BPMA Pump Buyers Guide and Directory 2021/22

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The BPMA Pump Buyers Guide & Directory 2021/22

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T h e E v o l u t i o n o f Q u a l i t y P u m p Tr a i n i n g both courses have received makeovers and updates the latest of which was completed in 2021.

The Evolution of Quality Pump Training

In the Autumn of 2020, when the Coronavirus restrictions were in place, BPMA training moved online with all Classroombased courses being presented as Webinars. This important transition was made ever more possible because each course had been regularly and continually updated to keep abreast of any changes in pumping technology and legislation requirements. With live real-time access to the course tutor, these courses are delivered to groups of several delegates remotely by Alex who typically presents each course over three weekly 3-hour sessions.

By: Steve Smith, assistant director and operations manager, BPMA It was back in the 1990s that the BPMA Technical Committee under the Chairmanship of Leslie Teasdale devised the first classroom-based pump training modules. From the very beginning, it was agreed that the courses should provide the best independent pump training, based on knowledge gathered from those who were considered experts in their field.

By asking students to keep cameras and microphones on during the session, the course delivers an experience that closely resembles the Classroom. With students able to ask questions of Alex that are more specific to their area of work, each course ensures the students get the most from the training and for Alex, no two deliveries of any course are ever the same. Commenting on the future of training for the BPMA, Steve Smith said “The next few years will be an exciting time for our training programme as we look to roll out more courses, beginning this year with the 2-day Pump Repair & Maintenance course”.

Over the years these courses evolved into 5 one-day courses. Regularly updated to take in new developments and incorporate best practice, they have always remained true to the initial brief of quality independent training for all. Alex Yates, BPMA’s principal lecturer for these courses said, “It has been my pleasure to become BPMA’s latest custodian of these courses, to update and revise when necessary, and to deliver them to a new generation of Pump professionals, passing on knowledge that they will take with them and use daily in their chosen careers.”

In February 2021 BPMA released an updated version of the Training Guide with a clearer more concise coverage of all of their training courses including the new 2 Day Pump Repair & Maintenance course. A pathway to Continual Professional Development that students can see, plan and strive towards. ■ For a print copy email: training@bpma.org.uk For dates on all forthcoming courses go to https://www.bpma.org.uk/lectures

In 2006 BPMA commissioned Lez Warren to devise two Elearning courses – a basic introduction to pumping course and a much more advanced course. Both are still being delivered today, although once again they have each seen some changes over time. Professional voice overs were added in 2015 and

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