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Bozeman: Snow Tips


Housing Trend: ADU


Failed It or Nailed It?


Preparing Your Yard For Winter


Wreath Wrath

10 Baby It’s Cold Outside! 12

State of the Market


Inspired by Autumn


The Fall Warmup


Collecting Rocky Mountain Color

MAKE WINTER EASY. (WELL…EASIER.) RELOCATE THE RIG. Driftboats, campers, trailers, and extra vehicles all create obstacles to plowing. Find a permanent, off-street location now for them to park over the winter. Vehicles left on the street without moving for more than 72 hours will be ticketed or towed. DON’T LEAVE YOUR CAR OUT IN THE COLD. Leaving town? Move your car off the street so it won’t be plowed in, ticketed, or towed. Are you an MSU student? Get free off-street winter break parking by contacting MSU Police Department. READY THE SHOVELS. It’s your responsibility to clear the sidewalk bordering your property within 24 hours of snowfall. Buy a new shovel, contract a snowblower company, or rope in that neighbor kid so you’re set for the season. DETERMINE WHO’S SHOVELING. When it comes to renters and landlords, the City lets the lease decide—as long as somebody shovels. Check or update your lease now to decide who will be responsible for the walkway this winter.

www.bozemanstreetreport.com · 406-582-3203

Interest in Accessory Dwelling Units Growing


While single-family homes remain the most desired type of dwelling among home buyers, alternative living spaces are making headway. Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as “granny flats,” “mother-in-law suites,” or “secondary dwelling units,” are ideal for individuals seeking out a non-traditional living space. ADUs are selfcontained living units with their own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. You can find ADUs on the same grounds or attached to a single-family home.


Why are ADUs gaining in popularity? Here are a few reasons to explain their growing interest:

Housing Trend Submited by Southwest MT Building Industry Assoc.


ADUs are attractive for individuals who are seeking independence but can benefit from support. Aging parents, young adults who are in a housing transition, or a person living with disabilities are most likely to seek out ADUs.


In some cases, this type of dwelling positivity impacts both the home owner and the occupant. Individuals living in an ADU pay less in market rent compared to other housing options in the area and home owners can benefit from the extra monthly income.


Dramatic changes to a neighborhood are not required with ADUs. This type of living space often fits in seamlessly with the local aesthetics. ADUs don’t require new infrastructure, public investments and don’t add to the density of neighborhoods. Units added on to an existing property as a backyard cottage or apartment over the garage are smaller. Therefore, ADUs require less energy, material and waste during construction, and regular maintenance of the space. As with many housing trends, the concept of ADUs is continuously evolving. Many states and localities across the country are pushing for wider acceptance of ADUs. For some areas, ADUs are part of the solution to address high housing costs, limited land available for development and increased interest in multigenerational living. Before you add an ADU to your property, it’s best to contact a professional builder or remodeler who is familiar with local permitting and regulations. To find a professional who can help you create your perfect ADU, contact the Southwest Montana Building Industry Association (SWMBIA) at (406) 585-8181 or www.swmbia.org.



