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Construction is currently underway on the Duncan Bell Tower at the entry to the upper school building with completion scheduled before the start of school in August. The Tower, a gift to the school from the alumni of Duncan School, will feature plaques bearing the history of Duncan School, the relationship between Duncan and Brentwood Academy and the names of the Tower donors. Along with the Duncan Bell Tower, a renovation project to the façade facing Granny White Pike will also be completed. An enhanced roof line and redesigned parking area are a part of this project. The new roof line will match those on the middle school, fine arts and athletic buildings. The addition will also include approximately 1000 square feet of administrative office space. These projects have been made possible by several donors who wished to see these changes made and were generous to support the projects.

On the cover: At the March, 2009 Youth Legislature Convention, BA rising senior Ryan Ray is being sworn in as the 2010 Governor. Ray is the eighth BA student to serve as governor in the history of the Youth Leg program. Brentwood Academy is a co-educational, independent, college preparatory school dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – to the glory of God. The Triangle is published by Brentwood Academy. Editor - Leah Hoskins Design - Ann Hotchkiss Photography - Barry Robbins, Gale Payne, Sandy Slinkard, Hal Henninger and Leah Hoskins #SFOUXPPE"DBEFNZt(SBOOZ8IJUF1JLFt#SFOUXPPE 5/ tXXXCSFOUXPPEBDBEFNZDPN


Duncan alumni gathered on the BA campus on May 28 to break ground for the Duncan Bell Tower. Pictured left to right are Headmaster Emeritus Bill Brown, John VanNess ‘50, Joe Price ‘50, Fred Beesley ‘54, Bob Campbell ‘47, Fred Perryman  ‘50, Allen Williams ‘52, Walter Elliott ‘55, Fred Cassetty ‘55, John Upham ‘38 and BA headmaster Curt Masters.

Growing Up in Dutch New Guinea By Curt Masters, Headmaster I was born in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, where my American parents were attending Prairie Bible Institute after having finished college in the states, to prepare for mission work. There they heard a missions speaker named Ebenezer Vine share the need for those who would respond to God’s call to go and share the gospel message to those in places so remote that they had never heard the good news of salvation through faith in Christ, and particularly in a new outreach in the mountainous and remote interior of Dutch New Guinea. The name of his mission organization that they eventually joined, fittingly enough, was Regions Beyond Missionary Union, evoking the powerful words of II Corinthians 10:16, and that old hymn written by Albert and Margaret Simpson in 1904: “To the regions beyond I must go, I must go Where the story has never been told; To the millions that never have heard of his love I must tell the sweet story of old.” My parents’ decision to respond to God’s call to the mission field led them to Dutch New Guinea (the big island north of Australia, which would later be called Irian Jaya, Indonesia) to work with stone-age tribes-people in the interior highlands. My parents learned the local language at an already established mission station, and then my father walked into a new area to open a new station located about seven days’ difficult trekking from the nearest airstrip.

The idea of building a mission station may sound simple. But it involved choosing a site near villages that would allow an airplane to land, learning a language among people who regarded strangers as enemies, finding a way to purchase enough land to build an airstrip in the open area between the five villages, and then actually building a landing strip by hand, before finally bringing in the rest of the family by small airplane months later. Large boulders in the path of the runway had to be heated with fire and then cracked with water carried from a nearby river. Food, wheelbarrows, the generator, and other supplies were dropped from the air. Sometimes the force of landing after being pushed out the door of the flying airplane caused complications. Wheelbarrows in particular seemed to lack impact resistance. I remember, among other stories my dad told, that at some point they decided to eat dinner after dark so they would not have to take so long to pick all the bugs out of the rice flown in from the coastal area. When the airstrip was finally built, we flew in to join my father. It was not until years later that we learned that the local leaders had planned to kill all of us when we got off of the airplane. But when one of the chiefs saw my mother’s red dress, he took it as a sign of blood and a bad omen, so he and others stopped the plan to shoot all of us. (I am confident that God could have used a blue dress just as well to move the chiefs from their plan, but it seems safe to say, “Good choice, Mom!”) Our home was simple, with dirt floors and pole walls covered with burlap bags, thatched roof and outer walls, a wood stove, and an outhouse. We had running water after my dad found a spring up the side of the hill (that he fenced off to keep pigs out) from which he then ran a water line to a barrel on the side of our house. The first one awake (well, strictly speaking, the first one out of bed) each morning lit the fire, naturally, and I love the picture I saw often of my mom and dad sitting by the fire with their Bibles open on their laps, reaching forward every now and then to stoke the growing blaze in the wood stove. Eventually my dad built a house out of sawn lumber. He had the

Phil Masters (Curt’s father) with Rob, Becky, Chrissie, and Curt at their mission station at Koropun, in the highlands of Irian Jay (formerly Dutch New Guinea).

Looking down at the airstrip from a nearby village.

sawmill engine flown in, and built the mill and the house from scratch, with local help in felling trees and dropping them to the base of one of the many cliffs surrounding our valley, where he cut boards that became our floors and walls. One addition to the new house was a tin roof and actual glass windows (the small luxuries that we take for granted.) If you have not fallen asleep to the sound of rain on a tin roof, I will just say that it ranks right up there with the comfortable snap, hiss and pop of a wood fire.

On scheduled trips, Mission Aviation Fellowship planes would stop by every week or two to bring in a mailbag and supplies from the coast. Sometimes what we ordered from the coast was out of stock and we got replacements. So it was that our ordered assortment of Knorr dried soups showed up as a large case of pea soup (no longer a favorite of mine), and our order of assorted Kraft canned cheese came in as a case of caraway seed cheese (an acquired taste that I enjoy much more now than I did then). Our contact with the outside world was rare enough

that we treasured letters, and the packages that held delicacies from “the states� were ceremonially PQFOFE/FXCPPLTXFSF devoured immediately, while news magazines and candy were strictly rationed to last as long as we could drag them out (three M&Ms for you, and three for me).

One feature of choosing to build our house on land located between the surrounding villages right near the airstrip (also happily situated so as not to be “for� one village or “against� another) became clear quite TPPO8IFSFXPVMEEJTQVUFTCFUXFFOWJMMBHFTJOUIBUWBMMFZCF settled? On neutral territory, obviously! So our front yard was occasionally the setting for loud exchanges that led to arrows being fired back and forth. (All men over the age of puberty carried bows and arrows everywhere they went, with most of the arrows designed for people, and perhaps a few pig or bird arrows.) One of the great injustices of life, or so it seemed at the time, was that when the fighting was going on while we lived in the house with the grass roof, Dad made us kids get under the folding metal table as the arrows were being launched into the air around us (not at us, but in our “yard�), while he

Chrissie’s birthday party on the verandah at Karubaga.

