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Breakthrough Providence Year in Review, 2012-2013

Breakthrough Providence has a dual mission: to create a pathway to college for low-income, academically motivated middle school students in Providence Public Schools, and to encourage talented high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

216 Hope Street Providence, RI 02906 (401) 528-2127

“I love it. I love breakthroughs—that moment when a kid gets something that he didn’t get before, or matures just a little bit. Fighting for that inch with every kid is so worth any despair when we don’t achieve that. It’s something that I’ll never get sick of.” Drew Lombardi Breakthrough Teacher ‘12

8th Grade Class of 2013 Student Name Jeffrey Acosta Lateef Agyemang Camila Carasco Daniel Clarkin Katherine De Los Santos Sophia Dougal Ruby Espinosa Maria Gonzalez Jeremy Halton Isiah Harrison Shelby Hopkins Jean Carlos Inoa Anaika Isaac Zachary Kemp Bounsavath Latpakdy Taylor Lee Christian Martinez Adrian Matos Jasmine Medina Julio Meija Helena Miranda Stone Monteiro Kelly Morel Tony Reeves Tra’shanta Robinson Katherine Rodriguez Nazir Rodriguez Audreys Rosario Kufre Samuel Emma Serby Warren Small Sixto Taveras Ashaad Tillman Nancy Touze Jaime Vargas Destiny Woods

High School Enrollment La Salle Academy Paul Cuffee School Paul Cuffee School Classical High School Classical High School Classical High School Classical High School E-Cubed Academy Classical High School La Salle Academy TAPA Classical High School The Met School School One Classical High School E-Cubed Academy Classical High School PCTA TAPA Classical High School The Greene School LaSalle Academy Central High School Highlander Charter School E-Cubed Academy The Greene School PCTA Paul Cuffee School Classical High School Classical High School Highlander Charter School Classical High School Classical High School Times Squared Academy Classical High School St. Andrews School

33% Classical HS 28% open enrollment public schools 25% public charter schools 8% parochial schools 6% independent schools

Quick Facts about our students 79 7th and 8th grade students participated in our programs

Students relax and learn about yoga during Arts and Science Exploration Day.

375 hours of academic enrichment and leadership development programming were provided to students beyond the school day 92% average daily attendance during the Summerbridge Program 79% average daily attendance during the School Year Program 83% of the 6th grade students that started the program in 2011 completed the twoyear program in 2013* * 5 students withdrew from the program, and 2 students moved away.

Amanda Marderosian provides Rudy Reyes with extra assistance during BTP’s weekly Tutoring Program.

Student Demographics 56% female 44% male 46% 33% 13% 4% 4%

Latino Black/African American Multiracial White Asian/Asian American

91% eligible for free or reduced lunch 91% first generation in family to attend a 4-year college Providence community leaders learn about BTP during our annual Afterschool Program Open House.

High School Class of 2013 Breakthrough Class of 2009 Student Name Temidayo Akinjisola Bryant Ayala Nisha Berry Jordan Cruz Mariam Daodu Shakira Davies Alexandra Davila Maxx Diaz Leroy Dorsey Shaynah Ferreira Indigo Forbes Tori Gilbert Jeraldin Guerrero Catherina Henriquez Rashaad-dreana Jett Kasaun Jordan David Jorge Pamela Justiniano Brandon Kinard Robin Lee Nia Monteiro Katie Morales Mariam Odetunde Miguel Perez Elizabeth Ramon Kevin Rivera Hannah Sereby Johelys Urena Tiana Vasquez

College Enrollment University of Rhode Island Rhode Island College Virginia State University University of Rhode Island University of Rhode Island University of Massachusetts Dartmouth University of Massachusetts Lowell Bentley University Community College of Rhode Island Emerson College University of Rhode Island Johnson and Wales University Boston University University of Rhode Island Howard University University of Rhode Island Not enrolled in college Brigham Young University - Idaho unknown University of Rhode Island Community College of Rhode Island Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of Rhode Island Post University University of Rhode Island Rhode Island College Johnson & Wales University Wheelock College Worcester Polytechnic Institute

97% of 2009 Breakthrough graduates graduated from high school in 2013. 93% are enrolled in a 2 yr. or 4 yr. college.

