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Satoshi Kitamura Do you remember what it was like when you had your first pocket money, but you weren’t sure what to spend it on? The boy in this book visits a variety of shops but finally makes the best transaction of all! • A gentle look at the nature of shopping, and making choices between the things you can afford • A philosophical story showing that there are some things that money can’t buy

6 February 2020 978-1-912650-21-7 Size TBC HB £12.99 Age 3+ 32pp plus ends All rights: Scallywag Press

• Whimsical and humorous illustrations from a world famous author artist sold in many languages around the world

‘This is a splendid piece of theatre. Satoshi’s animals are presented with panache: the gamut of eloquent expressions is sheer genius.’ RED READING HUB ‘Satoshi Kitamura’s artwork is immediately recognisable and Hat Tricks is a typically joyful, bold, bright celebration of the imagination … Kitamura’s comic timing is impeccable.’ LOVEREADING4KIDS

7 February 2019 978-1-912650-02-6 240 x 275mm HB £11.99 Age 2+ 32 pages plus ends Rights sold: French, Dutch, Hebrew, Slovakian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, USA Simplified Chinese.

Currently living in Japan, Satoshi Kitamura has created over 20 of his own picture books and illustrated many others. Winners of the Mother Goose Award, the Silver Award for the Smarties Prize, and the National Art Library Illustrations Award, his books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Ruth Brown No visit to an art gallery can rival this one! Tom visits a very special exhibition where each picture features a cat. One by one, the cats all leap out and follow him, until a very large, scary cat makes them rush back to the safety of their frames. But these aren’t just any cats or any pictures! • Ruth Brown has created her own unique and amusing masterpieces in the style of twelve well known painters from around the world. • Young children will enjoy discovering the pictures with Tom, watching the increasing number of cats following him around, and matching the cats with the pictures. • Adults will love the gorgeous and inventive paintings, have fun recognising which artists are referred to, and enjoy the visual and textual jokes.

5 September 2019 978-1-912650-17-0 270 x 245 HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32pp plus ends All rights: Scallywag Press


A DARK DARK TALE: ‘The most brilliant fusion of picture and theme.’ T.E.S.

Ruth Brown is the creator of some of Britain’s best loved children’s books. She was born in Devon and now lives in London and Kent. Ruth’s books are translated in many languages around the world, and she has won the Earthworm Award, the English Association Award, the Prix Sorcière and been shortlisted 3 times for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

TEN SEEDS: ‘Bold, beautiful and simple illustrations.’ GUARDIAN

Rob Ramsden A little boy and girl find a seed, and decide to keep it safe. They play with it but it doesn’t grow. What must they do to make it grow, and what will happen when it flowers and dies? • A simple and joyful lesson in how to plant a seed and make it grow • Demonstration of the cycle of life and seasons: a seed growing into a plant which dies off but gives more seeds 1 August 2019 978-1-912650-08-8 240 x 240mm HB £11.99 Age 2+ 32 pages plus ends Rights sold: French, Korean, Hebrew

Deceptively simple with the repeatability factor of the best Ruth Brown and Eric Carle. ‘Parents, grandparents and children will all enjoy reading or listening to this over and over again.’ ANTENNA, ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY

• Friendship of two children playing together while involved in the same activity • The second in a collection of 3 titles which encourage children to relate to the natural world. Each title has a short and rhythmic text perfect to learn by heart and recite as a poem, and bright illustrations which are stylish and modern. 4 April 2019 978-1-912650-03-3 240 x 240mm HB £11.99 Age 2+ 32 pages plus ends Rights sold: French, Korean

A graduate of the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, Rob Ramsden lives in Suffolk and teaches graphic illustration and animation to pupils from 5 years old to university level. Rob set up Fictional Space, a screen printing studio in Suffolk dedicated to collaboration, editions and limited-edition prints.

