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A complete list of all our new titles JANUARY to JUNE 2018

Cover artwork © Emma Shoard from ‘The Family Tree’ 9781781128053 Barrington Stoke

Minedition............................................................2 Palazzo.................................................................3 Flying Eye Books...................................................3 NoBrow.................................................................3 Gecko Press..........................................................4 Old Barn Books....................................................4 Tara Books........................................................... 4 Otter-Barry Books............................................... 5 What on Earth?................................................... 5 Catnip.................................................................. 5 Pushkin Children.................................................. 5 Barrington Stoke..................................................6 Little Island...........................................................7 Boxer Books..........................................................7 Red Robin Books..................................................7 Nosy Crow........................................................... 8 b Small................................................................. 11 Top That.............................................................. 11 Willow Tree.......................................................... 12 Curious Fox.......................................................... 12 Little Tiger............................................................13 Fine Feather Press................................................ 16 Lerner................................................................... 16 Fourth Wall Publishing.........................................17 PI Kids.................................................................. 18 Sassi Junior........................................................... 19 Letterland.............................................................20 Yoyo..................................................................... 21 Barbo Toys........................................................... 23 Auzou...................................................................24


Picture books of the highest quality that ‘open the door to the world’ for children


Sweet Dreams, A Whisper in the I See, I Touch... Bruno Snow 9789888342679 9789888341214 HB £12.99 FEB

9789888341528 HB £12.99 FEB

BB £7.99 APR

Mirror Play


9789888342693 9789888342686 BB £9.99 APR BB £8.99 APR

Felix’s New Skirt

9789888341580 HB £12.99 APR


Palazzo create beautifully designed and illustrated books for the international market

The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story Abridged Edition

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Abridged Edition

9781786750440 HB £12.99 APR

9781786750457 HB £12.99 APR

The Secret Garden 9781786750358 HB £16.99 JAN


Flying Eye Books will take your children’s eyes on a journey of wonder!

Jumble Wood 9781911171362 HB £11.99 FEB

Under the Canopy

Akissi: Tales of Mischief

9781911171423 HB £14.99 FEB

9781911171478 PB £14.99 MAR

Professor Astro Cat’s Human Body Odyssey 9781911171140 HB £15.99 MAR

Ping vs Pong

9781911171386 HB £9.99 MAR COVER NOT FINAL

The Secret of Black Rock 9781911171744 PB £6.99 MAR

Out, Out, Away From Here 9781911171331 HB £11.99 APR

One Day On Our Blue Planet: ... In the Ocean 9781911171416 HB £11.99 APR

All Kinds of Planes

9781911171652 HB £12.99 APR


The fourth book in Owen Davey’s best selling non-fiction series.

Mountains of the World 9781911171706 HB £18.00 APR

Bonkers About Beetles 9781911171485 HB £12.99 MAY

A Very Late Story

9781911171737 PB £6.99 APR

9781911171669 HB £12.99 MAY

Skyward: Female Pilots of WWII 9781911171515 HB £14.99 JUN

The Diver

9781911171614 HB £11.99 JUN

Follow three women on their empowering journey to become WWII pilots in this gorgeously illustrated graphic novel.

Boats: Fast & Slow 9781911171522 HB £12.99 JUN

Nobrow 10 Magazine

9781910620397 PB £15.00 MAY


Great design, groundbreaking art and narrative, luscious production values and environmental consciousness

Robert Moses: The King of Mean Girls Master Builder Birds Club: Pink of New York City 9781910620380 Dawn 9781910620366 PB £12.99 JAN

HB £12.99 FEB

9781910620229 HB £14.99 MAR


9781910620472 PB £12.99 JUN


To celebrate their 10th anniversary, NoBrow present this special edition featuring 70 artists on the theme of ‘Studio Dreams’.


The Ice Sea Pirates

9781776572007 PB £6.99 JAN GBS

One good book can spark a lifetime of reading

The Yark

9781776571727 PB £6.99 MAR

‘An icy adventure with a warm heart, The Ice Sea Pirates is a fantastical celebration of the precious power of love’ - Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Waiting for Goliath

9781776571420 PB £6.99 MAR

Poor Little Rabbit! 9781776571772 BB £6.99 FEB

The Old Man

I Can’t Sleep!

9781776571918 HB £10.99 APR


9781776571574 PB £7.99 MAY

Valdemar’s Peas

9781776571642 PB £6.99 APR

The Holidays

9781776571932 HB £16.99 MAR

I’m the Biggest! 9781776572021 PB £6.99 JUN

A warm and funny book with a cheeky big brother at the centre of a very familiar situation...

Look, a Butterfly! 9781776571901 BB £6.99 MAR

My Dog Mouse 9781776571499 PB £6.99 MAY


9781776572120 HB £7.99 JUN

9781776571956 HB £10.99 MAY



Old Barn loves words, pictures and the natural world

A Different Dog

9781910646427 PB £6.99 FEB


Tara is well-known for their screen-printed books made entirely by hand Travels Through South Indian Kitchens

9789383145591 HB £18.99 APR


The Wardrobe Monster

The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear

9781910646366 HB £10.99 APR

9781910646434 HB £12.99 MAR

How to Bee

9781910646441 PB £7.99 MAY

The Barber’s Dilemma and Other Stories from Manmaru Street

Beasts of India

9789383145584 HB £19.99 FEB

9789383145652 HB £12.99 FEB


9789383145713 PB £7.99 APR

Where has the Tiger Gone?

9789383145997 HB £14.99 APR


9781910646229 HB £10.99 JUN

Speaking to an Elephant and Other Tales from the Kadars

9789383145737 HB £9.99 MAR

Following My Paint Brush

9789383145171 PB £7.99 MAY

By internationally acclaimed poets Brian Moses and Roger Stevens, this funny canine collection will be treasured by doglovers of all ages.


An exciting children’s imprint aiming to make a difference, push boundaries...

Red Alert!

