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We quiz Nikon on why it’s coming out with a declaredly ‘video first’ camera. Plus the essential new lighting, photo print & optical accessories releasing this month

Discover why the Vitec Group has taken the bold step of changing its name and branding to Videndum – and what it means for photo, video & audio categories

We visit a Fujifilm CX 3240 Creative Duplex Printer user to discover its real world business application – and how it delivers on quality, speed & design

Anticipating The Photography Show’s September return, a refresher on how to maximise return from trade shows, whether as an exhibitor or visitor

Creating What’s Next

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Editorial | July / August 2022

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here’s a wry observation doing the rounds among those I follow on social media that during lockdown every middle-aged man started a podcast. It’s unsurprising that the last three years have prompted introspection and rumination on mortality with those of a certain age – and many podcasts seem to reflect that. Looking at life through the rear view mirror, maybe it was better in the 1970s, 1980s or even 1990s; it certainly felt simpler and the future shinier when we were kids – but that’s undoubtedly true for most post-war generations. While the middle aged started podcasts, the younger demographic has increasingly looked to YouTube and Tik Tok (not sure where we all meet in the middle; Instagram maybe?) for selfexpression and connection; the positive take from all this being that photo and video retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers have new, evolving

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markets to sell their products into. A flick through this edition of BPI News reveals they’re very much aware of it, too. One example: Nikon’s latest Z 30 mirrorless camera is not only aimed at online ‘vloggers’ and influencers – the best value official kit, for the first time in our memory, contains third party audio and stabilisation gear alongside own brand camera and lens – it’s also inviting retailers to put together their own starter kit bundles. An LED light would be an obvious addition for any beginner wanting shadow-free professional lighting – and there are off-the-peg solutions from Kenro, MAC Group and Transcontinenta UK in this issue, along with mobile phone and camera friendly gimbals from the latter, that will help ape what at one time only professionals could achieve. Nothing lets an amateur video down more than duff sound however, and here Videndum – the new name for the Vitec Group – comes in (see our interview, page 12). In fact, it has literally changed the company name to better reflect its diversity of audio and video products aimed at content creators, an audience it is fair to say that our industry is currently enjoying a something of a love-in with. With the traditional camera market having shrunk in recent years, it’s a godsend that such newer trends are driving demand and innovation. As we send this issue to press we’re just two months away from The Photography Show, another positive on the horizon, and it’ll be interesting to see which trends are reflected there. Please do send us your nominations for this year’s BPI News Awards (see page 14), which we’ll also be handing out at the NEC this September. And no, I haven’t started a podcast. But surely it’s only a matter of time.


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NIKON PINS HOPES ON VLOGGERS The photo brand exemplar has expanded its ‘Z’ mirrorless series with what it is calling a ‘video first’ camera – meaning it’s aimed squarely at online ‘vloggers’. Its UK Marketing Manager Julian Harvie is suitably enthused: “Whatever you’re into as a vlogger, the Z 30 will let you create what your smartphone can’t; quality is vastly improved.” Despite being pitched as an entry-level product, the most affordable option for newcomers at the time of writing is a bodyonly deal for a suggested £699. Any newbie will also need a lens, and we’re looking at £839 SRP for a deal adding a 16-50mm.

Although retailers are being invited to put together their own bundles, Nikon’s best value bundle includes the camera, the above lens, its ML-L7 remote control, plus SmallRig branded tripod and wind muff at £879. A ‘double zoom’ kit with both the camera and 1650mm and 50-250mm lenses comes in at £1069 SRP, though the beauty here is that it can be used with all Nikkor Z lenses. “It’s going to take time to reach a brand new audience for Nikon,” admits Julian.

Photographic British


“But this is not just a flash-inthe-pan launch. I’m encouraged by the existence of the Z 30 as an indicator of where we’re heading in the future.” Retailers were promised “a pretty decent amount of stock available” for the sales start date of July 14th as we went to press. The main Z 30 features to share with your customers are the ability to shoot 4K-resolution video at up to 30fps, plus record up to 125 minutes uninterrupted. At its heart is a 20.9 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor similar to that found in its Z 50, it features built-in microphones described as ‘hyper sensitive’, while an

external microphone can alternatively be attached. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is incorporated, as is compatibility with Nikon’s SnapBridge software. Composition and review is via a 3-inch variable touchscreen with ‘uncluttered’ displays, though Julian tells us “this audience isn’t looking too hard at the spec sheet.” Also new from Nikon is the Nikkor Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S described by its maker as a ‘super portable super telephoto’ lens with ‘S line quality’. In-lens Vibration reduction gives the claimed equivalent of a 5.5 stop advantage, and despite the hefty focal range it is being pitched as lightweight and travel friendly at 1245g. It can be used in tandem with Nikon’s 1.4x and 2x teleconverters to provide the equivalent of 560mm or 800mm. On sale at the same time as the Z 30, £3,299 SRP was being indicated for the weathersealed lens as we went to press.

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4 July / August 2022 | BPI News


‘GRIMM’ NEWS IS GOOD NEWS FOR LEICA Over in Wetzlar, Germany, the premium camera brand has announced a new CFO – Chief Financial Officer – in Michael Grimm. The new appointee is said to have a long history of similar roles, including 12 years at Dr Johannes Heidenhain, described as a high tech optical metrology company. Leica’s Dr Andreas Kaufmann says of the appointment: “We are extremely pleased to have gained Mr Grimm as an experienced CFO with whom we will shape our significant growth and transformation course in the coming years.” In related news, the manufacturer has announced an eye-catching, limited-to250-units ‘LIFE Edition’ of its Trinovid 8 x 40 binoculars. The neon green leather trim binos are a collaboration with Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliason and are intended as a homage to his exhibition of the same name, which explores how nature and culture are, he believes,

inseparable. The asking price is £2,150. A new limited edition camera of 250 pieces worldwide, the Leica M-A Titan, has also surfaced with an asking price of a cool £18K. This marks the 6th time the manufacturer has released a shortrun of titanium made products, since the introduction of the M6 TTL in 2001. The classic analogue M-A comes complete

with a Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH lens, with both optic and camera made using components milled from pieces of solid titanium – a material known for exceptional resilience and durability. The camera and lens come packaged in a special silk-lined presentation box and feature engravings with their respective special-edition serial numbers. Finally, Leica has announced that leading camera drone and gimbal manufacturer DJI is joining the L-Mount Alliance – which also included Panasonic and Sigma alongside Leica itself upon launch. The L-Mount is currently featured on 10 cameras and over 50 lenses across the alliances partners. For its part, DJI has partnered with Leica to introduce the exclusive Zenmuse X9 L-Mount Unit. This means that as of now, users of the modular DJI Ronin 4D System will be able to fit Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma L-Mount lenses onto their cameras and thus further extend their creative possibilities for high quality photo and video productions.

