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EDITORIAL TEAM Hi Breeze readers, I hope everyone is doing well out there as we are already in the 2nd month of MCO. Despite how the current situation is a lot more quiet these days, the past month has been somewhat eventful. One of the big buzz last month was how Alixson Magundok did a 120km journey from Kota Kinabalu back to his hometown by foot! He was accompanied by a new found friend; a dog named Hachiko. Read all about it in Personality.

During MCO, the education sector went through quite an impact where students now have to get their education online. Go to Feature to read about how this has affected University College Sabah Foundation. Read through our other pages for other interesting reads. Covid-19 Myths for example gives us a look at some of the talked about myths regarding the virus and whether they are true. There is also Pop Culture that features Netflix, the ever popular streaming service which is enjoying a massive surge of new customers and viewing during the pandemic. To those who are fasting, wishing you all a Happy Ramadan and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Also, Happy Vesak Day and Kaamatan Festival to those who celebrate. In our hearts & thoughts and as long as we send good wishes to loved ones, we can still celebrate in the comfort of our own homes. Stay safe and healthy at home everyone.

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APRIL 2020

BUNS OF STEEL: Workouts primarily focused on the glutes

13Music New single: plain white t by velvet aduk and oh my goat by aidyl hr


26RANTS & RAVES Stay Safe


Netflix Chillin’


ramlee awang murshid: inspiration to all

08myths Covid-19 myths: Debunked

10feature ucsf: learning under MCO

20ECO NEWS 14TECH mysejahtera app surprisingly helpful


News Media’s Take On The Environment

22WELLNESS Fit and Well in Our Very First Ever Lockdown

23AESTHETIC PInk intimate system

34FOOD ruti paun naga & beef lasgna


April 2020 BRINGING PHOTOGR APHERS TOGETHER THROUGH FOTOGR AFIE BARU Kota Kinabalu, 3 April 2020 - Fotografie Baru was officially launched online on this day. It is a community for all photographers, a platform to showcase the next generation of photographers, and a place to educate and equip new photographers to conquer the industry. Founder and Sabahan photographer Tracia Goh would love to have photographers from all over Sabah to be a part of this community. To join and for more information, look up for Fotografie Baru on Instagram and Facebook.

TUNE TALK SUPPORTS EAST MALAYSIAN MEDICAL HEROES IN FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 Kota Kinabalu, 15 April 2020 – As part of Tune Talk’s effort to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has contributed to the Malaysian Medical Association Sabah Branch an in-kind donation worth RM 100,000 in aiding our medical frontliners. Following the initiative, The Power of 99 SEN donation drive was launched to continue Tune Talk’s support in East Malaysia. This second phase of initiative will be contributed to medical frontliners in Sarawak, in funding their medical supplies and daily needs to lessen their burden. Ultimately, Tune Talk wishes that every Malaysian will unite and lend a helping hand to support our frontliners during this crisis, no matter how small the contribution may be. For more information on The Power of 99 SEN donation drive, visit

NESTLE MALAYSIA DONATES 300 BOXES OF PRODUCTS TO UMS Kota Kinabalu, 22 April 2020 - Nestlé Malaysia donated 300 boxes of Maggi, Milo, Nescafe and Nestum to Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and UMS Medical Centre. These products were distributed to more than 3000 students who are stranded in and out of their campus with financial and transportation difficulties during MCO. Nestle’s effort is part of their ongoing nationwide COVID-19 relief effort. For more information, go to

5 YOUNG PILOTS DONATED 45 BAGS OF ESSENTIALS TO VILLAGERS Kota Kinabalu, 23 April 2020 - 5 young pilots flew a helicopter to donate 45 bags of food and other essentials to villagers living at Kampung Longkogungan and Kampung Kalangaan in Penampang. These locations are hard to reach rural areas where they do their monthly flying doctor service under Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn. Bhd. to perform health checkups on the villagers. Captain Shahdon Poong, Captain Muhamad Amirul Asyraf, Captain Nazeem Eleazar Bin Nasip, Captain Sofia Lena William and Captain Matthew Ian Wong were the five young pilots who made the donation a success. Donations made are from their own self effort. They hope their efforts will encourage others out there to come together to help people like the villagers during these difficult times.

CUTENESS AGAINST THE MACHINE: FATHER DAUGHTER DUO’S COVER IMPRESSES ORIGINAL BAND MEMBER Labuan, 29 April 2020 - Labuan resident, Ujang Ijon, uploaded a video cover on 26 April 2020 that went viral instantly. Together with his 3-year old daughter, Audrey, they did a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s (RATM) “Killing In The Name Of ”. Their rendition garnered the attention of thousands of music fans worldwide, with more than 1.3 million views on his Facebook page with 180 thousand more on his YouTube channel. Audrey’s adorable vocals and pronunciation of the lyrics also grabbed the attention of Tom Morello, who gave his sign of approval. Morello, RATM’s guitarist, posted a snippet of the video on his Instagram page with the caption “Preach, sista, preach!”. Audrey picked up the song “Killing In The Name Of ” after always hearing it in Ujong’s car. The cover is viewable on FB: Ujang Ijon



