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Children’s Foreign Rights Catalogue 2008 BLOOMSBURY Kinderbücher & Jugendbücher


Picture Book

Ute Krause Can the Monster Come in? Don't let anyone in, mother says before she goes out. But what's a little boy home alone to do when there really is a knock at the door and none other than THE MONSTER wants to come in? Sparkling with humour and imagination, Ute Krause invents situations that prepare every child for all kinds of monster visits. Because one thing's for sure: it's never quite safe to play with monsters. With great empathy and understanding, Ute Krause approaches children's fear of being alone, opening up an opportunity to talk about these fears with her imaginative illustrations.

Ute Krause Can the Monster Come in? Illustrated by Ute Krause 32 pages, 274 x 245 mm Hardcover (full-colour illustrations) Out in February 2008 Age 4 +

Curtain up for the most affectionate monster!

Ute Krause, born in Berlin in 1960, has lived in Asia, Africa and America, studied at the Munich Film University and has been writing and illustrating children's books for twenty years. Her works have been translated all around the world, adapted for television and won many awards. Her most recent book is Oskar und der sehr hungrige Drache; the cartoon series Die Moffels is currently in production.

Picture Book 3

Ute Krause The Santa Claus Conspiracy Ute Krause plays on an age-old children's fear in her own witty and utterly unconventional way: What if Santa doesn't exist? Who brings the presents then? Or might Christmas actually be called off? No one would have thought it possible. But when a headline proclaims There's No Such Thing as Santas! everyone believes it. The grown-ups, the children - everyone is stunned. There's only one person who refuses to go along with it: Rupert. He decides to look for the Santas, even if he has to go all the way to the South Seas. Because Christmas just can't be cancelled! Ute Krause The Santa Claus Conspiracy Illustrated by Ute Krause 32 pages, 274 x 245 mm Hardcover (full-colour illustrations) Out in October 2008 Age 4 +

Santas in the South Seas? Ute Krause recounts an incredibly funny Christmas adventure.


Picture Book

Andrea Meier Princess Me With cheeky rhymes and fancy illustrations – the most unconventional book ever on the subject of sharing! Princess Me is a very headstrong little princess. She wants everything for herself, collecting up dolls, animals and lollipops, with piles of toys mounting higher and higher until even the moon and stars end up in her castle. But none of these things make her happy. It's only when the cool kicker Moritz turns up that she realizes what she could do with all those lovely toys.

Andrea Meier Princess Me Illustrated by Andrea Meier 32 pages, 209 x 198 mm Hardcover (full-colour illustrations) Out in February 2008 Age 4 +

Once there was a selfish child, her name was Princess Me. Her toys and presents were all piled as high as you could see.

Andrea Meier lives in Zurich with her husband and two daughters. She is a filmmaker and journalist, making reports and films for ARTE and Swiss television, and presents a regular cultural show on the 3Sat channel. She invented Princess Me for her daughters Louisa and Youna, and for all the stubborn children and grownups in the world.

Picture Book 5

Stefanie Clemen / Katharina Hagena Floribunda In the garden, Floribunda Thinking all alone, Wonders what on earth is under That great big hard grey stone?

Floribunda just has to find out what's hidden under the stone lying around in her garden. She musters all her strength, pushes it aside and finds something very, very special‌

Is there a monster under there Green, with a big fat tummy? Floribunda wouldn't care: A purple one would be funny.

Stefanie Clemen / Kathatrina Hagena Floribunda 32 pages, 274 x 245 mm Hardcover (full-colour illustrations) Out in September 2008 Age 4 +

Stefanie Clemen grew up in Solingen and studied in Essen (Folkwang). She has been illustrating for numerous magazines, design firms and agencies since 1995. In her Hamburg laboratory, Prof. Clem carries out daily experiments in defying reality, in which she also met Dr. Hagena. More gruesome details at:

Katharina Hagena, born in Karlsruhe, studied English and German literature, and has taught at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Hamburg. She is now a writer and lives in Hamburg with her family. Her novel Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen was published in spring by Kiepenheuer & Witsch.


Picture Book

Ingo Schulze Mr Augustin Illustrated by Julia Penndorf A contemplative story about loneliness and the gift of friendship.

'My pleasure,' Mr Augustin always says in his friendly way, raising his hat - if he hasn't forgotten it as usual. Sometimes Mr Augustin forgets his umbrella too, or how to do his shirt and coat up properly. When the children laugh at him he gets very angry. And one day Mr Augustin even forgets not to throw stones at children. But luckily, Mr Augustin meets Clara and learns how to be friends - and from then on, the world looks very different ‌

Ingo Schulze's very first children's book Ingo Schulze Mr Augustin Illustrated by Julia Penndorf 32 pages, 274 x 245 mm Hardcover (full-colour illustrations) Out in August 2008 Age 4 +

Ingo Schulze was born in Dresden in 1962, studied classical philosophy in Jena and then worked in Altenburg as a playwright and newspaper editor. He has lived in Berlin since 1993. Ingo Schulze's books have been translated into 25 languages.

Julia Penndorf studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Leipzig and Prague. Mr Augustin is her first book for children.