Failed It or Nailed It? How to NOT ruin a Pinterest project this Fall

candle (in a lantern) and you are set to bring warmth and welcome to whomever graces It’s one thing to watch HGTV shows, your porch,” Herbst says. “Mix start Pinterest boards, and spend the day and match finishes for added dreaming of how you’ll decorate your house depth. Black, gold, and copper for autumn. It’s another thing altogether are popular fall colors.”   to bring those lofty dreams to reality. Those same candles can There’s a reason there are endless websites be added to pumpkins as and articles devoted to “Pinterest fails.” Halloween and Thanksgiving Since you’d like to be the hero of your draws nearer. After you create Fall décor story, we asked an a warm porch glow, it’s time to expert, how do you (realistically) decorate the door. decorate for a Pinterest win? “Who said wreaths are just for Jessica Herbst, owner of Thistle the holidays,” Herbst queries. “I and Twine Studios, says it’s best keep a wreath on my front door to break up the tasks. all year long. I made one last Start outside and work indoors. year that transitions beautifully First, update your home’s entry. between the seasons.” “Just like you layer up for the The size of your wreath is erratic fall weather of Montana, up to you. Herbst says she you want to bring layers and loves and oversized Christmas depth to your entry to create that wreath, but keeps it more cozy welcoming feeling,” Herbst conservative for the rest of explains. “One of the hot trends the year. If you’d like to make is to layer your entry mat. I love a seasonal wreath, Herbst seeing this. It is an easy way recommends using wheat or to keep your basic rugged and dried florals. If you don’t have durable ‘welcome’ mat and dried florals, no problem. change it with the seasons.” “Head no farther than your Affordable options for welcome backyard,” Herbst says. “Sticks, mats can be found at several flower stems with no petals, locations around Bozeman, dried herbs, even dried weeds including Target (Herbst’s can create a unique and bold recommendation for this statement piece for any front project). Next, let there be light. door fall decor.” “Put in a good ole’ LED faux

With your statement wreath complete, finish that porch by adding pumpkins or gourds (look for a variety of sizes, textures, and colors, Herbst advises). If pumpkins aren’t your thing, add hearty fall flowers, like mums. Mums come in a variety of colors – yellow, red, white, rusty hues and purples – so don’t be afraid to explore some bold colors this Fall. Your porch is done! It’s time to bring the cozy inside. Herbst recommends using your senses to create an inviting autumn look. Sight: Drape a cozy blanket over your sofa. It could be a faux fur, or chunky knit.  Mixing textures or a similar color scheme is a way to create interest without overstimulating

your eyeballs. Set up a few small vignettes with little pumpkins, multi-level taper candles, or antlers. The dining table and entry console are great locations for these. Keep it simple, no need to go over the top here. These mini decorated nooks give your eyes a rest and welcome the season into your busy life (without over doing it). Smell: Diffuse oils such as cinnamon bark, juniper, cardamom, or bergamot. Find a seasonal candle that speaks to you, like apple orchards or pumpkin spice. Make mulled cider and leave it on a simmer to fill the room with the beloved fall scent. 


Home Design and Improvement

Sound: If you are blessed with a fireplace, this is the perfect time of year to use it! There is nothing quite like the sound of a crackling fire to cozy up to. Some gentle music always helps, too. Taste: This is the time of year for comfort food! Make that butternut squash soup you have been craving. Bake that sweet potato pie your mouth is crisp pages gently cracking as watering for. Drink the mulled cider you are making to tantalize you move on to the next chapter. your nose.    Remember to open up your Touch: That fur blanket you just windows, allow that crisp autumn air in. Or cozy up on the draped over your sofa? Is it even porch and watch the leaves fall. possible to walk by it without Whatever you do, embrace the touching it? We think not. Put out a new book to read and really changing seasons with all your senses, you never know what pay attention to how the paper feels in between your fingers, its tomorrow will bring.


Lower your costs Lower your impact

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Preparing Your Yard For Winter By Jan Cashman

VEGETABLE GARDENS • Wait to cut back asparagus till spring because the old stalks left standing can catch the snow providing winter protection.

PERENNIAL FLOWERS • Cut most perennials down after they die back in the fall.

• Pull up and compost or dispose of all old vegetable foliage. Debris can harbor insects and diseases which could affect next year’s crops.

• Some perennials have evergreen foliage-Heucheras (coral bells), Bergenia, and Hellebores to name a few, and should not be cut back. Cut them back as needed in the spring when you see how much of their foliage has survived the winter.

• On some beautiful day this fall, get outside and protect your plants from winter’s hazards; your plants will thank you for it.

• Leave the attractive foliage and flower heads of ornamental grasses and perennials such as sedum to enjoy all winter. Wait until spring to cut them back.


Home Design and Improvement

It’s Fall. Freezing weather is here. It’s time to “put the garden to bed” as winter approaches. Here’s what can we do this fall to make sure our plants come through the winter in the best shape possible.

