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February 15 & 16, 2014 • Gallat in County Fairgrounds

2014 Wild West


Flakes Welcome

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2 W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t • February 15-16, 2014

Are you ready to have some WINTERTIME FUN? Join your friends and neighbors at the 2014 Wild West WinterFest – (Snow) Flakes Welcome! You will still be able to experience the old west, but there have been some additions this year to include some excitement! We are counting on some snowflakes and some wintertime weather to add to the experience. We know the hearty Montanans won’t let a little cold stop them from having a good time and enjoying their longest season! By Sue Shockley



CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY TRAIL – The Discovery Trail is like a Treasure Hunt for the kids while visiting the WinterFest. XL Country will be outside Exhibit Building #3 passing out punch cards and maps to the first 200 kids on Saturday and the first 100 kids on Sunday. The Discovery Trail will begin and end in Bldg. #3. There will be an additional 7 activity stations around the Fairgrounds. The stations will be open from 10am to 2pm. When the children visit these areas they will participate in a quick activity, get their cards punched, receive a small gift and move along the trail to the next station. When they have visited all the sites, they will return to Bldg. #3 deposit their punch card in a drawing box and will have a chance to win prizes. When they turn in their card, they will also receive a coupon for a FREE hot cocoa or soft drink at one of the food concessions.

THE SWEETHEART FUR AND FEATHERS SHOW– This is a Rabbit and Poultry Show! PARENTS: bring your kids to see all shapes, colors and sizes of beautiful birds and bunnies in their cages all morning in the Rabbit/Poultry Barn. Learn how to raise backyard poultry and enjoy raising farm fresh eggs of your very own. While visiting the barn you can have your photo taken with Mr. Chicken. There will be both Rabbit and Poultry judging taking place in the Barn. At 2pm, the

poultry will be moved to the Sale Pavilion for their Showmanship Competition. After the judging of all the breeds and cross-breeds, the rabbit show will then move to the Sale Pavilion at 3:30 pm for “Rabbit Show Jumping.” This will be the second year for this event. The rabbits will jump over a series of high jumps within a time limit….. at least that’s the goal. Finally, cheer for your favorite rabbit in the Rabbit Derby. The derby will follow the Show Jumping. The kids encourage their rabbits by blowing on them through a straw. First one across the line wins. The Rabbits and Poultry will be in the barn on Saturday only.

Old MCLIEN’S FARM BARN – Full of farm animals of all kinds for you to meet and learn about. There will be milking demonstrations and info about all the animals. Be sure to visit and learn with your kids. All of these animals will be housed in Livestock Barn 2. The members of the Belgrade and Lima FFA chapters will be in the barn to talk with visitors about each of the animals and there will be ample opportunities for petting and feeding the Farm Barn animals. MONTANA NTRAK MODEL RAILROAD EXHIBIT

You may have seen these trains at the Museum of the Rockies, maybe at the Mall or at the 2013 WinterFest. N Scale model trains get their name from the rails they run on, which are spaced nine millimeters apart. N Scale is a proportion of 1-to-160, meaning one of any measurement in “N” Scale is equal to 160 of that measurement in real life. One foot in N Scale is 160 feet in real life. We feel very fortunate to have the local club willing to set up for the Wild West WinterFest. Model trains have been popular with young and old forever. The trains will be running in Building #3 throughout WinterFest.

February 15-16, 2014 • W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t



our local Bridger Mountain Men. Buckskinners, Muzzle Loaders, Mountain Men, they go by many names, will have their lodges set up in the midway for the third year. There will be demos, campfire stories and a feeling that you have stepped into the 1840’s old west.


Nevada City Living History Museum brings history to life from Memorial Weekend to mid-September every weekend in Historic Alder Gulch. The museum is managed by the Montana Heritage Commission, located in Virginia City, Montana, and is proud to be a part of Gallatin County’s Wild West WinterFest. Once again the Nevada City Living History interpreters will showcase first person historic performances at the Wild West WinterFest. The performances feature many of Montana’s early historic figures that were important to the early settlement, gold rush era of 1863 – 1865. Characters are brought to life by Nevada City’s interpreters after hundreds of hours researching primary and secondary, documentation and incorporating it into dynamic presentations on regional Montana history. In addition, Nevada City Living History Interpreters demonstrate 19th Century trades, foodways, daily living, historic skills and crafts each weekend during the summer season. Nevada City interpreters received National Recognition from the Association for Living History, Farms and Agricultural Museums; September  2013 at the first Tri-Regional Conference of ALHFAM held in the American West. ALHFAM is an association that supports


celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Living History Farm in 2014. The centerpiece of the Farm, the Tinsley family house, was moved from its original location in Willow Creek, MT, in one full piece in 1986 and restored to its original 1890s condition. After restoration, the house was dedicated as part of Montana’s Centennial on Statehood Day, November 8, 1989. William Tinsley’s home was built between 1888 and 1889. The homesteader and his family (including his wife and eight children) cut and hauled logs from the Tobacco Root Mountains near Mammoth and used the logs in the construction of their house. Today, a small army of volunteer, costumed interpreters works the farm as Montana homesteaders would have done in the 1880s and 1890s. Each summer they bring the Tinsley’s home and the frontier of the American West to life. They farm the crops, tend to the animals, fix what breaks, and prepare their meals using only the tools and tactics of the era. In fact, the farm itself is comprised entirely of crops and livestock that would have been available on the 1890s homestead the Tinsley’s kept. It stands as a testament to the pioneer spirit of William Tinsley and his family and is a visceral reminder of Montana life just over a century ago.

