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Vol.18 Issue No. 213

9/11 Muslim Hero Honored At Last Thirteen years after a US Muslim police cadet lost his life while helping victims at World Trade Center I 9/11, officials in New York’s Queens Borough have decided to rename a street after the Muslim hero, giving him a deserved honor at last. “It’s a joyous and victorious day,” Talat Hamdani, the mother of Mohammed Salman Hamdani, the police cadet who died at the age of 23, told NY Daily News. “And it’s a turning point in America’s fight against prejudice and bigotry. It symbolizes that OK, American Muslims are also Americans, and we are an integral part of society.” Muslim Hero Obscured in 9/11 Memorial The way to Hamdani’s deserved honor was not an easy one. The story of the young Muslim police cadet started when he died trying to save lives in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. On 9/11, Hamdani, a certified emergency medical technician who spent a year volunteering for MetroCare, was traveling to work at a DNA analysis lab at Rockefeller University Seeing the burning towers from the elevated subway tracks in Queens, he went down to help where he passed away while saving lives. Searching morgues and hospitals for his body, it was not until October 2011 when two police officers knocked the family’s door asking questions about their son, as a possible suspect.

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His name was only cleared in 2002 when the family was finally informed that Hamdani’s remains had been found in the wreckage more than five months earlier. Thirteen years after being accused of involvement in the attacks, the elected officials came together to formally rename 204th St. at 35th Avenue as “Salman Hamdani Way”. The move made up a little for the mother whose son’s name was listed at Sept. 11 memorial among those with among those with “loose connections” to the World Trade Center where they died rather then one of the early responders. Residents and elected officials praised the new street sign on 204th Street at 35th Avenue, one block from the house where the former Bayside High School football player grew up. “It’s a great idea,” said Gidon Pesso, owner of Pesso’s Italian Ices across the street. “He should definitely be recognized.”


May 2014


Terms used in this paper Alhamdulilah: Praise God Allah: Arabic word for God Fatwa: Islamic decision based on Shari’a Hadith: Sayings of the Prophet Mohammad Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca Halal: Allowed in Islam Halaqa: Group study Haram: Prohibited in Islam Hijab: Head cover for women Hijra: Migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Madina Imam: Islamic scholar Iman: Faith Inshallah: God willing Madina: City near Mecca in Saudia Arabia Masjid: Place were Muslims gather for prayer and studies Mecca: City in Saudi Arabia where Prophet Mohammad was born Pbuh: Peace be upon him Quran: Islam’s Holy book Shahadah: Is saying “I accept Allah as the one God and Mohammad as his messenger” when someone accepts Islam. Sharia’: Islamic law Shura: A council of Muslim scholars (SWT) Subhanahu Watala: Praise be to Allah Taqwa: God consciousness

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Virginia’s Islam Booth Defies Misconceptions

VIRGINIA – Enthusiastic Muslim students at Virginia Tech university have set up an information booth at their university’s Squires building, offering skeptic students better information about their faith and tackling misconceptions from its roots. “We noticed that there is a need for more information about Muslims, Islamic traditions and cultures,” Haitham Elmarakeby, a third-year graduate student from Egypt studying computer science, told Collegiate Times website on Wednesday, April 23. “The students that have come to our table have liked that we are here.” Titled “Islam: What 1.6 Billion Really Think”, the informational booth was set up as a result of cooperation between member of Islamic Student Assembly and the Muslim Student Association. Joining forces together, students stand at the booth to provide answers regarding Islam from 1-3 pm on Tuesdays from April 8 through April 29. Visitors to the booth can choose from a variety of informational pamphlets that discuss everything from Muhammad to misconceptions about Islam. Passing students can also receive an English translation of the Qur’an, see their name in Arabic

