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The Bradbury Group World Headquarters

Our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred supplier in the global markets we serve. As an equipment manufacturer, this means helping you get what you want, need, and expect. To accomplish this, we take a very proactive team approach to engineering and manufacturing quality equipment and supporting your investment with exemplary service. This is the culture we are committed to.

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The Bradbury Co., Inc., founded in 1959, is a world-class manufacturer of Roll forming, Coil Processing, Leveling, and Automated Production Systems.

Alliance Machine and Engraving, LLC manufactures Metal Embossing Machines, Heated Roll Calenders, Calendering Rolls, Laminating & Thermal Bonding Cylinders for Converting Paper, Textiles, Film, NonWovens, Magnetic Media & Extruded Rigid and Flexible Plastics.

The American Machine & Rollform Tech brand signifies state-of-the-art hydraulic punch and cut equipment including the patented Viper® technology which has revolutionized the steel framing industry.

Athader S.L. manufactures quality coil processing equipment including slitting lines, rotary and flying shears, packaging equipment, and specialty lines for CRS, HRS, stainless, and aluminum.

Beck Automation LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing industry leading control systems for the roll forming industry, for both new and retrofit equipment.


Bradbury Group Australia, Pty Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of roll forming systems for light gauge framing components and rainwater goods as well as solid core sandwich panel equipment since 1976.

Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions LP specializes in designing and building customized manufacturing equipment for unique metal tile designs. BMTRS’s automated systems stamp metal tiles and accessories in a continuous operation. Bradbury International UK Ltd. facilitates sales, engineering, and service in Europe, Russia, U.A.E., Africa, and India for The Bradbury Group. Bradbury began their roll-formed products division in 1959 and incorporated as Custom Rollforming Corporation (CRC) in 1991. CRC produces a wide range of roll formed metal products made to customer specifications with ten rollforming lines and a gauge range up to 3/8” (.375) and steel up to grade 100.

In 1999 Hayes International joined The Bradbury Group. Since its beginning in 1960, Hayes has done business in 85 countries and manufactures top-quality metal building, roll forming, and steel framing lines of equipment. Marion Die & Fixture (MDF) joined The Bradbury Group in 1999. MDF designs and manufactures equipment for the tool and die industry. Progressive dies, punch and notch dies, door emboss dies, and cutoff dies are supplied to a wide range of industries. Metform International Ltd. supplies roll forming equipment for a variety of industries including automotive, heavy gauge, shelving & racking, and custom rollform tooling. The Bradbury Group manufactures equipment for producing PUR/PIR insulated sandwich panels incorporating many core materials, additives, and catalysts.



Leveling Leveling Equipment Bradbury introduced hydraulic leveling in the mid 1980’s. Since then Bradbury Hydraulic Levelers have become the most versatile and efficient precision leveling machines available. We minimize adjustments by moving only the lower portion of the leveler. With significant hydraulic force, we neutralize stress allowing our customers to deliver a premium quality product day after day. Development of world-class controls and a unique set of options, including our exclusive e•Drive®, have made our levelers the easiest to operate, most productive and energy efficient – while maintaining control of tension and outstanding flatness repeatability. Join the hundreds of other companies around the world that profit from the Bradbury experience. Leveler Features: • • • • • • • • •

e•Drive® System Auto-Selective™ Hydraulic Levelers Cartridge Levelers Perforation Levelers Architectural Levelers Pop Top Levelers Flat Trak® and Bow Scout® Monitoring Systems Yield Finder™ Rollstack Removal