There’s ‘Nan’ better than these ‘Lites’ The Nanlite Forza family has expanded with the addition of the new Nanlite Forza 150B, a bright and mobile LED spotlight, which boasts a ‘classic’ all-in-one design and 170W of output. Developed with professionals in mind, a two knob plus one button interface is said to offer intuitive operation, while there are also plentiful connectivity options, including via Bluetooth and Nanlink app. It can be used as a key light or a fill light as desired and features 12-on board practical lighting effects. Power comes either via mains adapter, or an optional hand-held V-mount grip can also provide stable power. It’s further FM mount and Bowens mount compatible. Available in the UK from this August, suggested pricing is £563. A further new product appeared last

on board are 12 lighting effects, plus, with the help of the Nanlink app, the FS-300B can be combined with other FS-300B units for multiple control. Also available August, SRP is £432. Interested parties in the trade should contact distributor MAC Group Europe. month in the Nanlite FS-300B, being the latest addition to its FS Studio Monolight range. The pitch here is that this is a budget friendly bi-colour monolight for those who have diverse requirements for colour temperatures, boasting an output described as ‘surprisingly powerful’, in offering 11,130 lux at 1M (5600K). If using the included reflector, luminance can be increased to 38,720 lux. Also

BPI News is your mouthpiece to reach peers in the photo trade, so use it. Send ad bookings & press releases to @bpi_news

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SONY GIVES IT A SHOT(GUN), RELEASES LENS TRIO Videographers can rejoice at the news that the electronics leviathan has introduced a new ‘three-in-one’ ECM-B10 shotgun microphone (below), which it describes as ‘remarkably compact’. Features to note include that fact that digital signal processing is applied to the sound collected by four high performance microphones ‘capsules’, leading to reduced noise and crystal clear recording. Of course the ECM-B10 can be connected directly to a compatible camera shoe without the need for cables, which prevents any interference with a camera’s flip our screen or supplementary batteries. It’s also claimed to be resistant to dust and moisture. Available this month, UK SRP is £230. In further Sony news this month, it’s unveiled three wide-angle E-Mount APS-C lenses in the E PZ 10-20mm f/4 G (above, left), E 15mm f/1.4 G (above,

middle) and E 11mm f/1.8 (above, right). resolution, thereby giving it vast creative The first offers a 15-30mm equivalent potential. Finally the E 11mm f/1.8 focal length in 35mm terms, and is offers the full frame equivalent of described as the world’s smallest and 16.5mm, delivering corner-to-corner lightest ultra wide-angle constant f/4 resolution promised as ‘outstanding’, APS-C compatible power zoom lens. gorgeous bokeh and fast, reliable AF. The E 15mm f/1.4 G offers the All three lenses are available now at equivalent of 22.5mm in 35mm terms, £750 SRP each for the 10-20mm and delivers what is described ‘beautiful 15mm and1£500 SRP for the 11mm. BPI - UKas Sales Rep Recruitment Ad.pdf 23/06/2022 12:19 f/1.4 bokeh’ plus a superb ‘G’ lens

‘TPS’ LINE-UP LOOKING SUPER With just weeks to go, The Photography Show organiser Future has drawn back the curtain on the ‘headliners’ for its ticketed Super Stage talks running this September 17th through 20th. Hoping to draw in the crowds this year are landscape photographer Colin Prior (middle), creator and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis (right), beauty and portrait photographer Christina Ebenezer, documentarian Cristina Mittermeier (left), filmmaker Jack Harries, dog photographer Kaylee Greer and Canon ‘Explorer of Light’ Roberto Valenzuela. Those in the trade can register now for free entry to TPS (but not the Super Stage which must be paid for), which must be done before midnight on September 14th.

WE’RE HIRING UK Sales Manager

Competitive Salary Package & Company Car C








Kenro is a leading distributor of photo and video accessories based in Swindon, Wiltshire. We are seeking a UK Sales Manager, offering a competitive salary package and company car. Applicants should preferably reside in Southern England and within commutable distance to London. The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining an established portfolio of clients, achieving sales targets, and developing new business. A proven sales record within the photographic or allied trades is essential, with products across the Kenro catalogue encompassing photo frames and albums, LED lighting, flashguns, tripods, filters, scanners, and more. Apply by email or in writing with current CV details to: Paul Kench, Kenro Ltd, Greenbridge Road, Swindon, Wilts, SN3 3LH.

01793 615836 Greenbridge Road, Swindon, SN3 3LH, UK

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BPI News Product Focus


With a new range of highly specified lighting products and accessories, distributor Kenro shows that after almost half a century of trading it’s still continuously coming up with bright new ideas. These are currently in stock and available to the photo and video trade at highly competitive price points


he brand new Kenro Smart Lites are aptly named, being high performance, feature packed LEDs appealing to photographers and videographers on the go. There are multiple mounting and power options too, some compatible with a smartphone app to put precise control at users’ fingertips, while they’re portable enough for use either on location or in the studio. Excitingly versatile is the 19-inch KSLR101 RGB Ring Light Kit, which at £169.99 SRP is an ideal starter option for ‘vloggers’. It provides 60W of flawless, soft and shadowless lighting, suitable for beauty portraits, product photography or YouTube or Tik Tok. Precision control over brightness, colour and saturation is offered, with 2900 Lux of illumination provided at 0.5m. With dimensions of 580x480x34mm, it weighs 960g and comes supplied with a light stand, smartphone holder, dual smartphone and tablet holder, mini ball head, carry case and UK mains cable.

Also in stock is the Kenro KSLT101 Compact RGB Tube Light (top), a versatile LED light tube with a 10W output lasting 2.5 hours on a full charge via USB-C port and supplying 700 Lux of illumination. At just £89.99 SRP, this is a chance for photographer and videographer customers to get professional lighting in the palm of their hand. Measuring 39x269mm it weighs just 320g. A charging cable, 2-in-1 mini tripod and handgrip, protective sleeve, wrist strap and waterproof bag are provided.