ramlee awang murshid: inspiration to all

Ramlee (bottom right)


arly this year, we had a chance to sit down with Ramlee Awang Murshid, author of the novel Tombiruo which was adapted to the big screens in 2017. He held a book signing in conjunction with his high school reunion for Sabah College’s class of 1980-1984. The easy going and cheerful author worked as a reporter with Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) for 26 years. However, Ramlee still managed to balance his love of writing and his career, allowing him to publish Tombiruo in 1998. Over the years, he has continued to publish more books and by 2012, he retired working as a reporter. In order to stay on the radar of book lovers, Ramlee aims at finishing 2 books a year. Although it might seem difficult, the author’s experience allows him to accomplish this goal quite easily. The dreaded “writer’s block” hasn’t been an issue for the veteran author these days, as years of experience has allowed him to smoothly put ideas from pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard, without a hitch. His advice for aspiring writers experiencing it, is to try and meditate or pray in your own way, it helps calm the mind and let the ideas flow.

Ramlee’s latest novel Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards. This was his crowning achievement yet, but he still has his eyes set for the future. Currently, Ramlee is in the process of writing a book and he has plans of producing another adaptation based on it. During the reunion, I noticed all of his former classmates were very proud of him. All of us should be proud of having such an accomplished author from Sabah. Ramlee’s advice for anyone is, no matter which field you’re trying to succeed in, hard work and determination is what propels you forward.

All his hard work resulted in the adaptation of Tombiruo into a movie. The movie took Ramlee 5 years to produce. When all was said and done, it got nominated for Best Asian Film 2018 at the

Image | Ramlee Awang Murshid


Ramlee with his former classmates during Sabah College’s class of 1980-1984 reunion

jetsin & breeze donate necessities to karambunai single mothers


enggatal, 30 April 2020 - JETSIN Sdn. Bhd. in collaboration with Breeze Magazine reached out to the Karambunai Single Mother’s Association or PITKA (Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Karambunai) to assist their members with food necessities. Breeze reached out to Jetsin for this assistance when they were informed that many of the single mothers missed out of the food aid programs allocated by the State Government. When Breeze Management sent out a query to PITKA President, Madam Zainaba Shukor, on whether her members had received any Government assistance, it was discovered that many of the members had not received any aid in the ongoing outreach programs. The reason was probably due to the fact that a lot of these single mothers have not yet registered with the respective State or Federal Government agencies or have not updated their status as single mothers within the system. The overwhelming concern is that as single mothers, they are both the bread winners and household heads and going out alone is sometimes not an option for them. Moreover, their movement is usually restricted even before the Government initiated MCO.


powder and chilli powder. Consumers Front Of Sabah (Cfos), represented by Pn Hashima Hasbullah also assisted in this donation drive by assisting with the transportation and distribution. Cfos has been working with JETSIN to distribute aid from the public that was channelled via JETSIN. Breeze Magazine and JETSIN Sdn. Bhd. hopes that the many corporate bodies and businesses out there realize that keeping our people from going hungry should be the main priority and that there are so many people out there that are not getting the assistance they need and that we have to band together until we get past this pandemic. If anyone or any company would like to help our people in need, please do not hesitate to contact Breeze Magazine (via Facebook) or JETSIN to collaborate our efforts. At JETSIN, they want you to know that all their food products are certified “halal” and their tagline is “Pusat Makanan Halal Anda” (Your Halal Food Hub).

In this program, JETSIN Sdn Bhd allocated a list of essential food items and due to the MCO and to save time and energy, it was suggested by the PITKA President that their training center at Taman Indah Permai be used as a single distribution point. The PITKA members made their way to the center and collected their donations and after taking a photo returned straight to their respective homes. A total of 55 ladies and their families received food items that included; a whole chicken, Surimi processed food products, sausages, rice, noodles, sugar, baked beans, curry 7

covid-19 myths



he Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of worry and panic around the world. The presence of social media as a messenger of news and updates is certainly a welcome. However, there are bound to be users who unknowingly spread misinformation or myths regarding the virus. In this month’s issue, let’s debunk some of those myths that have made their way through the internet.

Drinking water will flush out the virus

Myth: Drink water every 15 minutes to make sure your mouth and throat never gets dry. Even if the virus enters your mouth, the water will wash it down through your throat and into the stomach. Hence, the virus will be killed by the stomach acids. Truth: Although it’s good practice to hydrate ourselves regularly, there is no evidence that drinking water will protect you from the coronavirus or flush the virus out of your body.

Garlic can prevent infection

Myth: Consumption of garlic can prevent you from an infection. Some suggest brewing and drinking “garlic tea” to stave away Covid-19. Truth: Garlic does contain antimicrobial properties and is well-known as a home remedy for colds and flus. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that no evidence has been found that garlic prevents a Covid-19 infection.

