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The Chattanooga Pulse • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 1

German-American BrewPub

224 Frazier Ave •

Featured: Spaetzle entrée with vinegar slaw and brussels sprouts w/bacon marmalade 2 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

UPCOMING BREWHAUS EVENTS Friday, May 16 @ 7pm Black Abbey Brewing Company Tasting Thursday, May 22 @ 7pm Turtle Anarchy Brewing Company Tasting Thursday, May 29 @ 7pm Star Hill Brewery Tasting

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Brewhaus Gastropub If you’re in the mood for German cuisine, you don’t have to fly the 4,605 miles from Chattanooga to Germany to satisfy your hankering. With everything from schnitzel to bratwurst, Brewhaus, Chattanooga’s only gastropub, combines traditional German dishes with a local Southern twist. Located on Frazier Avenue on the Northshore, Brewhaus is an “environment with a strong emphasis on chef-driven food, paired with good ale and wine, in a casual setting.” Seating is available both inside and on the porch overlooking Coolidge Park and the Walnut Street Bridge. Even if there’s a full house, the staff at Brewhaus invites you to grab a drink at the bar, which, weather permitting, can be taken out to the front patio while you wait. If your taste buds aren’t familiar with German cuisine, entrées like the Brewhaha and the rooster schnitzel wiener art are popular choices among customers. A grilled, beer-marinated brat and a smoked sausage atop a bed of kraut that is served with German potato salad, a veggie medley,

and ale mustard, the Brewhaha is one dish you don’t want to pass up. For fans of the recent fried-egg trend, the rooster schnitzel wiener art is the classic schnitzel—but with a fried egg on top. Meat lovers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the food at Brewhaus. For vegetarians, one option is the veggie spaetzle. In this dish, spaetzle, or German-style egg noodles, are tossed in a creamy mushroom pepper sauce with fresh steamed broccoli, carrots, and squash. The dish also includes the option of adding a veggie brat. And food isn’t the only thing Brewhaus is known for. As the name suggests, Brewhaus has a variety of both draft and bottled beer. With a menu that regularly changes, Brewhaus always offers Chattanoogans the chance to try the latest brews, and will feature new beers to try from Black Abby Brewing Company this May. In addition to their regular beer tastings every Thursday at 7 p.m., Brewhaus is participating in American Craft Beer Week, which runs from May 12-18. No matter if you’re looking to explore a taste of Germany without leaving Chattanooga, or wanting to catch up with friends and drink a nice, cold beer, Brewhaus is the place to go. The environment is a one of a kind experience filled with laughter, glasses clinking in celebration, and of course—delicious food.

The Scoop Join the O'zapft Is! Bier Club and receive 12 free apps, a BrewHaus mug and T-shirt Brewhaus Chattanooga’s German Gastropub 224 Frazier Ave. (423) 531-8490

4 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

beast + barrel With the newly opened Beast + Barrel on Frazier Avenue, a new restaurant genre has been created: the “Gastro Smokehouse.” That’s how the trio of owners, Ryan Chilcoat, Matt Lewis and Geoff Tarr, refer to the beautifully renovated, 220-seat eatery on the former site of the Northshore Grille. Walking in, you’re struck by the warm, elegant-butlaidback feeling created by the black and neutrals color scheme, accented by the lipstick-red original tin ceiling and a charming mural on one wall advertising “Danbury Hats, Chattanooga’s Pioneer Hat Cleaner.” Matt Lewis explains that Beast + Barrel, which joins the Hair of the Dog Pub, The Honest Pint and The Terminal Brewhouse as the fourth restaurant from the partners, is designed to maintain the tradition of locally sourced, inventive food, but in an atmosphere that’s a bit more sophisticated. “We’ve dressed it up a little— but not too much,” he says. Chef Jericho Michel, once on staff at The Terminal, is back at B+B, creating dishes such as “Crabacon Stuffed Trout,” one of the entrees for two offered on the menu, served with two family-style large sides. Caesar salad lovers should not miss the B+B version, featuring whole grilled romaine and home-prepared crostini and dressing. For a light meal, or to begin an extended one, the Butcher’s Block sampler shows off one of the highlights of the new restaurant—its own in-house charcuterie. Lewis notes charcuterie items, including bone marrow, can be ordered right off the menu. The bar at Beast + Barrel is staffed by professionals, who are all developing their own signature cocktails, including, says Lewis, “Prohibition-style drinks, such as a classic martini or an Old Fashioned,” and the drinks menu also highlights both aperitifs and digestifs. But the bar’s uniqueness is truly enhanced by its wines on tap, which can be ordered both by the glass and by the carafe. The warmer weather has already meant that diners are beginning to enjoy the outdoor patio seating looking out onto Coolidge Park. And late-night nibblers, you’re in luck: Beast + Barrel is open seven days a week from

11 a.m. until 2 a.m., with a late-night menu served until 1:30 a.m. Of course we had to ask Lewis what was new at the other three restaurants. “Hair of the Dog had a major facelift last year,” he says. “It feels even more like a classic English pub now. We kept most of the menu items that people love, but added some new pub grub. And of course we kept the selection of English staple beers and ales, along with the craft beers.” Over at the three-year-old Honest Pint, “We continue to highlight that it’s an Irish pub in a New World setting,” Lewis says. Live music happens several times a week, along with Irish beers and some outstanding food, including the popular “boxty” (Irish potato pancakes). Both pubs plan to offer extended hours and multiple screens during the upcoming World Cup. While at the very happening Terminal, the green roof garden has been renovated (“with sturdier grass,” says Lewis), and seasonal, local menu selections still rule. Lewis notes the return of pale ale popularity, and its Terminal exponent, Terminally Ale American Copper. Chattanoogans and their out-of-town friends have already shown how much they appreciate Hair of the Dog, The Honest Pint and The Terminal. With the birth of Beast + Barrel, there’s a fourth member of the family to love.

Beast +


The Scoop Locally sourced, inventive food in a more sophisticated environment Beast + Barrel Gastro Smokehouse 16 Frazier Ave. (423) 805-4599, • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 5

6 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

bonefish grill The Scoop A unique dining experience that takes the mystery out of seafood Bonefish Grill Hamilton Corner at the Main Entrance to Hamilton Place Mall 2115 Gunbarrel Rd (423) 892-3175

The ocean just entered its prime season for seafood lovers—and Bonefish Grill is celebrating this delicious occasion with one-of-a-kind entrees and specials. For a limited time only, seafood aficionados can indulge themselves with Bonefish Grill’s “Sea-lebrities.” The Lobster Stuffed Shrimp will make your mouth water and your tastebuds dance with Butterfield shrimp, mixed with a creamy lobster-andshrimp imperial stuffing, topped with a lemoncaper butter sauce. Seared and served with a cabernet mustard sauce, the Pretzel Crusted Tuna will not only satisfy your cravings, but it will also make you wonder why you aren’t eating at Bonefish Grill every day for every meal. The Misoyaki Chilean Sea Bass comes fresh off the grill and is served with a mango sauce and your choice of side dish. These mouth-watering entrees will surely make

you thirsty, and thankfully Bonefish Grill follows a “bar-fresh” philosophy that ensures their cocktails are mixed with just-squeezed juices and topped with edible garnishes that magnify every flavor. Bonefish Grill believes in helping others, and for every Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini sold, they donate $1 to the ocean conservation foundation Ocean Trust. Created with homemade infused pineapple vodka, freshly muddled mango, lemon juice and a thin slice of jalapeño, this exceptional drink will delight your desires—and leave you feeling proud about your charitable donation. If your appetite can’t withstand the wait for your entree, treat yourself to Bonefish Grill’s wildly popular Bang Bang Shrimp. This scrumptious appetizer consists of crispy shrimp tossed in a spicy, creamy sauce. Need a lift from your mid-week blues? Bang Bang Shrimp is free on

Wednesdays with the purchase of a bottle of wine. With nearly 200 stores located across the country, Bonefish Grill has established themselves as America’s go-to place for fresh and reliable seafood. They consult with Ocean Trust and Bloomin’ Brands Seafood Advisory Council to help promote environmentally sound fishing and aquaculture. They are dedicated to responsible fishing practices and the healthy stewardship of the world’s marine resources. Even though Chattanooga is hundreds of miles away from the ocean, after biting into one of Bonefish Grill’s freshly prepared entrees, you can close your eyes and almost hear the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing onto the sandy shore. Every day can be a day at the beach when you decide to eat at Bonefish Grill. • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 7

Tupelo Honey Cafe



Their biscuits have been described as heavenly, their pimento cheese divine. Tupelo Honey Cafe made a name for itself with its “New South” cuisine after launching in Asheville in 2000. Since opening in Chattanooga’s historic Warehouse Row in fall 2013, the restaurant has become one of the city’s go-to places for those hungry for some honest-to-goodness Southern food in a place that feels like home. Brian’s Shrimp and Goat Cheese Grits is one of the legendary Tupelo favorites as is the Shoo Grill Cheese, Have Mercy. This inventive and lavish take on the grilled cheese sandwich includes havarti and pimento cheese with caramelized onions, maple-peppered bacon, smoked ham, fried green tomatoes and fresh basil piled onto sourdough wheat bread, with a side of fresh tomato soup. “Scratch-made” is the Tupelo Honey

at Tupelo Honey Cafe Celebrate summer with us on our patio in Warehouse Row while enjoying our seasonal menu and sipping our tasty drink specials.