JOUIFEJFUDPNQPTFEQSJNBSJMZPGTXFFUQPUBUPFT5IFOUIFZ bought back the produce for salt or other trade goods, and shipped the vegetables to the coast, where the land did not support gardens as well. Fourth, and most importantly, they began to gain the trust and understanding of the people well enough that they could share the hope that they found in knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior, translating and teaching Bible passages and truth.

Phyliss and Phil and family after his return from a trek into the new mission site at Koropun. (Becky was not sure about the guy with the beard!)

got to stand in the doorway and watch! At least once a chief named Momas (we called him Superman because he was so big and strong) stopped my father from intervening, moved him bodily back to our doorway and said, “You don’t bother us, and we won’t bother you!â€? Another vivid memory involving Momas began in the early predawn light, when a woman burst into our house, gasping and crying, and found her way under my older sister Crissie’s bed. Momas slammed the door open shortly after her, followed the sounds she was making, reached under the bed and dragged the woman outside. He then yelled at her briefly (something like “Don’t you EVER‌) and shot her twice in her hand, and three times in her thigh. She was one of his wives, and she had done something to upset him enough that he shot her, but not to wound her seriously. In that culture, women were treated as property, with roughly the value of one of the QJHT:FBSTMBUFS XIFO*SFUVSOFEJOUPUIFWBMMFZ *TBX that woman still alive and well, with the three scars on her thigh and the two on her hand. As a brief aside, let me mention that Dad was offered several pigs for my older sister when we arrived, perhaps as a gesture of good will once they decided that we were not going to be killed. Although I can joke now about how I thought, “SELL!â€? in fact it was more than a little scary to contemplate such transactions as a second grader. After learning the language well, my parents began to have an impact in at least four areas. First, they were teaching any who would come to “schoolâ€? how to read and write their own language (first put into writing by my parents). Second, they treated sickness and injuries with antibiotics, dressing changes, BOETVDIGJSTUBJEBTUIFZDPVMEBQQMZ5IFZUSFBUFECVSOT from kids rolling into the fire in the middle of their hut in their sleep, toothaches that required a tooth to be pulled without anesthetic, arrow wounds, cuts, worms and parasites and many other ailments, sometimes with advice from a doctor over the radio, and rarely with a doctor flying in or a patient being GMPXOPVUUPHFUIFMQ5IJSE UIFZHBWFPVUTFFETMJCFSBMMZBOE without charge, to try to provide more nutrition to supplement the common problem of malnutrition and a lack of vitamins

Little by little, people began to believe in Christ, and to trust Him for forgiveness for their sins and for freedom from fear. 8IJMFUIFOPUJPOPGUIFiOPCMFTBWBHFwNBZTFFNBQQFBMJOH  the reality is that whatever the veneer of culture, civilization and sophistication surrounding people, each of us has a need for forgiveness and for a personal relationship with God that can come only through faith in Christ. And in the customs and realities of life in those tribes, fear of each other and the constant warring, fear of the spirits that mysteriously controlled massive earthquakes, frequent landslides, and the torrential rainfall that could wipe out the food supply, fear of the traditions that treated women as property and strangers as enemies, and fear of the unknown all kept people enslaved to fear. So the message of hope and a loving God brought with it a freedom from fear and forgiveness from the sin that binds each of us. As some began to respond, they brought others to hear the message of the gospel as well. &BSMZJONZTFWFOUIHSBEFTDIPPMZFBS 4FQUFNCFS  NZ father and another missionary, Stan Dale, made a trip by foot GSPNPVSNJTTJPOTUBUJPOUP/JOJB UIF%BMFTTUBUJPO UPGJOE BQMBDFUPCVJMEBOPUIFSBJSTUSJQ8JUIQFPQMFSFTQPOEJOHUP the gospel close to our stations, a new airstrip would make it easier to spread the message of hope in the rough territory that took seven days of hard walking to traverse. On that trip my father and Stan Dale, along with several native men, were shot BOELJMMFECZQFPQMFGSPNUIF4FOH7BMMFZ8IFOUIFZEJEOPU check in by radio as scheduled, we did not know what had happened, but eventually a few men who had been with them found their way to another mission station where they told how the men had been followed by a large group of men, then BUUBDLFEBOELJMMFE5IFQFPQMFPGUIBUWBMMFZXFSFEFUFSNJOFE that they would not allow outsiders to influence their ancestor and spirit worship, and this clearly seemed a setback to the work that God had called my parents to do. I am reminded again of a later verse of that same song: i5PUIFIBSEFTUPGQMBDFT)FDBMMTNFUPHP /FWFSUIJOLJOHPGDPNGPSUPSFBTF 5IFXPSMENBZQSPOPVODFNFBESFBNFS BGPPM Enough if the Master I please. 5PUIFSFHJPOTCFZPOE *NVTUHP *NVTUHP 5JMMUIFXPSME BMMUIFXPSME His salvation shall know.� 8FDBOOPUBMXBZTTFFUIFGSVJUTPGPVSFGGPSUTJOUIFTIPSU term, and the measures of success that God uses are eternal, not temporal. One thing is certainly clear - God is a master at turning defeat into victory, and God used a plane crash and the survival of one nine-year-old boy in that same valley months later to open the hearts of those same people whose hearts had been hardened. Although there is certainly still spiritual warfare going on in that area, I have had the rare privilege of meeting one of the men who helped kill my father, who is now a pastor carrying that message of forgiveness and hope on to others.

I am reminded of Joseph’s comment to his brothers when IFTBJEJO(FOFTJT  “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good...�

“Philip Bible School� in Koropun, which was built after Phil Masters death.