“Before I started Breakthrough, I was afraid to be different. I would always do what others were doing and never got to do things I thought was cool. But my teachers and students/friends encouraged me to think outside the box and encouraged my ideas. I even got involved in a protest against Bank of America. When I go back to school I will be more confident and feel more comfortable in what I do.” Jasmine Medina Breakthrough Student ’13

Breakthrough Providence teachers Rye Carroll and Jessica Borzilleri engage students Taylor Lee and Sophia Dougal in the Breakthrough School of Witchcraft and Wizardry mini-course.

Members of the SB Class of 2007 at Classical High School.

Breakthrough Faculty and Staff 2012-2013 Teachers & Tutors Mary Adewusi, Mount Holyoke College Jennifer Aitken, Brown University Dayo Akinjisola, La Salle Academy (A) Nicholas Bernardo, Rhode Island College Kyle Blacklock, The Wheeler School David Bonomo, Brown University Heiry Borrell, University of Rhode Island Jessica Borzilleri, Providence College Rye Carroll, The Wheeler School Shari Chase, Brown University Marlie Chatelain, St. John's University (A) Zoe Clark, Brown University Dioni Cruz, College of the Holy Cross Marcela Fernandez, Providence College Thomas Finley, Brown University Benjamin Freeman, Brown University Amanda Garcia, Columbia University Genesis Garcia, Tufts University (A) Rebecca Greenberg, The Wheeler School John Hughes, The Wheeler School Margaret Hughes, Swarthmore College Genetta Kah, Rhode Island College Lilian Kong, The Wheeler School Elizabeth Laguerre, Mount Holyoke (A) Rachel Leiken, Brown University Andrew Lombardi, New York University Tavish Lopez, Brown University Shahid Mallick, The Wheeler School Kethural Manokaran, The Lincoln School Darny Mao, Classical High School (A) Amanda Marderosian, The Wheeler School Alyssa Mason, University of Rhode Island Catherine Metcalf, The Wheeler School Jared Monteiro, University of Rhode Island Elliot Moulds, The Wheeler School Andrew Nelson, Northwestern University Kristen Nowak, The Wheeler School Nicole Nowak, The Wheeler School Melanie Ok, University of Rhode Island (A) Kurt Ostrow, Brown University Oreoluwa Owoyemi, Community College of RI

Megan Pelson, The Wheeler School Sarah Peters, Brown University Kristen Pomer, Providence College Daniel Ramirez-Raftree, University of Chicago Linda Reyes, University of Rhode Island Ezra Rice, The Wheeler School Brittany Richer, Rhode Island College Ashley Robideau, University of Rhode Island(A) Connor Shope, University of Michigan Rachel Slovin, Providence College Reegan Smyth, The Lincoln School Ian Steller, The Wheeler School Vianchell Tiburcio, University of Rhode Island Jay Verma, La Salle Academy Amy Vogel, The Wheeler School Mentor Teachers Tatiana Cozzarelli, Sophia Academy Sarah Knowlton, Rhode Island College Kathleen McKenna, Retired teacher Denise Ramos, The Met School Office Staff Miguel Alcantara, Rhode Island College Kelly Fhon, Community College of RI (A) Thank you to our numerous volunteers who provided tireless hours of service to Breakthrough! (A) =

Breakthrough Student Alumni

Quick Facts about our teachers 56 high school and college students participated in our programs Shahid Mallick demonstrates what students will be learning in the Public Speaking mini course.

350 hours of training, observation, and professional development were provided to teachers throughout the year 38% previously taught at Breakthrough and returned to teach again 16% graduated from BTP and returned to teach or work in the office 34% are on a pathway to a career in education Teacher Demographics

Ninth Grade Fellows on a trip to the WJAR NBC 10 studios.

Sixto Taveras, Jean Inoa, and Tony Reeves learning with Family 5.

61% female 39% male 59% 13% 13% 11% 5%

White Black/African American Latino Asian/Asian American Multiracial

34% high school students 66% college students


JUL ‘12 We welcome a new cohort of rising 7th grade students who represent every public middle school in Providence.

NOV ‘12 Community leaders visit classroo during our first annual Afterschool Program Open House.

AUG ‘12 8th grade students discuss foreclosure with Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, making real-life connections to their reading of Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun.”

SEP ‘12 We welcome new members to our Board of Advisors: Kyle Bennett, Philip Huerta, Jackie Mancini, Patricia McLaughlin, Jonathan Santos Silva, and Amy Schroeder.

OCT ‘12 Executive Director Dulari Tahbildar delivers testimony at a press conference advocating against the new high stakes graduation requirement in Providence.

DEC ‘12 Dire co-present a workshop on students” mo Afterschool M RIAPSA, PASA

JAN ‘13 Our in-co Wheeler for a no Alumni Night.