Panel show: Kenro’s versatile video light panel will add a degree of professionalism to any production

Give us a ring: Shadows can be avoided if taking advantage of Kenro’s new ring light, perfect for content creators looking to up their game

Joining these is the KSLP103 RGB Video Light Panel, an all-purpose 230x234mm light panel with removable diffuser and built-in 4-way barn doors designed to give photographers and filmmakers bright and even illumination whether in studio or on location. Built-in Bluetooth functionality allows for smartphone app control, with colour match technology matching the light colour to anything in the user’s surroundings. Again, this is truly versatile at £189.99 SRP.

counterpart this 9-watt panel is powered via an internal battery, lasting around 1.9 hours of continuous output at 100% brightness. Two 1/4-inch screw threads are built into the casing, while a mini ball head allows for mounting. The panel also functions as a power bank, via its USB output port. In normal use it can deliver up to 1150 Lux of illumination (5600K at 0.5m), with brightness adjustable from 0-100% in 5% increments. Multiple accessory options are available, including a trio of light stands. The lightweight, KSLX104 4-section light stand MAKING LIGHT WORK for £16.99 SRP has a maximum height OF VIDEO of 1.9m, a folded length of 50cm, and a Those seeking a ‘pocket sized powerhouse’ maximum load of 4kg. It weighs 830g, and meanwhile are directed to the smartphone is also supplied as part of the KSLR101 sized KSLP102 RGB Compact LED Video ring light kit. The similarly lightweight Light. Suitable for when a key light, a fill KSLX108 3-section light stand at £18.99 light or strategic highlights are required, SRP weighs 850g, has a maximum height the panel provides 10 watts of output, of 2m, a folded length of 68cm, and a maxwith fully charged integral battery lasting imum load of 8kg. Finally, the KSLX107 1.6 hours. Delivering up to 1050 lux of 4-section light stand (left) provides a heavy brightness (7500K at 0.5m), filmmakers duty option with 4 sections and a maxiare gifted nine built-in special lighting mum height of 2.8m. It weighs 2.2kg, has a effects, while a magnet built into the light’s maximum load of 8kg, and a folded length aluminium alloy casing ensures it can of 90cm for just £27.99 SRP. be mounted in even the most awkward Other accessories include a pair of mini spaces. Included for £84.99 SRP are a aluminium ball heads, a smartphone mini ball head, USB-C charging cable, holder, a combined smartphone and tablet detachable diffuser and carry bag. holder, and a 2-in-1 mini tripod and hand Affordable at £49.99 SRP is the grip. Details of all accessories are available KSLP101 Bi-Colour Compact LED on the Kenro website. Video Light, suited to live streaming, To order stock of any or all of the above, video interviews, portraits, weddings contact UK sales on 01793 615836 or visit and macro photography. Like its RGB

Get hands on with the Kenro Smart Lite range on Stand D310 at The Photography Show this September. See more at NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! Read BPI News online at

BPI News | July / August 2022 7


ROTOLIGHT FIRMS UP ITS WARES The British lighting specialist has announced a Firmware V1.2 update for users of its AEOS 2 and NEO 3 LED lights, which claims to enhance functionality. A Silent Fan Mode has been included for videographers, while a new ‘Lux mode’ allows photographers to extract a maximum performance from the light, or filmmakers to achieve a constant exposure across all colour temperatures. With the NEO 3 (right) and AEOS 2 (middle) both featuring a touchscreen interface, a Touchscreen Lock Mode has been added to prevent accidental adjustment to chosen settings if moving the lights around. In a claimed industry first feature, both lights now include Dynamic Multi-Language Support, which offers real-time adjustment through all menus and displays. Rotolight CEO Rod Aaron Gammons concludes: “The latest firmware updates for the Rotolight AEOS 2 and NEO 3 really demonstrate our commitment to push forward with developments, reacting

to requests from our customers while future-proofing their creative solutions.” Also expected July is a Firmware 2.0 update providing support for Rotolight’s new native iOS and Android app, which will provide wireless realtime control of brightness, colour temperature, special effects, flash settings and more for both lights.

FUJI MINI PRINTER IS TOP DRAW A new Fuji device claims to take the art of personalised printing to a whole new level, in allowing users to ‘draw in the air’ and have their doodles transferred

directly to their prints. The feature, ‘InstaxAIR’, which works in tandem with a free downloadable app, is just one of the appealing aspects of the new Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 printer, which is said to be all about creativity and interactivity. Further features include the ability to customise mini prints by designing frames, stickers and more, as well as tweak the look of images via ‘Instax-Rich’ and ‘Instax-Natural’ colour modes. Described as compact, lightweight and with a striped texture, the printer can deliver a print in around 15 seconds, supports continuous printing, plus is able to deliver 100 mini prints per charge, with images transmitted to the device via Bluetooth connectivity. Of course there is a trio of fetching colours available on launch: Soft Pink, Clay White and Space Blue. Available now, SRP is £114.99. Launched alongside the printer is a new Instax Mini Spray Art Instant Film, featuring a colourful rainbow spray design border claimed to reflect light

and help images ‘pop’ with added colour, at £8.99 SRP for a pack of 10 sheets.

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M O V E . S H O O T . C R E A T E. 16.7M COLOURS, 2500 FILTERS



R O T O L I G H T. C O M / A E O S 2


BPI News Product Focus


The specialist in optics is seeking to tempt your landscape photographer, L-Mount and E-mount camera owning customers with its new full frame 16-28mm f/2.8 DG DN lens. BPI News finds out why this one is worth focusing on


iming for wide appeal is Sigma’s new ‘Contemporary’ class ultra wide lens in the 16-28mm f/2.8 DG DN, which went on sale the middle of last month at £749.99 SRP. This creative option has plenty going for it – particularly for landscape photographers looking to shoehorn widescreen vistas into frame. Nominally a successor to the same brand’s very popular yet now discontinued 10-20mm – its manufacturer is hoping the 16-28mm, which unlike its predecessor is now full frame compatible, will be just as well received. The headline features to impart to your photographer customers are that the full frame mirrorless camera lens is available specifically for Sony E-mount and L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma) camera users. Its maker describes the 16-28mm f/2.8 as very small and light at just 100.6mm in length and 450g in weight, making it ideal for wedding and travel photographers too, while maintaining a fast f/2.8 aperture throughout its zoom range. Maintaining its pitch for compactness, the lens features an internal zoom mechanism, ensuring its length doesn’t physically alter whether zooming in or out. This makes it great for gimbal users,

suggests its manufacturer, as does the fact that its centre-of-gravity hardly changes when zooming, so users can change focal length on a gimbal without rebalancing. Unlike some ultra wide-angle lenses, provision has also been made for a front filter thread.