Picture Book

Franziska Biermann Feodora’s Up to Something! Have you ever met Feodora? No? Well then, it’s about time! This adorable piglet has pretty big plans. With rosy cheeks, a fat red bow in her hair and bursting with energy, Feodora is set on making it happen. Today she has a very special plan. But unfortunately, on a day like this, lots of little obstacles can get in a piglet’s way: First, she discovers a cocoa stain on her favourite dress. Then, her sandwich just won’t seem to fit into her lunchbox ... But luckily, Feodora knows just what to do, always finding a delightful and clever solution for her problems. One thing’s for sure: there’s a lot to learn from a pig like Feodora.

Miss Piggy will boil over with rage: The adorable Feodora is the new star piglet! Franziska Biermann Feodora’s Up to Something! 32 pages. Hardcover. 165 x 220mm Out in February 2007 Age 2+ Sold to: Korea, Japan, Greece

Maxim Biller Ada’s Biggest Wish Illustrated by Sybille Hein When Ada comes home from school one day, she discovers that Hannibal, her little cat, has vanished. Ada looks for him everywhere, behind the washing machine, under the kitchen table, in Daddy’s desk drawer, even on TV – but Hannibal no longer seems to exist. Now what if Hannibal was never more than an imaginary cat? What if Ada longed for a cat so desperately that she made him up? Then it’s Ada’s birthday ...

Maxim Biller Ada’s Biggest Wish Illustrated by Sybille Hein 32 Pages. Hardcover Fiction Out in September 2005 Age 2+ Sold to: UK, USA, Korea




Silke Lambeck The Return of Mr Röslein Illustrated by Karsten Teich At long last, Mr Röslein is back from his mission to Cappadokia! Just in time to help Moritz solve an exciting kidnapping case. Silke Lambeck The Return of Mr Röslein Illustrated by Karsten Teich 160 pages, 123 x 204 mm Hardcover (two-colour illustrations) Out in February 2008 Age 6 +

Moritz is waiting and waiting for Mr Röslein to come back, his friendly neighbour with the grey ponytail and mysterious magical skills, when he suddenly witnesses a kidnapping. But who will believe him if he tells them he saw through his magic telescope that Pippa the ice cream seller was kidnapped in the Grey Suburb? He can't even really tell his best friends Ole and Lili. But Moritz can't just do nothing, because he might be the only one who can help Pippa. About time for Mr Röslein to come back...

'Thank goodness for the wonderful Mr Röslein!' Focus 'Genius: Karsten Teich's happily dynamic illustrations.' Literarische Welt

Silke Lambeck, trained as a journalist and has worked as a freelance newspaper and magazine writer for more than ten years. She was awarded the Theodor Wolff Prize in 2001. She lives in Berlin with her family. Karsten Teich is a graduate of the Academy of Arts in Kassel. He moved to Berlin in 1996 with his family, working as an illustrator for various publishers, magazines and dailies. He is one of the most sought after illustrators in the German speaking countries.

Silke Lambeck Mr. Röslein Illustrated by Karsten Teich 120 pages. Hardcover. 123 x 204 mm Two-coloured illustrations Out in February 2007 Age 6+ Sold to: France, Korea

'A book that makes you happy.' NZZ 'A perfect mix of fantastic feeling and modern everyday life.' Financial Times 'Silke Lambeck has hit the spot.' Eselsohr 'Just great.' titel-magazin

Fiction 9

Maxim Biller One Crazy Morning Illustrated by Vitali Konstantinov Who hasn't dreamed of a fairy godmother, a genie in a bottle or a magical wish box? In One Crazy Morning, Maxim Biller makes that ancient wish come true for dreamers young and old. One morning, while her parents are still asleep, Bella flicks through her book of magic spells. What shall she magic up for herself today? Roasted chestnuts in two minutes? No, that'd be better in the winter. Should she turn a hammer into a screwdriver? Or a horse into a zebra? Doesn't sound all that exciting, does it? Bella is just about to put the book down when she finds something after all: 'Conjure up a wish box, young friend, and you'll never wish for anything again!' Bella recites the magic spell and from one second to the next, the wish box appears. It's pink and see-though and seems to be able to grant Bella's every wish...

'Conjure up a wish box, young friend, and you'll never wish for anything again!'

Maxim Biller One Crazy Morning Illustrated by Vitali Konstantinov 40 pages, 165 x 220 mm Hardcover (four-colour illustrations) Out in March 2008 Age 6 +

Maxim Biller, born in Prague in 1960, has lived in Germany since 1970. He writes novels and short stories. In 2003, Bloomsbury K&J published his picture book Adas grĂśĂ&#x;ter Wunsch, illustrated by Sybille Hein.

10 Fiction

Malin Schwerdtfeger The Pumpkin Queen

Illustrated by Isabel Pin

A Japanese legend full of far eastern magic

Malin Schwertdfeger The Pumpkin Queen Illustrated by Isabel Pin ca. 40 pages, 160 x 220 mm Hardcover (two-colour illustrations) Out in October 2008 Age 6 +

Malin Schwerdtfeger retells an old Japanese legend, a story capturing the entire magic and wisdom of the land of the rising sun. At a time when people and spirits still lived together, there was once a sorcerer. A blue butterfly always flew ahead of him, and the people were afraid of him. And there was a king who loved growing pumpkins. There was one pumpkin to which King Malko devoted all his love and care. He wanted it to grow as big as an elephant. But one day he heard a loud knocking sound from inside the pumpkin. He gathered his court around him, but no one could explain the knocking. And so he called for the feared sorcerer‌ With great elegance, Malin Schwerdtfeger retells this Japanese legend and whisks us away into a world of sorcerers, transformations and pumpkin spirits, a world of far eastern magic.