• Continue to water as long as you want your lawn to stay green. When you quit watering in the fall, the grass will begin to go dormant and fade in color. • Fertilize with a high phosphorous fertilizer.

TREES • After mid-summer, cut back watering your trees to encourage them to go dormant. Then, around November 1, once their leaves have dropped but before the ground freezes, give all your trees a deep watering so they go into winter with moist roots. • Wrap smooth-barked trees such as maples, mountain ash, and fruit trees up to the bottom branch to prevent sunscald (blistering of the bark). Use reusable plastic tree protectors or commercial tree wraps. You can even use cardboard wrapped around the trunks and held with duct tape. • Prune maples and birch in the fall. They will “bleed” if pruned in the spring.

For all Your Fall G a r d e n i nG needs.

• The last mowing, mow your grass fairly short to discourage voles and snow mold.

ROSES • Protect hybrid tea and other tender roses with mulch or ventilated rose cones. Hardy shrub roses should not need winter protection.

EVERGREENS • Deep water your evergreens in late fall. • Protect tender varieties such as dwarf Alberta spruce, yews, and arborvitae, from “winterburn” by erecting a sunscreen-- or spray on an antidesiccant such as Wiltpruf in late fall after the plant is fully dormant.

FRUITS • Pick tree fruits when ripe (depending on whether they are an early or late ripening variety, apples can ripen anytime from late August to October). You can tell if your apples are ripe by tasting them or by the color of the seeds. If the seeds are dark brown, the apples are likely ripe. Apples will not be harmed if they are left on the tree during a light frost, but if the temperature is going to dip below 25 degrees, they should be picked; the fruit could freeze on the tree and ruin it. • Protect from chewing voles, blistering sunscald, and deer rubbing with tree protectors placed on the trunk from ground level up to the bottom branch or higher.

BulBs - Perennials Winter Protection!

• Fence new, small, and tender trees from deer. • Cut back dead raspberry canes to the ground. They are done bearing and next year’s fruit will be borne on new canes. • Rake debris and leaves from under trees to prevent diseases and insects from overwintering there. 32621-1

North 19th at Springhill Road MON-SAT 8:30AM - 5:30pM SUN 10AM - 4pM CashmanNursery.com 406-587-3406



MIL paid attention to those advertisements and filled her cart with Halloween décor. When my wreath arrived, sent extra speedy delivery so it would arrive on time (to my father in law’s chagrin, the thing cost almost $90 to rush deliver from their Georgia home to our Montana doorstep), the box was massive. We’re talking big enough to fit a large dog in. We carefully opened the box and unearthed a 9-pound (yes, we actually weighed the behemoth) wreath. What we unearthed can only be described as priceless.

has messy, nearly crimped looking white hair, gnarling out from his top hat. I always pictured a skeleton grim reaper with a sparkly top hat to be bald. My mistake. On the reaper’s flowing black robes, (that extend even below the massive frame, so as to blow in eerily the wind, I’m told) is a spider as large as my chubby adult hand. The arachnid is festooned from some sort of shiny pipe cleaner material. Again, if I actually read those craft store advertisements, I might know the industry terms for all these fancy trimmings.

Linking the left side of the wreath’s frame to the right side is a sign that reads “Beware.” It might urge the observer to actually beware our house (Obviously pagans reside inside, have you seen the size of their wreath?), but the letters are sparkly and plastered to what I assume By Hannah Stiff is little bits of cutesy craft paper. Next to skeleton grim reaper’s top hat is an If You Want The Décor, Be Ready To Properly Store it intricate bow, made by hand, A wise woman once probably holiday (pagan that I am), she featuring three different kinds The pièce de résistance said that you should never put a great deal of effort into hangs from the top left corner of ribbon. And in the center write an article in any this wreath. I didn’t know of the wreath. I can’t write the of this elaborate bow – you Halloween wreaths were publication, in any part of guessed it – is another plastic words “skeleton grim reaper the world about your mother a thing. Obviously, I didn’t skull. in shackles sporting a jaunty in law. Sadly, I never got the pay enough attention to the But the ribbons! They totally sparkly orange top hat with quote firsthand. So here goes. craft store advertisements distract from the spookier about making my own spooky a cute little striped spider Last year, shortly before Halloween, my mother in law wreath because, well, who are broach” without smiling. But elements of the wreath. Loops of smiling jack-o-lanterns that’s exactly what the focal we kidding? I would never (MIL, from here on out) sent are intertwined with loops me a festive wreath. Knowing make my own holiday wreath. point of this busy wreath is. Interestingly, the skeleton of black and orange polka But my thoughtful, crafty Halloween is my favorite

