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A Spirit of Philanthropy

Annual Appeal

OUR MISSION Thomas Jefferson School gives its students the strongest possible academic background through a classical education. Within a nurturing community, students develop a responsibility for their own learning and a desire to lift up the world with beauty and intellect.



TABLE OF CONTENTS • TJ’s Spirit of Philanthropy • Giving to TJ: Talent, Time, & Treasure • Fundraising at a Glance • How does TJ use its financial resources? • What are TJ’s major needs? • How much should I give? • When should I give? • How can I give? • What is TJ’s Fiduciary Role? • Thank you! • TJ by the numbers • Statement of Faculty Excellence



At Thomas Jefferson School, we are grateful to have the

We hold our students to extraordinarily high

generous support of alumni, past and present families, and

expectations in every aspect of school life, including

friends as we pursue the mission of our school. Since 1946,

that of responsibility and service to self and community.

TJ has been a greenhouse for true intellectual growth.

Nurturing a desire to serve is the starting point; from

The depth of our classical liberal-arts curriculum and the

there, we teach our students how to act on it. We want

ways in which it is delivered make TJ like no other school.

them to know how to make informed choices about the

The evidence is in our students’ achievements, which

causes they support and then how to take appropriate

consistently position TJ among the world’s top boarding

action. Our goal is to see all of our students participate in

and day schools.

philanthropy, both while they are with us and after they’ve graduated. And of course we hope that they’ll include TJ in the causes they support as they move on to college and beyond – we invite you to join them in that spirit!

Talent, Time... There are many ways to give to TJ. Talent and time are valuable commodities, and TJ needs and appreciates yours. There are endless opportunities to become involved in our program, whether you reside in the St. Louis area or elsewhere.




& Treasure

Thomas Jefferson School attracts the best and brightest, from not only Missouri but all over the world. TJ students are engaged and invested in their education, and they are taught and mentored by faculty who are leaders and experts in their fields. When you support TJ’s efforts financially, you help us to attract, retain, and feed the appetite of the most curious and capable minds. We want to continue to make sure that a TJ education is available to those who need and want it, no matter what their background or socioeconomic status. Our students must benefit from the most cutting-edge materials and technologies, our


faculty must have access to whatever supports best practices, and our facilities must provide a warm and versatile home for our community. Every donation to TJ is important, and no gift is too large or too small. Whatever the initiative, our goal is always 100% participation, with all members of the TJ community supporting the school at the level that is comfortable for them.

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP »» Make a monetary gift to THE TJ FUND

»» Provide baked goods for the school bake sales

»» Put together a table for the Spring Trivia Night

»» Donate an item for the Trivia Night Silent Auction

»» Volunteer to assist with TJ apparel sales

»» Facetime with students on career planning

»» Become a class representative for The TJ Fund

»» Prepare food for the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon

»» Assist with extra-curricular activity planning

»» Help with the annual Taste of TJ international dinner

»» Assist with school plays »» Sponsor a club »» Welcome boarding students into your home

»» Design exam packs for students »» Serve as an ambassador for TJ with prospective families

»» Assist in establishing internships for students

»» Be a guest speaker in a TJ class


FUNDRAISING AT A GLANCE TJ is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that receives no public funding. There are various ways in which you can proudly support TJ:





The TJ Fund enhances every aspect of campus life, from classrooms to houses, from financial aid to faculty professional development

from July to the end of June

Planned Giving

Once in a lifetime

a planned gift made in lifetime or at death

as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning

Capital Campaign an intensive effort designed to raise a specified sum of money for a particular project or purpose


Every Year

Periodically within a defined time period

Supports the operating budget and funds special programs

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Programs are chosen by the donor

Ensures financial stability

Provides funding for campus improvements and endowment stability

Yearly class trips New computers Tuition assistance Professional development Field trips Dormitory renovations

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪


Sayers Hall Art Barn Maintenance building Gym extension Pavilion renovation Exit driveway New dormitory Kitchen








TJ Fund

One essential indicator of a great independent school is the existence of a strong annual giving program, in terms of dollars raised as well as participation achieved. The TJ Fund is our school’s most critical yearly fundraising effort because it supports programs that set a TJ education apart from what

Percentage of Annual Operating Budget Salaries and Benefits General and Administrative

is offered by other schools. Unrestricted gifts to The TJ Fund help the school meet its budgetary goals and empower TJ to:

» Challenge and engage students at the highest level. » Encourage and support innovation in the classroom.

Plant Operations and Maintenance

» Provide professional development for our faculty.

Arts, Athletics, Student Activities

» Provide enrichment opportunities for students.

and Services, and Tuition Assistance

» Provide tuition assistance to those who need it.

WHAT ARE TJ’S Facilities

Major Needs?