Wide appeal: Landscape photographers will love Sigma’s new 16-28mm f/2.8 DG DN lens (above, with sample pics below)

Constructed from two large diameter aspherical lens elements and five perfectly arranged FLD glass elements, with characteristics mirroring that of fluorite, Sigma says its 16-28mm f/2.8 manages to suppress the usual chromatic aberrations that often diminish the image quality of other ultra wide lens designs. Coupled with this, the f/2.8 constant aperture provides a shallow depth of field effect, particularly when shooting close ups. A Super Multi-Layer Coating is also key to it delivering high contrast results, even in the trickiest of shooting scenarios,

while the lens is quiet in operation too, making it not just especially suitable for shooting weddings, but also for video when using an on-camera microphone. In short, there is plenty of potential here – for both creativity and for sales. “We believe this is a game changer in the mirrorless ultra wide angle zoom category,” concludes Sigma UK MD Paul Reynolds. “Dealers are advised to speak to their local Sigma rep and add the 16-28mm f/2.8 DG DN to stock as soon as possible this summer to meet the expected demand from wedding, travel and landscape photographers.” Supplied accessories include a petal type lens hood, front cap and rear cap. It goes without saying that high quality performance is assured, thanks to the rigorous quality control undertaken at Sigma’s sole production base in Aizu, Japan.

Ka-Pow! Pair Sigma’s dynamic duo for knockout sales Retailers and their photographer customers are advised to pair the new 16-28mm with Sigma’s existing 28-70mm; together these lenses cover ultra wide to short telephoto with no gaps, while the lightweight compact design of both is almost identical; in combination making for the perfect creative partnership. And they won’t weigh down your customers’ kit bags too much either, as together the total weight of the lenses is still less than 1Kg.

©Chris Martin Scholl

©Frederic Mery

All of Sigma’s lenses come with the benefit of a three-year limited warranty. Visit 10 July / August 2022 | BPI News

BPI News Product Focus

TRANSCONTINENTA UK’S LATEST & GREATEST GEAR The distributor has a wealth of new product from Lexar, Tamron and Zhiyun to share...


hotographers, videographers and ‘content creators’ alike all feel the need for speed. Going like a locomotive – and offering a competitive price point with it – are the new Lexar Diamond series CFexpress Type B cards and Gold series CFexpress Type A cards (right). The Diamond series Type B CFexpress cards arrive in 128GB and 256GB capacities, claiming to unleash ‘blazing’ fast read speeds of up to 1900MB/s, and write speeds of up to 1700MB/s (with a minimum sustained write speed of 1600MB/s). This is ideal for filmmakers aiming to capture smooth Raw 8K, 6K or 4K quality footage. The new Gold series Type A CFexpress cards arrive in 80GB or 160B capacities, and are aimed at anyone shooting highresolution photos or cinema quality 8K video. Sustained read speeds of up to 900MB/s and sustained write speeds of up to 800MB/s allow their users to ‘capture with confidence’. Both new offerings from Lexar are certified ‘VPG 400’ class – something only a handful of manufacturers have achieved to date – meaning they’re independently tested and verified to the highest of standards. This is especially important for videographers, as it means no dropped frames. “This is a really important moment for Lexar, with their expansion of the increasingly successful CFexpress line up of cards,” enthuses Transcontinenta UK’s Marketing Coordinator Chris Watts. “Being VPG 400 rated makes these cards a first choice option for most video professionals.”

video capture. Operation is fast and quiet, thanks to Tamron’s RXD (‘Rapid eXtra silent stepping Drive’) AF motor, with focus breathing kept to a minimum. Users are also able to shoot as close as 19cm at the wide-angle end and at 39cm at the telephoto end, while a moisture resistant construction and a five year warranty (upon registration) offers further peace of mind. The new kit continues with three new exciting products: the Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C LED Light Stick (right), the Zhiyun Weebill 3 Gimbal for professional filmmakers plus the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Smartphone Gimbal. Aimed at photographers and videographers, the FR100C is a powerful LED light stick described as slimmer and weighing less than alternatives, while providing a power output of 100 watts. It can deliver up to 21195 lux (at 0.3m), while 100 dimming steps can precisely meet the scene’s requirements. Built-in fans provide effective cooling, with a large internal battery delivering ‘hours’ of use. Fast charging is via USB-C. SRP is £199 for the standard offering, with a ‘Combo’ version adding a storage bag and mains power adapter for £249 SRP. The lightweight and user-friendly Weebill 3 offers ergonomic improvements over its predecessor. A Swiss Army knife type affair, the gimbal features a builtin microphone, integral 1000 lumens LED light and integral battery providing power all day long. A new ‘Sling 2.0’

FOCUSED ON INNOVATION, QUALITY & VALUE The innovation continues via a new Tamron 17-70mm f/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD B070x (right) for the Fujifilm X camera mount. At £829.99 SRP, this is the world’s first bright 4.1x zoom lens for APS-C cameras, boasting a 17-70mm zoom range. The small and lightweight optic is equipped with Vibration Compensation to minimize camera shake during stills and

design incorporates a restructured L-shape handle, a new wrist rest, and a repositioned extendable sling grip, offering over 40% more wrist support. The grip includes thumb buttons, a mini control stick plus finger trigger and customisable wheel. While the standard product is £449 SRP, the ‘Combo’ adds a small tripod, sling handle, wrist rest and backpack for £489 SRP.