Cori Doerrfeld Taylor has been through a very difficult time, and now he is surrounded by concerned friends who each tell him how he should feel and what he should do to start feeling better. But it is not until they have gone and a little rabbit comes and sits quietly by his side, that he begins to process his thoughts, and start to think and feel on his own. • a profound tool to help children understand their emotions and process their losses whether great or small • Based on a real incident from the author’s own experience • Relevant to loss at any level, from a death, to the simple one illustrated in the book: a child’s block tower falling down • A sensitive story which will help children to develop a strong emotional intelligence ‘Brims with emotional honesty and profound empathy.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, STARRED REVIEW

‘Doerrfeld gives children a model for how to process difficult events and provide meaningful support to friends who need it. This appealing work is an excellent addition to any emotional-intelligence shelf.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS, STARRED REVIEW

4 July 2019 978-1-912650-09-5 254 x 254 mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 40pp self ending World ex USA and Can


Cori Doerrfeld lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and two children. She received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art from St. Olaf College and her Post Baccalaureate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Cori wrote The Rabbit Listened after several of her friends went through difficult times.

Rose Robbins It must be so frustrating when you know what you want to say, but you have trouble saying it out loud. This is the experience of the autistic sister of this delightful sibling duo. However, there is plenty of fun she and her brother can have together without verbal communication, and she is often one step ahead of him! • A gentle and sympathetic examination of the problems of communicating without having the power of speech February 2020 978-1-912650-22-4 270 x 245mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends ‘Delightful picture book! Young siblings who are growing up with a brother or sister with autism will readily identify with the sibling experiences depicted. This is a lovely book for parents to read with young siblings and will help start those conversations about the enjoyable and difficult aspects of their family lives.‘ MONICA MCCAFFREY, founder of SIBS (a UK charity for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults

• The story is, unusually, told from the sister’s point of view, using a mixture of thought and speech bubbles • Bold, bright and energetic artwork coupled with humour and lightness of touch make this an upbeat book to return to again and again • Companion to ME AND MY SISTER which was written from the brother’s point of view Published April 2019 978-1-912650-00-2 270 x 245mm HB £11.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends Rights sold: Finnish, Dutch, Australia and New Zealand, USA.

Rose Robbins is based in Nottingham, UK. She was awarded ‘Best New Blood’ at the D&AD graduate fair in 2012, was runner up in the Carmelite Prize in 2017, and she was selected for the Cheltenham awards for illustration in 2017. Rose’s brother is autistic and she teaches autistic young people.

Roger Duvoisin This classic poem by Clement C. Moore is read on Christmas Eve by families the world over. Re-discover Roger Duvoisin’s eye-catching interpretation from 1954, with a tall, narrow format just right for tucking into a Christmas stocking. • a wonderful holiday gift • the primary colour scheme and beautiful design appeal to everyone who likes a retro look • playful use of the book’s long thin format to depict santa coming down the chimney • A Christmas treasure that has been unavailable for decades ‘Sure to charm new generations of readers.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

June 2019 978-1-912650-06-4 270 x 216mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends World ex USA & Can

‘Louise Fatio’s timeless tale about friendship still sparkles and Roger Duvoisin’s elegant illustrations are as engaging as ever.’ SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

Roger Duvoisin was born in Geneva in 1900. He studied at the École National Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, going on to design scenery, make textiles, paint murals and illustrate over 100 books. Duvoisin and his wife Louise Fatio moved to America, and in 1947 he won the Caldecott Medal for White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt.

5 September 2019 978-1-912650-19-4 333 x 154 HB £12.99 Age 4+ 40pp World ex USA & Can

JON AGEE A daring young astronaut arrives on Mars, certain he will find life there. He has even brought a gift of chocolate cupcakes. But soon he realises he’s made a mistake. He won’t find life on Mars – and what’s worse, now he can’t find his spaceship! • Classic slapstick storytelling, as only the kids will see that a lonely Martian is following the astronaut around. • For older readers, begs discussion about exploration, entitlement and exploitation

1 August 2019 978-1-912650-07-1 292 x 225mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends World ex USA & Can

‘Jon Agee excels at creating picture books with unusual settings and characters . . . For young readers, this book serves as a great introduction to the kinds of books where the reader knows more information than the main character does.’ THE HUFFINGTON POST ‘Bursting with quiet wit and gorgeous Martian vistas. Simply masterful.’ KIRKUS, STARRED REVIEW “Satisfying silliness from start to finish, with a gotcha ending that will prompt requests for repeat readings.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Jon Agee attended The Cooper Union School of Art in New York City, where he studied painting and film-making. A full-time author and winner of a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor, he lives with his wife in San Francisco.

