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Paint it red How people in different creative industries are going through the COVID-19 situation.

antinode collective Four audio engineers with other skills and talents.

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JAC Records Elevate your sound to new heights: above and beyond with JAC records.

beyond blue In conversation with Ashley Walkom about depression

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the sweater Young artists David, Noah, Eliza and Carter have created a new animation short called ‘the Sweater

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hayden Hayden a.k.a ‘Michael Jackson guy’ on owning style and his own freelancing production company.


severed -Ì ÀÞ >L ÕÌ w `ÕÃÌÀÞ° It's sort of a mirror to humanity. Every storytelling has some rooted souce of what makes us human.

Angela Yao Angela Yao on her journey as an illustrator.

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juxtaposed An independent record label with a team of audio and design students.

airo Airo the debut graphic novel from emerging artist Jemimah Perry.

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Greid: A mortal’s journey Interview with game design about their creative process.


Eclectic Magazine has a lot to answer for.

As a team of Nine, they started out with a small idea that slowly grew into a huge major project. With looming doubt, as Carolyn Petritsch stood in front of the whole of the 2021 class of brimming almost graduates to pitch an idea, her knees almost buckled with fear. Her teammates had incredible design skills, and were her only saving “Grace”. Their incredible support of the idea was a recipe for sweet success. Not long after the team became eight, but still through the enthusiasm of the group rose to the challenge. Eclectic Magazine was given a face and an identity and a full belly of content that was as professional as any other, beautifully illustrated and thought out. Stories on the talents of the students from SAE Sydney, Eclectic Magazine showcased the many genres taught and how those highly functional individuals were going to make a difference in this fast paced world. A time when the world stood still to embrace Covid 19 and how they as a team of students and lecturers managed to create something so wonderful, that will forever be remembered to Eclectic Design Team and SAE Sydney. Tiffany, Bounyalith, BoRyung, Hailey, Jemiman, Angela, Ryan and I are an Eclectic team with big hearts as full as the Magazine. By Carolyn Petritsch




Editor in Chief / Content Designer

Social Media Director / Content Manager

I have for many years wanted to pursue my art. Doing my Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design has opened so many avenues. I can now display my art on a platform that for so long was a dream. Coming from a self taught background, this adventure was hard for me to grasp.The discipline needed was iÝÌÀ> À` >ÀÞ° Ì¿Ã Lii ` vwVÕ Ì LÕÌ think persistence has been my middle name. And I would be kidding myself if I thought the learning will ever stop! I am happy I waited till this age to do this, as it has really complimented my skills and knowledge so far. The people I have met along the way and the people that have taught me.This is life changing and I will forever be in awe of this experience.

Prior to commencing at the college, I had already studied some graphic design, but never knew there was so ÕV Ài Ì Ì° Þ wÀÃÌ «ÀiÃà when starting at SAE was that I actually like one of the lecturers (Jeff). He inspired me to see a different side of graphic design that I had never learned or looked into before. I always i` v ÀÜ>À` Ì Ã «ÀiÃi Ì>Ì wÀÃÌ thing in the morning. I’m not really an Illustrator but I’ve always wanted to try digital art and learn how to use one of those Wacom Tablets, and this project has facilitated that for me - it was a }Ài>Ì iÝ«iÀ i Vi v À Ì i wÀÃÌ Ì i° Follow me on Instagram - @_tiffanyham

bounyalith Photographer / Web Designer


Hi, My name is Bounyalith and I’m a graphic designer and a self-taught photographer studying a bachelor’s degree at SAE Institute. I chose to learn about design because I have always been passionate about art since I was young and I wanted to turn that passion into a real business. I like to combine creative design skills with my photography as it gives me > Ài> Þ V «i } w > ÀiÃÕ Ì > ` > unique style in my works. I am always on the lookout for new stuff that’s ontrend and off-trend to learn in my free time. I believe this will make me a real asset when entering the workforce with different clients in the future.

Brand Identity / Content Designer

Ever since highschool I have loved drawing and creating new things, so when it came time to pursue a career I knew that graphic design would be something that I could really enjoy. As one of the magazine designers, I have had the chance to collaborate with other discipline groups in SEA such as Juxtaposed (Audio), Severed (Film) and >Þ`i ÕÞ ­w ®° >Ûi >` ÃÕV > good experience creating this magazine and an amazing time with my team.




Motion Designer / Content Designer

Content Researcher / Content Designer

I love doing all kinds of design work, from logo design, to motion graphics - but I love typography and photo manipulation the most. Both text and photography make up a huge part in the design, but when you combine text and photography? They work really well together like bread and butter, unless you break all the design principles. Graphic design is really an interesting world for me to express my thoughts and ideas either in a metaphorical way or sometimes in a very direct and straightforward way. This project has been a great chance for me to experiment with lots of different types of design works and styles.

I am a Graphic Designer who is a part of the ‘Eclectic magazine’ project, and Game design project ‘Greid: A Mortal’s Journey’. My interests in design are explored through logo designing, motion graphics, and illustration. I appreciate and am inspired by video games from older generations, and have grown Õ« > >ÀÌ ÃÌ V wi ` vÀ `À>Ü }] photography, and self-taught music.

angela Content Researcher / Content Designer

At a young age, I had drawing classes, it made me slowly like to draw. I still have them. Looking back at it, I can see I have improved so much. When I went into highschool, I noticed that I wanted to do something with design. I had taken a class on the subject of textiles and I loved it. I continued it but it didn't feel right for that to be a future job. I also took visual arts, there wasn't much digital stuff but I still liked it very much. I got a taste of graphic design in the work experience I went to in highschool for a week. It was so fun I wanted to do more and that's how I am here today. Right now I draw in my free time. If I have a cool idea I will try to do some graphic designing too.

Jemimah Illustrator / Content Designer

My name is Jemimah. I am a graphic designer and artist. I like bright colours and fun shapes. Since I started at SAE I have discovered a passion for making Motion graphics, and I have learned how to do so many other things that for the longest time didn’t seem possible to me. I love trying new things and learning new techniques, playing around with things until they are just right, and then watching all the pieces of a project come together.


Grace Kingston Mentor / Lecturer

Eclectic magazine: a story of resilience I think that we can all agree that 2021 so far has been a lot like a rollercoaster À `i° 7 i Ì i ÃÌÕ`i Ìà Li ` V iVÌ V >}>â i wÀÃÌ «À « Ãi` Ì i «À iVÌ] it was at the start of the year when we were all feeling a bit more hopeful. 2020 was in the rear view mirror, and classes had returned to SAE as usual. The initial idea for the magazine was to work collaboratively with students from other disciplines to showcase the other Major Project works being created in this trimester. During the early phases the energy was high and liaising was easy with everyone on campus at the same time, however with a sudden return Ì V ` Ü > viÜ Üii à >} ] Ì i i Ì Ài «À iVÌ y Ü >` Ì V > }i À>« ` Þ° am pleased to say that even through these ups and downs the entire eclectic team has shown tremendous spirit and an ongoing commitment to meeting that original vision for the magazine. So congratulations to the whole eclectic design team, the pages of the magazine are testament to your resilience, and will hopefully serve as a pleasant reminder of your time here at the college. 7


‘The Red’ is a growing alternative rock band based in Sydney. They make something in the realm of post-punk meets modern Indie rock. We’ve interviewed Hallelujah who is a vocalist in the band, Ellen who is a director of a documentary called ‘Paint it Red’ that is >L ÕÌ Ü Ì i L> ` ÃÕÀÛ Ûi` > « ÃÌ V Û ` Ü À `] > ` w > Þ Ji-Hun is an audio engineer. Through interviews you will see how people in different creative industries are going through the COVID-19 situation.


Lantay-Lefkovich What types of music do you guys do?

I would say we make something in the realm of post punk meets modern indie rock. We love bands like arctic monkeys, joy division and gang of youths. They just seem to be able to balance good lyrics with raucous music. I grew up listening to 70s psychedelic music, and started teaching myself guitar at 12 by ear, listening and working out my favourite records, and supplementing with YouTube. Having a family that loved music helped a lot. Having no formal musical foundation posed some limitations, but I think in some ways provided an immense sense of freedom, and chance to discover what in music I really loved, especially the side of producing and recording.

