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FACES November 2016





Volume 2 - Issue 11




Jeremy Kready • 717.665.0406 • 1113 North Colebrook Road l Manheim, PA 17545

Sunday Results

Open A 1. Dakota Yohe 2. Chad Wages 3. Bobby Garraway

80 12-15 A

60 B

1. Michael Lacore 1. Kobe Mccollum 717-920-5225 2. Travis Belotti 2. Jason Lord

125 B 1. Gage Stine 2. Todd Stith

5203 East Trindle Rd 3. Bryce Sviland 3. Nicholas Ford Mechanicsburg 4. Chad Dzanko 80 12-15 B Naia PA5. Joseph 17050

B Est. 2000Open 1. Maxwell Sanford 125 C

Performance 1. Jake Mumpower 2. Colton Yentzer 3. Michael Stewart 4. Skyler Pruitt 5. Edward Porterfield

2. Orion Gregory 3. Gage Stine 4. Cody Groves 5. Brandon Hugney

1. Carson Sutsko 2. Rilan Gombert 3. Ryan Mitchell 4. Brandan Allen 5. Gavin Heath

60 C 1. Daniel Brookshire 2. Cameron Schlough 3. Jackson Rawlings 4. Jeffrey Dunham 5. Turner Bates

CHECK OUT THE NEW LINE OF ATVs & SIDE X SIDES FROM CFMOTO! 250 A 1. Chad Wages 2. Bobby Garraway

Open C 1. Dylan Riaubia 2. Daniel Walsh 3. Dillon Curry 4. Dalton Vickers 5. Bobby Otto

80 12-15 C 1. Brayden Pohlhaus 2. Joshua Moore 3. Logan Hubbard 4. Tristen Feducia 5. William Bouchat

Open D 1. Jason Verlander 2. Matthew Moore 3. Nathan Whittington 4. Parker Millison

80 9-11 A 1. Mason Naecker CFORCE 400 2. Jacob Jarrell 3. Tyler Baran 4. Richard Fredenburgh

Supermini 2 12-16 1. Seth Hammaker 2. Cody Groves 3. Michael Lacore 4. Todd Stith 5. Rilan Gombert

80 9-11 B 1. Nathan Smith 2. Joseph Lindell 3. Jason Lord 4.CFORCE Jake Eddy 500HO 5. Kobe Mccollum

WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING THE SMART MOVE TO THESE Jake Mumpower (63) leads the 125C division to victory EQUIPPED/FEATURE RICH FULLY Cole Stocks wins 80 (9-11) $879C9!!! ATVs & SIDE BY SIDES??? 250 B 1. Orion Gregory 2. Maxwell Sanford 3. Gage Stine 4. Cody Groves 5. Mel Mahan

250 C 1. Dylan Riaubia 2. Colton Yentzer 3. Nicholas Wagner 4. Daniel Walsh 5. Dylan Jarrell



VALUE!!! Mini Woman Open 1. Cheyenne Mcguin 2. Alexa Catterton 3. Bailey King

!! $10799! **


Jr Mini 2 7-11 1. Jacob Jarrell 2. Mason Naecker 3. Richard Fredenburgh Mini Woman CALL OR STOP DOWN FOR DETAILS4. Nathan Smith Support Bowlin $350 5. Nicholas Ford AN ADDITIONAL * TRUE TIMBER CAMO 1.IS Brooke 2. Adrianna PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE APPLICABLE FEES & SALESKelley TAX. SEE STORE FOR DETAILS. 3. Paige Whitney

80 9-11 C 1. Cole Stocks 2. Brooke Bowlin 3. Ryan Bowie 4. Chad Dzanko 5. Kyle Grauer


50 4-6 Special Limited 2 1. Christian Naia 2. Jackson Beck 3. Morgan Richards 4. James Peachey 5. Brady Grigora


50 4-8 A 1. Daniel Brookshire 50 4-8 B 1. Ethan Baran 2. Joseph Oconnell 3. Shane Bowie 4. Hunter Scherer


50 Limited Jr 4-6 1. Kenny Burnett 2. Jackson Beck 3. Christian Naia

999Sr!!!7-8 8Limited $50 1. Daniel Brookshire 2. Joseph Oconnell

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1657 Rohrerstown Road Lancaster, PA 717.581.9020


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BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016


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BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016


5. Kaleb Weller

Jackson Beck puts his green Yammie out front

Boy 1. Jack Pagano 2. Thomas Giambrone

2. Alyssa Elliott 3. Jenna Schulteis 4. Robyn Greer

5. Grant Raum

53rd annual


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Presented by the Delaware Endu May 1st, 2016 Delaware City

DER Grove Point Hare Scrambles Format: will use the START – RESTART format, similar to the national E RideWeSouthern California

Format: We willanduse th Sign-up: Will be from 2:00pm to 7:00pm on Saturday in the firehouse from

November 12-13, 2016 for $800!

the national Enduro ser day Saturday during signup and Sunday until close of signup at 10:00 Signup will be inside the fire hall located on the rightSign-up: as you enter Will Delaware be City. from GPS address is 815 on 5th Street in Delaware City, Delaware. N 39 34.506 W 75 3

Grove Point Camp Includes Transportation of Bike andpreservation.) Gear toand (Checks from 6:0 Entry fee: $50Grove ($5 will go toward land usefirehouse m 2390 Neck Road, Earleville, MD Helen Raceway! Keytime: 9:00Glen am Daylight Saving Time come all day Saturday

signup at 10:00 with last-m DrawingKids Date: Friday April 22nd at 7:00 pm. (302)-229-1805 Race Saturday - Adults RaceCall Sunday Starting position : Please note: Rows awill NOT bevenue saved.for All willt Signup will be inside The Delaware Enduro Riders has secured brand new its Pre-entries fall switching of numbers for no-shows or refunds to no-shows. Post-entries will ride b enter Delaware hare scrambles. Situatedwill on the bank to of top the three Chesapeake Bay, theclasses. all City. Ca Awards: Award plaques be given places in most GPS address is 81 new course will offerCity great for riders of all hall. ages abilities. Food : The Delaware Fireriding Co. Ladies Auxiliary willand provide a pancake and s

November 25th-27th *OPTIONAL BONUS* Grove Point Hare Scrambles

ware. N 39while 34.506 Beef andYOUTH Beer menu will beCHALLENGE available in the afternoon on Sunday results W are MOTOCROSS SPONSORED BY: Entry fee: $50 ($5 mw Requirements : All riders must have a valid driver’s license. The motorcycle DELAWARE ENDURO INC. District 6 - MAMA -motorcycle. MDRARIDERS, Youth The licenseAny plate attached to the license plate must be attached Benefits to Girl Scouts of Chesapeake Bay (Checks made outbelow to Det That Competes Our EventThere will be a sound test and inspectio beMotocross fitted withRacer a securely attachedInmuffler. 9:00 amHare Day Saturday and Sunday TheatLast Eventtables). in the ECEA must have a valid A.M.A. card ($49Hare available the Keytime: sign-up The TEST for Grove Scrambles th thPoint And Can Win Their Class Against Nov. 12 , and 13 2016 Scrambles Series will be available on Saturday only between 2:00 PMDrawing and 7:00 PM Date: Friday SPONSORED BY: Point, Maryland New Location!! Camp Grove An ECEA Fast EVENT TIMES For further or call 302-229-1 DIRECTIONS: From route information 40 at Elkton,ENDURO MD, take RouteRIDERS, south to INC. DELAWARE 1805 with last-minute c Cecilton, right at the light onto Main Street (route 282), Follow Orange Hare Admission: $5 per person at the gate (get wrist band) Benefits to Girl Scouts of Chesapeake Bay any all $30 up-to-date changes and $30 information Scrambles Arrows to the Start area miles towill a left on post Grove Neck Road,and50cc: 65cc PW: $30 Youth classes: WILL GET website A 2.3FREE SET OF TIRES then7 miles to Campground. 2390 Grove Neck Road, Earleville, MD Starting position: Ple Adult classes: AAin &Athe - $50ECEA B and C - $45 andDetach Sundayand mailThe Last Event Hare N39 23.742 W Saturday 76 02.293 entry form to: Delaware Enduro Ride Transponder scoring – available for yearly renewal ($30), or Free primitive camping Friday and Saturday.

Ride 3 Additional Days At Some Of California’s Most Famous MX Tracks!

Call Now For Savings!!

Registration Due By November 1st! Dont Miss Out On This Great Trip! Get More Details At:woods byFor Nov. 12 ,will and Scrambles Series will be NO sw See Website Details Pre-entries be 2016 assigned drawing. There Course features grass track13 start, openBelow th


one day pass ($10)

