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August 2013




Dear Friend, It’s that time of year again when the promise of spring is in the air – the perfect time to look for dolls to warm your heart! In our latest showcase, there are dazzling dolls that you’ll love to pick up and cuddle…little ones weighted to feel just like a real baby…simian sweethearts to make you smile…there are also babies so lifelike, they respond to your touch!

I'm 40 cm tall!

As you look through the pages of this Catalogue, imagine the joy that some of these unique editions would bring to your home and heart - or what wonderful gifts they would make for someone dear. Choose new little ones to add to your collection, knowing that every doll is an heirloom-quality creation, sculpted by renowned artists, and backed with our famous guarantee that’s the best in the business! Each treasure is offered for a limited time only, so you need to order fast. Enjoy the selection! Warm regards,

Paul Capper General Manager

P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is completely assured thanks to our world famous 365-day money-back guarantee.

Item No. 1

So Truly Real ® “Little Angel” with Hand Painted Features A precious little girl comes to life in an exclusive doll creation by artist Linda Murray. “Little Angel” is made to cuddle in your arms and features RealTouch™ vinyl skin, hand applied hair and tiny hand-painted fingernails and toenails. So Truly Real ® , she arrives in a tiny tee and a nappy. A lifelike 40cm tall.

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01646-001

I'm 56 cm long!

FREE second “’68 Comeback Special” outfit! 44 cm tall!

Relive the excitement of Elvis on stage with a ball-jointed doll featuring 14 points of articulation for endless posing possibilities. It’s crafted of artist-quality vinyl, a material that most accurately captures every alluring detail. Elvis’ replica Eagle Jumpsuit is meticulously hand-tailored just as you remember, with golden stars, simulated jewels and eagle motifs. And of course, the outfit would not be complete without his lei and the notorious neck scarf! 44cm tall. ©EPE, Reg. U.S. Pat & TM. Off.

“Grandma’s Pearls” hand-crafted of RealTouch® vinyl Item No. 3

Elvis “Aloha From Hawaii” Fashion Doll Item No. 2

Look at what this sweet wide eyed toddler found in Grandma’s attic! Grandma’s Pearls has all the charming details that make Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill’s creation so popular. She is created in RealTouch® vinyl and wears a French countrystyle outfit, she even has her own special treasure straight form Grandma’ s attic - a string of “pearls” in its own treasure box! A lifelike 56cm long.

5 easy instalments of $59.99 or $299.95 (plus $19.99 p&h)

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h)




For fast ordering phone (02) 9841 3311 (AUS) or 09 829 0475 (NZ)

In in ter st es al tm fr en ee ts

The first ever So Truly Real doll dedicated to our armed forces!

I’m 61 cm long!

She responds to your touch!

Item No. 4

So Truly Real “Little Aussie Digger” 703-SUP01.01

So Truly Real “Little Kiwi Digger”

I'm 60 cm long!

Item No.5 703-SUP03.01

Each doll is 5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h)

In du

str y's C h oic


Award-Winning “Olivia’ s Gentle Touch” Interactive Baby Doll Item No. 6

These little men know exactly what they want to be when they grow up: soldiers in the army just like their dads and granddads before them. At the salute, meet the So Truly Real ® “Diggers” by famed Master Doll Artist Bonnie Chyle. Each is incredibly lifelike, crafted in our baby-soft RealTouch™ vinyl. They’re dressed for action in adorable fatigues, boots and a slouch hat (Aussie) or a ‘Lemon Squeezer’ hat (Kiwi). Each comes with a set of dog tags with a loving message from his Sergeant Major (well, his Mum, anyway!) 61cm long.

An extraordinary FIRST, this So Truly Real ® doll by artist Linda Murray captures the precious moment when a baby first grasps your finger and gives a squeeze! Touchactivated with RealTouch® skin and delicate wisps of hand-applied hair, she comes to you fully poseable. 60 cm long. Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included. The DOTY™ Mark and Logo are trademarks of Madavor Media, LLC.

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01582-001

I’m 13 cm high!

Comes with FREE basket, pillow and dummy! Hand-painted “Born to Ride” with Eureka Flag Bandana Item No. 8

Item No. 7

“My Bundle of Joy” with FREE Basket and Satin Pillow An absolute joy to cuddle and love, this precious bundle by Cheryl Hill feels like a real baby in your arms thanks to our So Truly Silique™ silicone. She’s also weighted and fully poseable. Includes luxurious baby basket, satin pillow, and pacifier – FREE! Doll measures 46cm long. Basket measures 50cm long.