Chattanooga’s Warehouse Row East 11th & Lindsay St. | (423) 779-0400 |

8 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

Cafe watchword. The restaurant dedicates an entire floor of their building to cooking and prepping everything they serve. Even the biscuits and blueberry jelly, which are provided with every meal, are made from scratch. The release of restaurant’s second cookbook earlier this year reflects its expansion beyond Asheville and into Knoxville, Greenville, Chattanooga and Charlotte. Tupelo Honey Cafe: New Southern Flavors from the Blue Ridge Mountains includes 125 recipes with mountain roots, some found in their restaurants (such as pimento cheese) and others not. The recipes, says Chef Brian Sonoskus, are easy enough for the home cook, no fancy restaurant equipment required. The cookbook is available for purchase at their Chattanooga location—along with a whole menu of tasty meals.

City Cafe


City Café, located at the Days Inn Rivergate hotel in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, is a staple in the food community. There are only a handful of places in the area that you can grab a bite to eat at 6 a.m. before an early shift, or at midnight after a late shift. Open 24 hours every single day, City Café is known for keeping their lights on for you no matter when you get hungry. Sprinkled across the walls are signed photographs of famous people, all familiar with City Café. Famous for their immeasurable selection of mile-high cakes and their never-ending menu that includes breakfast and dinner options, you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste. They even provide a delivery service if you can’t quite make it to the restaurant.


Mon-Fri: 4-7pm $1 10oz drafts, $3 32oz drafts, $2 Wells, $1.50 Domestics Free Appetizers!

901 Carter Street (Inside Days Inn) • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 9

good dog sit. stay. eat. The décor is cozy, eclectic, and the colorful duct tape-covered booths are comforting on a rainy afternoon. If it’s not the creative seating, it’s definitely the BBQ veggie dog and fries that have me feeling right at home. Good Dog owner Susan Paden joins me in the laid-back hangout to chat as I indulge with the signature fries and house-made curry ketchup. Customers are happy to know that everything at Good Dog is house-made, from the sausages to the beans. The peppers in the relish are even grown in Paden’s garden. She explains, “We like to make everything as good as it can be,” adding, “We’re not serving hot dogs, we’re serving people through hot dogs.” Good Dog is definitely a memorable restaurant for locals and tourists alike, all of whom come in regularly to feast on the impressive all-day breakfast menu and even a breakfast happy hour starting at 7 a.m. It’s clear that Good Dog is more than just hot dogs; it’s an experience. “It’s Americana,” Paden explains, “Like apple pie and baseball.” The menu is incredibly accommodating, offering options for both vegetarians and vegans, who can dine on the menu’s popular “vegan fave” and the “veggie/vegan breakfast” option. In addition to this, any other menu choice can be customized with a veggie dog to please non-meat-eaters. A popular crowd favorite is the cone of frites, featuring a fun selection of meats, cheeses and top-

pings, but for the typical hot dog lover, it is easy to change the favorite menu option each week, a practice Paden is also familiar with. Currently, she says her favorite menu item is the Reuben with slaw and pickles; however, her number-one choice is the Chicago dog, which features Good Dog’s relish of serrano peppers. Paden notes the pleasure of working in a successful business in the booming city of Chattanooga. She says, “We’re all working towards the same goal, adding to the picture and creating opportunities together.” With a popular, local eatery offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options, Paden says it best with, “Good Dog is a good place to start and end.”

10 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

The Scoop In-house cased sausages, handcut fries, fresh salads and homemade soups Good Dog sit. stay. eat. 34 Frazier Ave. (423) 475-6175 eatatgooddogcom


st Sausa

reakfa horizo B


Meal F



Delicious hand-crafted breakfast plates, salads, hotdogs & artisan sausages Served daily from 7am-9pm.


find more delicious creations on facebook and instagram Chow2014More.indd 1

Specialty Salad

(423) 475-6175 North Shore Chattanooga Coolidge Park 34 Frazier Avenue

5/1/14 4:47 PM • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 11

Lupi’s Pizza Pies Whole Pies & By-the-Slice Mini & Monster Calzones Meaty & Veggie Lasagna Garden Salads 40+ Toppings 40+ Beers • Fine Wines Local Beef & Ground Sausage Local Produce Seasonally Dough Made Fresh Daily Whole Wheat Dough Appetizers & Desserts Eat In | Take Out | Take & Bake | Catering Downtown 4th & Broad St 266-5874

East Brainerd 1414 Jenkins Road 855-4104

Hixson 5504 Hixson Pike 847-3700

Cleveland 2382 N. Ocoee St 476-9464

Ooltewah 9453 Bradmore Ln 602-7499

Facebook/Lupi’sPizza Closed Mondays

Voted Chattanooga’s Best Pizza! 12 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

One of Chattanooga’s oldest and favorite spots for a slice, Lupi’s continues to provide no-fuss, simply delicious pizza. Diners can create their perfect piece of pie with the build-your-own menu, offering a large list of meat, vegetable and cheese options to accompany homemade hand-tossed dough, house-made sauce and mozzarella cheese. Opened in 1996, Lupi’s began serving downtown when little more than the Aquarium and warehouse buildings existed there. Their long-term success may be attributed to a commitment to keeping things simple: simple menu, wholesome ingredients, great flavor yesterday, today and tomorrow. Lupi’s has been committed to using local products from the beginning, including fresh vegetables during the growing season and local flour, ground beef, ground sausage, eggs and honey yearround. And of course, almost everything is made in-house: pizza dough, sauces and even fresh mozzarella. Although Lupi’s menu is simple, it certainly does not lack variety. Customers can choose white, whole wheat or gluten-free crust and add any of the more than 40 toppings available to create their ideal pizza—whole or by the slice—or calzone. And, for those who can’t muster down one of Lupi’s behemoth-sized calzones, they now offer “minizones”, as well

as half orders of bruschetta. With the build-your-own menu style, Lupi’s is naturally vegetarian-friendly, and even vegans can appreciate a freshly made slice with the vegan white crust. And for anyone craving something a little different, Lupi’s also offers lasagna, salad, bruschetta and more— all homemade and very tasty. If the delicious pizza pie isn’t enough to draw you in, Lupi’s friendly staff and unique, quirky atmosphere—dark colors, low lighting, local art, and a disco ball—make it a great place for friends and family to gather. But don’t just take our word for it: Lupi’s has been awarded “Best of the Best” five years in a row and CityScope’s “Best Pizza” for ten years in a row. According to owner Dorris Shober, “The thing about Lupi’s is consistency—the pizza you get today, you’ll get tomorrow and the next day.” It’s always a good time for pizza. With five locations around the Chattanooga area, Lupi’s is easier than ever to visit. And don’t miss Lupi’s mobile unit at local festivals and the Chattanooga Market this summer. We’ll see you there!

bluewater grille

Located across from the Tennessee Aquarium in the heart of downtown Chattanooga is a seafood destination. Inspired by the original restaurants on the northeast coast of Florida, Bluewater Grille prides itself on having the freshest seafood in Chattanooga. But it doesn’t stop there! Bluewater Grille’s diverse menu has something for everyone, and their blend of high-quality ingredients and welcoming setting truly makes it Chattanooga’s place for casually sophisticated dining. Everything on the menu is passionately handmade with fresh ingredients. Start with an order of Tavern Shrimp. This popular appetizer, deep-fried and tossed to perfection with a creamy spicy sauce, is a great way to kick off a memorable, tasty evening. One of the top favorite entrees is the Seared Tuna. Served with julienne vegetables, the tuna is rolled in spices, pan seared and served over wasabi aioli with sweet ginger. Another popular entrée is the Lobster and Shrimp Tacos, which comes

in a crisp blue corn tortilla, wrapped with a soft flour tortilla with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and a citrus sauce, served with refried beans. Though the seafood is certainly the specialty at Bluewater Grille, the menu offers a wide range of culinary classics from pasta primavera to the Bluewater Burger, all made with the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection! Bluewater Grille also offers an outstanding selection of adult beverages, with great specials as well. Happy hour is Monday-Friday from 4-7p.m., and offers $2 off all house beers and wines along with $5 ultra-premium cocktails. Wednesday is Wine-Down Wednesday, with half-price bottles of wine with a purchase of any two entrees—perfect for your date night. No matter what your culinary preference or who you’re entertaining, Bluewater Grille has something for you and your guest. Come see why Bluewater Grille is Chattanooga’s place for casual fine dining.



Bluewater Story e h T



Inspired by our renowned seafood restaurants on the northeast coast of Florida, Bluewater brings our passion for the freshest fish possible to Chattanooga. Handpicked in Jacksonville, each fish selection is delivered fresh to our restaurant in the converted trolley barns of downtown Chattanooga.

