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Love is action or it’s not love at all. For the world to believe in the love of Jesus, they have to see the love of Christ in action. That’s why we’ve put together this Holiday Service Guide. If you want to see some of the things love can do this Christmas season, turn through these pages and find your place to engage.


Throughout this guide, you’ll discover ways we can partner together to help Middle Tennessee. You’ll see opportunities to volunteer at places such as Cul2vate, GraceWorks, Project Connect and Siloam Health Center. You’ll read stories about friends and families who answered God’s calling to serve others. You’ll learn how our Christmas Project will minister to the mind, body, and soul. You’ll discover the ways our Mission Journeys are making a real difference in the lives of people, both close to home and around the world. As Christians, we celebrate the greatest act of love ever—the gift of Jesus—through our giving. And we give more than just money. Like Christ Himself, true love demands we give our whole selves to the work. And when we give our whole selves, we engage the whole person with the whole gospel. Today, there’s someone that needs to see the love of Christ in a very real way. Love is action or it isn’t love at all. Prayerfully turn the pages. Pick your ministry. Then, act.

How to Use This Guide This Christmas may look a little different than most, but it’s still the perfect time to share hope and joy to those around us. Many of you are asking about the ways to help. In response, we’ve crafted this guide to help you identify how you can answer God’s call to support and serve as the body of Christ. There are multiple opportunities for individuals, families, and groups. Together, we can impact Middle Tennessee and beyond for His glory.

INDIVIDUALS Ways to Serve in Middle Tennessee


Read stories and find local partners to engage our community through poverty, education, healthcare, food insecurities, child vulnerabilities, and international communities.

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GROUPS Serving Through Mercy Ministries Learn more about what “Mercy Ministries” is and how you can be a part.

Pages 13-14 Loving Our Communities Through Campus Ministries See how the church loves the communities around us by ministries happening within the walls of our local campuses.

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Serving Around The World Through Mission Journeys See the impact of Mission Journeys and how you can join the upcoming teams.

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Serving Around The World Day by Day Learn how to pray for and support our global works around the world.

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Poverty Williamson County Homeless Alliance (WCHA)

WCHA was founded in 2019. Its overall vision is to provide holistic services attending to mental health, housing, and employment needs. Founder Kevin Riggs (Pastor of Franklin Community Church) began a ministry over 5 years ago to provide emergency shelter in the winter for the homeless. Last year, a Franklin couple donated $250,000 toward this cause. Riggs and his ministries have already made a significant impact in the community, having helped over 30 individuals in the community obtain housing and offering a small group home for men.    Last August, WCHA began soliciting spaces from local churches who would commit to providing emergency shelter any time the temperature reached above 90 degrees and below 32 degrees. First United Methodist Church offered space and beds, while a number of local restaurants and individuals volunteered to provide meals. In November, The Church at West Franklin began providing space and beds in its facility on Wednesday and Thursday nights when needed.   WCHA employs monitors who stay overnight for guests’ security and stability. They prepare the beds, as well as provide pillows, blankets, and linens. For extra support, an additional person arrives early to help with the setup, then returns in the early morning to help tear down and clean up.   Since most of the guests who stay at WCHA emergency shelters are local, volunteers have found it an excellent opportunity to get to know them over time and build relationships. This provides more opportunities for initiating gospel conversations and sharing Jesus.   — Don Gower, member at the West Franklin campus  kevin@franklincommunitychurch.org

Additional Ministries Serving in Poverty

Room in The Inn

431 Ministries

Begin Anew








H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

Project Connect Nashville Project Connect Nashville and their relationship within the community took flight in a whole new way this year. They stepped up when tornados damaged our city and after homes and businesses shut down due to COVID-19. Poverty grew in numbers and complexity; however, Project Connect Nashville didn’t skip a beat. They stepped into place alongside our campuses and the local leaders to journey with many individuals and families in our hardest hit communities. And the story is far from over. With three locations (Madison, North Nashville, and Woodbine), Project Connect has continued to help people find their way in the midst of crisis, trauma, food insecurities, and loss. On any given day, they are helping to bridge the gap and make connections with the hurting. You can get involved and be part of the story as well as we look to 2021. There will be ways to get involved from helping with food insecurity or disaster recovery efforts to finding jobs for the unemployed and housing for the homeless. You can teach or simply sit beside someone and be their ally on their journey. All you have to do is come and be a part. — Vicki Howell, Brentwood Community Missions Minister