Malin Schwerdtfeger, born in 1972, studied Jewish Studies and Islam Studies in Berlin. She won a prize in the renowned Klagenfurt literary competition for her short story Fell und Federn in 2000. The Pumpkin Queen is her first book for children.

Isabel Pin, born in Versailles in 1975, writes and illustrates picture books for French and German publishers. She has received numerous awards and lives in Berlin with her family.

Fiction 11

Gert Scobel Niklas Illustrated by Ayano Imai Since his dog Lola died, nothing can make little Niklas happy any more. Everything is immersed in sadness. Even playing with his friends is not the same. The ground looks darker than usual, the rain is rainier, and his good shoes pinch his toes when he runs. When he wanders all alone around the park where he always used to play with Lola, Niklas wonders whether you can forget how to see beauty. Then one day, he comes across an old man. Every day, he sits on his own on a bench and blinks at the sun or stares into the snow. Ever so gradually, the two of them make friends, and talking to him, Niklas learns to understand and overcome his grief.

Inspired by Japanese philosophy, Gert Scobel tells a poetic story of a little boy who learns to rediscover beauty and the meaning of the world. With delightful illustrations by the Japanese artist Ayano Imai.

Gert Scobel Niklas Illustrated by Ayano Imai ca 40 pages, 165 x 200 mm Hardcover ( two-colour illustrations) Out in October 2008 Age 6 +

Gert Scobel is has authored various TV documentaries and presented the culture magazine Kulturzeit on the Austrian 3sat channel up to 2008. His new programme is called Scobel. He has won numerous awards for his journalism. In 2007, Bloomsbury K&J published the children's book Die Plühms bekommen ein Baby, written by Gert Scobel and his daughter Charlotte Fröhlich. Ayano Imai was born in England in 1980 and moved to Japan at the age of seven. She studied Japanese painting in Tokyo. In 2007, Bloomsbury K&J published her book Das 108. Schaf.

Meet the Plühm family – Papa Plühm and Mama Plühm and their two daughters, Marleen and Franziska. Gert Scobel and Charlotte Fröhlich The Plühm Family Is Having a Baby Illustrated by Marine Ludin 96 pages. Hardcover. 123 x 204 mm Age 6+



Martin Baltscheit Little Mr Paul Illustrated by Ulf K. The world is full of wonders for little Mister Paul.

New stories from the delightful amateur philosopher Little Mr Paul loved by young and old, who teaches us to see the world through different eyes. Little Mister Paul is little. Everyone else is bigger than him. The table is bigger, the chairs, the cupboards, the cars, the houses, the people. Sometimes little Mister Paul would like to be bigger. And little Mister Paul isn't strong either. Everyone else is stronger than him. He's not a hero - everyone else is braver than him. But he wouldn't be little Mister Paul if he didn't realise in the end what really counts in life…

Martin Baltscheit Little Mr Paul Illustrated by Ulf K. 32 pages, 165 x 220 mm Hardcover (four-colour illustrations) Out in September 2008 Age 6 +

Martin Baltscheit was born in Düsseldorf in 1965. After studying communication design in Essen, he has been a theatre player, a comic illustrator, presenter, speaker, author and illustrator. He lives in Düsseldorf. In 2007, Bloomsbury K&J published his children's book Zarah, co-written with Zoran Drvenkar.

Ulf K. was born in Oberhausen in 1969. After studying communication design in Essen and one semester in Paris, he now lives with his family in Düsseldorf. In 2004 Ulf K. won the Max and Moritz Prize for the best German-language comic illustrator.

Fiction 13

Zoran Drvenkar JanBenMax Illustrated by Tine Schwarz It's that time again. It's Wednesday, and mum looks at her watch and gets a shock: 'Oops, time to go!' Every mother needs an hour or so to herself every now and then, after all. As soon as mum's gone, Mrs. Metzler from upstairs comes down to keep an eye on Jan, Ben and Max. And as soon as Mrs. Metzler sits down on the sofa and drinks a sip of coffee, she falls asleep. And then the mini-telephone in Jan's ear rings, and the top-secret HQ sends one of its urgent missions for the three brothers. Once they had to rush straight to Mexico, and once even to the edge of the world. The mission is never easy, but always exciting, and luckily JanBenMax have plenty of experience, courage and imagination…

What really happens when your parents pop out for an hour or so, and the babysitter finally falls asleep. Zoran Drvenkar JanBenMax Illustrated by Tine Schwarz 208 pages, 123 x 204mm Hardcover (four-colour illustrations) Out in September 2008 Age 6 +

Zoran Drvenkar was born in Croatia in 1967, and moved to Berlin with his parents at the age of three. He has been a freelance writer since 1989, and now lives in an old mill outside Berlin.

Nominated for the German Children’s Book Prize 2008! Zoran Drvenkar Paula and the Lightness of Being Illustrated by Peter Schössow 96 pages. Hardcover. 123 x 204 mm Age 8 + Sold to: Korea

Zoran Drvenkar Zarah. You Aren’t Afraid, Are You? Illustrated by Martin Baltscheit 72 pages. Hardcover. 190 x 180 mm Age 6 + Sold to: Spain, Korea



Katja Henkel Heaven Can Wait! Illustrated by Sybille Hein

Katja Henkel Heaven Can Wait! Illustrated by Sybille Hein 144 Pages. Hardcover Fiction Pub. Date: October 2005 Age 6 + Sold to: Italy, Spain, Korea France

The first Christmas without Grandma Lotte is approaching. Julian und Greta miss their Grandma terribly, and Michael, Mom’s new boyfriend, does not make things any better. But then one day, Greta has an idea: If the two children were awfully bad, Grandma Lotte, gazing down from her cloud, would realize how much her grandchildren missed her and return to Earth. So Julian and Greta misbehave as much as they possibly can. But why doesn’t Grandma Lotte come back?

