  return  of  the  long  lost  princess   and  the  hero  who  saved  her.       Samantha  Eddy   Grade  6   Hixson  Middle     201  

5681 Old  Hixson  Pike   Hixson,  TN  37343   Mrs.  Holloway       5/10/1802   Dear  Mia,     Though  I  would  have  given  anything  to  at  least  say  the  words  “good-­‐bye”  to   you,  but  I  was  never  able  to.  In  fact,  I  was  kidnapped,  with  lots  of  other  children,   men,  and  women.  Everyone  is  stacked  on  top  of  one  another,  locked  up.  Luckily  for   me,  I  am  on  top.  I’m  on  top  of  a  pile  with  other  teenage  girls,  just  like  me.  My  chains   are  defective,  so  with  struggle,  I  can  slip  in  and  out  of  my  chains.  I  do  this  quite   frequently,  because  our  guard  is  never  present.  When  he  is  there  though,  no  one  is   happy.  Even  though  I  have  no  clue  why,  it  seems  like  he  hates  us.  All  of  us.  I  don’t   even  know  what  I’ve  done.     Lately  I’ve  been  trying  figure  out  some  of  the  kidnappers  background…   judging  by  their  skin  and  accents,  they  are  probably  Americans.  They  treat  us  worse   than  my  family  treats  mice  that  get  into  our  food.  They  give  the  whole  me  about  two   bites  of  bread  a  week,  and  salt  water  that  is  probably  from  the  ocean  every  three   days.  I  have  gotten  noticeably  skinnier  since  I  was  kidnapped.     My  guess  is,  when  we  get  to  America  (or  wherever  else  they  could  be  taking   us)  we  won’t  be  treated  any  better.  Our  guards  keep  calling  us  things  like  “slaves,”   and  saying  that  is  all  we  are.  He  also  told  me  that  after  my  auction,  this  boat  will   seem  like  a  place  where  we  want  to  be.  I  highly  doubt  that  will  ever  be  true.  But,  you   never  know  what  to  expect-­‐  especially  when  you  don’t  know  what  any  of  these   words  mean.       This  letter  will  probably  never  reach  you,  but  it  was  nice  getting  all  my   feelings  and  thoughts  out  for  once  rather  than  keeping  them  all  locked  up  inside  day   and  night.  May  Jesus  bless  you.       Sincerely,                Zhenia       As  she  finished  jotting  down  her  name,  she  relaxed  her  neck  from  the   uncomfortable  position  she  had  been  craning  her  neck  in  to  write  the  letter.  She  let   the  cloth  that  she  had  torn  from  her  dress  to  write  the  letter  on  to  the  floor  as  she   squeezed  her  hand  to  get  it  through  the  chains.  When  she  was  done,  she  checked   once  more  to  see  that  there  were  no  peers  that  would  whip  her  for  escaping,  cut  off   her  food  supply,  and  make  sure  that  she  was  on  the  bottom  of  the  pile  of  helpless   humans.  There  was  no  one.  She  slipped  the  cloth  in  through  the  hole  that  she  had   seen  just  minutes  before.  It  was  high  enough  and  small  enough  that  it  wouldn’t   allow  the  ship  to  flood,  but  just  big  enough  that  she  could  slip  her  message  through   it.  Boiling  up  inside  of  her  was  the  feeling  of  doubt  that  Mia  would  ever  receive  it,   but  she  felt  good,  writing  an  entire  letter,  and  slipping  it  through  a  hole  with  no  one   seeing  it.  She  had  proved  to  her  self  one  thing:  she  wasn’t  anything  that  the  captors   told  her  she  was.  Who’s  stupid  now?  She  thought.     202  

Gussie Gaston   Grade  7   CSLA   6579  East  Brainerd  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Blentlinger       Pretty     Pretty.  It’s  actually  kind  of  a  funny  word.  When  you  think  about  it,  the  word   pretty  isn’t  really  a  pretty  word  at  all.  It’s  just  two  consonants  jammed  together  and   sounds  as  awkward  as  a  bull  in  a  china  shop.  Pretty.  It  even  looks  awkward  on  paper.   But  we  humans  are  brainwashed.  Every  time  we  see  or  hear  the  word  pretty,  we   think  of  something  positive;  some  beautiful,  cute,  perfect  female  that  most  females   strive  to  be,  when  in  reality,  the  sound  of  the  word  pretty  isn’t  even  pretty.  So  why   does  this  inelegant,  almost  ugly  sounding  word  bring  such  beautiful  thoughts  into   our  heads?     The  word  pretty  can  also  be  pronounced  differently.  In  a  deep  southern   drawl,  pretty  becomes  pree-­a-­dee.  In  Britain,  they  would  pronounce  pretty  as  pri-­tee.   In  most  of  America,  though,  pretty  is  pronounced  pri-­dee.  It’s  likewise  with  people;  a   tall  brunette  girl  can  be  pretty  while  a  short  blonde  is  simultaneously  just  as  pretty.   There  are  obviously  all  different  kinds  of  pretty.  So  why  can  one  girl  be  prettier  than   the  next?     In  olden  times,  pretty  was  usually  someone  pale.  Once,  pretty  was  even   perceived  as  someone  heavy.  Now,  pretty  is  usually  exactly  the  opposite;  someone   tan  and  thin.    The  image  of  pretty  we  have  changes  over  time.  Why?  Because  of   society.     Society  has  pushed  an  idea  of  pretty  into  our  minds  for  thousands  of  years,   changing  and  twisting  the  definition  of  it  over  long  periods  of  time  like  a  bone   morphing  into  a  fossil.  Presently,  society  tells  us  that  pretty  is  someone  tall,  skinny,   and  tan,  with  perfect  facial  features.  But  imagine,  without  society  constantly  telling   us  what’s  pretty,  what  really  is  pretty?    This  is  where  the  old  saying  comes  in,  “Beauty  is  in  the  eyes  of  the  beholder.”   And  this  saying  is,  in  fact,  true.  Without  society  stuffing  these  ideas  down  our   throats,  pretty  is  what  you  decide.  Even  with  society  and  their  notions,  individuals   can  determine  what  they  find  pretty.  So  all  anyone  has  to  do  is  establish  for   themselves  that  they  are  that  abstract  thing;  that  they  are  pretty,  and  they  will  be.       Katharine  Gruber   Grade  8   Signal  Mountain  Middle  School   2950  Sam  Powell  Trail,  Signal  Mountain  TN  37377   Mrs.  Harwood      


The End     I  watched  as  the  house  across  the  street  burned,  the  flames  slowly  licking  up   and  down.  I  liked  watching  them.  They  enticed  me.  The  blazing  embers  grew  and   morphed,  changing  colors  as  they  danced.  I  wished  I  could  be  fire.  Always  moving,   never  the  same  shape  or  form.   I’d  overlooked  the  fires  at  first.  They  were  nothing.  The  fires  were  simply   another  part  of  my  poor,  pathetic  life.  Until  the  nuclear  plant  exploded.  The  blaze   was  beautiful  and  complex.  The  warmth  prickled  my  skin.  I  had  never  felt  such  a   desire  to  feel  pain.  The  feel  of  cinders  and  ashes  hitting  my  skin  awakened  me.  It  was   an  addiction,  an  inescapable  addiction  in  my  new  world.  I  stared.   I  moved  from  the  window.  The  flames  were  diminishing  and  I  had  more   important  things  to  do.  My  addiction  would  not  take  away  my  life.  I  ran  upstairs  to   take  a  shower.  The  clock  read  six  twenty  nine.  I  waited  for  a  minute,  then  turned  the   nozzle  for  hot  water.  Quickly,  I  stepped  in.  The  water  would  only  run  for  less  than   thirty  seconds  due  to  the  water  rationing.  Cold  water  splashed  my  face.  From  the   minute  I  had  turned  the  nozzle  I’d  know  cold  water  was  going  to  come  out.  It  was   always  the  fact  of  trying,  of  hope.  The  hope  that  maybe  the  hot  water  would  pour   out  and  onto  my  face,  my  hands,  my  body.  The  hope  that  life  would  become  normal   again.  I  knew  that  none  of  that  would  ever  happen,  not  even  the  slightest  bit.  The   water  stopped  flowing  and  I  grabbed  my  towel  off  the  rack.   I  dressed  in  my  tattered  jeans  and  faded  graphic  t-­‐shirt  as  well  as  my  old   running  shoes.  I  grabbed  my  hoodie  as  I  headed  out  the  door.  The  stale  air  of   Arizona  hit  me  instantly.  It  seemed  like  the  heat  intensified  as  I  made  my  way  to  my   car.  I  unlocked  the  doors  and  slid  into  the  front  seat.  The  rumbling  of  the  engine   started  when  I  placed  my  key  in  the  ignition.  I  backed  out  of  the  driveway  and  drove   towards  Downtown.   I  was  greeted  by  the  whirring  and  clicking  machines.  They  had  a  steady  rhythm.   Click-­whirr-­click-­  click-­whirr-­whirr.  I  headed  to  the  back  of  the  building  and  sat  in  my   designated  spot:  number  2351.  I  began  my  tedious  work  with  statistics.  How  much   food  does  the  United  Regions  have  until  the  people  cannot  be  feed?  the  screen  read.   I  stifled  a  scream.  I  did  not  want  to  know  how  much  longer  I  had  to  live,  especially   not  from  the  United  Regions.  I  hesitated  for  a  moment,  my  fingers  hovering  over  the   keyboard.  I  slowly,  slowly,  slowly  typed  in  my  identification.  I  hit  the  enter  button.  I   began  my  work.   Several  hours  later,  something  was  wrong.  It  hung  over  me  like  an  oncoming   summer  storm.  I  still  hadn’t  answered  the  question,  but  I  had  to  know  why   something  felt  wrong.  I  entered  my  identification  code,  requesting  an  early  break.   Released  early,  I  slunk  past  the  other  workers.  As  I  made  my  way  to  the  other  side,  it   got  more  humid.  The  A/C  must  be  broken.  Everything  in  this  building’s  broken.  I   took  off  my  hoodie  and  tied  it  around  my  waist.  I  kept  moving  until  I  reached  the   dividing  door,  separating  the  statistics  from  the  factory.  I  laid  my  hand  on  the  door   and  twisted  the  knob.   A  blast  of  smoke-­‐smelling  air  hit  me  in  the  face  as  I  opened  the  door.  Orange   flames  erupted  around  me.  I  instantly  shut  the  door.  Fire.  Fire.  There  was  a  fire  in  


the factory.  I  resisted  the  urge  to  yell  to  everyone.  It  would  cause  more  panic  than   necessary.  The  door  to  the  factory  was  fire  proof,  right?  I  returned  to  my  work  area.     Minutes  passed  and  the  fire  still  hadn’t  burst  through  the  door.  I  continued   with  the  question  I  had  too  long  neglected.  A  loud  noise  interrupted  my  work.  I   knew  that  sound.  It  was  a  sound  all  too  familiar.  A  sound  ingrained  in  my  head,   forever  in  my  memory.  FIRE,  FIRE,  FIRE.  FIRE!     Chaos  erupted  around  me.  People  were  scrambling  for  the  exits.  All  the  doors   were  locked.  I  stayed  where  I  was,  waiting  for  the  end.  We  had  been  warned  that  if  a   fire  ever  occurred  the  doors  would  be  sealed  to  prevent  the  fire  from  spreading.   They  were  new  precautionary  measurements  since  the  Drought.   I  crouched  on  the  floor  to  avoid  the  smoke.  I  couldn’t  escape  the  smoke.  I   knew  that.  But  just  like  the  shower,  it  was  the  possibility  that  something  different   might  happen,  that  the  smoke  may  suddenly  disappear.  Could  that  be  possible?  I   wondered.     I  thought  about  my  life,  my  fifteen  years  of  life.  Wasted.  I  had  done  nothing  of   value.  I  had  suffered  and  battled  through  everything  the  Drought  and  the  United   Regions  had  thrown  at  me,  which  didn’t  amount  to  anything.  What  have  I  done?  I   thought.  Will  it  affect  where  I  go?   The  last  question  I’d  asked  caught  me  off  guard.  My  father  had  never  been   religious.  Neither  had  my  brother.  I  don’t  think  it’s  that  we  didn’t  believe  in  an   afterlife  or  a  god,  just  we  didn’t  know  which  god  and  afterlife  we  believed  in.  I   wanted  to  believe  in  something.  Anything  at  the  moment.  I  wanted  to  secure  my   place  in  the  afterlife.  I  didn’t  want  to  be  stuck.     I  heard  the  fire  get  closer.  My  skin  felt  like  pins  and  needles.  I  longed  for  the   fire.  I  found  myself  involuntarily  moving  nearer  to  the  blazing  monstrosity.  I  kept   moving  towards  it.  Stop,  I  told  myself.  My  body  froze.  I  laid  down  and  closed  my  eyes.   I’m  waiting  for  my  brother  to  come  home,  I  thought.  I’m  sleeping  so  when  he  wakes  me   up  I’ll  be  ready  to  go  see  Daddy.  I  waited  for  the  fire  to  consume  me.     My  last  thought  was,  I  never  finished  my  work.     Makayla  Harmon   Grade  7   CSLA   6579  East  Brainerd  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Mrs.  Blentlinger       Mapping  the  Landscape  of  Plot       In  his  exposition,  Jules  Verne  introduces  a  handsome  yet  charming  man  named   Phileas  Fogg,  the  protagonist  in  Around  the  World  in  Eighty  Days.    This  book  is   written  from  third-­‐person  omniscient  because  you  know  what  Phileas  Fogg’s   thoughts  are,  as  well  as  other  characters  like  Passepartout,  Mr.  Fix,  Aouda,  and  a  few   other  minor  characters.     There  is  a  reason,  I  think,  that  it  is  written  in  third  person  omniscient,  and   the  reason  is  that  you  need  to  understand  why  Mr.  Fix  is  following  Fogg  around  the   205  

world.  If  you  did  not  know  this  then  a  lot  of  the  story  would  be  pointless  in  this   historical-­‐fiction  book.     This  book  is  set  in  the  late  1800s  in  England,  India,  China,  and  a  lot  of  other   places.    I  immediately  know  what  Phileas  Fogg  looks  like  in  just  one  sentence.    When   Verne  writes,  “[h]e  appeared  to  be  a  man  about  forty  years  of  age,  with  fine,   handsome  features,  and  a  tall  well  shaped  figure,  his  hair  and  whiskers  were  light,   his  forehead  compact  and  unwrinkled,  his  face  rather  pale,  his  teeth  magnificent”   (5).       Finally,  I  think  (about  the  exposition)  that  the  mood  of  the  story  quickly   comes  up.    I  feel  kind  of  calm  in  the  beginning;  but,  like  a  snap  of  a  finger,  I  soon  feel   impatient  when  Mr.  Fix  tries  to  delay  Fogg’s  ways  of  transportation.    I  found  myself   cheering  for  Phileas  Fogg  to  “get  on  that  train”  or  other  things  like  that.     In  the  exposition  of  Around  the  World  in  Eighty  Days,  the  narrator  reveals   Phileas  Fogg’s  main  conflict  is  character  versus  life.    Fogg  is  constantly  battling  the   environment  and  mostly  time  because  he  has  to  make  trains  and  steamers  in  time  to   go  across  the  world  in  time  to  win  the  wager  he  made  with  his  friends  at  the  club.     The  wager  was  that  he  could  make  it  around  the  world  in  eighty  days,  and  if  not,  he   owed  his  friends  20,000  pounds.    Of  course,  if  he  won,  he  gets  that  money.     Therefore,  the  inciting  incident  occurs  when  Phileas  Fogg  agrees  to  the   wager.    He  says,  “I  will  bet  twenty  thousand  pounds  against  anyone  who  wishes,  that   I  will  make  the  tour  of  the  world  in  eighty  days  or  less”  (12).    I  think  that  Fogg,  at   that  point,  was  very  confident  that  he  could  do  it  even  though  different  conflicts  may   apply  like  time  or  environment.    If  Fogg  had  never  bet  his  friends  then  the  story   would  have  never  occurred.     The  inciting  incident  in  Around  the  World  in  Eighty  Days  occurs  when   Phileas  Fogg  agrees  to  the  wager  for  20,000  pounds,  that  he  can  travel  the  world  in   eighty  days.    Fogg’s  goal  is  to  go  around  the  world  but  some  conflicts  come  on  the   way  too.    These  conflicts  are  mostly  part  of  the  rising  action  including  saving  a   woman,  named  Aouda,  and  switching  from  train  to  train  or  to  a  steamer.     When  Fogg  begins  his  journey,  he  is  soon  followed  by  a  police  detective   named  Mr.  Fix.    Fix  says  more  than  once,  “I’ve  got  my  man”  because  he  wants  to   capture  Fogg  by  delaying  him  so  he  can  get  a  warrant  for  Fogg’s  arrest  (35).    That  is   the  first  major  event  in  the  rising  action.     The  second  major  event  in  the  rising  action  is  when  Fogg  and  Passepartout,   Fogg’s  butler,  try  to  save  a  beautiful  woman  named  Aouda  from  death  row.     “Sometimes,  when  I  have  the  time”  is  what  Phileas  Fogg  says  before  they  attempt  to   save  Aouda  (40).    He  says  this  in  response  to  the  men  with  him  who  are  trying  to   help.     The  third  major  event  in  the  rising  action  is  when  Fogg,  Aouda,  and   Passepartout  miss  the  “Yokohama”  steamer  by  a  day.    The  problems  snowball  from   there  because  the  next  steamer  is  not  due  until  the  next  morning.  Passepartout  gets   in  trouble  again,  too.    These  events  lead  the  reader  to  the  climax  because  he  is  still   battling  time  there.   In  the  climax  of  Around  the  World  in  Eighty  Days,  by  Jules  Verne,  Phileas   Fogg  reaches  London,  but  not  on  time.    Fogg’s  mood  all  of  the  sudden  changes  to  a   depressed  mood  and  actions.    Aouda  and  Passepartout  both  think  that  it  is  their   206  

fault that  Phileas  could  not  make  it  back  to  London  on  time.    Aouda  says  to  Fogg,   “will  you  have  me  for  your  wife?”  which  is  a  definite  turning  point  for  the  book   (157).    Fogg  agrees  and  sends  Passepartout  to  tell  the  judge  about  the  wedding.    As   Passepartout  is  trying  to  set  up  the  wedding,  he  discovers  that  they  actually  made  it   on  time.    Passepartout  tells  Fogg  the  news,  and  then  Fogg  goes  to  the  saloon  to  find   his  friends  there  waiting  for  him  as  if  he  were  on  time.    The  Climax  is  close  to  the   end  of  the  book  and  once  it  hit  this  point  Phileas  Fogg  was  never  the  same  again.    I   felt  that  Phileas  Fogg  seemed  changed  because  he  realized  different  things  are  more   important  than  leading  the  same  life  every  day.       In  the  falling  action  of  Around  the  World  in  Eighty  Days,  by  Jules  Verne,   Phileas  Fogg’s  conflicts  are  reversed  and  resolved.    In  the  beginning  of  the  book,   Phileas  Fogg  is  desperate  to  win  the  wager  he  agreed  upon  and  he  lives  and  does  the   same  thing  every  day.    He  changes  from  that  to,  surprisingly,  someone  that  does  not   care  about  the  wager  because  he  “lost”  it.    The  events  that  take  place  during  the   falling  action  are  that  Mr.  Fogg  and  Aouda  decide  to  get  married  and  Fogg  wins  the   bet.    If  I  chose  a  symbol  to  represent  Phileas  Fogg  it  would  be  an  English  bank  note   because  throughout  the  story  he  buys  himself  and  Passepartout  out  of  a  lot  of   trouble.    I  would  choose  another  symbol  for  Fogg  at  the  end  of  the  book  too.    A  clock   could  represent  Fogg  at  the  end  of  the  book  because  that  is  what  he  has  been   battling  all  the  way  through  the  book  “[f]or  to-­‐morrow,  Monday”  (157).    First,  he   was  desperate  to  win  the  bet  but  at  the  end  he  wanted  to  marry  Aouda.    Therefore,   the  denouement  showed  how  Fogg  changed  from  the  beginning  to  the  end.    The   book  Around  the  World  in  Eighty  Days,  by  Jules  Verne,  is  a  must  read  book.     Justin  Hensley   Grade  7   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Picone     Who  Picked  Who?       I  stepped  into  the  music  room  and  noticed  the  four  shiny  instruments  laying   flat  on  the  grey  carpeted  floor.    There  in  the  middle  of  the  classroom,  Mrs.  Leopold   was  awaiting  our  arrival.    “Just  come  and  sit  down,”  she  said.    Something  in  her  tone   told  me  that  she  was  just  as  excited  as  I  was.         After  the  whole  class  filed  in  and  got  settled,  she  happily  walked  over  to  the   glistening  instruments.    “Ok,  I  will  start  from  the  left  and  work  my  way  right,”  she   said.    I  was  in  the  middle  of  the  first  row.    When  she  finally  got  to  me,  I  felt  a  mixture   of  emotions.    My  throat  tightened,  and  my  stomach  did  flips.    As  she  held  each  of  the   instruments  up  to  my  mouth,  I  slowly  leaned  in  to  play  them.    First  the  trumpet,  then   the  other  ones.    Each  time,  an  impish,  squeaky  noise  came  out.         She  finally  held  up  the  last  one,  the  clarinet.    “Ok,”  she  said  patiently,  “give  it  a   try.”     As  I  blew  on  the  wooden  mouthpiece,  I  noticed  that  something  just  felt…right.  


