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Are you one of these ?  I feel like I can write something; but have never written any book  I am not sure if I will get the publishers for my book  I want to reach out to the global audience (reaching outside the geographical boundaries) Then, You must consider publishing an e-book.

Getting Started‌ What ultimately determines the popularity of your book? - Sell Volume The success of selling your book is significantly dependant on the impressive start and content. The first sentence in your book will create the impression on reader’s mind; so always make positive and energetic start. Remember, e-book = writing regular book only with different medium of publication

1. First and Foremost: Brainstorm your basic idea for e-book • Brainstorm some topics on which you are comfortable in writing. • Choose topic of your knowledge and encapsulate thoughts about the book.

2. Do in-depth Research: Research should not be restricted to collecting • information about the subject; but also about demand for your subject. • Select exact keywords to bring out expected results.

3. Record the brief: • Pick up the brief from collected information and record it on paper or on notepad whichever is convenient. • Always note down the points/ideas as and when they come to you mind. “Writing is a creating activity”. • These notes will help your inner mind to come up with diversified ideas and ways of writing.

4. Draw Outline: Draw outline of your book and arrange topics into hierarchical order. • Keep the bifurcation ready according to main and subtopics. This will help you when you actually start writing. •

5. Write Preface: • Precise Preface - Writing exact but brief preface plays vital role in writing the book that will attract people’s attention. • Write description/preface in simple and flawless language. • Before you get any reviews, this is the first tool which will help you to provide necessary boost for your sales.

6. Unpack your briefcase/expand your brief: • Expand and build upon your notes. • Start with basic ideas and then consider various aspects of it. Incorporate all specifications that are relevant until you get feeling of fulfillment. • Don’t stick to specific method of writing. Try, find out and apply whichever technique suits the topic.

7. Organize Final Draft: • Synchronize the data in hierarchy of importance/preference and split. Keep in mind the view of your prospective reader.

8. Review and Edit: In the end, review the book from the view point of a reader. “Deletion is the soul of editing.� so look for things that may make the reader loose track of the plot/flow or things that sound worthless, make deletions accordingly.

9. Cover and Title: Dress to Impress: • Choosing the appropriate title is very critical. Catchy title will attract more customers for your book. • Tickle your creative mind while drawing a cover page.

10. Let it Marinate: • Now your recipe is ready – let it sink in for some time. • Take a short break and revisit with a fresh mind, review again and make final updates. Good Luck! … and Welcome to the group of e-writers…

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