• Choose from a variety of menu items: Seafood Cobb Salad, Cedar Plank Pecan Crusted Salmon, Grouper Oscar to name just a few. • Full Lunch Menu, Served Daily. • Daily Specials. • Patio & private dining available. • Now serving Brunch every Saturday & Sunday! • Live Jass Brunch on Sunday!

224 Broad Street · Chattanooga · 423.266.4200 • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 13


latin food

Let’s start with what you won’t find at Conga. Though it specializes in Latin food, you won’t find refried beans, tortilla chips, or even salsa on its tables. Restaurant owner René Hernandez said all those foods are part of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. Instead, the restaurant focuses on the Latin foods of Central and South America. Hernandez grew up in El Salvador, where the foundation of food is not corn, but plantains. This close cousin to the banana is sliced into chips, fried and served with chimichurri and Conga’s sweet and spicy mango sauce at every table. While the restaurant has been at its 207 E. Main Street location for ten years, its former name was Taco Rico, but to brand it more clearly as a Latin restaurant, Hernandez notes the name was changed to Conga three years ago. Instead of tacos, the restaurant serves up another popular Latin street food: pupusas. Meat, beans and cheese are combined, wrapped in maize dough,

Chattanoogaʼs Newest & Freshest Latin Restaurant! Conga Latin Food specializes in the native cuisines of South & Central America. Try our fried plantains, empanadas, Salvadorian pupusas, & much more!

207 E. Main St 4 2 3 - 2 01 - 4 8 0 6 M o n - S a t : 11 - 8 14 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

flattened and fried. This is the national food of El Salvador, and represents the country food-wise more than anything, Hernandez said. Conga has also created new twists on the national staple, stuffing pupusas with spinach, chicken or cilantro and onions. Meals are in the $10 range and are less spicy and more tropical than the usual Tex-Mex. Conga’s ceviche, raw tilapia cured in lime juice, is a salty and tart dish that will make you re-imagine Hemingway’s “Old Man and The Sea”. It’s a ceviche, Hernandez said, made in a style distinctly El Salvadorian. Conga’s fare brings other Latin food regions to Chattanooga, such as its empanadas, made with beef, olives, onions and raisins—a variation found in Chile, while Columbian cooks would stuff their empanadas with just beef. Hernandez hopes Conga brings something of Latin culture to the city. “Food is the easiest way to people’s hearts,” he said.

southside saloon & bistro Looking to experience Chattanooga’s Southside Chattanooga and all it has to offer? The Southside Saloon and Bistro is a great place to start. Easy to find at 1301 Chestnut St., the Southside Saloon and Bistro has many different offerings to tantalize your tastebuds. They feature a variety of sandwiches, salads, and their specialty: amazingly fresh, never-frozen half-pound burgers. The history of the more-than-100year-old building alone is enough to pique your curiosity. But what really draws Chattanoogans down to the Southside Saloon and Bistro are their lunch specials. Starting at $6.95, the rotating weekday lunch menu offers tasty dishes such as BBQ chicken, smoked pork chops, lemon-pepper fish, mouthwatering baked beans and potato salad. If you are a sports fan, they have you covered very well. Head down and catch your favorite team on several

large-screen TVs while enjoying their Wild Wild West Buffalo Wings and the coldest beer on the Southside. They also offer quick to-go orders and (very important to us all!) absolutely free parking. And if you just can’t get enough of the great food, don’t despair. Southside Saloon and Bistro caters as well. When you can’t make it down there, they will come to you. They also have live music and bike nights for all you two- (and three-) wheel afcianados. In case you haven’t spotted them, they are located on the Southside near the convention center, not far from TVA headquarters at the corner of 13th and Chestnut. Looking for something different, a place you can take the whole family to and have a relaxed lunch out? Do yourself a favor and head down to one of Chattanooga’s best restaurants. They promise you will not be disappointed.


SALOON & Bistro Conveniently located on Chattanooga’s vibrant Southside. A family-friendly environment with fantastic lunch specials every weekday, a friendly wait staff, and for you sports fans, plenty of big screen TV’s to watch the latest sports with all your friends.

Southside Saloon & Bistro

1301 Chestnut St., Chattanooga, TN (423) 757-4730 Mon - Fri: 11am to 3pm Catering Available • FREE Parking • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 15

Chattanooga Restaurant Listings AMERICAN

1885 Grill 3914 St. Elmo Ave. (423) 485-3050

2 Squares a Day 3399 Amnicola Hwy. (423) 697-7595

We strive to make our listings accurate, but things change. We recommend you call in advance or visit websites before visiting any restaurant. For updates and special deals, please visit

A Bountiful Harvest 5228 Hixson Pike (423) 876-1922

Alchemy Spice Company 2502 12th St. (423) 402-0319

All-American Grilled Delivery 3507 Ringgold Rd. (423) 698-2040

Aretha Frankensteins 518 Tremont St. (423) 265-7685

Armando’s 8018 East Brainerd Rd. (423) 899-3705 4801 Dayton Blvd. (423) 870-9910 1814 E. Main St. (423) 629-9218 4767 Hwy. 58 (423) 894-1413 7330 Hixson Pike (423) 842-0479 7032 Lee Hwy. (423) 855-0772 1105 Lafayette Rd. (706) 861-2252 5700 Ringgold Rd. (423) 867-5950

Back Inn Cafe 411 E. 2nd St. (423) 265-5033

Bald Headed Bistro 201 Keith St. SW Cleveland, TN (423) 472-6000

Bea’s Restaurant 4500 Dodds Ave.

(423) 867-3618

Beast + Barrel 16 Frazier Ave. (423) 805-4599

Beef O’Brady’s 5958 Snow Hill Rd., Suite 101 (423) 910-0261

Beyond The Garden Gate 9508 Church St. (423) 238-2929

Big Chill 103 Cherokee Blvd., Suite 1A (423) 267-2445

Big River Grille 2020 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 553-7723

Big River Grille & Brewing Works 222 Broad St. (423) 267-2739

Big Table 118 Cross St. (423) 634-0772

Blue Plate 191 Chestnut St. (423) 648-6767

Bluegrass Grill 55 E. Main St. (423) 752-4020

Bluewater Grille 224 Broad St. (423) 266-4200

Boathouse Rotisserie & Raw Bar 1459 Riverside Dr. (423) 622-0122

Bonefish Grill 2115 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 892-3175

Bourbon Grill 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 468-2064

Broad St. Grill 1201 Broad St. (423) 424-3700

Bud’s Sports Bar 5751 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-9878

Buffalo Wild Wings 120 Market St. (423) 634-0468 5744 Highway 153 (423) 877-3338

Cafe 7 (at Rock City) 1400 Patten Rd. Lookout Mountain, GA (706) 820-2531

Cafe Le Mont 801 Dodds Ave. (423) 629-1388

Cafe on the Corner 826 Scenic Hwy. (423) 825-5005

Canyon Grill 28 Scenic Hwy. #189 (706) 398-9510

Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken 526 E Martin Luther King Blvd. (423) 752-9198

16 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

Charlie’s Restaurant & Lounge 8504 Dayton Pike (423) 842-9744

Chattanooga Billiard Club 725 Cherry St. (423) 267-7740

Chattanooga Billiard Club 110 Jordan Dr. (423) 499-3883

Chatto Brasserie 200 Manufacturers Rd. (423) 305-1352

Cheeburger Cheeburger 138 Market St. (423) 265-4108

Chop House 2011 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 892-1222

City Cafe Diner 901 Carter St. (423) 634-9191 7641 Lee Hwy. (423) 485-8222

Chattanooga Brewing Company 1804 Chestnut St. (423) 702-9958

Cookie Jar Cafe 1887 Kelly Cross Rd. (423) 949-5852

Countryside Cafe 8223 Mahan Gap Rd (423) 344-8646

Dairi Kreme 1401 S Lee Hwy. (423) 472-8852

Delta Queen 100 River St. (423) 468-4500

Dockside Cafe 8411 Harrison Bay Rd.