What struggles have you had after the breakout of COVID-19? How did you overcome it? And how did the music industry change after COVID-19? I think Covid-19 in pretty much all of entertainment just smashed artists and musicians. Opportunities to play gigs pretty much seized up, and the entire industry came to a bit of a > Ì° Ì ÌiÀ à v ÛiÀV }] v À > VÀi>Ì Ûià ̽à ÕÃÌ w ` } Ü>ÞÃ Ì ÃÌ>Þ LÕÃÞ° Ì ` ` give us some needed time to work on new material, and keep developing the sound we are wanting to achieve. I think with music, there’s never something we can’t be working on, and that’s one of the joys of this. Now that we’re able to rehearse easily and gather in spaces more freely, it’s liberating to know that the industry is coming back. I like to think that It might ë>À > L Ì v > Ài > ÃÃ> Vi -Þ` iÞ v À Ì i Ûi ÃVi i° Ì Ì iÀi½Ã `iw Ìi Þ Lii > à vÌ towards constant online content even more so than it has been, especially with platforms like / / ] ̽à iÜ ÌiÀÀ Ì ÀÞ > Ì v Ü>ÞÃ Ì >̽à Li iwV > v À `i«i `i Ì >ÀÌ° Ì «i « i will want to be getting back to seeing live music, and it really does rely on people’s support, from both musicians and listeners. I mean to have a scene, we have to make a scene happen.

If you were to go back to the time before starting music what is the best advice you would like to give to yourself? (Laughs) There’s a lot that I would want to say, play to a fucking metronome for one. That i Ì i Þi>ÀÃ Ì w}ÕÀi ÕÌ] > ` ÕÃÌ Ì Li ÞÃi v] > ` « >Þ Ü >Ì Þ Õ Ü> Ì Ì « >Þ° think maybe just not worrying about the ego with music, like when you start learning it feels like there’s often this pressure with music to try and “be the best’’ or whatever, but it really doesn’t matter, music is art, and should be about expression of one’s self and emotion, rather than showing off, and proving worth. Of course ego is inherently a part of music, art and writing in general, but I think it can almost be treated as a means to an end, rather than the end itself. 11

“it’s important that people begin to support the arts again, see movies, go to galleries, and watch live music. It all needs a bit of support, but I think people will, #.Ŏ-ū 5(#. &3ū (ū sorely missed. there’s nothing quite like real life interaction with art.” - Hallelujah -

What message do you want to convey to audiences with your songs? I think when I write I want to relay a sense of understanding that will resonate in the stories of people’s lives. I think that great songwriting hinges on some level of storytelling. I don’t think there’s ever a time where you, or someone you know isn’t dealing with some tragedy or life changing experience. This has been a turbulent last year or two in the personal lives of myself, our band as a whole, and our community in our home and at large really. When I write I usually am thinking of someone or something that’s happened to myself or someone I know. I’ve realised when you write in complete generality, focused on universal experiences, pleasures and pains, you counter intuitively lose some sense of that story telling. When you write for anyone, you’ve written for no one. That’s when the storytelling is lost. I think I ultimately just want to write to see the good in everything despite the bad, and defragment some sense of meaning. That’s a super wanky way to say it, but I’m a wanker, and I just want to put something meaningful into the space of people who are willing to listen. 13

“it’s a miracle to have survived especially in this period. I sincerely hope that this pandemic ends and we can go back to normal s n.” What exactly do Audio Engineers do?

How do you think the industry will change after the COVID-19 situation is done?

Audio engineering has a bunch of categories, but normally we divide the categories in 3 sections. One, Studio Engineers who record artists, mix songs and commercialize the music. Two, Live audio engineers who take charge in events such as concerts or shows, etc Lastly, three, post production audio i } iiÀÃ Ü Ü À Ü Ì `À> > À w teams as location recordists, sound effect engineers and Foley artists. As you can see audio engineers work visibly/invisibly in a variety of industries.

Like the other occupations, when I look into the actual examples after COVID-19, I would like to say the audio industries have begun to invent a lot of things under the concept of ‘un-tact’. Few months ago, I saw an ad in social media, in which a famous artist in Australia is doing a live gig on a certain platform by using a streaming service. I assume that after COVID-19, live audio engineers could try to make better quality in streaming services. Studio engineers have invented their way too. They have tried to use cloud servers and conveyed their product through it since many artists record their music in personal space rather than come to the studio and record the music. To be honest, Those techniques already existed before COVID-19 happened but I think they are spotlighted after this situation. However, I think this phenomenon will be temporary and won’t last long because those techniques have limitations to make better and to make good quality products, we eventually need to go back to the traditional way.

What has most affected audio industry guys after the outbreak of the COVID-19? In audio industries’ perspective, after COVID broke out last year and the lockdown began, the whole audio industries have been affected rather than the certain area of the audio industries. If I specially point out some points, because of governments’ policies and the audience’s anxiety, audio industries weren’t able to work. For instance, live engineers didn’t have any work since concerts or shows weren’t able to hold in that period and many recording studios couldn’t bring clients to the studio due to the regulations. 14

ji hun LEE

Is there anything else you want to tell us? First of all, Thanks to God for letting me walk this path this much. Living as a stranger in a foreign land in a series of uncertainty at this time isn’t easy and it’s a miracle to have survived especially in this period. I was born and raised in South Korea and came here to study audio engineering. Þ wÀÃÌ i V Õ ÌiÀ Ü Ì >Õ` engineering was 18 at church. At that time, I was studying biochemistry and I was doing live audio engineering as a hobby. However, as you know, life is quite strange. A lot of events in my life such as military service, university graduation and missionary changed my whole life and made me start another phase. / Ãi iÛi Ìà >`i i Ài> âi Ì >Ì L V i ÃÌÀÞ ` ià ½Ì } Ûi i > Þ «i] à ÌÀ i` Ì w ` a better aim and life. One day, a pastor came to the church and reported what he did on his mission. While he was reporting, I saw a photo and in that photo, people were happy as the new church was built. When I looked at it, I thought “I wished I could build a sound system for them”, at that moment, I realized that I need to study audio engineering. Since then, I have prepared for the adventure. I’ve prepared English, which I thought would never happen to me, found the proper institution and at last, I was able to reach here, SAE. After I came here, I’ve learned a lot of things for about 2 years. I made various projects with a variety of people, and every project gave me at least one lesson and made me improve myself. In the near future, I want to be an audio engineer who communicates well with artists, can share my personal experiences, and eventually, as I have dreamed when I heard the stories of a pastor, I want to be an expert and I can donate my talent to others. In terms of COVID-19 situation, I know a lot of people have been through hard times but in my mind, I do care more about international students like me in this period. Since the border has closed, the people who either go back to their home country or are isolated are in an extreme situation. They’re probably passing through the hardest time because of their budget and/or mentally. To be honest, the pandemic situation is still going on over a year and I can’t understand why many governments insist on the vaccine rather than making the cure. For whatever reason, I sincerely hope that this pandemic ends this year and we can go back to normal soon. 16

“Never underestimate yourself”

Ellen What’s your inspiration? Where does that come from? I look for inspiration in everything everyday. In what I do, what others do, conversations I have, stories I hear...I pretty much ask myself “how could this be written into a movie?” multiple times a day. I’m an over-thinker but I use that to my advantage by writing. Photography inspires me a lot as well, whether that other people’s work or my own. I’m always searching for the story behind it for any kind of inspiration.

What are the toughest aspects of making B ŰMN BGUFS UIF PVUbreak of the COVID-19? Ì } Ã ` vwVÕ Ì >L ÕÌ Ì> } Ì i Û ` £ precautions on set like wearing a face mask, sanitising regularly etc. as that is simply the new normal but I would say the toughest thing to deal with is the anxiety of another outbreak which could force us into a lockdown. Changing dates and re-organising a cast and crew last minute is always a pain but it is even more of a pain when you are unsure of the outcomes of a covid outbreak or lockdown.

What’s the documentary about? Things will be different as we start to move into a post covid world and everyone will be experiencing life in a hyper-realist way, which is why as Sydney starts abolishing restrictions > ` «i } Õ« `> Vi y Àà >}> ] Þ VÀiÜ > ` Ü Li ` VÕ i Ì } Ì Ã iÝ«iÀ i Vi > Þ following ‘The Red’ so our audience can get the perspective of a local Sydney/Blue mountains band. I also want this to be a documentary for the lovers of live music, to help them re-discover Ü Þ Ì iÞ vi Ûi Ü Ì Ì Ì i wÀÃÌ « >Vi° 18



We aim to support up and coming independent artists by giving them a chance to compete with bigger artists by using available resources and industry knowledge to propel their careers forward. By joining the collective and becoming part of the brand, an artist becomes a part of a community and network with a wide consumer/audience reach. As a team of 4 audio engineers with other various skills and talents, we provide production, recording, mixing and mastering services in house. We also assist the client with brand imaging through an external network of graphic designers, photographers and videographers. Our connections allow us to deliver a quality industry level product to our clients saving them time, and money.