a e Wr

h t a r W h t

The wreath is anchored on a massive, empty black picture frame. The frame is over two feet tall and adorned with ribbon, plastic skulls, glittery bats, dark roses, and orange LED lights. The lights require three battery packs to operate at max capacity. The packs are, of course, artfully hidden on the back of the frame. If the abovementioned décor weren’t enough for one wreath, read on.

conversations. All was going well until my mother in law ended up in the garage. We followed her gaze to the Halloween wreath. Instead of being thoughtfully perched beside the moving blankets, the wreath was wrenched Our pride in our homemade precariously between storage boxes. We must have upset wreath from Georgia lasted So, after we unboxed the pumpkin cart when we all Halloween long. I sadly this legendary Halloween took the wreath down in early were trying to spark joy in our wreath, we headed to the hardware store to get the right November and put it on top of garage tidying. “I appreciate that ya’ll took supplies to properly hang the a storage rack in the garage, real good care of my wreath,” propped on some moving masterpiece. Since we can’t hit a stud on the front door, I blankets, high out of reach of my mother in law said. wondered if we would need to child or pet. She said it in that tart but nail down a plank to anchor sweet southern way that lets In November, my in-laws the wreath. Alas, my handy you know you’re about to hear came for Thanksgiving. We partner figured it out. As we a “bless your heart” next. had a lovely time eating too stood back to admire this We responded with profuse much and avoiding political

massive ode to Halloween – my mother in law’s magnus opus – I felt proud. Proud to have such a crafty MIL. Proud that we’ve got the kind of relationship where I can unabashedly talk about my love of Halloween.

apologies and promises to do better. My partner later took his mother aside and asked sincerely how to store the wreath properly. He assured her that we do love the wreath and didn’t mean any disrespect by storing it improperly.


To this day, I think that’s the harshest thing my MIL has ever said. As I carefully unbox my Halloween wreath this year, I’ll make sure to appreciate each skull, ribbon, bat and top hat. And when I’m done appreciating it, I’ll carefully re-box it and put it our storage unit, far, far away from wandering eyes.

Congratulations to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s Crafty Creation winner: Robert Farrington!

Robert used Varieties of artificial foliage blended with fishing symbols to create this Fall Fishing Wreath.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall Crafty Creation


dotted ribbon, crisscrossed with ribbon featuring that white and black diamond joker pattern. If a triple decker ribbon wasn’t enough to melt my little witch heart, the orange LED lights are also looped through the ribbon. The effect is simply adorable.



Tips for keeping warm inside, the efficient way

Baby It’s Cold Outside! If Fall in Montana reminds us of anything, it’s that we can enjoy a sunny day outdoors in shorts and be adding winter layers to our outfit the very next day. Fall should also remind us to take stock of our home’s energy efficiency. “As our customers start thinking about colder weather, we offer up these energy efficiency tips for ways they can better

manage their energy bills,” says Danie Williams, Energy Efficiency Manager for North Western Energy. “These tips can help Montanans save money while staying warm this winter.” So how do you tell if your home is running (energy) efficiently? Check out these hot tips from North Western Energy to keep your home just the right temp this fall.

Top 10 Tips for Energy Efficiency

• Compare your energy usage on your billing statement from month to month and from year to year to become aware of what impacts your energy use. • valuate your insulation levels to determine if you have enough to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In

the winter, cold floors and walls are a sign of a poorly insulated home. • Check your hot water heater’s temperature to make sure it’s safe and efficient — 120 degrees is plenty!

