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JANUARY 13, 2012


A place where wellness is Intuitive AMY CLAIRE


uiet music, soothing scents and friendly staff welcome guests at Intuitive Healing

Center Antioch. Offering services including massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy, the Center strives to heal clients’ bodies, relax their minds and soothe their spirits – and the peaceful atmosphere that greets clients is just the beginning. “People who come in here are looking for something different,” said Julie “Jude” Byrne, who co-owns the business with fellow licensed massage therapists Scott Lawler and Beed Lawler. The spacious Center, which opened in July of 2010, includes massage rooms, acupuncture rooms, a dry sauna, and rooms with Jacuzzi tubs for aromatherapy and mineral baths. “We’re planning to grow and add ON THE COVER: Get Fit Pilates owner and instructor Skye Wetherbee coaches Jackie Etherington through a workout.

Photo by Amy Claire

Owners Julie Byrne, Scott Lawler and Beed Lawler, front, and staff provide a welcoming atmosphere at Intuitive Healing Center Antioch. more services,” said Beed. “We’ve done really well to expand so quickly.” Scott attributes their success to the fact that clients’ treatments speak for themselves. “Family and friends are seeing the results,” he said. Most half-hour therapeutic treatments

cost $30, while most hour-long treatments are $59. Clients can also purchase a 15minute chair massage for $15 or multitreatment packages ranging from $55 to $150. Massages encompass the feet, the neck, back and shoulders, facial pressure points or a general massage. Reflexology,

which Julie described as “acupuncture, but no needles,” targets pressure points, particularly in the feet, to relieve pain and discomfort throughout the entire body. Reflexology treatments can include the full body or pinpoint specific areas of concern. see Intuitive page 7B

JANUARY 13, 2012





Made to help you look your best SAMIE HARTLEY


hether you want a complete makeover or an update to your

favorite style, Made is the place for you. The new makeup boutique in Brentwood is the ideal place to play and experiment with new looks in a comfortable environment.

Photo by Richard Wisdom

Made Makeup Boutique owner Patricia Barreda-Lo Piano applies makeup for Sandra Odom. and glosses. Piano invites women to stop by anytime to test out products and ask questions about how to find a desired look. If you’re completely clueless about what you want, Piano is more than happy to sit you down and construct the perfect look

based on your lifestyle. She said people don’t need to coat their face in makeup to look nice. It’s more important to accent your favorite features rather than coat your see Made page 6B

It’s Back!

$10 CHOCOLATE dipped fruit January 15th-22nd

To order, please call or visit:

(925) 516-0111 000-000-0000 Address LineRd. 3101-D Balfour City, ST 00000 Brentwood





A cosmetologist for 20 years, owner Patricia Barreda-Lo Piano knows all the tricks to bring out the inner beauty in her clients. And the best part: transformations needn’t be costly. “The problem with women today is that they look in the mirror and scrutinize every flaw,” Piano said. “They are so absorbed in their imperfections that they lose sight of the beauty that is there. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on products. You just need to know what products work for you and what techniques can help highlight your beauty rather than cover it up.” When clients first walk into the Oak Street shop in downtown Brentwood, the first thing they see is a buffet of colors in the forms of shadows, powders, blushes

12-PIECE MIXED FRUIT BOX a variety of chocolate dipped fruit (Contents may vary based on availability)

*Offer valid at participating locations. Offer expires 01/22/12. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must be picked up at a local store and is not eligible for delivery or shipping. Containers may vary. EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS and the Fruit Basket Logo Design are registered trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. ©2012 Edible Arrangements, LLC. All rights reserved. Franchises available; call 1-888-727-4258 or visit



JANUARY 13, 2012


Understand your over-the-counter meds An overwhelming variety of overthe-counter pain medications is available in today’s marketplace. Recently I heard a warning on TV about acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol and related generic products. Since that’s what my mom uses on occasion for pain, I decided SENIOR ORNER to interview her pharmacist, Robert Fox, at Walgreens to get the facts straight. The FDA has stated that a maximum of 3,000 milligrams or less of products containing MARLA LUCKHARDT acetaminophen is safe in a full 24-hour period. Since approximately 600 products – over-the-counter and prescribed – contain acetaminophen, the potential for dangerous medication interaction should be monitored by your doctor for the maximum safe dosages. When you ingest acetaminophen, a toxic component is metabolized when broken down by the liver. The liver identifies this and holds onto it until it can deactivate it. Too much of this can put


a strain on the liver and cause damage. Although the liver can regenerate, it’s a good idea, per Fox, to “not push the envelope” and stick to the recommended maximum dosage. Prescription drugs such as Vicodin and Percocet contain acetaminophen. Your doctor will set the dosage but be careful not to combine these with additional over-the-counter drugs, as you might exceed the limit. I asked Robert about the difference between OTC pain medications whose primary ingredient is ibuprophen, aspirin or acetaminophen. What an education I got! Some compounded medications have blood-thinning properties, others contain small amounts of caffeine. There are antiinflammatory ingredients, and different formulations for different strengths of the same product, so it’s important to read the labels on everything you buy to make sure the “combination” medications are free of whatever might give you a harmful reaction. Recently a loved one got what he thought was a cold. He took a product that raised his blood pressure but see Meds page 6B

