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Formal Balls and Holiday Party pricing: Breezy Cranford Photography offers 2 options for Formal Photography

(A) ● $75 per hour for the first 3 hours ● $50 for each additional hour The packages would be as follows: ■ 8 wallets~$15 ■ 1-5X7~$15 ■ 1-5X7 & 8 wallets~$25 ■ 1-8X10, 2-3.5X5s & 8 wallets~$35 ■ 1-8X10, 2- 5X7s & 16 wallets~$50 ■ 2-8X10, 2-5X7s, 4-3.5X5s & 16 wallets~$75 Command or Committee would pay for the hours of coverage and the guests would pay for their own packages. Prints would be printed by a Professional Lab in the states.

(B) ● $75 per hour for the first 3 hours ● $50 for each additional hour ● 5X7’s~$10 per couple. Command or Committee pays a set amount for hours of coverage and each couple’s 5X7. With this option each couple in attendance receives a complimentary 5X7, They have the option to purchase more if they wish, no obligation of course. Example: Assuming 100 couples and 3 hours of coverage would cost $1225. The coverage rates would be the same as option (A) and I would reduce the 5X7’s from $15 to $10 since the 5X7’s would be paid for in advance. Option to A I am looking into a professional printer to have on site. Then I could print the photos the night of the event and there would be no need for command personnel to help get photos to correct people. This is an option as long as I know far enough in advance to order from the states and have it here in time. Please let me know as soon as possible if this is an option you would be interested in. 2-3 dates and times will be arranged for portrait pick up, any portraits not picked up during those times will be given to the committee to get to the appropriate people. * 3 hours coverage minimum

I respect the privacy of my clients, no images are placed on a public website without a signed Model Release from the client.

Formal Event Pricing  
Formal Event Pricing  

Information and pricing about the formal events services that I offer.