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Editorial Hello friend, IN EVERY EDITION OF THE MAGAZINE, Orlando Real Estate BrazilUSA has been bringing and showing news in the Real Estate Market of Orlando and Region and in this edition, we will present to Elementary Outdoor Living, founded in 2001 by businessman Alexandre Vasconcellos, a great company that has been innovating and transforming the external area of customers in real private paradises. We are talking about a company whose main objective is to make its entire teamwork with the objective of being the leading company in the follow-up of the external area between Orlando, Miami and Rio de Janeiro, offering exclusive products and services, besides own and qualified employees. As always, you are our readers and helped us to do content and answer your question, giving suggestions that help us to looking for quality of content and with that building your knowledge, for example, in this issue we will be talking about subjects related to planning and investments and make of your dream that is the achievement of acquiring your property become a great deal. All the suggestions and ideas we receive help us build the next edition. Thank you so much for being our partner and especially for being with us. Visit our Facebook, Instagram and follow our online edition and give us one like and share with your friends and family. Many thanks and excellent reading.

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“If thou shalt think anything, it shall be well with thee, and the light shall shine in thy ways.� (Job 22:28)


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Our professional team specializes in creating custom outdoor living spaces for your home.

We will make and design the patio of your dreams getting together your vision and our knowledge to create a exclusive outdoor living area.

We are a fully licensed and insured company that manages all of our construction projects .

We are a “one stop shop” solution for outdoor needs, dealing with one contractor for multiple solutions. We also offer thermo outdoor showers , BBQ island, appliances & exquisite outdoor furniture.

CONTACT US BRAZIL - RIO DE JANEIRO I SOUTH FLORIDA - MIAMI I ORLANDO Showroom Millenia Mall Plaza: 4060 Eastgate Dr, Suite 102 A Orlando, FL 32839 – USA. Email: Phone: (407) 319-9067

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Americanization or internationalize

These are the verbs I’ve heard the most in the past 36 months. In recent years, Brazilian entrepreneurs, creators of good products, began to idealize new directions for their companies. Not only the economic crisis but the perception they needed to diversify their markets. It was not too difficult to realize that upon entering the United States, they would gain a huge market and a dollar income - which is a natural defense for Brazil’s current recession. But only the escape from the crisis does not justify the decision to move completely, are other aspects that add up to this massive will to undertake and reside in the United States. It wouldn’t be difficult to list several other business and family reasons to bet on the country. From the company’s point of view, we have the fact that the United States is a clear and stable country on investor and business law. It is also a place of self-development, a place of diversification in entrepreneurship and that attracts brilliant minds; all without forgetting that the US is a country with great market potential. Currently investing in a few niches can mean an amazing result when we think of numbers of consumers. When the business succeeds in these conditions, it automatically values its brand in Brazil and guarantees its dreamed

place in America, this is especially noticeable in some sectors, such as fashion. There is no way to rule out factors related to the entrepreneur’s own life, the one who has sought more than to undertake; it is very common to hear stories of those who have moved in pursuit of better education or better living conditions for their family, not to say those who simply identify with the culture of the United States, including doing business. According to data from the American consulate in São Paulo, Brazilian investment in the United States has increased 89% in the last five years, and the trend is that the contributions will continue to grow. The dream of having a business of its own in another country became more real, with the United States being the main place of choice. Thinking of this internationalization, many franchise networks that have plans to expand to the United States in 2018 and 2019, are constantly seeking new measures and adjustments to face this market that is still warm and does not seem to be stopping so soon. We cannot fail to analyze the part that prevails in this relationship of entrepreneurship and worth as a tip... Leave the idealization a little and put your feet in reality, taking advantage of the good business phase between Brazil and the USA!