Holding your breath as a “screening” method

Myth: This is a method to test whether you have contracted the disease. Successfully taking and holding a deep breath for 10 seconds without coughing, feeling discomfort, stiffness, or tightness means no fibrosis is present in your lungs. Therefore, indicating no infection. Truth: The disease does affect the lungs, causing cough and shortness of breath. While deep breathing exercises are not a bad idea, they’re not a way of diagnosing yourself at home. When you do experience any symptoms, it’s a good idea to contact the medical personnel. 8

Young people should not worry

Myth: Young people are not at risk of contracting the new disease so they shouldn’t worry about getting infected. Truth: Early on in the epidemic, this myth made sense as the worst cases of the infection were among older people. However, evidence shows that young people are as likely to get infected as older people. As we get more data from the growing pandemic, it shows that younger kids and teenagers can get critically sick. Sadly, new evidence also shows newborns and toddlers can become severely sick due to the disease.

Temperature has an effect on the virus

Myth: Higher temperatures can kill the virus. Rumours claim that drinking hot water prevents Covid-19 or blowing a hairdryer into your mouth kills the virus. Another rumour circulating is that the virus hates the sun and temperatures of 25 degrees celsius or more. Truth: There is still no evidence that higher temperatures prevent Covid-19 or kills the virus. Regarding the sun, our country is a great example. We experience daily hot and humid weather, yet cases of infection are still being recorded. The reason this myth gained traction is because most people expect this virus to be seasonal, but this is a new virus and doesn’t have seasonality yet. In addition, we are also not immune to it yet, causing it to spread at a fast pace.

Gargle salt water

Myth: Gargling salt water in your mouth can treat Covid-19 and prevent you from being infected. Truth: Salt water gargling is a well-known home remedy for colds or flus, and can give some people symptom relief for coughs. However, it doesn’t prevent the infection, let alone treat it.

Don’t worry if you have a runny nose

Myth: Runny noses are not part of Covid-19 symptoms. Truth: As we learn from the new data gathered, Covid-19 patients reportedly do have runny noses as one of the disease symptoms. Runny noses can cause productive coughs, coughs that bring up sputum or phlegm. Though, the best way to be sure whether you have Covid-19 is to go for official and reliable screenings.

by Noel Jinguli Image | Unsplash & Freepik



ucsf: learning under MCO

Ongoing online class between Mr. Mohammad Ridzwan & his students


s the news reported collisions of Covid-19 around the globe, we, Malaysians, braced for the possibility of a nationwide hiatus. To some, this is a blessing in disguise - the long-awaited break, but some struggle with its impact. Among those who struggled are the educators and students. That is where technology became educators and students’ very own Superman. However, for University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF), a transition from face-to-face to virtual interaction transition required more than a superhero. It required creative, resourceful and techsavvy minded individuals. Let alone how untimely the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced during the peak of final exam. For Vice Chancellor (VC), Dr. Mohammed Haleem bin Mohammed Razi, the Work From Home transition was planned days before the announcement of the MCO and he even assembled a Covid-19 Response Team. UCSF’s main concerns are always the students and staff, by ensuring that everyone is safely transitioning into the MCO mode, and that all information and instructions are transparent and clear. Vice Chancellor of UCSF, Dr. Mohammed Haleem

by Ceaserlyn Jindan Images | Various Sources 10

For online learning, it was never a stranger to UCSF. They have been practicing both physical and virtual classes with Course Networking since 2015 and the only difference now is the matter of small adjustments to timelines and academic operations. “We have a pool of talented lecturers and officers that have made the new situation relatively stress-free.”

So, what about final exams in full online mode? Whilst students jumped and sang their hearts out with glee, UCSF handled this process with care and adhered to the regulations and policies of either the government, Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and the University policy such as the exam format and student’s accessibility to software and hardware. Those who do not have online access will take a special physical exam once the MCO has been lifted.

“Let’s take this time to reflect on how prior to this pandemic, we were engrossed among others about IR4.0 and how the digital world is going to bring new prosperity. Today, we need to rethink many issues and plan for a more resilient and safe future.”

Estelle Eilish George | Head of Programme, Faculty of Development and Multicultural Studies I had already planned my lessons for the full semester which includes students’ presentations and final exams. When MCO started, it put me into a tough spot as we transitioned from face-to-face interaction to full virtual learning. Luckily, everything was made possible with team effort. The downside was overcoming limitation, especially forming questions for online final exams and sorting out students for Industrial Training. Living in a digital age, I have access to a variety of digital tools and web services like Google Classroom to ensure my students still get the same quality of learning experience as they would in campus. In the end, I’m glad that everything worked out. I hope and pray for peace and ease for those facing difficulties during MCO, especially front liners and those affected greatly by the current situation.

Noor Saleh Bin Akmad | Bachelor of Arts in Development of Studies with Media Communication As a student affected by MCO, this situation challenged me in so many ways. My flight was cancelled and thankfully, UCSF provided me accommodation with weekly food aid. In terms of online learning, my class used Discord and I found it useful for students to gain knowledge despite not being physically in the classroom. The only challenge with that was some of my friends didn’t have access to strong internet connection which required the lecturer to come up with different teaching methods to accommodate that group of students. Now, my personal challenge is overcoming homesickness. I want to thank UCSF for their help and hope UCSF continues to care for us. I hope this pandemic will end soon so I can go home to be with my family, especially with Hari Raya around the corner.