A sound   like   a   music   note   came   out   of   the   clarinet,   and   I   smiled   with   satisfaction   as   Mrs.   Leopold   made   her   way   through   the   rest   of   the   students.     I   listened  to  the  squeaks  and  whistles  of  the  other  students  picking  their  instruments.     I  knew  that  I  had  just  found  a  new  friend  in  this  clarinet…or  had  it  found  me?    We   would  be  spending  a  lot  of  time  together  in  the  next  few  years.         Mitchell  Hibbs   Grade  6   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Brown       My  Piece  of  Bark       I  sprinted  through  the  forest,  rustling  the  undergrowth  and  sprang  as  high  as  I  could   over  a  mossy  log.  I  stopped  running  and  jumping  noticing  an  odd  piece  of  bark  piece   on  a  foot  of  a  tree  with  its  gnarled  roots.  At  that  time  I  saw  it,  I  snatched  it,  grasping   it  in  my  hand,  not  even  thinking  of  letting  it  go.  The  bark,  folded  and  brown,  lay  on   the  palm  of  my  hand  curled  up.  It  gave  me  a  confused  expression,  as  though  this   piece  of  bark  was…  different  as  though  it  gave  a  feeling  to  everyone  who  picked  it  up.     The  sunlight  filtered  through  the  trees,  giving  way  to  a  sandy  path.  Taking  that  path,   I  noticed  the  glazed  scarlet  red,  blazing  orange,  and  bright  yellow  maples.  I  looked  at   the  bark  of  the  trees  more  closely.  They  had  a  pattern  of  two  swirls  and  one  brown   dot.  I  snatched  it  up.  These  wrinkles  reminded  me  of  my  grandfather.  The  crispy   part  of  it  reminded  me  of  the  chips  I  ate  on  the  fourth  of  July.  The  brown  coloring  of     it  reminded  me  of  my  hair.  The  smell  of  the  wax  reminds  me  of  the  crayons  I  used  on   my  first  day  of  school  in  kindergarden.  All  these  things  made  my  life.  The  piece  of   bark  is  the  part  of  bark  that  I  live  and  breath  on  a  tree.  I  am  the  piece  of  bark.     Audrey  Hill   Grade  6   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga  TN  37405   Amy  Cohen         Undiscovered  Woods              During  the  long,  hot  summer  my  friends  and  I  went  hiking  through  what  we  called   heaven.  Each  step  we  took  we  had  seen  nothing  we'd  seen  before.  Although  getting  their   took  five  of  the  most  respected  minutes  of  walking  through  never  ending  woods,  but  the   walk  payed  off.  It  all  started  one  day  when  my  friends  and  I  were  playing  on  a  four  wheeler   trail  near  our  houses.  In  peticular,  my  friend  Trent  and  I  crawled  under  a  rusty  barbwire   fence  that  had  a  sign  on  it  that  said,  ''  NO  TRESPASSING  ''.        That  sort  of  thing  scared  us  and  put  daring  images  in  our  heads.  After  we  crawled  through   208  

the barbwire  fence,  Trent  and  I  heard  a  low  waterfall  type  of  noise  ahead.  We  walked  over   to  it  and  seen  a  small,  windy  stream  that  seemed  to  never  end.  Since  Trent  was  a  big   outdoor  and  hunter  type  of  kid,  so  he  had  an  idea  of  following  it  and  seeing  where  it  ended.   As  we  followed  the  stream  the  ditches  got  narrower  and  deeper.  All  of  a  sudden  the  stream   ran  out  ,  and  Trent  and  i  found  ourselves  gazing  at  a  wide  open  field  with  flowers  and  tall   grass  blowing  with  the  wind.      We  had  nothing  else  to  say,  but  to  picture  mental  images  of  what  we  thought  heaven   looked  like.  When  we  walked  a  little  further,  Trent  knowing  the  stream  had  to  end  up   somewhere,  we  heard  a  strange  noise.  It  was  the  sound  as  if  a  large  waterfall  approached.   Trent  walked  a  few  steps  and  there  he  seen  an  unimaginable  creek  with  twists  and  ripping   currents.  It  was  about  four  to  five  feet  deep  and,  when  I  bent  my  weak  legs  over  I  touched   the  water  and  it  felt  like  their  were  freezing  waves  going  through  my  blood  and  veins.        When  we  turned  around  our  friends  Dylan  and  Tyson  were  staring  in  amaze  at  what  they   had  seen.  My  friend  Tyson  was  a  daredevil,  so  we  told  him  to  climb  over  the  creek  where  a   tree  had  just  fallen  over.  As  we  walked  over  to  it  we  seen  the  clearest  blue  water  we  had   ever  seen.  Each  step  we  took  it  was  the  smell  of  freshwater  coming  to  our  noses.  When   Tyson  got  on  the  tree  Trent  pushed  him  off.  With  everyone  laughing,  Tyson  was  flipping   and  flopping  to  get  out  of  the  frostbite  water.  Tyson  was  soaked  and  all  of  us  was   astonished  to  the  sound  of  an  old  man  screaming,  ‘what  are  you  doing  on  my  property.   ‘Following  our  instincts  we  all  ran  trying  to  lose  the  old  man’s  dogs  on  our  trail.  When  we   got  back  to  the  trail  we  all  fell  down  with  our  hearts  beating  abnormal.        The  treasures  in  the  undiscovered  woods  kept  us  going  back  and  taking  more  friends.   With  each  time,  it  never  failed  we  all  run  out  sprinting.  Looking  back  on  the  trips  what  kept   us  going  back  was  the  thrill  of  getting  chased  and  the  creek.  Each  time  we  went  back  to  the   creek  we  would  pick  up  huge  rocks  with  three  or  four  crawdads  underneath  them.  Next   summer  me  and  my  friends  are  planned  to  go  to  a  giant  sinkhole,  found  by  one  of  our   friends  on  the  other  side  of  the  creek.     Daniel  Wayne  Jernagin   Grade  8   Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Popular  Springs  Road,  GA  30736   Mrs.  Parham   Meatball  Sub       It  was  a  Tuesday.  I  was  hungry.  I  went  to  the  refrigerator.  Looking  in,  I  found  cheese   and  meatballs.  I  had  some  bread  handy,  so  I  made  a  meatball  sub.  I  put  it  in  the  oven.   The  Monterey  Jack  cheese  began  to  melt.  The  meatballs  started  to  sizzle.  The  bread   began  to  toast.  Finally,  it  turned  into  a  meatball  sub.  I  put  so  many  meatballs  on  it,   the  meatballs  reached  ten  feet  high!  When  I  took  my  first  bite,  the  meatballs  fell  off   my  sandwich  and  rolled  away!  The  problem  was,  those  were  our  last  meatballs.   Meatballs  are  very  valuable  in  our  house,  because  I  have  three  brothers.  I  decided  to   run  after  them.  They  rolled  down  the  hall,  out  the  door,  and  on  to  the  ground!  They   rolled  out  in  the  road  and  started  to  pick  up  speed,  until  they  heard  the  sound  of   police  sirens.  The  meatballs  were  going  as  fast  as  they  could,  but  the  police  started   209  

to gain  on  them.  Risking  it  all,  the  meatballs  decided  to  run  a  red  light.  When  they   rolled  into  the  oncoming  traffic,  a  car  plowed  right  into  them.  I  was  going  to  eat   them,  but  my  mom  said  I  wasn’t  allowed  to  eat  road-­‐kill.  I  was  so  tired  that  night,  I   went  to  bed  at  7  o’clock.  The  moral  to  this  story  is,  keep  the  front  door  shut  when   you  make  a  meatball  sub.       Elliot  Long     Grade  6   Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750     Mrs.  George       Scissors  or  Knives     Many  girls  and  boys  don't  like  school.  Some  don't  like  it  because  of  the  work  or  the   tests.  But  Kim  did  not  like  it  because  of  the  librarian.  She  thought  the  librarian,  Miss.   Brock,  was  evil.  Every  week  Miss.  Brock  would  fill  with  rage  and  eat  a  book!  The   only  thing  was  no  one  knew  if  this  was  truly  true  or  not.  No  one  knows  why  she  did   but  they  all  thought  this  because  every  week  there  would  be  one  less  book  in  the   library.  Kim  and  her  friends  called  it  a  "rage  spasm".   One  day  while  Kim  was  in  the  city  walking  down  her  favorite  street,  Sesame  Street,   she  spotted  Miss.  Brock  walking  into  a  knife  and  scissors  store.  “What  is  she  doing  in   there?”  Kim  asked  herself.  She  walked  past  the  small  shop  and  peaked  in.  She  did   not  see  Miss.  Brock  anywhere.  Kim  went  inside  but  still  did  not  see  her.  Kim   overheard  the  storekeeper  talking  to  someone  and  snuck  over  to  where  he  was   standing.  She  heard  him  say  to  Miss.  Brock,  “Why  would  you  need  another  one  when   you  bought  two  last  week?”  “They  aren't  sharp  anymore  and  I  can't  cut  the  kids  out   that  way!!!”  Miss.  Brock  replied.  Kim  was  terrified.  Was  she  buying  scissors  or   knives?  Why  did  she  want  to  cut  the  kids?  Right  then  Miss,  Brock  and  the   storekeeper  started  to  walk  over  to  where  Kim  was  hiding  behind  a  box.  Right  then   she  realized  the  box  said  NEW  KNIVES!  What  was  she  to  do?!  Kim  was  so  terrified   she  did  not  see  the  box  also  said  AND  SCISSORS.  As  they  got  closer,  Kim  started  to   panic  even  more!  When  they  got  so  close  that  Kim  almost  whimpered,  she  hoped  up   and  ran  to  the  door.  The  little  bell  jingled  wildly  as  she  flung  the  door  open.  She  ran   till  she  got  to  the  corner.  She  did  not  want  to  be  caught  by  the  librarian.   When  Kim  got  home,  she  was  shaken.  She  could  not  focus  on  her  homework  so  she   decided  to  read  one  of  her  favorite  book  series,  Nancy  Drew.  Kim  flopped  down  on   her  bed,  which  made  a  creaking  sound  when  she  bounced  up.  Kim  loved  how  Nancy   Drew  would  always  solve  the  stories.  These  books  were  always  Kim’s  favorite.   The  next  day  at  school,  Kim  tried  to  avoid  the  library.  She  did  very  well  at  doing  so   because  she  did  not  have  to  go  to  the  library  all  day.  But  then  she  had  to  go  to  the   library  (of  course)  and  pick  a  rainforest  animal  and  research  it.  This  meant  a  whole   class  in  the  library!  “That's  just  great!”  She  said  to  her  best  friend  Alex.  “How  am  I   supposed  to  avoid  the  library  if  I  have  to  go  to  the  library  to  do  library  related  stuff?!   In  the  library!”  Kim  was  so  upset  and  was  talking  fast  with  nonsense  words  that  Alex   210  

just replied  with  “What?"  And  "I  don’t  know  what  you  just  said  but  just  avoid  Miss.   Brock.”  Alex  did  not  know  the  whole  story  but  had  a  point.  Then  Kim  went  to  the   library.   Kim  slipped  into  class  and  the  teacher  did  not  even  notice.  Kim  couldn't  work  on  the   project  because  she  was  too  busy  thinking  about  Miss.  Brock.  Then  she  heard  the   storekeeper!  He  had  the  knives  in  the  box  he  was  carrying!  Actually,  Kim  did  not   know  what  he  had.  The  box  was  very  colorful  for  a  box  of  knives.  The  box  was  too   far  away  for  her  to  read  so  she  went  across  the  library  to  follow  him  into  Miss.   Brock's  office.  Kim  stopped  and  picked  up  a  book  on  the  kinkajou  and  pretended  to   read  it.  (If  you  can't  tell  she  is  trying  to  eaves  drop  on  Miss.  Brock)   After  a  while,  Kim  got  a  little  bored  because  they  were  only  talking  about  what  they   were  doing  this  summer  and  other  lame  stuff  like  that.  She  decided  to  actually  read   the  book  on  kinkajous  because  she  thought  they  looked  cute.  After  a  while  she  had   gotten  so  into  the  book  she  forgot  to  listen  to  what  the  storekeeper  was  saying  to   Miss.  Brock!  On  the  bright  side,  she  now  new  that  the  kinkajou  lives  in  Central  and   South  America.  Now  she  knew  what  her  rain  forest  animal  would  be.   Miss.  Brock  and  the  man  had  left  the  office  so  Kim  decided  to  sneak  in  and  look  for   anything  written  down  about  the  knives.  The  first  place  she  looked  was  on  the  top  of   the  desk.  There,  she  found  a  recite  for  scissors,  shampoo,  and  chips.  No  knives.  Kim   looked  over  behind  the  bookshelf  and  saw  something  purple  sticking  out.  She  began   to  pull  it  out.  "What  are  you  doing?"  Someone  yelled  behind  her.  Of  course  it  just   HAD  to  be  Miss.  Brock.  "Ummmmmmmm…"  She  said,  spinning  around  as  fast  as  she   could.  As  soon  as  Kim  did,  the  paper  she  was  pulling  fell  out  from  behind  the   bookshelf.  It  had  a  picture  of  every  student  in  the  middle  school  on  it.  What  was   this?   "We'll  I  guess  I  will  tell  you  now  that  you  have  seen  it."  Miss.  Brock  said  as  she   picked  up  the  poster.  "You  see"  she  began,  "I  am  retiring  this  year  and  have  had  a   great  time  teaching  here.  I  was  going  to  hang  the  poster  outside  when  I  left!"  Kim   was  so  surprised  and  happy!  Miss.  Brock  had  been  getting  scissors  the  whole  time!   That  explains  the  recite  in  her  office,  one  letters  on  the  box,  and  cutting  out  the  kids   pictures!  They  talked  some  more  and  decided  to  plan  a  party  at  the  end  of  the  year   for  the  students.   A  FEW  WEEKS  LATER   Then  end  of  the  year  party  with  Miss.  Brock  was  yesterday  and  everyone  had  so   much  fun!  They  said  good-­‐bye  to  Miss.  Brock  and  friends.  Summer  is  here.  Kim  has   gone  home  and  has  solved  her  first  "mystery"!       Amanda  Michaud   Grade  7   Girls  Preparatory  School  (GPS)   205  Island  Ave,  Chattanooga  TN  37405   Mrs.  Bullard   World  War  II      


World War  II  was  a  horrific  event  in  history.  Adolf  Hitler,  who  was  a  veteran   from  World  War  I,  started  World  War  II.  Hitler  wasn’t  always  in  control  of  Germany.   He  had  tried  to  go  against  the  German  government,  which  didn’t  work,  so  he  had  to   go  to  jail.  While  he  was  in  jail,  he  wrote  his  book,  “Mein  Kampf”,  which  means  My   Struggle.  In  1925,  Hitler  was  released  from  jail  and  started  passing  out  his  book.  He   would  later  become  a  dictator.     The  Germans  believed  that  Hitler  could  get  them  out  of  their  bad  economy.  His   motto  was  “Today  Germany,  tomorrow  the  world.”  Hitler  hated  the  Jewish  people.   He  believed  that  the  Germans  were  the  noblest  race  and  that  the  Jewish  people  were   the  lowest  race.  He  thought  the  Jewish  people  were  despicable.  He  accused  them  of   being  selfish  pacifists,  who  were  not  loyal  and  even  said  they  controlled  the   economy  of  the  Germans.     By  1933,  German  Jews  were  being  horribly  mistreated  and  persecuted.  Jewish  shops   were  taken  over,  and  they  were  removed  from  their  positions  of  leadership.  They   were  not  allowed  to  emigrate  from  Germany.  Hitler  also  hated  Christianity.  He  said   that  people  couldn’t  be  both  German  and  a  Christian  at  the  same  time;  you  had  to   choose  one  or  the  other.     In  March  1939,  Hitler  conquered  Czechoslovakia.  He  planned  to  conquer  Poland,  but   he  was  afraid  of  Joseph  Stalin,  the  dictator  of  Russia.  So  in  August  1939,  he  signed  a   treaty  with  Stalin.  This  treaty  was  called  the  Nazi-­‐Soviet  Pact.  This  agreement  said   that  they  would  each  help  each  other  conquer  Eastern  Europe  and  share  the  land.     On  September  1,  1939,  Germany  attacked  Poland.  World  War  II,  which  lasted  from   1939  until  1945,  had  begun  very  quickly.  Germany  would  defeat  Poland,  Norway,   Denmark,  Holland,  Belgium,  and  France.  Once  France  was  under  his  control,  he  went   on  to  attack  Britain.     Hitler  bombed  England  in  1941.  This  battle  was  called  the  London  Blitz.  For  three   long  months,  Hitler  attacked  the  city  of  London  with  bombs  without  mercy.  A  total   of  10,000  bombs  landed  on  the  city  just  in  the  month  of  September  alone.  The  Royal   Air  Force  of  Britain  was  able  to  destroy  a  lot  of  German  planes,  so  Hitler  gave  up  his   plan  to  conquer  England.  Hitler  would  go  on  to  later  capture  Yugoslavia,  Greece,   Romania,  Hungary  and  Bulgaria.     Hitler  invaded  Russia  despite  his  treaty  with  Joseph  Stalin.  On  June  22,  1941,  Hitler   attacked  Russia.  The  United  States  sent  weapons  to  Russia  to  drive  out  the  Germans.   By  1941,  the  Nazis  had  gone  as  far  as  the  city  of  Leningrad.  He  had  also  won  the   Baltic  States  and  the  Ukraine.     Hitler  planned  to  attack  Moscow  during  the  cold  winter  months.  The  winters  were   too  cold  for  the  Germans,  so  Stalin’s  army  used  the  cold  as  an  advantage  and  came   above  Germany.  Hitler  was  forced  to  leave  his  attack  on  Moscow  behind.  As  the  war   went  on,  the  United  States  started  getting  involved  and  sent  weapons  to  England.   When  Germany  heard  this,  they  couldn’t  believe  the  United  States  would  do  this,  and   they  got  very  angry.  In  1941,  German  ships  started  firing  on  American  ships.   American  ships  fired  back.  Germany  brought  America  into  the  war.     As  the  war  went  on,  Britain  and  America  would  eventually  corner  the  Germans  from   the  West  and  Russia  from  the  East.  From  December  1944  to  January  1945,  Germany   had  their  last  offense    