and taste Arabian dates. The initiative began when group members noticed that many people they knew had preconceived notions of Islam — notions that were usually wrong. According to Elmarakeby, students’ misconceptions about Islam were basically revolving around hijab, or Islamic headscarf worn by Muslim women, and a perceived connection between Islam and terrorism. Elmarakeby said that people often seem to think that there is “something wrong with Islam that lets people kill others.” He added that the Qur’an specifically disapproves of murder, adding that the word “Islam” in Arabic means “peace”. “It is strange that people attach Islam to terrorism,” Elmarakeby said. Success Muslim students assured that, in many cases, their discussions with students proved fruitful. “Some people, after I explain things, they say, ‘Oh, that makes sense now,’” Elmarakeby said. “But some people come with preconceived images and they start to argue, and even if you explain things, they say, ‘I need to read more,’” he added, explaining

that the group embraces these differing viewpoints rather than taking offense to them. These conversations were actually bringing both Muslim and non-Muslim students to a more common ground. The conversations that take place there only serve to “(bring) us to a region where we have mutual respect and better understanding,” Elmarakeby said. The group plans to continue to meet, but also hopes to expand in the future. “We have two goals,” Elmarakeby said. “We want to reach many people, and we want to reach people deeply.” Along with information booth sessions, which offered a good start, the group was planning to have mediated discussions where people can meet and talk about the ideas and facts that need to be clarified. A new Facebook page was started in order to reach a larger number of people to inform them of when group activities will occur. “This has been a very rich experience for us,” Elmarakeby said. “We have learned a lot about people and their traditions, habits and concepts.”


May 2014


US Muslims Join “Happy” Parades CAIRO – Parades of happy Muslims dancing to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” song has reached Washington, where groups of DC Muslims met to shoot their own version of the videos that went viral on social media, seeing them as a tool to offer a true image of Muslims. “It sort of happened in a grassroots sense — a couple of days ago I posted on Facebook and we put the word out yesterday,” said Hasan Shah, Make Space’s board chairman, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, April 23. “It was something that everyone wanted to do, because it could be done within the boundaries of our religion. It’s not provocative, it’s not risque in any sense.” After all, he said, happiness “is neither Eastern nor Western, it’s universal.” Videos depicting Muslims dancing to the viral song “Happy” hit the social media last week, The British version, called “Happy British Muslims”, was the first video published, stirring controversial debates in some circles. While many Muslims were elated by the video and wanted to copy it immediately, some said it violated Islam’s law or at least its spirit of modesty, particularly with women dancing and singing in public. Others felt it was humiliating and unnecessary to prove that members of the planet’s secondlargest religion are, in fact, happy. Yet, the controversy could not dissuade scores of Muslims who gathered on Tuesday evening at

McPherson Square after seeing an event on Facebook. Those Muslims were brought together by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, which advocates for US Muslims, and Make Space, a Washington-area organization for Muslim professionals and youth. “Keep it tasteful,” one reminded

the crowd of about 50 Muslims. Then they began dancing in twos and threes in a “Soul Train”-type configuration, while the others cheered them on. “We have people lined up with their family members, or with the same gender, so that there won’t be pushback,” said Sameer Hossain, 32. “We’ve seen the online discourse after the UK Muslims’ one. . . . But the main thing is to show up, be happy — there’s no deeper meaning to what’s going on.” True Islam Imam Johari Abdul-Malik of the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church was among attendants who danced dressed in a suit and reflective shades. “It’s young people engaged in self-expression,” he said.


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Noting that the narrative about Muslims is so often about being “hungry and angry,” he said young people have started to turn that image around using social media. “The cleric who says music is haram,” or sinful, “he’s in trouble today because music is around the world and now the village is global,” he said. “It’s that kind of freedom that makes the people that would like to be the authorities on what’s acceptable and not acceptable uncomfortable. I think it’s great, people taking their faith into their own hands.” The song’s popularity was an important tool Muslims used to reflect a correct image of Muslims, Haris Tarin, the DC director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said. “Since this song has gone viral, we thought, why not take