Julian decides to fetch her from Heaven on his own. His dangerous plan almost goes wrong, but he is saved in the nick of time by Greta, Michael and Gustav VII, Grandma Lotte’s personal angel...

A touching and funny tale of two grandchildren who learn that letting go of a loved one is sometimes the only way to hold on.

Katja Henkel Lina’s Smile

Katja Henkel Lina’s Smile Illustrated by Sybille Hein Ca. 288 pages. Hardcover. Pub Date September 2007 Age 10 +

Illustrated by Sybille Hein

This time, a little girl named Lina is in desperate need of an angel’s assistance since she has forgotten how to laugh. Lina is the new kid at school, and she still hasn’t made any friends. Besides, does she really feel like all those health-food sandwiches, yoga lessons and kneesocks her parents shower her with? Thank goodness there are two angels in Heaven who are terribly bored just floating around doing nothing. Gustav VII. and Agatha are more than delighted to travel down to Earth and cheer Lina up. Which turns out to be quite tricky, though.

But Agatha comes up with a great idea: She arranges for Lina to meet her grown-up self, Caro. For Caro is happy – and just might have some good advice for Lina...

Welcome back, Gustav VII., the lovably grouchy angel from Heaven Can Wait!

Fiction 15

Gila Lustiger Mr Grinberg & Co Illustrated by Vitali Konstantinov This novel is all about happiness, a good shock, sticky-out ears, a mysterious book, and of course the power of friendship and the magic of love. With playful sleight of hand, Gila Lustiger makes readers young and old laugh and think, taking them by the hand for a walk through the world of questions. Mathilda likes poking her little freckled turned-up nose into other people's business, and has an opinion about everything. Someone has to help Paul, who is grieving for his beloved grandmother. And Mr Grinberg, the neighbour who always sits on the bench under the horse chestnut tree reading the newspaper with his dog Holstein, doesn't look exactly happy either. He doesn't even notice the kids all around him! Mathilda knows right away: something has to happen‌

A philosophical novel for everyone who is still amazed by the world and all that's in it

Gila Lustiger Mr Grinberg & Co. A Story about Happiness Illustrated by Vitali Konstantinov 160 pages, 123 x 204 mm Hardcover (two-colour illustrations) Out in March 2008 Age 10 +

Gila Lustiger grew up in Frankfurt am Main, studied in Israel and has been a freelance author living in Paris since 1987. Her novel So sind wir was shortlisted for the German Book Prize in 2005. Gila Lustiger has two children and a cat.




The Dead Bike Christina Bacher / Ulrich Noller

Christina Bacher / Ulrich Noller BOLLE and the FOOTBALL PITCH GANG The Dead Bike Illustrated by Birgit Jansen 144 pages, 123 x 204 mm Hardcover (two-colour illustrations) Out in March 2008 Age 8 +

Vladi, from Tajikistan, is new in Cologne, and gets in trouble with Michi Mense and his gang the very first time he explores the neighbourhood. A shady character offers to sell Vladi a really nice red bike - but Vladi can't afford it. His first day at school is a nightmare, but luckily he meets Laura, who's not only friendly but very pretty as well. When Vladi is accused of stealing the red bike, Michi sees a chance to step up his bullying. Kevin and Sema don't trust the new boy at first, especially as he was seen with stolen goods.

With the help of the kids from the asylum seekers' home, the gang kicks off an exhilarating chase in Turkish, Russian, Tajik, German and French - in the middle of Cologne.

The Elephant Coup Christina Bacher / Ulrich Noller

Christina Bacher / Ulrich Noller BOLLE and the FOOTBALL PITCH GANG The Elephant Coup Illustrated by Birgit Jansen 144 pages, 123 x 204 mm Hardcover (two-colour illustrations) Out in March 2008 Age 8 +

Laura's parents are splitting up - and her mum is heavily pregnant! Laura's whole world is falling apart - she skips school, wanders around town and comes across a circus. Mirko, the circus boy, shows her all the animals, including the baby elephant Rahidan, who Laura falls in love with straight away. By the time she gets back the next disaster has happened - Laura's dad has moved out and Missy the cat is missing too. Laura decides to run away from home and join the circus. But then the baby elephant is kidnapped. Is there a link between the two missing animals?

Have they been stolen for cruel experiments? Laura lets Kevin, Sema and Vladi into the secret - a new case for Bolle and the Football Pitch Gang!


Fiction 17

The Character Assassination Christina Bacher / Ulrich Noller As quiet as he usually seems, Kevin - alias Nivek - lets it all out in his podcasts. 'Sleepless at Sunset' is cult! No one realises that the podcast is Kevin's work, not even the Football Pitch Gang - and Kevin's dad is starting to worry about his son always disappearing into his room after dinner. When Imran from 9a vanishes and sends a mysterious postcard with a cry for help, Kevin, Laura, Sema and Wladi set out in search of the 'poetry slam king number one'. Was Imran kidnapped after his show at the cultural centre? Is he behind the character assassination on And who in the world is Nivek, who knows every detail of the case? When someone threatens to run amok and the school is evacuated, Kevin knows what he has to do: he reveals his alter ego and faces a surprise of his own!