in the  West.  This  fight  was  called  the  “Battle  of  the  Bulge”.  After  tough  fighting,   Germany  failed  and  the  Allies  hurried  to  Berlin.  Bombs  destroyed  German  supply   depots.     On  July  20,  1944,  a  bomb  was  dropped  in  Hitler’s  house,  but  did  not  kill  him.  He  was   not  healthy  at  this  time  and  was  empty.  On  April  30,  1945,  Adolf  Hitler  killed  himself.   After  his  death,  on  May  27,  1945,  Germany  surrendered  to  the  world.     After  the  war  was  over,  people  saw  how  horrible  Hitler  and  the  Germans  had  been.   Hitler  had  camps  built  to  kill  the  Jewish  people,  some  with  chambers  of  poisonous   gas.  He  also  had  ovens  that  they  used  to  get  rid  of  peoples  bodies.  He  used  some  of   the  people  in  medical  tests,  which  resulted  in  long  torturous  deaths.  More  than  6   million  Jewish  people  were  killed  by  the  Germans.  This  was  known  as  the  Holocaust.     World  War  II  was  a  horrible  event.  The  Nazis  ruined  themselves  and  the  world  at   that  time.  We  can  all  look  back  at  that  time  and  learn  a  lot  of  lessons,  but  also   remember  that  they  were  lost  people  who  needed  God.  It  is  a  very  sad  time  in   history.       Emily  Miller     Grade  8  Grade     Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750     Shelley  George   Time  is  Impossible     Time  is  an  impossible  thing,  everything  about  it  seems  impossible.  The  ability   to  go  back  and  change  something  in  time  or  to  stop  it  is  impossible.  The  only  thing   possible  about  time  is  to  be  able  to  know  what  time  it  is.  That  is  useless  information   when  all  you  want  in  life  is  to  do  the  impossible.  I  know  I  want  to;  I  would  trade   everything  I  have  to  go  back  to  December  13.  The  first  thing  I  would  trade  is  my   driver’s  license  because  that’s  got  me  into  the  mess  of  impossibility  in  the  first  place.    When  Arianna  got  her  license,  I  went  with  her.  She  had  her  picture  taken  and   then  the  lady  at  the  counter  asked  if  she  wanted  to  be  an  organ  donor.  “Uh,  I’m  not   sure.  Sarah,  should  I?”  I  looked  at  the  lady  who  was  wearing  a  fake  face  of  patience.   “Why  don’t  you  take  this  booklet  home  and  talk  it  over  with  your  mom  and  dad,”  she   said.  Arianna  glanced  over  at  me  with  panic.  I  sent  her  a  look  that  said,  “The  lady   doesn’t  have  to  know  about  your  mom.”  She  relaxed,  took  the  booklet  and  nodded  at   me.     Since  we  live  very  close  to  the  place  we  just  walked  home  to  our  adjacent   condos.  “I  decided  I  do  want  to  be  an  organ  donor,”  she  said  as  she  unlocked  her   door.  “Yeah,  that’s  what  I  decided  too,”  I  replied.    When  Arianna  went  into  her  condo   I  entered  mine  and  thought  over  what  happened  to  Arianna’s  mom  for  the  millionth   time.  She  was  killed  in  a  car  wreck  and  now  all  that’s  left  of  Arianna’s  family  is  her   father,  brother,  and  herself.     It  seems  like  car  accident  tragedies  seem  to  run  in  the  family.  Just  months   after  her  mom’s  death,  Arianna’s  aunt  was  killed  in  a  car  accident  also.  I  didn’t  think   that  three  weeks  later,  one  more  name  would  be  added  to  the  list.  When  we  got  to   213  

school the  next  day,  Arianna  had  a  plan.  “I’m  going  to  the  Licensing  Center  this   afternoon  and  I’m  going  to  tell  the  lady  there  that  I  want  to  be  an  organ  donor.”    After  school  I  drove  her  to  the  Center  and  she  went  in  and  checked  the  box.   On  the  way  home  we  were  deciding  who  would  drive  to  the  swim  meet  on  Saturday.   “Why  don’t  you  drive  because  I  just  now  got  my  license,”  Arianna  suggested.  I  said   ok  and  it  was  decided.  A  few  days  later  we  were  on  our  way  to  Atlanta  for  our  first   meet  of  the  season.  “Do  you  know  when  we  are  going  to  get  home  tonight?”  Arianna   asked  me.  “I  honestly  don’t  know,”  I  replied,  keeping  my  eyes  on  the  road.  Well  we   found  out  that  we  wouldn’t  leave  until  seven  o’clock.     Since  it  was  winter  and  the  days  were  getting  shorter,  it  was  dark  by  the  time   we  were  halfway  home.  Suddenly  rain  started  pouring  down.  “Are  you  kidding  me?”   Arianna  yelled.  “Be  quiet!  I  can’t  concentrate  with  you  yelling  like  that!”  I  yelled  back.   Arianna  turned  so  she  was  looking  out  the  window.  The  road  was  steadily  getting   slicker.  As  we  were  making  a  sharp  turn  a  deer  jumped  out  in  the  road.  I  tried  to   swerve  and  avoid  it,  but  the  road  was  too  slick.  We  slid  off  the  road  and  into  a  ditch.   The  car  fell  on  the  passenger  side  and  for  a  split  second  I  was  filled  with   thankfulness,  then  I  remembered  Arianna.    I  turned  to  her  and  I  had  no  idea  what  to  do.  She  was  bleeding  nonstop  and   she  could  hardly  breathe.  I  suddenly  remembered  to  call  911.  By  the  time  the   ambulance  got  to  us  and  by  the  time  Arianna  was  taken  to  the  hospital,  it  was  too   late.    She  was  dying  and  there  was  nothing  the  doctors  could  do  for  her.  That  is  the   pure  reason  why  I  have  never  stepped  behind  the  wheel  since  then.  I  would  find  out   later  who  the  lucky  person  who  got  Arianna’s  heart  would  be.  But  for  right  now,  all  I   could  think  about  was  that  this  was  my  fault.  The  suffering  that  would  always  be   with  Arianna’s  brother  and  father  would  haunt  me  forever;  no  matter  how  hard  I   tried  to  forgive  myself.     That  very  night,  I  dreamed  that  I  kept  going  when  I  saw  the  deer.  The  deer   was  killed  and  my  bumper  was  badly  damaged,  but  Arianna  was  still  alive.  That  was   my  best  dream  and  worst  nightmare  all  rolled  up  into  one.     When  I  woke  up  the  next  morning  my  mother  came  into  my  room.  “We  found   out  who  received  Arianna’s  heart,”  she  said.  We  went  to  go  visit  them  and  it  turned   out  to  be  my  cousin,  who  lived  in  Florida  and  came  up  here  for  the  transplant.     “I  always  knew  that  she  had  a  weak  heart  but  I  was  never  told  that  she   needed  a  heart  transplant,”  I  said  as  we  were  driving  home.  “We  haven’t  visited   since  several  years  ago  so  I’m  sure  that  Claire  was  already  weak  and  her  parents   didn’t  want  to  say  until  it  got  serious.”  I  rolled  my  eyes  and  looked  out  the  window.   My  mom  always  had  to  think  through  things  too  much.  “Besides,  no  matter  who  got   Arianna’s  heart,  they  would  never  be  a  replacement  for  her.”  I  said  after  a  moment’s   silence.  “I  know  what  you  are  going  through  right  now  is  tough.  We  have  to  also   have  faith  that  this  new  heart  will  work  out  for  Claire,”  she  said,  “I  never  said  that   anyone  could  replace  Arianna  anyway.”     So  now  you  know  my  reasons  why  I  have  been  grappling  with  time  and  its   impossibilities.  No  one  ever  did  replace  Arianna,  not  even  Claire  who  did  turn  out  to   be  a  good  friend  of  mine.  She  did  have  some  of  Arianna’s  traits,  like  her  craving  for   watermelon  gum.  I  know  that  I  will  never  forget  Arianna  and  that  fateful  night  with   the  deer.   214  

Saulye Nichols   Grade  6   Heritage  Middle  School   4005  Polar  Springs  Road  Ringgold,  GA  30736   Mrs.  Reeves     Sleep  Tight,  Fuji       The  air  conditioning  filled  doorway  instantly  cools  me  off  in  the  humid  month  of   April.    Tears  are  streaming  down  our  faces  as  we  enter  the  animal  hospital.    I  realize   this   will   be   the   last   few   minutes   I   ever   spend   with   my   dog,   Fuji,   who   is   more   a   brother  to  me  than  anything  else.     Leaving   school   seems   like   such   a   blurry,   undetailed   dream.     My   mom   had   burst   through  the  door  of  my  fourth  grade  math  class,  her  eyes  big  like  a  lost  puppy.    She   asked  to  speak  with  me  in  the  hallway.    Already,  I  knew  something  bad  was  going  on.     “We  have  to  take  Fuji,”  she  said,  “to  the  animal  hospital.”    My  heart  sank.    Tears  lined   the  edges  of  my  eyes  as  I  tried  to  hold  everything  in.    I  briskly  walked  back  into  the   classroom  and  gathered  my  things.         “My,  um,  my…dog  is  sick.    He’s  bleeding,”  I  stuttered  to  Mrs.  Kaminski.    “We  have   to   take   him   to   the   hospital.”     I   choked   on   the   last   few   words.     I   couldn’t   believe   it.     Saying  the  words  made  me  realize  it  was  actually  happening.    I  started  choking  on   nothing  and  gasping  for  air.    You  know  that  thing  you  do  when  you  are  trying  to  stop   crying?    Well,  that’s  the  thing  I  did,  except  for  I  hadn’t  even  started  crying  yet.    Then,   suddenly,  I  exploded.    My  classmates  were  worried  because  they  had  never  seen  me   cry   before.     I   don’t   like   crying;   it’s   embarrassing,   but   at   that   moment,   I   didn’t   care   what  I  looked  like.     Now,  we  are  being  led  to  a  room  just  off  the  lobby  of  the  animal  hospital.    We  sit   down   and   Grandmother   has   Fuji   encased   in   her   arms,   my   mom   right   beside   her.     Grandmother  is  trying  to  be  brave;  I  can  tell.    On  the  other  hand,  my  mom  is  a  wreck.     We  try  to  say  happy  things  and  comfort  each  other.    The  vet’s  assistant  enters  the   room,  and  we  tell  her  that  Fuji  needs  to  be  put  to  sleep  because  he  is  bleeding  every   time  he  goes  to  the  bathroom.         “Which  one  of  you  is  going  to  stay  with  him  while  I  give  him  the  shot?”  she  asks.     Grandmother  volunteers  because  my  mom  and  I  just  can’t.     We   sit   in   the   car   waiting   for   the   text   that   means   Fuji   is   gone.     My   mom   and   I   decide   to   call   my   Aunt   Donna   and   my   cousin,   Peyton,   to   tell   them   the   horrible   news.     Just  as  she  hangs  up  the  phone,  it  beeps,  and  I  know  what  that  text  says.         Donna   has   to   come   dig   Fuji   a   little   grave   because   my   mom,   Grandmother,   and   I   aren’t   up   to   it.     Peyton   and   Granny,   my   great-­‐grandmother,   come   with   her.     Fuji’s   lifeless   body   is   being   cradled   in   Granny’s   arms.     I   want   to   see   him   one   last   time   before   his   small   body   is   placed   in   the   grave,   which   we’ve   filled   with   his   special   things.    I  move  the  little  pink  blanket  that  has  his  body  in  it.    Big  mistake.    His  lifeless,   blind  eyes  are  still  half  open.         I  slowly  slink  back  to  my  room,  and  all  I  can  think  about  is  how  Fuji  pierced  my  lip   one  time  when  I  was  three.    My  mom  always  thought  it  was  because  I  was  hissing  in   215  

his face,   but   really   I   was   trying   to   give   him   a   spit   Mohawk,   which   he   didn’t   appreciate.    I  look  into  my  mirror  and  touch  the  small  scar  just  above  my  lip.    I  know   that  no  matter  what,  Fuji  will  always  be  with  me.     Elizabeth  Nikhomvan   Grade  6   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet  Upper  School   1219  W.  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Brown       No  Homework                    Early  in  the  20th  century,  California  lawmakers  abolished  homework  for  all   students.    Also,  in  the  1920s  and  1930s  there  was  a  very  large  anti-­‐homework  push   led  by  parents  of  students.    They  realized  how  homework  harmed  kids'  health  and   kept  them  from  pursuing  personal  interests  and  family  time.    As  you  see,  eliminating   homework  is  not  a  ridiculous  and  radical  idea.  Because  of  the  precedent,  homework   requirements  should  be  dropped  across  America.                                      Firstly,  homework,  especially  a  large  amount,  is  not  good  for  teenagers'  health.   Most  students  at  my  school  arrive  home  between  6:00  and  7:00  in  the  evening,  and   then  they  still  have  to  shower,  eat  dinner,  and  do  their  homework.  For  most   students,  all  of  this  takes  three  and  a  half  to  four  hours.    After  a  long,  nine  hour   school  day,  that  includes  required  after  school  activities,  teenagers  are  tired.  To  add   another  three  hours  of  schoolwork  puts  too  much  stress  on  students  in  one  day.   Sometimes  my  classmates  do  not  finish  their  homework  before  midnight  because  of   a  sports  event.    They  get  to  bed  late  and  have  to  wake  up  at  6:00  or  earlier  the  next   morning.    Teens  do  not  get  enough  sleep,  which  is  not  healthy  for  their  bodies  and   brains.    When  I  have  a  late  night  of  homework,  I  do  not  get  enough  sleep,  and  the   next  day  I  can't  to  concentrate  and  do  worse  on  assignments.  Students  live  this   routine  for  five  days,  but  even  during  the  weekend  students  still  have  homework   that  can  take  four  to  five  hours.  Homework  is  not  healthy  for  a  young  person   mentally  or  physically.                                  Secondly,  homework  limits  students'  lives  out  of  school.  Many  students  have   personal  interests,  such  as  hobbies  and  sports,  but  they  can't  enjoy  them  except  on   weekends.  It  is  important  for  teenagers  to  have  a  wide  variety  of  experiences,  but   they  don't  have  time.  Students  also  like  to  spend  time  with  friends  and  do  activities   like  riding  bikes,  skateboarding,  or  just  hanging  out  at  an  ice  cream  parlor.  Not  being   able  to  have  fun  and  be  outside  with  friends  and  having  to  stay  cooped  up  inside   feverishly  working  on  homework  is  not  good  for  anyone.  Teenagers  need  to  be  able   to  go  outside  and  have  fun.  It  is  better  for  their  health  and  they  can  have  a  wider   variety  of  experiences.  On  the  weekend,  Sunday  is  homework  day  (and  church  for   some),  so  students  basically  get  one  out  of  seven  days  to  have  fun.                     216  

Most importantly,  teenagers  do  not  have  enough  family  time.  The  evening  is  the   perfect  time  for  family  members  to  enjoy  each  other,  but  homework  limits  these   opportunities.    According  to  studies,  the  a  child  spends  an  average  of  only  five   minutes  with  his  father  every  day.  It  is  important  for  a  child  to  be  with  his  family   and  invest  in  relationships  that  will  last  a  lifetime.  The  more  time  students  spend   with  their  parents,  the  more  opportunities  the  parents  have  to  teach  their  children   life  lessons.  But  with  homework,  kids'  time  is  filled  and  little  time  exists  to  share  life   with  parents  and  siblings.    Also,  without  a  strong  family  network,  kids  can  become   involved  in  bad  crowds  and  drugs  because  they  have  not  been  taught  and  do  not   have  support  from  their  families.  Teenagers  can  also  develop  emotional  problems   because  of  the  lack  of  family  and  belonging.  Family  is  essential  to  a  rich  and   meaningful  life,  and  without  homework,  teenagers  can  experience  family  time  a   large  amount  more  than  they  do  now.                                  Some  people  say  that  homework  is  good  for  academic  practice  and  for  making   sure  students  know  the  academic  material.  I  say  the  school  day  provides  more  than   enough  time  and  should  not  be  extended  into  time  at  home.  I  wish  teachers  and   parents  would  see  the  harm  of  homework  and  make  a  change.  Once  the  homework   requirements  are  dropped  across  America,     students  will  experience  a  less  stressful  and  more  enjoyable  school  career.       Work  Cited:   "Update:  Homework."  Issues  &  Controversies  On  File:  n.  pag.  Issues  &  Controversies.   Facts  On  File  News  Services,  2  Nov.  2007.  Web.  22  Oct.  2012.   <>.     Sims  Pettway   Grade  8   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN    37405   Mr.  Loftin       Standing  Up  for  Drew     Drew  pushed  her  hair  back  into  her  cap.  She  hadn’t  had  the  courage  to  chop   it  off.  They  were  going  to  be  her  undoing,  though.  Someone  was  going  to  see  them   and  realize  she  wasn’t  a  boy.                      She  stared  up  at  the  powerful  whaling  ship  before   her.  Taking  a  deep  breath,  she  merged  into  the  crowd.  Drew  tried  to  look  as  if  she   had  all  the  reasons  in  the  world  to  be  there  instead  of  being  a  runaway  and  a  girl   trying  to  sneak  onto  a  ship.  The  guard  was  young,  and  he  looked  bored.  He  barely   paid  anyone  a  glance  as  everyone  else  held  out  identification  and  passes.  Drew   sighed  when  she  finally  stepped  on  deck.  She  had  to  be  careful  now.  If  they  found   out  she  was  a  girl,  they  might  abandon  her  at  the  nearest  port.  Someone  jostled  her.   She  turned  to  see  a  boy  her  age  run  into  the  crowd,  snickering.     217  

“Hey!” she  yelled.     “  Get  over  here,  lad!”  someone  yelled  at  her.  Drew  jogged  over.  “All  right  ye   worthless  scum,”  the  man  said.  “I’m  Gustav.  Yer  ship  hands;  you  lot’ll  do  whatever   the  crew  tells  you  to.  And  ye  better  be  treatin’  each  other  righ’.  I’m  in  charge  y’all   and  I  don’t  wanna  hear  no  complainin’.”  With  that,  the  sailor  left.       “Apparently  the  sailor  life  is  tough,”  a  boy  next  to  her  said.  “But  at  least  they   got  food.”    Drew  nodded.  She  followed  him  into  their  cabin.  There  were  fifteen   hammocks,  as  well  as  a  rather  cramped  necessity  through  a  door  in  the  corner.  She   sighed  with  relief.  At  least  she  would  have  enough  privacy.  She  followed  the  boy  to  a   couple  of  hammocks  in  the  corner.  She  chose  the  upper  one  and  nimbly  climbed  in.   She  tied  her  sack  into  a  beam  above.  The  lower  one  was  still  high;  the  boy  had   trouble  getting  in.       “What’s  your  name?  I’m  Aaron,”  the  boy  asked  her.      “Drew.  Why  are  you  here?”     “I  had  nowhere  to  be.  My  parents  are  dead.  You?”     “The  same.  I  stole  money  to  get  here  from  the  country.  Thankfully,  they  still   had  room  for  me.”  Drew  nodded.  That  was  the  typical  story.  She  felt  kind  of  bad  for   the  kid  she  had  knocked  out  in  order  to  take  his  place.  After  all,  he  was  probably  in   the  same  situation  she  was  or  worse.  But  the  past  was  the  past,  and  she’d  needed  a   life.  The  two  of  them  kept  talking  until  lights-­‐out.       Morning  came  quickly  for  the  novice  ship  hands.  To  make  things  interesting   for  their  first  day  (and  yet  productive),  Gustav  had  them  take  a  series  of  challenges   to  see  what  they  were  best  at.  Aaron  was  very  strong  and  good  for  helping  the  men   lug  cargo  around  and  raising  sails.  Drew  was  very  nimble,  good  with  her  hands,  had   keen  eyesight,  and  therefor  very  good  for  the  crow’s  nest  and  scrambling  up  and   down  the  ropes,  repairing    torn  sails,  and  other  things.  The  bully,  whose  name  was   Mitch,  was  deemed  good  at  mopping  the  deck,  something  everyone  found  this   immensely  amusing.  The  meals  were  sufficient,  but  Drew  found  herself  longing  for   her  mother’s  delicious  cooking.  Oh  well.  It  was  better  than  food  Drew  had  had  to   force  down  in  the  streets.      The  next  morning,  Drew  was  in  the  necessity  stuffing  her  hair  into  her  cap.   She’d  forgotten  to  lock  the  door,  so  she  put  her  hat  down  and  took  a  step  over  to   lock  it.  Before  she  reached  the  handle,  Aaron  rushed  in.  His  eyes  went  wide  with   surprise.     “Hey!  You’re—“  but  Drew  didn’t  let  him  finish.  She  pulled  him  in  and  locked   the  door.       “Aaron,  you  can’t  tell  anyone!  They’d  throw  me  out  if  they  knew!  This  is  the   only  chance  I  have!”  Drew  whispered  franticly.       “Alright,  but  if  anyone  finds  out,  you’re  on  your  own,”  Aaron  said  finally.     “I  know,  and  I  don’t  expect  you  to  back  me  up.  Just  keep  quiet  about  it,”  Drew   pleaded.     “Fine.”       Mitch  was  ever  the  bully,  but  normally  he  didn’t  bother  Drew.  But  one  day  he   decided  to  extend  his  realm  of  terror.    On  their  sixteenth  day,  Mitch  cornered  Drew.    


