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tastemakers Number 2 – 2018

Collaboration Zilverstad and Puik Art

Tea grown on Dutch soil


coffee trends that are here to stay

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content 4 Trend Retro Chic

6 Tea by me Tea grown on Dutch soil

8 Tea and chocolate: a tasty couple!

9 Product Pure Nature

10 Trend Urban Jungle

12 Make the most of tea 14 10 coffee trends that are here to stay 16 Trend Geometrical Optimism

18 It’s all about coffee 20 Trend Lovely Wood

22 Product I ♥ you

23 Oblique: optimal asymmetry

Bredemeijer Group l 3

enjoy! Tea is trending! 5 Million tonnes of tea are produced annually around the world. This includes all varieties, from Japanese Sencha to Earl Grey. We are experimenting with unknown teas in our homes, and organising our own tea ceremonies. But outside, in restaurants for example, the beverage is also increasingly popular. Perhaps the most significant of this development is that, with drinking tea, you create a moment for yourself. And it is a healthy moment, because studies show that tea contains several beneficial substances. A good tea requires premium hardware. This magazine gives you a comprehensive overview of products that allow the drink to come to the fore. It is also increasingly difficult to keep up with developments in the field of coffee. Filter coffee is back, home-roasting is on the up, and the types of milk available for your cappuccino and latte are mushrooming. Additionally, the sustainability of products is becoming more important. Preparing the various types of coffee requires the right equipment. That is why we are happy to show you our coffee makers. Slow coffee, espresso, latte macchiato… It’s up to you! This magazine showcases our coffee and tea accessories. Set in various inspirational interiors that reflect today’s trends, and accompanied by products from our home deco collection. Mix & match is a common trend we see in all styles. Enjoy this read!

Esther de Wit

Marketing Bredemeijer Group

P.S. The complete collection of the Bredemeijer ®, Leopold Vienna and Zilverstad brands is featured in our catalogue. You are welcome to order it on info@bredemeijergroup.com.

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retro chic The 80s are hot again. We see the influence of this era in colours that are combined with black and brown wood. Dusky pink and beige are popular as well. We see natural materials and bouclĂŠ fabrics, leather and marble. High gloss is back, but used in a subdued manner. Graphic designs are at the fore.

Bredemeijer Group l 5




6. 1. Bar set Start LV00465 | 2. Tealight holder Riccio 7521261 | 3. Teapot Duet® Design Sven 1.2L 111000 | 4. Candle stick Tube 6246231 (11cm), 6245231 (16cm), 6244231 (22cm) | 5. Champagne bowl Equip 8129070 | 6. Teapot Duet® Design Dex 1.1L 1604Z | 7. Double walled glass 1492.

6 l Tastemakers

tea by me: Tea grown on Dutch soil A tea plantation in the Netherlands – not the most obvious setting you would expect. When we think of growing tea, countries in the Far East like China, or India come to mind, where the climate is entirely different. Yet, a few Dutch tea lovers thought they could start a tea plantation in Zundert, in the province North Brabant, and they succeeded! Years of experimenting resulted in a tea plant that withstands the uncertainties of the Dutch weather. Today, the leaves of the plant are used to produce a large variety of teas. We met up with Anne Adams, product developer and tea maker at Tea by me.

Bredemeijer Group l 7

“It all started 14 years ago. Johan Jansen, owner of Special Plant and avid tea drinker, returned from a long journey through China. After being introduced to the tea culture of the east, the desire arose to develop a tea plant that would flourish here. A variety of the Camellia Sinensis would survive our sometimes cold winters and volatile summers. This turned out to be a major challenge. However, after ten years of experimentation the moment had arrived: our Dutch tea plant was ready for its first harvest”, says Anne. “We really wanted to distribute our tea plant internationally, in order for other tea fans to start growing it as well, and maybe even starting their own tea plantation. ‘Grown locally, produced locally’, is our motto. Our variety is currently grown in Jersey, Scotland and Finland, and also in Canada and the US where local tea plantations have been started and where they now produce their own teas. It is fantastic to see that our concept is catching on”, Anne continues, “and growing tea locally is sustainable. Why would you import tea from faraway countries when it can be grown locally?” The popularity of tea drinking is on the rise and Tea by Me responds to that trend. “Tea is a healthy beverage. It contains substances that are proven to be beneficial to your body. More and more people are becoming aware of this. You also see more teas in restaurants. It

is becoming increasingly common these days to order a tea that pairs well with your dish, instead of wine”, according to Anne. “We currently produce