ProjectConnectNashville.org hannah@projectconnectnashville.org

Nashville Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition

Welcome Home Ministry








H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



Education FrankTown Open Hearts

FrankTown Open Hearts is based on the mission to “be Jesus” to Williamson County’s inner-city youth. Their goal is to bring physical and spiritual hope to low-income youth within our community by instilling in them critical life skills. They provide academic assistance, mentoring, recreation, and spiritual growth opportunities for youth ages 8-18 in the form of weekly educational and vocational classes.    One of the most impactful events I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of is the Christmas Shopperone Event. The event allows you and your family to partner with one of the amazing kiddos at FrankTown as they shop for Christmas gifts for their family. Almost all of the children served are growing up in a single-mother household, and all of them are on free/reduced lunch or live near the poverty threshold in Franklin. So, it goes without saying that Christmas can look quite different compared to most in the Franklin area. This opportunity allows the children to be given a budget to shop for their family, who are not accustomed to receiving gifts during Christmas.   Last year, after we had a blast shopping with our child, Dominic, we were able to have the gifts professionally wrapped. We had the opportunity to meet part of his family, and even pray for his mom, who was in poor health. It was a blessing to meet them, and my son, Camden, really enjoyed making a new friend as well!   The Christmas Shopperone event is one of many ways FrankTown chooses to love and empower these amazing students. The FrankTown Festival of Lights is a drive through light show that benefits the program and needs lots of volunteers each year. They also have weekly programming which requires volunteers to help serve food, lead lessons, and tutor/ play with the kids. Feel free to let me know if you want to get plugged in!  — Nick Gordon, member at the West Franklin campus and FrankTown Board Member

FrankTownOpenHearts.com chris@franktownopenhearts.com

Additional Ministries Serving in Education

PATH Project

Men of Valor

Begin Anew






H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0


Carter Lawrence Elementary Magnet School (CLEMS) Over the last 5 years, Avenue South has partnered with CLEMS in a variety of ways. On any given week, there are about 15-20 volunteers who serve in roles such as mentors, lunch buddies, and reading buddies. Additionally, many of our small groups both pray for and support many of the classrooms. How do they support? They provide volunteers to serve at PTO events, like NACHO Average MATH night, Parent Appreciation Night, Fall Festival, Daddy Daughter Dance, and the annual holiday parties. Our church has also helped to resource and fund their Reading Clinic, Teacher’s Lounge, and have provided meals/gift cards for the teachers and staff twice a year. As a result of the pandemic, we recently shifted our efforts to focus on addressing food insecurity. Over 90% of the children that attend CLEMS are on free or reduced lunches. Since METRO made the decision to start the semester with virtual or remote learning, many of those students don’t have access to those meals. Dr. Sanders, head of the school, asked us to help provide meals for the students. Over the last 3 months (August-November), our church has donated supplies to help stock our food pantry. On the third Thursday of the month, we pack and distribute over 240 bags of food for each family at CLEMS. The bags are filled with non-perishable items and two weeks’ worth of meals. We are grateful for this partnership. The biggest need moving forward is not only to gain new mentors but to continue to address food insecurity.    To get involved with school partnerships, reach out to your campus missions’ representative for next steps. — Matthew Page, Avenue South Connection and Missions Minister