“So, shorty,  what’s  for  dinner?”  without  giving  her  time  to  answer,  he  went   on.  “  You  know,  they  really  don’t  give  us  very  much  to  eat.  How  ‘bout  you  help  me   out  and  give  me  a  bit  of  your  food  since  I’m  bigger  and  need  more  than  you.”  It  was   more  of  a  threatening  statement  than  an  offer.  For  days  after,  Drew  suffered  from   hunger.  Whenever  Aaron  would  ask  why  she  was  giving  Mitch  her  food,  she  would   just  shake  her  head.  Finally,  Aaron  said:     “You  can’t  go  on  like  this.  I’m  going  to  go  talk  to  him.”  Aaron  heeded  none  of   Drew’s  protests.     “Mitch,  I  hear  you’ve  been  bothering  Drew,”  Aaron  said.     “I’ll  stop  once  he  has  the  guts  to  stand  up  to  me  himself.”  Aaron  walked  away.   This  was  going  to  be  harder  than  he  thought.       “You’ve  got  to  stand  up  to  him.  You’ll  starve  if  not,”  Aaron  argued.  “Why  are   you  afraid?”     “He’ll  me  and  my  hat  might  come  off!”  Drew  protested.       “If  you  don’t  confront  Mitch  today,  I’ll  go  straight  to  Gustav  and  tell  him,”   Aaron  threatened.    “I’ll  not  see  my  friend  suffer.”  Drew  had  no  choice;  she  had  to  try.         “Shorty!  Decided  you’re  hungry?”  Mitch  called.     “  Yeah,  so  leave  me  alone,”  Drew  said.     “You’re  gonna  hafta  make  me.”  Mitch  wouldn’t  give  in  easily.  But  she  already   had  a  plan.   “You’re  weak,”  Drew  taunted  him.  “You  could  get  beat  by  a  girl!”     Mitch  moved  forward  to  hit  her,  but  Drew  kicked  Mitch  with  all  her  might.  Mitch   yelled.     “You  kicked  me!”  he  gasped,  clutching  his  shin.       “  Leave  me  alone.”  Mitch  punched  at  her,  but  she  dodged  it.  She  kicked  him   again,  harder.  “Just  let  me  be,”  she  said.  Drew  strutted  away.  Pieces  of  hair  escaped   her  cap,  but  she  didn’t  care.  She’d  worry  about  that  later,  but  right  now  nothing  was   going  to  ruin  her  day.       Tatiana  Poggi   Grade  7   Girls  Preparatory  School   205  Island  Avenue,  Chattanooga  TN  37415   Mrs.  Bullard     Sadie     One  day  after  gymnastics  practice,  Taylor  came  home  like  normal,  and  was   getting  ready  to  walk  in  her  when  her  mom  told  her  not  to  go  in  yet,  that  she  had  a   surprise  for  her.  Taylor  had  no  idea  what  the  surprise  was.  As  she  watched  her  mom   walk  back  to  the  car  Taylor  stood  there  waiting  patiently  to  see  her  surprise.     When  her  mom  came  walking  back  towards  her  Taylors  eyes  got  huge  and   she  had  a  big  smile  on  her  face.  She  couldn’t  believe  what  was  in  her  mom’s  arms!  It   was  a  puppy.  Taylor  had  been  waiting  for  a  puppy  for  so  long.  She  would  always  put   a  puppy  for  the  gift  she  wanted  the  most  on  her  Christmas  list.  She  was  so  excited   that  she  had  finally  gotten  what  she  had  been  wanting  forever.   219  

Taylor and    her  mom  walked  in  the  house  and  Taylor  was  just  jumping   around  with  excitement.  Taylor  couldn’t  wait  to  hold  her  new  puppy  in  her  lap.   Taylor  finally  sat  down  on  the  couch  waiting  on  her  dad  and  brother  to  come  down   to  the  living  room.  When  Taylor’s  dad  and  brother  got  down  stairs  her  brother’s   eyes  just  got  as  big  as  Taylor’s  did.  He  too  couldn’t  believe  that  they  got  a  puppy.     Later  that  night,  Taylor  and  her  family  sat  in  the  living  room  thinking  of  a   name  for  their  new  puppy.  The  puppy  was  a  girl  so  they  had  to  pick  a  girl  name.  we   looked  at  a  list  of  girl  names  on  a  website.  Taylor’s  brother  wanted  to  name  her   Lexie.  Taylor’s  mom  wanted  to  name  her  Maddie.  Taylor  liked  the  name  Sadie.  Later,   they  all  agreed  that  Sadie  was  the  name  of  their  new  puppy.      The  whole  family  agrees  that  Sadie  was  a  good  name  and  it  suited  her  well.  A   few  minutes  later  Taylor  had  to  get  ready  for  bed.  Taylor  didn’t  want  to  go  to  bed.   Taylor  wanted  to  stay  up  with  Sadie  and  play  with  her.  Taylor  asked  where  Sadie   was  going  to  sleep  because  they  had  no  bed  or  anything  for  her  to  sleep  on.  Taylor’s   mom  went  and  got  one  of  her  favorite  quilts  and  folded  it  up,  then  stuck  it  under  the   end  table.  After  that  Taylor  was  forced  to  go  to  bed.     The  next  morning,  Taylor  woke  up  and  ran  down  stairs  as  fast  as  her  little   legs  could  go.  Sadie  was  still  asleep  under  the  end  table.  Taylor  didn’t  want  to  wake   Sadie  up  so  she  went  and  got  ready  for  school.  After  she  got  ready  for  school,  she   went  to  check  on  Sadie  and  she  was  awake.  Taylor  picked  Sadie  up  and  held  her   tight.  She  already  loved  Sadie  so  much.  Taylor  felt  Sadie  shaking.  She  thought  that   Sadie  was  cold  so  Taylor  went  and  wrapped  her  up  in  the  blanket  she  slept  on.  After   that  she  still  wouldn’t  quit  shaking.  Taylor  went  and  asked  her  dad  what  was  wrong   with  her.  He  said  that  she  was  just  nervous  and  scared.  She  wasn’t  used  to  us  yet.     Taylor  felt  bad  for  Sadie.  She  didn’t  want  Sadie  to  be  scared  of  her.  Later  that   day,  Taylor  came  home  and  ran  to  Sadie  and  picked  her  up  and  started  petting  her   and  playing  with  her.  Taylor  was  absolutely  in  love  with  Sadie.  She  played  with  her   all  the  time.  Sadie  lived  with  Taylor  and  her  family  for  around  four  or  five  years,   then  one  day  she  ran  off  down  the  street.  Taylor  thought  that  she  would  come  back.   A  few  days  later  and  Sadie  was  still  gone.  Taylor  couldn’t  ever  get  over  the  fact  that   her  dog  was  gone.  She  cried  for  days  and  days.     Jadyn  Raschke   Grade  8   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive,  Chattanooga   Mrs.  Blake       Mapping  the  Landscape  of  Plot     In  the  inciting  incident  of  The  Extras  by  Scott  Westerfield,  Aya  sees  the  sly   girls  and  decides  to  track  them  down  and  expose  them,  in  hope  to  become  famous.     As  a  result  of  her  actions,  Aya  sneaks  into  a  party  that  she  is  not  allowed  to  be  at,   and  follows  a  sly  girl  to  their  hiding  place.    Unfortunately,  they  are  expecting  her  to   be  there  and  capture  her  video  camera,  Moggle,  and  knock  her  off  her  hover  board   220  

and into  the  freezing  water.    The  sly  girls  give  her  a  choice,  “you  can  either  take  your   camera  and  go  away.    Or  I  drop  it  right  now  and  you  can  come  surfing  with  us”  (28).     This  forces  Aya  to  make  a  big  decision,  and  begins  the  rising  action.   At  the  party  Aya  meets  Frizz  Mizuno,  a  boy  who  can  only  tell  the  truth,  and   falls  in  love  with  her.    The  first  thing  he  says  to  Aya  is  “interesting  surge”  (15).    In   this  statement  Frizz  is  referring  to  Aya’s  large  nose,  which  is  not  a  surge.    Frizz   complicates  Aya’s  conflict  when  they  get  kidnapped  and  he  cannot  keep  the   desperate  secret  of  Tally  Youngblood,  the  main  character  of  the  previous  three   books.   In  the  climax  of  The  Extras,  Aya  finds  out  that  the  freaks,  who  call  themselves   the  extras  are  not  city  killers,  but  are  going  into  outer  space  to  cut  down  the   population.    Suddenly,  Tally  begins  to  blow  up  their  ships,  which  look  like  missiles.     She  starts  a  fire  and  Aya  must  zoom  through  it.    Luckily,  Aya  stops  Tally  in  time  and   Frizz  and  Moggle  get  some  good  shots.    Aya  said  to  David,  “Tell  Tally  it  wasn’t  her   fault,  we  thought  the  same  thing.”   In  the  falling  action  of  The  Extras,  by  Scott  Westerfeld,  Aya  convinces  Tally   Youngblood  to  come  to  a  party  and  promote  the  extras,  since  she  owes  them  a  lot  of   ships  and  Aya  achieves  her  goal  to  become  famous.    Aya  is  now  the  third  most   famous  person  in  the  city.    “Remind  me  again  why  I’m  doing  this,”  Tally  said.   The  denouement  of  the  book  reveals  Aya’s  change.    In  the  beginning,  Aya  is   not  content  and  always  logs  for  something.    I  would  choose  a  hand  for  a  symbol  of   representation.    In  the  falling  action  I  would  choose  a  star  connected  to  rope  to   represent  Aya.   At  the  end  of  the  book,  Aya  has  “unified  her  knots.”    She  has  achieved  her  goal   to  become  famous  and  is  happy  with  herself.    She  is  now  a  loose  rope  with  stars  on  it.   When  I  first  met  Aya  she  had  a  dream  to  be  famous.    She  wanted  to  become   more  than  an  extra,  someone  who  isn’t  really  noticed.    During  the  climax,  so  much   pressure  is  put  on  her  that  she  does  not  care  anymore.    I  can  prove  this  by  looking  at   the  direct  quote:  “Aya  shook  her  head,  for  once  not  caring  if  any  of  this  was   recorded.”    Aya  learned  a  valuable  life  lesson:  Fame  is  not  everything,  no  matter  how   many  people  think  it  is.   When  I  stand  in  Aya’s  shoes  I  can  empathize  with  her  great  longing.    In  a   society  like  hers,  I  would  long  for  fame  too.    However,  like  Aya  I  learned  that  fame  is   not  everything.     Lilith  Reyes   Grade  7   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Picone    

Transition   Growing  up  in  the  same  bedroom  throughout  my  childhood  has  been  special  to  me.   There  have  been  many  changes  through  the  years.     221  

In my  early  years  as  a  baby,  it  was  pink  and  white  striped  wallpaper  on  the  back   wall.  The  rest  of  the  walls  were  white,  and  they  had  an  ABC  border.     When  I  started  school,  the  walls  were  painted  purple  with  the  same  wallpaper  on   the  back  wall.  The  border  was  changed,  which  consisted  of  purple  and  light  pink   flowers.  There  were  butterflies  too!     For  my  twelfth  birthday,  my  grandmother  gave  me  a  grand  surprise.  I  had  gone  to   visit  my  mom  in  Arkansas.  When  I  arrived  back  in  Chattanooga,  my  room  had  been   completely  redone.     I  walked  into  a  room  with  beautiful  hot  pink  and  lime  green  walls.  The  border  had   been  redone  with  pink,  purple,  and  green  flowers  with  butterflies.  I  had  new  white   furniture  and  new  shelving  for  storage  space.  The  storage  shelves  were  the  new   modern  cubicle  furniture.  The  cubicles  were  filled  with  the  pink,  lime  green,   turquoise,  and  purple  storage  containers.  It  was  awesome!     In  conclusion,  growing  up  in  the  same  bedroom  for  twelve  years  has  transformed   many  times.  My  room  has  gone  from  being  a  toddler’s  bedroom  to  being  a  middle   school  age  appropriate  room.  I  love  my  new  room  and  feel  quite  fortunate  to  have   these  nice  things  provided  for  me.       Katelyn  Rose     Grade  6     Hunter  Middle  School     6810  Teal  Lane,  Ooltewah,  TN  37363     Mrs.  Holmes       My  Life  as  an  Escape  Artist       "Wheeeeee!"  I  said  as  I  went  down  the  slide  in  the  Chick-­‐fil-­‐a  playground.     "Carmen!"  My  mom  said,  coming  in  to  the  playground.  "It's  time  to  go!"     "No!  I  don't  want  to  go!"  I  screamed  while  I  stomped  my  feet  and  pouted.     She  pulled  me  out  of  the  playground  and  in  to  the  parking  lot  as  I  screamed  and   cried.  While  she  buckled  up  my  car  seat  I  kicked  the  key  out  of  her  hand  without  her   knowing.  My  mom  slammed  the  door  to  find  out  that  the  key  was  on  the  floor.     So  there  I  was.  A  two  year  old  trapped  in  a  locked  car  with  no  way  to  get  out,  crying   because  I  was  alone.  Or  maybe  I  was  crying  because  my  mom  made  me  leave  the   playground.  I  don't  know.  I  was  just  two.     My  mom  wanted  my  dad  to  break  the  window  of  the  car  to  get  me  out,  but  my  dad   had  an  easier  way  to  get  me  out.  When  something  goes  wrong  my  parents  take  turns   freaking  out  so  I  guess  today  was  my  mom’s  turn.  I  think  my  dad  stayed  calm   because  he  knew  I  was  smart  enough  to  follow  instructions.  I'm  not  saying  my  mom   didn't  see  my  genius  then,  I'm  just  saying  she  was  so  panicked  that  she  didn't   remember  how  smart  I  was.  As  my  dad  tried  to  make  my  mother  relax  he  told  me   how  to  get  out  of  my  car  seat.     First  my  dad  calmed  me  down  then  he  said,  "I'm  gonna  tell  you  how  to  get  out  of   that  car  seat.  Push  down  the  chest  strap  to  your  lap."     222  

He mimicked  how  I  should  do  it.  He  probably  looked  pretty  silly.     I  pushed  the  strap  down  slowly.     "Slide  your  arms  out  of  those  straps."     He  looked  like  he  was  about  to  do  the  YMCA  dance.     I  squashed  one  hand  through,  and  then  the  other.     "Can  you  stand  up?"     I  nodded  as  I  stood  up  with  a  big  grin  on  my  face.  "I'm  free!"  I  thought.     "Now  climb  up  to  the  seat  where  mommy  sits.  There  is  a  button  with  a  lock  on  it.  I   want  you  to  push  that  button."     I  heard  a  click  then  the  sound  of  a  door  opening  and  felt  the  embrace  of  loving  arms.     "Oh,  Carmen,  I  love  you,  but  don't  you  ever  do  that  again,"  my  mother  said.     Hopefully  this  was  the  beginning  (and  end)  of  my  life  as  an  escape  artist,  and     thankfully  the  last  time  my  parents  would  lock  me  in  the  car.       Carmen  Ross     Grade  7     Baylor  School     171  Baylor  School  Road  Chattanooga,  TN  37405     Ms.  Conway         Latina  Est  Optima                                      Many  people  don't  understand  the  importance  of  studying  Latin  in  college   preparatory  schools.  There  is  a  common  misconception  that  Latin  is  a  dead  language   and  this  seems  to  deter  scholars  from  the  glorious  tongue.  However,  is  it  truly  a   dead  language  when  many  phrases  we  Americans  know  are  in  Latin?  For  example,  E   Pluribus  Unum  (the  motto  of  the  United  States)  means  out  of  many  one,  Caveat   emptor  which  means  buyer  beware,  and  Quid  pro  quo  which  means  You  scratch  my   back,  I'll  scratch  yours  are  all  well  known  Latin  phrases.  Instead  of  pretending  to   understand  these  phrases,  wouldn't  you  much  rather  actually  understand  them?       Latin  should  be  a  required  course  in  college  prep  schools.                                    First  of  all,  Latin  helps  improve  a  student's  English.    Approximately  sixty   percent  of  English  words  and  ninety  percent  of  English  words  over  two  syllables  are   derived  from  Latin.  Because  I  study  Latin  I  am  able  to  recognize  the  roots,  and  if  I   don't  know  the  word,  to  make  an  educated  guess.  Latin  also  improves  English  skills   because  the  English  grammar  rules  are  derived  from  those  of  Latin.  I  now   understand  the  difference  between  an  adverb  and  an  adjective  and  the  difference   between  subject  and  direct  object  because  I  take  Latin.                                      Secondly,  taking  Latin  challenges  your  brain  which  will  help  you  on  all  areas  of   school.  The  Latin  grammar  rules  are  complicated,  and  when  translating  a  person  has   to  be  extremely  careful  because  translating  Latin  is  similar  to  solving  an  Algebra   problem  since  misreading  a  case  or  the  tense  of  a  verb  causes  the  sentence  as  a   whole  not  to  make  sense.  This  helps  students  in  math  because  Latin  requires  some   223  

of the  same  skills  necessary  to  succeed  in  math  such  as  fitting  pieces  of  a  puzzle   together.  Latin  sentences  are  like  puzzles  because  the  order  in  which  verbs  appear   in  a  sentence  is  very  different  from  English.  Allowing  your  brain  to  think  in  different   ways  is  crucial  in  math.                                    Most  importantly,  I  hope  to  be  a  doctor  or  a  lawyer  so  Latin  would  be  an   excellent  tool  for  me  to  use.    Almost  all  of  the  medical  and  law  terms  are  stated  or   derived  from  Latin.  Laywers  are  familiar  with  the  term  Habeus  corpus,  which  means   you  have  the  body,  and  doctors  know  almost  all  of  the  bone  names  are  in  Latin  such   as    parietal  bone  which  comes  from  paries  which  means  wall.  Doctors  who  studied   Latin  will  most  likely  never  confuse  parietal  bone  with  another  because  they  will  be   able  to  apply  the  meaning  of  paries  to  the  use  of  the  bone.                                        Now  is  the  time  for  scholars  to  remember  the  importance  of  Latin.  Latin  is  the   base  of  all  Romance  languages,  which  means  somebody  thought  Latin  deserved  to   live  on  (even  though  it  might  not  be  spoken).    The  people  who  scored  sixty-­‐eight   percent  higher  on  their  SAT's,  the  people  who  understand  the  grammar  rules  of   English,  and  the  doctors  and  lawyers  who  are  the  best  in  their  fields  all  understand   the  importance  of  this  ancient  tongue.  It  is  time  for  college  prep  schools  to   acknowledge  the  importance  of  Latin  as  well  and  make  Latin  a  required  course.       Isabelle  Rowan     Grade  8   Baylor  School   171  Baylor  School  Road,  Chattanooga  Tennessee  37405   Mr.  Loftin         Mapping  the  Landscape  of  Plot:  Howliday  Inn  by  James  Howe     In   his   exposition,   James   Howe   introduces   readers   to   Harold   Monroe,   the   protagonist  of  the  fantasy  book  Howliday  Inn.  Howliday  Inn  is  written  from  a  first   person   point   of   view   and   only   offers   the   reader   Harold’s   thoughts   and   feelings.   It   makes  sense  that  the  book  is  not  written  from  a  third  person  limited  or  third  person   omniscient  point  of  view  because  Harold  shares  his  feelings  openly  with  readers  and   enjoys  doing  so  to  tell  his  story.   In   the   exposition,   Howe   also   introduces   readers   to   the   setting   of   Howliday   Inn.   Harold’s   family   goes   on   vacation   and   leaves   him   and   his   friend   Chester   at   a   dog   hotel.   The   hotel   has   a   kidnapper   in   it,   but   no   one   knows   who   it   is.   The   setting   is   important  to  Harold’s  conflicts  because  being  in  a  new  place  without  Chester  is  hard   for   him.   He   must   also   discover   who   kidnapped   his   friend.   Howe   uses   the   spooky   setting   to   increase   Harold’s   scared   and   lonely   thoughts.   He   describes   the   scene   when   Harold   discovers   Chester   missing   as   “shadowy   and   empty”   (114).   Finally,   Howe   uses   the   spooky   setting   to   make   the   sudden   disappearances   of   residents   surprising  and  devastating  when  they  happen.       224  

