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The Women’s Book F/W 2013

••• As we embark on our 75th year in business, it se ems like a go od time to reflect. In this modern age of fast and mass everything, it is truly unique for a business to have thrived for 75 years; what is even more unusual is that we are family owned, now in our 3rd generation. In 2013, when most retail stores lo ok the same, at Boyds we work every day at being true to the simple philosophy on which we were built: one location, with unsurpassed depth and breadth of selection and a commitment to service unattainable anywhere else – customized tailoring, knowledgeable sales associates to ensure a uniquely easy and fun shopping experience and valet parking. And we would be remiss if we did not credit our loyal customers for making our 75 years so successful.

thank you, we look forward to the next 75 years!

Kent Gushner

Jeff Glass

Ralph Yaffe

Celebrating 75 Years of Dressing Philadelphia

The Family 1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

Alexander, Albert and Ben Gushner, co-founders

Gerald, Mark and Harvey Gushner

Kent Gushner, Ralph Yaffe and Jeff Glass

1938 - 1968

1968 - 2004

2004 - Present

1938 Th e G u s h ne r b rot h e rs co-fou nd a me n’s cl ot hing s tore at 1217 Mar ket St .



Ba sketb all ph eno m Wilt Chamberlain g ets fi tted at B oyds

B i g & Tall d e p a rtme n t o p e n s in “Chock Full O’ Nuts” build in g n ext to t he M arket Stre et l o ca t i o n

B oyd s wa s n a m e d a ft e r The B oyd The a t e r a t 19 t h & Che st n u t

> 1968 Th e G u s h ne r b rot h e rs l e av e t h e b u s ine s s to t h e next ge ne rat ion, G e rald, Mar k & H ar v ey

> 1972


Boyds dev e l ops t h e “Come b ack to Phil ade lphia, Come to Boyds ” adv e r t is ing campaign

B oyd s i s vo t e d “ be st sin g l e u ni t m e n ’ s sto re in t he U . S . ” by M e n sw e a r m a g a z in e


1980 B oyd s in t ro d u ce s f re e va l et p a rk in g a s i t fo cu se s o n t he lu x u ry cl o t hin g m a rket


1982 B oyd s ex p a n d s i t s M a rket St . l o ca t i o n by a dd in g t he Pe n t ho u se , a 10 , 0 0 0 sq. ft . sto re d e d i ca t e d to t he fin e st m e n ’ s cl o t hin g


May 3, 1990 Boyds op ens it s new store a t t he for m e r Pennsylv a nia Academy of Fine A r t s Build in g

1993 Aft e r 55 ye a rs of offe r in g t he fin e st me n’s cl o t hin g , Boyds in t ro d u ce s a wom e n ’ s de part m e n t



Boyds pa r tn e rs wit h Trussini, a n Ita lia n m anufa c tur ing co mpa ny, to desi gn t h e Tr ussini men’s cl othin g lin e. It i s n ow sold in mo re t h an 40 stores

3rd-Ge n e ra t i o n owne rs Ke n t G u s h n e r, Ra lp h Yaffe a n d J eff Gl ass p u rcha se t h e b u sin e ss

> 2006 B oyds expands to inclu de t h e wome n’s s h oe s al on on t h e mezzanine & a me n’s / wo me n’s cont e mporar y s tore on t h e 3rd fl o or ca ll e d B3

2008 B oyd s re ce i ve s M R M a g a z in e ’ s “ Sto re of t he Ye a r” a wa rd a n d i s ce l e bra t e d in a m ul t i - p a g e sp e ci a l se ct i o n


Fall 2008




Boyds M agazine is launched

Zero to 100 IN A BLUR:

the morgan aeromax

boyds philadelphia guide to style SINGLE-MALT SENSATION THE GLENROTHES

boyds stories




ENCLOSED See page 32

8 loyal customers tell what brings them back to Boyds

Spring 2008 B oyd s Sto ri e s i s l a u n che d

W E ’ V E B E E N A R O U N D F O R A W H I L E — 70 years, in fact. And in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two. Like how to develop relationships with our customers—many of which span decades. And how to make shopping pleasurable and easy, so you’ll look your best. Because what’s the point of investing in clothing that doesn’t make you feel good? But hey, don’t take our word for it. Listen to what eight loyal Boyds customers have to say. We asked them to give us the truth 73


FA L L 2 0 0 8

about how they became regular customers and what they find here that keeps them coming back. And they delivered. Of course, these are just a smattering of the devoted shoppers who proudly credit Boyds with their distinguished styles. Look for more stories—perhaps even your own!—in upcoming issues.