Eliete Negrão 305 922 0006 | 011 99600 4454 Eliete Negrao Inteligência Internacional

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“Thanks to the readers and clients for the opportunity to develop this work.� Otto Vogel Publisher

Now recognized by

NEW INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIONS INVADE THE CIVIL CONSTRUCTION MARKET IN FLORIDA! truction companies today, they can deliver more quality, more speed, and less added value. This is because, in addition to the change in work methodology, innovation and technological advancement have become relevant to society, nature and the save money on the pocket.

The construction market in Florida has undergone an intelligent, much more demanding and competitive transition, and the current context makes the search for innovations essential to different audiences. Today it is common to come across investors looking for different innovations in construction, as well as new residents of Florida in the exploration for comfort, innovation, and differentials for the day to day of the famous “American life”. The new idea can bring economic benefits to all type of customers. It’s exactly in this new market that the builders don’t stop having a bet. In the broad sense of this fascinating market, we can stay for days quoting the most renowned American builders who hunt for to explore the new opportunities and the growing demand for differentiated properties. What I have been following are the changes in the culture of the great builders, not so long ago, the elements that resulted in differentials in the constructions could be bought separately, but often they increased the final value of the property. In a recent meeting with directors of large construction companies, I was able to confirm that. According to a financial study by the cons-

Lake Nona is one of the regions that we can refer to, as well as being a booming area, we must not forget that it is the birthplace of technological innovations, it is common in its high-end condominiums to find intelligent technology that has conquered its residents by the quality of life and differentials never seen before.

Examples... Sustainability with over 40% of Lake Nona is conservation area or green park areas made up of recreational facilities, including 44 miles of paved and unpaved trails. The homes at Laureate Park Lake Nona are designed through a “smart building” program that uses more energy efficient structures. This is equivalent to reduced costs and less use of water by residents. And at night, Lake Nona is lit with LEDs, which helps the community as a whole to save on electricity. Quality of Life There is agroecological food production and the partnership with General Electric (GE) has enabled the Ecomagination™ program to make homes healthier with fewer gas emissions.

Christopher Lee Regis Real Estate, Business e Franchise Broker (754)265-6608

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PLANNING LIVING IN ORLANDO? It is truly amazing to see the increase in the number of Brazilians trying to find a legal way to be in Orlando. Surprising that, with so many other possible options to immigrate, some are now offering a lot of facilities, as is happening today with Portugal, which is opening the doors and real possibilities of legalization of Brazilians in the Country, yet Orlando, despite the difficulties of legalization, continues to be a favorite destination for Brazilians who intend to leave their country to live abroad. Not surprising however when analyzed by the side of the opportunities, safety, and quality of life that Orlando offers for everyone. With the serious political, economic and social crisis taking place in Brazil, with a sharp increase in unemployment, violence, poverty, and worsening of living conditions in general, this movement of Brazilians is understandable, trying to take their children from a country where the physical security of the people is very compromised and looking for a quiet, pleasant and safe place to educate them and to provide them with a better life and there, Orlando is the great option. The “City of Fantasy� as Orlando is known for its Parks and many attractions that attract children and adults of all ages forming a contingent of visitors over 70 million each year, which is growing every year, is today also the city of opportunities, where the pace of growth accelerates, creates new jobs at all

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times, where the boards we are hiring are increasingly observed throughout the four corners of the city, the result of a rapidly expanding economy that today it is felt not only here in Orlando but in the United States in general. And the Orlando Real Estate Market... what do you say? This is then the great attraction for those who want to invest in something safe and with great return and appreciation. A large number of new real estate developments, currently underway, could give an erroneous idea about the possible future valuation of these properties, due to the illusion of an excess of demand, but this does not occur. On the contrary, the demand is great and each which is provoked by the great growth that the Orlando region is experiencing today with many thousands of new residents from the most diverse places in the United States and other parts of the world. As a result, if the supply is large, the demand will continue to grow and the Real Estate Market in the Region will increase visibility and become increasingly interesting and rewarding for those who invest in it. Even so, the facilities for foreigners (residents or non-residents in the USA) such as: up to 70% financing with up to 30 years for payment, continue to be offered, providing to those who are still planning to reside here, from now on to acquire their property and the rental of it, not only pay all expenses of that property including financing, but until soon, create a

source of income, that the progressive increase of the value of the rentals will come to provide. Those who do so, when they finally decide to move, will already have their own property, whose monthly installment will be much lower than the rent they would have to pay if they were to rent a property with the same characteristics. It is for all this that we’re not tired of repeating

that Orlando is today one of the best and safest places to invest in the Real Estate Market. We are here for you for any question. Armando Soares Broker My Estate Connection (321) 217-4221