Christina Bacher / Ulrich Noller BOLLE and the FOOTBALL PITCH GANG The Character Assassination Illustrated by Birgit Jansen 144 pages, 123 x 204 mm Hardcover (two-colour illustrations) Out in July 2008 Age 8 +

The authors Christina Bacher and Ulrich Noller live and work in Cologne, right where the stories are set. Christina Bacher is a writer and journalist, editor of a crime fiction calendar and Germany's longest-running homeless people's magazine. Along with Ulrich Noller, she developed and writes the hr2-Domino Mini Crime series Bolle and the Football Pitch Gang; they also co-edit a crime fiction yearbook together.

Ulrich Noller is a journalist, editor and presenter, a judge for the German Crime Fiction Award, and works mainly for the WDR public broadcasting corporation. Bloomsbury K&J has published the family book Das Haus-Buch, which he wrote with Stephanie Busch. The two authors and the illustrator and graphic designer Birgit Jansen hold regular top-secret meetings in their part of Cologne. The illustrator and graphic designer Birgit Jansen studied in M端nster and Mexico and now lives just around the corner in Cologne.



Martina Wildner Murus An up-tempo thriller, a crazy vision of the future and a sinister parable

Martina Wildner Murus 416 pages, 135 x 215 mm Hardcover with black/white illustrations Out in March 2008 Age 12 +

The world in the year 2371 is divided by a wall. Fourteen-year-old Jojo lives on the right of the wall in a crumbling city, where there is barely enough to eat and marauding gangs rule the roost. For a while now, he's been wondering what's over there on the other side. He is no longer content with his foster mother Agathe's explanations that there is a void on the other side, and the wall stops people from falling in. But Jojo is alone with his questions, as most people are only interested in bare survival until one day, Jojo finds a girl asleep outside his front door, who poses all kinds of enigmas. Gradually, Jojo realizes that Lotte must come from the other side, and the wall might well be a danger for humankind...

'We live in a divided city. In earlier times people thought dividing a city was a terrible thing that had to be overcome as soon as possible, but nowadays we see division as the natural state of things: The Binary as the True Unity.'

Martina Wildner was born in the Allgäu region in 1968. Following several semesters of Islamic Studies in Erlangen, she moved on to study Graphic Design in Nuremberg. Her first two books for young people, Liebe Isolde and Jede Menge Sternschnuppen, which won the Peter Härtling Prize, were published in 2003. Bloomsbury K&J published her novel for young people Michelles Fehler in 2006. Martina Wildner is a freelance painter and author, and lives in Berlin with her family.

FOCUS Best Book List February 2007: 'A fast-paced novel for young readers.' Martina Wildner Michelle’s Mistakes 282 Pages. Hardcover Fiction Pub. Date: August 2006 Age 14 + Sold to: Japan

'A witty, exciting and turbulent reading adventure with a serious background for hungry readers ages 12 and over.' BIBLIO


Bettina Obrecht Isolated Just imagine you came back from the perfect holiday - sun, sand and palm trees. But a dangerous virus had broken out where you were staying. For you and two thousand other holidaymakers, that means quarantine, no contact to the outside world for forty days. You are isolated. Surveillance cameras are installed in your home. Anyone can get the access code. From now on, you are watched over by millions of eyes, for the protection of the general public. From one day to the next, a new craze breaks out: 'surveillance'. Rosalie is 16 and doesn't actually watch much TV, but she soon realizes anyone who doesn't flick through the 'cases' is left on the shelf. The only strange thing is, it's not TV, it's real. On the other hand, who's to say the whole thing isn't just a huge media show?

A scarily good novel about our world under Big Brother, as entertaining as frightening.

Bettina Obrecht Isolated 304 pages, 135 x 215 mm Hardcover Out in August 2008 Age 14 +

Bettina Obrecht was born in Lรถrrach in 1964 and studied English and Spanish. She works as a writer, translator and radio editor, and has received several awards for her short fiction and poetry. She has been writing books for children and young people since 1994, and has since 'written her way into the ranks of important children's book authors' (Eselsohr).




Ulrich Renz Hunting Giant Blue Ulrich Renz Hunting Giant Blue

Breathtaking detective novel, but also a heartwarming story of friendship, betrayal and reconciliation.

MM can't believe it. There's been a breakin at the institute where her father, the famous computer expert, works. 'Giant Blue', the world's fastest computer, has been stolen! Who is behind the crime? What do the thieves want with the computer? The police have no clues, and MM, Motte, JoJo, Simon and Ute launch their own investigation. When they finally pick up a lead, it's one of the kids themselves who puts them all into deadly danger...

Ulrich Renz Hunting Giant Blue 208 pages, 135 x 215 mm Hardcover with black/white illustrations Out in July 2008 Age 12 +

Ulrich Renz, born in 1960, started his working life as a doctor, going on to run a scientific publishing house. He has been a freelance writer since 1998. Alongside his children's detective novels, Ulrich Renz writes mainly non-fiction. Ulrich Renz lives with his family in L端beck.