2009 Boyds St u dio Se r v ice s is l au nch e d, wor king wit h t h e wardrob e and s et de s ign de par t me nt s of mov ie s filming in Phil ade lphia

2009 The Wo me n ’s De p a rtme n t ex p a n ds, movin g u p to the e n tire 3rd fl o or


Fall 2011


The M e n ’ s Sto re o n t he 2n d fl o o r i s re n ova t e d by Sha w n H a u sm a n De si g n

B oyd s partn e rs w i t h Doug Co llin s an d the Phil a d e lphi a 76e rs

September, 2012

April 2013

The new Wo men’ s Shoe & Handb ag Sa lo n o pens o n the 1s t Flo o r. Th e new M en’s Sh o e Store o pens o n the Mezzanine

The I ta li a n Tra d e Co mmi ssi o n se l e ct s B oyd s to p a rt n e r fo r t he 3rd t im e to t hrow t he p a rt y of t he se a so n & ce l e bra t e eve ry t hin g I ta li a n



> June 2013

B oyd s l a u n che s e - co mm e rce , o p e nin g t he B oyd s Onlin e Po p - u p Sho p


Jewel Tones

••• Rich Hues Adorn the Season Cl ockwis e from to p l eft : D. E x t e ri o r Em e ra ld Gre e n Sl e ev e l e s s D re ss; Esca d a Plu m Tex t u re d Pa n t s; Lie b e s kind Gre e n & Cha m p a g n e Wove n Ca rg o Bags ; Giv e nchy Pu rp l e Pa n d o ra M e sse n g e r; Ch ar l ot t e O l y mp i a “ Cha rl o t t e ’ s We b” Re d Ve l vet Slippe rs ; Chl o e Plu m Ea st - We st To t e ; Na n cy G onzal ez Sa p p hire B lu e Cro co d il e Clu tch; Et ro Mixe d-Pr in t Silk S ca rf ; M a g a scho ni Pu rp l e Cas h me re Sw e a t e r Dre ss, S ca rf & Gl ove s; Giv e nchy Eme ra ld Ni g ht in g a l e S a tche l ; H e rve Le ge r Eggpl a n t Ca p - sl e eve B a n d a g e Dre ss

Black & White

••• Wear It All Over Cl ockwis e from to p l eft : S a l va to re Fe rra g a m o Rev e rs ibl e G a n cini B e l t s; La nvin B l a ck Pe a rl Rib b on N e ckl ace ; Cha rl o t t e Ol y m p i a Ve l vet K i t t y Slippe rs ; Cana d a Go o se Vi cto ri a Pa rka Wi t h Re mov abl e Fu r; Pa rke r Le a t he r/ B e a d e d Sw in g Top; Joie Polka Do t Tu ni c; Al be rto Fe rm a ni Chi a ra A nkl e Bo ot ; A rm a ni Co ll ez i o ni B ow Deta il e d Jacket ; Frat e lli Ro sset t i Ta sse l Lo a fe r; Gi ve n chy Pony H air Pan d o ra M e sse n g e r; Chri sto p he r Fis ch e r Ca shm e re Co co o n Ca rd i g a n

Prints Abound

••• Graphics, Florals & Animal-Prints, Oh My! Cl ockwis e fro m to p l eft : Et ro Tex t u re d M ul t i pr int Scar f; Chl o e Ka ru n d Liza rd - Prin t S a tche l ; H e r no Sky Pa t t e rn Dow n J a cket ; S my t he Pl aid H u nt ing J a cket ; J u st Ca va lli Vi cto ri a n Pr int Sat in Bl a ze r; Cha rl o t t e Ol y m p i a Cl e a r Pandora Clu tch Wi t h S p id e r Cl a sp ; Erd e m Sl e ev e l e s s Flo ra l - Prin t Dre ss; Gi a m ba t t i sta Valli Fl oral -Pr in t Gow n ; Et ro Lo n g Sl e eve B l a ck Cady Cy b e r -Prin t Dre ss; Et ro Ve l vet Gl ove s


••• Bold, Fearless & Confident Style Cl ockwis e fro m to p l eft : Lo effl e r Ra n d a ll Tr ipl e -Bu ckl e B o o t i e ; St u d i o Po llini Pa cha Cal f Kne e -H i g h B o o t ; Aqu a z u rra Cu ta wa y Lace -u p San d a l ; Cu t 25 Quil t e d Le a t he r Sh oulde r Sle eve l e ss Dre ss; M inni e Ro se Swag Suit ; B a il ey 4 4 Le a t he r/ S p a n d ex Long-s l e ev e d T- Shirt ; Gi ve n chy Prin t e d Env e l ope Clu tch; Au t u mn Ca shm e re Two Tone Cas h m e re Cow l ; La nvin Alli g a to rPr int e d Le at h e r Tril o g y To t e ; J B ra n d Wa x e d Twill Je ans ; U GG “ B l a i se ” B l a ck Pa t e n t Bo ot ; McQ Zip p e r- Prin t Le g g in g s; Fe n d i St u dde d Fl at s ; Gi ve n chy Le a t he r Ta nk Dre ss