FEB ‘13 We re high school lu Times Square for alumni to ing, tutoring,

Left: Students celebra Right: Afterschool Pro for analyzing lyrics in

oms m

Teacher Thom Finley discovers Tufts University’s campus with students Gage DaSilva and Brandon Morales during College Day.

MAR ‘13 We receive a generous grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to design a Students Teaching Students Institute, which would enable us to expand our impact throughout Rhode Island.

ectors and teacher alumni professional development n our “students teaching odel at the annual Mini-Conference, hosted by A, and the 21CCLC.

ollege alumni return to ostalgic Winter Break

APR ‘13 As part of their grant to BTP, Cox Charities films a PSA on BTP to promote awareness of our mission, activities, and accomplishments.

MAY ‘13 Executive Director Dulari Tahbildar serves as a discussant on a Policy Transformation panel for Brown University’s Urban Education Policy Program Conference.

econnect with alumni at our annual unches at Classical High School and ed Academy. We present opportunities return to Breakthrough through teachor volunteering.

ate victory during Olympics Day. ogram teacher Jay Verma discusses strategies pop music.

JUN ‘13 We say farewell to Christina Turner, Program Director for Student & Family Programs, and wish her well as she pursues new opportunities for educational leadership in Hawaii.

What is it really like to be a Breakthrough Teacher? Breakthrough Providence: What does Spirit mean to you? Kurt Ostrow: Breakthrough isn't just about multiplying fractions or acting out plays. It's also about being invested in, and accountable to, a community that loves and supports you. A community that lets you be your whole self, encourages you to push and even embarrass yourself daily. Spirit facilitates that. The cheers and skits, the talent show and Lock-In: together, all this helps foster in everyone a willingness to take risks; a sense of excitement; and, in the end, a commitment to learning together.

Kurt Ostrow Breakthrough Teacher ’12 Student, Brown University

BTP: Why “students teaching students”? KO: Jeff Duncan-Andrade says education can be boiled down to relationships. When students teach students, there's a spark in those student-teacher relationships. Add a dash of Breakthrough spirit (i.e., everyone's constantly making fools of themselves), and you have a recipe for serious academic and personal growth. Perhaps more to the point: we all have so much to learn. We all have so much to learn from each other.

BTP: What aspects of Breakthrough most shaped the kind of educator you are today? KO: Because Breakthrough asked me to co-write and co-teach a curriculum based on A Raisin in the Sun, I learned that when the curriculum means something real to its students and their communities, students learn better. Because Breakthrough trusted and expected me to do all that fast and well, I trusted and expected my students to achieve, always holding them to high standards. Because of Breakthrough, I think my students and I succeeded together. And I hope that's what I remember in my own classroom.

Breakthrough Providence: Which aspects of Breakthrough most shaped the kind of educator you are today? Genesis Garcia: The most important thing I learned by teaching with Breakthrough is how to plan. As a teacher, you are not just planning lesson plans and classroom activities. When Breakthrough teachers plan, we acknowledge that we are essentially Genesis Garcia planning the trajectory of these students’ Breakthrough Student ‘07, Teacher ’12 lives. After teaching with Breakthrough, I Student, Tufts University realized that every moment in the classroom is significant; when you help a student finally understand that math problem, or you take a second to really ask them why their head is on the table or why they didn't do their homework. These are all things that teachers at Breakthrough plan for, because we truly understand that these children's futures are in our hands. And this is something I really learned to appreciate and treasure.

BTP: Why “students teaching students”? GG: As much as everyone may like to think so, not everyone can be a teacher. It's a very difficult job to do effectively, and I personally believe that one of the keys to being a great teacher is understanding that you are still learning—and this is something that I think students do best. As a student, you understand that everything is a learning experience, and at Breakthrough, teachers know that you can learn just as much from students as you do learning from your own teachers at your high school or university. This makes learning a collaborative effort, which brings education to a whole new level.

BTP: What makes Breakthrough different from other programs like it? GG: Breakthrough is unique in the sense that, despite its academic component, it is the most enjoyable summer program any student or teacher could ever attend. Every minute of homework was worth it. Breakthrough provided such a supportive and encouraging environment, with teachers who really cared about you and activities and events that made every day fun. And now that I had the opportunity to go back and teach, I was able to really appreciate all the work that goes into creating such a meaningful learning atmosphere.

