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Radiant Barrier Insulation protects from energy woes ‘Space Blanket’ keeps home cool in summer, warm in winter We were all amazed at how a Thermos bottle keeps hot liquids hot and cold beverages cold. What if attic insulation worked the same way? Radiant Barrier insulation does work that way, and you may have seen it on display at the Brentwood CornFest. The experts at A Better Insulation Co., Demonstrated the thin, aluminum “space blanket” material that can keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Their website – www.abetter – offers many testimonials from happy clients, who vouch for the effectiveness of the insulation. “I have to admit, I was skeptical about putting any kind of ‘tin foil’ in my attic when someone recommended A Better Insulation, but what a difference,” wrote one satisfied customer. “At the sales presentation, when I put that little piece of

radiant barrier to my face and felt how much of my own body heat was reflecting back, I couldn’t believe it.” “That stuff works period.” “And now that I have it in my house, my heating & air conditioning run 30 to 40% less, Summer & Winter. That was unheard of in this house before. A Better Insulation knows their stuff, the price is right, and the crew was great.” We will demonstrate Radiant Barrier, and offer a Free Estimate in your home. Call today 1-800-6562460 or Dennis direct at 916-8029792. – Advertisement


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