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unlimited gravity

w/ Funkstatik, mZg, mom n dad & since Juleye

Friday august 16

40oZ to Freedom

(sublime tribute) w/ lil’ ween (ween tribute) PerForming “the mollusk” & Xoa

saturday august 17

Zebbler encanti eXPerience

w/ sumthin sumthin (lost dogZ), untitld (lost dogZ), Zerogravity & Future Joy

thursday august 22

stunna 4 vegas

Feat blacc Zacc, derrick royce, mi$Fits & tahathakidd

Friday august 23

isaiah sharkey

(d’angelo/John mayer/cory henry) w/ Juice Feat Patrick harvey (cycles), eric luba (analog son), sean dandurand (dandu), collin o’brien (low sPark/cycles) & ghost taPes

saturday august 24

bass Physics

w/ coFresi, megan hamilton & catParty

thursday august 29

bone diggers

Paul simon’s greatest hits eXPlored Feat lebo (alo), JenniFer hartswick & James casey (trey anastasio band), reed mathis (golden gate wingmen), JeFF Franca (thievery corPoration), danny eisenberg & scott rager w/ heartbyrne (talking heads tribute)

Friday august 30

the Phunk sessions Phish late night

Feat george Porter Jr (the meters), robert walter (mike gordon), craig brodhead, michelangelo carubba & shira ellis (turkuaZ), lyle divinsky, drew sayers & Parris Fleming (the motet)

thursday august 8

the billy Failing band

w/ 300 days, dirty grass Players (Patio set) & Pierce edens (Patio set)

Friday august 9

the commonheart

Feat James casey (trey anastasio band) w/ two Faces west & genuine reverie

saturday august 10

delvon lamarr organ trio & neal Francis w/ the soltones on the Patio: hachey’s haus (homemade songs & beats From scott hachey oF magic beans)

wednesday august 14 re: search


w/ thug scouts (Feat members oF temPlo & beak nasty), midicinal & Jordan Polovina

thursday august 15

Pick & howl

w/ Julian davis & the situation (oF JeFF austin band – Patio set), buFFalo commons (late set), tara rose & the real deal (Patio set)

Friday august 16

collidoscoPe & melody lines

w/ telemetry, Floatgoat & mr. bugatti

saturday august 17

a deitch Family aFFair

Feat adam deitch & Friends (adam deitch – lettuce, borahm lee – break science, adam “shmeeams) smirnoFF – lettuce & hunter roberts – dom lalli’s bluebird quintet) & bobby deitch band

tuesday august 20

the tomorrow PeoPle

Feat Parris Fleming (the motet), garrett sayers (the motet), isaac teel (tauk) & chris beck (Jaden carlson band) w/ Fat tuesday house band Feat casey russell (magic beans), will trask (analog son), sean dandurand (dandu) & aleX caZet

Saturday auguSt 31 • poSt phiSh Show

wednesday august 21

Feat dominic lalli (big gigantic), Joey Porter (the motet), garrett sayers (the motet), dave watts (the motet) & dan schwindt (kyle hollingsworth band)

w/ eXo (late set), great dane & Jordan Polovina

herbie hancock tribute

Friday sePtember 6

inFekt, mvrda & samPliFire thursday & Friday sePtember 12-13


blackheart burlesque

saturday sePtember 14

the movement

w/ ProJect 432, arise roots, a-mac & the height

Friday September 20 • dual venue! balloon PoP

waX tailor (dJ set), blockhead

little PeoPle, yPPah, natasha kmeto, arms and sleePers, & cnJr

re: search


thursday august 22

that damn sasquatch

Pickin’ on talking heads Feat dave watts (the motet), tyler grant w/ katharsis Feat dave watts, chuck Jones (doPaPod) & marcus reZak, highland ramblers (Patio set), Jacob moss & matt Flaherty oF Park & Parcel (Patio set)

Friday august 23

mass relay

w/ notorious conduct (late set), kruZa kid, doZier, Patrick skyler & FoXy doPe

saturday august 24

the new orleans susPects & cris Jacobs band

saturday sePtember 21

w/ Jubilingo on the Patio: hachey’s haus (homemade songs & beats From scott hachey oF magic beans)

w/ the bordas brothers & Pruitt

wednesday august 28

mark Farina & christian martin wednesday sePtember 25 re: search

the geek X vrv

w/ Poldoore, Jordan Polovina & Juschill

Friday sePtember 27

eminence ensemble w/ dog city disco

re: search

dJ logic

w/ animated earth, Jordan Polovina & brisco Jones

wednesday sePtember 4 re: search


sunday sePtember 29

w/ Jordan Polovina

saturday october 5

shira elias’ goods & services

aPPalachia on the rocks w/ the wooks, laid back country Picker & chelsea nolan

dr. Fresch

w/ angelZ, PunJahbae & miXed messages

sunday october 6

Pnb rock

w/ nocaP, rylo rodrigueZ

Friday & saturday october 11-12

the new mastersounds w/ ghost-note

wednesday october 16

Friday sePtember 6

guilty Pleasures

Feat megan letts (mama magnolia), ashley niven Fairman (tiger Party) w/ isaac teel (tauk), Jay cobb anderson & eric luba (many colors)

saturday sePtember 7

the collective

thursday sePtember 12

saturday october 19 cycles Presents

the game show

an interactive concert & game show eXPerience

Friday october 25

sonic blossom

Feat bluetech, sPoonbill, dynohunter, the librarian, laPa, hanover, k+lab, Phlo & Patrick skyler

saturday november 9

Time is money isn’t everything in it’s place and a place for everything counts count your blessings and don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched especially if you put all your eggs in one basket case of mistaken identity is not your own you are your own fears the enemy within the hour of your death comes calling of the wild in the streets are paved with gold which it isn’t even though it glitters like a diamond in the rough riders on the storm of the century 21 is the legal drinking age of innocence lost and found a penny picked it up and all day long I had good luck of the draw upon experience is the best teacher may I be excused

Feat isaac teel (tauk), d-vibes, Joel gonZaleZ (big daddy kane), sasha brown & dan aFricano (John brown’s body)

erica Falls & boyFriend

(Faction ski Film denver Premiere)

by Lee Davidson

thursday sePtember 5

big k.r.i.t.

thursday october 17


Jon wayne & the Pain wake uP & live – bob marley tribute

Boulder Weekly accepts poetry and flash fiction submissions at 450 words/35 lines or fewer and accompanied by a one sentence bio of the author. Send to

Friday sePtember 13


w/ ahee, gangus & lowPro.

thursday sePtember 19


Feat mike robinson (railroad earth) w/ bowregard (Patio set), Jackie & the racket (late set), laney lou & the bird dogs (Patio set)

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