funds to no-shows. Post-entries will ride behind the last numb www.DELAWAREENDURORIDERS .complaces in m Awards: Award plaques will be given to top three Food: The Delaware City Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary will pro 600 am on Sunday morning. A Beef and Beer menu will be av 53rd annual results are being announced.. Requirements: All riders must driver’s license. DELAWARE EN YOUTH andNOT 8 mile be course for up ADULT hour beforehave individual a racevalid start. STATE Races will held for main late comers. event classes with separate C class event. Sunday Sign-up Times ECEA Name aFreeheadlight, and a license plate attached to the Endu motorc primitive campingtaillight, Saturday SATURDAY and Sunday. SATURDAY SUNDAY Adult sign up from 7:00AM to ½ hour before race start. Presented by the Delaware NO Pit bikes – Strictly Enforced!!Youth Event Classes: Use the Online Signup System # PeeWee Classes: C Classes Event: 10:00 for 1.5 hours below thebetaillight oncomers. rear fender. All machines mustCity be Races to will NOT held up for late Awards tothe 8 places Awards 8 places to Master & GoldenMaster May 1st, Cash 2016 Delaware Address City SATURDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY C Class Awards to 8 places 2:00DER for 1.5 hours Grove 11:00 for 45 minutes Point There will be a sound test and inspection for proper equipme Phone e-mail PeeWee Classes: Youth Event Classes: C Classes Event: 10:00 for 1.5 hours Entry Fee: $30 Entry Fee: $30 10:00 for 1.5 hours Awards to 8 places Awards to 8 places Cash to Master & GoldenMaster Age 14-16 SuperMini 112ccat 2- Entrysign-up Age 7-8 50cc/Cobra Sr/LC Fee: $45 tables). The T valid A.M.A. card ($49 available Bike C Classthe Awards to 8 places 11:00 Club for 45 2:00 for 1.5 hours Hare Scrambles stk or 150cc 4-stk Age7-8 50ccminutes Air Cooled C 200 C 250 Format: the START – RESTART format, 10:00 for 1.5 hours similar to the national E Entry Fee: $30 We will use Entry Fee: $30 Age 12-13 SuperMini 112cc 2Age 4-6 50cc/Cobra Jr/LC C Open C Vet We (30+) C Sen(40+) bership (no charge) will be available on only betwee Rider’s Level (check one) Format: use thB $45Saturday Age 7-8 50cc/Cobra Sr/LC Age 14-16 SuperMini 112cc 2- Entry Fee: AA Awill Sign-up: Will be from 2:00pm to4-stk 7:00pm on Saturday or 150cc Age 4-6 50cc Air Cooled C SupSen(50+) C-Women and from Age7-8 50cc Air Cooled stkstk or 150cc 4-stk C 200 C 250 in the firehouse Rider’s Class one) 12-15 85cc 2-stk or GoldenMaster(70+) AgeSaturday 4-6 50cc/Cobra Jr/LC(check AgeAge 12-13 SuperMini 112cc 2- 125cc Cclose Open Master(60+) Csignup Vetnational (30+) at C Sen(40+) the Enduro ser day during signup and Sunday until of 10:00 Age 4-6 50cc Air Cooled 0cc stk–4-stk or200cc 150cc 4-stk C SupSen(50+) C-Women Legends (80+) Super Junior BSSR30+ (50+) Veteran Age Signup be inside the fire hall located on the right as GoldenMaster(70+) you enter Delaware City. AgeAge 12-15 85cc85cc 2-stk or 125cc Master(60+) For towill further information: Sign-up: Will beAge from Awards 8 places 7-11 2-stk or 125cc Schoolboy1 Schoolboy2 th 4-stk Junior BSSR (50+) Legends N (80+) Grove Point Camp GPS address is 815 on 5 Street in Delaware City, Delaware. 39 34.506 7550 3 4-stk 12:30 for 1.0 hour on Sportsman (non-points paying) W Awards to 8 places Schoolboy2 Age 7-11 85cc 2-stk or 125cc Schoolboy1 302-999-1663 (Pete). The website will post a firehouse and from 6:0 201cc – 250cc Senior I Super Age 11-15 air cooled 4-stk separate course from Youth Main Event: A and B classes Sportsman (non-points paying) 12:30 for fee: 1.0 hour $50 on Entry ($54-stk will go Girls toward land useCash preservation.) (Checks m to A & AA, B Awards to 5 places Age 12-16 Sen 112cc 2Entry Fee: $30 2390 Grove Neck Road, Earleville, MD A and B classes separate courseas from Youth Age 11-15 air cooled 4-stk AgeMain 40+Event: Age 55 mation needed. come all day Saturday stk or 150cc 4-stk Age 10-11 pmBfor 2 hours Cash to A1:00 & AA, Awards to 5 places 12-16 Girls Sen 112cc 2- Time Entry Fee:65cc $30 9:00 amAge Keytime: Daylight Saving Open (251 – up) Senior II Master stk or 150cc 4-stk 1:00 pm Entry for 2 hours Age7-10 10-11 65cc 110cc Age Trail Fee: AA&A -$50 B -$45 signup 10:00 with last-m Drawing Date: Friday April 22nd at 7:00 pm. Call (302)-229-1805 Age7-9 7-10 Trail 110cc Race Entry Fee: AA&A -$50 at B -$45 Kids Saturday Adults Race Sunday Age 65cc AA/Pro Age 45+ (No C’s) Age 7-9 65cc AA/Pro Age 9-11 Jr. Girls 59cc-85cc ASignup 200 A will 250 Pre-entries Starting position : Please note: Rows awill NOT be saved. willt beAA Open inside . Age 9-11 Jr. Girls 59cc-85cc A 200 A 250 A All Open The Delaware Enduro Riders has secured brand new venue its fall 2-stk A Vet(30+) Afor Sen(40+) SupSen(50) 2-stk A Vet(30+) A Sen(40+) A SupSen(50) switching of FULL numbers forSIGN no-shows UP or refunds to no-shows. Post-entries will rideCa b Find FORM Online at www. Benter 200 B B250 Open Delaware B 200 B 250 Open hare scrambles. Situated onAthe bank of the Chesapeake Bay, theclasses. allB City. RECEIVE Agiven FREE T-SHIRT ALL ENTRANTS B Vet(30+) Bmost Sen(40+) ALLYOUTH YOUTHAward ENTRANTS RECEIVE FREE T-SHIRT B Vet(30+) B Sen(40+) Women A/B Women A/B Awards: plaques will be to top three places in Number and of Cash Awards to Expert ClassesClasses is based is number entries per hall. GPS address Number andamount amount of Cash Awards to Expert onofnumber ofclass entries per class is 81 new course will offer great riding for riders ofonbased all ages abilities. Check our Website: Food : The Delaware City Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary willand provide a pancake and s Check our Website: ware. N 39while 34.506 Beef andYOUTH Beer menu will beCHALLENGE available in the afternoon on Sunday results W are MOTOCROSS Entry fee: $50 ($5 mw Requirements: All riders must have a valid driver’s license. The motorcycle District 6 - MAMA MDRA Youth The license plate must be attached below t licenseAny plate attached to the-motorcycle. (Checks made out to De That Competes Our EventThere will be a sound test and inspectio beMotocross fitted withRacer a securely attachedInmuffler. am Day must have a valid A.M.A. card ($49 available at the Keytime: sign-up tables).9:00 The TEST for And Can Win Their Class Against willGrove be available on Saturday only between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM Drawing Date: Friday Point ECEA Hare Fast Kid: Scrambles For further An information call 302-229-1 1805 with or last-minute c SPONSORED BY: website will post any and all up-to-date changes and information WILL GET A FREE SET OF TIRES Starting position: Ple DELAWARE ENDURO RIDERS, INC. Detach and mail entry form to: Delaware Enduro Ride Benefits toPre-entries Girl ScoutsGet of will Chesapeake Bay More Details At: be assigned by drawing. There will be NO sw Saturday and Sunday Last Event the behind ECEA Hare funds to no-shows. The Post-entries willinride the last numb IS AthRELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT – READ IT BEFORE SIGNING Nov. 12th, THIS and 13 2016 Scrambles Series www.DELAWAREENDURORIDERS .com Awards: Award plaques beDELAWARE given toENDURO top three places in m DESCRIPTION AND LOCATION OF THEwill EVENT: – MAY 1, 2016 DELA New Location!! Camp Grove Point, I hereby giveMaryland up all my rights to sue or make any claim for damages due to negligence or any other reason whatsoever against the EVENT TIMES DIRECTIONS: From route 40 at Elkton, MD, Route 213 south to Food: The Delaware City:conducting Fireperson Ladies Auxiliary sponsors andtake all other persons, participants or organizations orCo. connected with this event for injury to propertywill or personpro I may Cecilton, right at the light onto Mainupon Streetevent (routepremises. 282), Follow Orange Hareof danger Admission $5 at preparing the gatefor (get band) in the event and while up I know the risks to myself and myper property while andwrist participating Scrambles Arrows to the Start area 2.3 miles to a left on Grove Neck Road, 50cc: PW: $30or organizations Youth classes: $30 with such risks ofam loss andon hereby agree to reimburse all $30 costs to65cc those/persons connected this event will for damages 600 Sunday morning. A Beef and Beer menu beincurred av then7 miles to Campground. 2390 Grove Neck Road, Earleville, MD Adult classes: AA &A - $50 B and C - $45

ONLY! TIMES trail, a section on the beach River No Credit Cards, CASH EVENT DIRECTIONS: From route 40 at Elkton, MD,of takethe RouteSassafras 213 south to Separate C and Main events Cecilton, right at the light onto Main Street (route 282), Follow Orange Hare Admission : $5 per person at the gate (get wrist band) and single track trail. No rocks. Scrambles Arrows to the Start area 2.3 miles to a left on Grove Neck Road, 50cc: $30 65cc PW: $30 Youth classes: $30 THIS IS A RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT – READ IT BEFORE SIGNING then7 miles to Campground. 2390 GrovePoint Neck Road, Earleville,2016 MD ECEA Hare Scrambles Series Adult classes: AA &A - $50 B andHelmet C - $45 NO Go-Pro or cameras! N39 23.742 W 76 02.293 AND LOCATION OF THE EVENT: DESCRIPTION DELAWARE ENDURO – MAY 1, 2016 DELA Transponder scoring – available for yearly renewal ($30), or Free primitive camping Friday and Saturday. Dist. 7 Hare Scrambles Point Series 2017 I hereby give up all my rights to sue or make any claim for damages due to negligence or any other reason whatsoever against the one day pass ($10) Course features grass track start, open course woods for 50 Large Open Field start with 2-mile Saturday Sign-up sponsors and all other persons, participants or organizations conducting or connected with this event Times for injury to property or person I may a section on the beach of the Sassafras River No Credit Cards, CASH ONLY! cc,trail, 3event miles for PEEWEE, 6-mile course for and my upon premises. I know the risks of danger to myself property preparing and participating in the event while Separate C while and Main events 50cc, PeeWee andforYouth sign up from 9:00 and until ½ up and single track trail. No rocks. such risks of and loss and hereby agree tofor reimburse all costs to those/persons or organizations connected with this event for damages incurred YOUTH 8 mile course ADULT hour before individual race start. ECEA Hare Scrambles Point Series 2016 main NO Go-Pro or Helmet cameras! event with separate C class event. Dist. classes 7 Hare Scrambles Point Series 2017 Sunday Sign-up Times Free primitive camping Saturday and Sunday. Large Open Field start with 2-mile course for 50 Saturday Times Adult Sign-up sign up from 7:00AM to ½ hour before race start. SIGNATURE: cc,Pit 3 miles for–PEEWEE, 6-mile course for NO bikes Strictly Enforced!! 50cc, PeeWee Youth sign up from 9:00 until ½ Use theand Online Signup System

New Location!! Camp Grove Point, Maryland

November 12-13, 2016 (12-16)






AMA membership required to ride these events – available at signup or online at: www.AMADirect ahead of time. AMA membership required to ride these events – available signup or online at: www.AMADirect ahead of time. $49 cash, check to AMA, oratcredit card $49RELEASE cash, check toatAMA, or credit card For Youth classes: Download and print out the MINOR form and the PLEDGE form at PH 302-229-1805 for Questions For Youth classes: Download and print out the MINOR RELEASE formor at302-999-1663 and the PLEDGE form at

PH 302-229-1805 or 302-999-1663 for Questions

See Flyer Online For Full Details


BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

N39 23.742 W 76 02.293

Captains Quarters Happy Thanksgiving everybody, I know it’s an early salutation but we won’t have another issue available until the first week of December. I would ask that you all take the time to spend with family and friends and to be very thankful for all that we have. I know the recent weeks have been full of speculation, accusations, confrontations and hope for some as we work our way through this crazy presidential election. Unfortunately they sometimes forget about “We the People” and go off on tangents of their own. My prayer is for this country to remain strong and united no matter the outcome and that our leaders would take the same actions in hopes for a secure future for generations to come. Before we go any further I would ask all the local motocross racers, especially the youth classes to notice the DER Hare Scramble ad to the left of this article. Your MX season is about done here and the sponsoring club has put out a challenge to come see who is the fastest, motocross or hare scramble racers? They’re also offering up some free tires to sweeten the deal. So if you have the weekend open, check out the DER to see whose boss. I also want to send best wishes to all who will be traveling to Florida to compete at the Mini O’s. Have a safe trip, do your best and be happy no matter how you finish. You are a champion for going and remember that everything you do should be a learning experience. Next, I want to welcome any new readers who may be seeing us for the first time. Please enjoy our pages and our hopes are that you find something you enjoy or that is useful in your off road and snowmobiling adventures. Our content this month is a mixed bag of local racing and off road riding information with a little bit of snowmobile thrown in for good measure. Let’s hope for the last group that we get more than a mixed bag of precipitation this winter. We dirt bikers don’t like the white stuff a whole lot but early indicators are calling for it to be very cold here in the Northeast with plenty of winter weather around. Thank goodness we can travel south for the season to keep the wheels rolling. Also know that you can like and share us on Facebook, instagram and twitter and we thank you for reading and for all of your kind messages and support that we do get throughout the month. We’ll see you at an event soon and please remember to stay caught up between issues online at: B

The Brapp Revolution Has Begun BrappMag Staff: Jim Bull - Managing Editor | Owner Trevor Bull - Web | Video | Design Jessica Bull - Office Manager Aiden Bull - Distribution Manager Deb Bull - THE GLUE Contributors for this issue: Jim Bull, Zach Camp, Chris Borger. Mimi Louden Weaver, Dan Casey, Allison G., Scott Lukaitis, Dan Morton, Mike Sigety, Aaron Kallisher, Denny Mann, Jeff Reichart.

In This Issue: Captains Quarters .......................................................................... 5 Majestic Kamp & Lost Trails ............................................................. 6 AOAA Cleanup ................................................................................ 6 Ski Doo - 2017 ................................................................................. 7 Kevin Crine Memorial Race ............................................................. 8 Moonshine Enduro ......................................................................... 10 PAOHV Simulator ........................................................................... 12 PAOHV Info .................................................................................... 13 Where to Ride ................................................................................ 14 Winter 2016 - 17 ............................................................................. 17 Hyner Mountain News .................................................................... 17 KROC 2016 .................................................................................... 18 Pagoda - Jim Munch Memorial ....................................................... 19 Can Am Maverick ........................................................................... 20 RORR Dual Sport ........................................................................... 22 Chaplains Corner ........................................................................... 23 Upcoming Events ............................................................................ 23 MD State Championships ................................................................. 24 Bras For A Cause ............................................................................ 25

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12 6 4 11 4 1 21 17 25 2 2 28 28 24 25 6 27 3 24 14

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BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016


Come Ride - Majestic Kamp and Lost Trails Snow and Trail - Open Year Round in Rew, Pa

Majestic Trails is located in North/Central Pennsylvania in the Majestic Allegany Mountain region. The trail system is located on over 940 acres of privately owned property and family operated with plans for expansion. The trail system currently offers groomed trails with two loops totaling over 41 miles of one-way traffic on mountainous terrain that offers a challenging ride. Children are welcome here. We prefer that children get a safety certificate but it is not required. The Peewee trails help the younger ones learn at their own pace. We offer a legal place for all OHV enthusiasts to ride including ATV’s, Side by Sides, Dirt Bikes and Snowmobiles in the winter.