• Check your refrigerator and freezer temperatures to make sure the refrigerator is set between 37 and 40 degrees F and your freezer


Home Design and Improvement

day with energy-efficient CFLs or LEDs. Visit North Western Energy’s How-To • Check your heating Videos page for videos on equipment to make sure it is energy saving projects. working properly and clean or replace the furnace filters. • See what rebates or tax credits may be available • Inspect your windows and for qualifying insulation doors for air leaks. If you measures, programmable see daylight around a door thermostats, and high or window frame, then the efficiency natural door or window leaks. Seal gas equipment. up the leaks by caulking, adding weather stripping, or In Montana, you may be eligible for a free energy installing a door sweep.  audit. The audit provides • Wrap your hot water tank you with a customized and install pipe insulation report on your energy on the first 10 feet of the hot usage, recommendations water pipe. to better manage energy costs, and information • Install low-flow faucet on rebates. For more aerators and showerheads.  information about a free • Replace incandescent home energy audit, go online light bulbs that are used to northwesternenergy.com more than three hours a or call 800-823-5995. temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees F.


Game-time energy saver. Want an easy way to save energy when drying your clothes? Throw a few new tennis balls in with each load. Doing this can really reduce drying time – which will save you money. Plus, the fluffiness will bounce right back! Now that’s a bright idea.

View more energy-saving ideas at NorthWesternEnergy.com/BrightFuture



State of the Market

671 Nelson Road | Bozeman, MT Grand country estate in a 20+ acre park-like setting. About 16 acres could be for horses or livestock (currently leased). Ready for family or guests with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths in 6500 luxurious, well-planned square feet. Unobstructed 360-degree spectacular mountain views. Four fireplaces, game room w/pool table, cozy library, office area, formal dining room, beautifullyappointed kitchen w/island and pantry, wine cellar, vault, hot tub, and expansive decks. Close to airport and town.

Sharon Tudor Isler & Brian Tudor BROKER 406.556.5048 sharon@bozeman-realestate.com

BROKER 406.556.5068 brian@bozeman-realestate.com

Landmark R E A L E S TAT E

Your Gallatin Valley Housing Market Update

recommended the following tips for homebuyers.

In a year of uncertainty, one industry continues to perform well. In Gallatin Valley, the success of the housing market is palpable. Prices are soaring, interest rates remain low, low, low, and inventory is scarce. Add in an exodus from big cities to livable suburbs and you’ve got a recipe for a robust and fast-moving market.

Secure financing before you start browsing: Houses can enter and leave the market in a blink, especially in Bozeman. You may be ramping yourself up for big heartache if you don’t do your homework first. Meet with several lenders to compare interest rates. Once you lock in a lender, it’s important to run the numbers to know what you can afford.

So how can a first-time homebuyer, or first-time-inawhile homebuyer get into the crazy local market? For answers, we turned to Sharon Tudor Isler, Broker with ERA Landmark Real Estate. Sharon

“The most important thing is to get your loan ready,” Tudor Isler advises. “We really seem to have lots of buyers that are having trouble finding a home


Home Design and Improvement

because inventory is so low, way below last year. So, you’ve got to be the first and the best (offer)and that’s really tricky.” Having a prequalification letter in hand shows a seller you are both motivated and able to purchase their home. The fewer snags you potentially cause the seller, the better chance your offer stands.

Bozeman is crazy expensive. As home prices in the city limits rise, people naturally migrate further away. Tudor Isler said that is one of the few remaining ways to find (slightly more) affordable property.

