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Editorial Hello reader friend, as we are always bringing news, new companies and important and very rewarding matters to you that seeks to invest in the United States. The story of Cleiton Cardoso, CEO of Dominium Consulting Services, a major accounting firm in Orlando and Miami, counts only the cases of people who have left the anonymity and become successful entrepreneurs after following their guidelines. Cleiton is one of the most sought-after names in the United States for those who want to change their lives. The work you carry out is business orientations or a Business and Real Estate Investment Consultant, as your clients identify you. As we mentioned, all the suggestions and ideas received help us build the next edition. Thank you so much for being our partner and especially for being with us. Many emails received with doubts and suggestions that have driven us to seek quality content and thereby enrich your knowledge. Visit our Facebook, Instagram and follow our short online edition and share with your friends and family. Many thanks and excellent reading.

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“If thou shalt think anything, it shall be well with thee, and the light shall shine in thy ways.� (Job 22:28)


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The amazing world of franchises in America.

On the let’s talking about a passionate and challenging subject in America; FRANCHISES. We begin by addressing the economic impact of this activity on the American market. A survey by entities responsible for measuring statistical data of this type of business, affirms that positively impacted 2016 and possibly in 2017 will surpass this result. It is important to emphasize that in the American market there are two types of franchises; the Franchises of Products and Brands, and it was this group that gave origin to the model used until today, but In this group we also find a good part of the retail, where the industries can use other sales channels, and also want an exclusive network using their brand. The other group on the market are the Business Format Franchising or Franchise Business, here the model follows a more robust format because the dynamics are reduced to the franchisor passing on a business model to be replicated, including the dynamics with suppliers, who can be owned or outsourced. The economic impact of these segments is so positive in the American market that it is impossible not to fall in love. Let’s go to the data on this subject: the market closed

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with a total of 801,000 establishments, considering own and franchised units of the two franchise models. In 2016, the franchising sector generated about the US $ 868 billion and is responsible for 9 million direct jobs, which adds the US $ 541 billion to US GDP; but we have a scenario that is not visible and is much larger, because it influences several other companies and jobs that do not belong to the direct franchise sector, but activities that complement the sector. US GDP grew 2.6% in 2015, 2.1% in 2016, 2.5% in 2017 and is expected to grow between 2% and 3% by 2018, an admirable and healthy result. As the United States continues to be a business showcase for the world, companies from other countries that have created interesting franchise business, want to start and highlight their brands, after all with these economic prospects, grow into one of the largest markets in the world, far from reality, in fact speaking of reality, we have never been so close to securing a good share in the American market. Many Brazilian companies are coming and getting ready to start franchise sales on American soil. Remembering that the legislation here is very strict and the franchisor knows that he has to be legally qualified; besides this aspect has to have a solid and tested system, offering adequate training and support for the franchise. In this passionate context, it is impossible not to think of so many Brazilian businessmen who should be under the Florida sun beginning their journey in this immense world of opportunities. Eliete Negrão 305 922 0006 | 011 99600 4454 Eliete Negrao Inteligência Internacional


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Orlando’s boom for years to come !!!

After the surprising result of the first meeting of entrepreneurs in America, more specifically the Entrepreneurs’ Day in America 2018, is the positive result of the spectacular growth of new opportunities. It is no coincidence that many speakers were surprised by the growth of Florida and we can say that this state grows in a superior way compared to others in the USA. If we think comparatively, we will realize that Orlando is in the ranking of the fastest growing cities in Florida, and if we look coolly, it still has an extreme potential for growth yet to be explored. There are very accessible regions for investors who want to build and develop new businesses. A very important as-

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cially in relation to the market pect to consider as advantageous with a boom in business that had is that the cost of labor is genenot been seen for many years. rally cheaper than in other US reAround this development, we gions; for example, by comparing Orlando with a city north of the can not fail to observe the growth United States (Boston example), of the opportunities linked to this sector, which impresses by the we will find that the cost of labor numbers. The impact is so positithere is much higher than in Orve that I sleep and agree thinking lando, and therefore, following a market logic, firms tend to invest “who likes to make money and inregions that offer greater compavest in hard currency, cannot stay out of this gigantic wave of good rative advantages. investments”! I have already taken I like to say that in Florida, the surfboard myself !!! it seems, we will have at least five years of frank expansion in many scenarios, in areas where this growth has not been Christopher Lee Regis so developed in the Real Estate, Business e Franchise Broker past, there are good opportunities in the (754)265-6608 present, and espe-

ENCORE RESORT AT REUNION IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA A luxury resort within a resort Welcome to Encore Resort at Reunion, where families can enjoy on-site amenities ranging from beach volleyball to a private multi-million dollar waterpark! Whether it’s splashing down the water slides or dining at The Encore Club’s private restaurant, this Orlando area resort has it all. Our club offers concierge service and shuttle service to Disney World®. Close to shopping, restaurants, entertainment and just minutes from SeaWorld®, Universal Studios® and Disney®.