Lastly, the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Gimbal (above) is a three-axis stabilizer aimed at influencers and ‘vloggers’, who can switch between landscape and portrait mode at a single click. Featuring a brand new arm design and improved grip, once unfolded its 215mm built-in extendable rod allows videographers to shoot at various angles, from a wider background. One-handed operation is facilitated via a multi functional control wheel that allows filmmakers to press to adjust the brightness, or slide to adjust the focal length. SRP is £119, or £149 for the ‘Combo’, providing a doubleside magnetic fill light at 5500K with four levels of adjustable brightness. For more:

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The Big Interview

VITEC REBRANDS AS VIDENDUM What’s in a name? Everything if you’re the former Vitec Group, now renamed ‘Videndum’. BPI News finds out what’s changed and which aspects are ‘business as usual’…


hen a well-established industry player decides to re-name and ‘refresh’ its brand, there are a bunch of questions to be asked. The former Vitec Group – known for the impressive collection of brands including Manfrotto, JOBY, Rycote and more – is now Videndum. With its three-division structure retained, Vitec Imaging Solutions has become Videndum Media Solutions, while Vitec Production Solutions and Vitec Creative Solutions both now have a Videndum prefix substituted. We pigeonholed Videndum Media Solutions Divisional Chief Marketing Officer Chris Carr (right) to find out more. BPI News: What prompted the rebranding of Vitec to Videndum (‘that which is to be seen’ according to Latin scholars)… why was it needed… and why should the trade be excited? Chris Carr: Let’s start with why the industry should be excited – we see growth in our end markets, and growth is something we should all be excited about. The renaming allows us to reframe and refresh our brand to take this opportunity.

A: The total addressable market for microphones is the same size as imaging. Of course we have grown in imaging and have a leading share in our categories of this market. Microphones are relatively new to us and that is why we have built a strong platform with our acquisitions of much loved audio brands Rycote and Audix. These join the on-camera JOBY

but the segments now accelerating ecommerce growth further – fashion, food, and hospitality to name a few – are driving unprecedented demand for high quality visual and audio content. Two: Q: Are we looking a case of same company, Social Media – this market continues different name… or, if not, what’s altered? to develop and so does the standard of Does the loss of the word ‘imaging’ content across platforms like YouTube signify that that aspect of the business is and TikTok. Three: Scripted TV diminished? continues to experience A: You’re right double digit growth, as does Every one of our brands has a unique voice and in that our Division my number four: Streaming target customer. Whilst we may occasionally share content across multiple of the Group the same retail partners, we have to keep the has evolved to different platforms. customer at the heart of our priorities.” Videndum Media Solutions. This Q: Is there a side to in no way though means that imaging microphones to complete our audio the business you’re personally has diminished. It’s simply we have offering. We believe this combination passionate about? expanded our audio offerings to service brings together some special talents and A: I love all forms of content creation today’s multi skilled content creators. will help expand this market further. and asking me to pick would be hard. That said, I find it amazing watching the Q: What is Videndum’s mission statement? Q: What are the market shifts and teams working with influencers across A: Enabling the capture and opportunities you’ve picked up on of late social media who break convention and sharing of exceptional content. that may benefit the various tech brands that find disruptive ways of making content now sit under the ‘Videndum’ umbrella? and telling their unique story. New trends Q: How big a portion of the business A: There are four key elements driving have been forever changing our industry, are we looking at audio products growth for our division. One: The Internet but the fact that so many people now have being – or how much of a slice of the – this is the most significant growth driver. access to share their view is exhilarating business would you like them to be? Growth in ecommerce is not new of course, and pushing our industry forward.

For further information on the above and the breakdown of products offered via the three distinct divisions in Videndum 12 July / August 2022 | BPI News

Videndum Advertorial Videndum and what can be done to mitigate against them going forward? A: We stay very close to the market and trends, investing a significant amount of time and resources into our longer-term strategy. Such challenges tend to be less significant if a strong long-term strategy is coupled with an equally strong operational and financial backbone that can inform and support fast decisions, thus enabling us to navigate through these challenges.

Q: Why does Videndum need a threedivision structure, when there is inevitably some overlap? What are the benefits of such segregation? A: Every one of our brands has a unique voice and target customer. Whilst we may occasionally share the same retail partners, we have to keep the customer at the heart of our priorities. This decentralised structure allows us to keep the focus 100% on our customers’ evolving needs. Q: As regards PR and promotions of late, photographers and videographers are being subsumed by (and amalgamated under) the more generic term ‘content creators’ – which of course covers both, and more besides. But in the process of broadening out your offerings and seeking potential markets, how do you avoid losing the patronage of these specialists in their respective fields – and how can you take them along with you? A: I don’t know if it is a generic term or more a compliment to the multi-skilled operators of today. Of course though, we recognise there are many different types of content creators, and this is why we have multiple brands. Each one of those brands educate and support their specialism with their own team, product development, ambassadors and communication strategy, to ensure we stay relevant to all of our customers. Q: The tech industry has faced multiple challenges in recent years – a shortage of parts and disrupted supply chains because of Covid-19 and Brexit… and now we have the cost of living crisis. How has each affected

On the move: Videndum’s Chris Carr is very proud of the Manfrotto Move quick release system, shown here both in close up and in operation

‘Selfie’ evident: Many JOBY products make light work for today’s tech-savvy content creators

Q: In terms of your ‘hero’ products, which ones should retailers and customers investigate further? We’ve talked about audio brands like Audix, JOBY and Rycote aimed at content creators… but presumably the likes of Manfrotto, Lowepro and Gitzo still have a place and an audience too? A: Not only do they have a place, they are leaders in their markets and have fundamental roles to play in our long-term strategy as we continue to add innovation to all of our brands. If I had to pick a hero today, I would highlight the award winning Manfrotto Move Quick Release system. This is at the heart of our Manfrotto ecosystem which is innovating in new ways to enable a faster workflow in content creation; something our retailers and customers tell us is key to support their profession. Q: While continuing to provide retail with product, you’re also expanding your own e-commerce channel – how does one avoid stepping on the toes of the other? A: Our customers primarily research digitally; we have to ensure that we give them the best experience possible if they are looking for one of our product categories. Although we prioritise that digital experience, if you go onto our websites, you will find our retail partners