Decisions, Choices and Options

Youth Encouragement Services

Epic Girl




joi@dcoinc.org | 615.308.5372




H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0




Care for The Patient When Nurse Grace sent out a request to send help for her patients who have cancer, we knew The Church at Harpeth Heights wanted to be part of the solution. During this time of uncertainty, many people who are immunosuppressed have been spending extra time at the hospital without loved ones being able to visit. Nurse Grace and her co-workers created a wishlist of items needed for the third floor of the cancer unit. What began with simply sending wishlist items to the patients has grown to include giving cards and care packages, building relationships with patients and their families, and delivering lunches to the healthcare workers as they continue to go above and beyond expectations. To date we have sent over 500 cards and packages and delivered over 91 packages of needed items including cozi blankets, phone chargers, coffee, snacks, comfy hats, hard candy, and boxes of tissues. — Susan Foster, Harpeth Heights Discipleship and Missions Minister

Additional Ministries Serving in Healthcare

Medical Dental Unit

Hope Clinic


Mercy Community Healthcare






H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0


Siloam Health Siloam Health’s mission is to share the love of Christ by serving those in need through health care. Their whole-person care for the underserved is important now more than ever in the midst of COVID-19. Siloam provides care for people like Lidia. She came to the Melrose clinic for a COVID-19 test after her husband, Raul, contracted the virus. Thankfully, her test came back negative while Raul’s illness seemed to be getting worse. Siloam urged her to bring him to the clinic as well. After just a few tests, it was clear he needed to be hospitalized. Lidia explained, “I know God put Siloam in my path. No one else would have told me to bring my husband to them, knowing they could be exposed to COVID.” Raul spent two weeks in the hospital and nearly three days on a ventilator before recovering. During that time, Lidia was quarantined at home with their two children. She says that the care she continued to receive from Siloam helped her through the uncertain and frightening days. Not only did Siloam continue to call and check on her physical health, they also provided mental and emotional support to help ease the burden of social isolation. They even connected Lidia with financial resources to navigate the uncertainty that came as she was unable to work and provide for her family. Lidia mentioned, “Every step of the way, Siloam treated me with respect and love. I know I can always trust Siloam to help my family.”

SiloamHealth.org Wes.Harrell@siloamhealth.org

TRAUMA HEALING The Next Door TheNextDoor.org

Welcome Home Ministries



Trauma Healing vickiaskew@comcast.net

welcomehomemin@comcast.net H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



Food Insecurities The Well Outreach The Church at Station Hill has been partnering with The Well Outreach since we launched in 2010. We began with the Jet Pack program, providing food on the weekends to children at Bethesda Elementary who were on the free and reduced lunch program. Since then we have done numerous food drives, helped with mobile food pantries, and provided regular weekly volunteers. In April 2020, The Well moved to its current location on Main Street, greatly increasing their capacity for both food storage and volunteers. God’s timing was perfect as they got settled in just in time to care for the triple increase in clients.    Who do we serve through our partnership with The Well? Recently, they received a call from the mother of a family of nine. The receptionist could immediately tell something was wrong. Her voice was tinged with fear. It turns out that eight of the nine people in her household had tested positive for COVID-19. The symptoms ranged, but none were severe enough yet to go to the hospital. But they were all exhausted, bone weary with both sickness and fear. They didn’t have the resources to order take-out food or get groceries delivered while in quarantine. They didn’t have the expendable income to buy more than a few days of food, and now had no way to get to the store since they were in quarantine. They were scared and weary and didn’t know who to turn to. The very next day, volunteers at The Well put together care packages of food, diapers, formula, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and a hot meal for a certain mom to have one night off.,  This is who we serve through our partnership with The Well. #ittakesacommunitytofeedacommunity — Leigh Ann Swords, Station Hill Missions Minister

SpringHillWell.org shelly@springhillwell.org

Additional Ministries Serving in Food Insecurities


Care Kitchen Outreach









H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

The Branch of Nashville The Branch of Nashville is one of our local organizations that truly reaches the nations in our Tennessee backyard. They have worked in the areas of education and food initiatives as they have grown over the past few years. Little did they know the world impact that they would have. Recently, I spoke with Melissa, the Executive Director. She shared that their education activities would have to take a back seat for the time being; however, their food needs had grown three to four times within a week. Most of their community served in the hospitality industry, so most were struggling to provide for their families with no end date in sight. Melissa and her team have always remained confident that God is ahead of the things that He has called us to do. A few weeks later, I hosted a call with Melissa to share about their international work, and she invited a few people to join us. In true Melissa form, she stepped out of the way and let the others share their stories. Each described The Branch of Nashville as being partners with them as they led ministries in their own communities. In many ways, it was by providing food resources to others. Food ministry never stopped and neither did the ripple effects of the ministry of partnering with others to impact each community. — Vicki Howell, Brentwood Community Missions Minister