'A page-turner full of emotions.' Aachener Nachrichten on Auf der Spur der Erpresser More about the author on

Non-Fiction 21

Stephanie Busch / Ulrich Noller The House-Book Illustrated by Monika Horstmann This is a book which houses a world of knowledge and it makes us feel at home from the very first page. Come in and find out more about greeting rituals, supply containers, secret hiding places, and gymnastics exercises. Explore the history of the washing machine, and the meaning of philosophy. Wander around and you’ll encounter plenty of subjects and scientific fields. From the study to the pantry, from the basement to the forbidden room in the attic, from the library to the workshop – each room is the starting point for an unique expedition. A book for curious readers! Look around and discover the most wondrous, fascinating, important and peculiar things. And if you want to find out more, open the door to the next room, to another world of knowledge. The world in the shape of a house, a house filled with many worlds. This is a mysterious and yet welcoming mansion that invites you to explore its countless rooms.

1. An exciting world of knowledge 2. A book for the whole family 3. Innovative approach and imaginative design The House-Book The World In 17 Rooms Furnished by Stephanie Busch and Ulrich Noller Illustrated by Monika Horstmann 312 pages. Hardcover 220 illustrations Out in September 2007 Age 10+ Sold to: Korea, Poland

Stephanie Busch is a psychologist and works as a freelance writer and journalist. Her book Don’t be afraid of the pediatrician (co-authored by Ulrich Noller) was published in 2007. Stephanie lives in Cologne with her daughter.

Ulrich Noller is a journalist, book editor and radio presenter with the Westdeutsche Rundfunk. He writes stories for children and teenagers, among which is his famous adventure series Bolle and the ‘Bolzplatz’-Gang, a successful radio play broadcast for many years now. Ulrich Noller has two children and lives in Cologne.

Monika Horstmann was born in 1969. She studied communication design, illustration and book design in Hamburg. In 2002 she began working at the Hamburg-based Studio Amaldi with seven other illustrators. Monika is an illustrator for various publishers and agents.

22 Non-Fiction

M. Schatz /T. Schatz / T. Duffé Buy me a Buffalo! 1. Valuable tips for the whole family 2. First-hand reports from children 3. Clearly written, attractively designed Monika Schatz / Thorsten Schatz / Thomas Duffé Buy Me a Buffalo! A handbook for choosing your pet 104 pages, 170 x 215 mm Hardcover (four-colour illustrations) Out in February 2008 Age 8 +

A dog, a cat, a horse, or maybe a guinea pig? Buy Me a Buffalo! gives great tips on choosing the right pet. Almost every child wants a pet at some point. In five sections on dogs, cats, rodents, fish and birds, this book helps them make the right choice. Children can see their own wishes and ideas reflected in reports by other children, picking up important hints. They learn what they have to know about looking after a pet and what jobs they will have to do, giving them a responsible role in deciding on a specific pet. Plus, parents get plenty of useful tips on questions such as: What does my child need? How much responsibility can she or he already take on? How will a pet support my child's development? Which animal is suitable for which age? With lots of examples, numerous infoboxes and photos, Buy Me a Buffalo! is a practical and entertaining pet handbook for the whole family.

Monika Schatz is a trained teacher, and has been a passionate cat and dog owner since her childhood. Thorsten Schatz is a journalist and author and has lived with a budgie, a cat and a poodle. Thomas Duffé is a photographer and has a cat.

Non-Fiction 23

Katrin Hahnemann Mahatma Gandhi Illustrated by Uwe Mayer What is justice? What does peace mean? What is courage? Mahatma Gandhi found answers to difficult but very important questions, which every child asks. Katrin Hahnemann gives young readers a picture of a person whose fight for non-violence is as justified today as it ever was. Mahatma Gandhi was a fighter for India's freedom. He became world famous because he fought his battles by peaceful means without violence, and still achieved his aims. But what was Gandhi like as a child? How did the shy young boy who couldn't speak in public become a man who led millions of people and seemed to have no fear at all? Katrin Hahnemann helps young readers to understand Gandhi, his fascinating life, his country and his time. She shows them a man whose strengths and weaknesses they can identify with. Children see that the really strong people are those who can achieve things without violence.

'My life is my message.' Mahatma Gandhi

Katrin Hahnemann Mahatma Gandhi Illustrated by Uwe Mayer 104 pages, 170 x 215 mm Hardcover (with photos and two-colour illustrations) Out in March 2008 Age 8 +

Katrin Hahnemann studied literature, theatre studies and journalism. She has worked in theatre and for the radio show Ohrenb채r. She is now an author and lives in Berlin.

Uwe Mayer is an illustrator, and lives in England and Germany. He has illustrated countless children's books for leading British publishers.

Knowing About Art

24 Non-Fiction

Rembrandt Susanna Partsch / Rosemarie Zacher In lively, easy-to-follow language, Susanna Partsch and Rosemarie Zacher introduce children to important themes and currents in art history, including fun instructions for putting their new knowledge into practice.

Susanna Partsch / Rosemarie Zacher How Rembrandt & Co. painted Themselves 80 pages. 40 coloured illustrations Out in October 2007 Age 8+

In Mirror, mirror on the wall, the authors demonstrate how Rembrandt did his selfportraits by looking into a mirror and studying his own face, and how he painted himself again and again throughout his entire life. Children learn how to alter the look of a face by a slight variation of eyebrows or lips, and how to paint over a photograph, turning it into a character sketch.