doing the majority of the fulfillment. We recognise that buyers have preferences to where they buy their products. During the pandemic we have seen many of our partners invest and upgrade their own digital platforms. Our internal marketing teams have worked hard to support partners who drive our industry and this remains core to our strategy. Q: What are you hearing in terms of the current concerns and wants of retailers and customers? A: We recently did a global survey with our partners and customers and whilst that output sadly will have to remain within that group, one of the highlights, as mentioned above, was ‘speed of workflow’. This ‘want’ was already known, of course, but the response was stronger than we expected, so we will accelerate the speed of innovation and investment into this area. Q: Cost of living and the content creation buzzwords aside, sustainability is another big one. What is Videndum doing that shows it is ‘green’ minded? A: Whilst sustainability is a buzzword today, we have been heavily engaged in this area for many years and continue to make strong sustainable choices – our Divisional CEO Marco Pezzana personally oversees this area, such is its importance to the culture of who we are. If I could however take this platform to bring one of the programmes we support to the attention of your readers: Wild Shots Outreach have been supporting young Africans from disadvantaged communities to access their wildlife heritage and create employment through photography. This programme is close to both my heart and those of my team – and I would encourage anybody to take a minute to understand the great work they do via Q: Looking to the future, where do Videndum’s ambitions lie? Will the imaging or photo industry still exist as a single entity – or do you see it forming part of many different emerging markets? A: We aim to grow with our partners. More content is being produced than ever before and whilst content creators continue to become multi-talented photographers, videographers, sound experts and all round visual and audio artists, I am sure our industry will find a way to ensure we give them the technology, education and support they need. We very much cherish being part of this industry and we all look forward to catching up with our friends in the industry face to face over the coming months.

Media Solutions, Videndum Production Solutions and Videndum Creative Solutions, please head to @bpi_news

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BPI News Award Nominations


Who gets your vote for the industry’s best products and service over the past 12 months? Let us know via email or social media channels and the winner/s could be picking up an award from us at The Photography Show this September



ith the Photography Show returning in a couple of months’ time, we’ve shifted our annual awards giving to coincide, as we did pre-pandemic. So that means we’re once again asking you for your votes in the following categories, so we can recognise the achievements of your colleagues and peers in the photo and video trade. And yes, of course you can nominate and vote for your own products, business and staff – and we’d encourage you to ask your customers and anyone in the trade you have dealings with to do the same. As we last published our award winners in our June 2021 edition of BPI News, you can flick back to that issue – and forward to the present day – for inspiration on the products and the people who might be deserving of accolade.

HOW TO VOTE Simply send the name of the product, business or person you’d like to win in a particular category to us, either by emailing with ‘BPI News Awards’ in the subject line, or by tagging us on social media with your vote. We can be found on Twitter @bpi_news

THIS YEAR’S CATEGORIES Again, keeping it simple and saving our backs from the strain of traipsing around the NEC with a satchel of awards, we’re keeping our category list manageable. So please submit your winners from the following category selection. We’ve included a reminder of last year’s winners just to give you some steer on the type of products (and persons!) that have won previously: Retailer Of The Year (last year’s winner: Grays Of Westminster) Promotion Of The Year (previous winner: Fujifilm Shop Local Campaign) Product Of The Year (last year’s winner: Nikon Z 6II) Accessory Of The Year (previous winner: Saramonic Pro Audio Kit) Innovation Of The Year (last year’s winner: Sigma FP L) Media Of The Year (previous winner: Lexar 1066x SD Cards) Printer Of The Year (last year’s winner: Epson SC-F100 & SC-500) Consumer Camera Of The Year (previous winner: Panasonic Lumix G100) Campaign Of The Year (last year’s winner: Canon’s EOS R Game Changers) Distributor Of The Year (previous winner: Intro 2020) BPI News Special Award For Services To The Industry (new category – this is in recognition of an individual or a business, who over the years has contributed to the industry & made it a better place)

Make contact now and tell us who should win. The vote will close a week before The Photography Show this September – so the last day for casting your vote is Friday September 9th, 2022. We’ll announce the winners in our November cover date edition. Email, or tag or DM us on Twitter @bpi_news 14 July / August 2022 | BPI News

BPI News Product Focus


To meet the big demand for personalised photo printing services, the large format Epson SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 printers are now ready to install into your business via official reseller the DPS Group Epson SC-P7500 & SC-P9500 benefits at a glance: Both printers offer identical classleading features, including: A 12-colour ink set, which delivers Epson’s widest ever colour gamut with 99% Pantone coverage for increased accuracy


ig ambitions require big solutions – and Epson’s large format SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 printers stand ready. At 24 inches and 44 inches in size respectively, these 12-ink machines provide retailers and minilabs with the perfect opportunity to either add, or increase, a profitable and growing revenue stream in the shape of personalised photo printing services. They’re real workhorses too, ideal for providing high volume, high quality professional output. Naturally your first port of call to source either printer should be Epson re-seller the DPS Group. “The SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 are brilliant, cost effective replacement printers for the hundreds, maybe thousands of Epson, Canon and HP large format printers already in retailers that are definitely due an upgrade,” advises DPS Group MD Maneesh Patel. “This pair of Epson’s will improve productivity, provide even higher quality prints and, as they are more efficient than previous generations, save users money into the bargain. Given that, why wouldn’t you want to investigate further?”

A SOLID, PROVEN SOLUTION FOR GENERATING PROFIT Whether the SC-P7500 or SC-P9500 is the one that proves to be the ideal match for your business, the printers

Twin titans of print: The Epson SC-P7500 (left) and SC-P9500 (right) offer retailers versatility and opportunity in spades

boast a solid, proven construction and the flexibility of printing on fine art paper, canvases, photo paper and more. The media the printers deploy – a resource also available direct from the DPS Group – is worth highlighting too. We’re talking a12 colour Ultrachrome Pro ink set with K3 technology, which claims to offer Epson’s widest ever colour gamut with 99% Pantone coverage and exceptional dynamic range. The inks can be individually replaced if they run low, meaning that there’s no more choosing between ink sets. Speed and reliability is also a hallmark of the Epsons. The machines’ print heads use up to 800 nozzles for each colour, producing accurate dot placement and eliminating misprints, while printing up to 4.3x faster than prior generations. Interested parties are strongly advised to get in touch NOW about Epson’s ‘P’ series printers via or by calling 020 8466 7230. “Come and talk to us now about the SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 and we’ll be able to tailor whichever solution is best to your business,” Maneesh concludes. “Get on the front foot in advance of the busy end-of-holiday season and the start of the run up to Christmas, when the demand for photo gifts really hits its peak.”