“I’m consistently impressed by how much people are ready to work. And I think that speaks to the culture of the organization. You can’t incubate that sense of willingness, that spirit and ardor without a real institutional culture.” Ben Freeman Breakthrough Teacher ’11, ’12

Summer 2012 teachers show off their Breakthrough Spirit.

Full Circle “Spirit was how we learned at Breakthrough. I have Breakthrough Providence to thank for my change from a quiet, reserved young boy to a confident leader, as well as for the honors and recognition I earned in both middle and high school. I learned about the transformative Breakthrough program in the sixth grade.

The first day of Breakthrough I was overwhelmed. Everyone – students and teachers – was so spirited, jumping up and down, shouting cheers. After laughing at Dayo Akinjisola Breakthrough Student ’09, Teacher ’12 the ridiculous cheers I asked myself what I had signed up for and if I was in the correct place. By the second and third week in the program, kids were beginning to buy into the insanity that was spirit, and little by little I began memorizing cheers. During my last summer as a student in the program, cheers were something that I became accustomed to doing in and out of the classroom. Breakthrough Providence was a community. No one was judged, and we were free to be ourselves. After each summer in the program, going back to school and being a leader was something I looked forward to, as opposed to before when I was just another face in the crowd who kept a low profile and followed others. After I graduated from the program in eighth grade, I volunteered for 3 years. And last summer, I came full circle from being that really shy, critical seventh grader to a really excited, passionate teacher. One day in the early portion of the program, a student came in, raised her hand and asked, “Why do you guys cheer so much? It’s mad dumb.” As she went on this rant, I saw a little bit of myself within her. However, she opened up on the last day of the program. She broke down in tears, with such disappointment that the program was over, and during her last All School Meeting she was cheering the loudest and encouraging others to cheer. I truly had come full circle. My eyes were opened thanks to the experience I had this summer and I will not forget what I have learned over these last five years. The most important of these is that great changes don’t happen overnight; they take a lot effort, time and persistence. The girl in my class who was not buying into the idea of the program needed consistent encouragement, and she eventually came around, just like I did. “

Thank you to our donors July 1, 2012—June 30, 2013 $25,000 + Carter Family Charitable Trust Rhode Island Foundation Stranahan Foundation TriMix Foundation

$1,000 + cont’d Dan & Joanna Miller Murray Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Mark A. Scheel Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schweich

$10,000 + Cox Communications Mr. and Mrs. John J. McConnell, Jr. Otto H. York Foundation Partnership Foundation Wheeler School (Big Event)

$500 + Dr. & Mrs. Jacques Bonnet-Eymard Brunonian Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi Mr. & Mrs. Murray S. Danforth III Jenn and Tim David-Lang Mr. & Mrs. William C. Prescott, Jr. Mr. Roxburgh Rennie Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Santos Silva The Honorable Patricia S. Schroeder & Mr. Jim Schroeder Mr. & Ms. Scott W. Schroeder

$5,000 + Anonymous (2) Bank Rhode Island Entelco Foundation GTECH The John Clarke Trust Mark Pelson & Katherine Harrison Pelson Providence Shelter for Colored Children Raymond T. & Ann T. Mancini Family Foundation June Rockwell Levy Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Schweich $2,500 + Ms. Catherine Hibbitt Susan & David Hibbitt Schwab Charitable Fund $1,000 + Aetna Foundation Anonymous (3) Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Baker The Breakthrough Collaborative Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Coleman Jeremy A. Duffy Enable Hope Foundation Mrs. Carol J. Grant & Mr. Charles S. Otto Hope L. and David M. Hirsch Fund Ms. Patricia A. McLaughlin

Up to $499 Dr. & Mrs. Roy K. Aaron Mr. Jorge Acosta Ms. Joselin Acosta Ms. Francisca Adon Mr. June Ahn Ellen & Jeffery Alexander Reverend David A. Ames & Dr. Carol Landau Ms. Norma Anderson Anonymous Mrs. Julie C. Baldwin Mr. Kyle Bennett Ms. Jocelyn Bissonnette Dr. & Mrs. William Braden Suzy Williams and Robert Brown Mr. Jonathan Burnston Mr. and Mrs. William Catone Mr. Daniel Clarkin Edward & Audrey Clifton Mr. & Mrs. Peter Coakley Mr. Paul Connors Mr. Daniel P. Corley & Ms. Elizabeth M. Beach