The Carnivorous Crocodile 9781910959916 PB £6.99 FEB

Riding a Donkey Backwards

9781910959961 HB £12.99 MAR

9781910959305 HB £12.99 APR

Chicken on the Roof 9781910959909 PB £6.99 FEB

Is It a Mermaid? 9781910959121 HB £11.99 APR

The Waggiest Tails

How the Borks Became 9781910959190 HB £11.99 MAY

9781910959237 HB £11.99 MAR

My Daddy is a Silly Monkey 9781910959923 PB £6.99 MAY

Zim Zam Zoom! 9781910959053 PB £6.99 JUN



Specialises in the art of telling stories through timelines

Brand new books, first class fiction and sparkling new editions

Explorer: Bugs! 9780995576605 HB £9.99 APR


Fish Fingers vs Nuggets

9781910611043 PB £6.99 MAR

Across the Divide

9781910611111 PB £6.99 MAY

An enthralling and sophisticated fantasy story from one of Japan’s most popular writers of teen fiction. Now a popular anime series.


Pushkin’s books represent exciting, high-quality writing from around the world

The King with Dirty Feet

9781910959893 PB £6.99 FEB

My Sweet Orange Tree

9781782691532 HB £10.99 JAN

The Red Abbey Chronicles: Naondel 9781782690948 PB £8.99 FEB

The Beast Player

9781782691679 PB £8.99 MAR

The Beast Player and its sequel have sold 3 million copies in Japan

Ready to Fall

9781782691518 PB £7.99 MAR

Boy 87

9781782691976 PB £7.99 APR A startling debut novel of a young refugee’s journey bringing to light the obstacles he needs to overcome to survive but also the kindness he encounters on the way.

The Secret of the Blue Glass 9781782691846 PB £7.99 APR

The Goat

9781782692140 PB £6.99 MAY

The Swish of the Curtain 9781782691853 PB £8.99 MAY

The Trilogy of Two

9781782692041 PB £8.99 JUN


9781782691730 PB £7.99 JUN



Super-readable, dyslexia-friendly fiction by the best authors in the UK

PramBusters! 9781781127360 PB £6.99 FEB


We Are Not Frogs!

The Great Telephone Mix-Up

9781781127926 PB £6.99 FEB

9781781127353 PB £6.99 APR

Rose’s Dress of Dreams 9781781127681 PB £6.99 APR


Colour My Days 9781781126943 PB £6.99 MAR

Norman the Norman and the Very Small Duchess

Mariella, Queen of the Skies

Bursting with joy and adventure, a new story from picturebook star Ross Collins.

9781781127629 PB £6.99 JUN

9781781127704 PB £6.99 JUN



The Cupcake Wedding

9781781127735 PB £5.99 JAN

9781781127957 PB £5.99 FEB

Cherry Green Story Queen 9781781127933 PB £5.99 FEB

Young Dracula

Shona, Word Detective

9781781127940 PB £5.99 MAR

9781781127865 PB £5.99 MAR

Bella’s Den

9781781128114 PB £5.99 MAY

A masterly and hilarious retelling of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, from award-winning Kaye Umansky.

Who’s a Big Bully Then?

9781781127520 PB £5.99 JAN

Free Lance and Noah Scape the Dragon’s Can’t Stop Hoard Repeating 9781781127162 Himself PB £6.99 FEB

The Hat Trick 9781781127964 PB £5.99 MAR

Dream Team 9781781127711 PB £6.99 APR

9781781127728 PB £5.99 MAR

The Knights and the Best Quest

9781781127674 PB £5.99 MAY


Just Plain Weird 9781781127919 PB £6.99 JAN


Hari and His Electric Feet 9781781127551 PB £6.99 FEB

McTavish Goes Wild 9781781127612 PB £6.99 MAY

Back on Weird Street 9781781127889 PB £5.99 JUN

Jason Banks and the Pumpkin of Doom 9781781128138 PB £5.99 JUN

8 12

A tender tale of overcoming loss told in Sita Brahmachari’s celebrated accessible and moving style.

Another stunning novella by hot new YA talent, Non Pratt. Two best friends are pushed to breaking point as a dark secret is revealed.


Second Best Friend


9781781127179 PB £6.99 JAN

9781781127575 PB £7.99 JAN



Zebra Crossing Soul Song 9781781126967 PB £6.99 JAN


The Family Tree

An utterly stunning, powerful and unforgettable novella by the highly acclaimed and much missed Mal Peet. Featuring sensitive full colour illustrations by talented rising star, Emma Shoard.

9781781128053 PB £7.99 MAY

The Red Dread 9781911370055 PB £6.99 FEB


Bumpfizzle the Best on Planet Earth

9781912417032 PB £6.99 JUN GBS

Drop anchor there for a minute and listen till they tell you about Ireland’s smallest and coolest book island

Rocking the System


I Love My Baby

Dress Like Mummy

9781910411964 HB £11.99 FEB

9781910411971 PB £7.99 MAR

How Billy Brown Once Upon a Saved the Queen Place 9781910411957 PB £6.99 APR

9781912417049 PB £9.99 JUN

Bumpfizzle is an alien, sent to Earth on a research mission to study Earthlings in this brilliantly funny and accessible read.


Children’s books full of inventive ideas, classic concepts and strong story lines

9781910716298 HB £11.99 JAN

9781910716458 HB £12.99 FEB

10 Blue Butterflies How Long is a 9781910126998 Whale? HB £11.99 FEB

9781910716519 PB £6.99 MAY

How Tall was a T. Rex? 9781910716373 HB £11.99 MAY


High quality picture books with strong storylines, memorable characters and enchanting language

The Art Detectives Visit... London 9781908702319 PB £6.99 MAR Venice 9781908702296 PB £6.99 MAY

Farmer Falgu Goes Kite Flying 9788181903563 PB £6.99 APR

Farmer Falgu Goes to the Kumbh Mela 9788181903556 PB £6.99 APR

Hey, Who’s in the Loo? 9781908702289 PB £6.99 MAY


Lionel and the Lion’s Share

9781788000925 HB £11.99 JAN 9781788000932 PB £6.99 JAN


Small, multi-awardwinning, independent company

Look, There’s a Tractor! 9781788000857 BB £6.99 JAN

A Pony Called Secret: A Friend in Need 9781788000277 PB £6.99 JAN

Animal ABC

9781788002486 BB £5.99 APR

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Giggly Giraffe 9780857639851 PB £5.99 JAN

9781788000772 BB £6.99 JAN

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Curious Kangaroo 9781788001489 PB £5.99 MAR

Can You Say It Too? Tweet! Tweet! 9781788001434 BB £6.99 FEB

Lionel the lion always gets the lion’s share . . . until his friends decide that enough is enough!