advantage of it? It may be a little wacky, a little out of the ordinary ... but it gives that idea of the American Muslims in the public square,” he said. MPAC project for the new video on “American Happy Muslims” was not limited to the shots takes at McPherson square. Other video clips were also shot at iconic spots such as the White House, New York’s Times Square or the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles to be compiled into one video they hope to release early next week. At McPherson Square, Mona Malik was present with her three children, Kareem, 12, Jamal, 11, and Salma, 6, to participate in the video. Malik said she came because she wanted her children to see something positive about Muslims. “There is so much negativity surrounding their religion,” she said. “I wanted them to see Muslims enjoying the music, enjoying hip-hop, having a good time.” Her son Jamal nodded. “If nonMuslims see it, I think it will be something to them to see that Muslims are not terrorists.”

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May 2014

Muslim Gives Shoes to Barefoot Bus Rider CAIRO – A Canadian bus driver could not believe his eyes when he saw a generous Muslim man taking off his shoes to give them to a barefoot bus rider, choosing to walk home barefooted. “It made my heart melt,” Surjit Singh Virk, a Coast Mountain Bus Co. driver, told QMI Agency, Toronto Star reported. “He just took his shoes and socks off and said, ‘You can take these, don’t worry about me — I live close by and can walk.’ Singh Virk, a bus driver for 16 years, was off-duty last Saturday, returning from Surrey B.C.’s Vaisakhi parade. Sitting in his seat, he saw a man sitting alone on the bus with two plastic hairnets covering his feet instead of shoes. Another passenger, a bearded Muslim man, noticed his footwear, promptly taking off his shoes and socks and giving them to the stranger, hopping off the bus barefoot. “People usually don’t care or even look at other people on the bus, they didn’t even want to sit beside this guy because of how he was dressed,” Singh Virk added. Singh Virk said the recipient was “shocked” by the gift and

afterwards remarked, “What a nice guy... Did that really happen?” When contacted by QMI Agency, the Muslim man did not wish to be identified, saying that in his Islamic faith charitable deeds are preferred to be kept anonymous. He was also reluctant to have his photograph published. “I felt bad for the guy,” the 27-yearold Surrey resident said. “He was wearing plastic hairnets on his feet. I was only about a two-minute walk from home, so I thought I could give him my shoes.” The man was coming from nearby B.C. Muslim Association mosque and association. “Whenever we do a good deed, even if it’s to help someone out,


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the Islamic teachings maintain this should remain only for the pleasure of God,” the mosque spokesman Mufti Aasim Rashid said, adding that the man’s act would qualify as sadaqa, a general act of charity. “It’s nice to see people practicing the teachings ... it looks like he’s

really benefited.” Incredible Response The generous act of the good Muslim man has elicited incredible response online. “We are all one family, if anyone in our family was without shoes

and we had ample, this is exactly what we would do. Once in a while we need this reminder to save our humanity,” said Facebook user Baljit Sabharwal, Huffington Post reported. “Mercy and love are the foundations of all faiths. I don’t know a faith that does not teach generosity. In fact, it’s a foundation of Islam - a pillar of faith,” added another Facebook user, Salim Jiwa. “Every human being is capable of doing good deeds. It would seem to me the man who gave away his shoes is dressed for prayer, so he might have just finished praying at the mosque and done the good deed on the way home.” Muslims make around 1.9 percent of Canada’s 32.8 million population, and Islam is the number one non-Christian faith in the North American country. A recent survey has showed the overwhelming majority of Muslims are proud to be Canadian. According to Islamic Shari`ah, a capable Muslim pays 2.5 percent mandatory payment and spend it to help the poor and the needy. Muslims are also commanded to show gratitude to Allah night and day and they are encouraged to give charity to all human