programs that bring history to life for museum visitors. It uses active, object-based historical interpretation and simulation of agriculture, trades and manufacturing, clothing, food preparation and every-day life in another time. Living history interpreters use performance to create a world, tell a story, entertain and teach lessons. ALHFAM President Debra Reid read a proclamation on behalf of the three regions; Mountain Plains, Western, and Western Canada announcing Sept. 21st as Nevada City Day, in recognition of “the collective commitment on the part of the Montana Heritage Commission’s Nevada City Living History Program Curator Dan Thyer and family, the Nevada City Living History Museum Volunteers and the Montana Heritage Commission to living history in the region and state.” The conference was attended by 68 professionals in the field, from all over the U.S. and Canada, and Nevada City was recognized as one of the premier sites for live interpretation in the American West. Nevada City Living History Interpreters and the Wild West Fest were also nominated last year at the Montana Governors Conference on Tourism for the Special event partnership of the year. During Virginia City and Nevada City’s 150th anniversary in 2013, there was a traffic flow of over 400,000 visitors an increase of 67 percent in tourism, indicating the importance of heritage tourism to the local and state economy according to the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research. Thyer said that visitors to Nevada City’s living history program Lantern Tours have called it the “closest thing to stepping into a time machine, in Montana. Lantern tours bring to life historic events from Nevada City’s timeline that played a significant role in the development of early Montana. Lantern tours are scheduled twice a month during the upcoming season.

According to David Kinsey, the Living History Farm Manager at the Museum of the Rockies, the main goal of the Living History Farm is to bring the turn of the twentieth century to life. It’s not a memorial; it’s a hands-on, open-air museum. In celebration of the 25th anniversary this year, the Living History Farm will be free to all visitors! While normal admission fees will apply to the Museum itself, MOR is inviting anyone and everyone who wants to visit the Living History Farm to come and experience Montana’s homesteading era for free. The Living History Farm will feature increased programming including Urban Homesteading Classes, a teen volunteer program, evenings on the history of beer brewing, and much more. At this year’s Wild West Winterfest, MOR will be showcasing its Living History program through demonstrations in woodworking, spinning, butter making and churning ice cream. Children are also welcome to create crafts of the 1880s with costumed interpreters. The Living History Farm at the Museum of the Rockies opens on Saturday, May 24, 2014. For a complete list of programming, please stay tuned to If you would like to become a part of the volunteer corps at the Farm, please contact Blair Speed at 406-994-6611

WAGON RIDES – You will have the opportunity to board a horse drawn wagon and make your way across the Fairgrounds. Wagons will pick up on the west side of Bldg. #1, near the Indoor Arena and at the Anderson Outdoor arena (near the Skijoring Race area). Wagons will be driven by local teamsters, Al Lien, Larry Thomas and Geoff Hoell. The MSU Driving Team with Coaches Andi Shockley and Donika Shrauger will be driving a team from Lone Mountain Guest Ranch Dinner Sleigh Ride. On Sunday Glen Kolbeck and a team of draft horses from the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge will be providing rides. A special treat this year will be oxen drawn wagon rides provided by Curly Sue and Little Bill, owned by Wally Congdon.

4 W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t • February 15-16, 2014


DOG KEG PULL – Is very spectator friendly or you may sign your dog up to see if it has what it takes! There is a weight division for the biggest and smallest dogs and all dogs in between. This event will take place in the midway (center of the Fairgrounds) on Sunday. Participants will pay a $10 entry fee per dog and entries are taken the day of the event so just bring your four legged friend and fill out a little form and be ready to compete for some super prizes and have a whole lot of fun doing it. This year the Madison River Brewing Company will be providing a beer for each contestant’s owner and the Pour House will be there offering other adult beverages and soft drinks. This event is organized and produced by Bridger Feeds! STOCK DOG INVITATIONAL – The Stock Dog Invitational will take place on Sunday at about 11:30am in the Indoor Arena and will have two classes to mimic the chores of a Montana Stock Dog. The Open Range class will open with three fresh sheep from Saddle Peak Arena set out far up the arena. The Open Range dogs will do an outrun across the arena; lift their sheep and bring them back to the handler. This is the most natural part of a Stock Dog’s job. Once the sheep reach the handler they will be asked to drive the sheep back up the arena where they will complete a partial barrel pattern. Once the sheep reach the handler the handler will attempt to remove the red ribbon from the marked sheep. Once the ribbon is removed the handler will pen the sheep. In the Homestead class the handler will take the sheep out of the pen and then go on walkabout reversing the course of the previous dog. Once they have completed their course they will pen the sheep at the side of the arena. The awards will be given out based on time through the course. Basically the dog with the fastest time wins as long as they don’t chase, charge, split or grip the sheep excessively. Thank you to Saddle Peak Arena for donating their Indian Desert Painted Sheep. For more information about herding at Saddle Peak or horse boarding at Saddle Peak go to:


This event has been around for a long time, but this year the teamsters will be guiding their draft and light horse teams through some new events. There will be an obstacle course, log skidding, circle driving and a feed team race, all with some new twists and turns. This event is held in the Indoor Arena on Sunday. You will have an opportunity to watch young drivers who are just learning and others who have been entering these types of events for decades.

