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BRECKENRIDGE CREATIVE ARTS VISION Our vision is to see Breckenridge as a world-leading creative destination.

MISSION Our mission is to promote Breckenridge as a vibrant, year-round creative destination by developing inspiring collaborative experiences that attract visitors and enrich the lives of our citizens.

VALUES To achieve our vision and mission we are guided by the following values: • Excellence and relevance • Engagement and interactivity • Diversity and inclusion • Collaboration, cooperation, and communication • Respect for our natural and cultural environment





“ The eclectic lineup [of BIFA] includes

concerts, film screenings, a talk by Ira Glass, host of radio’s This American Life, and art classes in mediums including photography and ceramics.” - The New York Times

WHO WE ARE Breckenridge: A Town The town of Breckenridge lies nestled in the Blue River Valley at a base elevation of 9,600 feet beneath the spectacular backdrop of snow-capped peaks that make up Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Flanked by vast stretches of National Forest, it is a popular resort community known for outdoor recreational opportunities from hiking and biking to snow sports. Settled first as a gold mining camp, Breckenridge is also rich in Old West history, with well-preserved architecture from log cabins and storefront saloons to simple Victorian dwellings. The town has long been characterized by a pioneering, make-do attitude, with inhabitants representing a diversity of cultural backgrounds. Today both vacationers and the local workforce hail from around the world. Many of those who work and play in the high country are concerned with the environment and sustainability. Breckenridge is also an arts-forward community, home to a slate of nonprofit institutions and grass-roots community groups dedicated to advancing the visual and performing arts.

Breckenridge Creative Arts: An Organization Breckenridge Creative Arts, known as BCA or BreckCreate for short, is an independent nonprofit organization formed in 2014 by the Town of Breckenridge to take over management of its existing cultural facilities while re-envisioning community arts programming for a new era. Led by experienced arts executive Robb Woulfe and backed by local groups, BCA launched a series of innovative festivals featuring massive spectacle art, environmental installations, and cutting-edge new media that have captured the imagination of locals and guests alike. Our exhibitions and programming aim to animate public spaces in a way that encourages interaction and community-building, while growing a strong sense of place in Breckenridge. As an organization, Breckenridge Creative Arts is subsidized by the Town but operates under a smart business model that supplements public funding with patron-generated revenue and funding collaborations. This unique approach takes its cue from the types of government-funded arts experiences popular in Europe, and can serve as a model to other communities seeking to unite arts groups and municipalities as partners in public arts initiatives. At the same time, our inventive programming illustrates how the arts can transcend aesthetics to impact a wide range of community goals—from increasing outreach to underserved groups; leveraging historical, environmental, and public assets to benefit the local economy; to inviting discussion on topics that impact communities today. The BCA approach is at the forefront of public arts thinking, and a shining example of the myriad benefits to be gained from investing in an innovative and compelling public arts program.





WHO WE SERVE Breckenridge Creative Arts supports and serves artists, creatives, cultural enthusiasts, tourists, and the community by providing a year-round schedule of performances, exhibitions, screenings, classes, workshops, and other engagement opportunities within the five cultural facilities we manage and operate, as well as in public gathering spaces throughout Breckenridge. An underlying tenet of BCA programming is accessibility—an ethos reflected in the numerous free events, affordable ticket pricing policy, scholarship opportunities, and broad geographic reach. Our audiences include a wide cross section of the greater Summit County community, including children, teens, young adults, families, and senior citizens, as well as the many tourists and day visitors who travel to Breckenridge each year. We seek to provide artistic experiences that are relevant to our diverse audiences, and to forge bonds between individuals and institutions to help create a community that is engaged in creative activity across the board.