May 2014


My Umrah Experience By: Zaid Kabbani AsSalam Alaikum. Alhamduillah Allah has blessed me to visit many places around the world and experience very nice journeys throughout my life, but nothing compares to the Umrah trip I went with my school,

to implement Islam in all aspects of society. I felt so blessed. My first few days were unbelievable. This place was so detached from the rest of the world. You could literally tell how everyone felt like they were in a different world – there was no stress from school or anything else. The only thing on everyone’s mind was their Rabb (their lord)

Arizona Cultural Academy (ACA). Performing Umrah with my ACA fellow students is by far the best trip I have ever experienced. Earlier this year I was feeling down but now I realize that I am blessed that I am a student at ACA and if it wasn’t for being part of ACA, I would not have had the opportunity to be part of the ACA Umrah trip. My Umrah journey began with an overnight flight from Phoenix to New York. When our group finally arrived to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I was exhausted. Our group still had to go through immigration and take a 5 hour bus trip from Jeddah to Madinah. The drive from Jeddah airport to Madinah was long. We were all tired and couldn’t wait to arrive to the hotel to unwind and relax; however, when we first arrived to Madinah, and I saw Al Haram Al-Nabawi, the Prophet’s mosque, I became wide awake and amazed! Breathtaking is all I can think of to describe it. This was where Islam was first established in the community and I was standing on the very soil on which our beloved Prophet (pbuh) began

and gaining the blessings of Allah (swt). A memorable experience I had that I will never forget is my very first prayer in the Prophet’s mosque. It was the fajr prayer. Wallahi, I felt the ground below me shaking when I was doing my sajood. I had a rush of adrenaline that is inexpressible. This feeling continued during my entire stay in Madinah and became exaggerated when a couple days later I had to wear the ahram in Madinah Al-Manaworah to travel to Mecca to perform the actual Umrah. Travelling from Madinah to Makkah by bus really put into perspective the hardships the Sahabahs and the Prophet had to endure while travelling to spread the word of Islam. We were lucky; we had a luxurious air conditioned bus with a bathroom. The Sahabahs and the Prophet walked this difficult journey in the Rocky Mountains, the scorching heat, and the plain desert land with nothing in sight. The ride from Madinah to Mecca was long not because of the distance but because of the anticipation of seeing the Kabah live for the very first time. It was

the excitement as well as the nervousness that is indescribable. When we arrived to Mecca and seeing the Kaaba for the very first time, I felt very emotional. I was overcome with feelings that I do not know how to describe. Our ACA group was amazing. We worked together as one unit, as

one ummah. Alhamduillah, I fulfilled the rituals; encircling around the Kaaba which was reconstructed by Prophet Ibrahim. Walking between the two hills where Hajar, the wife of Ibrahim, once ran, frantically searching for water to quench her baby’s thirst. Throughout my life, I have seen images of the Kaaba with Muslims of all nationalities circling it. Images which resembled

the planets orbiting the sun. There was a sense of unity and harmony in the motions, which I was now part of. If I had to summarize what I felt in a word, it would be peace. It would be I felt at home. It would be Islam. On my way home, I found myself reflecting on the true meaning of

Islam and what it means to be a follower of the faith. I thought about the excellent examples of etiquette and conduct in speech and actions demonstrated by all the Prophets of the past; their messages were about justice, unity, equality, humility. I pray Allah guides me to become a better Muslim and a true Khalifeh. I pray Allah allows me to visit his house again and ease the process for ACA for the future Umrahs to come, inshaAllah, next year and the years to follow as Allah did with this Umrah trip. Our beloved Sheikh Omar Shahin, who was our spiritual leader in this Umrah

trip, said to our ACA group that we traveled as individuals to perform our Umrah but returned as one family. This statement is right on! Our ACA Umrah group has become one family as I pray this sense of unity we experienced transpires across all Muslims all over the world.