FARRIER CONTEST – The Montana Professional Horseshoer’s Association (MPHA) will be hosting the 3rd Annual WinterFest Horseshoeing Contest on February 15th and 16th. The judge for this year will be Mr. Lamar Weaver, CJF, from Denver, PA. Mr. Weaver is a member of the 2013 American Farriers Team, which finished 4th overall at the International Team Championships in Stoneleigh, England, last Fall. He runs a successful shoeing practice in which he works on a variety of horses, including many driving horses. On Saturday morning, Mr. Weaver will give a clinic to help show the competitors what he’ll be looking for. This clinic is free to spectators, so come on out if you’re interested! This year’s format will consist of two full days of exciting forging and live horseshoeing! The MPHA is pleased to introduce a new class this year: the Two Person Forging. In this class, teams of two will have to make some heavy shoes with each member making one shoe and also doing some striking. Striking is the act of swinging a sledge hammer to help with the shoemaking process. This year teams must make shoes for traction: a Draft Shoe with Scotch heels and a Cart Horse Shoe with double heel caulks. How does the contest work? Competitors will be placed into 3 divisions based on skill level and competition experience - Division. 1 has more basic shoes, and Division 3 has more intricate shoes. Each class has the same time limit within the division, and the competitors know what shoes they must make well ahead of the contest. At the end of each class, the Judge will place the shoes in order from 1st to last. Our judge has provided “specimen” shoes that are to be the pattern on which each shoe is judged. The basic elements of a shoe are also scored heavily: nail hole location, level, shape, and safe finish. At the end of the day, the highest quality shoes will win. The same protocol applies to the Live Horseshoeing as well. Competitors will receive scores in four categories: Trim, Shoe Fit, Shoe Quality, and Nailing/Finish. Division 1 will shoe a pair of hind feet with “keg” shoes (machine-made); Division. 2 and 3 will shoe a front foot with a handmade shoe and make a specimen shoe at the same time. This contest is a part of a farrier’s continuing education, and they would love to help answer any questions for the public. To see the competitor’s list of shoes, please visit or find us on Facebook .

ALL BREED HORSE SALE – Brought to you by Headwaters Livestock. This sale has been around for about 30 years so whether you have a horse to sell or you’re looking to buy, you won’t want to miss this event. The sale kicks off Saturday morning at 11:30am with a preview of the horses. You may come earlier and wander through Horse Barn 1 and pick out your favorites. The sale will begin at 1:00pm in the Indoor Arena. For a sale catalog, check our website; or TRAIL HORSE BATTLE - The Battle of the Breeds, a WinterFest event for the past several years morphed in 2012 and became The Trail Horse Battle. It is the same and yet different. Two preliminaries have been held and from those finalists will face some extreme challenges on Saturday evening at WinterFest. One horse and rider will come out on top. This will take place in the HEATED

February 15-16, 2014 • W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t

WINTERTIME THRILLS AND SPILLS Indoor Arena following the Horse Sale.


– The Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association (BAHA) Winter Classic Hockey Tournament celebrates its Fourteenth Anniversary of action in the Haynes Pavilion during three + days of the 2014 Wild West WinterFest. More than 250 players on 16 invited adult teams will battle in 32 games for the coveted Winter Classic Cup title. Rec Level Games run almost continuously beginning Thursday evening at 7:00 PM, running noon to 11:20 PM on Friday, 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Saturday, and wrapping up with the finals to be decided all day Sunday. The championship game is from 3:40 – 5:00 PM Sunday. Stop by and cheer on teams including the Boilermakers, Beavers, Big Horn Rams, Red Lodge, Flying Zambonis, Bottom Shelf, Missoula Wood Peckers, Real Big Penguins, Bozone Brewing, Salmon, Magic City Renegades, Kalispell Storm, Idaho Falls Bud Men, Ice Monkeys, Saints and the host team Phatties. The Haynes Pavilion concession and viewing room will feature fine fixings from Bar 3 Bar-B-Q and plenty of award winning draft beers. The Winter Classic is an annual fund raiser for the Gallatin Ice Foundation with proceeds going toward the planned major expansion of the Haynes Pavilion ( ). We thank our tournament sponsors (MVP’s) for helping with the fun: Rocking R Bar, Play It Again Sports, Archer Construction, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Gallatin Hockey Officials Association, Bar 3 Bar-B-Q, CWJ & Associates, Bozone Brewing, Free Air Bicycles, Pierce Flooring, Top Shelf Hockey, North Fork Financial, Constructive Solutions, Inc., Quinn Law Office, Design 5 Landscape Architecture, Madison River Brewing, Thomas Dean & Hoskins Engineering, Eddie Steinhauer, Summit Bike & Ski, Intrinsik Architecture and Massive Studios. As an added treat: the Bozeman Stingers welcome special guests Washington Hockey Source for two showcase games starting at 7 PM on Friday and 9 PM on Saturday. Both teams are elite hockey clubs and the action promises to be exceptional. Mark your calendars to cheer on the hometown Stingers. All games are free with admission to the Wild West WinterFest. BAHA is a 750+ member non-profit organization celebrating over 30 years of bringing quality recreational skating programs to the youth and adults of our community and welcoming visiting teams, spectators and families from around the state and region. The pavilion bustles with activity everyday from mid September through mid April. For more information about BAHA, joining the fun and special event ice rental, log on to, stop by the pavilion to see the action and/or call 586-5557. 2014 Submitted by Rob Pertzborn, BAHA Board Member & Winter Classic Tournament organizer. 580-0422