)/,-ū( ÕÀà Ûià à > À>««iÀ > ` «À `ÕViÀ° i >Ã Ì vwV > Þ Ài i>Ãi` > Þ Õà V >à v ÞiÌ LÕÌ his genre usually sits as ambient hip hop. He collaborates with multiple musicians and artists in various locations performing freestyle rapping against multiple genres of music such as indie rock, jazz, hip-hop and more. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t create one set song, arguably the Ài>Ã Ü Þ i >à ½Ì ÀiV À`i` > vwV > ÌÀ>V ÞiÌ] à LiV>ÕÃi i vÀiiÃÌÞ i À>«Ã i>V Ì i°

(ū50 Balthazar will be the protagonist, only be mentioned in bits, won’t be speaking and will be mostly abstract observation, book written about himself, Balthazar wrote it in the third person. The observer or the person telling the story, merely using this story to make their own philosophical ideas they have using for their own. Also, express abstractly, you cant trust the victors, or what has been said in history. Under the Label Minkinova.

What is this album, Some Rats Don’t Make it Back, about? This album is about a demon and his Õ ÛiÀ wi`] Õ Ài >Ìi`] `iÃVÀ «Ì ÕÀ iÞ Ì w ` > ÃÜ } ÃiÌ À`iÀ Ì Ài>V Ì i mith guard realm by regaining his childhood innocence and the purity that bars him from passing through the gates to his supposed peace and freedom. That’s what I would say but it’s hard to verify any of this, so it could be inaccurate.

Is there a particular narrative in your songs for the album “Some Rats Don’t Make it Back”? The narrative is based on a French writer/poet called Raul Spetsnoki who had a previous piece called the “loud banging” about a large rattling iÝ« ` } Ì i i>À V> > v > >À}i ÌÕ > wà ° ̽à as obscure as it sounds but a real riot of a story. But he also has a novel called Just Kindling and Waves upon the Forgotten Isles, about the main character called Balthazar who, rejected from his homeland, travels endlessly to the ends of the earth vanquishing all in his path. Eventually becoming a hero from a demon, >V iÛ } vÕÀÌ iÀ Û wV>Ì vÀ à «ÀiÛ Õà village and moving away from his goal.

simply tales within the tale of the story and the appearance of every character shifted within this possibly carefully crafted one-sided view v > Ì >â>À½Ã wVÌ Ì Õà ÕÀ iÞ° - > Þ >«« ià were munched on during these deliberations > ` > Þ L Ìià ÜiÀi Õ w à i`°

/ i Ài i Ü> Ã] Ì i Ài ` } wi`] righteous and powerful he becomes but the more exiled and alone he feels. He can never seem to make the right steps and keeps succeeding in the wrong

What was a super funny moment you had while making this Album? Oh, a super funny moment! Tiffany, you’re gonna love this. Well, I was walking through a pine tree forest with a couple of my friends and out of nowhere came to our mate Jimmy with a bear suit scaring the absolute jousting ability of us. And anyway, he had on purple sneakers and my mate who has a phobia and immense fear of purple sneakers freaked out and bolted shouting in the pine tree forest and we were just like purple sneakers classic.

I started to notice small details and think that maybe the detailing of his heroic deeds of grandeur and insurmountable victories where simply tales within the tale of the story

Is this the end of this particular narrative for this album?

places. It’s a great read but I wouldn’t bother reading it because the translations are very loose and you have to ÃV ÕÀ i v ÀÕ Ã Ì iÛi w ` > Û >L i Ài>` of a chapter or two.

Do things that really ever end. Instinctively humans look for beginning, middle and end, but like everything we just try to draw lines Ì i Ã> ` Ì >Ûi à i w > ÌÞ > ` «i>Vi of mind. We need to move through motions, it’s how we function, but in truth, we are just making calls based on many many things when things are over or have begun. But with sincerity, we don’t really know. So it’s sorta like I don’t know Tiffany, you tell me?

What is your inspiration? Well, I would have to say the Novel by Raul Spetnsoki and a good crunchy apple. A good crunchy apple always can get your mind off the noise and humdrum wilderness of life. / >Ì wÀÃÌ `i V Õà L Ìi] ° 7 Ü] à Ì>ÃÌÞ° 9i> LÕÌ Ì i L `iw Ìi Þ Ã« Ài` me as well with the character depiction of Balthazar and it got me thinking can his heroic deeds be trusted, in this narrative is any of it happening or is it all alluding metaphorically to completely separate events and the tale is told from his direct perception. The possibility of this completely changed my re-readings of the novel, I started to notice small details and think that maybe the detailing of his heroic deeds of grandeur and insurmountable victories where

What is the idea behind Fours N Fives? Well a good crunchy apple, requires a certain L> > Vi° ÕÀà > ` wÛià à > Ài ` } v Ì i childhood boundless dreams and desires we used to follow. If the world is hollow, then the apple will taste shit, the world must be full, so the apple can grow rich with nutrients and be


vÀÕ ÌvÕ Ì Ì i >L ÕÀ v >ÌÕÀi > ` y Ü v time. Too many people have long abandoned these dreams for the hollow beating of the repetitive silence that dawns over this world, the screeching, paling, the silence that drones on in ambiguity disguising itself as a necessity. The overwhelming silence that we are told to >VVi«Ì > } Ì i à ÕÌ }] V > à > ` y>à } lights all designed to distract us and secure our silence as not to speak over the overarching silence that bellows through our halls reverberating off every surface governing us till our time wilters away. If one can shout above the silence should they? Do they even want to? Ã Ì iViÃÃ>ÀÞ¶ ÕÀà > ` wÛià à >L ÕÌ } } back to the basics where the boundaries of society have less grip and one can hone in on Ì i À Ü Ã i Vi Ì w ` Ì i À Û Vi > ` ÃVÀi> i > Ì iÀ y «« } vÀ i ` Þ L i° / à >Þ not be a realistic approach to the way of the world but it is crunchy like an apple so fuck it.

What has been your biggest yÕi Vi à v>À¶ What is a great way to make someone be your friend? Well sometimes a joke can really break that ice, and score you a few friends who are really funny as well. Because comedy attracts comedy and that attracts laughter and it’s so great to have a good chuckle in a candlelit room with a couple of good old mates. You V> L ` ÛiÀ > } ` >Õ} `iw Ìi Þ° ̽à like a great English poet once said “don’t hinder experience by a stern facing and cold hands”. I’ve never really known what was meant with the cold hands maybe like sex and companionship or something but I like the bit about stern facing. You gotta put on a good huge smile and let everyone know you are a really smile happy guy. I have tons of friends and people are always saying wow you’re so happy and relaxed, so I guess it’s working.

How do you feel about the whole creative process so far? Great question Tiffany. It’s been really tasty and µÕ Ìi ÃVÀÕ «Ì Õð Ì µÕ Ìi Ã>Ì Ãwi` Ü Ì Ì i project yet, I think there’s more to come and a few more crunchy apples to munch on. But it’s been a really fun wholesome experience, smiles all round. Thanks to anyone who listened to this super fun piece and keep smiling friends!


Fours n Fives

Design by Tiffany Ham Scan to give a



t h e e r ' u

in Y to my

Yang @_tiffanyham



P Pereira e n t r y l i tsc o r a

I painted this with the thought of "reverie" pondering life, like a child. Catching dreams.

ile ilu

house of drums Ile Ilu is a Sydney-based women’s drumming and percussion ensemble led by Marina Da Silva, a Brazilian-Australian multi-disciplinary artist, sharing Afro-diasporic rhythms and energies from Brazil and beyond. Ile Ilu stands on the foundations of Sisterhood, Roots, and Magic, represented by the colours Pink, Green and Gold. We want to create a drum ensemble. Brazilian culture-based. Traditional and contemporary. I would like to capture Marina’s culture, roots, life experiences and myths through musical expression. We hope to create an album that allows the audience to experience the cultural side but also understand and connect to the music through appreciating of modern

production. This will be achieved by adding different elements of hip-hop, dance and jazz which will bring a familiar framework that allows the majority of our audience to understand.

What does Ile Ilu mean? What inspired you to bring Ile Ilu to life? Ile Ilu means House of Drums in Yoruba, an ancient African language that has also travelled to places like Cuba and Brazil (where my family is from). I have always played the drums and danced, growing up in a Brazilian musical household, and I’ve always felt deeply ‘at home’ in houses full of drums! Ile Ilu was born when I started teaching some girlfriends here in Sydney a Brazilian drumming piece to perform at our friends’ wedding. The space created in these women’s drumming circles we gathered in to practice was so beautiful and powerful, it was a thing, and it needed a title! A spiritual elder in my community helped me decide on the name

Ile Ilu - House of Drums, and it felt really wÌÌ } LiV>ÕÃi Ì vi Ì i > i i] Ã>vi space whenever we got together to practice drumming. The inspiration behind Ile Ilu came from loving the experience of sharing the Brazilian rhythms that I love so much with my girlfriends, and how awesome it was when we would all get together to play! It was honestly an unstoppable force from the get-go!