(423) 344-9998

Dub’s Place 4408 Dayton Blvd. (423) 875-3151

Easy Bistro & Bar 203 Broad St. (423) 266-1121

Einstein Brothers Bagels 7737 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 355-5380

ELEVEN 407 Chestnut St. (inside Doubletree Hotel) (423) 752-6959

Epicurean Restaurant 4301 Ringgold Rd. (423) 622-4139

FamGablam 407 Sheridan Ave. Dalton, Ga (706) 529-4698

Famous Dave’s 2122 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 954-3227

Fanatics 7601 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 894-2524

Firehouse Subs 3849 Dayton Blvd., # 101 (423) 877-2345 6025 East Brainerd Rd., #110 (423) 893-3473 1820 Gunbarrel Rd., #700 (423) 475-5491

Fireside Grille 3018 Cummings Hwy., Ste. H (423) 821-9898

Five Guys Burgers and Fries 124 Stuart Rd. (423) 476-4878 401 Broad. St. (423) 531-8267 2020 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 664-3500 5110 Hixson Pike (423) 870-7772

Flying Squirrel 55 Johnson St. (423) 602-5980

Food Works 205 Manufacturers Rd. (423) 752-7487

Fox & Hound Pub & Grille 2040 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 490-1200

Fresh to Order 1919 Gunbarrel Rd., Suite 103 (423) 826-5000

Gardens Restaurant 1400 Market St. (423) 266-4107

Giggles Grill 3224 Brainerd Rd. (423) 629-2233

Good Dog 34 Frazier Ave. (423) 475-6175

Griffin Footlong Hot Dogs 847 East Main St. (423) 265-5280

Hair of the Dog 334 Market St. (423) 265-4615

Heavenly Wings 5231 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-9949

Hennen’s 193 Chestnut St. (423) 634-5160

Herman’s Soul Food and Catering 3821 Brainerd Rd. (423) 624-5715

Honest Pint 35 Patten Pkwy. (423) 468-4192

Innside Restaurant 800 Chestnut St. (423) 266-7687

J Alexander’s Restaurant 2215 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 855-5559

J T’s Lounge & Pizza 830 Dodson Ave. (423) 622-2094

Jefferson’s 618 Georgia Ave. (423) 710-1560

Jenkins Country Style Buffet 4134 Ringgold Rd. (423) 629-5449

Kacey Home Cooking 6921 Lee Hwy. (423) 490-0896

Karl’s Family Restaurant 5100 Hixson Pike (423) 875-5506

Ken’s Burgers Plus 5515 Highway 58 (423) 344-9979

Keri’s Restaurant 2400 Executive Park NW (423) 303-3108

Kevin Browns Burger 8228 Mahan Gap Rd. (423) 344-8344

Kitchen of Union Square 200 MLK, Jr. Blvd (423) 634-9172

Lakeshore Grille 5600 Lake Resort Terrace (423) 710-2057

Lamar’s Restaurant 1018 E. MLK Blvd. (423) 266-0988

Lillie Mae’s Place 4712 Dayton Blvd. (423) 875-8999

Logan’s Roahouse 2119 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 499-4339 3592 Cummings Hwy. (423) 821-2948 504 Northgate Mall Dr. (423) 875-4443

Magoo’s 3658 Ringgold Rd.

(423) 867-1351

Marsha’s BackSt. Café 5032 1/2 Brainerd Rd. (423) 485-7911

McAlister’s Deli 2288 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 510-8299

McHale’s Brewhouse and Pub 724 Ashland Terrace (423) 877-2124

Merv’s 713 Mountain Creek Rd. (423) 877-0221

Moss Place II 711 Tunnel Blvd. (423) 629-6234

Niedlov’s Deli 215 E. Main St.. (423) 825-5555

Nikki’s Drive Inn 899 Cherokee Blvd. (423) 265-9015

North Chatt Cat 346 Frazier Ave. (423) 266-9466

O’Heineys 825 Houston St. (423) 702-5687

Outback Steakhouse 501 Northgate Mall (423) 475-5482 2120 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 899-2600

Panera Bread 417 Market St. (423) 266-2253 620 Northgate Mall (423) 877-0223 1810 Gunbarrel Rd (423) 899-2253

Piccadilly Cafeteria 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 892-4909

Pickle Barrel Restaurant 1012 Market St. (423) 266-1103

Porter’s Steakhouse 827 Broad St. (423) 643-1240

Proni’s Pizza & Sub 5001 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-0770

Public House 1110 Market St. (423) 266-3366

Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe 4001 St. Elmo Ave. (423) 822-6477

River St. Deli 151 River St. (423) 756-3354

Riverside Catfish House 18039 Highway 41 (423) 821-9214

Ronnie’s Grill 408 Dodson Ave. (423) 622-9398

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse 2321 Lifestyle Way (423) 602-5900

Silver Diner 1400 Market St. (423) 266-5000

Sing It or Wing It 410 Market St. (423) 757-WING





3 - 9 PM


C O M E TRY O U R B RAN D N EW LU N C H M E N U ! 5450 Highway 153 in Hixson • (423) 875-8049

Sky Zoo 5709 Lee Hwy. (423) 521-2966

Slick’s Burgers 3950 Tennessee Ave. (423) 385-8392

Sofa King Juicy Burger 1743 Dayton Blvd. (423) 490-7632

Southern Belle Chattanooga Riverboat Company 201 Riverfront Pkwy., Pier 2 (423) 266-4488

Southern Restaurant 3224 Dayton Blvd. (423) 877-9295

Southern Star 1300 Broad St. (423) 267-8899

Southside Saloon & Bistro 1301 Chestnut St. (423) 757-4730

St. John’s Meeting Place 1274 Market St. • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 17

1400 Market St. (inside Chattanooga Choo Choo) (423) 308--2472

Sugar’s Ribs 507 Broad St. (423) 508-8956 2450 15th Ave. (423) 826-1199

Taco Mac

T-Bone’s Sports Cafe 1419 Chestnut St. (423) 266-4240

The Farmer’s Daughter

The Growler

The Social 1110 Market St., Suite 103 (423) 266-3366

Wally’s Restaurant 6521 Ringgold Rd. (423) 899-6151

Yellow Deli 737 McCallie Ave. (423) 468-1777

Zarzour’s Cafe 1627 Rossville Ave (423) 266-0424

ASIAN Asia Buffet 6901 Lee Hwy., #112 (423) 499-8865

5230 Hwy. 153 (423) 877-8816

Chef Lin Buffet 5084 S. Terrace Rd. (423) 510-1998

Tupelo Honey Cafe 1110 Market St. (423) 779-0400

Universal Joint 532 Lookout St. (423) 468-3725

Urban Stack Burger Bar

Formosa Restaurant

Kanpai Of Tokyo

2288 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 499-9333

5425 Hwy. 153, #9 (423) 875-6953

2200 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 855-8204

14 E. 7th St. (423) 266-1521

China Garden Restaurant 4839 Hwy. 58 (423) 894-6776

China Gourmet 321 Browns Ferry Rd., Suite B (423) 821-8500

China House 7601 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-8670

China Lee 3815 Dayton Blvd. (423) 877-6917

China Moon

3710 Ringgold Rd. (423) 495-1818

New China Restaurant 1900 Broad St. (423) 267-5941

Old Saigon 2601 Dayton Blvd. (423) 876-0322

P F Chang’s China Bistro 2110 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 242-0045

Red Ginger Bistro 1801 Dayton Blvd. (423) 875-6480

Shinyu Hibachi Express


8174 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 510-0001

TakoYaki 172 Old Mouse Creek Rd. (423) 728-3010

The New Dynasty Restaurant 1999 Keith St. NW (423) 728-5488

The Rice Boxx 3600 Hixson Pike (423) 305-0855



China Cafe

511 Market St. (423) 265-1522

710 Cherokee Blvd. (423) 265-0069

Imperial Garden Restaurant

Buffet King

6 E. 14th St. (423) 752-8090

Tubby’s Real Burgers

2273 Gunbarrel Rd. Suite 103 (423) 305-1087

4340 Ringgold Rd. (423) 698-0067

China Cafeteria

1203 Hixson Pike (423) 266-1996

Forbidden City

Best China

The Terminal Brewhouse

Tremont Tavern

9203 Lee Hwy. (423) 238-1268


1101 Hixson Pike, Suite A1 (423) 785-1005

1600 McCallie Ave. (423) 698-4643

5621 Brainerd Rd. (423) 892-0404 5425 Highway 153 (423) 875-0473


1211 Hixson Pike (423) 355-5372

Wally’s Restaurant

China Rose


423 Market St. (423) 267-8226

1313 Hanover St. (423) 266-8463

Ichiban Japanese Steak House


Station House Restaurant

Vine St. Bakery

New China Restaurant

Suite 106 (423) 899-4878


1278 Market St. (423) 266-4400

5600 Brainerd Rd. (at Eastgate Town Center) (423) 893-8088


Fortune House Restaurant 1210 Taft Hwy. (423) 517-8999

Fuji Steak and Sushi 2207 Overnite Dr. (423) 892-2899

Genghis Grill 138 Market St. (423) 634-1188

Hibachi Express 3625 Keith St. NW (423) 339-2396

Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet 6734 Lee Hwy. (423) 855-8070

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant 8652 E. Brainerd Rd.,

18 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •


St. John’s Restaurant

12 W. 13th St. (423) 386-5014


(423) 266-4571


Typhoon Of Tokyo 3953 Dayton Blvd. (423) 875-6142

Yummy 919 Old 25th St. (423) 339-0701

Kumo Hibachi & Sushi 6025 East Brainerd Rd. (423) 468-3385

Little Tokyo Express 4516 Hixson Pike (423) 874-0500

Mikado Sushi Bar Noodle House 7003 Lee Hwy. (423) 899-3236

Na Go Ya 4921 Brainerd Rd. (423) 899-9252

New China Buffet & Grill 3544 Cummings Hwy. (423) 821-6988 531 Signal Mountain Blvd. (423) 756-8788