COWBOY SKIJORING– Is back for a third year.

In 2012 this event was cancelled due to warm weather and lack of snow, but the 2014 track will be a good one with new snow and new jumps! If you ski or ride a horse, this could be your event. You need a horse and rider to pull a skier over a snow covered course consisting of jumps and ski slalom gates. The horse just runs, pulling the skier so that s/he may negotiate the obstacles. It is a super exciting event and one that typifies wintertime sports in Montana. Entries will be taken at the Best Western GranTree on Friday evening, Feb 14th from 7pm to 9pm. Dress warm as this is an outside event and is held in the Warm-Up Arena, just east of the Outdoor Arena. There will be beverages, hot and cold available at the race site. On Saturday evening, The Pour House will host an After Party and Skijoring Calcutta beginning at 6:30pm. POWER WAGON will provide some great dancing music and there will Jeff Hawe Photo

be drink and dinner specials!!!


A PREVIEW TO RAIL JAM 2014 - This February 15th and 16th the Wild West WinterFest will offer Bozeman’s shred community a chance to work out the kinks in anticipation of Rail Jam 2014. Rail Jam is going down the 11th and 12th of April to play host to two days of fierce competition and world-class entertainment featuring Rusko, SOL, Eventyde and The Trap Door Project. The Wild West WinterFest is accepting competitors for skiing and snowboarding to build up into this spring’s premier winter event.

Saturday, Feb 15

Sunday, Feb 16

10:00am- Ski Warmups 11:00am- Ski Prelims 12:30pm- Snowboard Warmups 1:30pm- Snowboard Prelims 6:00pm- Snowboard Finals 7:30pm- Ski Finals

2:30-3:30pm- Jib Exhibition 1st -3rd place in each category will receive free entry into the 2014 Chamberlin Winter Carnival and Rail Jam on April 11-12, and other prizes.

Registration for Wild West WinterFest competition is only $10.00 Come test your skills and enjoy a true winter celebration. See for entry info.

6 W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t • February 15-16, 2014

music After Party at The Pour House Saturday with POWER WAGON beginning at 6:30pm.

SATURDAY 2:30pm to 5:30pm - Building #4 - The Best of Bannack, aka Packin’ the Mail, aka Barbwire or The Montana Lost Cowboy Band, is a group of musicians from southwestern Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, who play for the joy of music. They have a following at Bannack Days, each year, and play a myriad of songs from the 1850’s to the present, reflecting our custom, culture and heritage. Enjoy fiddle, guitar, banjo, mouth harp, bass, and a smattering – depending on who isn’t lost – of lap steel, mandolin and vocals – and little history lessons like, “Soldiers’ Joy, what is it?” YOU WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN AND LEARN SO MUCH YOU JUST CAN’T MISS THIS PERFORMANCE. The band is available for small venues, special occasions, and dances.

SUNDAY 11:00am to 12:00pm - Building #4 – Musical Watering Hole 12:30pm to 1:30pm – Building #4 – Tom Kirwan 2:00pm to 3:30pm - Building #4 - The Best of Bannack, aka Packin’ the Mail, aka Barbwire or The Montana Lost Cowboy Band, will return by popular request.


middle of winter!!! The Belgrade Bloomers Garden Club has organized this show which features semi-formal centerpieces of fresh or dried material appropriate for a table set for two to bring a little warm weather fun to the WinterFest. Entries may be dropped off on Friday, Feb. 14 between 1 & 5pm or on Sat., Feb. 15 between 9 & 10am. The entries will be judged by members of the National Garden Club and the overall winner will receive a gift certificate from Oak Gardens. For all the details check the WinterFest website

THE MERCANTILE – The commercial area offering some great and

unique shopping opportunities; handmade items, photos, art work, wooden furniture, and lots more. Be sure to visit all our merchants in Building #2. The Mercantile is open 9am to 6pm on Saturday and 9am to 4pm on Sunday.