Look, There’s a Helicopter!

I Love You, Little One

9781788000963 BB £6.99 JAN

Books Always Everywhere

9781788001458 BB £6.99 FEB

Firefly Home

9781788000239 HB £11.99 JAN

Make and Play: Easter 9781788000833 BB £7.99* FEB

Neon Leon

9780857638076 PB £6.99 JAN

Make and Play: Farm 9781788002028 BB £7.99* APR



Imagine a school where you meet your own unicorn and learn to talk to them! That’s what happens for the girls at Sparkle Lake Academy on the beautiful Unicorn Island.

Scarlett and Blaze love being at Unicorn Academy. It’s the perfect place to have fun and be a bit naughty, too! Magical Sparkle Lake is starting to ice over and the school might have to close! Scarlett and Blaze can’t bear to be parted, so they decide to find out who’s behind the big freeze and put things right…


Superhero Mum 9781788001441 PB £6.99 FEB 9781788000222 HB £11.99 FEB

Sophia and Rainbow

9781788001588 PB £5.99 FEB

Scarlett and Blaze

Ava and Star

9781788001625 PB £5.99 APR

9781788001601 PB £5.99 FEB

Izzy and her friends are shocked when they find their lollipop man has disappeared! Laughout-loud fun from Blue Peter Award winners Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham.

A Lamb Called Lucky

9781788000246 PB £5.99 FEB


Sing Along With Me! Five Little Ducks 9780857638632 BB £6.99 FEB

The Phantom Lollipop Man

9781788000482 PB £6.99 FEB

Isabel and Cloud

9781788001649 PB £5.99 JUN 2018 WOMEN SUFFRAGE CENTENARY

Make More Noise!

9781788002394 PB £7.99 FEB An incredible collection of brand new short stories, from ten of the UK’s very best storytellers, celebrating inspirational girls and women. * VAT included

9781788001380 HB £16.99 MAR


There’s a


cranky croc


in this book and he needs

he wor

from ro n

Hello Farm

9781788001755 BB £6.99 APR

Hello Zoo

9781788002301 BB £6.99 APR

9781788000352 PB £6.99 MAR NI

N I C O L A O ’ BY R N E





Br s


L s en o he

L s en o he

Max the Theatre Cat and the Disappearing Diva

9780857637406 PB £6.99 MAR



Running on Empty








Instead of just studying history, let’s think about HerStory too! In this uplifting and inspiring book, children can learn about 50 intrepid women from around the world and throughout history.


L A O ’ BY R





r on e


Uncorrected proof

W H AT ’ S N E XT D O O R ?

Can you help Carter the crocodile find his way

W h 6 m z ng re - fe so n s!

ow Ltd by Row

mard Jeunesse

9781788001281 CLOTH £10.99 MAR

HerStory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook the World

ro n B r s from he wor


A funny rhyming romp about an adorably baffled bear with an identity crisis. When one sleepy bear wakes up early from his winter sleep, he’s confused. Is he a bird? Or a moose?

Baby’s First Cloth Book: Farm



w he ns on o s en c b r s!

Where’s Mrs Zebra? Where’s Mr Dog? 9781788000727 9781788000710 BB £6.99 MAR BB £6.99 MAR



9781788000994 PB £6.99 MAR 9781788000987 HB £11.99 MAR



o n !

A Bear is a Bear

W H AT ’ S

N EXT D O O R ? ---------------------------STEP INSIDE AND SEE!

Listen to the Birds From Around the World 9781788002462 BB £6.99 APR

Listen to the Music from Around the World 9781788002479 BB £6.99 APR

Bizzy Bear: Racing Driver 9781788002448 BB £5.99 APR

What’s Next Door? 9780857638335 PB £6.99 APR

The Knight Who Said ‘No’!

9781788002080 PB £6.99 APR 9781788002073 HB £11.99 APR

Oh Me, Oh My, a Pie! 9781788001038 PB £6.99 MAY 9781788001021 HB £11.99 MAY

nkle Toadspit, ND she is still an e do all her school doing all the magic hout practising first, s CHAOS and MUST go on!

ellbinding, ries in which new powers

L results!


Get Me Out of The Infinite Indigo Island Sound-Button Stories: Witch School! Lives of Maisie 9780857639585 Monty Monkey 9781788000383 Day PB £6.99 APR 9781788002288 PB £6.99 APR

Ella on the Outside

9781788000338 PB £6.99 MAY

9781788000291 PB £6.99 APR

BB £5.99 MAY

Ella is the new girl at school. She doesn’t know anyone and she doesn’t have any friends. And she has a terrible secret. An exceptional debut, perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy.

Sound-Button Stories: Elsie Elephant 9781788002295 BB £5.99 MAY

This Zoo is Not for You 9781788002523 PB £6.99 MAY

Happy Birthday to You! 9780857639509 BB £10.99 MAY

Pip and Posy: The New Friend

9781788002516 BB £6.99 MAY



The Rescue Princesses: The Enchanted Ruby

Lois Looks for Bob at the Museum

Lois Looks for Bob at the Seaside

9781788002332 BB £6.99 JUN

9780857639080 PB £5.99 MAY

9781788002325 BB £6.99 JUN

My ArchEnemy is a Brain in a Jar THE BEAN

O , Stellar d with other fronte m an e is con Luke twin fro ious. No on n, When wered suspic er-po ut a pla his sup he is highly space witho does sion, what and IL. So dimen ough time ABLY EV IEV y all BEL s thr is usu so UN to travel t plan y is he erhero hair no tha wh d d an An his sup llar is up to ! want? From Stellar es, Ste DOWN TING? IRRITA -powered sho ING HIM BR ket e must his roc and Luk good,

Welcome to Our World

9781788001373 HB £12.99 JUN

The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop: Tudor Boy Spy 9781788000550 PB £6.99 FEB

Invading. Invincible. In vinegar.

“Irresistible entertainment.”



Who’s Hiding on the Farm?

Who’s Hiding on the River?

