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Galleria FEBRUARY 11, 2014

Letter a short quotation ( no more than 15 words) and include some elements which are pasted on. You must make these elements yourself. No commercial stickers or other such things.

Anne Atkinson

Barbara Qualley

Charlotte Whiteley

Betty Locke

Denise Rothney

Debbie Craig

Joyce Bingham

Ida Marie Threadkell

Joyce Gammie

Judy Lowood

Marg Kells

Lenore Le May

Marilyn Boechler

Marilyn Lundstrom

Marion Craig

Mieke van der Vliet

Ria Lewis

Pat Wheatley

Ruth Rutledge

Thank you! for viewing this month’s Galleria.

Contribute your artwork! If you have found this page through viewing on our website or on, we invite you to participate in the Galleria. Please view our web site for topics To contribute your artwork, follow the above parameters. Submit a jpg of your work, scanned at 300 dpi, to bqualley at gmail dot com (you know what to do with the ‘at’ and ‘dot’…)

February 2014 Galleria  

Warmland Calligraphers artwork