Save the Date! Health & Wellness Spa Fair Sunday, February 5 • 11AM-4PM Joyful Vibrations Wellness Center 2465 Discovery Bay Blvd. (next to Sports Bar & Steakhouse)

FREE to Public


Intuitive Readings • Nutritional Testing • Spa & Holistic Treatments

Gift Boutique • Free Presentations • & More! •

• Spa & Holistic Treatments • Free Presentations • Intuitive Readings • • Energy Healings & More! • Nutritional Testing


JANUARY 13, 2012


Pilates from page 1B “I just wasn’t happy,” said the 42-yearold Brentwood resident. “So I did some soul-searching and realized that I have to do what I’m really passionate about. It’s not about money; it’s about what I enjoy doing.” What she enjoyed more than anything at the time – and ever since – were her after-work exercise classes. Especially Pilates. So the human resources director gave up her dream job, setting off a storm of family gossip and speculation, to earn her Pilates teaching certification. “My family thought I’d lost my mind,” she said from her home studio – formerly the garage. Today, the mother of three sons, 8, 6 and 4, runs a studio from her Brentwood home. Wetherbee and her husband, Steve, turned the garage into what’s now the Get Fit Pilates Studio as soon as they moved into the place in 2003. By then, Wetherbee had been through about a decade of training and internships, and had racked up a plethora of certifications in Pilates, Yogilates and massage therapy. “This is how I want my life to be,” she said. “I work at my home, I get to be there for my kids and I’m doing something I’m passionate about by helping people get into the best shape of their life.” So what’s the appeal of Pilates over, say, Yoga? Wetherbee says it’s the variety and movement. In a Yoga class, you switch from one static pose to another in the same order nearly every time. In Pilates, you keep moving the entire 55-minute class, fluidly transitioning from one exercise to another. “We mix it up every time,” Wetherbee said. “And each workout is tailored to the individual.” The exercise form, invented by Germanborn physical-culturist Joseph Pilates, has been around for the better part of a century. The U.S. immigrant wanted to develop a psychosomatic discipline that based every movement on the body’s core – the abdominal and back muscles. It uses several pieces of exercise equipment custom-made for Pilates, such as the “reformer,” “wunda chair,” “jump board” and spinal corrector. Part of the reason people sign up for one-on-one, duet or group classes led by a certified trainer is because they can’t afford to buy the equipment themselves. Pilates appeared on our cultural radar in the 1970s when Hollywood celebrities made it a mainstream phenomenon. Today it’s the exercise of choice for injured dancers or profes-

sional athletes trying to cross-train their way to a leaner, lither physique. Antioch resident Holly Quansah, 36, signed up for her first class with Wetherbee four years ago because she wanted to balance her cardio running workouts with a corestrengthening workout. “I think it’s just a good counterbalance to the running because the running I can do outdoors, which I love,” she said. “But I otherwise don’t take time to do a lot of strengthening and conditioning.” The seamless, core-centered exercises of Pilates can be tailored to any physical ability or background. So when Quansah was in her first pregnancy, with her now-2-year-old daughter, she turned to Wetherbee to coach her changing body. Currently pregnant with her second child, Quansah’s doing the same workouts to prepare for labor. “(Wetherbee) has kids of her own, so she knows what’s going on with your body during pregnancy,” said Quansah, an advertising executive. “She helps you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.” Wetherbee’s other clients include a professional waterskiier, pro football player and septuagenarian ice-skater. “I enjoy the process of tailoring the workouts to fit their needs,” she said. “I’m hard on them; these aren’t easy workouts, but I do it because I want the best results for my clients.” Interested in trying it out? Wetherbee’s studio offers free evaluations to determine what workout regimen is best for you. Check out her website for pricing and class schedules at or call 925-584-8888. To comment, visit


Where customer service is our priority! • Full Service Pharmacy • Prescriptions Ready in 15 Minutes • Specialty Medication Compounding Available • Hormones • Free Delivery Available