COWBOY CHURCH – Nondenominational service with great music by Cabin Fever and inspirational message brought to WinterFest by Clark Mueller of Fellowship of Christian Cowboys. This will be held on Sunday morning in the HEATED Sale Pavilion. Coffee and social time 9:30am, service at 10am. CHILI COOK-OFF – Compete for top prizes or just come sample and help pick the People’s Choice. The contest will be held in Exhibit Building #4 again this year. There will be chili sampling and The Pour House will be offering cold beer. The sampling will begin at about noon on Saturday the 15th and last about one hour or until all the chili is gone. The minute you step out of your car, your stomach will growl from the aromas that waft all the way to the parking lots. Entries are limited so if you would like to show off your chili making skills, call the Fairgrounds office quickly! 582-3270

WINTERFEST BUSINESS CARDS - Pick up a WinterFest Business Card at one of the many businesses that support the Wild West WinterFest, bring it to WinterFest and drop it in the prize drawing box at the Main Gate and you will be entered in a drawing for some special prizes.

VISITOR SURVEYS – While visiting WinterFest you will find short survey forms so that you can provide input on WinterFest. The forms will be on each Schedule of Events and there will also be forms located in Bldg. #4, Indoor Arena, and at the Beer Garden Tent in the Midway. Complete the form and drop it the box at one of the locations and check which prize you would like to receive if your form is drawn.


POSSE BURGERS – These delicious, humongous, burgers were a tradition at the Montana Winter Fair for 50 years and that tradition has been carried on at the WinterFest The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Posse serves them up, along with great hot dogs, nachos, hot drinks and Pepsi products. In the morning their specialty is the Posse Breakfast Sandwich. You will find the Posse chefs cooking in the concession stand at the Indoor Arena from about 7am to close. THE WILD WEST CAFÉ – Rocky Mountain Concessions serves up great breakfasts, lunches and dinners in Building #4. They offer complete meals or great snacks. Visitors will be able to visit the Chili Cook-Off and enjoy some great food while watching the contestants prepare their special chilies. There will also be musical entertainment almost all day both on Saturday and Sunday.

February 15-16, 2014 • W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t


TRI-TIP SANDWICHES– Blue Moose Concessions has been serving up

these wonderful sandwiches at WinterFest, the County Fair and other community events for many years. They are the best and will definitely fill you up!


Always a favorite and really hits the spot on a cold winter day. Grampa Dan will be cooking the corn in his special copper pot making it extra good!!!

New 40 Foot

LATTES, ESPRESSO & OTHER HOT BEVERAGES – Served by our local Bubby’s Cuppa Jo who invites you all to come to the Wild West WinterFest. Lil orbits donuts & FUNNEL CAKES – Always favorite Fair foods and now will be available at the WinterFest.


Adult beverages BOTH HOT AND COLD – The Pour House will be providing adult beverage service at the Old Saloon Tent in the Midway, at the Horse Sale, Chili Cook-Off and Ski Joring events.


bove are some of the super fun activities you will experience. Dress for the weather! There will be campfires to warm you up and nice toasty buildings to take the chill off. We live in Montana because of the seasons, because of the great outdoor life style and because of the western heritage. You can experience it all at the Wild West WinterFest! $5 admission for adults, $3 for Youth 6-12 and 5 and under are FREE. The tickets will be available at the WinterFest admission gates on Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 8am each day. The Exhibit Buildings will open at 9am.

w w w. m i d w e s t - w e l d i n g . c o m

2320 Nor th 7th Avenue | B ozeman, MT 59715 | 406-587-5417

Buy one dinner Combo, get

50 oFF %


Second combo

Must purchase a drink Valid SundayThursday

I want to take this opportunity to THANK the community for their continued support. Remember, this IS YOUR FAIRGROUNDS. Please let us know if you have suggestions or concerns. We always appreciate your input.

FA I R E V E R Y O U R S !

Sue Shockley

FIESTA MEXICANA Authentic, Delicious & Reasonably Priced

Visit One of Our Great Locations After the Winter Fest!


515 W. aspen St. (406) 585-1414


next to the Quality Inn on Jackrabbit lane (406) 388-8887

8 W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t • February 15-16, 2014

A G a l l at i n C o u n t y Fa i r g ro u n d s

S i g n at u r e E v e n t

Schedule of Events


• Haynes Pavilion-BAHA Winter Classic Adult Hockey Tournament (see below) • Building #1-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-4pm-Nevada City Living History & Flower Show • Building #2-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-4pm-Frontier Mercantile-Great Shopping! • Building #3-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-4pm-Museum of the Rockies Living History, MT

NTrak Model Railroad, Children’s Discovery Trail Base Camp, VVA Remembrance Table

• Building #4-Wild West Café Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner by Rocky Mtn. Concessions,

Live Entertainment

• Livestock Barn 2-Old McLien’s Farm Barn • Indoor Arena-Sheriff’s Posse Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Horse Events • Midway-Rail Jam, Bridger Mountain Men Winter Encampment, Horse Drawn Wagon

Rides, The Pour House Saloon


February 15-16, 2014 Gallatin County Fairgrounds


-Get your photo taken with a giant chicken! (4-H fundraiser $3) 12:30-4pm

(Rabbit & Poultry Barn)