Mama’s little rebel is brimming with attitude! From award winning doll artist Sherry Rawn, he’s created of fine artisan resin and has the coolest gear in town, including a faux leather vest and boots. His little helmet is decorated with the stars of the Southern Cross and he proudly wears a bandana sporting the Eureka Flag 13cm high.

5 easy instalments of $59.99 or $299.95 (plus $19.99 p&h)

$79.99 (plus $9.99 p&h)



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“Pink is for Girls”

Item No. 10 $79.99 (plus $9.99 p&h)

The Hats Off to You Darlings – Choose one or all of these little treasures


Chubby, lovable babies in wonderful hats and lifelike poses, each with a matching blanket that features an endearing phrases such as “pink is for girls.” Sherry Rawn’s artist originals sell for thousands of dollars each, but these babies are reasonably priced so you can bring home one or all of them!

“Singing the Birthday Blues” ➤

Item No. 9 $79.99 (plus $9.99 p&h) 03-01219-007

“I Never Liked Fluffy Anyway” Item No. 11 ➤

“No Breakfast Out of the Jar”

We are 14 c m high!

(plus $9.99 p&h)


Item No. 12 $79.99 (plus $9.99 p&h)



30 left!

Perfect gift for a nurse

I’m 14 cm tall!

Coming soon, Issue Two “Be Nice I’m in Charge of the Happy Pills”

Item No. 13

“The Nurse’s Rx: Love and Laughter” Collection

Blanket and wagon included FREE!

I’m 11 cm tall!

Coming soon, Issue Two “Mum’s Little Hero”

“There’s A New Chief In Town” Doll Collection of Hand-Painted Firemen-To-Be Item No. 16


A delightful tribute to nurses everywhere, “Nurses Call All the Shots” is a cute little caregiver with a lively attitude and witty words printed on her scrubs leads off a collection that dispenses a large dose of fun. Brimming with personality, she’s the creation of award-winning artist Cheryl Hill, expressively, sculpted, hand-crafted in artisan resin and painted by hand. Tickle-your-funny-bone accessories add more delight to each issue. Additional dolls are shipped separately at regular intervals through our convenient subscription plan. 14cm high.

Here come Mummy’s bravest little heroes, ready to roll or walk right into your heart! Created by award-winning Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill, each doll in the collection is fully sculpted right down to the smallest lifelike detail, posed perfectly to mimic real life and comes to you with his own fireman’s accessories. Start your collection with Issue One, “Fireman in Training.” Soon your collection will continue with more adorable babies, sent at regular intervals, each with their own themed fire fighting accessory! Measures 11cm high.

$79.99 per doll (plus $9.99 p&h per issue)

$79.99 per doll (plus $9.99 p&h)




For fast ordering phone (02) 9841 3311 (AUS) or 09 829 0475 (NZ)

M gu one ar yan ba te ck e

I’m 46 cm long!

“Emily’s Celebration of Life” Item No. 24

A version of our world-famous Emily with eyes wide open, looking at life with the wonderment that only a baby can know! 56cm long. Another So Truly Real ® masterpiece by revered artist Linda Webb.

“Cherish” Includes FREE Dummy and a Hospital Bracelet for You to Personalise! Item No. 25

I’m 56 cm long!

Denise Farmer’s masterpiece of realism sets new standards for our world-famous So Truly Real ® baby dolls. Two different vinyl formulas – including our patent-pending RealTouch™ vinyl – are required to achieve the lifelike qualities in this doll. The slightly mottled, translucent look of a newborn’s skin is achieved through skilful hand-painting. Includes a FREE Hospital bracelet you personalise when you choose her name. 46cm long.

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01055-001

5 easy instalments of $49.99 or $249.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-19349-004

Item No. 26

“A Basinet for Baby” Now your baby doll can drift off to dreamland in their very own bed – a beautifully hand-crafted wicker basinet. Inside, a satiny white padded liner keeps them snug and warm, while a white-and-pink trim adds a pretty accent. Complete with a matching satiny pillow Basinet measures 58.5 x 6.5x 15cm. For dolls only. Not meant for children. Dolls sold seperately.

Responds to your touch with coos

In du

str y's C h oic


I’m 46 cm long!

“Butterfly Kisses” Touch Activated Baby Doll Item No. 27

Perfectly sized for all So Truly Real® dolls up to 56cm in length

Simply brush this precious girl’s little cheeks with your eyelashes – giving her the softest, sweetest butterfly kisses – and she will coo in the most adorable way! From award-winning artist Linda Murray, this adorable touch-activated baby doll is crafted of soft RealTouch® vinyl skin and has baby-fine hair. 46 cm long.