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It is a linear decoration and gives priority to large spaces. Glass and stainless steel are present at the tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas that comes with more straight lines.

With a quick search on the internet, you will find out that what is not missing out there are beautiful inspirations in decoration, to leave your home, your bedroom and even your workplace looking like you. Furniture stores, magazines and decorative editorials show us daily interesting compositions. And in this gigantic universe of options, various styles of decoration arise and conquer us in different ways. But what do we do with all this information? There are people who know exactly what style, what kind of furniture, colors and even wall finishes they like, while others who, in the face of so many options, have doubts about choosing a single style of decor. So I decided to put here, some styles that are currently trending, to help you get to know yourself, at least in the art of decorating your home! Modern The basic principle of the modern style is its functionality: in it, accessories and decorative objects are placed in the background and give way to the clean and simplistic atmosphere of modernism. It is foolish to think that modern style can only be incorporated using innovative armchairs or futuristic items: rather than furniture with design, the modern environment is planned, prioritizes practicality. Each piece is thought from its function and its participation in the whole environment. Even in color, the modern style is objective: neutral colors such as gray, white and black can be balanced with the primary colors like blue, red and yellow, creating a harmonic contrast.

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Cottage / Casual Chic Style widely used here in the United States and with vast furniture options and decorative items at your disposal. It is the famous cozy style of Grandma’s house, the one where we feel super good, at ease, and don’t ever want to leave. The chic or casual chic style brings this feeling of home comfort and well-being as essence! In this style, sofas, cushions and comfortable armchairs are everywhere. The blankets and rugs reinforce the feeling of coziness, and the environment seems to hug you. In the furniture, the rustic and the vintage furniture appear with intensity. Light colors, pastel shades and colorful and floral prints embellish the environment, which prioritizes children’s well-being - a characteristic that makes it also the favorite of parents seeking functionality for day-to-day life and safety for the children due to materials used and more rounded forms of furniture. In general, the style is asymmetrical and colorful, not clinging to perfect combinations or luxuries. A home in this warm style is truly a home to call your own! Mid-Century Modern In the mid-1900s, some of the most emblematic pieces of Modern Design were produced. It is characterized by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes. From Saarinen, Niemeyer, Eames, Noguchi, Jacobsen and others, modern mid-century masters defined creative ways to use new materials such as molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum in industrial design. Its pieces are highly versatile and can complement a plethora of design styles. With organic shapes and informal spirit, this style is well known due to its “famous” toothpick legs, used in chairs, armchairs and sofas. Industrial This is a style that brings us to the turn of the century industrial era. It emphasizes the use of exposed steel with demolished wood elements, often complemented by exposed brick walls and even pipes and wiring. A very used color too, to add detail is the copper, being it in its metal form or in the leather of a sofa or some decorative object. In general terms, the industrial style is generally rustic and mature and very used in the decoration of more masculine and full-bodied environments, where delicacy in objects is far from being the main focus.

Scandinavian An unfolding of the Mid-Century Modern movement that took place in the mid-century, Scandinavian design introduced a minimalist visual popular in the field of interior architecture that lingers to this day. Although most people associate it with IKEA, there are a variety of looks within the Scandinavian design itself. But always combining the clean look, with lighter main colors such as white and sand, straight lines and the use of more vibrant colors at strategic points. With soft contours, fun highlight colors and a balance of organic materials, Scandinavian furniture is simple, contemporar y and functional. Many Scandinavian projects employ the principles of the Bauhaus and are characterized by more fluid lines, focus on object proportions and populist appeal.