Why would you import tea from faraway countries when it can be grown locally? 11 blends from our own plant, including the Zundert Tea and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Half of our teas are green, while the other half consists of infusions that I have concocted myself”. In the near future, Tea by Me will expand its production to

meet the growing demand. The short-term goal is to establish a biological tea field and construct a tea inspiration centre. A crowdfunding campaign was started to this end. Anne: “The campaign was very successful. Within two months we collected enough money to implement our plans. We want to start sowing the first tea plants this year. And soon we will start the construction of the inspiration centre, which will revolve around perception. We want to create an environment where people can see, smell and taste. Tea is an extremely versatile product and we want to share that message with everyone.”

Tea and chocolate: a tasty couple!

more complex flavour that can clash with that of tea, especially when the tea has a strong character of its own. However, it can also result in a surprising explosion of flavours.


By MariĂŤlla Erkens Tea and chocolate. They are often regarded as a great match, although that is not always the case. Cheap chocolate is mainly used containing a lot of sugar and milk powder, and with a low cocoa content. Its taste is often dull, sticky and sweet, but combines well with almost all teas. However, things are different when you combine high-quality chocolate with tea. Premium chocolate has a

Just like wine, both tea and chocolate can be silky, complex, soft, and bitter. You can probably imagine that a bold cup of tea does not go well with a similar chocolate: it creates too much intensity. Better then to combine bold with smooth, this makes the overall taste more gentle.

Tasting tea and chocolate It is best to taste chocolate by smelling it first, and then let a small piece melt in your mouth. A tiny piece of premium chocolate will create an intense, long-lasting flavour. It

s n o ti a n bi m o c f o s le p m a x E of t ea and chocolat e English blend is very popular in the Netherlands. It is a rather strong, somewhat dry and tart black tea that becomes round and sweet when combined with milk chocolate, and gets more flavourful when that milk chocolate has a high cocoa content. Darjeeling is a fresh, fruity black tea that goes well with dark chocolate with flowery notes.

Matcha tea is a Japanese green powder tea with a bittersweet taste that is a good match for white chocolate. Earl Grey and Rooibos like a fresh, fruity dark chocolate. A few pieces of premium chocolate are enough to enjoy a long and complex aftertaste, especially when combined with tea. Try it yourself!

may be more expensive, but it also lasts longer. Swirl the chocolate around your mouth and let some air in. This will release more flavour. Pay attention to the mouthfeel, the flavours and the aroma’s. What do you perceive? Now do the same with a sip of tea. After that, try a small piece of chocolate together with a sip of tea and mix the two in your mouth. You will notice how, at first, you don’t taste anything at all. However, after swallowing, the flavours return. Sometimes there is a new flavour, while other times either the flavour of the chocolate has increased, or that of the tea, or rather it has become smoother, or fresher.

Bredemeijer Group l 9


pure nature

Photo frame Family tree Silver plated lacquered 7703231

Teapot and tea mugs Xilin 1,25L | Cast iron Teapot G002GR Tea mugs G004GR

Bella Ronde Spring Green 1,2L | Stainless steel 7304SG

Children’s cutlery Forest animals 4-pcs | Stainless steel 6829030 Citrus juicer Profi

Money box Sheep Silver plated lacquered 6070261

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. . . Teapot and tea mugs Yantai 1,2L | Cast iron & porcelain Teapot 157000 Tea mugs 152000

Chrome/ Stainless steel LV00139

10 l Trend


8. 9.




