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Roald Amundsen

By Brayden

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Who Is Amundsen In 1911 Amundsen led the first expedition to reach the South Pole. He became the first explorer to find the magnetic North Pole.

Why did he do it Amundsen wanted to be the first man to go the North Pole. However,Amundsen did not get there first but Roert Peary got there first. In1909 When Amundsen found out that he could not be the first man to the North Pole. He decided to be the first man to go to the South Pole.

What happend Amundsen decided pot race scoot it to he the first penon to reach the South Pole. He set out no Oct 19 1911 with 4 companions,52 dogs and 4 sledges. He reached the South Pole in Dec 14 1911 before Scott.

How did his discovery change the world? What Amundsen did to change the world was he found a lot of land in the Article.

Roald Amundsen  
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