Tel : 088 – 511 111




WHERE SISTERHOOD TAKES US Genre: Drama Director: Jeremy Tan Cast: Debbie Ho, Elaine Audrey KKFVA Best Film winner “Where Sisterhood Takes Us” is a story about family, sisterhood and how far are they willing to go to help out a family member in need. When tragedy strikes their youngest daughter, a family must learn how to live with these new circumstances and to see life with “new perspective”. | Soul Factory Media

ANATOMY OF KINDNESS Genre: Drama Director: Jeremy Tan Cast: Debbie Ho, Kathlyn Yew, George Yong, Charlotte Giselle, Kingsley Tan, Vera Chong When her grandmother is admitted to the hospital, a nurse, whose upbringing as an orphan has caused her to be completely culturally detached, has only days to hold on to and reconnect with her grandmother, before she loses her only living relative - and the only connection to her own culture. | Soul Factory Media

RUNDUKON Genre: Fantasy, Romance Director: Hani Jeff Cast: Tommy Duncan Fahir, Jelisha Johny Jerome, Golden John, Ryan Gift

OLUMIS Genre: Thriller, Horror Director: Hani Jeff Cast: Goly Jude, Rannysa Rachel Lee, Tommy Duncan Fahir, Ryan Gift, Donna De La

A young city boy dreads going back to his hometown. However his entire perspective changed when he met with a beautiful girl named Rundukon along the river at his hometown. As he got close with Rundukon, he learnt a whole new experience about life, however things take a turn for the worst as Rundukon was not who she said she was.

Olumis tells a story of a beautiful young Dusun girl who is obsessed with her beauty but deems she was not pretty enough. Little that she know that her outward appearance had gained some unwanted attraction from a malevolent spirit. Tragedies upon tragedies strike after she went missing on her way to a tailor to fix her sister’s dress.

| Arcadia Gate Pictures


| Arcadia Gate Pictures

New single: plain white t by velvet aduk and oh my goat by aidyl hr


VELVET ADUK ’S FIRST ENGLISH SINGLE Fresh and minimal is the perfect way to describe Sabahan songstress Velvet Aduk’s new single. Her powerful vocals blend smoothly with the soothing yet melodic music. If you’re looking for new music to relax with, you should definitely put this into your playlist. Plain White T is also the first English single she’s ever released. Believe it or not, Velvet has been writing most of her songs in English first. This is no different except she went on to produce and release the single in English. Although it took her quite a while to produce, her decision to keep it minimal suits the concept quite well. The meaning behind Plain White T is as simple as it can get, relationships should not be complicated. From the lyrics to the music video, even the title itself, speaks of the concept of keeping it simple. When asked of her inspiration, Velvet mentioned that it came out of nowhere and is very experimental in a way. Velvet plans on releasing an album by this year while also doing a lot of collaborations. You can listen to Plain White T on all streaming platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer. @velvetaduk

Velvet Aduk

AIDYL HR SHOWS GREAT FLOW WITH OH MY GOAT Local Youtuber, Aidyl Hr, has released a head bopper of a rap single called Oh My Goat. The talented content creator has great rhythm and flow in this fast paced and beat heavy hip hop number. The music video is very entertaining as well, as Aidyl raps his heart out in Kota Kinabalu (KK) riding a dump truck and a boat. Aidyl’s cynical lyrics poke fun at materialistic individuals who show off a bit too much, especially when they didn’t earn what they have through their own hard work. Basically, Aidyl is shocked that people like them exist, hence the title of the song. As the music video shows Aidyl riding various vehicles throughout KK, one of the challenges was staying balanced while rapping and acting out the “attitude” of his persona. He had a close call when he almost fell into the ocean during one of the shoots on a boat. However, he’s grateful that nothing bad happened and that the whole production went smoothly. You can go to his channel to watch the music video for Oh My Goat and many of his other works. It’s also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. @aidylhr

Aidyl Hr 13


mysejahtera app: surprisingly helpful


mid the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysians are clamouring for the latest updates on the current situation. This is where the MySejahtera app comes in handy.

If you’re interested in using this app, it’s available on most app stores on any smartphone. Registration is simple too, here are a few simple steps to help you:

MySejahtera is an app developed by the Malaysian Government to keep track of Covid-19 transmissions. You might say you get updated from news sites and social media posts, but this isn’t to replace all that. This app helps update the latest statistics of cases infected, cured, and unfortunate fatalities. In a way, you get the official updates as soon as it’s available from our government.