9781788001823 BB £7.99 MAR

9781788002646 HB £11.99 JUN

The fourth in the award-winning and bestselling series. Luke has superpowers! But only because he’s swapped bodies with his brother.

“Super-pow ered story tellin g!”

9780857639912 PB £6.99 JUN

What Does an Anteater Eat?

Look and Say What You See in the Town

9781788001427 BB £7.99 MAR

9780857639431 BB £7.99 MAR

Press Out and Decorate: Flamingos, Llamas, & Other Cool Things 9781788003148 BB £9.99 JUN

Nature Origami 9781788002455 PB £9.99* MAR

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Are you ready to go wild on the river?

Complete Minibeast Explorer! KIT

The definitive A Nature Sticker Bookguide to all things rivers, this book

And with 120 stickers, you can stick the stingrays onto the sea bed, fill the rock pool with crabs, add porpoises into the harbour and much, much more!

You will also learn exactly what NOT to do, from getting caught in a current to slipping down a waterfall. Brimming with great activities and useful information, this is the essential guide for anyone setting off on a trip to the river.


This nature sticker book is full of facts about sea creatures and their homes.

will teach you all you need to know, from skimming stones and catching fish to building a raft and paddling in a kayak.

BECOME A MINIBEAST EXPLORER WITH THIS FANTASTIC GUIDE FOR CHILDREN! Identify over 60 minibeasts when you’re out and about with this easy-to-use guidebook. Packed with helpful information and fun activities, this is the perfect book to use when you’re looking




nature stickers!

for creepy-crawlies hiding in the garden.

an adventure handbook



9 781788 002622

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

50 Things to do Before You’re 11 3/4

9780857636188 HB £7.99 MAR

£7.99 Nikki Dyson

9781788002622 PB £5.99 MAY


Magnifying bug collector Notebook Book Toy spider Pencil Stickers Backpack


This book is published by Nosy Crow in collaboration with the National Trust www.national

Sharks, Seahorses and Other British Sea Animals

9781788001762 KIT £9.99 JUN


With illustrations by Hannah Alice

ISBN 978-1-78800-262-2

This book is published by Nosy Crow in collaboration with the National Trust


Go Wild on the River 9781788000703 HB £7.99 MAY

This book is published by Nosy Crow in collaboration with the National Trust




Perfect for budding wildlife explorers, this backpack encourages children to get outside and explore the fascinating world of minibeasts! From beetles to butterflies, spiders to slugs, children can use their very own magnifying bug collector to get a closer look at all kinds of creepy-crawlies.

So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt 9781788001359 BB £12.99 APR


9781788002141 BB £6.99 FEB


First Words

9781788002158 BB £6.99 FEB

Mixed-Up Masterpieces: Amusing Animals 9781788000802 HB £9.99 APR

* VAT included


B small focuses curious texts, fearless facts and foreign language learning!

STEM Starters: Physics 9781911509202 PB £6.99 FEB

How Does a Lighthouse Work?

STEAM Starters: Art 9781911509219 PB £6.99 FEB

How can we tell one lighthouse from another? What does a lighthouse keeper do? Depart on an enchanting voyage in this beautifully illustrated book and discover fascinating facts about lighthouses and how they work.

9781911509240 HB £10.99 MAR

STEM Starters: Science Experiments at Home 9781911509196 HB £7.99 APR

Natural Phenomena: My First Picture A Maze Book Atlas 9781911509257 PB £6.99 MAY

9781911509387 PB £5.99 MAY

Fashion Paper Dolls: Dress-Up Rebel Women

9781911509226 PB £7.99 APR


International publisher that creates exciting books and apps for children

Tiny Town Touch and Trace: What Did Busy Bee See? 9781787003682 HB £6.99 FEB

Play Felt: Construction Site

Play Felt: Wild Animals

Play Felt: Farm Animals

Play Felt: Ocean Animals

555 Sticker Fun: Sports

Tiny Town Touch and Trace: What Did Busy Bunny Hear?

Tiny Town Fun Felt: Picnic Fun

Tiny Town Fun Felt: Busy Day

Build a Scene: Let’s Go Outside

Build a Scene: Let’s Go to the Shops

9781787004344 HB £7.99 JAN

9781787003699 HB £6.99 FEB

Ten Little Unicorns 9781787004368 HB £8.99 FEB

9781787004351 HB £7.99 JAN

9781787003392 HB £7.99 APR

Old MacDonald Had a Farm 9781787004375 HB £8.99 MAR

9781787005235 HB £7.99 MAR

9781787003408 HB £7.99 APR

9781787005228 HB £7.99 MAR

9781787003644 HB £9.99 JUN

Scratch and Draw: Dinosaurs 9781787004399 HB £7.99 JUN

9781787004382 PB £5.99 APR

9781787003651 HB £9.99 JUN

Scratch and Draw: Princesses 9781787002333 HB £7.99 JUN




Loved, trusted stories for children and families to share

Cat & Dog

9781787004429 PB £6.99 FEB

Cuddle the Magic Kitten: Magical Friends 9781787004412 PB £4.99 FEB

Cuddle the Magic Kitten: Superstar Dreams

Muddle the Magic Puppy: The Magic Carpet

9781787004474 PB £4.99 MAY

Muddle the Magic Puppy: Toyshop Trouble

9781787004405 PB £4.99 FEB

9781787004467 PB £4.99 MAY

Hattie Peck

9781787004450 PB £6.99 FEB

Princess Pirates: Topaz - The Sunken Treasure

Survivors: The Empty City

The Noisy Foxes

9781787004634 PB £6.99 JUN

9781787004436 PB £4.99 MAY

9781787004443 PB £6.99 MAR

Squishy Taylor... PB £6.99 FEB ...and a Question of Trust 9781782027683 ... and the Bonus Sisters 9781782027690 ... and the Mess-Makers 9781782027706 ... and the Vase that Wasn’t 9781782027713  


Squishy Taylor pack of 4 9781782027805

Imaginative, creative, and jaw-droppingly enjoyable books

The Social Butterfly 9781782027638 PB £6.99 FEB

PB £26.56 FEB

The Legend of Jack Riddle 9781782027614 PB £6.99 MAR

The Cat Encyclopedia for Kids

9781782027980 PB £9.99 MAR

Superfairies: The Copper Queen

9781782028093 PB £4.99 MAR

Superfairies: The Snow Fairy

Superfairies Pack of 2

9781782028109 PB £4.99 MAR

9781782028130 PB £9.48 MAR

Ginger Green, Playdate Queen: PB £4.99 APR The Crazy Friend 9781782027836 The Fancy Friend 9781782027843  The Next Door Friend 9781782027850 The New Friend 9781782027829 PACK 9781782027942 PB £28.44 APR