Modern Urbanist The urbanist style derives from the modern lofts of the great metropolis. Taking shape through more cosmopolitan environments, the modern urban is a fusion of several opposing and complementary traits. Minimalist modern, glamourous, industrial chic and even a modern mid-century graffiti, all collide in a distinctly 21st century scenery. Larger furniture (sofas, beds, etc.) tend to be uniformly elegant and understated. It privileges the spaces without walls, with minimalist decoration, geometric elements, being able to mix furniture and objects of opposing styles that are complementary. In this style of decoration, lighting plays a very important role in creating relaxing environments. Milena Castilhos Designer - Florida Prime Design

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Rotary in Action:

Rotary Club of Brazil Orlando teaching the Portuguese Language to our children

The effort to maintain the Portuguese language is a challenge for those who lives in a foreign country. It is very important that families practice it at home on a regular basis. Based on that, Rotary Club of Brazil Orlando developed a project called “APREDENDO PORTUGUÊS” in 2017. The main goal is to teach the importance of preserving our heritage and language. This program allows our children to study and maintain the Portuguese Language. This year, the club president, Patricia Curcovezki established a partnership with Liberty Institute which is an English school. The school director, Bernard Vasconcelos offered their classrooms, so we could teach the classes to children and teenagers ages from 5 to 14 years old. This project “APRENDENDO PORTUGUÊS” is a non-profit organization relying on voluntary experienced teachers. They are especially dedicated to support and educate the Brazilian community in Orlando. We would like to thank you everyone involved in making this dream come true. In special, our voluntary teacher Ana Paula Skaf who teached and played with our Brazilian and American kids with so much joy these last two semesters. We had diversity of educational and recreational activities including different cultural topics such as: Carnaval, Seasons of the Year, Easter, Day of the Indian, Brazilian Folklore, Environment, types of Transportation and even the traditional Festa Junina, which involves a series of recreation games and typical food dishes from different regions of Brazil. This program is really one of the most important projects from our Rotary Club. We can clearly see how the students can experience the culture and traditions from

Patricia Curcovezki President of Rotary Club of Brazil Orlando

Volunteer teacher Ana Paula Skaf

Volunteer teachers Carla Mendes and Ana Paula Skaf with a volunteer Priscila Pierson and your students.

our origin country, reinforcing our heritage language here in the USA, now and in the future. Without a doubt, this initiative is extremely important for the Americans too. Once we know that having the proficiency in another language, like Portuguese, can differentiate and give you great job opportunities in the USA. Make sure to include your children in this project, please contact us to request more information about our next semester program. You can also visit our Facebook Rotary Club of Brazil Orlando. BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate


MatĂŠria da Capa

Elementar Outdoor Living

Innovating to celebrate is one of the mottos of Elementar Outdoor Living. With an experienced team of professionals tied to an incredible selection of products, it has been innovating and transforming the external environment of its customers into a paradisiacal place.

In 2011, Elementar Outdoor Living began operating in the USA. The founding partner, Alexandre Vasconcellos, after a brief passage through NY, moved to Florida, where he then began to innovate the outdoor environments of several American clients, believing it to be a market thirsty for personalized service and a completely different style. Combining the experience in the American market, with all the works developed in Brazil, Elementar has realized projects in partnership with great names of the architecture and designers. With a market that grows 15% a year in the United States, the search for modern, comfortable and sophisticated products is very large. Thus, the elementary, the participation in international fairs and working in the American market trends research, started the representation of various products coming from Italy, Turkey, Belgium, and other Asian countries and many

other products quality and manufacture the American , managed to mount a portfolio full options: the floor to finish, gourmet kitchen with the best brands of equipment, sound, lighting, pool, recreation, landscaping and outdoor furniture, in addition to aluminum structures for pergolas and roofs, synthetic grass for kids and mini private golf course - Elementary Outdoor Living offers creativity, good taste, functionality combined with high-quality products, facilities, and service. GOAL Our professionals work with the objective of being the leading company, reference in the external environment segment in the Central axis Florida, South Florida and Rio de Janeiro, offering exclusive products and services, besides own and extremely experienced labor. BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate 19