BAKERY Couture Cakes 5228 Hixson Pike (423) 876-1922

Cupcake Divas 60 25th St. Suite 2 (423) 473-2788

Cupcake Kitchen 500 Broad St. (423) 668-8060

Federal Bakeshop 1966 Northpoint Blvd., Suite D (423) 870-2255

Gigi’s Cupcakes 1906 Gunbarrel Rd., #103 (423) 468-4803

Jackson’s Bakery 5862 Brainerd Rd. (423) 894-2871

Koch’s Bakery 1900 Broad St. (423) 265-3331

BBQ Bone’s Smokehouse 9012 E Brainerd Rd. (423) 894-2663

Choo Choo Bar-B-Que 6410 Hixson Pike. (423) 843-9554 3951 Ringgold Rd. (423) 629-1313 7910 East Brainerd Rd. (423) 553-8888 900 Appling St. (423) 622-1802

Chubby’s Barbeque 3801 Rossville Blvd. (423) 867-4422

Couch’s Barbecue 8307 Old Lee Hwy. (423) 238-4801

Hickory Pit BBQ 5611 Ringgold Rd. (423) 894-1217

Lockhart’s Fire & Smoke Catering 909 Belvoir Hills Cir. (423) 421-8872

Nooga-Q Smokehouse & Grille 301 Signal Mtn. Rd. (423) 752-1935

Porker’s BBQ 1251 Market St. (423) 267-2726

Rib and Loin 5946 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-6465 5435 Hwy. 153. (423) 877-7675

Smokey Bones 2225 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 893-7850

Sticky Fingers Restaurant 2031 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 899-7427 420 Broad St.

(423) 265-7427

Sugar’s Ribs 507 Broad St. (423) 508-8956 2450 15th Ave. (423) 826-1199

CAJUN/CREOLE Blue Orleans Seafood Restaurant 1463 Market St. (423) 757-0088

COFFEE Cadence Coffee Company 16 Patten Pkwy. (423) 521-7686

Camp House Espresso 1427 Williams St. (423) 702-8081

Chattz Coffee 1010 Market St. (423) 756-8890

Choo Choo Cafe Espresso 1400 Market St. (800) 872-2529

Greyfriar’s Coffee & Tea Co. 406-B Broad St. (423) 267-0376

Mean Mug Coffeehouse 114 W. Main St. (423) 825-4206

Pasha Coffee & Tea 3914 St. Elmo Ave. (423) 475-5482

Rembrandt’s Coffee House 204 High St. (423) 265-5033

Stone Cup Coffee House 330 Frazier Ave. (423) 521-3977

Stroud’s 1201 Broad St. (423) 424-3770

Velo Coffee Roasters 509 East Main St. (423) 718-8161

DELI Ankar’s Downtown 510 Broad St. (423) 266-0017

Ankar’s Hoagies 5018 Hixson Pike (423) 876-7158 4764 Highway 58 (423) 894-3808 5966 Brainerd Rd. (423) 899-3074

Bleacher Bums 850 Market St., #102 (423) 634-1083

Daved’s Deli 7639 Middle Valley Rd. (423) 842-9088

Figgy’s Sandwich Shop 805 Chestnut St. (423) 266-8675

Flatiron Deli 706 Walnut St. (423) 266-2620

Gardner’s Market 262 Broad St. NW Cleveland, TN (423) 478-3906

Glen Gene Deli 5748 Hwy. 153 (423) 877-9997 7025 Shallowford Rd. (423) 899-7733

Golly Whoppers 6337 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 855-2001

Jason’s Deli 2115 Gunbarrel Rd., Suite 14 (423) 296-1096

Lenny’s Sub Shop 1913 Gunbarrel Rd. #101 (423) 899-5539

Little Lunch Box 5959 Shallowford Rd., #201 (423) 510-9860

Mindy B’s Deli 826 Georgia Ave. (423) 521-7932

Nicks Deli &

Marketplace 5149 Hixson Pike (423) 877-5818

Niedlov’s Breadworks 215 E. Main St. (423) 756-0303

Steamboat 5950 Shallowford Rd. (423) 499-6355

fresh and authentic for over thirty years 5425 Highway 153 N. • Chattanooga, TN • 423.875.6953

Steamboat Super Sandwiches 812 Broad St. (423) 756-8388

Willie’s Deli 7701 N. Lee Hwy. (423) 336-8008

DESSERT Baskin-Robbins 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd., Suite 301 (423) 893-0505 4767 Hwy. 58 (423) 894-5931 6990 E. Brainerd Rd (423) 892-5131 6510 Ringgold Rd. (423) 531-3911

11 straight years voted Best Chinese Restaurant by CityScope

Ben & Jerry’s 201 Broad St. (423) 265-8606

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream 1406 Jenkins Rd. (423) 510-9993 4241 Hixson Pike (423) 877-9119

Clumpies Ice Cream Company


26 Frazier Ave. #B (423) 267-5425

Cold Stone Creamery 100 Chestnut St. (423) 267-0888

Cool Swirl 7540 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 521-6300

Dunkin Donuts 7647 East Brainerd Rd. (423) 521-7264 5311 Hwy. 153 (423) 710-1873 627 Signal Mtn Rd.

SANDWICHES, SOUPS, BAKES POTATOES, HOMEMADE DESSERTS Store Hours: Mon – Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 11am-4pm, Sun: 11am-3pm

It just doesn’t get any better than GollyWhoppers. 6337 E. Brainerd Rd • Chattanooga • (423) 855-2001 • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 19

Don’t forget to try our Summer Sleigh Ride Smoothie! Piles of fruit and a heaping scoop of vanilla yogurt!

(423) 531-3845

Hot Chocolatier 1437 Market St. (423) 266-3066

Ice Cream Show 129 Walnut St. (423) 702-5173

Julie Darling Donuts 121 Frazier Ave. (423) 591-3737

King of Pops Various locations (622) 701-7999

Local Slice Monkey Town Donut Company

1913 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 899-6480

Milk and Honey 135 North Market St. (423) 521-3123

Perkits Yogurt 3306 Keith St. NW (423) 476-1668

Rita’s Italian Ice 100 Market St. (423) 531-2735

Tasty Daylight Donuts 1414 Jenkins Rd. (423) 531-3444

FARM TO TABLE 212 Market 212 Market St. (423) 265-1212

Elemental 313 Manufacturer’s Rd. (423) 648-9160

Main Street Meats 217 E Main St. (423) 602-9568

TerraMae Appalachian Bistro

Mean Mug

122 East 10th St. C O F F E E H O U S E (423) 710-2925

FOOD TRUCKS 20 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

Various locations (423) 596-5457

8804 Dayton Pike (423) 332-3310

Marble Slab Creamery


Famous Nater’s World Famous

Various locations (423) 509-2644

5400 Brainerd Rd. (423) 893-6263

Mean Mug

Various locations (423) 255-5163

Kay’s Kastles Inc Las Esperanza Bakery

129 Walnut St • 423-702-5173 • Across from the Glass Bridge near the Hunter Museum!

A Taste of Argentina

Various locations (423) 619-3898

Mountain Waffle Wagon Various locations (423) 504-7060

Muenster Truck Various locations (423) 432-5169

Rock-n-Tacos Various locations (423) 280-3392

Rusty’s Nutz of Chattanooga Various locations (423) 544-5692

Southern Burger Company Various locations (423) 825-4919

Ben & Jerry’s 201 Broad St. (423) 265-8606

Clumpies Ice Cream Co. 26 Frazier Ave. (423) 267-5425

Cold Stone Creamery 100 Chestnut St. (423) 267-0888

Cool Swirl 7540 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 521- 6300

Ice Cream Show 129 Walnut St. (423) 702-5173

Incline Ice Cream Depot 3917 St. Elmo Ave. (423) 821-5000

Marble Slab Creamery 1913 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 899-6480

Menchie’s 2040 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 531- 8020

Mr T’s Pizza and Ice Cream 3924 Tennessee Ave. (423) 821- 5084

The Missing Link

Nana’s Frozen Custard

Various Locations (423) 762-7966

6707 Hixson Pike (423) 842-3003

GERMAN Brewhaus 224 Frazier Ave. (423) 531-8490

GREEK Acropolis 2213 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 899-5341

Kabob-ster 1408 Gunbarrel Rd., #111 (423) 475-5370


Rita’s 100 Market St. (423) 531- 2735

Sweet CeCe’s 330 Frazier Ave. (423) 710-1633

Sweet Frog 2288 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 305-0696

Top It Off 401 Broad St. (423) 475- 5192

INDIAN India Mahal Restaurant 5970 Brainerd Rd.