May 2014

Making a College Decision By Heba Haleem As high school seniors of the Class of 2014 come closer to graduation, and as they struggle with senioritis for just a little bit longer, the time has finally come for them to make that college decision. I am in the same boat. And I would like to reach out to all of you who are on it as well. Like some of you seniors, applying to schools in light of senior year coursework was stressful for me— I already had to balance school with extracurricular activities, and now I had to throw in some essay writing and editing into the mix. So, when the last application was finally submitted, I took a huge sigh of relief—and I know I wasn’t the only one. Now, all I had to do was wait. Most of you have been discovering your college decisions throughout the last couple of weeks. Some of my friends got into their dream schools, others came to peace with one of the choices they

had, and a few are still simply unsure. By deciding which college you want to go to, you are shaping your future. One important factor to consider when choosing a college is figuring out whether it is a right “fit” for you. Have you visited campus? If so, what feeling did you get while you were on campus? Could you picture yourself being there

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for the next four years of your life? As Muslim seniors, we not only have to consider the best option to educate ourselves, but also whether we will be able to preserve our Islamic virtues amongst the relatively liberal atmosphere of many universities. Consider what the Islamic community at the college is like. Is there a Muslim

Students Association? Are there Halal options available at the dining hall? Is it possible to live in a singe-sex dorm or floor? As you consider both your feelings for the college and its Islamic environment, I wish you all good luck! May Allah help you in making the decision that is best for you.




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May 2014


Israel Raids Al-Aqsa, Arrests Worshippers AL-QUDS – Israeli occupation forces have attacked a peaceful protest by Palestinian worshippers against daily incursions by Jewish extremists at Al-Aqsa mosque in Al-Quds (occupied Jerusalem), arresting and injuring many of them. “I call on [Arab and Islamic] states and organizations to stand up to Israel, whose policies at Al-Aqsa Mosque are getting out of hand,” Al-Aqsa Mosque official Sheikh Najih Ibkeirat told Anadolu Agency on Sunday, April 13. Palestinians’ influx to the Muslims’ third holiest site on Sunday followed calls by Mufti of Al-Quds Sheikh Mohamed Hussein for Palestinians to camp in the mosque complex in protest against latest violations by extremist Jewish groups. Ibkeirat called on Palestinians to “stand by Al-Aqsa mosque in the most difficult phase of its history.” He also urged Palestinians to start a sit-in throughout April at the mosque complex ahead the Jewish occasion of Passover. Extremist Jewish groups have announced earlier intentions to storm Al-Aqsa mosque compound during Passover holiday, next Monday.

Staging their sit-in inside Al-Aqsa mosque, Palestinians were attacked by Israeli police that fired teargas and rubber-coated steel bullets at Muslim worshippers, injuring several of them.

At least two Palestinian women were arrested in the wake of the attacks. A different story was shared by the Israeli police, which claimed that protesters started to hurl stones. “Stones and a number of Molotov cocktails were thrown at police,” Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Agence France Prsse (AFP). “Police responded by using stun grenades and entered the Temple

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Mount [Al-Quds] area.” Al-Aqsa is the Muslims’ first Qiblah [direction Muslims take during prayers] and it is the third holiest shrine after Al Ka`bah in Makkah and Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Its significance has been reinforced by the incident of Al Isra’a and Al Mi’raj — the night journey from Makkah to Al-Quds and the ascent to the Heavens by Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). Terrorist Jews Sunday’s assault follows an earlier “price tag” attack by Jewish extremists, an extremist tactic used to target Palestinians frequently. Accusing occupation forces of protecting Palestinians, extremist Jews from Yitzhar settlement vandalized a nearby Israel Defense

Forces encampment. In the wake of the attack, Israeli authorities scrambled to label them “terrorists”. “What is going on in the territories is Jewish terror,” Ami Ayalon, a former head of the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet, told Yediot Ahronot. “All of the other definitions coming from the prime minister, from the ministers, or the president — ‘hate crime,’ ‘bad weeds,’ and such — are meaningless. Laundered words. And until they do this, they won’t solve the problem.” Dubbed “price tag” or “mutual concern” doctrine, the extremist tactic stipulates that settlers respond “whenever, wherever and however” they wish to any government attempt to remove illegally built outposts. The term is frequently used to describe acts of vandalism by radical Israeli settlers exacting a “price” against Palestinian targets or Israeli security forces in response to actions by the government. The policy also encourages settlers to vent their anger at innocent Palestinians living in the vicinity of such outposts.