Majestic Trails Offers: Open Year Round Legal ATV Trails ATV Rentals with Guided Tours Camping “Wilderness Style” Limited Onsite Lodging Challenging Mountainous Terrain Two loops totaling over 41 miles of wooded technical ATV and Dirt Bike Trails Single Track – Dirt Bikes Only Motocross Play Area Pee Wee Motocross Track and Trail Swim, Canoe and Fish in pond @ Campground All are welcome: ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, 3-Wheelers, Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Mountain Bikes, Horses and Hikers Family Friendly Atmosphere Personal Assistance Children and Pets Welcome Something for Everyone Close Proximity to the Allegheny National Forest and State Parks. Details:

Open Seven Days A Week - Year Round Hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm 1st Time Visitors Call Ahead Thru the Week Concessions Open Saturday and Sunday April 13th - November 10th Check Website for Rates and Rules Located on over 1,000 acres 1st Time Visitors should call ahead Mon - Fri.

Whether you are looking for a new challenge or just a leisure ride in the mountains, this trail is for you. Our Motto is to: HAVE FUN and RIDE SAFE!

Geisinger Childrens Miracle Network Ride on Sept 10th at AOAA On Saturday, October 15, 2016, AnAOAA Fall clean up showcases community, stewardship,& passion. By Jeff Reichart

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area invites you, with the support of the Anthracite Trail

thracite Outdoor Adventure Area’s Riders, to of participate in a more 60-mile trail ride to benefit Children’s Miracle Director Operations Davethan Porzi Network at Geisinger.of ATV,the UTV, RTV, dirt bikes and dual sport operators are invited to greeted members Anthracite participate. Trail Riders club, along with other volunteers to organize Fall clean To Pre-Register or get morethe details go to: up on the Western Reserve near the popular Whaleback. More than www. .com two dozen enthusiastic participants listened to Dave as he expressed his overwhelming gratitude for the support of those in attendance, who volunteered their time to help make AOAA one of the top off-road destinations in the country. The 2016 Spring clean up had over 100 volunteers.


After briefing the group about the day’s planned event, Dave and the volunteers departed the community event pavilion and headed out to begin what quickly became evident as an act of incredible stewardship, by people wanting to take ownership in preserving and promoting what is quickly becoming the “go to” venue in the country for off-roading. The volunteers hailed from as far away as New Jersey, Maryland and other destinations, some traveling 3 and 4 hours just to honor their commitment to the day’s clean up. Bob from Bucks County, PA, who volunteers for other activities at the AOAA, said that he is an annual pass holder that frequents the park, and wanted to give something back because his membership fees paid for themselves in just four visits, and this was his way of showing his appreciation for AOAA’s reasonable prices for an awesome place to ride.


The ULTIMATE Riding Experience Majestic Trails offers a challenging, “legal” place for OHV enthusiasts to ride. (ATV, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles)

Majestic Trails is a family-oriented recreational park!

Majestic Kamp & Lost Trails, Inc. P.O. Box 94 Rew, PA 16744 Phone: 814-465-9979 6

BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

Other volunteers shared similar stories believing that the family oriented atmosphere in such a beautiful place that cannot be matched, and is well worth the efforts volunteering to be part of the AOAA’s growth. Dave Porzi reinforces these sentiments by emphasizing the park’s commitment to making the AOAA safe, clean and fun for all users. It’s noteworthy to mention that staff from the neighboring Reading Anthracite Company (RAC) were available to lend a hand in the clean up. The AOAA and RAC clearly demonstrate a working partnership in their efforts to put Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Region on the map. Is this a sign of bigger things to come? I don’t know, but it seems promising, only time will tell! The clean up ended with lunch provided by the AOAA and a group ride led by the ATR! B

www. AOAATrails . com

Ski Doo - 2017

and new pDrive ™ drive pulley to deliver incredibly responsive and agile sleds. It’s what you come up with when you’re creating what’s next.

We snowmobilers are driven and excited by what’s ahead. That next stretch of impossibly winding trail. The next zone we’ve never dropped into. The next vista that takes our breath away. The next epic trip with our buddies that we’ll talk about all year. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time looking forward to the snow falling. Whatever it is, snowmobilers never stop pushing.


At BRP, we too are always looking ahead, pushing ourselves to take your snowmobiling experience to another level. Faster straights, easier sidehills, more comfortable tours. Our passion for creating what’s next has reshaped the industry with the REV platform, E-TEC® engines, ACE™ engines with iTC,™ rMotion™ and tMotion™ rear suspensions, Pilot™ TS adjustable skis, LinQ™ cargo system and so much more.


There’s 165 horsepower, and thanks to freer breathing and an improved E-TEC injection system – including new booster injectors at the intake – it’s 30% quicker to respond. Power comes instantly and forcefully, but is easily modulated... you lift or plant the skis at will.

Efficiency has always been core to the E-TEC equation, and we really took it to the next level with the 850 E-TEC: you can now cover 40% more distance per liter of oil. Many riders will not have to add oil during a season. And even with the gains in power, torque and response, fuel efficiency remains impressive, at up to 19 mpg (12.3 L/100 km).

For 2017, we are pushing the industry forward with the next gener- DESIGNED FOR RELIABILITY ations of the REV platform and E-TEC technology. Once again, we radically designed the sleds around the rider, to give you more con- The 850 E-TEC engine is packed with proven technologies from long-lasting automotive and diesel engines, such as a 2-piece forged crankshaft, trol and to have more fun. So you can keep pushing. plasma cylinder coating and directly oiled crankshaft bearings. pDRIVE THE ALL-NEW 850 E-TEC PRIMARY CLUTCH. This 100% new design uses fast and friction-free dual ROTAX ENGINE rollers to transfer torque instead of traditional sliding buttons. Combined with a host of key design innovations and 2.8 lb (1.3 kg) less mass, you get OUR NEXT REVOLUTIONARY ultra-responsive shifting, impressive RPM consistency and excellent reliENGINE, YOUR NEXT ability ADRENALINE RUSH!! The new 850 is everything you come to expect from E-TEC and more. It is designed together with the new 4th generation REV platform OUR NEXT RENEGADE. YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE. OUR NEXT RENEGADE. YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE.



The Next Ski-Doo Renegade®. All-new REV® Gen4 platform, with revolutionary forward-leaning position. New Rotax® ® 850 E-TEC engine, the most powerful 2-stroke engine in ® The Next Ski-Doo Renegade . All-new REV® Gen4 platform, the industry.* Designed around you whether you are railing with revolutionary forward-leaning position. New Rotax® corners or carving your way through the trees. Which means ® 850 E-TEC engine, the most powerful 2-stroke engine in there are more answers than ever for that never-ending the industry.* Designed around you whether you are railing question, “What’s next?” Find out more at corners or carving your way through the trees. Which means there are more answers than ever for that never-ending question, “What’s next?” Find out more at ® ® ® ® The Next Ski-Doo The Next Renegade Ski-Doo . All-new RenegadeREV . All-new Gen4 REV platform, Gen4 platform, ® with revolutionary with revolutionary forward-leaning forward-leaning position. New position. Rotax New Rotax® 850 E-TEC® engine, 850 E-TEC the® most engine, powerful the most2-stroke powerful engine 2-stroke inengine The Next Ski-DooinRenegade®. All-new REV® Gen4 platform, the industry.* Designed the industry.* around Designed you around whether youyou whether are with railing yourevolutionary are railing forward-leaning position. New Rotax® 850 E-TEC®means engine, the most powerful 2-stroke engine in corners or carving corners your or carving way through your way thethrough trees. Which the trees. means Which the never-ending industry.* Designed around you whether you are railing there are more there answers are more than answers ever for thanthat evernever-ending for that corners or carving your way through the trees. Which means question, “What’s question, next?” “What’s Find out next?” more Findatout more at RENEGADE ADRENALINE with 850 E-TEC


there are more answers than ever for that never-ending question, “What’s next?” Find out more at




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BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016


4th Annual Kevin Crine Memorial Race Mama Pro Am Budds Creek MX Park

Kevin Crines 2005 Honda was on display at Budds Creek

Sept. 24-25, 2016

The last weekend in September took us to one of my favorite races of the year to date. It was a bittersweet event honoring the life of a local pro racer who left this life way too soon. It was also a feel good tribute to a great man who has left a great legacy on the local sport of motocross racing. I give props to the entire Crine family and all the sponsors who made this event a success. I honor and respect the family for keeping Kevin’s legacy alive but also feel sorrow as they in some way have to relive the loss of a son, a husband, a father a brother. A man who touched all he came in contact with while here with us and even as he is with his eternal Father in Heaven. The weekend kicked off on Friday morning with a free riding clinic to the riders of MAMA hosted and sponsored by Traders MX Racing. Close to 80 riders got tips from pros both past and present and a great learning experience was had by all. Then Friday afternoon Jonathan Beasley offered a practice day on the Budds Creek course to finish out the day.

John Crine awards the Dash for Cash participants

Saturday morning rolled around to a packed house and a full day of racing for the Mid Atlantic Motocross Association or MAMA as they are better known. This group has been hosting amateur racing for over 40 years in the Mid-Atlantic region and they remain a local favorite. Saturday evening after the racing is when the real festivities began. The Crine Family got to share their memories and thanks with the crowd before the awards ceremony for the Dash for Cash race. Again Traders stepped up along with all of the families of MAMA to host a huge meal in Kevin’s honor. Hundreds of folks participated while

watching old racing videos of Kevin and previous memorial races, listened to entertainment from MX 51, a local rock band with roots from MAMA and just spent time together as one huge family celebrating Kevin’s life and the sport that we all love so much. Sunday we awoke to another gorgeous day. A memorial lap was led by an old team mate of Kevin’s, Ty Wallace. Ty has come out every year to help support this event and a huge crowd took to the track in Kevin’s honor. After that the Pro Am racing started along with an entire line up of classes. The day went off without a hitch and in the end it would be home town racer and Traders Racing fast guy Tony Archer sweeping all four expert motos. Thanks to all involved and thanks to Kevin Crine for being the man he was both while he was with us and for continuing to make an impact even after he is gone. Check out some pics and results here then head over to: to see thousands more images and a couple of videos from the weekend’s events. B

Nitro Circus’ Greg Duffy and local expert Scott Clark pay tribute to Kevin

Motorcycle and ATV Repair, Parts and Accessories SERVICE PARTS ACCESSORIES


Coty Schock Rides On Pro Action Suspension


908-454-8730 8

BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

Kevins team mate Ty Wallace led the memorial lap on the #574 machine

Traders Racing Nick Gaines makes the pass on Tony Archer to win the dash for cash

Daniel Walsh notched three wins on the weekend

100’s came out to honor Kevins life at the Saturday evening meal sponsored by Traders

Clayton Stockstill wins two youth classes

Tony Archer (285) inside swept the Pro Am divisions

Saturday Results Women Support Women Open Super Senior Open Senior Open College Boy School Boy 1 School Boy 2 Supermini 1 Jr Mini 1 50 (4-6) Spec. Ltd. 50 Shaft/PW Ltd. 50 Open Ltd. Seniors 50 Plus 25 Plus Unlimited A/B Unlimited C/D Senior Novice Super Senior Novice

Laina Randolph Amanda Brown John Bowlin Eric McKay Nick Hess Seth Hammaker Maxwell Sanford Seth Hammaker Thomas Welch Timothy Scott Jackson Beck Parker Dwyer Mike Farmer Chad Wages Taylor Strauss Daniel Walsh Manuel Ramos Roger Rupe

Sunday Results 125 B 125 C 250 A 250 B 250 C D1

Todd Stith Michael Stewart Tony Archer Justin Rodbell Dillon Curry

250 C D2 Mini Women Open Open A Open B Open C Open D Supermini 2 Jr. Mini 2 80 (12-15) A 80 (12-15) B 80 (12-15) C 80 (9-11) A 80 (9-11) B 80 (9-11) C 60 A 60 B 60 C 50 (4-6) Spec. Ltd. 2 50 (4-8) A 50 (4-8) B 50 Ltd. Jr. (4-6) 50 Ltd. Sr. (7-8)

Daniel Walsh Rylee Kennedy Tony Archer Justin Rodbell Daniel Walsh John Love Todd Stith Nicholas Laurie Travis Belotti Benjamin Carroll Brayden Pohlhaus Jacob Jarrell Joseph Lindell Clayton Stockstill James Harrison Clayton Stockstill Daniel Brookshire Timothy Scott Parker Dwyer Ethan Baran Kenny Burnett Dominic Stallings

See complete results at: View more picturess and videos from this event online at:

Traders Racing put on a free riding clinic on Friday.