WHAT WE BELIEVE We believe in community, and the power of the creative arts to cultivate a world that is engaged, inviting, and inspired. Through our signature festivals, art installations, and large-scale public performances, BCA creates experiences filled with wonder, spectacle, and awe, generating excitement that compels locals and visitors to our public arenas, where they interact in the shared space of creative inspiration. We believe our diversity is a strength, a source of beauty, and an opportunity for education. BCA programming aspires to honor, celebrate, and educate about the diversity of individuals who make up our community, while being relevant, accessible, and affordable to all. Nearly 94,000 visitors took part in Breckenridge Arts District activities in our first year of operations, with 14,375 children and youth participating in BCA programming. We believe in pushing boundaries with our innovative programming, while also offering family-friendly, accessible creative experiences. Our full slate of screenings, classes, workshops, tours, performances, and exhibitions have fast become a community staple, while our support of emerging art forms serves to educate, incubate creativity, and further the artistic cause overall. We believe that well-curated public art helps to cultivate pride of place. Our public art choices reinforce and comment on our shared values and aspirations—from the natural environment that drew us here to our love for adventure, our rich local history as miners and ski buffs, our pioneering spirit, and our commitment to a sustainable future. We believe our program will have wide-ranging economic impacts within and beyond Breckenridge. Already, our arts community is flourishing, bolstered by BCA collaborations between local groups and visionary artists from around the world. There are more than 400 creative sector jobs in the Breckenridge Arts District. Local businesses, seasonal workers, and visiting artists all benefit from BCA-generated creative tourism. We believe our bold, pioneering program will transform Breckenridge into a creative destination like no other, and revolutionize the way towns and organizations work together to breathe life into their communities through the arts. We believe in collaboration as a core operating tenet. In two short years, with the help of a growing list of partners, we have launched a creative reawakening in Breckenridge. Our vision for the future is expansive, and requires a far-reaching network of strategic partnerships and philanthropic support. We hope you share our beliefs and our vision, and decide to join us as we work together to build a vibrant and dynamic world community through the creative arts.

“ Breckenridge’s cultural plan is worth paying

attention to. When you look at a community of that size, making an investment of this magnitude, I think it’s particularly notable.” - ArtPlace America on Colorado Public Radio

WHAT WE DO Manage Town Assets One of BCA’s primary responsibilities is to manage the Town of Breckenridge’s public art assets. These include a substantial public art collection numbering more than 30 pieces, and five major cultural arts venues, including: •

Riverwalk Center, a 750-seat performing arts venue that hosts the summer repertoires

of the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra and National Repertory Orchestra, in

addition to a full schedule of visiting bands, musicians, speakers, and multimedia events

Breckenridge Theater, a recently renovated 130-seat theater that is home to the resident

troupe, Breckenridge Backstage Theatre, while also serving as a gallery and performance

space for other cultural arts offerings

Breckenridge Arts District, a 1-acre campus of renovated historic structures that

accommodate a year-long schedule of multidisciplinary arts and craft classes, and

serve as studio spaces for local and visiting artists

Old Masonic Hall, a recently renovated historic building on Main Street that serves

multiple functions as an exhibition space, a location for visual and performing arts

classes, and a home to BCA administrative offices

Speakeasy Movie Theater, a 150-seat, state-of-the-art movie theater housed in the

recently renovated brick schoolhouse that now serves as the Breckenridge Grand

Vacations Community Center & South Branch Library

These venues are used by a number of longstanding cultural organizations in the Breckenridge creative community, including the Breckenridge Film Festival and Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, in addition to those named above. Much of BCA’s Town-funded budget goes toward the maintenance and operations of these assets.

Program Events, Festivals + Exhibitions Breckenridge Creative Arts also plans programming for the Town’s venues and public spaces, both in partnership with and independent of its cultural partners. In 2016, we refined our programming strategy based on an analysis of the industry, BCA as a business, and which investments are most attractive and have the greatest impact. The following multilayered framework emerged to guide our ongoing programming choices and fundraising priorities: •

Big Art - Our primary focus is on big, spectacle events like the Breckenridge International

Festival of Arts (BIFA) and WAVE: Light + Water + Sound—two examples of BCA’s

pioneering multi-day festivals that feature large-scale visual and performance art in

public spaces, and set Breckenridge apart from other mountain towns. The concept

of “big art” also includes temporary and permanent large-scale public art installations

that emphasize narratives of place, such as the forthcoming sculpture “Syncline”

by Albert Paley.

Social Art - Our secondary programming focus is on art and events that encourage

meaningful social engagement and interaction, in particular through emerging media

such as screen and digital arts, and initiatives that explore words and ideas. Examples

include community events such as our Fire Arts Festival, Street Arts Festival, Día de los

Muertos, and BREW: Ideas + Creation Lab; as well as idea-focused events such as our

NPR speaker series and National Geographic Live!

Intimate Art – We will continue to sustain and refine investments in our fine art and

studio craft curriculum in the Breckenridge Arts District, our artist in residency program,

events featuring musical performances, and found experiences such as Trail Mix, a series

of visual art and music on area trails.

