1.23.20 Boulder Weekly

Page 36

Shine A Beam (poem for a new year) by Kevin EM Rodgers Where we stand what we eat the atoms of our soul everything we see was all made from the hearts of distant supernovae that exploded shine right into us in a brilliant flash... and they light us up to this day.

MARCH 13TH - 15TH, 2020

We are made of stars and stars are built to burn bright, to illuminate the night... to see that life is completely lit up to continue on as one forever. We were born to mimic the sun—so it would seem we must by birth-right...


turn into the void and shine our beam.

All his life, Kevin EM Rodgers has wondered why he’s alive and if there is a point to it. He’s inspired by science, philosophy and his own experiences in attempt to make some sense of it all.



JANUARY 23, 2020