Tell me about the Ile Ilu colours Pink, Green and Gold - what do they represent? I decided on these colours for the group after

picking up a Brazilian shaker that was pink, green and gold from an instrument shop in Northern NSW, and I instantly knew they were it!

Green to us represents the roots and branches of ancestrality, rhythm and culture, and our interconnectedness with the earth and all living things.

Green and Gold are the national colours of both Brazil and Australia, and also of Ifa (an African spirituality that is at the root of a lot of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, music and culture).

Gold represents the sparkles of magic energy that radiates throughout our bodies, mind and spirit when we get together to play, laugh, drum and sing!

Pink is the girl power part! It stands for our sisterhood connection, and the qualities of the divine feminine like love, intuition, compassion, collaboration and all that heart-centred goodness that is so important in Ile Ilu.

I love so much with my girlfriends, and how awesome it was when we would all get together to play! It was honestly an unstoppable force from the getgo!

Marina Da Silva, as the creator and orchestrator of this House of Drums, what have you most enjoyed about the Ile Ilu journey so far? Ì >Ã `iw Ìi Þ Lii Ì i V iVÌ Ü Ì > Ì i } À Ã Ì i }À Õ«° Ì ÃÌ>ÀÌi` Ü Ì V Ãi vÀ i `Ã of mine and hasn’t spread too far from that, so to be drumming with girls that are pretty special to me, has been a truly incredible experience. To be orchestrating this magic that happens when we do what we do, starting from the rhythms, all the way up to every beautiful interaction that happens along the way, it’s super special. I’m so grateful to be doing something that I love with people that I love.

What are you most excited about? The unknown future possibilities, for sure! So much of the growth of Ile Ilu has happened in organic and unplanned ways, so I’ve come to expect the unexpected. Anything could happen. Also, getting on a big stage with the girls at a sweet festival one day would be pretty awesome, and I can see it happening! And last but not least of course, the album we are currently working on! So much excitement for the future of Ile Ilu.

Ile Ilu recently played their 3rd vwV > } } >Ì >âÞL ià ÃÕ«« ÀÌ } Hekatombe and it was a big vibe. If there is just one thing that you wish for an audience member to be able to take away from that night, what would it be?

everyone is feeling the energy of the rhythms, and I want them to enjoy and take that feeling home. These rhythms and music have given me so much, and I want to share this energy with others.

Great question! So many things, but the answer that immediately sprung to mind was that I’d love each person to leave with the feeling of the rhythms inside themselves. Even though we are playing rhythms that may be foreign to some, by the end everyone is jumping up and getting down to the grooves. Music is a universal language, and even though we are playing the drums and the songs,


House of Drums

Scan the QR Code to


The real thing is one person had told me that he didn’t believe that I could spend time on sitting and drawing a piece, re-think that he was right, but since I was studying graphic design, it changed me somehow and kept me patient for what I planned to do. So I w ` Ì >À` Ì ii« V à ÃÌi VÞ Ã iÌ ià Licause personally I am unstable and changeable. I can come up with one idea very quickly but after a click of a mouse or just after listen } Ì > à }] Ü Ãi Þ wÀÃÌ `iV à and go for different ideas. This brings me ideas for this artwork, the difference between imaginary and reality. I think that not only me but anyone studying and working in the creative industry feels the same such as Music, Film, Game, Audio, Design... The meaning behind the eyes is people with creativity in their blood will have a different sense of perspectives and people with different “GEN XYZ” whose can create so many beautiful things but they > ÃÌ>ÀÌ } Ü Ì ` vwculty and struggling with many questions and requirement however there is where they can improve their skills and experiences so it is worth to be challenged.

ABOUT 0 p Artist s lorsit a M et,conse cTEtuer a dipisCINg elit, sed diaOnonum mY Ni bheui s mo0d t inci R ULE S laoree t DO LO RE magnaali -

J.A.C. Re




I welcome you all to a world of three incredible, bright new artists that collaborate under the Label of J.A.C Records. A world of art, creativity and sounds connecting you all through their music and fun loving vibe of diversity and groove. In times when we crave new pathways to make solid our own imaginations for the future, these guys set the pace. J.A.C is a label combining three young, upstanding men in the music industry of tomorrow. Carter Quinn, John Dizon and Ashley Walkom. Three Graduates of SAE Sydney that have poured their heart and soul into rock, hip hop and melancholy ballads. All of this combined with a huge effort on their engineering skills to produce not only their own music, but anyone else willing to showcase their talents. These guys are upbeat, energetic and just great guys. A passion for the craft of music enginuity, and smooth sounds. They will surely be a force to be ÀiV i` Ü Ì Ì i wi `° ÕÌ v À Ì i À > ià and music labels. J.A.C RECORDS.


@johnny_d88 @carterquinn_music @ashleyw1342

By Carolyn Petritsch

carter quinn of music admitting it was a real in the zone, yià i` ÕÌ V « Ã Ì °

In conversation with Carter Quinn what brought him to SAE. He told us that after his return from Europe, he came back to no work. Times are tough, and a good positive move would be pursuing a music degree. Carter tells us that as > V ` i Ü>à > `i` à wÀÃÌ }Õ Ì>À > ` Ì vi Ì right. The magic tones working its way into the mind of another smitten artist creating a desire to become heard, in a way that stands unique, > Ü À ` w i` Ü Ì >ÞiÀ½Ã°

What makes Carter tick? What sort of person he looks up to? What kind of world he wants to be in? And how ` iÃ Ì Ã yÕi Vi à Õà V¶ Confronting questions in a challenging world. Humble answers… and I’m very quickly to see that whether Prince, Pauper, Queen or Court Jester everyone is equal in this young man’s eyes. He wants to be authentic and share his views through his music. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carter Quinn became a household name, he has a certain charm that cannot be denied. Stay tuned.

What Makes Carter any different? Not only does he have incredible performance skills and vocal technique, but having an audio engineering background will mean in this competitive world, he has an even better V > Vi v VÀi>Ì } > Ü À ` w i` Ü Ì À } > music. What the world needs now, is love sweet love, and sitting here talking with Carter and listening to his feel good playlist for inspiration it’s not long before you realise this good } Þ Õ } > ] Ì Þ >Ã > w i i>` on his shoulders he has great taste in music as well.

č viVÌ ÕÃ Þ >««Þ Û Li w Ã Ì i room as we discuss topics from ‘’If you were a fruit? What would it be? “A ripe banana says Carter’’ The ones that get left right till the last minute, Soft a gooey, but with still so much potential. Possibly like the song he Wrote “I’ll be your Driver” You can tell he has a heart felt connection to this piece 41

ashley walkom

Why is it important to map out sound areas before an event?

/ Ã Ã Þ wÀÃÌ ÌiÀÛ iÜ °

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

So you can get the possible sound, each environment has its own tricky little sound traps so everything in Audio is about pre-planning.

I don’t have one I just like working with musicians to help them get their ideas out

How would you ensure everyone in the audience can see the presenter?


I would put the delay speakers pretty high but at equal distance.

What sound mixing systems are you most familiar with? I prefer using the wall of sound recording technique which you can use to your advantage when it comes to mixing a song which is how we’ve done Carter’s album.

My favourite song quote is from Taylor Swift’s song Marjorie: Never be so polite you forget your power, never wield such power you forget to be polite.

Can you tell me about your three greatest strengths? Never giving up, empathic and willing to learn… I think these are my good traits as a human I think these 3 allow me to be a better person in life and in audio.

Which musician would you like to collaborate with next?

Can you talk about your weaknesses?

Any musician that wants their ideas out there and likes playing instruments in the same room as their bandmates for the recording process (just like in rehearsals).

Too kind, I think being kind is a strength but also a weakness in my case I’m too kind to everyone.. which In return can cause a lot of heartaches when you think people are going to return the same kindness.

Can you play a musical instrument? If so, what do you play? How long have you been playing?

If you didn’t become an audio engineer, what would you be doing right now?

I can play guitar and bass and I’ve played bass since high school and guitar for just over a year now.

Teaching kickboxing or Bjj.

What is the weirdest or funniest question you’ve ever been asked in an interview? 43

john d “Never

give up on your dream, just keep grinding and eventually everything will fall into place’’

By Carolyn Petritsch Photo by Bounyalith (Big)

dizon “Music’s always been in my blood and only started singing professionally when I was 18. Mainly performing for local Filipino concerts, festivals and events. But began to be more passionate about the entire process of making music so I decided to change my career path from performer to audio engineer”

What do you feel is the best song you have ever released and why? Ƃ\¼½*À L>L Þ Þ wÀÃÌ Ã } Ì Ì Ì i À>` the Philippines. And having my songs within that same year be broadcasted throughout Europe’’.