With an emphasis on authenticity, culture, and singularity of place, all BCA programs and partnerships are designed to promote community-building, placemaking, and economic development in Breckenridge.





OUR MILESTONES 2015 Highlights + Accomplishments BCA begins its first year of operations as an independent, nonprofit organization. BCA presents its inaugural Fire Arts Festival, a multi-day exhibition featuring fiery sculptures and performances in the Breckenridge Arts District, held in conjunction with the International Snow Sculpture Championships. BCA and the Town of Breckenridge open Old Masonic Hall, a multipurpose arts facility in a renovated historic building that houses visual and performing arts classes, workshops, exhibition spaces, artist studios, and administrative offices. BCA launches LateNite @ the District, a free, weekly outdoor summer concert and movie series held in the Breckenridge Arts District alongside extended studio hours, family-friendly workshops, and art demonstrations. BCA presents its inaugural Street Arts Festival, a celebration of street, pavement, and graffiti arts in the Breckenridge Arts District, held to coincide with the Town’s July Fourth celebration. BCA presents its inaugural Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA), a 10-day multi-arts festival featuring work by local, national, and international talent, including Colorado premieres and Breckenridge exclusives. Featured projects and artists include “The Blue Trees,” “Australia’s The Fruits,” Diavolo, Ira Glass, ARTCRANK, and more. BCA partners with National Geographic for Breckenridge to be the first location in Colorado to present its National Geographic Live! speaker series at the Riverwalk Center. BCA presents multidisciplinary programming at the Riverwalk Center, from the Colorado premiere of “Catch Me!,” a contemporary circus production by the Quebec-based company Flip FabriQue, to NPR humorist and best-selling author David Sedaris.





2015 HIGHLIGHTS CONTINUED BCA presents music icons Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group, Martin Sexton, John Hiatt & The Combo, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, and The Wood Brothers at the Riverwalk Center. BCA and The Summit Foundation team up to present QUACK: An Artful Duck Exhibition, featuring seven oversized, hand-painted fiberglass ducks displayed in outdoor spaces in downtown Breckenridge as part of The Summit Foundation’s 28th Annual Great Rubber Duck Race. BCA receives notice of its first grant award from Colorado Creative Industries. BCA presents its Día de los Muertos celebration in the Breckenridge Arts District, featuring hands-on workshops and art installations made by local participants, in partnership with Metropolitan State University Denver’s Department of Chicana/o Studies and the Colorado Folk Arts Council. BCA hosts more than 300 workshops, open studio events, and tours in the Breckenridge Arts District. BCA launches its quarterly digital magazine, /krē’āt/. Each issue profiles a creative individual or business, cultural organization, event, and object of art in a thoughtfully curated visual journey that aims to highlight and promote the greater creative community of Breckenridge. BCA presents its Handmade Holiday Market, a craft market and winter open house in the Breckenridge Arts District where guests can purchase one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. BCA hosts its first Creativity Crawl, a free quarterly showcase of arts, entertainment, and creative businesses in downtown Breckenridge. BCA presents Sculpture on the Blue, a rotating outdoor sculpture show that takes place in Blue River Plaza.

“ The town of Breckenridge provides artists with studio and

living space in its BreckCreate program, which includes a new $10 million Breckenridge Arts District campus with studios for ceramic, glass, textile, and other local and guest artists to share their work. Town leaders hope an expanded arts culture will establish the ski town as a year-round arts destination.� - Associated Press

2016 Highlights + Accomplishments BCA and the Town open the newly remodeled Breckenridge Theater, which increases the building’s square footage and seating capacity, upgrades the facility’s equipment, and improves a number of patron amenities within the venue. BCA presents the inaugural WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, a 4-day festival of contemporary public art featuring illuminated sculptures, projections, and digital art on the riverfront. The National Center for Arts Research ranks Breckenridge as the No. 4 small-to-medium city in its 2016 Arts Vibrancy Index. Colorado Creative Industries designates the Breckenridge Arts District as a Colorado-Certified Creative District. Colorado Creative Industries selects Breckenridge as the host city for the 2017 Creative Industries Summit. BCA presents its full program of annual events and festivals for a second year, including the Street Arts Festival, Fire Arts Festival, Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA), Día de los Muertos, Handmade Holiday Market, National Geographic Live! speaker series, quarterly Creativity Crawl, and Sculpture on the Blue. The Summit Foundation awards BCA a $10,000 grant to support its annual Día de los Muertos festival, with the shared goal of increasing outreach to diverse community groups. BCA co-presents Colorado Music Convergence, a 3-day gathering and showcase hosted in Breckenridge for indie artists, bands, and music industry professionals from across the state, in conjunction with Mishawaka Amphitheatre, SpokesBUZZ, and Colorado Creative Industries. BCA co-presents numerous other events with partners, including the Blue River Series at the Riverwalk Center with the Breckenridge Music Festival, the International Snow Sculpture Championships with the Breckenridge Tourism Office, the annual Town Party and the July Fourth Festivities with the Town of Breckenridge, and LateNite @ the District with the Breckenridge Film Festival.