Goodnight Football 9781782028185 PB £6.99 MAR


Drone Academy: SWARM 9781782028208 PB £6.99 APR

Children of Daedala 9781782027416 PB £7.99 APR


Humorous, touching and imaginative picture books which provide a satisfying reading experience

Good Night, I Love You

9781848698765 BB £7.99 JAN

There Was an Old Giant Who Swallowed A Clock 9781848699137 HB £11.99 FEB

Cock-a-doodlepoo! 9781848698277 HB £11.99 MAR

Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide 9781848696921 PB £7.99 APR * VAT included

Best Friends Forever

9781848698741 HB £10.99 JAN

Me and My Grandma

9781848698352 HB £10.99 FEB

Blue Monster Wants It All!

Cuddle Bear’s Book Grandma Loves of Hugs You!

9781848698314 HB £11.99 JAN

Love You, Mummy!

9781848699229 BB £7.99 FEB

Romeo & Juliet: A Classic Journal

Pride & Prejudice: A Classic Journal

9781848698147 HB £12.99* FEB

9781848698130 HB £12.99* APR

Hickory Dickory Dock and Other Favourite Nursery Rhymes

One Perfect Day

9781848696877 HB £10.99 JAN

Fairy Tale Pets

9781848694422 PB £6.99 FEB

9781848698338 HB £11.99 MAR

9781848698789 BB £7.99 MAR

When the Bees Buzzed Off!

9781848694392 HB £11.99 APR

Little Why - Storybook and Soft Toy 9781848698871 BOX £12.99* APR

Wilfred and Olbert’s Totally Wild Chase 9781848696808 PB £7.99 FEB

A Quiet Quiet House

9781848698451 HB £10.99 MAR

Night-Night Peekaboo

9781848699182 BB £4.99 JAN

I Give You the World

9781848697607 BB £7.99 FEB

9781848698215 HB £11.99 FEB

Animal Friends Bingo Playset 9781848698970 BOX £12.99* MAR

That Is Actually MY Blanket, Baby! 9781848696907 PB £6.99 MAR

9781848697034 NOVELTY £6.99 MAY

I Can’t Sleep!

9781848696785 PB £6.99 JAN

Look Out, It’s a Dragon!

9781848698253 HB £11.99 FEB

Ten Little Dinosaurs

Tiny Tantrum

9781848696860 PB £6.99 MAY

This Little Piggy and Other Favourite Nursery Rhymes 9781848698772 BB £7.99 MAR

The Worry Box 9781848698291 HB £10.99 MAY



Now I Am One

9781848699304 BB £6.99 MAY

Pop-Up Fairytales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Pop-Up Fairytales: Three Little Pigs 9781848699090 BB £10.99 JUN

9781848699083 BB £10.99 JUN

Now I Am Two 9781848699311 BB £6.99 MAY

Badger and the Great Journey 9781848694460 PB £6.99 JUN

Pop-Up Fairy Tales: Jack and the Beanstalk 9781848698840 BB £10.99 MAR

Bug Bear

9781848694521 PB £6.99 JUN

Pop-Up Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood 9781848698185 BB £10.99 MAR

With Your Paw in Mine 9781848698376 HB £10.99 JUN

Always in My Heart 9781788810173 You’re My Little Star 9781788810180 BB £6.99 JUN


Innovative, interactive novelty books which help babies and young children make sense of the world around them

Bug Hotel

9781848576575 BB £8.99 MAR


Goodnight Sleepy Caterpillar

9781848576438 PB £7.99 JAN

Bird House

9781848576605 BB £8.99 MAR

Secrets of the Mountain 9781848577046 HB £11.99 APR

We Are Family

The River: An Epic Journey to the Sea

Town Mouse, Country Alfie and Bet’s Mouse ABC 9781848576568 PB £7.99 FEB

9781848576933 9781848576667 BB £6.99 FEB BB £7.99 FEB

Farmyard Countdown!

9781848576490 BB £8.99 MAR

Ten Twinkly Stars 9781848576940 BB £8.99 APR

Once Upon a Star: A Poetic Journey Through Space 9781848576544 HB £11.99 MAR

Ten Busy Whizzy Bugs 9781848576957 BB £8.99 APR

Night Night, Dino-Snores

9781848576841 BB £9.99 MAR

Ten Tiny Dinosaurs 9781848576964 BB £8.99 APR

9781848575851 BB £10.99 FEB

First Words Everywhere

9781848576117 BB £8.99 APR

We are Together 9781848576582 HB £11.99 MAY



The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

The Very Lazy Ladybird

9781848699106 BB £10.99 APR

9781848699113 BB £10.99 APR

The Very Clever Crocodile 9781848576926 BB £10.99 APR

The Very Funny Fish 9781848576919 BB £10.99 APR

Little Snappers: Twit-Twoo Pop-Up Fun

You’re My Little Cuddle Bug

Search and Find: Dinosaurs 9781848576094 BB £7.99 MAY

9781848576506 BB £7.99 JUN

9781848576520 BB £5.99 MAY



Accessible, commercial fiction for six year olds to teens

Beaky Malone: The Unwanted The Rescued Kitten Weirdest Show Puppy on Earth 9781847159045 9781847159182 PB £5.99 APR

9781847159069 PB £5.99 JAN PB £5.99 JAN

The Shelter Puppy

9781847159236 PB £5.99 JUN

This Dog Loves You Too Much 9781847159083 HB £7.99 JAN

The Eye of the North 9781847159410 PB £6.99 FEB


Star Friends: Secret Spell

9781847159052 PB £5.99 JAN

The Hounds of Penhallow Hall: The Hidden Staircase 9781847159151 PB £5.99 MAR

Star Friends: Dark Tricks

9781847159205 PB £5.99 APR

Animal Rescue: The Doorstep Puppy

9781847159137 PB £4.99 FEB

Revenge of the Atomic Burps

9781847159106 PB £5.99 FEB

Animal Rescue: The Sad Pony

9781847159199 PB £4.99 APR

Cheese from Dimension Pong

9781847159441 PB £5.99 MAY

Amazing Women: 101 Lives to Inspire You 9781847159175 HB £12.99 FEB

Animal Rescue: The Lonely Kitten

9781847159250 PB £4.99 JUN

Dirty Bertie: Mascot!