(423) 510-9651

Sitar Indian Cuisine 200 Market St. (423) 894-9696

The Curry Pot 6940 Lee Hwy. (423) 648- 5069

ITALIAN Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant 3450 Cummings Hwy. (423) 702-5133

Alleia 25 E. Main St. (423) 305-6990

Biba’s Italian Restaurant 5918 Hixson Pike (423) 843-0001

Boccaccia 3077 Broad St. (423) 266-2930

Carrabba’s Italian Grill 2040 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 894-9970

Mom’s Italian Villa 1257 Market St. (423) 266-2204

Nino’s Italian Restaurant 720 Mississippi Ave.. Signal Mountain (423) 886-1900

Portobello’s Italian Rerstaurant and Pizzaria 4976 Hwy. 58 (423) 499-6001

Provino’s Italian Restaurant 5084 South Terrace (423) 899-2559

Rafael’s Italian Restaurant 3877 Hixson Pike (423) 508-8561

Tony’s Pasta Shop & Trattoria 212 High St. (423) 265-5033


Fuji Steak and Sushi 5437 Hwy. 153 (423) 531-3183

Hibachi Grill 6734 Lee Hwy. (423) 855-8070

Ichiban Japanese Steak House 5425 Hwy. 153 (423) 875-0404 5621 Brainerd Rd. (423) 892-0404

Kanpai Of Tokyo 2200 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 855-8204

Little Tokyo Express 4516 Hixson Pike (423) 874-0500

Mikado Sushi Bar Noodle House 7003 Lee Hwy. (423) 899-3236

Rice Plate 4762 Hwy. 58 (423) 296-2899

Sekisui 1120 Houston St. (423) 267-4600

Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi 1806 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 296-6500

Sushi Nabe Of Kyoto 110 River St. (423) 634-0171

Teriyaki House 5908 Ringgold Rd. (423) 892-8483

Typhoon Of Tokyo 3953 Dayton Blvd. (423) 875-6142

KOREAN Seoul: Korean and Vietnamese Cuisine 6231 Perimeter Dr. (423) 855-9113

MARKETS Brainerd Farmers Market 20 Belvoir Rd. (423) 580-6281

Chattanooga Market

1829 Reggie White Blvd. (423) 531-7640

Enzo’s Market 1501 Long St. (423) 486-9312


Main St. Farmers Market 325 E. Main St. (423) 531-7641

Signal Mountain Farmers Market 815 Anderson Pike (423) 531-7643

St. Alban’s Hixson Farmers Market 7514 Hixson Pike (423) 842-1342

Whole Foods Market 301 Manufacturers Rd. (423) 702-7300

MEDITERRANEAN Acropolis 2213 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 899-5341

Tremont Tavern is Chattanooga’s favorite neighborhood pub. With a cozy atmosphere, a diverse menu, and a beer list sure to impress the most discerning connoisseurs, you’re bound to become a regular!

1203 Hixson Pike • (423) 266-1996 TREMoNTTaVERN.CoM

MoNdaY Trivia wiTh JORDAN • 8-10pm TUESdaY OpeN mic with mike • 8:30pm-1Am WEdNESdaY BeeR tAstiNg 7-9pm THURSdaY BeeR & BuRgeR Night • 5-11pm FRIdaY FeAtuReD music OF the week • 10pm SaTURdaY $3 FAt tiRe & $2 cOORs Light piNts SUNdaY Fish tAcO Night • 6pm

Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe 432 Market St. (423) 779-3100

Kabob-ster 1408 Gunbarrel Rd., #111 (423) 475-5370

MIDDLE EASTERN International Market 5600 Brainerd Rd., Suite D29 (423) 892-1293

Kabob-ster 1408 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 475-5370

LATIN AMERICAN Abuelo’s Mexican Food Embassy 2102 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 855-7400

Amigo Mexican Restaurant

M-Th 5-9:30pm • Fri-Sat 5-10pm 1278 market st • 423.266.4400 • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 21

5874 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-5435 5450 Hwy. 153 (423) 875-8049 1906 Dayton Blvd. (423) 870-9928

Ayala Mexican Restaurant 1832 Taft Hwy. (423) 886-0063

Cancun Restaurant 1809 Broad St. (423) 266-1461 7010 Lee Hwy. (423) 894-1942

Conga Latin Food 207 E. Main St. (423) 201-4806

El Macho Taco 811 Market St. (423) 3805-4553

El Matador 8968 Dayton Pike (423) 332-9248

El Matador Mexican Restaurant 9203 Lee Hwy. (423) 238-6655

El Meson Restaurante Mexicano 2204 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 894-8726 248 Northgate Park (423) 710-1201

El Metate 5922 Hixson Pike (423) 842-1400

El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant 6700 Ringgold Rd. (423) 826-2950

Five 8 Burrito 5715 Hwy. 58 (423) 710-1858

La Altena 364 Northgate Mall (423) 877-7433 314 W. Main St. (423) 266-7595 615 Commercial Lane (423) 877-1477

La Cocina Mexican Restaurant 5425 Hwy. 153 (423) 386-5655

Las Brisas de Machu

22 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

Picchu 5813 Lee Hwy. (423) 596-9773

Las Margaritas 3100 Cummings Hwy. (423) 825-0304 4604 Skyview Dr, (423) 892-3065 1101 Hixson Pike (423) 756-3332

Los Amigos 3536 Cummings Hwy. (423) 521-7676

Los Potros 5611 Ringgold Rd. (423) 296-2229

Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina 2115 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 894-7144

Taco Mamacita 109 N. Market St. (423) 648-MAMA

Taqueria Jalisco 1634 Rossville Ave. (423) 509-3430

Taco Roc 6960 Lee Hwy. (423) 653-1001

PERUVIAN Aji Peruvian Restaurant 9413 Apison Pike (423) 396-3919

PIZZA Crust Pizza 3211 Broad St. (423) 756-4040 103 Signal Mountain Rd. (423) 710-3780

Hill City Pizza 16 Frazier Ave. (423) 702-5451

Howz about a Pizza 8909 Hwy. 58 (423) 344-5757

Hungry Howie’s Pizza 4345 Ringgold Rd. (423) 629-7007

Jet’s Pizza 3600 Hixson Pike (423) 757-1616

Lupi’s Pizza Pies 406 Broad St. (423) 266-5874 1414 Jenkins Rd. (423) 855-4104 5501 Hixson Pike (423) 847-3700 9453 Bradmore Ln, (423) 602-7499

Mellow Mushroom 205 Broad St. (423) 266-5564 2318 Lifestyle Way (423) 468-3737

Mom’s Italian Villa 1257 Market St. (423) 266-2204

Mr T’s Pizza St Elmo 3924 Tennessee Ave. (423) 821-5084

New York Pizza Dept. 5731 Hwy. 153 (423) 531-8830

Rafael’s Italian Restaurant 3877 Hixson Pike (423) 508-8561

SPORTS BARS Bud’s Sports Bar 5751 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-9878

Buffalo Wild Wings 120 Market St. (423) 634-0468 5744 Highway 153 (423) 877-3338

Hooters 5912 Brainerd Rd. (423) 499-8668

SOUTHWESTERN Moe’s Southwest Grill 1820 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 553-6930 615 McCallie Ave. (423) 425-4200

Mojo Burrito 1800 Dayton Blvd. (423) 870-6656 1414 Jenkins Rd., #110 (423) 296-6656 3815 St. Elmo Ave.

s... Fuji Steak and Sushi 2207 Overnite Dr. (423) 892-2899

Ichiban Japanese Steak House 5621 Brainerd Rd. (423) 892-0404 5425 Hwy. 153 (423) 875-0404

Kanpai Of Tokyo 2200 Hamilton Place Blvd. (423) 855-8204

Kumo Hibachi & Sushi 6025 E. Brainerd Rd. (423) 468-3385


Totto Sushi Bar & Grill 330 Frazier Ave. #124 (423) 508-8898

TAPAS Cloud 9 1101 Hixson Pike (423) 521-4737

Terra Nostra Tapas and Wine 105 Frazier Ave. (423) 634-0238

THAI Rain Thai Bistro 6933 Lee Hwy. (423) 386-5586

Rice Plate

1120 Houston St. (423) 267-4600

Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi 1806 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 296-6500

Sushi & Pho 5450 Hwy 153 (423) 531-3462

Sushi Nabe 110 River St.

4762 Hwy. 58 (423) 296-2899

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant 4008 St. Elmo Ave. (423) 822-9001

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

VEGETARIAN/ VEGAN Cashew 149 River Street (423) 355-5486

Enzo’s Market 1501 Long St. (423) 486-9312

Sluggo’s North Vegetarian Cafe 501 Cherokee Blvd. (423) 752-5224

Whole Foods Market

99¢ Tacos...