Step 1 - Log on to Step 2 - Key in your phone number or email address Step 3 - Enter the code sent to your phone or email Step 4 - Fill in the required details Step 5 - Download the app and log in

Apart from updates, you have access to the official Coivd-19 hotline at the press of a button. The app also provides you information of current hotspots near you and locates the nearest screening facilities. You also get access to health guides that help assess your health through a questionnaire, informing whether you need to go for a screening to get a proper diagnosis. There are still some minor bugs in regards to the user interface, hotspot tracker, location finder, etc. But I believe these issues can easily be fixed with patches and bug fixes. After all, I’m only using the first release version.

by Noel Jinguli Image | MySejahtera


Even if you’re not into the statistics, having the Covid-19 hotline at your fingertips and knowing the closest screening facility is very important during emergencies. I highly recommend you to download the app in regards to our current Covid-19 situation. The MySejahtera app is available for free on Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play store, and Huawei’s AppGallery.



special may issue

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latest games and pre-owned games available at

WHILE YOU ARE WAITING : “So, have you thought about what your plans are after MCO?” “No... we just wait lah, see what happens!”


thought of this title from an early Sandra Bullock’s movie ‘While You Were Sleeping’, a delightful romantic comedy of a girl (Sandra’s character) falling in love with a man (Peter Gallangher) from afar who has an accident and falls into a coma. Through a misunderstanding, his family is made to believe that Sandra is his fiancé so while he is sleeping they go all out to make her part of the family etc. She ends up not just being part of the family but falling in love with his brother (Bill Pullman). When he (Peter’s character) finally wakes up, he finds himself engaged to a woman he doesn’t know that his family loves, but is in love with his brother! My question for you is, are you going to be the person who wakes up to find the world around you has changed after MCO, or be the one making the changes while the rest of the world is ‘sleeping’ or indoors? Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the mighty efforts of our front-liners, police, government and essential services providers working double shifts to end this pandemic and am in full support and grateful for them. My heart also goes out to those who are struggling to even make ends meet as their wages have been cut or are daily wage earners. There are many donation platforms available so do look out for them and help if you can. For the purposes of this article I’m referring to the other half of the nation who are currently forced to stay indoors quite comfortably with little or nothing to do while you wait… But How? You may ask? When there are so many restrictions to my movement and there is a virus waiting to kill all of humanity?

by Jasmine Leong CEO of IEC - Study English, Study Abroad Centre in Kota Kinabalu Images | Jasmine Leong


Allow me to share with you some tools you could consider from leadership guru and best selling author John Maxwell out of his book, the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Stop thinking Can I? Start thinking How Can I? With major exams being cancelled and your future studies timeline affected, it does not help to think ‘can I’ further my studies in the future? Can I do this? Can I do that? Start thinking ‘how can I’ make use of this gap time to my advantage? How can I prepare myself for my future studies? What adjustments can I make to ensure that I stay on top of everything when the world goes back to normal?

need to decide to keep and let go staff as cash flow has been severely affected, and you want to be seen as helping the company, not being a liability or demanding your pay just for showing up (at home). Stop doing important things occasionally and start doing the important things daily. Remember that success is determined by your daily agenda. Are you just bingeing on Netflix whilst eating your rationed chocolate chip cookies? Or are you intentionally using this downtime to grow, learn, plan or move?

The above tools are just from one of the laws of growth, called the Law of Expansion and there is no better time than now to grow and expand. Stop thinking one door and start thinking The best possible outcome of any negative experience like the one the world is facing now, many doors. There are ALWAYS options. I hear a lot of is growth. people using the ‘excuse’ of MCO to say that they can’t.. they can’t plan ahead, they can’t do So, the only decision you have to make is: will business like they used to. BUT, there is more you choose to grow during this season or wake than one way to do something successfully and up to a new world that went onto change while the odds of arriving anywhere increase with you were waiting? creativity and adaptability. For example, at IEC we also teach Baby Ballet classes to 2.5 – 6yr olds. At the start of the lockdown, I thought it would be almost impossible to hold classes online for baby ballerinas and ballerinos, many who have the attention span of a goldfish in person, much less online! But whilst it may not be the perfect solution, we have found that online baby ballet classes ARE possible with the right support and attitude from parents as well as a dose of creativity! Stop doing only those things you have done With the guru himself John C. Maxwell and start doing those things you could have and should do. The question is, will you continue to do what you have always done? Or try something new? Jasmine Leong is the CEO of IEC (Inter Tony Robbins, renowned motivational life Education Consult Sdn. Bhd.), School of coach says that ‘stupidity is doing the same English and Study Abroad Consultancy. things over and over again and expecting a Check out for more different result’. Try to think of something information. She is also a certified coach you have always done a certain way and think and trainer by the John Maxwell Team. of how you can do it differently and more effectively. For this MCO period, she is offering a FREE one hour life coaching session for Stop doing what is expected of you and start any Breeze reader. WhatsApp 019 820 doing more than what is expected. 4717 or email to If you are working for a company or a boss, claim your FREE coaching session by show them that you are capable of going quoting this article or visit https://www. beyond these restrictions and doing more than expected of you. It’s a time where companies




ince MCO started, the sparks in our hearts slowly dimmed as we watched the number of Covid-19 cases go up daily. Until a story about a man’s remarkable three day journey home from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Marudu, Sabah accompanied by a very unexpected friend named Hachiko, that has our hearts glimmer with hope. So, Breeze had a chat over the phone with the 34 year old multihandy man, Mr. Alixson Magundok, from Kampung Mangaris 2, the youngest of twelve siblings to tell more about himself and his remarkable experience journey home with Hachiko.