Visual Opulence ••• Les Copains was founded by Mario Bandiera. The brand name is taken from “Salut les Copains”, a radio program dedicated to the artists of Boulvard Saint Michel that anticipated the fashion and lifestyle during the 1960’s. Knitwear in cashmere will always remain Les Copains first love, even though the brand has evolved into a total lifestyle collections. The new FW 13 collection, designed by Alessandro Dell’Acqua underlines the visual opulence and the lightness of the silhouette, creating a perfect balance betwe en grace and fit.

Fall 2013



Style & Luxury ••• Max Mara, the premiere collection of the Max Mara Fashion Group, is the epitome of Italian style and luxury; a confident and contemporary collection of tailored silhouettes, sumptuous fabrications and couture details applied to ready-towear. Known for stylish coats, formskimming separates, sharp suits and elegant accessories, Max Mara, was founded by the late visionary Achille Maramotti in 1951. Max Mara Group actually has 2,279 stores in 100 countries with 19 collections under its umbrella. The company remains privately held and managed by the Maramotti family.

Fall 2013



Perfect Nonchalance ••• Moncler continues to reinterpret the duvet for Autumn Winter 2013-14. The styles remain intrinsically faithful to the technical requirements which are dear to the brand and take on a transversal lo ok with alternative aesthetic solutions, but always harmonious. The season themes are all developed with a strong connotation of style and all are able to mix in the wardrobe with perfect nonchalance. The new interpretation is not limited to the use of feathers. The proportions are extremely feminine, elegance is guarante ed 24 hours a day, from work me etings to an evening at the opera.

Fall 2013



Robert Rodriguez ••• The Fall 2O13 collection takes inspiration from the 7O’s glam punk movement—think the New York Dolls or the Sex Pistols. Despite the visible punk influences, the design approach is quite playful. Hardware such as studs, safety pins, and zippers are finished in matte black and gunmetal for a more modern, luxe lo ok. Heavy layering plays with proportion and results in a rebellious, strong point of view. Short bomber jackets are thrown over kne e length sweaters. Blazers are cut shorter in the back and left long in the front. Skirts are layered over leggings underneath long sle eveless cardigans. The essential punk attitude is softened with embellishments and lace. Mixed lace and leather tops and dresses, studded wo ol cashmere sweaters, and matte-black stone embellishments lend a rich, sophisticated fe el to the collection.

Fall 2013



A Philadelphia Icon ••• The Govberg Jewelers legacy began in 1922 when young watchmaker and diamond expert, Albert Govberg, opened a family-run specialty store along Philadelphia’s historic Jeweler’s Row. Ninety years later, Govberg Jewelers is celebrated as a true Philadelphia icon, bringing exquisite timepieces, beautiful jewels and exceptional services to the people of a city rich in history and tradition. In addition to representing one of the largest selections of fine Swiss timepieces on the East Coast, Govberg Jewelers offers a host of specialized client services, designed to support the ne eds of watch collectors, connoisseurs and individuals just beginning their journey of horological discovery. The Govberg team comprises highly trained sales associates and experienced Swisstrained watchmakers, certified by the most elite brands to ensure that your watch ne eds are met with the utmost standards of care. Govberg Jewelers is proud to offer comprehensive estate buying services, regularly purchasing a great range of items from private collections; from significant diamond heirlo oms to timepieces (working or not), unique coins and unwanted gold. The experienced staff recognizes that the estate buying process can be both exciting, and at times, emotional; and they are prepared to offer you the highest possible return for your items while maintaining the strictest standards of confidentiality and expert counsel. Visit one of Govberg Jewelers’ thre e exquisite showro oms today to learn more about the estate buying experience.

Fall 2013



Don’t Wear It? We’ll Buy It.

Sell the fine timepieces, diamonds and jewelry you no longer wear to Govberg Jewelers. Our estate buying experts purchase jewelry and watches – rare, vintage and modern – from private collections in a discreet and confidential manner. Place your trust in Govberg Jewelers.



