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Neil Arm!ong


Biography Neil Arm!rong was born in Augu! 5 1930 in Wapakoneta. He was ' fir! man who walked on ' moon.

Where Neil Armstrong was born

Why (d )ey go on )eir j#rney? Neil Arm!rong went on h* j#rney because h* goal was to became a pilot.

Neil Armstrong inside the spacecraft

What ha+ened?

Neil Arm!rong was ' fir! man on ' moon. He le, ea-h on ' Apollo 11 /acecra, launched on July ,16 1969 wi) B1z Al2in and Michel Collins. It took 3 days to go on ' moon.On

July 20 1969 he landed on ' moon in ' /acecra, called Eagl4 5e lan(ng was successful

and )ey had ar#nd 40 seconds of fuel remaining. A,er lan(ng Neil Arm!rong was ' fir! man on ' moon. Neil Arm!rong said , when he land on ' moon, )at's one small !ep for man, one giant leap for mankind. Neil Arm!rong came back to Ea-h on July 24.

Neil Armstrong in the moon

How (d )eir (scovery chan7 ' world? Neil Arm!rong became a fam#s a!ronaut because he was ' fir! man who walked on moon , and he set up science expe$ment. He 8ared new knowled7 wi) ' world ab#t ' moon and /ac4

Neil Armstrong talking about science experiment

Bibliography Book tittle: Race to the moon Author:Philp Wilkinson Website:

Neil Armstrong  
Neil Armstrong