“Belgrade has a few more lots north of town, that’s a place to look,” she says. “Gallatin Gateway might be a little less expensive, if you can Consider using an agent: find anything for sale there. Buying a home in a busy There are possibilities out in market is stressful. Having a Realtor by your side can make Three Forks. Keep an eye on the new subdivisions they’re the process easier. building (in Bozeman), too.” “Get a realtor and have them Tudor Isler also recommsearch for you,” Tudor Isler ends buyers expand their recommends. “You don’t have to pay the Realtor, as the search from only singlebuyer. Your Realtor could get family homes. Condos and townhouses are typically less a lead about something that may be coming on the market expensive and offer buyers a way to get into the market before everyone else sees it.” before they can no longer Tudor Isler has been selling afford to do so. real estate in Montana since “You’re still owning a home, 1987. She estimates she’s whether it’s a townhome or been through “hundreds condo,” Tudor Isler explains. and hundreds of successful “You just need to get into the transactions.” That market – do everything you experience matters to her can to get into something customers, especially in a because the great thing about tight market. owning a house is the equity.” Additionally, a buyer’s Though she has no crystal agent can help negotiate ball, Tudor Isler says she offers on their client’s behalf anticipates the market will and answer questions and remain competitive as long concerns that arise. as interest rates stay low Look outside city limits and Bozeman remains an and expand your housing enticing place to live. horizons: It’s no secret


Home Design and Improvement


We are a construction company focusing on the time, and quality of our work. We install commercial and residential siding, roofing, seamless gutters and decks.

406-222-5635 124 S. MAIN STREET LIVINGSTON, MT 59047





We Know Our Way Around The Block For over 100 years, First Security Bank has been serving the Gallatin Valley’s banking needs. Our lenders have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a variety of home loan options and competitive rates.

TANNER AASHEIM NMLS# 892056 406.548.6958 tanner.aasheim@ourbank.com

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JACKIE FOOTE NMLS# 1819189 406.548.6874 jacqueline.foote@ourbank.com

HILLARY HANSON NMLS# 1433095 406.388.3719 hillary.hanson@ourbank.com

PATTY KICKER NMLS# 658401 406.556.3241 patty.kicker@ourbank.com

ELEX MCALEAR NMLS# 830117 406.556.3214 elex.mcalear@ourbank.com

SCOTT MCEWAN NMLS# 658402 406.556.3854 scott.mcewan@ourbank.com

SHARLARAE STUBER NMLS# 658403 406.556.3837 sharlarae.stuber@ourbank.com

OURBANK.com /// 406.585.3800


Home Design and Improvement

Choosing a Few Fall Favorites (Instead of the Whole Store)

Inspired by Autumn

If reading a Marie Kondo book has taught us anything, it’s that less can definitely be more. If you’re a big fan of Fall, that’s a motto you’ll need to have tattooed on your brain this season. To keep it simple, but fabulous, we asked the product gurus at Heyday to tell us about a few of their favorite Fall products.

Turns out you don’t have to rob a craft store to bring a little autumn inside this year. Instead, do as Heyday does, and curate a short list of favorites. That list doesn’t even have to include a pumpkin spice latte candle. In

fact, your favorite local retailer might surprise you with brandnew-to-you delights they’re stocking this season, just ask.

So, get out in that crisp air, feel those leaves (or snow) crunch underfoot and go find your own love list. If you need a little inspiration, here’s Heyday’s adorable Fall cheat sheet. Scents of Fall: Light a candle and infuse your home with the rich scents of fall with Rosy Rings’ Honey Tobacco. This fan-favorite, seasonal scent is the perfect addition to a cup of tea, a good book, cozy blanket, and a crisp Fall day enjoyed on

the couch. The Denver-based candle company infuses garden treasures in their everyday candle botanicals. You’ll find Honey Tobacco available in a diffuser, wax sachets, and a variety of candle sizes. Indoor Grow Kits: Give the gift of fresh herbs. With cold temps approaching, these sweet allinclusive giftable grow kits will brighten any kitchen window. No green thumb required, just some sun, water and love. Variety of herbs and blooms available.

Bandanas: A good bandana (handkerchief, scarf, whatever!)

has unending uses – from a baby bib to the perfect hair accessory – and yes, the cutest face covering. Stash one in your purse to be prepared for life’s little spills. Dishtowels: Meet your new favorite dish towel. These design-inspired tea towels work like a kitchen towel should and look great while doing so.  For more Heyday inspiration, visit www.heydaybozeman.com. And wherever you choose to do your fall shopping, remember: keep it simple, silly.