Which Musician would you like to collaborate with? Dream collab would be Bruno Mars or NeYo, but would love to work more with the local artists here in Sydney. To which I agree with John. Those two are amazing but the upcoming talent in Sydney and world wide is incredible. What a wonderful opportunity for a rising star, and also the inside scoop from audio perspective. In this Industry John Ü ÃÌ `iw Ìi Þ Li VÀ Ãà } «>Ì Ã Ü Ì the best of the best. Speaking with John Dizon, is an opportunity to Ãii wÀÃÌ > ` Ü -Þ` iÞ > ` ƂÕÃÌÀ> > à > Ü À ` stage for arts and culture. It demonstrates how artists have the power to lead and inspire through ` vwVÕ Ì } L> Ì ið John as a graduate student from SAE SYDNEY can vouch for that. This artist focuses on music as an expansive global sound,and is in partnership with two other Audio Students Ashley Walkom and Carter Quin to create a powerhouse collaboration.

If you didn’t become an audio engineer what would you have become? I’d probably still be performing as a soloist, or become active as a Sneaker Custom Designer.

What is the funniest question you have ever been asked in an interview? ‘’Does SIZE matter when performing’’? Yes ...yes it does John even as a sneaker Custom Designer. 46

What fruit are you? Ok So this question is always weird and my way of making a muso/Audio Engineer with a heart the size to match his spirit and sneaker size, yes John size matters… agree to describe themselves, as a fruit in the hopes of gaining insight to their personality. Turns out John is an apple, cuz I’m thick, juicy and crunchy af haha,? Hmm, well I guess that stands for almighty and y>Û ÕÀvÕ ° - Õ `Ã i > }Ài>Ì `iÃVÀ «Ì for his style and taste in fruit, music and female artists. And when asked if he would date any other muso he replied, ‘‘Hmmm, so many possibilities, but if I had to pick one I’d have to say Rita Ora. I reckin she’d be cool to hangout with. Plus that smile gets me everytime’’.

So John, what got you into music? Music’s always been in my blood and only started singing professionally when I was 18. Mainly performing for local Filipino concerts, festivals and events. But began to be more passionate about the entire process of

making music so I decided to change my career path from performer to audio engineer.

undertaken. Plus working with other creative individuals and getting feedback helps heaps especially when I’m stuck or feeling a little brain dead at times.

Do you think there is room for improvement?

And if fans will remember one main thing about you, what will that be?

iw Ìi Þ > Ü>ÞÃ À v À «À }ÀiÃÃ] especially with every new project

My excessive use of headwear hahaha.

cusTom kicks I’ve always been a fan of anime, which is why I choose to create or replicate art in that form, however the paintings seen ABOVE took a while to do as I had not touched nor painted anything in 5 years so I’m glad it ended up looking the way it did.

For custom sneakers, I’d always look at youtube tutorials to learn how to do certain things but never had the time

Nowadays I provide my services to those that want some unique kicks, so yeah send me a DM on instagram (@johnny_d88) if your interested and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

to try it myself. However, during the Covid Lockdowns, I started to get creative and learnt how to hydro-dip sneakers. To be honest the process was all trial and error, and I think I messed up 3-4 pairs of sneakers before I got the technique down.

beyond blue with

ashley walkom


in eight Australian men will experience depression in their lifetime. ‘’I think we are all struggling though some are worse than others. Some are sick, some are riddled with disease, some are trapped in our own minds. I learnt this from my boxing coach “Geoff O’hara’’ that some days it’s incredibly hard for some of us to wake up in the morning and put on our clothes and face the day, but we do it anyways, because of this some of us get joy out of seeing others succeed, seeing others do something they love to do whether that is making a record, writing an article painting a wall or painting a masterpiece or even if it’s just going to the shops to talk to someone, we know we have to do our part by starting a conversation with someone we didn’t know had needed, maybe they needed to see that friendly face around campus or work in order to feel safe in that environment maybe they just needed someone to listen to their issue that day no matter how small it was or worse maybe you needed to be in that place that day to talk someone into sticking around on this earth for a little longer. 48

“starting a conversation on depression is never we all crave. Finding your easy.” I strongly believe through passion for life is what most

You see Music has been his driving force. Apart from family and close friends, Music has been a life saver.Training in combat sport has also given him the edge. Once an avid competitor, he now trains for wellbeing and mental stability. But still pays homage to music being his saving grace. “I believe that music is a universal language that reaches the soul, no matter your dialect or preference it has the ability to calm the storm, and to reach a place in someone that may be untouchable any other way. His passion for music is strong and he is well aware of it being a huge part of his future. Getting to know musicians and learning the ins and outs of the development process in creating music has helped him to become the Audio Engineer one can be proud to be. Knowing there is massive transformation of not only a tiny note becoming a beautiful sound, but it compares to a person growing in spirit and developing a sense of style > ` y>Û ÕÀ > Ì i À Ü ] Ü Ì > sense of belonging. Something

helping people in general or helping a musician create their vision, we can change someone’s life, day, month or year for the better. Maybe there’s someone out there that needs to hear that song you just recorded and being able to be part of helping someone or being a part of that process is incredibly rewarding. For me I think music saved me when a lot ‘’No one shows of other things couldn’t in times you how to save I was not myself But in 2019 I money, they tell you to save money learnt that there’s a lot of good CVU ZPV LJOEB ŰOE people in the world despite the the best way for sadness you may feel. I strongly yourself” believe if it wasn’t for Tye “Tye Pennington former tech at Sae In that respect, people want to “ helping me out when I was be there for others. We all say, having a panic attack I probably Hey I’ll be there for you.’’ The would still be stuck in my own intent is good, but it still really is head, I didn’t wanna talk at the Õ« Ì iÃi v Ì ÌÀÕ Þ w ` > Ü>Þ time he just sat with me and through the dark.We just need then he eventually brought me to be equipped with the right round then he started teaching tools. Mentally. It’s a double me guitar which was one of edged sword. Most people are the best experiences ever he not equipped with the tools, so changed my life without me how could you really help, If you even knowing it until Months dont know how? later. I’m not perfect, but I do try to help people and try to do ‘’I think we are all what Tye did for me, and what struggling though music did for me. I feel my some are worse best chance of helping a lot of than others. Some people is by helping musicians are sick, some get their music out to world( are riddled with disease, some are by helping them record/mix/ trapped in our own master) their songs and get their minds. story’s out to the world’. people look for and through the trials of life is sometimes Ü iÀi Üi w ` Ì°/ i ` Ã>Þ } goes “you can’t put a wise head on young shoulders’’ well sometimes I think it just happens. Ashley admits to stumbling upon these life lessons and shaping the man he is today. As he quotes


Ashley Walkom

BEYOND BLUE 1300 22 4636


The Sweater Four SAE Sydney students from different disciplines are working together to make a short animation called ‘The Sweater, which they describe as a sort of journey through time, as the main character chases a sweater through different prominent animation styles from throughout the history of 2D animation. Made mostly with adobe programs, like photoshop, as well as Clip Studio Paint and Procreate for some of the art and backgrounds.

David wants it to be a reminder to people that 3D animation is great, but 2D has always been a major part of animation, and it still is now. David and Eliza came up with the idea for this animation from chatting about what they wanted to do, realising they both wanted to do something in 2D they came up with the idea to create something that referenced classic animation tropes, and the story grew from there.


Noah joined the group later to help with concept art, storyboards, and effects, and Carter to create the audio, while Eliza and David work on the animation itself. They think they work pretty well together, and I would tend to agree, in David’s words “What makes a good team is having people with very different opinions, which is good because you see an idea from one perspective and having someone who can see it from a different perspective is very helpful.” They all agree that they work better at night though, so they can’t be too different.


Eliza is an Animator, since wÀÃÌ Ã« i Ì iÀ à i >à started working with a startup company called Serenade, creating visual content for musicians in the industry. She dreams of doing 2D animation for music clips and cartoons, or 3D modeling or animation for video games.

She decided to try animation in 2019 as something new, and jumped into an animation course, falling in love with it. She likes the animation in Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and gets most of her inspiration from movies and Instagram artists. 54


David is an animator, who works part-time at his dream job with the animation studio behind Eddsworld, which has always been an inspiration to him, and was what got him interested in being an animator. He got inspired to animate in 2012 and waited impatiently Ì w à ÃV à i V Õ ` start learning properly and by the time he started he already knew the basics.