TheBranchOfNashville.org angie@thebranchofnashville.org > WATCH VIDEO HERE

Harpeth Heights Campus Food Pantry

Avenue South Campus Food Pantry

Deaf Church Campus Food Pantry


AveSouthChurch.com mpage@avesouthchurch.com



bcorey@brentwoodbaptist.com H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



Child Vulnerabilities Front Porch Ministry Front Porch Ministry, located in the inner city of Nashville, is a ministry focused on loving neighbors well. They understand how impact begins with building relationships. In 2004, Thom and Michele Hazelip bought a home in the inner city of Nashville. They quickly opened their front porch and home to at risk kids in the neighborhood. They currently serve over 250 children and 23 mothers in the area by providing basic needs like snack bags and groceries. The Hazelips also care for their neighbors in relevant and tangible ways from tutoring and care to simply living life with people who are of multiple ethnicities and backgrounds. They are gospel-giving neighbors as they walk through trials and triumphs, and they’re known in the community for the way they care for others. Thom and Michele have dedicated their lives to investing in vulnerable children and single moms who are underserved and often forgotten. The Hazelips have been instrumental in being advocates and helping others to see children who are in need in the inner city of Nashville. — Susan Foster, Harpeth Heights Discipleship and Missions Minister

FrontPorch.House info@frontporch.house

Additional Ministries Serving in Child Vulnerabilities

Tennessee Alliance for Kids

Palmer Home PalmerHome.org

Bethany Christian Services






aslifer@bethany.org > WATCH VIDEO HERE

H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

Cayce Homes Over the past eighteen months, The Church at Lockeland Springs has developed a relationship with some of the residents at the James Cayce Homes housing complex. In the summer of 2019, the public bus route that ran from the housing complex to the local grocery markets was stopped. Budget cuts forced this particular route to go away. Many of the residents at James Cayce Homes utilized this route as their means of transportation to grab groceries. They no longer had easy access to fresh food. So, The Church at Lockeland Springs partnered with Cul2vate to begin to provide boxes of fresh vegetables to the folks at James Cayce Homes.   Throughout the past 18 months, we have continued to partner with Cul2vate, who generously donates dozens of boxes of vegetables every few weeks. We have been able to cultivate our relationships within the community of James Cayce Homes as well. The residents are beginning to ask when the fresh vegetables are coming back around. We have had a handful of the residents ask about joining us in worship on Sunday morning. God is working thru the generosity of Cul2vate and the servants of The Church at Lockeland Springs to break down cultural barriers and forge friendships. God is working in the hearts of the people who deliver the vegetables and in the recipients.  To learn more about serving in the Cayce Homes area or additional communities our campuses are connecting with, reach out to your campus representative for next steps. — Travis Simpson, Lockeland Springs Discipleship and Missions Minister