Howe exposes   Harold’s   external   traits   mostly   through   Harold’s   thoughts   and   actions.    Harold  worships  food,  is  unintelligent,  and  hates  waking  up.    His  best  friend   is   a   cat   named   Chester   who   often   “lets   his   imagination   run   wild”   (40).     The   mood   of   this  book  is  made  spooky  by  what  the  setting  does  to  magnify  Chester’s  horrifying   predictions.   In  the  exposition  of  Howliday  Inn,  James  Howe  reveals  that  Harold’s  main   conflict  is  character  vs.  character.    Harold  has  told  all  of  his  thoughts  to  the  reader   and  has  also  described  his  actions  in  great  detail.    Harold’s  external  conflict  is   evident  when  he  and  his  friend,  Chester,  notice  odd  goings  on  at  the  place  where   they  are  being  boarded.    Harold  is  blocked  by  his  external  conflict  until  he  figures   out  what  all  is  going  on.     Therefore,  the  inciting  incident  occurs  when  pets  start  going  missing  from   the  dog  hotel.    Harold  and  Chester  investigate,  but  the  victims  seem  to  have   disappeared.    Then,  Chester  goes  missing  and  Harold,  an  almost  brainless  “jumbled   up”  (87)  dog  must  discover  what  happened  to  his  friend  during  the  rising  action.     During  the  inciting  incident  of  Howliday  Inn,  Harold  investigates  with   Chester  the  mystery  of  Chateau  Bow-­‐Wow.    As  a  result,  the  other  residents  get   suspicious  and  leave  the  two  alone,  further  complicating  Harold  and  Chester’s  desire   to  investigate  the  other  residents  without  much  full.    Chester’s  presence  in  Rob’s  life   forces  him  to  confront  his  external  conflict  in  the  rising  action.     When  the  other  residents  start  acting  strange,  Chester  says,  “Do  not  sleep.    If   you  do,  you  may  never  wake  again”  (112).    But  Harold,  being  the  sleep-­‐loving  type,   falls  asleep  anyway.    When  he  wakes  up,  Chester  is  gone.    Therefore,  the  first  major   event  in  the  rising  action  is  when  Chester  disappeared.     The  second  major  event  in  the  rising  action  occurs  when  Harold  investigated   by  himself.    He  so  desperately  wishes  to  free  Chester  that  he  investigates  every   other  resident  thinking  they  are   kidnappers.    When  questioning  a  resident,  he  snaps  at  them  and  says,  “a  likely  story”   (135)  to  every  reply.     The  last  major  event  in  the  rising  action  occurs  when  Chester  returns.     Chester  wakes  up  Harold  up  in  the  middle  of  the  night  and  hurries  him  out  of  his   cage.    Chester  then  calls  every  resident  out  of  their  cages.   In   the   climax   of   Howliday   Inn,   Harold’s   external   conflict   reaches   its   most   suspenseful  moment.    When  Chester  returns  and  rallies  up  every  resident  remaining,   Harold  realizes  that  residents  are  missing.    Chester  does  not  care  and  leads  them  to   Harrison.     All   the   animals   watch   in   horror   as   Harrison   advances   on   the   two   residents  that  Harold  could  not  find.    He  smiles  wickedly  and  as  he  picks  them  up  he   says,  “Sorry  old  boys,  you’re  coming  with  me”  (154).    After  that,  Chester  orders  his   mob  to  attack  Harrison.    Therefore,  the  climax  of  Howliday  Inn  has  a  positive  effect   on   Harold’s   external   conflict   because   he   figures   out   who   did   all   the   kidnapping,   Harrison,  and  Chester  returns  to  Harold  while  he  is  sleeping,  scaring  him  badly.     Harold  has  reached  a  turning  point  in  the  story.    He  finds  out  that  life  would   be  nothing  without  those  slightly  annoying  people  like  Chester.  Harold  appreciates   Chester  more  and  loves  him  to  the  fullest.     The  denouement  of  Howliday  Inn  reveals  how  Harold  has  changed.    In  the   beginning  of  the  book,  Harold  did  not  take  Chester’s  horrifying  predictions  seriously   225  

and he  cares  only  about  himself.    At  the  end  of  the  book  Harold  has  “untied  his   knots.”    He  thinks  about  the  meaning  of  love  and  loyalty  and  resolves  his  conflict   with  Harrison  represented  by  the  quote,    “It  was  quite  an  adventure  but  when  all  is   said  and  done,  there’s  no  place  like  home”  (195).    Harold,  like  the  house,  is  ready  to   be  warm  and  cozy  for  all  who  have  entered  his  heart.    Harold  has  definitely  changed.       Bebo  Saucier   Grade  7   Normal  Park  Museum  Magnet   1219  West  Mississippi  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405   Mrs.  Picone       A  Christmas  Disaster       Michelle  was  almost  done  putting  up  the  Christmas  decorations.  The  tree  was   sprinkled  from  head  to  toe  with  the  most  delicate  ornaments,  the  gingerbread  house   was  iced  to  perfection  and  spotted  with  gumdrops  and  other  candies,  and  the  warm   house  was  filled  with  the  smell  of  cinnamon  and  anticipation  from  the  children   upstairs.  The  three  of  them  were  so  anxious  for  their  father  to  get  home  from  work   so  they  could  begin  Christmas  dinner.      Overall,  the  festive  house  looked  amazing!  Best  one  in  the  neighborhood,   even!  That  was  exactly  what  Michelle  was  aiming  for.    The  prissy  mother  always   made  a  big  whoop  about  buying  expensive  tablecloths,  ornaments,  tinsel,  lights,   silverware,  centerpieces,  and  Christmas  sweaters  for  the  kids.  Michelle  had  been  in   the  kitchen  all  day  stirring,  mashing,  spreading,  baking,  boiling,  marinating,  and   frosting  for  Christmas  dinner.  She  was  exhausted.  But  finally  she  was  done  and  all   she  had  left  to  do  was  rest  until  her  husband  returned  home.  Unfortunately,  on  her   way  to  the  couch…  SLAM!  The  tinsel  strung  around  the  rim  of  the  fireplace  came   crashing  down  taking  two  red  candles,  and  all  five  stocking  hangers  with  it.   “Christmas  will  be  the  death  of  me…”  she  mumbled  to  herself  as  she  retreated  back  to   the  kitchen  to  grab  a  broom  to  sweep  up  the  green  tinsel  specks  that  now  covered   the  floor.     Soon  the  front  door  opened  letting  in  a  cold  gust  of  air.  “Daaaaa-­‐dyyyy!”  the  three   children  cheered  in  unison,  tripping  and  tumbling  down  the  stairs  trying  to  be  the   first  to  hug  their  red-­‐nosed  father.  Jonathan  had  been  on  a  long  business  trip  and  was   finally  home  to  take  off  his  snow-­‐caked  boots  and  wash  up  for  dinner.     Michelle  was  relieved  when  she  finally  sat  down  with  her  family.  As  they  ate,  they   talked  about  school,  the  business  trip,  and  the  awful  display  of  tacky  Santa  garden   gnomes  that  spread  across  their  neighbor,  Mrs.  Greene’s,  lawn.    Michelle  hated  those   gnomes  so  much;  she  put  a  reef  in  the  window  that  overlooked  the  lawn.  She  didn’t   understand  how  anyone  could  possibly  love  those  things  as  much  as  Mrs.  Greene  did.   As  they  continued  with  their  card  games  and  stories,  they  had  no  idea  their  lives   were  about  to  be  turned  upside-­‐down  very  soon.       After  the  dirty  dishes  were  put  away,  the  leftover  food  was  seran-­‐wrapped  and  in   the  fridge,  and  the  table  was  clean,  Michelle  and  her  family  went  to  bed.  They  were  so   226  

tired and  stuffed,  none  of  them  thought  about  blowing  out  the  candles  before  they   ‘hit  the  hay’.  A  few  hours  later,  Michelle  awoke  to  the  smell  of  stuffy  smoke.  “John!”   she  screamed  shaking  him,  “Get  up!  Something’s  burning!”  john  woke  up  instantly  as   the  fire  alarms  started  screeching.  ERRRRNT!  ERRRRNT!  Michelle  raced  to  her  kids’   rooms  pulling  them  down  the  stairs  with  Jonathan  close  behind.  When  the  startled   family  reached  the  door,  john  pushed  through  and  finally  they  were  out.     Michelle  stood  in  shock,  watching  her  flaming  house  crumble  to  ashes  before  her   eyes.  The  three  children  started  crying  as  the  fire  trucks,  ambulances  and  police  cars   arrived  (thanks  to  Mrs.  Greene).  Michelle  stood  in  shock  watching  the  house  full  of   memories  burn  to  the  ground  despite  the  freezing  water  blasting  out  of  four  different   hoses.       By  the  time  the  fire  was  out,  all  the  neighbors  were  outside  and  the  family  hadn’t   said  a  word.  No,  they  didn’t  need  to.  Everything  they  could  say  was  obvious.  Instead,   they  stood  on  the  street  in  front  of  the  black,  crumbled  rubble  watching  this   horrifying  Christmas  disaster  with  cold  feet  and  numb  minds.   Michelle,  however,  knew  she  had  to  get  her  shivering  children  out  of  the  cold.  She   bent  down  beside  them  realizing  they’d  be  crying.  “Now  listen.”  She  said  in  the  most   comforting  voice  she  could  manage,  “we  are  going  to  get  through  this.  It  may  seem   terrible  now,  but  as  long  as  we  have  each  other  it’s  going  to  be  okay.”     The  fire  fighters  were  asking  the  family  questions  and  sooner  or  later  the  neighbors   cleared  out  as  well  as  the  fire  trucks,  police  cars,  and  ambulances.  The  family  went  to   Michelle’s  mother’s  house  for  the  time  being.  Michelle  just  couldn’t  shake  the  fact   that  everything  was  gone;  Pictures,  toys,  clothes,  books,  and  even  the  Christmas  tree.   Gone.  But  she  also  knew  she  couldn’t  sit  and  feel  sorry  for  herself.  Then  she  realized   she  had  a  family  and  a  husband.  And  then…  her  days  of  loathing  ended.  Maybe  all  of   this  happened  for  a  reason!  Maybe  this  was  God’s  way  of  saying,  “quit  buying  name   brand  forks  and  help  out  the  community  a  little!”       Michelle  sprang  out  of  her  loathing  chair  and  put  some  fresh  clothes  on.  A  half  hour   later  she  was  standing  behind  the  counter  with  a  ladle  in  her  hand  and  a  hairnet  over   her  hair.  She  volunteered  at  the  soup  kitchen.  And  she  went  there  every  day,  as  well   as  animal  shelters,  nursing  homes,  and  picking  up  garbage  on  the  side  of  the  road.   She  hardly  even  thought  about  her  terrible  life  changing  event.  One  specific  day   though,  she  went  by  the  place  where  her  house  once  stood.  The  only  thing  left  was   the  poor  mailbox  that  stood  alone  on  an  empty  lot.  Michelle  got  out  of  her  car  and   went  to  the  mailbox.  She  decided  it  was  time  to  take  out  all  the  bills  and  magazines.   To  her  surprise,  letters!  Tons  of  them  fell  out  onto  the  snowy  sidewalk.  She  picked   them  up  and  opened  a  few.  A  check!  All  of  them  were  checks!  People  all  around  the   community  saw  Michelle  turn  her  misfortune  into  something  beautiful.  “We  can  build   our  house  back!”  she  thought  to  herself.  Then  she  noticed  a  small  package  in  the  back   of  the  mailbox.     The  note  on  the  front  said,  “I’m  sorry  for  your  loss,  and  I  thought  you  could  use  a   donation.  From:  Mrs.  Greene”  She  pulled  away  the  bubble  wrap,  and  guess  what  she   found?   A  tacky  Santa  garden  gnome.   Allie  Sterl   Grade  8   227  

Heritage Middle  School   4005  Poplar  Springs  Rd.   Ringgold  GA  30736   Mrs.  Carlock  

  The  Stripeless  Tiger     “Hey  Mr.Gow  a-­‐are  y-­‐you  there?”  stuttered  the  stripeless  tiger  cub.   ”what  is  so  important  that  you  come  to  me  in  my  hour  of  rest  J.R!?”  answered  the   most  annoyed  owl  perched  up  on  his  railings.   “Well  umm  sir,  as  you  know  I  am  most  unfortunate  to  have  been  born  without   stripes  and  I  was  wondering….”   “Oh,  stop  your  babbling  boy!  I  have  no  more  “ideas”  for  your  little  life  crisis!  Now  be   gone!”   The  small  mangy  tiger  hung  his  head  low  and  crept  his  way  through  the  black  berry   bushes  to  push  forward    to  his  cave  that  was  dug  deep  into  the  side  of  the  Indian   mountains.  Getting  pestered  along  the  way  by  passing  animals  he  dropped  to  the   ground  and  sobbed  quietly,  for  all  hope  was  gone.   The  next  day  J.R  returned  to  school  under  the  old  droopy  trees  that  swayed  softly  in   the  humid  breeze.  The  other  cubs  having  beautiful  stripes  laughed  and  snickered  at   the  unusual  creature.  He  was  lonely  and  clueless  on  what  to  do.  Later  that  same   afternoon,  he  went  to  the  pack  leader  Mufasa  and  requested  some  time  to  talk.  He   was  nervous  at  first  but  got  the  will  power  to  tell  Mufasa  about  the  cubs  that  have   been  giving  him  trouble.   “Well  this  predicament  you  are  in  son  is  understandable.  I  shall  see  to  it  those  boys   are  talked  to.”  Proclaimed  Mufasa  in  a  proud  voice.  “Don’t  worry  about  a  thing  J.R.”   J.R  felt  proud  and  sure  that  everything  was  okay  so  he  went  on  his  way  occasionally   smiling  out  of  confidence  that  he  had  done  well.  Returning  home,  he  walked  into  his   cave  with  some  kind  of  jump  in  his  step.  He  then  curled  up  next  to  his  mother,  Silias   and  slept  softly  under  the  Indian  sky.     Little  did  he  know  what  was  going  on  in  the  starry  sky  that  night.  Something  magical   was  sent  from  his  father  in  heaven  and  it  was  a  sign  that  he  was  proud.  His  son  had   finally  stood  up  for  himself  and  it  was  about  time  he  got  his  reward.   The  next  morning  something  wasn’t  right  in  the  hot  humid  air.  He  felt  a  disturbance   that  he  couldn’t  quite  describe.  He  had  a  stripe  on  his  back.     “  Oh  my  goodness!”  J.R  yelped.  “  I’ve  got  a  stripe  on  MY  back!”   He  rushed  out  the  cave  and  stumbled  down  the  hill  top  that  led  to  the  valley  in   which  his  school  sat  and  jumped  up  and  down  with  joy  as  the  other  students  awed   at  his  newly  earned  stripe.  No  longer  would  he  have  to  face  society  with  a  bag  over   his  head  for  he,  J.R  the  no  longer  stripeless  tiger,  had  earned  his  stripes.     Mariah  Suter     Grade  8  grade   Heritage  Middle  School     Mrs.Parhams     228  

The Haunting  of  Highway  41     Have  you  had  the  feeling  you  were  being  watched  when  you  were  you  were  all   alone?    Well,  I  had  that  exact  feeling  about  a  year  ago.    I  was  driving  my  truck  down   Highway  41,  a  deserted  road  with  no  houses.    All  of  a  sudden,  I  saw  bright  lights  at   the  top  of  the  hill.    I  thought  I  was  back  in  the  city,  but  when  I  got  to  the  top  of  the   hill,  to  my  amazement  there  weren’t  any  houses.    Maybe  it  was  another  car  I  thought   to  myself.    As  I  continued  to  drive  down  the  highway,  I  noticed  it  couldn’t  be  another   car  because  there  weren’t  any  driveways  or  side  roads.    I  started  to  get  creeped  out.   As  I  continued  driving,  I  tried  to  convince  myself  that  maybe  it  was  only  a  hunter,   but  I  didn’t  see  any  people,  dogs  or  trucks  parked  on  the  side  of  the  road.    Finally,  I   stopped  in  the  middle  of  the  road  and  got  out.  All  of  a  sudden  I  saw  a  mysterious   shape  next  to  a  tree  by  the  edge  of  the  road.    Then  it  disappeared  and  reappeared  in   front  of  me.    I  screamed  and  began  to  run.    I  dove  back  into  the  truck,  sat  up  and   slammed  the  door  to  the  truck.    I  turned  around  and  looked  back.    It  was  coming   closer  and  closer  until  it  was  touching  the  truck.    An  arm  came  through  the  door;  I   screamed  at  the  top  of  my  lungs,  put  the  truck  into  drive  and  floored  it.  As  I  drove   away,  I  heard  it  say,  “you  can  run  but  you  can’t  hide-­‐ha  ha  ha.”    All  of  a  sudden  I  saw   big  eyes  on  my  windshield.    I  screamed  and  turned  the  wheel  hard.    The  truck   bounced  off  of  the  road,  hit  a  tree  and  rolled  into  a  ravine.    I  was  okay  except  for  my   leg.    I  jumped  out  of  the  truck  and  limped  towards  a  clearing.    At  the  end  of  the   clearing  was  an  old  house.    I  opened  the  door  and  went  inside,  pulled  out  my  cell   phone  and  tried  to  call  911,  but  no  one  answered.    Now  I  was  really  scared.    I  laid  on  the  floor,  feeling  depressed  until  I  heard   something.    It  sounded  like  water.    I  looked  out  the  window  and  saw  a  river  by  the   edge  of  the  house.    It  filled  me  with  hope,  that  maybe  this  was  just  a  bad  dream.    I   ran  outside  and  started  following  the  river  downstream  to  find  help.    I  followed  the   river  until  I  reached  a  waterfall.    I  walked  up  to  the  edge  of  the  falls,  stopping  at  the   top.    Then,  I  thought  I  saw  the  strange  lights  again.    I  ran  into  a  cave  under  the  falls   and  stayed  there  until  I  thought  I  heard  the  sound  of  a  helicopter.    It  was  a   helicopter.    I  ran  out  of  the  cave,  waved  my  arms,  and  jumped  up  and  down.    They   spotted  me  with  their  spotlight  and  landed.    The  crew  got  out  of  the  helicopter  and   helped  me  get  in.    We  took  off  and  flew  to  the  hospital.   While  in  the  hospital,  Police  Chief  Wesley  Wilson  came  by  to  interview  me  about  my   truck  accident.    I  went  through  the  whole  story  with  the  chief  and  didn’t  leave  out   any  details.    “So  that’s  what  happened,”  I  said.    “Are  you  sure  all  this  really   happened?”  said  the  police  chief.    “Yes,  I  am  100  percent  sure,”  I  said.    “Ok,  if  you  say   so,”  said  Chief  Wilson.    “If  you  don’t  believe  me,  why  don’t  you  go  in  the  woods  at   night  off  Highway  41  yourself?”  I  said.    I  believe  you,”  said  Chief  Wilson.    “You  think   I’m  lying,”  I  remarked.    “Fine,  I  don’t  believe  you,”  said  the  police  chief.    “We’ll  see   you  tomorrow,”  he  said.    “See  you  tomorrow,”  I  replied.    I  left  the  hospital  the  next   morning  and  I  couldn’t  bring  myself  to  drive  down  Highway  41  after  that.    Although   the  chief  never  believed  me,  some  people  say  if  you  drive  down  Highway  41  at  night,   you  can  see  the  strange  lights  in  the  distance.   229  