e•Drive® Levelers from .015” (.38mm) to 1” (25mm) material capacity


eDrive® - Patent #8893537

Bradbury Heavy Gauge e•Drive® Cut-to-Length Line

1” (25mm) Shear with rapid cartridge blade change 1” (25mm) e•Drive® Leveler

Flat Trak® CL Monitoring System Patent #9021844

Light Gauge e•Drive® Leveler

Evolving through research, development, and testing, the Bradbury eDrive® leveling system offers the industry the most up to date leveling technology available. Developed after discovering the mismatch of roll speeds as material makes its way through the leveler, the Bradbury eDrive® equalizes internal stresses while delivering superior flatness. The Bow Scout® reduces the possibility for leveled sheets to be processed with up and down bow by utilizing sensors inside the leveler to maintain a consistent exit gap, and continuous monitoring is implemented to ensure flatness along the length of the strip. Bradbury’s FlatTrak® CL Monitoring System incorporates a laser system into the leveling line to identify irregularities in the strip. The information is sent through an algorithm to determine where and to what magnitude backup adjustments should be made to remove waves and buckles. A 3D format display provides the operator with real time information to monitor the material for manual adjustments, or the machine can be put into an automatic mode so that continuous changes can be made by the system. Yield Finder™ tests the yield strength of the material and correctly sets the plunge depth, eliminating guesswork for the operator. This translates into artificially intelligent equipment that anticipates corrections, 5 producing flat product every time.

Slitting and Blanking

Coil Processing Whether you are looking for a complete coil processing, slitting, or multi-blanking line, The Bradbury Group® has your solution for lean manufacturing, scrap reduction, and increased efficiency. We are a leading manufacturer of Coil Processing Lines and our equipment is the most reliable and durable the industry has to offer. We have a complete line of entry equipment, world-class leveling machines, hydraulic, mechanical, flying and rotary shears, surface critical lines capable of processing bright finish and stainless steel, as well as stacking and material handling solutions that will change your bottom line. 6

Automatic Slitter Tooling Change System

High Speed Rotary Cut-to-Length Shear

Packaging Line High Speed Slitting and Recoiling

Packaging Lines

Stainless Steel Cut-to-Length Line


Metal Building


Bradbury B.O.S.S.™ Panel Line

he Discovery Series, manufactured by Bradbury Machinery Shanghai, is a rollforming line that produces a high quality panel from proven Bradbury G ngth tolerance. Double High® Panel Rollformer

Rafted® Tooling

Portable Standing Seam


Portable Rollforming Machine

The Bradbury Group® has the complete panel line solution for all production and budget requirements. Configurations include precut, postcut, Single High, Double High®, and Rafted® rollformers with flying or stop-to-cut shears.

The B.O.S.S.™ Series, manufactured by Bradbury, is a state of the art rollformer and closed-loop servo shear with speeds up to 300 FPM (90 mpm) and accuracy of 1/16” (1.5 mm). The B.O.S.S.™ can be close coupled to a new or existing rollformer. The B.O.S.S.™ is Group tooling designs. It isproduction equipped panel with a line Beck Automation Cobalt® multi-batch controller with speeds up to 150 FPM (45 mpm) and +/-1/8” (3 mm) the leader in high rollforming.

The Challenger Series, manufactured by Hayes International, is a rollforming production line that is built for lasting performance and ease of operation. These lines are equipped with a Beck Automation SII control system that is capable of office to shop download. Speed packages are available up to 200 FPM (60 mpm) with sheet accuracy of +/- 1/16” (1.5 mm).

Standing Seam Lines The Bradbury Group® offers concealed fastener and Standing Seam lines that are capable of notching, punching, swaging, and in-line sealant application. Complete on-the-fly or feed-to-stop configurations are available to meet your production requirements. The Bradbury Group® Portable Rollformer features integrated technology offering mastic application, Beck Cobalt® multi-batch controller, and 100-fpm (30 mpm) production. The robust design produces in-plant-quality parts with the flexibility of rollforming onsite. Patriot Flying Pre-Punch Notch & Shear