2016 Traders MX School Instructor List Anthony Rodriguez Gannon Audette Nick Gaines Tony Archer Luke Renzland Kody Renzland Alex Frye Tyler Wozney

Austin Toskov Gregg Duffy Randall Everrett Tyler Kirschner Coty Schock Demonstrators Justin Rodbell Bobby Garaoway

The Moonshine Enduro Tri County Harescramble

ECEA Junior Enduro Round 5 - Halfmoon Enduro - September 24, 2016

RdPhotos # 1 byECEA Series- WordsRd # 2Sigety AMAandNational Series Dan Morton By Mike Aaron Kallisher April 16-17, 2016

By: Brapp Mag Staff

Fun Factory Cobra Off Road Race Team

Jaden wouldn’t be the only Palmer winning on this day either. Younger brother Landon who’s been hard at it got his first win ever today racing in the (4-6) 50cc Jr./LC division, looks like maybe he’s been studying his big brothers techniques.

The final chapter in the first-ever ECEA Fast KIDZ Junior Enduro series was written under blue skies and near perfect conditions! Spearheaded by trail boss County Sportsmen hosts for the event Jeff Macknic,Tri VFTR & HMDR joinedwere forcesexcellent to deliver a spectacular event. A former WWII airport set the backdrop for a course like never before, with over 600 It was astakes big weekend to kick 2016 ECEA Harescramble hand-driven and separate mini off and the youth endurocross courses! Junior Seriescommittee sponsored bygives MSR.$1000’s Over in 700 entriesand came outMoon to race enduro always giveaways at Half the finale totaled in contingency prizes to kids and adults! the giveaways loose sand at over Port$5000 Elizabeth. The pits were slippery and Newbies to the series were given extra special gifts. Halfmoon added another Jr. the trails fast as the series debuted on a bright sunny weekend enduro first, electronic scoring, thanks to “Dr.” Mike Soudas. Parents could see in Mid April. results on a big flat screen and phones. Just when things couldn’t get set any betBrapp tongue” Mag was the youth day but ter, “golden Daveonly Nash in fromattendance MCI shows upon to unleash his professional what a blast we had.over Young Palmer would take the overentertaining commentary the PAJaden system!

all wins in both the Pee Wee and Juniors division on this day. This just on on fireMahoney winning just about for everywhere he goes. Over 70kid kidsisdescended City, PA making great racing from noon till dusk. In the premier 50’s, “Ironman” Austin Tskanikas and Hunter Gardner bested Max Williams in the 7-8 50 Sr. class. Next race was Juniors and youth combined. The 3.6 mile course didn’t disappoint. Starting with ladies first, Mackenzy Robbins rode to her season overall win in the 12-15 Sr. Girls class. The 9-11 Junior Girls were set for a head-to-head battle between Cate Nash and Morgan Tskanikas with Nash besting her pal for the victory. In the 14-15 Super Mini class, Jeffrey Macknik continued his series lead with a win over Aaron Myers. The 12-13 Super class was won by Tallon Dalbey over Aaron Myers. The stacked 12-15 85 class was won by Ian Weisman despite an epic endurocross get-off! Newbie Noah Ritz took an impressive third, way to go Noah! The 11-15 4-Stroke was won by Eric Johnston followed closely by Speedsville junior enduro MVP Ryan Botsford. In the highly competitive 7-11 85 class, “Ochoa Cinco” Nathan Dulaney bested Kyle Grenewicz for second. Ryan Gribbon had a great ride in the 10-11 65 class, holding off friend Raymond Grenewicz for second and “The Spicy Meatball” Vincent Caramanna for third. The The vendors came out Baltimore for the national little 65’s didn’t disappoint either with Caleb besting Kenito Held. Gri-

The youth division gave us a great race too with a big battle for first between Reece Bruner, Max Fernandez and Michael Beeler with Jeffrey Macknik throwing a wheel in now and then ere turned in aall podium finish his first-ever Jr enduro! venerable toMoir keep them honest. Ininthe end it would be The Beeler with7-10 the trail class was represented by eight riders. Ryder Sigety continued his season win and about a 20 second advantage.

winning dominance on his factory PW 80, followed by Trevor Zabroski. The bigover 500 toscrambler the National Tri CoungestSunday news wasbrought the emergence of trailentries class hare Carter at Przemelewski ty. The Lafferty boys were at it again racing against some of the “CP” who got it done with a strong third. Even more important is that four out the east coasttheir hasclubs to offer. Ryder and Michael ofbest five riders junior enduros helped set attendance records for themust adult enduros. Sunday’s Moonshine had as theirnot highest attendance ever with have been locked wheel Enduro to wheel more than 3 seconds almost 400 riders! The JR enduro series has proven that they don’t cost the seen clubs separated them at any point in the race. If you’ve never money, the clubs money! The ECEA all theowe parents andyourclubs thesethey twomake go through the woods you thanks definitely it to who took a leap of faith this year and looks forward to an expanded schedule next year. Hope to see you at key time in 2017!

Moonshine Enduro Breaks Records 450+ Racers! When 2 fine clubs join forces for a full weekend of racing in Mahanoy City PA, BIG things happen! Add 75 degree weather with sunny skies and the end result is a record shattering attendance of over 450 racers the 41st ECEA Moonshine Enduro! VFTR & HMDR club members buck the usual trend and put on a unique event that is like no other ECEA event and hopefully other clubs are reading this because the preverbal bar has been raised! Unique to the Moonshine event include a hospitality tent at the main resets offering food and beverages, some YEARS 506 40+ Boundary Ave COMBINED RedEXPERIENCE Lion PA 17356 506 Boundry Ave

717-244-4850 Hours Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.

Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 10AM 10am-7pm 7PM Weds. Sat. Weds. 1PM - 7PM 1pm-7pm 10am-4pm Sat. 10AM - 4PM Sun. CLOSED


Red Lion PA 17356

Powersport Specialists

Jaden Palmer (leader) wins both the Pee Wee and Junior O/A’s

115 Route 23 North Hamburg NJ 07419 973-875-2111

Largest Stocking TLD Dealer On The East Coast

10 BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

motorcycle repair assistance offered by Solid Performance, + free race entry for all females, courtesy of my good friend and nice guy “Irish Hammer” at Eastern Medical Gas. The Jr Enduro Series also sponsored a FREE raffle to any Moonshine adult newbies that included a Rekluse Clutch, a Factory Connection Revalve, a $400 Boyesen Cert and a $250 rafting cert to nearby Adventure Sports. Couple all that with a Kids Sprint Jr Enduro on Sat that was meticulously run by the Mackniks with two kids endurocross sections, a closed course adult event on Sunday (no head/tail light, license, registration nor insurance required) and no time keeping, add great food vendors and you get the perfect storm. Oh yeah, pitting out of a WWII air strip just added to the coolness. But the moonshine wasn’t all about the clubs hard work, it’s a lot about the trails and how awesome they are. There were six sections for the day, with an average length of six miles each plus two cut offs for the older - less experienced. As a bottom dwelling AA myself, I found it to be enough mileage for me to leave fulfilled; conversely, a good friend of mine made it his first enduro back since a knee replacement and with the rider cutoffs (no pun intended) he finished with a smile too. Moonshine offers a nice mix of wheel banging rocks mixed with flowing dirt and even some berms! The race consisted of predominantly established trail but I wouldn’t say it was hammered, in fact, the used trail had a nice useable rut to keep the bike in the grove. Gas trucks were provided and spectating was available. Plenty of time was given to riders to transfer from test section to test section. Results unofficial at this time, but Jarret Mohn edged out Mike Lafferty for the overall, followed by Thorn Devlin. Next year if you can make the Moonshine enduro you won’t be disappointed. All clubs should take a good look at the recipe dished out by these fine PA rock hounds at VFTR and HMDR, because PA events rarely get turnouts like this and 450 + riders says a lot about what people want. B

**Please note that the Moonshine Enduro is hosted on private property and we are guests of the local communities. Returning to ride jeopardizes future events.


18 ENDUROS ECEA Rounds - November 2016 11/5-6 11/12-13 11/20


Hammer Run National Delaware Hare Scramble Pine Hill Enduro


✔ 2 & 4 Stroke ✔ Welding & Repair ✔ Piston Kits/Coatings ✔ Boring & Honing ✔ Single or ✔ Big Bore Kits multi-cylinder block ✔ Nikaseal Plating (Aluminum, Steel, or Cast Iron) ✔ Expedite Service



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337 Coldstream Rd. • Phoenixville, PA 19460 Toll Free 1.866.845.1531 • BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016


Action Action Action

PAOHV Simulator SCORE Project

Area’s Area’s Area’s Area’s Area’s Largest Largest Largest Largest Largest MOTORSPORTS INC. MOTORSPORTS INC.INC. MOTORSPORTS INC.Bennche MOTORSPORTS INC. MOTORSPORTS Bennche Bennche Bennche Bennche York , PA York ,York PA By Denny Mann York , PA York, ,PA PA Dealer Dealer Dealer Dealer Dealer Mid-September finished the 2016 season for the PaOHV Simulator. This year with the help of the Dirty Dozen Volunteer Squad we were able to present Sensible Courteous Off Road Enthusiast views to 11 different locations across the state of Pennsylvania.

PaOHV hopes the effort of demonstrating proper prudent OHV operation will create a brighter future for our sport. The bad boy image the 717-757-2688 717-757-2688 717-757-2688 717-757-2688 717-757-2688 general public has 1881 Whiteford • Rd York, PA PA 1881 Whiteford Rd Rd • York, 1881 Whiteford Rd•PA •York, York, PA 1881East Whiteford •York, 1881 Whiteford Rd PA ofEast Beasly Ford Ford JustJust East Just of Beasly Ford Just of Beasly needs to soften EastofofBeasly BeaslyFord Ford Just East and evolve into a NEW & USED NEW & USED NEW &USED USED NEW USED NEW && law abiding group doing good deeds. We the user group, have a • MOTORCYCLES • MOTORCYCLES • 4-WHEELERS • 4-WHEELERS • MOTORCYCLES • 4-WHEELERS 4-WHEELERSWeWe are open MOTORCYCLES• •4-WHEELERS are open We areopen open • •MOTORCYCLES We are open We are hard time grasping this since we truly are a caring group. Just look • SCOOTERS • SCOOTERS • DIRT BIKES • DIRT BIKES • SCOOTERS • DIRT BIKES Mondays through SCOOTERS• •DIRT DIRTBIKES BIKES Mondays through Mondays through • •SCOOTERS Mondays through Mondays through • GENERATORS • TRAILERS at all of the articles published in this magazine depicting various • GENERATORS • TRAILERS • GENERATORS GENERATORS • TRAILERS TRAILERSthethe Holidays for for Holidays for the Holidays for • •GENERATORS • •TRAILERS theHolidays Holidays the for OHV Clubs doing charity events throughout Pennsylvania. Unforyour shopping all all your shopping all your shopping allyour yourshopping shopping all FACTORY TRAINED TRAINED FACTORY TRAINED tunately the general public never sees this magazine or witnessesFACTORY FACTORY TRAINED needs!! FACTORY TRAINED needs!! needs!! needs!! needs!! SERVICE TECHNICIANS SERVICE TECHNICIANS SERVICE TECHNICIANS our actions. SERVICE TECHNICIANS SERVICE TECHNICIANS


Full Line of Line Parts, & Accessories Full Line of Parts, Clothing & Accessories Full of Clothing Parts, Clothing & Accessories FullLine LineofofParts, Parts,Clothing Clothing&&Accessories Accessories Full The SCORE Project is training the next generation of riders ATV and Dirt Bike to be the ambassadors of our sport. By present-Authorized Authorized Dealer For:For: Dealer For: Authorized Dealer For: Authorized Dealer Authorized Dealer For: ing proper riding skills early in their riding career fewer accidents will happen in the future. Learning where to ride legally is the easiest way to prevent trespassing onto private property. In my opinion BRAPP Magazine is the best source of knowing where to ride and prevents negative articles in local newspapers. We the rider group need to sell ourselves and our sport. Walk the walk and talk the talk is what will win over positive public image for folks like us.

