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Bukit Panjang Primary School

Principal & Vice-Principal Message PRINCIPAL MESSAGE Dear members of the BPPS community 2009 has been an interesting year for me personally as I have joined an established and popular school. It has been a good learning experience for me, personally and professional. Similarly, I hope that 2009 was a year of opportunities for our staff, pupils and parents. Together, our staff have designed another year of schooling that is exciting and meaningful, challenging and developmental for our pupils. This can be attested to in the subsequent pages of this newsletter. Success in school is defined not just academically but in other dimensions too; physical, aesthetics, social and moral. Hence, the potpourri of opportunities for our pupils to grow beyond examinations. Similarly, the school has created the opportunities for our parents to grow together with their child or children by joining the School Family Education Programme initiated by the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports. Like our parents, our staff too have taken upon themselves to grow professionally so as to better attend to our pupils’ needs. Our staff embarked on a number of curricular projects including riding on opportunities offered by the Ministry of Education. Our parents and staff would continue to grow in this aspect as we role-model to our children the school’s core value of lifelong learning. Looking ahead, the school has taken note of the PERI recommendations and would be revamping the school assessment beginning with the Primary 1 next year and the school’s co-curricular activities programme. We would share more details with the parents of the affected levels next year and, in sharing, to also get our parents’ feedback. It is also with pride that I share with the community the accolades that our staff received this year. Mr Roslie, our HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics won the Golden Point Award given by the National Arts Council and the Anugerah MAS, a Malay Literary Award given by the Central Council of Malay Cultural Organisations Singapore. Ms Selena Tan was given the Blue Ribbon Award for her work with the pupils during the Sony Creative Toys Competition. Mr Yusoff was given the Model Worker Award while our vice-principal, Mrs Koh, and Mr Roslie were given the Partnership Award by NTUC. Aside from these awards, numerous compliments of our staff were sent to the school. I must thank our parents for taking the time to commend our staff, a gesture that is deeply appreciated by my colleagues and me. The school also congratulates Mr Chai Chon Fah, PBM, Chairman, School Advisory Committee on his being awarded the Service to Education Award by the Ministry of Education this year. The school needs to put on record too our gratitude to some of our colleagues who left the school this year; Mr Ngoh Lian Kwee, Mr Kelvin Choo, Mdm Pek Wei Miao, Ms Haslinda, Mdm Loh Jing Ling and Ms Dzariffa. The year 2009 has ended well for the school and I look forward to another good year of working together with the BPPS community. Mdm Ng Soh Hua Principal

Newsletter 2010, 2009 saw the school’s vibrancy and dynamism, with increasing teachers’ collaboration in professional areas as well as increased pupil participation in school activities. We recognize the diverse talents in our pupils, by creating a variety of opportunities for them to discover their talents and equip them with relevant skills and abilities. With support from MOE under TLLM ignite, and the strengthening of the partnership with our stakeholders, especially the parents of our pupils, through the School Family Education (SFE) Programme, the learning environment at BPPS will be further enhanced in the coming years.

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Mrs Koh - Peck Seok Hoon Vice-Principal

I am happy to have the opportunity to serve as the vice-principal of BPPS. I started my teaching career at a secondary school in 1994 and I was posted to another secondary school the following year. After serving there for five years, I went to MOE Curriculum Planning and Development Division to serve as a curriculum planning officer. I became a Head of Department of a secondary school in 2004 and a vice-principal of a primary school in 2007. Prior to my posting to BPPS, I attended the Leaders in Education Programme from March to September 2009. As teachers, it is important for us to do the best we can to help every child to maximise his or her potential and be the best that he or she can be. School is a place for learning. I will do my utmost to help the teachers to teach even better so that the pupils can learn even better. Ng Buck Chwee Vice-Principal


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BPPS Newsletter 2009  

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