Your Hot Tips For Buying A Hot Tub

The Fall Warmup

The weather is turning crisp and it’s time to turn up the heat in your hot tub. What’s that? You don’t have a hot tub? Well, why not? At Mountain Hot Tub, they have heard all the excuses in the book. “My yard is too small.” “It’s too expensive.” “It’s a pain to maintain.” “I don’t have the right electrical system.” To dispel some of those myths, Max Blaser, General Manager of Mountain Hot Tub, chatted with us about what you really need to know when it comes to hot tubs. Mountain Hot Tub has been serving the Bozeman community since 1979, when two high school buddies started

hand-building cedar hot tubs. From that first foray in wooden tubs, Bozeman was hooked on the hot water oases.

hot tub buyers and users are focused on emotional wellbeing,” Blaser says. “It goes without saying that for many, stress levels are running high. So, having a place to escape, unplug, and relax with family has become the primary benefit for most hot tubbers right now.”

“Bozeman has always been an incredible hot tub community,” Blaser explains. “Between the climate and the active lifestyle, it’s just a perfect fit for hot tubs. Additionally, Blaser says hot In fact, we internally refer to tubbing offers physical benefits (Bozeman) as ‘The Hot Tub Capital of The World’. That being like improved circulation and deep tissue massage. said, the recent interest in hot tubs is totally unprecedented.” “We hear from new customers on a daily basis saying what a In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers’ appetite terrific investment the tub has been,” he says. “Not just to help for hot tubs grew as insatiably with an ailing back or muscle as it did for a second season soreness but because it’s given of Tiger King. And with stress them a place to spend time with levels ratcheting through the their kids, with no cell phones. roof, everyone was looking for For many of our customers and ways to decompress at home. most of our employees, hot tub “Lately we’ve seen that many

time is family time.”

If de-stressing, getting the family to put down the devices, and a deep tissue massage were enough to pique your interest, Blaser says there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a hot tub. The biggest consideration for customers right now should be timeframe. “With demand where it is currently, and production offset from COVID complications and supply chain issues, some spa models are pre-sold until Christmas and some brands are well into 2021,” Blaser says. “So, if you’re considering a hot tub and you want to be soaking while the snow flies this year, the time to buy is now.” After you decide when to buy, you need to decide how big a tub

you’ll need and where to put it. When considering where you want your hot tub, Blaser says to put it as close as possible to an outside door. “A setting far from the house may look picturesque, but believe us when we say that you will use the tub more if you can quickly scamper to a warm robe when the temperatures drop below zero,” he advises. When it comes to size, don’t scrimp. “An RV dealer once told me, spend some time in each model, figure out what you think is the smallest size you could comfortably enjoy, then buy one size bigger,” Blaser says. “We’ve found this to be similarly true when it comes to hot tubs. With the efficiency of our modern

tubs, energy costs don’t vary significantly by tub size (a common concern). But it’s always true that you just can’t fit four adults in a three-person spa.”

spring to start enjoying a tub.”

And finally, the electrifying part of the story. Oftentimes, customers think the electrical requirements for hot tubs are complicated. Blaser and his team recommend 220V hookups A misconception Blaser and his team still run into is that hot when possible. But if your home isn’t “pre-wired” for a hot tub, it’s tubs are for seasonal use. He typically an easy and inexpensive explains that hot tubs are indeed process, Blaser explains. meant to be used year-round. “Also, if you don’t want to make In fact, Blaser says, some of the any changes, we have plenty spas the company installed in of ‘plug n’ play’ tubs that run the 80s are still up and running on standard outlets with no outdoors. Since you can hot tub modifications,” he says. all year, the Mountain Hot Tub Mountain Hot Tub offers team is committed to delivering a range of prices, with new spas all year, too. spas sold at $3,000 to $20,000. “No matter the conditions or That price tag includes delivery location, we can find a way to get anywhere in the company’s you soaking more and worrying service area – about a 90-mile less,” Blaser says. “Simply put, radius from Bozeman, there is no reason to wait until Butte or Helena.