301 Manufacturers Rd. (423) 702-7300

VIETNAMESE Old Saigon 2601 Dayton Blvd. (423) 876-0322

Seoul: Korean and Vietnamese Cuisine 6231 Perimeter Dr. (423) 855-9113

Sushi & Pho 5450 Hwy 153 (423) 531-3462

5845 Brainerd Rd. (423) 485-8836

Thai Smile 3 219 Market St. (423) 266-2333

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Tuesday • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 23

el macho


Got tacos? 811 Market St. Chattanooga (423) 805-4553 Now open at 7 a.m. with breakfast burritos 24 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

Want to head South of the border for lunch, but don’t have a private jet handy to fly you there and back? The solution can be found right in downtown at the brand new El Macho Taco on Market Street. A Cali/Mex style, family-owned restaurant, El Macho Taco is now open in the former location of Fork and Pie. Owner Armando Ruiz is part of the Ruiz family, which has spread from their restaurant roots into Chattanooga as part of their expansion into East Tennessee. The new location joins 16 other popular locations in the Middle Tennessee/ Nashville area. If you work in a downtown office, they are conveniently located right across from Miller Plaza, perfect for lunch. El Macho Taco is the place for you to get quick, fresh quality food and an enjoyable dining experience. Everything from their highly recommended fish tacos, quesadillas and salsa is made fresh every day. El Macho Taco’s fish tacos are made with breaded flounder and have quickly become

their number-one seller. Do yourself a favor and make them the first menu item you try on your next visit. And don’t forget the salsa for those fish tacos. El Macho Taco has a complimentary salsa bar with four different styles: a sweet salsa, a standard red salsa, and two different hot salsas for those looking for an extra kick when you dig in. There is still some experimenting going on when it comes to hours, as they adapt to their new downtown home, but for the moment they are open Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (with breakfast burritos to start the day), on Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. They will be trying some later hours during the summer Nightfall concert series, so you can enjoy some great music and get your hands on the El Macho Taco goodness. A part of the ever-growing downtown Chattanooga food fiesta, El Macho Taco should become a household name for years to come. Ole!



You may have already heard the hype surrounding Main Street Meats on the Southside. Sitting down with one of the partners, Dan Key, it quickly becomes apparent the “hype” is true. From the moment you walk into the store, the aromas tempting your nose take you back to the time of a small-town butcher shop where everyone knows your name. The staff are all very passionate about their work and dedicated to delivering the best “food experience” to their customers. Their belief is that there is much more to being a butcher shop than simply cutting meat and selling meat. Every customer is treated as a friend. The mission is to send them home not only with an amazing cut of meat, but ideas on how get the best out of each cut. Main Street Meats works with eight local farms from Polk County, Tennessee to Flintstone, Georgia to give customers the best meats and cheeses in the area. Every farmer Main Street Meats works with is personally visited to validate healthy natural growing practices and all products are tested for serving quality before Main Street Meats partners with them.

Every partner farm agrees to never feed antibiotics, growth stimulants or animal components to their animals and to provide a natural environment where the animals can grow, socialize and act naturally. The grazing animals, beef and lamb, are grass fed and grass finished and the meat is hung to dry age before being butchered for the meat case. The poultry and pigs’ diets are supplemented with certified non-GMO grains. This emphasis on happy, healthy animals ensures you get the highest quality…naturally…every time. When you are looking for locally grown meat and poultry that is free of anything artificial, or processed…Main Street Meats is the place for you. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Daily specials are posted online. Our advice: Make sure to try the house burger. It’s a delight for all your senses. With a mission statement posted in front of the store guaranteeing the best quality meats, combined with a hometown feeling and sense of community, Main Street Meats is sure to be one of Chattanooga’s gems for years to come.

A Cut

ABOVE Main Street Meats is Chattanooga's neighborhood butcher. By working with local farms that are deeply committed to animal quality and care, we are able to offer meat and poultry that is free of anything artificial... no artificial colors no steroids, no growth hormones, no antibiotics. Just clean meat. Main Street Meats... changing the way that Chattanoogans know, experience and enjoy meat.

423 • 602 • 9568 | | 217 East Main Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408 • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 25

the hot

Chocolatier Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey or fruity, The Hot Chocolatier has something to satisfy that craving. The store is relocating to 1437 Market St., right across from the Chattanooga Choo Choo, but the business that you know and love isn’t changing. Their new location will offer customers a bigger space, with even more room for their famously yummy goodies. Best known for their chocolates, gourmet pastries, hot chocolate and coffee, The Hot Chocolatier offers customers “the highest quality chocolates and confections using the best and freshest ingredients available.” Each of their products is handmade and prepared with local products when possible. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Wendy and Brandon Buckner in 2008, this locally owned business creates artisan truffles, squirrels (“nuts buried under layers of irresistible caramel and chocolate”), nuts, bars, pretzels, marshmallows, fruits and beverages. If you’re craving something baked, The Hot Chocolatier also offers des-

26 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

serts such as macaroons, cookies, biscottis, brownies, cakes, trifles, cupcakes and tarts, all created in-house. In addition to this range of sweets, The Hot Chocolatier designs sculptures or, as they are better described, “showpieces, centerpieces and cake toppers available in thematic or abstract presentations.” If the store is provided with an idea by the customer, these sculptures can be prepared for any special event, as long as they receive a deposit and two weeks’ notice. The Hot Chocolatier gives customers the chance to watch the pastry chefs and chocolatiers create their products, and see the process they work through every day. With a wide variety of sweets, created with dark, milk, and white chocolates, The Hot Chocolatier has become a habit for chocoholics—will you be next? For more information on The Hot Chocolatier, or to see pictures of some of their creations, visit their website:, or their Facebook page.

southern star

1300 Broad Street Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Southern Star has been a fixture in Chattanooga for more than 13 years. After a four-year stint in a small Southern Georgia town, owners Rick and Nancy decided to bring their taste of home to the Scenic City. Chattanoogans have learned if it’s a good “meat and three” you’re looking for, you can find it downtown at the corner of Broad and 13th or up on Signal Mountain on Taft Highway in the Signal Mountain Plaza. What you might not know is Southern Star isn’t just a place to get great down-home cookin’, it’s also the spot for the busiest parents in Chattanooga. After a long day of work, the thought of getting the kids to do homework and take baths is exhausting. Having to prepare dinner on top of all of that can be just too much. Southern Star has you covered with their dinners to go. These are

fully prepared meals waiting for you to walk in, take them home, and pop them in the oven. No muss, no fuss, and most importantly, no cooking clean-up! From downhome favorites like chicken and dressing casserole and meatloaf, to more exotic dishes such as Asian glazed salmon and pesto chicken pasta, it is all prepared fresh daily for you to take and bake. When you walk through the door at Southern Star, just to your left you’ll find a world of entrées, sides, and more waiting to make your life much easier! So don’t fret, parents, Southern Star is open until 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, so even the overtime types can take advantage of the convenience. Southern Star has an answer to your challenging schedule. Swing by after work and grab dinner for the family. You won’t regret it.

1200 Taft Highway Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Take Away Dinners Until 7 p.m.


28 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

chattanooga brewing company Located adjacent to the south end zone of Finley Stadium is the revival of a Chattanooga pastime. Chattanooga Brewing Company still holds true to the original brewers who first opened it in 1890. (They were forced to shut down in 1915 by the fledging prohibition movement.) Former engineers and home brewers Mark Marcum and Jonathan Clark re-opened the brewery in 2010 on Frazier Avenue, but have recently upsized to the new location at 1804 Chestnut Street. The new location offers customers “a pleasant retail experience,” as Mark Marcum puts it, while the Frazier location was just a place to stop by and grab a few pints or fill a growler. Chattanooga Brewing Company pays homage to the original German owners of the company by brewing authentic German-style beer. The brewery even kept the name of the beer that originally put the company on the map, the Imperial Pilsner. This Munich Helles-style pilsner is not your American pilsner. This beer has the full body and full flavor that only the Germans can produce. The Chickbock is a German-style maibock made with Munich malts and a dash of chocolate. The Two Taverns Pale Ale is made from caramel malts and is similar to an English-style pale ale. The Hill City IPA is similar to the Two Taverns Pale Ale, but is unfiltered to give it a full flavored IPA taste. The new menu at the brewery features pubgrub done right with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Beer cheese is featured throughout the menu. It’s made with four different types of cheese and can be found on anything from the Beer Cheese Nachos to the Beer Cheese Pretzel. All the bread used is baked locally at Bluff

View Bakery and pretzels are made with spent grain, a brewing by-product. The Chickbock Tenders are hand cut and beer battered with Chickbock flouring. The SJL is a pimento cheese sandwich made with white cheddar, banana peppers and bacon. The menu also has three stuffed pockets: The Classic (mozzarella, provolone, pepperoni and cherry tomato sauce), the Hot Chick (mozzarella, bleu cheese crumbles, buffalo chicken, served with ranch), and the Southshore (ground beef, black olives, onions, jalapenos, feta, cheddar and mozzarella). Chattanooga Brewing Company knows they cannot recreate exactly what the original brewers did on 2nd and Broad more than a century ago, but they stay true to the company’s German roots, and with the recent expansion, look to make history of their own.

The Scoop Seasonal rotating American, English, and German style beers Chattanooga Brewing Company Craft Beer and Pub Grub Done Right 1804 Chestnut St. (423) 702-9958 • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 29


Come and dine with us, for lunch, brunch or dinner, at the all-new Lakeshore Grille, located above Lakeshore Marina in Hixson with a gorgeous view overlooking Chickamauga Lake. We feature in-house, made daily, original variations of America’s favorite dishes, which include fresh seafood, burgers, steaks and pastas, all prepared by our Executive Chef. Lakeshore Grille provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Whether you come by car or by boat, the choice is yours to dine inside or outside on our deck, both of which have water views. We are open Wednesday through Sunday.