Monet Susanna Partsch / Rosemarie Zacher Artists of the Moment is about Monet’s dissolution of form, the effects of light, and how artists capture a single moment’s impression. Children learn how to mix colour nuances, and to create an impressionistic landscape from tiny dots of paint.

Susanna Partsch / Rosemarie Zacher How Monet & Co. discovered Colours 80 pages. 40 coloured illustrations Ou in October 2007 Age 8+

Forthcoming: Dürer, Rubens, Hieronymus Bosch, van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, Miró, Giacometti, Niki de Saint Phalle, Klee, Duchamp, Tinguely

Knowing About Art

Non-Fiction 25

da Vinci Susanna Partsch / Rosemarie Zacher In The Dream of Flight, Susanna Partsch and Rosemarie Zacher tell us all about Leonardo da Vinci's famous flying machines, which he drew and precisely designed, but never built. Even today, artists are still putting their dreams of flight into visions of freedom and floating, going beyond the laws of physics. In this book children learn how important it is to observe nature carefully to invent flying machines, even if they are only tiny models.

1. The most important art subjects 2. A book for the whole family

Susanna Partsch / Rosemarie Zacher The Dream of Flight. How Leonardo & Co. built Flying Machines Approx. 72 pages. Hardback Numerous colour illustrations Out in March 2008 Age 8 +

3. For experimenting and trying out at home

Susanna Partsch was born in 1952. She holds a degree in art history, ethnology and education from the University of Heidelberg. In 1985, she began her career a freelance writer. Her book House of Art won the German Youth Literature Prize in 1998.

Rosemarie Zacher was born in 1966. She studied art education and art history and works as freelance artist, illustrator and museum educator. Her book Munichs’ castles for children was published in 2002.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

26 Non-Fiction

About China Hasselblatt / Wagenbrenner Why is China called the 'Empire of the Middle'? How do Chinese characters work? This book provides the answers to these and many more questions. Is everything really different in China? China specialists are in demand - and you can become an expert with this book!

Karin Hasselblatt / Sonja Wagenbrenner Everything You Always Wanted To Know About China Illustrated by Antje von Stemm 128 pages. Hardcover. 25 black-and-white illustrationss Out in March 2008 Age 10+

About The Ancient World Kai Brodersen Did you know - how beautiful was Cleopatra in reality? - what was Rome fashion like? - what did Pizza taste like in ancient times? - how did the ancients celebrate? - how many ancient names do we still use today?

Kai Brodersen Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Ancient World Illustrated by Antje von Stemm 138 pages. Hardcover 25 illustrations Out in August 2007 Age 10+

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Non-Fiction 27

About Weather and the Climate Roland Knauer / Kerstin Viering Did you know that toads really do fall from the sky instead of rain sometimes? And it's a fact that in Central Europe, Saturdays really do have rainier and colder weather than other days of the week. And the sun really does shine more often on Mondays. But in general, climate change looks unavoidable. And that doesn't just mean more nice hot sunny days, but also more insects. Maybe there'll be more thunderstorms? And where do thunder and lightning come from anyway? Where is there more lightning, in the city or the countryside? Or even on football pitches? On 10 July 2005, a whole football team was struck by lightning on the pitch.

Roland Knauer / Kerstin Viering Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Weather and the Climate

Roland Knauer / Kerstin Viering Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Weather and the Climate Illustrated by Antje von Stemm 128 pages, Hardcover 25 black-and-white illustrations Out in October 2008 Age 10 +

And just in case, there's also a quick trick for working out fairly exactly how far off a stroke of lightning is.

About Animals

About Pop Music

Roland Knauer / Kerstin Viering

Michael Fuchs-Gamböck / Thorsten Schatz

Behind the scenery of the animal world.

Roland Knauer / Kerstin Viering Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Animals Illustrated by Antje von Stemm 128 pages. Hardcover. 32 black-and-white illustrationss Out in February 2007 Age 10+

All about pop music – history, background, stars.

Michael Fuchs-Gamböck / Thorsten Schatz Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Pop Music Illustrated by Antje von Stemm 128 pages. Hardcover. 25 black-and-white illustrations Out in February 2007 Age 10+

28 Non-Fiction

Wolfgang Korn My Red Fleece Jacket How can you explain globalization? 'For example using my fleece jacket,' says Wolfgang Korn.

Wolfgang Korn My Red Fleece Jacket A small story about big globalization ca. 192 pages, 135 x 215 mm Hardcover (with two-colour illustrations) Out in August 2008 Age 10 +

The author takes us along on the adventurous journey of his fleece jacket around the world, showing us how globalization effects people's lives. We read about the rich people in Dubai who sell the crude oil for the fleece material and have built themselves an indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert. About the poor people in Bangladesh forced to put up with the tough working life of the textiles industry - but dreaming of a better life. About the huge container ships that criss-cross the oceans. About the author in Europe, who throws the fleece jacket in the old clothes container after two years. And about the Senegalese man Adrame who finally wears the fleece jacket, floating on a tiny fishing boat in the Atlantic with other refugees. My Red Fleece Jacket shows the background and links behind globalization, giving an impressive illustration of the injustice of world trade - and making sure your next shopping trip will be that little bit more critical.

Wolfgang Korn, born in 1958, works as a science journalist and writer in Hanover. He writes for newspapers and magazines (including GEO and Die Zeit). His most recent book was Detektive der Vergangenheit. Expeditionen in die Welt der Arch채ologie (Bloomsbury K & J 2007).