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THE RIGHT TIME TO OPPORTUNITIES IN ORLANDO Final As we have been talking about in the last two editions, Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and more opportunities for people coming from other places, not only the United States but also, from other countries of the world. And it’s not just job opportunities and a more dignified and secure living conditions, people who are here at Raidas, will find, are TambÊ m, and in increasing mere naked, opportunities for investment, opportunities for implementation of new businesses, the opportunities to open branches or existing business offices, the opportunities of franchises of the most diverse segments, in short opportunities of a varied range of alternatives, which allows almost everyone to find here the segment with which more identifies when starting your business. And what about the Real Estate Market then? ... today one of the most agitated of the Parents, result not only in the fact of many of them here move, acquire real estate for housing, but also and mainly because of the investments of thousands of nationals and foreigners, attracted by increasingly attractive yield margins, and prospects of appreciation of real estate, today the highest in the country. With all this growing wave of opportunities happening, it was by chance that, at the end of March, the Entrepreneurial Journey was held here in Orlando, an accom-

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plishment of Brazilians for Brazilians, who was without a shadow of a doubt the biggest event of Business, Entrepreneurship, Franchising and Real Estate Sales, never performed in the United States or in any other country of the world. There were 3 days of lectures with many of the biggest speakers in Brazil, a trade fair and franchises, information on real estate projects and much, much more contact between Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Candidates to reside here, many coming from Brazil expressly for the Event, to seize the opportunity in a single place and to continue to satiate all its doubts on the most diverse topics related to a possible change to this wonderful land. The lectures dealt with the most diverse subjects pertinent to the pretensions of those who intend to settle down and or to undertake, from important information on legal forms of immigration to teachings of all kinds to those who want to undertake successfully here, presentation of specific business opportunities. He had everything and everything. We believe that the thousands of people who circled the Event in those three days were very satisfied with the results and with the knowledge acquired. We can even say that this spectacular event is a historic milestone for the history of Brazilian investments in Orlando and we hope that it will be repeated for the next few years, to help all those who want to settle here

or invest, to be able to do so much more safely, criterion and information. For all those who did not participate in the event and want information about any form of investment, be it Business or Real Estate, we are at your disposal to provide all the clarifications and orientations so that your decisions can be taken within the best security criteria and with the guarantee of the best profitability for your investment. We end by confirming what we have long been

saying, “Orlando is today one of the best regions in the United States to live, work, to undertake and to invest “ Before deciding on your investments, be sure to take a look at the opportunities here.

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SOFT COLORS Decorating the house is not always easy, and each person has a different style when choosing a simple decoration and even if it is low cost that fits your style. A great way to change an environment in an expressive way as we talked about before is to change the color of a wall or all of them. If strong and striking colors are not your thing, use and abuse of the softer colors, clean and classic shades. The softer tones are those that are at the tip of the color palettes, and are usually overshadowed by the strongest and most striking colors, but when correctly matched with other soft tones, they create a romantic mood and add light to the place. Lilacs, cream and antique rose are combinations that brighten any environment, even when used with darker objects. For a cozy and restful room, for example, purples and romantic roses are perfect, and can be combined with stronger colors, for a more dramatic feel or more neutral colors, for a more romantic style Soft tones are very livable colors, and the quiet environments they create are perfect for entertaining spaces where you want people to be the focus. In a living room, tones like straw, honey and butter cream

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are neutral and warm. Use a camel like sofa, for a chic monochromatic scheme. If you want more colors, try a complementary blue, for the armchairs or decorative items. To rev the taste buds in a dining room, soft colors provide the perfect low-key environment. They

won’t overpower the food, and they flatter skin tones with their luminescence. Cast an inviting welcome in your entryway with a soft color. Look to adjacent spaces to inspire your color choice. Shades like ecru, blush, and linen will come across as warm, while colors like pale blue or sage impart serenity. If your entryway receives plenty of natural light, thanks to a glass-paned door or

ample sidelights, a soft color will give the space an ethereal glow.