8IFO*SFUVSOFEUP,PSPQVO  our mission station, in GPSBUIBOOJWFSTBSZ memorial service for my GBUIFS *XBTZFBSTPME  the same age that my father had been when he was killed. An old man came up to me and said, with his gnarled hand on my nose, “You have the face of your father!â€? Of course that was an emotional time, but I think of the spiritual parallels there, as our relationship with Christ continues to mature and we see His likeness in those who grow in Him. And it was in that way that I saw the face of their Father in those spiritual leaders who had come to know Christ personally because Phil and Phyliss Masters introduced them to the message of hope and forgiveness through faith in Him. After Dad was killed, my mother decided, after much prayer and discussion, to stay on the mission field. She was three months pregnant at the time, and although she faced many difficult questions about her direction and purpose and provision, God used her scripture memory to keep speaking to her. (One especially difficult thought was the idea that the people, who were cannibals, had eaten the bodies of the men they had killed. Early on we were told that they had been afraid to eat the bodies, and had been talked out of doing that, but later when the people were more comfortable sharing what had happened we found out that the men’s bodies had been eaten.) For about a year and a half she had been “hiding God’s words in her heart,â€? memorizing a verse each day so that she had a treasure of truth that God kept bringing to her mind when she felt overwhelmed or discouraged. God SFNJOEFEIFSPG-VLF GPSFYBNQMF XIJDITBZT i#FOPU afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.â€? Another verse that was a great comfort was *TBJBI XIFSF(PEQSPNJTFT i8IFOZPVQBTTUISPVHI UIFXBUFST *XJMMCFXJUIZPVBOEUISPVHIUIFSJWFST UIFZ shall not overflow you: when you walk through the fire, you TIBMMOPUCFCVSOFEOFJUIFS shall the flame kindle upon ZPVw8FXFSFBOEBSFTP grateful for the way God used many people’s faithful and sacrificial support to enable Mom to carry on her work as a missionary. An essential part of this included making it possible for her to pay the tuition for all of us kids to go to an “mkâ€? (missionary kid) school, which is one reason

why I have such an appreciation for the sacrifices that many supporters of our school make to allow Brentwood Academy to provide need-based financial aid.

Again, at first blush this may seem like a natural decision, but it was my father who was the ordained minister and the one who had done most of the public speaking. But when we returned to the states for furlough two years after Dad had been killed, God gave her a confidence and a personal testimony of His faithfulness that opened doors to ministry in ways that she had never anticipated. She returned to the mission field until she retired, and all of her five children graduated from high school overseas before returning UPUIFTUBUFTGPSDPMMFHF5PUIJT day, although she has retired from the “field,� she still speaks at missions conferences and churches, shares with women about serving the Lord as a single woman, or being a single mom, or following God’s calling and trusting Him whatever the circumstances. She is especially fervent in her ability to encourage Bible memory, as God used that commitment so strongly in her own life. As I reflect on how God has provided for all of us, it seems important to note that although God does promise a special reward for those who die for their faith, and that He will provide for those who lose loved ones for Christ, neither my father nor my mother chose this path of my father being killed. In fact, few if any of us will have much say in how or when we XJMMEJF5IFDIPJDFXFEPIBWF BOEUIFDIPJDFNZQBSFOUTEJE NBLF JTIPXXFXJMMMJWF8JMMXFSFTQPOEUPUIFDBMMUPTFSWF (PEXIFSFWFS)FQMBDFTVT XIBUFWFSUIFDPTU 5IFSFBTPO that I appreciate my parents so much has nothing to do with what they could not control and would not have chosen, but rather with what they did choose to do with the opportunities God gave them, and the choice they made to spend their lives to share their hope in Christ with others. May we have the boldness to do the same! (If you want to hear my mom, Phyliss Masters, sharing her thoughts during a Brentwood Academy chapel, you can find the link at www.BrentwoodAcademy. com by clicking on the “Streaming Media� link in the middle of the page, then choosing “Special Guest Speakers� on the next page, followed by clicking on “Phyliss Masters.�)

Phyliss with Crissie, Rob, Curt and Becky and holding Timothy Philip, born six months after Phil’s death.

Editor’s note: Additional parts of the above story may be read in Lords of the Earth by Don Richardson and in To Perish For Their Saving by Helen Manning.


Learning Center Director Troy Putney and a student work with visual puzzles.

By Peggy Peden, Faculty Member On most any school day you can find Brentwood Academy students in the new weight training room working on improving their strength and skills. Some very important training is going POFMTFXIFSFJOUIFTDIPPMBTXFMM5SPZ1VUOFZDPNQBSFTIJT work in helping students change how they learn to perform physical workouts. i8FSFUSZJOHUPBDUJWBUFUIFGSPOUBMDPSUFYPGUIFCSBJO w 1VUOFZTBJE5IFGSPOUBMDPSUFYJTUIFBSFBPGUIFCSBJOUIBU enables humans’ higher order thinking. “It sets us apart from the animals. Students who struggle are often not using mental WJTVBMJ[BUJPOTLJMMT XIJDIBDUJWBUFUIFGSPOUBMDPSUFY5IFZUFOE to be auditory processors.� Putney, BA’s Learning Center Director, works with BA faculty Amy Shavers, Chandler Ganick ’BOE+FOOJGFS1PUUFS5IFZ typically work with about thirty students for six months to a year. Students are usually referred by teachers to receive tutoring and other academic help. Helping students to use the frontal cortex of their brains is an important element of that help. Putney explained that learning styles are habits, and some students’ learning habits are less than effective. “It’s like trying to lift a barbell with your pinky. :PVSFOPUVTJOHUIFTUSPOHFTUQBSUPGUIFCPEZ5IFTFTUVEFOUT IBWFBCJDFQUIFZSFKVTUOPUVTJOHJUw Putney has found that students who are struggling may be

frustrated because they spend a lot of time studying with EJTBQQPJOUJOHSFTVMUTi5IFZNBZCFUSZJOHUPTBZ<XIBUUIFZSF trying to learn] to themselves over and over again.â&#x20AC;? Students who learn effectively â&#x20AC;&#x153;donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even think about what theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re doing.â&#x20AC;? Even when they are listening to lectures, processing incoming auditory information, â&#x20AC;&#x153;students who get it are transferring it to mental pictures. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not doing that, the information can be very confusing.â&#x20AC;? As a student begins to develop the habit of learning visually, 1VUOFZTBJE i*IBWFUPHJWFIJNUIFQJDUVSF8IBU*XBOUJTGPS him to make his own picture.â&#x20AC;? One exercise that helps to develop the habit of visualization calls for students to draw pictures that help them make a connection to the information theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re learning, and its effectiveness isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t limited to struggling students. After hearing Putneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presentation at a statewide private school teachersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; conference, one BA teacher introduced this into her Honors English classes. Students draw pictures beside the words in UIFJSWPDBCVMBSZXPSLCPPLT5IFQJDUVSFTDBOCFGVOOZPS SFQSFTFOUBUJWFUIFZKVTUIBWFUPIFMQUIFTUVEFOUTNBLFB connection between the word and its meaning. On the Learning Center wall is a drawing illustrating the OBNFTPGBMMUIF1SFTJEFOUTPGUIF6OJUFE4UBUFT5IFJNBHFT depict the presidents in order, and each picture flows to the OFYU8BTIJOHUPOJTSFQSFTFOUFECZTPNFPOFXBTIJOHBUPO