Mills Taylor   Signal  Mountain  Middle/High  School   Grade  6                                                    

A  Day  In  the  Life  of  a  Dream  

  Words  blur  around  me  as  I  sit  on  my  kitchen  stool  blankly  staring  at  the  wall   ahead.  I  was  trying  my  best  to  tune  out  my  brother  droning  on  and  on  about  some   A.P.  project  he  was  working  on;  something  I’d  learned  to  do  well  after  the  move.  The   only  place  I  found  refuge  from  this  bore  of  a  life  was  my  head.  Lately,  I’d  been   spending  a  lot  of  time  alone  just  thinking.  Which  was  what  I  was  doing  right  now.       Before  I  know  it,  I  was  swept  away  off  the  kitchen  stool.  Disoriented  a  bit,  I   stood  still  and  looked  around.  I  recognized  the  place  immediately  because  I’d  seen   the  pictures  millions  of  times  before,  hoping  that  one  day,  I  could  be  in  one.  Despite   being  overly  excited,  I  noticed  something  wasn’t  the  same.  I  was  a  much  older,  taller   version  of  myself.  Although  my  head  was  way  past  confused,  my  feet  seemed  to   know  where  to  go,  so  I  just  went  with  it.     I’d  never  been  to  New  York  before,  and  didn’t  know  what  I  was  doing,  but  it   didn’t  even  matter.  I  was  having  the  best  time  admiring  the  “Big  Apple.”  It  felt  good   to  be  here,  like  I  could  finally  be  myself.  I  was  free  to  do  whatever  I  wanted.  Walking   down  the  sidewalk,  trying  to  escape  the  chilliness  of  the  air,  I  slid  my  hands  in  my   pockets.  Something  brushed  against  my  fingers,  and  I  pulled  it  out.  It  was  my   student  ID.  “Sera  Thomas.  April  11,  1999.  Age  21.”  Wait…  21  years  old  and  a  student   at  NYU?  How  could  this  day  get  any  better?  But,  I  had  spoken  too  soon.  When  I   looked  up,  I  was  standing  at  the  school  entrance.       I  quickly  ambled  up  the  foreign  stairwell.  I  knew  exactly  where  to  go,  almost   as  if  I  had  been  doing  this  for  the  past  three  years.  Which  apparently,  I  had.  When  I   entered  the  classroom,  a  group  of  people  greeted  me  loudly  and  beckoned  for  me  to   come  join  them.  I  happily  obliged,  relieved  that  someone  knew  who  I  was.  This  time,   my  mouth  rather  than  my  feet  took  control.  I  seem  to  know  exactly  who  these   people  are  and  their  life  stories,  because  I’ve  been  friends  with  them  for  my  entire   college  experience;  the  one  that  I  have  no  recollection  of.      My  classes  zoom  by.  I  discover  that  I’m  studying  to  be  an  author.  It  makes   sense  though,  considering  all  I  did  in  my  middle  school  years  was  write.     School  ends,  and  my  feet  guide  me  to  an  apartment  that  I’m  assuming  is  my   own.  I’m  glad  to  find  that  “older  me”  has  decorated  the  place  with  photos  from  the   lost  three  years.  I’m  nothing  like  I  thought  I  would  be.  I  always  classified  myself  as  a   band  geek  who  tried  to  blend  in.  My  mind  still  thinks  that  now  because  being  in   college  still  hasn’t  sunken  in.  I  continue  to  view  the  pictures  that  have  bloomed  on   the  walls.       Though  I  understand  my  past  now,  I  get  frustrated  that  I  can’t  recall  doing   any  of  it.  I  leave,  afraid  that  looking  further  will  upset  me  more.  When  I  exit  the   building,  it’s  gotten  darker.  What  time  is  it?  I  look  down  at  my  watch  and  see  that  it’s   almost  seven  thirty.  I  continue  to  tread  down  the  walkway  keeping  my  head  hung   trying  to  with  hold  the  tears  that  threaten  to  spill  over.  This  was  too  much  to  take  in.   230  

Mentally, I  was  still  thirteen.  I  was  still  in  middle  school.  I  needed  an  explanation  for   why  this  was  happening.  No  normal  person  just  skips  eight  years  of  their  life.  So   why  had  I?  Was  this  even  real?     I’m  strolling  along  when  something  catches  my  eye.  I  looked  over  to  my  right   and  see  the  one  thing  that  I  need.  In  big,  bold  letters,  the  sign  read,  “Wicked:  The   Musical.”  A  jolt  of  electricity  runs  through  me.  I’ve  seen  this  show  before  in  Atlanta.  I   was  seven  years  old.  Unconsciously,  I  find  myself  standing  in  front  of  the  ticket   booth.  “How  many  tickets?”  The  voice  bounces  me  back  into  reality.  “One,  please.”  I   reply.  I  get  my  ticket  and  find  my  seat.     The  show  is  amazing,  just  as  I  remember  it  from  so  many  years  ago.  As  the   actors  bow,  I’m  silently  pleading  that  it  won’t  end.  I  feel  like  getting  up  and  yelling,   “Encore!”  like  I  remember  doing  at  the  rock  and  roll  concerts  my  dad  used  to  take   me  to.  But,  I  know  that  it’s  not  well  received  in  the  theater.  So,  I  refrain.       I  feel  refreshed  after  leaving.  It’s  always  been  one  of  my  biggest  dreams  to   see  a  Broadway  show.  The  adrenaline  is  pumping  through  me.  New  York  is   completely  chaotic.  It  truly  is  the  city  that  never  sleeps.  The  lights  around  me  make   up  for  the  absent  sun.     Taxis  fly  by.  I’m  amazed  at  how  skilled  the  drivers  are.  But  the  think  that   shocks  me  more  is  how  easily  I  can  flag  one  down.  I  slide  into  the  back  seat  and   recognize  the  driver.  It’s  my  friend,  Mark,  from  school.  “Hey,  Sera!  You  going  home?”   he  asks  in  his  unmistakably  northern  accent.  “Yeah,  thanks.”  I  smile  back  at  him  in   the  rear  view  mirror.     I  look  out  of  the  windows  as  the  streetlights  zip  by.  The  silence  hangs  in  the   air.  My  eyes  start  to  blur  and  everything  fades.  My  heart  is  beating  fast  and  I  can   hear  my  breath  catch  in  my  throat.  My  head  is  spinning  and  a  bizarre  feeling  engulfs   me.     I  inhale  sharply,  and  sit  up.  I’m  back  in  my  deserted  kitchen.  I  turn  around   making  sure  that  everything  is  normal.  It  was  all  just  a  dream.  I’d  fallen  asleep.  I   stand  up  and  grab  my  back-­‐pack.  More  confidently  than  ever,  I  head  up  the  stairs   promising  myself  that  I’ll  do  anything  and  everything  to  make  that  dream  become  a   reality.         Sera  Thomas   Grade  8   Signal  Mountain  Middle/High  School   2650  Sam  Powell  Trail,  Signal  Mountain,  TN      37377   Mrs.  Harwood     The  Perfect  Eyewitness       Many  historical  things  happened  in  Birmingham,  Alabama,  and  I  needed  an   eyewitness  to  talk  to  in  order  to  write  this  paper.  The  perfect  eyewitness  was  my   uncle,  Houston  Brown.  He  was  born  December  1,  1942  in  Birmingham,  Alabama.  


This was  a  difficult  time  for  black  people  in  America.  He  happily  shared  a  part  of   history  he  experienced  growing  up  during  this  time.     Uncle  Houston  and  other  black  children  were  not  permitted  to  attend  school   with  white  children.  Blacks  had  to  drink  from  the  “colored  only”  water  fountains,   had  to  sit  in  the  “colored  only”  section  of  the  bus,  and  could  not  vote.  Blacks  could   not  be  on  the  same  floor  with  white  patients  in  the  hospital.  He  remembered  being  9   years  old,  after  having  his  tonsils  removed,  being  left  in  the  hallway  of  the  hospital   basement  with  brooms,  mops  and  buckets  to  recover.  My  uncle  said  it  was  very   hurtful  being  treated  this  way.     The  largest  peaceful  demonstration  for  human  rights  in  United  States  history   took  place  on  August  28,  1963,  in  Washington,  DC  called  the  March  on  Washington.   People  of  different  races  came  together  and  my  Uncle  Houston  was  there.  Opera   singer,  Marion  Anderson  led  the  program  by  singing  the  National  Anthem.  There   were  many  speakers  and  a  list  of  demands  were  made  and  announced  to  everyone.   Many  organizations  were  present  and  signed  the  list  to  show  support.  Dr.  Martin   Luther  King,  Jr.  was  the  last  speaker  of  the  day.  Uncle  Houston  said,  “There  was  an   unbelievable  quiet  over  the  crowd.  People  were  crying;  it  was  a  very  emotional  time.   About  250,000  people  came  together  to  demonstrate  in  support  of  legislature  and   laws  that  would  effectively  change  the  course  of  America.  It  was  a  very  moving   experience.”     Uncle  Houston  returned  home  to  attend  school  at  Talladega  in  Talladega,  Alabama.   Sunday  morning,  September  15,  1963,  four  girls  were  killed  from  a  bomb  planted  at   the  16th  Street  Church  in  Birmingham.  Three  of  the  four  girls  killed  were  very  close   family  friends  to  my  uncle.  This  terrible  act  made  international  news.  People  were   outraged  all  over  the  world.  This  attack,  the  March  on  Washington  and  other  things   that  occurred  in  a  short  period  of  time  helped  move  Congress  to  pass  the  Civil  Rights   Act  in  1964  and  the  Voting  Rights  Act  in  1965.  These  Acts,  for  the  very  first  time,   established  equal  rights  for  African  Americans  under  the  law.     Uncle  Houston  saw  the  beginning  of  change  in  America  for  people  of  color.   He  wanted  to  be  a  part  of  the  change.  After  graduating  from  college,  he  attended  law   school  and  is  currently  Circuit  Judge  Sitting  in  the  Circuit  Court  for  the  Grade  10   Judicial  Court  of  Alabama.  My  Uncle  Houston  told  me,  “We  still  have  a  long  way  to   go;  it’s  going  to  be  tough  but  we  are  up  to  the  task.  I  believe  we  can  do  anything  we   set  our  minds  to.  Study  hard  and  work  hard.  That  should  be  everybody’s  goal  to   make  a  better  America.”       Stephen  Turman     Grade  7     Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750     Mrs.  George      

What Could  Cause  So  Much  Hurt  


My first  clue  that  something  was  wrong  was  when  my  dad  came  home  early   on  that  cold  January  evening.  He  looked  tired  and  eyes  were  a  little  red,  but  I  didn’t   take  much  note  of  that.  Instead  I  crept  off  to  my  room,  wondering  why  my  dad  was   at  home  with  us,  instead  of  at  the  hospital  in  Knoxville  with  my  mom.  My  brother   didn’t  notice  anything  strange  either.  He  just  kept  playing  his  DS  in  his  dark  room.       My  second  clue  was  that  my  dad  didn’t  bother  to  yell  “I’m  home!”  or  bellow   “I’m  back!”  When  I  didn’t  hear  wither  of  these  remarks  I  poked  my  head  out  of  my   door  and  peered  down  the  hall.  I  watched  my  dad  curiously.  He  just  kept  to  himself.   He  silently  set  his  black  brief  case  down  and  kicked  off  his  shoes.  He  ran  a  hand   through  his  dark  brown  hair  before  he  took  a  seat  on  the  bench  we  have  by  our  door.   He  didn’t  stay  seated  long,  but  to  him  it  must  have  felt  like  an  eternity.       My  third  and  most  obvious  clue  was  what  my  dad  did  next.    He  walked  into   the  kitchen  and  hugged  my  grandmother.  My  grandmother,  from  my  mom’s  side  of   the  family,  had  been  cooking  dinner  when  my  dad  walked  in.  When  my  dad  hugged   her,  he  also  whispered  something  in  her  ear.  I  saw  her  face  freeze.  She  almost   dropped  the  spoon  she  was  clutching,  but  managed  to  keep  a  firm  grip  on  it.  I   watched  as  her  face  turned  as  white  as  the  fiat  500  my  dad  had  rented  for  his  trip  to   Knoxville.  Tears  started  to  tumble  and  roll  down  both  of  the  adults’  faces  while  my   grandmother  sobbed  the  word  “no”  again  and  again.     My  brother  had  ventured  out  of  his  room  to  stand  beside  me.  His  blood  shot   eyes  took  in  the  scene  that  was  unfolding  before  us.  We  looked  from  the  horrific   sight  of  our  family  members  crying,  to  each  other.  We  wondered  what  could  cause   so  much  hurt.  It  took  us  less  than  a  second  to  comprehend  what  had  happened.  It   took  less  than  a  second  for  my  brother  to  break  down  in  tears.  It  took  less  than  a   second  for  my  world  to  turn  inside  out.  It  took  less  than  a  second  to  realize  that  my   mother  was  dead.     Now,  about  five  months  later,  I  was  frozen  with  the  same  dread  that  filled  me   the  past  January.  Even  though  it  was  a  warm  Miami  day,  I  was  cold  inside.  I  held  my   small  phone  in  my  hand  and  reread  the  text  that  my  friend,  Elizabeth,  had  sent  me.  It   consisted  of  two  words,  because  two  words  were  all  it  took.     He’s  gone.     I  knew  that  my  friend’s  dad  had  been  fighting  a  rare  form  of  cancer.  I  knew   that  he  wasn’t  doing  well.  But  I  didn’t  suspect  this  to  happen  so  suddenly.   Elizabeth’s  father  was  dead  and  I  was  on  vacation  in  Miami  with  my  grandparents.  I   was  more  than  a  thousand  miles  away  from  her  in  her  time  of  need.  I  couldn’t  be   there  for  her,  even  though  she  was  always  there  for  me.  I  read  through  the  short  text   again.     He’s  gone.       I  felt  just  as  bad  as  I  did  the  night  of  my  mother’s  death.  I  had  no  idea  what   the  protocol  for  this  situation  was.  Should  I  text  Elizabeth?  What  if  she’s  expecting  a   call  from  me?  What  would  I  tell  her?  Was  she  ready  to  talk  to  me?  I  couldn’t  decide.  I   just  sat  starring  at  the  screen  of  my  phone  wordlessly.  I  was  so  shocked  I  almost   didn’t  notice  that  the  phone  was  vibrating  in  my  hand.  My  dad  was  calling  me.     “Hello?”  I  said  hoarsely.  My  dad  had  only  called  to  check  in  with  me  and  my   brother.  He  asked  how  we  were  and  if  the  weather  was  nice.  I  gave  him  short  simple  


answers, and  hoped  that  my  voice  didn’t  give  anything  away.  But  my  dad  finally   asked     “So  how’s  Elizabeth’s  dad?”  I  blinked  away  a  few  tears  before  I  answered   with  two  simple  words.     “He’s  gone.”  I  waited  for  my  dad  to  say  something.  He  tried  to,  but  only   chocked  on  his  words  each  time.  I  could  hear  him  shuddering  through  muffled  tears.       “Oh.”  He  said  simply.  We  left  it  at  that.  I  didn’t  say  anything  else  and  neither   did  he.  Eventually  we  both  hung  up.  It  was  a  few  hours  until  I  could  finally  register   the  rest  of  the  world  properly  again.  I  did  call  my  friend  within  the  next  day  or  two.   We  didn’t  say  much,  but  I  told  her  to  call  if  she  wanted  to  talk.  I  wouldn’t  be  back   home  for  another  month,  and  I  felt  helpless  being  so  far  away.       School  started  in  August  and  that’s  when  we  saw  each  other  for  the  first  time   since  school  ended  in  May.  We  acted  normal  around  every  one,  and  Elizabeth  would   have  seemed  normal  to  a  stranger.  But  I  could  hear  her  strained  laughter  when  she   tried  to  hide  it.  I  couldn’t  help  but  wonder  if  I  was  like  that  after  my  mother  died.   Elizabeth  and  I  went  to  counseling  once  together,  and  that  helped  a  little…  but  not   much.  As  far  as  I  could  tell  we’re  both  as  back  to  normal  as  we’re  going  to  get.  And   that’s  ok,  but  every  now  and  then  you  can  tell  if  she  or  I  are  thinking  about  our  lost   loved  ones.  Like  on  mother’s  or  father’s  day.  But  I  hope  that’s  just  a  part  of  grieving,   that  maybe  our  laugh  won’t  be  so  strained  one  day.  I  really  do  hope  so.       Matheson  Wynnemer   Grade  8   Signal  Mountain  Middle/High  School   2650  Sam  Powell  Trail      Signal  Mountain,  TN      37377   Mrs.  Harwood      




[High School  Poetry]       The  Day  it  Rained       That’s  when  the  rain  came  down,     and  we  run  through  the  field,     singing  the  song  about  rain.     We  climb  trees  and  let  them  sway.     We  made  up  a  dance,     and  put  on  a  show.   We  screamed  at  the  top  of  our  lungs.   We  climbed  to  the  roof,     and  watched  the  stars  until  we  fell  asleep.     That  night  we  dreamed     Of  doing  it  all  again.     Sarah  Baker       Grade  11     Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George     A  Day  on  the  Slopes     The  mountain  wakes  up  to  welcome  you  with  open  arms,   Fresh  snow  is  falling  like  leaves  of  autumn.   The  tracks  of  a  hare’s  long  night,   Will  soon  be  covered  by  drifts  of  snow.   Birds  chirping  and  the  grinding  of  the  gears  of  lifts,   These  sounds  say  it’s  time  to  start  another  day.   The  distant  boom  of  avalanche  control   Sends  fleeting  fear  though  anxious  skiers.   Brisk  cold  greats  you  as  you  step  out  of  your  warm  and  toasty  lodge.   On  the  lift  your  trail  mix  tastes  like  a  four-­‐course  meal.   As  the  day  goes  on,  fatigue  tells  you,  “It’s  time  to  go  home.”   When  you  ease  into  a  hot  tub  after  a  long  day  of  skiing,   You  feel  instant  relief  to  all  your  aching  muscles.   The  distant  smell  of  fires  burning  reminds     You  of  a  warm  greeting  from  a  friend     John  Beasley   Grade  9   Boyd-­Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN    37411   236  

Mrs. Christine  Jones       My  Least  Favorite  Things       Feet  on  cold  tile     And  burning  hot  weather,     Way  to  much  schoolwork,     And  bad  Christmas  sweaters.     The  doctor’s  office     And  movies  that  sing:     These  are  some  of  my     Least  favorite  things.     Slow  hallway  walkers,     Slow  internet  servers,     Getting  writer’s  block,     And  hearing  dumb  rumors.     Scratched  up  DVDs     And  tangled  up  string:     These  are  some  of  my     Least  favorite  things.     When  I’m  in  traffic,     When  a  dish  breaks,     When  I’m  feeling  sad,     I  think  less  of  my     Least  favorite  things,     And  then  I  don’t  feel     So  bad.       Harper  Beeland     Grade  9     Center  for  Creative  Arts     1301  Dallas  Road,  Chattanooga,  TN  37405     Meri  Sowders         Wondrous  Truth     Falling  away  down  the  tumbling  spire,   Of  nature  and  wind  and  the  rain,  but  no  fire,   I  soared  like  a  bird,   And  caught  drafts  like  an  eagle,   Then  I  thought  too  hard  about  what  I  was  doing,   And  dropped  like  a  rock  without  yearning,   For  a  hope  I  might  stop  before  aground  I  was  running,   237  