Milena Castilhos Designer - Florida Prime Design

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If Florida were a country, it would rank the world’s 16th largest economy, according to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, who recently gathered for the 2018 Economic Outlook Summit. Florida’s economy is expected to hit the $1 trillion mark. The no-income tax state is ready to benefit from the tax package recently signed into law by President Donald Trump, attracting wealthy individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs. Florida is a booming market, with many incoming residents bringing new income, and a high gross domestic product. A recession is not likely, economists say. Its touristic scene and climate are also causing many Americans and foreign investors to invest in Florida, especially in real estate properties. There is no question whether Florida is a good option when choosing a place to invest in the real estate market, but where in Florida? Real estate investors are motivated for different reasons. Many are very familiar with Orlando and Miami, however Tampa Bay area has become a hot spot and a great alternative to those well known touristic cities. Tampa Bay is located on the west coast of the Sunshine State home to pristine beaches but Tampa Bay’s economy is, perhaps, more important to consider. More and more families

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and investors are draw to Tampa Bay and following are seven reasons why. #1 HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE Tampa Bay is a very diverse metro with beach communities, rural communities, and top business cities all within driving distance. On top of that, Tampa Bay is highly desirable among millennials, who seek out places to live where they get great value without sacrificing a culturally diverse lifestyle. Tampa Bay offers great local restaurants, thriving brewery scene and easy access to beaches. #2 BOOMING JOB MARKET A vigorous job market is key to a prosperous economy. Many Tampa Bay residents are employed by the major financial processing centers headquartered in the region, by MacDill Air Force Base or by one of the large universities in the region such as the University of South Florida. In Clearwater and St Petersburg the tourism and hospitality industries, counted as part of the retail sector, are also significant employers. Metlife, one of the world’s leading financial services companies, announced that is expanding its Tampa operations adding more than 400 high-wage jobs at its existing campus and investing $25 million in the

project. More jobs reflect in more housing needs generating opportunity for builders and long term rental investors. #3 CONSTRUCTION HUB Massive investments such as the downtown revitalization plan put forth by philanthropist Jeff Vinik and Bill Gates’s Cascade Investment is pumping billions of dollars into the economy. Nova Southeastern University’s new multi-million-dollar Clearwater campus, funded by philanthropist Kiran Patel, began construction this year. Another historic neighborhood is destined to change its history once again with the announcement of Tampa Bay Rays new stadium in a piece of land located in Ybor City. The news created lots of enthusiasm for investors and developers who wish to flip houses or build new homes, restaurants, sores and hotels. Those are examples of why Tampa Bay has become a hub of construction, industry that added the most jobs over the years in Florida. #4 AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE Tampa Bay certainly has the number one travelers choice beach in the US and along with its amusement park Busch Gardens attracts a lot of tourists however the main residential area allows residents to enjoy the true american lifestyle not heavily tourist targeted.

Historic neighborhoods full of charm and character with A rated schools cause families to move and stay in Tampa boosting its real estate market. #5 GREAT FOR NEW HOMEOWNERS Homeownership is still a dream for many people. Zillow have ranked Tampa Bay as a top city for firsttime homebuyers in the United States for 2017, based on features like a lower than average median home value, a strong forecast for home values, a larger than average supply of homes and less competition than average. 6# POPULATION GROWTH The Tampa Bay area’s population, already the largest of any metropolitan area in the state, is projected to grow from 3 million to 3.3 million over the next five years. That growth is expected to bring corresponding increases to the local economy, according to a new forecast from market researchers at the real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. #7 AFFORDABILITY There is a lower median home value, which makes for a more affordable down payment. Experts alo predict a strong home value forecast, which means that property values will rise, creating the perfect combination for those who would like to gain equity quickly. When looking for waterfront living, in comparison with big cities like Miami, Tampa Bay’s coastal cities are much more affordable. Corina Lessa Silva Real Estate Broker Owner Tampa Bay Key Realty (813)285-3317

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Cleiton Cardoso, a successful man focused on work and philanthropy ORLANDO – How is it possible a kid from a poor Brazilian family become one of the major business consultants in the United States? The answer could be perseverance but in this case, it also has a name and surname: Cleiton Cardoso. Cleiton is one of the most required experts by people who want to change their lives in the USA. His clients know him as a Business Consultant and Real Estate Investment specialist. However, his path until he turned out to be a reference in this sector was not easy. It demanded a lot of hard work and creativity. Born in Itaquaquecetuba (São Paulo) and raised in Curitiba (Paraná), he knew since he was very young that his destiny was overseas. When Cleiton turned 21, his best friend’s family moved to the USA and he also decided to change his life at that time. “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had the desire to do more for people and I believed that the USA would give me this chance. When I started seeing my friend’s pictures - his house and pool -, e later on reading books and articles about North America, I realized that it was the style of life I dreamed since I was a child,” Cleiton remembers. After saving money, he bought a tourist package trip to Disney, in Orlando, and after landing with his travel group in Florida, Cleiton said