Nature is a great source of inspiration, especially so in today’s interior. Organic shapes, prints inspired by nature, and of course an abundance of plants. Natural materials such as wood, cork and rattan are combined with metal (gold, brass, copper), textile and glass. The use of warm colours creates an intimate ambiance. The reuse of vintage items fits within this trend.

Bredemeijer Group l 11

urban jungle

11. 10.





1. Teapot Xilin 0,8L G001GR | 2. Tea mugs Xilin G004GR | 3. Tealight holder Solido, large 8067030 | 4. Tealight holder, small 8066030 | 5. Teapot Yantai 157000 | 6. Tea mugs Yantai 152000 | 7. Coaster B0005 | 8. Teapot Xilin 1,25L G002GR | 9. Bowl Solido 8073030 | 10. Tea box (9-compartments with window) TB009BN | 11. Hurricane lamp Solido 8072030 | 12. Coffee maker Copper 800ml LV01519.

12 l Tastemakers


Greek mountain tea Young tea brand The Greek Mountain produces premium loose leaf teas from sideritis (shepherd’s tea), which is grown sustainably on the 1,300m high, wild and rocky landscape of Mount Olympus. Greeks have been drinking sideritis for centuries, not only for the great taste, but also because they believe it helps to relax, cures colds, eases digestion and alleviates pains and ailments in general. Sideritis is rich in antioxidants and is supposed to have antibacterial

Ancient tea

properties. It is caffeine-free, which makes it a perfect drink for during the day and for rehydration after exercise. The Greek Mountain recently introduced two new premium blends: a soothing mountain blend of lemon balm, verbena and camomile, and a wild minty mountain tea. Order your Greek Mountain boost online now! Available for ¤5,50 per 30 gram box thegreekmountain.com

Beneficial plants Their yellow-white flowers appear on the road side every year in May: camomile plants. Their Latin name matri­caria chamomilla translates as mother’s care. Could that be because camomile has so many beneficial properties? It is said to have analgesic and disinfectant characteristics. Camomile tea, which is made from the flowers, is historically called miracle tea. It alle­ viates your sore throat when you have a cold, and breathing in its steam opens up your airways. It helps you fall asleep when you are plagued by insomnia and calms you down in times of stress. It also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

tea, sugar, and of course the

Probiotic Kombucha by Louise

SCOBY. This basis from which


The ancient tea kombucha is

be ordered on the internet (e.g.

a rising star among fit foods.

via Marktplaats). You can then

There is good news for anyone

add herbs and fruits to your

interested in making their own

liking to create a kombucha to

kombucha. It is neither diffi-

your taste. Ginger, lime, pear

cult nor expensive to collect

juice and cardamom are all

the necessary equipment and

examples of additions you can

ingredients. All you need to

use to make a great kombucha

create a basic kombucha is a

tea. We highly recommend the

glass jar of approximately two

following book; Living Tea -

litres, a cloth to cover it, fresh

Healthy Recipes for Naturally

Photograph: Clare Winfield

you create the kombucha can

Bredemeijer Group l 13

arTea Discarding a teabag? Graphic designer and visual artist Ruby Silvious wouldn’t think of it. The New York native transforms used teabags into mysterious, provocative, and sometimes magical pieces of art by drawing, painting or printing on them.

repurposed tea bags. Her creations were recently bundled in the namesake coffee table book 363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Teabags. Ruby is currently travelling around the world to exhibit her tea art. Ruby started a project called 363 Days of Tea in 2015, for which she kept a daily diary on


Photograph: Gerhard Witteveen Recipe: Tess Posthumus

On your balcony, in your garden or at the waterfront: enjoy a cocktail made with tea! Thirst-quenching and surprisingly versatile.