2016 HIGHLIGHTS CONTINUED BCA launches its quarterly BREW: Ideas + Creation Lab, a salon series that provides thought-provoking discussion for and among creative professionals. BCA presents Art Around Town, a series of free, guided walking tours focusing on the Town’s public art collection, in conjunction with an online tour of Breckenridge public art. BCA and its Public Art Advisory Committee complete a rewrite of the Breckenridge public art master plan. BCA introduces MakeShift, a monthly makers’ night featuring free workshops and other DIY-inspired activities in the Breckenridge Arts District. BCA presents music icons Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Revivalists, Ozomatli, Lucinda Williams, and The Devil Makes Three at the Riverwalk Center. BCA presents speakers at the Riverwalk Center, including humorists Garrison Keillor and Kevin Smith. BCA completes lighting, sound, and staging upgrades to the Arts District campus, and rigging and mechanical upgrades to the Riverwalk Center. BCA installs three new pieces of public art, expanding the Town’s permanent public art collection: “Sack Race” by Jane Rankin, “Prowlin’” by Parker McDonald, and “Toro” by Fred Zietz. BCA hosts weekend workshops in the Breckenridge Arts District in conjunction with the Colorado Art Education Association’s annual conference. BCA receives the 2016 Governor’s Tourism Award for Outstanding Community Tourism Initiative.

“ While skiing, of course,

is a big draw to the area, Breckenridge is also known for its vibrant arts scene. � - Architectural Digest

WHAT SETS US APART Product Innovation Despite our short time in existence, BCA has already made a name for itself and Breckenridge by investing in large-scale, spectacle art that inspires wonder and awe. From free, larger-than-life performances by world-renowned artists to massive interactive works that light up public spaces, we offer unique arts experiences not available elsewhere in Colorado, and in few other places nationwide. We aim to redefine the concept of art festivals with our signature, multi-day festivals, including the Fire Arts Festival, which features fiery sculptures and performances; WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, which features curated, interactive art installations; our Street Arts Festival, which showcases once-underground art forms like graffiti and stencils, hip-hop music, and dance; and our 10-day Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA), which meshes a range of disciplines from sculpture to film, circus to dance, and experimental orchestra to genre-pushing rock. In contrast to traditional “art fairs” that offer artworks for sale, our signature festivals— the majority of which are admission-free—become a way to animate and engage an entire community around the creative arts. We incorporate cutting-edge new media and methods into our initiatives, from environmental installations like the ephemeral visual works on forest trails as part of the BIFA Trail Mix series; pieces featuring modern digital media at the WAVE festival; to social art that encourages community participation and interaction. Through our product innovations, we have emerged as a creative entrepreneur and leader among arts organizations.



An Exceptional Town + Place BCA invited representatives of the Breckenridge creative community for a visioning session to brainstorm what it is about Breckenridge that makes it uniquely Breckenridge. Several thematic narratives emerged that reflect the history and character of our town: • Our spectacular mountain environment high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains • Our rich local history, from the early Ute inhabitants, to the miners who built Breckenridge,

to the ski industry’s birth

• Our environmentally-conscious, nature-loving inhabitants • Our pioneering attitude and willingness to take risks •

Our longstanding dedication to art, and interest in a diversity of forms and styles

Identifying these thematic narratives has been key to our creative placemaking efforts. They underpin all decisions we make about events, exhibitions, and public art selections, ensuring that everything we do helps to strengthen and evolve our self-identity—from artists-in-residency chosen because they inspire conversation about environmental topics, to recent acquisitions of contemporary pieces of public art that represent our adventurous, risk-taking spirit. Our creative offerings are unique to the history and environment, beliefs and creative aspirations of only one mountain town—Breckenridge.