Advanced print heads, which use up to 800 nozzles for each colour A μTFP12 print head with 300dpi resolution and 12 channels, delivering high speed and high quality A 4.3-inch touch panel LCD with a range of configuration options

Deeper blacks, achieved via black enhancement over-coating technology, producing even more striking and dramatic prints Support is included for fine art papers, canvases, photo paper and more

Give it your ‘personal’ best. Contact the DPS Group about Epson’s ‘P’ series printers via 020 8466 7230 or NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! Read BPI News online at

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Photographic British



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Part of the glue that binds together our industry, British Photographic Industry News has been with you through the thick and thin of the past 40 years, covering seismic shifts for the trade; including the transferal from film to digital and the changing face of retail, as the high street presence has expanded to involve a more multi-platform sales push. With a lot of misinformation out there, a curated approach to the developments of the day and exclusive input from industry leaders is what continues to ensure the relevance of a trade-focused magazine. As we seek to guide you through choppy waters, you in turn can lend your support from just £30 per year. Simply click through to to send your £30 subscription direct, or get in touch via or if you’d prefer to pay via bank transfer.

Minilab News


Perfect for any business wanting high quality prints output fast that can be sold at a decent margin, the Fujifilm CX 3240 Creative Duplex Printer is finding new friends among small business owners and large retailers alike. BPI News meets one of them…


e first introduced the Fujifilm CX 3240 Creative Duplex Printer back in BPI News February/March edition, its arrival coinciding with a Futuresource report suggesting market value for photo printing and gifting was set to grow to £330 million by 2024 – a whopping 57% increase on 2018. Perfect for those businesses looking to capitalise on such burgeoning demand, the Fujifilm CX 3240 has a great deal in its favour, not least that it can deliver a high volume of high quality prints quickly and economically, and all from a set up with a small footprint. Since we first wrote about the printer, businesses up and down the country have now had the chance to install one in their retail environment and really get to know it. Its compactness has even opened up an extra audience for Fujifilm – that of small business owners working from home, who don’t have a high street presence yet can sell printed goods and photo gifts all over the world via e-commerce platforms including Etsy.

RETAIL QUALITY FOR THOSE TIGHT ON SPACE Steph Yt is just one such beneficiary of Fujifilm’s innovation. Having set up her Etsy shop, ‘Steph Yt Shop’ during lockdown, she was looking for a compact and high speed printer that

A change on the cards: Growing demand for her business prompted Steph Yt (pictured) to install a new Fujifilm CX 3240 printer to fulfil orders

The CX 3240 is the perfect fit thanks to its small footprint and the multiple drawers. Its ability to print at speed on up to 330gsm card stock has meant I can really step up my product quality too.” Etsy Shop owner / @stephyttravels on Instagram, Steph Yt could cope with the rising demand and quick growth her fledgling business was experiencing – with almost 3,000 prints, greetings cards and stickers sold so far. Clearly with that volume of output, an upgrade from a humble desktop printer was required. Naturally she turned to Fujifilm for a solution that would be able to print large volumes of photos on thick card and paper, elements that are normally compromised with a desktop device. By contrast, what was needed was a printer that delivered the kind of quality Steph’s customers would expect from a regular professional store or minilab. “I knew that the quality of printed products my customers would be expecting needed to go beyond the usual home printing set up, but at the same

time I was aware that I still operate from a home office,” says Steph. The CX 3240 solved that quandary. “It was the perfect fit thanks to its small footprint and the multiple drawers. Its ability to print at speed on up to 330gsm card stock has meant I can really step up my product quality, too. The clean design also means it doesn’t look out of place in my home. “The set up was super easy as well. Once it was delivered, it was simple to assemble and is pretty much plug and play, without any requirement for additional software downloads. I operate the printing from my laptop, being able to program in the different product types and print media. I have also found that the CX 3240 allows me to fulfill my orders quicker than ever before.”

To discover how Fujifilm can inspire ideas and help boost the profile and bottom line of your own 18 July / August 2022 | BPI News

Fujifilm Advertorial

A SMART SOLUTION FOR A SLICKER OPERATION Any retailer or minilab equally tight on space will benefit from installing a Fujifilm CX 3240, whether to add an additional revenue stream or simply take order fulfillment to the next level and make operations slicker. For example, another notable feature of the printer is the ability to load multiple types of card

stock and paper into its different drawers and alter the thickness value accordingly via computer. This enables the user to make light work of order requirements. “The printer is a really smart solution, removing a lot of the manual steps for greetings card production,” confirms Steph. “With borderless printing I don’t have to trim the edges of each card sheet. When operating, the printer automatically folds the pre-scored card

As it can accelerate output and expand product portfolios, the CX 3240 is an innovation that fully supports varying print requirements for businesses of any size.” Fujifilm Imaging Solutions Product Specialist Mark Wade for you, instantly producing a customer ready product. As a small business of one, this is a lifesaver as it helps me delegate the time I would have used to score and fold the card to other tasks.” The businesswoman has come to appreciate the benefits of double-sided printing, a function she’s found useful for adding personalised notes to cards. “This is something my old printer didn’t offer – and having that facility definitely adds professionalism to the products, while allowing for greater creativity too.” Of course, if you’re going to be using a printer all day every day you’ll want it to be easy to operate, and here also the Fujifilm CX 3240 comes up trumps. Video instructions enable users to have the printer up and running in under an hour. “It’s all extremely straightforward to use and very easy to tell the printer to do exactly what you require it to do,” confirms Steph, who further marvels at the potential new avenues for the provision and selling of photo gifts. “The quality of the prints straight out of the printer is extremely high thanks to the impressive ink technology used. I’m now

Fujifilm CX 3240 printer benefits at a glance: Quick delivery and installation Double sided print capability Ideal for producing folded cards, calendars and photo books Borderless printing Compact footprint suits businesses tight on space Straightforward video instructions enable users to have the printer up and running in under an hour Can be fully integrated with existing Fujifilm kiosks and dry lab set ups Can be operated without a Fujifilm kiosk directly from a computer

looking to add calendars, personalised photo cards and photo books to my Etsy store. I am excited to see where it will all take my small business in the future.” Fujifilm Imaging Solutions Product Specialist Mark Wade concludes: “As demand for personalised photo products grows ever more, the CX 3240 provides the ability to quickly deliver high quality products. As it can accelerate output and expand product portfolios, the CX 3240 is an innovation that fully supports varying print requirements for businesses of any size.”