Elementar counts on consultants prepared to serve the final client and professionals in the architecture, design and landscaping segment. The professionals responsible for implementing the projects are carefully trained so that clients and partners have the best experience and exceed expectations in the final project result! PROJECTS EXECUTED At the beginning of 2018, two outstanding projects were developed in residences in the United States, which allowed our clients to enjoy much more of their leisure areas, reaffirming our concept where life should be lived out there. One of these clients is a couple who await the arrival of the first child and wish to have an outside environment of the house to enjoy with the new family member with space, comfort, and leisure. Homeowners - located in Winter Garden - Florida, Alykhan and Karina Dhananni were pleased with the result of all the work done by the staff of Elementar Outdoor Living.

20 BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate

The review From the moment I hired the elementary to a budget, they surpassed all my expectations with designs top of the line, maximizing our outdoor area using a series of 3-D, gorgeous images showing me the sight of them, including the hearth outdoor, lighting and pool tile. After hired them, the professionalism of the staff team excelled. And they finished the project on time. They also always communicated with us weekly visiting the work to discuss some new details that always appear during the process reform and construction, and always had the solution planned and presented. I recommend Elementar for any outdoor project and I consider Alex, Max ;-), and the entire Elemental team one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Alykhan & Karina Dhanani

Another home that we have the pleasure of having built the outdoor area with a beautiful project is the home of the couple Fernanda Pontes and Diogo Boni, who lives in Windermere, Florida. They went to Elementary to realize the dream of building the most beautiful and comfortable outdoor area to enjoy in the family, with space to live with everyone, with the essence already lived by them in several another family home in Brazil. The goal was that it could be enjoyed by all friends and family here in the USA. The most important point of the project for Fernanda was to create a comfortable and

special area for the comfort of the children and little friends of the children who visit the house on weekends. “Elementary was able to turn what we thought into our home into reality. Having our new outdoor environment made it possible for us to have more space by the pool and a Summer Kitchen that offers everything we had in Brazil. Now it is possible to gather our friends and family for our meetings on weekends. “- says Fernanda Pontes.

BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate


Partnership Rio de Janeiro: In addition to the projects featured in Florida in the United States, in Rio de Janeiro many projects were carried out in partnership with the landscape artist Luiz H Lima, who with great harmony offers our products and services in their projects!

Elementar is also proud to have participated in major high-standard homebuilding projects in Alphaville Barra da Tijuca, RJ, in partnership with award-winning architect Toti Queirรณz, which is available to customers who also wish to perform customized residential projects in the USA. By living at home all his life, all the projects created by Toti Queirรณz are developed with much attention, beauty, and experience of those who live the life in the external area. This combines with Elementary as it gives your customers the opportunity to enjoy life with comfort out there like a great weekend.

22 BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate

International Partnership: Elementar Outdoor Living works in partnership with large companies in the Arquitectura e Construção segment, as well as renowned professionals in the area, seeking to offer a service of impeccable quality. In the United States, Elementary is involved in projects using innovative techniques such as “high pedestal” porcelain work, such as installing a rooftop home on the Lake Nona Country Club in partnership with Phill Keen Desing Group.

Elementary outdoor, I would like to thank “for all people who dream of our dream”, especially our entire team of collaborators and our suppliers, especially: Belgard, Baystone Travertine, Kannoa Furniture & Blaze grills and GR experience in automation.

BrazilUsa - Orlando Real Estate


Orlando Real Estate Magazine #17 (english)  

Orlando Real Estate Magazine #17 (english)

Orlando Real Estate Magazine #17 (english)  

Orlando Real Estate Magazine #17 (english)