Hope’s Bridge

YL Programs


Young Life Capernaum

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home

Young Life Teen Parents




H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



International Communities


English as A Second Lanuage Last November, almost 70 people from 16 different nations gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving together. We celebrated God’s goodness and thanked him for His faithfulness to bring all of these people to our church to find community through learning English together. The spirit of unity in the room was so beautiful in light of the very different cultures that were coming together. In September 2017, The Church at Station Hill launched its first English language learning classes with only a small handful of students and teachers. We took our inspiration from the thriving program at The Church at Woodbine. Even though our city is not nearly as diverse as East Nashville, we believed that there were people here who needed to learn English, so we began to pray that God would send those people to us. He answered those prayers! By March 2020, we were meeting two days a week and were averaging around 30 students across the four leveled classes. Our volunteer base had expanded as God continued to send the teachers we needed. Students would spend the first hour and fifteen minutes in their individual class, followed by a short break before joining with all students for a 30-minute Bible/English lesson. Walking by during that time, you would hear voices repeating Bible verses and stories in their various accents, along with lots of laughter. The community was rich!    Due to COVID-19, our English classes were not able to resume in person this fall. But we are eagerly anticipating reopening in January. Would you join us in praying that we will be able to reopen and that our students will feel comfortable returning? Pray that God will send us the volunteers we need and that we will be able to pick up where we left off. Believing God for a restored international community in 2021!  — Leigh Ann Swords, Station Hill Missions Minister Learn more about how to get connected to ESL classes close to you, reach out to your campus missions’ representative for next steps.

Additional Ministries Serving in International Communities


PATH Project

Trek X








H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

Stonebrook Bible Study In 2016, two young men that were living in the Stonebrook apartment complex as missionaries saw a huge need for discipling the large group of refugee boys that they were getting to know in the complex. They started a weekly bible study with around 8 boys. Over the past four years, the Bible study has grown exponentially with an attendance that now averages 75-80 boys, girls, and families. The group has become a close family, experiencing everything from the joy of new life through baptism to the sorrow of tragic death. Many of these amazing young people have led the city in worship, preached at various local churches, started Bible studies at their schools, and led many to the Lord. It is obvious that the Lord is working in powerful ways among and through this group. When the gospel takes hold of people, it spreads throughout the community, transforming individuals and collectively transforming a city and beyond in the process. Our current needs: • Food for Wednesday nights  • Bibles (50 kids, 100 teen, and 100 adult)  • Music and sound equipment (amplifiers, microphones, lighting)  • Funding for special events, retreats, etc. • Committed people to help with discipleship groups To get involved with this ministry or help to provide a meal, reach out the Brentwood Missions Department at vhowell@brentwoodbaptist.com.

The Branch of Nashville

Siloam Health

Barefoot Republic










What are Mercy Ministries? So much of what Jesus did in the Gospels was related to helping people in need through word and deeds. There are a few times when Jesus only met a physical need with no verbal witness and a few instances where He only provided a verbal witness. Many more times Jesus met physical needs and proclaimed the truth of the gospel together. Mercy Ministries show compassionate actions that ultimately reveal God’s grace and mercy. Additionally, they enable God’s people to share the gospel while showing compassion for those in need and suffering (Matthew 25:35-36). More than a “program,” Mercy Ministries are a conscious effort to be in relationship with hurting people, seeking to alleviate their suffering while leading them into holistic discipleship. They are organic and more active than passive. The main steps through Mercy Ministries is to identify key areas of neglect, abuse, and injustice in our community, while extending the love of Christ. Whether it is conducting medical and dental clinics, caring for orphans and the homeless population, or addressing the crisis of hunger, we want to help individuals and our campuses engage effectively, reaching people in need with practical help and the hope of the gospel.

Medical Dental Unit The Medical Dental Unit (MDU) is a ministry extension of Brentwood Baptist Church that began in 2013. It is a mobile unit customized to provide free, limited medical and dental care to those in need. The purpose of the MDU is based on Luke 9:6— Jesus sent the disciples out from “village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere.” The MDU partners with local churches to share Jesus while meeting physical needs in the community.  The ministry depends fully on volunteers and has ongoing outreaches with partnering churches. VOLUNTEER NEEDS:   DENTAL Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants  MEDICAL Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses  OTHER Evangelism, Registration & Others

MedicalDentalUnit.com Volunteer@MedicalDentalUnit.com   The Medical Dental Unit headed back out in September after a brief pause due to COVID-19.  Even with social distancing, masks, and modified outreaches, God is at work through this ministry. The dental needs in our community continue to be significant, and providing free dental extractions is a way to bless people. One woman was on antibiotics for two months for an infected tooth but didn’t have money to go to the dentist, so MDU was able to assist her. But our ministry is much greater than meeting healthcare needs, and the focus continues to be on gospel conversations and partnerships with local churches. Of the 13 patients that were served at the MDU Outreach at Hillcrest Baptist Church, five of those were men that connected with the pastor. Each of these men had different backgrounds and all expressed interest in coming to church or talking more with the pastor. The kingdom impact continues after that day. — Amy Fairchild, Medical Dental Unit Coordinator