Art That Transcends We offer artistic experiences that raise awareness and encourage conversation about important issues ranging from environmental topics like watersheds and deforestation, to social topics like diversity and community cohesion. Some examples include Konstantin Dimopoulos’ “The Blue Trees,” in which community members helped the world-renowned artist color aspen trees blue to raise awareness about deforestation during BIFA; and Erin V. Sotak’s “My Your Our Water,” in which the resident artist biked along the Blue River during the WAVE festival to chat people up about water issues. Another example is Día de los Muertos, an event that preserves and honors the cultural arts while working to create a community where all voices are recognized and celebrated as integral to society’s social fabric. These multilayered artistic experiences are designed to be interpreted on many levels, generating reactions from pure aesthetic appreciation to an inspiration to act. In this way, they create a safe, nonthreatening space for dialog about issues important to our local and world community, while providing creative experiences that are both accessible and meaningful.

Art That Builds Community We work to animate and transform public spaces through artistic experiences, from permanent public art choices that respond to the physical, cultural, natural, historical, or social context of a given location, to temporary and ephemeral installations that invite participation and interaction. One example is “The Pool” by Jen Lewin, a sculpture of light-up platforms that change colors and create patterns when people walk on them, installed as a part of WAVE. Another is the musical component of the Trail Mix series, in which local musicians perform on area trails during BIFA. These types of art offer opportunities for engagement and social interaction between people of all ages, cultures, and creeds, animating public spaces in a way that builds community. From town facilities and plazas to rivers and forests, any public space can be transformed into a canvas or exhibition space, inspiring new perspectives filled with wonder and awe.

A Pioneering Model The United States lags behind nine other countries in per-capita public arts spending, leading one critic to describe it as “culturally impoverished.” This is despite research showing a wide range of benefits to be gained from the arts—everything from improved academic performance among students who take part in arts programs, to community livability factors like social cohesion, individual well-being, and economy. By forming and funding Breckenridge Creative Arts as a nonprofit organization to connect partner organizations and manage its cultural assets and programming, the Town of Breckenridge pioneered an innovative new model for how arts organizations and municipalities can partner around the creative arts. Following in the footsteps of countries with more progressive arts programs like Finland, Germany, France, and Sweden by making a significant investment in the arts, Breckenridge not only sets an example for the US but also serves as a testing ground for the benefits to be gained from a comprehensive arts program. As a result, our initiatives have implications beyond Breckenridge, our success serving as a model for other communities to follow.





OUR FINANCIAL HEALTH Breckenridge Creative Arts is working diligently to broaden its base of support, diversify its funding portfolio, and strengthen its business model. We continue to engage in long-term planning for resource development and are committed to introducing new revenue streams in the coming years, with particular attention being paid to opportunities for income growth that are aligned with BCA’s programs and artistic development. With a tailwind of solid operating performance in our first two years and a strengthening balance sheet, BCA’s financial position is sound. We continue to actively monitor our finances to ensure delivery within budgeted resources. In 2016, our board and staff instituted stronger financial controls, improved internal communications, and tightened fiscal policies and procedures. Specifically, we implemented detailed quarterly accrual reporting, a data-driven approach to forecasting that has greatly improved accuracy, and a more disciplined budget management process. Looking forward, we will continue to develop, execute, and refine our strategic plan to reflect the lessons learned in our first two years of operations. Our financial strategies will focus on striking a realistic balance between earned and contributed revenue expectations, shoring up cash flow, and expanding our resources in order to deepen the impact of our programs while taking advantage of new business opportunities as they arise. »

BCA holds no long-term debt.


BCA’s financial statements and financial position are audited annually in accordance with accepted U.S. auditing

standards. The firm of Yanari Watson McGaughey, PC performs the annual audit and issued an unqualified opinion

on BCA’s fiscal year 2015 financial statements.