9781847158116 PB £4.99 MAR

Unveiling Venus

9781847158253 PB £7.99 FEB

She, Myself and I

9781847159427 PB £7.99 MAR

St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-Along Zombies 9781847159076 PB £5.99 MAR

Vlad: The World’s Worst Vampire Fang-Tastic Friends 9781847159144 PB £5.99 MAR



Savage Island 9781847158277 PB £7.99 APR

Girl Thursday 9781847159113 PB £6.99 APR

Boyband of the Apocalypse:

Washed Up

9781847159120 PB £6.99 MAY

The Company of Eight 9781847159229 PB £6.99 MAY

How to Write a Love Story

9781847159212 PB £7.99 MAY

Hidden World: Ocean

A Moment in Time: A Perpetual Picture Atlas

9781848576087 HB £9.99 JAN

9781848575943 HB £17.99 FEB Discover the most adventurous and intrepid journeys ever attempted in this gorgeously illustrated book.


9781848575936 HB £17.99 APR

Hello World Bingo 9781848576612 BOX £18.99 MAR

9781847159786 PB £4.99 JUN

What a Wonderful Word 9781848576452 HB £12.99 APR

Holes: Discover a Hidden World

Humanatomy: How Your Body Works

9781848576346 HB £19.99 JUN

9781848576537 HB £14.99 MAY

My First Lift and Reveal: Farm 9781848698482 BB £7.99 JUN


The Little Tiger Group is a creativelyled independent publisher

and Mischief

This hand-picked collection of untranslatable words from all over the world celebrates the magic of language.


Each book is unique, what links them is a thoughtful and creative approach to presenting amazing facts

Pony Camp Diaries: Megan

My First Book of Magnets: Animal Magnets 9781848698475 BB £7.99 FEB

My First Touch and Feel Sound Book: Noisy First Words 9781848698499 BB £9.99 MAR


Nonfiction and fiction books that educate, empower and entertain readers


Dazzle Ships

9781512410143 HB £14.99 JAN

One Plastic Bag 9781467716086 HB £14.99 JAN

Designed to inspire a love of nature in children from an early age

The Little Book of the Dawn Chorus 9781908489333 BB £12.99 JAN


Independent publisher with a passion for creatively led children’s books

Colour the World with Little Lapin

9781910851005 PB £4.99 JAN

Milo’s Black and White World 9781910851074 BB £4.99 FEB

Milo’s Bathtime 9781910851517 BB £4.99 MAY

9781910851272 BB £4.99 APR

ABC of the World

9781910851265 HB £6.99 JAN

Milo’s Little Book of Weather 9781910851609 BB £4.99 FEB

Monster Numbers Finger Puppet Book

Monster Food Finger Puppet Book 9781910851852 BB £4.99 APR

The Very Boring Owl 9781910851807 HB £10.99 JAN

Missing Milo: Lift-the-Flap Book 9781910851715 PB £6.99 FEB

Milo’s Black and White Animals 9781910851739 BB £4.99 MAY

Hoot’s Woodland Activity Book 9781910851760 BB £8.99 MAR

Monster Shapes Finger Puppet Book 9781910851814 BB £4.99 JUN

Get Freddie Ready My Incredible for the Monster Ball Knitting Nana 9781910851227 BB £9.99 FEB

Milo’s 123 Activity Book

9781910851845 PB £4.99 FEB

Milo’s Mix and Match 9781910851654 BB £6.99 FEB

Hoot’s Nature Trail 9781910851586 BB £5.99 MAR

9781910851456 PB £6.99 FEB

Milo’s ABC Activity Book

9781910851753 PB £4.99 FEB

Milo’s First Words: Flashcards

Milo’s Colouring Book

9781910851883 PB £4.99 FEB

Mischievous Milo

9781910851487 BOX £5.83 FEB

9781910851432 BB £6.99 FEB

Hoot’s Bedtime Box Set 9781910851685 BOX £12.99 MAR

Travel the World with Little Lapin 9781910851449 PB £6.99 JAN

The Three Little Superpigs: The Origin 9781910851548 PB £6.99 FEB

Milo’s Touch and Feel 9781910851234 HB £7.99 FEB

Milo’s Seaside Adventure Puppet Book 9781910851951 BB £4.99 MAY

Goodnight Hoot 9781910851098 BB £6.99 MAR



Independent publisher with a passion for creatively led children’s books

The Bird and the Hippo

Where’s Hoot? 9781910851784 PB £4.99 JUN

Hoot’s Mix and Match 9781910851647 BB £6.99 MAR

Dr. James McGee and the Time Machine

9781910851722 HB £6.99 MAR

9781910851661 PB £6.99 APR

Hoot’s Colouring Alexander the Great Monster Appetite Book Dane 9781910851791 9781910851968 PB £6.99 APR

Flora, Buxton & Bear: Bear and the Wobbly Tooth 9781910851630 PB £5.99 APR

9781910851463 PB £6.99 MAR

Flora, Buxton & Bear: Poorly Flora Visits the Doctor 9781910851616 PB £5.99 MAY

PB £6.99 MAR

The Spider and the Whale 9781787490017 PB £6.99 MAY


We interlace beloved characters with charming illustrations, activities, sounds, and songs

Paw Patrol: Little Sound Book - Ready, Set, Rescue! 9781503731189 HB £7.99 JAN

Paw Patrol: Sound Storybook Treasury 9781503727397 HB £17.99 MAR

Paw Patrol: My Star Wars Episode First Library 8: The Last Jedi 9781503704930 Little Sound Book BOX £12.99 JUN

9781503730281 HB £7.99 JAN

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi - Look & Find Book 9781503728103 HB £5.99 JAN


Disney Princess: Little Music Note Sound Book Once Upon A Song 9781450808651 HB £7.99 JAN