Metal Building

QTR™ Purlin Rollformer

Hydraulic HSP™ C-Frame Punch System



Cee Purlins

Cee Plus Purlins

Cee Sigmas

Cee Plus Sigmas

Bradbury HSP™ Flying Press System Zee Purlins


Single Sloped Eaves

Double Sloped Eaves Sigma Cee Rollformer

Auto Camber Corrector

Auto Anti-Flare Fixture

Zee or Zed Purlin

Purlin Rollformers QTR™ Purlin Rollformer forms both Cee and Zee sections in a single roll space. You save footprint and setup time with Cee to Zee changes happening in seconds. In addition, the QTR™ turns out U-channel, base angles, and integrated eave sections with optional shapes such as sigmas, C+, and downturn lips. Innovative features increase section control and quality, reduce labor, and contribute to operator safety. - Hands Free Thread Options - Auto Camber Detection - Automation Aided by Artificial Intelligence - Pitless Purlin Production - Auto Rewrap - Close Coupled Quick Change™ Cee & Zee Purlin Lines are designed to produce Cee, Zee, Channel, and eave struts on a single machine. The patented Hayes Quick Change™ System allows operators to make size, profile, and gauge changes without removing tooling or spacers. 11

Metal Roofing

Tile Lines

Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions LP specializes in designing and building customized manufacturing equipment for unique metal tile design and production requirements. Bradbury’s Metal Tile automated production systems offer ease of operation and shorter production time by allowing you to convert coil into finished products in one continuous operation.

Metal Shingle - Tile Manufacturing Line

The Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing team will assist you in choosing the right Metal Tile design that meets your market requirements. Our engineering design team can create a unique look from original substrates and turn that into an environmentally acceptable and aesthetically pleasing metal tile design. Tile designs can replicate asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, stone slate and concrete or clay tiles. Tile - Metal Shingle Press


Stacking & Material Handling Stackers safely guide cut parts from rollformers and other machines. The Bradbury Group® has solutions for various profiles and production requirements. We provide stacking, auto nesting, strapping, master bundling, packaging and bundle removal for most production lines.

Steel Framing Stackers

Decking Line Stackers

Plate and Sheet Stackers

Double High® Panel Line Stacker

Specialty Stackers

Heavy Gauge Plate Stacker


Trim & Rainwater The Bradbury Group® offers a full line of robust trim shop equipment designed to manufacture tight tolerance metal building trim parts. The Group’s trim equipment offering is comprised of Multi-Profile Trim Rollformers, Hydraulic Long Folders, Slit/CTL Lines, Recoil Lines, Hemmers, Coil Tippers, Coil Cars, Stand Alone Sheet Slitters, Ridge Cap Benders, and Rainwater Goods.

Trim Rollformer with Individual Profile Overform Adjustments

Portable Gutter Machine


Bradbury Group Australia Half Round Gutter Machine

TS12 Coil Car and Uncoiler

Slit Cut-to-Length Panther Cub III

H2 Hemmer

Sheet Slitter

Ridge Cap Bender

Tension Stand and Recoiler

Hydraulic Long Folder


Garage Door The Bradbury Group® offers total solutions to your sectional garage door manufacturing needs. Individual door skins to fully assembled and packaged door sections can be provided with texture embossing. Cavity embossments in Standard, Ranch, and Carriage House styles are available selections, along with conventional tongue and groove or pinch-resistant profiles. Fully automated setup and production downloads from your in-house scheduling system are just a couple of the many options available to meet your specific requirements. Increase control, precision, and productivity on your garage door production line by integrating Bradbury’s custom-designed Stile Hole Mid Punch and a 400 or 600-ton HD Cavity™ Press into your existing operation.


Right/Left Hand Track

Alliance Embosser

Raised Panel Embossment

Stile Hole Mid Punch

HD Cavity™ Press

Equipment Options: • • • • • • • • • •

Sectional Door Rollforming Lines Slat Rollforming Lines Strut Rollforming Lines Track Rollforming Lines Stile Rollforming Lines Angle Rollforming Lines Bottom Bar Rollforming Lines Stile Hole Mid Punch HD Cavity™ Press Rotary Embossing Machines


Insulated Panel The Bradbury Group® supplies complete, continuous, foamfilled panel production lines from entry coil handling to exit-end packaging. Whether for the garage door market, commercial buildings, or the HVAC industry, we can meet your specific needs for PUR/PIR. Bradbury® machines are capable of handling panels from 1.3” (30 mm) to 12” (300 mm) thick, up to 48” (1220 mm) wide. Continuous panel laminating lines that utilize EPS, mineral wool, and other core materials are also available through The Bradbury Group®. Discontinuous Double Cavity Press

Continuous Double Belt Press

Discontinuous panel production for polyurethane-filled panels includes insulated wall and roof building panels, garage doors, entry doors, and refrigeration cooler panels. Bradbury® has single and multi-cavity presses, open pour or injection, to meet each customer’s production requirements and budget.