2016 REVENUES (Forecast $2.37M)

2016 EXPENSES (Forecast $2.37M)

Contributed Revenue: 81%

Town of Breckenridge


Facility Maintenance


Corporate, Foundations + Individuals


Utilities + Custodial


IT Support + Systems

Earned Revenue:


Program Support


Ticket Sales + Class Registrations


Artist Expenses


Facility Rentals




Concessions + Merchandise




Other Income


Management + Administration





OUR FUTURE As BCA enters its third year of operations, we believe building up our innovative “big art” programs will be key to enhancing our global reputation and attracting visitors, while at the same enriching the lives of our local community. To achieve our vision, we seek to amplify our signature festivals, which have been widely hailed for large-scale artwork and performances that inspire wonder and delight while serving as a catalyst for community interaction. We hope to increase the scope and reach of these festivals by introducing an even greater variety of attractions, from the latest shows touring the international festival circuit, to cutting-edge interactive experiences and large-scale community art projects. Other “big art” initiatives instrumental to our vision include thoughtfully curated public art acquisitions and temporary or ephemeral installations that will animate our public spaces, inspire dialog over important topics, and ultimately tickle our collective consciousness, helping to evolve our understanding of ourselves and our community and strengthen our pride of place in Breckenridge. We aspire to offer programming meaningful to our local and global audiences through new “social art” and “intimate art” experiences that will enliven our idea-focused speaker series and film screenings, our popular music events at the Riverwalk Center, and our annual program of craft and fine arts classes and events in the Breckenridge Arts District. Through all of this, we seek to expand engagement—from new faces among the volunteers helping with a large-scale art installation, to greater attendance by all of our constituent groups. We aim to reach out to underrepresented segments of our community with relevant and accessible programming, and to inspire deeper participation in our collective activities. As new needs and interests arise, we will develop programs and exhibits that speak to them, helping us to evolve together as a creative community. As animator, curator, and producer, Breckenridge Creative Arts is committed to providing accessible, family-friendly programming at the same time as we seek out bold arts experiences that forge new creative territories and reflect our time and place. We will pursue exciting engagement concepts that incorporate new media collaborations and crossbred, interdisciplinary experiments, and search worldwide for intriguing, site-specific cultural experiences that will showcase Breckenridge’s contemporary, global identity. To make this vision a reality, the continued philanthropic investment of a broad community of supporters is essential.





WHY SUPPORT US? Breckenridge Creative Arts is a pioneering, community-supported arts organization on the move. In two short years, we have united a broad network of collaborators toward the common goal of transforming Breckenridge, Colorado—a small mountain town best known for outdoor recreation—into a multidimensional, world-leading destination for the creative arts. The benefits to our community are multipronged, ranging from increased tourism dollars during off-season months, to impacting community livability factors like individual well-being, social cohesion, and issue awareness. The fact is that while resort communities like Breckenridge may appear successful on the surface in terms of overall economic growth, many face growing pains ranging from loss of community identity to disengagement, community stratification, and pressures on the environment. Breckenridge Creative Arts seeks to support the ongoing development of a strong sense of place in Breckenridge through art and creative expression, providing opportunities for diverse segments of the community to interact on multiple levels in shared public spaces in order to build and grow connections. In so doing, it hopes to not only contribute toward a community that is sustainable for all people on the multifaceted fronts of economy, society, and environment, but also to create a model for resort communities, towns and cities throughout the nation and beyond. Major steps toward this goal have already been undertaken. Breckenridge’s arts renaissance is a success story in the making. When you support Breckenridge Creative Arts, it’s not a gamble. You are joining a committed team with a clear vision that has already made many positive changes. But this is only the beginning. We need all hands on deck—or “All Hands on Art”—to make this the community-wide success we envision. Our vision is sustainable, inclusive, and achievable. It supports the arts, culture, and creativity but flies far above and beyond to impact issues important to all of us, helping to create the kind of community one might envision for the world.

“ Competing for summer tourists in the mountains is big business, and Breckenridge has come up with an interesting strategy: big art. � - The Denver Post