2 instalments of $49.99 or $99.98 (plus $9.99 p&h)

5 easy instalments of $45 or $225 (plus $19.99 p&h)



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She moves! Tickle the bottom of her feet and watch them wiggle with delight!

I’m 25 cm tall!

I’m 53 cm long!

By acclaimed doll artist Cindy McClure, this handsome So Truly Real ® vinyl baby doll wears a coordinated outfit of blue and white striped shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. His soft body can be posed in a variety of exciting ways! And at just 25cm long, he is eager for your tender affection.

2 easy instalments of $49.99 or $99.98 (plus $9.99 p&h) 03-00903-003

“Emma’s Ticklish Tootsies” Watch her tootsies wiggle! Item No. 29

Item No. 28

“Christopher Needs a Kiss” Baby Boy Poseable Doll

Beautiful ,expressive and so lifelike, Emma responds when you tickle her feet because she’s touch-activated. So Truly Real® , she has soft RealTouch® vinyl skin and a cloth body to hold and cuddle in your arms. Her hand-painted face is slightly flushed and her perfectly sculpted fingers and toes add to the realism. Designed by awardwinning artist Linda Murray, Emma comes in a pretty one-piece accented with embroidery and a little barrette for her hair. A lifelike 53cm long. (Requires 3 AA batteries, not included).

5 easy interest-free instalments of $39.99 or $199.95

81cm tall and poseable!

(plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01582-002

Includes FREE Teddy Bear


Item No. 30

“Anna’s Present for You” Ball-jointed and Poseable

So Truly Real® “Timmy, You Rascal” Baby Doll with FREE Teddy Item No. 31


Earliest reservations will receive the lowest edition numbers

I’m 46 cm tall!

5 easy interest-free instalments of $49.99 or $249.95

Adorable little “Timmy” sits, cuddling his well-loved teddy bear. His eyes twinkle mischievously, but one look at his angelic expression and mummy simply can’t be cross with this cute little charmer! This exceptional So Truly Real® doll by awardwinning artist Monika Gerdes is a treasure, hand-crafted from RealTouch® vinyl and painted by hand. “Timmy’s” face glows with an unbelievably natural innocence, whilst his soft baby hair is rooted by hand. Arriving with a FREE plush teddy bear, “Timmy” is attired in cute blue denim overalls, gray top, tiny socks, matching baby shoes and nappy. Measures 46cm from head to toe.

(plus $19.99 p&h)

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 P&H)



Anna is dressed in her very best outfit because she’s going to visit Grandma, with a very special surprise – a gift for Grandma, wrapped with care and given with love! This lifelike doll, designed by Master Doll Artist Monika Peter-Leicht, features a full vinyl body and intricate ball-jointed knee mechanisms, so she can be posed in a variety of stances, including sitting down. Dressed in a beautifully tailored outfit, she comes with her own present for Grandma! 81cm tall. Limited to 1,999 worldwide.


For fast ordering phone (02) 9841 3311 (AUS) or 09 829 0475 (NZ)

In in ter st es al tm fr en ee ts

I’m 56 cm long!

Accompanied by a soft FREE Toy I’m 46 cm long!

Just like a real baby, give little Alicia your finger and she’ll wrap her tiny hand around it and give it a gentle squeeze! She’s our new So Truly Real ® touch-activated baby doll that will surely touch your heart, crafted of soft RealTouch® vinyl skin and lovingly hand-painted. She wears an adorable knit dress, plus a lacy headband, stockings…even sparkling faux diamond earrings. A lifelike 56cm long and poseable. (Requires 3 AA batteries, not included).

5 easy instalments of $49.99 or $249.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01783-001

“Baby Sarah” with RealTouch™ vinyl for baby-soft skin Item No. 33

Item No. 32

Touch-activated “Alicia’s Gentle Touch”

Finely sculpted by Master Doll Artist Doris Stannat and cast in our baby-soft, RealTouch™ vinyl. “Baby Sarah” looks and feels So Truly Real®. Her beautiful face and tiny arms and legs are meticulously hand-painted to mimic the lifelike skin and the delicate features of a real infant. This is a astounding level of artistry, especially when you see and hold this precious little girl in your arms! 46cm tall.

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 722-JE006.01

Elvis TALKS and SINGS!