Vertical Cooling Unit

Foaming and Metering Equipment

Continuous Panel Laminating System

Complete Continuous Sandwich Panel Line

Flying Band Saw

Mineral Wool Slicing and Processing Equipment


Decking Rafted® Deck Line


Deep Deck Profile

Deck Curving Unit

Composite Deck Embossing

Closed End Bridge Deck

High Speed Double Wide® Steel Deck Line

Floor Deck Lancing Pass

Rafted® Decking Tooling

Decking End Product

Decking Decking manufacturers that demand maximum profile flexibility, superior panel quality, and efficient profile changeovers trust The Bradbury Group® with their equipment needs. From our Double Wide® Rollformers and innovative pin and cam Rafted® Drive Connection, to die acceleration up to 425 FPM (130 mpm), The Bradbury Group® Deck Rollforming lines are built for flexibility and high throughput. The proven and time-tested tooling designs consistently deliver maximum results with limited maintenance. If you require interlocked, nestable, embossed, slot vented decking, or hanger tabs, The Bradbury Group® has field-proven equipment to meet your requirements. 21

Steel Framing AM300™/AM400™ Rollformer with Beck Automation Controller

DW Viper®


Flying Cut Off

Pre-Engineered Steel Framing Systems

Rafted® Accessory Line

Stud with Service Hole Knockout

Telescopic DW Viper® Line

Steel Framing Equipment The AM300™/AM400™ Rollformer and the Viper® Punch and Cut unit set the industry standard for the manufacture of structural steel framing products up to 10 gauge. The robust AM300™/AM400™ Rollfomer and Viper® Punch and Cut is designed to process material up to 300 FPM (90 mpm). The pre-punch and pre-cut design of the Viper®, coupled with the telescoping shaft design of the AM300™/ AM400™, provide the most efficient profile changeovers in the industry. Light Structural lines, Drywall lines featuring the DW Viper® running at 500 FPM (150 mpm), and Accessory lines complete our line up of steel framing equipment options. Integrated CAD solutions are offered through Bradbury Group Australia. 23

Grain Bin The Bradbury Co., Inc. provides a complete turnkey integrated solution to grain bin production from a single source. Bradbury engineers and manufactures a premier line of reliable and accurate rollforming machines and related equipment that form all major grain bin components. Destacking, stacking, and curving equipment make Bradbury grain bin lines highly adaptable and productive. State-of-theart controls, optional download, and remote system access complete these innovative packages.

Side Wall Line

Access Hole Punch


Grain Bin Roof Stacker

Roof Line Punching Unit

Stiffener Line

Curved Bin Section

Equipment Options: • • • • • •

Sidewall Rollforming Lines Roofing Rollforming Lines Floor Rollforming Lines Stiffener Rollforming Lines Roof Support Purlin Rollforming Lines Ladder Rail & Rung Rollforming Lines

Grain Bin Floor Line

Grain Bin Sidewall Line

Assembled Grain Bin Floor


Automotive At Metform, we deliver innovation and industry leading solutions to our automotive customers. Our team of engineers work closely with our customers to create unique solutions for automotive profiles in order to reduce part cost and increase overall productivity, all while keeping to the tight tolerances of the automotive industry. Our experience in automotive grade ultra high strength steels allows Metform to help our customers take on the industry’s largest challenge: to meet weight reduction targets in the face of rising fuel costs. Metform has the right equipment, tooling expertise, and project management capabilities to provide a full turnkey automotive line in your modern manufacturing operation.