GET IN TOUCH For more information on how the CX3240 can be integrated into your own retail space of any size, get in touch with Fujifilm direct via

store or minilab, get in touch with Fujifilm Photo Print Services at NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! Read BPI News online at

BPI News | July / August 2022 19

Business Advice


With The Photography Show back on the calendar for the second time since the start of the pandemic, trade shows are currently the biggest opportunity for our industry to do business and network. So a refresher on how to maximise return from such events, whether as an exhibitor or visitor, won’t go amiss…


hile Covid cases may be gradually request them from others. They’re the smaller budgets or smaller stands, a clever rising again in the UK at the time easiest way to follow up on leads and idea and a bit of retail theatre can help of writing, The Photography conversations you’ve had afterwards – and level the playing field with the big boys. A Show is returning this September, providing the whole point of going to an exhibition photo shoot happening on the stand is an an annual opportunity for us all to gather is to converse and interact with people. obvious and easy one to set up, if there’s together again, face to face, rather than Who knows; they could be your clients room. Keep an eye on and befriend those on just via Zoom or Teams meetings. There’s and business partners of the future. neighbouring stands too; who knows when still a lot to be said for in-person contact, If, however, you are already exhibiting you might be able to direct custom each after all. TPS’ organisers tell us that this – or planning to – then you want to other’s way? We’ve all heard tales of that year regular exhibitors will be returning make yourself as irresistible as possible. customer or client who, often at the 11th en mass, so we could be looking at an event Hopefully the marketing team will have hour, provides the one big sale or promise as close to normal as we’ve experienced done its job in advance and the show of future business that makes the exhibitor’s since 2019. And if you missed out on will be sufficiently well attended to have expense of attending all worthwhile. 2021’s lower key return of the show last made visiting or exhibiting worth it, and, Finally, if you don’t go to the show September, you’ll definitely be wanting to while just by being on the show floor you in the first place, you won’t know what make up for lost time this time around. should attract passing trade, you need to you’re missing out on. We’ve all got busy Looking further ahead, March 2023 will think how to draw that passing trade in. schedules and may naturally be cautious also see the return of about mingling with larger The Societies Convention crowds in these ‘living with Trade shows provide an opportunity for us all to and Trade Show, another Covid’ times, but you’ve date to add to your gather together again, face to face, rather than just got to sometimes step out appointments diary. via Zoom or Teams meetings. There’s still a lot to be of that comfort zone and If you do business in literally be in the room said for in-person contact” our industry, it makes to close that deal (or see sound sense to attend the potential for a future both – and be looking to maximise the hook-up) in the first place. Trade shows BE THEATRICAL TO inherent potential of each for networking remain a significant part of any industry, DRAW IN THE CROWDS if attending as a visitor, and/or selling if providing some of the glue that binds us all you’re a paid-up exhibitor. Fortunately, A huge stand, brightly lit display, plenty together. Without that, our industry would there are some tried and tested rules – and of new products and some money saving certainly be a poorer one, so it’s beholden advice – for how you approach an exhibition ‘show deals’ will always put you at an on us all to help make a success of them, that can be put to work for each case. advantage, but for those operating on and, in the process, a success of ourselves.

ANTICIPATE AND PARTICIPATE Trade shows and exhibitions are a place to gain inspiration as well as information. If you’re not presently exhibiting, treat it as a scouting trip and look at how other manufacturers and retailers are presenting themselves, examine what attracts your eye and why, and which locations (and products) seem to be attracting the most interest and footfall. If you’re visiting to test the water with a possible intention to exhibit in 2023-24, all of the above can help sway your decision, as well as providing ideas to emulate and possibly expand on. And, it’s an obvious one, but it’s something in our experience a surprising amount of people forget to do. Namely stock up on business cards and promotional literature before you go – and, once there,

Published for over 35 years, BPI News is the direct line to your industry. Share your views via 20 July / August 2022 | BPI News


PEAK SUMMER PROMO PACKS ‘EM IN Until August 15th 2022, a consumer promotion is running on the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L and 30L – distributed in the UK and Ireland by Transcontinenta UK – whereby after purchase of a 45L a Peak Design Packing Cube in Medium size worth £39.95 can be requested for free, or it’s a free Packing Cube in Small size worth £29.95 for consumers purchasing a 30L ‘pack. The Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L and 30L are described as versatile, durable and beautiful travel backpacks, capable of keeping belongings brilliantly organised, wonderfully accessible and

TIPA WEBSITE BAGS TOP HONOUR completely safe, thanks to top, side, front and rear access via intuitively placed, weatherproofed zips. They also comply with current international aviation carry-on format requirements in standard or compressed form. Further details on the promo can be found via the link below:

Enter the Ninja, with Panasonic GH6 upgrade The electronics giant is offering pro videographers using its GH6 mirrorless camera enhanced performance and usability, via its free Ver2.0 firmware update launched this July. Users should head to the Lumix Global Customer Support website to grab it. Working together with the Atomos brand, the new firmware enables the output of up to 5.8K / 29.97p and C4K / 119.88p RAW video data over HDMI to be recorded as Apple ProRes RAW on Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+ devices.

The Technical Image Press Association – of which BPI News has been a member since summer 2021 – has been awarded the prestigious Vega Arcturus Award by the International Awards Associate (IAA), which honours ‘professional excellence’ worldwide. A total of 21 jurors from 10 countries took part in the selection process, with the award itself given to the association’s website IAA spokesperson Thomas Brandt says: “It is a privilege that our platform has been able to continually promote and encourage excellence within the digital industry. With times changing yet again, we feel that it is extremely important for us to acknowledge and honour these individuals as they will be the ones at the forefront leading the pack. “TIPA member magazines and their online presence have wide reach and readership in many languages and cover markets around the world in Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America. Editors and their staff make up a global panel of knowledgeable experts who have earned a reputation for honest and trustworthy appraisal of photo and imaging products. Their magazines and websites have built a loyal following among their readers.”

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P R E V IE W E D IT IO N ! Your final chance to get your products & services in front of the trade before the big show returns to Birmingham’s NEC, preview what you’ll be showcasing (and where) + tell the industry why they should be seeking you out to touch, try & buy your products... or schedule a face-to-face meeting. Final BPI News copy deadline August 24th. Don’t delay, do it now before you forget: Send your advertorial requests & advertisement bookings to