Then a  willow,  soft  and  sweet,  saw  my  peril,   And  made  a  feat,  she  caught  me  in  her  kind  embrace,   And  laid  me  softly  in  the  meadow,   Down  on  heather  soft  as  feather,   She  kept  me  there  through  sheer  amazement,   At  the  sight  of  the  stars  that  above  us  shone,   Bright  in  the  night  where  this  hath  begun,   I  watched  those  stars  twinkle  and  dance,     Around  hazy  forms  and  shining  liquids,   Spilt  on  the  sky  by  Orion  himself,   These  bright  wondrous  things,     To  sleep  hath  brought  me,   I'll  awake  in  the  morrow,     And  remember  fondly  the  dreams  I  doth  have  etched  in  my  brain,   And  for  reasons  unknown  I  feel  they  were  true,   Though  such  glorious  things  must  be  surely  of  my  thoughts,  and  no  more,   But  I'll  always  wonder  what  if  indeed  they  were  true,   And  if  so,  when  we'll  visit  again.     Zachary  Brown   Grade  9   Boyd-­Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN    37411   Mrs.  Christine  Jones     The  mind  is  incredible     Turning  cranking  out  ideas     Like  a  factory,  never  ending.     We  plan  plot  and  scheme     New  ways  to  change     The  always  changing  world.     We  build,  create,  spin,     Weld,  hammer,  sew     So  many  new  designs     So  many  new  ideas     To  improve  this  one     Terrestrial  rock     Orbiting  a  giant  burning  ball  of  gas.     All  these  planes,  cars  computers     Tools,  rockets  phones     All  our  explorations     In  space     In  the  jungles     In  the  oceans    


In the  snow     In  every  nook,  cranny,  corner,     Cave,  forest  lake     Everywhere  on  this  planet.     All  our  work,  explorations,  ideas     Our  medicines,  foods,  tools     They  all  started     in  one  place     The  mind  is  incredible.       Alexander  Butcher     Grade  10  grade     Boyd-­  Buchanan  School     4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga  TN  37411     Coach  Rose       Lost  Poem     I  am  a  poet.   My  poems  are  my  life.   So  when  I  lose  one  of  my  poems,   I  also  lose  part  of  my  life.   I  am  not  whole  anymore.     I  am  a  puzzle.   My  poems  are  my  puzzle  pieces.   So  when  I  lose  one  of  my  pieces,   I  also  lose  part  of  my  puzzle.   I  am  not  whole  anymore.     I  am  a  rainbow.   My  poems  are  my  colors.   So  when  I  lose  one  of  my  colors,   I  also  lose  part  of  my  rainbow.   I  am  not  whole  anymore.     I  am  a  flower.   My  poems  are  my  petals.   So  when  I  lose  one  of  my  petals,   I  also  lose  part  of  my  flower.   I  am  not  whole  anymore.     I  am  a  piano.   My  poems  are  my  keys.  


So when  I  lose  one  of  my  keys,   I  also  lose  part  of  my  piano.   I  am  not  whole  anymore.     I  am  a  book.   My  poems  are  my  chapters.   So  when  I  lose  one  of  my  chapters,   I  also  lose  part  of  my  book.   I  am  not  whole  anymore.     Missing  poem.   Reward:  $5.00     Eliza  del  Carmen   Grade  10   Notre  Dame  High  School   2701  Vermont  Avenue,  Chattanooga,  TN  37404   Ms.  Wheeler         Bright       Shine  like  the  sun  does   Bright  and  brilliantly  endless   Among  all  the  stars       Ashlee  Chambers     Grade  10  Grade     Silverdale  Baptist  Academy     7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive         Happiness       Along  the  silent  dock  I  stand  lifeless  as  a  sleeping  child     Calm  as  a  docile  old  man  and  I  think  to  myself  loneliness     Oh  how  I  wish  things  would  change  everything  so  complicated     So  wrapped  up  in  the  worthlessness  that  is  life  why  I  am  here     What  is  my  purpose     Suddenly  the  caring  dark  haired  woman  races  into  my  mind     The  concerned  sad  look  in  her  eyes  all  the  sorrow  with  the     Thought  of  her  washes  away  like  the  water  crashing  against     The  dock    


I suddenly  realize  how  incredibly  worthless  meaningless  or  not     Important  my  life  has  been  its  hard  to  look  myself  in  the  mirror     With  the  way  I  feel     I  stand  alone  at  the  edge  of  the  quiet  lifeless  dock  feeling  an  uncontrollable  feeling  of   pain  grief  insignificance  my  life  spiraling  out  of  control  I  yearn  for  an  answer     I  walk  quietly  back  to  my  house  thinking  constantly  about  how  I  don’t  seem  to   matter  how  no  one  cares  while  clouds  of  darkness  engulf  me  in  a  veil  of  despair  and   depression  there  Is  no  more  hope  for  me     Darkness  surrounding  me  I  raise  the  cold  blunt  object  to  my  fogged  up  head  and   proceed  to  pull  the  cold  metal  trigger     But  wait  suddenly  I  see  a  bright  blinding  light  at  the  end  of  a  tunnel  it  hurts  to  look   but  I  can’t  turn  away  for  some  reason  my  whole  body  freezes  I  can’t  move  I’m  frozen   like  a  block  of  ice     I  see  images  of  the  dark  haired  woman  at  the  end  of  the  tunnel  how  she  was  always   there  no  matter  how  troubled  or  sad  I  was  she  would  never  give  up  on  me  so  I  knew   then  I  couldn’t  give  up  on  myself  no  matter  how  meaningless  I  felt     I  slowly  started  to  lower  the  object  shaking  uncontrollably  I  felt  sick  weak  I  vomited   and  passed  out  on  the  cold  floor  of  my  room     When  I  awoke  a  bright  light  perhaps  the  brightest  light  I’ve  ever  seen  I  claw  out  of   bed  barely  able  to  walk  I  notice  the  weapon  on  the  counter  my  mother  immediately   turn  to  me  and  scurries  to  wrap  me  up  in  the  largest  hug  ever  conceived  we  both   preceded  to  cry  and  for  the  first  time  in  a  long  while  I  felt  happy       Ben  Cook     Grade  9     Grace  Baptist  Academy     7815  Shallowford  Rd,  Chattanooga,  TN  37421     Mr.  Reese         The  Senses  Of  Winter     I  see  the  bare  branches  of  the  trees   I  see  the  snow  floating  to  the  ground   I  see  my  breath  when  it  hits  the  cold  air   I  see    winter     I  hear  the  sound  of  my  family  laughing   I  hear  the  crunch  of  dead  grass  beneath  my  feet   I  hear  the  sound  of  Christmas  carols   I  hear  winter     I  feel  the  chill  bumps  on  my  arms   I  feel  the  warm  hot  chocolate   I  feel  the  bristle  of  pine  needles  


I feel  winter     I  taste  the  small  cool  snowflakes   I  taste  the  bittersweet  peppermint   I  taste  my  grandmother’s  cooking   I  taste  winter     I  smell  wood  fires  burning   I  smell  freshly  mad  gingerbread  houses   I  smell  the  cold  clean  air   I  smell  winter     Katelyn  Couch   Grade  12   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive   Chattanooga,  TN    37421   Taryn  Humphries       To  Helen       Helen,  thy  beauty  is  to  me   Like  a  basket  of  rotten  fruits   That  gently,  o’er  a  putrid  sea   The  weary,  way-­‐worn  wanderer  escapes   Flees  to  his  foes  native  shore     On  desperate  seas  will  want  to  roam   Thy  kudzu  hair,  thy  unpleasant  face,   Thy  Naiad  airs  have  warned  me  of  coming  home   To  the  glory  that  was  Greece   And  the  grandeur  that  was  Rome     Lo!  In  yon  brilliant  window-­‐niche   How  appalling  I  see  thee  stand   The  agate  lamp  within  thy  blemished  hand!   Ah,  Horror,  from  the  regions  which     Thou  hast  arisen     Brandon  Cross   Grade  10   Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mtn.,  GA  30750   Shelly  George       242  

Pride Before  the  Fall     Sashaying  back  and  forth  across  polished  mahogany  floor,   Loving  the  beauty  of  the  stillness  and  the  grace  the  room  affords,   Yet  when  I  stumble  and  taste  the  dirt,  the  silence  is  no  more.       Erica  Cyrul   Grade  11  grade   Notre  Dame  High  School   2701  Vermont  Ave.  Chattanooga,  TN  37404   Mr.  Newell       All  We  Are  Saying  (John  Lennon)     Do  you  remember  when  you  were  young   When  you  were  just  a  lad  in  Liverpool   And  you  met  some  other  guys   Who  were  just  the  same  as  you     Do  you  remember  when  you  went  on  your  own   And  you  told  the  world   All  you  wanted  was  some  peace   And  you  laid  in  bed  for  a  while     Don't  you  remember  when  you  left   You  left,  but  you're  never  gone   All  those  who  look  up  to  you  ask   Are  you  looking  down  on  us  as  well?       Rebekah  Davis   11  grade   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelly  George         The  flight  of  the  Butterfly     The  Butterfly   Takes  its  flight,   Out  of  a  safe  cocoon,   Into  a  dangerous  life.   243  

Out flies  the  Butterfly.     Is  it  free?   Or  confined   Into  such  a  hazardous  life?   Will  it  wander  with  freedom?   Is  it  free?     Is  it  scared?   To  spread  its  new  wings,   To  adventure  more,   To  be  on  its  own,   Is  it  scared?     Is  it  Lonely?   Flying  alone   From  flower  to  flower,   It  eats   Solemnly.     With  much  beauty,   It  flows  in  the  wind,   Not  worrying,   It  just  takes  flight,   With  what  looks  like  clarity.     So  curious  is  the  butterfly,   That  flies  so  secretly,   So  mystic,   So  freely  flying,   Off  goes  the  butterfly.     Katie  Lenora  Ford   Grade  11   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive    Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Taryn  Humphries    

Take my  Life,  Oh,  My  Love     Take  my  life,  my  love,  and  let  it  be;   All  for  thee  and  no  time  for  me.     244  

Take my  moments  and  my  time;   Your  chores  will  put  me  far  behind.     Take  my  hands,  and  let  them  work,   My  reward  is  you  being  a  jerk.     Take  my  feet,  and  let  them  follow,   I  am  so  tired  of  hearing  you  hollow.     Take  my  voice,  and  let  me  sing,   Because  all  I  hear  is  you  being  mean.     Take  my  lips,  my  kisses  so  sweet,   Unfaithful  to  me,  my  fist  you  will  meet.     Take  my  silver  and  my  gold,   I'm  the  only  one  you  better  hold.     Take  my  intellect  and  use,   Mistreat  me  and  you  will  loose.     Take  my  will,  and  make  it  thine,   Always  just  sitting  on  your  behind.     Take  my  heart,  it  is  thine  own,   For  I  have  it  out  on  a  loan.     Take  my  love,  and  treat  it  right,   If  not,  we  will  be  in  a  fight.     Take  myself,  and  I  will  be,   The  best  person  you  will  see.       Tabitha  Frady   Grade  12     Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace   Lookout  Mountain.  GA  30750   Mrs.  George       Germany  1941     Crashing  noises  from  outside  the  door,   Wishing  there  would  be  no  more.   245  

Hiding with  my  hands  over  my  eyes,   Wondering  who  lives  or  who  dies.   Men  and  women  covered  in  stripes,   Children  smell  of  the  smoke  of  pipe.   Beaten  then  cleaned  to  be  locked  in  a  room,   As  close  as  twins  in  a  mothers  womb.   Together  until  their  dying  breath,   Scent  of  harmful  fumes  and  rotting  flesh.   Crashing  noises  from  outside  the  door,   Wishing  this  Hitler  would  be  no  more.     Madeline  Kay  Free   Grade  10   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George    

Darkness   It  pierces  your  heart   In  the  still  of  the  night   You  can  try  to  scream   But  it  isn't  worth  the  fight   Everyone  is  a  little  bit  frightened   But  as  daylight  approaches   Your  soul  will  be  enlightened   There  is  nothing  to  captivate  a  human  being   As  much  as  the  stillness  of  a  willow  tree  breathing   So  as  you  go  out   Be  aware  and  prepared   Because  we  all  know   Everyone  is  scared     Alexa  Hickman   Grade  11   Boyd-­Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Rolanad       Fall     As  all  the  leaves  fall   they  form  a  cloud  before  they   246  

create a  carpet.     Beth  Huston   Grade  10  grade   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George       Time  Out  for  Love     Children.   That’s  all  they  were,  really—   Budding—into—adults.   These  children,  you  see,   Deciding  the  game   Before  their  final  night’s  show.   We  see  them  now,   In  the  stories  of  men,   Through  a  window  quite  drastically  muddied.   And  we  watch   As  they  run  and  they  laugh  and  they  fall,   Yes…  we  all  quite  assuredly  study.   Out  of  breath,  they  discuss—   The  choice  to  be  made,   The  course  their  evening  will  follow.   Crying  out,  one  suggests,   “Let  us  climb  to  the  moon!   Let  us  hang  from  its  shining  white  tail.”   All  in  concurrence,   They  fashion  tall  ladders,   Ascend  to  a  crescent  quite  pale.   One  after  another—   Their  pitters  and  patters   Are  heard   By  dear  Luna  above.   Loading  on   To  the  sturdy  night-­‐beacon,   They  hear  whispers  of  mys’try  and  love.   Swirling  around  them,   A  celestial  starstorm.   They  fall  in  awe   Of  her  wisdom,  her  trust.   Hanging  from  heartstrings   Above  and  down  low,   Tears  fall  from  their  faces   247  

To the  planet  below.   Forgetting  their  worries,   Their  hardships,   Their  strife,   They  are  pleased  with  the  game   They  have  chosen   Tonight.       Franny  Jackson   Grade  10   Notre  Dame  High  School   2701  Vermont  Ave,  Chattanooga,  TN  37404   Ms.  Wheeler       Unrequited       What  is  love     Unfulfilled     Do  We  find  it     Raging  at  the  bars     Screams  to  the  cosmos     Seethes  and  pulses     Rising  and  falling     Brave  relentless.     Or  so  much  less,  it     Aches     Desperation     Sobs     Refuted     Stunted     Turns  in  dejection     And  is  reborn     Smiling  cynicism,     Wearing  the  ring.     "This  too  shall  pass."       Kale  Langley     Grade  10     Boyd-­Buchanan  School     4650  buccaneer  trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411     Mr.  Rose       248  

Light and  Heat     You  can  hide  from  the   Dark   Cold   World,   If  you  fancy.   But  there  is  no  darkness,   Only  lack  of  Light;   There  is  no  cold,   Only  lack  of  Heat.   So  bring  the  Light   And  the  Heat   Into  the  world   And  the  darkness   And  the  cold   Will  take  care  of  themselves.    

Kelli Marcum   Grade  10   Hilger  Higher  Learning   1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George  

    The  Effect  of  Gravity  Upon  a  Fish     It  must  be  a  rather  dull  life,  being  a  fish.     You  glub  glub  around  a  rectangle   One  you've  seen  a  thousand  times.     No  wonder  Egg  just  sits  in  the  corner.     I  suppose  the  reflection  of  the  light  changes   Over  the  shiny  uniform  marbles   As  the  sun  makes  its  uniform  journey   Every  day,  never  breaking  pattern.     But  at  the  same  time,  I  don't  think  Bland   Has  ever  had  to  feel  the  weight  of  the  world   As  it  sags.  No,  Confidence  Man  just  stares  wide  eyed   The  bubbles  rising  to  the  top  of  the  tank,   Because  the  density  of  air  is  less  than  the  density  of  water,   And  watches.  Because  in  two  minutes  it  is  dinner  time.       Allie  McCoskey   Grade  12   Boyd-­Buchanan  School  


4650 Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mr.  Bischell  

  Ashes  of  Germany     Oh  pure  Aryan  fate,  what  have  I  done  today?   Inform  me  of  my  fallacies,  and  then  drag  my  away   Indent  on  all  of  my  luggage  your  yellow  starry  stamp   Then  ship  me  off  to  my  vacation  in  your  concentration  camp   We'll  pray  to  our  god  to  save  us  all,  and  shelter  us  from  the  pain   Yet  instead  of  eternal  paradise,  we  only  receive  acid  rain   No  matter  how  much  we  beg  of  you,  and  our  Messiah  on  His  cross   It  seems  that  we'll  all  perish  in  this  never-­‐ending  Holocaust   What  are  we  Jews  but  lowly  dogs,  exiled  from  the  NSDAP?   We're  the  piece,  the  defective  piece,  that  just  doesn't  quite  fit  here  in  Nazi  Germany   At  least  that's  what  every  true  German  citizen  is  taught   With  every  copy  of  Mein  Kampf,  composed  of  doctrinal  truth,  that's  bought   So  come  all  ye  curious  to  Auschwitz,  when  the  fires  begin  to  burn  bright   Come  to  witness  the  fall  of  the  ashes  of  Germany,  throughout  this  blackened  night   We're  left  with  nothing  but  hollow  Stars  of  David,  burned  out  of  their  light     Hamp  Patty   Grade  11   Boyd-­Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN  37411   Mrs.  Roland       Fog  and  Rain     In  a  fog,   Can't  see  back,   Can't  see  front,   Can't  see  'round.   In  a  fog,   What  to  do,   Push  on  through   Or  turn  around?   Go  back  to  life   The  way  it  was  then,   Or  just  keep  going   Until  the  end.   Go  back  into  hiding,   Can't  keep  confining,   The  pain,  the  hurt,  and  suffering,   250  

Heart and  mind  are  toughening.   The  temptation  to  quit   Is  far  too  strong,   Can't  keep  running   The  road  is  too  long.   What  to  do?   The  question  hurts:   Stop  right  now   And  with  death  flirt?   In  a  fog,   Needing  escape   From  this  road   Of  pain  and  heartbreak.   The  pain  is  like  rain   Beating  on  the  windowpane,   All  coming  up  from  the  sea   Like  a  dreadful  curse  of  misery.   It's  like  a  never  ending  hell,   When  it  will  cease   No  one  can  tell.   Freezing  cold  and  waterlogged,   Soaking  from  rain   And  blinded  by  fog.   Depression  is  so  overpowering   That  giving  up  looks  promising.   To  no  longer  feel  the  suffering,   The  rest  of  my  life  to  be  slumbering.     Life  is  so  unbearable,   Cannot  stand  much  more.   Mind  is  growing  weary   And  heart  growing  sore.   Waking  and  sleeping,   All  is  pain.   Will  someone  save  me   From  fog  and  from  rain?     Mason  Rudolph   Grade  9   Boyd-­Buchanan  School   4650  Buccaneer  Trail,  Chattanooga,  TN    37411   Mrs.  Christine  Jones          


Love Is       Love  is...   What  makes  weak  men  brave,     And  brave  men  cower  down  in  fear.       Love  is...   What  makes  princes  throw  down  their  swords,     And  kings  step  from  their  thrones.     Love  is...     Beyond  words,     And  remains  perpetually  in  your  heart.     Love  is...   The  good  times  and  bad  times,   And  easy  times  and  hard  times.       Love  is...   A  feeling  that  comes  in  an  instant,   And  lasts  a  century  after  forever.     Love  is...   A  promise  of  eternity,   And  as  clear  as  Heaven’s  sky.     Love  is...   What  people  live  for,     And  what  people  die  for.       Love  is...   Without  hesitation,     And  as  warm  as  the  shining  sun.       Love  is...     What  the  soul  yearns  for,     And  will  spend  a  lifetime  seeking.       Love  is...   Everything.     252  

Ruth Schuiling     Grade  12     Silverdale  Baptist  Academy     72363  Bonny  Oaks  Drive     Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Taryn  Humphries      