Automation Metform offers unique automation equipment and special machine features for quick change rafted roll tooling and die setting. The outcome is “push button” changeovers in minutes for a high volume process. Swept Bumper


Tooling is the Key

Rocker Panel

Metform understands the tolerances of automotive components are very stringent. Our tooling engineers utilize their vast experience along with various important tools to design roll tooling that sets the standard in producing the highest quality parts. Using Copra FEA (Finite Element Analysis), as well as Metform’s standard proprietary tooling software, we’re able to produce highly optimized designs – a key component in what helps make us unique.

Typical Roll Formed Automotive Components

Automotive Roll Forming Line

Finite Element Analysis

Bumper Section

Automotive Hat Section

PS Series Rafted Stands ... The Accurate Tool Holder The other key ingredient to producing a tight tolerance part is an accurate tool holder. To accomplish this, Metform utilizes its industry unique PS (Precision Series) stands.

• • • • • • • •

Bumpers Rocker Panels Roof Bows Structural Sections Welded Sections Seat Tracks Truck Beds Frame Rails

Truck Bed Roll Former


Heavy Gauge & Railroad Heavy Gauge Industry Bradbury Group’s heavy-gauge equipment is engineered to run the maximum material thickness on a daily basis for the life of the line. Our experience ranges up to 0.750” (19mm) material thickness in a variety of profiles for rail car, sheet piling, road and bridge construction, ship and barge building, and construction materials.

Heavy Gauge Rollformer

Heavy Gauge Parts


Heavy Gauge Guardrail Line with Torque Vectoring™ Drive System

Railcar Roof Section

Railcar Center Sill

Flying Robotic Plasma Cut-off

Railcar Heavy Gauge Structural Section

Railroad Industry The Bradbury Group® has proven experience in the heavy gauge manufacturing required in the railroad industry. Whether you produce railcar components such as roofs and sidewalls or the main framework of the car itself, we welcome the opportunity to develop high performance manufacturing solutions. 29

Automated Production Systems Lighting The Bradbury Group’s rollformers and related production equipment can be designed to produce fluorescent channels, troffers, reflectors, louvers, blades, and covers from gloss-painted steel and highly polished aluminum. We build machines that process material with critical cosmetic surfaces. In-line precision punching and notching make your designs assembly-ready. See us for manufacturing equipment to produce everything from under-counter lighting to commercial and industrial fluorescent light fixture components.

Double Wide® Rafted® Lighting Rollformer


HVAC The Bradbury Group’s Automated Production Systems (APS) can combine rollforming, cut-to-length, and slitting with various other processes, such as punching, feeding and bending, welding, and robotics to incorporate a complete production process into one production line. Solutions of this nature provide high production on a family of related products with minimal tooling change. A variety of options are available – from coil-fed to blank-fed lines and sub-assembly of components for your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

Specialty The Bradbury Group® specializes in designing and building customized manufacturing equipment for your unique product, production requirements, and structure configurations. Some examples of Bradbury Group’s specialty lines include fence rail, razor wire, shelving and racking, hot water heater components, and vending machine cabinets.

Water Heater Component

HVAC Channel Line

APS System with In-line Robotic Welding

Light Troffer


Controls Beck Automation is a leading control system provider for the metal forming industry. Our products make production machines more efficient and profitable. We design controls and related products specifically for rollforming, cut-to-length, tube mills, portable rollformers, and folding machines. Our controls are the best in the industry. However, our greatest offering is the service and support in which we back those solutions. Integrated Business Solutions

ERP integration, upload/download from the plant floor and material optimization systems provide realtime information you need to evaluate your manufacturing process and make more informed business decisions. It allows multiple users to access multiple lines in multiple facilities from one database.

Bradbury TSC® with Beck Automation SII Controller


Control Modernizations and Retrofits One of the most economical ways to increase productivity and reduce scrap on an existing machine is to modernize the controls and electrical systems. The Bradbury Group provides a wide range of turn-key options for your control needs for most brands of equipment. Our engineers and technicians can offer a full service package with engineering, installation, and training.

