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Amelia Earhart

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This is a photo of Amelia Earhart at her pane crash.

Amelia Earhart was a famous pilot that changed the world. Amelia was born in July 24, 1897 and died January 5, 1939. She was the first woman to do a ton of things but some of the most famous things she did were the first woman to fly across the Atlantis solo and first woman to fly all around the world or so she tried.

This is a picture of Amelia in her plane.

Causation Amelia Earhart loved flying also. When she was little she went on a plane across Washington so she thought is was her destiny. I think an important reason why she went was to prove that woman could do anything that men could. This is a picture of Amelia when she was a baby.

Ab't Her J'rney

On May 20,1932 Amelia took off from grace harbor to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo but there was bad weather when she was in the sky so she landed her plane. But she kept changing her pasture then the next day she took off in a farmers backyard. She past 17 places and finally finished her flight. She was married so her and her husband kept making secret plans and they made a plan to be the first woman to fly all across the world. So one day she took off but she crashed while doing it her friends repaired her plane. So she took off again and did not fail. The flight was 2900 miles on June 29 she landed in lae new Guiana covering 7000 miles. The maps started to change so Amelia had a hard time navigating with her husband. Then they would make the next hop and Amelia said it was by far the most challenging part of her flight to Howland Island. Which was 2556 miles in the pacific they took out a ton of stuff in the plane that saved 274 miles. There started to be bad weather so the flight was a bit more challenging. Dawn came so the bad weather started fading away. Amelia called ITASCA for bearings but it was not working then nothing els was heard from Amelia she disappeared . So they sent out the biggest rescue mission in history they spent 4 million Dollars. They scored 250 square miles so the US government called off the rescue mission.

How Did Amelia's D(covery Chan) *e World?

Amelia's discovery changed the world by proving men and woman had the same abilities. Also more people thought flying was safe so more people flew.

This is Amelia house when growing up

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Amelia Earhart  
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