of clothes, and that image is followed by a character with a large Adamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s apple. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Students who learn this can name the presidents in any order, forward or backward,â&#x20AC;? Shavers said. 5IFDPODFQUJTCBDLFEVQCZTDJFODF#SBJOTDBOTTIPX increased blood flow in active areas of the brain. If study subjects are primarily auditory learners, the auditory centers of UIFCSBJOXJMMMJHIUVQi5IFZSFVTJOHUIFJSCSBJOTEJGGFSFOUMZ w Putney said. Some of these differences are the result of the childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s EFWFMPQNFOUBMTUBHFXIFOIFCFHBOUPMFBSOUPSFBEi5IFZSF TPNFXIBUEFQFOEFOUPOFZFTLJMMT8FBMMGPSNMFBSOJOH IBCJUT w1VUOFZTBJE iBOEUIPTFIBCJUTDBOCFDIBOHFEw5IF brain, he said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;sees something, sorts it out, tries to find the pattern.â&#x20AC;? Putney and the Learning Center staff try to give BA studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; brains more efficient ways to find the patterns. "NZ4IBWFSTTBJEJUTQPTTJCMFUPTFFKVNQTPGUPQPJOUT POBQPJOUSFBEJOHDPNQSFIFOTJPOTDBMF4IFNFOUJPOFE POFDVSSFOUTUVEFOUXIPIBETFFOBOJODSFBTFPGXPSET per minute in reading speed since December of this year. i5IFZEPOUBMXBZTSFDPHOJ[FXIZ wTIFTBJE iCVUUIFZLOPX something has changed.â&#x20AC;? Shavers said that math, especially geometry, is particularly impacted by visualization, by â&#x20AC;&#x153;being able to see the shapes in your head.â&#x20AC;? Math teacher Randy Johnson emailed a dramatic math success story. One studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BWFSBHFXFOUGSPNUP iBOEDMJNCJOHwBGUFS work in the Learning Center.

Robbins traveled to Michigan with Ray Mullican â&#x20AC;&#x2122;BOE$VSU Masters to meet with Dr. Steven Ingersoll, an optometrist BOE$IJFG"ENJOJTUSBUJWF0GGJDFSPG(SBOE5SBWFSTF"DBEFNZ Ingersoll is a leader in visualization therapy, and within a three ZFBSQFSJPE(SBOE5SBWFSTF"DBEFNZ BDIBSUFSTDIPPM XFOU from having the lowest performing student population of any TDIPPMJOJUTEJTUSJDUXJUIPGJUTTUVEFOUTPO3JUBMJOUPCFJOH the highest performing school with only one percent on Ritalin. 8IJMFNVDIBUUFOUJPOIBTCFFOGPDVTFEPOEJGGFSFODFTJO learning styles, Ingersoll, according to Robbins, feels that â&#x20AC;&#x153;we all have the capacity to be visual learners, and visual learners tend to be the most successful.â&#x20AC;? Robbins found insight into his own daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reading difficulties. Hannah could recognize and understand words, but she had trouble remembering what she had read and comprehending the ideas. Robbins began asking her the questions Ingersoll asked and found that his daughter looked BUPOFXPSEBUBUJNF8IFOTIFUSJFEUPTFFNPSFBUPODF TIF told him that it hurt her eyes. He discovered how little Hannah was using her abilities to imagine, even to see.

5IJTPGUFOIBQQFOT 3PCCJOTTBJE XIFOTUVEFOUTMFBSOUP read before they have the visual skills to see a XIPMFXPSE8IFOUIFZSF taught to sound out the word, that forces them into auditory learning rather than associating words and phrases with pictures, and that leads them to build habits that avoid visual learning. For many of these children, life is â&#x20AC;&#x153;like looking at the world through a rolled up newspaper,â&#x20AC;? Robbins said. Robbins noticed that Hannah even wore her hair so that it fell over one eye because her eyes didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work well together. Can you name the presidents?

Several games and activities are used in the Center. A favorite with students, Visualize Math, features a penguin hosting JODSFBTJOHMZDIBMMFOHJOHTLJMMTUFTUT"OPUIFSJT5JD5BD5PF without a board. Students must visualize the board and moves in space, using numbers to designate the squares. Putney was not an easy convert, but heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s convinced now. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seen the process work. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I started out very skeptical,â&#x20AC;? he said. 5IFQSPCMFNPGMBDLPGWJTVBMJ[BUJPOiJTNVDINPSFQFSWBTJWF than I would have thought. Students are putting in a lot more effort than they have to. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a hundred percent believer now. I see <UIFJNQSPWFNFOU>TPDPOTJTUFOUMZJOUIFTUVEFOUTXFXPSLXJUIw 5IF&TUBUFPG4BSB.D$VMMPVHIQSPWJEFEUIFTUBSUVQGVOEJOH necessary to launch this new program.