JON AGEE ‘It’s not easy getting your Lion Diploma.’ So Jon Agee’s little narrator begins his hilarious description of the crash course he took on becoming an honorary lion. At first he doesn’t score high, but when it comes to rescuing an endangered neighbourhood cat, the lion in him is unleashed! ‘Agee sets up a ridiculous situation with a straight face, approaching it with understated humour and leonine confidence.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, STARRED REVIEW ‘Comical and engaging. . . . A roaring good selection for storytime or one-on-one sharing’ SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, STARRED REVIEW ‘An outstanding read-aloud and a rewarding story.’ HORN BOOK, STARRED REVIEW

HB: 7 February 2019 978-1-912650-04-0 £12.99 PB: 3 October 2019 978-1-912650-05-7 £7.99 48pp 292 x 216mm

Age 4+ World ex USA & Can

COMING 6 February 2020 978-1-912650-20-0 292 x 225mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends World ex USA & Can ‘The images … express emotion succinctly. The book also has a wider resonance: about demonising strangers, preconceived ideas and the folly of a wall.’ A SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE MAGAZINE CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE WEEK ‘A humorous exploration of fear… Agee’s illustration and his spare, unembellished text gives it an instantly classic feel’ IRISH TIMES THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW NOTABLE CHILDREN’S BOOKS OF 2018

Elena Arevalo Melville Clara has gone to the park, but there’s nobody to play with. She finds an umbrella on the ground and does a good deed by putting it on a bench. The umbrella says ‘thank you’ and invites Clara to make a wish. So unfolds a magical chain of events where kindness and forgiveness go hand-in-hand. • Every child will love the idea of finding a magical umbrella in the park • A delightfully surreal book about kindness and generosity • Invites the reader to interact by choosing what sort of wish they would make 6 June 2019 978-1-912650-01-9 275 x 200mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends Rights sold: Slovenia

• Ideal for teaching community cohesion


UMBRELLA is endorsed by Amnesty International UK as celebrating our rights to express ourselves and to choose our own friends Elena has an MA in Children’s book illustration from Cambridge School of Art and was runner up for the 2016 ELCAF AWARD

Elena Arevalo Melville grew up in tropical Guatemala, and now lives in Cambridge with her partner and children. She leads workshops and art clubs for children and adults, and her published work includes a series of Fantastical Maps for Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination and contributions to comic anthologies.

Inbal Leitner We are moving to a new home, where the lakes freeze in winter. I am visiting my Grandma to say goodbye. She says we two have the longest, strongest thread in the whole world. • A beautifully subtle and reassuring look at the anxiety that moving from one home to a new one can bring • Celebration of a relationship with a grandparent • Based on the author’s own family experiences of moving countries and leaving loved ones behind Inbal has an MA in Children’s book illustration from CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL OF ART and her short films have shown at festivals such as ANNECY and SAFO

6 February 2020 978-1-912650-18-7 240 x 240mm HB £12.99 Age 4+ 32 pages plus ends

Inbal Leitner studied Classic Animation at Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, and worked there as a classic animator for ten years. Now living in Cambridge with her family, Inbal is focusing on illustration; she has illustrated children’s books, and worked for magazines and private clients. Inbal prefers using traditional techniques such as acrylic, pastels, watercolours, printmaking, collage and mixed media.



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Scallywag Press - Autumn 2019 Catalogue  

Scallywag Press was founded in 2018 with the purpose of bringing entertaining and memorable books to a worldwide audience. They love distin...

Scallywag Press - Autumn 2019 Catalogue  

Scallywag Press was founded in 2018 with the purpose of bringing entertaining and memorable books to a worldwide audience. They love distin...