Disney Princess: My First Library

Thomas: Me Reader 9781503729247 9781503725683 BOX £22.99* MAR BOX £12.99 JUN

Eric Carle: Little Lift Avengers: Look & Listen Sound Book & Find Book - Home 9781503734050 9781503722064 BB £7.99 JUN

HB £5.99 MAY

Avengers: Little Sound Book Assembled We Stand 9781503734067 BB £7.99 MAY

Eric Carle: Little Music Note Sound Book - Sing 9781503722057 HB £7.99 FEB


Look & Find Book Disney Baby: My First Library

9781503721760 BOX £12.99 MAY


9781503730441 HB £5.99 JUN

Head to Toe!: Disney Baby Listen and Learn

9781503725676 BB £10.99 JUN

Elastigirl To The Rescue! COVER NOT FINAL

9781503730472 BB £7.99 JUN


* VAT included


Books and educational toys printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly inks

9788868606442 HB £12.99 MAR

9788868606411 HB £12.99 MAR

360 Degrees Pop-Up: The Ocean

Pop-Up Above Below: Ancient Civilisations

9788868606930 HB £12.99 JUN

The World of Myths and Legends

The World of Dinosaurs

9788868605063 HB £14.99* JAN

9788868606961 HB £12.99 JUN

9788868603090 HB £12.99 MAR

9788868604042 HB £12.99 MAR

9788868602543 HB £12.99 MAR

Pop-Up Above Below: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures

360 Degrees Pop-Up: Animals of the World

360 Degrees Pop-Up: The Four Seasons

360 Degrees Pop-Up: The Universe

9788868602604 HB £12.99 MAR TRAVEL LEARN & EXPLORE

Pop-Up Above Below: Nature

Pop-Up Above Below: The City

The World of Ancient Civilisations

9788868607029 HB £14.99* MAY

9788868606909 HB £14.99* MAY

Travel, Learn and Explore Valentina Manuzzato, Valentina Facci

Build BUILDthe THETitanic TITANIC 3D - 3D Description:

How many passengers could fit on board the Titanic? Did you know there was a gymnasium, a swimming pool and even a squash court on board? What was the difference between first, second and third classes? Read about the captivating story of the famous transatlantic ocean liner and build your 3D model to navigate across history… and legend!


9788868605704 HB £16.99* FEB

• 14 illustrated pages on the captivating story of the Titanic. • Learn fascinating facts about the famous ocean liner and its fateful journey. • Construct a 3D model of the Titanic.

From the Earth to the Moon

Series Titles:


9788868605353 HB £14.99* FEB


Build an Automobile - 3D


MODEL SIZE: 68.5 x 20cm



9788868605766 HB £16.99* FEB

Age: 6+ Authors: Valentina Manuzzato, Valentina Facci Dimensions: 34.5 x 24.5 x 3.5cm Pages: 14 Price: £16.99 Publication date: February 2018

- Author: Matteo Gaule - Box: 27.5 x 23.5 x 9 cm (10.8” x 9.2” x 3.5”) - Book: 15 x 21 cm (5.9” x 8.2”) - Pages: 32

The Human Body 9788868601409 HB £16.99* APR


9788868606077 HB £16.99* APR


ª 19 °

Doll’s House 3D 9788868604721 HB £15.99* APR

* VAT included

The Farm 3D

9788868604752 HB £15.99* APR


The History of Explorations: The Santa Maria 3D 9788868607401 HB £16.99 JUN


Lens Book: Animals

Lens Book: The Human Body

9788868605919 HB £12.99 MAR

9788868605889 HB £12.99 MAR


Assemble and Build: Firefighters

Assemble and Build: Noah’s Ark

9788868601430 HB £16.99* APR

9788868603526 HB £16.99* APR

Eco-Blocks: Play and Learn 9788868604875 HB £14.99* MAY

Eco-Blocks: Nature 9788868600440 HB £14.99* MAY

Scientists & Inventors: The Wright Brothers

Scientists & Inventors: Leonardo Da Vinci 3D Machines

9788868607340 HB £16.99 JUN

9788868605674 HB £16.99 JUN

Taking children on a spelling journey, these books use spatial memory to help pupils recall the rules of spelling.


Ensure that as many children as possible have fun learning to read, write and spell

Spelling Stations Teacher’s Guide 1

9781782483007 SPIRAL £27.99 MAR

Spelling Stations Pupil Book and Ticket Book Year 1 9781782483588 PB £5.99 MAR


Spelling Stations Teacher’s Guide 2 9781782483526 SPIRAL £27.99 JUN

Spelling Stations Pupil Book and Ticket Book Year 2 9781782483595 PB £5.99 JUN

Spelling Activity Book 1

Spelling Activity Book 2

Spelling Activity Book 3

Spelling Activity Book 4

9781782483021 PB £3.99 MAR

9781782483045 PB £3.99 JUN

9781782483038 PB £3.99 MAR

9781782483052 PB £3.99 JUN

* VAT included


Developing books with great educational value for the mass market

Prince and Princess: Go to School 9789463347655 BB £7.99 JAN

Prince and Princess: Potty Time 9789463347662 BB £7.99 JAN

Prince and Princess: Ready for Bed 9789463347679 BB £7.99 JAN

Prince and Princess: Time for Bath 9789463347686 BB £7.99 JAN

Touch, Feel and Touch, Feel and Listen!: Countryside Listen!: Nighttime 9789463049498 BB £10.99 JAN

9789463049504 BB £10.99 JAN

Sound Touch Feel: Chicken

Sound Touch Feel: Elephant

Sound Touch Feel: Parrot

Billy Bear on the Farm

Billy Bear Ready for Bed

My First Pop-Up: The Brave Knight

My First Pop-Up: Pirate at Sea

My Felt Farm Friends: My Felt Farm Friends: Coco the Cow Danny the Dog

9789463348027 BB £7.99 JAN

9789463348034 BB £7.99 JAN

Animal Soft Book: Rabbit 9789463344814 CLOTH £9.99 JAN

The Fantastic Look & Find: Farm

9789463348928 BB £9.99 FEB

9789463347587 BB £9.99 JAN

9789463348041 BB £7.99 JAN

Animal Soft Book: Sheep 9789463344821 CLOTH £9.99 JAN

The Fantastic Look & Find: Animals from Around the World

Big Jigsaw Fun For Tiny Fingers: Pets 9789463349413 BB £6.99 JAN

9789463347570 BB £9.99 JAN

9789463348058 BB £7.99 JAN

9789463347594 BB £9.99 JAN

9789463349314 CLOTH £9.99 FEB

Animal Soft Book: Cat 9789463348560 CLOTH £9.99 JAN

9789463347600 BB £9.99 JAN

9789463349321 CLOTH £9.99 FEB

Animal Soft Book: Dog 9789463348577 CLOTH £9.99 JAN

Big Jigsaw Fun For Big Jigsaw Fun For Tiny Fingers: Babies Tiny Fingers: Farm 9789463349345 BB £6.99 JAN