BA Latin and Greek teacher Barry Robbins has a dual perspective on the process. He sees the impact on his students, and he credits visualization techniques with changing his daughter Hannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s academic interests as well as her QFSGPSNBODF)BOOBIJTB#"HSBEVBUF

8IFO3PCCJOTUPPL)BOOBIUPB4IFMCZWJMMFEPDUPSGPSWJTJPO therapy, they met Amy Shavers, a therapist in that office. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t long before Shavers joined the BA faculty. It also wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t long before Hannah became an avid reader of serious literature. 8IFO3PCCJOTBTLFEXIFOUIFZXPVMETFFJNQSPWFNFOU IF XBTUPMETJYNPOUITUPBZFBSi8IFOJUTUBSUTHFUUJOHCFUUFS w he remembers being told, â&#x20AC;&#x153;youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be amazed.â&#x20AC;? He and Hannah XFSFBNB[FE)FS4"5BOE"$5TDPSFTJNQSPWFETJHOJGJDBOUMZ )BOOBIPODFBWPJEFESFBEJOHOPX BTVDDFTTGVMDPMMFHFTUVEFOU  sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s excited to discuss literature and ideas with her dad. Robbins hopes to see more teachers integrate visualization into DMBTTSPPNSPVUJOFTGPSTUVEFOUTBUBMMMFWFMT8IBUGBDVMUZTFFJO #"T-FBSOJOH$FOUFSJTTVDDFTTPOFWFSZTJEFPGUIF5SJBOHMF  students who learn more effectively, perform better athletically and feel more confident of themselves in every aspect of life. 5IBUTBOFYDJUJOHJEFBUPWJTVBMJ[F

Graduation 2009

Receiving awards at graduation were Colleen Boyle (Valedictorian), Alyssa Visbeen (Carlton Flatt Female Athletic Award), Jay Renfro (Bill Brown Founders Award), Hannah Margaret Allen (Andy Anderson ‘79 Spiritual Life Award), Thad McHaney (Carlton Flatt Male Athlete Award), and Cara Beth Heath (Salutatorian)

Eight children of BA alumni received their diplomas. Front row: Whit Whitson (Scott ’82), Taylor Brasher (Nancy Simpkins Brasher ’73), Thomas Lundborg (Tom ’83) and Taylor Swift (Kelley ’75). Back row: Ashley Fagan (Jill Cook Fagan ’82 and Gary ’82), Emily Rodgers (Mason ‘83 and Kelli McCollum ’84 Rodgers), Annie Alexander (Buddy ’84) and Cara Beth Heath (Suzy Goodwin Heath ’84). Forty children of alumni are now BA graduates.

Director of Spiritual Life Rian Berger was the recipient of the Clyde E. Swift Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Fine Arts

Alex Ristau â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09 and members of the dance class perform at the Spring Dance Performance. Dance is taught by Robyne Kennedy.

5IFBOOVBMArts in April celebration is the culmination PGBZFBSPGGJOFBSUTUVEZBU#"5IFNVTJDBM Into The Woods, pulled together a cast and crew of upper school students who presented four performances to GVMMIPVTFT5IFWJTVBMBSUTDMBTTFTEJTQMBZFEUIFJS work in both the upper and middle school lobbies and senior art students presented their work at a special open house. Classes are taught by Debbie Dunn, +BOFU-BXT BOE+JN$IBQNBO5IF"DBEFNZ4JOHFST  under the direction of Jenny Oldham, and forensics team, under the leadership of Joanna Franske and Ryan Hubbard, offered an evening of entertainment to a sold PVUBVEJFODFBU5IF#FMDPVSU5IFBUSFJO/BTIWJMMF5IF Academy Dancers and the dance classes, directed by Robyne Kennedy, presented two evenings of dance QFSGPSNBODFTJOUIF#"UIFBUSF5IF#"DIPJS VOEFS the direction of Gale Jones Murphy, performed for CPUITUVEFOUTBOEQBSFOUT#BOEEJSFDUPS.BUU/ZHSFO and his team of musical instructors, Pat Coil, Steven .D/FBM BOE+FGGSFZ4DPU8JMMT MFETUVEFOUTJODPODFSUT featuring both traditional and jazz selections.

Rapunzel (Ginna Claire Mason â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09) longs to be free from the tower in the musical Into The Woods.

5IFGPSFOTJDTUFBNIBEJUTCFTUZFBSFWFSCZRVBMJGZJOHTJYNFNCFSTBOEUXP BMUFSOBUFTUPDPNQFUFBUOBUJPOBMT5IFUFBNJTDPBDIFECZ+PBOOB'SBOTLF 'SPOUSPX5BZMPS/PSUPO BMUFSOBUFJOPSJHJOBMPSBUPSZ 4BSBI,FBHHZ EVP interpretation and alternate in original oratory), and Laura Burgin (dramatic interpretation). Back row: Evan Ford (extemporaneous), Ryan Coil (dramatic interpretation), and Jack Johnson (humorous interpretation). /PUQJDUVSFEJT%BWJT%FOOZ EVPJOUFSQSFUBUJPO 

The Fine Arts Department presented the Stephen Sondheim production of Into The Woods as a part of the annual Arts in April. Pictured here are Little Red Riding Hood (Lauren Rogers â&#x20AC;&#x2122;10) and the Wolf (Robby Ker â&#x20AC;&#x2122;10).


Gaby Hall â&#x20AC;&#x2122;09 solos during the Academy Singers performance at a Night At The Belcourt.

AN ATHLETIC LEGACY By Bill Brown and Carlton Flatt Rarely does a person make a giant impact on an institution unless years and years of service are involved. Such was not the case with Bill Barron. Bill Barron, a native of -FXJTCVSH 5FOOFTTFF  and a graduate of Marshall County High School, attended the United States /BWBM"DBEFNZ TFSWJOHBT president of his graduating DMBTTJO"GFMMPX class member was Jimmy Carter, who would become UIFUIQSFTJEFOUPGUIF United States. He was a member of the football UFBNBUUIF/BWBM"DBEFNZ Additionally, Bill Barron held B.C.E. and M.C.E. degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute. Bill Barronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s naval career TQBOOFEZFBSTBOE IFSFUJSFEJO at the rank of Captain while serving on the staff of the Commander and Chief of the Pacific Command.