H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

Disaster Response

Foster & Adoption Ministry (FAM)

Disaster Response (DR) serves people when they are in great need. Their lives are upside down; they are overwhelmed by what has happened to them; they do not know what their next step should be, and often do not have food, water, or shelter.

FAM works with a number of organizations and situations. With a heart and calling to care for the orphan, we recognize the power of loving the whole family well in the midst of trying circumstances. Through FAM, opportunities range from bringing a child into your home for a period of time or becoming a forever family to providing support for someone trying to get back on their feet for their family. Walking with people in and through various stages of trauma physically, emotionally, and spiritually is a gift.

This year alone, our Disaster Response team has responded to needs in Middle Tennessee, Louisiana, and the Caribbean. Some of the activities we have participated in are cutting trees, tarping roofs, repairing damaged houses, and replacing a water system in a village. Our chainsaw teams alone have provided over $500,000.00 in free tree cutting services in 2020.     After hurricane Laura, Southern Baptist DR teams (including Brentwood Baptist) helped hundreds of families with food, water, electricity, and tree cutting services. We had countless opportunities for gospel conversations with people affected by the hurricane, and several dozen people came to know Christ as their personal savior through these efforts.    — Garry Maddox, Operations Manager of Medical Dental Unit and Disaster Relief

There are many ways to serve through this ministry and care for vulnerable children and families. You don’t have to know all of the answers or even know for sure where to start. As the body of Christ responds with love and care, doors open to healing in places where trauma usually takes up a lot of space in the life of many. Reach out to the missions’ representative at your campus to get connected.


H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



Special Needs Ministry The Embrace Special Needs Ministry of Brentwood Baptist

What are CampusOwned Ministries? Although there is much to do and many opportunities that extend beyond the walls of our campuses, there are many life changing ministries that start only feet from the front door of our campuses. We are proud of the ministries that are operated and owned by Brentwood Baptist.

Church exists to create a safe and secure environment as we meet the unique needs of individuals and families impacted by disability, leading them to know Jesus, His love, and His purpose for them as they live on mission with Him. God has been faithful to provide us the opportunity to serve this incredible population of folks in our church and in our Middle Tennessee community. Our continued prayer is that every single individual and family that comes our way will immediately know they are valued, seen, and have a place to belong here. In addition to serving with our Preschool, Children’s, Student, and Adult ministries here at Brentwood Baptist, we also have the privilege to partner with other local organizations in our community that work with those individuals and families impacted by disability. Young Life Capernaum is one example of this kind of partnership we are honored to have as such an important and valued part of our Special Needs Ministry. — Tiffany McCullough, Special Needs Minister

Brentwood.Church tmccullough@brentwoodbaptist.com

Young Life Capernaum (YLC) is a branch of the global ministry of Young Life that seeks to build meaningful relationships with teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities, introduce them to Jesus Christ, and help them walk in their faith. YLC volunteer leaders meet teens with disabilities where they are and build friendships with them in hopes that they could share about the love Jesus has for them! Through Club, our large group gatherings, we invite our friends into a shared meal, fun, laughter and to hear more about who God is. In Campaigners, our small group bible studies, we dive deeper into what God says is true about us and how to live out our faith. At YL Camps, we have a blast, let kids be kids, and build lasting friendships. We share the Gospel of Jesus with them in a real and personal way, thus inviting them into an adventure of a lifetime! YLC is in multiple countries across the world and impacts thousands of kids and families here in the United States, and over 45 families right here in Williamson County!