Starting in the Spring of 2017 the Simulator will be on the road again. We are looking for events that have attendance of children in large numbers. We have found Youth Field Days and Boy Scout Jamborees to be great events to interact with future riders. If interested in having the SCORE Project coming to an event or becoming a volunteer please contact me at 717-532-6439.

12 BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

1194 Centre Turnpike Orwigsburg, PA 17961 570-968-4336

The Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association The Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association (PA OHV) is an independent incorporated association organized by OHV enthusiasts and businesses to fight for the rights of Off-Highway users.

Certified Pennsylvania DCNR Youth Safety Instructor Contact Information

Pennsylvania requires any child between the age of 8 and 16 to have a Certificate of Completion for the Youth ATV Safety Course in order to ride any state land. Below is a list of instructors who have the training provided by the DCNR to offer these courses and provide the training necessary to complete it and receive a certificate. • Nicole Yiengst - York 717-577-5142 • Lance Schwartz - Lewisburg 570-847-6102 • Dennis Felty - Schuylkill/ Northumberland Co. 570-640-5735 • Robert Smith - Minersville 570-527-6197 • Ed Geehan Bucks County/Poconos • Rich Rudzinski - Lower Bucks County 267-716-2450 • Chas McHenry - Bucks County 267-446-6176 • Rick Latchaw - Mercer/ Venango County 724-253-3069 • Gary Elder - Lawrence/ Venango County 724-924-2062 • Mark Lynch DCNR Master Inst. - Connellsville PA 734-984-5138 • David Miller - Montgomery, Bucks, Lehigh, Berks, and Northampton Counties 610-332-0106 • Richard Henofer - Bucks, Montgomery, Phila Counties 215-669-3173

• RC Horn ASI-ATV/ROHVA Side By Side Instructor 304-839-6319 • Tom Lytle - Central, PA 717-940-2229 • Carl Johnson - Lycoming, Potter, Clinton, Centre Counties 570-786-7852 • ASI & DCNR ATV Training & MSF Dirt Bike Training with loaners WILLOW HILL OHV SCHOOL Willow Hill Off-Road Riding School 717-532-6439 Roxbury, PA 17251-0147 • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Closed Range Exercise on dirt bikes. Allen Marker - Somerset/ Uniontown Dirt Bike School Instructor 814-233-7451 or • James Campbell - DCNR/ASI 440-599-2033 Ashtabula County Conneaut, Ohio • Bob Jackson - DCNR 440-998-3686 Ashtabula County Ashtabula, Ohio • ATV Safety Training at AOAA DCNR Youth & ASI Adult Training George Fetterman 317-319-3726 or

If you do not see an instructor listed in your area, please call 717-783-7941 and ask for the nearest instructor’s contact information. Children under the age of 8 or over age 16 are not eligible to receive the certificate, but if your rider is between the ages of 8 and 16 they are eligible to take the course and receive the certificate. Proper safety gear and safe machine are required to take the course. By contacting your local instructor, you can receive all the information you need to ensure your child has the proper gear to complete this course. Completing the course and receiving the certificate provides the knowledge and skill to operate the machines in various manners necessary to ride trails with confidence, not to mention that most children think its really cool to get their “license” in the mail!

PA OHV’s Mission • Promote legislation with the purpose of developing and maintaining trails.

• Foster camaraderie among motorized OHV and all recreational trail user groups.

• Become instrumental and influential in interactions with land managers.

• Provide a medium for the dissemination of information relating to the OHV industry.

• Defend the OHV community against discriminating legislation and regulation.

• Provide educational oppor tunities related to OHV use.

• Provide assistance for legislation favorable to trail and open space recreation.

• Promote research pertaining to compatibility of OHV and environmental resources.

Join and SUPPORT the PA OHV Association by becoming a member.


For Club or Corporate Memberships please go to

Annual Dues: $25 per member Name: Street Address: City: Zip:

State: Phone:

Email Address:


Registration, Titling and Insuring Your ATV Who must register and title?

All ATVs in Pennsylvania, except ATVs used solely for business or agricultural purposes, need to be registered and titled with DCNR. ATVs used in Pennsylvania must be registered and titled with DCNR’s Snowmobile/ATV Section. The ATV registration and titling fees are NOT user fees for the privilege of using trails on state-owned land. The fees provide funding to administer the program, maintain trails in DCNR-managed parks and forests, and provide grants to profit and non-profit organizations for developing additional riding opportunities.

Two Types of Registrations Apply: • Registration

For ATVS used anywhere off of your own property or property leased by you, such as designated State Forest trails. $20 fee every two years

• Limited Registration

For ATVs used solely on your own land or land leased by you. Free registration No expiration, unless ownership of vehicle changes.

Plates and Decals

An ATV owner will be issued a registration plate for the vehicle. An expiration sticker to be affixed to the plate will be issued for standard registrations.

Liability Insurance

If you are using your ATV solely on land owned or leased by you, you are not required to get liability insurance. All other riders must carry liability insurance. Proof of that insurance must be carried with you when you ride. There are no minimum requirements or coverage standards established by DCNR or the Snowmobile/ATV Law for the liability insurance.


BRAPP MAGAZINE December 2015 BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016 13

WHERE TO RIDE SUMMER AND WINTER TRAILS The summer season runs from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September. The winter season runs from the day following the last day of the regular or extended antlerless deer season as established by the Game Commision through the following April 1. There are some trails that remain closed until after the late muzzleloader season. Please check the forest distrcit web pages for current access advisories on when trails open for the winter season. Pike County - Burnt Mills - 7 Miles of summer and winter trail. Access is from a parking area on Route 402 one mile south of Porters Lake. Rgistered Class II ATV’s are permitted on this trail that are less that 58” in width and less than 1,200 pounds. Contact: Deleware State Forest, 2174A Route 611, Swiftwater, PA 18370-7746 Phone: (570) 895-4000


Adams & Cumberland Counties - 36 miles of summer trail. During the winter season the trail system is expanded to 42 miles by using some dirt roads that are gated during the winter. Part of the trail system is shared with snowmobiles when there is sufficient snowfall. The trail is located between Big Flat and Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Access to these are from parking lots located at Big Flat along Shippensburg Road about 1-1/4 miles nort of its intersection with Route 233 and on Piney Mountain along Bendersville Road south of Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Contact: Michaux State Forest, 10099 Lincoln Way East, Fayetteville, PA 17222 Phone: (717) 352-2211


Snyder & Union Counties - 15.4 miles of summer and winter trails. Access is at the Jacks Mountain Trailhead located along Route 235 three miles south of Glen Iron. The trail includes the East Kettle Road which has been closed to other types of motor vehicles. Registered Class II ATV’s are permitted on this trail that are less than 58” in width and less than 1,200 pounds. Contact: Bald Eagle State Forest, 18865 Old Turnpike Rd, Millmont, PA 17845 Phone: (570) 922-3344


Unofficial reports tell us that three trail systems in the state are now accessible to side by sides up to 65” in width. Whiskey Springs, Bloody Skillet and Denton Hill. PLEASE VERIFY BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. Centre & Clinton County - Bloody Skillet ATV Trail - 39 miles. Access from SR-144 approx-imately 19 miles north of the Snow Shoe exit on US Route 80. Turn right onto De Haas Road and travel 5.3 miles South, to the Northern Terminus Trail-head, Trails are open to registered Class II ATV’s less than 65” in width and less than 1,200 pounds. Contact: Sproul State Forest, 15187 Renovo Road, Renovo, PA 17764 Phone: (570) 923-6011


Clinton County - The Whiskey Springs ATV Trail - The Whiskey Springs ATV Trail - 50 miles of summer and winter trails. The Whiskey Springs ATV Trail is located Southeast of Kettle Creek State Park. Trailhead access is from SR 120 in Westport along Kettle Creek for approximately 1.5 miles then North on Two-Mile Road. Trails are open to registered Class II ATV's less than 65" in width and less than 1,200 pounds. Contact: Sproul State Forest, 15187 Renovo Road, Renovo, PA 17764 Phone: (570) 923-6011



Lycoming County - 17 miles of summer and winter trail. Trails are located near Haneyville and include the Button Road and a network of wooded trails built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. Access to the trail is from a parking area located at the CCC Camp along Route 44 one mile south of Haneyville. Contact Tiadaghton State Forest, 10 Lower Pine Bottom Rd, Waterville, PA 17776 Phone (570) 753-5409


Dixon R. Miller Recreation Area - (Formerly the Pohopoco Tract), Monroe County - 13 miles of summer and winter trails. Access is from route 115 five miles sounth of I-80. Registered Class II ATV’s are permitted on this trail that are less than 58” in width and less than 1,200 pounds. Contact: Deleware State Forest, 2174A Route 611, Swiftwater, PA18370-7746 Phone: (570) 895-4000



* * * M Y E R S T O W N , PA * * * 7 1 7 - 8 6 6 - 5 6 0 6 * * *






ATV Trails Trails On On State State ATV Forest Land Land Forest These trails are typically open from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September. Check the forest distrcit web pages for current access advisories. Martin Hill - Bedford County - 18 miles of summer trail. Access to the trail is from the parking area located on Route 326 two miles north of Rainsburg. Trail head GPS location: N 39° 52’ 24.69” W 78° 30’ 34.80” Contact: Buchanan State Forest, 440 Buchanan Trail, McConnellsburg, PA 17233 Phone: (717) 485-3148


Sideling Hill - Fulton County - 15 miles of summer trail in the Wells Tannery area. Acces is from Ray’s Cove Road or Childers Ridge Road. Trail head GPS location: N 40° 5’ 0.28 W 78° 10’ 12.17” Contact Buchanan State Forest, 440 Buchanan Trail, McConnellsburg, PA 17233 Phone: (717) 485-3148


Potter County - 43 miles of summer trail. A loop trail located south of Denton Hill State Park. Access to the trail is from Lyman Run State Park on SR 44 north of Cherry Springs, or the intersection of Rock Run Road and the Ridge Trail (ATV Trail). Registered Class II ATV’s are permitted on this trail that are less than 65” in width and less than 1,200 pounds. Contact: Susquehannock State Forest, PO Box 673, Coudersport, PA 16915 Phone: (814) 274-3600


Maple Run Tract, Pike County - 8 Miles of summer trail. Access is from a parking area on Route 402 1-3/4 miles north of the village of Pecks Pond. Registered Class II ATV’s less than 58” in width and less than 1,200 pounds are permitted on this trail. Contact: Deleware State Forest, 2174A Route 611, Swiftwater, PA 18370-7746 Phone: (570) 895-4000 State Game Lands ATVs are not permitted on State Game Lands except those used by disabled hunters.