HOW TO ENGAGE There are several ways to support Breckenridge Creative Arts, with many benefits and opportunities offered to recognize and thank our donors and volunteers. Your contributions are essential to our shared success. Through membership, support for special projects, sponsorship of exhibitions and programs, and gifts of time and talent, our partners allow us to share our programs with a broad audience. We thank our members, sponsors, and volunteers for their tremendous support, and look forward to working with new friends as we continue to pursue new horizons. Membership – Share your love of BCA programs with a gift membership. Benefits include our quarterly publications, discounted tuition for Arts District classes, invitations to special events, and more. Dues range from $25-50 per year, and your contribution supports BCA initiatives. Volunteering – Our volunteers are integral to our success. Join the 200+ people who volunteered in 2016. In the process, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what BCA is all about. We greatly appreciate your donations of time and talent. Personal Giving – All financial gifts, big and small, help us to achieve our vision. Personal gifts may be applied toward the purchase of public art, initiatives that encourage community collaboration, children’s events, scholarships, and more. Corporate + Business Partnerships – Partnering with BCA through sponsorship, hospitality packages, or corporate donations aligns your brand with world-class artistry, while demonstrating your commitment to the extraordinary quality of life we enjoy in the mountains. Sponsorship opportunities available include BCA’s core programs, festivals, exhibitions, and special events. Foundation + Government Support – BCA is delighted to partner with foundations and government agencies to present an exciting array of educational programs and outreach initiatives to local, national, and international audiences. Institutional funding plays a vital role in our efforts to foster cultural literacy, creative participation, and a lifelong enjoyment of the arts. In-Kind Gifts – Another way to support BCA is through donations of gifts and services. Please contact us with your ideas for in-kind donations. For more information on these opportunities, please visit breckcreate.org or email us at info@breckcreate.org.





OUR LEADERSHIP Board of Directors Michael Lundin, Chair Marsha Cooper, Vice Chair Deb Kelleher Spiers, Secretary + Treasurer Lindsay Eland Amy Evans Rick Holman, Ex-Officio

Felice F. Huntley Elisabeth Lawrence Bob Lowe Kenneth Nelson Robb Woulfe, Ex-Officio

Standing Committees Community Engagement Committee Finance + Audit Committee Governance + Nominations Committee Public Art Advisory Committee

Committee Members from the Community (beyond BCA Board) Janis Bunchman** Laura Dziedzic* Paul Finkel* Belinda Galiano* Leigh Girvin* Beth Groundwater* Joanne Hanson* Darci Hughes* Ireland King*

Tom Kramer** Donna Miller** Jen Morgan* Cindy Reese* Jason Rodon* Carl Scofield** Mara Sobeck** Vince White-Petteruti* Tony Wilson**

*Community Engagement Committee

**Public Art Advisory Committee

Management Team + Staff Robb Woulfe, President + CEO Rachael Anderson, Studio Assistant Kate Ankeny, Studio Coordinator Jenn Cram, Director of Public Programs + Engagement Saam Golgoon, Director of Operations + Facilities Matthew Karukin, House Manager Reese Kempter, Public Information Assistant Neal M. Kerr, Director of Production + Technical Services Susan Lyon, Director of Administration + Sales Ken Miller, Event Production Manager Becca Spiro, Director of Learning + Innovation Dana Wissmiller, Patron Services Manager

Credits + Consultants GatherHouse, Design + Publications Fresh Consulting, Website Development NRPR, Public Relations Erica Marciniec, Content Writer Liam Doran Photography, Photography

House of Signs, Signage Pioneer Printing, Printing Lisa Gamber, CPA, Accounting Services Yanari Watson McGaughey PC, Auditors + Tax Advisors

OUR PARTNERS BCA promotes artistic experiences in keeping with the beliefs, values, and ideals of the Breckenridge community, an effort that honors and strengthens the sense of Breckenridge as a place. In order to involve the community comprehensively in our mission and draw on the strengths of our peer creative community, we frequently collaborate with local artists, organizations, and businesses who offer relevant programming, services, and support. Our growing community-based alliances foster diversity, inclusion, and growth.

BCA’s partners include: 5280 • Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center • Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado • Breckenridge Backstage Theatre • Breckenridge Brewery • Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival • Breckenridge Film Festival • Breckenridge Heritage Alliance • Breckenridge Music Festival • Breckenridge Recreation Center Breckenridge Tourism Office • Colorado Art Education Association • Colorado Creative Industries • Colorado Folk Arts Council • Continental Divide Land Trust • Gatherhouse House of Signs • KSMT • KUNC • KYSL Liam Doran Photography • Meta Yoga Studios Metropolitan State University Denver • Mountain Living National Geographic Live • National Repertory Orchestra • St. Anthony Summit Medical Center • Summit Daily News • The Summit Foundation • Town of Breckenridge • TV8 Summit Television





Breckenridge Creative Arts 150 West Adams Avenue Post Office Box 4269 Breckenridge, CO 80424 info@breckcreate.org 970 453 3187 @breckcreate // breckcreate.org Design by GatherHouse, Inc. Copy by Erica Marciniec. Images by Liam Doran, Timothy Faust/The Moth, Carl Scofield, and Jenise Jensen.