Young Life Capernaum wilcoylcapernaum@gmail.com


H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

Deaf Church How might a hearing person serve the Deaf community this holiday season? There are several powerful ways to lift and empower people who are Deaf. For years, we have offered a Wednesday tutorial and Bible study program. We transport Deaf students from Hillsboro High, West End Middle, and Eakin Elementary Schools. We provide supper and usually send home groceries from our food pantry on a monthly basis. For many, this is the only time they are in church. During the summer, we provide Camp SummerSign and reach Deaf children/youth who live within the eight surrounding counties. Many of these children learn about Jesus for the first time through our camps. Might your LIFE Group stock the Deaf Church food pantry once a year? We work closely with the Tennessee School for the Deaf Nashville campus. They have approximately 18 young Deaf students (ages 3-8). Pastor Aric and wife, Allison, volunteer there! Our very own Lori Reed fills up her trunk and delivers food to several of her Deaf students’ families in the Nashville area. We provide large food boxes for their students and families. Raja O’Brien, along with the Moench Baptist Women Group, kicked off a monthly food drive on the third Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. (Deaf Church office area). You pull up with groceries in your trunk, and our staff unload those items. If you are interested in this project, please contact Raja at  rajaobrien@aol.com. Another way to make a difference within the Deaf community is to become a legislative advocate on language acquisition and help us fight the long history of language deprivation. Call your Tennessee representatives and encourage them to consider funding the 2019 one-year “pilot” SKI HI Deaf Mentorship Program again this coming year. The Ferrells, Deaf Church staff, and Camp SummerSign campers/staff began this journey in 2016. In July of 2019, we witnessed Governor Lee’s signing of SB 310 and HB 0567 bills into law. Charlee (Deaf) and Logan attended Camp SummerSign MiNi that summer, and they were one of ten families to benefit from the new program that fall.  Sydnee, our administrative assistant, was also trained to be a Deaf Mentor and began working with the Ferrells weekly in their home. God is at work in Middle Tennessee within the Deaf Community. Please click here to view the newest short film featuring a family with a Deaf child within our community. Learn how this hearing couple decided to adapt their hearing ways to meet the needs of their Deaf daughter. You can also listen to Carlitos and Amelia’s story.


Additional Ministries





— Beryl Corey, Brentwood Deaf Church Member Care Minister H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



London Mission Journey For several years now, we have been talking with Christ Central Church in Red Hill, England. They have a desire to reach their community with the gospel and also want to plant a church in the area of Gatwick. In 2018, they held a Christmas service in a rented hall and 300 people from the community came. They wanted to repeat the caroling service and do another Christmas service in December 2019. So, a brave team of 14 people from Brentwood left Nashville on December 9, to host and sing at a community Christmas service in England. There were many firsts for the team. We sang in the cold, the wet, and in the open air. We even were able to hold down the tent we were singing under during a sudden storm and continue singing. It was an incredible week, where we were able to share the gospel and help and encourage our sister church and two Global Workers. Christ Central Church has asked us to come back in December 2020. We are planning another journey to go and share the good news that Jesus came and dwells among us. — Sharon Fairchild, Mission Journey Minister

Testimonies Brentwood’s partnership with Christ-Central has been a tremendous encouragement to the members of ChristCentral. Members of Christ-Central are amazed that their   sisters and brothers from Tennessee would take their vacation time to come to serve them and the kingdom of God in England. The BBC team went caroling during   a winter storm in Horley, a small town in which we were     hoping to start a new site. We now have a thriving Christ Central site in Horley with a voice and good relationships in the community. We believe the BBC played a significant role in kickstarting our presence in Horley.   Christ Central Church, Red Hill, London, England


H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0

“BBC had a wonderful gospel opportunity to minister alongside Christ Central Church in Red Hill England. Christ Central is passionate about reaching their community for Christ. We had the opportunity to walk alongside our sister church and get involved in many gospel presentations in the communities. Through the music/worship ministry, many gospel conversations took place. We were able to witness the power of the Word through music. We saw that you can reach anyone, anywhere, with the good news of salvation. Thank you, BBC, for providing this type of ministry service for volunteers to be actively involved in reaching others.    Dr. Thomas F. McMinn, Jr., ACC, MCCC  Christian Life/Career Coach