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* * * M Y E R S T O W N , PA * * * 7 1 7 - 8 6 6 - 5 6 0 6 * * *


CENTRAL PA’S LARGEST Only 7 Miles from Miles Mountain Motocross SELECTION OF USED ATV’S


283 Scenic View Dr. / Tioga, Pa 16946 Office (570) 857-0735 VIEW C O M 835-5700 P L E T E I N/VCell E N(607) T O RY ONLINE

Camp Store


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• Mid State Hiking Trail Runs Thru 50 Full Hook Up Sites • We Welcome ATV’s and Golf Carts 20 Tent Sites Campers and Cabins Available • Practice Track Available CHECK WITH US FIRST In Ground Pool


WHERE TO RIDE Allegheny National Forest - The federally-operated Allegheny National Forest has more than 100 miles of ATV trails. ATV trail season runs from the Friday before Memrial Day through the last Sunday in September. Winter season is from December 20 to April 1. Contact the Allegheny Nation Forest Supervisor’s Office, P.O. Box 847, 222 Liberty Street, Warren, PA 16365 Phone: (814) 723-5150 Effective July 1, 2002 the Allegheny Nation Forest implemented the Fee Demo Program for ATV and motorized bike trails. An annual $35 permit fee is required, and can be purchased from any Allegheny National Forest Office, and some local vendors, or online at


Motorcycles and/or ATV Riding Areas Seven Mountains Ramble (Dual Sport Licensed Motorcycles) - Riding areas are located in portions of Mifflin, Snyder and Union Counties in the Bald Eagle Forest. Loop 1 starts at the 7 Mountains Campground, located just south of Potters Mill or west of Milroy on Route 22/322. Compensation for Campground owner for parking strongly recommended. Proceed on Sand Mountain road to the trailhead at Ground Oak trail. The loop is about 30 miles long. Contact: Bureau of Forestry District #7; 18865 Old Turnpike Rd; Millmont, PA 17845; Phone: (570) 922-3344


The following trails are within the Allegheny National Forest (ANF). Please contact the ANF using the information above concerning these trails: Marienville ATV/Bike Trail on State Route 66 east of town of Marienville. Timberline ATV Trail accessed from State Route 948, north of ridgeway (also connects to the Marienville ATV Trail)

Shade Mountain Trails - (Non-Licensed Off-Highway Motorcyels) Riding areas are located in portions of Mifflin, Snyder and Union Counties in the Bald Eagle Forest. he Shade Mountain Riding area is located just north of McAlisterville, PA, on PA Route 235. Trail at dirt parking lot at the top of the mountain. Contact: Buraeu of Forestry District #7 18865 Old Turnpike Rd; Millmont, PA, 17845; Phone: (570) 922-3344; Email:


Snow Shoe Rails to Trails ATV & Snowmobile Open Year-Round. P.O. Box 314 Clarence, PA. TV - Snowmobile SSRT requires membership for riding access. Detailed terms and conditions can be found at their website.


Rocky Gap ATV Trail accessed from Township Road 3005, southeast of Warren. Willow Creek ATV Trail on the eastern side of the Allegheny Reservoir, just south of the New York State line. Closed during the winter season. Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) Located less than a three hour ride from New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore, AOAA over 6,500 acres to explore, including tight woods, rock crawling, mud bogging, technical single track, and everything else in between.


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This is a partial list of riding areas that you can pay by the day to ride with some requiring annual memberships. Some offer riding for motorcycles or quads only, and others allow both. Please check with the individual businesses before you make the trip.


17 Breezewood Proving Grounds Clearville, PA

30 Mountain Ridge ATV Trails Reels Corner, PA

41 Wolf Springs Off-Road Park

31 Sleepy Hollow MX

42 Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Sunbury, PA



17 a Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park Tams, WV -


18 Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club



33 Reading Anthracite Co. Pottsville, PA


_______________________________ _______________________________

19 Doublin Gap MX Newburg, PA

32 Rausch Creek Trail Riders Valley View, PA



34 Rocket Raceway Three Springs, PA

20 Hill Top Lodge Emporium, PA



35 Rock Run Recreation Patton, PA

_______________________________ _______________________________

43 Hurricane Hills

44 Raceway Park

45 Speed Citi


46 Pleasure Valley Raceway


47 NJ Field of Dreams

21 Evansville MX Park Berwick, PA



22 Four Seasons Resort West Finley, PA

36 Shady Rest Farm Marienville, PA

48 The Landing MX Park


23 Indian Creek Valley ATV Club Melcroft, PA


24 Pagoda Motorcycle Club


_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

37 Slippery Rock Dunes Slippery Rock, PA 38 Tall Pines ATV Park Andover, NY


25 Adirondacks Region Lewis County, NY _______________________________

42 Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Sunbury, PA 49 Wicomico Motorsports Park Charlotte Hall, MD

26 Lost Trails Dunmore, PA Full Size Parks

27 Majestic Trails Rew, PA

35 Rock Run Recreation Patton, PA

_______________________________ _______________________________

28 Mines and Meadows Resort Wampum, PA


29 Miles Mountain Motocross Elkland, PA


39 Outback Off-Road Park Six Points, PA


40 Rausch Creek Off-Road Park Tremont, PA


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IfIfyou youlike liketotoride rideOff-Road... Off-Road... you’ll you’lllove loveRAUSCH RAUSCHCREEK! CREEK! For Bike, ATV && UTV For Bike, ATV UTV Riders OfOf All Ages Riders All Ages

8,500 Acres of Trails forfor Year-Round Riding 8,500 Acres of Trails Year-Round Riding * Membership Required * Membership Required * Camping Available TooToo * Camping Available

Trailriders TrailridersOffice: Office:570.682.1075 570.682.1075 EasyEasy interstate access from all major north-eastern cities... interstate access from all major north-eastern cities... 2 hours from bothboth Philadelphia andand NewNew York City, 2.5 2.5 hours from Baltimore. 2 hours from Philadelphia York City, hours from Baltimore. GPSGPS Coordinates: 40.614003, -76.564993 Coordinates: 40.614003, -76.564993

www.RauschCreekRacing .com www. December 20152016 BRAPP MAGAZINE November 16MAGAZINE 16 BRAPP

Winter Is Back… From the: While last winter was a reprieve from shoveling and high fuel bills, the party is over. According to the 2017 Farmers’ Almanac, “winter is back!” The 2017 Farmers’ Almanac, which hit store shelves everywhere on August 15, 2016, forewarns that exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather will predominate over parts of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England this winter. The Farmers’ Almanac’s long-range weather predictions also suggest shots of very cold weather will periodically reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast. In contrast, milder-than-normal temperatures will prevail over the Western States. NOVEMBRRRRR? While winter officially starts on December 21, 2016, the Farmers’ Almanac predictions point to some snow and cold conditions in mid-November in the Northeast, Great Lakes, and Midwest. However, the good news is that the frigidly cold temperatures really won’t take hold until much later in the season. DOWNRIGHT FRIGID FEBRUARY The Farmers’ Almanac, which breaks the country into 7 zones, and offers predictions for three-day intervals, forewarns of a mixed bag of wintry weather for both December and January. But it’s really February when the frigid temperatures take hold (northern tier states could see ambient air temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero!). This is the month you want to make sure your heat works, your long johns are washed, and your slippers are nearby. WHAT ABOUT SNOW? Get the snow blowers ready in the East and umbrellas in the West! An active storm track will deliver above-normal precipitation to the Southeast, Northeast and New England states throughout most of the winter, especially February (see above!). In addition, another active storm track from the Pacific will deliver a dose of above-normal precipitation across the Western States. Meanwhile, near or below-normal precipitation will cover the nation’s midsection. (Find out how much snow is forecast for your region in 2017 Farmers’ Almanac.) SNOWMOBILERS REJOICE! Farmers’ Almanac is also red-flagging February 16-19, when a small, but intense storm develops near the Virginia Capes and delivers a heavy snowstorm with strong winds for parts of the Tennessee Valley, through western North Carolina, the Virginias, Maryland, and Delaware northeast into southern New England – some locations could receive 1 to 2 feet of accumulation!

Hyner Mountain Snowmobile Club Hello from Hyner Mountain. We wanted to let everyone know what has been happening up on the mountain. Well, first of all with us being deep into the fall season, the summers’ heat is finally gone! The leaves, especially up in the north central counties of Pennsylvania, are in full color and beginning to fall. The archery deer season is in full swing with the “rut” right around the corner, and all of the small game seasons are underway. One real testimony that fall is well underway up around our snowmobile club or “lodge” as we affectionately call it, are the sounds and smells. This being the sounds of chain saws running, with fire wood being cut; and, the smell of wood smoke in the air from cabin wood burners and fireplaces. Well, if you put all of the above together, it can only mean one thing…..winter is fast approaching! For us at the lodge, that means a new snowmobile season! Hey, as you are reading this, the start of the new season is only a few short weeks away! Now all we have to do is to wait and see what “Mother Nature” has in store for us this year; she was not very kind last year! Due to last winter (or lack thereof), we at Hyner Mt. will be more than ready this winter if and when the snow flies. That said if you are riding this winter and you find yourself up around the lodge and there are sleds in the lot and smoke coming from the chimney, stop in and say hey. We always welcome guests and visitors. Come in and get warmed up, have a hot cup of coffee, and just maybe we’ll talk snowmobiling while showing you around the place. Who knows, you may like it enough to think about joining. We do presently have memberships available. Well that’s about all for now. Talk to ya again. B THINK SNOW! Dan Casey

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COOPER COMMANDS KROC 2016 By Scott Lukaitis

2016 marked the 40th anniversary of the Kawasaki Race of Champions at Old Bridge Township’s Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. Originally sponsored by a local country club, Kawasaki and the local Kawasaki dealers came in as the title sponsor in the early days of the event and over the last 40 years the who’s who of American Motocross came to NJ each fall to compete. Mother Nature has not been Nick Romano was a kind to the event the last double class winner at KROC 2016 taking couple of years. 2014 had victories in both the torrential rains on Saturday 85cc 9-11 & Junior Mini classes. morning, 2015 was delayed because of the threat of a hurricane and 2016 suffered from Mother Nature’s wrath again. Despite the drought conditions in the Northeast, KROC weekend was when it finally decided to rain. But motocrossers are a hearty breed and the race went on anyway. Friday’s constant mist lead for interesting conditions but the competition was nothing short of exceptional. Only Barry Carsten, Nick Romano, and Daniel Congdon were multiple class winners. By the time Sunday’s feature motos came along the track was typical KROC, rough, rutted and technical. Yamaha mounted Justin Cooper was the top rider taking 3 out of 4 motos and the overall in both the 250 and 450 Pro classes. Cooper was followed by Husqvarna mounted Bobby Piazza, the other rider to win a moto, in second and Kawasaki mounted Nick Gaines in third in the 250 Pro Class and Yamaha duo Brandon Hartranft and Joshua Clark in second and third in the 450 class. KROC 2016 was also part of the 2016 WMX Championship series and the ladies didn’t disappoint with excellent racing action. Kaitlyn Morrow and Mackenzie Tricker split moto wins with the overall going to Morrow. Canadian Eve Brodeur rounded out the podium. KROC Sunday also features 4 special single moto events. The Fast Fifties was won by Cobra mounted Canyon Richards, the 65cc Kessler Cup was won by KTM rider Tyler Devers, the 85cc Top Gun Shootout was won by KTM rider Gavin Towers and Jake Pinhancos won the Ironman Classic and the new Kawasaki KX250F that went along with the win. Justin Cooper was the man at KROC 2016 winning both overalls in Sunday’s racing action.

Kaitlyn Morrow made the trip from Texas and went home with the WMX overall win.