Sound Touch Feel: Bear

9789463349352 BB £6.99 MAY

Big Jigsaw Fun For Tiny Fingers: Jungle 9789463349369 BB £6.99 MAY

9789463348935 BB £9.99 FEB



Farm Puppets: Coco the Chicken 9789463342926 BB £5.99 FEB

Farm Puppets: Rick the Chick

Farm Puppets: Barry the Bunny

9789463342933 BB £5.99 FEB

9789463342971 BB £5.99 FEB

Farm Puppets: Huck the Duck 9789463342988 BB £5.99 FEB

Baby Rattle Photo Book BB £4.99 APR

Farm Animals 9789463600491 Water Animals 9789463600507 Baby Animals 9789463600521 Wild Animals 9789463600514 Counter Display 9789463601412 FREE

When I Grow Up: Snail

When I Grow Up: Butterfly

9789463349260 BB £7.99 FEB

9789463349253 BB £7.99 FEB

Buggy Book: Sheep 9789463349529 BB £4.99 FEB

It’s a Perfect Fit: Animals 9789463343091 BB £5.99 APR

Buggy Book: Cat

9789463349512 BB £4.99 FEB

It’s a Perfect Fit: Words

It’s a Perfect Fit: Numbers

9789463343121 BB £5.99 APR

It’s a Perfect Fit: Colours

9789463602600 BB £5.99 MAY


Buggy Book: Dog

9789463349505 BB £4.99 FEB

9789463343114 BB £5.99 APR

Buggy Book: Bear 9789463349499 BB £4.99 FEB

It’s a Perfect Fit: Farm 9789463343107 BB £5.99 APR

It’s a Perfect Fit: Opposites 9789463602617 BB £5.99 MAY

I Hear Little Nature Friends 9789463347150 BB £7.99 FEB

It’s a Perfect Fit: Wild 9789463602594 BB £5.99 MAY

It’s a Perfect Fit: Vroom 9789463602624 BB £5.99 MAY


Slide and Peek: On the Farm 9789463600675 BB £5.99 APR

World Atlas Activities: Play, Sticker & Explore

Animal Atlas Activities: Play, Sticker & Explore

9789463602631 PB £4.99 MAY

9789463602648 PB £4.99 MAY

Slide and Peek: In the Ocean

Slide and Peek: Small Creatures

9789463600699 BB £5.99 APR

9789463600705 BB £5.99 APR

Are These My Ears?: Tiger

Are These My Ears?: Bear

9789463602518 BB £6.99 JUN

9789463602525 BB £6.99 JUN

Are These My Ears?: Cow

9789463602532 BB £6.99 JUN

Slide and Peek: In the Wild 9789463600682 BB £5.99 APR

Are These My Ears?: Owl 9789463602549 BB £6.99 JUN

Peekaboo Touch and Feel: Can You See Me? -

Peekaboo Touch and Feel: Can You See Me? -

Peekaboo Touch and Feel: Can You See Me? -

Peekaboo Touch and Feel: Can You See Me?

9789463602471 BB £5.99 JUN

9789463602488 BB £5.99 JUN

9789463602495 BB £5.99 JUN

9789463602501 BB £5.99 JUN

Chicken and Friends

Whale and Friends

Tiger and Friends

- Frog and Friends


Loveliest toys with a friendly design that teach kids something new and look great

Moomin’s Big Tidy Up 5704976072379 TOY £19.99* JAN

Moomin and the Big Wood Quest 5704976072355 TOY £19.99* JAN

Moomin Memo Game Moomin 5 Wooden Figures Box Set 5704976071044 TOY £9.99* MAR

* VAT included

5704976067306 TOY £9.99* APR

Moomin’s Big Pancake Quest 5704976072362 TOY £19.99* JAN

Largen Moomin Wooden Figures

Moominmama 5704976067535 £14.99 / Snorkmaiden 5704976067559 £14.99 Moominpappa 5704976067528 £14.99 / Little My 5704976067542 £12.99 Moomin 5704976067511 £19.99



Bring the magic of books to children all around the world and make every child a reader!

Pull-the-Tab Fairy Tale: the Three Little Pigs 9782733859063 BB £8.99 FEB

Animated Board Book: Baby Animals 9782733859797 BB £7.99 FEB

Pull-the-Tab Fairy Tale: Goldilocks and the Three Bears 9782733859056 BB £8.99 FEB

My First Bath Book and Toy: A Day in the Life of Robin the Penguin

Animated Board Book: The Seasons 9782733859049 BB £7.99 FEB

Pull-the-Tab Fairy Tale: Snow White 9782733861417 BB £8.99 MAY

Animated Board Book: Colours

Animated Board Book: Bedtime

9782733861394 BB £7.99 MAY

9782733861400 BB £7.99 MAY

Pull-the-Tab Fairy Tale: Puss in Boots 9782733861424 BB £8.99 MAY

My First Bath Book and Toy: Lily Loves a Tickle

Giant Paper Toys: Dinosaurs 9782733859087 PB £9.99 MAR

1001 Things to Colour 9782733861455 HB £12.99 JUN

9782733861448 BATH £9.99 APR

9782733861431 BATH £9.99 APR


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Bounce Spring Summer Brochure 2018  

Bounce represent over 40 independent children's publishers to the book trade. Browse out books to create a perfect bespoke children's book s...

Bounce Spring Summer Brochure 2018  

Bounce represent over 40 independent children's publishers to the book trade. Browse out books to create a perfect bespoke children's book s...