Mission Journeys During COVID-19 We believe that being on mission is not a place but a lifestyle of every follower of Jesus. During this season of restricted travel, we have been able to focus not only on needs in our community but to our many partners around the world. Brentwood has been able to help our partners with food and basic needs in North and South India, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, Belize, Guatemala, Nepal, Vietnam, Connecticut, Chicago, and Alaska.   At home, we have purchased safety equipment for our first responders, meals for health care workers, and our local police department. We have helped four of our “displaced” missionaries’  families as they have had difficulties getting back to their homes.  We have given funds for food pantries to bless their communities, supported food programs that feed children, made food boxes, and supported ministries that deal with food insecurities.

I’m ready to go on mission!

H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0



2020 Long-Term Global Workers By Region WAYS 1. PRAY FOR WISDOM 2. PRAY FOR STRENGTH TO PRAY

Pray for our mission efforts and partnership here and around the world. Our partners/workers need God’s guidance.

Our partners/workers need God’s sustenance.



Jason & Jennifer Miette Robby David & Laura Kelly & Janice + 2 children Forrest Stephen & Tricia + 3 children Henk & Annie + 1 child Coby & Bailey + 1 child

Nelson & Sophie Kyla Bereket & Becca + 1 child Daniel & Sandra + 3 children Samuel & Shadai + 2 children Cameron & Meghann + 2 children Chris & Jenny + 4 children Mark & Vesta Daniel & Stephanie + 2 children

ORGANIZATIONS AROUND THE WORLD Southern Baptist Convention Partners: • International Mission Board (IMB) imb.org • Baptist Global Response (BGR) gobgr.org • North American Mission Board (NAMB) namb.net Shalom Foundation | Guatemala Living Hope | South Africa Messianic Congregations | Israel Transformation Nepal | Nepal Bangalore Baptist Hospital | India University Institute | India New Hope Trauma Healing | England DeafGo Bible and Deaf Theological Center | Middle Tennessee Multiple Local Partners | Middle Tennessee Mission Increase Foundation | Middle Tennessee Sweet Sleep | Africa Freedom’s Promise | Southeast Asia For All Mankind Movements | South Asia Hope For Tomorrow Orphanage | Guatemala The Pointe Church | Vancouver Reborn Community Church | Chicago Mountain Calling | Southeast Asia Simon House | South Asia

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Steve & Amy + 2 children Danielle Dustin & Carolyn + 1 child Bryan & Wendy + 3 children Winston & Emmy + 1 child

START THE CONVERSATION: missions@brentwoodbaptist.com

About 40 singles, couples, or families from our church body make up our global worker force. They ask you to pray for their neighbors and friends to know Christ, and for churches to be planted where they live, work, and play. They, like you, once considered for the first time the desperate need for Jesus around the world, and the lost who are dying without hope in so many cultures. Are you willing to consider planting your life among the lost in a new place for the sake of bringing the gospel to someone who may never hear?


Go for a summer, a year, or longer! H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0




Our partners/workers need God’s supply.

Our partners/workers need God’s people to work together.

Our partners/workers need God’s Spirit to break through strongholds.


EAST ASIA Steve & Joy + 2 children Brandon & Katie


SOUTH ASIA Thom & Linda + 1 child

Coulson & May + 2 children Nick & Lilian Keegan & Carla + 1 child Kevin Aaron & Misty + 2 children Stephen & Kaori

Represents a single, couple, or family living and working in a location that requires extra security, so names cannot be used.

Global workers are our friends and family, sent out from us, who need our prayer support, care, and financial gifts to keep them serving in over 25 countries around the world. They are spouses, parents, siblings, evangelists, church planters, Bible translators, communication specialists, children’s workers, pastors, community development specialists, counselors, professors, digital media creators, health care workers, apologists, and more as they seek opportunities constantly to share the gospel and disciple others.

H O L I D AY S E R V I C E G U I D E 2 0 2 0


TYPES OF BOXES: Food School Supplies Winter Items Hygiene Items


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