Mark you calendars now for the 41st annual KROC next October and hopefully Mother Nature will comply and bring the sun. See you there. B

2016 KROC Friday and Saturday Results: 125 Two Stroke: 1. Kevin Hill (Yam); 2. Brandon Hugney (Yam); 3. Nikko Mason (Yam); 4. John Sweeney (Hus); 5. Duke Gomez (Yam); 25 + Amateur: 1. Hebehton Lima (Kaw); 2. Larry Cella (Kaw); 3. Steven Lewis Jr (Ktm); 4. Kevin Quigley (Kaw); 5. Tyler Tjong (Yam); 25 + Expert: 1. Bryan Culbertson (Kaw); 2. Jeremy Parsons (Kaw); 3. Thomas Greenhoe (Hus); 25 + Novice: 1. Simon Taillefer (Yam); 2. Corey Scanlon (Kaw); 3. Larry Mora (Hon); 4. Trey Rasmussen (Kaw); 5. Ryan Reif (Yam); 250 Amateur: 1. Tj Albright (Yam); 2. Jake Pinhancos (Kaw); 3. Gabe Gutierres (Ktm); 4. Jason Dragonetti (Yam); 5. Bryton Carroll (Suz); 250 Novice: 1. Tyler Carr (Yam); 2. Luiz Tonini (Suz); 3. Danny Dingler (Ktm); 4. Chris Parr Jr (Hon); 5. Alex Panzarella (Kaw); 30 + Amateur: 1. Frank Shumski (Hon); 2. Hebehton Lima (Kaw); 3. Peter Cook (Suz); 4. Chris Buckman (Yam); 5. Steven Lewis Jr (Ktm); 30 + Expert: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Jeremy Parsons (Kaw); 3. Eric Flagg (Hon); 4. Thomas Greenhoe (Hus); 5. Eric Schoepfer (Yam); 30 + Novice: 1. Ryan Reif (Yam); 2. Jorge Vega (Hon); 3. Luis Vega (Hon); 4. Jofre Morocho (Kaw); 40 + Amateur: 1. Carl Herrforth (Hon); 2. John Tavernese (Yam); 40 + Expert: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Jeremy Parsons (Kaw); 3. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 4. Kurt Mcmillen (Suz); 5. Wayne Powers (Yam); 40 + Novice: 1. Eric Handel (Yam); 2. Pablo Torres (Kaw); 3. Lee Raymond (Kaw); 45 +: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 3. Kurt Mcmillen (Suz); 4. Wayne Powers (Yam); 5. Steve Nickerson (Hon); 450 Amateur: 1. Greye Tate (Kaw); 2. Cory Carsten (Suz); 3. Tj Albright (Yam); 4. Bryton Carroll (Suz); 5. Salvatore Cusimano Jr (Yam); 450 Novice: 1. J. Ryder Fox (Hon); 2. Alex Panzarella (Kaw); 3. Tyler Carr (Yam); 4. Hunter See (Yam); 5. Frankie Manfredi (Ktm); 50+: 1. Kurt Mcmillen (Suz); 2. Tim Whitehair (Suz); 3. Juan Espinoza (Kaw); 50cc 4-6 Stock: 1. Mikah Carpenter (Cob); 2. Seven Henderson (Cob); 3. Griffyn Alfalla (Ktm); 4. Brayden Mallgren (Cob); 5. Kevyn De Pinho (Cob); 50cc 4-8 Open: 1. Luke Fauser (Cob); 2. Klark Robbins (Cob); 3. Seven Henderson (Cob); 4. Mikah Carpenter (Cob); 5. Mason Mickle (Cob); 50cc 7-8 Stock: 1. Canyon Richards (Cob); 2. Luke Fauser (Cob); 3. Cody Beckwith (Ktm); 4. Klark Robbins (Cob); 5. Christian Merman (Cob); 50cc Oil Injected/Shifter 4-8: 1. Kevyn De Pinho (Ktm); 2. Griffyn Alfalla (Ktm); 3. Brayden Mallgren (Ktm); 4. Mark Patterson (Ktm); 5. Wayne Powers Jr (Cob); 65/85 (9-13 years) Junior: 1. Nicholas Romano (Kaw); 2. Austin Kapoukranidis (Ktm); 3. Justin Allen (Kaw); 4. Brian Espinoza (Yam); 5. Deegan Harper (Ktm); 65cc 10-11 Year Old: 1. Randall Myers (Ktm); 2. Joseph Rainone (Ktm); 3. Payton George (Ktm); 4. Taylor Beckwith (Ktm); 5. Roman White (Ktm); 65cc 7-9 Year Old: 1. Tyler Devers (Ktm); 2. Gavin Betts (Ktm); 3. Luke Fauser (Cob); 4. Mason Tucker (Suz); 5. Osvaldo Neto (Kaw); 85cc 12-15 Year Old: 1. Daniel Congdon (Kaw); 2. Austin Kapoukranidis (Ktm); 3. Katie Benson (Ktm); 4. Bryce Adams (Hus); 5. Deegan Harper (Ktm); 85cc 9-11 Year Old: 1. Nicholas Romano (Kaw); 2. Brian Espinoza (Yam); 3. Justin Allen (Kaw); 4. Gavin Towers (Ktm); 5. Sebastian Balbuena (Kaw); Collegeboy 16-24: 1. Cory Carsten (Suz); 2. David Milana (Ktm); 3. Greye Tate (Kaw); 4. Luiz Tonini (Suz); 5. Kaden Marvin (Hus); Girls 9-13 Year Old: 1. Katie Benson (Ktm); 2. Brighton Richards (Kaw); 3. Danielle Ehlermann (Ktm); Schoolboy II 12-16 Year Old: 1. Gabe Gutierres (Ktm); 2. Justin Rodbell (Yam); 3. Salvatore Cusimano Jr (Yam); 4. J. Ryder Fox (Hon); 5. Kevin Hill (Yam); Super Mini 12-16 Year Old: 1. Daniel Congdon (Kaw); 2. Austin Kapoukranidis (Ktm); 3. John Pantazes (Kaw); 4. Grantely Herbert (Kaw); 5. Katie Benson (Ktm); Women 14+: 1. Jamie Astudillo (Ktm); 2. Jessica Wahl (Kaw); 3. Hannah King (Ktm); 4. Madison Northrop (Kaw);

2016 KROC Sunday Results: 250 Pro: 1. Justin Cooper (Yam); 2. Robert Piazza (Hus); 3. Nick Gaines (Kaw); 4. Brandon Hartranft (Yam); 5. Tony Archer (Kaw) 450 Pro: 1. Justin Cooper (Yam); 2. Brandon Hartranft (Yam); 3. Joshua Clark (Yam); 4. Michael Giovanniello (Suz); 5. Joey Peters (Yam) WMX: 1. Kaitlyn Morrow (Yam); 2. Mackenkie Tricker (Suz); 3. Eve Brodeur (KTM); 4. Shelby Rolen (Kaw); 5. Amanda Brown (Kaw) Fast Fifties: 1. Canyon Richards (Cob); 2. Luke Fauser (Cob); 3. Cody Beckwith (KTM); 4. Klark Robbins (Cob); 5. Kevyn DePinho (Cob) 65cc Kessler Cup: 1. Tyler Devers (KTM); 2. Roman White (KTM); 3. Joseph Rainone (Kaw); 4. Taylor Beckwith (KTM); 5. Randall Myers (KTM) 85cc Top Gun Shootout: 1. Gavin Towers (KTM); 2. Daniel Congdon (Kaw); 3. Justin Allen (Kaw); 4. Bryce Shelly (KTM); 5. Bryce Adams (Hus) Ironman Classic: 1. Jake Pinhancos (Kaw); 2. TJ Albright (Yam); 3. Justin Rodbell (Yam); 4. David Milana (KTM); 5. Bryton Carroll (Suz)

18 BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

Pagoda MC - Big Bucks Jim Munch Memorial Race 2016

Oct. 9, 2016

The Path of the Jim Munch Memorial Race By: Randy Kastle I actually went to high school with Jim but we really weren’t even friends at that time in our lives. Until one day at a private practice track in Perkiomenville PA where we met and realized both of our kids (Richie and James) were into motocross. Soon we became pretty close going to races together and working on bikes during the week. As time went on Jim and James both joined Pagoda and our friendship became even stronger. In 2002 I was racing at Atco and was hurt fairly badly and that turned out being a life changing event for me personally. Jim lived very close to me so he was always stopping by helping out and talking moto. You have a lot of time on your hands when you spend months in a hospital bed in your living room. That night at Atco I screwed up a rhythm section while leading a Vet C race. The race wasn’t really significant in this story but it was that night because I got to know Kevin Kolb better too…. much better.

Cooper makes the pass on Peters in Open A racing action

He ended up taking my son and following the ambulance to the local hospital. I’ll never forget under pain medication I “deputized” Kevin to make decisions on my leg, ha ha. None the less after my leg healed up I started working for the company where both Kevin and Jim worked.That is when the moto/work obsession started between us. Jim and I both worked on the Pagoda track, went to D6, AMA and promoter meetings as we started to run the race program at the club. Jim, Kevin and I worked at the club, raced, worked for work, and had a blast going to nationals. We definitely had our ups and downs but we were the best moto pals you could ask for. We eventually stopped working at our jobs together and went our separate ways, but moto was still a link between us. Jim started his own business and he and I had a falling out that pretty much took us all the way down to merely saying hi in passing. Kevin and Jim stayed great friends. I got a call from Kevin one morning telling me Jim wasn’t in good health; I could only say I didn’t even know he was ill. Tragically the next call came in saying Jim was gone….. Regardless that Jim and I hadn’t been on good terms the news bothered me greatly. At the funeral we all met again with some others we had as mutual friends. To my amazement Jim’s life had changed drastically since we spoke as friends. It turns out Jim’s focus had turned from moto to a life of finding God. At the funeral Kevin and I spoke to a bunch of old acquaintances, one of which being Joe. The three of us started talking and decided to meet weekly trying to figure out “life”. We met and our group grew a bit and it ended up becoming more of a bible study. We still meet to this day and in one of our meetings it came to us that the only way to say Thank you to our friend Jim was to be sure the riders of District 6 knew how hard he worked at Pagoda and on moto issues for the good of our sport. Many didn’t know Jim but those that did know how passionate he was about Pagoda and motocross racing in general. Thank you Jim for your friendship and all your hard work just to make sure people had a great time riding their dirt bikes. And so in your memory Kevin and I came up with a day to recognize you in moto with, The Jim Munch Memorial Race at Pagoda Motorcycle Club. Rest easy my friend until we meet again. B

Ryan Canaguier wins a pair of tires from Schaeffers Motorsports for grabbing the holeshot

Event Sponsored by: MGX Unlimited, Sick Recovery Racing, Munch Mechanical, Vessel Service Company, Twin Air USA, Golden Tyre USA, Bel-Ray, Amped Apparel, Evo Industries, Schaffer’s Motorsports, Sick Radio. Class Winners Open A Open B Open C 35 plus 50 plus 50 (4-6) Stock 50 (7-8) Stock Supermini 25 plus A 25 plus B/C Senior A Senior B/C School Boy 1 College Boy 50 (4-8) Open 85 (9-11) 85/150 (12-15) 250 A 250 B 250 C Junior Mini Vet A Vet B Vet C 65 (7-9) 65 (10-11) 125/Open Two Stroke School Boy 2 45 plus Women

Justin Cooper Cory Carsten Noah Chambers Todd Weindel Barry Carsten Kearan Lynch William Canaguier Derek Leatherman Dakota Kessler Scott Salem Barry Carsten Larry Desimone Gage Stine Cory Carsten Julia Lord Brian Espinoza Robert Barnhardt Justin Cooper Cory Carsten Travis Keyser Brian Espinoza Casey Clark Shaun Blevins Bruce Harlan Tyler Devers Randall (John) Myers Alex Thomas Gage Stine Barry Carsten Madison Northrop

Kastle and Kolb reminisce about Jim Munch as they call the race

Willy Canaguier and Izzy Barron score Golden Tyres as holeshot awards Mini Track Z- PW 80/XR70/TTR90 OPEN Z- TTR/CRF/KLX ETC 110 OPEN Z- 65 Beginners Z- AIR COOLED 50 4-6 Z- AIR COOLED 50 7-8 Z- PW 50 4-6 Z- PW 50 7-8 Z- KTM/COBRA OIL 7-8 Z- KTM/COBRA STOCK 4-6 Z-50cc 4-8 open

Trey Wilson Matthew Meshey Hunter Lutz Ian Washick Jackson Bryn Tanner Cromleigh Kaiden Harlan Stephen Guthan Jonathan Giagni Jr. Jonathan Giagni Jr.