I Don’t  Do  Costumes       Anxious  to  go  Trick-­‐or-­‐Treating,     a  forced  smile  is  fixed  on  my  fourth-­‐grade  face     as  I  painfully  endure  my  mother’s  traditional  photoshoot     with  my  disappointed  best  friend     while  the  sun  sets  on  a  cool  Halloween  evening.     Being  way  too  cool  for  costumes,     I  wear  an  oversized  orange  t-­‐shirt  that  has  four  words  on  it:     I  Don’t  Do  Costumes     while  my  friend  wears  my  undersized  red  t-­‐shirt  that  has  two  words  on  it:     Card  Shark.     As  we  impatiently  sit  on  a  broken  bench  in  my  front  yard,     my  mother  enthusiastically  gives  us  the  generic  command     “Say  cheese!”     I  mutter  “Cheese..”  behind  my  clenched  teeth     as  my  mom  presses  a  button  on  her  camera.       Kent  Scruggs     Grade  11     Grace  Baptist  Academy     1578  Shallowford  Road,  Chattanooga     Sherry  Poff       Winter  Serenity     The  sweet  smoke  of  coffee  roaming  around  the  room   The  blazing  fire  makes  a  crackle  and  a  boom   The  couples  in  their  cozy  sweaters  cuddle  with  love     The  lights  on  the  tree  are  lit  up  above     My  pale  face  is  embraced  with  snowflakes     I  love  the  color  and  the  shape  the  ice  makes   They  kiss  my  rosy  cheeks  and  melt  into  my  skin     I’ve  missed  their  presence,  where  have  they  been?   The  candles  burning  and  smell  of  cinnamon     253  

Those are  the  signs  that  winter  is  beginning  again.         Lauren  Sexton       Grade  10  Grade   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy     7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive     Sarah  Johnson         O  San  Francisco  the  City  By  the  Bay     O  San  Francisco,  The  City  By  the  Bay,   Your  marvelous  wonders,  full  of  beauty  and  grace.   So  magical,  majestic  and  great,   In  the  midst  of  all  the  fog  there  lies  the  Golden  Gate.   Under  the  moon-­‐lit  stars,  travel  near  or  far   What  better  way?  Hop  on  a  cable  car.   Try  Ghiradelli  for  a  tasty  treat,   Take  a  walk  with  the  hippies  down  Haight  and  Ashbury  Street.   Go  and  get  some  fine  valley  wine,   Or  walk  down  to  Pier  39.   Spend  a  day  at  Fisherman’s  Wharf  an  amazing  sight  to  see,   You  will  get  scared  by  the  man  that  jumps  from  behind  a  tree.   You  will  be  entertained  all  day,   Go  to  AT&T  Park  to  watch  the  Giants  play.   This  is  my  home  away  from  home,  hopefully  one  day  to  stay,   O  San  Francisco,  The  City  By  the  Bay.       Joshua  John  Slocum   Grade  11   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive   Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Taryn  Humphries       I  have  thought  about  a  lot  of  things  —     I  have  thought  about  a  lot  of  things  —   Is  life  like  a  flower  that  is  soon  trampled?   Only  —  to  be  erased  —  our  ends  and  our  beginnings?     If  it  is  not  erased  —  then  what?   If  not  a  life  beyond  our  earthly  life  —  then  what  is  there?   254  

Only darkness  and…  tranquility?  Chaos?  Where  should  the  boundaries  for  our   questions  be?     So  many  questions  have  come  to  mind.   Are  the  preachers  right?  Is  the  world  wrong?   Within  my  soul  —  and  within  the  Word  the  right  answer  I  have  searched  to  find.     Within  the  Word  I  have  found  something  as  “dormant”  as  absolute  truth.   The  Scriptures  scream  it  —  yet  no  one  listens.   It  could  paint  itself  rainbow  on  a  completely  blank  earth,  but  the  world  would   always  need  more  proof.     Ben  Strawn   Grade  12   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive   Chattanooga,  TN  37421   Taryn  Humphries       Howl     Why  does  the  wolf  howl?   They  say  that  it  is  only  simple  communication.   I,  however,  like  to  think  that  it  means  something  more.   Perhaps   he  is  lonely   in  the  endless  forest  or  the  vast  land  of  ice.   Maybe   he  is  mourning   something  that  he  has  lost  and  is  beginning  to  forget.   Possibly   he  speaks   because  he  feels  that  only  the  moon  will  listen.     Cooper  Sylar   Grade  9  grade   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Drive  Chattanooga,  Tennessee  37421   Ms.  Blake       Princess       When  you  are  young,   They  say  you're  a  pretty  princess.     255  

You do  believe   You're  safe  in  a  pillow  fortress.       Then  as  you  age,     You  are  threaded  with  aching  fear.     It  seizes  you   In  every  cruel,  hard,  shaky  year.       You  go  to  school   Where  your  world  is  filled  with  secrets.     Your  biggest  strength   Becomes  your  prominent  weakness.       You  watch  people.   They  go  through  torture,  so  much  pain.     You  watch  as  tears     Turn  to  anger,  to  hateful  blame.     Soon  freedoms  come.   You  go  more,  you  see  more,  you  twirl.     Friends  rule  your  life   In  your  little  side  of  the  world.       Right  when  it's  good,   Everything  comes  crashing  down.     Broken-­‐hearted,     You're  no  princess  in  your  silk  gown.       No  one  cares.     Where  is  the  closeness  of  your  friends?   They  are  now  gone   Because  everything  good  comes  to  end.     You  trudge  on  through.     You  fight,  you  push,  you  aren't  idle.     But  it  all  falls,   Falls  back  to  the  vicious  cycle.       Abby  Underwood   Grade  10  grade   Silverdale  Baptist  Academy   7236  Bonny  Oaks  Dr.,  Chattanooga,  TN,  37421   Sarah  Johnson      


Peace’s Result       The  cleverness  of  the  mind,     Thinks  through  its  sorrow  days,     It’s  thinking  is  unbalanced,     With  its  undeceiving  ways,     It  results  to  violence,     As  easily  as  the  sun  sets,     While  the  aftermath  is  dealt,     With  won  and  lost  bets,     Blood  sprayed  with  silver,     While  the  mind  is  lost,     And  only  the  wise  recognize,     As  all  feel  the  cost,     War,  the  inevitable,     Nobody  knows  the  end,     It  puts  all  decent  thoughts  aside,     Who  to  trust?  As  a  friend?     The  mind  is  like  kin,     It  is  always  close  with  you,     But  when  it’s  needed  most,     It  miscarries,  and  that’s  true,     So  just  as  you  think,     What  you’ve  never  thought  before,     The  thought  is  forgotten,     As  unnoticed  as  children’s  folklore,     So  peace  is  an  option,     But  all  good  comes  with  bad,     And  you  never  even  knew,     That  you  lost  what  you  had,     So  as  the  moon  crosses,     The  sky  sets  to  night,     You  realize  your  loss,     With  the  truth  shining  bright,     The  tears  come  to  fall,     But  may  be  a  little  late,     As  the  precious  love  is  lost,     What’s  left?  Provoked  hate.       Charles  T.  Vanzant     Grade  9     East  Hamilton  Middle  High  School     2015  Ooltewah-­Ringgold  Road,  Ooltewah  TN,  37363     Mrs.  Coe      


The Bombs  of  Life   A  Parody  of  Psalms  of  Life  by  Henry  Wadsworth  Longfellow       Mournful  numbers,  empty  dreams,     Death  in  slumber,  so  it  seems.   Life  is  hard!  Life  is  hopeless!   To  the  grave  we  go,   Dust  we  are,  to  dust  returneth,   Let’s  do  our  best  to  make  it  slow,   No  enjoyment  and  much  sorrow,   Is  our  destined  end  or  way,   Let’s  hope  that  tomorrow   Isn’t  worse  than  today.   Days  are  long,  and  Time  is  fleeting,     And  our  hearts,  though  weak  and  grave,     Still,  like  thumping  drums,  are  beating     Funeral  marches  to  the  grave.     All  the  world  is  like  a  battle,   In  a  bivouac  of  life,   We  are  like  cattle,  not  heroes  in  strife.     Lives  of  great  men  all  remind  us,     We  will  never  be  like  them,     Mediocre,  Ordinary,  as  we  are   With  footprints  washed  away  by  the  sands  of  time.     Footprints  that  perhaps  another,   Will  probably  never  see,     A  forlorn  and  shipwrecked  brother,     Will  pass  by  and  never  see.     Let  us  then,  be  never  doing,     Anything  that  might  seem  great,   Not  achieving,  not  pursuing,   Never  laboring  through  the  date.       Ashton  Wattenbarger   Grade  10     Hilger  Higher  Learning     1121  Mountain  Terrace,  Lookout  Mountain,  GA  30750   Shelley  George      



[High School  Prose]     Home  at  Last       Ralph  could  not  stop  crying.  This  was  his  first  funeral,  and  it  was  for  two   loyal  companions-­‐  Piggy  and  Simon.  Jack  was  also  at  the  funeral,  his  face   expressionless  and  tear  stained  as  he  stared  in  the  direction  of  the  ground.  Piggy’s   aunt  and  Simon’s  parents  were  also  attending  the  funeral,  all  crying  and  sniffling.   Ralph  turned  to  gaze  unhappily  at  the  two  tombstones  sitting  amidst  the  small   crowd  of  people  under  the  cloudy  gray  sky.     Piggy’s  rectangular  tombstone  was  decorated  with  the  painful  picture  of  the   conch  shell.  The  years  that  represented  the  length  of  Piggy’s  life  looked  almost   similar  to  each  other,  his  life  was  so  short.  Piggy’s  real  name,  Oscar  J.  Caldwel  III,   was  written  in  bold,  neat  print  across  the  marble  rock.  Ralph  went  to  stand  next  to   Piggy’s  aunt  who  was  whispering  to  herself,  “My  Oscar,  my  poor,  poor  Oscar  is  dead,”   causing  Ralph  to  feel  even  worse  than  before.  He  let  her  hug  him  until  she  was   satisfied,  then  turned  to  stare  once  again  on  the  painful  scene  of  the  two,  sad  looking   graves.     Simon’s  tombstone  had  a  sort  of  diamond  shape  to  it.  The  picture  of  an  island   had  been  carved  perfectly  onto  the  smooth,  granite  stone.  With  trees  lining  the   beach  and  a  smoking  mountain  rising  out  of  its  center,  it  resembled  the  island  from   which  they  had  just  escaped.  Simon’s  full  name,  Simon  F.  Jameston,  had  been  printed   in  perfect  cursive  with  a  flourish.  Like  Piggy’s  tombstone,  the  dates  of  Simon’s  birth   and  death  almost  looked  liked  the  exact  same  year  repeating  itself  over  again.   Simon’s  parents  were  hugging  each  other  trying  to  comfort  themselves  at  their  only   son’s  death.  Simon’s  mother  was  clutching  her  womb  where  the  hope  of  another  son   grew.     As  Ralph  turned  away  from  the  graves,  he  thought  back  to  how  the  officer   had  questioned  him,  Jack,  and  the  other  older  boys  about  the  two  deaths  of  Simon   and  Piggy.  At  first  they  all  had  been  silent,  but  then  Jack  had  spoken  up  telling  the   officer  of  the  stories  behind  the  two  deaths.  As  Ralph  laid  flowers  before  each  of  the   graves  he  remembered  how  he  had  backed  up  Jack,  talking  about  how  both  of  the   deaths  had  just  been  accidents,  and  the  boys  had  just  been  scared  and  afraid  and   trying  to  survive.     As  Ralph  was  walking  away  from  the  funeral  he  thought  again  of  the   mountain  carved  on  Simon’s  tombstone  and  wondered  what  had  become  of  the   beast.  He  remembered  how  he  and  the  other  boys  told  the  officer  about  the  beast,   and  how  the  officer  reported  the  news  of  the  creature  to  his  sergeant.  The  soldier   platoon  decided  to  launch  an  expedition  to  look  for  the  beast  on  the  island.  When   they  couldn’t  find  anything,  they  asked  the  boys  where  they  had  seen  it.  The  boys   explained  how  they  saw  it  on  the  mountain  and  how  the  beast  had  looked  up  at   them,  and  then  put  its  head  back  between  its  legs.  Simon  had  known  what  the  beast   really  was  and  had  died  trying  to  tell  the  other  boys.     When  Ralph  had  returned  home,  he  thought  that  his  awful  ordeal  was  done,   and  he  could  just  relax  and  be  with  the  people  he  loved.  Then  came  the  funeral,  and   259  

his skies  had  turned  gray  again.  As  Ralph  and  his  parents  drove  slowly  away  from   the  funeral,  Ralph’s  dad  asked  him  whether  there  was  anything  he  could  do  to  cheer   Ralph  up,  and  Ralph  said,  “no,  dad.”  Nothing  could  cheer  him  up  now.             Jack  tried  his  best  to  dry  up  his  tears  with  the  back  of  his  hand  in  the  car  but   ended  up  crying  again.  He  knew  Simon  and  Piggy’s  deaths  were  his  fault,  and  he   wished  that  he  had  been  killed  instead.  He  wondered  why  Ralph  had  protected  him   and  told  the  officer  that  what  had  happened  was  an  accident.  He  wished  he  could  go   back  in  time  and  right  all  of  the  wrongs.  He  had  thrown  his  knife  into  the  ocean  on   the  boat  ride  home  and  hoped  he  would  never  see  it  or  another  knife  like  it  ever   again.     Jack  had  decided  to  start  choir  again  hoping  he  had  not  lost  his  beloved  ear   for  song.  His  parents  had  been  happy  that  he  had  not  lost  his  desire  to  sing.  When  he   had  gotten  back,  his  parents  had  been  a  mass  of  tears  and  sappy  words,  but  Jack   hadn’t  minded.  Jack  was  just  glad  to  be  home  at  last.  He  was  not  glad,  however,  of   the  nightmares.     Every  night  since  Jack  had  gotten  back,  he  had  nightmares  about  being   hunted  by  a  giant  pig  with  a  spear  that  was  saying,  “I  want  meat”  over  and  over   again,  and  when  he  had  turned  to  look  at  it,  he  had  seen  smoke  coming  out  of  it’s   ears  and  a  spear  in  its  hoofed  feet.  When  it  cornered  him  and  was  about  to  run  him   through,  Jack  awoke  in  a  cold  sweat  in  his  bed  back  in  his  house  on  259  Tea  Lane.   And  he  would  realize  he  was  far,  far  away  from  the  dreaded  island  of  which  he   hoped  to  never  see  ever  again.     When  he  had  returned  home  he  had  eaten  a  humungous  dinner  refusing  any   pork  like  ham,  bacon,  sausage,  or  other  meat  products.  He  said  he  never  wanted  to   travel  by  plane  ever  again  no  matter  what  the  situation.  Newspaper  reporters  had   constantly  been  at  the  front  door  wanting  information  about  “The  Story  of  the   Shipwrecked  Boys”  as  they  called  it,  gathering  up  every  last  scrap  of  information  they   could  get  and  trying  to  best  each  other  in  writing  the  most  descriptive  version  of  the   story  causing  Jack  to  stay  away  from  newspaper  venders  and  newsstands.  Jack  just   wished  he  could  forget  the  island  and  act  as  if  nothing  had  ever  happened.     Graham  Anderson   Grade  10   Notre  Dame  High  School   2701  Vermont  Ave.    Chattanooga,  TN    37404   Ms.  Wheeler       The  setting  takes  place  at  an  outdoor  café  in  Renaissance  Canterbury,  England.  Henry   the  8th    (1491-­1547)  and    Sir  Thomas  More  (1478-­1535)  have  agreed  to  meet  at  this   café  for  discussion.  Leonardo  daVinci  (1452-­1519)  suffering  chronic  procrastination,   wanders  into  the  café  and,  curious,  joins  the  discussion.  I,  Vivian  Anderson,  enticed  by   the  prospect  of  worldview  analysis  and  free  coffee,  also  join  the  discussion  after  an   invitation  from  Sir  Thomas  More.   260  

The scene  opens  on  Sir  Thomas  and  Henry  engaged  in  small  talk.  I  enter.     Henry:  “That’s  the  point!  If  we  were  able  to  create  some  sort  of  effective  plug,  wine   could  be  stored  in  individual  bottles.  Plus  the  drink  would  never  spoil.  Having  those   huge  barrels  are  so  aggravating!”   Thomas:”  But  Your  Grace-­‐“   Henry:  “  I’m  telling  you,  Thomas,  I  am  on  to  something  here!”   Thomas:  “  But  Your  Grace,  there  is  someone  here  whom  I  wish  for  you  to  meet.”   Vivian:  “Oh-­‐  hi!  I  just  came  to  join  the  conversation.”   Henry:”So,  Vivian,  where  is  it  that  you  hail  from.”   Vivian:  “21st  century.  I  guess  you  could  call  me  a  post-­‐modernism  gal.”   Thomas:  “Yes,  Henry  and  I  were  just  discussing  history  when  his  Grace  was   suddenly  struck  with  an…innovative  idea.”   Henry:  “I  believe  that  I  live  in  the  era  of  man’s  highest  artistic  acheivments.”   Vivian:    “I  mean,  everyone,  even  your  Grace,  would  agree  that  the  renaissance   generated  some  of  the  richest  and  beautiful  art  ever  created  by  man  …”   Henry:”  Everyone,  huh?  In  your  opinion,  that  is.  It  really  depends  on  what  your   values  are,  what  your  definition  of  ‘good’  is.  Don’t  get  me  wrong-­‐  I  indeed  agree  the   Renaissance  are  is  near  divine.  After  all,  they  don’t  call  me  the  renaissance  king  for   nothing!”   Thomas:  “And  what,  Your  Grace,  do  you  define  as  a  ‘good’  thing?”   Henry:  “Well-­‐shucks-­‐  it  really  depends…”   Thomas:  “…Which  is  exactly  my  answer.  The  value  and  meaning  behind  ‘good’  really   shifts  in  different  times  social,  and  cultural  settings.  Take  the  very  subject  of   renaissance  art  for  instance:  would  we  hold  it  in  such  high  regard  if  medieval  art   had  been  of  such  excellence?  Would  be  hold  it  in  higher  regard  if  medieval  art   consisted  of  cave  paintings?”   Henry:  “Good  point,  Thomas,  but  I  have  more  to  add.  Whether  you  disagree  or   simply  did  not  include  this  point,  I  believe  that  ‘good’  does  not  shift  entirely.     Though  it  may  generally  be  wittled  by  the  winds  of  time,  the  definition  of  ‘good’  is   like  truth-­‐  man,  no  matter  how  derived,  has  an  instinctual,  hard-­‐wired   understanding  of  it.”   Vivian:”  Well,  now  you’ve  got  me  curious,  and  this  is  a  question  I’ve  wanted  to  ask   both  of  you-­‐  But  wait  a  second…isn’t  that  Leonardo  daVinci?     Indeed,  Leonardo  daVinci  has  wandered  into  the  café.  I  beckon  him  over  to  our  table,   and,  as  he  seems  interested,  I  explain  that  we  are  simply  having  a  discussion  about   current  events,  values,  worldview,  etc.     Leonardo:”Sir  Thomas  More?  Your  Grace,  King  Henry?  It  seems  I  have  found  myself   in  some  interesting  company.  But  don’t  let  me  interrupt  the  flow  of  the  discussion-­‐   just  go  ahead  and  pick  up  where  you  left  off…I’m  sure  I’ll  be  able  to  catch  on   somewhere…”   Vivian:”  Well,  you  have  actually  come  at  the  right  time.  I  was  just  about  to  introduce   a  new  question  on  the  subject  of  values.  As  I  said  before,  this  is  a  question  I  would   like  to  extend  to  everyone:  what  is  the  good  life?”   Leonardo:”I  think  that  the  good  life  is  impossible  or  nearly  unachievable,  to  say  the   least.  It  really  depends  on  what  you  define  the  ‘good  life’  to  be,  though.”   261  

Henry:”That’s pretty  simple.    The  good  life  is  a  f