Breeze (B): Tell me about yourself. Alixson (A) : I’ll be honest with you, I never was good at school, but I know that I’m handy just like my father. So, I quit school and did house constructions with my brothers. At age 16, I went to Giat Mara to pursue a 6 month long Furniture Technology course. The school offered to continue my studies at MARA Institute in Kuching, but my family could not afford the RM600 fees. From there, I started to work odd jobs like feeding ducks at a farm in Inanam, worked in a palm oil plantation once and many more. When I was 18, working abroad was the hype and there were

by Ceaserlyn Jindan Images | Alixson Magundok


loads of agencies offering such opportunities. So, I took the opportunity. B: So Mr. Alixson, what made you decide to walk 120KM home to Kota Marudu? A: Initially, walking home was not my plan because I read on the news that whoever flew back from another country would be quarantined. On 25th March, I had to go through a strict procedure at the Customs area and I slept at the airport that night. The next morning, I went to Queen Elizabeth 1 Hospital to get my blood tested for Covid-19. Few hours later, the medical staff asked me to go home to self-quarantine because I showed no symptoms. Fearing that I would infect my family and others, that’s when I decided to walk home and self-quarantine at a small family “Sulap” in Kota Marudu. That way I can keep my family safe. B: Throughout your 3 days journey, what was the most challenging part of the experience? A: Thirst, the heat and my poor feet. Luckily, I met with kind police officers on roadblock duty who offered me food, water and a ride home. I am thankful for their kindness and took only what I can carry. I could not carry any heavier than my carry-on, let alone with my “kasut jalan-jalan”. I ate some of the food but Hachiko ate most of it and I declined any ride home because how could I risk anyone and leave my partner Hachiko? So, I continued walking.

B: Did you know that your journey home with Hachiko went viral on Facebook? A: Well, I remember my friend back in Japan called to check on me after arriving in Sabah. I told him about my plan to walk back home, and at first, he did not believe me. I convinced him and he told me that he respected me for making such a drastic decision. The next thing I knew, my WhatsApp group chat rang constantly, after someone posted that my story went viral on Facebook. B: How did you feel when you met Hachiko? A: I met Hachiko when I was walking past Inanam Chinese Cemetery. At first, I thought like any other dog, Hachiko would lose interest and leave me but he follows me everywhere I go. I walked, Hachiko walked with me; when I stopped, Hachiko stopped too. As we reached Menggatal, I’m convinced Hachiko really liked me and I was happy that I was not alone.

“I named this dog after Hachiko, a legendary dog in Japan who waited for its owner to return for ten years. Before flying back to Sabah, I went to Hachiko’s grave and prayed for protection and this crisis to end soon. My Hachiko is Godsent.” B: What was the most memorable part of your journey with Hachiko? A: I remember the first rest stop somewhere in Telipok. I chose this place with brightly lit lights and there were boxes laying around that I can make as my bed. As I was about to sleep, Hachiko kept licking my face, softly bit my arm and whined. I thought to myself, maybe this dog is trying to tell me that the place was not safe. I stood up and kept walking despite that my feet were killing me. There was no moonlight or street lights during my walks at night. The white line on the pavement and the brush of Hachiko’s tail were the only guides I had.

B: Throughout the journey, what has it taught you? A: Wear the right shoes. Haha. Well, it has taught me that miracles come when you least expect them. It has been a real experience, now Hachiko and I are just enjoying each other’s company. Fun Fact: In 1999, Alixson had a map of the world and wrote down his prayers to travel the world someday. As of now, Alixson has travelled to Australia, Algeria, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. 19

eco news

News Media’s Take On The Environment


ews media is a useful source of information especially during these times of uncertainty. Many of us rely on them for updates on what’s going on around the world we live in. However, sometimes you just can’t help but question if they’re really on our side, especially when it comes to the environment. To be clear, I am not generalizing that every news company only delivers trending and sensationalised topics to its audiences. It’s just that I’ve noticed some of them tend to either over sell or under sell news regarding the environment. Certain biases are also in play when it comes to reports too. Let’s take Greta Thunberg for example. Her name blew up earlier this year because of the actions she took to combat climate change. Journalists wrote about her, news anchors talked about her, and people started debating her actions. She was either framed to be an inspirational young leader or an ignorant teenager. The news media also had a field day when certain world leaders expressed their impressions on her. It seemed like people started to care about the environment. Alas, it was short lived. When the hype died down, people moved on to the next big thing. That isn’t always a bad thing, however. You know what they say, any publicity is good publicity. People become aware of what’s happening to the environment, and that’s a good thing. The thing is, it would be better if this wasn’t only happening occasionally.

by Noel Jinguli Image | Unsplash


It seems that if the news media doesn’t report news related to the environment, less people actually take notice or care about it. Why? Because most people are only interested in what’s trending. That’s why there are those who are occasional environmentalists, only taking notice when it’s trending. We need them to have long-term interests when it comes to the environment. It also doesn’t help when journalists and reporters apply their biased opinions, relaying inconsistent information, allowing some to disregard it as “fake news”. Let’s not make this the norm. It seems like the news media is dictating our perspectives of the environment. Without it, we’d be thinking nothing is wrong with our environment. That’s why it’s important to think critically when consuming news media, but also to continue our efforts and support of environmental conservation.


