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Paperback | 376pp | 226 x 170 mm £16.99 | ISBN 978-1-910620-63-2


Paperback | 336pp | 225 x 155 mm £16.99 | ISBN 978-1-910620-61-8

9 781910 620618


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AJ Dungo


In this visually arresting graphic novel, AJ Dungo remembers his late partner and the shared love of surfing that endured throughout their difficult times.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2660 miles, the length of the USA’s west coast. To walk it is to undertake a gruelling test of body and spirit... challenge accepted.

Dungo explores the beauty and complexity of his relationship with his partner as they face her prolonged battle with cancer. He intertwines his own story with those of the great heroes of surf in this book that is as moving as it is fascinating.

Luke Healy’s life-changing journey weaves in and out of reflections on his experiences in America and his development as an artist, navigating both the trail itself and the unique culture of the people who attempt to complete it.







SKIP Molly Mendoza

Daring escapades abound in the action-packed adventures of plucky twins, Stig & Tilde.

An epic tale of friendship, compassion and growth, told through Molly Mendoza’s stunning art and gripping storytelling.

Keeping with a local tradition, Stig and Tilde hop on a dinghy and head to a desert island to survive alone without adult supervision. However, an unexpected detour leads them to the wrong island and it looks like it’s inhabited by something that isn’t too fond of guests...

When Bloom is thrown from their world, and Gloopy is exiled from their own, the two youngsters find in each other a much-needed kindred spirit. But as they skip through dimensions and encounter weeping giants, alligator islands and topsy-turvy 2D worlds, they find that their greatest challenge will be facing their own fears back home.


Hardback | 168pp | 270 x 200 mm £16.99 | ISBN 978-1-910620-42-7

9 781910 620427


Paperback | 64pp | 279 x 202 mm £9.99 | ISBN 978-1-910620-64-9

9 781910 620649

HILDA AND THE MOUNTAIN KING Luke Pearson See what new and unexpected perils await our beloved blue-haired adventurer in the sixth book from Luke Pearson’s widely praised series. We rejoin Hilda just as she awakes to find herself... in the body of a troll! Her mum is worried sick, and now has to deal with the strange creature that seems to have taken her place. Now, both of them are in a race to be reunited before Ahlberg and his safety patrol get the chance to use their new secret weapon to lay waste to the trolls, and Hilda along with them!


Hardback | 80pp | 300 x 215 mm £12.95 | ISBN 978-1-911171-17-1

9 781911 171171

DEADENDIA: THE BROKEN HALO Hamish Steele War is brewing across the thirteen planes and as always, Dead End is right at the centre of it. It’s been weeks since Dead End was destroyed and as it reopens as a hotel, Norma is determined to leave the ghosts of the past where they belong. But with her friendship with Barney up in the air, and angels and demons using the hotel as their literal wrestling ring, she soon realises that ghosts can and will appear at any moment, especially when they’re your own.


Paperback | 244pp | 225 x 170 mm £12.99 | ISBN 978-1-910620-62-5

9 781910 620625


SKIP by Molly Mendoza

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