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May 2014

China Rewards Xinjiang Beard Informants URUMQI – Authorities in China’s Muslim-majority province of Xinjiang are offering cash rewards to informants who report on their neighbors for wearing beards, Chinese state media has reported. “That’s a lot of money for Uighurs in the south [of the region],” Alim Seytoff, spokesman for the Uighur rights advocacy group World Uyghur Congress (WUC), told Al Jazeera on Friday, April 25. “There they are very poor. This is an incentive to betray their fellow Uighurs to get some financial gain.” The Muslim leader was commenting on the Chinese government recent move by officials in Shaya county to issue a notice offering amounts ranging from 50 to more than 50,000 yuan ($8 to $8,000) for informants who report on their neighbors who grow beards, the Global Times said on Thursday. The move by the Chinese local authorities is not the first attempt to suppress signs on Muslim religiosity in the past. Last August, Arzugul Memet was

forced by Chinese authorities to evict her rented property in the northwestern region of Xinjiang for wearing a face veil. Xinjiang authorities have also launched a campaign labeled Project B e a u t y, w h i c h attempts to discourage locals from wearing veils - a common practice a m o n g U i g h u r women. But, for Nicholas Bequelin, a researcher with Human Rights Watch, it is first time officials are comfortable enough to announce such measures in an Englishlanguage publication geared toward foreigners. “What is new and extremely worrying [is that] the Chinese government is so bent on suppressing Uighur Islam that it

thinks it’s appropriate to make public these restrictions and to sketch out what behavior is considered suspect by the state,” Bequelin told Al Jazeera.

WUC’s Seytoff said he contacted Human Rights Watch days ago with reports of the restrictions. He added that WUC’s communications have been compromised by Chinese intelligence, and that the Chinese media report was likely an attempt to establish Beijing’s stance ahead of any claims that would be made by the international human rights

watchdog. Xinjiang has been autonomous since 1955 but continues to be the subject of massive security crackdowns by Chinese authorities. Rights groups accuse Chinese authorities of religious repression against Uighur Muslims, a Turkish-speaking minority of eight million, in Xinjiang in the name of counter terrorism. Muslims accuses the government of settling millions of ethnic Han in their territory with the ultimate goal of obliterating its identity and culture. And analysts say the policy of transferring Han Chinese to Xinjiang to consolidate Beijing’s authority has increased the proportion of Han in the region from five percent in the 1940s to more than 40 percent now. Beijing views the vast region of Xinjiang as an invaluable asset because of its crucial strategic location near Central Asia and its large oil and gas reserves.


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May 2014

Phoenix Prayer Times

Tucson Prayer Times


Directions to the Islamic Cultural Center Cemetery

May 2014 • Rajab / Shaban 1435 H

Islamic Community Center of Phoenix: Islamic Cultural Center: Muslim Community Mosque: Masjid Omar ICNEV Weekend Islamic School ACA Weekend School Sultan Education in Chandler Greenway Islamic Academy


May 2014 • Rajab / Shaban 1435 H

Sunday at 9:45 am-1:20 pm. Sunday at 10:00 am Sunday at 10:00 am until 2:30 pm. Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm. Tel: (480) 346-2081Classes held on Sunday K thru’ grade 12 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sunday 10:00 am-1:15 pm. Saturdays & Sundays - children/adults 480-593-7066 Tajweed, Islamic Studies, & Arabic Language 602-565-0500

From the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC):

Check our website for up to date information

1) Go South on Forest to University Drive. Turn right. 2) Go West on University to the I-10 highway. Take I-10 East. 3) Proceed on I-10 East (~12 Miles). Exit at Queen Creek Rd. (EXIT #164). 4) Turn right on route 347 South. Proceed for about 14 miles. 5) Turn right on route 238 West. Proceed for about 8.7 miles. 6) Turn right on unnamed/unpaved street after you see the street sign which reads “36 miles” and proceed to the cemetery.