Up to $499 + cont’d Ms. Amy Markim Ms. Jessye Crowe-Rothstein Mrs. Deirdre Marsters Ms. Marcie Cummings & Osvaldo Marti Mr. Clarkson A. Collins Mr. Christian Martinez Dr. Gary N. Frishman & Mr. Adrian Matos Mrs. Meredith A. Curren Ms. Jasmine Medina Ms. Christine Cuthbertson Ms. Elizabeth Menke Mrs. Sarah Daughn Abja Midha Dr. Janet David Ms. Catherine P. Mitchell Ms. Patricia David Mr. Peter Monteiro Ms. Paula M. Davy Ms. Berthalene Monterio Ms. Katherine De Los Santos Mrs. Roberta Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeBlois Nestegg Productions LLC Mr. Jasbir Deol Ms. Stephanie K. Ogidan Preston Mrs. Michele A. Diaz & Mr. Roberto Diaz Adeola Oredola & Simon Moore Mr. George Economo Mr. & Mrs. Curt F. Ostrow Syroya and Ansy Eugene Mr. John R. Pariseault Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Ewens Mr. Lawrence Platt & Ms. Carrie Cook Platt Ylbania Fabian Dacia A. Read Jody Fazzano Ms. Katherine Robertson Ms. Kelly Fhon Ms. Teresa A. Rodriguez Betty Finn and Tom Getz Jeannelle Roth Mr. Benjamin Freeman Mr. Ari Rubenstein Mr. John A. Gallagher Mr. Jared Rubenstein Mr. & Mrs. Seth Garfield Ms. Kufre Samuel Ms. Erika Gasser Mr. and Mrs. Chivy Sun Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Gillett, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Umesh Tahbildar Mr. Michael Goldstein Mr. Ashaad Tillman Ms. Carrie Gregory Samara & Peter Viner-Brown Andrew W. Hall Ms. Natasha Warikoo Mr. Jeremy Halton Ms. Mindy Weber & Heidi & Mark Harris Mr. Robert McRoberts Marc R. Harrison and Family Ms. Suzanne Williams Mr. Jeffrey Hill Ms. Ariana L. Wohl Hinckley, Allen & Snyder, LLP Mr. John G. Wolf Ms. Shelby Hopkins Mrs. Marian Wolff Mr. Philip Huerta Ms. Elena Yee Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Huerta Mr. Zachary Zuniga Ms. Megan Kawatachi Ms. Lisa Kelland Gift-In-Kind Donors Mr. & Ms. Thomas Kelliher Caserta Pizza Mr. Zachary Kemp Cox Communications Mrs. Miriam G. Kenney Heather J. Kilmartin Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Kimmel If you notice an error, please call Ms. Sally E. Lapides 401-528-2127. Jacquelyn A. Mancini

Revenue & Expenses July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Revenue Foundations















Salaries & youth stipends



Student Activities & Special Events



Curricula & Classroom Supplies



Recruitment, Training, & Professional Development



Office Supplies & Equipment



Fundraising & Public Relations



Facilities Rental



Membership Dues



Payroll Taxes






Net Surplus/(Deficit)



Temporarily Restricted Fund Balance, as of 6/30/13



Market Value of Endowment, as of 6/30/13




Annual deficit covered by temporarily restricted fund balance.

Board of Advisors Kyle Bennett Manager, Annual Fund Campaign United Way of Rhode Island

Dan Miller Head of School The Wheeler School

Jeremy Duffy (Chair) Partner/Vice President Duffy & Shanley

Katherine H. Pelson

Carol Grant Senior Vice President, External Affairs First Wind Mark Harris Director, Aerie Program The Wheeler School Philip Huerta AmeriCorps Member Ready to Learn Providence Jacquelyn Mancini Associate Hinkley, Allen & Snyder

William Prescott Former Head of School The Wheeler School Jonathan Santos Silva Manager, Teacher Leadership Development Teach for America—Rhode Island Amy Schroeder Founder/Partner The Schroeder Consulting Group Michele Sczerbinski Diaz Director of Leadership Gifts and Planned Giving The Wheeler School

Patricia McLaughlin Director, Institutional Advancement The Wheeler School

Staff Franny Choi, AmeriCorps*VISTA Communications & Operations Director Vicki Santos Silva, Program Director for Teacher Education Dulari Tahbildar, Executive Director Christina Turner, Program Director for Student & Family Programs

Students Teaching Students

Breakthrough Providence (formerly Providence Summerbridge) The Wheeler School 216 Hope Street Providence, RI 02906

Breakthrough Providence Year in Review, 2012-2013  
Breakthrough Providence Year in Review, 2012-2013