Following his naval career, Barron and his wife, Dottie, retired back to his hometown of Lewisburg and was hired to be Marshall Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s IFBEGPPUCBMMDPBDI8IFO this news appeared in the /BTIWJMMFOFXTQBQFST $BSMUPO Flatt was intrigued by a man who would choose to leave the /BWZBOEUBLFVQBOFXDBSFFS in football coaching. Flatt was curious enough to contact Bill Barron and then to visit him in Lewisburg, telling Barron that if the situation was ever â&#x20AC;&#x153;right,â&#x20AC;? he would like to talk with him about opportunities at Brentwood Academy, which at the time was less than ten years old. One year later, with a less than successful football season behind him, Barron did contact Flatt. Bill Barron was hired in the summer PG to teach

physics, chemistry, physical education and to be an assistant football coach. Coach Flatt immediately was impressed with Bill Barronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quick mind, willingness to do â&#x20AC;&#x153;what ever it takes,â&#x20AC;? and his understanding of what was trying to be accomplished at Brentwood Academy. Flatt also liked that even though he was incredibly gifted academically, he also was a very humble person. 0O.BSDI  BUUIF BHFPG IFTVGGFSFEBIFBSU attack on campus and died moments later. He had been at Brentwood Academy for two short years. 5IF#SFOUXPPE "DBEFNZ yearbook, The Aerie, says that about Barron, â&#x20AC;&#x153;He was a teacher, advisor, coach, and

friend to the whole school. He provided us with an ideal to aim for, the kind of person we all want to be. Just knowing him for the two short years he was here has made us all better people.â&#x20AC;? Headmaster Bill Brown Emeritus remembers Bill Barron as a person â&#x20AC;&#x153;with a servants heartâ&#x20AC;Śhe was the guy who willingly did the tasks that needed to be done and he did them without seeking attention or thanksâ&#x20AC;Ś he just did what he saw needed doing.â&#x20AC;? 5IF#JMM#BSSPO"XBSEJT given each spring to the graduating senior who exemplifies the many attributes of Bill Barron 5IPTFSFDFJWJOHUIF award have â&#x20AC;&#x153;stepped upâ&#x20AC;? in leadership roles and served their school and fellow students.

Bill Barron is pictured with Chris Collins â&#x20AC;&#x2122;80 circa 1978.

BILL BARRON AWARD WINNERS 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984

Jacque Chastain and Pam Lawrence Cathy Rowan and Todd Sloan Don Logan Jimmy Beard Scott Shuford Steve Powell

1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992

Marjorie Maddox and Ben Rowan Bobby Davidson Mike Pierson Carol Len Frist Phillip Montgomery Page Robble Tony Jones Chris Reid

1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

Ashley Lawler Kyle Hirsch Michael Gouldner Lorraine Bittles B.J. Jordan Alicia Miller Ryan Malloy Chad Milam Grant Rutledge

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Andrew Galbierz Adam Nelson Michael Murphy Kendrick Newton Daniel Lewis Ryan White Parker Newton D.J. Luna

STATE CHAMPS! For the second year in a row, the BA Eagles baseball team took top honors in the D-II Baseball State Championships under the leadership of head coach Buddy Alexander â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;84. The Eagles defeated St. Benedict of Memphis 12-2 in the championship game.


SOCCER Will Bryant â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Transylvania University Ryan Coil â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gordon College Kelsie Kestner â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Maryville College Taylor McFerran â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bryan College TRACK Chase Brannon - University of Tennessee Knoxville 'BMMPO%JDLFOTo#FMNPOU6OJWFSTJUZ #SFPO%JYPO5SBDL "MZTPO)BTUZo7BOEFSCJMU6OJWFSTJUZ Chenelle Terry â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Samford University 83&45-*/( +VTUJO$BTIo6OJWFSTJUZPG.BSZMBOE

2008 - 2009 Student Awards Ancient History Modern History AP United States History African American History Economics AP European History Civics 8  Geography 7 Humanities 6


AP English Language AP English Literature English 11 English 10 English 9 English 8 English 7-Grammar English 7-Literature English 6-Grammar English 6-Literature

$PEZ5BZMPS Colleen Boyle Lindsey Rowe Matthew Keller Caylyn Harvey Kelsi Ray Madison Renner Madison Renner .BHHJF/FXNBO .BHHJF/FXNBO

30%(&34&44":"8"3%4 English 12 Cara Beth Heath English 11 Emily Eytchison English 10 Shannon Evins English 9  -VLF/FXNBO English 8  'BJUI8IBUMFZ English 7 Isi Beach English 6 Sarah Pleasant


French I French II French III French IV French V AP French Language AP French Literature French 8



Chris Bonds Award 8IJU8IJUTPO Bill Barron Award D.J. Luna Chris Dowdle Award Isaac Summers Crawford Smith Award 8JMMJBN#BMM

Davis Denney Emily Eythison Hayden McKay Erin Grimson Gabrielle Hall Caroline Askew Laura Burgin Haley Buske Baylor McKay French 7 Madison Renner Latin II Caylyn Harvey Latin III Hayley Floyd AP Latin Colleen Boyle Latin 8  /BODZ$MBJSF4NJUI Latin 7 Lexie Harvey Greek I Michael Fister Spanish I Zachery Brown Spanish II Samantha Becci Spanish III Laura Burgin Spanish IV Kaitlyn Burrichter Spanish V  $BSTPO5PSCFSU AP Spanish Language Lindsey Rowe Spanish 8  'BJUI8IBUMFZ Spanish 7 Kyle Conger

Caylyn Harvey 5BZMPS8PMG Paul Clymer $IFOFMMF5FSSZ Sterett Seckman Caroline Askew 'BJUI8IBUMFZ Madison Renner .BHHJF/FXNBO


World Religions Christian Identity Christian Dynamics



Journalism I (Yearbook) Kelly Vaught Journalism II (Talon) Gabrielle Hall Colleen Boyle


Geometry Algebra II  Advanced Algebra Precalculus

Caylyn Harvey 5BZMPS8PMG Sarah Keaggy Kirk Gerrald Lindsey Rowe Probability and Statistics Sam Dove Calculus AB Paul Clymer Algebra 8  (VT8JMTPO Pre-Algebra 7 "OESFX8JMTPO Mathematics 6 Sawyer Clemmons

Fine Arts Award Chip Adkisson Award Art 8 Art 7 Art 6 Art I Art II Art III Art IV  Sculpture and Ceramics Photography I Photography II Academy Singers Chorus Chorus 8

Ryan Coil Jane Carter Rachel Dale Brooke Perdue Patricia Jones Lawson Stover Hannah Foster Sarah Keaggy /BEJB#SZTPO Alex Ristau Sarah Keaggy Erin Grimson Gabrielle Hall Faith Kelm Ivy Rhodes Ann Robertson Chorus 7 Olivia Dickerson Chorus 6  8JMM#PMJOH Set Design Beau Powell Concert Band Katherine Denney Contemporary Music Ensemble Daniel Freeman Jazz Ensemble Evan Ford Band 8 Connor Johnson Band 7 Kate Pearce Band 6 Craig MacDonald Academy Players Ryan Coil Best Actor Ryan Coil Best Actress Lauren Rogers Drama 7 Carly Smallwood Dance  "NCFS5SJQQ Speech Samantha Becci Forensics Ana Evans Forensics 8 Caroline Greene Forensics 7  -JMZ/PSUPO Theatre Arts  4BNBOUIB8JMTPO Theatre Tech Kristin Adams