-Rail Jam Snowboard Warm-ups 12:30-1:30pm (Midway)


-All Breed Horse Sale 1pm-until done (Indoor Arena) Managed

by Headwaters Livestock

-Winterfest Cowboy Skijoring (Warm Up Arena)

-Chili Judging (Bldg #4)

-Youth & Adult Open Poultry Showmanship 1-2pm (Sale Pavilion)

-Farrier Contest 1-5pm (Livestock Barn 1)


-Rail Jam Snowboard Preliminaries by Chamberlin Productions

1:30-3pm (Midway)


-Rabbit Showmanship 2-3pm (Sale Pavilion)

-Chili Cook-Off Awards 2-2:15pm (Bldg #4)


-Farrier Judge’s Clinic by Lamar Weaver, CJF 8:30-11:30am (Livestock Barn 1)

2:30 3:30pm 5:30pm 6:00pm

-Rail Jam Snowboard Finals by Chamberlin Productions

-Chili Cook-Off 9am-2pm (Bldg #4)

6:00-7:30pm (Midway)

-Old McLiens Farm Barn 9am-6pm (Livestock Barn 2)

-Breed and Cross Breed Rabbit Show 9am-12:30pm (Rabbit & Poultry Barn)


-Nevada City Living History 9am-6pm (Bldg #1) (See detailed schedule)

6:30-7:30pm (Pour House, 15 N Rouse)

-Frontier Mercantile 9am-6pm (Exh Bldg 2 & Midway)

-Montana NTrak Model Railroading Club 9am-6pm (Bldg #3)

7:30pm 9:00pm

-Senior A Expo II: Washington Hockey Source vs. Bozeman Stingers

-Museum of the Rockies Living History Farm 9am-6pm (Bldg #3)

9-11pm (Haynes Pavilion)

(See detailed schedule)


-Poultry Show 10am-12:30pm (Rabbit & Poultry Barn)

Sweetheart Fur & Feather Show Sponsored by Gallatin County 4-H

-Horse Drawn Wagon Rides 10am-3pm Loading So of Bldg #1 with stops at

the Sheep Barn and Outdoor Arena

-Children’s Discovery Trail 10am-2pm (Base Camp in Bldg #3)

-Rail Jam Ski Warm-ups 10-11am (Midway)


-Cow Milking Demonstration by Jenny Sabo (Livestock Barn 2)

7:00am 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am

-Sheriff’s Posse Food Concession opens for Breakfast (Indoor Arena) -Wild West Café Rocky Mountain Concessions 8am-8pm (Bldg #4)

-Rail Jam Ski Preliminaries by Chamberlin Productions

11am- 12:30pm (Midway)

11:30am -Horse Sale Preview 11:30am-12:30pm (Indoor Arena) 12:00pm -Chili Cook-Off Public Tasting 12pm-until gone (Bldg #4)

-The Pour House Saloon 12pm-close (Midway Building)


-Music by Best of Bannack 2:30-5:30pm (Bldg #4) -Rabbit Show Jumping & Racing 3:30-4:30pm (Sale Pavilion) -Trail Horse Battle 5:30-7pm (Indoor Arena)

- Mt Draft Horse & Mule Association meeting and social (Midway Building) pm

-Skijoring Calcutta and after party with music by Power Wagon -Rail Jam Ski Finals by Chamberlin Productions 7:30-9pm (Midway)

Single Day Admission: $ 5 Adults, $3 Youth 6-12 years, Children 5 Years & Under FREE

February 15-16, 2014 • W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 7:00am 8:00am 8:30am

-George Miller Memorial Working Horse & Driver Contest

8:30am-4:30pm (Indoor Arena)

-Farrier Contest—Two-Man Class 8:30-9:30am (Livestock Barn 1)


-Old McLiens Farm Barn 9am-4pm (Livestock Barn 2)

-Nevada City Living History 9am-4pm (Bldg #1) (See detailed schedule)

-Montana NTrak Model Railroading Club 9am-4pm (Bldg #3)

-Frontier Mercantile 9am-4pm (Exh Bldg #2)

-Museum of the Rockies Living History Farm 9am-4pm (Bldg #3)

(See detailed schedule)

-Sheriff’s Posse Food Concession opens for Breakfast (Indoor Arena)

-Wild West Café Rocky Mountain Concessions 8am-4pm (Bldg #4)

9:30am -Enjoy some Cowboy Coffee before Church 9:30-10am (Sale Pavilion) 9:50am -Farrier Contest—Speed Class (20 min) 9:50-10:10am (Livestock Barn 1) 10:00am -Cowboy Church– A Nondenominational Service with Clark Mueller,

Fellowship of Christian Cowboys with Music by Cabin Fever 10-11am

(Sale Pavilion)

-Horse Drawn Wagon Rides 10am-3pm Loading South of Bldg #1 with

stops at the Sheep Barn and Outdoor Arena

-Children’s Discovery Trail 10am-2pm (Base Camp in Bldg #3)

10:30am 11:00am

-Farrier Contest-Live Shoeing 10:30am-2:30pm (Livestock Barn 1)

-Cow Milking Demonstration (Livestock Barn 2)