• 130ml Dilmah Italian Almond Tea • 15ml fresh lemon juice • 5ml Bonne Maman apricot jam • Ice cubes for serving • Garnish: 3 dried apricots, 1 cocktail stick 1. Boil the tea at 100°C for 4 minutes and let it cool down. 2. Shake the tea with the rest of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. 3. Sieve and pour in a whisky glass with ice cubes. 4. Present with apricots on a cocktail stick.

Follow Ruby Silvious on Instagram: @silvirub. rubysilvious.com

Did you knowt? tha Did you know that... it is best to store loose leaf tea in a tin? Of course you want to keep your tea for as long a period as possible. Although tea does not mould or spoil, it will definitely lose its flavour! If you really want to store your tea for a bit longer, it is best to use a tin, away from air, moisture and light as these are the main enemies of the great taste of fresh tea.

Create a scene with steam Illustrator and product designer Angeliek Caelen created the Steam Waverz. Paper circles for on top of your hot tea or coffee that come alive with the steam. There are Steam Waverz with two love birds, two lovers kissing and a high

tea scene. All gift packages have multiple colour combinations and contain two designs. As the Waverz can be used multiple times you can make each tea moment a special moment.

Available from ¤2,60 per two steamwaverz.nl

14 l Tastemakers


10 coffee trends that are here to stay


By Moniek Smit

Most of us enjoy a nice cup of coffee and virtually everyone has an opinion about it. Coffee is a hot topic that gets more and more attention. The way we make and drink coffee today is very different from 15 years ago, whether at home or elsewhere.


Developments are following one another in rapid succession, with remarkable hypes and trends that are here to stay. In this article, I discuss 10 coffee trends that one can’t help but notice.


4 5

Convenience is key

After the introduction of the coffee pad, the market for single-serve coffee making exploded. Pads, pods and capsules are available in various formats. Their popularity is a testament to our willingness to pay for convenience. We’re happy to pay three times as much for an easy cup of coffee than we do for ground coffee or coffee beans.


Variety – at home as well

Gone are the days when you had to go out for a cappuccino or a latte. We are consum-

ing ever more milky coffees at home (and less and less coffee creamer). The various recipes are hardly ever served in a traditional cup and saucer. These days we drink our coffee from pretty mugs and glassware. There are no set rules for how you serve your coffee, just follow your own taste and preferences.


Coffee on the go

A trend that started slowly, but that has become part of modern life: coffee on the go. In the train, in the car, on foot and even on the bicycle; people are

Bredemeijer Group l 15

enjoying their coffee everywhere. What is increasingly noticeable is that many use their own thermal cups instead of throw-away paper cups, which fits in with the next trend.


Sustainable coffee consumption

A growing number of people find the waste caused by coffee capsules and paper cups un­ acceptable. Additionally, there is more attention for the origin of the product and a fair remuneration for coffee farmers. This awareness will increase in the near future, as coffee production is under pressure and coffee companies focus more on sustainability.


Non-dairy milk

The advance of soy, coconut, almond, oat and rice milk combined with coffee continues. The target audience for these products has grown beyond those who cannot consume dairy products. Users consciously choose plant-based variants. Often for health and sustainability reasons and because they prefer the excellent flavour of these alternatives.


Vintage coffee

We can buy coffee from Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia at the local supermarket. The demand is growing for coffees from specific regions with transparent information about the processing and roasting methods. I can’t wait for the moment that we can select a beautiful washed Yellow Bourbon from a coffee list, like we do now with wine.



The hero of every coffee shop: the barista. A popular student job. Besides the ability to make a gorgeous coffee with impressive milk art, their coffee expertise is equally important. Amateur baristas at home are on the rise; a new pastime for those who want to change their kitchen into a fancy coffee bar with a nice shiny machine.


Cold coffee


Coffee as ingredient


Another slow but irreversible trend: cold coffee. Iced coffee, frozen cappuccino and even nitro coffee, which is coffee on tap. It is a very popular product with the new generation of coffee drinkers, readily available in cans and bottles, and in a variety of flavours. Coffee has also become a soda.