Recently, schools have come to the realization that their academic prestige alone is not enough to attract the world’s top students. The quality of facilities matters, too, and ours must reflect and support the quality of the teaching, learning, and living that are happening within them. TJ


Professional Development

Educational research has shown that teaching quality and school leadership are the most important factors in student achievement. For teachers and school leaders to be as effective as possible, they continually need to expand their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices. If TJ is to lead its students to highest levels of achievement, support of faculty growth and development must be a priority. Gifted students require gifted teachers, and our faculty have set a high bar of excellence for themselves (see back cover). It is our duty to ensure that they are positioned to reach for that bar. TJ



The rapid evolution of technology, including the proliferation of social media channels, has changed the way educators teach, how students learn, and the way teachers and students communicate. How do we challenge the most curious minds? We give them access to the most cutting edge materials and technologies, that support our highly-respected, core liberal-arts, discussion-based curriculum. TJ


Tuition Assistance

We are deeply committed to fostering a diverse academic environment for our students. Part of what makes that possible is our ability to provide tuition assistance. At TJ we recognize that choosing an independent school is a significant decision for families and that some may not be able to pay the full cost of tuition. Currently, nearly 40 percent of our student body receives some level of financial assistance. TJ




» A versatile gathering space for assemblies, meetings, programs, and school plays; » Improved campus housing for students and staff; » Upgraded instructional facilities.

» A Fund for Faculty Excellence that will provide grants for specialized training, educational travel and advanced degree work.

» Funding for acquisition and maintenance of state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and equipment; » Support for staff training in the use of instructional technologies that will enhance TJ’s curriculum.

» Funding for grants and scholarships so that every bright student capable of a TJ education is afforded the opportunity to pursue it.


HOW MUCH SHOULD I GIVE? As you consider your gift to this year’s TJ Fund, please keep in mind that all gifts make a difference and full participation demonstrates that we have a deeply committed community. Whether $50 or $50,000, your gift will be put to use for the benefit of our students. We encourage donors to give as generously as they are able and are incredibly thankful when TJ is one of their top, ongoing philanthropic priorities.

WHEN SHOULD I GIVE? We ask that everyone make their pledge as early as possible. Payments need to be received by the end of our fiscal year, June 30. Early gifts and pledges reduce mailings and overhead costs, allowing us to use these dollars for academic and other programs.

HOW CAN I GIVE? Your tax-deductible gift can be made with a check, stock, credit card (VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX) or online at Many companies offer matching gift programs, a wonderful way to double or even triple your gift amount!



Monticello Society


Pan Circle


Founders Club Titans

$500 $50

STATEMENT OF WHAT IS TJ’S FIDUCIARY ROLE? A fiduciary is a person or institution given the power to act on behalf of another in

Faculty Excellence

We commit to modeling the following behaviors because we aim to produce the same behaviors in our students.

situations that require great trust, honesty and loyalty. Thomas Jefferson School takes the role as the fiduciary of your generous capital gifts very seriously. Thomas Jefferson School recognizes that we are investment stewards who have the legal responsibility for prudently managing capital gifts made to our school. We are responsible for managing the overall investment strategy: deciding on the asset allocation, defining the details of the strategy, implementing the strategy with appropriate advisors and monitoring the strategy on an ongoing basis. As stewards we demand the implementation of the best fiduciary practices amongst our service providers, in addition to understanding our donors’ fiduciary accountabilities. We have carefully designed an investment policy statement that clearly and concisely articulates how our investments will be managed. Our Finance Committee and our advisor have helped us to understand the most appropriate asset allocation for our identified level of risk. Our advisor has constructed a portfolio based on Modern Portfolio Theory that allows us to optimize return for the level of risk most suitable for Thomas Jefferson School. Our Finance Committee comprises trustees, school administrators, and investment professionals who oversee and monitor our investment portfolios. The committee reports regularly to the Board of Trustees.

» As a liberal-arts institution, TJ values individuals with talents in and passion for more than one field. We exhibit flexibility and versatility in what we know, in what we are interested in, and in how we deliver instruction. » We have command of our subject area(s) and the curiosity and hunger to improve in our respective fields. » We convey our passion for our field(s), bringing energy and humor to our interactions with our students. » We make learning feel relevant. » We act with intentionality after purposeful reflection. » We seek out new and effective instructional practices, resources, and technologies to aid our students in their learning and us in our teaching. » We encourage students to take risks, to work through failure to achieve success. » We take advantage of TJ’s small size to gain insight into each student’s learning style. » We collaborate with and support one another by both seeking and providing input in a productive, professional manner. » We look past ourselves and our school, seeking to contribute to our field(s). » We create opportunities for authentic, meaningful exchanges—formal and informal—about issues related to teaching and school culture. » We seek to balance our various responsibilities within the TJ community in ways that serve the best interests of our students. » We ensure that we have more to give by refreshing ourselves mentally and physically. » We work to build a strong community by getting to know our colleagues and students on a personal level. This statement was written and adopted by TJ’s faculty in 2014-2015


Thank you!


We are extremely grateful for your gift to Thomas Jefferson School and for your support of our mission!

Thomas Jefferson School - TJ Fund Annual Appeal  
Thomas Jefferson School - TJ Fund Annual Appeal