- Music by Musical Watering Hole 11am-12pm (Bldg #4)


-Stock Dog Demonstration 11:30am-12:30pm (Indoor Arena) (As Inter

mission for Working Horse & Driver Contest)

-Bridger Feeds Dog Keg Pull Entries Taken 11am-12pm (Midway Area)

12:00pm -Bridger Feeds Dog Keg Pull 12-3pm (Midway Area)

-The Pour House Saloon 12pm-close (Midway Building)

12:30pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 2:30pm

-Music by Tom Kirwan 12:30-1:30pm (Bldg #4)

2:30-3:30pm (Midway)

3:40pm 4:00pm

-Winter Classic Hockey Championship 3:40-5pm (Haynes Pavilion)

-Winterfest Cowboy Skijoring (Warm Up Arena) -Music by Best of Bannack 2-3:30pm (Bldg #4) -Rail Jam Exhibition by Chamberlin Productions

-Skijoring Awards (Warm Up Arena)



First Person Interpreters – Exhibit Building 1 Building Hours: Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-4pm

Saturday 11am Meet the Discoverer of Gold in Alder Gulch William “Bill” Fairweather! 12pm Nevada City Living History Fund Raising Auction 1pm Mountain Man Tales and Trails with Whiskey Joe 2pm The Perilous Road to Montana Gold, Life and Times of Captain James Williams pm 3 Meet Nevada City’s Midwife pm 4 The Story of Steve Marshland 4:30pm Victorian Dance Lessons with James Dalton

Sunday 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm

The Life of Granville Stuart Remembering the Early Days in Alder Gulch Jack Slade Neil Howie Virginia Slade

19th Century Skills, Trades, Crafts and Information Daily:

• Discover Alder Gulch: Visit the Montana Heritage Commission Information table • Nevada City Historic Clothing Consultant & Rag Rug Making • Nevada City Home Made Baked Goods • 19th Century Nevada City Foodways Program • Hand Quilting • Wheel wrighting, Teams, Rope Making & More • Wagons, and fixings • Nevada City General Mercantile Shopping at WILD WEST WINTERFEST 19th Century Crafts hand made by Nevada City Interpreters: Sacred Arrows Trading Co., Vigilante Candle Company,

Wild Horse Fashion, Granny Yates Soaps, Bull Hook Bottoms Trading Co., Keith & Beth Wicks, High Country Horse Drawn, Whiskey Joe’s Plunder, Wild Horse Manor Inc., Penny McNeel

• Talk to current volunteers and MHC staff about volunteering in Nevada City! • Spinning Yarns with Granny Yates

10 W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t • February 15-16, 2014


First Person Interpreters – Exhibit Building 3 Building Hours: Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-4pm

Saturday Costumed interpreters, period appropriate kids crafts, and heirloom seed packet giveaways

10am-12pm 12-12:30pm 12:30–1pm 1-3pm 3-3:30pm 3:30–4pm

Wood working with period appropriate tools Butter churning Ice cream making Wood working with period appropriate tools Butter churning Ice cream making

Sunday ALL DAY

10am-12pm 12-12:30pm 12:30-1pm 1-3pm 3-3:30pm 3:30–4pm

BAHA WInter Classic 14 Adult Hockey Tournament Schedule All games played in the Haynes Paviliion


Costumed interpreters, period appropriate kids crafts, and heirloom seed packet giveaways Spinning demonstrations Butter churning Ice cream making Spinning demonstrations Butter churning

SENIOR A EXPOS: Washington Hockey Source vs. Bozeman Stingers EXPO I Fri. 7PM • EXPO II Sat. 9PM Thursday 7:00-8:10pm Penguins vs. Bottom Shelf 8:10-9:20pm Beavers vs. Flying Zambonis 9:20-10:30pm Saints vs. BoZone 10:30-Midnight Ice Monkeys vs. Rams Friday Noon-1:10pm Phatties vs. Boilermakers 1:10-2:20pm Bottom Shelf vs. Beavers 2:20-3:30pm Penguins vs. Saints 3:30-4:40pm BoZone vs. Rams 4:40-5:50pm Ice Monkeys vs. Billings Renegades 5:50-7:00pm Flying Zambonis vs. Red Lodge 7:00-9:00pm SENIOR A EXPO I: Washington Hockey Source vs. Bozeman Stingers 9:00-10:10pm Missoula Wood Peckers vs. Salmon 10:10-11:20pm Idaho Falls Budmen vs. Kalispell Storm Saturday 7:00-8:10am Saints vs. Billings Renegades 8:10-9:20am Boilermakers vs. Red Lodge 9:20-10:30am Beavers vs. Salmon