His favorite animations are Eddsworld and The Adventures of TinTin, both of Ü V >Ûi > L } yÕi Vi him as an animator and artist. Another inspiration he said was an artist named Krooked glasses, for their bright colours, and sharp, geometric style. 55


Noah is a Storyboard and ivviVÌà >ÀÌ ÃÌ v À w ] Ü «iÃ Ì w ` Ü À Ì >Ì wi `° They grew up on Shrek, having worn out the tape, and love rounded styles, classic anime, like Kimba, and the kind of post anime style they describe as,

“when you can tell they used to draw in a very traditional anime style, but now use a more cartoony style” / iÞ > Ã w ` ÃÌ v Ì i À inspiration comes from Instagram and Twitter art, Ã ÀÌ w Ã] > ` Ã ÌÃ vÀ YouTubers like Tomska. 56


“For The Sweater we wanted to stay as true to our inspiration material as possible as well as trying to capture the nostalgia and wonder that the music and sounds brought to us as kids”






with strengths and weaknesses. Dream can be true.

How to make it happened?

I feel that my strength as a creative person is giving it a go. I feel that you should give 100% when doing a task. >Û } > L>V }À Õ ` >Ã > w Producer, 1st Assistant Director and Director - I feel that these roles in production require 100% effort and attention to detail, so I suppose I’m just simply put - used to the strong work ethic that my colleagues depend on. I feel that a weakness that I have as a creative is that I doubt myself very often when it comes to an idea. The last year I’ve been improving on this mindset - however, I acknowledge that other people are much stronger and better in elements than I am. An example would be that I am stronger in logistics and producing than one would be in scriptwriting and vice versa. I think also having the willingness to learn everything is very important as well.

I think that it’s good to think about extravagant goals and aspirations however, you have to think about how to achieve them realistically. Sadly, it’s not a case that once you’ve graduated Ü Ì > L>V i À v w Þ Õ automatically become a famous director. I think at the moment, I’ve been sprucing up a lot of things - such as a website, CV, showreel, LinkedIn and social media presence. I feel that now, this is your digital business card in which clients and employees will see Networking as a huge thing in which people think is an understatement. It’s very interesting to meet people who work some big jobs in the industry over some drinks or a cup of coffee. Working at Channel 9 currently as a production assistant is such a vÕ w } L >Ì Ì i i Ì° There is so much that I learn every day from various producers and people - it’s always a fun moment meeting people and asking what is their role, and they say that they’re a producer for a show like Married At First Sight! What a conversation…

I’m slowly building towards it. I want to be known for my name and its association with respective things. During my time at SAE, I was known to be a wide variety of things such as student council i>`iÀ] 9 Õ/ÕLiÀ] w «À `ÕViÀ and director, the “Michael Jackson” guy and the guy who owns his own freelancing production company. One big aspiration however that I want to achieve is to make a big production company underneath my name in which to create w Ã Ì >Ì Ü Õ ` Li ` ÃÌÀ LÕÌi` around the world. I own a small independent freelancing production company underneath my name in which I have created à ÀÌ w Ã] ` VÕ i Ì>À ià > ` freelance videos. I hope to >V iÛi ÃÕVViÃà w ` } > >Ãà audience and creating content for them. I’ve learnt that from owning a small YouTube channel on the side in which I always try and make videos that break into niche audiences.


INTO THE OCEAN ... 100% 9 Õ ii` Ì Li > yiÝ L i > ` iÛiÀ V > } } «iÀÃ when it comes to the creative industry, if not any industry. The industry is always evolving and that if you Ài > > wÝi` «iÀÃ ] iÛiÀÞ i > ` iÛiÀÞÌ } Ü ÃÕÀ«>ÃÃ Þ Õ° vii Ì >Ì Li } > yiÝ L i person, in general, can also be applied to your work ethic as a normal working day in the industry is different every day. Having the ability to adapt and be accommodating to changes throughout the day is a must!

FROM SAE I think the most important timing that you can learn at SAE and bring to the world is the ability to work with different types of personalities and skill levels. I feel that learning how to communicate effectively as well as being a team player is a must in a fast-paced working environment. During my time at SAE, I’ve mainly delved into managerial and high administration roles such as director, producer and 1st assistant director - having different experiences Ü À } L } w Ìi> Ã] Ü À } Ì }iÌ iÀ Ü Ì i common goal. I feel that if you’re easy to work with and that you support everyone, your colleagues will respect you and you will gain a good reputation.

HOW I AM? Always relax yourself and ƂPF VJG PGY ideas. 63

There is no doubt about it.

I think that the creative industry is very competitive! I think that if you have the drive and passion strong enough you can make it as cliche as it sounds. I’ve always had a vision of being in the creative arts when I was quite small whether it was either dancing or acting. This love for the performing arts merged into an interest and now a professional career in w > ` Ìi iÛ Ã ° vii Ì >Ì v Þ Õ >Ûi Þ ÕÀ heart on something and is willing to pursue it no matter what, you’ll get there. A certain milestone that has made me change the way how thinking creatively is having a job at Channel 9 as a production assistant. Having only knowledge of the ƂNO CPF VGNGXKUKQP KPFWUVT[ HTQO 5#' +P a controlled learning environment versus the real world - is such a big shift. Learning on the job is such a rewarding experience KP YJKEJ + NGCTP C NQV QH KPUKIJVHWN VJKPIU CPF VJCV + HGGN NKMG C URQPIG CDUQTDKPI CNN VJKU XCNWCDNG KPHQTOCVKQP + HGGN VJCV HTQO ITCFWCVKPI HTQO 5#' + HGNV NKMG C DKI ƂUJ KP C UOCNN RQPF DWV PQY YQTMKPI CV %JCPPGN + feel like a sea monkey in an ocean.



E EN S t

ENCER űu to in

adrian and Taylor


is the m ho o W s

As a Director and Writer is Christopher & Jonathan Nolan. As a DoP/Cinematographer is Emmanuel Lubezki. The collaboration between the Nolan À Ì iÀà >à w > iÀà ë Àià my work heavily, on top of that their obscure and elaborate ÃÌ À ià > ` yÕi Vi Ì i Ü>Þ ÜÀ Ìi > ` ` ÀiVÌ Þ w ð ÕLiâki’s use of natural lighting to mold a scene inspires my own work as a cinematographer. 66

I do not have 1 person in particular that yÕi Vià i° ÕÌ Ã i v Ì i > w > iÀà V Õ`i -Ìi« i -« i LiÀ}] Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Roger Deakins & James Cameron These 4 have made some of the most memorable movies of all time. Each brings their own personal touch to the movies they make, especially Quentin Tarantino who never had any formal training as a director/ w > iÀ] i ÕÃÌ « V i` Õ« > V> iÀ> i `>Þ > ` ÃÌ>ÀÌi` w }° Thoughts or feelings? It would be good to be given a chance to work on at least i L } LÕ`}iÌ w ÃiÌ > ` «ifully get ideas for a movie of my own one day and create something epic.

ur o y

creativit y?

Film is sort of a mirror to humanity. Every storytelling has some rooted source of what makes us human, it’s refreshing to dip into a 5&'ū 0 ,3ū()1ū ( ū." (ņū.)ū reminded of what the world is and what it could be. Do you think change is necessary for this industry?

*iÀà > Þ] Ì V > }i à `iw Ìi Þ necessary in the industry as we work with different kinds of personalities and projects. We also gotta adapt to the technology and stay updated. Not everyone likes the way we work or produce and therefore, if we work on any group projects we have to be yiÝ L i > ` V > }i > viÜ Ì }Ã Ì >Ûi > Ã Ì iÀ Ü À y Ü > ` > wÝ>L i°


«iÀÃ > Þ Ü>Ã Ì Ã>Ì Ãwi` Ü i I worked with a few teams. So, I know how it feels. I expect the same thing with others. When I produce something, I do not expect others in the industry to like it or love it. The fact is, not everyone has the same taste or favourites. An individual’s production is way different while we work with a team. And in the industry, it’s all about teamwork. I believe we have to be yiÝ L i Ì > i Ì }Ã Ü À > ` get the right output. Also, we need Ì Ü Ü i Üi >Ûi Ì Li wÝi`°


The creative industry is competitive so Have you ever been overwhelmed in any creative situations?

100% SAE is one of the best creative media schools to date, the atmosphere is always welcoming and the people are very understanding and accepting of any situation. In terms of any useful techniques, I’d say don’t be afraid to express yourself, any ideas can be great ideas, give it your all and push your limits.

