9.19.19 Boulder Weekly

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Thursday sepTember 19


feaT mike robinson (railroad earTh) w/ bowregard (paTio seT), Jackie & The rackeT (laTe seT), laney lou & The bird dogs (paTio seT)

Friday September 20 • dual venue! balloon pop

wax Tailor (dJ seT), blockhead

liTTle people, yppah, naTasha kmeTo, arms and sleepers, & cnJr

saTurday sepTember 21

mark farina & chrisTian marTin

w/ The bordas broThers & pruiTT

wednesday sepTember 25 re: search

Thursday sepTember 19

The funk sessions

Feat GeOrGe GekaS (revivaliStS) w/ alvin FOrd Jr (pretty liGhtS live), tOdd StOOpS (raQ), ed williamS (revivaliStS), Zack FeinberG (revivaliStS), michael GirardOt (revivaliStS) & rOb inGraham (revivaliStS)

saTurday sepTember 21

The oTher broThers high counTry TribuTe To The allman broThers band feaT Todd smallie (JJ grey/mofro), mark levy (circleS arOund the Sun), rob eaTon Jr (broTher’s keeper) & bill mckay (coral creek) w/ Tori paTer’s “waiTing for columbus”

the Geek x vrv

sunday sepTember 22

Thursday sepTember 26

Thursday sepTember 26

w/ kayla rae, ap, mi$FitS & 100 packSavy

w/ for peace band & The ries broThers

w/ pOldOOre, JOrdan pOlOvina, JuStchill & chris karns (laTe seT)

trev rich

friday sepTember 27

phony ppl w/ rev. da iv

iya Terra

eminence ensemble

friday sepTember 27

sunday sepTember 29

saTurday sepTember 28

w/ Jack cloonan band & dog ciTy disco

appalachia on The rocks w/ The wooks, laid back counTry picker & chelsea nolan

Thursday ocTober 3

bluegrass generals

feaT chris pandolfi & andy hall (The infamous sTringdusTers), drew emmiTT (leFtOver SalmOn), adam aiJala (ymSb) & andrew alTman (railroad earTh) w/ pickin’ on The dead, meadow mounTain, winTer wonder women & banshee Tree

friday ocTober 4

kll bill (mr. bill b2b kll smTh) w/ frequenT & crafTal

friday & saTurday ocTober 11-12

The new masTersounds w/ ghosT-noTe

sunday ocTober 13

sTeel pulse

wednesday ocTober 16

big k.r.i.T.

w/ rapsody & domani harris

Thursday ocTober 17

the cOllective

(FactiOn Ski Film denver premiere)

friday ocTober 18

lucky daye

Tk & The holy know-noThings w/ TribuTe To JJ cale & kind hearTed sTrangers

quando rondo

w/ swank sinaTra & king Tae

wednesday ocTober 2 re: search

luke The knife (of loTus) & friends w/ marc brownsTein (of The disco biscuiTs & sTar kiTchen) casio caTs feaT members of tiGer party (late Set) & JOrdOn pOlOvina

friday ocTober 4

songs of ‘69

feaT Tori paTer & friends wiTh benefiTs w/ pixie & The parTygrass boys & dylan miles experience pater’S 50th bday party!

saTurday ocTober 5

The drunken hearTs w/ exTra gold & bison bone

sunday ocTober 6

hoodie allen w/ Jake miller

wednesday ocTober 9

saTurday ocTober 19

marTyparTy & vibeSQuad

cycles presenTs

The game show

an interactive cOncert & Game ShOw experience

friday ocTober 25

re: search

w/ minx & JOrdan pOlOvina

Thursday & friday ocTober 10-11

sonic blossom

kiTchen dwellers

saTurday ocTober 26

Joe herTler & The rainbow seekers

feaT blueTech, spoonbill, dynohunTer, the librarian, lapa, JanOver, k+lab, phlo & paTrick skyler

sTarT making sense (Talking heads TribuTe) w/ graham good & The painTers

sunday ocTober 27


wednesday ocTober 30 re: search

bleep bloop

w/ sayer, liTTle snake & secreT recipe

Thursday ocTober 31

James brown dance parTy feaT eric benny bloom, adam deiTch (leTTuce), adam chase (The chase broThers), Jennifer harTswick (Tab), shareif hobley (John legend) & elizabeTh lea (Tedeschi Trucks)

Friday nOvember 1

muzzy bearr w/ shooka

thurSday nOvember 7

The TrifiniTy

10/10: ghosT Town drifTers

saTurday ocTober 12 w/ proxima parada

wednesday ocTober 16 re: search

planTrae & mour

w/ vOlO (late Set) & JOrdan pOlOvina

friday ocTober 18


w/ scribe cash, absTracT & ekoh

saTurday ocTober 19

The high hawks

Feat vince herman (leFtOver SalmOn), adam greuel (horseshoes & hand grenades), chad sTaehly (hard working americans), brian adams (deadphish orchesTra) & will Trask (greaT american Taxi) w/ kind counTry

wednesday ocTober 23

maTTy maTheson

Friday nOvember 8

tubby lOve & amber lily and Tierro band feaT bridgeT law

Saturday nOvember 9

anders osborne wedneSday nOvember 13

Tobe nwigwe Friday nOvember 15

how The grouch sTole chrisTmas w/ murs & dJ abiliTies

Saturday nOvember 16

collie buddz w/ kez namdi

Sunday nOvember 17

hillTop hoods

Thursday ocTober 24

w/ buddha bomb & dJ TreaphorT

saTurday ocTober 26

shawn James Friday nOvember 1

The copper children

w/ kessel run, cole williams band (feaT members of pimps of JoyTime) & zimma

Saturday nOvember 2

it seems the seams come apart to bind us.

Our Earth and very reality these days appear more in their primordial state—unfamiliar, foreboding, a massive storm on horizon and shelter collapsing. This cozy climate we briefly inhabit, rent, borrow and rudely occupy shows our temporary and precarious lives its jagged edges... histories acute quicksand boundaries with barred corners in which civilizations have found themselves painted into...

freezing, starving, not prepared for the discovery of being inferior to furious forces of natures and gods and our own shortsighted actions...

I watch, concerned, our home our only world, the inclination of her energy transferred inappropriately to the compromised wavering of her axial rotation

tilt us all into a better position to face the dirt that feeds.

w/ beTaray

Sunday nOvember 3

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I’m observing the frightening dangerously changing era of another trembling foundation, the rapidly turning event unravel...

bumpin uglies

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Thursday ocTober 17

Thin air & phour poinT o

(yheTi x Toadface x mT. analogue) Feat OttO vOn Schirach

skizzy mars

by Kevin EM Rodgers

sunday sepTember 29

The main squeeze w/ Jaden carlson band

Face The Dirt

SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

Since the age of 5, Kevin EM Rodgers has wondered why he’s alive and if there is a reason for it all. He combines philosophy and science in attempt to make some sense of it all. I