IN CASE OF DEATH • Call Sandy at Angel’s Burial, at 480-962-6435 • Total cost is $1,800.00


PHOENIX Arizona Cultural Academy 7810 S. 42nd Pl. • Phoenix 602-454-1222 Islamic Center of Arizona 9032 N. 9th St. • Phoenix

Islamic Center of N. Phoenix 13246 N. 23rd Ave. 85029 602-371-3440 Islamic Comnty Ctr of Phx 7516 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix • 602-249-0496 Muslim Community Mosque 1818 N. 32nd St. • Phoenix 602-306-4959 Masjid Al-Rahmah 2645 E. McDowell Rd. • Phoenix 602-275-5493 Masjid Muhammad Ibn Abdullah

5648 N. 15th ave. Phoenix, AZ 85015 602-413-5279

Al Rasoul Mosque 5302 N. 35th Ave. • Phoenix 602-864-1817

CHANDLER Masjid AsSalam 1071 N. Alma School Rd.• Chandler 480-250-7522

PEORIA Greenway Islamic Center 6724 West Greenway • Peoria, Islamic Center of East Valley AZ 425 N. Alma School Dr. • Chandler TEMPE 602-388-9900 Islamic Comnty Ctr of Tempe LAVEEN 131 E. 6th Street • Tempe 480-894-6070 Islamic Center of Laveen P.O. Box 1107 • Laveen Masjid Al Mahdi 602-361-4401 1016 S. River Dr. • Tempe MARICOPA 480-557-9699 Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah Masjid Omar Bin Al-Khattab 44370 W. Arizona Ave. Maricopa Arizona 85138 6225 S.McClintock • Tempe contact# (602)312-7913 480-775-6627 MESA Masjid-el-Noor 55 N. Matlock • Mesa 480-644-0074 SCOTTSDALE Islamic Center of N.E. Valley 12125 E. Via Linda • Scottsdale 480-612-4044

CASA GRANDE Masjid Sajda is located c/o: The Legacy Suites 540 North Cacheris Court Casa Grande`, Arizona 85122 480.332.8618



May 2014

from age 1 Arizona Cultural Academy students graduate with associate’s degrees. Give your children a head start.

to college ARIZONA CULTURAL ACADEMY & COLLEGE PREP. | 602-454-1222 7810 S. 42nd Pl. Phoenix, AZ 85042

Our Principles. Rewarded. Four-time Lipper Award winner Amana Income Fund:

Amana Income Fund (AMANX)

• Conservative investment approach • Long-term outlook • Consistent results

10 Year

Following the Principles of Islamic Finance

Amana Mutual Funds Trust 888/73-AMANA

Best Fund For the 10-year period ended 12/31/2011 among 40 funds in the Equity Income Category.

Performance data quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. The Amana Funds limit the securities they purchase to those consistent with Islamic principles which limits opportunities and may increase risk. Current and future holdings, as with all mutual funds, are subject to market risks. Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company, is a nationally recognized organization that ranks the performance of mutual funds within a universe of funds that have similar investment objectives. Funds are chosen as the best fund in their category for demonstrating consistently strong risk-adjusted returns compared with peers.

Please request a prospectus or summary prospectus which contains information about the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Amana Funds which you should read and consider carefully. To obtain a free prospectus or summary prospectus, ask your financial advisor, visit, or call 1-888/73-AMANA. The Amana Funds are distributed by Saturna Brokerage Services, member FINRA/SIPC and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saturna Capital Corporation, investment adviser to the Amana Funds.

Muslim Voice May 2014 issue  

Muslim Voice May 2014 issue Arizona

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