Well, there is no doubt that it is competitive at so many levels. I have never been ÛiÀ >`i` LÕÌ `iw Ìi Þ ÛiÀÜ i i` the start as I was new in the country and Ü>Ã Ì >Ü>Ài v Ì i Ü À iÌ V° ƂÌ wÀÃÌ] you don’t know how to introduce your work where millions of people across the globe come to work. And then there is a huge task of how you earn good money or to handle different clients.Today we have more «Ì Ã > ` >VViÃÃ Ì i w Ã] i` > > ` technology and everyone is making a good use of it whether the impact is good or bad but that gets us to feeling overloaded, lost or overwhelmed. As I started above that for me it was a different struggle as I evolve to understand the work ethic and culture here in Australia so that’s why it was overwhelming.

angela yao history of an artist Angela Yao was born in Australia, she was known to be quiet and shy kid at school. She started attending drawing classes before primary school and this passion continued throughout high school, even when she had a lot on her plate with schoolwork. In the classes, she learnt water colouring, and still life drawing.

interior design, a bit of fashion design and print graphic design. During this time she learnt many things, like the use of Adobe apps and a Mac computer. At the end of the class, we were given an A3 portfolio folder and presented our work there. One of the lasting lessons of this experience was }iÌÌ } w ià Ài>`Þ v À «À Ì V ÀÀiVÌ Þ°

While initially her drawings were quite simple, since being introduced to anime in high school her work has Lii i>Û Þ yÕi Vi` Ì >Ì ÃÌÞ ÃÌ V ` ÀiVÌ ° Towards the end of high school, Angela was required to complete a week of work experience and chose to use that time to explore various design professions such as

“In High School, I was introduced to anime and ever since then, I’ve become more interested in drawing anime-style till now.”

For Angela’s major art project she completed a work in photoshop. She was also able to incorporate her artistic skills in her textiles subject by making a wall-hanging. Eventually she realised her future was in the digital realm “In the future, I wanted to do something to do with `ià } }» > ` Ì >Ì Ã Ü iÀi Üi w ` her now.

An independent record label that is made up of a team of audio and design ÃÌÕ`i ÌÃ Ü À } Ì }iÌ iÀ Ì Ã ÜV>Ãi > ` ÛiÀÃi À> }i v }i ÀiÃ Ì >Ì ÀiyiVÌ contemporary music taste. The label will release three individual EPs consisting of three songs each, the EP’s are all from different genres; modern, club/disco & underground hiphop.

THE ‘BLACK MAGICK’ EP: Song references that inspires me According to various online sources, 2pac used the Neumann U87 to record his vocals for the majority of his recordings with death row records. The vocals have a certain clarity & warmth to them which I’ve always really liked. I think that having the vocal chain go through some analogue gear (e.g. Neve Mic Preamp, Compressor) might help me get a similar sound. The beat for the 1st track of the EP named as

”Brujeria” loosely inspired by ’ALL EYEZ ON ME’ song also. ‘BLACK MAGIC WOMAN’ - This is the track that took Santana into international stardom. Aside from the musical arrangement & Santana’s technique, I’d say that the guitar tone is what also makes him stand out among others. The highly saturated yet clear tone has been sought after & attempted to be recreated by many so its what I’m going to try and achieve. I’ve got an amp/cab simulator which is supposedly made to sound like the Mesa Boogie amp heard in this song.

”After Dark” / i Ó ` ÌÀ>V v Ì i * Ã yÕi Vi` LÞ

‘NO ME LLORES MAS’ - Marc Ribot. It’s a down tempo ‘cantina’ style of rock ‘n’ roll with a latin percussion & rhythm element which I will then blend in with a bit of hiphop, everything but the electric guitar will be sampled, however, the plan is have the arrangement sound like a live band recording, in other words, I’m not trying to have it sound like a sampled song so it’ll just take some clever mixing to achieve that I think.


The 3rd track of the EP is heavily inspired by ‘I AIN’T GOIN OUT LIKE THAT’ - Cypress Hill , it has a heavy & repetitive bass line supported by sampled drums and other sampled instruments. Not very melodic compared to tracks 1 & 2 but makes up for it rhythmically with a latin percussion line & what I hope to be a catchy hook/chorus. According to online sources, the equipment used to record this song would’ve been the same used for the 2pac song mentioned earlier. 72

PAUL CIARKA Genre: Hip-Hop/Latin/Rock “...i’ve been a part of a Hip-Hop duo for about 15 years & it Ì i > Ì >Ì Ì i Ì w}ÕÀi ÕÌ Ì >Ì Ü> Ì Ì Ì> i Ì }Ã Ì Ì i iÝÌ iÛi ° / à * Ü Ã ÜV>Ãi Þ Õà V> yÕi Vià >à well as the new studio production skills which I’ve developed over the past couple of years...”

Song Writing/Lyricism Producing/Recording Mixing & Mastering


‘MEANT TO BE’ EP: Song references that inspires me

Juice WRLD

‘GOODBYE & GOOD RIDDANCE’ by is the artist that started the ‘Emo Rap/ Sad Rap’ subgenre. He is the biggest inspiration behind my three track *° / i Ü>Þ Þ ÞÀ Và y Ü > ` Ì i V>`i Vià Li ` Þ * >Ài i>Û Þ Ã« Ài` LÞ Ü Õ Vi 7, ÕÃi` Ì ÜÀ Ìi > ` y Ü Ã ÞÀ Và à ÌÀ>V ð /> } > Ã>` Ì « V > ` turning it into a relatable experience is something Juice WRLD also did so well. My music genre blew up mostly from my soundcloud presence and you will hear the similarities in my beats such as the heavy 808’s and standardised claps.

Post Malone

‘HOLLYWOOD’S BLEEDING’ by is another big inspiration for my EP. Post Malone is an artist who is amazing at fusing different genres into one

and creating something unique and original. Fusing heavy rock in with trap is à iÌ } w ` à ë À }° 9 Õ Ü `iw Ìi Þ i>À à >À Ì iÃ Ü Ì * ÃÌ > iý music in my track “I Wish I Never Met You’’ - intense vocal delivery and passionate lyrics symbolise the betrayal we go through and it’s something I draw inspiration from for this heartbreaking EP.

Trevor Daniel

‘HOMESICK EP’ by Ài i>Ãi` > Ã Ý ÌÀ>V °* Ì >Ì wÌÃ Ì i sort of aesthetic and style of music of my three tracks. Relying heavily on the new wave of heavy 808 bass, and basic claps and snares with trickling hi-hats (triplets). He also takes inspiration from distorted guitar samples with rock elements in his hip-hop tracks which is something I’ll be trying to capture. The dark reds and black’s of the EP cover for “Homesick” was also a big inspiration towards my EP cover art. Playlists:

I Wish I Never Met You Meant To Be Leave Me 74

NICK CALDWELL Genre: Hip-Hop/Pop

My process is fairly simple i will be recording vocals (back up vocals/ad libs) on campus preferably in the SSL going through the Neve pre amp and then through outboard gear such as the (1176 compressor). i’ll then take those recorded vocals and place them into a new session along with my already mixed and mastered instrumentals and mix the song (in the box) using Logic Pro X with a bunch of (Waves, universal audio) digital plugins I own. I will then proceed to master in the Critical Listening room using outboard gear, Ozone 7 and Alloy 2.

Lyricism Singing Producing/Beat Making Mixing/Mastering

THE ‘MR DISCO’ EP: Song references that inspires me

“FRANKIE KNUCKLES” ‘Blind’ (Single - Remix)

This track for me is one of the greatest re-works of all time. The droning vocals accompanied with the long maintained strings and slightly delayed [in terms of attack] piano chords lay down the key progression of the track. Simple trumpets that lean into the song at the 1:17 mark provide a simple melody that helps to give some sort of variation.

The “A Funk Odyssey” ‘Jamimoquai’ The album is up there with the greatest pop funk albums of the 21st century. it was voted in top 50 albums of 2021 by Q magazine, starting : “there’s a bankable chorus or barbed sentiment for every mirror-ball i Ì°°°°`i ÃÌÀ>Ì } Ì >Ì i ` ià ÃV w L } i µÕ Ìi >à Üi >à i ` ià ÃV w L } i°»

“CHIC” ‘Chic - Self Titled Album’

This is arguably the greatest original disco bands. Neck and neck with ‘Earth wind and Fire’ and ‘KC and the Sunshine band’, I personally chose this band as their songs have both proven to stand the test of time and remain relevant with a recent rework by Popular French/Greek producer Dimitri from Paris with his album titled “Dimitri from Paris Presents: Le Chic”. “Due to my song’s primarily utilising low end to drive the drums so that Big Z Low End Mixing Technique demonstrated how to cut out extremely low and high end frequencies in order to not clip any of the tracks within the song i.e. kick drum and synthetic bass in serum. I found that rather than altering the synth itself to reduce any clutter within the instrument, it was a greater method (as demonstrated in the video) to spend more time EQing the synth allowing me to keep the desired sound rather than changing it for the sake of appropriate mixing.” 76

NIK CHRISTOU Genre: Disco/Pop/House

I have been producing for roughly 6 years with my ÃÌÞ i V > } } Ã } wV> Ì Þ ÛiÀ Ì i Þi>ÀÃ Ì ÕÃ i>`ing me into my choice of Disco House for my section of the label. I like to listen to my work in my multiple different environments including in my room with speakers or my car and at outdoors.