Anatomy and Physiology Kaitlyn Burrichter Biology Caylyn Harvey AP Biology Colleen Boyle Chemistry Kelsey Bastian AP Chemistry Paul Clymer Marine Biology Sam Reily Conceptual Physics Marshall Roberts Physics Paul Clymer AP Physics Sam Dove Science 8  'BJUI8IBUMFZ Science 7 Madison Renner Science 6 Olivia Davis

Harvard Prize Book Zach Brown Jefferson Book Award Kristin Adams Princeton University Book Award Paul Clymer Rhodes College Book Award Matthew Keller Sewanee Book Award Emily Eytchison Smith College Book Award   4BNBOUIB8JMTPO Wellesley Book Award Kaitlyn Burrichter Williams Book Award Laura Burgin Yale University Book Award Lindsey Rowe

Brentwood Academy students spent three days during the Winterim 2009 at the Second Harvest Food Bank kitchen preparing meals and learning about nutrition. From left are upper school students Kelsey Payne, Tyler Atkins, Mamie Joyce, Jessica Butler, Sam Stark, faculty sponsor Vicki Capehart, and Kate McGregor.

The Ultimate Gift

$"-&/%"30'#"&7&/54 "VHVTU "VHVTU "VHVTU

5IF:FBSXPPEGBNJMZFOKPZFEUIFBOOVBMTJYUIHSBEFQBSFOU grandparent-student viewing of The Ultimate GiftNPWJF5PiQSFQBSFw them for the movie viewing, students completed an in-class reading of the book with teacher Mrs. Carolyn Dobbins. As a part of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;legacy of giving,â&#x20AC;? Brentwood Academy offers Legacy Estate Planning driven CZPOFTQFSTPOBMWBMVFTBOEUISPVHIUIFGSFFTFSWJDFTPG5IPNQTPO BOE"TTPDJBUFT5PSFRVFTUNPSFJOGPSNBUJPO JODMVEJOHUIFBSUJDMF  The Letters That Complete an Estate Plan, go to the response envelope JOUIFNJEEMFPGUIJTNBHB[JOF5IF:FBSXPPEGBNJMZQJDUVSFEMFGUUP SJHIUBSF-JTB'MPX 'PVOEJOH#"5SVTUFF3BOEBMM:FBSXPPE $BTFZ 'MPX +PBO:FBSXPPEBOE%BWJE'MPX







The Bone and Joint Clinic 5063/".&/5410/4034

Reliant Bank BBE Better Business Solutions AIM Healthcare SunTrust Bank &"(-&$-"44*$ )0-&410/4034 Cates-Kottas Development Charter Resource Group 9dd]fO]kl<<K1,Boiler Supply, =\\a]Dmff1, Frank E. Neal Company Harris Farms Hilliard Lyons Kennedy Leasing & Sales Cf]klja[c;gfljY[lgjk$:addCf]klja[c0* Kirkland Floor to Ceiling The Lee Company Luna Construction, LLC NHI Billing Services Pinnacle Financial Partners Premier Orthopedics Southeast Financial Credit Union Spheris Star Physical Therapy Sullivan Engineering Thunderhook Fly-ins

TrustCore Williams and Schwalb PLLC Wheelhouse Williamson County Realtors PRODUCT SPONSORS AND FRIENDS OF 5)&&"(-&$-"44*$ Andrews Cadillac Callaway Golf Co. ;`a[c%Ă&#x161;d%9g^:j]flogg\ Coca Cola Formco Fresh Cleaners Harley-Davidson of Cool Springs B&9d]pYf\]jk Old South Catering Penn Station East Coast Subs Reynolds Plantation Smoothie King Kevin Wimpy Photography Williamson Medical Center



A Tribute to a BA Founding Trustee By Bill Brown, Headmaster Emeritus Brentwood Academy Honorary Trustee Joe Rodgers was truly an eagle. I love the entrance to Brentwood Academy with the statue of the eagle, wings spread, under which is the plaque containing the Isaiah 40: 26 scripture. Passing by that statue often causes me to stop and reflect on the lives of those very special folks who had such a tremendous impact on Brentwood Academy in its founding years. Joe Rodgers was one of those men. Along with six other trustees, Joe Rodgers helped pen our first mission statement, working late nights back in 1974. He not only helped write that mission statementâ&#x20AC;Śhe lived and walked it throughout his life. At the memorial service for Joe Rodgers, his oldest grandchild, Caitlin Rodgers, daughter of Mason â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;83 and Kelli McCollum â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;84 Rodgers, spoke for the eight grandchildren saying:

Jan Rodgers Dale â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;80, Joe and Honeyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daughter and wife of Bob, shared her insights about her father. t*O%BETMJGF IFXBTQBTTJPOBUFBCPVUGPVSUIJOHTIJTXPSL IJTDPVOUSZ  his friends and family, and his Lord and Savior. t%BETPOFQJFDFPGBEWJDFXBTiGJOETPNFUIJOHZPVMPWFUPEPBOEZPV WILL be successful.â&#x20AC;? t0OXPSLJOHGPS%BE JUXBTBMXBZTBQSJWJMFHF CVUOPUBMXBZTBQMFBTVSF He expected perfection in everything. t.BOZPGIJTGJSTUKPCTGPS)PTQJUBM$PSQPSBUJPOTGPS"NFSJDBXFSFCVJMU without a contract. A handshake was sufficient. t0OFPGIJTGBWPSJUFQISBTFTXBTi3FTVMUT OPUBDUJWJUZw5IBUQISBTF meant so much to him that he even made it into a button. t*OBSFDFOUJOUFSWJFX %BEXBTBTLFE  â&#x20AC;&#x153; What keeps you going?â&#x20AC;? He replied, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Watching my grandchildren grow.â&#x20AC;? ti.Z%BEMPWFENZ.PNw