Item No. 34

22K GoldPlated FREE Stand

“It’s Not Easy Being Cute” Heirloom Porcelain® Musical Egg The adorable little girl showcased in this Fabergé-inspired music box has a simple message for you: ‘It’s not easy being cute’! Hand-crafted of precious Heirloom Porcelain® this musical treasure is accented with rich 22K gold and over 80 sparkling crystals. The figurine is masterfully painted by hand for intricate appeal. The base features the sentiment ‘It’s not easy being cute’ and plays the sweet melody of ‘Braham’s Lulluby!’ 16cm high.

2 easy instalments of $49.99 or $99.98 (plus $9.99 p&h) 322-JI019.01E

Item No. 35

First ever “’68 Comeback Special” Talking and Singing Elvis Doll Hear Elvis® in his own words with this talking and singing likeness of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll®! Just push a button, and you will hear that famous velvety voice as Elvis speaks to the audience and sings his beautiful rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” He wears a replica of the black leather jacket and pants worn during his famed 1968 television special, complete with matching watch, wristband and sparkling jewellery, and stands on a custom display crafted in the shape of a record with an “Elvis” label. He’s poseable as well, and with microphone in hand, comes ready to perform just for you. Stands 38cm tall. ©EPE, Reg. U.S. Pat & TM. Off.

“Night Night, Gracie” Realistic weighted and poseable Item No. 36 ➤ Sized and weighted to feel incredibly lifelike, Gracie is a dream to cuddle! Created by award-winning artist Waltraud Hanl, she is So Truly Real ® from her RealTouch® viny skin to her delicate lashes and darling wisps of hair, hand-rooted to look a lifelike as possible. She comes to you in a pink sleep and white cardigan adorned with bright pinks buttons. 48cm long.

5 easy interest-free instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01792-003

5 easy instalments of $59.99 or $299.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01789-001

Order online 24 hours a day at or


M gu one ar yan ba te ck e

LAST CHANCE I’m 46 cm long!

In du

str y's C h oic


I’m 36 cm long!

So full of life and joy, adorable, lifelike Madison by artist Bonnie Chyle is crafted of RealTouch® vinyl skin with hand-applied hair and delicately hand-painted features. So Truly Real ®, she features innovative armature so you can pose her in hundreds of lifelike ways…and she’ll Hold That Pose!™ until you pose her again! She arrives in a precious gingham romper. 46 cm long. The DOTY™ Mark and Logo are trademarks of Madavor Media, LLC

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01766-001

“Little Umi” First-ever Baby Orangutan with FREE Dummy Item No. 38

Item No. 37

Award-Winning “Madison” Poseable Life Like Doll

Introducing “Little Umi,” the very first baby orangutan in our world famous So Truly Real® line. She’s a newborn orangutan by renowned animal artist Wendy Dickison. To enhance her lifelike quality, Umi’s head and limbs are crafted in collector-quality vinyl and silicone that feels squeezably soft, pliable and real. She’s covered with wispy, hand-rooted hair for a totally natural look. Offer “Little Umi” her dummy (included FREE) and she’ll feel totally loved! 36cm long.

5 easy instalments of $39.99 or $199.95 (plus $19.99 p&h) 03-01156-001

I’m 53 cm long!

Includes FREE Layette Set

Touch activated to wrap his tiny hand around your finger!


str y's C h oic

“Lily Rose” Crafted of Soft Silique™for the Ultimate in Realism Item No. 39

I’m 56 cm long!


Michelle Fagan’s “Lily Rose” is so realistic; she will take your breath away! She is fashioned of fine silicone Silique – our exclusive formula – so supple it lends a sense of “giving” when gently squeezed. Pick her up and she is weighted to feel like a real baby in your arms. With hand-painted features, rooted hair and inset eyes. Seven-piece layette set included FREE. 53cm tall. The DOTY™ Mark and Logo are

Touch Activated “Ethan’s Sweet Touch” Item No. 40

In du

trademarks of Madavor Media, LLC.

A So Truly Real ® interactive doll, adorable“Ethan” is sweetly responsive! Touch his little hand and he gently squeezes your finger! This engaging baby boy from Master Doll Artist Linda Murray is expertly crafted with a soft cloth body and lifelike RealTouch® skin. He wears a cuddly romper, white long-sleeved shirt and white knit socks. 56cm long. (Requires 3 AA batteries, not included).

5 easy instalments of $59.99 or $299.95 (plus $19.99 p&h)

5 easy instalments of $49.99 or $249.95 (plus $19.99 p&h)




For fast ordering phone (02) 9841 3311 (AUS) or 09 829 0475 (NZ)