A thrilling expedition into the world of modern archaeology. Wolfgang Korn Detectives of the Past Expeditions into the World of Archaeology 224 pages. Hardcover 30 black-and-white illustrations Age 12+ Sold to: Korea

Non-Fiction 29

Peter Braun The Curse of the Gold Peter Braun describes the conquering of South America from a surprising perspective: alongside the Spaniards it was German conquistadores who made their way to the New World in search of gold. This book explores the first fifty years of Europeans in the New World. It is the story of Columbus, Pizarro and Cortez, but especially of the German conquistadores. With the permission of the Spanish crown, they set off in search of the fabled kingdom of El Dorado, the king who descends into a lake covered in gold dust, to make a sacrifice to the gods. The expeditions were a matter of life and death. The natives were chained up and guarded by bloodhounds. And the jungle claimed more and more victims, the swords and armour rusting away in the humid lowlands. In the end, the gold became a curse on the conquistadores. This book is not only a thrilling story of adventure and willpower, cruelty and crimes, but also an impressive lesson in how lack of understanding and brutality towards other cultures lead to downfall.

1. Unknown chapter of world history 2. As exciting as an adventure story 3. Reflecting on intercultural behaviour Peter Braun The Curse of the Gold German Conquistadores and the Treasure of El Dorado 224 pages, 123 x 204 mm Hardcover (with b/w illustrations) Out in March 2008 Age 12 +

Peter Braun, born in 1960, is a book author and freelance journalist. He has written several books on literary subjects, including Dichterh채user (2003) and Komponisten und ihre H채user (2007). Bloomsbury K & J published his Von Taugenichts bis Steppenwolf in 2006. Peter Braun lives in Bamberg.

A surprising and inventive introduction into the history of German literature. Peter Braun From Lessing to Borchert German Literary Portraits 224 Pages. Hardcover Non Fiction Age 14+ Sold to: Korea

'The author gets the reader fascinated.' S체ddeutsche Zeitung

'Extremely illuminating.' DIE ZEIT

30 Non-Fiction

Jürgen Andrich / Nikolaus Nützel The Universe in our Heads An insight into: Genius brains Brains in love Sick brains Brains on a high Aging brains Newborn brains Learning brains Nikolaus Nützel, Jürgen Andrich The Universe in our Heads How our brains work 240 pages, 135 x 215 mm Hardcover (with 30 illustrations) Out in February 2008 Age 14 +

Forgetful brains

What do scientists mean when they say, 'the brain is what makes us us'? Each of our movements is learned and guided by our brains. Every thought is released in our brains. Whether we're learning a language, working out a complicated formula or building skyscrapers – nothing would work without the nerve cells in our brains. Even happiness is a feeling controlled by the brain. Nikolaus Nützel and Jürgen Andrich present the stages the brain goes through in the course of our lives, from its formation to the huge changes during puberty to its decline. They explain how our memory works and how we fall in love, the influence of drugs and the incredible events of an epileptic attack. A fascinating insight into the most complex and important part of the human body. Easily understandable and based on the latest research, this book explores the breathtaking things that go on in our heads.

Jürgen Andrich, born in 1964, works in the Neurological Clinic at the Ruhr University Bochum. He has published various articles in medical journals and popular science magazines. Nikolaus Nützel, born in 1967, is a freelance journalist in Munich,. He has published various non-fiction books for adults and young people, most recently Sprache oder Was den Mensch zum Menschen macht (2007).

About pioneers and triumphs of medicine. Christian Weymayr Hippokrates, Dr. Roentgen & Co. A History of Medicine from Ancient World to Today 224 pages. Hardcover 20 black-and-white illustrations Age 12+ Sold to: Korea

Non-Fiction 31

Thomas Bührke Lift Off! Conquering space is one of humankind's most exciting projects. This book tells us about determined visionaries and daredevil astronauts, explains the technical background and previews the future of space travel. The first space pioneers were dismissed as crazy for many years. But it was the work of scientists and inventors like Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun, half a century beforehand, that made the launch of Sputnik 1 possible, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth. In an unprecedented race between East and West, one success followed the next: the first people in space and on the moon and the first space stations. Robots have landed on Venus at temperatures of 470 Celsius, searched for signs of life on Mars and examined bizarre worlds like the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Space travel is still a very risky adventure. But the dream lives on, and major objectives such as a manned flight to Mars are gradually being tackled.

1. Fiftieth anniversary of space travel 2.Fascinating technology 3. Adequate language for teens Thomas Bührke Lift off! The History of Space Travel 288 pages, 135 x 215 mm Hardcover ( 35 four-colour illustrations) Out in February 2008 Age 14 +

Thomas Bührke, born in 1956, is a doctor of physics and astronomy, and works as a scientific journalist and writer on the subjects of space travel, astronomy and physics. He writes articles for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Bild der Wissenschaft, among others. His most recent book was a biography of Albert Einstein in 2004.

Adventurer, Explorer, Universal Genius – The fascinating life of Alexander von Humboldt. Reinhard Barth Alexander von Humboldt 256 pages. Hardcover 20 black-and-white illustrations Age 12+


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Bloomsbury Berlin - Children's Foreign Rights Catalogue 2008  

Ute Krause: Can the monster come in?, The Santa Claus Conspiracy; Andrea Meier: Princess Me; Stefanie Clemen / Katharina Hagena: Floribunda;

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