When you hear the name Joe Rodgers, you may think businessman, Bible Study member, a conservative, ambassador, friend, neighbor, Christian. Yes, he was all of those things, but he was also MY grandfather. He was so proud of all his grandchildren, and he would tell us so. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure most of you have heard him speak of his family because he thought everything we did was â&#x20AC;&#x153;OUTSTANDINGâ&#x20AC;? whether it really was or not. He was proud of Honey for her gentle strength and extraordinary faith. in their kitchen there is a saying that reads: Life is a pleasure when you have a wife to treasure. Oh, how he treasured you, Honey. You are such a remarkable role model, for me, your other grandchildren, and all who know you. Pictured are Joe and Honey Rodgersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; grandchildren. Kneeling :

Jan concluded her remarks with what Joe would most want us to know about his family. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serveâ&#x20AC;Ś But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.â&#x20AC;? Joshua 24:15

A Life of Service Joe has been described as an entrepreneur, investor, social activist, political operative, and diplomat. He was a man of local, national, and global influence. Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career began at the Masters Golf Tournament in 1968 where he and Thomas Frist Sr. shared a house together. By 1970, Joe Rodgers and Associates were building 19 hospitals for HCA and by 1979 they had build more than 200 hospitals 4UVBSU%BMF "CJHBJM3PEHFST $BSPMJOF3PEHFSTBOE&NJMZ3PEHFST completing more that $120 million in 4UBOEJOH3BDIFM%BMF $BJUMJO3PEHFST /BUIBO%BMFBOE Often you learn a lot about a person by the contracted work the preceding year. +VMJBOOF3PEHFST legacy a man leaves. Grandchildren. Caitlin Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s company erected such landmarks revealed a part of Joe in a beautiful way. Heart as Vanderbilt Plaza, the Country and family. You could hear her heart for her â&#x20AC;&#x153;GDaddyâ&#x20AC;? and as it blended Music Hall of Fame, the Wildhorse Saloon, the Schermerhorn Symphony with the words for her cousins. I have heard Brentwood Academy often Hall along with our own Brentwood Academy.In 1985, President Reagan referred to as â&#x20AC;&#x153;family.â&#x20AC;? Joe and Honey have given us a beautiful picture of named Joe Ambassador to France for a four year term. a microcosm of the larger Brentwood family. Not so much perfect, but full of acceptance of love for one another. Isaiah 40:31 so fits Joe Rodgers. He never grew weary. He walked and did not faint until the very end. I remember taking him to therapy at Vanderbilt Nurturing and Challenging during his last days. He energized me as we visited with everyone whether Even after Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s move to an Honorary Trustee at BA, I always swallowed in the elevator at Vanderbilt or at the Mapco stopping for coffee. He was so hard when Joe would call because I knew he had something challenging alert to his surroundings, ministering to anyone in his path. I came away on his mind. He had a way of making you feel that he expected results. from that day so blessed, energized, and enriched. I did not see the â&#x20AC;&#x153;nurturingâ&#x20AC;? side so much until I listened to Caitlin that afternoon at Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Memorial Service. Caitlinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delivery spoke tenderness I will always be thankful that Joe and Honey included Brentwood Academy and heart. I saw some of Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;nurturingâ&#x20AC;? legacy in her. Each grandchild as an extension of their own family from the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inception through was so different as typical in large families. As she addressed her cousins today. His last leadership step was to lead the construction of the Rodgers it was touching to see how Joe and Honey met each one of them where Dale Fine Arts Center. each grandchild was at that time.

#3&/5800%"$"%&.:-&"%&34)*1 5SVTUFF#PBSE 2009-2010

Parents Association Board 2009-2010

Advisory Board 2009-2010

Stuart Dill, Chair Mark Graham, Chair-elect Steve Adams #VEEZ#BDPO $PSJOOF#BSGJFME Louis Bullard *Holly Dobberpuhl *Mickey Jacobs (PSEPO,FOOFEZ Jessica Pleasant *Pat Ralls %FOOZ5IPNQTPO "MBO8IPSUPO (MFOO8JMTPO

Michelle Broadbent, President Jody Bacon, President-elect *Laura Burkhart Darlene Cates +BZ$PMMJOT Rick Greene 4V[Z(PPEXJO)FBUI %FF"OO#PPUI)PEHF +JN,OFTUSJDL *Jamie Lee Karol Mangione /BODZ.D#SJEF Dawn Peach Sheila Priest Jim Renfro 5PN3VTTFMM Rocky Shelton *Karen Stone 1BU8IJUTPO %BMF8PNBDL *Jeffrey Yost

Ellen Adams 5JN"SOPME Leigh Atkins #VEEZ#BDPO Sonny Baker Herb Berry Michelle Broadbent Penny Brooks Sue Burrichter Carolyn Campbell 5IF)POPSBCMF$PSOFMJB$MBSL +BSFE$PXBO +BO3PEHFST%BMF Holly Dobberpuhl Kerry Dove "OESFX%ZF .BSZ7JSHJOJB8FTU'SJTU Randy Hearon 4V[Z(PPEXJO)FBUI Beth Ingram Sharon Johnson Alex Joyce #SZBO,FOOFEZ Jim Kennedy Drew Luna 3PC-VOEZ George Mathews +JNNZ.JMMFS%4 John Moore )FMFO/FFTF $MBZ1FSSZ 5FSSJ1FUXBZ +PF1SJDF%4 Ann Rankin Jane Richards Sylvia Roberts Donna Robinson Susan Rutledge Dan Scott Jane Smith Kevin Smith Maggie Speight %BSZM5FSSZ "QSJM5BOOFS8FCFS 1BU8IJUTPO -BVSBMF8JMMJBNT

)POPSBSZ5SVTUFFT $%BO#SPXO    Albert Gasser (deceased) 51,FOOFEZ EFDFBTFE


Administration Curtis G. Masters, Headmaster 8JMMJBN##SPXO +S Headmaster Emeritus Paul Compton, Upper School Director /BODZ4JNQLJOT#SBTIFS  Middle School Director 3BZ.VMMJDBO Business/Finance Director Kent Bradford, Dean of Students Rian Berger, Spiritual Life Director Ralph Potter, Athletic Director Sue Gering, Admission Director Mark McFerran, External Affairs Director Leah Hoskins, Public Relations/ Publications Director -VMV-VUPO$MBSL Alumni/ Annual Giving Director Paula Booten, Registrar Shelley Miller, College Counselor Courtney Jones, College Counselor


Triangle 2009 vol. 1  

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Triangle 2009 vol. 1  

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