Chefs and bartenders have rediscovered coffee. With its various origins, coffee is a product with a broad palette of flavours: from refreshingly sour to full and sweet. A great flavouring for pastries, desserts and cocktails, but also for hot sauces and marinades.



Back to filter coffee

A steadily growing trend: the return of filter coffee. Not like it used to be, but geared to today’s desires: a well-prepared filter coffee that reveals the various coffee tastes. More and more people can make coffee in various ways in their home, using specific rituals when time allows. The more effort you put in preparing a good cup, the more you will enjoy your coffee.

9 10

16 l Trend


9. 8.


GEOMETRICAL OPTIMISM The focus is on geometric shapes that can be found in wallpaper and rugs, but also in accessories such as vases and candleholders. This trend also focuses on typography. Letters and texts are used in innovative ways. All this takes place in a colourful setting in which you can make endless combinations with neutral black, grey and white.

Bredemeijer Group l 17






1. 2.

1. Teapot Duet® Design Meteor 1.2L 4304Z | 2. Double walled glass 1442 | 3. Teapot Duet® Design Saturn 1.2L 1324Z | 4. Photo frame Sweet Memory 6149630 | 5. Candelabra Lux 3 branches 7517161 | 6. Coffee maker Chrome 800ml LV117004 | 7. Teapot Lund 1.0L LD002R | 8. Tea for one set Lund 142003 | 9. Candle stick Lux 7516161 | 10. Espresso maker LV00754 | 11. Double walled glass LV01510.

18 l Tastemakers


Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster Roast your own coffee beans at home; it’s a piece of cake with the Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster. Discover new flavours, save money and discover the secrets of roasting coffee – even as a novice coffee drinker. With the Kelvin subscription and mobile app you can select green beans from all over the world. The Kelvin app helps you with suggestions for the various roasting profiles.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Available for ¤214

kelvinroaster.com Making your own filter coffee outside your home can be quite the challenge, but anyone can make a quality cup of joe with the FreshDrip. Inventor Alex Kitain, also known for The Coffeevine, believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a premium cup of filter coffee everywhere! FreshDrip combines ingenious Japanese design and technology in a single-serve filter coffee sachet. A Freshdrip Brazil box or the three different Ethiopia boxes

each contain seven sachets. All you need is hot water and a cup. Now you can really make coffee anywhere, from the top of a mountain to your seat on the train. Great!

Tia Coconut Lat te

Available for ¤ 7,freshdip.com

Coffee is incredibly versatile. Are you up for something new? Try a coffee cocktail. You need the following: • 50ml Tia Maria • 50ml hot espresso • 50ml hot coconut milk • cinnamon stick as garnish 1. Pour everything in a tall glass. 2. Stir and serve with the cinnamon stick. Simple but sumptuous!

Bredemeijer Group l 19

Caffeine Caffeine – a remarkable

Crowdfund your coffee bar Talking to the bank for a loan for your coffee bar

substance! You can find it in coffee, tea, cacao, soda, and energy drinks. After a long night this stimulant can help you to get going and face the day. But how much caffeine do the various products contain?

Caffeine content

is so 90s! These days, you start your business by


launching a crowdfund campaign. That is what

(125ml =

these three specialty coffee locales did.

Harvest Coffee Brewers Rotterdam Former Dutch barista champion Zjevaun Janga serves coffee from specialty roasters from all over the world in his coffee bar. The bar’s interior has Scandinavian accents, while the simple but great dishes on the menu have Australian roots. With sunny weather, the doors at the back open up, where you can sit sheltered on the quay along a branch of the Maas.

Nordkapp Utrecht Jasper Overdevest has been involved with coffee for years and has been a roaster for

Nordkapp Coffee since 2015. He recently expanded into serving coffee. The coffee bar and shop are located underneath the roasting house and are open on business days. Entrepreneurs can receive training and inspiration while the coffee lovers enjoy a freshly roasted cup.