10:30-11:40am Phatties vs. Wood Peckers 11:40am-12:50pm BoZone vs. Storm 12:50-2:00pm Penguins vs. Budmen 2:00-3:10pm Flying Zambonis vs. Billings Renegades 3:10-4:20pm Bottom Shelf vs. Red Lodge 4:20-5:30pm Boilermakers vs. Salmon 5:30-6:40pm Rams vs. Wood Peckers 6:40-7:50pm Phatties vs. Budmen 7:50-9:00pm Ice Monkeys vs. Storm 9:00-11:00pm SENIOR A EXPO II: Washington Hockey Source vs. Bozeman Stingers Sunday 7:30-8:40am: 15 & 16 seeds play for 15th place 8:40-9:50am: 13 & 14 seeds play for 13th place 9:50-11:00am: 11 & 12 seeds play for 11th place 11:00-12:10am: 9 & 10 seeds play for 9th place 12:10pm-1:20pm: 7 & 8 seeds play for 7th place 1:20pm-2:30pm: 5 & 6 seeds play for 5th place 2:30pm-3:40pm: 3 & 4 seeds play for 3rd place 3:40pm-5:00pm: 1 & 2 seeds play for winter classic cup

Ice cream making

We appreciate & want to thank the following people: Our Wild West WinterFest Committee Our Sponsors Our Volunteers Our Event Coordinators Our Visitors

February 15-16, 2014 • W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t 11

“ And now a word from our Sponsors…” Dan Jessen – Sponsorship and Marketing Coordinator – Gallatin County Fairgrounds


hat would this 2014 Wild West WinterFest be without the help of the Sponsors? A little dull, boring, and very costly! It’s the help of the many businesses that support this event that keeps the cogs oiled. (so to speak) These businesses are big and small, local and global, and all share a common interest. They’re supporting a community event created for you that is steeped in history and tradition. You’ve heard the old saying “We couldn’t have done it without you?” Well it couldn’t be truer in the case of WWWF Sponsors. They’re also an integral part of the overall success of the Fairgrounds. These businesses financially contribute. Their support allows the Fair Board to hire quality entertainment, award prizes, make improvements and in general provide an event that our community can really enjoy! There’re a lot of businesses that get involved with the Fairgrounds and the Wild West WinterFest! As I said before, each Sponsor is involved in some level of representation during this two day event. A business can support the WWWF through cash or “in-kind” sponsorships, or both. After our summer Fair last year I began soliciting for sponsors. There are some sponsors that have given hundreds of dollars in product and without a doubt; these sponsors are just as important as a sponsor simply writing a check.

(Please don’t get me wrong, I love check writing sponsors too!) From Energy Bars to Light Plants, Rooms for our Judges and Prizes for contestants, they step up every year! So, now we have our sponsors onboard, what about getting the word out? How would you advertise your big Event; Newspaper, Radio, TV, Magazines, Posters, Facebook, Flyers? The answer is YES TO ALL OF THEM! The following Media companies are working with us to make sure everybody and their brother knows the Wild West WinterFest is happening. If you didn’t hear about the WWWF, I would suggest you turn on your radio, TV, or computer (Facebook)… pick up a copy of the newspaper or local Magazine, or look around at the bulletin board at your local coffee shop or in the window of a local business cause that’s where we’re advertising! KBZK TV and the CW stations in Bozeman and Butte as well as several stations on Charter Cable are running ads about WWWF. The local Radio stations that help us out are: The Mountain 107.7fm ,The Eagle Superstation, KSKY Country, KBOZ Radio Station Group, and the stations owned by Townsquare Media. Newspapers like the Belgrade News, the Bozone, the Daily Chronicle, the Mini Nickel, Montana Senior News, Just Horses help spread the word. We have a Facebook page (you should like us) and we’re on multiple event calendars. Not to mention if you drive past the Fairgrounds you’ll see a banner or two promoting the WWWF. And thanks to our friends at Harrington Pepsi and Lehrkind’s Coca Cola you’ve probably seen a banner or two on the streets of Bozeman. Take a look at our website for a list of sponsors, or look through this tab, or grab a schedule of events program. I can’t say enough about all of the Sponsors. They’re the ones that keep everything going. We can’t have a Wild West WinterFest without them… period. Please support them as they support us. Have a great time at the 2014 Wild West WinterFest! Btw, do me a huge favor and fill out a survey! We need your input to find out what you like and don’t like. You could win some cool prizes! Dan Jessen 406 -582-3275

2014 WWW Major Sponsors:

First Interstate Bank

Bozeman Saddle Outlet


Cardinal Distributing

Bozeman Trophy

Owenhouse Ace Hardware

Cellular Plus

Buffalo Bump Pizza

Pioneer Mountain Pantry

First Security Bank

Carter’s Boots

Power Train Plus

Lewis & Clark Motel

Cashman Nursery

Rocky Mountain Bank

House of Clean

Circle L Arena


Ridge Athletic Club

Copper Spring Ranch

Santa Fe Reds

Rocky Mtn Truck Ctr/Elite


Stockman Bank


Dollar Spree Store


Titan Rentals

Gallatin River Lodge

West Paw Design

Sime Construction

General Distributing

TLC Septic

Knife River


MT Farrier Supply

Bozeman Inn

Liberty Fence, Deck & Site Serv.

12 W i l d W e s t W i n t e r F e s t • February 15-16, 2014

Wildwest Winterfest 2014  

Program Guide for the Annual Wild West Winterfest, held February 15 & 16 at Gallatin County Fairgrounds!

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