Automatic Line Setup Controls The Bradbury TSC® platform is designed to control the most complex lines such as garage door systems, leveling lines, cut-to-length lines, and automated production systems. The Bradbury TSC® Productivity Suite provides the information you need to evaluate manufacturing processes and truly connect the plant floor to the office. The Import Module and patented Press Optimization tool are options that can help increase the efficiencies of the line.

The Beck Automation Cobalt® control is the cost effective solution for simple shear only lines. The Cobalt® comes in both panel mount and weather resistant portable models. Its bright 6.5” color LED display makes it the perfect choice for both plant floor and in the field applications. The Intellifold Controller, from Beck Automation, is specifically designed to control folding machines. It features graphic part editing, step by step part generation and a full color touchscreen display. Installation and retrofit kits for many brands of long hydraulic and electric folders are available. The Beck Automation SII controller is a versatile control with a large color touch-screen display that is easy to navigate. From panel lines with stop-to-cut or flying shears to more complex lines with dual axis dynamic punching and gagged dies, the SII is a great solution for your new line or as a retrofit for your existing controller. 33

Embossers & Calenders Embossers and Calendering Equipment Alliance Machine and Engraving, LLC manufactures metal embossing machinery and engraved hardened steel embossing roll sets. We offer on-site etching and mechanical services, pattern development and analysis, as well as pilot line trial capabilities. Alliance also manufactures a full line of calenders, embossers, and thermo bonders for the nonwoven, film, foil, paper, rigid extruded plastic, and composite lumber industries.

Stucco Pattern on Embossing Roll

Metal Rotary Embosser

Fine Woven Texture


Traditional Cedar Wood Grain

Services We Offer:

Used Embosser Rebuild

• On-site engraving technicians • Machinery installations or installation supervision • Pattern and product development • Mechanical evaluations and engineering review • Used equipment rebuilding • Motor, drive, and control updates • Pilot Line and Lab Calendering • Texture Analysis • Hydraulic component upgrade and refurbishment • Roll grinding, turning and chrome plating • Release coatings Before


In-House Lab Calender Geotextile Calender


Customer Service The Bradbury Group® is committed to providing you with world-class customer service through our Technical Service Departments. Our knowledgeable staff has many years of service in the metal processing industry and is ready to assist you with your spare parts needs, service contracts, and technical questions. The Bradbury Group utilizes the latest technology in remote diagnostics to ensure our customers are supported in a timely fashion, minimizing down-time.

Helping you get what you want, need, and expect.

Research Training and Support (RTS) Lab with remote diagnostics capability

• • • • 36

24 Hour / 365 day service hotline. (+) 1.620.345.8910 90 Engineers and 75 Technicians worldwide to assist you 9 Manufacturing Facilities worldwide Sales, Service, and Engineering in 16 Countries

Customer Service orders have priority on any of our 60 CNC Machines, Group wide.


The Bradbury Group can rebuild existing lines, design and install new tooling, or recut your existing tooling. Complete controls and electrical upgrades are available on most equipment brands.

The Bradbury Co., Inc. +1.620.345.6394 +1.620.345.8910 After Hours Hours

Alliance Machine and Engraving, LLC +1.804.798.1199 American Machine & Rollform Tech +1.620.345.6394 +1.620.345.8910 After Hours Athader S.L. +34.943.219.199 Beck Automation LLC. +1.314.576.9736

Used rollformer (above) converted to a Double High® and completely refurbished (right)

Bradbury Group Australia +61.7.3299.3111 Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. +1.620.345.6394 Bradbury International UK Ltd. +44.1384.893777 Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions +64.7.343.6190 Custom Rollforming Corp. +1.620.345.2821 Hayes International +64.7.343.6190 Marion Die & Fixture +1.620.382.3775

Controls Upgrades and Electrical Rebuild Packages

Metform International Ltd. +1.905.670.2057


World Headquarters

1200 E. Cole St. • PO Box 667 Moundridge, KS, 67107 USA +1.620.345.6394

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