1 cup)

Average caffeine content (mg)

Filter 85 Pads 85 39 Espresso (30ml) Instant 60 Decaf 3 Average Tea (125ml = caffeine 1 cup) content (mg)

Teabag or loose leaf tea Ice tea

30 16

(180ml = 1 glass)

Tigershark Den Haag

Overig Cola

Vincent Zwaan wanted to com-

Energy drinks

bine his passions for surfing and

(250ml = 1 blikje)

coffee in ‘his’ Scheveningen. He

Chocolate milk

did so by opening his own cof-

(180ml = 1 glass)

fee shop. Tigershark serves Jelle

Milk chocolate

van Rossum’s Schokunin coffee

(30g = 1 bar)

and has a nice, cosy ambiance.

Dark chocolate

There is a brunch menu to order

(30g = 1 bar)

from as well.


(180ml = 1 glas)

80 4 6 14

20 l Trend



2. 5. 3.

7. 6.

Wood is back, preferably untreated. A natural look with a tough touch. Combine various types of wood to create a surprising effect. The main advantage of wood is that it creates a warm ambiance. You can match it with metal, but also with glass and refined textiles.

Bredemeijer Group l 21

lovely wood



11. 10.


1. Teapot Lund 1.0L LD002W | 2. Tea warmer Lund LD014W | 3. Mug Lund LD010W | 4. Coffee maker / Slow coffee maker Piazza LV117010 | 5. Double walled glass LV01515 | 6. Tea mug Bamboo with filter and lid B0012 | 7. Teapot Oslo 1.5L 171000 | 8. Biscuit box Monte 8008000 | 9. Bowl Oblique 8122070 | 10. Tea for one Salerno 165001 | 11. Bonbon dish 8121070 | 12. Coffee maker Industrial 1.0L LV117012.

22 l Tastemakers


Wedding ring box with silver plated icon Wood | Silver plated lacquered 7571261

I ♥ YOU Champagne bowl dubble walled Stainless steel 8702050

Photo frame Wedding day

Champagne glasses heart

Ø80mm | Silver plated lacquered

‘Crystal’ | Silver plated lacquered



Chandelier Grazia 5 branches | Silver plated lacquered 7512261

I love you to the moon and back. . .

Heart shape cake server

Photo marriage box

and knife ‘Crystal’

Wood | Silver plated lacquered

Silver plated lacquered



Bredemeijer Group l 23

Zilverstad has taken a new direction. For its home deco segment, the brand joined forces with Puik Art, a design studio with talented young Dutch designers.

A collaboration that turned out to be quite a success. The new line with the name Oblique is an impressive showcase of Dutch Design with materials and shapes that blend perfectly with the latest trends in interior design. The selected materials of stainless steel, glass and sand-

stone resin are a perfect response to the latest contemporary interior fashion. The satin finish makes for a tough, young look that will appeal to a broad swathe of consumers. All objects are asymmetrically shaped, which gives Oblique a special edge. Oblique is one of Zilverstad’s

oblique optimal asymmetry

home deco concepts and is a great addition to the previously introduced lines Monte and Solido. Together, the collections provide a comprehensive range with various styles and price levels.

Hurricane lamp 8117070 | Bonbon dish 8121070 | Candle stick 811907 | Fruit bowl 8122070 | Tealight holder for 5 tealights 8118070 | Candle stick 8116070 | Tealight holder 8115070.­

Colophon Editors: Mariëlla Erkens, koffieTcacao magazine, Moniek Smit, Esther de Wit Art direction: Liesbeth Thomas, t4design Photography: James Stokes Styling: Johan Bak Location: Nijhof Baarn Concept: Kega

Bredemeijer Group B.V. Savannahweg 59 3542 AW Utrecht The Netherlands www.bredemeijergroup.com Tel.: +31 (0)88 – 730 29 00 Fax: +31 (0)88 – 730 29 99 E-mail: info@bredemeijergroup.com