5600 Lake Resort Terrace Chattanooga, Tennessee • (423) 710-2057 30 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

Imagine this: It’s summertime and you and the family are out on the Chickamauga Dam. The weather is perfect. The sun is smiling overhead. But what’s this? We forgot to pack a lunch! Have no fear. The Lakeshore Grille is here! A quick hop, skip and boat ride over to the Lakeshore Marina will solve all your boating hunger needs. We caught up with owner Richard to delve into what makes the Lakeshore Grille so great. For starters, this place has only been open for about one month, and is completely renewed. For example, the nonsmoking atmosphere makes it perfect for the whole Dam family! The view is without a doubt breathtaking. Each dish is handcrafted to perfection. Steaks, seafood, burgers, wings—it’s impossible not to find

something appealing. They offer a lunch menu, a dinner menu, and even a Sunday Brunch. Tuna and swordfish are among the most popular seafood dishes. Beautiful hardwood floors and décor create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for you and your crew. When the weather is beautiful, the Lakeshore Grille is here to please with a masterfully crafted deck overlooking the river. The owner encourages boaters to stop by and have some lunch. “Come off the boat in your bathing suit and enjoy a quick bite to eat,” Richard recommends. Be sure to stop by and check out their delicious food and fantastic atmosphere. Summertime is fun time and the best place to enjoy good eats is at the Lakeshore Grille!

taqeuria jalis c o Taqueria Jalisco has been one of Chattanooga’s best-kept secrets since the quaint Mexican eatery first opened in 2011. Tucked away on Rossville Avenue, across from the legendary Zarzours Café, the restaurant has enjoyed almost cult-like status by serving traditional Mexican food that hasn’t been Americanized to the point of compromising its roots, while remaining approachable for the average Chattanoogan. Now they are expanding with a new downtown location and bringing their special combination of flavors, dishes, passion and personality to Miller Plaza. If you’re new to Taqueria Jalisco, don’t expect to find yellow globs of nacho cheese or mounds of sour cream indiscriminately plopped over every dish; thankfully, their food bears no resemblance to anything you’ll get from Taco Bell. There are familiar items such as tacos and burritos which you can get with a choice of meats ranging from the standard shredded chicken or pork to the more adventurous lengua (beef tongue, which tastes like deli roast beef). A favorite dish at the Rossville Avenue loca-

tion is the handmade mole tamales, with tender pulled pork and mole sauce ribboned through the masa itself. The fluffy masa and slow-cooked pork marries with the deep, rich flavors and hint of sweetness from the mole before being wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to tamale perfection. As with any skilled cook’s offerings, each dish at Taqueria Jalisco is a balanced interplay of textures and gustation, meant to simultaneously satisfy and tease your palate. More space is needed to elaborate on the varieties of tortas (the king of sandwiches), their bright and crispy tostadas, or the incredible desserts Jorge bakes from scratch three mornings a week, such as his spectacular rum tres leches cake. The Rossville Avenue location is open 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday and 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The Miller Plaza store is open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. and 6 –10 p.m. during Nightfall. Get the word out and get to Taqueria Jalisco today. They have been one of the city’s bestkept secrets for entirely too long.









on the season. Their food is local, sustainable and made from scratch. Take, for example, the Pecan Chicken Club sandwich. At first look, it’s a chicken breast sandwich served with fries. However, the sandwich embodies local flavor as the chicken comes from North Georgia. And green? If the restaurant packs the meal to go, it includes wooden utensils instead of the usual plastic ones. Another place where the restaurant’s commitment to local and sustainability can be seen is in its Green Tomato Cake, one of the dessert options on rotation. When it comes to fried tomatoes, most people want the meaty middle. That leaves the ends of the tomatoes to be chopped up, soaked in Chattanooga whisky, and baked in a cake frosted with cream cheese frosting that tastes both of summer and of Christmas. In the last year, 212 Market has seen its catering service increase for weddings, business lunches, and even business breakfasts. Beer sales are growing as well, and 212 now keeps a Chattanooga brew on tap. For everyone who walks through their doors, 212 Market is committed to serving superb, locally sourced food with a sense of place and commitment to the community.



One of the most distinctly Chattanoogan places to eat is without a doubt 212 Market Restaurant. Today, most people equate downtown, with the Aquarium and the walking bridge, as the very essence of the city’s renaissance. 212 Market, located at the same address as its name, has been there since the Aquarium broke ground and the downtown was not the place you wanted to leave your car, said restaurant owner Sally Moses. And the restaurant has grown with the area. It was the first certified green restaurant in Tennessee. It has won Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence several times over for its wine selection. Today, the list is 350 wines large and 22 years in the making, said restaurant manager Jesse Pyron. (You can enjoy a half-price wine list on Tuesdays.) 212 caters to both the guest who wants to enjoy a five-course meal with wine, and the casual diner who wants to have a cheeseburger and beer. But for the dicriminating diner, 212 changes its menu based

TUESDAY SPECIAL 1/2 Off Wine Deals

affordable • casual • delicious green / local since ‘92 • weekend brunch 423.265.1212 •

32 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

212 Market Street Chattanooga, TN


Craving both a welcoming atmosphere and a place to have fun? Then consider The Fox and Hound for your next lunch or dinner rendezvous. We sat down with the lovely Miss Courtney to discuss what makes Fox and Hound such a popular establishment. Here’s what she told us: For sports fans, this is the place to be. Along with more than 30 televisions capable of broadcasting any sport, the customer is surrounded by quality food, amazing beer, and an unforgettable service staff. During major sporting events, Fox and Hound will cater to their customers by providing a great restaurant for the fans. “Accommodation” is a word frequently mentioned by customers and staff alike. At Fox and Hound, happy hours are seriously happy business, so they offer it every Monday - Friday,

from 3 - 7 p.m. Four hours of pure enjoyment with $2 domestics, $3 Long Islands & house margaritas, plus $4 Fireball, Jack Daniels, Beefeater, Absolut, & Cuervo Gold! They also provide special drinking prices on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Their lunch offers regular menu options at an affordable price. Be sure to ask about becoming an All Star member! With this reward card, you become eligible for halfoff menu options and special prices on drinks. Fox and Hound understands that not every moment is filled with action-packed sports, which is why they have set up a lovely dining section for romantic evenings or a fun girls’ night out. Their extensive menu for food and spirits delivers on a promise to the customer that eating out should be about having fun with your friends.

Welcome to the Best party in town!

21 and over! The perfect place for parties! Get $5 off any entree valued $15 or more with this ad! * not valid with other discounts

tuesday special: $2 happy Hour drafts all day long!

What's happening at Fox & Hound? "Like" us on Facebook and get the whole scoop! 2040 Hamilton Place Blvd, Suite 150 • Chattanooga, TN (423) 490-1200 • Open Daily, 11 am - 3 am • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 33

Acropolis Mediterranean Grill To the Greeks, “eating Greek” means dining on food that is bursting with flavors, feasting with family and friends through good times and bad, and celebrating life with an attitude and an appetite. This is the type of experience customers can expect when dining at The Acropolis. The renovated Acropolis may look different, but it’s still the same familyowned business that we all know and love. Celebrating their 20th year this summer, the Kyriakidis family continues to provide Chattanoogans with menus of delicious Greek and Mediterranean dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients that allow customers to feel as if they are vacationing on the islands of Greece. With renovations completed last fall, The Acropolis now features a newly expanded patio and bar. Warmer weather is just around the corner (in fact, it’s here!). That means you can enjoy your wonderful food and spend time with friends the way the Greeks do, relaxing outside. What could be a better than a glass of Greek wine or homemade Mediterranean sangria, a plate of stuffed grape leaves or delicious hummus, and the summer sunshine on the patio? Renovations also include the new Acropolis bar. The Acropolis has been known for their fresh and tasty food for over 20 years. Now you can

34 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •

The Scoop The tates of Greece and the Mediterranean with a bakery to make you smile. Acropolis Mediterranean Grill 2213 Hamilton Place Blvd (423) 899-5341

add wonderful happy hour promotions and bites to that reputation as well. Along with the new look, the Kyriakidis family has several events lined up. A personal favorite is a patio wine tasting that’s been in the works! And don’t forget there is now room for desserts, coffee, and internet in the lobby café. So when your tastebuds crave local, seasonal, delicious favorites like Greek Salad, Spanakopita, freshly caught and prepared seafood, lamb the way it should be prepared, or any number of those famous Acropolis pastries, the place your mind and your body should think to go is The Acropolis. Local, Seasonal, FRESH!

Local. Seasonal. Fresh.

Locally Owned and Operated for 19 Years · Newly remodeled bar and patio 2213 Hamilton Place Boulevard • Open 7 Days (423) 899-5341 • • MAY 15, 2014 • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • The Pulse • 35



MON-SUN 11AM-3AM | 423.265.4615

[ BREW ]

Southside | Mon-Sun 11am-Midnight | 423.752.8090



Beast +

!"##$% city center | mon-sun 11am-2am | 423.468.4192

36 • The Pulse • SPRING/SUMMER CHOW • MAY 15, 2014 •


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