65 St. James Place | Ardmore, PA 19003 6 1 0. 6 6 4 .1 7 1 5


737 Sansom Street | Corner of 8th and Sansom Philadelphia, PA 19106 2 6 7. 8 8 6 . 9 2 7 0


1521 Walnut Street | Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.546.6505

Modernist Edge ••• The ESCADA Fall/Winter collection takes its inspiration from all the greatest architecture of Milan, New York City, and Chicago. It influences the prints, shapes and colors for a new modernist edge. Covering every occasion throughout the day, the lo oks range from luxury knitwear pieces and seductive jersey dresses to tailored day suits and sophisticated evening dresses.

Fall 2013



Unexpected Details ••• “I lo ok to reconcile contrasts to create surprise so as to surpass the all to o rigid academicism. I search for harmony and the perfect equilibrium. It is the attention given to unexpected details that will create the twist.” - Serge Cajfinger -

Fall 2013



Made in Italy ••• Herno’s product comes from Giuseppe Marenzi’s inspiration, pushed both by his own commercial ability and his wife’s technical knowledge. Fe eling the urge to de eply bond with their place of origin, and inspired by the Erno river that flows through the town, they decide to name the product that best suits the Lago Maggiore, the raincoat, Herno. The H harmonizes the name, internationalizing it. It becomes a perceived value - after pursuing it for 50 years - determined by the awareness of the higher ability, compared to any other manufacturing country, to se ek the absolute best quality. For this reason, all of the Herno models, with the exception of nylon down jackets, are Made in italy.

Fall 2013



Pure Fashion ••• Glamour and originality have always be en at the base of the Ash philosophy. Designed for a globally aware, fashion conscious generation of men and women, the Ash collection continually pushes new horizons and sets trends for others to follow. Known for combining style with comfort, the ASH Sport Line makes a statement for Fall with mixed media, snug youth, playful colors such as military and Bordeaux, and of course great metallic colors such as silver and gold. Pure fashion and confidence come to life with Ash, the harmonious union of superb “Made in Italy” quality and the French “magic touch.”

Fall 2013



The Women’s Shoe & Handbag Salon

Fall 2013



Fendi Sue de Pu m ps Wi th Pe ntagon al He el $650

Charlotte Olympia Suede Pump With Heart Platfo rm $695

Givenchy To n a l B row n St rip e d Tote $2295

Charlotte Olympia Gem Pando ra Clutch With Spider Clas p $1495

Fall 2013



Manolo Blahnik B B Lace An d S a t in Pumps $695

Fendi Suede Wedg e Bo otie $695

Chloé M ini Saddl e B ag $775

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch $ 1395

Fall 2013



Charlotte Olympia S u e d e Pu mps Wi th H e a rt Pl atform $695

Charlotte Olympia Sp a r k le K i tty Slippers $595

Charlotte Olympia Pa l o m a Satin Pl a t fo r m Pump $895

Givenchy Pr inted Envelope Clu tch $12 95

Fendi Sue de Pumps Wi t h Pain te d Wo ode n He el $595

ChloĂŠ Ma rcie Ha n dbag $ 1795

Fendi Spi ke d He el B o oti e $995

Salvatore Fer rag amo Sa ffia n o M ini B ag $595

Fall 2013



Salvatore Fer rag amo Ru n a Le athe r B ow Pumps $575

Fendi Crocodile-Print Pla tfor m Pump $795

Fall 2013



Givenchy Wo od-Prin t Pa n d o ra Mini M e s se n ge r $10 95

Let Us Help You •••

With a tradition of per sonal service at the highest level, Boyds takes pride in focusing on your individual needs. Complimentary Custom Alterations We will customize the fit of everything from denim and tops to designer suits and dresses. With over 40 on-site European tailors & seamstresses, using old-world craftsmanship, each garment is customized for you. (sale merchandise excluded)

Va l e t P a r k i n g Being in the city has never be en so easy. Enjoy complimentary valet parking, conveniently located across the stre et. The Boyds experience begins before you ever enter the store.

Personal Shopping Expert fashion consultants will assist you in selecting clothes for that special occasion, or for your seasonal wardrobe ne eds. We are able to work around your schedule, offering extended store hours by appointment or by bringing Boyds to you at your home or office. (sale merchandise excluded)

Fall 2013



Boyds Philadelphia 1818 Ch e s t nu t St re et | Phil a d e lp hi a , PA 19103 215. 564 . 9 0 0 0 | boyd sp hil a . co m Monday - Sat u rday , 9 : 3 0 - 6 p m | We d n e sd a y s u n t il 8p m

Š BOYDS 2013

Celebrating 75 Years of Dressing Philadelphia

The Women's Book F/W 2013 - Boyds Philadelphia  
The Women's Book F/W 2013 - Boyds Philadelphia