50 Eagle Rock Way, Suite C • Brentwood Located in the Vic Stewart’s Plaza

240-9777 •



Accepting most insurances • Se Habla Español







JANUARY 13, 2012


Made from page 3B complexion in a rainbow of colors. Piano worked in the corporate field for most of her career but decided to open her own boutique in Brentwood and create a deeper relationship with her clients. She invites women to come in with their girlfriends to get primped for a night out or a quick sit-down for some false lashes to add a little pop before catching lunch and a movie downtown. The boutique also has jewelry and handbags for sale to complete a new look. Piano offers a skin care line as well as a variety of custom makeup, and she fits feather extensions for those looking for some pop in their hairdo. Also on board is esthetician Isis Yee, a specialist in brow design and shaping, brow and lash tinting, plus body waxing. “I want this place to be like an escape,” Piano said. “I want girls to come

Meds from page 4B fortunately when he went to the doctor, he was told of his error and it was caught in time. Avoid self-medication; don’t assume that an over-the-counter medicine is harmless. Call your doctor. Use your pharmacist. That’s what they’re there for. Some people are allergic to aspirin. Reactions can be as mild as an upset stomach and rash or as severe as internal bleeding. Aspirin can inhibit clotting. Many heart patients are put on a low-dose aspirin regimen. Medications can get confusing,

in and hang their purses on the rack and have fun. I want to help women feel good about themselves. I want every person to walk out of here feeling and looking their best.” Made welcomes walk-ins and appointments, especially for body waxing. Piano also offers private makeup application lessons and offers bridal makeup services. Made, located at 219 Oak St. in Brentwood, is open Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. – closed Sundays and Mondays. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 925-3087200. Visit Made online at www.facebook. com/madeamakeupboutique. To comment, visit

especially as you stroll down the long isle of pain relievers. Two things I can highly recommend: First, if you’re not sure, ask your pharmacist. Second, if you are sure – ask anyway! Robert Fox can be found at the Walgreens on the corner of Balfour Road and Cortona Way. He’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Marla Luckhardt is a Discovery Bay resident and member of the East Contra Costa Senior Coalition. She works with several local senior care and advocacy groups. To contact her, e-mail marla2054@


10% OFF


Receive an additional 15% Off on all orders over $100 Come to MedSolutions retail store in Brentwood and get 10% off your purchase every day. Our friendly staff of experts will answer your questions and help you select products that will make your life easier.

• Seating & Mobility • Bracing & Support • Therapeutic Footwear • Durable Medical Equipment

8157 Brentwood Blvd | Brentwood, CA 94513 (800) 346-1646 |

Intuitive from page 2B “We try to be very flexible with our treatments,” said Julie. Another service offered at the Center is Cranial Sacral therapy, a massage technique that focuses on the cranium and spine. Scott described the treatment as especially effective in treating migraines. While many of his clients see their symptoms merely improve, others see the debilitating headaches vanish completely. After treatment, clients can sit and relax on soft couches before a digital aquarium and fireplace. They enjoy complimentary wine and chocolate while reading a book or simply listening to the gentle music and basking in the ambiance. “We try to make it cozy and relaxing,” said Scott. The Center also includes a small gift shop that sells gift certificates and aromatherapy products produced in the Center. One popular item, aromatherapy inhalers ($8), offers blends intended to help relieve anxiety, improve weight loss, and even assist in quitting smoking. Testers are available to help clients choose scents, and


products are made fresh when ordered. One of the Center’s objectives is to provide services and treatments for people with special needs. Clients suffering from conditions ranging from autism to cerebral palsy, from fibromyalgia to ADHD, have found relief through the Center’s services. “Everything is accessible for disabilities,” said Julie. Gigi Smith, 20, who has Down syndrome and several misaligned bones, is one of Julie’s regular clients. “My daughter had several surgeries,” said Gigi’s mother, Adriana. “Nothing helped until we came to (Julie) for reflexology.” Adriana has seen vast improvements in Gigi’s well being since beginning the treatments two years ago. “She’s back at school. She functions at all her activities. She’s able to live a very satisfying life.” Intuitive Healing Center Antioch, located at 213 G. Street, is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 925-777-9995 or visit www. Walk-ins are welcome. To comment, visit








JANUARY 13, 2012

This year explore the fun way to live a healthy life.

Ride a bike! GET ON IT! Hours:

Mon. 12-6pm Tues.-Fri. 10-6pm Sat. & Sun. 10-5pm

925-634-5000 7750 Brentwood Blvd., Suite C, Brentwood


Health Beauty & Fitness Winter 2012  

The Press' Guide to living well.

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