Production Sampling Mixing Playlists:

I Already Know Better Late Than Never Oozin and Boozin


The debut graphic novel from artist and storyteller, Jemimah Perry


of y r to s e e th c s n i o s o h Thi e w h y g o n a b erythi y o v b e s i lost …. Th d love is Airo.

Airo is a short visual story focused on telling a story that anyone can apply to themselves. Follow Airo, as the safe world he has built for himself is blown to pieces by a single storm and the walls he built for himself begin to crumble.





Greid: A Mortal’s Journey

Greid: A Mortal’s Journey Is a 3D action side scroller where you play as a god attempting to become mortal so they can grow old and die with their human lover. Other gods disapprove of this action and act as bosses for the player to face and in doing so the player slowly loses their god powers increasing the V > i }i v À vÕÌÕÀi w} Ìð Being a Game Designer entails a broad of things: A thought process of what you’re creating, Ì «À Û `i > iÝ«iÀ i Vi] V ` }] i>À } Ü Ì Ã«iV > Ãi Ü Ì ` vviÀi Ì wi `à v iÛi > ` 1 design. Chris Hayes and Ben Kerr who are the lead Game Designers for Greid: A Mortal’s Journey have played games their whole life. Studying Game Design here at SAE Creative Media Institute came with passion from games, and to begin something new. Text books on Game Design have brought them curiosity and interest, to study in Sydney.


“As a Game Designer, it’s an experience of experimenting with dumb ideas, single sentence descriptions in a document of ideas and expanding upon it with strange mechanics. There are fun things to play around with.” - Ben Kerr 84

chris Hayes What are your thoughts that make a great game designer? A game designer with the ability to understand one’s own goals. To know what you’re wanting to create. Showing passion about a project. Ideas implemented from one’s vision.

What game elements would you takeaway to include in your own game? To know the purpose of the game and what you’re trying to create, setting backdrops, the intention you’re providing for the user. Ideally things that help provide a better holistic experience.

Ben Kerr Where would you begin to come up with a new game? Documenting non-stop ideas from it being story-based, and looking into interesting mechanic based ideas. Making something you would want to play. Inspiration of story elements, researching games, drawings. Improving from another idea and concept that has already been developed.

Which developers inspire you? Huge respect for Edmund McMillen who is a video game designer and artist. Indie developers: Shows they have a really strong talent for the games that are created. A lot of the inspiration are from games we have played, but I have little faith in major Triple A games these days.

What are some challenges you have experienced making this game? How did it get resolved? A challenge we faced early on in the «À iVÌ Ü>à ÌÀÞ } Ì w}ÕÀi ÕÌ Ü many animations I’d be doing since I’m the only animator in the team, and I need to make sure I’m doing enough to pass the major. It was fairly simple to resolve as there is quite a few characters in the game so lots of animations needed to be made, although we did have to cut a major character out. Another problem we v>Vi` Ü>Ã Ü i Üi wÀÃÌ ÌÀ i` «ÕÌÌ } the animations into the game engine from the software I was using to create them (Maya). It took a lot of exporting and re-exporting of multiple animations Ì w}ÕÀi ÕÌ Ü >Ì Ü>à V>Õà } Ì iÃi funny glitches with the character. In Ì i i ` Üi > >}i` Ì w}ÕÀi Ì ÕÌ with the help of Michael and Aaron, the animation and games teacher. I suppose it goes without saying but Ì i "6 £ «> `i V >à `iw Ìi Þ been another challenge that we’ve > >` Ì ÃÌÀÕ}} i Ü Ì ° ̽à `iw Ìi Þ made an impact on how we had to make the game, but for the most part since pretty much everything we’re doing is on the computer it hasn’t been the biggest problem. We’ve tried to overcome this by trying to have regular iiÌ }Ã Ü iÀi Üi V> w}ÕÀi ÕÌ whats working in the game or what needs to be changed.

Kyle Mandla Why did you want to study Animation?

I wanted to study animation especially for video games as video games have been a huge passion of mine since i was young. I tried learning how to code in high school as i thought that could get me into game development but I just couldn’t quite understand how to write code or do any scripting. So after a couple years working as an apprentice electrician and not really enjoying it, I decided to >Ì Ì iÀ >ëiVÌà v }> i `iÛi « i Ì] ëiV wV> Þ Ì i >ÀÌ Ã `i v Ì }ð ½Ûi iÛiÀ Lii good at drawing but after doing some research online, I thought i’d give 3D animation a go as it seemed really fun and I’ve always loved animation in movies and cartoons. I saw an ad online for an open night at SAE Sydney and decided to go one night after work. Having a chat with some animation teachers and students and seeing what they do it looked really fun. I then went to a “Study for a day” at SAE and that’s when I decided that this was what I wanted to do. 86

Vincent Shiou “I loved to play games when I was a child, one day suddenly my father walked in my room and said, ‘If you love games, why don’t you create your own?’, based on the reason, I started my journey to game development.” What are some challenges you have experienced making this game? How did it get resolved? The most challenge task would be the Level design. Our core game mechanics is power loss, once players lose shield ability they cant get some items without the ability, so the balance between level and ability is the key of our game. The only solution we have is to iterate the design and playtest our level frequently.


What makes the story in your game unique? By taking a really popular genre and reversing the story scope. There are no references that would match the game. The game doesn’t follow the same formula unlike other side-scrollers, and games relative to this concept. What also makes this game unique is providing a challenge, and mastering the mechanics. &QGU [QWT ICOG JCXG CP GPF IQCN QT IQCNU! %CP VJG RNC[GT ƂPF C UGPUG QH VTWG accomplishment? We hope. That’s the intention. If it were a longer project with more time to spare for iÝ> « i £n Ì Ã Ì i Ìi> Ü Õ ` vii Ài V w`i Ì Ì i >ÀÀ>Ì Ûi° Ì Ã Ü ÀÀÞ } about the convention of video games as a whole. Taking away from the power without necessarily giving something back. A sense of accomplishment reinforces the game to have a compelling story, engage a player, and the games overall execution. A reward in that sense would be being able to embody the character. How does skill factor into the game? Is it acquired over time? Yes. The game forces that you lose powers to master the mechanics to get better, and to believe that experienced players have assumed knowledge for when they start to play the game.

“Don’t be afraid to start, It’s not as scary as it seems to get into. You will pick up on the concepts. Practice and learn as much as you can.”

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want to thank Hallelujah, Ellen and Ji Hun who are my interviewees for being part of my pages and thanks to Bou for the beautiful photography and thanks to all of you for working in the same team with me and thanks to all of the Design lecturers for giving me broad range of knowledge and insight towards graphic design.

- boRyung

I would like to thank all my SAE colleagues for doing such an amazing work effort and for your great support. Carolyn for starting this Eclectic Magazine. Design lecturers for doing the proofreading and guiding us along the way. Kyra and Zhee for allowing me to work on their album covers. Fours n Fives, and ILE ILU for their participation and generosity of their time. Technical ops for lending me Wacom Tablet during this hard time lockdown.

- tiffany

I would like to thank the Team at 9 design. Stayed great even with eight. To > Ì i iVÌÕÀiÀÃ Û Ûi` ÕÀ «À iVÌ vÀ ÃÌ>ÀÌ Ì w à ° À>Vi }ÃÌ ] Duncan McLean. For their ongoing support and invaluable assistance. For the team at J.A.C records Ashley Walkom, John Dixon and Carter Quinn. For their many contributions to Eclectic Magazine. For all that contributed to Go Fund Me to launch the magazine. To my fellow designers: Tiffany, Bounyalith, BoRyung, Angela, Jemimah, Ryan and Hailey. I won’t forget Alyssa. We miss you and thank you for being with us from the very beginning. The team for incredible creativity and imagination, skills and dedication to a collaborative dream. For believing this was possible and committing with all their hearts. Carolyn / i w ÃÌÕ`i Ìà vÀ ­-iÛiÀi`® The Animation Students on (The Sweater) The Game students on (Greid) The Audio students from (Antinode Collective) The Audio Students from (Paint it Red) Juxtapose Records Hayden Huynh Airo By Jemimah Perry Angela Yao Animation and illustration Beyond Blue

- carolyn