Fit and Well in Our Very First Ever Lockdown


reducing simple carbohydrates like white rice, bread, pastries and sugary food, switching to more complex carbohydrates like brown rice, couscous, organic rolled oats, plenty of dark leaves vegetables like broccoli, and eating more protein and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil in my daily home cooked food prepared most of the time by Cruz. I also lowered my calorie intake, and Firstly, I’d been exercising daily for half an hour in the morning interestingly due to the exercises, my hunger regulated better, since the MCO, and over the past 6 weeks I have lost almost 8 and due to the food combining, after about two weeks, I found I kilos! It’s not the weight loss that amazes me but that my fitness didn’t need to eat as much. Quality over Quantity! and energy levels have increased. The key exercises that I did were High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) which built up my Lastly, I truly rested well between work and exercise, with power stamina and boosted my metabolic rates, as well as Strength and naps during the day and at least 6 hours of sleep daily. The deep sleep helped me stay fresh for work and recover from the exercise Conditioning exercises which strengthened my body. fully. Full rest also reduces the daily stress of work as well as the Secondly, I learnt how to eat better. After almost 48 years of eating exercise. Plus I did a lot of self hypnosis for deep sleep. I’ll share randomly, I figured out how to combine food, in my body’s case, more next month on Self Hypnosis. ow is everyone doing this MCO? As I write this, we have been through 6 weeks of MCO with another 2 weeks of extension. So how have you been using the 6 weeks time of MCO so far? I’d like to share with you some activities that Cruz and I had been doing that might inspire you to try the same.

by Dr. Sivakumar Kumaresan Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Sabah Sabah’s First NLP Trainer at UMS Investment Holdings Sdn. Bhd Coachy Cruz Alex Fitness Professional Cruz Fitness/Wellness Image | Unsplash


To sum up, exercise at least half an hour daily, eat well by choosing your macronutrients well, and definitely sleep deeply. You’ll be more energetic, have a clearer mind, and overall be happier. This MCO can also be a gift if we truly live in the present and make the best of it! Dr. Siva and Coachy Cruz are available for online coaching in NLP for Performance Coaching and Wellness or Fitness, respectively. Look up for Coachy Cruz through cruzfitnesskinabalu and Dr. Siva through email at saadashiva@

PInk intimate system



ink intimate system is the ideal non-invasive solution to regain the youthfulness and firmness, lost over the years, of external vaginal tissues.

The innovative system is the first peel that lifts, whitens and rejuvenates the intimate areas allowing each woman to feel more positive about her body, not only improving self-confidence but also improve intimacy during intercourse.

Pink Intimate System is safe and effective, and results are guaranteed after simply applying the product during one session. It doesn’t require any special precautions for use and the procedure is quick and gentle.

Pink Intimate System contains : Whitening and Tightening Ingredients • Kojic Acid – Extracted from fermented rice grains. Whitens skin. • Modulated Chloretic Acid – Increases the skin permeability, allowing the more effective absorption of the mixture • Retinol – Promotes collagen release at the dermal level. • Gluthatione – An effective whitening agent with strong antioxidant.

Pink Intimate System may be used on the following body areas : • Mons Pubis • Labia Majora • Perianal Region (whitening) • Inguinal area (whitening) • Armpit • Nipples • Elbows • Knees • Heels

Nourishing and Soothing Ingredients • Vitamin B12 – Reduces redness and dryness, and helps increase skin cell production.

Bisabolol – Intended for sensitive skin. Soothes and calms skin irritation. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract – For anti-inflammation.

by Dr Katalina Katalina Aesthetic & Wellness


BUNS OF STEEL: Workouts primarily focused on the glutes


taying at home for too long can make us a lazy bum, so this workout combo is geared with the goal to literally get your bums working. Perform 15 reps of each exercise for 4 sets with a 30 second rest interval in between. FULL BODYWEIGHT SQUAT The good old squat is no stranger to everyone but it is undeniably one of the most effective workouts for the glutes and lower body IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. SETUP • Stand with feet shoulder width apart. • Toes turned out slightly. • Keep your core tight & spine neutral. EXECUTION • Before going down, perform a hip hinge. • As you go down, push your butt back and lead your knee forward at the same. • Align your knees to the 2nd/3rd toe of your feet. • Make sure that your spine is parallel to the shin. • Try to go down as low as you can without compensation of form. • Come back up to the starting position by moving the hip and knee joints together. • As you come up, squeeze your glutes at the top.

EXECUTION • As you move down, the key here is to lead the knee out towards the 2nd/3rd toe without moving the feet. • Go down as low as you can; you might not be able to go down as low as a normal squat. • As you come up, squeeze your glutes at the top. (This is the magic part that will make your bum sexier!)

GLUTE BRIDGES Time to build a bridge between your sexy bum dreams to reality with the glute bridge exercise! SETUP • Lie facing up on the floor. • Bend your knees and bring your feet in just about one palm away from your hips. • Align the hip, knee and feet in one line. • Place your arms by your side. (Your fingers should be able to gentle touch the heel of your feet) EXECUTION • Lift your glutes up and squeeze at the top. • Avoid lifting the ribcage up to much; if your ribcage protrudes then you should relax your lower back slightly more and focus mainly on using your glutes during the lift. If you are looking for a little more challenge, you can do this with one leg!