20 BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate

First trip

he would not go back to Brasil. “Can you imagine how surprise was the person in charge of our group? But I had never been so close to my dream and I knew that it was my chance”. Like for many immigrants, the first years here demanded a lot of efforts and hard work. Cleiton was housekeeper at a Holyday Inn hotel for more than two years until he got a job at a gas station. He worked every day, including weekends. He remembers how hard was to get a day off on Sunday to go to a Methodist Church in Kissimmee, where he was the praise group leader since he arrived in Florida.

in this area. Through this career, he has been leading many business owners into the right direction. Cleiton could have created the mantra which says “a dream only needs someone who believes in it to become true”. Entrepreneur is not easy, but “God is present at every little step I take. I use the challenges and difficulties to strengthen my desire to dear, create and get better and far enough to reach my goals. It was how Domminium Consulting Services was shaped”. Nowdays, the company has seven employees e it is still growing as one of the most wanted by entrepreneurs and with a high number of service inquires. Last year, Dominium launched a branch in Miami which shows a great development under the management of Diecson Vilarino, Cleiton’s associate. And if his business is doing well, Cleiton got time to expand his other side: philanthropy. “I like to help people and contribute to humanitarian causes”, he says. This characteristic comes from his parents who are still living in Curitiba. “My father is a retired truck driver and

Methodist Church in Kissimme

After some time, he started working at a gas station from Monday to Friday’s nights and at Lake Buena Vista Resort during weekends. The double shift made him to accomplish his first dream in America: bought a Dodge Intrepid. From a gas station to a money remittance store employee. Flash Remittance would change his life for real. Cleiton convinced the store owners to allow him to take advantage of a large flow of customers to sell some products. He installed shelves and started selling Havaianas sandals, semi jewels and O Boticário and Natura (cosmetics and perfumes from Brazil). It did not take long until he opened his first store. The boy who left Curitiba to persuade his dream was about to find his space in America. In 2012, he decided to change from selling to accounting sector. “The more I learned new things, the more I liked my new job”, Cleiton stresses. He points Carol Larson as the person responsible for his passion for accounting. “I am so grateful for the opportunity she gave me. During the period I worked with her, I faced challenges and noticed I could have a beautiful future developing this profession”. A year later, he opened his own consultant company and after a short time he was called one of the major experts BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate


my mother is a housewife. We had a simple life, but my parents taught me since I was very young the importance of helping people”, Cleiton highlights. The successful 39 years-old business man can also conciliate work and entertainment. He takes advantage of his trips around the world to learn, meet new people and places, try different food and, of course, have fun. “I love electronic music festivals, Ibiza and Mykonos beaches and I always save time for road trips, one of my favorite fun activities”. WINNER DNA There is no question that Brazilians are entrepreneurs, it is in our DNA. However, to be a successful entrepreneur it is necessary a dose courage and audacity. Cleiton has both of them. For other people, specially Brazilians, who want to be business owners in the United States there is good news. They can count on specialists like Cleiton to take the first steps now. “We try to facilitate people’s lives. The market demands information and knowledge. It is what I offer to my clients letting them to follow the right path”. Family

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THE SECREET OF SUCCESS Cleiton emphasizes that success is a consequence of all the hard work and perseverance. “Every step since my first day in the Holiday Inn hotel was important”, he remembers. According to Cleiton, a business has four important pillars. “Take your job seriously, be honest, give clear information to your customers, and, of course, offer personalized service.” Cleiton describes himself as a man with heart in God. “I am not perfect nor better than anyone, but when we love what we do it makes a giant difference. When we do everything as we are doing for ourselves, we make our clients and God happy because I am only an instrument of Him.” His success - he added - is a reflex of whom he had helped and are successful today. “I consider myself successful because I know from where I am, my journey and where I want to get. The honest, efficient and competent work can get you to unimaginable places, but only if it is God’s will”, Cleiton concludes.

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Orlando Real Estate Magazine #16 (english)  

Brazilian Real Estate Magazine of Orlando and region.

Orlando Real Estate Magazine #16 (english)  

Brazilian Real Estate Magazine of Orlando and region.