Over $6000 was on the line at this year’s Big Bucks Race Open A 1. Justin Cooper 2. Jeremy Smith 3. Joey Peters 4. Michael Giovanniello 5. Jacob Runkles

250 A 1. Justin Cooper 2. Dakota Kessler 3. Jason Astudillo 4. Addison Kramer 5. Michael Giovanniello

Dash for Cash 1. Jeremy Smith 2. Bobby Piazza 3. Britton Atkinson

View complete results at: View more race images at: BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016


Can Am Maverick TURBO From $20,499*

Can Am Maverick XC DPS and Maverick XC DPS From $16,599* Transportation and preparation not included Transportation charge: $650

Transportation and preparation not included Transportation charge: $650 Comes standard with the all-new 131-HP 1000R TURBO Rotax engine.

Enjoy comfortable steering with varying levels of assistance with a narrower 60-in (152.4 cm) profile. KEY BASE FEATURES 101-hp Rotax 1000R V-Twin Engine and Dual Exhaust Torsional Trailing A-arms independent (TTA) rear suspension with 12-in (30.5 cm) travel 27-in (68.6 cm) Maxxis† Bighorn 2.0 tires on 14-in (35.6 cm) wheels KEY PACKAGE FEATURES 60-in (152.4 cm) Vehicle Width Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering


KEY BASE FEATURES Turbocharged, 131-HP Rotax 1000R V-Twin Engine Torsional Trailing A-Arm (TTA) Rear Suspension with 16-in (40.6 cm) travel FOX∞2.5 PODIUM∞ QS3 Piggyback Shocks with Bottom-out Control 14-in (35.6 cm) black cast-aluminum wheels with 28-in (71.1 cm) Maxxis† Bighorn 2.0† tires Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering

Can Am Maverick MAX TURBO 4 Seater From $22,499*

Transportation and preparation not included Transportation charge: $1,095 Comes standard with the all-new 131-HP 1000R TURBO Rotax engine. KEY BASE FEATURES Turbocharged, 131-HP Rotax 1000R V-Twin Engine Torsional Trailing A-Arm (TTA) Rear Suspension with 16-in. (40.6 cm) Travel FOX∞2.5 PODIUM∞ QS3 Piggyback Shocks with Bottom-out Control 14-in (35.6 cm) black cast-aluminum wheels with 28-in (71.1 cm) Maxxis† Bighorn 2.0† tires Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering

Can Am Maverick X MR From $21,199*

Transportation and preparation not included Transportation charge: $650 Fully equipped and powerful to get you in the mud, and out. KEY BASE FEATURES 101-hp Rotax 1000R V-Twin Engine & Dual Exhaust Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering






KEY PACKAGE FEATURES 30-in (76.2 cm) Gorilla Axle Silverback∞ Tires on 14-in (35.6 cm) Wheels FOX† 2.5 PODIUM QS3† Piggyback shocks CVT transmission with Quick Response System (QRS), High Airflow, and Extra Low L-Gear Relocated Engine Air Intake & CVT Inlets/Outlets **Other options available - see your dealer for details

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THE SPORT ADVENTURE SPECIALIST. • The Wolverine R-Spec EPS SE offers the perfect blend of suspension, handling, drivetrain and chassis working together to give you the ability to traverse rough terrain with confidence and best-in-class comfort • Powerful 700-class liquid-cooled, fuel injected engine • Ultramatic transmission with dual-range (Hi/Lo) drive, reverse and all-wheel downhill engine braking • Industry-exclusive On-Command 4WD system lets you dial between 2WD, limited slip 4WD and fully locked diff 4WD • Class-leading long-travel suspension, plus so much more

Flat Rock Inn On The Tug Hill Plateau 4100 Flat Rock Rd - Lowville, NY 13367 (315) 376 - 2332



193 Tremont Road Pine Grove, PA 17963

Snowmobile & ATV Rentals Full Service Campground Lodging Available

Restaurant and Tavern Open Year Round


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The RORR Dual Sport Reading Off Road Riders - Pine Grove, PA. - October 9, 2016 - By Chris Borger

The Mighty RORR Dual Sport was held Sunday, October 9th at Pine Grove, PA. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect this year, with clear skies and temps in the low 60’s all day. Trail conditions were outstanding throughout the entire course, groomed out nicely for the event. The event begins with the traditional RORR breakfast at the North End Fire Company’s pavilion and camping area. The crew from North End are great hosts and put a huge effort into this event. They provide very good meals, and great staging and camping areas for the event. The sign-up at RORR is quick and easy. They have a great team of friendly folks and they are very well organized. Rob Feldman from the Rausch Creek club conducted the riders meeting, and most all of the riders were out on the course by 9:AM. This was RORR’s 6th year at Pine Grove, and their partnership with the North End Fire Company and the town of Pine Grove has worked out well. This year’s course had some new routes and some new sections of trail. The 45 mile morning loop begins with a quick road course over to the Rausch Creek areas, where the club set up an awesome route with 7 A/B options. The trails at Rausch Creek were in prime riding condition, with miles of single track action, hill climbs, two-track ATV trail, and some neat elevation changes, with plenty of central PA rocks. The coal based loam soil was fantastic throughout the entire course with a perfect consistency for hooking up and laying down the power. The Finger Hills hill climb and the Tower City Mine Trail are always a couple of favorites in this loop. Overall, the Rausch Creek Club trail system was awesome, and their club’s support of this event is greatly appreciated by all. Their trails are well managed and fun to ride. The lunch and gas stop were located back at camp, where the North End crew served up huge double pulled pork sandwiches, a pile of beans and coleslaw, apples, and drinks. RORR has a tradition of feeding you well at their events, and this year was no exception. The second loop of the day began after lunch. Most riders were out on the course by 1PM. The loop began with another quick road course, over to the Black Woods area. This area had some of the best trail in the event. The club really went all out on preparation and course layout on this loop. There were 5 A/B options in the afternoon route, with fabulous single track action. The trail had many elevation changes, stream crossings, rolling hills with bermed turns

ECEA Icon Charlie Stapleford

22 BRAPP MAGAZINE November 2016

Riders on the trail cut in, some deep puddles along the way, and smooth loamy action where you could really gas it. The later options were challenging technical rocky sections, well laid out and very fun to ride, especially if you like rocks. The main course back to Pine Grove was lots of fun as well, where you could really rip down the open trail sections. RORR threw in a final option at the end, a short sweet trail of black mud and roots over anthill type terrain. With options, the total course ran 93 miles. Comprehensively, this course had it all, the very best of central PA. The trails were laid out perfect and were very well marked. The event route sheet was spot on accurate. RORR had dozens of patrol riders out all day in every area of the event. They put a huge effort into this event, and the results were awesome. The RORR Dual Sport seems to get better every year. Their partnership with the North End Fire Company, Rausch Creek Trail Riders Club, and private land owners has made this one of the best Dual Sport events in the east coast region. A very special Thank You to the Reading Off Road Riders Club and their members for another great Dual Sport event this year, and to their partners the North End Fire Company, the Rausch Creek Trail Riders Club, the private land owners, and club sponsor Matto Cycle. See more at: **Please note that this event is held on private property and there is no riding or trespassing after the event.

Riders at the Blackwoods reset

CHAPLAINS CORNER Lord, Help me to be a light, in the darkness, that people may see you in me and become drawn to you.


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Sometimes I to feel that way also. He is Holy and good, and we need more of that down here too. Yet if he were to fix it all he’d have to fix me too and if I was to never hurt anyone again he would have to fix me completely and instantly. “not sure that wouldn’t hurt”. Lol. No really my point is truley many ill’s in this world can be traced back to someone being self centered. Not sure where God would have to draw the line and stop the self centeredness. Would he have to take away free will making us programmed robots or maybe he would eliminate people, which hurtful people would he kill, all of them or just the rapist and murders? You see God’s “MO” is to be good and patient not quick to wrath. So he waits, not sure I always like what I see around me but I still believe in Matt. 6: when Jesus said, “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these thing will be added to you”. So rather than seek me, I seek him, he takes care of me. This would help solve lots of the hurtful actions in this world.

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November 2016


There is much to be said race fans about this world. Many people think that God should just fix it all.

Happy Ramblers - MAMA Blue Grey Race NJ Field of Dreams - D6/D34 Championship Winter Mini Olympics NJ Field of Dreams - Mega MX Race

Receive Jesus as your Lord and forgiver. Invite the Holy Ghost to be your inner witness and guide, read your Bible and go to a Christian fellowship where you can grow in your ability to let God live through you into others. Be a conduit of His person, His love, His grace. Jesus is still the answer to man’s problems. He reaches people threw us.

Jesus defeated death for us,


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MD State Championship MDRA Round 11 Photo Gallery By: MCLW Photography View bike results at: View quad results at:

NE Youth Regional Qualifie

Doublin Gap MX Park June 10 - 12, 20 Photos By: Ken Hovance and BrappMa

This was it, the big show, the last gateway in the NE anyway Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championships. I know m have already qualified in other regions and the South East printing but after this particular race.

Over 900 riders made their way to the Doublin Gap MX burg, PA to take a shot for their entry ticket. I saw one cla the whole way from Utah to make the cut. It was a typical preparation for Tennessee, hot and dusty and great compet promoter for keeping everything running smoothly and fo track for this event.

Congrats to all who made it in, no matter where you call ho job to all those who didn’t just for making the attempt. Many made the cut here at this event with a few winning their cl pictured below. Take a look at how our champions did the to see the complete results.

Justin Rodbell from Prince Frederick, MD went 1 - 2- 3 to win 125 (12-16) B/C and 1 - 7 - 1 to win Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C

Bryce Shelly from Telford, PA went 1 - 1 - 1 to sweep 85cc (9-12) - File Photo from Area Q

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Bra’s for a Cause Ride Lost Trails ATV Adventure Park

Sept 10, 2016


441 Redlane Road Birdsboro, PA 19508 610-582-3717

JUNK CAR RACE - NOV 5 Qualifying Begins at 5PM - Main Event Follows Thanks to ALL that raced with us this year!

Gates Open at 8AM for Tech Inspection

The 6th annual Bras for A Cause raised over $3,300.00 in support of the PA Breast Cancer Coalition. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition represents, supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. Volunteers from the PABCC enjoy coming to the Bras for a Cause event each year to answer questions and meet the riders. The action took place at the Lost Trails ATV Adventure Park in Dunmore, PA on Saturday September 10, 2016. The day began early with anxious riders geared up and ready to go! The main attraction for Saturday was focused around finding bright pink bras hidden throughout the trails. If you were lucky enough to find a hidden bra you could have won a helmet camera, a big screen television, riding gear, an over night stay at the Sleep Inn or a year membership to the New Lost Trails ATV Park! The event ended Saturday night with a splash for the Lost Trails night ride. The night ride attracted over 130 riders filled with excitement for a three-hour adventure. The night ride consisted of varied terrain such as rock crawls, railroad bed, winding trails, hills, mud, and historical tunnel and the best part of all was when the group made huge waves traveling down a hill in the play area and hammering the water.

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We would like to say a special thank you to our Platinum Sponsors. However, without our volunteers and all the participants which came out to support such a great organization this event would not be able to continue. We are all looking forward to next years Bras for A Cause Event September 14, 2017! B

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For your nearest Pro Yamaha dealer and to learn more about the all-new YXZ1000R, visit Professional driver on closed course. Always protect the environment and wear your seat belt, helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Read the owner’s manual and product warning labels before operation. Model shown with Genuine Yamaha Accessories. Vehicle specifications and accessories subject to change. ©2015 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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2016 MAMA Awards Banquet

December 3rd - 2016 Awesome Awards - Pit Bike Giveaway - Great Food - Good Times

*** NEW LOCATION THIS YEAR *** Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel Ocean City MD 10100 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842 (800) 638 - 2100 or Special room rates are available - you have to mention Motocross Association For the preferred rate - Not MAMA or Mid Atlantic Motocross Room Reservations and Tickets are Available Now Tickets can be purchased at our next two rounds or by emailing:

HISTORIC BLUE/GREY RACE Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club

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November 5-6




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