SUMO SQUATS Why Sumo Squats? Have you seen the bums on those sumo athletes?! This variation of the squat draws in some extra attention to the inner thigh apart from hitting the glutes and other parts of the lower body. SETUP • Stand with your feet around one foot away from your hips. • Toes turned out almost horizontally. (Just slightly more turned out than a normal squat) • Brace your core & neutral spine. by Hazli Bojili FITM Borneo Image | Hazli Bojili 24

Hopefully we get to see more sexy bums roaming the city soon after the MCO!

Rants & Raves


Stay Safe

ow is everybody doing so far? I know you all have probably heard the news that our Movement Control Order is being extended until the 12th of May! I’m pretty sure all of us were hoping that it would be lifted on the 28th of April but we knew deep down, that there was a high chance that it wouldn’t be possible. So I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying home like we are supposed to. Although it has been many weeks and we are all hoping for one day that the government will release us from this MCO, we must do our best to stay healthy and safe.

If you ever feel the need to sneeze or cough, remember to use a tissue or cover your mouth. If you do sneeze or cough into your hands, remember to wash them straight after. Now for the groceries that you have just received, they have been out in the open for who knows how long! Therefore it would be best if you could clean them after purchasing.

During this time whenever we chat or talk, we tend to leave the message ‘stay safe’. This is so great to see that everyone is reminding each other to take care of themselves! Even if you are In order to ensure that we stay healthy and safe, we should all just staying at home, there are germs lingering in the air as well. be taking care of our general hygiene. If you are indeed leaving So it is vital that we take care of ourselves and each other. the comfort of your own home, you should wear a mask to prevent from receiving and spreading germs. I know there are people who need to leave their houses to buy groceries, that is why you should take measures to protect yourself and others. After returning from your trip, you should throw away the mask immediately and use sanitiser if available, to sanitise your hands. Or you can wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

by Cherelle Lim Images | Unsplash


pop culture

Netflix Chillin’


t’s nothing new that the MCO has gone on longer than we expected. Most of us are trying to find something to do while waiting for it to end. Some spend time improving themselves or focusing on their work, while others resort to gaming or binge watching series and movies. For the latter, what better platform to do this on than Netflix? This streaming service has always been in the movie business since 1997. Of course, they haven’t been streaming movies back then, but they were renting and selling movies on compact discs to consumers through the mail. It wasn’t until 2007 that the company started their streaming service, which even offers TV shows for their audience. The rest, as they say, was history, as Netflix has now acquired over 160 million subscribers worldwide. The biggest impact Netflix has had is how audiences consume movies and TV shows. Before, people would need to wait for a certain movie or TV show to appear on TV according to their showtime. Now, you can watch any movie or TV show anytime and anywhere with the press of a button. Binge watching shows has also become part of our lives. Having deals with major studios have helped Netflix acquire major titles in their list of movies and TV shows. They also have their own original movies and shows; some like Stranger Things and

by Noel Jinguli Image | Unsplash 28

Tiger King became huge hits and became part of pop culture. Joe Exotic for one became a meme sensation when Netflix released Tiger King. As other countries also go into quarantine during the Covid-19 situation, Netflix subscriptions have increased, resulting in the increase of their stock prices. Their shares have rose to at least 400USD each now. There’s no sense in denying that Netflix has gotten a strong grip on the movie and TV show streaming industry. On that note, never refuse good opportunities that come your way. Remember, Blockbuster rejected an offer to buy Netflix for a reasonable price and now look where they are.


DIVERGENT make up and hair Adelina (IG: @adelinamua) & Vivienti (IG: @beauty_by_vivienti) model (L-R) Valerie Sim, Vanessa Sinten | photography Aznan Johary (IG: @ajohary)

make up and hair by Adelina Adna model Vanessa Sinten (IG: @vanessasinten)

PRO Tips To make eyeshadow colours "pop" and appear more intense, I like to layer the eyeshadows in a patting motion on a white/light base. When doing fun looks, map out your designs with a white eyeliner pencil. It's easier to fix mistakes and adjust before adding colour. Plus you get a preview of the look before you start!

PRO Tips When doing intense eye looks, I like to work on the eyes first before applying face make up so I don't have to worry about fall outs. To create a new brow shape for a look, use a non-toxic glue stick to mat down the actual brows and set with loose powder. Repeat until hairs are flat and apply an orange corrector to cancel out the hair colour. make up and hair by Vivienti J model Valerie Sim (IG: @valerie98sim)



Profile for Breeze Borneo Magazine

Breeze Online Issue #2 - Stay At Home Edition  

Second special edition online only issue focusing on happenings, information and things you can do at home during this MCO period. Be safe a...

Breeze Online Issue #2 - Stay At Home Edition  

Second special edition online only issue focusing on happenings, information and things you can do at home during this MCO period. Be safe a...

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