Locally built furniture made to fit your size, style, and taste. Showroom: M-F 10-5, Sat 10-4 40 Spanish Peak Drive, #103, Bozeman, MT 59718 (406) 582-8700

8488 Huffine Lane, Bozeman, MT 59718 | 406.586.5850

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Collecting Rocky Mountain Color Local Paint Shop Owner Creates Paint Palette Celebrating Outdoors

No, Keller was far from the shop, exploring the Rocky Mountains. A Montana boy, If the saying is true, there’s Keller grew up loving to nothing new under the sun, explore the treasures found then there are no new paint under the Big Sky. That theme colors, either. But there are continued into adulthood. In the moments he wasn’t new paint collections. working, Keller was traipsing A local paint shop owner, around the state, appreciating Jeff Keller, has discovered Montana’s awe-inspiring and curated one of those new colors. And inspire they did. collections. Owner of The “I worked with a local Paint Factory in Bozeman horticulturist,” Keller and handy with a paintbrush since age 13, Keller has finally explains. “He opened my eyes with how to see color. Nature had his color breakthrough. is overwhelming, but when But it didn’t happen in the you take one item, solo, it store, during the workday. helps you see colors.” He wasn’t glancing at paint swatches one day when Keller started noticing the he drummed up his deep rust colors in different new collection. soil samples he collecte. The

hues of wildflowers and lichen, taken separately, awed him. Fall leaves offered their own palette of rich tones. Eventually, Keller separated his treasure into five distinct categories: soil, leaves, flowers, rocks, and natural grasses. He carefully pressed flower and leaf samples and put soil in clear, labeled


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For now though, Keller’s collection is available through his store. He urges designers, framed flowers, architects or other paint and shelves lovers interested in his story of large rock to stop by, pull up a chair, samples, that the and have a look at his collection comes alive. collection. At the store, “It’s a color story,” Keller says. Keller displays prints of his “That’s all it is.” “It doesn’t reinvent color; pressed flowers on the walls. That color story, Keller it defines Rocky Mountain He’s also got colors from his collection neatly displayed by hopes, will remind so many colors,” Keller explains. hue. A meticulously organized others of their favorite “There are no new colors. containers, outdoor memories, in the legend guides the shopper I’m not a color expert like a with the location Rocky Mountains and far from Keller’s Collection to designer, I’m a 43-year paint where the samples beyond. industry guy. I’m an observer, its in-store match (from an were found. The **More information about existing paint that The Paint not an expert.” pressed items were this project can be found at Factory carries). It’s in the An observer might just be turned into captivating kellercollection.com store, under the shadow what the paint world needs. works of art by local Keller’s collection is attracting of massive photographer Roper Green. Keller framed many big attention already. In November, a preeminent of the flowers to hang in his paint shop. Others have been color trend and forecasting displayed in art galleries and magazine will devote one of its two gorgeous feature brewery walls. stories to Keller’s collection. From his wild findings, After the article runs, Keller Keller also found inspiration expects well-painted doors for his paint collection. He to swing open for him. But culled his thousands upon he’s not braggadocios. In thousands of samples fact, Keller has already faced into a collection of rejection. Benjamin Moore, Professional Service 460 paint colors. Wide Selection whose paint Keller sells Each color in Prices to Fit Any Budget and whose reps Keller has Expert Color Matching the collection known for decades, passed Locally Owned on licensing his collection for – ALSO – mass distribution. It was a HOME OF THE letdown, certainly. For Keller though, one more no means he’s closer to a yes. And “yes” Stop in or go online to check out the art prints: means his Rocky Mountain www.kellercollection.com color collection can be shared Stop in or call the store to schedule a consultation to work with the far and wide. paint palette from this natural collection of Rocky Mountain color! represents a piece of the Rocky Mountain corridor, a colorful invitation to fall in love with the forest floor, mountain scree, flower fields and silty soil of the ecosystem.

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