Boulder Weekly 5.19.2022

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How the sausage is made

‘Lux Æterna’ to play The Boe’s Friday Night Weird

by Michael J. Casey


ovies are wondrous—magical, moving pieces of art crafted by human hands, designed to explore the very essence of the human condition and, in many cases, instill hope in current and future generations. The same cannot be said of the process of making movies. Legion are the

formers and their bad behavior, exploitative directors and egotistical producers. There are plenty of movies out there about the magic of cinema, but they can’t hold a candle to the endless array of movies about making movies. And some of those are the best around. where the chasm between production and product is this disparate? If a baker they don’t score a lot of points. But even the worst day on a movie set can still


Lux Æterna. Made in 2019 and running a brisk 52 minutes, Lux Æterna is a movie

20, Boedecker Theater,

book panels. Lux talk about making movies, the sexiness of being burned as a witch (for a movie, these conversations, as he will the rest of the movie, with quotes from famous and so on. It’s all very inside baseball and pompous, but so is everything else in Lux

they are doing or what’s happening. Everyone is told to comply, and complaints production assistant kind of holds up a sheet to shield their nudity from the rest of Moments like this feel honest. The rest of the movie feels pretentious. Then an electrical glitch transforms a routine scene of stylized schlock into something beautiful, artistic and, the longer it goes on, hypnotic and terrifying. It’s been over with his enfant terrible approach to cinema. Lux Æterna feels a little bit like a thesis wrapped around a confessional. Email comments or questions to 30


MAY 19, 2022